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Wednesday, July 19, - - - 189J
Mess Bicycle For Oie HinM
For one hundred new subscribers tc
the Weekly News axd Herald, thif
newspaper will give a chainless DicyL
c'e. The only condition is that th<
Hft> subscrr^-o must be for a year anc
r paid in advance. This offer stands
open for GO days. Now is the chanc<
for some young lady or young L:.n tc
get a good bicycle.
?Read sheriff's sale.
? See Skpervisor's report.
?Lilies' $2.50 slippers reduced tc
ir vt__ ni A ? ^ v,n;> Un
ifiJi.iO? iSOS- tu *e. vrci< a ycm
fore they are all gone. Porter Bros.
"What might bare been"?if thai
little c 'Ugh hade'' been neglected?i?
the sad reflection of thousands of consumptive
One Minute Congh Cure
cures congLs and colds. McMastei
?A dwelling house in Columbia
belonging to Mr. ?. Scott Douglass
was completely destroyed by fire on
Monday. Th? house was situated on
Tobacco Street :;ear Marion. It was
partially insured.
?A party of wheelmeu from Liberty
Hill passed through Winnsboro Monday
en route to Chester. They came
via Longtown and Ridgeway. After
resting awhile here they left at about
2.30 p. m. for their destination.
?It was tearfully warm here Saturday,
Sunday and Monday, but it is
somewhat consoling to know that
some of our^neighbors were warmer.
In Columbia the mercury went up to
105. Here, it was torrid but Dot to
that degree.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lackamp, Elston,
Mo., write: "One MinuteCough Cure
saved the life of our little bo? when
nearly dead with croup." McMaster
?Messrs. C. F. Davis and A. G.
Qaattlebaum have opened up a bicycle
shop under The News axd Herald
omce. xne styie or me nrm 13 l^avis
<fe Qnattlebaum. Tbey will repair
and clean bicycles promptly and
thoroughly. They ask for a (rial.
Tannem to rent.
?On Mr. W. R. Doty's place aboat
one mile north of Winnsboro Thursday
night there was a row in which Cufiy
McCallongh aud Darnel Wade were
the principals. Wade seems to have
gotten decidedly the worst of the
scrap. He was brought to town snfferisg
from a wound in the head inflicted
by a brick or stone thrown by
You can't care dyspepsia by dieting.
Eat good, wholesome food, and plenty
of it,?Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
food without aid from the stomach,
and is made to cure. McMaster Co
' ?Winnsboro is by reason of its advantages
of location, and other attrac^
tions, too numerous to mention, a
good place to spend the summer?and
for that matter every summer, fall,
winter and spriog. Oar town is not,
however, classed as a summer resort
by the rail.oads and no summer excur
C.U.I. ... TUInnn
aiuii arc buiu iujls yviuu tt iuusboro's
claims in this direction shonld
\ be presented to the Southern.
I ?Tbe nor:hbound passenger train
P due here about 6 30 p m. Thursday
did not arrive until 5 30 a. m. Friday,
a delav of almost twelve hours. The
delay was caused by wrecks on tbe
F. C. &P Ey. beloi? Colombia. No
extra was run and passengers who
- perhaps were anxious to make northern
connections were kept waiting
indefinitely. The mails from the south,
too, were about twelve hours late.
These little delays and the consequent
iDconvonience to the public don't make
any difference however, and nobody
is aisposea 10 kick.
De Witt's Little Esrly Kiserg benefit
permanently. They lend gentle
assistance to rature, causing no pains
or weakness, permanently curing
constipation and liver ailments. McMaster
?Nothing more has been hoard from
the Colombia team relative to a game
oE ball with the locals, and there seems
te be at present no prospects of a
cramp Th<? hal! nlav/?r? ViArp are ar?T
ions for a little work on the diamond,
and there are lots of people about
here interested in the sport who would
like to see almost any old kind of a
game. Chester has a team, the manager
of the Blackstock team hasn't
mustered his men out of service for
the season yet. It would require very
iittle effort to arrange games with
- either or both of these teams. There
is a great deat of excellent base ball
tatent?here that is simply going to
DeWitt's Little Early Risers expel
fr om the system all poisonous accumulations,
regulate the stomach, bowels
and liver, and purify the blood. They
drive away disease, dissipate melancholy,
and give health and vigor tor
the daily routine. Do not gripe or
sicken. McMaster Co.
?Chew Long Cotton Tobacco and
be happy. Best tobacco on the market
for the money. Sold by
Porter Bros.
A-protracted meeting will beheld
-at Buffalo Church, in this county, bep-innirio
on ills fourth Snndav of this
month. The pastor, Rev. H. K. Ezell:
_ will be assisted by Rev. T. L. Smith.
f Mail Box Out of Order.
Until fimher notice the mail box at
H. B. Refo's store will not be used bj
the public, as the lock is out of order
and the bos cannot be opened. Tbii
notice is published at the request oi
Postmaster Rion.
