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^ \
Wednesday, September 13, 1899
?See Supervisor's report. 1
^ ?For rent. See a^vertisem ent else-1
?Read advertisement, (lTo Suffering
?The weather bareau predicts fair
weather for to-day.
feb ?The iron fence aronnd the court
Uampa V*rto Uaam r\nvril Qrl
iiuuoo juao uq^u wa..uwu>
?The back bone of summer iiasn't
had even a severe wrench.
?Goods at and below cost at Porter
Bros.' daring the next two weeks. *
?The next session at Mt. Zion will
commence on Monday, the 18th inst.
"They are simply perfect," writes
"Rfihf.. Mnnrp. of LaFavette. Ind., of
DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the
"famous little pills" for constipation
and all liver ailments. Never gripe.
ilcMaster Co.
?We see Q. D. Williford has a
handsome lot of new imperial squares.
?The interior of the postoffice has
been very much improved by a coat or
two of paint.
?Reports from different sections of
the State indicate that the army w orm
? is getting dangerously near the Fairfield
?The teachers attending the summer
sctiool were charmingly entertained
Tuesday afternoon by Prof,
and Mrs. W. H. Witherow.
E. E. Turner, Comptcn, Mo., was
cured of piles by DeWiti's Witch
Hazel Salve after suffering seventeea
vear3 and trying over twenty remedies.
Physicians and surgeons endorse it.
Beware of dangerous counterfeits.
Mcjlaster Co.
?Owing to the absence of the pastor,
Rev. E. A. McDowell, there will
be no preaching at Little River Church
before the first Sunday in October.
?The heaviest ,rain since. April fell
Sunday night aud Monday morning.
The local observers rain gauge shows
a precipitation of about two incbes |
?The fair weather flag was at three
quarter masfi Wednesday as a mourning
tribute, it is presumed, to the
dead gardens and the half dead crops.
?If you want to sell your factory
stock, address "Stocks," General Delivery,
Winnsboro, S. C., statiag lowest
cash price at 15 days' option.?adv.
?The premiums offered this year at
the Slate Fair have been greatly in
creased; and competition win do
sharp. Be sure to get a premium list
at once.
Kodol Dyspepsia uure is a scientific
compound "having the endorsement of
eminent physicians and the medical
press. It "digests what you eat" and
positively enres dyspepsia. M. A.
Ketron, Bloomingdale, Tenn., says it
cured him of indigestion of ten years7
standing. McMaster Co.
?Our entire stock of goods to be
sold at and below cost.
Porter Bros.
?Q. D. Williford's stock of fail and
winter shoes for everybody has arr-irp^
has the Iftrerpaf and most
carefully selected and assorted line of
footwear that he has ever carried.
?Moses Smart, popu'arly known as
"Peg," is lha latest addition to the
chain gang. Peg was given* thirty
days for stealing a pistol, gambling,
and indulging in other shady practice.
. ?Engineer Wethersbee, who was
Jr killed in the fearful wreck on the C.
N.-<fc L railroad near Columbia Saturday,
w<i3 an a ne'e of Mr. James
Wethersoee, book-keeper at Q. D
f Ar? f V n ir?fti?!raf fnn rAnrrV*o o n r? I
jlsicc \ju ILV/ mai wu^uo
colds and all bronchial troubles; for
croup it has no equal," writes Henry
K. "Whitlord, Soutti Canam, Conn., ot
0ne Minute Cough Cure. McMaster
?House keepers are reminded by
McMaster & Co. this morning that
they have on hand a supply of onions
and Irish potatoes for table use. Their
ad. contains also some information
. \ _
for; persons preparing to plant rye,
clover, tarnips, etc.
?The following young gentlemen
left yesterday for Clemson College,
which opens to-day: Merritt Quattlebaum,
Thorne Beaty, Tom Mcilaster,
Joe Cammings, Tom Jordan,
George Rion, James Beaty, Edgar
Matthew? and Simon Lumpkin.
?William Emersoo, colored, under
indietment for assault with infpnf:
tn till w?a cri^an <1 nrAlimi
nary hearing before Magistrate
Cathcart Tuesday. Charles Goins,
colored, i3 the party upon whom the
alleged assault was made. Emerson
was bound over for trial by a higher
?John Farman and another negro,
known to his associates as "Hammer
Brand," had a lively little set-to Mon
day afternoon in rear of the dispell- J
_ sary. Furman was armed with a stout j
stick, and with thi3 weapon he used
up his opponent in short order,
"i* "Hammer Brand's" wounds were not
very serious, but he required the services
of a physician after the battle.
?A local paper published a long
obituary of a man who had died in
the community, closing with the statemem
that "a long procession of people
followed the remains t:> their last
roasting place." The family read the
notice and discovered the supposed J
error and asked the editor to make a i
correction in the word "roasting," |
l|| but he said he could not do it until j
seven years b^ck subscription had
been paid.?Exchange.
