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Wednesday, August 30, - - 1899
?See Sapeivisor's report.
?1The days are getting shorter.
?After September in the stores
- win not close at 6 o'clock.
?If yoa want to bay a new chaialess
bicycle, call at this ofSee today. ^
?The camp meeting season ia on
Rg and the colored people are happy.
?Goods at and below cost at Porter
vBro8.' daring the next two weeks. *
?Arrange voar plans early to attend
the 31st annual State Fair at Columbia
November 6th to 10th.
Qaiokly cure constipation and rebuild
and invigorate the entire system
?nev"r gripe or nauseate?DeWitt's
k. Little Earlv Risers. McMaster Co.
gttjgt ?The ladies of the Methodist
P&jK. Cburcn served ice cream oa Tuesday
afternoon and realized a nice little sum
H from tbe sale.
Ml ?Don't have chills when you can
H buy from John H. McMaster & Co.,
B foroO cents, a buttle of "chill cure" that
m will put an end to them.
?Tne Rock Hill Herald states that
W Mrs. R. J. Br.'- e, of Fairfield, has
WP bought a lot ia Oakland aod will erect
an ei??jt room house there tiis fall.
tlnirating stings, bites scratches,
wouuds and cats soothed and healed
by DeWitt's \>iteh Hszei Salve,?a
sure and sife application for tortured
flesh. Beware of counterfeits. McMaster
?The chain gang passed through
Winnsboro Wednesday en route tor
the Longtowo section. The gang will '
be engaged for the next few weeks in
gradiDg the Winnsboro andLongtown
"air line."
?After hard work the fire company
has succeeded in getting the engine
in working order again, and the
steamer is now in as good trim as
* v usnal for work. It will be a relief to
all to know tbis.
?We are told by the cotton men I
that on account of the dry weather the
cotton marketed" here this season has
been, as a rule, of beautiful qcality.
It is very white and nnmixed with
trash of any kind. 1
Hamilton Clark, of Chauncey, Ga., s
sava he suffered with itching piles ?
twenty years before trjiog DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve, two boxes of c
which completely cured him. l>eware I
" of worthless and dangerous counter- s
feits. McMaster Co.
?A great many of the "ills that
flesh is heir to" are directly traceable
to dyspepsia. Blaene?, depression, ]
that distressed and tired feeling may I
be relieved by taking Obear's dyepep- i
sia tablets. Try a box. c
?Although rain fell for five^hours i
o mAmAnf'o AAOOQ f 1 rtn <
OUUUft) TV HUUUL. a UlVUlMll ? wotki'VU; t
the local observer's rein gauge shows j
the total precipitation for that day to 1
be only .32 of an inch. The tall Mon- i
day was probably much more than <
? T> D?/\n onrAnf V??> \Tnf M ft]
? -XLli X AUV/il) aggug AV4 I
Life, presented U3 with a convenient
pocket outfit?a good lead pencil, two 1
neat memorandum books and "a cute,r c
little pockht book for stamps; the *
latter can be used for money when one \
is lacky enough to have any. )
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure thoroughly f
, digests food without aid from the 1
stomach, and at the same time heals
I and restores the diseased digestive
j. organs. It is the only remedy that
WP ""does both of these things and cm be
** relied upon to permanently core dys- ^
pepeia. McMaster Co. ^
?The work of the summer school c
is progressing in a most satisfactory t
I manner and the teachers in attendance g
are all mafciDg the most of their time. s
The nnmber of names upon tbe roll j
has increased, and others will proba- c
b'y corns before the examinations t
begin. 1
?Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Douglass,
of Washington, D. C., passed through 5
the city yesterday morning en route to
Yellowstone Park, and other points in i
the far west. Mr. Douglass his been 1
elected a director ot the Democratic i
"Wnf?nn<al PnliHahino* ('nmn&nv. which S
publishsa the National Watchman.?
The State.
?The Baptist Chapel which i,s being
erected near the factory, when com- ;
pleted, will be a very neat and sab- -j
stantial building and will add greatly '
to th3 appearmce of the factory *
grounds. The two chapels will be a *
great convenience to the factory ope- '
rative3 as the distance from the mills *
to the town churches is very great. s
?Our entire stock of goods to be
sold at and below cost.
Porter Bros. 1
One Minute Coagh Cure quickly \
cures obstinate sammer coughs and (
colds. ' ! consider it a most wonder- ?
fnl medicine,?quick and safe."?W. ]
W. Merton, Mayhew, Wis. McMaster ,
Co. I
^ ?McMaster Co. have a full line of
new books by the best authors for s
summer reading. Among these books
are "Bobbie" by Kate Cairns, and
Uncle Isaac by Eev. Wm. Dudley
rowers, mere lino pieasamor way
of passing a hot day than by reading
a pleasant book, therefore if you are
out of reading matter give this store a
?Professor Furman, who delivered
a lecture in the court house last week, <
was so disappointed in the audience <
that was present that he abandoned j
the idea of giving any more lectures ]
in a place wheje they were not more j
appreciated, and left town the next
day. It Is a great pity that after havgqing
been invited to deliver several !ecturcs
here that I13 should have had 1
such a poor welcome It is hoped that 1
Prof. For man will at some fatare 1
time pay ns another visit in order tiat
oar people v? ill have an opportunity of
making up to bim far what occurred '
on bis first visit here.
For Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. vVinslow's Soothing Syrup
has been used for over fifty years by
V millions of mothers for their children
V wbile teething, with perfect success
? It sof rhes tb<i child, softens the suras.
Hp allay? a*l pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve tbe poor little t-ufferer
immtdiatelv. Sold by druggists iu
every part of the w >rld. TweDty five
cents a bottle. sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrap,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
fcL J
The 7smh&?i&snes j ?
to every elderly woman when an im-1 ti
portant functional change takes place. 1 j j
ii "TTir* r^Vtnncrf^ r.f 1 .iff* ''H
The entire system undergoes a change. K
Dreadful diseases such as canccr and I I
consumption are often contracted at 0
this time.
WIste of&afdsii a
strengthens and purifies the entire! b
system, and brings the sufferer safely! n
over these pitfalls. Its effccts have! j,
been wonderful. It is good for ail <
menstrual troubles, but is especially I D
recommended at this time. Ask I y
your druggist for the famous Wine of I _
Cardui. Si.oo a bottle. | ^
For advice cases requiring special I n
directions, b.C& ss the "Lakes' Ad- p
visory Department," The Chattanooga
Medicine Co., Chattanooga,
Tenn. n
THOMAS J. COOPER, "J^upelo, Miss- a
says :-"My sister suffered from irregular and T
painful menstruation and doctors^ could not ?
V?/?r Wir>^ of Oardui entlrelv curtvi
jher, and also helped my mother through the ^
[ Change of Life." Si
Slowing Machines. a
M. W. Doty & Co. have jaet revived
a shipment of Deering mowers
md rakes. Farmers contemplating
mrchasing any labor-saving machinery \
>f this description should take a look
it Dntv's stock of nD-to-date machines.
Bears the jO Kind You Hava Always Bought "
--7?:?^? p
A. Willitord has just received a car- ^
oad of horses and mules, among them
:nmp nirA rnmhinaiinn Ran dtp and har.
iess animals. He will sail cheap for
:ash or exchange them for.moles or 61
>lnsr horses. Other bargains, ^5ee his 01
id. in to-day's issue.
_ tl
Bobbery at ISockton.
On Saturday night the depot at b
iockton was broken into and robbed 1<
>y parties whose identity is as yet
intnAmn Tf ?o rirvf tnrtmhftw mn^.h
)f the freight stored in the depot was J
ippropriated by the thieves, bat the]
igent was "touched" for some of his j
>ersonai belongings that had been j
eft in' he office. A package of reveine
sta np3 is among the missing articles.
HIT WW Kidne^ trouble Drevs
j upon the mindjdisconranu
ages and lessens ambi- 1<
WOMEN tion; beauty,vigor and r:
;heerfolness soon disappear when the jj
adneys are ont of order or diseased,
tor pleasing results use Dr. Kilmer's
iwamp-Root, the great kidney remedy.
Lt druggists. Sample bottle by mail C
ree, aldo pamphlet. Add^ss, Dr.
lilmer & Co., Binghamton, NY. 0
"**" j
Rnmors of a homicide in the neigh- E
J T l%OWA T*AO<%VlA/"l k
ruruuuu. ux xiviigivrru UATC u
ffinnsboro bat the story coald not be p
onfirmed Friday. It is said that lj
he victim is a negro named Franklin, ?
md that he was stabbed to death by g
i white man. No report of the affair a
ia3 been made to the sheriff and that v
ifficial is not disposed to believe that a
bere is any truth in the reports circuited
here. si
. e
Special Round Trip Rates to Philadelphia.
The Southern Railway will sell
ound trip tickets to Philadelphia and
eturn via Washington, D. C., at the
?fp nf nnp farp thft ronnrt trin trom all
stations. Tickets to be sold September o
Lst to 3rd icclnsive, limited to the 13th, jj
Fhe rate from Winnsboro is $17.20. n
An extension of this limit can be tl
)btained by depositing ticket with &
oint agent at Philadelphia between ^
September o-9th and payment of tee a
>f 50 cents to inclnde September 30th. n
for fall information apply to agents, h
southern Railwry. J. B. Heyward, ^
raveliug passenger agent, 739 Broad
itreet, Augusta, Ga.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve ,
Wa3 the result of his splendid h eai th j,
[cdomitable will and tremendous
mergy are not found where Stomach,
Layer, Kidneys and Bowels are out of 1
)rder. If you want these qualities ?
md tne success tney ormg, use xjy. ~
Sing's New Life Fills. They develop 11
jyery power of brain and body. Only E
Joe. at MeMaster Co.'s drug store. ^
special Round Trip Kates to Philadelphia. 6
via New Yoak Offered bp the-Southern 1
RaUway and Clyde Steamship Com- 8
n?hv. ftnil Old Dominion Sleam- r
ship Company via Norfolk. t
The Southern Railway announce sale *
>f round trip tickets to Philadelphia jj
ria New York for $26.50. Tickets at j
this rate will be sold to connect with t
steamship sailing from Charleston or }
Norfolk on August 28th to September *
2nd inclusive. Extension of limit to
September 30th returning. For full J j
iufo mation apply to agent?, Southern i ?
