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Hif"' - -- - - -.? T^l? IWIMM?
Wednesday, July 5, - - - 1899
* fetes Bicycle Fir One HiSiiteita.
t For one h spired new subscribers 1o
thf? Wwimv \'v\? wr> Uprald. ibi?" I
- newspaper wi!i aire a chainlet fro-.rak.
cle. To* <?!iiy cofid:':'>n is th.it ike
jSsir subscription must be fur a year ai.d
paid in adva;:c;. Tui> . Afcr stands
open for 60 diys- Now is the chance
for some yoatig iacly or young man to
get a gooj bicycle.
"summons" elsewhere.
?Read notice of lioal discharge.
?Read Couoty Supervisor's report.
?Read the reward efferad elsewhere.
"? > ? > n.Ai.Wn / fnr fhr? f?Tl5>?nl(>QS t !
^4.1 U >VU (lVIttlllg kfclW
bicycle? Remember the early bird, &c.
You ci:a?c care dys pepsia by dieting.
^ Eat good, wholesome food, and plenty
of it,?Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
food without aid from the stomach,
and is xrsae to cure. McMaster Co
-Just received, 500 lbs. LjrgCot- 1
ton Tobaceo. and get a box.
| Porter Bros,
i ?Two weeks' board on Pawley's
Island for sale. Apply to Neavs and ;
i IIehald ofuc?.
I ?Dispenser John Stevenson has 1
recently purchased the house on
Vanderhoist street which he has been :
occupying for some lime. The house
was the property of Mr. Richard
* B17&D, of Columbia.
?A fight occurred on Thursday J
afternoon between two of the factory
? operatives. Oae o' the men was
I rather badly cut, and a physisian was
summoned but the wounds are not ]
thought to be ssrions. 1
Gun-shot wounds and powder-burns, '
cuts, bruises, sprains, wounds from <
rusty nails, insect stings and jvy pois- .
oninff*?quickly healed by DeWitt's j ,
"Witcb Hazel Salve. Positively pre- j
vents blood poisoning. BeWare of counterfeits.
"DeWittV'^s safe and s
suke. McMastcr Co. <
?Special attention is called to the
advertisement of Erskine College. ]
f" This well known institution has liad j
many friends in Fairfield in the past
and is making new friends. The
buildings have been greatly improved <
in the last year or two and Erskine is ]
better equipped than ever. i
"r rr\
?.UiiGies' siippero uuui^cu iv <
! $1.75?Nos- 2h to 4s. Get a pair be- i
K fore they are all gone. Porter Bros. ]
? Miss Jessie Jennings gave a small ]
tea oa Friday evening complimentary t
to Miss Hessie Dent, of Columbia, ]
who is ^siting her. AmoDg the i
guests were several young men from
Columbia. The evening was thor- 3
oughly enjoyed by all of the guests. 1
"What might have been"?if that '
t _?
iixue cougu Daau ?. ueeu uegscticu?is (
the sad reflection of thousands of con- ,
>_ sumptive One Minute Congh Cure ,
cures congbs and colds. MeMaster
?Prof. J. Frank Fooshe, of Winns- '
boro, ho is attending the summer '
sehhol at Wiothrop, eame over Monday
on bu?ine*3 connected with the '
IV Teachers' Journal, of which he ia one '
of the editors. We are indebted to
Mr. Fooshe f-r a most pleasant call 1
wL while here.?Lancaster Review. 1
Br ?Tho sketch of Thomas Wood- '
r ward, the Regulator, which we are J
M??k1*nl\Tnrn> nk/\nl/l k/?
liU\Y puirueuuig 3UUUIU. yo
Aside from the personal sketch of a 1
wonderftilman, the article is a valua- 1
* 1
ble historical contribution. It gives a 1
great deal ol how this pari of the State !
was settled and how it developed. ;
DeWitt's Litt'e Early Risers bene- ;
lit permanently. They lend gentle !
assistance to r attire, causing no pains ;
or weakness, permanently curing j
constipation and liver ailments. McMaster
Prof. M. W. Peurifoy, a Saluda boy ;
and a graduate of Wollord, who has
so successfully teught the Ward's high 1
school for the the past three years, is 1
enjoying a short vacation at his lather's
home. Be has rccepted the principal
ship of a high school over in Fairfield
County for ano;h?r year.?Edgefield
?blisses Carrie and Pa'.ti Elliott
entertained some of their mend*, informally,
at their home on Monday
evening. A delightful evening was
spent by all who were fortunate
enough to be present. Th;^ young (
ladies are shinning kostesses and ;
know how to make their guests enjoy
themselves thoroughly.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Lackamp, Eleton, ;
Mo., write: "Oce Minute (Jough Cure
saved tbe life of oar little boy when
nearly dead with crono." McMaster
?Base bail is now absorbing the
attention of the boys of every age and
siz-?. Xo match game has been played
h?re ?is yet, nor have the home team
met with any other team, but the boys
play every afternoon on tho-'college
green tor hoars with great diltgence,
I# ana ;nc game evidently artorcis muca
p'.fnsure to ihe players.
?Mrs. F. M. Ha'oenicht is selling
ice cheap, and the attention of the
housekeepers is called to this fact
For iced tea there are Leggett's teas
at :essonab!e prices, asd especially
blooded for ice tea. Fine coffee,
fresh cakes, and crackers always on
Land fresh bread and chipped beef
always the best. Try these goods.