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. *Ves*slovt's Soothing Syrup
K /> -* ^ SZ C*. U ?
n?5> uccu uscu iwr uver uity years uy
millions of mothers for their children
while teething with perfect success,
It soothes tiK child, softens the snnjs,
allays a I paiu. cares wind colic, anc
is the be-t remedy i'or diarrhoea 1:
will relieve the poor little snfferei
immediately Sold bv drnggists it
. every part of the world. Twenty fiv<
cents a bottle. Mire and a*k foi
"Mrs. Wioslow's Soothing Syrup,'
and take no other kmJ. 1-1-17
^ y . * If *j'.' '
I |'
\ Look ha Your L^&r-os* I
Do you see sparkling: eyes, a healthy, 3
tinted skin, a sv.oct expression ar.d r. j;racc- S
ful form ? These attractions are the result 8
o? good health. If they are absent, there g
is nearly always some of the dis- g
tinctly reminiae or^a::i rus?sl. Healthy 2
menstrual organs iaeaa health a::d beauty ?
ffisESME&S I
' | Wt^ of \
l jj ? i - a
5 g makes women beautiiui ana seaitny. a
It strikes at the root of all their 55
> trouble. There is no menstrual cis- |j
[ order, ache or pain which it will not c
Citre. It is for the budding girl, the
busy wife and the matron approaching j
- the'change of life. At every trying!
crisis in a woman's life it brines S
health, strength and happiness. It I
costs $1.00 of medicine dealers.
For advice in eases requiring special
i directions, address, giving symptoms,
" The Ladies' Advisor)' Department,"
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga,
MRS. BOZENA LEWIS, of Oenavillc,
Texas, gays'*1 was troubled at monthly
I intervals with terrible pains in my head and
back, but have becu^ntirely relieved by Wine
of CirduL"
Mrs. Mattie S. Blitch died on Tuesday
at the home of her aunt, Mrs.
Ragsdale. She was about 55 years of
age. She was buried at Little River
Oiiui uu uu !i cuucoua) anciuvuu ai u
A musicale entertainment for the
benefit of the Episcopal Church was
given by local talent at Capt. C. S.
Dwight's residence Friday evening.
All of tfce numbers on the program
were carefully selected and artistically
rendered. The attendance was gratifying,
and a substantial sum realized.
Bears the Have Always Bought
Glenn Springs.
This well known resort for persons
in search of health and pleasure is at
tractively advertised in The News
and Herald to-day. The proprietors
arc running the hotel in np-todate
style, and the comfort of guests is assured.
Persons contemplating a
summer [trip should write f?r terms
to Simpson & Simpson, Gienn Springs,
S. C.
At McMaster Co.'s drug store you
. will find thirteen varieties of turnip
seed. In this particular instance the
number, thirteen, shoald not be significant
(o even the moat superstitions.
They are all goodand even variety No.
13 is not outclassed by any of them.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Wa3 the result of his splendid h ealth
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are not found where Stomach,
Lirer, Kidneys and Bowels are out of
order. If you want these qualities
and the success they bring, use Dr.
XTfltw T i PA PJIlo TKorr rloTTfil f\Y\
every power of brain and body. Only
2oc. at McMaster Co.'a drag store.
This old and well know institution
has been thoroughly reorganized
recently and is now prepared to do
eollege work of the highest grade.
All of the departments are thoroughly
equipped and exceptional educational
advantages^are offered. Prof. Wade
R. Brown, recently of Wicthrop College,
is tbe new professor of music.
For ^further information address the
President, Lee Davis Lod^e, A. M.,
Pb. D.j Gaflney, S. C.
Don't Kead This.
2,COO'yards remDante calico to sell
cheap; 1,000 yards colored lawns,
worth 6c, our price 4c: 40-inch "fancy
black dress suiting 40c, our price 25c;
all nr nnr JUf*. nlain and fianrad whit?
J - o ?lawns
to close at 5c; 600 yards S2-inch
percals, fall styles,"S:, while Ihey last
at 03.
Porter Bros.
Many golden opportunities have
uceu lUbi. uy cuuae wuu auiici aiuil.
rheumatism. By taking Bheumacide
naw they will be permanently and
positively cared.
I j The following Fairfield teachers
have been attending the summer
school for teachers at Rock Hill. The
course of study pursued by each is
J. Frank Fooshe?Anglo Saxon,
Latin, school management.
^ Miss KatUeeu Hall?Primary
' methods.
Miss Mattie J. Harris?Victorian
Miss Mary Uinnant?Primary
methods, school'management.
[ Carl S. Matthews?Vocal music,
Eng'ish grammar, physiography, English
> Miss Bessie McMaster?Primary
Miss Sallie Parker?Poetry, primary
1 D. L. Stevenson?Primary methods,
' arithmetic.
j No Bight to Ugliness.
f The womuu who is lovoly in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, but one who would be attractive
must keep her health. If she is
weak, sickly and all run down, she
? rrill HA r.orrAtio or\A Tf chc
f ??* vv wv? I VU? UU\4 Jl iUitWJV,' 11 CUV
had constipation or kidney trouble,
i her impure blood will cause pimples,
. blotches, skin eruptions and a wretch'
, ed complexion. Electric Bitter9 is the
i best medicine in the world to regulate
t stomach, liver and kidneys and tc
: purify ibe blood. It gives strong
1 i nerves, bright eye?, smooth, velvety
;! skin, rich complexion. It will make ?
r good-looking, charming woman of ?
? run-down invalid. Only 50 cents ai
McMaster Co.'a drag stoie.