?At the meeting of the Steam Fne j
nf Engine Company Thursday evening,
Wr several resignations were handed in.
Among the number was tint of President
J. W. Hanahan. Mr. Hanahan
rhas made a thoroughly efficient officer,
and he has rendered faithful service as
P a member of the company. His resignation
is, consequently, very much
regretted. The company cau ill afford
to lose any of- the members whose
resignations were submitted.
A Frightful Blander
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
Scald, Cut or Bruise. BucklenV Ar
nica Saive, the best in tbe world, will
kill the pain and promptly heal it.
Cures Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions.
Best Pile cure on earth. Only
25 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sokl
by AIcM aster Co., druggists.
?Sweet ~
Out of Tune and Harsh/"'|
Shakespeare's description fits lhou-B
sands of women. They are cross, dts- R
pondent, sickly, nervous?a burden to 8
a tnerosci.vcs <inu mvir in.iii.iwi>. x uku si j
; sweet dispositions ;;r? gone, p.nd they, like jj
the bells, seem sadly out of tune. But a (
there is a remedy. They c-n use
Wine of Carduij'
It brines health to the -worn .inly |
B organism,^ and health there means ?
well t>oised nerves, calmness, strength. - I
it restores womanly vigor and power.,r j
It tones up the nerves which suffer
ing and disease have shattered. It is 5
the most pcrfect remedy ever devised }
to restore weak women to perfect
health, and to make them attractive
and happy. $1.00 at all druggists.
I For advice in cases requiring special
directions, address, giving symptoms,
" The Ladies' Advisory Department,"
The Chattanooga Medicine
Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
BEV. J. W. SMITH, Camden, S. C., i
H s?ys:?"My -wife used Wine of Cardui at home g
I for falling of the womb nad it entirely cured ?
?The Designer for October, published
by the Standard Fashion Company,
is a triumph of artistic and literary
skill. Its fashion plates, both
in black-and-white and in color, are
the personiacation of style and good
ta3te. Prominent among the literary
features Is a continued story, "A Silver
Spur," by the well-known authoress,
Martha McCulloch-Williams. Oth- ?
er articles which are not only well }
written but well illustrated are "In 1
Autumn Array," "Millinery1" "Bulbs 1
and their Culture," "Autumn Finery
for the Younger Generation," "Tatted 1
Edgings and Insertions," "Possibilities j
" - "-"1 -c T7-_!4?: J, 1
or a x>an 01 xxuutiug v^jhuu, m. iccm- j
ant Nooks and Corners," "The Kinder- t
ten at Home," and "Points on Dressmaking."
Besides all these there is a
droll little story the javenilet should
enjoy, entitled "The Enchanted Tree," t
"Book Isotee," "Ealf Hoars with a 1
Camera," "For Health and Beauty," a 1
comedy, "A Matrimony Hunt," "All t
Around the House," and "Jellies, 1
Jams and Preserves," the last being a i
number of most excellent receipts i
which the housekeeper will certainly 1
value (
Bears the Hay? Aiways Sougfit j
Piano Bargains
Persons looking for bargains in
piano3 are referred to the ad. inserted *
by C. H. Wilmoth, manager of the j
Charlotte N. U., agency for StiefF ]
pianos. <
We beg to express sincere thanks to j
the fire department and oar friends for
services and favors rendered us on
Sunday night.
Sept.8,?93. F. M. Habenicht. i
A regular meetiDg of Mt. Zion ,
Society will be held at 10 a. m. ia ,
Town Hall on Thursday 14th inst.
n "FT
Secretary. ,
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are just what a horse needs when in '
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier 1
and vermifuge. They are not food i
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Uo.
At the Old Stand.
The old Winnsboro Ice House, while
badly shaken up, will be made to do
service in order for U3 o finish rp the
F. M. Habenicht.
september 14, 1g an'd 16.
You shoaid be sore to see thi3 splen- (
did display ot fall millinery; it will
interest and please you.
The Cat.dwfxt. Dry Goode Co.
- - I
Dr. W. H. Wakefieid,
of Charlotte, N. C., will be in Winusboro,
at Winrtsboro Hotel, on Thursday,
October 5th, foi this one day
only. His practice is limited to eye,
ear, nose and throat. 9-12td
DeWitt's Little Early llisers permanently
Gure chronic constipation. bil
iousness, nerviousness and wornout
feeling; cleanse and regulate the entire
system. Small, pleasant, never
gripe or sicken?"famous little pills.'
McMastcr Co.
American Pharmaceutical Association,
Pat-In-Bay, O., September 4-18, 1899.
The Southern Railway announces
the sale of tickets on the above occa- L.
sion at the rale of one and one-third
first-class fare, on the certificate plan,
to delegates altendiDg this meeting.
J. B. Ueyvrard, T. P. A.? Augusta,
? r a on nr tii a virc F.
