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news; an? herald
v. urnaoDirn nr\\f*B a w
*\ & W O Ail U HEiaa uu vuiiu a
On?i:Te?r, - - - SI.5
Six yioBLnv. - .7
* - ? "* ' r A ~
.VWNSBORO, s. c.
Wednesday, October 4, - - 1895
We do not take raach stock in tbi
talk to raa^e Diwey PrPsHe*<t. W<
it. .1 L. ?!.* *v\ AI*A .
Hive OU UOUOl ma' lie wduiu uiute .
fairly good President, but it is not a
aU certain that would be as bril
Jiant in the White House ag in Mauilii
Bay. The duties of the President an
entirely different from those of a nava
officer. A Presidency requires a mai
of much broader knowledge than i
naval officer usually po^esees. Mili
tary ruen move in a narrow groove
and it is not speaking dc-spsringly o
' ' "--I J 1 T
mem 10 say WISl IUBV ?ic iianvrv. j.
is natural, nevertheless, for people t<
go wild over a hero, ani seize npoi
him for the Presieency. We beiievi
that Dewey is great as a man, trial h<
has many noble traits character t<
be admired, but nobody .\nows any
thing of hi* political principles or o:
his special fitness for the office o
President. We hope that he will no
be persuaded to believe that it is hi
daty to accept the fiatteiiug offer. Hi
is a man that will not d*> it un!e*
satisfied tbat it is h:.? duty.
The fake teleg-am to the cottoi
markeis, will, of course, be the sub
ject of much talk among a larg^ c as
of business men for ssm ; d*vs t<
come. The Liverpool message to New
Orleans reported an advance in a ver;
short time of twe and one half ctnt
a poand. This looked so suspicion
that the New Orleans exchange close<
to investigate. Of coarse whoever i
responsible for the false telegran
should be c-rnght and sevc.ely pun
ished, but we bops tha>, the^farmeri
got the benefit of the lie It. is state<
that, und#r proper legal advice, al
tratisacti >ns in cotton, both spots an<
futures, ba-ed on false quotations wil
^ nnl! on/1 Tnia mftt
be d jne if transactions on the excbaniri
are aieaut, bat whsre is the aatborit]
to deciare a private sale of spot nul
and void, merely because the purchase:
thought that cotton was bringing aoou
eight ce: is?
We note that *be Colombia State i
urging the Columbia merchants t<
make contributions for the Stats fair
Columbia has been growing this yea
and her merchants doubtless hav<
reaped ma;h benefit from it; the^
oa?bt, theref ore, to feel in a mood t<
contribute and very liberally at that
The pe^jjle throashoat tae State hav<
heard a great deil of the wonderfa
progress of the capital city, and the]
w:M expect tnor? at the fair this yea)
thin usual. If the merchants of Co
lumbia shall prove toj passimonioui
to help with their money to secure at
tractions, they need not expect peopli
from other places to go to Columbia t<
s*e a "one-horse'' i. dr.
The discassion as to what the up>
country Jean do in politics is out o:
place. It can elect whom it pleases
Knf o rrr\r\ri hoolthv a?nf>iri*n(' chnnlr
bs instilled into the people tba
qualification for office is more thai
waere the candidate happens to live
When the State, in politics, shall hav<
arrived to the high plane of consider
iag what a candidate is and for wbai
he stands, political affairs in Sontt
Carolina will be in a more healthy anc
desirable condition. The troth is thai
the time has come for soberness it
' politics, to c^.unt and not clap-trap ac
argument. As to how a man ones
voted is not the sole te3t as to whethei
he will get an office now.
A great ovation to Sooth Carolina
troops in New York ought to be t
good sign of a healing in the breaci
between the North and Soulh, bat sc
many good sign* have failed that wt
have lost fauh in all signs. Whet
Con^r??* comes to deal out appropria
tions, sectional feelings always bob
np. Still, we always prefer to look
on the better side of haraan nature
The bails are in it for once. Generally
the S>uth is on the bull side, and
generallvjlose. This time it is likely
that many Southern people will haul
in a few dollars from Wall Street.
The advance iu cotton, at the time this
is written, has been abont 100 points
within ten days Good lack to the
bails, and to the farmers.
This fall attendance at all of the
colleges speak3 well for Sooth Carolina.
Good road* will follow edGcation;
the two go hand in hand.