Can our farmsrs read tbe "escutcb- ,
cons" of their cows? These marks are
visible upon the posterior part of every
cow, iu the space embraced between ,
the ndder and the vulva They con- i
frist of a kind of "escu'cbeons" of
vaiions shapes and size? formed by the ,
hair growing in different di estiong <
and bounded by lines where these j
orrncrfha rvf haii* mar?t
Tbe future qualities in regard lo the |
production of milk can >>e judged with J
equal certainty and is equally applicable
to young animals. j
It is equally important that the bulls J
shall have the same broad escutcheons j
as the cow3 to raise the stock to a high i
milk standard of excellence. Com- <
pare and see results. It. j
Thomas Rhoaus, Centerfield, ()., j
writes: <lI suffered from piles seven i
or eight years. No remedy gave me 1
relief until DeWitt's Witch Hazel < ]
Salve, less than a box of which per- i
maneutly cured me." Soothing, heaj- 1
ing, perfectly harmless. Beware of
connterfeits. McMaster Co. i '
At about 12.30 a. m. Sunday, fire
was diic >vered in a small house near
the cotton mill used for storing waste
lint, etc., and at that time the flames
had made so much progress that it
was iropos bie to save the building or
any of iu contents. Au adjoining
tenemeni liuuee occupied by a family
ot miii operatives was also completely I
destroyed. Most of the furniture and 1
personal effects of the occupants were \
saved, however. The buildings burned
were located on the street that forms j
the eastern boundary of the factory
The factory fire department re" i
cnnmlo^ nrnmnf Iv alorm in fi
U^/VUUVU ^iVU.(UW UiMi lu MUV? AM v.
a very short time had two heavy s
streams of water playiDg on the flames, c
But for their good work other cottages a
would have caught. The property
destroyed was, it is understood, par- I
tially inbured. As a fire alarm, the 1
big siren whistle at the mill is an un- c
qualified ?uccess; there are very few ^
people in Winnsboro who~se midDight s
lumbers were not rudely disturbed a
by itspierciD?, bloodcurdling shrieks, j r
; S
KIDNEY Is a deceptive dis-1;
TDfiTTDT T7 a 3 2? thousands c
1 KU U ?5LtE* ^ave jt an(j (jon?t
know it. If you want quick results tyou
can make no mistake by using Dr. .
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney
remedy. At druggists in fifty
cents and dollar sizes. Sample bottle c
by mail free, also pamphlet telling t
you how to find out if you have kid- j
ney trouble. Address, Dr. Kilmer & .
Co., Binghamton, N. \.
! \
Miss Isabelle Creighton is visiting \
Mis3 Annie Davis. s
Mrs. E. G. Scruggs left Friday for c
her home in Chester.
Miss Bessie McMaster returned from
Rock Hill Thursday. r
Miss Lizzeve Crayton, of Anders on ?
is visitiDg Miss Annie Davis. j
Prof. R. Means Davis, of the South a
Carolina College, i3 in town.
Mrs. W. O. Brice, of Columbia, is
visiting relatives in Winnsboro.
Mrs. Wm. Bostick left Saturday
night for a visit to relatives in Charles- i
Mrs. Elliott Eler.be aad children, of
Hagood, S. C , are visiting relatives
in town.
Miss Marie Dwight has gone to
Charleston and Sullivan's Island for a ?
two weeks' stay.
Mrs. Thos. F. Davis returned to Kil- ?
liaus Monday after a visit to her mother,
Mre. Hanahan.
Mr. Fooshe left Friday for Harris'
Springs to attend the meefing of the *
foa/>Tiarc QQCAAiaKrm.
bVHVilVi v ??wvvv?Mk*vu* J
Rev. Benjamin Allston and his
daughter, Miss Charlotte, left Monday ^
moruiDg for Tryon, N. C.
Misses Margaret and Elizabeth fc,
Ervine, and Miss Carrie Mclver are .
visiting Miss Bessie McMaster.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harden, of
Nashville, Tenn? are visiting the family
of Mr. John M. Harden. Mr.
Eardeu will shortly move to Memphis, '
where he has accepted a very lucrative
position. n
^ ^'/wnrTrAv PAiirnrT>C ^
-L/ic. o v#\Jx\ 1/ijlivil i. v ti i/t-Aks/j ?
are jast what a horse needs when in *
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier b
and vermifuge. They are not food a
but medicine and the best in use to r
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by "
McMaster Co. o
An earnest and systematic effort is ^
being made by the members of Mt. v
Zion Society to increase the membership
of that organizition, and they r
shonld receive the encouragement g
they deserve. a
There are scores of citizens of this ^
community eligible to membership c
whose names do- not appear on the 5
rolls, acd they will be nrged to make j.
application for membership. Mt. Zion
Society is probably the oldest chartered i r
organization now in existence in South i
Carolina outside of the city of! t
Charleston, and as it grows older there i
should be a proportionate increase in *
its strength and in its capacity for (
continuing tne wont ior wmcn it was [
organized more than one hundred1
! i
years sgo. j j
The society has done, and is now j :
doing a work which is of inestimable j j
benefit to the community, and it should j <
be stronger now than at any other ^
period of its existence. A substantial
increase in the number of memberB
will mean a revival of interest, and a '
renewal of the society's life and vigor.
A meeting will be held this week,
and it is hoped that a large number
' of letters of application will be pre'
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
; The intense itching and smarting in
cideiit to these diseases, isinatantlv
1 allayed by applying Chamberlain's
1 Eye and Skin Ointmen\ Many very
1 bad cases have been permanently cnred
' by it. It is eqrially efficient for itching
pile? and a favorite remedy for sore ,
1 nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
1 frost bite3 and chronic sore eyes.
r 25sts. per box. For sale by McMastefr
The Approach, of ""tfotherhood is the
Occasion of ^ic . Anxiety to All.
Every wonSn . reads the ordeal
through which she ust pass in becoming
a mother. Th pain and suffering
which is in store f< her is a source 011
uonstant anxiety, "Tear and dread, to
say nothing of the danger -which the
soming incident entails. The Joyous
anticipations with which she looks forward
to baby's coming gives way to an
indescribable dread of the ?rdeal when
jhe fully realizes the critical and trying
Bvent which will soon approach ana
txave to be endured.