Railway. J. B. Heywara, traveling |c
passenger agent, 739 Bread street, {
Augusta, Ga. i
?Ws expect to move oar place of
business and in order to save freight
pvill for the next two weeks sell
our stock at acd below cost. Come ^
while you can buy bargains- (
Porter Bros. ?
p?? ' ^
Save Your Money. *
One box of Tutt's Pills will save J
many dollars in doctors' bills i'
They willsurely cure all diseases i
of the stomach, liver or bowels, j
No Reckless Assertion 1
For sick headache, dyspepsia, <
malaria, constipation andbilio- *
usness,afiiillion peoDie endorse
i*he next &eseio:: of Mt. Zion school j
vill begin on Monday, 18th September j
lext. The following are the teachers
lected for t!;e session:
Piincipal?W. H. Witherow.
Assistant Principa!-J. Frank Foosbe.
Lady Assistants?Misses ?. S. Obear,
iaitie Harris, Agnes Rice, Nannie
Music Teacher?Mrs. 0. S. Dwigbt.
Wm. Ganeon, the successful L'.n^assr
merchant and all round business
aan, who is also very well known in }
Vinnsboro, has sold out his bi^ esablishmcnt
in Lancaster and will rere
from the mercantile business.
:His indomitable energy," says the
jancaster Ledger, "has led him to
vertax his pbyncal strength by too
lose application to business." Mr.
ranson commenced business in Lanaster
in 18S2 with J. L Mimnaugh
s a partner. At the end of one year
e became the sole owner of that
usiness, and in ten years he was run- J
ing large branch establishments in
Cer>haw, Darlir.gtou, Camden, Ben
ettsviilc and Yorfcville. Mr. Sanson
rill remain in Lancaster and it is :
robabie that he will re-engage in the
jercanii e business when his health
ermits. !
"DeVVi r* Li'tie Early llisers did
lemuifc^ od than all blood medicines i
nd other pilis," wrices Geo. H.
acobs, of Thompson, Conn. Prompt,
leasant, never gripe, -thev cure continfttinn.
arnnsft thfi tomid liver to
'*rwv*v-' ? ?-? ? ?
ction and give you clean blood, steady
erves, a clear brain and a healthy ;
ppetite. McMaster Co
Rockton, S. C., Aag. 12, 1899. 1
[utual Reserve Fand Life Associa- 1
tion: '
Gentlemen?I take pleasnre in ac- ]
nowledging throogh yonr representa
ve, Mr. Longstreet Gantt, the receipt '
f check lor one thousand dollars on (
le National Bank of New York in 1
ayment of policy No, 149046 in the 1
" 1 T5a./ohm X AflPAft'a. 1
luiuai jveacivc ruuu uuo aoj?vnon,
issued to the late Thomas P. ]
Kindly vconvey my thanks to the 1
fficers cf the Association for conrteies
shown and for paying the claim a ;
Dnsiderable time before it was aclally
dae according to the terms of (
le policy. I heartily recommend your
issociatloa to all who require the
enefifce of sound life insurance at the '
>west possible cost.
Yours very truly,
(Signed) J. R. Curlee,
Executor Estate late Thos. P. Ligon.
Jearstho Tte Kind You Have Always Bought ]
Postmaster Rion has received from
tie postoffice department the following j
;tter explaining the delay in inaugu- j
ating the system of rural mail de- j
very for this county.
Washington, August 23rd, 189&.
The Postmaster, Winnsboro, South I
'arolina. j
Sir: Replying to your memorandum j
f the 19ih instant inquiring why the j
Lural Free Delivery Service from
_xr?? Vf
oar UlUUC, leuummeuucu u y mi, |
acb, bas not been established, I
aye to inform you that Mr. Bach's
commendations from South Carona
have elicited so many complaints
rhen adopted, and have been fonnd
enerall'y so ill-advised, that a re-ex- J
mination of the Sooth Carolina ser- 1
ice has been deemed necessary before :
ny action is taken.
This re-examination will be had as 1
oon as the weHtfcer permits, probably
arly in October.
Very respectfully,
Geo. M. Allen,
Acting r irst AS3C. Jtrosimasier vieu.
During the civil war, as well as in
ur late war with Spain, diarrhoea was
?e of the mo6t troublesome diseases
be army had lo contend with. In
lany instances it became chronic and
tie old soldiers still suffer from it.
Ir. David Taylor, of Wind Ridge,
rreene Co., Pa., is one of these. He
ses Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
nd Diarrhoea Remedy and savs he
ever found anything that would give
itn stick quick relief. It is for sale
-j MpMsLctsr (Jo.
