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lu im:&l? k^nce
Wednesday, September 27. 1899
?HcaJ administrator's notice.
?Keid J. D. ilcCareiy's ad. in this
issue It is of interest.
?A nice line ol tioil Jtiats- uome
atd se them. Mrs. J. D. McCarley.
?Thi city ooncil has had a few
grgp. new street lamps put op daring th*
gm&r past we-ik.
?R^ td Prestou Rion's ad. as agent
of Pacific Fire Insurance Company of
New He solicits a share of
70m* p-.ironage.
"Be-?-. 0:1 the market for coughs and
olds aud all bronchial troubles; for
crouo ii bas uo equal," writes flenry
R. WVtlord, South Canaan, Conn., of
Oce Minute Cough Cure. McMaster
?On aod after Wednesday, 27tn
inst., until farther notice, The Winnsboro
Bank will open at 9 30 a. m. and
close at 2.30 p. m.?adv
?0 : Sun-lay morning the residence
of Mr O. B. Boney's, at Bly the wood,
was destroyed by fire. The loss is
Qstim- S at $; .S00, no insurance.
?Doa't stay away fro.n the Great i
Wallace show because the weather
looks threatening. Its canvas is rain
proof t?nd will shed .vater for hoars.
?F- inerswiil harness oii for
greasy and biacsing harness a,;d
boggy tops, a:.d flake oil for &s!e
grease at Dr. W. E. Aiken's drag
"They are simply perfect," writes
Robt. Moore, of LaFayette, Ind., of
DeWitl's Little Early Risers, the
"famous little pills" for constipation
and ali liver ailments. Never gripe. '
McMaitev Co.
?It was reported on Monday that
Mr. Wm. Yates, who at one time i
lived in this county, committed suicide :
on Saturday night on Mr. Elmore
Kell's place, iu Chester county.
?It is expected that the Baptist
chapel at the factory will be completed
very soon, probably this week. This <
building which is qu;.te neat and ]
pretty, stands on a pretty situation
and is an ornament to the factory I
? it a rt-P ,
Jll.ro. V_/. o. -L/WJgUli UM VI <
the department of music at Mt. Zion i
Institute, haying been elected to this j
position by the trustees. There has
baen no other change, the same teachers
who were in charge last year having
E. E. Turner, Compton, Mo., was
cured of piles by DeWiti's Witch
Hazel Salve after suffering seventeea
Tears and trying over twenty remedies.
Physicians and surgeons endorse it. .
Beware of dangerous counterfeits. ;
Mc blaster Co. !
?Work is progressing rapidly on :
the house which Mr. Dann is build- <
ing on the lot where his houss was i
burned. The new House win oe a
" very pretty one and will be very :
much on the order of the one which ,
was burnt.
?We regret to announce that little
Marion, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
McDonald, is seriously sick. The
little bov ha3 been sick fo: .everal
days and bis sickness causes mneb
anxiety. It is hoped that he will soon
recover entirely.
?Mrs. F.;M. Habenicht, in her new
ad. this morning, notifies tbe public
that she. has opened ^business Jn the
DesFortes block, .and that she .has in
stock a new snppiy or iancy groceries
cf almost everyu description. Fresh
cakes] and crackers, received twice a
For w^ucJs, barns, scalds, sores,
skin diseases and all irritating eruptions.
nothing so soothing and healing
as DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Mrs.
Emma Bolles, Matron Englewood
Nursery, Chicago, says of it: "When
all else fails in healing our babies, it
will care." McMaster Co.
?3. W. Nance, principal or the
colored graded school, has been at the
point of death with typhoid fever for
several weeks. He was recovering
but suffered a relapse and has since
been in a most critical condition. It is
thought, however, that he is better
and will recover.
?Messrs. Porter and Clyburn have
closed out their dry goods business in
"\Vinn9boro and moved to Lancaster
where they have arranged ,tc- open a
large store. These gentlemen and
their families Lave made hosts of
friends in Winnsboro who regret exceedingly
to see them leave. They
have the good wishes of the community
for success in their new field.
Chester H. Brown, Kalamazoo,
f Z " tlirA! T\*?p.r\Arke?o I ra
ixiiuu., 5 uuuvi xyj vuiv
cured me of a severe case of indigestion
; can stronglv recommend it to ail
dyspeptics. ;tI>igests what you cat
without aid from the stomach, and
cures dyspepsia." McMaster Co.