Women should hail with delight a
remedy which insures to them immunity
from the pain, Buffering" and
langer incidental to child-bearing.
Such a remedy is now offered, and
women need not fear longer the hour of
childbirth. "Mother's Friend'1?is a
scientific liniment?and if used before
sonflnement. eentlv and suTSlV brenareS
the body for the great requirements
md changes it is undergoing, Insure*
safety to both mother and child, and
bakes her through the event vritb comparative
ease and comfort. Thi8 wonierful
remedy is praised by every
woman who has used it.
What woman is not interested in
'Mother's Friend?" This wonderful
remedy ha3 been tested and its price
less value proven by the experience ol
thousands of happy motners who
have used it during the most critical
period of woman's life?the approach
ind culmination of motherhood.
It has won their everlasting praise,
for it gave them help and hope in
their most trying hour and when
most needed. Every woman may gome
lay need "Mother's Friend." The
little book, "Before Baby is Born,"
telling all about it, and when it should
be used, will prove of great interest and
benefit to all expectant mothers, and
will be sent free to anv address upon
implication to the BradSeld Begulatoi
Company, Atlanta, Ga.
Bob Crosby, a notorious negro crook
;vlio has perhaps figured more extensively
in the local police courts than
my of the other shady characters who
lo business in this community, is
igain wanted by the police.
On Tuesday night Crosby and Peter
pumpkin were indulging in a quiet j
ittle game of poker in the lot in rear
>f W. C. Beaty's store, and Ihe latter!
vas havirg all of the lack. Crosby
aw his hard earned shekels going
icross ihe table, and the sight wa3 too
nuch for him. He palled his pistol,
hot Lumpkia in the fleshy part of the
higb, ami skipped with abont seven
lollars of his victim's money.
Wfcen last seen, Crosby was going
lown the railroad track in the direcion
of Colombia.
Lumpkin's woo nd is no., a serious
>ne, but the physician attending him
lad not up to Wednesday succeeded in
ocatiag the ballet. A villainous lookng
kuifl with a blade about five inches
ong was found on Lumpkin's person
>y the police, and the wounded man
vill probably be brought to trial,
vhen he recovers sufficiently, to anwer
the charge of carrying f. con;ealeci
deadly weapon.
"We have solcf many different cough
emedie?, but none has given better
atislac.iou than (jfcamDeriain'e," says
Jr. Charles Holzhauer.. Druggist,
Newark, N. J. "It is perfectly safe
ind can bo relied upon in all cases of
oughs, coids_or hoarseness. Sold by
klcMacter Co.
leld in the Co-i-t Hoase on Thursday to
Take Stop? 'owjsds Open lug the Old
C.im Km Road.
A mm in ciiug of citizens of
Vinusboro was held in the court house
n Thursday evening at 6 o'clock to
onsider tae opening of the old (Jamen
road? Mr. G. H. Mcilaater was
aa*. n'rairman and Mr. W. D. Douglas
...... e ipy.
Q i i fall attendance of the citi;nb
.. t<on hand, and much interest
ras in initiated. It developed from a
.isau-jsion, participated in by Messrs.
. *\V. Hanahan, J, Q Davis, Jno. D.
IcCi'lep. T. II. Ketehin, D. A.Craw3rd
;nd o:h r.-s, that a part of mis
oad had oeen pntirely abaudoned,
bou.- h it > formal proceedings had been
ikca oy the county commissioners.
Mr. D. G. Tennant, the county superior.
wa? Dresent. and was a9ked to
ay sainething about the road. He
ras besieged with questions. He
taled, among other things, that the
oad had been little used, and was
aturaliv on account of the topography
? the country a difficult road to work,
le said that a pirt of the road hid
een discontinued for about five years
nd no omplaint had been mada until
eceutly, that very few people lived
long the road, and that about three
r four bauds were all the force that
ouid be expected to keep the road in
rder. Mr. Tennant assured the meetng
that if a committee was appointed
is would be glad to go over the road
infh this committee.
Capt. H. A. Gaillard stated that the
oad was used for nearly one hundred
,nd twenty-five years, Lord Cornwallis
;nd bis army having nsed it from Catalan
to Winn$b}ro, and if ttn road
:ould be t;-evelled during all these
ears, he could not see why it could
>emade suitable tor travel at the pres
sot day. He offered the following
esolutions, which were adopted:
Resolved, 1. That it is the sense of
his meeting that the public road leadng
from Winnsboro, and kuown as
,be Jam-Jen road, should a3 soon as
practicable be placed in a first class
condition suitable for public ravelt
and conveyance.
2. Tnat a committee of five members
nterested in the re-establishment of
:his road ba appointed by tnis meet'
V?nvAnot* n^nntu
LU? IU UUlilCl W 11*11 liiV/ v/?-uv;
m'.horities, and to take any and all
steps necessary to effect this purpose.
3. That the chairman of this meeting
be a member of this eommittee.
Under this resolution the following
committee was appointed:
G. H. McMaster, W. K. Djty, Jno.
D. McCarley, D. A. Crawford, and
J, Q. Davis.
This citizens seemed very much in
earnesi, and everything wiil be done
to open up the road and have it put in
good condition so that i he ui3tance to
Longtown w5ll be shortened by four to
six milts. In ita present condition, it
is impassable and people in Longtown
and vicinity dcsirin* to come to wiDnsboro
have to 20 by R'dgeway.
Bears the The Kind Yon Have Aiways BflUgtt
There was a splendid picnic at Shelton
on the 4th of July. The} Lad fine
music and dancing and plenty to eat.