The following item clipped from the
lemphis Scimitar will be read with
aterost by Mr. J. II. Harden's fiiends:
Jdr. J. M. Elltott, the new oiroer ol
he great car works plant in the northastern
suburbs, has sent his manager,!
lr. J. H. Harden, to this city to per- j
set arrangements for opening the j
lant at the earliest possible date.
Air. Harden has instructions from 1
.f-.. f/\ r\rif fVio nlonf in thA hpcf. I
Ul. IV j^v .?v, t- ?V
lossible shape, and this means (hat \
xtensive improvements will bs made, i
^ Scimitar reporter saw Mr. Harden j
it the Peabody this momiDg. "I can -J
lot tell jast now," he said, "bow large i
he car works force win De at nrsr, Dut |
: intend to start iu with a fall com-]
>lement of men, and will increase the
:orce as the business justifies it. MrSlliott
wants to get the plant at Bingl
lamton in perfect shape before actuavork
is begun, and J. am hero to super,
ntend the work. Memphis will be my !
lome hereafter."
Mr. Elliott was expected iu Mem-1
)his to-day, but was unavoidably de-1
ained. He will arrive here in a few
Mr. Harden is said to be one of the j
>esc car men in the country. He was!
for ten years with Mr. Elliott in Mr. j
Slliott's car shops at Gadsden, Ala.
Storr of a Slave.
To be bound band and foot for years
)y the chains of disease is tha worst
brm of slavery. George D. Williams,
>f Manchester, Mich., tells how such a
.lave was made free. He says: "My
?vife has been sohelples3 for five years
;h*t she could not turn over in bed
ilone. After using two bottles of Elec-1
;ric Biiterp, she is wonderfully im-1
proved and able to clo ber owh woru." i
fins supreme remedy for female dis- j
jaees quickly cures nervousness, sleep- \
essness, melancholy, headache, back- '
iche, fainting and dizzy spells. This
niracle working medicine is a godsend
:o weak, sickly, rundown people.
Every bottle guaranteed. Only 50
;ents. Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mr. Edgar Matthews has returned
from Charleston where he has been
for abont a month.
Its Coming is Looked Forward to
Wiz& Both Joy and Fear and its
Safe Arrival is Hailed With
Pride and Delight by AIL
The arrival of the first baby in the
household is the happiest and most important
event of married life. Theyoung
wife who is to become a mother delights
to think of the happiness in store for he?
when the little one shall nestle upon hex
breast and latterly she shall hear it lisp
the sweet and holy name, "mother."
But her happy anticipation quickly vanishes
when she realizes the terrible pain
and Entering through which aha must
pass while bringing the little one into
the world. An indescribable fear erf the
? J A 1L.
danger aLrenusut uuuu uw wku dwu
dissipates her joyfcQness.
Thousands of women have learned
by experience that there is absolutely
no necessity for the sufferings which attend
child-birth; they know that by
the use of "Mother's Friend"?a scientific
liniment?for a few weeks before
the trying hour, expectant mothers can
so prepare themselves for tne final
hour that the pain and sufferings* the
dreaded event are entirely obviated and
it is safely passed through with comJttoItt
1 it+1 a HlQ/rnmfrtrt
All women are interested, and especially
expectant mothers who for the
first time have to undergo this trial, in
such a remedy; for they Imow the pair
and suffering, to say nothing of the danger,
which is in store for them. "Moth*
er's Friend" is woman's greatest blessing,
for it takes her safely through tiw
severest ordeal of her life. Every woman
should be glad to read the little book
"Before BaDy is Born," which contains
information of great value to all. U
will be sent free to any one who sendi.
their address to The Bradfield Begu
WAIT V/V.j Atiauwi, ,
The following correspondence shows
Lhat Mt. Zion Library has received another
donation of books making about
two hundred volumes added, quite
recently, iu this way to the library,
[n addition to these the committee
have just purchased seventy-two selected
volumes, making an increase of
nearlv three hundred books. The
committr-e have also bad additional
shelving pat in tbe library, a section
of which is set apart for donations,
rhe society, at its last quarterly meeting,
provided for an annual appropriation
for the purchase of books, and an
active interest is being manifested in
the work or accumulating a library.
ro Library Committee Mt. Zion College:
I am sending fifty-two volumes
which I present as a donation to the
Mt. Zion Library.
Very truly,
August, 1S99. McBride Smith.
Mr. McBride Smith:
Dear Sir?On behalf of the library
committee of Mt. Zion I desire to express
our thanks for, and appreciation
3f your most acceptable donation of
fffty-two books, many of which are
ont of print and could be secured by
the library only in the way yon have
30 kindly done.
Yery truly yours,
James Q. Davis,
^nairman jwDrary uommiuee.
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, bat Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures them; also Old, Banning and
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felooe,
Corns, Warts, Cats, Braises, Barns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best Pile care on earth. Drives oat
Pains and A^h*s. Duly 25 cts. a box.
