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' 1
s k v 3 aXI) iiERiLD COMPAHY. rSRttX,
Outs-.?'oar, ... SI.50 i
3lx Mualun, - - .75
vVJNNbiiJ^O, 5. C.
Wfi/lnM lav. .Tulv 12. - - - 1899
Three i.egroes \v? r< ui'>bhe?l by New
York excursiouUt-i on "hi beach a;
Rye, N. Y Many of the excurs.onists
were full of driuk, celfbratiog ihe
glorious fourth of July. The attack
on the negroes was withou- thu sha.low
of excuse. The negroes were not
accused of any crime, and the viulence
rlmrta thorn ccsm! tn hlVr? 5>Pf?n C. >m
milted because the npgroes were n groes.
Toe New York Sun gives, in part,
the following account:
Clark and his wifeanl Henry Langhold
were among the peop'e that
crowtsea to toe pier to see mem isuu.
In some manner, wbich no un<i *;> -arentiy
has been able to ascertain,
Lacgnold augered the advance guard
whicix swam ashore. One of tKem
attacked him with a baseball bat,
knocking him down. Clark, who was
aear Langhoid, ran in to protect t?im,
and another member of the Ilackett
O8sociation strnck him a heavy blow
ou the hea l with a bat. Tbn negro
turned aau, wresting me cma iroui
his assailant, deilt him a powerfal
blow which sent trim tumbling into the
sound. At this two other excursionists
rused in with bits and began to
hatntner Clark. Th j negro gavj them
a plucky fight and finally kuocked one
of them from the p!er into twen:p !eet
of water.
He was all but a victor when two
launche?, carrying about fifty of the
Hackett association, arrived. 14ie '
men bad been watching the ifeht from
the boat?, and as sooo^a's they came
aloaside jhe^fljt&L-tKsy spang out and
rushgd-iipon < the negroes with their
'?t?? .l ?t~).. ?v,??
ueauug lueiu ueiwuij as tucj ucu |
? over the ioog, narrow gang-plank thai
reaches from tbe t-hore out to the landing1.
"Kill them and throw (hem into
the sound!" shouted tbe infuriated
mob a* it advanced. Langho'd and
Mrs. Clark were in the advance and
were protected by Clark, wno fought
walking backward with the baseball
bat be had wrested from the man who
first assaulted Mm.
Tbere were fully 3,000 people on the
beach who witnessed the plucky fight
made by the negro, but were nnable to
helo Lim. owin^ to the frail condition
of rbe bridge. Several of the women
and children fainted,- while the band
added to the excitement by keeping op
a lively tune. There were tew policemen
about the phce and the proprietor,
Robert Beck, teeing tbe mob increasing
every moment by fiesh arrivals
from the excursion steamer, telephoned
to Sheriff Molloy in White
Piains for assistance. The sheriff im
-> ?i. -t? ~c ik.
mediately raueu uui an u? iuc ucpuucs
in Port * Chester and Rye and dispatched
ihein to th3 sceoe. Tbe police
forces of the two villages responded,
forming a po3>e of about fifteen officers,
which immediately started lor the
When tbe negroes finally reached
the beach they fled for their lives
through the dense crowds. Mrs. Clark
and Langhold ran int? tbe swamp
where their parsners could not jollow
them. Clark also tried to escape, but
SOOUl l/WO UUZiii Ul Uifc puioucio u<ci"
took him aad beat him terribly. The
ne^ro fell to the ground insensible,
with the blood pouring from a dozen
wounds on his head, tace and body.
He would have been killed bat for the
interference of the few dtpati s who
were on the beach. Thomas Heffron,
oue of the excursiobists who did not
sympathize witb tbe attack, also tnrew
himself across the prostrate negro to
protect him.
Tin North so often lectures the
South when negroes are killed by mobs
in the Sooth for hav\n? committed
horrible crimes that lii? Southern pr?ts
? ? a-F K^nrcd mstp thft mnst of snch
fbl'5 fourth of July occurPSSiNew
York. Lynching can
8 not be logically defended, bat the
~ Southern press ought to make the most
L of such shameful mob proceedings as
V\ notv and then happea in the North.
L ^ The Northern press bave such a moral
faf ?superiority?tone iu its criticism of
i, the South, We must let the North
understand that there is plenty of
missionary work at its own door without
continually lecturing us.
After all, there is no place like the
South for the negro. We shall watch
with interest to see what will bs done
by Thomas Fortune and others of his
B kiud who made such revolutionary
speeches as to what they would do if
H they lived in the South.
B Mobs in the South have some ground
? for tbe violence administered; in the
North it appears they act without any
HI pretense of reason.
A special to the Charlotte Observer
B from Greensboro gives an idea of the
fig operation of the dispensary there.
