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Wednesday, October 18, - - 1891
?See Supervisor's report.
?- ?Read letters of administration.
?Read report of the Bank of Ridge
- 1 " - r I - llnnC
?jA. piantaiiOD xiyr eaie ucai juvuh
celio. See ad.
?Select specimens of your choices
grains, vegetables, finely bred stocfc
|y inducing poultry, for exhibition a
the State Fair A little effort on you
part will secure one or more of tb
the handsome premiums.
?Mr. T. A. Davis, of Newton, E
C., has been chosen to fill the positio
of superintendent of the Fairfield Co!
ton Mills made vacant by the resi|
nation of Mr. Shipp. Mr. Davis wi
not move his family here for seven
"It did me more good than anytnm
I ever used. My dyspepsia was o
^ months' standing; after eating it wa
? terrible. Now "I am well," write- 5
W B. Keener, Holsington. Kaa , of Kodc
w Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what yo
eat. McMaster Co.
?Hon. John G. Mobley, says thi
State, expects to have a fine exhibit o
cattle at the fair. Mr. Mobley's ex
hibits are always .fine and his cow
generally carry off a large share o
bine ribbons, and this [will no doub
be the case this fall.
?Mrs. t\ ai. naoemcQc is iu-uu,
ofFerir-g a tempting line of goods
Canned fraits of various kinds, minc<
meat, tongue, and manv other fane;
goods See her ad for list of goods
All of them are at low prices and ar<
withiu reach of everybody.
?An inspector of the long dislanc
telephone was in town on Friday
The long fistance phone here has beei
giving some trouble and bas not bee:
working satisfactorily, and tbe in
spector came up from Colombia ti
find out the trouble and have it reme
Joseph Stockford, Hodgdon, Me.
healed a sore running for seven year
and cured his piles of long standing
by using DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
Tl -a: ?
it cores an stuu uiseaoca. iubunw^
?In a special to The State froa
Rockton mention is made of the aal<
of Mr. Leonard Bobinson's graniti
quarry. Mr. Robinson has sold it t<
Mr. Stewart, of Colombia, who ha;
been very successful in working quar
^ lies. Mr. Robinson's quarry beio;
near the depot can be convenient!;
?The editor acknowledges wit]
thanks the receipt of a box of exqui
site roses, sent by Miss E. C. Nelson
of the Greenbriar section, and whic!
were gathered froja her garden. Mis
Nelson, who is about 86 years of age
is evidently most successful in th
culture of flowers, and this gift of fal
beauties is highly appreciated.
"If you scour the world vou wil
never find a remedy equal to Oa<
Minute Cough Cure," says Edito
r> Fackler, of the Micanopy, Fla.
^ "Hu?tler." It cared his family o
LaGrippe and saves thousands fron
pneumonia, bronchitis, croap and al
Hk throat and lang troubles. McMastei
flk Co.
?Sheriff Ellison lelt on Monday fo
j^HL Greenville. He goes to appear befor
V the United States District Court,whicl
K convened yesterday. The case in whic
VSBPSr Mr. El'ison figures is the railroad cas
whic j has been pending for about thre
years. Mr. Jno. C. P.* Williams, o
Ridge way, wili appear before thi
court on the charge of defraudinj
negroes of pensions.
?The Charlotte Commercial Colleg
offers a thorough and extensive busi
ness course to young ladies and yoan;
men at a very small cost. Position
are secured for the graduates and th
school has a fine reputation. One c
the chief advantages is that the youn:
ladies have a home under the superv:
%ion of the president and his wife
oeo au.
?Q D. Williford is prepared t
show to the public some wonderfc
bargains. His prices are low and sui
all. Beautiful dress fcoods, trin
mings, carpets and mattings, an
everything nice in the way of dr
goods. Read his advertisement an
then call and be convinced. The good
are displayed in a most attractive wa
and visitors to the store will seeinumei
ous imogs mat: win interest mem.
"When our boys were almost dea<
from whcopiog cough, our docto:
gave One Minute Cough Cure. The;
recovered rapidly," writes P. B
Belles, Argyle, Pa. It cures coughs
colds, grippe and all throat and luuj
troubles. McMaster Co.
