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Wednesday, July 12, - - - 1899
7 daiiless Biejcle For One Hit
M .QnlioppihprQ
muu uuuuuniiuiua
For one hundred new subscribers to
the "Weekly Nevts and Herald, this
newspaper will give a chainless bicy?-e
^be on,y condition is that the
H subscription must be for a year and
pr paid in advance. This offer stands
open for 60 day3. Now is the chance
for some young lady or young man to
get a good bicycle.
?One paid op share for sale. Read
r\ A TTfl TY> onf
avi T u' w.? i.#
-Just received, 500 lbs. Long Cot- !
ton Tobacco. Come and get a bos.
Porter Bros.
?Another mnch needed rain fell in
this section of the county Saturday
"What might have been"?if that
little c ugh hadn't been neglected?i3
the sari reflection of thousands of consumptive
One Minute Congh Cure
? ~/>. \frt\Tocf at*
cures auv v>un.ia.
?Any one having a piano to rent
will please address "Musie," care The
News and Herald. 7-11-2'
?Read the Fairfield Boiler Mills' ad.
in this issue. They are prepared to
, supply fi^urof the very best quality.
?The system of free delivery of
mail tor the rural districts will go into
operation in this county on the 15th
Mr, and Mrs. B. Lackamp, Eiston,
Mo., write: "One MinnteCough Cure
saved tbe life of our little boy when
nearly dead with croup." McMaster
?In a game of ball played in Chaster
Monday afternoon between Chester
and Blackstock, the'.Cbestei team won
by a score of 25 to 4.
?It is dariDg long periods of ciry
weather, such as we are having at
present, that the need of a system of
water works is most keenly felt.
?An entertainment will be given
by local talent on Friday evening for
the benefit of iho Episcopal Chnr&h.
The program will be published in a
later issue of The News axd Hekald.
You can't cure dyspepsia by dieting.
Eat good, wholesome food, and plenty
of it,?Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
food without aid from the stomach,
and is made to cure. McMaster Co.
-Ex-Governor John Peter Richardson
was widely known and most
highly esteemed in Winnsboro, and
the announcement of his death was
received with genuine sorrow and regret.
?Don't read John Mcilaster & Co's
new advertisement in this issue of
The News and Herald unless you
wish to learn something to your advantage.
If you wish some information
that will be worth dollars to you
look up this ad.
?After a stay of about sis week3 in
Winnsboro Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Miner left Thursday for Camden, S.
C. Mr. Miner came to Winnsboro for
the purpose of putting in the : oiler
mill machinery. He goes to Camden
on a similar mission.
Thomas Rhoads, Centerfield, O.,
writes: "I suffered from piles seven
? or eight years. 2?o remedy gave me
r relief until DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, less than a box of which permanently
cured me." Soothing, healing,
perfectly harmless. Beware of
counterfeits. McMaster Co.
?The Fairfield teachers attending
the summer school at Rock Hill will
reurn home on Thursday, Wednesday
being the last day of the session. Many
? ? w t^8tuuwill attend later the meeting
o,f the State Teaehers' Association at
Harris' Li'hia Springs.
?Ladies' $2.50 slippero reduced to
$1.75?Nos- 2-b to 4s. Get a pair befnrp.
fhpv firp ?H crnnf? Pr?rtpr Rr/is.
?Charlotte, N. C., now has an ordinance
prohibiting- spitting on tbe sidewalks
of the citj. It is also an offence
against municipal law to throw banana
peel on the sidewalks. The passage af
this ordinance will not only decrease
the dangers to life and limb, but will
pat an end to the indulgence of a
rather offensive habit. There are
other piac:s that might profitably fol
low ins gooa example mat uasnocie
has set.
A diseased stomach surely uodermines
health. It dulls the brain, kills
euergy, destroys the nervoas system,
and predisposes to insanity and fatal
diseases. All dyspeptic troubles are
quickly cured by Kodol Dyspepsia
(Jure. It has cured thousands" of cases
and is curing them every day. Its
ingredients are such that it can't help
curing. McMaster Co.
?Oar Chester neighbors are making
extensive preparations for the entertainment
of the~veterans, sons of veteR
rans, sponsors and other visitors exWk
pected to attend the division reunion
j|& in that city on July 23th, 29th and
30th. The arrangements are in the
r hands of a competent, wide awake |
and hustling committee, and they propose
to spare neither labor nor ex:n
giving their guests a good
un p The indications are that about
5,000 visitors will be in Chester during
the reunion, but ample provision will
be made for the comfort and entertainment.
?The owners of dry and parched
up farms and gardens in and around
Winnsboro watchcd the clouds most
anxiously Tuesday and Wednesday,
but the promises of rain were not fulfilled.
Light showers of rain fell
Tuesday bat not enough to lay the
dnst well. It has been raining all
around us, bin Winnsboro and the
immediately adjacent conntry seems
to be entirely outside 01 tne ram belt.
There is a n old saying to the effect
that if rain falls on the 4:h of July
there will be rain within sight fcr
the following forty days. We need
rain but we could get along with perhaps
a little less than forty days of it.
Dr.. Cady's Condition Powders,
areja-t what ahorse need? when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but tneuicine and the best in use to j
put a horse in prime condition. Price
26 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Co.
