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Wednesday, June 28, - - - 1899
Mess Bioyele For One Hifln#rl
urea ouiMiuDift.
For one hundred new subscribers to
the "Weekly News and- Herald, this
newspaper will give a chainless bicycle.
Th?i only condition is that the
^ subscription mnst be for a year and
paid in advance. Thi3. offer stands
open for CO days. Now ts the chance
for some young lady or young man to
get a good bicycle.
?Read <swaat" advertisement in
this mon.ing's issue.
?That chaincless bicycle offer holds
good only until the loth cay of August.
?The News sad Herald will deliver
your j )b work as cheap as any
printing establishment.
?The Masons gave a banquet on
Wednesday night which was much
enjoyed by all who were present.
?Ice cream was served in the Beaty
building on Thursday afternoon. A
nice little snm was taken in, which
will help much towards the chapsl.
?Nino times out of ten the merchant
who is getting the trade has an
advertisement in his local paper. Isn't
it so? Tnen why don't all merchants
Yon can't cure dyspepsia by dietis^'.
Eat good, wholesome food, and plenty
of it,?Kodol Dyspepsia Care digests
food without aid from the stomach,
and is made to cure. MeMaster Co
?Col. T. K. Cunningham, of Chester,
has been appointed supervisor of
census of the fifth district?Chester,
Chesterfield, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lancaster,
Union and York.?Rock Hill
- Miss Carrie Martin, of Fairfield,
died on Sunday night at the home of
-Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Sim3 ia Spartanburg.
Miss .Martin, who was a sister
of Mr3. Sims, was about sixteen years
of age.
?For a complete line of ?akes and
crackers, wafers, &c , go to J. S. McCarley's.
He keeps a full stock of all
sorts of tempting L rings, lemons, biscuits
and anvthir:r in the way of faucy
?Mr J F MeMaster is having his
house painted. This is one of the
nicest houses in town and (he improvements
that have recently been made
upon it made it an ornamenc to that
part of town.
Gnn-shot wounds andpowder-burne,
cuts, braises, sprains, wounds from
rusty nails, insect stings and ivy pois- j
oning,?quickly healed by De Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve. Positively prevents
blood poisoning. Beware of
counterfeits. "DeWitt V' is safe and I
sure. McMaster Co. I
?The farmers who wish a market j
fnr ftipir fwnnf.rv Drodncft. fruits, |
melons, eggs and dairy products, will
find that it will pay them to ship to
the Savannah Markef Co. See their
ad. for address, etc.
?At the meeting of ihj alumni of
the South Carolina College, held in J
Columbia last week, Mr. F. EL Mc-j
Master, foimerly of this place, butj
now of Charleston, was elected first
virf?.T>rcRidfin!: of the South Carolina
Alumni Association.
?Eead K. Brandt's advertisement]
and see the good reasons that he gives
why you should deal with him. He
^ares no pains to secure the best of I
everything, and by readiog what he|
has to say you will be convinced thatj
he is to be relied upon. !
?Trinity College, in Durham, N. C.,!
will begin its ,forty-fifth year on September
6th. This college is heavily
endowed, has a complete gymnasium
and is thoroughly equipped. Young
women are admitted to all of the
classes. See ad. for terms.
"What might have beeu"? if that
little cough hadn't been neglected?is
the sad reflection of thousands of consumptive
One Minute Cough Cure
cures coughs and colds. McMaster
?Q. D. Williford is now offering
rare bargains to (he ladies, knowing
that bargains are generally irresistible
to women. His organdies and tvoo!
challies, pretty, dainty designs, are
going at greatly reduced prices. See
them before they are all gone.
?Have, your work done at home,
and the money will stay at homepossibly
some of it will come right
back into your pocket.
?Mr. Jno. W. Jefiares, of Feastervillc,
who matriculated at Clerason
College at the opening of the school in
1893, graduated on the 15th iust. In
addition to his literary studies he has
s taken a course in surveying iu civil
engineering.?Chester Bulletin
?^oirorol rnemKorj nf thp. \Tft?onir.
lodge went to Ridgeway to take part
in the laying of the cornerstone of the
bank and Masonic building to be
erected there. Among those who
weut to Ridge way were, Messrs. J. J.
Neil, J. E. McDonald and C. M.
Rheumacide is a thorough, permanent,
constitutional cure for rheumatism.
The acids in the blood which
ciuse the disease are.thoroughly eradicated.
Is also the best blood purifi&r,
laxative and tonic.
?John II. McMaster & Co. are advertising
a splendid tonic. It is said
to be especially good tor those who
are suffering from dyspepsia and for
persons recovering from an illness.
If you feel debilitated aad in need of
'1 ' J
soraeiniog io uuwu yuu up auu
strengthen you, try this malt extract.
?The exterior of the store occupied
by Mr. Andrew Cathcart has been
given a new boat of red paint, and it
is now, owing to its bright color,
about the most conspicuous building
on Main street. It the paint bru-h
I could be U3ed a little more freely in
I town the appearance of the phce
would bs vastly improved.