?The flour mill which was tried1'r
for the first time on Wednesday afternoon
is MTV in fall swing and is
creating much interest among our
i>eot>!e to wh>n the aiakiug of flour
with the modern machinery is something
entirely new. The mili is conveniently
situated ami all who feel
any interost in auih things would be |
fulh repaid by going to see it running.!
A diseased stomach surely usder-1
mines health. It dulls the brain, kills j
energy, destroys the nervous system.
r\Vf>Aisrvrtco: f-i-? inconif-vr orif? -fafol 1
diseases. All-dyspeptic troubles are
quickly cured by Kodol Dyspepsia
Uurc. It has cured thousands or c ises
and is curing them everv (lav. Its
ingredients are such that it can't help
cnri'isr. McMasterCo. t
?Remember tic tbaiuless bicycle
ofler I-.oaI; gcod oj:iy until loth day of
Satr.rd y afternoon the reporter of i
The News and Ueiuld made a 1<
secoLd visit to the tl During mill of the !:
Fairfield Oil and Fertilizer Company, 11
where pure and unadulterated floar is i
now beiog made. The machinery is ]
working admirably, having been pnt j I
together, connected, and placed by Mr. 11
Ubarle3 iliner, the superintending;!
mill-wright Every nut and bolt is so j
4i*..i. Mni i
weu ttujuateu i.uat cvciv yan kjl luc ?
plant moves with such nicetv, preci- :
sion aD(l regularity ibat there 13 not a j jir.
One of the most interesting parts, <
of the machinery is what's called the j ]
"gyrator." This resembles a large <
sifter, and is used for bolting. The i
flour passes through very fine silk, I
imported for milling purposos. On ]
this silk is printed l,For Milling Par- i
po;es," which appears at short inter- 1
vsl\s on the cloth, and is in indelible i
? A litrht rnin foil An ATnnrt&v nfffir- \
noon, but not enough to do more than (i
refresh vegetation a little and the good <
effects were not of long duration. The 3
brought lasted so long that it will take '
a, number of heavy rains to soak to 1
any great deptb, the ground is so hard, j ]
Fruits and vegetables are still scarce j <
md the blackberry crop seems to be . I
in entire failnre. j]
?Chew Long Cotton Tobacco and j (
[>e haDDV. Best tobacco on the market 1
for the money. Sold by j
Porter Bros. :
?Mr. Thomas Bryson was married 11
Wednesday to Miss Mattie Mills of i
Black3tock. A number of Mr. Bry- (
son's relatives and friends left town i
:>n Wednesday morning to attend the i
wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Bryson will c
make tbeii home on Mr. Bryson's
place near town. Their Iriends wish ]
:hat they may have perfect happiness ]
in their married life, and the bride '
nj?H Hp tcarmlr wplr.nmod fn nnrtnwn. <
DeWitt's Little Early Risers expel
from the system all poisonous accumnations,
regulate the stomach, bowels
md liver, and purify the blood. They
3rive away disease, dissipate melan- ,
jholy, and give health and vigor for '
the daily routine. Do not gripe or ,
sicken. McMaster Co. J
?Quite an excitiDg runaway occurred
on Main Street near tlia depot i
Saturday. Mr. J. D. McCarley's horse
which was hitched to his wagon, b?- 1
;ame frightened and dasher9 down
street. lie had not gone far before
the driver was thrown oat, but
luckily was not hurt. The wagon !
then struck a tree and was completely
demolished. The horse escaped un- <
?The art class at the summer school
in Rock Hill has assumed large proportions
and several teachers have
been secured. Two of these teachers
ire well known to our people as being
artists of unusual talent?Mrs. T. C.
Lobertsoc, of Columbia, and Miss
Nannie Cummiugs, of this place.
Professor Patterson, of Chicago, who
is at the head of the art department, is
fortunate in having amo^g his assistant*
two Euch fine artists.
?The Presbyterian college at Clinton,
that well known institution, is
making a special offer of reduced
rates for next session. In their ad.
ycu will find terms. The college is
in a healthy place, is well equipped
and Is in every way a fine institution.
This special olFer i? goo J only until
the boarding department is fall, so
whoever has any idea of attending
this school should decide at once and
not lose this opportunity.
Thomas Rhoads, Centerfield, ().,
writes: c-l suffered from piles seven
or eight years. No remody gave me
relief until DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, less than a box of which permanently
cured me." Soothing, heai1
xr Konmlato r\f
1 ivVtJ j wvnuiv/ \s L |
counterfeits. McMaster Co.
? Early on Thursday morningr, on
the street near the oil mill, a dog
which was thought to be mad, created
some excitement among a few negroes,
who saw the dog as they were going
going to their work. They tried to
kill it, bat as co gun wa3 convenient
they did net saccsed in getting rid of:
bun. The poor animal was chased \
ana toriureu tor a Jong time, ont j
iinally escaped. It is highly probable |
that nothing was the matter with him. j
?The McMa&ter family will soon j
have a second representative in the
United Statcs^anny in (If Philippines, j
Lieut. George II. McMastcr, a son of j
Col. F. W. McMaster, of Columbia, j
has, we learn from the State, been j
ordered to the Philippines, aud sailed \
on Friday from San Francisco. His |
regiment is the Twenty-fourth In-!
fantry. Lient. McMastcr is a fir^t!
cousin of Lieut. Iiicba'd McMastcr j
who 13 now at Manilla, ar.d the nr.anv |
friends of both of these young officers j
will expect to hear of their winning |
many laurels.
