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*- - V\.'.
Wednesday, July 30, - - - 1899;
GMMsss Bicycle For One Hi-!
M States.
For one hundred new subscribers to
the Weekly News and Herald, tnis >
newspaper will give a chainless bicy-1
|L cle. The only condition is that the j
r subscription must be for a year and;
paid in advauce. This offer stands (
open for 60 days. Now is the chance
for some young lady or young man to
get a good bicycle.
I? JVinr* AAlrimn i
?Oie S UIXJUIUUS 1U auuiuu vuiHwut
?Read card of Walter Rosborough
?Rea 1 Q. D. WilliforcTs new advertisement.
?A supply of fresh onions and Irish i
potatoes at McMaster Co.'s drag store.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lackamp, Elston,
Mo., write: "One Minute Cough Cure
*"> !!#/? nf nni> litllo Kftr whl>Tl
savcu tut me vi vixl i?Mv ww, .. -?
nearly dead with croop." McMaster
?There is now no scarcity of watermelons
here Id spite of the dryweather,
the crop promises to be large
and satisfactory.
?L^ies' $2.50 slippers reduced to
31.V0?J^iOS- 22 U) its. Vjrct. a yan u&fore
they are all gone. Porter Bros.
?JR. Brandt, the hnstiing Chester
jeweler and optician, has his space
filled with interestiog matter this
morning. Don't overlook it.
You can't cure dyspepsia by dieting.
Eat good, wholesome food, and plenty
of it,?Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
food without aid from the stomach,
and is made to cure. McMaster Co.
?County Treasurer Wylie is having
hit office in the court house "done up."
The painters and white washers have
been busy there for two or three days.
?There isn't a weather prophet in
this community who hasn't lost his
reputation. Even the weather bureau
has dropped a few points in public
?The services in the court koase
Sunday, conducted by Mr. S. P. Pittman,
were well attended. Mr. Pittman
will remain here probably the
greater portion of this week.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers benefit
permanently. They lend gentle
assistance to nature, causing no pains
or weakness, permanently caring
j Hil?_ !
COQSCipauoo auu uycr ?uujg:h.3. iu.vMaster
?The Geman Tuesday evening was 1
well attended and much enjoyed by :
the young people present. The music
for the occasion was furnished by a i
local aggregation of musicians.
?Mr. Geo. V. Hennies, the well
known Columbia photographer, was
in town Friday making arrangements
to open up a gallery in Winnsboro.
He will be here ready for work in a !
week or two. i
"What might have been"?if that
little cough hadn't been neglected?is
the sad reflection of thousands of con
8umptive One Minute Cough Cure
cures coughs and colds. McMa9ter 1
?Can you imagine how you felt on
the 13th and 14th of last February ? If j
you can, your imaginative iauuuic?
are quite up to the liait. We can ;
| think of no better test than the above, !
r on* suggested by an exchange. !
?The parents of Lieut. K. H. Mc- '
Master have received letters from him
indicating that he has arrived sale and
well at Manilla, Philippine Islands.
This is giatifyiDg news to his many ;
deeply interested friends in South i
oarunaa, i
Thomas Rhoads, Centerfield, O., 1
writes: "I suffered from piles seven (
or eight years. No remedy gave me ,
relief until DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, less than a box of which permanently
cured me." Soothing, healing,
perfectly harmless. Beware of
counterfeits. McMaster Co.
?A number of young ladies stood
Ike examination lor the scholarship in
Winthrop Normal College, held in the
coart house Friday. The examination
for the South Carolina College
scholarship was held at the same time.
The names of the successful competitors
will be given as soon as the members
of the examining board have
finished correcting the papers.
Quarterly Conference.
Quarterly conference will convene
at ^Greenbrier Methodist Church on
Saturday, the 29 th inst.
We are reqaeated to announce that a
farmers' institute will be held here on
August 14th. Several prefessors from
Clemsod College will be present.
* Bwrathe ^
twvt? /ii\mpv wrnmvr.
Rev. and Mrs. E. 5. Lnpo, of Moaticello,
will celebrate on the 2fth inst.
the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding.
f ?$10.00 suits for $6.50; $7.50 suits
for $5.00; $1.50 pants for $3.00; $3.00
pant3 for $2.00; $1.25 pants for 75c;
75c pants for 50c. Come and look it
our clothing before yon buy.
Porter Bros.
The many friends of that jolly vetji
eraa, Maj. T. W. Woodward, hope his
P- health will pcnnli him to attend the
reunion. He has many friends among
-the "old boys."?Chester Reporter.
The chapel at the factory tillage,
built by the Ladies Home Missionary >
Society, was formally opened for religion?
service on Thursday evening.
Quite a large cDrgregation was present
and the service conducted by the Rev.
J. D. Crout was mueh enjoyed.
Gun-shot wounds and powder-burn?,
cuts, bruises, sprains, woucds from j
rast\ nails, insect stings and ivy pois- j
oning, - quickly healed by DeWitt's
"Witch Haze! Sa!?e. Positively prevents
blood poisoaing. Beware of
counterfeits. "DeWittV i' safe and
sure. 3Icllaster Co.
| Beautiful]
'UfAmAn i
5 ww ve a iws i ?