Dk. Cady's Condition Powders,
9 are just what ahorse needs when in
r bad condition. Tonic, bleed purifier
and vermifuge. Tbey are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in primp condi'io?. Price
25 ceots per package. For sale bv
McMaster Co.
'The Gold Tbat Glitter!
The richest man cannot always I
said tc be the most successful, for trt
success is not possible without happ
ness. Many a wealthy rQ&a TVould gn
all he now possesses to hate the healt
and happiness of a jpung athlet
Health is not hard to get and keep
good judgment is used in caring forafi
supplying the needs Of the eysfcen
Nature often needs assistance; yo
sometimes abuse nature by oreftaJon
your nerves, your brain, ?r yont bod]
t and yon haven't time to relta; fin
I rnn naorf VnTI ttlW
IOI&9 buy AWU bUuw J vu *AVV-??
have outside help. Pabst Malt Exttac
The "Best" Tonic, will supply the.e:
tra fuel, food, and strength; it is ahst
lately pure?an unequalled assistant t
nature in giving health, vitality an
strength. It will make yon eat an
sleep well, and cause you to feel Ilk
yourself again, or perhaps, better tha
you ever felt in your life. The "Best
Tonic was awarded the 100 points c
perfection at the World's Fair, and wa
the only Malt Extract which receive
that honor. Your nearest druggists cai
ry Pabst Malt Extract, The "Best
Tonic in stock.
?Several young ladies arc studying
for the Winfhrop examination whici
will be held herein Jnly. There ar
always a nu^'-or of applicants for th
Winthrop scholarship, for the girls i
Fairfield are f ally aware of the ac
va: ge of these scholarships and the
appreciate the fact that Winthro
College can give them a splendid ?dt
?The News and Herald will d
your job work as cheap as you cai
have it done anywhere.
?Miss Floride Martin gave a part
at her home oh Friday night. Aboc
forty invitations were issued am
nearly all of the youn? people wh
were invited v ere present. The moo:
was at its prettiest and the weathe
cooi ana pieasani ana everyuuug wu
bined to make the evening a delight
ful one. Delightful refreshment
were served during the evening.
?The firemen's tournament in Cc
fumbia was well attended by Winns
boro people on Tuesday and Wednes
day. The cheap rates and the gooc
opportunity of spending a day in th
capital citv were srreat inducements
The program arranged by the firemei
for the three days of the toarnamen
was an attractive one and the friend
of the firemen were well entertained
?On Saturday next a meeting of tb
committees, which were appointed t
work np the Confederate reunion i:
some of the counties, is to be held ii
Chester. These committees have bee:
at work in Chester, Lancaster, Fair
field, Union and York, and at thi
meeting to ba held on Saturday all o
the necessary arrangements for th
reunion will be held. It is cxpectei
that this rean"?*n will be one of th
pleasantest ever held.
DeWitl's Little Early Risers expe
from the system all poisonous accnmu
latir.ns, regulate the stomach, boweli
and liver, and purify the blood. The]
drive away disease, dissipate melaii
choly, and 'give health and vigor fo:
the daily routine. Do not gripe oi
sicken. McMaster Co.
?Lieut. Richard McMaster wh<
sailed from San Fransisco in Ma]
with his regiment, the Sixth U. S
Artillery, has reached Manilla. Thi
trip took six weeks. Lieut. McMaster'i
family have not heard from him sinci
he reashed Manilla bat they receive*
a lettar from Honolulu when he wa:
on his way to Manilla. The Sixtl
Artillery, of which Lieut. McMastei
is a member, is one of the crack regi
ments in the service.
?Mi*s Laura Ruff, of Rock Hill
who recently graduated from thi
Emerson School of Oratory in Boston
has been engaged as instructor of thi
reading cla*s at the State Summe;
School. No teacher was at first pro
vided, bnt as there was such a demanc
for a class in reading Superintended
McMahan bad to secure a teacher an<
was extremely fortanate in secarin<
the services of one so perfectly com
petent as Miss Raff.
?The Johnston Institute at John
ston, S. C., is a fine ..institution. Om
can take in addition to the regulai
classical and literary ?onrses, a busi
ness coarse, either in telegraphy
shorthand [and bookkeeping. Elevei
teachers are employed. The school i;
for both boys, and girls, and the boy
are nnder military discipline. Pro
fessor F. E. Dinnant is one of th
superintendents and Prof. F. M
Elterbeis the other. See the ad.
?The Fairfield Oil and Fertilize
v-/vuuyau) aic iL'vciviii^ a ^UAUUI(
of wheat which has been shippe*
here from the "West to be nsei
in the flour mill The work o
patting in the machinery iu the mil
has not vet been completed, but th
mill will probably commence worl
before long. This is an entirely ne?
enterprise for this part of the worl
and when the work begins it will b
well worth going to see. The ma
chinerv is in every way entirely up-to
A diseased stomach surely uodei
mines health. It dulls the brain, kill
energy, destroys the nervous system
and predisposes to insanity and fat!
diseases. All dvcnentic troubles ar
quickly cured by Kodol Dyepepsi
(Jure. It has cured thousands of cise
and is curing them every dav. It
ingredients are such that it can't hel
caring. McMasterCo.