(Jure gunr .. c, ii sold by McMaster
Co., dt ivyms
Dr. Edward Tnomson delivered a
lecture in the csurt house Tuesday
evening oa "The Observance of the
Sabba ti." He is a forcible speaker
and h?i brought out the points of his
addi^s clearly and strongly. He
showe I thai the observance of one day
m seven, as aaay 01 resr, wasr. iiuwsbsity
and was founded on wisdom. He
took np the different nations of the
the world and showed how those who
bad observed Sanday have prospered
and become prowerful in the world.
Rome ignored Sanday and crumbled
from the face of the earth. Spain
adopted a "go-as-yoa-please" Sunday,
and she has fallen from one of the
mighty natious of the earth to an insignificant
one. Sanday, ha said,
should ba especially observed in America,
where every man is a sovereign and
king, thai; he might hive one day in
seven for thought.
These are only a few of the arguments
made by the lecturer. His adrtrpRa
mad* a pood imDression.
From here Dr. Thomson went to
Chester and other places in the State
where he will deliver his lecture.
Vnw I V a n
Por Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of C^c
Tcere was a surprise party at Mr.
H. C. Grafton's on the loth inst.,
which was very ranch enjoyed by all;
also one at the home of Mr. A. M.
Jackson on the 18th, which was a sac
Misses Zealy and Martin, of Spartanburg
and Monticello, are visiting
thfir aunt, Mrs. II. C. Grafton.
Miss Susie Lumpkin, of Winnsboro,
is visiting Mrs. A. M. Jackson.
Misses Louise and Kate Glenn and
Agues Ladson have returned to Cheeter
after a few days' vHit to Misses
Kathieeu and Eva Hall.
Miss Mary Hollis, of Buck Lick, is
at Mr. J. D. Henson's.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Lumpkin left
to-d iy for a visit to relatives at Flint
Mi.-s Sne Gladden bas returned from
a very pleasant visit to relatives and
friends at uaK uiage.
Miss Nannie Lee Mobley is at Mr.
W. T. McCrorev's.
Miss Mamie Iliggius is visiting her
shtcr, Mrs. .Toe Sinitb, of Kershaw.
Mr. Will Estts and sister, of Baton
Rouge, have been vis-iting at Mr.
Frank Stewart's.
Miss Mabel Keistler is visiting relatives
in Charlotte. C. S. F.
' Augnet 19,1399.
The Game on Tuesday?HV'innsboro and
Chester to Play This Afternoon.
j Monday morufng was ihe email
boy's delight. A game of ball was
played between the liidseway and
Winnsboro teams.
Ridgeway's team wa?: B;lick,
Parker, Stewart, Hogan, Wilson,
Parker, Bolick, Ott, and Boncy.
Winnsboro?Desl^prteS, Brown,
Davi*, Ellison, T, Ellison, G, Ilabenichf,
Center, Beat> and Hinnant.
Winnsboro bad a walk o\er, ar,d
wod ibe same by a score of 40 10 5
J.o the afternoon another garnet..?
played between RMgeway an<I Wiu..sboro.
Ririgeway lined up as follow*: Williams
p; Smith c; Rabb 1 b; Coleman
z d; rcejps s s; urnmpion o o: jdouck
c f; Rafifl f; Moore A. T. r f.
Wior.sboro formed as f^l-ows:
Eionp; Qaaltlebaum c; Owei.* 1 b; j
Dye 2 b; Rabb 3b;G'adden ?s;j
Gooding c f; Davi^ i f; Joidru r f.
Score?WiDneb .ro 19, R'dgewayO.)
me iuugewav leam hiuwcu
want of practice. Williams pitched a
splendid game, but ws.9 hampered bv
want of support in the tield and on
the bases. He struck out 12, whi-u
Rion ,ha.s only 3 strike-ontv i<> h:credit
in tbo cffi/ia! corf. At the en 1
of the fifth ending Ridge wav surrendered.
The soothine and healing: properties
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, its
pieaeant tasle and prompt and permanent
cures, bavc made it a great favorite
with the people ever> where. For
sale by McMaster Co.
The Local Team Defeats the Chester
Boys by a Score oKl.6 to 5.
The game Thursday afternoon between
Winnsboro and Wellridge,
Chester County, was not an error lass
one, nor was it chock-a-block with
sensational features and phenoroinal
plays, ;but it was a clean, snappy exhibition
of ball.playing, and, best of
all. ffrom onenoint of view) the locals
I kept the visitors "going" from the
time the nmpire yelled "play the
game" until he called the la?t man oat
in the ninth. It was a cake walk, and
the band of local rooters furnished
"rag-time" c jin music that suited onr
boys right down to the ground, and
that set a pace, that their friends from
across the line found iust a trifle too
^ fPL A V\ /*\ TT O
last &uu xuriuus. xne vueouc* uvja
carried out their part of the program
very pluckily, however, and they made
no attempt to intiodnce any "kicking"
Both team3 played good ball, but
the star work on both sides was done
by the batteries: Williasas and Quattlebaum
G., Hall and Hanahan for
Dannatt and Wvll'p
rj lunauuiu 3 auu iioiiuvin ^-*v
for Wellridge. All of the pitchers
were touched up pretty freely but thsre
were few long drives, and the batters
were not lucky enough to place their
hits where thev couldn't be fielded.