The dispenser is elated over the sncj??
cess of the law. Hois quoted as sayHUHft.
incr "Whv foi tha last two davs four
I 111211 and myself have worked iucessantlv
from sunrise to sunset selling
driok. I am not allowed to tell what
the sales amount to, but they are simply
enormous?three times larger than
the most sanguine of the dispensary
advocates anticipated." From this we
would infer that in North Carolinr the
system is not advocated as "the great
moral institution," but differing from j
-2:- - ? l,oi>o ort? in it I
?ui6 ico w * ? ?
for revenue. How do the dispensary
people in North Carolina placate the
prohibition element?
All growing towns testify that
their growth is due to unanimity in
action and self-help.
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Atlanta Journal mafcps the can
Jid confe-sion that vrhile G ;orgia is
ihead of North Carolina in many rc- i
ipects, it distinctly behind North ]
Jarolinaiu one of the best evidences j
)f progre-s, one of the surest means j
improving the condition of a State, j,
namely, tli3 construction or goo . roaas. i
'Within the pa3t ten years," remarks j,
;he Journal, "North Carolina has built j j
airny more miles of first-class road- j,
way than has Georgia, and the popu-;
lar interest in good roads seem* to be i
much stronger there than here." This !
is perhaps true. It wi'l be found that i
Doonlar iuerest in sroad roads :s great- i
Uft in ike communities that have th.e i
cost good roads mileage. Mecklen-!
burg Countj' was the originator of the !
Ejood roads movement in Surth Cora- |
lina, and is still far in the lead of all j
other counties of the State in this j
movement?The Charlotte Observer.j
?r>n?Vi farniina n/ill hftVft to make !
ike same confession. This State is j
far ahead of North Carolina in many j
things, but in good road* North Cara- j
lina seem- to lead in the South Atlau- j
tic Sta'es. South Carolina can hardly !
ba said !>> have mad.! even a start in
good i\?ads. If eicti county would i
construct only ;i few inilev, th1 ?.}j c* j
lesson vvou d.do g-io-i Theie i> fuce |
121 the Ols-'rver'd remark: 'I' will!
be found l.j it popular interest in g >. d j
roads is greatet in the communities;
t'iat h tve tlii :no?t good roads mileage " i
Tk: O j*e: Vv*r farther suggests tha* j
delegates f.-om Georgia b3 sjnt to the!
*"? < > -<!- - 5 T k,.l I : I
uoai ivjnusra' lus.uui-;, iu u.~ ue; j hi
Charlote beginning on :he 1 l h of j
July. \V> would lik.; to seii I the j
win e of Fair ft -Id County io ihirbtti ;
just t > see h i g> >d roais and ride over |
them. W'.hh thev shall have rcluriitd i
bom:?, sji:>2 interest i:i gooJ roid-i t
might bi aroused. Taxpayers wonld
then rea'iz that it pays to have some-1
thing bet'er than mud to construct!
The fourth was celeJbra'ed ia Mauiia
and Mayan i with as much noiss as in
New York or Chicago. We are turprised
that the administration did not
prohibit the ;eadiog or circulation 01
the Dec'aratbn of Independence in
Manila, or even in Havana
not_alte<fet ?er clear what will be done
with Cuba. The following' would
seem to be seiitioii* if published in
TITa U ^ a t/v f f U " f A ItA pu! p.
?? C 11 '.U. I'.'CSC U U'.US IV Ufc/ ocii" I
evident, that al! men are created equnl,
that they a e endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable rights, that
among,the-^e are life, liberty and ihe
pursuit of Happiness. That to secure
these rights governments are instituted
amon? mer, deriving their just powers
from the consent of the governed.
That whenever auy forta of governrnent
becomes destructive . f these
ends it is the right of the people to
alter or abolish it. and to institute new
govsrumeri:., laying its foundation 0:1
sach principle; and organizing its
powers in such form as to them shall
seam most likely to effect <h :ir safety
and happiEess."
It is a ,t safe to accept the testimony
of even distinguished college professors
in their investigation of spiritual*
o*v* TUfli- VkOTTA VvArtn ^nr\Q/^ onrl r?o r\
X9LU. JLUvJ uaro k/t<gu UUJ^WUJ ?uu uwi*
be fooled again Professor James H.
tlvslop, of Columbia University, and
Prof. .Tame-, of Yale, have made some
startling assertions. The world wil'
demand very strong proof before it
will believe that these distinguished
gentlemen have comnanicated with
the dead.
in Columbia on Wedne^ujiy night.
Whiie bis udiniuistrati >n ?:i?y not go
down ij history a? brilliant, it was
clean and honest. He belonged to ai
type of men who erected a high standard
of citizenship, >in;l Gjveruor
Richardson lived up to trie standird.
lie loved hi- State and always hid the
best intere-:s of the peop'e ii his
Gen. Wheoler knows his - i"bu<iness.
bnt o:: its lace it looks if he
is making & great mistake in join::?<
Uie army in the Philippine*, lie his
madeTTep~^1^iaar-4ojV'hich nothing
can be add;d by fghtiug ij^^ilin^
pi'ios. fie came out of tii^cpanish
?t ? i *. 11 u*
war wxiuuui uliuui^llj* l< >viii uc icmarkable
if he succeeds as well in the
building and loan associations are
necessary i i ail towns and cities.