R Word
to Doctors
We have the highest regard for the
xnedic?l profession. Our preparations
are no- sold for the purpose of antagonizing
thei$, but rather as an aid. We
lay it down as an established truth that
internal f&nedies are positively injurious
to expectant mothers. The distress
and discomforts experienced during the
jnonths preceding childbirth can be alleviated
only by external treatment?by
applying a liniment that softens and relaxes
the over-strained muscles. We
make and sell such a liniment, combining
the ingredients ia a maanex
hitherto unknown, and call it
Mother s Friend
We know that in thousands of cases
it has proved more ':han a blessing to
expectant mothers. 11 overcomes morn
ing sickness. It relieves the sense of
tightness. Headaches cease, and danger
from Swollen, Hard and Rising
Breasts is avoided. Labor itself is
shortened and shorn of most of the pain.
We know that many doctors recommend
it, and we know that multitudes
of women go to the drug stores and buy
it because they are sure their ohysicjans
have no objections. We ask a trialjust
a fair test There is no possible
chance of injury being the result, because
Mother's Friend is scientifically
compounded. It is sold at $i & bottle,
and should be us>*d during most of
the period of gestation, although great
relief is experienced if used only a short
time before childbirth. Send for our illustrated
book about Mother's Friend.
Work on the Methodist chapel at the
factory is progressing nicely, and the
building will soon be ready for the
opening service. The building nas
been weather-boarded and shingled,
and the doors and windows are all in.
It will not take locg to pat the finishing
touches on the neat little building,
and put it in readiness for the use for
which it was designed.
Bears the ^8 Kind You Have Always Bought
The Winnsboro, Ridgeway and
Hormah Baptist Saaday Schools gave
a joint picnic at Hormah Charch 01
Tuesday. The threatening weather of
the forenoon kept very few of the
youDg people away?nor the older
ones either for that matter?and the
large number of Sunday School pupils,
teachers and their friends present
spent a thoroughly pleasant day in the
? $10.00 suits for $6.50; $7.50 suits
for $5.00; $i.50 pants for $3.00; $3.00
pants for $2.00; $1.25 pants for 75c;
75c pants for 50c. Come and look at
oar clothing before you bay.
Porter Bros.
Many golden opportunities have
been lost by those who suffer froit
rheumatism. By taking Rheumacide
naw they will be permanently and
positively cured.
William Lloyd Garrison, Jr., has
bronght down upon himself the wrath
of the expansionist organs generally,
and particularly the [New York Journal
by the publication of the following.
fhino A nrn'nolrl/'i ia fhft rnmmnn fltft
Of all who seek, iu Freedom's holy
Deliverance from foreign yokes and
Against a foe of overwhelming weight
Thou hast great compeers of an earlier
XoutssaintrvBezzaris, Kosciusko, men
Misunderstood, m"stfgned^?tlefeaied.
Iramortalizsd amoag tbe brave and
Take haurt and comfort if thy soul be
Net lost nor w?. ted thy heroic stand:
Thou hast unmisked a nation falsely
- clad
In altruistic garb, revealed aland
Blind to distinctions between good
and bad,
And smiting Liberty with ruthless
WHO IS Women as well as men
are made miserable by
A ^ kidoey and bladder
BLAME. trouble. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root the great kidney remedy
promptly cnres. At druggists in fifty
cent and dollar sizes. You may have
a sample bottle by mail free, also pamphlet
telling all about ij.
Address, Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton,
N. Y.
We are thoroughly aware of the
fact that the town council hasn't at its
disposal "money to burn," but some
scheme ought to be devised by which
we can secure better lighted streets.
On Snnday [evening a News and
Herald man was in the northern part
of towD, aud except for an occasional
faint gleam of light from an open
door or window of the dwellings
along the street he could see nothing
to relieve the intense darkness. There
was not a lighted street lamp between
Fairfield Street, on wbich the A. E.
P. Church is located and the Fortune
Park road. There are some side
streets where except on moonlight
nights the gloom is jast as deep.
Wheelmen are not disposed to kick
about the ordinance that requires them
to carry lanters, because mey realize
perfectly the wisdom of ifc, but pedestrians
gare very much inclined to
protest against a condition ,of things
that renders it necessary lor <bem to
carry lamp3 or torches as a matter of
personal safety.
Spain's Greatest Need.
Air. iv. r. uiivia, or Barcelona,
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken,
I S. C. Weak nerves had caused severe
pains in the back ol his head. On
using Electric Bitters. America's greatest
Biood and Nerve Remedy, all pain
scon lelt him. He says ihis graud
medicine is what his country needs.
All America knows that it cures liver
and kidnev trouble, purifies the blood,
tones up the stomach, strengthens the
nerves, puts vim, vigor and new life
into every muscle, nerve and organ of
the body. If weak, tired or ailing you
need it. Every bottle guarauteed,
only 50 cents. Sold by McMaster Co.,
; druggists.
Mrs. T. J. CaretOn is visiting friends
in Charlotte, N. C.
Mr. W. A. Itomedy returned io
Jacksonville Sunday.
Frank C. Withers, of The State;
spent Sunday in town.
Mr. W. T. Crawford, of Louisiana,
is visaing relatives in town.
Mrs. O. W. Rice, of Brooksville,
Fia., is visiting Mrs. John J. (Jreight.