?Ou September 22nd the recepts of
the Winnsboro postoffice for stamps
and stamped envelopes were $133.05,
' the largest rertipt on record of this
office. The increase in the business
H of this office is due io the estabiishB
meut of the cotton mill and shows
j|fc bow much cotton mills do for a town
and how tuuch more money is put into
circulation here by the increase in the
?Mr. Sui,>p, who has for some time
held the .;Oii ion of superintendent cf
the Fairfield Cotton Mills, h^s given
np the position and will leave town
before lo g. As superintendent, Mr.
Shipp Iias beeu most efficient and has
I given the greatest satisfaction, and it
k is to be icgrtlted that lis has decided
p ?o give up the position. His family
L have made a very pleasaut impression
upon ai: who h -.vt' knovn them and
off will be a loss to Winhsboro society.
?As is usual in the tall, a number
of people cbango their place of residence
and rented house pass into different
hands. Some of the families
who will i.eve arc: Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Fooshe. who will move from
01 tic Timms house iato M/s. Connor's
Sra house; Mr. and Mrs Halbrook Rion
WF have rented Capt. C. S. D wight's
r house; Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Timms
have re.-ted ibu Iiion cottage. There
will pr>&ably be a number of other
changes made before long.
1 he great success of Chamberlain's
CoHc, '.'holers and Dhrrkon Remedy
in the ;reatment ofb nvel complaints
lias mad4 it a ?;ai!daid over the greater
part of (he civil'zed world. For ^a:e
by McMaster Co.
Solicits a rhaic ?-f tLe pabiic patron
9-26 ly
?Bab Campbell, the lKgro who wai
so badly used hj i 1 the ro v at ti e
^nlrtror? firpmpnV .?<<nnfi hnn.cft ftftf:
the Dana fi:e, vvas laid out agair
Tuesday. Lainpb-U aud another
negro named D ivj Fo.d bad an altercation
at ?h*uil inll, ko the Etorv
goes, and Cam^bcii ui.tr cursing Fore
tbrew a heavy claw hammer at him
Foid retaliated by knocking Cauopbel
down with apiece ofiren. It waf
thought for a while *hat Campbell wa<
pretty badly injured, but be seem;
now to be rallying rapidly from tb(
effect of the shock.
There's always hope while there':
Oue Minute Cough Cure. "An attacK
of pneumonia left my lungs in bac
shape and I wa? near the first stageof
consumption. One Minute Cougr
Cure completely cured me." wiites
Helen McHenrj, Biimark,N. D. Give;
instant relief. McMaster Co.
Dr. W. H. YVakelieid,
of Charlotte, N. C., will be in Winns
at Wjnmhnro Hotel. Oil Thtire
div, October 5th, foi this one daj
only. I:i? practice is lireiled to eve
ear, nose and throat. 9-12;d
Brandt is Coming,
R. Brandt, the Chester jeweler, it
going to visit Winusboro and Ridgeway
early in October with a big lin<
of sample?, and he wi ll have some
thing interesting to *how persons call
iDg to ;see his line of goods. Hii
3tock is new, everything; is np to date
and stylish.
Southern's Bates to New Eork ana.wash
ington on Account of Admiral Dewey's
Oa September 26th-27th, theJSooth
sra Railway will sell from alljlpoint;
round trip tickets to New York _anc
Washington at a rate of one and one
third fir6t class fare, limited to Octobei
5th. For fall information apply t<
any Southern Railway agent, or ad
dress J.$B. Ileyward.'kT. P. A., Au
?;usta, Ga.
Bears tfce """" A|W3^ ??U^
Ktunion of the "Old Sixth*"
A rroKonf e?/\lrJior t\i tho A KlY?l
A VAlXCVLiL OWiULVi V* w4-iw Vi v*
Regiment" makes the suggestion fo]
a reunion of the survivors of the
Regiment some time duriDg the Stat<
Fair, in November. Tbo suggestion i
?Ood and timely, and we hope wil
meet with favor all along the liDe
Ihsre has been no gathering of th<
regiment since 18S9, and the propose<
reunion in Columbia can be made ai
occasion of pleasure and profit. Le
the matter be agitated and then let u
have that, reunion.
Ths above sno'?restion from' th(
Chester Reporter will doubtless ,fin<
favor with .the Fairfield ^survivors o
the gallant Sixth.
Ian Maclaren on the Church.
It has been known for some tim?
that Ian Maclaren has been criticall;
studying modern church methods, anc
the results are now to be made public
in The Ladies' Home Journal. Hi
first article is called "The Candy-Pal
bystem intDC unarcn," ana in mis m
frankly states what many have felt bu
have scarcely ventured to public';
assert with regard to social tendenciei
of the churcn. The great Eoglisl
author will then handle "The Muti
neer in the Church," and after tha
answer the somewhat startling ques
lion, "Shoufd the Old Minister b
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders
are just what a horae needs when ii
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifie
and vermifuge. They are not foo<
but medicine and the best in use t<
put a horse in prime condition. Pric
25 cents per package. For sale b,
McMaster Co.
a coming makriage .
