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Wednesday, August 23, - -1891
?See letters of administration else
?Goods at and below cost at Porte:
' * * ^ " -- * ? ? ? L A M ^
.Bros.' aarmg me ue-vi iwu
?Mr. G. B. Danu is having his lo
cleared of tbe debris left by the re?en
. fire, preparatory to rebuilding.
' ?Mr. James Cathcart has move<
his family (o Winnsboro. They ar
occnpying the Timmons residence 0]
npper Congress St.
?TS-iae^QTr ?ffprnr.on and niffb
Winnsboro got a slight touch of th<
storm. It amounted to nothing mor(
here, however, tban a high northeas
?Walker'6 pond was drained Tues
kday night and a party went out Wed
day to eapture the fish left io the shai
low water. They bad a good day'
? Wm-b on the residence to be buil'
rby Mr. \V. H. Flenniken to replace (hi
one destroyed some time ago by fir*
will begin shortly. Mr. Flennikei
and his family will, in a few months
be at home again at Belle Vae.
Kodol Dyspepsia Care Ihoronghh
digests food without aid from thi
stomach, and at the same time heal
and restores the diseased digestivi
organs. It is the only remedy tha
does both of these things and cau b
relied npon to permanently cure dys
fc pepsis. jxi.uju.iisv^v.
L ?Most of the clerks in town hav<
* taken advantage of the doll seasoi
; a.nd have taken a short rest from thei:
confining duties. This little holiday ii
the hottest part of the summer bnildi
them np and prepares them for thi
Vhsotttt -Tail rrarlp.
UVU V J *****
?The Governor has recently ap
pointed four delegates to the Military
Surgeons' Association which is to mecl
in Kansas City. One of the delegate!
is Dr. J. A. Mood, who is well knowi
in this county, having at one tim<
practiced his profession in Eidgeway
?Our entire stock of goods to b<
sold at and below cost.
Porter Bros.
One Minute Coogh Cure quick!]
cures obstinate summer coughs ant
colds. "I consider it a most wonder
ful medicine,?quick and safe."?W
W. Merton, Mayiiew, Wis. Mclfaslei
' Co.
?Cotton picking has commenced
and it will not be loog before the
fleecy staple will bs broaght to towE
in qua-itilics. The cotton is opening
earlier this year than last, and the
weather is exactly what is needed for
cotton picking, however unfavorable
it is for everything else.
?Hugh Obear, who recently underwent
an operation* for appendicitis ai
Dr. Davega's hospital in Chester, has
improved rapidly and the physician
has pronounced him well enough to
be brought home this week. Eif
mother who has been in Chester dur
ing Hugh's illness, will return hom(
with Iiiou
?A German complimentary to th<
vouDg ladies visiting Winnsboro wa;
given in the armory Toesday eveniDg
It was one of the most delightfa
social events of the summer, and th<
young people present enjoyed them
selves immensely. The music for th<
occasion was furnished by Pinckney'i
band, of Columbia.
Hamilton Clark, of Chauncey, Ga.
says he suffered with itching pile;
twenty years before trying DeWitt'i
Witch Hazel Salve, two boxes o
-which completely cured him. Bewan
of worthless and dangerous counter
feits. McMaster Co.
?Toe "Quick Steps,", Winosboro'f
crack colored ball team, were defeatec
by the " Willingham Boys" in a wel
played game Thursday afternoon.
The ecore was 11 to 9. The work o
both teams was excellent, the batierj
work being particularly good. Th<
? ? wAfTT^Vlfail fV?Q
gSHHC was ncc Jjlvjui iuc ivnujum
is too frequently made a prominen
?Clement .Davis has secured a po
sition in the American Machioe Com
pany, of Pawtuckef, Rhode Island
and will leave for that place abon
September 1st. The company is per
haps the -argest cotton factory ma
chinery shops in that section and on;
young friend will remain there om
year prior to taking a regular lextili
course in some college.
Quickly cure constipation acd re
build and invigorate the entire syfcten
?never gripe or nauseate?DeWitt'
Little Early Ri-ers. JicMaster Co.
?A large crowd of colored excur
Zionists left town on Saturday fo
Charlotte to attend a camp meeting i]
progress in that city. The train, whic]
was well filed, left at about tei
^o'clock Saturday night and returnei
on Sunday night. The facinations o
an excursion are always great for th
colored people and times are neve
hard enough to prevent their going o
every one.
?The State of Monday published
list of the summer schools now in ses
aicn in the various counties, and th
number of teachers in attendance upo:
each. The Fairfield school is one o
the throe mentioned as having th
largest attendance, the number o
(flontiorc anr/Vl lo/l hero h?inor fifi. Tt l
Uiavuvii kutviivvt uv>w vv"*o
a matter of congratulation to th
teachers in charge of the school her
that such an interest is being man:
fested in the work by the teachers o
the county.