Dewey came in ahead of time, bat
New York w^ not caught nipping.
Do not go crazy over the cot tor
market, slop witn enough.
The Only Child Takes.
Mr, J. E. Huey is back from a sad
visit to Fairdeld county. He went
there last Monday to see his wife and
chi d?Murgery, a little girl three
years old?who were visiting Mrs.
Huey's mother. The child was taken
suddenly ill Tuesday and died that
eve dag. The interment was in Fairfe.'d.
The blow was a peculiarly
severe one, as Mr. and Mrs. Huey
hav-? no other child.?Charlotie Observer.
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. * inflow's Soothing Syeup
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teeihing, with perfect success.
It soothes the chi.d, softens the gums,
allays ail pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Fold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Wiaslow'a Soothing Syrup,"
And take no other bad. 1-1-1/
P/iitrtr TTftvirur bei;n connected
with the Confederate army daring
r Sherman's march through Fairfield, I
have eoncladed to get all the information
I could. Mr. J. D. McCarley
famishes the first article.
W. J. Keller.
From the Charlotte Bulletin.
Hdqb'e Mil't Div of thk Miss. )
" In the Fielcl, Feb. 2-4, 1865. ?
5 Lient. Gen. Wade Hampton, Comd'g
Cavalry Forces, C. S. A.:
= Genera!: It is officially reporied to
aae that oar toraging parties are murdered
after capture, and labelled
"Dearh to all Foragers." Oae iustanc;
of a iien'enant aud peven men near
) Chesterviile, and another of twenty,
near a ravine, 80 rods from the maio
road, about three milss from Feaster3
ville. I hare ordered a similar nnm;
ber of prisoners in onr hands t3 be
a, disposed of in like manner.
I hold about 1,000 prisoners captured
in various ways, and can stand
* it as locir a.? yoa, but I hardly think
i these murder 4 are committed with
your knowledge; and would suggest
j that you give notice to the people at
large that every life taken by thou
3 simply results in the death uf one uf
a your Con federates.
. * Of course ^ou caunot que.iion my
right to forage on the country. Ic is a
' right as old as history. The manner
f bf exercising it varies with circumt
stance*, aud if the civil authorities
> will supply my requisitions, I will for.
. ii , T
3 D1Q an loragiug. uui j. uwi uv v<fi<
author!-i^ who can respond to calls
5 for forag*. or provision?, and therefore
8 must coil-ct of ibe people. I have no
? doabt this i3 the occasion of much
. misbe'uv.or on the part of our men,
. but 1 rannot permit an enemy to judge
or pu:>i*!i -v iih wholesale murder,
f Personally, I regret the bitter f^e t
ings engendered by this War; but they
s were to be expected, and I dimply
? allege that tho.^e who struck the tirst
blow, and made war inevitable, ou^ht
s not iu fail Less to reproach us for tiie
natural consequences I merely assert
our war light to torture, and my remT?
fiirucrpr t<1 thp
1 0V1 TC W piVlV/VU *ULAJ J
. extent of life for lih-.
X Am, with resprof,
Your obedient servant,
5 [Signeti] W. T. Snennan,
7 Maj Gen. U. S A.
Headquarters in the Field, {
s Feb. 27,1865. {
? Maj. Gen. Sherman, U. S. Army:
' General: Your communication of
s the 24th Inst, reached me to-dav. In
3 IC yOU Bt&lU liiitt Jl uaa uctu i/xuwauj
reported tbat your foraging parties
were "murdered" after capture, aod
3 you go on to say that you had "or3
dered a similar number of prisoners iu
1 onr hands to be disposed ot in like
3 manner." That is to say, you have
ordered a number of Confederate sol1
diers to be "murdered."
l You characteriz3 yonr order iu
a proper terras, for the pabiic voice even
* in your own country, wh<ire ir seldom
, dares to express itself in vinJica'ion of
truth, honor or justice, will surely
fj agree with you iu pronouncing you
t guiltv or muraer, ir carrieu mu.
Before dismissing this portion of
your itt'er, I beg to assure vou ibat
8 for everv soldier ot mine "murdered"
by yon, I shall have o-xecuied at once
J two of yours, giving, iu all ca-e9,
preference to any officers who may be
r in my hrrivls.
j In leference to the statement you
r make regarding the deatb of your
foragers, I have only to say that I
> know nothing of it; that no orders
. given by me authorizes toe killia^ of
3 prisoners after capture, and that I do
I not believe that my men killed any of
yeursexcept under circumstances in
WUiCU lb was pciicuiij' icgiuiuan, auu
r proper they should kill tbem.^
It i3 a part of the system of the
j thi9ves whom yoa designate as yonr
foragers, to fire the dwellings of those
' citizens whom they have robbed.