Cards have been rsceivsd annonnc
iDg the approaching marriage of Rev
Jas. G. Glass, of Summerville, to Mis
Eva L. Fairbanks, of Sewanee, Tenn
The wedding will take placs in St
Augustine's Chapel. Sewanee, oi
Thursday, September 28tb, at 11 a. ra
The bride and groom will make tkei
home in Summerville, where Mr. Glas
has charge of a chnrch. He was fo
two years rector of Sc. John's Chare:
in this place, and it was entirely da
to his zeal and energy that the Epi?co
pali&ns here were enabled to erect th
present charch building. During hi
rectorship here Mr. Glass made man,
warm friends, and he has their bes
wishes in the step he i3 about to take
The old McCali house, one of lh
oldest houses iu town, was destroys*
by fire on Sandav night. It is s
present owned by Jolm B. JStevensou
The fire was discovered af, about tc
o'clock, and tlio occupauts of th
house bad to be waked. Tbe fir
seems to haw, caught from the outside
and when first seen had made con
siderable headway. A great many o
the household elleeU were damage*
and some were entirely destroyed
The fire companies did their usua
Sue work and deserve mu?h credit fo
the way in which ihey kept the fir
from spreading. A large S3rvant'
house In the yard, quite near tfc
house and Mr. J. L. Richmond's hous
were both in great danger, as the win
was blowing in that direction, bi
neither of the baUdings caught. Tb
loss was approximately $1,200 an
was partly covered by insurance.
Totter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting ii
cidenf to these diseases, is instant)
allayed by applying Chamberlain
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many ver
bad cases have been permanently cure
by t. It is equally efficient tor itchin
piles and a favorite remedy for soi
nipples, chapped hands, chilblain
trc?t bites and chronic soro eye
2osis. per box. For sale by 31c"Jast(
In point of equipment the Great
Wallace fchows, which visits us short- J
Jr. >ft .VisnlntAii? tcithnnt n r?ppr Y/l
" o.;tv is spared, no expense considm*d
too greit to obtain tbe best that
art and ingenuity have devised in this
, department of industry.
s A'l lie latest improvements, all the
? costly inventions and innovations ia '
r equipment are placed under conttiba >
ticn. and as a result Mr. Wallace cm
? I
boast or three (rains of cars that sur.
pas? anything io America or Eurupe.
r The trains, owing to the new safety
t and labor-saving devices with which
. they are equipped, are a never-failing
1 toa. ee of interest and admiration to
5 railroad men, and they may be seen
5 gathered around them examining and
5 discussing the parts for hours at a time
j whenever tbe show visits an important
railroad centre.
It is said tbat Mr. Wallace's railroad
> squipraont aici.e cost more than any
| other big show in its entirety. At
, Winnsboro on Friday. October 13
\ SWAMP- Is not recommended |
I "PHOT *or but if j
Ituui you bava kidney, liver
or bladd-. r trouble it will be found ;ust j
the rcmuiy you need. At druggists in
fifi> i ent and dollar sizes. You may
Dave a te mple bottle of this wonder"
ful j'Pw <;i:cnvery by mail free, also
r pan-: lue. :!iii ir all ab-ut it.
? I T7-:?_ ft. T>:
, -"-it' tyr. cvuui^i tv uu., u1i>{$- i
hamu 'i, X Y.
Whereas, God in his infinite wisdom
J and x:?cy has seen lit to call from life
our hishly esteem-id aud beloved
i deacon, 0. H. Scruggs:
Ro?cived, 1. That in the death of
- Bro. Sciuggs thi3 community has lost
5 oce of her best and most enterprising
cUizyr-ji, and Crooked Ron Baptist
! Church >uffers the loss of one of her
nlflfiRh innsf. useful and most conse
crated members.
2. TIrif while we deeply mourn and
keenly feel his loss, yet, we bow in
bumble submission to the will of Dim,
- who is ti.o wise to err, too good to do
5 wrong, and feel confident that onr loss
^ is his et'.-rnal gain.
3. Tdiit a page iu our minutes be
dedicated to Lis memory.
r 4. Tr^.f a copy of these resolutions
> be sent ihe Baptist Courier and the
. Fairfield News anb Herald for publication.