There are few women as beau- ? :
? tiful as they might be. Powder J
and paint and cosmetics don't j
make good looks. Beauty is 0
2 simply an impossibility without 2 3
J health. Beautiful women are
9 few because healthy women are }
" few. The way to have a fair 2 {
face and a well-rounded figure
h is to take
i Miexrs i!
fFcmtfe MMHlorl;
a **
2 This is that old and time-tried ?
medicine that cures all female \
? troubles and weaknesses and ? g
drains. It makes no difference
what the doctors call the trou- 1
ble, if there is anything the *
2 matter in the distinctly feminine ?
organs, Bradfielct's Fe* i
male Regulator will help S i
J and cure it. It is good for ir- ?
regular or painful menstruation; j
for leucorrhoea, for falling of the j
2 womb, for nervousness, head- ?
ache, backache and dizziness. j
Take it and get well. Then {
H yoHT old-time girlish features " l
and figure will be restored.
Sold by druggists for 51 a bottle. ,
S Til t? UTi ?M?PCTI\ at/?TTT ?TAT> rA 5
HI ULb Diuu/rucu' i\suui.aiuA
OK0l0I9S0B0ltKB?B9B9Sfl(i6 '
There is no longer any doubt about '
Winnsboro's being made "a regular 1
station on the long distance telephone J
line. Arrangements have been made
with the locr.l exchange by which the
long distance wires will be ran into
our centrrl station, and before very
long the patrons of the Winnsboro
Telephone Company will be able to
communicate from their residences or
places of business with all points
touched by the long distance wires.
Many golden opportunities have
been lost by those who suffer from,
rheumatism. By taking Rheumacide
naw they will be permanently and
positively cared.
A telegram reached Due West Sunday
evening annuncing the death that
morning of Mrs. Belle McC. Todd at
Timber Ridge, Ya., "after a brief ill
ness." No other particulars. This 1
will be sad news to many. Mrs. Todd
spent a considerable portion of her life *
in Due West. She was a useful and
active woman in chnrch work. We 1
well remember the great interest she f
took in her Sabbath school class, of ]
which she was a teacher. Timber J
Ridge will miss Mrs. Todd. For sev- J
er%l years she has spent the winter
months in St. Augustine, Fla., with t
her mother and brother, the latter
holdinsr a position in the schools of *
tkat city.?A. R. Presbyterian.
"We have sold many different cough *
remedies, but none has given better 1
satisfaction than Chamberlain's," says f
Mr. Charles Holzhauerv Druggist,
Newark, N. J. "It is perfectly safe <
and can bo relied upon in all cases of *
jooghs, colds or hoarseness. Sold by
McMaster Co. c
? t
Joe Durham, Jim Toatley and Geo. f
Baxter, al! colored, were arretted Sat- *
cirday on the charge of appropriating j
shickens that did not belong to them,
rhey were tried by Magisiiate Cathcart
Monday. Durham was acquitted,
bat the other two members of the trio
were called upon to contribute to the *
'ounty either some of their hard earned *
^ash or its equivalent to hard labor.
Toatley was touched for ?6 or twenty- 4
five days of his valuable time. He 6
paid up. Baxter was asked to choose ?
between an eigh'.-dollar fine and a 1
cmrry-aay lertn in me service or me
county?in the role of a chain gang *
convict. He chose the stripes:, and if c
he isn't good he will probably be made ^
to see a few stars. j
Working Jilght and Day 1
Tiie busiest and mightiest little thing <
that ever was made is Dr. Kingrs New i
Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar-coaled
globule of health, that changes
weakness into strength, listlessness
into energy, brain-fag into mental i
power. They're wonderful in build- <
ing up the health. Only 2oc. per box.
Sold by SleMaster Co.? druggists.
The regular quarterly meeting of <
Ht. Zion Society was held at 10 ,
o'clock Thursday morning, and it was |
in every respect a mast satisfactory i
one. The attendance was unusually i
large, and the members present dis- j
played a gratifying interest in the ]
proceedings. I
The work done was mainly of a t
routine nature, but some of the mat- j
(ers brought up for discussion are of |
decided interest to the public.
The library committee reported that '
seventy new volumes had been pur- j
chased recently, and that the building j
of additional shelves in the library is {
necessary. Funds were appropriated g
to defray the expense of this work.
There arer.t present ia the library at
Mt. Zion between four and five hun- j
dred volumes, the nucleus of what is t
sure to become in time a large and <
valuable collection of books.
The names ?of seventeen applicants (
for membership were presented. Thi3
substantial increase in membership
indicates an encouraging growth of
interest in the society and its work. .
A diseased stomach surely under- 1
mines health. It dulls the brain, kills '
energy, destroys the nervous system. (
and predisposes to insanity and fatal
diseases. All dyspeptic troubles are
quickly cured by Kodol Dyspepsia '
(Jure. It has cured thousands of cases <
and is curing them every dav. Its
ingredients are such that it can't help j
curing. McMasterCo. ^ !
?Chew Long Cotton Tobacco and
be happy. Best tobacco on the market |:
for the money. Sold by i i
Porter Bros.
Mr. J. N. Center is in town.
Mr. E. P. Matthews is in t Lowell;
NT. C.
Mr. J. F. McMaster has gone tc
Sienn Springs.
Airs. K. JK. Allison has gone to bienr
Springs for several weeks.
I. C. Thomas and W. H. Raff, of
Ridgeway, are at Glenn Springs.