A VAikW VA JL J-l.A.l ?JkO?
To the members of thj lire depart- I
| merit and to all of oar friends who
; rendered sncb effective service in protecting
our property from fire Sunday
night, we desire to 'extend our sincere
i thanks.
G. "W. Crawford,
D. A. Crawford.
For Infants and Children.
Tht Kind You Have Always Bought
Mr. J. W. Pooyey, of Fairfield
{ County, is visiting his son, Dr. G. W.
I Poovey, of this place.? Laacaster LedIger.
Mr. William Beckham died Sunday
it the home of his sod, Mr. George
Beckham, in the mill village. Mr.
Beckham was seventy-seven years of
ige, and Sunday, the day of his death,
tfas his seventy-eighth birthday. The
nterment took place in the grave yard
>f the Aletbodist Cburch bere Monday
The great success of Chamberlain's
Jolic, Cholera and Dmrbcei ltemedy
n the treatment of bowel complaints
}as made it a standard over the greater
jart of the civilized world. For tale
jy McMaster Co.
John McLeod, who several weeks
igo killed Jim Attaway in Lexington
bounty, appeared before Judge Bachman
here Saturday for the purpose of
tpplyiog for bail. McLeod was ac;ompanied
by bis attorney, G. T.
iraham, Eeq , and the sheriff of Lexugton
County. The prisoner was
idmitted to bail in the 6um of $2,000.
Lexington County Fair.
The News and Herald has revived
a copy of the premium list for
he third annual fair of .he Lexington
bounty Fair Association. The fair is
;o be hel l at Lexington C. H. October
>oih to 27 i. The number of premium
offers! in the various departnents
U much greater than is usual
br county fuirs. The printing was
cleverly doDe by (he Despatch pb
There's always hope while there's
Dae Minute Cough Cure. "An attack
>f pneumonia left my lungs ia bad
ihape and I was near the first stages
)f consumption. One Minute Cough
3nre completely cured me." writes
Helen McHenrj, Bi:iaark,N, D. Give3
nstant relief. HcMaster Co.
The Columbia Eecord says:
John McMakin, pitcher of the Clemion
college ball team, who has been
with the Union champions this season,
las been signed by Indianapolis for
lis next season.
McMakin pitched groat ball for
Jnion this season, winning every
jame in which he did the twirling.
IklcMakin's work will be missed by
he Clemson team next season.
Mr. J. G. Mc'Jants delivered a lec,ure
in the court house on Friday
light on the subject of "Education."
Che lecturer had not been given much
ime in which to prepare his address,
>ut in spite of the short time he was
yell prepared and delivered one of the
nost polished addresses heard in
RTinnchnro in n Inner time. It WIS
somprebensive and complete and at
imes eloquent. A fairly good audiince
was present and many compliments
were paid Mr. McCants on bis
WHO IS Women as well as men
are made miserable by
* v kidney and bladder
BLAME. trouble. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root the great kidney remedy
promptly cares. At druggists in fifty
:ent and dollar sizes. You may have
i sample bottle by mail free, also pamphlet
telling all about ij. a
/in.aoo hi- TTilmpr ft: C!n._ Kino'
W p
Siamtou, N. Y.
There are evidently no young men
bout here qualified for service in
Uncle Sam's army, who are thirsting
[or Filipino gore, or who have a patriotic
desire to "seek the bubble, reputation,
in the cannon's mouth." Lieut.
TXJ T> Promf/\r/1 r\f 4n.'Tn TT. S.
V. I., did not succeed in securing any
recruits during his short stay here last
week, so we are informed. Our young
aeu seem not particularly enthusiastic
on the subject of going 10,000 mile?
to scrap for Uncle Sam.
The following jarors have been
drawn to sel^s during the second
week of the approaching term of court
?the one commencing on Mondayj
the 25th Just:
S F Castles, J B Patrick, Frank
' r /-y T-i- .l_.ii T WiMc
oiewan, j o xriuKeu, u 7t nuo,
J D Hinson, W B Kennedy, J I Kay
lor, W D Raines,, Joe McMeckin, N C
Blair, W J L Weir, W S Stevenson,
R T Crosby, J N Center, J S Lyles,
T P Bryson, W RShelton, T C Camak,
K Tamer, Thos S Brice, Martin
Beam, C E Cathcart, J E Matthews,
T C Leitner, John A DesPortes, T T
Lumpkin, John M McCIuie, D M
Milling, James B Gladden, R J Stewart,
J W Crowder, T W Traylor, T \V
Shgh, J W Clarke,'J M Mill.s
Bears the
The session of the Fairfield Sammer
School closes to-day, ani by the
end of the week nearly all of the
students in attendance will have lefl
for their respective homes.
Fairfield's summer school has beei
in every sense of the word a distinct
succes?. The students have, from the
start, worked faithfully and conscien
uousiv, ano save raaue eicencm use
of their time and opportunities.