J. P. Isenhower,
E. Trapp,
- &?77" ' S annruihg I
jijUnog SXBMJV babh MA puix aiji m9a
] The following in regard to the Fair?
field Baptist Association we clip from
J the State. The FairGeld Baptists no
s i? lonfl?a nnmharQ*
7 UUUUi Will ancuu J 11 laigb UULUUVI w
This association will hold its next
I session with the Second Baptist chnrch
j in this city Thursday, ^October, 5, and
j will be ia session two or three days.
t The delegates, supposed to be about
g 40 in number, will" arrive Wednesday,
and arrangements are being made for
their entertainment. The committee
J to procure home3 for delegates and
I visitors are Rev R N Pratt, the pastor,
f J B Elkin, W S Pope and N W Walk
Rev Jabez Ferris will preaeh the
opening sermon, and Rev E A McDowell
the missionary sermon.
0 Tne subjects for discussion are the
different phases of missions, education,
' temperance, observance of the Lord's
1 day, the orphanage, and others eqaally
; as interesting.
s The association consists of 28
, churches, 1,400 members, $50,000 of
church property, and the contributions
e for the year "ending October, 1898,
t amounted to over $6,000.
Y The oldest church organization in
, the association ia Rock Creek church,
s in Richlaml conntv, which was organ2
ized in 1790.
The Second church, with which the
t association is to meet, is in charge of
Rev R N Pratt, as pastor, with a strong
board of deacons, and during the past
e 18 months has added nbout 75 mem- j
bprs bv ifetter and profession of faitb, I
, and its comribatious to the various
eutarprises of the church have been
liberal. It is a power for good, e?r
pecially in the southwestern part of
3 the city, in which it is located.
g Volcanic Eruptions . ^
v Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
' life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures ilitim; also Old, Running and
Fever Sores, Ulcere, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Best P?ie cure on earth. Drives ont
Pains and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
- " ? '""1 Ua1/1 XfoMsstor
8 UUI'U guiuamceu. wiu uj
,, Co., ciinggists.
On kit Friday morning, September
r 22cr., at. 3 40, a southbound freight
g trsiu o- -.he Sparianbm-g road came
r uucoap'od about the middie, jast above
b Als'Oii. The switch was not turned
e at the sv.ition, and the engineer on
i-oonr.injr ; llftf. nninf. was forced to
e bring hi-', part of the traiu to a stand-1
s still. The velocity vf the bose cars
v was not. checked by having broken
it loose and rushed on, coliaing with the
? cars in advance, totally demolishing
seven coaches. In a short time seventyfive
or a hundred hands appeared on
the tcene of ?h? disaster, and were
e not long iu removing tbe debrh and
r\ preparing the track for the coming
,t trr.ins. This wh >!e crew made narrow
escape* excep: Mr J T Rurkette,
n the flagman, who was found buried
e under a c*r of coal, dead.
e The deceased was removed to the
depot near by and locked up 'till the
.. coroner and Drs T G^and J E Dougf
i-iss arrived to hold the autopsy.
I Dr J W Douglass carefully inspected
[. the body and very cautiously and skill,5
fully dissected the Deck and axilla in
r order to ascertain the cause of death,
e and Lis report to the jury and coroner
6 wa6 very clear and satisfactory. The
ie remains of Mr Bnrkette were sent to
q Columbia.
(3 Railroad accidents are fortunately
not very frequent, but when they do
e occur usually.some parties are killed
(i most awfully dead. C.
Mr. George Rion went lo Union on
:d Por Infants and Children.
i Tiie Kind You Haye Always Bought
\ Every {j
> A
f there are thousands of wo- ? ,
^ men who nearly suffer death e
A from irregular menses. Some- A {
\ times the 44 period " comes too \
f often ? sonretimes not often f
! enough?sometimes the flow is 4
too scant, and again it is too A
J profuse. Each symptom shows J
that Nature needs help, and f j
that there is trouble in the or- 9
A gans concerned. Be careful i
\ when in any of the above con- \
" ditions. Don't take any and f
# every nostrum advertised to f
A cure female troubles. d
f is the one safe and sure f;
A medicine for irregular or pain- j
\ ful menstruation. It cures e1 \
V the ailments that are caused by- f ;
? irregularity, such as leuco.r- &
a rhosa, falling of the womb, 2
\ nervousness; pains in the head, f .
r backi breasts, shoulders, sides, r i
S hips and limbs. By regulating ^
1 the menses so that they occur a
\ everv twentv-eiarhth dav. all \
9 those aches disappear together: f I
& Just before your time comes, 4 |
A get a bottle and see how much \
\ good it will do you. Druggists \
r sell it at $i. 9
4 Send for our free book, "Perfect B
i Health for Women." \
Entered into eternal rest on Saturday
afternoon, at 6 o'clock, Mrs. Louisa
Reynolds, widow of the late George
T. Rpcnolria. nf Ghirleaton. Mrs
Eeynolds was a Miss Schricer, of
Jharlestcm, and was one of the refugees,
whom the circumstances of war
had forccd to seek a home in the upcountry.