Winnsboro will not have nnny new
residences until such an association is
organized here.
8lythkwood paragraphs.
The Bivth.wood people did not celebrate
the fourth with any picuic3 this ,
year, but th young pespte seemed to
enj >y themselves at other amusements.
The drug store and postoffice were
cioscd, and t!ie day passed as quietly
as if it hid i-oen Sunday.
Mrs. Sarah Wooten is at Lowiedaie
v\ I;h her ti.ughter, Mrs. McGrady,
who has bee.i very ill tor some time.
Mr. J. (J. Hoffman spent last Sunday
at home.
Miss Ellen Bookhardt, of Columbia,
spent a few days at home last week.
Mr. L C. Deal is spending awhile at
the residence of Mr. G. P. Hoffman.
Mr. T. J. Harmon has gone on a
visit to North Carolina.
H!-. TT~ 1, ~ Ur. >
?.Uis>5 uriau-v wuj um ui;cu i
spending some lime at Jlorrel), S. C., |
is at home again.
Mr. J. VV. McLean, who has been
alter,ding school at Newberry, is at
home for the holidays.
Mr?. Fainre Simpson is visiting at
the ic.-idenc-" of her aunt, Mrs. Sarah
Mr?. M. O. Ward has gone to visit
her lister, Mrs. Gaines, in Virginia.
Mr. A. Drtun went to Winnsboro
last Friday to visit his daughter, Mrs.
W. II. Wooten, win is critically ill.
Mrs. E. A. Dlain is veiling her son,
Mr. J. A. Bl .in, at Greenwood.
Mrs. II. L Baxt-.T, after spanding
awhile wi h rclmves near .myri c, re
nr. ed to B!\ he wood la-st Saturday.
MissXani:'j McDonnell, of Columbia,
has bee i visiting rehtiv.s near
With be-t wishes for our county
paper, Chrysanthemum.
July S, 1399. " '
Inasmuch as the regulators became
ater o- an object of detestation by the
King's government as defiers ot the
aw and criminals and fugitives from
justice, it is well to understand the
rature cf the people against whom
ihey banded themselves, and the
manses that led them to take the law
in thoir own hand; Savs the Gazette
of July 27, August 3: The gang of
villains lrom Virginia and North
Carolina who have for some years
past, in small parties under particular
leaders, infested the back parts of the
southern provinces, stealing horses
from one and selling Ihem to the next,
notwithstanding the late public example
made of" several of them, we
hear the-y are more formidable than
ever as to numbers, and more audacious
and cruel in their outrages. It
is reported that they consist of more
than 20C, form a chain of communication
with each other, and have places
of general meeting, where, in inaita-:
tion of councils of war, they form |
plans of operation and defence, and
alluding to their secrecy and fidelity
to each other4 call their places free
majon lodges. Instances of their
crneltv to the people in the back
se'tlements where they rob or otherwise
abuse, are so numerous and
shocking that a narrative of thein
wouid fill a whole Gazette, and every
reader with horror. They at present
range in the forks between the Broad
oncl CoTTdnnoh T?i\rpra_ Twn
UiXiUUA CI II14 uu I U U L. t* jLVt * V> I. ?
of the gang were hanged last week at
Savannah, viz.: Landv Hart and
Obadiah Greenage. Two others,
James Ferguson and James Hambersan
were killed when these. were
taken." In spite of this plain statement
of facts, showing the provocation
of the regulators, the governor
and council regarded them in the light
of rioters aud laworeakers. In the
Upper House of tho Assembly Monday,
Aimist 10. 17G7. His excellency ob
served to the board that this was the
day which had been appointed to consider
what was proper to be done to
apprehend the notoiious villains who
Infested the back settlements and the
board alter mature deliberation being
of the opiuion that the offering of a
reward by proclamation to apprehend g
UAf fKam fn Till
aim unug iwo icautis ui iuw iv j^u a
would be tbe most eligible measure b
that could be taken. His Excel'ency a
desired the clerk to write by express h
to Capt. Row and Mr. Pou and Mr. t*
Faircbild, and desire them by the re- &
turn cf it to semLMm-tte names or v
^he-fladiHrmJtoftons. \
At a subsequent meeting of Couoci?, ]
August 19, tb? clerk reported that the G
express bad re:urned from Messrs. F
Row, Pou and Fairchild and laid be- tl
fore the governor the letters and ti
answers. The board advised his ex- e:
cellency to offer a reward for the per- r<
sous of any of the riDgieadere, who k
ahAni.i hrnnahf. to craol. to be oaid
when they should be brought to town, tl