?It has been suggested that thi
roller mills of the State have an ex
hibit at the State fair in November, an<
if all of the mills follow this eugges
tion a large and handsome exhibi
will be the result. During the pas
year so many of these mills bav<
sprung up all over the State that the;
now represent one of the great indus
? tries of the State. We hope that i
any of the mills send an exhibit tha
the Fairfield mill will be among th
number, as it can compete with mos
of the flour mills of the State.
?It will be a cause of deep regre
to many to hear that Mr. TKd
Stevenson, brother of Mr. Cbas. A
Stevenson, is desperately ill with ty
phoid fever at Dr. Pryor's hospital ii
pi Chester. lie was taken ill in Nortl
Carolina and was on bis way home
bat when he reached I hester was to
sick to continue his journey and wa;
carnea to me aospnau tie nas a cos
of friends and many relatives in thi
town and chanty, and all hope to hea
* soon of a change for th9 better in hi
^ condition.
^ ?CircQS day in town was the ever
\ ' of the season, and from early mornin
crowds began to poor into town, an
aronnd the freight depot was crowde
* witn people curious to witness the ii
tere-ting wcik of unloading, whic
occupied several hours. Fakers, wb
always follow a crowd, were ont i
full Jorce, and did a thriving tradi
Twelve years hare elapeed since a re;
circus bas exhibited here and it wj
very evident from the crowd, whic
included young and old, that it was
Dr. David Aiken left on Saiarda
for Washington, D. C.
TtmiPPX! I
& Grippe and influenza in variably leave
the systen* "with a bad cough. For .
each Dr. John W. Ball's Cough syrup
is highly recommended. This won- i
derfS remedy g;ives relief at once, 1
conquers the -worst cough overnight
and soon effects a thorough rare.
Cures Grippe and fnfludnza.
' Doses are small and pleasant to tak?. Doctor* .
it recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all ttroggisU.
r **?""Tr?" _ _ !
e ?The Carolina Teaciers' Journal is
a new one on oar lisit of exchanges.
I This paper, of which Mr. J. FraDk
n Fooshe is editor, 13, as Jfre name shows,
^ an edncational paper, and is of par,m
ticular interest to teachers, but is intejj
resting to all and gives an account of
what is being done in the schools cf
the Sfftte. For :i while Mr. Fooshe
o. and bis brother were associated tof
getber in tbe work of editing this
>S n&ner. bnt Mr. Frank Fooshe 13 now
, |
sole editor. Siure ibis change in the
n management a change has also been
made in the form of the paper and it
q is now most attractive. The teachers
,f of the State should lend him their aid
in editing the paper.
s The "Plow Boy Preacher," Rev. J.
f Kirkman, Belle Rive, 111., says,
"After suffering from Bronchial or
1 lung trouble for ten years, I was cured
by One Minute Cough Cure. It is all
y that is claimed for it and more." It
, curea coughs, colds, grippe and all
throat and lung troubles. McMaster
5 Co.
P ?Mr. T. A% Shipp, who has recently
retired from the position of superinJ
tendent of the Fairfield Cotton Mills,
vas presented recently with a hand0
some breach-loading shotgun by the
mill operative*, the secretary and a
0 few other friends. The children of
a the spinning room presented him with
* a Masonic scarf pin and a handsome
3 rin? rrrifh o rnKr toHinir. ThPSfi
gviu uug n?iM M *. ?e ?
* gifts were tokens of high esteem in
which Mr. Sbipp was held by the
? operatives and others connected with
J the mill, and were greatly appreciated
' by him. Upon receiving the gifts,
r which were presented bv Mr. R. Y.
Gantt. Mr. Sbipp expressed his grati1
tcde in a graceful little speech. Mr.
s Shipp has held the position of snperins
tendent of this mill for two years, and
when he leaves will carry with him
5 the friendship of many.
3 ... ? ...
? - - Tha tflnd Van Linn A Atiifovo DnnirM
Bean tlie uvugm
a An Opportunity.
If yon desire to take a coarse in the
Charlotte Commercial School, it will
pay yoa to call at this office.
, Hot Supper.
a ??
j A hot sapper will be served at Mr.
Ja3. R. Curlee's next Friday night for
j the benefit of Greenbrier Church. The
a public is invited te attend.
Home Missionary Society.
? At the last meeting of the Home
j Missionary Society a moat satisfactory
report was read by the secretary w^ich
showed that a considerable amount of
r money has bean raised by the ladies
s and spent in furnishing the chapel and
b in painting it, and the members of the
h society feel encouraged. It was ae?