A Jiight of Terror.
"Awful arrsiety was felt for the j
widow of the brave General Barnham,:
of lochias, Me., when the doctor* j
said 5>he cou'd not live till morning," j
writes Mr?. S. II. Lincoln, who attend- i
ed rer that fearful night. "Ail ihought
!>UC LUU>t WsJll Uiv; -LlUirl L iiCliUiV.il! ia.
but she begged for Dr King's Naw i
Discovery, sajin^r it had more than j
once saved her life, and had cur?d her j
of Consumption. After three smail j
doses she slept easily all night, and its j
further use completely cured her." j
This marvelous medicine is guaranteed !
to cure all Throat, Chest and Lung j
Diseases. Only 50c. and $1.00. Tri-il j
bottles free zt (Jo.'s dru<r
:JR mill.
i: k. The isiik is admitted into this
country turongn trie custom nouses I
free o! duty, and the labelling is done
to prevent its use for any other pur[>-;S2.
Ti.e machinery of the entire
plant was furnished by the Wolte
Company, of Chambersburg, Ta. The
machine that is at the top of this column
is covered by many patents.
Wo are indebted to the Fairfield Oil
md Ferti /.n Company for a large
ack t-f Ho r made by them, and it is
rrAr?r? ntrtfii \ r\r\ ia/1 Tfr rrroe S
:ially erJ^j. ed because we knew it was
pure, and did uot have kaolin, sand,
iirt, or any deleterious subslauce
mixed with it. A great deal is said
ihese dayB about adulterated food
products. So lar as flour is conccrned,
Lbe farmers can do a great deal towards
giviog us pure flour. We hope
that the farmers will raise the wheat.
?The Yorkville Enquirer gives an
interesting interview with a prominent
citizen of Yorkville who is extensively
in the busiuess of poultry raising.
Ihis man proves that if chickens are
tvell cared for the business of poultry
! 1?
raising is an exceedingly promeoiu
Dne. He says that since January be
lias had 225 dozen eggs from 26 brown
leghorn hens. These eggs briug a
jood price, and he made, after all expenses
of feed, were paid, a good
profit, If some of the farmers' wires
xnd daughters in this county would
,uiu liivll aueuiiuu IU puuiiijr i aioiug
t would no doubt bring them in a
5omfortablc amount of money; that
3, of course, if they would devote
nueh time to it and give the poultry
:areful attention.
? $10.00 suits for $6.50; $7.50 suits
for $5.00; $i.50 pants for $3.00; $3.00
pants for $2.00; $125 pants for 75c;
Joz pants for oOc. Come ami look :it
Dar clothing before you bay.
Porter Bros.
A Frightful Blander
Will often cause a horrible Barn,
Scald, Cut or Bruise Bncklen'b Araica
Salve, the best in the world, will
kill the paia and promptly heal it.
Cures Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin Erup
tions. Best Pile cure on earth. Oaly
25 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by McMaster Co., druggists.
Sheriff Eliison's large shepherd dog
has disappeared from home and it is
feared that the dog is mad. The dog
ame home one morning afler havidg
been missing all night, with a large
g&sii on his leg. Although of a very
amiable disposition, for several davs
the dog seemed in a bad humor. Some
of the East Wateree people report
having seen a sheared dog in that
neighborhood, and it is suspected that
it was the sheriff^.
A number of the small boys have
been having great sport at the oil mill
A large tank furnishes the means of
so much fun to the boys. They "skeet"
water on each other, and as the place
is somewhat public the boys take an
extra suit along to boused as a bathing
suit. While having i\ great time a
few days ago, somebody stole nearly
all of of the suits "in the dressing
room." It is said that the thieves got
about nine pair of pants and ten or
twelve shirt waists. The boys, of
course, are wrought up about it, and
are doing some detective work. They
Threaten summary punishment in case
they ran down the thieves.
?For every one hundred new subscribers
a chainless bicycle. Who
could ask for a more liberal oiler.
gbrings joy or pain. It's for thee
Smother to decide. "With good health j
gand a strong womanly organism, ti
jj motherhood but adds to* a woman's 2
S attractiveness. |
I Ztt&Z Z&EE'S |
IWsms s?&g&syMn
jjthe vital organs. It ?lls a mother fo"r
| baby's corning. By reritalldrg the
5 nerve centres it lias brought <:li-.:h? y. p
Gcrov.ing youngsters to thousand; of %
Ev.eal: wo'meu who fearci Ih.y v.r-roj*
| barren. It purines, heals, rcgiilu-.c^jf
Band strengthens, -and is good for :.U 'j
| women at all times. Ko
gv/ould be without it. $r oo. w~ ;
I For advice in cases requiring rprc:;.-." \
J directions, address, giving symptom-,
g " The Ladies' Advisory JL>epanc:?nt, -
The Cbattancoga Medicine Co., Qkzi-x
Itanooga, Term. * - k
3 r-rRs.i.oriSA 2j*iF,of.T.-r~,-c... i
a says:?"When I first took Wine c.; i?.sr<.-.s
Eve had been raarrird 'J:ree y.-ir ,
Snot have any chiidrc':. *?iae l.n.r
11 had a fine jirl baby." y
Tbc following- account which we
take froiu ihe Columbia Eecord of a
marriasre which took place at Ei9tover
will in:orfc*t rc uiy of our readers:
Yes erV. evening at Eastover. *t|
the h? i'i b!-- h>me of Capt. Silas
W. Rul' i= a d-in^'iter, Miss I !u E
Ruff, .. t -mas MeMeekiu, of
P>lii;s* msrrio-J, K.-v. G A
lilacK'-a. .ffiJatin?. Tb" attend!nb
couules wiji0barie4 Lynch and M;!<KnfF.