3 To check this inhnman system,
> which is justly execra'ed by every
civilized nation, I ha^e direc'ed my
men to sho-.t down ail y^ur men who
are caught burning houses. This
order shall remain in force as long a*
yon disgrace the profession of arms by
allowing jour men to de?trov private
Yoa say that I cmnot, of c >nrse51
question your right to forage onihe
country. -'It is a risjht a> old as mmtory."
I do not, *ir, question this
right. But there is a right even older
tban this and the more inalienable?
th? riorht everv man has to de
k fend bis fiome, aod to protect those
i who are dependent upon him. And
I from my heart I wish that every old
t man and b-.*y in my count? "^ho can
"fire a gap, would shoot do . , ** ?t?
1 would a wild beast, the meu . ii > .re
1 desolating their land, burning their
i houses, and insulting their wom^n.
Yon are particular in defining and
claimiog "cvar rights." May I ask if
you enumerate among ;hom the ri*ht
to fire upo>i a defenseless city with'
out notice; to barn tha?i city to the
1 ground after it had been surrendeied
i by i he authorities who claimed, though
*? rr?K?r?ri ic q I- I
) ILL V a. ill j vi^v^viv'i ?I inwu V-. |
, ways accorded in civilized warfare fo
' non-comb:.:aot8; to fire the dwelling |
1 houses of 'izeus, after rubbing th^rn, !
and to rate even darker cnmcj ;
i than ths-**?crimes too brack to be;
You hav permitted. il yo-i have not |
ordered, ti e c^mmi^sion r*f <no*e of-;
feoces ayaiu-t bnminitv aa.ithc rales j
of war, yo.: fired into ihe cily of To- j
1 Inmbia wihout a word of warning,1
' After its su' render by the Mayor, who .
I demanded protection to private prop-!
ertv, v?>n I -id the whole city in a has, i
leaving :-.Cii 1 its ruins thousands of j
> old men and help!e?s women and
aUCwIkaji -.+rV-.r\ oya r c i noriill nf :
i UU1 'UlC-ilj II UV oiv nuv>; .
5 starvation and exposure. Yonr line
of inarch can be traced bv the !u id
light of burning house3, and in more
than c ne household there is fail ago-y
! far more hitter than that of <leath.
The Iod.'an scaiped his victim regardless
of sex or ago, but with all
his barbarity, he always r".spec:ed the
person? of Lis females captives. Your
, soldierp, more savage ihan the Indian, !
IdSUIt tnose waosc Ii?iur;u p;un;i;:vis |
are absent.
In contusion, I have on'.y to rei
quest that whenever you have any of
my meu ' disposed ofy' or "murdered,"
for the terms appear to be synonymous
with you, you will let me hear
of if, in order that I may know what
[ action to take in the matter. In the
: meantime I shall hold fifty-six of your
men as hostages for those whom \ruj
) have ordered to be exscuted
J. am yours, &c.,
; [Signed] Wade Hampton,
Official: Jno. M. Utey,
A. A. Genera!
<;I wish !o express my ihnnksto ibe
manufacturers of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, for
bavin? put 03 the market such a wonderful
medicine," eavs W. W- Mas&ingill,
of Beaumont. Tex*s. There are
manv thousands of mothers whose
children have beeu saved from attacks
of dysentery and cholera infantum
who must also feel thaukful. It is for
, sale by McMaster Co.
; Mrs. Jas. A. Cloyd and child are
' visiting friends in Fairfield County.?
Hopkins cor. to the State.
j The Kind Ton Have Always,
in use foe? over 30 years, .
. and li?
