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Wednesday, August -> - - 1899
CMnta Bicycle For Die HiM
For one hundred new subscribers to
the Weekly News and Herald, this
g& newspaper will give a chainless bicycle.
The only condition is that the
MB# subscription srust be for a year and
Hp paid in advance. This offer stands
open for 60 days. Now is the chance
v lor some young iaay or youn^ man iv
get a good bicycle.
?Read noticc of annual meeting of
trustees elsewhere.
?Some of the old street lamps are'
being replaced with new ones.
?A variety, inclading cold drinks,
at J. D. McCarley & Co.'s. See ad.
?Sealed bids lor building bridge
over Wateree Creek. See advertise^
?Tho summer school for Fairfield
teachers will open aboat the middle of
.? - Fairfisld h.i3 at present but one
y company ia tho State militia, the
RIdgeway Rifles.
Qaicklv cure constipation and rebuild
and invigorate the entire system
Hi ?never gripe or nauseate?DeWitt's
HL Little Early Risers. McMaster Co.
JK ?Mrs. Clias. A. Douglass, of WashHk
ington, D. C., is visitiag her parents,
Dr. and Mrs. TS\ E. Aiken
F? Ladies' $2.50 slippers reduced to
$1.75?Nos- 2& to 4s. Get a pair before
they are all gone. Porter Bro3.
?Hali, the Fairfeld twirier, seems
to be pitching great ball for the Union
team th!s season. This sort of talent
should be kept at home.
?Go to J. D. HcCarley & Co. for
fresh cabbage, onions, potatoes.
?It is trnethat "men must work
while women weep," but if women ;
did not weep for so many thiags they
don't need men wouldn't have to
I work for so many tbiog9 tbey can't ,
I afford.- Town Topic?. *
[ Hamilton Clark, of Channcey, Ga., ;
I says he suffered with itching piles 1
I twenlv years before trying DeWitt's 1
TT7-i_L TT > nf !
11CO n?y.m oajlVCj low uuasj
which completely cured bim. ^Beware
of worthless and dangerous counterfeits.
McMaster Co. ;
?Mr. Greer Brica who was recently ,
operated oa for appendicitis at Johns .
Hopkins hospital is rapidly recovering.
His many friends are greatly relieved ,
i to know that the operation was, ap- ,
parently, entirely successful. i
?Chew Long Cotton Tobacco and i
be happy. Best tobacco on the market ,
. for the money. Sold by (
Porter Bros.
?The anti-dog ordinance seems to ]
be working beautifully, and for pass- *
ing it the town council deserves the <
thanks of the public. It is a great relief
to see the street free from all sorts
1 and conditions of cannie loafers. j
One Minute Congh Cure quickly
cures obstinate summer coughs and ;
colds. "I consider it a most wonder- J
ful medicine,?quick and safe."?W. i
w. merion, ijiaynew, vy is. .ucjaasier
p ?Major Thos. W. Woodward went
t up to Chester Wednesday to attend
L the reunion and he was most warmly
$0 welcomed by his many comrades and
Wf friends. He was one of the speakers
at Thursday's session of the convention
of veterans.
t ?Several gentlemen went to unester
Thursday ou the early train bat retQrned
at 10.21 the same morning. It !
was raiL'iDg ia torrents when they ^
reached the reuaion city, and a3 there
were no prospects ot a "let u,>" they
decided to come home.
?The Rev. S. P. Pitlman preached
in the court house to large congrega- \
tion? every nigbt last week and he ^
I has made a most favorable impression
in this community. He is a flaect, 1
forcible speaker and his sermons are 1
9irikingiy thoughtful aud impressive. ^
Mr. Pittman will remain here for
several days longer.
?This part of the country was right
in the midst of a fiery wave Saturday j
k and Sunday. The mercury did not (
reach quite as higb a point as it did two j
week3 ago, but the humidity wa* con- (
Isiderably above normal and the beat j
wa?, consequently, much harder to {
bear. The comparatively low tempe- <
rature Monday wa3 a blessed relief j
after the torrid touch of the preceding
two days.
"DeWitt's Little Earlv Risers did i .
rme more good than all blood medicines
and other pills," writes Geo. H. ;
Jacobs, of Thompson, Conn. Prompt, ,
pleasant, Dever gripe,-?they cnre con- ,
stipation, arouse the torpid liver to <
action and give you clean blood, steady |
?-+ nerves, a clear brain and a healthy (
j' appeiite. Mcilaster Co (
' ?A great deal of wheat has-been
purchased by the proprietors of the
At- r<%l'pr mill -frnm ITa irfiolrl f^rmprs I
^ Not enough grain has been received J
from the county to keep the mill going, 1
but more has come in, it seems, than <
the managers expected. The mill is j
running on fall time and turning out (
a beautiful grade ot fioar, which is ]
disposed of about as rapidly as it can (
be made. j
?Just received, a fresh lot of Bat
tie Axe and Star Tobacco.