W ,\ Kirk'.and and Miss Rains,
Many Livingston and Miss Walker,
Williiui Saber aud Miss Walker,
ri e prists were numerous testifying
ir>: i.-h regard in which ibe
young is held by their many
friend-. Vina morning Mr. and Mrs.
McMeekv. went to Alston to visit the
groom's ftifaer.
MEN Kidney trouble preys
j upon the mind,disconrana
ages aud lessens ambiWOMEN
lion; beauty,vigor and
cheerfulness soou disappear when the
kidne} - ure oat of order or diseased
For pleasing results use Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy.
At druggists. Sample bottle by mail
oI.yi r?a m r\V?1nf A H f! TPft.S. Df
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N Y.
Several Winnstnro people were iu
the railroad accident the accouot of
which we ciip from tbe State. They
1 i. 'Al A?A/^ O K/l ArtW
were sumcwuat IU^U.CUOU ?uu wusiderably
s-iaken ap bat were none
the worse for the experience:
Yesterday afternoon the Southern
railway train from Augusta, after
going into the unioa depot was getting
b?ck on the main line at the
junction when the first clas3 coach
struck o spreading switch and along
with th'j Pullman car behind it was
derailed. The track was blocked for
some lime, but no other damage was
done, and no one was hurt. The passengers
-vere transferred to the second
class coa::h and the rest of the train
went on around to the Bl&nding Street
station. The train to Charlotte was
not delayed at all.
Bears the The Kind Y?,J Have Always Bought
The Oouuty Board of Control met
in the efSce of the County Commissioners
on Saturday at 12 m.
Thn mstfpr r?f -nrimft consideration
was ti e election of dispenser at Winnsboro.
There were five applicants
from as many portions of the county.
Mr. Jdo. B. Sieveoson wag unanimously
After the election, it was moved and
unanimously carried, that while expressing:
our confidence in Mr. Stevenson
as dispenser, we declare ourselves,
one and all, bound to . see the dispensary
law in ail its provisions faithfully
carried out, and that we will prosecute
all classcs of violation reported to us
as the law requires.
J. M.Higgins,
W. M. Carlee,
S. H. Terrcs,
Board of Control.
Many golden opportunities have
been lost by those who suffer from
rhenma:Ism. By taking Rheumacide
naw they will be permanently and
positively cared.
Magis'.r.v heart held an inquest
overlie ?a.i b dy of Jessie Smith,
on whai. ku^wu as the Ed. Smith
place, aoout'two miles from (own, on
Monday It seems that a Jew days
prior to his death Jessie had bsen
hAafvn hi- Flnnion "Riviwn. The inrv
'find :b*?* the deceased came to his
de t ii .in blows with a stick by
E&H ;;row:i. ''Iu this finding the
juro:? ?il agr. c- The Magistrate acting
as Coroner Joes not agree with
this finding in all respects, it not appearing
to lii> satisfaction that the
deat'n oi ihe- deceased wa3 caused
otherthan b>* natural cause."
Dr. it B. HanaLau testified that the
dea h f Jessie Smith was from natu
rai onuses.
Day.- Kelly testified that Je8 sie
Smith was beaten bv Eunice Brown
last Wednesday, a week ago, and
went to bed that same evening. "He
got up two days after that and tried
to work; but he wa3 no good."
Sunday a week ago be was again
taken to bed, and died last Saturday.
Several other witnesses testified to
| the sauie effect.
That Throbbing Headache
Wou'd quickly leave you, if you
used Dr King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood
and suou-r uerves and build up your
health. Eas\ to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
curel. Sold by McMaster Co , druggist?.
The fallowing wa* published in The
News and Herald about a year ago,
and we have bsen requested to reprint
i? :
Mr. W. II. Flenniken received the
lolloping letter from Prof. Hart, of
Oiemson College, in reply to an inquiry
concern'ng the disease now prevalent
among cattle in the county. It will
doubtless be found very interesting to
owners_of cattle:
I W. il. tfienuiKen, winnsDoro, a. u :
Dear Sir:?Dr. "Wyman bas bcon
! away from here for several mouths,
j and Col. Newman basjast row banded
; me your card of ths 27ihinst. for reI
ply- *
! The disease is possibly a type of
malaria! fsver. I would advise removing
ths cattle from the place
where tbev are affected. A shaded
j lot i:oar the barn will usually be a
I good place. Feed on green feed
| largroiy, so that the bowels are kept
I nr>pn hnfc nnl- inn rplfl.TP.rt. See that
I 7 ~- " -I
they are well supplied with water aad
j salt.