With her parents she lived
for severs 1 years in Anderson, and
after the war she married Mr. Reynold?,
ihen living in Winn?boro. After
his death she continued to reside
here and had become thoroughly identified
with tbe place and people. She
had almost completed her 69th year
and for about a fourth of that period
had be;en afflicted with rheumatism,
enduring such suffering as falls to the
lot of very few, even iu this painful
life. She was an exemplification of
the sustaining power of religion. Full
or iaitn m ner aavior sne was ever
lookiDg foiward with longing for the
summons which should release her
from the bondage of suffering and call
her into the inheritance of the saints.
Her funeral services were held in St.
John's Episcopal Church at half-past
four o'clock on Sunday afternoon,
Rev. Mr. Allston officiating, and she
was laid to rest in the Episcopal ceme
tery alongside of several dear ones gone
The following gentlemen acted as
pall-bearers: Jas. Q. Daris, W. C.
Beaty, Jas. M. Smith, W. G. Jordan,
R. C. Gooding, H. A. Gaillard.
His Life Was Saved.
Mr. J. E. Li1 V, a prominent citizen
of Hannib*'. ?Su , lately had a wonderfnl
*u.-?s from a frightful
death. In t ''??<* <f it be save: "I
was taken witu" Typhod Fever, that
ran into Pneumonia. My lungs became
hardened. I was so weak I
couldn't even sit up in bed. Nothing
V.?1k>o/3 mo T fr* finnn rlift nf
U^i^u LiIV- . JL VAJ/VWVVV. % V wvw- V.w
Consumption, when I heard of Dr.
Kin^ N"~w Discovery. One bottle
gav' a ? ii!. relief. I continued to use
it, a" now am well and stroog, I
can't >../ too much in its praise." This
marvel- ms medicine is the surest aDd
quicke.-t cure in the world for all"
Throat 3nd Lnnsr Trouble. Regular
sizes 50 cents and $1 00. Trial bottles
free at McMarte" Oo.'s drugstore;
every bottle guaranteed.
Winnsboro A sain Victorious by a Score of
9 to 1.
1 r* n S rromo nf fhfl OOQ CAT) fo>* tHtf>
X lit/ last gauiv vi vuv ?w4 ?mv
inter-county championship was played
od the diamond here Thursday evening
between Wellridge and Winnsboro.
It was the fastest and prettiest game
seen here this season, and was played
with a snap from the time the ball was
put in play until the game ended.
The game began with Bennett in
the box for the visito l? j pitched
a good game for two inning., but in
t&e tnirci went to pieces ana auoweu
the home team to score four runs.
Scolt was thtMj put in, but be too
proved an easy ma; k.
I Davis pitched the whole game for
I the home team, and from start lo
I finish proved a complete puzzle to the
I visitors, allowing them only three
scattered hits. Davis and Uanahan's
battery work was the feature of the
The gams was devoid of "t-rand
6tand" plays. Davis made the only
I loug hit i:i the game?a "t'.ro-bagger"
| to centerfield. The locals were a liitle i
disappointed in not getting a chance !
at Hall, Wcfiord's great twirier, but he
j didn't go into the box for some un
know;) reiso:?. Thia made it two!
! "straights" from WoHrldge anJ ^'ave j
| Winnsboro the championship of the '
j two counties.
The following is the score:
Winnsboro ?0 04 i 03 100-9
Wellridge?0 00010000-1
Base hit0 off Davis, 3; Bennett, 2;
Scott, 4.
Struck out by Davfc, 13; Bennett, 3;
j Scott, 11.
I Rase on balls?Davis 1: BennettS;1
Scott 1.
Umpire? Grier Presaley. Time? 2
i better than cure. Tutt's Liver
| Pills wall not only cure, but if
! taken in time will prevent
Sick Headache.
dyspepsia, biliousness, malaria,
constipation, jaundice, torpid
liver and kindred diseases.
Mr. and Mrs. Albeit E. Gerig arc
visiting Mrs. i\ (ierig.
Rev. Jatez Ferris is visiting amongst
his former congregation.
Miss Marie Dwight left \esterday
afternoon for Spartanburg.
Miss Rossie Matthews returned to
Winthrop Tuesda? evening.
Misses Carrie a~d Pattie Elliott return
to Converse College yesteiday.