Mrs. J. M. Stewart has returned
from a visit to Sullivan's Island.
Dr. David Aiken ha? retorted from
i visit to Ilarris' Springs and Cokesjury.
Miss Nannie Phinney is spending a
portion of her vacation in Win?ton,
vr n
. V*
Mrs. Mnldrow, of Samter, 13 visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.B,
Mrs. J. R. McAlpine and children
eft Wednesday for their home in
tforth Carolina.
Miss Tattie Boulware is visiting
relatives and friends in Fairfiold.?
Jhseter Reporter.
L>r. aua Mrs. u. joraan nive
*o;;e to the mountains of North Caroina
for a stay of a month or six weeks.
Miss M?Iver and the Misses Ervine
eft Wednesday for Florence after a
>!oasant vi3it to Miss Bessie McMaster.
Mr. J F. Fooshe will spend tlie
iex- two weeks visiting the summer
schools f< r teachers being held in the
leighboj i g counties.
Mr. and Mrs. Wya?t M. Propst, of
iTorkville, are in town. They came in
response to a telegram announcing the
serious illness of Mr. Propst's mother.
Messrs. F. E. Hinnant and J. Frank
VmvA rpfnmpr? frnm Harris'
SpriDgs where they have been attendlis
the meeting of the Statt Teachers
Bears the /> Kind You Have Always Bought
ui ?
Mr. G. B. Dunn's residence on lower
Congress street was completely de
itroyed by fire at midday Monday. A1
^2.20 o'clock fire was discovered beween
the roof and ceiling of the
kitchen and the alarm was given imnediately.
The fire had gotten such a
jood start, however, before the firenen
could get in their work that all
sfiorts to save the bnilding proved
utile. The firemen and a great many
>thers who volunteered their services
or the oecreion fought pluckily to save
he property, and when forced to give
ip the fight did so most regretfully.
Nearly all of the furniture and per;onal
effects of the family on the first
loor were saved, but almost everyhing
in the rooms upstairs was deitroyed.
Offing to the dense smoke
n the upper story it was almost an
mpofcsibility from the first to remain
ong enough to do any effective work.
iir. ?>. u. lvuoa ioat ainuug uiuer
hings his valaable collection of books.
There is scarcely any doabt of the
act that the fire was caused by a defect
in the kitchen fine, or by a spark
rom the chimney. It is understood
hat there was no insurance on the
umiture, bnt the building wa3 insured
or $1,800.
SWAMP- Is not recommended
nnrjm for everything; but ii
lwUi you have kidney, liver
>r bladder trouble it will be found just
bft rpmerlv ron need. At dru?2ists in
ifty cent and dollar sizes. Yon may
iave a sample bottle of this wonderul
new discovery by mail free, also
)amphlet telling all about it.
Address, Dr. Kilmer &Co.,Bioglamton,
N. Y.
The Confederate veterans of Fairield
are anticipating a great time ie
Chester this week and a large delegaion
will be on hand from this county,
Hany of them will leave to-morrow
io as to be on band when the festivitios
start, and they all propose to take advantage
of everything in the amuse
nent line chat is offered by the hosritable
people of our neighboring
;ounty. The veterans aie in for a
food time and they are going to hav?
t. Everybody in a position to conribute
to their pleasure and entertainneat
will see to it that not a single
ins the frallant old fighters retnrns
lome with any but the most delightfu'
ecolleclions of the reunion.
The Chester people have provided
aumerous attractions tor the enter
;ainment of their guests, but the pro9
sect of meeting and talking- over olc
limes with their comrades of 1861-G;
.9 what appeals most strongly to th<
>ld soldiers. There can be no featun
)f the reunion more attractive to them
A creftt mam' of the son3 and dansrh
:ersof veterans will be in attendance
ind their comfort and pleasure hav(
30t been overlooked by the committee!
n charge of the reunion. On Fridaj
aight a graud ball will be given in th<
Dhester opera house complimentary t(
;he sponsors, and it will be a nolabl<
rftlhr>rincr nf fhft Vfinth and beantv OJ
~ - J y
:he State.
The fare tor the round trip fron
VYinnsboro is only oo cents, and cor
;e>pondingly low rates will be giver
from oiher points in this county. Tq<
ickets ?ood until the 29th will be 01
;a!e on the 28th and 27th inst.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers expe
from tbe system all poisonous accnmn
ations, regulate the stomach, bowel!
md liver, and purify the blood. Thej
Irive away disease, dissipate melan
iholy, and give health and vigor fo:
;he daily routine. Do not gripe oi
sicken. McMaster Co.
a suggestion?will it work?
ifr. Editor: I noticed in one of yon:
issues a way to get a bicycle by get
ting up one hundred new subscriber?
That, I think, wouli be pretty hard tc
3o, as uesrly everybody in the count}
takes your paper. But I do know of j
tvay that some young man in tbi
;ounty can earn a bicycle if Tm
News axd Bjerald Company takei
bold of it with determination?tha
is to get up an oratorical contest. Tha
would not only give some young mai
a bicycle, but I think it would be i
^reat help to oar county. Let the con
testants ba confined strictly to tbi
> Biiious and Intermittent Fevers
( which prevail in miasmatic districts
are invariably accompan1
ied by derangements of the
Stomach Liver and Bowels.