?State Superintendent of Elaca
tion McMahan has *ent circulars t
the county superintendents notifyin
them that summer sehoo!? are to b
held for the colored (eachere. Thes
schools are to be held ia various placei
but the one which will give fuller ii
struction to the teachers it to bes
Orangeburg. The very best teach#!
have been secured and the colore
teachers who attend these schools wi
have the opportunity of deriving muc
benefit from them. These schools ai
to la%t four weeks.
SWAMP- Is not recommende
"ROOT for everything; but
^ * you have kidney, lire
or bladder {rouble it will be found jm
the remedy you need. At druggists i
fifty ceut and dollsr sizia. You raa
have a sample bottle of this wonde:
ful new discovery by mail free, als
pamphlet telling all about it.
Address, Dr. Kilmer <fcCo.,Bin?
hamton, N. Y.
I ? During the storm, which ocenrred
last week, a negra house near Simpson's
was struck by lightning. The
* lightning struck a corner of the bouse
where a bed was standing and set the
je bed on fire. A little negro who wa9
ie in bed at tbe time was painfully but
not seriously burned. On tbe same
- -A - " \1r. W T
ttueruouu a juuc ucgiu uji an. ? i
8- Crawford's place, uear town, wa91
jjj elmck by lightning:. When the flash
2, came, two little negroes were seated
u under a tree eating. The tree was
3 atruck and was splintered, and one of
^ the children rtceived a severe shock,
it but the other escaped altogether,
k After beiDg worked with awhile the
y child was restored, very little the
o worse ior me sot?cs.
d ?
e Bears the /0 Tto Kind You Have Always Bought
5 T
m Mr. Mangel Hollis, a good citizen of |
i th<> nnnntv. died enddenlv at his home I
ia the Morgantown neighborhood on
v Sunday. The family had gone to visit
h s^duc neighbors leaving Mr. Hollis
e reading on the piazza. They were hore
rified to find upon returning home that
n he was dead. He was about ei?hty
[. year? of age, and was a thrifty and
* - 5 ?*?* - - - 1 ? ? - TTaIIJA 1A*
y incusirinu* liriliei. iur. uuius icatto
p a wi'<\ t? -> daughters and a son. These
i- children :tr? Mrs. Dcvalt, Mrs. Bell
and Mr. Arthur Hollis.
Miss Elizabeth Massev, a most estimable
maiden lady of Yorkville, died
y at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. R.
Bratton, last Tuesday afternoon, aster
3 a protracted illnes3. She wa9 a native
0 of Lancaster County, bat resided in
Yorkville for nearly 40 years, and at
the time of her death was 73 years of
r age. The funeral took place from the
i- Methodist Church on Wednesday after .
noon, the services being conducted by
Rev. A. N. Branson, and the inter
merit took place at the old Methodist
cemetery. There was a large coni
coarse of people ia attendance.
Uiss Massey was an aunt of Mr?.
R. B. Hanahan, of this place.
i. Mr. Thos. G. Robertson died at his
q home at Rockton on TuesJay night
t about 12 o'clock. He had been in
s very f?eble health for over a year,
, and daring tho last few days his family
e expected the end at any moment.
0 Mr. Robertson had been a man of
Q wonderful physic being in the 76th
n year of his age. He wag a good citia
zen. He leaves surviving him bis
.. widow, and three children, Mrs. T.
g M. Rembert, Mrs. Eber M&3on, and
f T. W. Robartson.
e The funeral services were held at
3 the residence at five o'clock on Wed0
Volcanic Eruptions
] Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
- life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
3 cures tbem; also Old, Running and
j Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
- Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns
r Scalds, Cbapped Hands, Chilblains,
: Best Pile cure on earth. Drives oat
Pain3 and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
3 C?., druggists.
5 - - T~ .....
The growtb ana expansion 01 ims
j institution should be a matter of pride
to every Carolinian. In efficiencv,
patronage and public favor it is now
second to none in the Sontb. Its requirements
are exact, its standard
rigid, its tone of life high and manly.
Its academic roll is the highest in the
? South, and in all its history it has
5 never been so close to the people, and
? so able to serve them. Ambitious aud
3 needy boys should remember its motto
r is equality, opportunity and self-help.
* Read ad. elsewhere.
* Ou Wednesday afternoon a splendid
> rain fell, refreshing everything. The
* rain came up suddenly from the east
and several distinct storms occurred
- during the afternoon. At one time
b the wind was quite high aud a shower
p of hail fell but the stones were not
I (Ko fell la?f Inner
r laigc cuuuju "vi D
, enough to do any harm to the crops in
3 this vicinity. Near town, however, in
5 the direction of Simpsons the storm
s was v?ry severe. Trees were upi
rooted and some buildings were un0
roofed. Duriog (he storm almost
. every telephone in town was burnt oat.