Quiniue is the best temedy that I
; know of. About GO grains three times
a day is the dose for a cos?. This
! given to healthy stock will act as a
! proevuntative. If the urine i3 bloody,
j give from h to 1 oz. saltpetre three
j times a day along with the quinine
j Dissolve both in water and drench,
i Where there is constipation, g'.ve or.e
j pou'tu epsom t>alts and two ounces
j ginger in a quart of warm vvsier.
Trusiiiu" that the above may be
belpiai :o vo?, I am vonrs very truiv,
J. W. I-Iart.
Bears tl. ways Bought
11?mwM?ijyiiiiiuiB?M?iB?o*ooo?i?eaa?^| i
is only a symptom?not a |
I disease. So are Backache, |
| Nervousness, Dizziness and the |
| Blues. They all come from an f j
|| unhealthy state ot tfte men- | j j!
strual organs. If you suffer i | ! i
|| from any of these symptoms? |
| if you feel tired and languid in | I (
11 the morning and wish you could j j j1
|| lie in bed another hour or two | ,
|: ?if there is a bad taste in the | [
|| mouth, and no appetite?if | |
: there is pain in the side, back S !
|| or abdomen?BRADFIELD'S I
|| bring about a sure cure. The | !
| doctor may call your trouble | !
|| some high-sounding Latin |
j > name, but never mina trie name. * j
] j The trouble is in the menstrual |
i organs, and Bradfield's Female |
I; Regulator will restore you to |
' health and regulate the menses 8
| like clockwork.
!' Sold kj; druggists for Ji a bottle. A free illustrated f
!! book will be sent to any wooan if request be mailed to ?
m *
Mr, Hugh Wylie was attacked by a
cow in his paiture on "Wednesday
morning and narrowly escaped serious
injury. The cow, which was
owned by Mr. Longslreet Gaunt, was
lying down in the pasture, and as Mr.
Wylie approaehed she started up and
rushed at him A mm who was with
Mr. Wylie climbed up a tree "which
was near, and this probably saved Mr.
Wylie, f?r tbo attention of the cow
was directed from him to the man in
the tree, and taking advantaga of this,
Mr. Wylie made good his escape. He
concluded from the queer behavior o 1
the cow that she must have hydrophobia,
and sent to town to report the
condition of the cow to Mr. Gaunt.
Suppoiing, from the account of the
cow's quesr behavior, that she must
be mad, Mr. Gaunt armed himself and
w?nt with Mr. Wylie to see the cow,
and with the intention of shooting her.
Upon reaching the pasture, however,
they found that the cow was already
dead and that thjy were saved the
trouble of killing her.
It is not known positively whether
the cow was mad or not, but her unnatural
behavior and the vicious way
in which she attacked Mr. Wylie naturally
led them to suppose that she was
suffering from hydrophobia.
For Infants and Children,
The Kind Yoo Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Mr. John Davis spent MoDdiy in j
Miss DaBird is visiting Miss Atna
Miss Annie Refo. of Woodward, |
spent Monday in town.
Her. _ J. D. Croat left Mouthy :o
visit his parents in Lexington.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Creight reiumed
from Florida on Sunday morning.
Rcy. Theodore D. Bratton left on
Friday for his home in Spartanburg1.
Miss Martha P. D wight returned
home on Thursday from Aiheviile,
N. C.
Master Albert Callam, ot Kiage
Springs, is visiting the family of Dr.
B. J. Quattlebaum.
Cadel Brice Robinson, of the Citadel,
arrived Saturday from tbe encampment
at Orangeburg, S. C
Mrs. E. A. Marshall, of Anniston,
Texas, is at the home of Maj. T. W.
Woodward, at Roekton, for the
Mrs. Chas. A. StevensoD, accompanied
by Miss Alico M?Master, left on
Friday for Early Branch, where they
will visit relatives.
Ladies Can Wear Shoes
One size smaller after using Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes
feel easy; gives instant relief to corns
and bunions. It's the greatest comfort
discovery. Allen's Foot-Ease is a
certain cure for ingrowing nails, sweating,
hot, aching feet. Trial package
FREE. Sold by all druggists, grocers,
shoe stor"- and general storekeepers
everywhere. By mail for 2oc. in
stamps. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
Le Roy, N. Y.
?Charley and Luthsr Brice and
Joseph an-3 Elliott Caldwell are baiid j
in* two new stores ou Zion street, j
They expect to be ready for business
nt <hp nnpnincr fall tiwlj Wi>
wish (hem much success.
} Blood Tells )
^ IV
A Yes, it is the index to health. If ^
? you have bad blood you ave likely ^
Jfc to learn that you have Kheuma- r
A tism, one of the most horrible disT
ease to which mankind is heir. If >
^ this disease has just began its work r
d or if you have been afflicted forta
T years, you should at once take the )
? vauciiui j_icw cuic,
Rheumacide \
? Thousands have been cured. Tlie^
summer season is the best time to &>
A take a rheumatic remedy. Nature k
? will then aid the medicine in ef- j
fecting a permanent, constitution- v
A al cure. People with bad blood \
? are subject to catarrh, indigestion, j!