Williams is steady, has excellent control
of the ball, and keeps his eye on
the game.
Elliott Hall, the famous Wofford
twirler, relieved Williams in the sixth
inning and his work in fhe box was
right up to the limit. Bennett aid nne
work for the Chester boys. He pitched
lor nine ^innings and was effective
throughout. The pitchers were supported
behind the bat in first class
The only home run of the game was
made by Hall iu the first inning. He
made a long drive to left field and
made four bags on it withont any
trouble. The following is a partial
enmmaiitr rtf f ho ffflmo
CUUiUiUl T Vi kuv gM4uvt
Winnsboro?Owens 1 b; Hail 2 b
and p; Hanaban 2 b and c; Gladden E
e s; Davis C 1 f; Qaattlebaum c and
cf; Jordan rf; Rabb3b; Williams
p and c f.
Wellridge?Kirkpatrick 2 b; "VVylie
c; Barber 8i; Scott cf; Iryiu rf;
Murphy 3 b; Bennett p; Grant lb;
McDaniel 1 f.
Winnsqoro?2 0 0 5 2 1 3 2 2?17
Weliridge?0 0 2003000?5
Struck out by Williams 8, by Hall 6,
by Bennett 6.
Base hits yielded by Williams 4, byHall
3, by B#nnett 7.
t~> j* n
uage on oam, x>buijcii
Batter hit by Williams 1, by Hall 2,
by Beunett 1.
Double plays?Owen9 to Hanahan;
Barber to Kirkpatrick, to Grant.
Umpire, Grier Pressley.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainlield,
111., makes tho statement, that she
caught cold, which settled on her
lungs: she was treated for a month by
her family Dhvsician, but grew worse.
He told her she was a hopeless victim
of constitution and that no medicine
coald cure her. Her druggist suggestedDr.
Kind's New Discovery for
Consnmp'io ; she bought a bottle and
to her u iiyni found herself benefited
from 13i si dose. She continued its use
and after taking six bottles, found herself
sound and well; now dues her
ewu housework, and is as well as she
ever was. Free trial bottles of this
Great Discovery at McMaster Co.'s
drug store. Large bottles 50 cents
and $1.00. 6
Misses Weetie and Lucretia Mobley,
of Blackstock, who have been visiting
th? family of Major Riddle, re'urned
home Monday.?Lancaster Review.
Dr. Cady's Condition Towdeks,
are just what a horse need9 wben in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Co.
Mr. R. Brice Mills, of Louisville, is
visitiQg his sister Mr3. R. E. Shannon
of Blackstock.?Chester Lantern.
Mis? Gurney, of Charleston, and
Miss Diisv Lemuiou. of Winnsboro,
are visiting at Mr. L. W.Henry's.?
Chester Lantern
Ladies Can Wear Shoes
One size smaller after using Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes
feel easy; gives instant relief to corns
and bunions. It's the greatest com
i fort discovery. Allen's Foot-Ease is ?
certain cure for ingrowing nails, sweat
ing, hot, aching feet. Trial package
FREE. Sold.'by all druggists, grocers
shoe stores and general storekeepers
everywhere. By mail for 25c. ir
stamps. Address, Allen S. Olmsted
Le Roy, N. Y.
Miss Byifc.i Kobiiisoii tins g<;-;t
Mr<. H. A Gaii'ard went to hu<lion
Mi?s Mary F Mt-.Masier returned
Baltimore Fridiy morning.
W. D. Douglass, Esq , has got>p o ..
a bn-i i^ss :ri t? George.
Mi?s A lie Kerr, '. ! G <enwo ?1, is
I visiting Mis? L">u*ee Horron. I
Mr. i latn-ituu Hm-ihtn i-a homo
I from Chariest >?i On >1 ir?' day.
I R-v. J D Croat aid family renrm-l
from Auder0oo Friday.
Tlie Mis.=es StricU;: of Ch fct-r, aro
visiting Mrs McBride Smith.
2>liss Yirgii.ia Walkfr, of Baesourg,
id vifriiing (Japt. W G Jordan's f_mily.
Mr. Walter M. L n*?ir, of Samter
Coirify, i-? visiting Capt. LI. A Gaillard.
li-jv. R. P. Pell, of the Coiiege for
Women, Columbia, was io town Satin:-,
y-rs. J. II. Moffatt, of Micanopy,
F'a , ip visiting relxtives and friends
in town.
Mm. M A. Gaillard, of Columbia,
arrived on Wednesday and will visit
relatives here.
; fli.. J. r utin^eit ie.i on lucsu^v
j f ^r northern marke's to bay his stock
of fall and wiater goods.
Mr John P. Matthews and family
re'umed Friday tight from Lowell,
N. C', where they have been summerii'g.
EJg8r IJayn86wor;b, Eeq., of Snm!
ter, a wdi-knowu la;v^er and newspaper
man, is visi.ing Mr. II. L.