This was remedied very shortly, howI
r i ever.
7 Would Not Suffer So Again for Fifty Times
i Its Price.
3 I awoke last night with severe pains
f in my stomach. I never felt so badly
j in all my life. When I came down to
work this morning I feit so weak I
e could hardly work. I went to Miller
s <fc McCnrd?'s drug store and they
7 recommended Chamberlain's Colic,
^ Cholera and Diarrheal Remedy. It
worked like magic and cue dose fixed
8 me all rigbt. It certainly is tbe finest
t- thins: I ever used for stomach trouble.
i- I shall not be without in my home |
hereafter, for I should not care to en- j
dure the sufferings of list night asain !
for fifty times its price.?G. II Wil- j
8 son, Liveryman, Burgettstown, Wash- j
ington Co , Pa This remedy is for
d sale by McMaster Co.
* the council should act.
s With the hot weather begin the com
f | plaints about tJie pig pens mat are ,
allowed in the heart of the town, and j
l* yet these nuisances are not prohibited. |
0 Toe owners of pigs have only to make 1
? the pens a certain siz?, and they may j
'3 put them where they please witnout
9 eonsiderius; for a moment the health j
'? of the people iu the vicinity. There
l" is nothing that is more certain to cause
sickness than pig pens, ana yet how
"3 many there are around. Year in and
^ year ont people are annoyed in this
P wav, and there is no knowiog how
u much sickness is the result. If tfce j
"e council would only look deep into this !
matter thev wonld have the gratitude !
of many of the citizens.
d ???
if Bismarck's Iron Serve
5r Was the result of his splendid i. ^lth
3t Indomitable will and tremendous
n energy are not found where Stomach,
7 Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of
r* order. If you want these qualities
10 and the success tbsy bring, use Dr.
King's New Life Piils. They develop
*" every power of brain and body. Only
25c. at McMaster Co.'s drag store.
A Wosnaa
&nSy Knows j
what suffering from falling of the
wcnb, whites, painful or irregular
menses, or any disease o? the distinctly
feminine organs is. A man may sympa- 8
thizc cr pity but he can not know the I
agonies she"goes through?the terrible |
suffering, so patiently borne, which |
robs her oi beaut}", hope and happi- |
ness. Yet this suffering really is |
3 ti *. ?o _ a n ci a
wiic os pp?i |
| will banish it. This medicine |
| cures all " female diseases " quick- |
1 ly and permanently. It does away |
9 with humiliating physical exanu- 2
I nations. The treatment may be y
taken ac homo. There is not con- ?
tinual expense and trouble. The I
sufferer is cured and stays curcd. ]
Wine cf Cardui is becoming the 1
leading remedy for all troubles of j
this clnss. It costs but Si fromanv 1
I druggist.
For advice in cases requiring j
special directions, addre-s, the }
"Ladies Advisory Department," j
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., j
Chattanooga, Tenn. ~ j
* MRS. C.J. "WEST, Nashville, Tear:., j
vrrito.; : ? '"This wonderful medicine cu^ht j
to be in every house where there azn girls I
and women." t
?BBgana?^BBM ?mowas
The following is taken from
the Stage's account of the commenceA?4
poo of tVifl CapfH HorA!?nQ
College on Wednesday. Miss Davis
is the first woman who has ever read
agradna'rg essav from the rostrum
of tbc college chapel. The State
speaks as follows of Miss Davis' essay:
Here Dr. Woodward introduced
Miss Annie F. Davis, who read a very
charmihg paper on "Shakspeare's
Tragedy of Macbeth." She is the first
womau that has ever read a graduating
ei-say from the rostrum of the
South Carolina college. She traced
the evolutions of tha dramatic genias
of Shvkspeare, as shown in his works.
She spokp of the great experience he
had gained when he produced Macbeth.
She inferred briefly to the interpolated
passage found in Macbeth which
have beon ascribed to Middleton.
The ker note that sounds through
this play is the weird horror of a
spectre-hauuted soul, harried to Its
doom bv fate. She spoke of the
wonderfui imagery of the play, the
conflict between good and evil and
that tru3t and honor are of vaster importance
than the gratification of
selfish ambitions. She described very
beautifully the ckaracter of Macbeth
and drew a striking contrast between
him and Hamlet. Lady Macbeth also
received a few touches from her pen,
and in closing she mentioned that this
character was one of the saddest in
the wboie world of literature. It is
impossible in this space to give a connected
outline of this excellent and
well read production. A perfect
storm of applanse was accorded her
at the conclusion of her reading. ,
A Card fl Thanks.
I wish to say that I feel under lasting
obligations for what Chamberlain's
Cougii Remedy has done for our family.