J. D. McCarlcv & Co.
?Mr. T. A. Sbipp, superintendent <
of the Fairfield Cotton Miils, has been !
running iu the Weekly News and j
Herald, for some time, au advertise- <
ment for Fait fitld families to work in ]
th"> mill. Mr. J. M. Beitv telephoned
The News and Herald Tuesday that <
on that day alone fifteen applicauts ]
had called at his office. The mill officials
are entirely satisfied with the
result of tbeir advertisement in this
par>er. It pays.
Tctt er, Salt-Rhcum and Eczema. I
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantly
.allayed by applying Chamberlain's ;
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many ver>
bad cases huve been permanently cured
by t. It is equally efficient lor itching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples,* chapped ha-tris, chilblains,
troj-t bites and chronic sore eyes.
25c;s. pvj box. For sale by McMaster
Co. 4 k
AWife Says?
I uUt have four children. "With the first
three I suffered almost -_*n bearable pains from
12 in 14 boors. and bad to be olaced undel I
the influence of chloroform. I used three
bottles of Mother's Friend before our last
child came, which xrfjgg^
is a strong, fat and JP^|g|
healthy boy, doing V*
my housework tip
to within two hours * "~V
cf birth, and suf- am \
pains. This lini- / / j ^BrT Y~ fa *
mentis the"grand-/ r/V^^// JL.-Mjj
est remedy ever jj|f
Mother's f If
Criatiil / W
A11VUU 1.1 Y
will do for every woman what it did for the
Minnesota mother who writes the aWve let*
ter. Not to use it during pregnancy is a
to be paid for in pain and suffering!
Mother's Friend equips the patient witfi a
strong body and clear intellect, which in
turn are imparted to the child* It relaxes
the muscles and allows them to expand. It
relieves morning sickness and nervousness,
ft puts all tfie organs concerned in perfect
condition for the final hour, so that the actual
labor is short and practically painless. Danger
of rising or hard breasts is altogethef
avoided, and recovery is merely a matter o!
& few days.
Druggists sell Mother's Friend for $I a bottle.
n TV 1^4*. 141Aa.4?
me i>rauiiciu rttjgmaiur lu., Aiidma, usi
i. Send for o?ir free illustrated book.
?Morris Jones, a colored citizen of
the "White Oak section, was disposing
of turkeys and chickens here Saturday
at astonishingly low prices. He put
them on the market at regular closing
out sale prices, and was operating on a
"marked down to 19 cents" basis. It
develops now that Morris was not the
lawful owner of the fowls, and he is
now paying the penalty of his misdoing.
Magistrate Buesche.il, by whom
conl f/\ 4V*A
IIIC UA50 was UiCU, c^uu ujxu iv ua^
chain gang for thirty days.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are jnst what a horse needs when in
bad conditien. Tonic, bleod purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food j
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by ,
McMaster Co.
?The voting corn crop for several
miles around town has been completely
destroyed within the ,past ten days by
a worm which some say is the army
worm. It is not confining itself altogether
to the young corn crop for it <
devours grass and almost any green ?
regetation. Mr. Jake Knight tells us '<
that it destroyed a lisld of four acres '
of corn for him. It does not attack I
old corn.?Lancaster Ledger. f
We hope that Lancaster farmers will '
ieep this worm on tie other side of i
:he river. We have troubles of our
Dwn. ' 1
The First Open Boll. ^
The first open cotton boll that we
aave seen this season was sent to our
office Monday by Mr. J. C. Willingham.
This specimen is matured and
"ully developed.
Bears the The Kind You Have Always Boqgfet j
Save Your Sole.
Reynolds' "Always Ready" soles are made
of rubber and can be fitted to '
my shoe. They protect the leather 1
md make walking easy. They are '
novellies in footwear. Call at Q. D. 1
Willifnrd's and take a look at them.
For fall particulars see Williford's ad.
A Snap for ihe Carriers. i
An English girl has invented a ]
aetfcod of sending kisses by mail.?
And still there &i\j people who c:>nend
that the "male" carrier's lot is 1
aot a happy one. Collection and de- ]
ivery will henceforth be something of
i picnic for them.
Fresh Goods. ]
Mrs. F. M. Habenicht has received a (
fresh stock of Heioz's pickles and ?
condiments wbich her customers may
purchase by the bottle or in bulk. {
D;ives, plum and deviled, preserves, ,
Sac buuscnits. chipped bam^and beef, ,
ire among the goods just received. ?
She handles all sorts of fancy groceries (
and ap-to-date delicacies. (
He Fooled ilie Surgeons. 1
All doctors told Renicfe Hamilton, 1
)f West Jefferson, O., after suffering ]
13 months from Rectal Fistula, he (
;vould die unless a costly operation '
svas performed; but he cured himself
svith five boxes of Bucklen's Arnica '1
5alve, the surest Pile care on Earth,
md tbe be3t Salve in the World. 25 s
;ents a box. Sold by McMaster Co.,
Iriiororicf r
Mr. J. A. Robertson, of Relt's Bluff, <
Ark., renewing his subscription to the :
Weekly News and Herald writes: i
'I can't do without my old home !
paper. It seems like a let'e : from an <
5ld friend, _when my paper comes to :
Sand. It is due at Relf's Bluff Satur- '
lay at one o'clock and I am always :
;lierc waiting for it."