?During a recent competitive es
arnination for a scholarship in th
South Carolina College, and for vfhic
there were several applicants Mi
George B. McCants was successful
The examination was held here an
the papers were sent to Columbia fc
inspection. We congratulate Mr. Mv
Cants upon winuing the scholarshi
and feel sure that in his college cours
he will follow in the footsteps of othe
students from Winnsboro who hav
gained for themselves an enviabl
reputation at the Sonth Carolina Co
"DeWitt's Little Early Iiisers di
me more gcod than all blood medicine
and other pills," writes Geo. r
tTacobs, of Thompson, Conn. Promp
pleasant, never giipe,?the? cure coi
stipation, arouse the torpid iiver <
action and give you clean blood, stead
nerves, a clear brain and a bealtl
3ppetite. McMaster Co
" Before my *?^
wife began using h J
Motner s !-nena u~
^ she cotild hardly
* not think she
e months and it is
her housework - \ \ \
without trouble." \ *
Mothers Friend
8 fe an external liniment for expectant
mothers to use. It gives them
t strength to attend :o their household
.. tn fh*? farwr r>f crwifine
z ULktWAWi? r ? __ ~
> ment It is the one and only prepara- j
" tion that overcomes morning sickness
and nervousness. It is the only
> remedy that relaxes and relieves the
strain. It is the only remedy that
f makes labor short and* delivery easy,
e It is the only remedy that puts the
6 breasts ic condition so that swelling
b or rising is impossible. Don't take
1 medicines internally. They endanger
B the lives of both* mother and chUd.
Mother's Friend is sold by druggists for $1.
g Send for our free illustrated book.
j T&e Bradfleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga,
?We expect to move our place 01
3 business and in order to save freight
3 will for the next two weeks sell
our stock at and below cost. Come
while you can buy bargains.
Porter Bros.
7 ?It is a matter of the deepest regret
to all who love fine trees, that the
3 handsome old oak near Mt. Zion Insti|
tute seems to be dying. The leaves
' have turned brown and there is every
' indication iliat little if any lite is iett
' in the tree. This tree has been the
pride of ML Zion since the earliest
days of (he school and has added
I greatly to the beauty of the school
. grounds and to the comfort of the
. pupils. It has long been feared that
r the tree was dying and it is thought
that the extreme cold of last winter
* which proved so * disastrous to hun1
dreds of trees ail over the State mast
1 have put on the finishing touches and
1 deprived tne old tree or wnat aiue me
5 remained to it.
Irritating stings, bites scratches,
5 wounds and cut3 soothed and healed
by DeWitt's Witeh Hazel Salve,?a
. sure and safe application for tortured
' flesh. Beware of counterfeits. Mc1
Master Co.
' To sell 25,000 brick. To buy 10
shares of The "Winnsboro Bank stock,
[ or 10 ?hares of Loan and Trust stock.
8-22*2 Jas. L. Bryson.
5 The old home place of Dr. "W. W.
j Anderson, Jr., eight and a half miles
from this city, was burned on Monday.
The house was occupied by Mr. H. G.
Muldrow and family, who lately re
% ' moved
from Wisacky. The fire origi3
nated ia the kitchen. Most ot the
farniture was saved.
J The above very unwelcome piece of
j news is taken from this week's issue
f of the Sumter Watchman. Mr. and
i Mrs. Maldrow's many friends here
sympathize with .them deeply in the
, loss of their delightful home.
Bears tto jp ihs Kind You Have Always Bought
; Sisre
| Tie following which we take frcm
The State shows that Winnsboro's
reputation for carrying off the palm in
educational matters has spread to
other places: ^
' Winnsboro is always stealing a fair
' march ahead in educational matters.
- In 1879 Capt. Henry Davis gained the
. appointment to West Point. In 1880
p it was won by David Gaillard, who
was made colonel in the Spanish2
American war. This year the three
e vnnncr ladies who have obtained the
Fairfield scholarships for Winthrop
are all Winnsboro girls, Misses Helen
a and Jeanoette S-ewart and Miss Daisy
g Brockingtou. 4S&K
All three are niece^Ei Dr. T. C.
Robertson of Colombia.
r Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cares dysa
pepsia because its ingredients are such
k that it can'fc help doiog so. "The public
can rely upon it as a master remedy
Q for all disorders arising from imper
3 feci digestion."?James M. Thomas,
f M. D., in American Journal of H?altb,
e N. Y. McMaster Co.
The president of tha business league
a has appointed the following coamit!
2 Executive Committee?T. K. Elliott,
a W. C. Beaty, A. S. Douglass,
f Streets and Highways?D. A. Crawe
' ford, W. D. Douglass, W. G. Jordan,
f J. F. McMaster, M. TV. Doty,
s Railroad?W. R. Doty, G. H. Mce
Master, J. C. Caldwell, C. K. Douge
lass, II. B. Refo.
i- Ways and Means-J. Q. Davis, U.
f G. DesPorto?, Chas. A. Stevenson,
W. C. Beaty.
Two names are to be added to the
e Executive Committee.