We have U3ed it in so many cases
of coughs, lung troubles and whooping
coagli ? i it has always given the
most sitisfaction, we feel
great!> n.-iebted to the. manufacturers
of this remedy and wish them to please
accept our hearty thanks.?RespectC
T^Arrv a*nno Tatttq
j.uwy f J1IVO* U L/V/i X I A/to iUVIUVV) XV TV V
For sale by McMaster Co.
Th fo lowing notice of the death of
.M:- i ft. Bacot and the interesting
sket< !i of ker life appeared in the New
York Ti&es and was copiid in the
Neffs arid Courier. Many of our
readers rcmctnbor Mrs. Bacot weli, as
she cpei:t, sftv- r?.I years of her life in
Wii'i.sooro. Mk Adam Stoll, of
Grci-ii'-iile, and Miss Eunice Bacot, of
this i'-.-ice, are granddaughters of Mr*.
Bacot. Those who knew Mrs. Bacot
during her stay in Wiunsboro have
the pleasantest recollections ot her,
and the news of her death is received
by them with sincere regret:
Kenosha, Wis., Jane 14.?The death
cf Mrs. Maria Ramsay Bacot, aged 80
years, and widow of llichard Wainwrigtt
B^cot, is announced. She was
born iu Charleston, 5. C. In 1838 she
marrieu Air. Bacot, and iu 1874, her
husband having died, came to Kenosha
to be with her brother, the Eev. Lucien
Mrs- Bacoi's father, William Lance,
was a lawyer of Charleston. He married
Mis? Fraser, of Bordentown,
N. J. The Misses Fraier kept a school
in that city, and there Lucien Charles
Marat, who taught French, married
one ot the Misses Fraier. When the
Bonapaites were restored Liucien
Mura>, a son of Caroline, sister of the
great emperor, returned to France
with his Americau wife and lived in a
chateau near Paris.
Mrs. Bacot visited them ar.d spent
one winter in Pari9, being conspicnoui
at th? Court of Napoleon III.
Mrs. Baot remembered distinctly
Lafayette's viiit to this country. She
was a little girl and was held up in her
nurec's arms to get a look at the
famous mm. VVilliam Makepeace
Thackeray visited h:r father's house
and s'ie remembered him clearly. The
Ran/vf fomilir holAnerftd t.("? the Ha?Ue
J-?awv. luuiij w?w?Sv?. 0
nota, and came from Tonrs, France,
among the early refugees to this country.
They settled in Charleston and
for mor-s than one hundred years the
Bacot mausion was a landmark in the
Miss Bacot, the only surviving child
of Mrs. Bacot, is a member of the
Huguenot Society.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curta:n, Plaiulield,
111., ninkes the statement, that she
caught cold, which settled on her
longs: she was treated for a month by
her family physician, but grew worse.
He told her she was a hopeless victim
of consumtion and that no medicine
rnnlri pure her. Her druggist sag
gesfed Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption; she bought a bottle and
to her uelight found herself benefited
j from first dose. She continued its use
and after taking six bottles, found herself
sound and well; now does her
; ewn housework, and is as well as she
; ever was. Free trial bottles of this
! Great Discovery at McMasler Co.'s
! drug ?tore. Large bottles 50 cents
I and^Sl.GO. 6 ?
Judge O. W. Buchanan left on Sat-1
urday for Columbia. The summer
term >t the criminal court began on
Monday and Judge Buchanan will
Mr. A. LS Scraps paid a visit to !
Chester this week. c
John B. Davis, of Killiand, was r
in town on Monday. s
Mr. W. H. Fiennikeu wa3 i;i Jo- c
lumbia on Satnrday. <j
Mr. W. H. Witherow wetu to (Jo-j s
inmoia on aatnraay. v
Mr. M. B. Jennings has returned o
from a visit to Columbia.
Mrs. J. D. Crout and cbiid hire a
gODe away for the summer. r
Mrs. Bailey, of Lancaster, is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Frank JTooshe. h
Miss Jame JbienniKen nas returned fo
from the Dae West Female College. a
Mr J. II. Means Beaty, of CIcrason
College, is at home for the holidays. ?
M\ss Margaret Rion, of Columbia, ;
isvisitiog ber grandmother Mrs. Mary
C. Riou. .
Mi?s Annie Swygert, of ColuttbU, a
is visiting Miss Su$:e Lumpkin on Colleges
treet. . s
Mr. and Mrs. Harby mov^d on j t
Monday into the new cottage n^ar Mr.
J. P. Matthews. ! 6
Mr. Wyatt M. Propst, of Yerkville, |
was in town on Thursday on a ahorf 1
visit to hit parents.
.Rev. Benj. Allston returned on 1 ?
Friday from Cheater and held serric li
in St. John's Church on Sunday.
Mrs. J. M. Stewart and her two {
youngeit children .left on Saturday for d
a visit to friends on Sullivan? Island. t
Mra. Jas. A. Brice has returned s
from Due West, accompanied by Mist a
Mamie Brice,,who is sick with fever, t
Mils Elizabeth W. Cureton will re- t
turn this week from Charlotte where
she has been spending aoveral weeks.