It will be Irish potato no longer officially.
Tbe agricultural department
aas decided to drop the word Irish in
its potato reports and substitute for it
the word %lwhite." The Irish potato
will hereafter be known a= the white
In Ireland, it is said, the be5t grades
af potatoes are kaown as American
A ur xu;i^i\e*
I wish to exteud my gratefal thanks
to the members of the fire companies
and all others who labored so untiringly
to save my home and effccts from
fire on Morday, and to acknowledge
mv siJicere appreciation of the services
and kindnesses rendered myseif and :
family bv our friends.
G. B. Dane.
the Have Always Bcught
Ladles, Please Don't Read This,
Unless you safer with troubles peculiar
ta your ser. Write for our book
and 200 Atlanta testimonials on female
diseases, and they will be sent yon
free. Give us yonr symptoms and Dr.
VanYalen, our specialist, will diagnose
vcur case without cost. We
treat by mail. The Noyita Company,
400-413 Grand Opera House, Atlanta,
At bis residence shortly before
morniog service Sunday, the Kev.
Cbas. E. McDonald united in marriage
Mr. Clark Langford and Miss
Kizzie Timms. Tha ceremony was
witnessed by several friends of the
young c^nple. Tbe bride and groom
n 1IA V\ I 1 I /V f i V* ? -N A A ?1 f T? ??n T rt M /y
aiu uuiu ui LU19 IUUUIV. xuia. juaugford
is a daughter of Mr. James Timms.
MEN Kidney trouble preys
j upon the mind,disconranu
ages an(j lessens ambiWOMEN
fion; beauty,vigor and
c'je~?fuljes3 soou disappear when the;
kidneys are out of order or diseased.
For pleasing results use Dr. Kilmer's
S stamp-Root, the great kidney remedy.
At druggists. Sample bottle by mail
free, al^o pamphlet. Addres?, Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Bingbamton, N Y.
The po? t:iH$:er has received a pitiful
1< Iter i--m Mrs. A. L. VVilkerson,
of St. Mo., 2111 Loucas avenue,
v . : ftTxnrtf t V?n Tnr.
tlB&lJUg ??: MJ.U1 uiaiit->u auuuv luv AU>kctt
family of Fairfield or the Keyes
family of Chesterfield. She is anxions
to find and communicate with any
relatives of Turner T. (or J.) Turkett.
?The State.
Some members of the Turkett family
are at present living iu Fairfield
County and they can, no doubt, furnish
Mrs. Wilfcerson with the desired
Maste: flngh Obear was stricken
with appendicitis early Saturday morning
and about twenty-four hour3 later
was taken to Chester for treatment
by E>r. Davega. At twelve oclock
Monday he was operated upon.
The case is a serious one, but his
youth, strong constitution, and natural
pluck are in bis favor and his friends
are very Inpefal of bis recovery.
?Just received, a fresh lot of honey
drip syrup put up in cans and Porto
Rico molasse3.
. J. D. McG'arley & Co.
We desire to direct the attention of
3ur readers to an advertisement of the
Salem Academy and College for girls
md yonng women pnblished to-day.
rhis school wa3 founded in 1802 and
aas always taken high rank among the
educational institutions of this couniry*
It is thoroughly equipped for
instruction in music, art, elocution
commercial and. industrial branches,
oesides the regular academic conrses.
For particulars, address Rev. J. H
Clewell, Salem, N. C.
TT. 3.1 rv
JLYOUOI JL/yspepsia luuiuugui)
digests food without aid from the
itomach, and at the same time heals
md rettores the diseased digestive
organs. It is the only remedy that
3oes both of these things and can be
relied npon to permanently cnrc dyspepsia.
McMaster Co.
A Spartanburg correspondent of the
News and Courier savs of the weather
conditions in his section that "dry
ind wet streaks alternate, the belts
being abont five miles wkle. In a
:ain btlt the crop prospects are very
fair, while starvation is indicated
tvbere there is no rain."
Similar conditions have prevaileu
apparently in this connty. In some
sections gthere has been 110 lack of
rai-i, and crops are in good sbaps.
The ruins of the last day or two,
however, have been general, and a
marked improvement in me onucoK
is th-i rea
Section Master Hood and his crew of
aands had a very close call Wednesday
whi.'c near (he nerth end of the
Mr. Hood and his crew were going
along at a lively clip on the lever car,
ind while in a cut near Adgers narrowly
escaped a collision with a
southbound extra. In this' cut the
;raeb makes a curve that prevented any
)f the men on the lever car from see
:D2 the approaching train before it
was almost on them. They all jnmped
for their jives and barely succeeded in
jetting out of the way before the car
[vas struck by the locomotive, aud
badly smashed. No or.e was ir jured.
Sir Thomas Lipton, the owner of
the yacht, Shamrock, which will soon
;rois the Atlantic to sail a scries of
races with the Colombia, the new cup
defender, ran away from his home in
Ireland, when about 16 years old,
came to South Cirolma and worked
for two years on a rice plantation.
The race in September is going to be
an international cftair and, of course,
we all want to see the American boat
simply walk away from the Shamrock.