^ and many other Wood diseases, p
A To be healthy the blood must be
? pure. RHEUMICIDE is the J
^ Prince of blood purifiers. p
7 Sold in Winnsboro by McMastcr^!
^ Co. Price ?1. ^
\ FRICANA wili cure Constipation and
**1?? wonderful Liver Medicine. Trvlt
59.000 Horse Power Within a Few 3Iiles
?The Reason Why They Cannot b?
jfr. Editor: A few days ago I revived
a letter fvom a wealthy ge:-tlean,
who with proper inducement!.
iCul-i easily have developed this wa'rr
i>o.>( ? . ibe greatest in the Uni'cd
3 -ie- south of Niagara Falls, tie
??5 ifhKpart: "I would like you to
* v* me some ijea of the present own-1
jtc iho Fr?ll thA Catawba, near I
Rocky Mourn: also possible
!tg*l poiLU *ij i* might iuterfere (in
the purchase). A party :^ks me for
information as to ibe status of the
[JlupfitV," &c.
On receiving my lettir gicing the
names of the owners of the. property,
[!)- possession of wh>cl; will be t.cceata
develop the wafer power, at the
?e.. e t^rne slaliag that some of U.em
were actuated by he dog in the raanliM
principle, which is not being j>bie
to eat yourself ai'd therefore not permitting
anybody else to ea% he reniied
a-; follows: "I am obliged for the
ii formation you give. I? is unfor'ur.ato
i;>at th?re is s > much complication.
As you eav, ihe owners are
ru'cii-g themselves by holding the
; ropcrty it: such a way, when they
u!d be grca'ly benefited if they
would aot with reason. I do do: see
any way of unravelling such complications.
It 5= really a pity for the
balance of the country that it is so."
It is truly a pity; for if all the owners
of this magnificent water power
were actuated by a little public spirit
millions of dollars would soon be put
into the pockets of the farmers who
live within twenty milc3 of Catawba
Falls and the whole conntry raieid
from poverty to prosperity.
G. H. McMaster.
An Epidemic of Diaerlioea.
Mr. A- Sanders, writing from Cocoanut
Grove, Fla., says there has been
quite an epidemic of diarrhoea theie.
He had a severe attack and was cured
by four doses of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemcdy. He
says he also recommended it to others
and.tliey say it is tbe best medicine
thev ever used. For sale bv McMaster
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching and e-raartiu^ incident
to these diseases, is instantly
qllaved bv annlvinor Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very
bad cases have been permanently cured
by it. It is equally efficient lor itching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
25cts, per box. For sale by McMaster
I In ail Conditions of |
I' Debility |
s whether from overwork, in protrac- s
a ted illness, or in convalescence, jjj
5 the digestive organs partake of the a
s general weakness, and are unable 3
E to assimilate sufficient food to build g
a up the wasted tissues. In such a
g cases
i ? Patast
I Malt Extract I
a is just the nutritive tonic you need. 3
a It gives tone to the stomach, and ^
g stimulates the appetite. It aids the a
g digestion of food, and brings re- 25
freshing sleep.
^ HA?B Balsam
Clea~?s and beauties the h*Jr.
TH&ciir^'^ KB Promotes a Icsuriiot grevth.
SSSSSS^s^KB Never Pcilo to Hcctore Gray
Hair to it3 Youthful Color.
g^V-y- f'-r.*. cc-'p <i:?3n< < & hair lolling.
?Oc,:md3IXiO>i flruggisi*
For YOO'G LADIES, Boanokc, Va.
Opens Sept. 12tli, 1890. One of the
leading Schools for Young Ladies in
the South. Magnificent buildings, all
modern improvements. Campus ten
acres. Grand mountain scenery in
Valley of Va., famed for ' health.
"Fnroneau and American teachers.
Full course. Superior advantages in
Arf and Music. Students from twentvseven
States. For catalogue address
the Presideut, MATTIE P. HARRIS,
Roanoke, Va.
Write for the free booklet: "Merry
Rhymes for Thirsty Times."
Is here
THE CHARLES E. HIRES CO.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Makers of Hires Condensed Milk,
$75 Reward.
reward for the apprehension with
proof to convict the party or parties
! who burned our barn aud stables on
the night of June 4. 1899.
7 l-3t B!y<h*wood, S. C.
Final Discharge.
NOTICE 16 I.'. ' ;::!V HYEN that
I will apply to S. ii. J -:...&ton, Judge
! of Probate for Fairlleid ConDty, at
bis offic?, at 11 o'clock A. M., August
Is;, 1S99, for a final discharge as Guardim
of Jennie, Maitie R , Ilany and
Charles Dolick.
! J AS. R. BOL1CK,
| 7-o-3 w Guar
' to work in ibe Fairfield Cotiou Mills,
j W- prefer large families composed of
i.girls aud boys from 12 io 20 years old,
i Apply at ouce to
Snpt. Fairfi>Jd Cotton Mills.
G-27-xlm Winnsboro, S. C
| A FRICAMA irJl cure Rheumatism and
** Scrofol*to Stay Cared.
I ^Oerstle's Fe
pa :
^ Are taken regularly as directed.
LiUii ur cuiutiipawuu vTitu ww
%T "With falling of the vorab and tilcers <
4 physicians hut they did me no good..
3 I lind that Gerstie's Female Pai
ff treatment. I shall continne its nse. f
IS used only one bottle and am better al
2 L. QERSTLE & CO., Propi
MOIM Pill 11
Write for Daily Quotations, Shipping
Given Orders
We are headquarters for Poultry, I
dace, Frails and Melons. Correspon
No. 242 West Broad
6-26 4t
The regular classical ai
also, three instructors have been
Department for the next year. Cours
A 4- />rvrv*A
AXU V/V/JUU|7ivv*vu V
graduation will be given.