A 1!a!a U n ?* v? a ViflB n m Af?
Ill 15 9 rkiiUia i-LOjriiO A1?0 1UU1MV.U
from a visit to her brother, Dr. J.
Adams Hayne, at Blackstock.?Greenville
Tetter, Salt-Rhcum and Eczema.
The intense Itching- and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantly (
a i? 1?? i
iii&yeu uy applying ^iiamucnaiu o
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very
bad cases have been permanently cured
by it. It is equally efficient ior itching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore S
nipples, chapped hands, chilblains, p
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
25ct8. per box. For sale by McMaster ?
Co. 1
?. fc
After s long dry spell of about nine C
weeks wc had a right nice shower I
Sunday evening, but not near enough ^
to gratify the wishes of our farmers, a
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Patrick has f<
returned home after spending a long 9
time at different springs. j
Mils Nora Hamilton, of Lock Hill, s
is visiting- friends and relatives in onr e
town. We arc more than prcnd to j
have our "little girl" with ns one more
Miss Ethel Roper is visiting friends
in Charleston.
Mr. R. B. Roper spent several days G
in Aiken a tew weeks ago on matri- *
monial business. We wish him sue- J
We have had no preaching at onr J
shurch for the last three or four weeks j
on account oi onr pastor demg sick.
Bat I am truly glad to report that,he ;
is about well again and veil! fill his i
place on next Sunday. j
Mr. W. B. Woodward has ordered j
him a bicycle. We hope to see the old <
gentleman riding it oat to White Oak i
soon. H. | i
Jane 22, 1899.
??? !.. >? The Kind You Have Always Bought i I
7 " |
Home of Gen. Win, Owens' Family.
Ab! Rutland, to me with a pang comes
the thought,
How many *ad changes in thy midst
have been wrought;
How many have left fhy broad spacious
And gone where some day we will all j
have a call.
I draw back the curtain of many a :
year, i
And gaze on thy scenes full of beauty j
and cheer; |
I pictore myself 'neatb your roof with j
110 wealth,
A 8trang?r, I searched in your climate i
for health. i
I picture how good were your inmates i
te me, [
Each kind word I hear, and kind ac- I
tions I Me;
Ah! wonder ye then, that in trouble 3
to-nighl, 2
I hear of a death, and in sorrow I j
write. 3
I picture thy inmates all stricken with |
A mother and sister bereaved?no |
relief - J
Can come uato them; for the heart ?
now laid iow,
Was dearer to them than all earth here
What to them is the glitter of earth, ?
with its gold,
When now from among: them has gone
this ernnrl ...ul;
The sir/*- uf the family and p ide t
ot' .imhome, (
Has left and gone hither 'mongst
Yon grieve, but whv grieve ye? whrn *
troubles of earth *'
Are left at the gate of our heavenly "
Ah! inmates of Rutland, remember
ere long
You too will be mingling with the
heavsnly throng, t
Ah! think of the mealing and j >y of l.
surprise n
As yon enter the gate, that will gleam E
in her eyes;
Surely knowledge of this will assuage
your great grief,
Lny your burden on Jesus, he will ?
give you relief.
Winnsboro, 5. C. M. A. B.
A Strong Fortification. t
Fortify the body against disease c
by Tutt's Liver Pills, an abso- sl
" * - ? ? 1 r
Secure for sick headache, ays- K
pepsin, sour stomach, malaria,
constipation, jaundice, bilious- .
ness and all kindred trouble?,
''The F!y?Wheel of LSfc"
Dr.Tutt; Your Liver Fills art
che fly-wheel of life. I shdl ever
*:e grateful for the accident that
j/ou^htthem to mv notice. I feci
if I had a new lease of life,
t Fairleigh, Platte Cannon, Col
futt's Liver FIOs
I notice that there are a great many
omplaints made about "not enough
ain," bat when we read of the violent
torms and the lives that are lost in
ithcr States, I think we have a great
leal to be thankful for. We have had
everal nice, moderate rains recently,
ridch lias improved the yegetation
Miss Frank Wootcn, after visiting
t Trenton, Lewiedale and Columbia,
etnrned homo last Friday.
Mrs. J. W Browne returned heme
i?t Tuesday evening, accompanied
y Misees Caro and Lilly Hogan, also
Ji?s Nellie Epson.
Miss Emma Browne spent last
kiiurday and Sunday with relatives
.?!i?s L:zz;e Hogaii's friends are
lica'.ed to have lier in their midft
Mrs L. C. Deal, who has been
pending sometime in Wir.r.sboro, renrne'd
home last week
Miss J. E. Hoffujan spent last Thursiay
and Friday at home.
Miss Lois CliDkscaIe3 spent last
."rmrsday in Columbia.
Mrs. W. L. Wooten, who has been
isiting her son near Chester, camc
lome last Thursday.