If the Trish boat takes the cup, however,
lhe credit tor the victory will
belong to a man who once lived in
South Carolina, and who shows hi3
good judgment by fitting his magnifi
cent boat with sa'ls made of tea island
cotton grown in Soath Carolina.
The Novita Company of Atlacti,
are curing cises of "female troable,"
after prominent doctors have pronounced
such eases "incurable," or
have said, "You will be compslled to
have an operation." It is a fact that
The Novita Treatment for women
cares such case3. It removes Tamors
and Foreign Growths, cares Granulation,
Ulceration, Inflammation of the
womb and oreries and all displacements.
Write for their book and 200 Atlanta
testimonials and they will be sent you
free. Give them your symptoms and
Dr. Van Yalen -will diagnose yonr case
without cost. They treat by mail.
Address sll letters to The Xovita Company,
400413 Gram Opera House,
A'lanta, Gi. S-l-Gm
r i a?u h i iizs?Bccsac?pga
iTte germing of B&hyl
I brings joy or pain. It's for the|
mother to ciccide. With good health I 1
land a strong womanly organism,! <
I motherhood but adds to* a woman's 8
I Wms af ^mi^ssA 1
takes?ray all terrors by strengthening \
the vital organs. It fits a mother ford 5
baby ccmicg. By revitalizing thai i
nerve cer.-.reslt lias brought chubby, | ,
crowing youngsters to thousands of jj
weak women who feared they were*} s
barren. It purifies, heals, regulates8 (
I and strengthens, end is good for all |
women ?.t all times. No druggist h
would he without it. $i co tj <
For advice in cases requiring special 3 j
direction, address, giving symptoms, g
"The Ladies' Advisory Department," g
The Chaltanooga Medicine" Co., Chat- 3 1
tanocga, Tenn.? 1 t
MRS. i. GriS A lTALE,of JcCai-soa. Ga.. ?
bftJ'S:?"Wi.cn I first lock Wine of Carding
we hid teea married three years, but could 3
not have any children. Xine rr.ci;t!:s later ? 1 c
J "..r-i a fine t
__ (
Commoaccs "Wednesday Before the Fourth j
Sunday in August?Bui*b Governing ]
the Same.
No sel.'i'ig within one mile of the
camp ground.
No uihburbance around (he ground. <
No loud talking. j
No disr; spectful language. <
Xo seliirg of whiskey daring tte
Committee: Charley Hall, chairman;
J It. White, Toney Johnson,
Jefl Jobiison, II. Caldwell, Gladdeu's
Grove; James Heath, F. T. Thomson,
N. W. Boulware, R. L. Hall and P. "W.
Lee, Paradise ; Rossville Churcb,
Tim McC'-orey ;Pleasant Grove Chnrcb,
Alex Aldrich; Pioey Grove Baptist
Churob, John McCo^longh; Long Ran
Bariti-t Church. Tom Johnson; ML
Zioo Baptist Church, Bob McCrorey;
St Pans Church, Richard Davis; New
Zion, Robert Bon! ware.
Al! arc invited to attend. The meelwil!
clo^e on Monday following.
Rev. A. McNeil,
Treasurer and Pastor.
-$10.C0 suits for $6.50; $7.50 suits
for So 00; $4.50 pants for $3 00; $3.00
pan!s for$2 00; $125 pant3 for 75c; ^
75c pants for 50c. Come and look at *
our clothing before you buy.
Porter Bros. 1
The Confederate soldiers of the dif- t
erent townships are requested to meet
on Saturday, the 5th of August, and ?
elect township pension boards. And s
the chairmen of the township boards c
1 e
are reques?e'< b meet m Vinnsboro i
on the firs' M-unlay in August (7th)
to elect a. c uniy h ?a d. f
i ? T-I *
Chairman County Board. r
The ^eiiMemen -who constitute the j
present county board are anxious for f
all of the chairmen of the township i
boar-Is present at the meeting on i
Aur^ It U the duty of the c
towij : . uiiai: :n-n to clect the county j
I. .on/! !\nl f ? ;.nno titno r>ac^ <hoc
VU AX V , 11?"l "* ' u V/ utuiu i^/uwb bu vj
have mgkcted ;> assemble for (hat ]
purpose. Th;" consequence is that ]
year af;rr wa: :be members of the j
count. > >.(! leu-:- been compelled to j
peif lis iiie somewhat unusual duty
of le u t-i. i; g themselves. These gen- t
tieffic-i contributed their services ^
cheerfully, but tbev are not opposed to <]
the principle of rotation in office, and g
arc not averse to sharing the glory j
wi!h others ^
Pursuant to notice published Tuesday
a meet;,jg of some of the business 1
men of Winnsboro vras held in the j
court house at 6 p. rn. Tuesday for the ^
purpose of organizing a business \
loorrnn Til> T If. TCpfr.hin ar.ted a3 i
chairman and Mr. A. B. Cathcart as
After a geueral discussion of ihe
subject, it. was decided to appoint a
committee of three to make a canvass
of the town and enlist the interest of
the business clement in the matter, and
to take such preliminary steps as may
be neces:a-y.