The work of Prof. Witherow aud
Miss Withers, both accomplished anc
enthusiastic teichers, has been an in
spiration to the stndents uoder thcii
Superintendent of Education Steven
noo has taken a lively interest in the
work, and has exerted himself to th<
ntmosfc to make the school a success
Spain's Greatest 3*eect.
Mr. E. P. Olivia, of Barcelona
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken
S. C Weak nerves had caused seven
pains in the back of his bead. Oi
usiii? Eiectric Bitters, America's great
est Blood and Nerve Remedy, all paii
scon left him. He says this grand
medicine is what his country needs,
All America knows that it cores livei
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood
tones up the stomach, strengthens tht
nerves, puts vim, vigor and new lif
into every muscle, nerve and organ o
the body. If weak, tired or ailing yoi
need it. Every bottle guaranteed
only 50 cents. Sold by McMaster Co,
Ei Careful i
No woman can be too careful of kD
her condition during the period be
tore ner iiitie ones are Dorn. xiegiecs
or improper treatment then endangers
her life and that of the child. It
Hes with her whether she shall suffer Pa
unnecessarily, or whether the ordeal Mi
shall be made comparatively easy, tic
She had better do nothing than do
something wrong.
i tb(
fe nnp And the onlv nretJaTS-tlOQ : Ai
that is safe to use. It is ft liniment be
that penetrates from the outside. jQ1
External applications are eternally
right. Internal medicines are radically
wrong. They are more than
humbugs?they endanger life.
Mother's Friend helps the muscles
to relax and expand naturally?re- .
lieves morning sickness?removes , tjc
the cause of nervousness and head- i fla
ache?prevents hard and rising i jfr
breasts?shortens labor and lessens
the pains?and helps the patient to all
rapid recovery. ' wj
. From a letter by a Shreveport, La.,
woman: " I have been using your
wonderful remedy, Mother's Friend,
for the last t-70 months, and find it
just as recommended," rj
DruggLsts sell It at $1 per bottle. T1
Send for our free Illustrated book, be
r " Before Baty is Bora."
Ste- aD
Mr. Esmonds, who was taken sick an
while conducting the summer school ea
* - 1 1 - L 1
nere, is, we are giau 10 Eay, muuu uei-1
ter. The following from the Sumter
"Watchms.n and Southron will be read gg
with interest by his friends: c0
Mr. S. II. Edmunds has been qaite vj
sick with fever at Hendersonville, .
N. C., for a week past and on Saiur- De
day his condition was so serious that he
bis father, Dr. N. W. Edmunds was co
telegraphed for. Mr. Edmunds was nf
much better to-day and Dr. Edmunds
telegraped this morning that he was so aE
much better than he expected to find m
him that h9 would return to-morrow, an
Mr. Elmnnds was conducting the
Fairfield County summer school"when
he was takcj sick, and was ordered to 1C
the mountains by his physician to rest to:
and recuperate.
A Word to Mothers. ^
Mothers of children affected wi:h ^c
croup or a severe cold need not hesitate eh
to administer Chamberlain's Cough ot
Remedy. It contains no opiate nor m
narcotic in any form and may be given
as confidently to the babe as to aa w
adult. The great success that has fc
J - 4- n fnrtowf
aneuuuu no uoc iu iuc un?uibuw vx
cold3 aud croup has won for it the
approva' and praise it has received M
throughout ihe United States and in cr
many foreign lands. For sale by Mc- tii
Ma3ter Co. d]
?... w
There is a postoffice in Lancaster
Horintv that bears the somewhat
nniqn? name, Tank. It should not be
a dry spot if there is anything in a
name, but the Lancaster Ledger's correspondent
there winds up an inte- fr
resting communication to his paper
with the following original little poetic gj
dash, the sentiment of which leads us
to the conclns: -n that during the pro- jQ
longed drou.i:', not even Tank was a
favored a.-:
"Tank" is uc laud of plotten,
There ain't much corn P
And tnere ain't much cotton,
Pigs nearly dead, m
And the "taters" all rotten,?but I'll m
, choke h chicken and churn, provided
the ini k ^ili turn.
'till the times are more
' nev ^
Many golden opportunities have f,
been lost by those who suffer from
' ? r>.. ..uj? re
rneuiuiiutui. D Y latkiug nucuua^iu^
1 naw iher will be permanently and "
positively cared.