Rumors to the efleci that the capacity i
d of Ike -Fairfield Cotton Mill is to be j
ir dotbled are afloat, but they lack as
.. yet positive confirmation. The busiP
ness of the mill is growing daily and
jg the machinery down there is kept
,r hamming night and day to keep up
e with the orders that come in for the
ie goods turned out.
j. j The mill has been running long
enough to convince everybody of the
^! immense value s^ch an institution is
;s to a community. An increase in the
f. capacity of the mill would as a matter
t, of course, be a good thing for the
owners of stock, and it would bring
[y about a very substantial increas9 in
iy the business of the town.
We hope to be able befcre long to
make the positive statement that
Wionsboro's "greater" cotton mill is i
not simply an .idle dream. jn
TLat Throbbing Headache
Wonld quickly leave yon, if you in
ascd Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thou- ]
sands of sufferers have proved their , .
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pare blood
and strong nerves and build up your Iui
health. Eas\ to take. Try them. ;
Only 25 cenls. Money back if not ?c
cured. Sold by Mc3Jaster Co , drug- "
Rockton, S. U., Ang. 12, 1899. &r
Mutual Reserve Fund Life Associa- pj
Gentlemen?I take pleasure in ac- ^
kuowledging through your representa- ^
tive, Mr. Longstreet Gantt, the receipt
oi cnecK ior one tncusanci uonars on
the National Bank of New York in ?
payment of policy No. 149046 in the .
Mutual Reserve Fund Life Associa- '
ticn; issued to the late Thomas P.
Kindly convey my thanks to the
officers of the Association for courteSti
8;-55 shown and for paying the claim a
considerable time before it was actualiy
due according to the terms of ^
the policy. I heartily recommend your
ASSOCiaii'JT tt> au WflU require me
beiu fite of s^md life insurance at the
lowi st pos ibis cost. .
You s very truly, v,
(Signed) J. R. Curlee, ^
Execuivr Estate late Thos. F. Ligon. W
Bears the jO Kind You Have Always Bought ?
, JL .* da
I do not want to throw cold water
on any scheme for progress inonrold j
tnnrn' linf T mncf /?rmfnea VCTC*. fllrft-ldv I
oppressed tax payers, are iQ hot water j,
over a wild suggestion of water-works
to increase taxa'ion. ^
Some people are great zealots when ^
thev can get their hands in other
people's pockets for money for some
public or religious purpose.
It is a mvth to suggest an artesian _ '
well. What has been the experience ^
of every attempt to dig any well in an
town? Fifty feet below the surface of bu
our deceptive porous red clay of Fairfield
brines you to granite, which is
the underlying and outcropping formation
of the whole county?hard as
syenite, that may extend beneath 600
feet_for all you know. Fine water, 4
no doubt, when vou sret it, but I think
granite has only about 2 per cent of *n
water. Considering that every citizen a c
nearly now bas a well of pnre, excellent
water, cool at 50 feet depth with
only a tax of $2 a year for cleaning Jas
once a year for health, what reason is tw
there for incurring an enormous debt
for fail experiment which is bound to tra
fail? lot
Try something else, ye water sprites, fai
for the public benefit. R. ;
* 1
SWAMP- Is not recommended | mi
PHOT for everything; but if W
you have kidney, liver W
or bladder trouble it will be found just ^
the remedy you need. At druggists in
fifty cent and dollar sizes. You may sei
have a sample bottle of this wonder- lej
ful Dew discovery by mail free, also see
pamphlet telling all about it. be;
Address, Dr. Kilmer &Co.,Bing- .
hamton, N. Y. sai
?: an
, no
Mr. Editor: The attitude assumed
by the Columbia State aud other news- ge]
papers in opposition to the war with
the Filipinos is doing much harm. The str
enort to discredit mcjo.iuiejr ?uu mo 0j
Republican portv, on account of the m{
war, will be repudiated by the Amencan
people, who will overwhelmingly
sustain the government in subduing pa
the Filipinos. The only thing accomplished
by the fault-finding newspapers
will be encouragement to the insur- gc
gents and prolongation of the war to u;,
the destruction of thousands of the tn
poor savages and great loss of life
among our own soldiers.
Patriotism, justice and humanity? ^
all?dictate that the war should be stj
ended as soon as possible and 150,000
soldiers 6ent out at once if necessary en
to subdue the islands. When peace r0
shall have been established there is no ey
doubt but that the Filipinos will be w,
dealt with as is best for them and the jn
cause of humanity; but in the homeJy aE
phr?se of Abe Lincoln, "tbere is no ar
time 10 swap nurses yym;li vvit aw
crossing a dangerous bridge. 0j.
G-. A. McMaster.
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible Burn, ,w
Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Ar- ps
nica Salve, the best in the world, will b(
kill the pain and promptly heai it. ?
Cures Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers,
" "-> ? Qn CUn Frnn.
IXJIIS, rt/iUUSf WiiiPj an uoiu ^
tions. Best Pile cure on earth. Only
25 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by McMaster Co., druggists.