A meeting will be held at 6 p.m.
on Thursday, August .'>rd, for the pur
pose of completing the organization of
the lesguc
Every business man who has the
interest of;hc community at heart
should pi-:ce at the disposal of the committee
jii-t as much of his time and
energy a? be can spare. -Tnis is u
goo J work but to push it along and
keep i: moving, the assistance of the
representative citizens of the community
is necessary.
Don't Kcacl This. ]
2.000 yards remnants calico to sell 1
cheap; 1,0JO yards colored lawns, !
- ~ ' i X .
wort'a uc, onr price svincn iauoy j
black dress snitiiig 40c, our price 2oc; i
a!! 01 oar 8Ac plain and figured while ]
lawns (o ciosa at 5c; 600 ya:ds 32-inch J
percab, fall ri)!cs, S^, ^hiic they last ]
at oj.
! Porter Bros.
Arrest disease
by the timely use of ,
Tutt's Liver Pills, an old and !
* r : ] I
iavonte remedy 01 increasing |
popularity. Always cures
sour stomach, malaria, indiges- j
tion, torpid liver, constipation j
and all Jbilious diseases.
Mrs. Wm. ft. Girardeau is visiting
relatives in town.
Col. F. W. McMaster, of Columbia,
was in town Sunday.
* t > r tp Ti i 3 MA
sirs. jja, u. liacue auu cuuuieu i^|
turned to Colombia Monday.
Mr. E. P. Matthews has returned
from a trip to North Carolina.
Mrs. T. J. Cureton has returned
from a visit to Charlotte, N. C.
Mias Lou Dwight wiil spend the
month of August in "Winnsboro.
Airs. Wm. Bcstic has returned from
a visit to relatives in Charleston.
Ilev. Benjamin Alston has returned
from a two weeks stay at Tryon,N. C.
Miss Alice Witherow has returned
from an extended visit to the low
Mr. Q. D.'Williford has returned
iome after a two weeks stay a' Glenn
f o
Mrs. Lec Hand, of Charlotte, is
risking the family of Capt. T. J.
D tire ton.
Miss Marie Dwight ii.at borae again
ifter a visit t:> Charleston ani Snlli
ran's Island.
gMr. E. B. Kagsdale and I ii mother
ire amoug the Fairfield visitors a;
j'enn Springs
Mr. J. M. Packs U and family, oi
Columbia, are spending the summer
it the Duval house.
Mrs. Clvburn and children left
Wednesday morning for a visit to relatives
in flock Elill <i..d Lancisier.
Mr. J. J. Watts and famil}'-, of Hei;na,
left last week on a vhi't to rela
ives in Fairfield Comity.?Newberry
Miss McMaster, of South Carolina,
.a ia the city, visiting her brother, Dr.
3. B, McMaster. Miss Mcilasterhas
nany friends here who are glad to
velcome her.?Augusta Chronicle.
Mr. Hamp McLcaa, operator at
Southern Railway, is at his home in
Fairfield County on avi?;t. Mr. R. E.
ihealy, of Prosperity, is S!!iDg his
position during his absence.?-New)erry
Voice of the People. ~~
Mr. M. W. Peurifoy, of Saluda, who
las been elccted principal cf the
Sreenbriar High School, was in town
Friday. lie comes to Fairfield highly
ecommended a9 a teacher, and the
school will doubiless flourish under
lis management.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
The bass ball season in Winnsboro
ffill open Thursday with a game beween
the locals and a team from
Greenbrier, and the cranks arc on the
ookout for a particularly warm ex)ition
of ball playing. The local team
s composed of first class material and
he boys will be worked into shape by
lard practise this week.
The Greenbrier team is made up of
i plucky set of ball players and they
ire coming to Winnsboro to win the
fame if clean, hard playing will give
t to them.
The free list will be suspended so
ar as the men are concerncd. Popuar
price*, however, will prevail and
nert and boys will be expected to pay
he merely nominal sum of ten cents
or the privilege of seeing the game.
Fhe ladies are cordially invited
o attend. They will be given
:omp)iineniary tickets. The follow ing
s the line up of the local team.
G Qaattleborm, c; J Rion, p; Joliu
Davis, lb; II "Withers, 2b; Orrcns 3b;
2 Giadden, ss; C F Davi3, 1 f; G
Pressley, c f; G Rion, r f; P
)avis and Jordan, substitufes.
The ball team here have found ic
lard to arrange g*mes this season, and
hey have had several disappointments,
["he game Tharsday seems to be a->
mred, however, and the rooters vt ill
lave a chance to work off some of
heir pent up enthusiasm.
Mr, Editor: I learn that a road is to
>e opened through John Russell's land
>ast the factory to Rocktou. This
fill enable people to roach the factory
vilhout passing through Winusboro.
According to the system ot ethic? prevailing
among some people, TVinns)oro
ought not to permit this road to
)e opened for it will help Rockton and
he people beyond, and lakes so much,
hese business people say, from Wirnis
:oro. We are glad, however, that in
hie case the robber plan has not been
jounlenar.ced. I><H the next most itn>ortant
quc??" -.: i<, Who is (o lay cfl
.his rca.? on a! I it bo a competent
nan who has some knowledge of road
juilding, or simply an official who
nay not understand the first or the hit
mcciples of road buildins?