I LTow;
All Counterfeits, Imitations j
periments that trifle "with i
infants and Children?Expe
What is C
Castoria is a substitute for C
and Soothing- Syrups. It is
contains neither Opium, M<
substance. Its age is its gu
and allays Feverishness. It
Colic. It relieves Teething '
and Flatulency. It assimila
Stomacn ana isoweis,( giving
Tlie Children's Panacea?Th
yp Bears the I
! /7 s//.
j The Kind Yen Ha'
In Use For 0
The famers are getting along nicely
with their work. If present favorable
weather conditions continue we will
witness the almost (if no!) singular
specracle of the entire crop being harvested
ere the last of October. The
cotton crop will be very short in our
scction?iudeed a great deal shorter
than we expected. Ic is very fortu!
nate for U3 that prices are advancing
| somewhat. The advance in price will
probably compensate for the loss in
yield. Farmers should beware, however,
and not let the present advance
?-% aurtAntimra fhom fA "nlftrtf
iiu pic/uovui?^v ui?>u4 fcv ^4??. ??
other large crop. Let U3 strive 10
make every thing we can at home;
diversified tarodrg, we believe, is tha
most profitable. Therefore let us
commence now, in the beginning, by
sowing wheat and oats. Don't let last
year's light, wh^ir crop discourage u-2,
but let oar nutiov b?, '-More hog and
hominy and le^s cotto::."
The npp^r Lo-gtown tc'riuol opejed
on Monday with an enrollment of
I twenty. The school is n;ider the effii
cient managsuivn; of Miss B;ssie
L?les, of Blair'*. Mis? Lyies is boarding
at Mr. Jus ' . S'.eiyartV.
Tha lower school opvii tl some time
siuce Miss Wild ?txis has charge ef it
avails th's year. About thirty-seven
scholars have been carolled. Miss
Wiiliijr.s is boa-ding at Mr. N. A.
There have bji n several sociables in
Longtown recently. One at Mr. N. A.
Pea>'a, one at Mr. T. C. Raines', and
one at Mrs. Jackson's. AU were well
attended a?id a peasant time reported
(jiide? K 'J- rt.ecvei nas returned 10
(Jiemjou to recume bis studies
Miss Miry L. Harrison, of Ridgeway,
is visiting rela'ives hire.
Miss L;na Reeves ha3 returned to
Wimhrop to resume h?r fl'uoi's
September 30, '99 E H. D.
2f j Bight to Ugliness.
The wonun who is lovely in face,
f.>rtn and temper will always have
Knf nn?? Twhrt ccrmlil hf> ntlfSO.
l:\* - mast keep h-r health. If she is
v.eaJc, sickly and all ruu down, sbe
will be i.ervons and irritable. If she
Nad constipation or kidney trouble,
h'jr impure blood will cause pimples,
blotches, *kiu eruptions and a wretched
complexion. Electric Bitters is the
best medicine in the world to regu'ate
stomach, liver ?nd kidueys and to
purify the blood. It gives strong
nerves, bright eye*, smooth, velvety
skin, rich complexion. It will m*ke a
good looking, cha- ming woman of a
run-down invalid. Only 50 cents at
McMasier Co.'* drug store.
Ouo te v school buiMIojj bas been
c 'SiipJe ed 0;i Friday evening, Sep22,
*e bad an opening exercise.
.vlrs. VV M Pt-urifoy furnishrd
tiic rnns:^ a-<d Prof. Peurifov, Rev.
J. D. ' roar and Countv Saperin!endent
of Ednc t'ion D L S"? vrnso"
it?-iirered vcsy appropriate and edifying
allrcs.i'A Kvery o:ik pr<.\*e'-t
seemed i > enj ?y !!;? e :mi e-> very
I f>ri \I. i il?v
morning with about s x v pupils. VVe
txp ci. th roil to be j?re-itly iucrcased
in a few weeks Prof. *" . \1. PcU ifoy
i- principal, Mis- L't i *. Blair has
char go i-f :lifi primary iliumrtinjn-',
and Me-. P. nris':?y ilic music, ca isthcn;<s,
Mr. ::lld Juhi; v'hIJWei. C'l.'Wii
down 1 -.>t week to attend i: e sc'iool.
O't Wo.lnodiy evening ihe GreenIriar
gi'.nesy caught tire. O ?e of the
hit;d<, Robert UI<>*vic-., while <n t'.-avo.ing
'o ox i"gn; h the finnc?, got
L;:d!y bor .i'd.
Mr. A. Alack D!air left oil the 25th
n't. lor Anjusta, where he expects to
ftiieiid t.'.f srr-i.ti" ?r>.rif ??!.
Miss IJUuich ?? t! := on Welr.esoay
f >v the ii Kec-.i.e College.