The Winnsboro Bank received from
Baltimore Wednesday the lollowing r
anonymous communication: t
"Get some one to sign your cashier's a
name to checks, who can write a legi- ?
ble hand. No one can read his scrawl." *
The members of The News and di
Herald staff are, unfortunately, pain- B
fully unfamiliar with the signature ^
that this cashier or any other is in the i
1 -L-'*- r r\ r n i
nauil U1 <.v vuwv?..
fact, our opportunities for making a
specialty of the study of signatures to J
j checks has been so limited that we can- fj
j not be properly classed as experts in ^
that particular kind of chirography. $\
Most of our communications from the u
bank come in the shape of little ^
printed notices- stereotyped forms
filled out with dates and other harrow- <]
iog details?to which the printed s!g- a:
nature of the cashier is attached. In ^
spite of our inability to render expert
- - t
testimony on the subject, nowever, jj
we think the cashier has been grossly v;
slandered. ^
A banker's signature, as everybody
knows, should show individuality and
it should be, above all things, very
hard to copy. Those Baltimore people
are evidently chronic kickers, and the
chances ara that they would raise &
some sort of a howl even if their a
checks came in with the cashier's sig- 3
nature looking like an impression from h
a Spencerian copy plate. C
Miss Bessie Hall is visiting friends K
Sliss Laura Gerig is visiting friends |
Miss M?rv F. McMaster went to Co- V
nbia ou Monday. I
Mr. C'ua3. A. Douglass went to Jo- I
ubi* on Monday. I
Mrs. B. R. Scott, of Lougtown, is fl
iiting at Dr. Qaattlebaum's. fl
Miss Rath Brice, of "Woodward, is fl
siliug relatives in "Wionsboro.
Mrs. J. G- Halliburton ind children fl
e vis-ifing jir3. M. R. Gladden.
Mr. R. J. McMaster, of Tampa I
a., is visiting relatives in town.
Mr.-. Samuel Cathcart J., lelt Friday I
r a visit to relatives in Knoxville,
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Doty are at
me again after a visit to Glenn
Mr. David G. Ellison who has been
ending two weeks at home returned
Columbia Monday.
\.T~r. T> U Rnnnrn V>QO rnfnrno/i ffi I 1
1X1IO- AJL Uk U UUO ???,? k<?
d^eway after a visit to Mrs. J. N.
eeie.-R- c* Hill Herald.
Mrs. Wm. Martin and her daughter,
iss May, of Charleston, are visiting
if' and Mrs. H. A. Gaillard.
Miss Margaret Russell, of Prosrity,
is visiting Winnsboro as the
est of Mr. R. H. Jennings'family
Miss Oivens, who has been visiting
> ond \ffo O Vf nho/rullpr. lftft '
! AUU iU19i v? MM J
ednesday for her home in Rock Hill.
Mrs. W E. Ellerbe and childica
It on Saturday for their home in
igood after visiting relatives here.
MiS3 Leila Mae Johnson leaves to- ?
y for her home in Asheville after
ending several weeks with Miss
artba Dwight. er
Miss Mary Fayssoux Alexander, oi
10 has teen visiting Miss Annie \z
ivis, has returned to her home in le
? 11 ?\t n
yeucviuc, nj
Miss Mallie McMaster, who is o
idying at a Training School for w
:rse?, in Louisville, Ky., is here on sv
risit to Mr. ajd Mrs. J. F. McMa9ter.
Dr. Cady's (Condition Powders,
3just what ahorse needs when in
dcondiiion. Tonic, blood purifier
d vermifuge. They are not food
t medicine and the best in use to
t a horse in prime condition. Price
cents ppr package. For sale by
iMaster Co.
miss xaxxie k. watt dead. ,
3/r. Editor: It is a solemn and painduty
to chronicle the death of a
end under any circustances; but in
ase like the one I now write of the
k is doubly painful, from the fact
it the subject of this memoir was
it passing oat of her teens into her
entieth year and blooming oat into
ang womanhood in beauty and atictiveness,
admired by strangers and
red by those who knew her, with
r prospect for a life of usefulness.
Miss Nannie K Watt, daughter of
John J. and Mrs. Minnie (Scruggs)
att, died at the ?Hospital in
ashington, D. C., on the night of
i 18th inat. She had gone there
reral months ago for the purpose of
irning the duties of a traibed nurse,
;miDgiy a specimen of perfect
alth, vigor and beauty. It has been
d that death seeks a shining mark,
d while there is more sentiment than
.*U tn/ik nitoron/ioo 1R
llii X U ' V/ll U* 1^1 UUVV MW MVV?VM
respecter of persons, age or sex?
t it ia a fact, that ia this case he did
lect a shining mark.
Nannie wa3 from childhood a girl of
ong convictions and independence
cha-irer, and hid she lived to
itare womanhood woald no doubt
ve taken a high 6tandt if not the
ice ot a leader in her chosen occution.
She was the self-constituted,
.thfnl and devoted nurse for several
ars of her aged grandfather, (J. H.
rnggs, now deceased, and stood by
nand administered to hineeds as a
ie angel of mercy. Her devotion to
m seemed to know no bonnds.