L;t ns act properly now. Don't let
is have a festering sore for years to
;cme. Don't permit it (o be said that
bis road is the work of So aud So who
cnew nothing about opening cp a new
oad. Citizen.
Try Allen's Foot-Ease,
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
:Vt this season your feet feel swollen,
lervous and hot, and get tired easily,
[f you have smarting feet or tight shoes
;ry Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the
ect and makes walking easy, lleieves
com3 and bunions of all pain
md gives ease and comfort.Try it today
Sold by all druggists, grocers,
siioe stores una general siuiuKecpti:?
everywhere. Price 25c. Trial package
FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted,
Le Roy, jN" Y
The summer school for the white
teachers of Fairfield Connty will be
btld in Mt. Zion College at Winnsboro
beginning Thursday, August 17th, and
cou'inuing one month. Sapt. S. H.
Edmund.*, of Snmler, wi-1 b") tbe
principal instructor. Mr. Edmunds is
a Fairfield msn, young, active and
up-to-date. lie will have as h's coworker
Mi?s Wither?, of Chester, one
of ^ihe fine=t workcis in tLc State.
Fairfield should feel proud of sr.oh a
selec'ion. I know that every teacher
in the county who has the interest of J
their school at heart and who has not i
attended a summer school already'
will take advantage of this rare op- [
; rsnrfnnifv. Arran^smfints are beineM
- * O o
| made to get board at reasonable prices.
J. can say it will not exceed $10 for tbe
month and possibly as low as $$. We
shall espect every white teacher in
the county to be on band at the opening
of the fchoo!, August 17th, at 9
o'clock. No certificate of any teacher,
who fail3 to attend, wi.l be renewed.
There will l-o m examination at tbe
closc of this school, which will take
the place of the regular fall examiua-1
tion, for teachers. Those wishing to
teach will please come forward and
make their calling and election sure.
r ?j '
D. L. Stevenson,
A. Mother Tells How She Saved Her Little
Daughter'* Life.
I ain the motber of eight children
- 1 J l - A ? + A no I /1-o-v^r.:
iiLIU IlilYd iittU & ucai ux CApgiieuce
with medicines. Last summer
my little daughter had the dysentery
in* its worst form. We thonsht she
won'd die. I tri3d everything I could
think of, bnt nothing seemed to do her
any good. I saw by an advertisement
n our paper that Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy was
highly recommended ard sent and got
a lr?ttle at once. It proved to be one
of ill? very best medicine? we e?er had
in (he house. It saved in-? liuie daagh(er's
life. I am anxious for every
mother t> kuow what an excellent
medicine it is. Had I known i- ai first
it would have saved me f greit deal of
anxiety and my Jiule daughter much
suff'.-rinar.?Yours truly, Mrs. Geo. F.
Bl'edicx, Liberty, R.I For sale by
McMaster Co.
Rev E s and Mrs Lnpo Celebrate Their
Golden Wedding:
On Wednesday, the 26tb of July, it
was oar pleasure to be among the
number of invited guests assembled
at the home of Rev. and Mrs. E. S.
Lupo, near Monticello, to participate
in the celebration of their "Golden
Wedding." Although the day was
dark and clocdy and there was an almost
constant downpour of rain, all
of the invited guests were preseut and
not one had sent an excuse. The very
fact of rain, so much needed upen the
thirsty fleld3, served to increase the
joyfuloes3 and grateful spirit of the
occasion, and the merriment and laughter
within was a spontaneous and
happy accompaniment to the patter of
rain on the roof.
There is a ?p:rit of sad sweetness
that possesses the heart in standing
before a couple that has passed the
mueiu tune siunu vi luariicu m-.
When we reflect upon the contrast of
the first and second wedding. A
youth and maid in the strength and
hopefulness of youth stand before us;
and in the hope and faith of young
life look forward to a life rchose difficulties
seem email, wheire trials few
and the dark cloud of sorrow finds no
place ia their hesven of happiness.
The years have rolled. The joys have
been many, bat trials have come too,
a good fight has been foaght. Life's,
path was r.ot so smooth ?8 they expected,
and the bowed form, the
wrinkles and silvered hair but mark
the mile stones, and are witnesses to
the rough places along the'way. On
the occasion our hearts responded to
a feeling of profound honor and respect
a3 we stood in the presence of
such a noble pair. Two who had
through the years preserved such an
honorable name and bad so successfully
reared their children in the
"nurture and admonition of the Lord."
Of iiicse tbere are eight children and
twenty-six grandchildren, all of whom
were present 011 this bappy occasion.
Th3 number of guests pressut, including
children and grandchildren,
unmoored aoout sixty.
In iLe presence of the standing assembly
the couple entered when Ju.v.
II. L Baaksof the XI. E. Church iu
appropriate aud well chosen words,
remarked upon the honored and exemplary
life of this consecrated,*-^*
and recommended ihe exatrp' _
(heir lives to a!! present. Rc ~~A.