Prof. Means Beat}*, of the Clemson
Textile School, has returned to Clemson.
Mrs. Boyd, of Florida, i3 visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R H. Jen
Rev. John jR. McAlpine, of Pineville,
N. C., is down on a visit to
Miss Annie Swygert, who has,been
visiting Miss {Susie Lumpkin, has returned
to Columbia.
Mrs. Clara Herron and her daughter.
Miss Louise, left Friday for a visit to
relatives in Columbia.
Mrs. J. X. Barron returned to Columbia
Saturday after a visit to her
mother, Mrs. M. C. Riou.
Mr.". M. L. Roche, of Columbia, is
in town on a visit to her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. R. Garrison.
Dr. J-ihn Palmer, of Ridge way,
spent Sa urday and Sunday with relatives
and in Winnsboro.
Mr. C.c u Jordan, of Savannah, Ga.,
came up Wednesday for a brief visit
to his parents, Dr. and Mrs. D. E.
Dr. David Aiken left Monday for
Harris' Lithia Serines to attend the
annual meeting of the South Carolina
Dental Association.
Mr. .and Mrs. H. L. Elliott and
their little daughter left Wednesday
morning for Chick Springs where
they will spend several weeks.
Mrs. Ross lefty Tuesday for her home
in Pennsylvania after a stay of several
months in Winnsboro. She was accompanied
by her sister, Mi?s Susie
Mr. and Airs. J. Scott Deuglass are
visitiDg Mr. Douglass' parents near
Albion. They have been in Jolumbia
and are now on their way to Washington
where Mr. Douglass is located.
"We have sold many different cough
remedies, but none has given better
satisfaction than Chamberlain's," says
Mr. Charles Holzhauer Druggist,
Newark, N. J. "It is perfectly safe
and can bo relied upon in all cases of
coughs, colds or hoarseness. Sold by
McMaster Co.
The 4th of July, the one hundred
and twentv-third anniversary of the
birth of this- republic, was celebrated
in a very luild way in Winnsboro.
There was no ringing- of bells, no
booming of cannon, nor did the small
boys take advantage of the privilege
usnally accorded them of setting off
fire crackers galore. The bank and
postoffice officials were given a holiday,
"out no other places of business closed.
There was quite a crowd of colored
people in town, attracted probably by
the game of base ball played in the
afternoon between the Winnsboro and
Gladden's Grove. The game was
called at 4 p. m., and proceeded
smoothly through the sixth inning.
At this stage of the game, however,
liie official score; was oougea 10 leave
to catcb a train. An attempt was
made to provide a substitute but the
dusky ball tossers from Gladden's
Groye were not satisfied with any of
the selections made and refused to
play to a finish. "When the game was
called the score stood 15 to 14 in favor
of the visitors.
Tka ntod/lnri'a drrrxrp TirftCS hftMf?.
JLUb vmuuva o v i v m?v?vw
colored, came down for the day and
during the forenoon paraded through
town, rendering most artistically,
ilaxcbing Through Georgia, Yankee
Doodle, Peet-si30^rA.iiet Time, and
many other new and choice sclecfitm^
It was about the warmest aggregation,
of musicians that has struck this town
in many a day, "long may she wave"?
at Gladden's Grove.
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible Barn,
Scald, Cut or Braise. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will
bill the pain and promptly heal it.
Cures Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin Erup
U0H3. J53SI me cure on earcu. \juiy
25 cts. a box. Care guaranteed. Sold
by McMaster Co., druggists.
Sam Brown, colored, is now serving
a sentence on the county chain
gang, having been convicted or canning
a concealed weapon. When be
has served bis time for this offense he
will be made lo appear before the
trial justice here to answer a charge of
highway robbery. Brown's (roubles
commenced when he met Sam Robertson
in Wiunsboro last Saturday afternoon.
Brown meniioned to Robertson
that he had a "small bottle,"
(whether it wa? eold or not is not
recorded) and proposed that they
seek some secluded nook down West
Washington Street and take a "ball."
Robertson seemed pleased at the prospect
and off they went. After walkincr
a short distauce from Main Street
{Brown a3ked Robertson if he could
j change a dollar. Robertson replied
that he had ninety-fire cents in chaDg
and a silver nickel with a hole in it,
and opaned his pocket book to prove
Secret of Beauty
ic health. The secret ofhealth is
! i .r.wcr rn divest and assi::",
I - ??
a proper quanity of food.
T'r'.s cm never be done when
:hc liver does not act it's pa- r.
Doyou know this ?
Just's Liver Piils are an :.bzo
cure for sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, maLria
constipation, torpid liver, p!!~s
jaundice, bilious fever, biliousness
and kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Piilr
-I'M" II' "I VI I I
* Sweet Bells Jangled j (
Out of Tune and Harsh." 1
Shi-kespeare's description fits thou- [
sands o? women. They are cro3s, des-{
ponusickly, nervous?a burden to[
them^sive? and their families. Tbeirj (
sweet dispositions are gone, and they, like ( i
the bells, seem sadly out of tune. Butt '
thers is a remedy. They C3n use j ?
I r
Wine of Cardoi!!
P <
It brings health to the -womanly g j
organism. and health there means ?