It was the privilege of the writer,
one of her friends and admirers, to
md and look npon her lovely face as
e lay ia ibe cold embrace of death,
shrouded with a beautifal burial
be in a casket of as rich finish as my^
J fPU/* Afifiionlfif
es ever ueiieiu. xuc oumv vutuv
as furnished by the authorities of the
stitation where she was employed,
id seemed to be expressive of their
tpreciation of her.
She died from the effects of a severe
>eration, not under the surgeon^
life, but'in a few hours after being
moved from the table. Her last
ords were uttered as she lay in pre- o
iration for the trying ordeal and jast P
;fore it began: jl
Sow I lay me down to sleep, s;
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep,
nd if I die before I wake,
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take."
From letters received by her father
*? - - C *1^ 3
id mother, berore ana in view u* me a
jproeching crisis, we are assured that a
ith her all is well, and we sorrow f
as others who have no hope. Her n
nnains wero interred in Bethel ceme- s
ry on the 20th inst., and a large
ithering of sympathetic friends at- c
mded the service, which was con- fc
acted by the pastor, Rev. M. L. c
anke, Jr. She was a member of the f
resbyterian Church. A Friend.
Rnhbed the Grave. t
A startling incident of which Mr E
ohn Oliver of Philadelphia, was the v
lbject, is narrated by him as follows: \I
was in a most dreadful condition. v
[y skin was almost yellow, eyes "
mken, tongue coated, pain contin- *
ally in back and sides, no appetite? r
radually growing weaker day oy day. o
hree phveicians had given me up. ?
'ortunately, a friend advised trying .
Electric Bitters,' and to my great joy 1
ud surprise, the first bottle made a
ecided" improvement. I continued fc
>p?r n?p. ior three weeks, and am now ^
well msn. I know they saved my '
fe aud robbed the grave of another 1
ictim." No one shoald fail to try
lem. Only 50 cents per bottle at j
[cMaster Co.'s drag store. 6
Mr. E. G. Scrnggp, while cutting s
;ather a few days ago, made a slip
nd cut his own hide at a choice spot 1
bont the wrist, severing an artery, s
'he waste blood wag alarming and t
e lost no time in finding a doctor.?
;hester Lantern. |t
' Si PI !
I f ]l|I
HA. 1 MM ;
The Time Gomes ;
to every elderly -vrornau when an im- j
portant functional change takes place. i
This is called "The Change cf Life." [ ]
Theentire system undergoes a change.
Dreadful diseases such as canccr and ;
consumption are often contracted at |
this time. 1
Wine ofjteipsliri 11
strengthens and purines the entire! ;
bjausiu, itiiu. uiiu&2> l-ic j.u^i v ^ j ^
over these pitfalls. Its effects have a !
been -wonderful. It is good for a!lj] i
menstrual troubles, but is especially 3 i'
recommended at tliis time. Ast * : 1
your druggist for the famous Y*rine of'g :
Cardui. ?1.00 a bottle.
For advice in cases requiring special | 1
iireciions, address the "Ladies' Ad-jj 1
fisory Department," The Chatta-S
nooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, i '
Tenn. I
THOMAS J. COOPER, Tupelo, Mi: r-. !
?7?:?"My sister suffered from irregcl:.- J ,
pa'aful menstruation and doctors could not*
:e. -e her. Wine of Cardui entirely eurcd 3
ler, and also helped my mother through tliel
Dhango of Life." jfl j
Fairfield's summer school for teach- \
8 has beeD in session for two days :
Uy, bat the classes have been organ- 1
ed, the schedale of recitations and
ctures arranged, and, altogether, a
ost satisfactory start has been made,
n the opening day forty-six students
ere enrollod, and the numbar was :
relied Friday to fift y-five.
The following are the narae3 of the j
udents in attendance: j
Miss Jesnie E Anderson. ]
" Jennie Bsaty. . i
' Marie Beaty.
II T? A "Dnnrtf
u A xiaw.i J
" Eunice Black. <
" Carrie Blair. ]
" Lottie Blair. '
" Hattie Baeschel. ;
" Gertrude Bnrges. ;
" Emma Castles. "
MA Catbcart. ?
" Belle Cathcart.
" May Ctappell,
? Maydie Chappell.
" Rath Dorman.
iC "RAffia T^nrliom
Aivl Iflv
lt Mary Ellison.
T L Edmonds.
" Vivian Glenu.
Mrs R C Gooding.
Miss Mary Huey.
" Maggie Harris.
" Kate Jennings.
" Tirzah Ketcbin.
" Lottie Grey Ladd.
" Bessie Lvles.
Mrs Chas Ladd. !
Miss Bessie McMaster.
" Racbel McMaster.
" Alice McMaster.
" Ella Moore.
" Mattie Martin.
" A L Martin.
" Anna McCarley. s
" Meta McMicbael. 1
Mrs Nelson.
Miss Savilla Owioge.
" Nannie Pbinney, i
t TT? A1.. A ^1. :
" ^ot'de Rabb. ,
" Marv J Raines.