Mr. Emk i-h Camak left oh Wcdnefdav
f ir Wofford Co!I* l'?*. G U.
O^obcr 2, r99.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Mrs. R. W- Brice, of Woodward, is
visiting the family of Major Waters.?
Bock Bill Herald.
' J.. .. ii i M
aghtf end which "been
.i3 borne the signature of
is been made under his perlapervision
sincc its infancy.
20 one to deceive you in this,
nd Substitutes are but Exmd
endanger the health of
rience against Experiment.
Ao i OHfA
'astor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
Harmless and Pleasant. It
)rphine nor other Xarcotic
arantee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and Wind
rroubles, cures Constipation
,tes the Food, regulates the
r healthv and natural sleep*
e Mother's Friend.
"ORIA always
fe Always Bouit
ver 30 Years.
"When faith, temperance aud other
celestial powers left the earth," sajs
one of the ancient writers, "Hope was
1 til's only goddess that Mayed behind."
We are all prone to worship at her
comforting sbriue, and ^as she had
been singing her siren songs in the
ears of the members of the Greenbrier
baseball club, whispering that victory
might vet pereh on ih.-i<- banuera
though so 'oft defeated, they decided
to challenge the Hilton tiau, of Lexington
county. The challenge was
accepted and quite a numfce of Lexingtoniuns
came over to witness tbe
game at Jenkimvil e on Satnrdav th
16m of Sep ember. Fur t.vo h-nrs
tbe baitle fiercely ra^ed, ne bi^r captain
of tbe G: eenbriers s riding over
the fielJ with quite a martial air, en?n
it. Vi^1-k?nrr i Knm t A
Kj\JLLI Oi i IIXO ?M 1' | iliwm \w
ran, giving orders here ami ihere,
seeming determined not tJ be J>gain
deiea'ed, but aia?, ihe hurrahs at fhe
clo^e i.-f the game did nut issue fr<>in
Greenbrier lips, but with a rollicking
song of victory, he Hiltonites announced
that they had a*ain won.
Accustomcd to di'fea:, the Greenbriera
accepted it gracefully, conso injr thttncolrroo
rrrith fh.? Hirtncht- friftf if SPrtllM
have b. eu ratber in-olite a?ywa> lo
[ huve beaten jheir friends froEi the
other side of the river.
The trade in weeds aud seeds continues
brisk here and the demand and
consequently the price for Iron'increa-es.
A new school house is to ^5 built
soon at Long Rati, the number of
children in that section being sufficiently
large now to admit of another
school diftrict b-iug laid off.
Tie rice crop was not altogether x
failure in this section, as Mr. Wm.
Ruff tells me that he has au exceedingly
fine patch of it.
Miss Eanita Raff ha3just returned
from a vie.it to relatives io the Cedar
Creek community.
We are much elated over the steady
rise in the price of cotton. Most of
the crop here has been picked, bat not
much has been put on the market.
There is a great desire to hold it if
possible for better prices on the part
of (he farmers.
A quantity of hay has been harvested
this week. Y.
Sept. 30, '99.
a mm ma
mjL wvutmciv
A druggist in Macon, G?., say*: "I
have sold a large quantity of Mother's
Friend, and have never known an Instance
where it has failed to produce the
good results claimed for it. All women
agi^e that it makes labor shorter and fes*
* . jfl A X ^*9 irs ft_ VAJ ^ ^
ifiuuier s n ienu
is not a chance remedy. Its good effects
are readily experienced by all expectant
mothers who use it. Years ago it parsed '
the experimental stage. While it always
shytene labor and lessens the pains of
delivery, it is also of the greatest benefit
during the earlier months oj pregnancy.
Morning sickness and nervousness are
readily overcome, and the liniment relaxes
the strained muscles, permitting them to
expand without causing distress. Mother's
Fnend gives great recuperative power to "
the mother, and her recovery is sure and
rapid. Danger from rising and swelled
breasts is done away witlfcompletelf.
Srtfd by druggists for $1 a bottle.
Atlanta, qa.
SeacaCet am bm book for mathw^
On farming lauds. Easy payments.
N."> commissions barged. Borrowei
pays actual cr^t of perfecting loan.
Interest 8 par cent.
Columbia, S. C.,
or A. S. & W. D. DOUGLAS8,
10-4 Wiunsboro, S. C,
jg w^t^b3lb ch -; :1 <
~m tt h i i v rf
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can do best for yourself. We
you in quality and price. We
cheap and we sell cheap. "T
Money" is our motto.