Mr. W. A. Sharp, a farmer who
ivcs near here, passed through a few j
lays ago carryiDg one of his children
o?be examined by Mr. Coon, He
ays the child vras playing in the yard
,ad a strange dog ran np and bit it on
h? arm. He did not see the do# bat
telieves it had hydrophobia.
Jane 24, 799. Chrysanthemum.
For Infants and Children.
Fiie Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Sfl
Signature of T&Zc&M
Miss Lou Egleiton has gone to
iewanee, Tenu., where she has tbe
tosition of librarian. I
Miss Louise G. Ellison returned on j
Thursday from Sumter where she
.as been visiting Miss Marie Lee.
Ladies Can Wear Shoes
)ne size smaller after using Allen's
"oot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into
he shoes. It makes tight or new shoes
gel easy; gives instant relief to corns
nd bunions. It's the greatest cornart
discovery. Allen's Foot-Ease is a
ertain cure for ingrowing nails, sweating,
hot, aching feet. Trial package
^KEE. Sold-by all druggists, grocers,
hoe stores and general storekeepers
verywhere. By mail for 25c. in
tamps. Address, Ailen S. Olmsted,
jQ Roy, I\. Y. i
Miss Lila Thorn, who has been s(ayQg
with Mr. and Mrs. "W. A. Beaty,
as gone to her home near Blacksto?k.
Mrs. Adam Stall and children, of
rreenville, who have been visiting
Irs. E A. Bicot, will return home
rf/fi} 1
is only a symptom?not a j j
disease. So are Backache, j |
Nervousness, Dizziness and the j' I
Bines. They all come from an j j
unhealthy state of the men
strual organs. If you suffer
from any of these symptoms? < >
if you feel tired and languid in j;
the morning and wish you could ?j
lie in bed another hour or two j1
I ?if there is a bad taste in the j
t mnnfh. and no aooetite?if
there is- pain in the side, back i
or abdomen?BRADFIELD'S i
bring about a sure cure. The
doctor may call your trouble
some high-sounding Latin ::
name, but never mind the z; me.
The trouble is in the menstrual :
organs, and Bradfield's Female i
Regulator will restore you to j
health and regulate the menses
I like clockwork.
! Sold bjr druggists for $i a bottle. A free Illustrated
| book will be scat to any woman if requestbe mail?d to
Dr. Tiieo. A. Qitiletam
olicits a share of (he T>nblic patron
Office is that formerly occupied by
he County Superintendent of Edacaion,
in rear of Law Range. 6-10
Has opened ?a branch offl:e at Mr.
Sen Yarborough'?, where he wi.l be
ound every Wednesday.
Wanted. , [
o work in the Fairfield Cotton Mills.
17~ ArtrYinnQD^
r? C ^1 CICl iauuuvo ww^vuvvk va ,
;irls and boys from 12 to 20 years old.
Apply at once to
Supt. FairfisJd Cotton Mills,
6 27-xlm Winnsboro, S. C.
All perso'is V i r'litns again&t
he estate ot L)a>. < >i 'lertson, de
:eased, are hereby to piefeut
he same daly verified to ibe underlined,
and all persons indebted to said
estate are notified to make payment to
Executor of the Will of David Cr.
Robertson, deceased. G-20-3w
Ml; lis ai M
^ fr-n A A \TT\
Jtj I XJ
Tte fan Jiuri
For Five Years for $1.50.
iM &
lit i if restored
JS11 lift xPI |fewmo11
wg? fei
My wife was taken sick and I at once
thought best to call in another physiciai
medicines for two months I found she wa
a bottle of Gerstle's Female Pan aces
she had finished taking the second bottle
enjoyed in years previous. I then reconx
neighbors with good results. H.
?temove au cosuyeness wnn m
V Regulator. If yoar case is complica
you fully how to use these great rei
I ! XI V JJJJVituu x *?u v v/ vjj ? ?#
Write for Daily Quotations, Shipping Tf
Given Orders frc
We are headquarters for Poultry, Eggi
duce, Fruits and Melons. Correfyondea
No. 242 West Broad S1
ft 4c
The regular classical and
also, three instructors have been em
Department for the next year. Courses <
Book-keeping. At the completion of ai
graduation will oe given.
Separate boarding halls for boys and g
Holland, Superintendent in charge; Miss
Mrs M. H. Gary, Matron. Boys' Hall,
tendent in charge, and Prof. F. M. Ellerl
ate3. Boys' Hall is under military discij
The work of the Academic Departmen
man, Sophomore, Junior, Senior?and is
whom is a graduate of a first-class college
~ * * J? m
<jur SCilOOi IS unuer iuuucuw
Rates, including board, tuition, light?,
For catalogue write to
Wednesday, September 6tb. Largest
endowment of any College in the
South. Completest Gymnaiiam in the
State. Board $6.50 to flC.OO per
month. Loan Scholarships for worthy
young men. Youas women admitted
f.-k oil oloitoe -fnr f!atalr>srrm to
""TREYident KILSO, ~
6-24 Durham, N; C.