" Stella Raff.
" Hattis Sitgreaves.
" Mattie Sitgreaves
" jjlamie Weir.
? Mary Witherow.
" Maggie Young.
" Elizabeth Stuart.
" Lonise MeMaster.
" Janette Patrick.
Mrs J C Pickett.
Mrs M M Pnerifoy.
Mies Eunice Rosborough.
L M Ford.
M K Isenhower.
R R Jeffares.
W J Kellar.
Robt Patrick.
M W Peurrifoy.
Robt Stirling.
W H Witherow.
M B Jennings.
The soothing and healing properties
f Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, its
leasant taste and prompt and permaent
cures, have made it a great favorwith
the people ever) where. For
ale by McMaster Co.
ridgeway items.
I am 5u vlr, Editor, during these
nil fininmer davs when you and your
ssociates have all they can do to keep
rora melting, that space will be given
ae for account of the happenings herebout.
Kidgeway as nsual has been head
ip and tail over the dashboard; and
ieing much encouraged with the sueess
already attained is looking aronnd
or more worlds to conquer.
Appropos of the wide awake condi
ion of this commnnity, I will state
bat the handsome new academy is
iow receiving the finishing touches;
?hen completed it will be one of the
ost appointed school buildings in the
>tate. It occupies a commanding poition
on the brow of Ivy Hill surouncJed
by a magnificent natural
;rove. The site covers six acrcsand
s indeed au ideal spot for the purpose
The new bank bnilding and masonic
:all is also neariDg completion and
rill be ready for occnpaucy by SepetLber
There are several other minor imjrovements
in progress and the town
3 thoroughly alive to the fact that she
""ft ko alcove tin onfl rlnincr in Order
UUOt UV u^r MUM - ?
o keep up wnh the industrial proceaion
that has taken hold of th3 State.
A few big enterprises are in embryo
tor ihj near future of which I shall
ipeak more definitely as soon a9 they
lave crystalized.
The new county scheme seems to
iaye assumed definite form; and I can
almost pictare myself in our new
:onrt house viewing the forensic display
of the desc:ple3 of Blackstone.
rhe name has been fixed for the new
:ountv and we are about ready to
enumerate the many benefits to us on
icconntofour happy situation. The
;ourt house and jail will of;course be
n Ridgeway?and what a lovely ac
juisitiou of office holders and office
seekers will we have. And besides all
bis we will have eventually that wise
'court house ring" which adorns all
:ourt house towns. Then again the
whistle of the boats will be heard for
we bave the frurance from responsive
engineers ih.it Sawney's Creek is
:o be made navigable for boats as far
is Mo?e James' shop. Thus you will
.1 _:n ? ~:tu
judervu we wau uc uii a pai wnu
lumbia as to water transportation and
its consequent reduction in freight
In view of the great and suddenly
icqaired commercial advantages our
business league have had their hands
full for the past week answering inquiries
from wholesale merchants desiring
to locate here.
Contracts will be signed within the
next few days to Macadamize the
piincipal thoroughfares leading here
for a distance of eight miles. Also
minor contracts for the improvement
"){tributary roads. Within the next
twelve mouths we feci sore that most
3f our progressive farmers *s well as
townspeople will be using to a great
extent the "amomobile" made practicable
by the good roads. I am absolutely
amazed at the aggressiveness
of those people, tbev eeem to stop at i
nothing aud are forever quoting
"where there's a will there's a way."
Having imbibed deeply of the progressive
spirit of the closing year of
the uineteeuth century you mav ex
i 1> ?- - i
peci 10 Dear ui ?uuuenui ciiuns nuu
great results.
Nelsons and Blytbewood are vieing
with each other a's to which is first to
be a suburb of our growing city, and
it will certainly, under the pressure of
our present phfinominal expansion,
uot be long before Winnsboro too will
become our pleasant west end.
Aug. 17, '99. Occasional.
A ThousarM Tongues
Could Hot express the rapture of
Annie E. Springs, of 1125 Howard St.,
Philadelphia, Pa., when she found that
Dr. KiDg's Xew Discovery tor Consumption
had completely cured her of
1 hacking cough that for many years
bad made life a burden. All other
remedies and doctors could give her
no help, but she says of this Boyal
Cure?"it soon removed the pain in
my chest and I can now sleep soundly,
something I can scarcely remember
loing before. I feci like sounding its
praises throughout the Universe." So
will every one who tries Dr. King's
Sew Discovery for any trouble of the
rhroat, Chest or Lungs. Price 50c.
ind $1.00. Trial bottles free at Mo
MaseerCo.'s drag store; every bottle
? The flpo pnerinp is in finmP waV
>ut of working order, snd the members
of the fire company have for days
past been working hard and doiDg
their utmost to find out the trouble
ind tc remedy it. It gives the citizens
)f our town rather an uncomfortable
feeling to know that the steamer
which for year3 past has done such
?p!endid work is not in good woiking
trim The fire company realiz2s folly
the imporlance of losing no time iu
repairing the engine, and all may rest
assured that as soon eb it is possible
Ibe engine will be in thorough working
order again. It ia to be sincerely
hoped that in the meantime we may
not be visited by fire.