The Secret of Health.
1 The liver is the great "driving
i wheel" in the mechanism of
man: and when it is out of order,
the whole system becomes deranged
and disease is the result.
. Tuti's Liver Pills
. Care a!l Liver Troubles.
1 county. and none be oyer twentv-two
years cf age. Have tbe contestants to
give in their names to The News and
Herald to be published, and at tbe
same time contribute $1.00 to pay for
the wheel. If $1.00 from each contestestaut
will not ha enough to pay for
the wheoi, then let the conte3taati
make up the balance ot the money
among themselves.
I hope The News and Herald
pAWrvflnrr rr> *1 T fol-A KaM nf f Vll Q fA>% T
WJ ill IUO.V UU1U Vi ?v* A
: know :f they do it will certainly be
accomplished and will know the lacky
1 man b? August 31st.
July 21, 1899. A Contestant.
Red Hot from the Gun
i Was i he ball that G. B. Steadman,
" ?- _ XL _ /V?!1 ITT.^
ox jxewarK, Jiiicu., ia me uivn war.
It caused norrible Ulcers that no treat:
ment helped for 20 years. Then Bnck1
len's Arnica Salve cured him. Curea
. Cuts, Bruise^ Burns, Boils, Felons,
, Corns, Skin Erupticns. Best Pile
cure on earth. 25 cfcs. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by McMaster Go.,
Twenty-Fourth Annlyenary, July 16,1899
It was a great day with us all, and
much enjoyed by all present. There
, was a large crowd present.
The cburch was founded 21 years
ago, ajd has ever lince been earneitly
workiDg for the Master's came. Many
have been converted and united with
us, and our number now reachei 575
members. Rev. T. H. McNeil has
been our pastor for seven years, and
' will still be with us, we h?pe, for
! many years to come. May the Lord
' bless him!
Rev. E. M. Glover, pastor of Winns|
boro church, preached the anniversary
' 1 4 4 ^ 3 _ J3
sermon at xi o ciock, auu s gouu iermon
it was. Every one seemed to be
delighted and took great interest in
his discourse.
The following essays were read:
No Success without Labor?Miss
N. W. Parker.
An Unchangeable Saviour ? Miss
H. D. Harris.
Dealh of Senior Deacon (Peter Ear
V TAX 1..JL T"V ?
rieon; ? J?n3? jMizaoein uwia.
Life and Death?Mis3 Minnie Sqnireweil.
Sin?E L. Stevenson.
Progress of tbe Church and Racc?
N. H. Ford,
Time and Talent?N. C. Stevenson.
Origin and Growth of tbe CbnrchW.
R. Strother.
Intelligence -JamsB Strother. H?
spoke we U ...u isupressed it upon tbe
: young > to try snd gain knowledge.
All the eajxivd were fine, and thev
will 6iand as a monument in St.
Mark's Church as long a9 time will
> last.
* The collection was rich.
W. K. Strother.
S. C, July 17,1899.
An Epidemic of Diaerhoea.
Mr. A Sanders, writing from Cocoanut
Grove, Fla., says there has been
quite an epidemic of diarrhoea there.
He had a scv.-if; attack and was cured
by f";;:- of Cfiamberlain's Colic,
Cbolii'-; a;d Diarrhoea Bemedy. He
saj> he recommended it to others
and \hf>y say it is the best medicine
the} ere; used. For sale by McMaster
More of Them Thau any Town of tbe Same
Size In South Carolina.
Cotton so small on red land. Some
of tbe farmers are thinking of covering
it wiib pine straw and taking an
early start next spring.
The lady folks of our town seem to
1 be seized with a mania for visiting,
and leaving Ihe men at home to nurse
Irtrlo fWo rrr\r\ /J T.nt*/} h^ln
111^ aiU3. AXXOtj vuv gwu UVfcVt
us to some of Job's patience."
No fruit to make sweet meats for
I the children, and watermelons about
> the size of rich men's hearts, and about
' as jaicy.
J This community didn't have a rain
deep enough to wet fertilizers Irom
" February 27th to June lltfc, thus ex>
plaining small and late crops, as we
5 can boast of as energetic, persevering
3 and thrifty farmers a3 any section of
r the county.
; So ae of the old Confederate soldiers
} pleasantiy anticipate meeting war com3
redes at Chester on the 26th inst. May
^ they enjoy themselves here below, and
as (heir ranks are rapidly thinned by
1 the hand of time, may their names be
*! enrolled at the grand reunion of brave
1 men above, where they will experience
3 no war nor hear rumor of war.
1 What a blessinz this is not election
year, for'many a poor fallow wodld
j miss ail?office, plam3 and black.
s On the evening of ibe 19th inst.,
7 Mr. J. B. Patrick led to hymen's altar
" Miss Cora Bueschell, another fair
: daughter oT this ccnntv. This makes
three for our jovial friend John- Well
might he be termed both nnlncky and
lucky. Your correspondent snrely
wishes for them happiness unmeasured.
r July 22, '99. Uniliim D.