Your special attention i
Dress Goods. We have all 1
also in Silks for Waists and T
We have the most var
Flannels, Underwear, Hosiery,
Our millinery room is pai
We have a large s}ock of all i
will rVIpOCP vr?Jl
j ?
One of our greatest depa
shoe stock in the county. It 1
shoes of any kind to give us a
We have a great attractio:
ter. Gvods that sell at one ce
cents and up. Many things h
It will pay you to trade with u<
m?_ n. i j ti n.._.
me uaiowen ury
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that make your feet glad /
wish to tell you right now, t
though they come from tl
makers we can save you mo
til your shoe purchases.
r shc
Yours for shoes,
***We H3.V6#**
Irish Potatoes and
Onions for the
Rye, Crimson Clover,
Turnip and
other seeds.
Johnson's, Groves',
Morgan's andChillarine
Chill Tonic.
Mpiatfpr fn
IflUlTlliULUl UU.
Ml; News aid Eril
The Fan "Journal 1
For Five Y??ws for $1.50.
-$WE DOs?The
Largest Busin?ss in^this
part of the Stare in our
R. BRANDT will Yi?' Winnsboro
aDd Ridgeway early in October with
the biggest line of samolea he has ever
had atjd will surely make it interesting
to all who call to >-ee his line.
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hat alle
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uGIl ullllDw i
incyon jjflikeiQgfMttfrf.H ||
>E5 r
Mows mi Hate
H The Equitable
{ Life Assurance Societ*
of the United States.
The management of lh<
Equitable Life Assurance Society
fiu this terrify is desirous of securing
the service of a man of char
acter and ability to represent its
?interest with Winusboro as beadquarters.
The ri*!jt man will be
thoroughly educated in the (-cienf'
?of life insurance and the art (
success/a! soliciting. 1 here i* fk
business or urofeMion not re
xy ?9 --?
quiring capital which is more re*
|g? munerative than a lifn agenoy
W conducted with energy and abilgfe
ity. Correspondence with men
? wbodeiiie Lo cecnre permanent
employment and are ambitions to
^ attain prominence in the profatgfa
fiou i? invited.
W. J. K0l)t)EY, Mgr.,
|? S-19-3m Rock Hill, p. C.
A FRJCANA wfll caw Bheaaatiea and
ScrofakU 5?ay Cmi
* 4 n? m
Mencas joi n
Three Rings, Half Mile Race
Phenomenal Acts, 25 Clown;
Trains, 10 Acres Canvas, i<
ployees, 6 Bands, 50 Cag<
15 Open Dens, Her
$4,000.00 Dail;
rrDrrrc 7\>frrci
A.YJL *?/
. . ?an:
The Greatest Performers in th<
/* 1 PI. .: 1.1.!
ureal Yvaimce onows uii:
World's Premi
9($io,ooo CHALL
Our Street Parade ~
of Art, Money and Good Taste,1
tacular Effect, and Greatest Prof
Excursions Run on Every Line of Tr
o CO
? - * O
-JZf V fs SSJ
w ffl 5 Q ^
o 5 5 *0 o
< jS p - c -o
2 ? fi m CS C
g* ? ? 1
3 O
o Mco
?i. 1
rsBORQ, |
:TOBER 13. I
IDEST and the BEST of
oted Enterprises!
Track, 1,000 Features, 100
5, 20 Hurricane Races, 4
0,000 Seats, 1,500 Em?s,
Droves of Camels.
ds of Elephants,
y Expenses.
?TT T1\A
iSfe ?!
13,000,000. m
i known world are with thS
5 season, including the
Ar Arrnhats.
rENGE ACT,) r ft
lfi& Skii Experts
4.DS?Statuary Artists.
uvii" nysiBnous we.
Aerial Bar Extraordinary.
ipple fcmlfii' ftp
io A. M. dailv is the onest
r put on the streets. A Sunst
of Splendor, A Triumph
with Lavish Luxury of Speoessional
Features Conceivaavel.
o Gambling Dcvices Tolerated.
? 9 ?
kA O ?- -
S* ? S
? ^ ^ . ?? 3
2 6 * 3 rr.
? s ? a 0 ^
5 w S H K ^
? * *
? ? ? fl
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