Widest oatrooage and fullest eqaipmentio
its history. Facalty 88; Stapedis,
495; 3 Academic AJourfes 2
Elective Courses; 3 Professional
Schools, in Law, in Medicine and in
Pharmacy. New Buildings, Water
Works, Sp'ecdid Libraries, Laboratories,
Advanced Classes open to women. e
Tuition $60 a year; board $8 a month.
Ample opportunity for self-help.
Scholarships and Loans for the needy.
Free tuition for teachers
Summer School for Teachers. 24 i
inctruct^rs; 147 students. Total en- i
rollrtcnt, 644. - 1
For Illustrated Handbook and Cata- e
logue, address, \
6-27-lm ( hapel Hill, N. C.
It is an assimilated food, which
possesses all the invigorating and
tonic properties dormant in malt, t
in the most pleasing and palata- t
ble form, differing widely from [
other similar preparations, in that <
it contains a large percentage of c
free carbonic acid, the refreshing t
agencies of which arc well known. *
It builds up and strengthens the
system of the weak and debilitated
and hastens the recovery to
health and vigor of the sick and
convalescent, and is especially
recommended to persons suffering *
from indigestion and dyspepsia.
T TT IF/tlfnfilnit 0 flft
IBuggies. i
, 1
!m. w. doty & co
j For Sale. j
f cnpjing one-half aero ground, corner!
| Frazier and Liberty Streets, west end '
j of town. Ha* a well of fine water, j
! rich gan?en ppot and orchard attached,
i For terms applv to
6-15 2m Winnsboro, S. C.
>T5 - j _r C#
vxj xa no ntjeu ox wuuieii Buujwtr jr
themselves to the mortification cj*
ixaminations by doctors for the 2\
itment of the vaxions diseases to w
liey are subject. These troubles
reated just as effectively at the jfL
When you are affected with de- y?
ants of the menstrual functions
ither female disorders, you can A\
letely cured and the organs fully ^
I to activity ana screngin 11 lor a c>
,ths you will use regularly M
""(Gr. F. T*.)" ' { g
called our family physician, and he 4 4
1 for consaltation. After ttsinz their 7
3 very little better, so 1 then purchased < \
1 and commenced treating her. Before
she was in better health than she had A
mended the Panacea to three of my T1/
J. THRATT,KILL, ThrailkilL Miss. A
ild doses of St. Joseph's Uver
ted, write us and we will instruct v
nemes. Sold by all druggists. <?4
Chattanooga, tenn^ ^
mdi ! :
igs and itencile. Special Attention
>m the Trade.
i and Dairy Produces, Country Pro
ice and consignments solicited.
treet, Savanpah, Ga.
\"VT C* /I
ploy?d to take charge of the Business
)ffered in Telegraphy, Shorthand and
ly coarse a diploma or certificate of
;irls. Girls' Hall under Prof, W- D.^"*"-^
i A. S. Arnold, Lady Principal, and
under Prof. F. E. Hinnant, Superinbe,
both of whom are Citadel gradu
kit divided into four classes?Fresh- -cji
wholly under male teachers, each of
i and is a specialist in his line.
>, but is strictly unsectarian.
fuel, etc., $1# a month.
and F. E. HINNANT,
It Means M for k i
R. BRANDT was enabled by hit-?^-j}
ong experience in the jewelry centre
?f the United States to become person- ? *
illy well known to the heed members
>f all large manufactories, and thoriDgbly
acquainted withevery detail of
he boiinets; thus, when buying, hi* '?
nany years of experience gave &im : ?
ixceptional opportunities to obtvi t
ignres that cannot be had from oc -?ional
short visits to the metropolis. ?
s that all goods purchased for bis 6fore
nust have qsality and character first /
>efore the purchase of them may be
intertained; then if the price is loir,
veil and good, and his customers eet %
he benefit. J
T'TartT1. TTiTxrrrT TTT?
XVL^i v , i ? jjuvy
CHESTER, S. C. "||
of Couxty Supervisor )
Winnsboro, S. C., Jane 9, 1899. $ .
hat a meeting of lb? Board of 0>nrol
for ihe (Joanty of Fairfield will
>e held in the office of County Stncrrisor
for said County on the first d iv
>f July, 1899, at which meeting appli
nation for the County Dispenser * itl ^ ?
)3 considered. All applications f r
laid position must be on file with the / -%
3oard at least ten davs before oh id
W. ii. CIJRLEE, ?^3
Board of Control Fairfield County. '
w w ?r
I Know
_ -r~
I have them at 5c. per
Also a full line of most delicious
Crackers and Cakes,
embracing all varieties.
Crackers, Banquet Wafers,
Salted Banquets,Butter Thins.
Cakes, Pineapple, Raspberry
and Strawberry Sandwiches
? Brighton, Windsor
and Minuet. . J
Lemons, Vanilla and Ginger.
Try them and be convinced.
They are the BEST.
J. S. McCarley, j
Dealer in Fancy Groceries M
on J Ril?or'c RrM/1

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