McDowell fittingly gave a eIi ^ review
of the life of this minister y.' the
gospel and gave praise to his worthy
helpmeet who would share not only
his worldly praise, but that to come.
A HfTrtn Cne'fl VoT?I"?Avnnnr}i ro.
i ic l lij13 ha 193 uucl^y jluiuvavu^u awcitcd
very ssveetly "The Golden Wedc!iag"
a poem written for the occasion
and sejit by their friend Mrs. E. P.
Scott, of Longtown, to which Rev.
Lupo very touchingly responded.
Prayer was offered by Rev. Banks,
and the congratulations which followed
were sincere and appropriate.
Among the presents given was a iarge
comfortable willow rocker presented
to Rev. Lnpo by theMonticello Sunday
School. Air. W. D. Davis in a few
chosen words made the presentation.
Also a pair of gold spectacles apiece
from their children. Their daughter
Mrs. E. D. Lnpo, of Atlanta, brought
a handsome golden cake .vbich, with
an elegant centerpiece in gold, adorned
the main table. The dinner was served
at high noon and was all that a wedding
feast could be. In the afternoon j
Mr. Reckling photographed the lamny
group, after which the assembled
guests, servants and all were photographed
on the rocks in the yard.
This picture will serve as au appropriate
souvenior and happy reminder
of a pleasant occasion
The pleasures of the afternoou were
adaed to much by the recitations in
dialect of Miss Irene Lupo of Atlanta.
This yonng lady is one of the few who
has successfully attained the accomplishment
of dialect speaking.
To this honored couple we extend
our best wishes and desire that tney
may vet be spared to celebrate their
"Diamond Wedding."
July 28, '99. E II M.
Q?What noise a... - oyster?
A ?A noisy noise auu >o uu oyster! i
? Ally Sloper.?Chicago News.
crkOTv^Trrir'TTT VP AT? OP' V-ll
1 V/Xll A'X'ir JLAX XM4Ai.? V* - w
Wednesday, September 6tb. Lui^-st
endowment of any College in the
South. Coinpletest Gymnasium in the
State. Board $6.50 to $10.00 per
month. Loan Scholarships for worthy
young men. Young women admitted
to all classes. Send for Catalogue to
G-24 JL?ariia.rri) IN. kj.
?n? g g ? m and Whiskey Habita
u 9 E ? 5aiaa cured at home with.5*
Igb ROTS out pain. Eooko'uarK
9 w B w a ticrnan eent FREE.
?5aEESe^ B.M.WOOLLEY, M.D. |
SuaaS??SrOfl6e 1W N. Try ox St
m \j||ir ness and j
\ / \ doses of S
With painful menses, attended with sour s
ff and occasional whites. I also have severe r
?L had I cannot rest. I have used various feme
g more good than all others. I shall contiriu
Gienmnre. Gil
If your case is complicated, writx
g formation regarding the use of this i
c gist. If he does not keep it send n
all charges paid. L. GERSTLE
|}n883 of Mere
There is bQt one Glenn Springs and it h
SioinachT, Liver, Kidneys, Bowels and Bio
For water apply to For rat
SALEM ' .1
Academy and College, for Girls and
Young Women. Best home care, >o-j
gether with fall * College instruction. I
Specialists in Music,, Art, Elocution, tg
La-guages, Commercial an.i Industrial 1
Studies, Institution fonud-d in 1802. J
The Register shows 328 lastjtar. New
term begins Wednesday, Sept. 6, 1899.
Send lor Catalogue to *
Rev. J. H. CLE WELL, Principal, t_
S-l-3c Salem,-North Carolina.
RfiSoSMKJ-wjEK Oleics wxi bcoatiGe* the
WMfiEEf&O1 KtiPromotcJ a luxuriant growtiL
^Mjpj Ng-7oc Tails to Hector? Gray
Hair to it3 Youthful Color.
KWiS ?y-- asUpsaio dieses & h*ir tiling.
iKK^gfej JOc.scdgl.OOat Prcggig?___
For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Ya.
Opens Sept. 12th, 1S9D. One of the /
leading Schools for Young Ladies in }
the South Magnificent buildings, all;
modern improvements. Campus ten
acres. Grand mountain scenery in
Valley of Va., famed for health.
European and American teachers.
Full course. Superior advantages in
Art and Music. Students from twenty-seven
States. Forcatalogueaddress
the Presideut, MATTiJ? ?\ MA14K1S, I
Roanoke, Va.
the trustees of Fiii-field (bounty will r
be held iu the office of the County
Superintendent of Education Saturday,
August 4th, at 11 o'clock. The
clerks will please bring their books for T
a settlement. All the trustees, or any
other persons interested in the man- "[J
agccent of the school iunds, are cordially
invited to attend this settlement. C
7-29 2c Superintendent.
in^ a iiew bridge over Wateree Creek j
on ;he public road leading from;
"Winusboro to Kocky Mount, through j
the Pittman place, wiil be let to the!
lowest bidder. Sealed bids will be
received at this office up to 12 o'clock
M. August 26tb, 1899. Plans and
spccifi';at:on3 on fi:e m this office. Two
sood sureties must accompany each
bi i in the sum of the bid made.
County Supervisor.