JJ.I iv.:. ?
ciciucu. luis ujccuug w iuiuc jlvv?.
e Mr. McLaucLlin, of Chester, to def
liver one of his delightful lectures in
s the court house atjsome time scon, the
% fixing of the date being left to him.
The proceeds of the lecture will go toe
wards completing the furnishing of
- the chapel. Mr. McLauchlin is so
Z well known here and bis lectures are
8 always so much enjoyed here that it is
e hoped that he will be met by a large
>f audience when he next lectures here,
g The date of the lecture wili be given
i- when Mr. McLauchlin is heard from.
Eat plenty, Kodol Dyspepsia Care
0 wiii digest what you eat. It cures all
, forms of dyspepsia and stomach trou!i
bles. E. R. Gamble, Vernon, Texas,
it says, "It relieved me from the start
t- and cured me. It lb now my everlasttj
ing friend " McMaster Co.
s A meeting of the fire company was
y held 011 Tuesday night for the purpose
- of putting new life in the organization.
We have been requested to say that
1 committees ^have been appointed to
r solicit new members and to urge
P young men to add their names to the
roll. We are informed that additional
r strength is badly needed, and the time
has come when it becomes a public
3 dutv to ioin the fire company. This
has been .a splendid volunteer fire
1 company in the past, and its prestege
- should be maintained. The safety of the
t town often depends ;nPon th- strength
t aid efficiency of the fire department,
s Insarance companies rely upon it, the
7 ril'TCn rfpnpnr^K linnn if. RTifl fhfi I
v#w"v" ?? *?
womeD and children [iecl a comfort in
f knowing that a competent organiza t
tion exists to fight the terror of fire,
e Join now,aDd infase'new life in the
it company.
t Itch on human cored in SO minntea
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. TLis
L never fails. Sold by W. E. Aiken,
- drnggist, Winnsboro, S. (J.
The Wallace Circus.
h The Great Wallace Shows arrived
\ in town on Friday morning at about
o two o'clock. Many of the small boys
s did not close their eyes on Thursday j
>t night, and had their alarm clocks set j
s for boars before day, determined to I
r see the first wagon unloaded. Some j
s of the older people were jast asen-j
thusiastic. This is the largest show j
it that has been to Winnsboro in many
g years.
d Early in the morning the streets
d were thronged with a surging luass o t
i* humanity. Many business men were
b demoralized, and it was difficult for
irt 1 On*?/NWA ^ n/%AAmytKik ? %> rr ** /M?l" flA O f_
iv | au^uuc iv wyia, <*ca
tractive were the crowded streets,
s. j The parade began at 11 o'clock and the
il J procession wss aboat a miie long. A
is great many of the^cages were open so
that the annimah were in view, and
the magnificent display foretold the
splendid performacce that was to foly
low. It was a very clean show and
w?? thoroughly eDfoyed.
A Veteran of the Seminole Indian Wars
Who "Enliaterl from Wlnnshoro. Wishes
to Enow Some Facts.
Editor Keucs and Herald:
I was born in Fairfield County on .
Augn-i 11th, 1811, aad married Miss
Jau? Kiddle, of Kershaw County, in
1833. I enlisted from Wsnnsboroin
1836 under Captain Dnrrell Sinitb,
r>rvmna.iv c\f m/Mintr>r1 infnntrv. !ft SPrVft
i i the Seminole Indian War; and ^
served ;hreemonth3. If there is any
one who can give me any information
abou! what regiment went from Fairfield,
I will appreciate it as I am try- (
irg to get my pension for said service, |
ar.d can give me the date of Darrell
Smith's burial a3 it will be of vital
importance to me.
T IrtPf Pat?Al?no in 1
settled in Chambers County, Ala., and i
lived there until 1881, when I moved .
to Palestine, Anderson County, Texas, \
and have lived there ever since. I am i
in good health and feel like I would t
reach the 100-mile post. Any one 1
giving me information to assist iu get- 1
ting my pension will be highly appre- j
ciated by an old war veteran. I would
be pleased to hear from the country of i
my Doynooa ciays.
Address 804 Main street, Palestine,!
Texas. Thomas A. Reynolds.