I well poised nerves, calmness, strength. | '
H T+- vocf/wA? nr nriOYM- anrl rwrw-r ? r
|*w "O I p 2
It tones up the nerves which sulrcr-!.5
ing and disease-have shattered. It is\
the most perfect remedy ever devirori L' ]
to res tor j weak women to perfect | ;
health, and to make them attractive!
and happy. $r.oo at all druggists. S
For advice in eases requiring spec-1 1
lai directions, address, giving symp-g
toms, "The Ladies' Advisory De-| (
partment,'' The Chattanooga Medi-I c
cine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. 1 ]
REV. ,T. W. SMITH, Camd-.-a, S. C., | ]
says s?"My wife used Wine ofCurdui at home a
for fa! line of tlw womb and it entirely cured 8
11 'urtHif ""IT-**??T? ^
his statement. Robertson had thejj
change, but he had in addition several;
large, bright silver dollars. Brown ,
saw the coin, liked the color of it, and
wa3 prompily carried away by a con- ]
I saming thirst for sordid gain. Ee ,
pulled his pistol, demand?d of Robertson
the parse and all of the wealth it ?
contained, and got it without a strug- ^
gle. The victim came back at once ]
and reported the case to the police
and in a short time the bold highway- ,
roon t?7j.e 1 a n orni shi n<r in a nricon
The above is the story told by
Robertson, and the result of a search of
the piiioner's perjon goes far toward;
establishing its truth. Brdwn y
was s?-ut up by the mayor to the (
m8giv rate's court, where he drew a "
sentence of thirty days on the chain (
gang for carrying a concealed, deadly ?
weapon ITe will be tried for high- J
J way robbery at the expiratiou of the
I time he i? now serving. At the hear- (
ing betore :he mayor, that official sug- (
gested to Robertson that by making \
some 6.10 7/ of fight or resistance he :
might have prevented the robbery, j
and avoided the delay attendant upon I
the recovery of the money through *
process of law. Robertson intimated,
however, taat the pistol of thirty-two
calibre, seamed magnified to the proportions
of a six inch rapid fire gun, ]
and he thought it more prudent to t
respond to the demands (about '
which 'here was a suggestion of h igh- <
handedness) his assailant i
An Epidemic of Diaerhoea. <
Mr. A Sandars, writing from Cocoa- ]
nat Gmve, Fla., says there has been ^
qaite an epid mic of diarrhoea there. .
He hau a -o .-.e a1 tack and was cnred '
by focr <' of (jnamberlain's Colic,
Cholera a d DUnhoea Remedy. He <
says he also recommended it to others ,
and th'-y say it is the best medicine :
they ever used. For sale bv McMaster
Co. " (
Wilson Instantly Killed by the
Jkurtti-iiound Passenger Train Snnday.
N< a'i Y. WiiFon, a young white man
who lias been eta ployed for some time
in the Fairfield Cotton Mills, was
struck and instantly killed by the
nort? -bci5i.il i: ssengei^tcauw-on the
Sontic'n Railway, at 6.45 Sunday
--evei i:.^' -_Tbe horrible accident occur;,
d near The head of the siding
switch, a short distance "north oi-lie
water tank.
Wilson and a Mr. Grey were walkiug
along the track between the rails
and a-: the train approached, Grey
sought a place of safety on the switch
ii - i-.i. j xtrz
WDicn rUuS on 10 ine ien auu musuu
started down tbe enbaakment to the
right or e**t side of the track. Had
he remained there he would, of coarse, (
not bavo been killed, but obeying an ,
impulse to join his friend on the other '
side, lie attempted to cross the track ,
"whan tbe sngine was scarsely a rail's !
length away. Wilson evidently lost j
his footing aud stumbled or bee a me
^ ~ aP /^n n/va??
j CUDXUSSU yy n lean^auiru ui uaugwi7
j and did not feuccced in clearing the
| trac^ bfcTjre tbe engine struck him.
| He wa* Ki led instantly, his body being
I tosfod up several feet, and thrown
over to the cast side of the (rack. The
top or hii skull was cut out, and one
of his arras broken, but the body was
not othe-wise mangled.
1 Magistrate T. M. Cathcart, acting as
; coroinr, hid a jary summoned as soon
as he was notified of the killing, and
; i proceeded wiih the inquest. The jury
i rendered a verdict at 1 o'clock Monday
morning, the substance of which is as
follows: "Noah Y. Wilson came to
his death as the result of beiDg struck
[ by a locomotive engine at Winnsboro,
i S. C., wbi'e said engine w<n inuning
!! over th-j track'of the Southern Rail,
| way Company. That whan the killing
i 1 occurred ihe engine was being ruu at a
> j rate of snecd beyond that allowed by a
i municipal ordinance."
i The veraict refers to ihe removal of
; the body lrom the scene of the killing
! to the baggage room of the passenger
j depot The verdict was signed by the
I following jurors: J. E. Coan, fore
j raaD ; W. Iv. McCarley, R. G. Miller,
I J. R. Dewett, J. B. Stevenson, A.
; Sim?, John Hawos, J, O. Boag, R. Y.
j Gantt, D. B. Dickens, J. R. Beard,
i J. M. Beaty, f. B. Hutchinson, John
j M. Smith.