These measures seemed productive o
of no results so far a3 the regulators b
were concerned. On the 5th of October k
Governor- Montague informed the (
board that he hid received iuforma- c:
tion that a considerable number of the
inhabitants between tbe Santee and b
Wateree Rivers had assembled and in
a riotous manner had gone up and
down the country, committing riots
and disturbances, and that they had
burneil tbe houses of several people
win were reputed to be the harborers t]
of. norse thieves and talk of coming to si
Charleston. The board gave it as o
their opinion to his Excellency that it ' t
would be proper to^prevent "the mis- f<
chiefs such a ^commotion would be a
attended with for his excel!ency to p
iesno o nrrtr'lamcitinn r,.ommandin?p I s
them to disperse, and enjoining all n
officers, etc., to take care to preserve o
the public]peace. His excellency was
pleased to order as the time of the i
general sessions approached, a new c
commission of tli3 peace to be prepared, n
In a meeting on the oth November
His Excellency the Governor remarked I
I should find myself equally wantiog c
in th; duty that I owe my King and t
'this province if I did not recommend d
to yoa an early and serious considera- C
tion of the nnhappy situation of the ii
back parts of this [ rovince, the vari- t
ous acti of villainy committea tnere t
in contempt of all laws, human and c
divine. "VVc have too recent accounts c
and too recent proofs of it in the un- g
happy man under sentence of death far 1
remote trom the seat of justice. They e
are daily exposed to misery and dis- i:
tress; these are objects that require r
redress and are worthy of tbe care of q
the legislature. a
Tumultuous risii ?S of any peopl.t t
not properly attended to are of dan- t
gerous tendency. They are a dis- a
I" ? nrtnntnr OtiH r f TClllfl rl V C
g 1 IV Up U V W u I * J vwv.?.k . J pernicious
10 a commercial and now 1
su.Ied colour. Tbe means to sup- s
picas :hose licentious spirits that have I
so lately appeared in the oistint parts t
ot' the province and assuming the name r
of Regulators hive in defiance of gov- t
ernment and to the subversion (of 1
orders), require an aitentive^fili^era- a
Council Chamber/^^^'B*J^a*>^^u
la the Assembly on the ll:h Novem- tl
ber, 17G7, a committee made a report o
recommending the holding of county o
courts four times a year, the passage Ii
or' a law punishing vagrants and the t)
formation' of two companies of 25 ti
men each to assist the civil authorities ll
in restoring order. Drayton and p
II >rry presented the message to the
Gjvornor It was also recommended \
that 50C0 pounds sterling be paid to a
Cumberland to relinquish his patent of C;
provost marshal. e;
At the Court of General Sessions j(
that closed in the first wsek in Novcra- s,
17T7 frrrnntr_oirrVit nvicnnftrc rc &vc* I
U'<Si ? 1IUI) ^iwwuviw f? Viw ^
tried, seven ior murder, the greater a
part being1 from the back country. ;j
(Colonial liec., vol. 31, pg. 421.) 5
Fred Nettles and Thos. Floyd, con- ft
victcd cf murder, were rccommended p
to mercy by the court. Nettles was e:
aiding the "constable to apprehend a c)
horse stealer in the back country and S(
;.i nnrsnif firnr? nn and killpii
bi'.n. (Ibid.) ?
On 14ih December lio?. Moa- hr
tsgu-j writes to Hillsborough thattbe (j
bio're country is quier, that tsrocom- tc
paiiie* of ratigeis bad beon sent (here g
t> assist the magistrates, without u
whom ii dangerous to act. je
In :hc cjuncil chamber i'h'; fallowing p
petition was read: o!
The most humble petition of us the c<
pub-cribers in behalf of ourselves and u
'ha people of tno upper and interior nc
par s of tbe province showetb: tc
That we \ our most humble petition- P1
er> with a number of others living at tr
so considerable a distance lroin
" ?f ^ n
Uii.iii .-ton i lie expense 01 traveling io town
to obtain wiir.iii? of survey is
attended with i,iv.at cilH.vilty through s'
the poverty of many, aii'i many distrc^s
d families .nr<? obii.ed to s2t
duv.n o-i his majesty's land, whereby P1
his majesty is de.yrivou of tau quit 0:
rents and ;he province of its taxes. ra
Your most hTinbio petiiio.iers d i most ^
humbly pray tint your lordship and a
honour would be ploisej to take our sc
tttdnppv condition under considera- 01
tion, and be pleased to stiller such who ?!