a. Mother Tells How She Saved Her Little
Daughter'* Life.
i am the motuer or eigut canureu j
ind Lave had a great deal of experience
with medicines. Last summer
my little daughter had the dysentery
in its worst form. We tbonsht she
wou'd die. I tried everything I could
Ihink of, bat nothing seemed to do her
any good. I saw by an advertisement
in "our paper that Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was
highly recommended and sent and got
a bottle at once. It proved to be one
of thj. very best medicine ? we ever bad
in the house. It saved mv little daughter's
life. I am anxious for every
mother to know what an excellent
medicine it is. Had I kuown it at first
it would have saved me f greit deal of
anxie-y and my little daughter much
suffering.?Yours truly, Mrs. Geo. F.
Bubdick, Liberty, R. I For sale by
McMaster Co.
?Much to the relief of their fathers,
mothers, sisters, etc., the boys who
have been in camp on Catawba River
returned home Monday night. The
young fellows had a great trip, and
there are no casualties to report.
During the civil war, a6 well as in
our late war with Spain, diarrhoea was
OBC 01 Ifle ID05C U'UUUJCSUiiii; uxsca.isc
the army had to contend with. In
many instances it became chronic and
the old soldiers still suffer from it.
Mr. David Taylor, of Wind Eidge,
Greene Co., Pa., is one of these. He
uses Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
and Diarrhoea Remedy and says he
never found anything that would give
him suck quick relief. It is for sale
by McMaster & Co.
Mr. D. K. Flenniken, ot uommDia,
was in town this week visitirg his
brother, Mr. W. II. Flenniken.
Many golden opportunities have
been lost by those who suffer from
rheumatism. By taking Rheumacide
uaw they will be permanently and
positively cared.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. McMaster left
Wednesday for the North Carolina
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the sp ,r "
Signature of C
The Novita Company of Atlant*,
are curing cises of "female trouble,"
-r'/lopfnra harp r>ro
UllUt piuujiuguv uwiuiv ....
nonnced sach eases "incurable."' r
have said, "You will be compsil* ' *o
have an operation." T- i* * frr>\ at
The Novita Tre?' 11 f - j-.en
cares such cases. 1 Tumors
and Foreign Gro>-tb?. ..ic? Granulation,
Ulceration, I II uiiiuatio:s of the
womb and overlt-s and v.". V-pP
Write for their ! ..k u-id 20u A la-'
testimonials and t?. < il*' e-o?.t
free. Give them > - , . .
Dr. Van Yalen w"1. .-vot ?
without cost. 'i. -i : by tu-11.
Address all letu"-< it. 1 i\e No vita Company,
400-413 Grain Opera House,
Atlanta, Ga. S-l-$m
This institution, famous iu the history
recently been thoroughly reorganized an*
is prepaied to do college work of the
thousand dollars have been appropriated
building is bring erected which will cant
Reading-Room, a Museum of Natural Sc;
Society, aud some needing offices. The
beating apparatus throughout, all !he ro<
?'A^rr n?'A.?AO TTTllI T\nr/*h0 2Pf1 flPtT
lUlCf IIWV tv hi ww |/ut vwwwv<*3 mv?*
laboratories will be equipped?in short e^
of a first-cla3s woman's college will b(
Sooth Carolina for beauty and for heal
it? appeal to the people strictly on its o
Commercial Courses. The regular collej
oftr,e State of South Carolina. An <
offered to those desiring to become teachi
College, the Seminary, and the Primary,
students tell the news all over the South
Professor. Prof. Wade R. Brown, rece
Profti.-snr of Music. For further inform:
7-15 il Sept20 L]
Founded 1842.
5pTanI F
_ ??
"Sing their own praise."
PRICE. Yon don't pay a middleman's
profit in a STIEFF PIANO; yon buy
direct from factory, consequently vou
secure tbe highest grade Piano for a
price yoQ pay a retailer for a medium*
grade, or, more likely, a cheap Piano. (
Comparison is tbe most convincing
proof that STIEFF PIANOS have no
superior in TONE and "WORKMAN- (
SHIP; no equal in PRICE.
naralocme for the asking. FINE 1
TUNING. Bell 'phone No."196. <
CM M.STM,Pr_e?;
Baltimore, Md.
Factory Branch Ware-Room, No 213
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
C. 11. WILMOTH, Manager.
8 23
Wili sell ai a bargain
One Engine, Gin aid Press, j
It v jil be to the iuieresi 01 parties de- j
siring to purchase a ginning ou'fit to '
learn terms and price.
8-3 lm ' T. H. KEUCHIN. i
a new bridge over Wateree Creek
on .he public road leading from
"Winnsboro to Rocky Mount, through
the Pittman place, will be let to the
lowest bidder. Sealed bids will be
recr-ived at this office up to 12 o'clock
il. August 26th, 1899. Plans and
specifications on file in this office. Two
good sureties must accompany each
bid in the sum of the bid made.