; Wiison was abotU twenty-six jears
j of age, aud a naiive of Lexington
i County. He wus a steady and indas:
! trions workman and enjoyed tbc thor|
ocgh confidence o'f his employers and
| associates. He leaves a wife an.l two
children. The remains were taken to
Lexington, his old home, Monday lor
Thejapproximate estimation of (be
;otton crop cf this section is very low.
rhe outlook is very discouraging. In
ihe beginning the stand was very
poor, and the dronght coming on
caused another drawback, which it
Das never recovered from. T&e corn
prospect is more promising. Very
little early corn was planted, but most
)f what was is looking very well.
1'be &bower3 are very appropriate on
it DOW.
A great deal of stubble land has
Deen planted in pea?, and some in
:orn, which looks as good as could be
;xp?cted. Seed peas seem to be very
The dull times were partly broken
)n the night of ihe 4th by a very
lighly^enioyable entertainment given
it the residence of Mr. il. L. Cooper.
The guests were pleasantly enter:ained,
but too soon at least for some,
is is generally the case when pleasure
s (he ruling motive, the time fo: onr
Jcpartnre was at baud, which wa-? reuctantlv
but very j j/omly taken.
Che occasion will bf remembered long
is another band to our social union.
Mr. J. Glenn Cooper has accepted a
position with the firm of Lipscomb & ;
Miiiih, of Ridgeway. We regret ;o
icbuowledge ihe loss of such a popular
nember of our social circ'e
Mr. W.. A. Davis, who has been engaged
in truck farming in Central
b'la j is visiting bis sister, Mrs. n.
Miss Effie Cooper, of Iiidgeway, is
risiting her cousin, Miss Belle Davis.
Mies May Smith is viaitiog her
?ister, Mrs. C. A. Heins.
Miss Nannie McDonald spent last
;veek at her aunt's, Mrs W B Hogan.
Mrs L A Hogan and family, of
Ridgeway, is visiting relatives in this
Miss Lula Cooper, of Itidgewav,
ifter spending some time at "Eastnew,"
the residence of her uncle, Mr
M L Cooper, returned home to-day.
Mies Fullwood is visiting relatives
aear Blytbewood.
Best wishes to News and Herald.
July 8, '90. > Dixie.
- ? -??*
"Awful anxietv was felt for the
;vidow of the brave General Barnhani,
)f Machias, Me., when the doctors
said she could not live till morning,"
writes Mrs. S. Ii. Lincoln, whoattend;d
ner that fearful night. "All thought
ihe must soon die from Pneumonia,.
>ut she begged for Dr. King's New
Discovery, saying it had more than
)nce saved her life, and had cured her
)f Consumption. After three small
loses she slept easily all night, and its
further use completely cured her."
rhis marvelous medicine is guaranteed
.0 cure all Throat, Chest and Lung
Diseases. Only 50c. and $1.00. Trial
jottles free at MoMaster Co.'s drug
I attended a fish fry and picnic on
Broad River a few weeks aero, siven
)y Miss Sallie McMeekin's school,
rhere were in the neighborhood of
iight hnndred fish canght and as a
:esult we had both fry and slew in
ibundance, besides a fine layout of
)ther good thing3 on the table. All
parties did lull justice and left no
grounds for complaint. It was a very
pleasant lime spent by all present.
Children's day was held at Bethel
Church on Saturday last. There was
laite a crowd in attendance who
represented a large section of the
:ounty. The usual program was gone
:hrough with by the Sunday School
ind the children acquitted themselves
rvitii honor, after which the crowd
retired to the grove and partook of a
mutiful repast with plenty of good
aash, which we consider one of tbe
sssentials, especially in a scarce time,
for you will reeollect chickens are not
ripe in this section yet,
We have been visited with some
4am 4 Ua vn ttt rt ft lr tt Klfth
?UUU SL1U V. CI a !<_'l liiu yaoi n tiuivu
ias freshened up thiDgs considerably.
Jorn as a rule will be very low, but
aas a good color, and it i3 hoped will
jar lbetier Uaaii once expected. Cotton
Is considerably behind- the average,
30th in its maturity and size." -Crops
generally in good fix as to work7
Fhere has been a considerable quanLity
of cow peas sown, both for forage
ind fertilizing purposes. Gardens are
the poorest I have ever seen tor the
time of year?no cabbage, and beans
ire b'ooming themselves almost to
death but not patting on any fruit. It
is I he same old fare, bread and meat
and meat and bread. Melons are beginning
to bear now. I enjoyed one
to-day for the first. It ate all right
but was not enough of it.
Mr. Joe Mercer buried an infant last
What has become o? the election of
field officers for ihe U. (J. V.? There
was a convention called at Ridgeway
on the thir<l w u.inesday of last month
for the i>j3e, but I have not seen
any account of the proceeding. If it
has not been attended to it should be
doue before the State reunion, which
will be held in Chester the latter parj
of tbis month.
What ha3 become of the ra np of
the Sons of Confederate Veterans
which waa oisanizsd in Winnsboro a
year or more ago? Come, sous, wake
up Irom your sleep and keep apace
with your sister counties. Why should
old Fairfield be behind others? It is
certainly not for the want of descendants
of Old Confeds.
Mr. T. C. Camak has rcpaiated his
house and outbuildings, which adds
materially to their general appearance.