'{ ^ ? B A
; uaa i uniH
1 For Infants and CMIdren.
s I The Kind You Have Always Bought
3 Bears tie /IX.SZttZS?
t Signature of C
t -----3
A(R9fl3AA *?<J VhMtey Eablta
l Vn SU? 3 S K Mm cored at home with
lioMSS SiS;
HMM 3>M.W00ItLgy,MJ).
s ^AU**30,fk, wto va Btfsfe 8fc
The drought still continues. The o
farmers are very blue over their pros- \
pect. Cotton small and skippy. If 1
the drought continues much longer ?
upland corn will be a failure..;
Mr. B. G. Tennant -lost a vacant fc
tenant house last month by fire. It c
hadn't been occupied ior the past two 8
years. The cause of the fire is sup- [
posed to be incendiary. S
Tbe Southern Railway Company a
will soon commencc to repair its *
waterworks; going to put in a large
engine and pipe so it can afford an
ample supply of water for the many
and fast trains. Tbe work i* under
the able and efficient manasemeDt of
Mr. J. D. Montgomery.
T'nftrfi wsrft spheral lar<?e home
raised watermelons in town this^vck ;
Wade B. Jacksoir, a thrifty at>l in- 'r
dostrioos colored farmer, had sr.me ol I
the large31 we have seen thib season, ~
weighing 45 pounds.
A great many of the old Confederate a
i veterans are preparing to attend the 1
reunion in Chester this v.eok. e
Mr T W Lewis left last week for I
the West in search of a fortune. lie 3
expects to locate in Tennessee.
Mr Jas Brice, ofSelma, A'a, hu.been
visiting his parents, M#j and Mrs
T W Brice. He left for Selma Sunday. <
He is stenographer and typewriter for 6
the Southern Oil Company there. s
Mrs R W Brice, Jr, has returned (
from Congaree where she has been j
visiting her old home. i
Mrs R W Stewart and daughter are s
visiting relatives in Union. 1
Miss Nannie Nicholson has returned a
home from Harris SDrines. She re- ?
ports a pleasant time at the springs. ^
Mr J E Dunbar, a popular salesman
of Wylie & Co, Chester,^S C, is spend- ;
ing his vacation with relatives here, i
July 24, '99. R. ]
T/vffColf-T?t/?ntv? onrl F/?7Pma. 1
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantly 1
allayed by applying Chamberlain's >\
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very j
bad cases have been permanently cured ;
by it, It is equally efficient lor itching 1
piles and a favorite remedy for sore :
nipples, chapped hands, chilblains, (
frost bites and chronic sore eyes. ,
2octs. per box. For sale by McMaster ,
Co. *
Committee Appointed by Citizens Submit ,
its Report.
At the mass meeting held Friday to ^
discuss ways and means of having the
old Winnsboro and Longtown road J
pnt in serviceable condition, it was
deeided to present a petition signed ?
by the citizens of Winnsboro and
? I
Va TrioTniffr In tlip r>nar<1 nf cnnntv*
tUV V IVlUiU J V V Wwv V% v> w_ , J
commissioners at its meetiog Saturday 1
praying for the restoration of the j
road. This petition was presented
and the committee appointed by the j
citizens to report on the road appeared
before the board to represent the
clums of both Winnsboro and Long- ^
town. * i
The board indicated its willingness <
to act favorably in the matter, and a <
snryey will be made immediately look- '
ing to the reopening of the road. I
The chain gang will be pat to work t
down there jast as soon as possible, 1
and it will not be long before the j
Winnsboro andLongtown air-line will ;
be in first-clas3 shape. t
The Report. S
The committee appointed by the f
citizens' meeting to look into the condition
of the Winnsboro and Long-11
town road with a view to having it ,
put into thoronghiv good fix by the j
county officials, went over the road on
the 18 instant and have this to say: J
For about four miles from Winnsboro
the road has been well worked '
by the chain gang and is generally in 1
good condition. A few places on *
slopes of bills need some work. The
hill west of Wateree Creek this side J
of Preston Rion's place has been
worked and in dry weather keeps good. 1
It is too steep and needs to have the
sammit knob cut off to a proper grade.
The road through the bottom and ,
across the stream is now in good con- I
dition?a result of the dry weather.
But experience proves that 'the road ,
here is generally very bad. It is our f
judgment that a causeway should be f
laid at the worst places with a ditch }
on both sides and a suitable bridge ;
over the stream. The hill on the east '
side is in bad condition and ought to
be thoroughly worked. The road be- 1
yond through the Rion place, is tolerably
good up the approach to Morrow e
Hill where the road from Poplar ?
Spring to Ridge way runs into the i
Winnsboro and Longtown road. This 1
is almost impassable and is the most .
difficult job by far of the entire twelve
miles. To make this a good road ;
much labor will be required with powder
and pick. The grade ought to be
greatly reduced by cutting down the
summit and building up the lower in- !
cline. At the bottom of this hill a
road to the right leads to Ridgeway. J
Thpnrp nn through the Wvlie Davis
place the roa?f is generally level and ?
Ths \vo> cru branch of Dutchman's
Creek is dry and nt present the road is ,
good, but here is again needed the J
causeway with ditches and at least two
bridges. Beyong this creek the road ,
has 9 few rough places, one of which
is covered with watei'-worn pebbles ;
and small stones, which utilized by the !
chain gang would famish material to
macadam the rjad at little, expense.