Mr. Nelson Hanahau, who occupies
a responsible position in a Macon, Ga.,
railroad office, is spending his vaca
tion iu Winnsboro.
The Novita Company of Atlanta,
are curing cises of "female trouble,"
after prominent doctors have pronounced
socb eases "incurable," or
have said, "You will be compelled to
have an operation." It is a fact tfcat
The Novita Treatment for women
cures such case3. It removes Tumors
and Foreign Growths, cares Granulation,
Ulceration, Inflammation of the
womb and overies and an displacements.
Write for their book and 200 Atlanta
testimonials and they will be sent yon
free. Give them yonr symptoms and.
Dr. Van Valen will diagnose yonr case
without cost. They treat by mail.
Address all letters to The Novita Company,
400-413 Grant Opera House,
Atlanta, Ga. 8-l-6m
& BRO. has been dissolved bv mutual
consent this day?August 24, 1899.
n "P1 M^RflrViorti flfisnmpa resnonsi
bility for indebtedness of said firm.
Ridgeway, S. <Ang. 2i, 1899.
Vnm ni Mr
1V1U !! Ui U UUU AlUliUW
m ff. DOTY & CO.
Letters of Administration.
By JS. i?. JOHNSTON, Esq., Probata J u cige:
YTTnEREAS, R. II. .Jennings hath made
V t suit to me to grant him letters of
administration de bonis non of the estate
and effects of James Turner, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and admonisli
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said James Turner, deceased,
that they he and appear beM
-? A-P "DrAKl fo frt
| xore mc3j in um v^uuiu u.l j. xuumwj w
I be held at Fairfield Court House, S. C.,
cd the 6th day of September next after
publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, to show cause, if any they have,
why the said administration should not
be chanted.
(iiven under my hand, this 21st day of
August, Anno Domini 1899.
8-23-2 Judge of Probate
?By Rudyard Kipling.
? By Kate Cairns.
?By Wm. Dudley Powers,
For Sale.
[ A TRACT ' ' 17G / E..
Iar>d, ou Littk- River, bfc.rn.jHiM'
\ D. M. Broom, ; < ' \ ??.
of the estate of (> ci.-nyut , ,iw
s en?on andothe- ^
t For terms ap 1*
, 1 A. S. & H\ DOUGLASS.
11-17 Attorney*, Winnsboro, S. C
empns?i- rim ttti ci
? 4$: A Farm library
: ^ . Up-to-date, Cod
i^Srs?^ \ somely Print
l ' ^) by j
V> (f HsTT No. 1?BIGGLl
Vi if I AllaboutHors
\ UA ~ \JI I 74 illustrations
yW I \ No. 2?BIQQLl
x7 vp \ All about gro^
V \ 1 contains 43 coli
/ J varieties and I
W*v i No. 3?BIQQLl
H *W*y 1 All about Poul
t / tells everythinj
J I of all the print
1 I Price, 50 Cents
I Gte/Wfea I No* ?I99.y
ft 4_ Vf- 1 \M /ill auuuiiwOw:
r \Sf Vc'VV S? sale; contains
I *** -** V breed, with 13:
\ P No. 5?BIGGL!
\# ^fr^PT" / Just out- All
* J*? I cry, Diseases,
1? fe?7 1 tones and othe
j&h I saw anything!
f ?---?. \ are having an
a 71 qAA. South. Every
F "4 Chicken, or g
| away for the
X flr Is your paper, mad<
iflT old; it is the mat
I ? quit-after-you-have1
the world?the bigg
X of America?having
i Any ONE of the BIGGLE B(X
t S YEARS (remainder of 1899, jqoo, *
to any address for A DOLLAR &1LL.
j Sample of FARM JOURNAL and c
~ Dr.Tleo. A. QnattieMmn
Solicits a share of the public patron
Office is that formerly occapied by i
the Comity Superintendent of Educatio
n, in rear of Law Range. c
Founded 1842.
/pianos r i
"Sing their own praise."
PRICE. You don't pay a middleman's
profit in a STIEFF PIANO; you buy;
direct from factory, consequently vou
secure the highest grade Piano for a
price yon pay a retailer for a mediumgrade,
or, more likely, a cheap Piano.
Comparison is tde most convincing
proof that STIEFF PIANOS have no
suDerior in TUNiS and WUiitt.via.KSHIP;
no equal in PKICE.
Catalogue for the asking. FINE
TUNING. Bell 'phone No. 196.
Baltimore, Md.
Factory Brauch Ware-Room, No. 213
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
rr IT Tl7Tr>fr\-rU Vtnnomr
Vj. JLL . ir lliJU.\J 1 LI, tuauoi^u
Chill Cure,
cure, Has been in use for twenty
years and never
failed. Price,
50c aM $1 Per Bottle,
including a dose of our
jg^Don't forget us.
Just Arrived
?For Sale.?
and Mules. A fe^v combination Sad
die and Harness Horses. I will sell
' them cheap for cabh or exchange thpm
for males or plug horses.