I also learn that he is prospecting in
low country. He is very anxious to
procure 6ome property in that section
which wili be in his jadgment more
condncivc to his welfare as a planter
and otherwise. T. B. M.
July 8, 1899.
Bears the Hays Always Bought
?Chew Long Cotton Tobacco and
be happy. Best tobacco on :he market
for tbe money. Sold by
Porter Bros.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the yrf 'jtfTZSr.
signature 01 v/izw&vpi
Tbe "Glorious Fourth" wa9 celebrated
in our little town very enthusiastically,
especially among the
colored people. It is true we never
had any baDds of music or odd fellow
parades, as we have been having here
tofoie, but our streets were crowded
all day. Two [or three little incidents
of excitement were stirred up during
the day. Chief of police W. H. Mackorell
arrested a negro named Anti for
making some little fuss on the streets
and was taki: g himlo the guard house,
when suddenly the -negro made a dart
and escaped. The chief shot at him
several limes bat Anti made good his
escape, jumping wire fences and gullies.
lie was said to be one of Mr.
Tnos. Brice's ftenauts, of Woodward,
Mr. Walter Blain acted as assistant
duiiDg the fourth. The council have
put a hustle on themselves here of
late and are going tu have a better
ov'r. of things in the incorporation,
whhb ha3 been greatly ne?ded for a
lonu tirns.
A company h*.s purchased, conditionally,
a tract or part of a tract of
laud from Mr. Jjha Peay, near here,
with the view of workinga gold mine.
The*- claim that the ore is rich enough
so pay very well, provided there is
enough Iq quantity. They have begun
to work already, and in a few weeks
we hope to see the mine in full blast,
and no doubt if this proves successful
there will be many experimenting.
It was my pleasure 10 attend the
picnic at the Catawba Falls on July
4th. There was only a small number
present. A friend and myself accompanied
by a guide went down the old
canal and took an inspection of the
locks and the old rock house. There
is certainly some of the finest rock
work on these locks and house that
I have ever seen. The locks are about
twelve feet wide and an average of
twenty deep, and each about foity
yards long. This cinal is several
miles long and every hundred
yards there is a basin. Our ?uide informed
us that tnese basins were the
places where the boats met and lay in
to let others pass through the locks
first. The old canal. ,of course.is filled
'up", "bt'it tbe~Tocks are still open, although
they have large trees growing
in them, showing that it has been a
number of years since it wa3 used. As
to the ro?k house our guide informed
us that there were several more up
and down the river. But we could
nrtt nn/)arcf > nrl fho nf tV>i? hnnefl
unless it was used as a depot, which
in all probability it was, as they were
several miles apart. This canal was
opened some time prior to the Revolution
or about that time. It was in
use daring the latter part of the war,
as it is said [the British used it a great
deal. The foundation of the old
armory still remains on- th$ bank of
the canal, which goes to prove that the
British did use it. There are some
rftT'efomAMi -Portlc TTTltVi thd
UiJObbilV/UO V/ 'UUVVU'U if tiu vuv
whole thing that will never be known.
The question I would like to know is,
who does the canal belong to? I will
have to stop this subject as I know
very little about it, but would like to
know more.
Mr. J. C. Dye took a carload-of
cattle to Richmond Thursday. We
hope he will find ready sale for them.
Prof. W. S. Morrison, of Welford,
S. <)., who holds down ths chair of
history "at Clemson College, spent a
few days at his old home last week
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Mrs. S L. McDonald will leave
Monday for an extended vi-ic to her
parents at Boardman, Fia. M.
July 8, -'99.
DeWitt's Little Earlv Risers expel
from the system ali poisonous ac^nmniations,
regulate the stomach, bowels
and liver, and purify the blood. They
drive away disease, dissipate melancholy,
and give health and vjgor for
the daily routine. Do not gripe or
sicken. McMaster Co.
m + m> .
Interesting News Items from Across the
a new citycom^^jg^^^^^BB
they have sfa^^Rt that end of tbe
line for reform About a month ago
they pa-sed an ordinance making it a
misdemeanor to spit on the sidewalk,
punishing all violators with a fine of
So.00. Two weeks afterwards the fine
was increased to $10. The law went
into effect July l3t and already the
sidewalks present a more decent appearance.
The law was designed as
much as a health measure as for decency
and onr city fathers deserve the
thanks of the whole community. Now
it is either fpit in the gutter or not at
Rev. W. \V. On*, of Corsicana,
Texas, has just closed a two weeks'
meeting at the East Avenue Tabernacle
(2nd A. R. P.). liis preaching
was popular, great crowds attending
every service, and the last night the
boose would not hold the crowd.
There were 51 accessions to the church.