Miss Mamie Smith, of Greenfcriar,
is visiting relativos and friends in
Mr. D. G. Dwight ha? returned to
Charleston to resume bis work at the
P. M. A
Miss Lila Thorn has returned to
Winnsboro after ?pending some time
at her home.
Miss Margaret Russell has rel urned
to Prosperity after a vinf to Miss
Jessie Jennings.
Mrs. W. D. Dougia-.i leaves io Uay
for a visit to her am.t, Mrs. Spencer,
in St. Louis, Mo.
Mrs. C. M. Kuvkenda), ot Yr.rkvlile.
who has beta visi'io? rs H. L
Elliott, left ou Friday for Ridge way.
Mr. Marion Boyd Jennings &r.J Mr.
Charlie Jennings lefr ba'uoJav -
atuiuia iu unici L"i; O'JUliI
Messrs. E Pai'uer D.r;s,
Davis, Cfc-rfie N-*1 f?r>5 A-bc**
n??r ioJt yeste-'dav to ev r l!"- S.-i'tr
Carolina College.
Misses Clara Reaty, Mary Ilney and
Louise McMaster returned - to Wi::throp
College Tucsua> to con<;nue
their studiss there.
Miss Chilian Pixley, ot Farming'.on,
has gone to Kings Mountain, N C-,
wheie she will hare charge of the
musical department in a school at that
place. Mis9 Pixtey i3 a finished mnsician
and the school was fortunate to
secure her as a teacher.
The regular business of the Court
of General Sessions was entered upon
at 9.30 Tuesday morning. At the
opening of court Lis Honor Judge
Buchanan delivered an able charge to
the grand jory, in which he defiaed
clearly the duties of that body, and
gave the members [careful instructions
concerning the proper discharge of
The first caQ.c taken up was that of
the State vs. Alexander and James
Danijl, indictment for malicious bouse
burning. Both the State and the defense
produced a number of witnesses
and the taking of testimony was not
concluded until Wednesday morning.
The case went'to the jury SuortW after
uiiuua.y cuucbuuv . Ytiuict?nui
guilty. This case was tried at the J one
term of court ;and resulted iu a mistrial.
Messrs. McDonald and Hanahan
represented the deiendants.
The next case taien up was that of
the btate vs. James Williams, colored,
indictment, larceny. Verdict -Guilty.
The case of the State vs. Sam Brown,
indicted for highway robbery and
larceny, was concluded ou Thursday
and resulted in a verdict of not guilty.
The defendant was represented by
Messrs. J. E. McDonald and "VV. D,
Jim Williams wa3 convicted oi
larceny and was sentenced to IS
months on the ch&ingang.
Wm. Sanders plead guilty to an indictment
for larceny and wis sentenced
to four months on the chaingang.
B. G. 'Emerson, represented byE.
B. Ragsdale and W. D Douglass, was
lAJUVlULCU U1 ttbSttUit Yf I ILi lULf'lt IU
kill and carrying: a conctaled wcapoii,
He was granted a new trial on the
first count and fiued fifty dollars oc
John Maioney ?rot off o.: a charge ol
as?aalt aud batter; with intent ic
ravish. Defendant was representee
hr -T 7T. XfoHrtnoM
On Friday tne court of General Ses
sions adjourned and the day was taker
up principally with orders, granted
a matter of course.
Administrator of Noah Wilson, de
ceased, vs. Southern Railway Com
pan? occupied Mond?y in Court o
Common Pleas. Ragsiale & Ragsdalf
and W. T. Graham for Plaintiff. B. L
Abney & J. P. Thomas for defendant
Presentment of the Grand Jury.
His Honor 0. W. Buchanan, Fresid
ing Judge:
We the errand jury beg leave to re
port that we have acted npon all bill
banded to us by the Solicitor.
We have, through a committee, in
epee'ed the jail and find the ?ame>i
gooa oruer.
The books of the different count;
offices haviHs: been inspected and fount
in ?atisfactorv condition at oar la?
meeting, we did not regard it cxpedi
eut to repeat this work at this term o
We are ' * v.U to be able to repor
that qu el -ad good order prevail
throughout the county.
Rospectfuliy ubmitted.
T. J. Rabb, Foreman.
A Prominent Virginia Editor Had Ainios
Given Up, bat Was Brought Back to
Perfect Health]) by Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy?Read His Editorial.
From the Times, JJilUtillc, Vci.