I will pay ihs highest cash price for
good Milch Co<7s; also tor Fat Beef
. Cattle.
, Ibavealetv Second-Hand Buggies
' for sale; also one Secon 1-fJand Two>
Horse Wag-on.
, Winnsboro, S. C.
spends n Ttrnwn
?-a ?;>
In New York
* '
buying up the latest fads
and the best bargains in ,
fJIflLEY, SMiR clfl ilT
... WARE.... I
T Le Jt-wc'er, muter T.>ner Clock,
(. Le-icr, S. (2.
of unequalled value?Practical, :
icise and Comprehensive?Hand
ed and Beautifully Illustrated. :
eSr-a Common-Sense Treatise, xrith over t
s; a standard work. Price, 50 Cents.
ring: Small Fruits?read and learn how; J'
ored life-like reproductions of allleading J
00 other illustrations. Price, 50 Cents.
try; the best Poultry Book in existence; j
g; with23 colored life-like reproductions *
apal breeds; with 103 other illustrations, t
' J
5 and the Dairy Business; having a great 5
t 8 colored life-like reproductions of each
2 other illustrations. Price, 50 Cents. t
about Hogs^-Breeding, Feeding, Butch- :
etc. Contains over So beautiful half- j
x engravings. Price, 50 Cent;. t
tS are unique,original,useful?you never ?
ike them?so practical, so sensible. They t
1 enormous sale?East, West, North and t
one who keeps a Horse, Cow. Hog or J
rows Small Fruits, ought to send right
! for you and not a misfit. It is 22 years |
boiled-down, hit-the-nail-on-the-head,? t
said-it, Farm and Household'paper ia 1
;est paper of its size in the United State* i
over a million and a-half regular leaders.
)KS, and the FARM JOURNAL |
joz, :90a and 1903) will be sent by mail *
ircular describing BIOQLE BOOKS-frce. r
ress, FABK JOVSNAb ; \ 't
Cony Sopervispr
Claims Appeoved at ths last Meet-.' " ;
dfg, of the boaed - of ;cou2ctr
Coxmissionebs Held August
: 12,1899
The following claims weie examined
and approved on State Case Fond of
No.- Amonnt.
634 ? E Ellison. $22 20
635 J E Corn well (Sheriff), 155
636 John Woolen, 12 50
637 D E McDowell, 18 75
638 T M Cathcart, 37 50
v* n nK ?
009 it Hi XjIJIBBU, 'J ttv
640 W J Hagood,. 12 50
641 Jno D Rlair, 12/50
642 News and Herald, 18 60
643 T M Cathcart, 8 50
661 T M Cathcart, 8 50
662 Saml Lindsay, claim $10 00, ' . J
allowed, 5 00
668 Saml Lindsay, 5 00
The following claims were examined
and approved on Road and Bridge
Fund of 1899: : |
No. Amount.
625 T H Frv, $12 50
626 S H Morgan, 14 90
627 Jim Hart, 3 00
627 Jno G Woiling, 3110
629 B F Caseels, 5 00
630 TW Mann. 4 00
644: J B Barley, 5 1$
645 J B Barley, 9 15
646 S L Mann, 6 60
647 R T Matthews & Son, 19 70
648 W J Clowncy, 1100
649 J L Ha^es & Bro, 15 21
650 jI Y Milling, 4 00
651 B G Tennant, 465
652 L D Robertson, 2 00
653 J E Douglass, claim $9 50,
allowed, 8 00
654 John S Swygert, 2017 ;
655 Jno T Wylie, 3 00
658 E J Jeter, 1 50
659 Lipscomb & Smith, a w
660 Jno G Wolling, So 00
The following claims were examined
and approved oa Poor House fund ot
No. Amount.
651 S C Broom, $ 7 00
632 D_J Weir, _ 17 ?2
633 J D Hawes # ijro, * w
606 H F Hoover, 91 90
657 B G Tennant, 1 50
664 David Parker, 9 35
The following claims were examined
and approved on Public Building fund
of 1899.
No. . Amount.
6S5 B" G Tennant, $4 10
666 John Cason, 2 zu ^
I do certify that the above statement
i9 a correct copy of claims approved
at the last meeting of the Coanty
Board held on the 12th dav of Augasf,
8-27 Coanty Snpevisor F. C
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon.
structing the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discaseied digest*
ant and tonic. Kb otheJ^Rparation
can approach it in efflcHy v. K instantly
relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
i SickHeadache,Gastralgia,Cramps,ana
[ all other results of im perfect digestion.
i Prepared by E. C. DeWltt A Co.. Chicago,
Winnsboro, S. C.
UU11I1UU VV Hill
Will sell at a bargain
One Iipe, Gil and Press.
It will be to the interest of parlies desiring
to purchase a ginning outfit to
learn terras and price. .
8-3 lm T. H. KETCHIN.
A FRICANA wili cure Constipation and
is a wonderful Liver Mediant. Try It
' "-'^5

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