This church has jast been completed
and was dedicated about a month ago,
Rev. J. T. Chalmers preaching the
t>? i? ur t\~ ? ~ rut
nev. tiuiiu ii. l^uugias, ux rai*5
Blood TeHs ^
- f
4 Yes, it is the index to health. If
f you have bad bl<wi nre likely "3
^ to learn that you ii.t < i.heuma-^
4 tism, one of the must horrible dis- tjk
f ease to which mankind is heir. If 1
^ this disease has just began its work p*
4 or if you have been afflicted for a
? years, you should at once take the 2
^ wonderful new cure, r
Rheumacide )
? Thousands have been cured. Tiie ^
summer season is the best time lo C
a take a rheumatic remedy. Nature k
I f -mi ii 4U? ^
\ f Will Uieil itiU LUC JJJ.C 1XJL Ci' ;
feeling a permanent, constitution- f
d al cure. People with bad blood \
r are subject to oatarrh, indigestion. ;
ft and jtaany other blood diseases, f
a To 13e healthy the blood must be \
( pure. EHEiniJCTDE is the;
i th Prince of blood purifiers. r
17 Sold in Winnsboro by McMastcr^
^ 10. rriee 51. ^ ^
After you have trii
9a other preparations, ai
#X to relieve you, then v
If 43ERS1
5X ?(o. s1.
& jF Sole Manufacturers
fi>ld, will be in Charlotte the months !
oi Jalv ><nd August as assistant pai- 0
tor to Mr. Chalmers. Mr. Douglas is ^
a?ouol Mr. J. S Douglass, of Albion. %
There will be held in Charlotte in a a:
few riavs a <!Road Congress." The
meetiii<? will be in charge of the State jr
geologist. The visitors will not only F
be given the theory but will be shown s|
the practical workings of macadamiz- ^
ing roads. They will also be instruct- x
ed how to locate and grade a new
a rru:? t ? m
roau i uxs xa au xueai piauc iui a
meeting of this kind. Thi9 county has
some ef the finest roads in the South
and has all the improved machinery
tor working and keeping them up. In
addition to this they have men experienced
in road building who will give
the convention the benefit of their experience.
Fairfield's county and township
supervisors would find it a helpful
meeting to them if they will attend i<
(and they certainly should). Fairfield ti
should get all the knowledge going as n
to good road3, for I don't think I know a
* x i_* 3 , _ * At 4- : T
oi a country ouisiae ox me muumai >s \
that need9 good roads worse. It lias I
its c-ffect and one can notice it on every I
hand. The increased va ue of the ^
land is oae thing; also wtien it comes t
to hauling one mule does the work of ^
two. &c. The delegates will_be ex-1 *
pecied to pay their ' ovVTr expenses^lJar^
there will be reduced rates at some of
the hotel3, and as the ?ongress only
lasts two days it wiil not cost much.
Every man tniuks his job is the
hardest. What would some of-your
people, who are complaining of high
taxes, think of an assessment of 21
mills? That is the Assessment ef this I
county for this year and a $2 poll tax
to boot. Bat then there is something
to staw for it here.
The Southern Railway has broken
ground for the erection of a large compress
here. It will be oue of the
largest in the country. The building
and platform will occupy something
over two and a half acres of ground.
It will hardly be ready for the opening
of the cotton season.
There is a great complaint among
the farmers as to the scarcity of rain
Crops of all kinds ace suffering won- fi
dar ally rand corn is almost past rea
mt. _ r / T
accipuuo. a lie iarmers, uum wkhi x
can see, are in better circumstances ?
thau they are in Fail field. There are
not so many negroes, the farms are
smailer and they don't plant so much
cotton. They seem to have something
to sell all the time.
Tnere will soon be held an election n
in this State on the adoption of an p
amendment to the constitution. It *
relates to the suffrage question ana is tl
a combination of the South Carolina
and the Louisiana plan. There will
bo strong fight put up in some sections,
but it seems to be the general opinion
that (he amendment will pass.
It wiil have ? regular walkover in the
eastern part of the Stale, bat the fight
will bs in tbe west, where there are a
good mauy influential white Republi- I
cans and Populists, although in some 0
sections promineut Republicans have &
stated their intention to vote for the *
amendment. Of course that great "
bogaboo, to the newspapers, tbe Be- t
publican barrel, will makejts appearanca.
It is always pointed to as an
evil but generally welcomed. It can
purchase but can't count. G.
For an Editor to Recomm-nd Patent
Medicines? {
From Srlvan Valley News, Brevard, \
N. C. ' g
It ma? be a question whether the
-a* c l?_ At ?
eauur ui a newspaperua^uc ugm ^
in^c we feel it a duty to pay a good
word for Chamberlain's Colic, Cboiera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. We have
known and ased this medicine iu our
family for twenty years and have always
"found it reliable. Iu many cases
a dose of this remedy would save
ho;:rs of suffering while a physician is
awaited. We do no' believe in de- ]
pending implicity on any medicine for g
a cure, but we do believe that if a ?
bottle of Chamberlain's Diarrhoea T
Remedy were kept on hand and ad- ^
ministered at the inception of an attack
much suffering mighc be avoided {
and in very many cases the presence i
of a physician would not be required. .
. . % - - ? - i i : I
At least mis nas ueeu uur eaper.ieui;e during
(he past twenty years. For t
sale by McMaster Co.
? T
Tetter, Salt-Rhctim and Eczema. I
Th? intense itching and smarting incid
!- to these diseases, is instantly
illayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eve and Skin Ointment. Many ver>
bad cases have been permanently cured
by it. It is equally efficient for ifching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
25c: s. per box. For sale by McMaster^jCo.
DeVVitt's Little E&rly Risers bene-!]
fit permanently. They lend gentle)
assistance to ratrre, causing no pains \,
or weakness, permanently curing j|
constipation ana nver auraenis. jjc
Master >Jo.