I suffered with diarrfcoei for a Ion;
time and thought I was past bein;
cured. I had spent much time am
money and suffered so mu?ii miser'
that I bad almost decided to give u]
all hopes of recover? and await th
: result, but noticing the advertisemen
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera am
j Diarrhoea Remedy and also som
I testimonials stating how some wonder
j fnl cures had been wrought by thi
remedy, I decided to try it. Afte
taking a few doses X was entirel;
well of that trouble, and I wish to sa
further to my readers ?and feliow sui
| fercrs that I am a hale and hearty ma
i to-day and feel as weil as I ever di<
I in my life.?O. R. Moore. Sold b;
j McMaster Co.
j z-= ~~
i _
j isting under the name of Lipscomb i
i Smith is hereby di3-oke'l by mmui
] consent, Chas. J. Smith assuming a!
j the iudrbtedness of the firm and I
whom all bills are to be paid. .
Ridoroway, 6. C., fcept 1,1S99i:
9 2-1 m
Mr Editor: I notice in your columns
a suggestion which gives me great
plc-asurc to note: i. e. the erection of a
handsomu granite monument to the
I mem:>ry of Gov. John H. Means; he
\ /sa oAvrrnrl his N?fa^O Of
W J.XU 5U U\JUViakS2J >9V1TVV4 wvi?iv <*'
tin front, and in the peacefal and
happy days before the war. When
his Slate appeaied to her sons nnner
the oppressor's heel, though in lis deciding
year?, how nobly did he lay hie
life on her altar snd marched to the
fmntat the i-ead of his gallant regiment
to fao'; his country's rve. Oft? n
have I heard my good falhir speak o*.
his statesmanship and noble Chris, ian
chaiacter; and though a ? mall boy,
jet wel! do I remember bis stately
forui as he, with the diguity of a statesman,
would walk down tbo aisle of
S.i'fm Presbfterian Lhurcb. There
ihvcvs existed the watmfft ties of
friendship between our faroiiles. The
hand of time has decreased u* in
j rumoer, I beiug the only member of
I ? jr.i_^,.
| 'CP two lainmes jcxi m hit ^ju uc-jsu|
borh'.od. Often has it been a res
j picasure to walk down to the Meao*
I cotnetery, which is in f-israr of my
' re-.dcace. It i* a handsome e:iclosnr"
1 of <liep?;ed granite au.) iron iaiiins?,
j v. r.e-v icsls liis remain* Iu the sr?ad >w
; . f many ?;?rea?1ingr evergreens
bM Sou h Oj>rt/ ir * do = oio?>.j
Awl it an Proct f-ioi H.xi >
! ; Ijrroe9, s*vr their ii7c.- f"J
i *1..* ivvnf ine?j aon :n k*.
j tlit." IWll ULIL JUO' uaurv)
j no.'iunaeDts of granite fr.;m th<j bosom
jof rhe Srate they loved 'and s:m ved ; o
J rn>-iy ?
Y??*, by ali mta::6 plire the monurneiit
on ihe yard of the hactueome ne*v
Presbyterian Church, recently buHt bv
the Ladies'Benevolent Society, op the
site his family donated to the e'iuroh
long before your correspondent was
born. Respec'fully,
David M. MiMiug.
White O^k, September 20, 1899.
The Novita Companv of Atlanti,
- c i e C. Z ^ i^A^klA
are curing- cists ui lemaie uuuuic,
after prominent doctors have pronounced
snch eases "incurable," or
have saii, "You will be compelled to
have an operation." It is a fact tfcat
The Novita Treaiinent for women
cares such cases. It removes Tumors
aud Foreign Growths, cares Granulation,
Ulceration, Inflammation of the
womb and overies and all displacenrtait
f o
Write for their book and 200 Atlanta
testimonials and they will be sent yon
free. Give tbem your symptoms and?
Dr. Van Valen will diagnose your case
without cost. They treat by mail.
Address all letters to The No vita Company,
400-413 Grant Opera House,
Atlanta, Ga. Sl-6m
I am agent for a truss to sappor
t hoiiArp is the bet
lupiuiC) n mvd * vwn.v. - ?
eve?* sold. Can give testimonials from
, honest men. If interested answer this
"ad." and I will come to see yon.
Address, Box 53, ftockton, S. C.
Administrator's Notice.
^ All persons indebted to the estate of
0"* J k/i??Q V?r?
James xarner, aecea^eu. aic
. notified that payment must be made to
the undersiiFned, and persons holding
s claims against said estate must pre*
sent them duly attested to the nnder'
9-14 Administrator, d b. n
Administrator's Notice.
I All ntirrons indebted (o the estaie ot
, George T. Sims, deceased, are hereby
notified that payment must be uuado to
the audersigned, and persons holding
claia;.-? against said deceased must prei
seut ibem duly attested to the under
, signed for pavtnent.