Separate boarding halls for boys an
Holland, Superintendent in charge; 2
Mrs M. H. Gary, Matron. Boys' Ha
tendent in charge, and Prof. F. M. El
ates. Boys' Hall is under military di
The work of the Academic Departn
man, Sophomor?, Junior, Senior?anc
whom is a graduate of a first-class col
Our school is under Christian influe
Rates, including board, tuition, ligl
For catalogue write to
County Hip?isor.
Claims Approved and Disappkovei
at th2 last meeting of the
Board ofCounty Commissioners
held on june 17,1899i
The following claims weie examine
[ and approved on state case jb ana ?
No. Amonni
435 N D lloberts, $20
436 James E Taylor, 3 7
437 Thomas Boalware, 3 8
438 DesPortes Mercantile Co, 1 4
439 D L Glenn, . 12 5
440 W S Weir, 2 0
441 E A G-ie i?, 12 5
442 Dr II F Hoover, 5 C
443 F M Ilabeuicht, 11 4
444 D L Stevenson. 109 C
j T i j iq 55
*?*?0 O J ~ W
4*G News and Herald, 27 7
447 W W Brice, 12 2
44S Saml MeUormick, 121
449 Jas G Hollie, 12 i
450 G S Hinnant, 13 C
4G8 H F Bufcscbel, 12 a
469 T L Johnston, 8 7
470 Ueo K Mc Master, 8 C
471 P C Broom, 11 6
472 J*s H Aiken, 9 2
473 P B Cornweil, 12 7
474 Jno M Boulwaiv, 10 C
475 W B Wright, 141
476 Joe McMeekia, 9
477 Sum! McCormiek, 121
478 Ji:0 L Ratteree, 121
479 E H Heius, J21
480 R R Jftfi'ares, ' 2 7
Afil W a RtnL-hpa/L 12 ?
482 Joe McMeekin, 6
483 Frank Aiken, 121
483 B H Jennings, 167 4
485 T P Yonngiaer, 6 6
486 Jno H Cooper, 121
487 R 3 Spence, 18 \
4?8 Jno N Lemaster, 25 C
489 A J Brown, 8 1
490 Dr Al Lan?foid, 5 C
491 Dr M Langford, 51
WJ >Y tj tfanKoeaa, iz i
493 R S Sponee, 81
494 Jno S Catncarf, 2 (
496 G S Hinnant, 2 i
496 D A Broom, 11 (
497 J C Willibgham, 2 i
498 A P Irby, 12/
499 Jas A Brice, 10 (
The following claims were examine
and approved on Road and Brid<
Fa'jd of 1899:
No. Adgoud
426 H B Refo, $18 ]
427 C E Caihcari, 9 i
42S L D Robertson, 9 i
429 DesPortes Mercantile Co, 30!
430 J Q Boiia, 4:
431 II B Refo, 10
432 S R Johnston, 5.
433 A J liinnant, 3 <
434 M S Herron, 8 i
551 J F McMaster,' 18
452 C E Cathcarr, 6 1
453 ' F McM&ster, 6 45
i f^McMaster, 21 <
4 Z r\ T T rt M rl '
JLi xu j v .
456 J D Griffith, Supl Pen'y. 9 I
457 C T AlcMeekiu, elaim $10.28,
allowed, 8(
458 J T Blassisgame, 25'
459 il Y Tnrner, 3 <
501 W.J Clownev, 11!
502 A \V Ladd, & >>, 62
503 T H Lit, 11
5C4 T P Younginer, 3
505 C W Biooin, 2
50G Jdo T Wylic, 11
507 J W Hr.goorit 4
508 J no T Wviie, 2
509 Ed Oenrv, 4
510 \Y J Clowney, 11
511 W M Gladden, 2
512 A JD Hood, 33
FlIX Pres Davie. 7
514 George Moore, 2
: 515 T n Fry, 11
[ 51G A M Mclicekin, 12
517 Thomas Davis, 4
518 S II Morgan, 11
#19 Bi\>o,n & Tennant. 2
520 George Washington. 1
521 Joe A Siewart, * 3
522 Jas Mucfie, 6
523 S II Morgan, 11
(524 II A McMcekin, 5
j.'-25 A D Ho.-d. 32
i 1526 Jon castdi: 6
1527 T 11 Fry, ' T1
j528 Jotr Ili:s-e!i, 2
.! 529 tt B Befo, .12
1530 E W Ilerron, 62
| The following claimsjwere examin
and approved on Poor House fund
! 1.-G9:
.xo. Amon
419 A J Ginnant, $ 2
lEAEING-DOWN pains and symp- I
) toms of a like nature are forerun- \
ners of the most distressing and I
o the most common of female dis- ^
*" ? ^ _ -rrr #
lea, w nices aiia raiting ox wit; ?v omu. w
bites is often the result of neglect, V
d when permitted to continue freently
causes inflammation of the H
>mb, the ligaments are weakened \
d relaxed and Falling of the Womb H
d other complications arise, pro- H
cing general debility and undermin- g
I the health. These loathesome and mm
iakening diseases will be cured and I
3-eatlf?-^2!aIftj^Btembmlttip if \
ew bottles of the greatigmafe-ionic jm
male Panacea**! F*.