The weather still continues dry,
though we have had several light rains
lately. I see it is so nearly all over the
country. Some of the farms are looking
very wei! considering the little
rain they have had on Lbetn. Fruit
will be very scarce, even very few
1 second tbe motion that has been
made in favoring Maj Thos. W. Woodward
for the next governor of our
State of Sonih Carolina. I believe it
he was onr governor he would help
the people in their election for prohibition
and not suffer them to le put off
as they were in 1892 This law of
prohibition could and will be e*?force:l
at one-temh of tha c>st thai this dispensary
m anure has cost the people;
and then look tit the usht and wronsr
of the twoimeasarcs.- Prohibition is
for every thing good, ai'd the di?p?<nsarj
far th^ trafficking of the p:-op!e?s
tax money, which ought not to to used
only for good govern mental purposes.
The poor could get better subsistence
were it not for lhe heavy tax thai they
have been bearing. This measure <:
proh.'.Yition would leave more bread
for old and vounz of the country.
They coold stand a reasonable tax better.
The ioad opposite Mr. B. E. Lyles'
i3 almost or quite unsafe for public
rise. Where are the party or parties
who are elected and paid by the county
to see that the public roads are kept in
good condition. There was a lady
with her young niece who had to get
out of the buggy they were iu and a
/vaa/? man KonnAnArl I/\ V* CX
guuu ouiuiuu rnau tua, uap^ugu iv ww
near led the male over the bad road
for them.
On the 21st lost, the ladles of Rock
Creek Church expect to have a picnic
and sell ice cream and cake to raise
money for church purposes. J. C. F.
Jaly 14, 1899.
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures them; also Old, Running and
Fftvpr Sorps. TTlcers. Boils. Felons.
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Braises, Barns
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out
Paine and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
Ce., druggists.
A Petition for its Bestoratiou Presented
to County Board.
Mr. Editor: Please publish 4be following
letter and petition. A similar
petition was presented last year to the
board of county commissioners consisting
of one from each township?14
in number. The Board unanimously
ilia rtVio'n cfn n ct chnnlfl
UC^IUOU luav 1UU vuUiugMUg
proceed to work the road thoroughly
beginning at Simpsons's store and
working toward Winnsboro a3 soon
a9 the road which was then (in
January) being worked was finished.
Yet up to this time not a lick has been
struck on this road.
- - O. H. McMaster.
Longtown, S. C., July 15, '99.
Mr. G. H. McMaster, Winnsboro, S. C.
My dear friend?Enclosed please
find petition. I have been so busy
with my farm work since yon wrote
me that it was impossible for me to
get the petition up any sooner. I
think we have enough names to show
the sentiments of Longtown in regard
to this important nutter. Of course
we could get more names but I think
these will be sufficient. Everybody
in this section is deeply interested in
the re-opening of this road. I send
the petition to you to present to the
Board. Yon can say to them that the
people of Longtown say we must
have this road worked. I'll, close
Excuse haste. Yery truly,
E. H. Dixon.
To the Honorable the Board of Road
Commissioners of Fairfield County:
We, the undersigned, propertyowners
and residents of Longtown,
respectfully represent to your honorable
body the poor condition of the
raad from Longtown to Winnsboro.
It i6 almost impassable and is dangerous
to public travel.
It is the desire of your petitioners
that the ?ounty chain gang shall be
used to put this road in good condition.
It is an improvement that will be of
great benefit to the public weal and of
vital interest to a large constituency of
taxpayers. Moreover, it will put us
six miles nearer Winnsboro than we
are now.
Your petitioners therefore most respectfully
request that the ebain gang
be immediately U3ed to open up and
thoroughly work the aforesaid road,
known a3 the oia uamasn roaa.
Is accordance with which your petitioners
will ever pray.
J W A Sanders, W T Wylie,
E H Harrison, M DT W Mellichamp,
SLDixon, Wm Mellichamp,
H L Mellichamp, Jno C Stewart,
Wm Marthers, * D G Smith,
J W Marthers, C Smith,
Jamos Marther?, Jas Smith,
J M Marl here T J Robinson,
RB Bnrt;' ^ RC Reeves,
J W v), 1' B Cornweli,
D W Tidwell, W D Harrison,
David Dawkius, W E Wilds,
W D Tidwell, WJ Ilaynes,
Chas Tidwell, B F Cassells,
t_. t-v tt?! c t..
UllU U XlttllBUlJ) O Ol ,
E H Dixo?, W L JefTers,
E R DixoD, T T Stewart,
H B Bass; W Y Stewari,
Wm Tidwell, Robert Smith,
W B Morgan, WII White,
VV J Seigler, Wm Simpson,
J D Stewart, A F Peay,
J Ii Morgan, R A Hudson,
T B Stewart, D J Weir,
D Y Morgan, D J Weir, Jr,
R B Lewis, Charles Robinson,
J C Stewart, T M Uaynes,
J A Tidwell, Wm Bankbead,
T C Wylie, Robt Bankbead..
E W Ilaynes,
His Life Was Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizer
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful
deliverance from a frigbtfu;
death. In telling of it he eay?: "1
wss taken with Typhod Fever, thai
ran into Pneumonia. My inngs became
hardened. I was so weak 1
couldn't even sit up in bed. Nothing
helped me. I expected to soon die ol
Consumption, when I heard of Dr
King's New Discovery. One bottl<
gave great relief. I continued to u-t
it, an J now am weii and stroo<r, J
1 can't *ay too much in its praise." Ttrii
, marvellous medicine is the surest ai c
quickest cure in ths world for a!