Thence through Lloyd Davis' place .
the road is pretty good until it reaches
the much-talked of 10-mile hill. There
some of the committee led their horses
down hill, others kept their seats. This 1
bill, but for neglect, is a small afisir
comparatively. It consist of gravel 1
and is about seventy-five yards long
and can be made a better road than (
Gowley's hill at one-fifth the expense. J
Then we come to east Dutchman's '
Creek. No water that we could see
ruunmj, but a puerile hole in the road,
the water reaching nearly to a borse's
belly. This place need3 a little causewaying
and a little ditching above so
as to cODfJue the waiter to a channel,
and a small bridge. The material of
the icur bridges can be obtainad on
the ground except plank for flnoriug.
About oue mile from the jr?r>ctiov. with
the Durham road there is a goor*.
deal of road covered wi.h pebbles and
water-worn rocks also, from that junction,
which is about one and >; half
miles from the Longtown ;oad, ->ro!> ]
bly half the wav i? covered w;th the '
same kind of rock?. These -cake ]
travel disagreeable but furnish material ?
for making the road free ?'jomu:udin wet
A ehort distance fi*om Simpson's
store a road bore off to ?he left short- j
ening the distance to Longtown some* i
what. This has been closed but should ;
be opened.
On the whole we conclude that,
With a thorough working by the chain
fang aDd probably with a change of
ocalitie3 at certain points for better
grades and shorter distances, which
ve are informed is easily attainable,
he communication between Longtown
.nd V/iunsboro will be much easier
han that upon some other roads leading
iuto the town. Inasmuch as we
lelieve that the location of the road
an be greatly improved in places, we
tronglv recommend that a competent
>erson be selected to make a survey of
he road between Winosboro and
fimpsoEi's store on tbe Longtown road,
nd ihat thi? meeting raise fifty dollars
o defray the expense of tbe survey.
U-. II. McMaster,
J. D. McCarley,
D. A. Crawford,
W T? TJnftr
" ~ wj y
Jas. Q. Davis,
Try Allen's Foot-Ea?e,
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
ii liiis season your feet feel swollen,
lervous und hot, and get tired easily,
f you have smarting feet or tight shoes
ry Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the
ect and makes walking easy. Releves
coins and bunions of all pain
,nd gives ease and comfort.Try it to>ay
Sold by all druggists, grocers,
hoe stores and general storekeepers
verywhere. Price 2oc. Trial package
'REE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
j e Roy, N Y
bltthetvood spicy sparks.
Mr. Editor: As it seem* to ua that
'Sweet Peas" is out of seasoD, or in
ome unaccountable manner has been
truck off ibe "bill of fare" while our i
}brysanlbemum is slow to bloom,
>ossib!y due to the dry weather and
ntense heat, we will, wiih your couent
and allowance of epace in the
ocal columns of your valuable sheet,
iSbnme the felicitous task of gathering
i few "breezy items" local and othervise,
iu and around the cityDied
at the borne of her son, Mr.
rno. M. Havrley, on Monday afterloon,
10th inst., Mrs. Kate L. Hawey,
aged about 7S years. She had ,
)een in feeble health for quite awhile.
Che remains were interred in the
?andv Level cemetery at 9 30 o'clock
Wednesday morning, the Rev. Mr.
Chotnas of the Episcopal Church, Coumbia,
solemnized the burial r.tes
n a most appropriate and impressive
nanner in the presence of a large concourse
of sympathetic friends. The
'oilowing were the pall-bearers: Dr.
3. W. Boobhart, J. W. Blaio, M. O.
{Yard, W. W. Entzminger, ? Squire
ltd Dr. M. Langford. The above
gentlemen were chosen by Mrs. Hawey
some week3 prior to her death.
Crons in this section are not extra
:air to comment upon, though there |
ire some fine prospects of an abundant
field in places, and as a whole the
genera! average bespeaks favorably
vilh plenty of rain and lower tempe'ature.
We need rain very bad at
present. Corn is beginning to burn,
:otton suffering also, gardens and
ruck farms are seriously injured and
parched owing to the intense heat of
,he past ten days.
The Ladies Missionary- Union and
7aatit7n] Afisnr.iaf inn. of Sandv Level
Dhnrch, gave an ice cream festival on
Monday evening, the 17th inst., ia the
:ool, delightful grove at the residence
>four townsman, Mr. J. W. Blain.
Every preparation had been made to
nake the occasion a most pleasautNjnd
icjoyable event, and notwithstanding
:he inauspicious indications of the
* Gather, it proved to be a grand suejes?.
- The grounds were brilliantly
ighted and artistically decorated with
lapariesc lanterns and French bunttno-a
cnrmr>rte<1 hv fllA hranchGS of the I
'lu5g vr ; v?v ?
ihrnbbery, while the tables occapied
ipaces between, laden with choice
lowers in great profa9ion. The lemoiade
stands deserve special mention,
irrauged and ooudueted by Miss
Marion Eookbart and Emmadelle
Price. The object of the entertainnent
was to raise fands for the beneit
of the society. Qaile a snu? sum
vas realized. The ladies deserve a
veil merited congratulation on behalf
>f taeir untiring efforts and success,
.? J ? ^ " on + KantlnollTT fhftt
IJLIU TVU LLi &J OULuguuvwit; ?w??v
vhere woman lends her hand and
alent, success is always attained and
Mr. J. H. McLean, of Columbia, is
;pcndin? a few days at home.