live at so grc.it distance from town to 01
ri<r!>!? hfifftrp cnp.h re
j-M U?'; t U. i A iU'Ui mj ..a??v ^ -
of his majesty's justices of the peace 10
in :h3 country as yoar honors shall *r
tbiuk most proj.o:', to recive pe;itious
l>y which means one messenger ^1,
a;tending \onr honours with them
may serve a whole neighborhood,
numbers would be glad to beeome his g,
majesty's tenant-, and pay a propor- ar
lion ot taxes, and their burthens
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reatlv removed by your lordship's J
ud honours' kind favor. Yonr hum- C
le petitioners, in behalf of ourselves
nd all other back settlers, do most t
umbly implore of your honours to r
ike nnr pphnpfy distressed case into a
?n^mtion, and grant such relief as o
ou in your wisdom shall think proper, i
'our petitioners would further beg b
save (to present) Cols. John Surry, o
rilbert Ilavs. Jacob Summeral, John S
'amis and Thos. Bond, Esqrs., genemeu
who have av.ti.-d irregularly in c
leir several commission?, to the jjreat q
Qcoura?,'emcnt of villains, and are i
sady to make it appear to your c
onours' satisfaction, after vt hich being r
one, if your honours shouid think a
aink proper te strike those gentlemen t
ut of the commission we most hum- i
ly intreat that they never hereafter I
avc the opporlunity of disgracing f
commissions) so honorable, either ?
ivil or military, in iliis province. (
Ami your petitioners as in duty t
cund will ever pray. r
Moses Kirkiand, !
John Scotr, I
Berjamln llart, v
Thomas Woodaid. J
The Board iniormecl his ttxceiiencv t
Uat it was their opiuion ih it the repre- r
eritation of the distress and hardships t.
f the back settlements by bein* obiijjcd I
d comu to Charleston was very well *
auniled and that it did not answer a
ny purpose to their being personally s
resent there, and that it was nece;- v
ary to give them some relief, the a
aanner to do which would be a matter 2
'f future deliberation. fc
His honor the Lieutenant Governor a
nformed the Board that -he bad re- c
oiTrorl inf,irm?linn frnm some ?renlle- I
aen of character of the bad behavior. C
On the 19th of April, 1768, the t
/i<5u:ei:a:ii Governor showed that
lany warrauts were out for regnla- ?
ors numbers of whom were poor and c
leluded; whereupon the Attorney e
ieneral was i rdered, after prosecut- j]
ug not more than eight, of the leaders t
o lei the others go. Iuforraa'ion to o
bis effect was conveyed t > lbs back $
ountry, and it was hoped tnat such c
lemency would bj productive of p
;ood results; on the 5th of July Mr.
?acitus Gaillard, haviDg receive-.i an t
xpress asking him to assist in arrest- b
g deserters from his majesty's forces, h
eports that tLe back country was not t
[niet and that regulators were still t
,ssemb!ing. This was the prelude to ?
he greitest outbreaks ot all both in ^
he Pedee section and along the Broad c
,nd Saludy Rivers. The explanation t
>f this riotous conduct is given in a e
etter written September 10th, the r
ame year by Lieutenant Governor fc
Jail to tbe Board of Trade, received D
iy tbem 2Sch of November, but not, ead
till tbe 17th of Noveojitaaflirthe ti
o-l lowing year, as Uintaiarl^ed too t]
ate sor tne annual ^meeting. This is t]
,n i 11 astratiojj- 'of the exceedingly de- ?
Lj^faT^ mauner in which matters of d
Pave importance to the backwoods- i
2ert of Carolina were deliberated by y
home office. As a further instance \\
f culpable delay* it may b2 cited that ^
n ihe loth of September 1768, the ^
iaard considers the county court act a
iat was passed in July, 1767, and ^
-;eu disagrees to its provisions so that ^
ii<i most important reform is po-t- \
oticd still another year. ?
Bull shows in his letter that after h
lou!ague, in April 1768 had written d
n order directing no!, pros, in all g
ises except eight, "tor the sake of a
ximple," "the good effects of this v*
::iient measure were defeated by E
>me warrants without the Attorney r;
General's knowledge being sent up o
Lcong them which tended to destroy a
ieir faith in the indemnity which had
een promised." He adds that men o
eqnentlv revolving in their minds a
resent and fatnre evils, which he si
numerates, believe that these are fi
liefly because tbey have no reprein
tat ion in the assembly. Having no tl
rnfiitr*otr fovoc ^
[U COCULULluii^ i viu:vu vv imav ' n,
j,retimes also they are said to have tl
iconsiderate]7 threatened (o come il
own in lar^e bodies to force due at- a
M.tion to their claims and desires, a
ueh lan^a^ge tbey have been told is Ic
ot the voice of dutiful kand loyal sub- ]?
ct< to the kibg which they always n
rofess to bi nor the ready way to ir
bta'u their purpose. By various ac- p
Hints which I have received they are o:
,U id:e vAj;a'oondj, tue ''cauaiile", p
tore dregs of miukind, they are | p;
losily teuants or tno jananoiaers, me n
oor; they are in general, an indus- it
ious, hardy, race of men, each pos- ec
issed of, an;l expert in the use of, sc
rearms; each maste.- of one horse, u
any of several, beside cattle and di
aves. He adds thatfLere are 4.000 pi
E ihese audit can well be seen how bi
fficult it would be to attempt to supn:?8
them by f ;rce, especiaiJy as the I
i!y f .rcf? available would have to be
l sfcd in itie maritime set'lements
here white inhabitants are few and
numerous domestic enemy is thick
twn in our plantation and requires
lr utmost attention to keep them in
der, and our constitutional method
'raising the posse comitatus has al- '
adv been experienced in vaiu. Men w
deed did assemble ou requisition j jt
otn tho provost marshal but refused *,
> use force against ibeir neighbors
id coautr? ujen. (Colonial Rec , Vo!. *
!, p?ge, 32, &c. ra
Register of 13:h of June sa\-s one e?