Throat and Lun? Troubk-. Refute]
' fiz :s 50 cents and ?L 00. Trial bottles
free at McMaster C?>.'s drug store
every bottle guaranteed.
llev. J. D. Crout and Mr. Marion B
Jennings have relurned from cJistric
Tried Friends Best !
Forthirty yearsTutt's Pills have
proven ablessingtothe invalid.
Are *raly the sick man's friend.
A Known Fact
For bilious headache, dyspepsia |
j~ - j
tion and all kindred diseases.
? $10.00 suits for 86 50; $7.50 suits i
for So 00; $4 oO pants for $3 00; $3.00
pairs for$2.00; $1 2o pants for 75c;
75o pants for 50c. Come ai d look it
0!ir clothing before you buy.
Por'.er Bros.
A diseased s'omach surely undertakes
hcilib. It dnlis the brain, kills
energy, destroys the nervous system,
and prec1ispo=es to insaui^v and fatal
[diseases. All ujspeptic troubles are
j quickly cured by Kodol Dyspepsia
'Jure It has cured thousands ot cises
and is curing them everv dav. I(s
ingredients are such that ir, cau't help ^
eating. McMasterUo. *
{ For Body Dca:l or Alive, >*o Questions |
i To whom it mav concern:
* Y
John A. Benedict, of Athens, Georgia,
who left his hfme on Monday,
May 22, 1899, on a: business trip to \
Greenville and Spartanburg, S. U., to
visit some cotton mills. Tne last trace
of hitn was at the Mansion Honse,
Greenville, where he registered the
next afternoon, Tuesday, May 23. d
Diligent search has been made in that
neighborhood, resulting iu no clue as
to what has become of him. Believing
that he has become mentally unsound
as a result of overwork, and is wandering
about the country and may fall
into the hands of the police authorities
or into some charitable institution,
this method of finding him is proposed.
He was an educated gentleman in
good circumstances, devoted to his
home and with no possible reason for r
absenting himself voluntarily. h
The following description" of him is t!
accurate: Dressed in a bine serge fa
coat, with name of ?. II. & W. F. I
Doisey on collar and a blue striped S
negiigee shirt, striped trousers of h
black and white, black shoes aud a t
straw*bat with name of E. H. & VV. 1)
F. Dorsey, Athene, Ga., within. He o
carried an open-faced gold watch, S
LIgin movement, and in case his wife?s i'
picture, the watch chain was small C
and round like cable and of silver and o
gold threads, and upon cbain some o
rings. He wore a blood stone seal l
rinor -roif'h i>nt in it trt t.hp. TOhifP. E
He wa3 6 ft til, well proportioned, I
weighing 175 pounds and was 41 years I
old. He was cleau shaven, except a
light moustache of brown color, bad brown
eyes and parted bis hair accurately
in the middle. He had a
large scar at corner of left eye and a
6inail rounded raised one between chin
and lower lip, and a deep cleft in chin.
His teeth were pertect, regular and r
well cared for. Upon left forearm p
was a tatooed blue star. v
His occupation had been bookkeeper t
and later, for 9 years, cashier in a
bank; he also had an interest in a
3mall roller cover plant. He was
married and had two girls 4 and 7
years of age. His wife'5 name . was
Mamie, children Ccatsie and Harriette.
If any person of such description
should come under your observation
or fall into your care, dead or alive,
please communicate at once with his {
brother the undersigned. \
Dr. Samuel C. Bcne>^jt, o
9 Athene, Georgia. 13
An Epidemic of Diaerhoea.
Mr. A* Sanders, writing from Cocoa- [
ntit Grove, Fia., says there has been I
quite an epidemic of diarrhoea there. '
He had a severe a: tack and was cared 1
by foar d^ses of Chamberlain's Colic, J
Cholera and Diarrhoea Eemedy. He
say? he also recommended it to others
and they say it is the bost medicine j
they ever used. Fu. eale bv McMaster r
Co. ' ;
Miss Mamie Bolick, cf Winnsboro, ^
is visiting Miss Maggie Hamilton.? (
Rock Hill Herald.
Mr. J. W. Poovey, of Fairfield, has
been spending a day or eo with his son
here, Dr. G W Poovey.?Lancaster
For Infants and Children. t
The Kind You Have Always Bought ;
? >
Miss Lucy Spcers, of Newberry, 1
spent Tuesday night and Wednesday j
in Winnsboro as the gaest of Miss ?
Marie Dwlght.
Ladies Can Wear Shoes
One size smaller after using Allen's (
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into i
the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes
feel easy; gives instant relief to corns 4
and bunions. It's the greatest com- .
fort discovery. Allen's Foot-Ease is a j
certain cure for ingrowing nails, sweat- \
ing, hot, aching feet. Trial package ''
FREE. Sold]by all druggists, grocers, J
shoe stores and general storekeepers 1
everywhere. By mail for 25c. in
stamps. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
Le Roy, N. Y. ,
iifjiip^i... i
l/cv'cr^ r<4;'.s :o iicstore Gray
*Sfcv)\y^l-",i95j5 Hair to its Youthful Color.
Ka'ti*: yjjMtlr.im-1 cca-p <1:wum & hair tailing.
tOc,and$l.'X)at Dnjgglgs__
For YOC^SG LADIES, Roanoke, Ya.
Opens Sept. 12th, 1S99. One of the
leading Schools for Young Ladies in
the South. Magnificent buildings, all I
modern improvements. Campus ten
acres. Grand mountain scenery in
Valley of Va, famed for health.
European and American teachers.