Mrs. Bea McGrady and children, ot
liftwiedale, are visiting her mother,
ilrs. Sarah Wootsn.
Operator R. V. Macou, who has
leld the night office here for sometime, '
las been appointed agent at White
}ak vice Mr. R. B. Roper who has !
>een transfered to Rock Hill. Mr.
1/iff nr, tVin 1 Sj-h in?.f tft aSSnmft
he duties of his new new post. Guess
,vhat youu?: lady is "pow'fctl sorry?"
Mrs F. E. Hood has been ou the
lick list for the past two weeks, but
ve are glad to note that her condition
s not regarded as serious and that she
somewhat improving.
Miss Mamie B. Hood, accompanied
)j little Miss Bertie Goza, al'ter a stay
>f six mouths at liidge Spring, re
urned home Thnrsday (o spend the
maimer. Guess who is glad and why?
Mr. D. J. McLean, veteran section
naster of the Southern, was called to
Columbia last week to attend court as
witness in suit for damages against
he company. He returned Thursday
md is now "between the rails."
Miss Lilly Hood, alter an extended
risit to the family of Mr. W. A. Hood,
)f Winnsboro, returned home on
jaiui uav. icpuvia au lA^uicub
;tay and a large time. , i
Mr. J. W. McLean and sister, Miss
Fannie, go to Winnsboro on the early
;r&in this morning on a business errand,
Uao to spend the day with relatives.
Guess who is the ugliest man in
;own and the number of his foot-wear.
The hot wciitber ot the past week
ias forced the "lat man" of our town
o occapy summer quarters.
The man who burnt his lips off
jvbistliug "Hot times" has also folowed
the f>it man's example adding
uuch to his comfort.
Should the foregoing paragraphs
escape the "drcadcd"5waste basket we
night show up "again" in true style
mci coior.
With best w:shes for The Nf/vts and
EIerald and readers.
Jit'y21,'99. Q n Vista.
llSSliir i: ;Va'sA&laii
<i.- aci oa-U'fics the halt.
sSr*25^^"^3?^i\-oisot? .? ;:r-::ar'{ gro*i>_
Kv&?&:;r- -i>-;-."c"cr Zi.:.- vj restore Gray
l-wir.fc.5^ to us v0iJttifui color.
ip&ZS;>-r-s ?'s .^ d'wws m hair iailiat
For TOCXG LADIES, Koanok*. V ?.
r>r>r.n? Spnf;. 15th. lSOO. Onp of the
leading Schools for Youns: Ladies in
:he South. Magnificent buildings, all
modern improvements. Campus ten
icres. Grand mountain scenery in
Valley of Ya., famed for health.
European, and American teachers.
Pull course. Superior advantages in
Art and Music. SUidents Ixcm twenty-se
veil S tales. For catalogue address
the Presideut, MATTES P. HARRIS,
Roanoke, Va.
A FRICANA wili cure Constipation ted
**i9t*roadei<ulLivcrMe?iic3ae. Try It.
Ik i
aL \ nafcni?*
If there is any cosfcivenesa, mo
doses of St. Joseph's Uver Regul
f my Wife Was Almost
With female troubles, She has taken
Panacea and it has cured her. She is i
well as she ever did and weighs more tha
%9 L. GEJRSTLE & CO., Proprietoi
1 also, three instructors have been en
r>oriortr>-><3nt: fnr thp? next vear. Courses i
Book-keeping. At the completion of ai
graduation will be given.
Separate boarding halls for boys and $
Holland, Superintendent in charge; Mis:
Mrs M. H. Gary, Matron. Boys' Hall,
tendent in charge, and Prof. F. M. Eller
ates. Boys' Hall is under military disci]
The work of the Academic Departmen
man, Sophomore, Junior, Senior?and is
whom is a graduate of a first-class colleg
Our school is under Christian influence
Rates, including board, tuition, lights.
For catalogue write to
Don't Bead This.
O nnn vayAa Tomnonfo tn cpll .
cheap; 1,000 yards colored lawns,
worth Gc, onr price 4c; 40-inch fancy
black dress suiting 40c, oar price 25c;? (
all ox oar 81c plain and figured white j
lawns to close at 5c; 600 yards 32-inch ]
percals, fall styles, 8c, while ihey last <
' . m> if
at oc.
Porter Bros.
For an Editor to Becommend Patent
From Sylvan Valley News, Brevard,
N. C.
It may be a qaestion whether the ?
editor of a newspaper has the right to
publicly recommend any of the varioos
proprietary medicines which flood the
market, yet as a preventive of sufferins:
we feel it a duty to say a good
word for unamDerianrs uonc, uooiera ,
and Diarrhoea Eemedy. We have .
kDOwn and ased this medicine ia oar '
family for twenty years and have always
fonnd it reliable. In many cases
a dose of this remedy would save
hours of suffering while a physician is
awaited. We do not believe in depending
implicity on any "medicine for
a cure, but we do believe that if a
bottle of Chamberlain's Diarrhoea
Remedy were kept on uand and administered
at the inception of an attack
much suffering might be avoided
and in very many cases the presence
of a physician would not be required.
Al least this has been our experience
during the past twenty years. For
sale by Mc Master Co.
To the Patrons of the Registered
Horse W. A. W.:
During the busy s;ason I drove to
your farms. Your crops are now laid
by aud you have a iest from your
labor?. Nothing ttat you can do now
will be of farther benefit (o them.