That there are five thousand theatres ft
ia America, and that one million a half
ii L. U \r
people nitena mem eacu wec*.-ua? "
1 night, spending seventy millions of a:
dollars a/year on theatre-goiog, are the b
surprising facts with which Mr. Frank- M
' lin Fyle*, the dramatic editor of the
New York San, will open an impor- it
' eoMoo ir. nOVf 7QC11P of The 2
laiiU Ot/l is/O KLM VUV 4JVM.W w
Ladies' dome Journal. The series A:
1 ?vill be called "The Theatre and Its e
' People." and will ran through seven tl
numbers of the magazine, lavishly
| illustrated with pictures made by
twelve tiifferent artists. The articles
will treat of evety phase of the thea- c
. tre, the play and the actor, from the j
inside, and will tell how a theatre is b
managed; the astual money which b
. c
plays nave maae; now an acior m trained
a&d what the actors are ac- f
lually paid; how a play is written and 2
j what the authors receive; how a play C
i is rehearsed; the first night of a play;
how the actresses "make up' and what
they use; and in a minute way the two
J last articles will show what goes on s
5 behind the scenes on the stage dnriDg o
t a performance. It is a curious fact b
that this will be the first lime that the
1 theatre a:,'d the actor have ever been r
exhaustively treated in a magazine, a
- - - ? 1 aua
' I and that taere is no oooji uu iuc suu-. c
i ject in exisience.
1 A 1'romineHt Virginia Editor Had Almost t
I i Given Up, l?mt Was Brought Back to j J
. j Perfect HealthJ by Chamberlain's ^
> Colic, Cholera and Diarrhaa
K-jm?dy--Read His Editorial.
From the Times, llillstillc, Ya.
' i I suffered with diarrhea for a long I
\ j time aud thought I was past being
5 i cured. I had speut much time and j.
' 1 money and snffered so maci misery
'! that I had almost decided to give up j
all hopes of recovery and await the t
result, but noticing the advertisement t
' ' of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
IJ Diarrhoea Remedv and also some
\ J testimonials statiDg how some wonder- 8
.; ful cures bad been wrought by this t
j 1 remedy, I decided to try it. After \
i taking a few dose9 I was entirely
] well of that trouble, and I wish to sav
! further to my readers aDd fellow suf- 1
ferers that I am a bale and hearty man
I to-day and feel as well as I ever did ]
q in my life.?O. K. Mcore. Sold by (
f McMasier Co. ^
j1 Mr. John S, Reynolds ba9 been ap- '
j pointed United States Commissioner i
at Columbia.
Rockton, S. C., Aag. 12, 1899.
atrial Reserve Fund Life Association:
Gentlemen?I take pleasure in acowledging
ibrongh your representa'e,
Mr. Long6treet Gantt, the receipt
check tor one thousand dollars on
3 National Bank of New York in
yment of policy No. 149046 in the
atual Reserve Fucd Life Associa
?n, issued to me late xnoioas r.
Kindly convey my thanks to the
icers of the Association for courte(8
shown and for paying the claim a
nsiderable time before it acally
dne according to tho terms of
J policy. I heartily recommend your
>:ociatlon to all who iequiie the
nefits of sound life insurance at the
;vest possible coet.
Yours very truly,
(Signed) J. R. Curiee,
Executor Estate late Thos. P. Ligon.
For wouDds, bums, scalds, 6ores,
in diseases and all irritating erupins
nothing so soothing and healiug
DeWitt's Witch' Hazel Salve. Mrs.
nma Bolles, Matron Englewood
irsery, Chicago, says of it: "When
. else fails in healing our babies, ii
ill core." McMastsr uo.
Wiunsboro won the game with
reenbriar Friday by a score of 7 to 1.
le game was in some respects a good
e as the score indicates, bat it wa?,
l the whole, rather uninteresting,
4Via man lifo
lug eiiurci.y WUUUUL IUV^ cuuj/, ?I?VJ
d vigor necessary to make it "go."
ie Greenbrier team was much stronr
than it was earlier in the season,
d while the locals won out with
se, their opponents held them down
a comparatively small score.
The ball season here closed with the
ime Friday, and the Winnsboro team
mes ont of it with a clean record of
dories. Not a single defeat has
en recorded against the Winnsboro
>ys. The games have furnished a
nsiderable amount of {sport for the
itay-at-bomes" this tuumer, and
lother year they will doubtless be
ore liberally patronized. There is
i abundance of good material here
at can be developed and organized
?? ? ttTnanllnnallp ' crnnrl
IU C41& ^AVV^11VUHHJ ^ vvv? .
Next season a good^team should be
it into the field just a3 soon as the
>ys come home from college. It
,ould be equipped with c -ms and
her necessary parapher:. *.nd a
anager should be appo. ;d who
ill make arrangements a e outset
?r a regular schedule of gauics.
Chester H. Brown, Kalamazoo,
ich., says: "Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
ired me of a severe case of indigesDn;
can stronglv recommend it to all
rspaptics. "Digests what you eat
it&ont aid from the stomach, and
-- j f,
'95 dyspepsia. aoici v>v.
Mr. T. W. Lauderdale has returned
om a trip north.
J. E. McDonald, Esq., has returned
om a trip to New York.
Mr. John Davis has accepted a potion
with J. F. McMaster.