Aug. 27, 1899. Coramiseioiiers.
AT '
| VI
| es
Eeinz's Pickles, aud Condiments iu !
endless variety, in bottles aad in bulk.!
Heinz's Pickling Vinegar. j
Queen Olives, plain and deviled.
Genuine Canton Ginger Preserves. I ?
Preserves, Jams and Jellies, assorted, j
For a breakfast relish try one of onr j
Choice Mackerel, or Roe Herrings.
Gal Flakes in packages, new goods.
Soda Biscuits, Saltines fresh twice
each wpek. ve
Fcr (he accommodation of bouse- se
keeners daring the hot season weith
-1 1- - . i 3 j Q
CDip nam ana ucti 10 uruci. |
Fine Groceries.
Wheat! Floor I !
! la
! al
| L
LEPi MILLS running, and re-j
spectfully solicit the patronage of
the public. Give us a trial an d p
we shall try to please you.
For one bushel of good wheat, i
that will not lose more than 2 lbs. J b
by being cleaned, we will give 36 j E
lbs. good flour, 11 lbs. bran and j
3 lbs. shorts. j
? - . I tii
If you have any wheat to sea | g
we will pay you casli for it at the j y
market price. j h
Faiifieli Roller Mills.!"
ggPBM i mmm i i ? |
Dr. Tiieo. A. Qnattletera
i>o'icii= a share of the public pairon- }
p. |b
Office is that formerly occupied by I _
thuCoauty Superintendent of Eiiuca- j
tioD, in rear of Law Racge. 6
le First Symptoms of \ . ^|
tiling Health in a Woman is H
ever think that there isalwaysa &_
this malady? In women Nervous- W\
morally the forernnner of some \
emale disease, such as Whites,
rofose or Irregular Menses, etc., ref
Brhich will produce Nervousness
i distressing intensity. If you use
b's Female Panaceaf
,A?E(a-.F.p,j-A"K- sb
rery socn be cured of Nervous- i
ill other female troubles as well. HE
re, move the bowels with mild ^
t. Joseph'* Liver Regulator. \
tomach, rushin? of blood to the head.
lervous spells and heart palpitation so M
ile remedies for a long time~but found Co
1 ? commenced usin*yonr Gerstle'8
KB sieCLAtOK, and tney are doing me P*
e their use. ^
a us and we will give you ML is
nedicine. Get it from your drag- \
s $1 and we will send a bottle, p
! & CO.. Chsttanoora, Ten.
[NGS, S. C.
Sum Resorts j
EAD&-- '|j
.as no equal ou the continent for the
es of board and booklet apply to
rhe Name,*
!?. Brandt,
" l3
IAS BEEN recognized now
for 40 years all over
.1 - l _r
rne upper pan ul uus
State for honesty and
reliability and guaranteed
Upon this impregna- v '
ble foundation the firm
has gained a widespread
enviable reputation and
has built up its big
Money refunded for
goods not satisfactory.
he Jeweler and Optician,
rnder Tower Clock,
hester, S. C.
Innt tmmmfl I
JUol JillllOU!
Mies aid Tobacco. J
Cabbage, Battle Axe,
Potatoes, Star, J
Onions, Early Bird,
Fresh Hams, Dixie,
Smoked Bacon. Monarch.
* t
All kinds of cold drinks?
pple Cider,
Ginger Ale,
Soda "Water.
. v; 5
Give us a trial and we will connce
you tliat we are the cheap
it house in town.
I. i. Mil & tt
Sheriffs Sale
jsted in me I have levied on and will
!l to the highest cash bidder before
* ?J TT?n
C V/Ulii t JUVUOC UUU1 ir luuow*v\/t
UGUST next, the following deribed
tracts of land, sold nnderthe
cts referring to delinquent taxes:
School District No. S.
W. M. Braswell, 83 acres; bounded
>rth by lands of Boney; east by lands
I John Rimer; south by lands of
iss Belle Hood; west by lands of
W. Brown.
\Ta*?t Pnflflo/i/? cr<\<r& S/>/?nr.
pCo., 250 acres; bounded north by
nds of J. W. Raines; east by lands
: Mrs. Finley; south by Lorick &
owrance; west by lands of Baleune.
School District No. 3.
Nathan Boulware,60 r.cres; bonuded
p lands of G. H. McMaster and W. C.
School District No. 24.
Louisa Dennis, 63 acres.^: bounded
v lauds of U. G. Desl\?rtes and Sam
School District No. 15.
Cieacy Ginyard, 55 acre*; bounded
5rih by lands of E. S. Lapo an?i ^
. II. Yarboro; cast by lands of B.-ll. ?<
arboro; south bv lands of P. M. B.
[olley and W. R. Doty; *est by
.nds of W. D. Davis and Mrs. Mat- ' \
e Aiken.
Mr?. F. E. Hartr.on, 28 acres;
onuced by lands of Brown, Fialherty,
rown and Brasweii.
Willis HaW, boas- and l^t; bounded
y lands of B. G. E*nerson, Elijah
'all, Sr., aud .'he public street runiDg
to the tanvard.
7-13:d S. F. C.
' - s ;-S

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