Daring t.he winter of 1897 Mr. James
Reed, on<? of the leading citizens and
mercba?'i? of Clay, Ciay Co., W. Va.,
a truck his leg against a cake of ice in
snch a manner as to braise it severely.
It became very much swollen and
pained mm so oa?iy iuac Be couiu uui walk
without the aid of crotches.. He
was treated by physicians, also used
several kinds of liniment and two and
a halt gallons of whiskey in bathing:
it, but nothing gave any relief until 1
be began using Chamberlain's Pain \
Balm. This bronght almost a com- j
plete cure in a week's time and be believes
that bad he not used this remedy I
his leg would have had to be ampu- i
tated. Pain Balm is nnequaled for <
sprains, brnises and rheumatism. For j
sale by McMaster Co. j
*> ? 1 o j i
Mr. jji. is. i^gsaaie spent ouuuajr
in Columbia. 1
Mr. E. G. Scruggs, of Chester, 1
spent Sunday with his family. f
Miss Lida Neil has gone to Monti- (
cello to take charge of a school. (
gMiss Jemnle Thomas, ofRidgeway^ r
left last week for E! Paso, Texas. . j
Mr. Chas. Gooding, of Macon, Ga., 1
spent Sunday in town with relatives, j
Mrs. W. H. Ruff and children were (
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas Q. (
Davis last week. (
Mrs. M. A. Gaillard, returned to
her home in Columbia after visiting (
relatives in town.
Miss Maggie Gladden returned home
on Monday after [spending some time
wiih friends in town.
Mrs, Bryau, of Jackson, Mississippi,
who has been visiting Mrs. Ann Elliott,
left on Saturday with Mr. and
Mrs. David Elliott.
Right Rev. Ellison Capers; D. D., j
will rieit St. Johs's Episcopal Church
on Wednesday, November 8th. Service
will be held both morniDg and j
Bed Hot from the Gun <
Was the ball that G. B. Steadman, (
of Newark, Mich., in the Civil War. 1
It caused horrible Ulcers that no treat- ]
menl helped for 20 years. Then Backlen's
Arnica Salve cared Mm. Cures J
Cats, Bruises, Burns, Beils, Felons, !
Corns, Skin Ernpticns. Best Pile *
care on earth. 25 cfca. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by McMaster Co. !
The Woman's Missionary Confer*
ence of the Colombia District met in j
the Methodist Church Friday evening j,
at 8 o'clock. The address of welcome j,
was delivered by Miss Jessie Jennings.
Two meetings were held on Saturday
<TTTf\ ATI Snnd?v and ftf all of these I 1
auu v vv v v/** j mwv. ? - ,
meetings a;1dreases were made by the j
visiting ladies, and questions of interest
and importance connected with '
woman's work were discussed.
Mrs. Wigbtman, president of the ;
Woman's Missionary Society of the
M. E. Church, South, was present at 1
this conference; aEd also Mrs. Ham- ,
bert, corresponding secretary of the j
society. A number of delegates from
churches in this district were present
and all were entertained by the ladiei *
of the Methodis Church.
On Sunday night the president, (
Mm Wi.o-htman. addressed a large and
interested audience upon the subject
of woman's part in mission work. Slie !
spoke of the wonderful growth of this J
work during the ,past fifty years, and
of the timid way in which the work
was begun by a Southern woman. In
order to show the large scale upon
which the woman's missionary society
of tbe Southern A, E. Churcb work?, :
she told of tbe training school for mi^- ;
sionary In Kansas City. In tbis insti- :
tution women are fitted in every way :
for the great work they expect to
undertake, and the societies of tbe
different churches contribute to the
support of its women wbo are in
training. Her words when the plead 1
tbe citase of missions came from her
heart, and all wbo heard her were
stirred by her enthusiasm and evident
Invft ;?f tbe work she has in cbajsre.
The ladies left on Monday morning !
for isnmter, where a conference will \
be held. J
Secret of Beauty
h health. The secret of health is
tu;, oower to digest and assir.
ILtc a proper quanity of food.
T*ib can never be done when
11' o ii ver does not act it's pait.
i jo you know this?