Gun-shot wound* and powder-burn?,'
cu:s, bruises, sprains, wounds from !<
rn-tj nails, inject ftinsrs and ivy pois jl
oniaor,-qiuckJv boiled by DeWiti'sp
Wi'ch iiazel Salve. Positively pre- j
vents blood poisoning. Beware of j 3
counterfeits. "DeWittV i- sake and H
SURE. McJIaster Co.
with a full sto.'k <- Ca-kets, Burial |j
Cves and Coffins, <*ong*ant!y on hand,:
and us'' of hearse 'when requested.'
Thankful for past patronsge anrl =oiici-1
talion for a share in the future, iu the I,
old staud j
Cal'e attended 'o a: all houre.
s"-' ljjj
id Doctors and all Sf
ad they have failed Xv
rLE'S if
'ANACEA. || i
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ladies Can Wear Shoes
'ne size smaller after using Allen's
' 1 "r^ - - * 3a- r-1-* O I?rtr? ?nfA
ooi-Hiase, a powucr vu uc xuw
ie shdes. It makes tight or new shoes
iel easy; gives instant relief to corns
od bunions. It's the greatest com*
>rt discovery. Allen's Foot-Ease is a
jrtain cure for ingrowing nails, sweatlg,
hot, aching feet. Trial package
'REE. Sold'by all druggists, grocers,
aoe stores and general storekeepers
verywhere. By mail for 25c. in
amps. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
,e Roy, N. Y.
Cletssci beadflei tht
trooote* & luxuriant growth.
Sever Fails to Hestor? Ottj
HJdr to its YontiiTul Color.
Out* seals di?e*.-es & hair fillirra
For YOUNG LADIES, Boanoke, Ta.
Opens Sept. 12th, 1S9D. One of the
sading Schools for Young Ladies in
tie South. Magnificent buildings, .all
aodern improvements. Campus ten
eres. Grand mountain scenery in
Galley of Va., famed for health.
European and American teachers,
'ull course. Superior advantages in
urf and Music. Student? from twer.y-seven
States. For catalogue address *
hePresideut, MATTIE P.HARRIS,
loanoke, Va.
?? '
Vrfte fo?TBc^ree "booSlet: "Aferry ^ ^
Rhymes for Thirsty Times."
Rootbeer 1
Is here
THE CHARLES E. HIRES CO.. Philadelphia, Pa. ;
Makerx of Hire* Condensed Milk,
a\th *% a tt% rrn nrr Ti'n TVT *n a TO
UxMii raiu ur ori^iu^ jj* j?^?aold
Cotton Mills.
7-6-2 Mitford, S. C.
$75 Reward. j
eward for the apprehension with ||
roof to convict the parjy or parties , l*
rbo barned onr barn and stables on
lie night of June 4,1899.
j. p. brown, -m
7-1-31 Blylhewood, S. C.
Final Discharge, -i
l>UliV>?i lO QXiUiJUX Ul l JOi.1 waii
will apply to S. R. Johnston, Judge ;
f Probate for Fairfieid Connty, at %
is office, at 11 o'clock A.M., Aogu-t >js
st, 1899, for a final discharge as Guarlian
of Jennie, Maitie R., Harry and ^
Jbarles Bolick.
7-5-3w Guardian.
Wanted. J
t1 a TPTmrr/n tr1 a \f Tr,TE!s
o work in the Fairfield^j^
Ve prefer large
,irls and boys froq^Fto 20 yea^^Hf
_ ll \ SHIPP, JR^ J|
Supt. Fairfisld Cotton Mills, . !
6-27-xlm Winnsboro, S. C.:
lifli! I
jER MILLS running, and
ipectfully solicit the patronagFT5f*W
lia nriWin fi-ivo o fi-i<rl on fl
XIW ^/UUUV* VIA TV tWJ W Vi.JkiK4 u.4*w?
ve shall try to please you.
For one bushel of good wheat, B
hat will not lose more than 2 lbs.
>y being cleaned, we will give 36 W
bs. good flour, 11 lbs. bran and M
$ lbs. shorts. I
T-P wah Lotta rtnrr f/\ call
J.JL J vu uaw ii mvcvu iv
ve will pay you casli for it at the ::
narket price.
FaMeld Mer Ml.
Eli IR1DGEWAY, ; j
At close of business Jane 30, 1899.
resources. %
[oterestaccrued ......
3onds town of Ridgeway at
7 per cent 2,000 00 xM
Garniture and fixtures... . 195 45
3ash in vault and other banks 1,176
Capital ?25,000 00 > I
"jBdivided profits 1,458
Dividend No. 1, payable
Sills payable 2',03SJm|
State cf South Carolina, ?
County of FairH^Id. $
Before me personally comes N. W.
Palmer, Ca*hierof the Bank of Kid^e- JH
;vay, and makes ?? tb that the abovr
statement is trne to the best of
cnowled^e and ti^-ief.
Sworn to ami ouuscribeu before tbi? JM
>Jl day of Jalv, 1899.
J. B Boyd. [l. s.j_
Notary Pablic.
Attest Corrcct:
w. ii. rcff, m
I. C. Thomas,
7-8-1 Directors.

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