You will reip iu accordance with you>
ability sill advantages in cultivating
them and in accordacce with the supply
of water iliat providence has per- mit'ed
There u no farm work to
keep you from meeting me in Winns
bore on Friday and Saturday of each
nrnnl- TVlA OOQC\n 12 trtfk far 1
for rne to drive the horse over the ,
rough roads to an7 patron?, however
much I desire to accommodate them,
and in reply to those who have writleo
requesting me to do so, I will state
that I will be in Winnsboro on tbe
days mentioned at Mr. Henry Befo's i
stables. Thanking you for your patron- |
a?s sif the horse and for yoar universal
kindness to me during my trips
over the ciunty, lam with profound
re-pect yonr most obedient servant,
7-251 Groom.
to work in the Fairfield Cotton Mills, i
We prefer large families composed of |
girls and boys from 12 lo 20 years old.
Apply at oiice to
Supt. Fairfield Cotton Mills,
6-27-xlm Winnsboro, S. C. J
Thonns G. Patrick, doing business as
T G. Patrick & Co., Plaintiff,
O. S. McMcore, Defendant.
Summons gor Relief. Complaint Served.
To the Defendant G. S. McMoore:
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer tUe complaint in
this action, of which a copy is here-!
J _ I
wuii serveu. upon you, aiiu to serve
a copy of your answer to the said com-}
plaint on the subscriber at his office, j
No. 2 Law Range, Winnsboro, S. j
within twenty days after the service i
hereof, exclusive of the day of such j
service; and if you fail to answer the!
complaint within the time aforesaid, I
the plaintiff in this action will apniy |
to the Court for the relief demanded 1
in the complaintDated
20th Julv, A D 1899. j
Plaintiffs Attorney. !
[l. s.] R. H. Jennings, C. C. ?. :
To the Defendant 0. S. McMoore:
Take notice, that the complaint, j
together with the summons, of which |
the foregoing is a copy, and notice of i
tue pendency 01 idc action was nieu ,
in the office of the Clerk ot the Court |
of Common Pleas for Fairfield Coun- i
ty, in the State of South Carolina.!
oh the 22cd dav of July. A. D. 1890. j
7-26-Gt Plaintiffs Attorney. ;
"ElETiiifliiii- j
Solicits a share of the public patron-1
Officc 13 that formerly occupied by j
the County Superintendent of Educa-j
tion, in rear of Law ftaDge. 6-i
vppy homeM^M
7 can a woman be cheerfal and
ippy when she is weak, nervous,
Ld suffering the excruciating tor- J?
res of Female Diseases? It should
ejected of her. Wiisn she is
ig from Deranged Menstruation,
, Falling of the Womb, etc., show v
pmpathy for her in a practical <f^
providing her with
male Panacea. ?
tr*dc(G. F. P.)ha?k. vjp
splendid tonic will soon relieve Cp
fering and cure the disease, thus fk
ing the desired result through jf
channels. Only $1.00 per bottle. \jf
ve the bowels gently with mild ?%
itor. Price flRc. nfvr -naclcfttre. W
tax bottles of .gcftstle'S Fcmalz
iow on the last bottle ana is feeling as W
n ever beforein herhfe. ??
B. R. LEGG32TT. Broxton. Ga.
rs, Chattanooga, Tenn. w
DN, S. C.
iployed to take charge of the Business
offered in Telegraphy, Shorthand and
ay course a diploma or certificate of
jirls. Girls' Hall under Prof. W- D.
3 A. S. Arnold, Lady Principal, and
under Prof. F. E. Hinnant, Superinbe,
both of whom are Citadel graduDline.
t is divided into four classes?Freshwholly
under male teachers, each of
2 and is a specialist in his line.
?, but is strictly unsectarian.
, fuel, etc., $10 a month.
and F. E. HINNANT,
Final Discharge.
[ will apply to S. E. Johnston, Judge
)f Probate for Fairfieid Connty, at
ais office, at 11 o'clock A. M., Au?u=t
Lst, 1899, for a final discharge ss Gaarlian
of Jennie, Maltie R., Harry and
Charles Bollck..
7'5Sw Guardian.
The Name,* "
i?. Brandt,
HAS BEEN recognized now
for 40 years all over
the upper part of this
State for honesty and
reliability and guaranteed
kj jjuij. cms liable
foundationthe firm
has gained a widespread'
enviable reputation and
has built up its big
Money refunded for
goods not satisfactary.
The Jeweler and Optician,
Under Tower Clock,
Chester, S. C.
We Have
Mfifin Varifitifis
11111 LUUli IU11UUUU
To Select From
Mi Onions aid Irisl Polite
lor tie Table.
Mm (In
Dyspepsia Care
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon*
structing the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digest*
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It instantly
relieves and permanently cures
nrmervda Tn^ifmsfirvn TTpart.hnrn.
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, NauseaSickHeadache,Gastralgia,Cramps,and
all other results of imperfectdigestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWltt &Co., Chicago.
W p.r.sjboro, S C.
For Sale.
land, on Little River, belonging to
D. M. Broom, and bonucied by lands
of the estate of R G. Sinionton, Stevenson
and others.
For terms apply to
11-17 Attorneys, Winnsboro,S. C,
. -

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