awies was killed in a'tempiing to ce
rest Woodward. * "J
Council Joaru&i, 34 pg , 189, Friday ar
wt ^ i'i MV I
p g ~< Ji P 1 H
^ | g |g f ^ p
tight, ai^d which has "been
5 borne the signature of
been made under his per?ervision
since its infancy.
one to deceive yon in this,
d Substitutes are but ?xd
endanger the health of
>nce against Experiment.
tor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
armless and Pleasant. It
pkine nor other Jfarcotic
antee. It destroys "Worms |
ires Diarrliaja and TVind
oubles, cures Constipation
s tlie Food, regulates tlie .
iiealtliy and natural sleep.
ORfA always |
gnature of
e Always Boup
or 30 Years.
______ A
uly 29,1m"
Council Chamber:
His Honor iuformed the Board lhat
he judges had waited on him
aoniiiig with thc-foliowiug ^IHJavit
,nd had required liim to issue a writ I
f assistance to the provost marshal
n order 10 enr.blo him to enforce ihe j
;ing's process and to briDgsuch daring 1
fftjnciers to justice.
South Carolina. ,
Before one Dougall Campbell, E.<-q , "
me of his majesty's justices of ttte
[uoiurn for the province afore-aid, -r
lersonjiHy appeared John Wood, one ^
>! ttie lawful deputies of Roger Pinckley,
provost marshall ot the province c
* ??- ?. t- - ? J..1- ^ ^
.loresaui, wuo uuic;^ uujy swum un _
he Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, I.
Qikctli oath and sayeth that hiving
>een instructed and charged wiih the
ollowin^ process and returnable to 0
lis Maj. Court of Common Pleas and
General Ses.ioos of the peace, and
hat is to say one writ of Capia* ad
espondendum against Moses Iverkand
aud Edvrard McGraw and Iicnry
inuter at the suit of Gilbert Hay, 2 ..
vrits against Thomas Sumter and V
fared Neilson et the suit of James j-<
JcClenachan, one vs. Melcbi >r Ho2nan
at the suit ot Thos. Lu^bton ?
jmith "Iudors" of Gasser, two against
juke Patrick and Nicholas Loru (?)
.t the suit of John Gasser, and oiie
> unv/C auu \jraiiiaiu at lug
nit ofgthe Admrs. of Wri?hr, one
?rif Fieri facias vs. Matthew Neilson t(
.t the suit of Thomas Adams, one vs. l
Nathaniel Patridge at the suic of
jitmiel Wise, one ditto vs. 011c White
.t the suit of John Dawson and cue p
litto v.-. Wm. Scott at the suit of "
lich Richardson and one Capias vs.
;iristopher Morgan at the suit of the
He proceeded on hi3 journey and
lad served several ot the above pro
esses ana iu parucuiar nau icviea
secationnn Wm. Scott, and wa; on ?
lis way to i>v,. v.i h eight i.egrois
le had take.i from him, but ou the
7th of Jane last he was overtakeu by
men armed with guns, pistols and
utlas-es, who seizi: g him, thi* de>onent,
by the liroat jerked bitn off
lis horse, disarmed him and tied his
lands till the blood near started irom
lis finger ends, that they then lifted
um on a horse and tied bis leet uDder
he horse's belly in which situation
hey conveyed him to the house of one k
'Frazer'" on Broad River, (insulting
nd beating all the way) where they
bained hirn to a post in which sitnaion
tbcv kept him until Saturday
veningr, 2nd day of July when he wasx
emoved from said Frazer's to the" .
louse of-prnabv rSmjj?daass^^,was^
ao^fPS^sly msuite^ the said Pope'
wearing that, he would make him eat
tie said process he had, and take care o
bat he should be well flogged. From *
lience he was removed to the house
f Thomas "Wcodward where he was
etaincd ana guarded toat mgQt.