Mrs. Rorie Gibson is with relatives
i Winnsboro.?Chester Lantern.
Mr. Frank C. Withers, of The State,
'as io town Monday hustling for his
Miss Nettie Sitgreave3 left for Baltimore
Sunday to purchase a stock oi
T T\ %r
uiinery ior mrs- o. u. aiuoai icy.
Miss Gertrude Bai-jes, who has been
isiting the family of Prof. W. H.
fiiherow, returned to ber home in
harleston on Friday.
Miss Nanrie Cummings and bei
fiend, Miss Beall, are here visiting
ilatives of the former before returnig
to New York.
Mr. Q. D. Williford has returnee
rom New York wherj be ba9 beer
or a week purchasing a big siock o:
ill and winter goods.
Mr. D. L.Stevenson, county euper
itendent of 'education, ha3 returnee
fter a visit to the summer schools
eing held in several other counties it
lis State.
Mrs. Charles A. Douglass has re
irnM tr? WinnRboro for a visit before
oing to her home in Washington
Ir. and Mrs. Douglass have jast com*
b.st again after a delightful tri]
irongh Yellowstone Netional Park
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting in
ident to these diseases, is instantl;
llayed by applying Chamberlain'
Jye and Skin Ointment. Many ver
ad cases have been permanently cure*
y t. It is equally efficient lor itchinj
lies and a favorite remedy for sor
ipples, chapped hands, chilblains
rost bites nml chronic sore eyes
Sets, per h- x For sale by McMaste
The farmers are gathering the fleec;
taple very fast. They report aa ear)
opening 01 ioe crup unu u, wua.iu??
ile shortage.
Woodward High School wsll soo
esume its work again under the mat
gement of the able and efficient edc
ator, Prof. J. R. Sterling.
Mmes. Graham, nee Woodward
ormerly of this place, but now o
ioanoke, Va., are visiting i elative
lere. Thay were qaietlv married las
fane to Trainmaster Graham and Cor
lactor Graham., of the Norfolk
(Vestern Railway.
Mr. Bert Brice left for Charlotte las
Jonday to attend school at that plac<
Miss Catherine Deal, one of Black'
?nrg7s charming daughters, who hs
>een visiting Miss Nannie Brice, n
urued hame last Friday, accompanie
>7 Miss Nanuie.
Miss Jan'e Duubar, of Chester, aftf
in extended visit among relatives, n
urned home Saturday, accompanie
>y Miss Bessie Blair, ot uoion.
Alisa Alina King, of Chester, hs
)een visiting Miss Nannie Brice.
Mr. Jos. W. Brice, of Jacksonvill
Fla., the able anu efficient stenograph*
)f Swift & Co., spent a few days wit
ais parents, Maj. and Mr?. T.
Brice. He is stationed at Charlestc
now in a more lucrative position.
September 11,1899. R.
A telegram received here Monday
moriiing conveyed the sad intelligence
of the death in North Carolina at 3
o'clock Sunday of Col. F. TV. Mc~
Master. Col. McMasler had been in
failing health for some time, and for
the past week or ten days his life bad
been dispaired of. A day or two ago
chioge for the better and bis
relatives and friends throughout the
State felt much eucouraged. He did
not rally li.anently, however, and
at tho time mentioned above, breathed
his last.
Col. McMrster was born in Winnsboro
about seventv-thrce years sgo,
and the earlier years of his life were
spe.it Lere. After h;s graduation at
the So ith Carolina College, he studied
law, and upon being admitted to the
Kr,* .nl'lo.l Prtlnmhia fnr tllf> T?ra.f!
1 VUi OC(.tUU IU vviutMV'M *v? J
tice of bis profession. In Colnmbia,
Coi. McMaster spent ibe greater portion
of his loug and useful life, and
his loss will be most keenly felt by the
people among whom he lived and
-1 1 lha /?OTI n PA
W UlftCUl LI U I1.V
and esteem of his fellow-citizen?, and
be served them with honor and credit
to himself for a term as mayor of the
Daring the war between the States
Colonel McMa?ter co nmanded the
17th S. C. Regiment, aud throughout
the bloody straggle, served bis country
with conspicuous gallantry at.d devotion
His most distinguished &erpt/?a
was. nerhins. at the battle of
the Crater where bis command was in
tbe very thickest of the fight.
Cel. McMaster was married early in
life to Miss Macfie, a sister of the late
Capt. James Macfie, of this county
who preceded him to the grave just;
about one year.
In the death of Col. McMasler, the
Stale loses an honored citizen, a
christian gentleman of the highest
type; one whose ideals were pure and
lofty, and who lived his life in accordance
with the principles of a high
The deceased leaves a large family
of sons and daughters, and two
brothers, Messrs. George II. and R. N.
McMaster ofWinnsboro. There are
besides these, numerous relatives and
hundreds of friends throughout the
State, who will receive with the profoundest
sorrow the news of his death.