Sepr. 19, 1S99. Admioi^:rat;-r.
cj 9-21-41
'j For Rent,
Ridgoway; al?o several plantations
5 ?i*av town. Possession of residence
given Deceoiber 1, and of plantations
. Jiicnary 1.
Also for Sale: Horses, mules, bugf
sries, waeon, household and kitchen
furniture", farming implements, &c,
J All cheap for cash. Applv to
II. T. BL&IR or
O-32-lra Attorneys.
:' notice ifafiil
Io the District Court of tu?- United
States, fo the Western D-trie-ol
South C8r -'ir>a.?In Bankwplty
pllnihe of Job G \j b'.
t j Bankrupt. ?In Ban!-:> ;<? v.
i T " tbr; ci edi'ors of John G V ;bley, .
' LaGra?g?-, in l?t? Oun'v >( Fair'
tield, and Di?tricf a'oiVea-d a bank
s Noiice is hereby given that on tfu
- - T\ i OA A 2.1 ,
? day o! sept? inner, a a. icy?, i.?
?aid Ji/!.n G. Moble* w:.s dnl;
''adjudicate baukrnpi; and fhr.t tht
firot meeting of I.is civd'rt'r- *i I b?
held mv offi 'C, Til Wi':rmrj. ro, S V
.. (in the 29 h da\ t>>' Sepi?'nibt r, A D
1899, a; 11 o'cicck i > ihe f/?n?i.00Ti. a
1 which liiiw* ihe sajj c di;or-3 inav at
tcr><i, prove their sippoiiit i
t?u-ice, ex Minim: iln biik'uo* am
jj! .\::Sucf : i: h ?tler Nu-inesa a?.
props:rlv cuine lieforn sm.i uueMiijf
i I 9-lGf2s2 Referee in Bankruptcy.
ness in the DesPor'.es Block, and wil
e be pleased to serve custom
" ers again.
3 We have a fine new line of fancj
r goods in stock.
Ileinz's Pickles and Condiments it
n glass and bulk.
1 -
y Frcfch Cakes and Crackcr9 in i
Also a large, fie I) >i- e< - f ' un ->r
j Fruits and Meats ?-f cv?n?. -:??criptio:?
jj Fine C;" oriv *
jflj S f 0
, teMzSSBBtE3&: ?..y.^'v-r.LSY.M.D.
I aUmmTww Office 10* Ptjct St
b- *? -
I s~\ ik M"i
to wnra
I ' "
Aim's 1 Te
Three Rings, Half Mile Race
Phenomenal Acts, 25 Clown
Trains, 10 Acres Canvas, 1
ployees, 6 Bands, 50 Cag
15 Open Dens, He
$4,000.00 Dail
A *X."T
/ / *1/
/ s' -a'^NHSf
(Uf5y iSSs^ JOSEPH LEICMER ^*,*=2
The Greatest Performers in t?
Great Wallace Shows th
World's Prem
9 ($10,000 CHALl
lilil I U1 lillVU 11101
III lis Win
_ Our Street Parade?
i of Art, Money and Good Taste
tacular Effect, and Greatest Pi
t ble.
Excursions Run on Every Line of1
never divides.
For Sale. j
/land, on Little Kiver, belonging to
j D. M. Broom, and bounded by lands
f (he es<a:e of K G. Simonton, Stevenson
and others.
' For terms applv to
11-17 Attorneys. Winnsboro, S. C, |
A FRICABA will cuxc Rheumatism and
** ScrofolAto Stay Cared.
' v S3
[NGS 1
:TOBER 13. %
'JDEST and the BEST of
M Enterprises!
Track, 1,000 Features, 100
- u, IWI'mtiO l?OPAC A
il lUUXVAil^ *\wvvvj ?y
0,000 Seats, 1,500 Em;es,
Droves of Camels,
rds of Elephants,
[y Expenses.
?? ? I
?r" \ ~ #
ie known world are with the
is season, including the
ier Acrobats,
fie & Siatioir Exierts \
r w *
IADS?Statuary Artists.
JNCH?Mysterious (Me.
-Aerial Bar Extraordinary.
'tipple Ewlw Trapeze.
"J3^ HI
t 10 /\. M. daily is the onest
/er put on the streets. A Sunn-ef
rtf A Trmmnh
UlOl VI v^^/xvxiuv^} - ? ?
i, with Lavish Luxury of Speo ofessional
Features ConceivaTravel.
So Gambling' Devices Tolerated.
i IIJaaUct Mnnm nn/1 UnflaM
nCGMJ IHGW3 (Hill HClttlU
Ite Fai 'Journal
! For Five Yoars for $1.50.

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