Full course. Superior advantages in
Art and Music. Students from twenty-seven
States. !" -a?' -vUeaddress
i the President, MA'iTiK i'. HARRIS,
. avuauunc, v
r "Write for the free booklet: "Merry
Jihijmcs for Thirsty Times."
i H i res
: Rootbeesi
I.e. hprn
THE CHARLES EJflJSEs'e&i Philadelphia, Pa.
Makers cf?5rss Condensed&U&
8ia?a?B '
m 11 j |
8 Gerstle's Ferr
? ?<(G. F
w Wliich is Absolutely thejj^femde rem
?BQ ocen negusent auu auuwcu uucjot.w
spair of being cured. This raedieme is
eg those ingredients intended by nature as
ters not if other remedies have been tried
Aft male Panacea will not fall. If the
digestion or biliousness, ?ove the bowel
Joseph's Liver Regulator. Ifyour<
write ns and we will send them to you. a
Panacea, $1.00 per Bottle. Llv
MIME PiflDliCI ?
Vrite for Daily Quotations, Shipping Ti
Given Orders fr
We are headquarters for Poultry, Ejfg
lace, .b ruits ana Melons, corretpuuuci
No. 242 West Broad S
G 26 4t
T riwp
This institution, famous in the history
ecently beeu thoroughly reorganized an
3 prepared to do college work of ihe
bousand dollars hare been appropriated
nildin? is beinsr erected which wili cant
telding-Room, a Mnseuji of Natural Sc
loclety, and some needing . fives. The
eaticg apparatus throughout, all rhe ro<
are, new pianos will be purchased, new
iboratories will be equipped?in short e\
f a first-class woman's college will b*
loath Carolina for beauty and for heal
ts appeal to the people strictly on its o
Commercial Courses. The regular colle<
f tne State of South Carolina. An <
ffered to those desiring to become teacb<
'rtiiooro fho Suminsri? and thft Prim&rv.
tadents tell the news all over the South
^rofessor. Prof. Wade R. Brown, rece
'rofeasor of Music. For fnrther inform
7-15til Sept20 LI
$75 Reward. |
eward for the apprehension withj^
roof to convict me party or parties |'
7ho burned our barn and stables on |
be night of June 4, 1899.
7-1-31 BIythewood, S. C.
Wanted., !
? <
o wore: in toe u airneia tuuou jkuus. ,
Wo prefer large families composed of '
;irls and boys from 12 to 20 years old. j
Apply at once to
T. A. SHIPP, JE, ;
Supt. Fairfield Cotton Mills, )
6-27-slm Winnsboro, S. C. ]
1 i
Final Discharge, j
will apply to S. R. Johnston, Judge '
if Probate for Fairfieid County, at '
lis 11 o'clock A. M., August '
st, 1899," for a final discharge as Guar- '
lian of Jennie, Mattie R., Harry and ]
}harle3 Bolick.
7-5-Ssv Guardian.
Sheriffs Sale
restod in me I have lcvitd on and will i
eii to the highest cash bidder before
he Court Hoase door in Winn&boro, ;
5. C., on the FIRST MONDAY IN ,
AUGUST next, the following de- I
cri bed tracts of land, sold nuderthe ,
\c8 referring to delinq-ent taxes: i
School Disteict No. 2t. <
Penelope Clay, 31 acres; bounded j
x S TTT C T>?U:Mr.AM ?
lonn ana east Dy nr. o. .iwuiuwu,
iouth by lands of Robinson and John
Miles: west by lands of W S. Robin- '
ion. '
School District No 8. ^
W. M. Braswel!,83 acres; bounded ,
jorth by lands of Boney; east by lands ,
)f John Rimer; sonth by lands of ,
itliss Belle Hood; west by lands of
J. W. Brown.
New England Mortgage and Secnrty
Co., 250 acres; bounded north by
auds of J. W. Raines; east by lands
- n. . *L r j, fiV
ai Mrs. jncjev; scum oy uurjciv. a?
Lrnvrance; west by lands of Balen:i
School District No. 3
Nathan Bonlwarc,60 acres; bcnnded
by lands of G. H McMasterand W. C.
school District No. 24.
Louisa Dennis. 63 acres?; bounded
b, lands of U. G. DesPorles and 55am
Schcol District No 15.
(Jreac? Gicyard, 55 acre3; bounded
north by lands of E. S. Lapoand
B. II. Yarboro; east by lands or 15. u.
Yarboro; south b^- lands of P. M. B.
Holley and W. R. Doty; west by
lands of W. D. Davis and Mr?. Mattic
Mrs. F. E. Harmon, 28 acres;
bounded by lauds of Btowd, Flatheity,
Brown and Brasweli.
Willie Ha!1, house and lot; bounded
by lands of B. G. Emerson, Elijah
Hall, Sr., and the public 6trect ruuning
to the tanyard.
7-13;d S F. C. j
with a fr.U stock >.f Oaf-kets, Burial
Cases nnd Coffins, constantly on hand,
and us? of hoarse when reqne?tPd. j
Thankful for pa.<t p^rons^e auo -oliei- j
t at ion for a share in the future, in thf
eld stand
Calls attended to a: all hours.
j. LI lo 1 LlIHH
male Panacea|??^M
es All Diseases of Women. S
NY women are under the impression
that the diseases peculiar to their sex
are natural and incurable because so 5c
ruffer constantly from them. This is a fa
?. Few women are so badly diseased S:
hat they cannot be cured.,It it true, |?n
hat bad they taken a remedy that was
fflcient when thefirst symptoms of dis- Kg
ase appeared, a more rapid cure would jZr
lavebegn the result Ko woman jfoonld
>eglect nerseir. >v nen uie myuuiur tsciod
becomes too freauent. painful, pro- H
use, ohstrn cted, or irregnlarin anyway. iff
irifshesufferefromfallmgofthewomb. K3
whites, or any other female trouble, ehe Jr
hould at once resort to the use of S
lale Panacea ?