The funeral took place in Columbia
foot r*
7 goivt V41* j |
C ii" Ci: obblu; Headaclie
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches-. They make pure blood
and strong nerves and build np your
health. Eas> to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
pnrp.i Snid hv McMastsr Co.. drug
gists. ' j
After a long silence I come to the
front again. Doubtless but very few
people paid much attention to my
views on the general character of tbe
weather of^May to August, inclusive,
which were published with the April
( forecast in March, 1899. " We have
paesed through a meteorological phenomena
that will be remembered by
| many. I'll confess that the precipitation
of the last half of May and to
the 20th of June was not as great as
. was anticipated. The perturbations
of the past June was in the minimum.
( As a rule our summer solstice, generally,
always perturb our atmosphere
| enough to give us plenty of moisture,
buf it was an exception to the rule
. this year. I forecasted :hat the rainr
fall to the date mentioned above would
[ be more than we will sec in several
months to come. It has been verified.
I July was forecasted to be dry. Scat!
teiiog showers about the 21et to 24th.
^ They continued to the 27th. And
they were not general. After this
the rainfall will be light until about
I the.USth of August which has been
s verified to the letter.
j September will open with very ancotilpH
weather and continue to the
new moon, which is on the 4th. After
4 this it will gain row force ard cause
storms on the Atlantic coast from the
[ 4th to the.7th. Steady rain and gales
" may reach out far on land. After this
' the barometer will rise, followed by
clearing skies and cooler. 8th to 10th,
partly clondv with rain on the coast;
11th and 12.h, nearly cloudy with
rr lisrht showers and windy; 13th lo loth,
r "
s nearly fair; 16th to ISth, cloudy, little
9 rainy and windy; from 20th to 23rd,
I very unsettled weather with gales,
| cool to cold; 23rd to 2otb, look out foi
heavy gales on the Atlantic coast.
!- followed by cooler weather; 26th and
r 27th, nearly fair; 28th to 30tb, local
storms on the coast, with high winds
on land, followed by /ery cool weather,
with local frost on the 30th and Ociober
1st. Upon the whole, Septembei
? promises to be rather a stormy month
f?h?inCrPS -from VPTV
WiUl U?aur cuuuuw vwm..Av? J
warm to cool. J Martin Grant,
a ?.
l" ?We expect to move oar place o
L* business and in order to save freighi
will for the next two weeks sel
'? our stock at aDd below cost. Com<
f while you can buy bargains.
:8 Porter Bros,
it ?
^ The Novita Company of Atlanta
are curing cisos of "female trouble/
it after prominent ! ''ave pro
j noanced sach casis .....Uiable,'' 01
have said, ''You will be compelled t<
ha^e an operation." It is a tact tba
18 The Novita Treatment for womei
} care? such cases, it removes lumur
d and Foreign Growths, cares Granula
tion, Ulceration, Inflammation of th
womb and cveries and all dic:?ice
:r rnents.
e Write for their bonk anrl 200 A <ut
(j testimonials and th'\ > il' ' n ; }o
free. Give them :nc
Dr. Van Valen "vvii; -fcyonrc s
is without cost. 'Mv. ,icat by uiai.
Address all letters The X via Cr>~
e pany, 400413 G- .no O T
;r Atlanta. Ga, 1
k Mrs. Ira S. V u-? r
team of four br- ? ...... .eiu 1
,u her home ia Fa: uanty, uuufour
weeks' v si? t-.> her parents.Lanca9ter
Oar little town has taken on quite a
businessiike nir recently, and it would
require no great stretch of imagination
10 enable us to believe that an
iron foundry bad been established in
onr mi'-Ut, tbere is such a clanging of
iron as it is being deposited or loaded
for transportation. Not only in old
iron i* iLe trade brisk, bat in grass
h ->rpa. nfi 'simmon and dogwood.
poke root, sassafras, sarsa^arilla and
ife < v- Halting. Tbis last named herb
is u:.cd, I hear, for flavoring tobacc >.
It i^ the iitneral opinion here ihat
the ga'he ring or'tie coiton crop will
not be iiiUch of a job unless the iiew
crop iha'- has put on fince the rains is
all ied to mature. In some localities
there is much complaint of inst.
Most ol the fodder has been housed.
Tli1 corn crop uery good in low places.
Pea* beginning to bear. Rice a com
p!e:e failure; sugar cane also.
I hear that there was considerable
wind and hail in the Long Ran section
on Thursday evening last, and that a
new gin house belonging to Mr. Jim
Lupo was biown down. Have not
learned particulars.
A protracted meeting begins here at
Shiloh Church on Sunday next. The
pastor, Rev. Mr. Banks, wi'I be assisted
by Rev. Mr. Spetener, of Clifton
Mr. T. V. Wicker and family, of
Newberry, spent several days recently
with his daughter, Mrs. J. S. Swygert,
of this place.