County Supervisor.
D. A. BROOM, 1
Aug. 27, 1899. Commissioner*.
By S. R. JOHNSTON, Esq., Judge f rekUt.
WHEREAS, Arthur A. Hollis hath
made suit to me to grant him
letters of administration of the estate
and effects of Mansel Hollis, deceased:
These are therefore to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of che said Mansel Hollis,
deceased, that they be and appear
before me, in the Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
? .v ii i-* 1? 01Ai
Moose, ?>OUlU uaroiiiw, uu me uxBb
day of August next, after pablication
hereof, at 11 o'?iock in the forenoon,
to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration should
not be granted.
Given under my handjtfiis lath day
of Au- "ist, Anso Domini 1899.
8-17-2t Judge of Probate.
Letters of Administration.
By S. J\ -JOHNSTON,Esq.,Probaii judge:
TTTliUilEAS, E. II. Jenningsliathmade
suit to me to grant him letters of
administration de bonis non of the estate
? y ** - ? T _ _ ? -
arifl enects 01 <j<uut:b xuiuei, uc-ww,u. >
These are, therefore, to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said James Turner, deceased,
that they be and appear before
me, in the "Court of Probate, to
be held at Fairfield Court House, S. C.,
on the Gth day of September next, after
publioation hereof, at ll o'clock in the
forenoon, to show cause, if any they have,
why the said administration should not
be granted.
Given under my hand, this 21st day ol
August, Anno Domini 1899.
8-2:;-2 Judge of Probate
with a fall stock of Caskets, Burial
Cases and Coffins, constantly on hand,
and use of hearse when requested.
Thankful for past patronage and solicitation
for a share in the future, in the
old stand
Ca'fls attended to a: all hours.
? nrmn
THE JELJLlurJL ijir* onvir,
! 4-17-ly
; Br. Ttw. A. tyfin I
Solicit? a share of the public patron-!
i Office is that formerly occupied by
(the County Superintendent of Education,
in rear of La w Range. >
' vjas
' I
In New York
buying up die latest fads
and the best bargains in
THWPTT1V On?fT) nTiri ADO*
diinibljiu, oiiiitil aim am
... f AEE..... 4
The Jeweler,'ander Tower Clock,
Jf.'M Chester, S. C.
IN 1845,
Y, S. C.
of education in South Carolina, ha?
1 now, with a laige and able Faculty,
very highest grade. Nearly twenty
for improvements. A splendid new
ain a large Auditorium, a Library, a
ience, a beantifal hall for the Literary
building will be furnished with new
>m8 will"be supplied with new furniphysical,
chemical and mineralogical
rerything that is necessary in the work
5 provided. The a:c is unequaled in
thfulness. Limestone College make*
wn merits. Literary, Scientific and
*e degrees are given by the authority
specially fine Course in Pedagogy U
3r8. There are three departments, the
Let Limestone's friends and former
. Capt. H. f. uruncn is me oemor
ntly of YSinthrop College, is the new
ation address tbe I i-esident.
A- ;
Heinz's Pickles and Condiments in
;ndle68 variety, in bottles and in hulk.
Heinz's Pickling Vinegar.
Qneen Olives, plain and deviled. \
(iennine uanton uinger rreserves.
Preserves, Jams and Jellies, assorted.
For a breakfast relish try one of onr
Choice Mackerel, or Roe Herrings.
Oat Flakes in packages, new goods.
Soda Biscuits, Saltines fresh twice
iach week.
Fcr the accommodation of housekeepers
during the hot season we
;hiD ham and beef to order.
Fine G-roceries.
I? mrlfil
Dyspepsia Care
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the-food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon*
structing the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest disajgeied digests
ant and tonic. No oth^^Bparatfaa
can approach it in efflWMfr.ft Ic3tantly
relieves and permanent cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartfcmo,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea^
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWltt 4Co., Chicago.
Winnsboro, S. C.
tat! Flour!
MILLS running, and respectfully
solicit the patronage of
the public. Give us a trial and
we shall try to please you.
For one bushel of good wheat,
* " ? 1 ' Al C\ 11- _
tnat will not lose more man 2 iu?.
by being cleaned, we will give 36
lbs. good flour, 11 lbs. bran and
3 lbs. shorts.
If you have any wheat to sell
we will pay you cash for it at the
market price.
Fairfield Rote ills.
of them broken, which I will sell
cheap or exchange them for broker
down mules.
I also have ONE HEAVY
TEAM suitable for log
mules, and a few PLUG
MULES, which I will sell
lo w for cash. Also T W O
I have one COW AND CALB' and
and several good Springers, and am
always ready for a trade.
Winnsboro, S. C.
Wednesday, September Cth. Largest
endowment of any College in the
Sooth. Completed Gymoasinm in the
State. Board $(> 50 to $10.00 per
month. Loan Scholarships for worthy
yonng men. Younsr women admitted
to all classes. Send for Catalogue to
6-24 Durham, N. C.

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