)uring his coslinement at the said
Voodward residence, he overheard
ac said Woodward say that on Sataray
following he amongst others ihey
ad in their custody were to be hell
t the house of Barnaby Pope, to
rhose house they were removing this ?
eponent under the guard of Tinman
Voodward and the before named
Yazer. That on the way stopping his
orseon ili3 pretcnce of lettinsr him
rink tney being somewhat off their
uard he made his escape from Sthem
nd after being obliged to travel the
roodi and swimming his horse across
iroad and Saluda lli-'Prs in great
isque of his life he go; o Charleston
n Friday evening, Sth day of July;
nd this deponent further said that the
rrits before mentioned witb the
ther process he was charged with,
?ere forcibly taken from him by the ?
lid Frazer, and that during his connement.
he several times applied to Q
loses Kirkland, who seemed to b<>
je leiding man amongst the rioters
nd tumn'.tnoas mob then assembled,
iai he might be set at liberty and list TT
l-treated, but only received for and lij
n?wcr that he would use bis interest i'
'ith Capt. Woodward and that several F(
:tters passed between the 5aid Kerkm/l
ond Wnni1o7rtriK who with Rfir
aby Pope, one McGraw and before W
icntioned Fnzsr. some of the inost
rincipal ringleaders and supporters
f that set of disorderly ami riotnous
eopie, assembled together in the back
arts of the province and that they do di
lake the mos> solemn declaraiion "that
icy will oppo?e and prevent the
irvice of any process of what nature ?
>ever and thai the said mob of people
nder the name of Regulators do bid
ellance to all law3 and Govt, aud
Dsitively say tbey will submit to none
at their own terms.
John Wood.
Src-oru?duiy 10, kuo. 'i
(To l?8 Confirmed.) 1
v d<
For Over Fifty Tears.
\Tns wivst.nw's Soothing Syrup ?
is been used for over fifty years by jjJ
iUbns of mothers for their children
bile teethiDg, with perfect success. ?ei
soothes the child, softens the <rums, a^(
lays a'l paiD, cures wind colic, and r
the best remedy for diarrhoea It ni:
i!l relieve the poor littie t-ufTerer -vvl
lmedkitely. Sold by druggists in <
'ery part of the world. Twenty-five J
nts a bottle. Bs sure and ask for ]
Mrs. Wioslow'e Soothing Syrup,"
id take no other kind. 1-1-17
iACq l^aVe rqarty
uqd i^petli
, v
White Organdies, 12c. to 56(
irge lot of Lace Striped Whiti
- ^ L 1 r*> ^ iol /"
Jt Ul UCd.Ui.li.Ul JJctLlCl ilO 111
'ancy Colored Lawns, Black L
A job lot of Percales, yard wi
hirting Prints at 3c. Ventila
.isle thread drop stitch Hose.
These goods are good value z
f all
New lot of Rough Straw Sai
Ve have had hard work to ki
30m this season, and now we ai
f stock and give CUT prices.
We have a great variety of
3 please?50c. to $2.00 a pair,
igh cut, comfortable, durable, <
We have a pretty lot of
rices you can afford to pay.
It will pay you to come to se<
The Caldwell Dry
14c, Pe
- ^ t> t -r-* r* r
lLSU A jfjinv nr. una L
22C. PER
Q. D. WIT.
r'.tc fur Daily Quotations, 6hip?>i"<r T<
Given Orders ir<
? ? V .
We are headquarters jor r?tu:u >,
ice, Fruits and Melons. Corre.'po: dor
No. 242 West Broad Si
G-26 it
- . / ?r/1 \ r \ vn
^HK REGULAII ULAjmsilaij .-V?>
also, three instructors have been era
jpartir.ent for the next year. Courses (
>ok-keeping. At the completion of at
aduation will be given.
Separate boarding halls lor boys and g
)llaud, Superintendent in charge: Miss
rs M. H. (iary, Matron. Boys' Hall,
ldent in charge, and Prof. F. M. Ellerl
?s. Boys' Hall is under military discip
The work of the Academic Department
m, Sophomore, Junior, Seuior?and is
loni is a graduate of a first-class college
)ur school is under Christian influence
[fates, including board, tuition, !ighi=.
For catalogue write to
^ unr r AND
VV . LJ. J.J.W"*? ?
rni iiti ? ??min iiimwi??a?(
, CHAIN LESS 11! of
r'E of ENERGY ?
umbias, Hartfords, Vedettes
I. GO., Hartford,
& DAVIS, Agents, "WinnsT
2 Goods fop
i/ aprq Weatt} ?p.
White Lawns, 5c. to 25c.; ]
* Goods at 8c. ?nd 10c.; new ;
)red Organdies, ioc. to 20c.; (
awns and Organdies. _ 1
de, at 5c. to 6 1-4C.; also in ]
ted Corsets, short and long, <
md at prices within the reach
}GPy,~?^ 1
lors at 50c., pretty and cheap. ;
ud with the rush in this
- -r ?f
re anxious to close out balance
Oxfords and Sandals; prices
Gent's Southern Ties, and
Negligee and Pique Shirts at
? us.
Goods Company,
p= .
r Yard.
igs ami oiencils. Special Atteution I
)m the Trade. |
5 an?1 Dairy Produces, Country l*roce
ar.d coi signments solicited.
treet, Savannah, Ga.
c. 1 "
)N, S. C. i
:t~7~ _
HTJtKAKl ur jp
ployed to take charge of the Business
)flered in Telegraphy, .Shorthand and
ly course a diploma or certificate of
iris. Girls' Hall under Prof. W- D. c
i A. S. Arnold, Lady Principal, and t
under Prof. F. E. Hinnant, Superin- g
>e, both of whom are Citadel gradu- g
; is divided into four classes?Fresh
wholly under male teacners, eacn ci i
and is a specialist in bis line.