. 3?. )"*" *
edy ever offered her. Even if she has w
>ten itself upon her^he should not de- A
i a purely vegetable tonic, containing w
a remedy for suffering women. It mat- ffk
L and proven failures?Gerstle's Fe- 5?
re is any tendency to costiveness. mdis
gently with a few mild doses of St. Tj
druggist doe- not keep these medicines^^ ^
11 charges r- ad. upon receipt of pricS-^p
er RegrulMor, 25c per Package. A
Chattanooga, Tenn. ^
rtnujnnnmiT iirnAnilTnn
U1USHIA uiiiium
igs and stencils. Special Attention
om the Trade.
s and Dairy Produces, Country Proice
and consignments solicited.
treet, Savannah, Ga.
IN 1845,
;Y, S. C. ' ^
of education in South Carolina, has
d n?w. with a laiffe and able Faculty.
very highest grade. Nearly twenty
for improvements. A splendid Dew
ain a large Auditorinm, a Library, a
ience, a beautiful hall for the Literarybailding
will be furnished with r.ew
)m8 wilfbe supplied with new farv.iphysical,
chemical and mineralogical X
rerything thatjs necessary in the work
s provided. The site i3 aneqnaied in
thfalness. Limestone (College mak*H
wn merits. Literary, Scientific au^i
je degrees are given by the authority *
specially fine Course in Pedagogy i j
irs. There are three departments, the
Let Limestone's friends and former
. Capt H. P. Griffith is the Senior
ntlyof Winthrop College, is the ne v
ation address the President.
ft . / rt ...
uonniy vrnr.
Claims Approved and Disapproved
Board ofCountt Commissioners
Held on Jult 3,1899. ,:
The following claims weie examined
md approved on State Case Fund of
NO. Amount. I
500 BE Ellison, $24 60
565 WG Smith, 12 50 04 ^
566 G S Hinnant, 23 00
567 WJL"Weir, 10 00
568 Dr J C Buchanan, - 10 00
569 E H Heins, 12 59
>70 H F Baeachel, 12 50 ?;
>71 J K Stevenson, 12 50
572 Jas B Stevenson, 12 50
573 Jno B Patrick, , 9 00
574 JnoD Blair, 12 50
375 P M B Holley, 2 00
576 W J L Weir, 5 00
577 John Hollis, 12 00
578 Jno H Cooper, 12 50
579 T J Douglass, 12 50
580 C H Douglas*, 12 50
581 J L Richmond, 100 00
582 B G Tennant, 162 50
583 W B Smith, 12 50
584= C A Robinson, 12 50
585 J A Scott, 5 00
586 D E McDowell, 2 00
The following claims were examined
&nd approved on Road and Bridge
L tUU Ui- ?7 .
No. Amount.
544 Ja3 M Steele, $ 55 00
H5 HB Befo, 20 60
546 S H Morgan, 12 50
547 T H Fry, 12 50
548 A D Hood, 25 30??....
549 Lazarus Johnson, 4 50 -?'
550 David Y Timms, 2 43
556 J M Steele, 44 50
557 T C Leituer, 2 13
558 E At Flatberty, 4 00
rrA rrr a T~tz11 x n A:
[>i)3 y* a. mil, couaiy sapor, i no
560 H B Trapp,. 2 00
561 J M. Wilson, $2.73 claimed,
allowed, 173
562 H B Refo, 20 85
587 R C Crosby, 5 15
589 C W Broom, 4 06
590 D Y Timuis, 2 60
591 H B Refo, 19 00
592 Jno W Russell, 200 00 *
696 W T Newman, 3 18
597 Jake Davis, 6 20
598 S H Morgan, 5 00
The following claims.were examined
and approved on Peor House fund of
If 99:
No. Amount.
551 Mansel McClintock, $ 9 00
obz a y Monrgom?rv, y ou
553 H B Refo, * 21 10
554 Jno S Harrell, $3.85 elaim'd,
allowed, 2 So
555 J 51 Wilson, 5 70
588 DrEF Hoover, $154.40
claimed, allowed, 139 40
593 Rev J P Isenhower, 6 00
594 A J Hinnant, 1 40
595 Johnson & Garrison, 2 00
599 C D Cbappell, 5 00
The following claims were examined
and approved on Public Building fui'/i
of 1899.
No. Amount. f
563 J M Elliott, $11 00
564 B G Tennant, 6 25
I do certify that the above statement
is a correct copv of claims approved
and disapproved at the ineefcing of
the Connty Board held oti the 3rd
dav of JqIv, 1899.
7-15 ? Connty Snpsvisor F. C
Special offer of reduced rates for
next S S*i<?n. A collrga education
placed within the reach ot every os: .
Matriculation, tuition, room-rent ? *? I
board for n*.\t collegiate year for $100.,
Fu'l faciliy *?t exp^runce?l teacher :
moja! influences; healthful location;
fine courses of study; lowest possint^
/1rr . ?> 1 1 . _ J:.
cum. uuci swm umy uuiti ujaniti:^
depaitm<?nt i- falJ. Send for catalogue
7-1 lm
A FRICANA will cure Constipation and
k ? wonderful Liter Medicine. Try fir

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