Miss Fannie Chappell, of Jacksonville,
Fla., is visiting1 relatives in this
Mrs. T. J. McMeekin aud Miss
Ruby Ragsdale, of Blair's, are on a
vi&it to friends and relatives here.
Mrs. J. C. Hunter has returned to
her horns in Union after visiting her
relatives here.
Mrs. W. T. Gienn, of Chappell's,
and Mrs. GlenD Rigfdale, of "Winnsbor
, epent 6evera; days this week at
the borne of their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John McMeekin, Sr.
Mrs. T. J. Rabh, of Long Run, has
jast returned from a visit to relatives
in Chester.
An infant son of Mr. Reuben Davis
was buried here at Shiloh on Thursday
eveciog last.
There have been sevepal social gatherings
ia this section rccchtly. Y.
September 9,18?9.
To those livinc
In malarial districts Tutts Pills
are indispensible, they keep the
system in perfect order and are
an absolute cure
for sick headache, indigestion,
malaria, torpid liver, constipation
and all bilious diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pills
to iraST humanity
I am agent for a truss lo suppor
rupture, which I believe is th8 bes
ever sold. Can give testimonials fron
honest men. If interested answer thii
"ad." and I will come to see you.
Address, Box 53, ftockton, S. C.
& L5RO. has been dissolved by matua
consent this day?August 24, 189S
O. F. McEacheru assumes responsi
bility for indebtedness of said firm.
Ridgeway, S. C., Ang. 24, 1899.
For Rent.
< Ridgeway; also several plantation
I near town. Possession of reeidenc
I given December 1, and of plantation
. January 1.
' Also "for Sale: Horses, mules, bu?
i gies, wagon, nouseuum auu mh,uc
farni 're~ farming implements, &<
. All cii np for cash Apply to
Ii. T. BLAIR or
9-12-lm Attorneys.
I MM ffffl
> 1 HAVE?
--2,4? : Sets
J Silver-Hated Table Spoon
s Teaspoons and Medium Fori
that I will sell at
- Cost for Cash.
j1 To letter tliem, at cost price
i will be THREE CENTS PE
Come and see tliem.
BfeIRCfi fl and Wltikey Eablta
B m III cored at home ttIUi**
|Sr|ll fSi oatpain. Book of par
BqB WwBwl ticnlazseentFBEE.
^a3ESST55ro?c? xw K.wrcr ut
' -'
4 1 Opening 1
= R. BRANDT'S = |
will far exceed aoy previous o-jc
account of such an entire changy
in stvles and vaiietv ??f r-ovel- y~
ties never before ?hiwn
i?? Chester.
JEWELRY has beca added!
under th?~. name of Lipscomb k
Smith is hereby dissolved hymn'tai
consent, Chas. J. Smith assuming all
AP firm <>nH 11\
whom all bills are to be paid.
Ridge way, 3. C., Sept 1, 1899.
9 2-1 m
11 " 1 ?' i i ?'
Founded 1842.
5m i
"Sing their own praise.".
Of course your want a Piauo, bnt perhaps
cannot afford a new one.
We hare seven Squares and one
Grand, each a bargain. These Pianos
have been put in perfect condition and
every part of action renewed and are
now" fast as good as when shipped
from factory, and will yon purchase
price in exchange for a Stieff any time
within three years.
Take first and second choice and
write quick; they won't last long.
Haines Bros $110 00
Henry Gaehle (Pearl Inland).. 105 00
Boardman & Gray 100 00
Bacon & Haven 90 00
Bacon & Baven 80 00
Heinekamp 75 00
Bacon & Baven 70 00
Collard & Collard Grand... . 60 00
Others being repaired and we can
suit yon in instmment and price. ,
Baltimore, Md.
Factory Branch Ware-Eoom, No. 213
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
C. H. WILMOTH, Manager.
Fine tuning and repairing. Palace
toll Fit
Paint, for tin or shingles.
io Gallons Ebony Paint,
for iron railing or fencing, en,
gines, &c., to preserve from
For sale at reduced price
W. E. Aiken,
Mnnrnnn on j Dnlrnn
; Ilium II MMk)
: ft V, DOTY & GO.
- **eWe Have***
s Irish Potatoes and
A ? c? 4.1, A
" V/111UU3 i<Ji tilt
Rye, Crimson Clover,
Turnip and
other seeds.
Johnson's, Groves',
Morgan's and Chillarine
Chill Tonic.
: Mint Ci.
: ?
with a foil stock of Caskets, Bnrial
s> Cases and Coffins, constantly on hand,
R and use of hearse when requested.
Thankf al for past patronage and solicitation
for a share in the future, in the
eld stand
Calls attended to a: all hours.
J. 31, ELLIOTT & OO.
A .1 7_1
AFR1CANA -9*11 core 2ieum*tlnx and
rV scrofcla to Stay Cartd.

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