IF5.)""" ^ T
seph's Liver Regulator. H
of the same. I have been treated by two M
[ have tried many kinds of medicines and
lacea benefits me more than all other %
or I wish to recover my health. I have
rea SUSAN E. DAVIS. Imboden, Ark. IE
rietors, Chattanooga, Tenn. f
; Tags and stencil*. Spccial Attention
from the Trade.
)gg8 and Dairy Produces, Country Prodence
and consignments solicited.
I Street, Savannah, Ga.
TON, S. C.
_ . Jr%jB
employed to take charge of the Business
;e3 offered in Telegraphy, Shorthand and
f any course a diploma or certificate of
d girls. Girls' Hall under Prof. W:*2X
-liss A. S. Arnold, Lady Principal, and
ill, under Prof. F. E. Hinnant, Superinlerbe,
both of whom are Citadel graduscipline.
lent is divided into four classes?Fresh1
is wholly under male teachers, each of
lege and is a specialist in his line.
ince, but is strictly unsectarian.
its, fuel, etc., $10 a month.
[D and F. E. HINNANT,
420 J P Iseahower, 5 00
421 H B Refo, 13 30 /.
422 B G Tennant, 12 00
423 DeePortes Mercantile Co. 10 00
424 J W Richardson, 1 25
g 425 Ann McNeal, 120
3.460 JFMcMaster, 19 80
461 RY Turner, 45 00
462 J W Team, 2 75
463 J C BnchanaD, 2 75
464 B Q Montgomery, 10 32
465 A Williford, 62 46
d, 531 EE Roberts, * 2 00
532 Mantel McClintock, 9 77
533 B Q Montgomery, 10 32
I. 334 B Q Montgomery, 10 32
0 535 JMYaughn, 184
0 536 B G Tennant, 3 05
0 The following claims were examined
G and approved on Pablic Building fund
0 ?f 1899.
? I No. Amount.
" 1537 Jas L Richmond, $3 30
X 538 WHFlenniken, 8 96
5S9 Caldwell & Beatv, 8 25
VI tin t t J OTA
- ovj oia u Aicuiuuuu, ? iu
- 541 J&8 A Briee, 8 96
> 542 S R Johnston, 7 64
q 543 Aaron Boyd, 3 53
10 I do certify that the above statement
>0 is a correct copr of claims approved
A and disapproved at the meeting of
0 the County Board held on the 17th
10 davof Jane, 1899.
15 * B. G TENNANT,
10 7-1 Connty Sapevisor F. C.
son at cut prices, and selling it accordingly?2h
and 5 lb. ticket?.
^ Leggett's Teas, blended especially
xor iceuwa, i>wc auu ouc yci puuuu.
;0 Mocha and Javr. Coffees, 25c and 35c
.5 per pound.
There's a peculiar fragrance in these
^ blends that is sure to please.
)0 JUST IN ?
>0 Holme* & Contt's Fine Cakes, Sailed
50 Wafers and Sodas twice each wee*.
)0 Uneeda Biseuits, 5c. Spartanburg
W Steamed Baked Bread, fresh and fine.
>0 Dried Smoked Beef, chipped to
?0 order.
' i Fine G-roceries. w
i | i M i i ,1 , i - - -r - I I . .
I Summons.
' 5
^ The Winnsboro Bank, Plaintiff,
07 against
01 ^T \r^\focfar Ar>->-i T7
f>/> UVVJ ^ j-k. JL>cai ?,
The Winnsboro National Bank, J. E.
Todd, Guardian, Sallii M. Doucla^,
iO Ketchin Mercantile Company, E. Heck00
heimer, The Central National Bank,
25 Carolina National Bank, and Samuel B.
go Johnston, Judge of Probate, as Public
Guardian, Defendants.
jO Summons for Belief. Complaint Served.
75 To the Defendants above-named:
00 \7"OU ARE HEREBY summoned and re95
X quired to answer the Complaint in
oa this action, of which a copy is herein i'h q!:
served upon you, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint on the
26 subscribers, at their offices, Xcs. 5 and 6
70 Law Kange, Winnsboro, Sou*h Carolina,
95 within twenty days after the service
or hpronf pvHncivA rvf t.hp dav nf snfth <si>r- ?
O0 J V* ._ .
?o vice; and if you fail to answer the comqo
plaint within the time aforesaid, the
plaintiffs in this action will apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in the
17 complaint.
35 A. S. & W. 1). DOUGLASS,
60' Plaintiff's Attorne\*s.
50 Dated July 1, A. D. 1899.
95 To the Defendant, E. Ileckheimer:
92 Take notice, that the complaint to2i
gether with the summons (of which the
qs foregoing is a copy) was filed in the
-n omce of the Clerk of the Court for tue
County of Fairfield and State cf South
40 Carolina on the 3rd. day of Julv, A. D.
25 1899.
74 A S. & W. D. DOUGLASS,
95 7 4-6t l'laiutiff's Attorneys.
II Br. Tieo. A. ijsattlelii
95 ? - Jm
oo .too:icit8 a shtie of th : public patron
35! ase.
60 Office is t.^at. formerly occupied by
ed theCoautr Superintendent of Edacalion,
in reai- oJ Law Jiiuge. 6-10
Fias opened .a branch office at Mr.
nt. Ben Yarborough'p, where he wil be
10 found every Wednesday.

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