, but is strictly unsectarian.
fuel, etc , ?10 a month.
an-1 F. E. HINNANT,
Wc have yet to liear of a rider :
CHAINLDSS who would *
Ilingly give it up for any olher
Dircct testimony is always beiter
m hereeav evidence. If \on desire
know about BeveltGear Chainlets
>? do no; k h person who Las
wr ridden oric, or is in any way
t*tifc!rd with a minufHC'urer whi>
nor make them Ir.qQire of
i< rp of the Colombia Bevel-Gear
)ni:?l^s<a. Tnere are tbon>ands ot
2m throoghou: the coantrv. They
e to be met in eveiy city, in almost
ery town or the United States?sj
pu'ar bas the machine become in
s short *;?nceofa 5 ear and a halt,
e * re reasons for this. The
rt:nles> is e?*ier to take care of thau
c h!m w' eel. It has a longer life,
e. \ < n> ce <>f power applied to the
Jh's is made c-ffective. This last
- - wheels is
VSIltMJJ" ' ' V CI Wuaiirui4TVM -
the moment you mount tbe
aohine. The Chainlets seems to pos3s
at- activity and life of it's own.
>u notice it in starting, stopping.
ck-peda!injr, riding on levels, and
(eclaily in ascending grades.
Prices, $60 to $75.
Prices $25 to $50,
:>oro? S. C
"what do
li Means lit! ft fc
R. BRANDT was enabled by. bis"
long experience in the jewelry cottre
of tbe United States < becotae ptrwnally
well known to the head saewbjrs
of ail large manufactories, and th >r
ooghly acquainted with every detail of
the business; tbns, when buviag, his
many jears of experience gave hi in
exceptional opportunities to obtain
fignres thit cannot i>e had fiom ccsi3ional
ehor: visits to the metropsli?.
is that all goods purchased for his store
must have qnality and character first
before the purchase of them aay be
entertained; then if ths price is low,
well and gooi. aud his customers get
the benefit.
JL/WI lit
DON'T patronize us, for we give
you the/most goods for
the least money.
m p 3 _
uijiy i, ior onr prescription department
is complete
and well assorted.
DON'T, as everything in this
line is guaranteed to be
?1 1 f n I f
tne Dest 111 trie marKer.
DON'T, as you will be treated
politely by every one of
our employees.
DON'T, as you are sure you will
get just wliat you ask for:
DON'T1 as we are at our old
DON'T paint until you see our
DON'Tforget us.
J.H. McMister & Go
WUJil UJf fAlKriJil.U.
The Winnsboro Banfc, Plaintiff, against
>orge II. Mc Master, Anna E. Beaty,
The Winnsboro National Bank, J. E.
Todd, Guardian. Silli; M. Douslass,
Ketchi a Mercantile Company, E. Heck
Leimcr, The Central Natio
Carolina Nation-; BanKTrflU Samuel K.
Johnston, Judge of Probate, as Public
Guardian, Defendants.
Summons for Relief. Complaint Serted.
Fo the Defendants above-named:
\^OU ARE HEREBY summoned and
quired to answer the Complaint in
It?.: -^AfJAn /-\f* nrhi/tli o n/\rsv 5c 1 >oratirifU
se. ved upon you, and to serve a copy or
four answer to the said complaint on the
subscribers, at their offices, ^cs. 3 and 6
Law Kange, Winnsboro, Sou'h Carolina,
arhhin twenty days after the service
lereof, exclusive of the day of such serrice;
and if you fail to answer the com>laint
within the time aforesaid, the
)l:ilstiffs 111 this action will apply to the
jo art for the relief demanded in the
A. S. & W. D. DOUG LABS,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Dated Julyl, A. D. 1899.
[*o the Defendant. E. Hecklieimcr:
lase nonce, mat uie wiupiaiut tu;ether
with the summons (of which the
oregoing is a copy) was filed in the
ffice of the Clerk of the Court for the
/'ounty of Fairfield and State cf South
/'arolina on the 3rd day of Jul , A. D.
" 4 0; I'laintilf's Attorneys.
All persons h'>ldinsr c^iuis against
he estate of David Or. ttobertson, decased,
are h?rtby notifi d to p?e?eut
h-? tatue duly vcr'.ii. <1 io the uuderigned,jind
ail indebted to sa:d
state are notified to make payment to
Executor of tJ-.c VVin of David G.
l- berifon, decow <1. 6-20 3w
OA 5 fl B ? a and Whiskey HabtU
3 J BE? {Qm curcd at home vriuisT
112 0^8 out pain. Book of i?ra
IWgga tictxlars sent FREE.
ASlaats, wiTOfflce 104 8. Pryoi sl

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