T-ti's Liver Pills are an alio
lute curc forsick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria,
constipation, torpid liver, pik s
jaundice, bilious fever, bilioi^
ness and kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Piiif
A series of meetings are being held
- l i .? 1 r* xr .
at me cnapei, itev o unecmau m wu- i
iacting them. There .is considerable i
interest being manifested in the meet- g
ing. We sincerely hope and trutf that 1
tnuch good will result from the earnest t
efforts being pat forth for the further- J
ince of God's kingdom. i
Mrs Barrett, of Braidentown, Fla, j
who has been out on an extended visit i
to her father, MrS McCormick, re- i
tamed home last Saturday. i
Miss Hallie McCormick returned t
home with her sister Mrs Barrett. 1
She will in all probability spend the i
winter in Florida. j
Mr Lee Robertson, of Winnaboro, J
jpenl Tuesday Dight at Mr S L Dixons. 1
Mr L T Wilds, of Colombia, was in 3
Longtown dnring the past week look- .
ingafter his bnwness interests here.
The farmers have commenced sow- '
ng grain. Ttie excessive rams 01 iasc ]
freek, however, retarded them some- ,
ivhat in their work. We had a heavy :
hunder storm last Saturday. Indeed
t was one of the heaviest of the sea- 1
son. It commenced aboat 10 a m and <
continued until after night fall The
rainfall was very heavy. <
Ociober 14, '99 E H D. 1
Belief In six Hour*. (
Distressing Kidney and Bladder Disrflliarprf
in cir h'llirs bv "New 1
Sreat South American Kidney Core." I
it is a great surprise on account of its
ixceeding promptness in relieving pain ]
q bladder, kidneys and back, in male J
)r fem&le. Relieves retention of water
ilmost immediately. If yon want i
inick reJiet and cure this is the remedy. ]
Sold by W.E. Aiken, druggist, Winnsjoro,
S. C. <
?? '
After the disastrous drought of the 1
mat summer we have been visited
ivith refreshing rains, which are com- |
. 1_ t 1
Dg very oporiunejy5 very uuucucuu ?.v i
potatoes and turnips which promise a I
air yield. There will be a great deal J
)f *heat and oats sown in this neighjorhood
this fall. Wheat had almost
jecome an unknown quantity, but as
ire have a fine roller mill in easy reach
t is an additional stimulus to raise ^
wheat and have it made into flour that J
s pure and unadulterated. It is to be ]
loped that the farmers will not back- )
ilirt* and relanfiA in the old mtB of til
jotton, to the exclusion of provision j
jrops. ,
The Texas fever has about subsided. ,
Che unprecedented drought of last <
summer so discouraged many of our ,
'armers a considerable exodus was
:hreat?ned, but when the news came
?rom the Eldorado of the West that
he drought and torid wind was
squally sevtre as here they became
:a!m and serene.
Cotton is about all gathered; corn
juite slim.
The graded school promises? much
,br tbis community under the wise and
sxcellent management of Professor
?-HJofl Dlolr
reuniuy, aasisicu uj iuiss juuu?/umu>
The enrollment of tbe graded school
las reached 65. More accessions in
;he near future. Mrs. Peurifoy's class
n music Dnmbers sixteen. Others ]
ater on. i
Much succe3B to Niws and Herald. ;
October 11, '99. J. L. i
On the 10:h of December, 1897, Rev. (
5. A. Donaboe, pastor M. E. Church, <
South, Pt. Pleasant, W. Ta., con- '
;racted a severe cold which was at* i
:ended from the beginning by violent
joughing. fle says: "A fter resorting
o a number of so-called 'specifics,'
usually kep* in tbc houie, to 110 pttr- .
pose, I p'n ..- a:ei a bottle of Chamberlain*.
ug?? liemedy, which acted
like a churn. I iu >st cheerfully recommend
it io iLe public." For sale by
McMa?ter Co.
M'c??8 Sallie Woodward iivisitirg
at Vuj ". "W. Woodward's.
V' Uim ris visiuog ner oroioer,
Mi. . ill, ju Rockton.
M; s A Una Wbitlocb has retarned to
hci homein Uni-Mi after spending eeveral
pleasant wroks with friends and
icla'ives ih this >-nrt.tion.
Mrs. Bonlware and children will
leave this week for their home in
Florida after a pleasant visit to old
South Carolina
Mr. Will Whitlock paid ue a flying
visit last week.
Misses Mattie Belle Bray and Carrie
Lyies are visiting their aunt, Mrs.
r. W. Woodward.
Mi88 Lottie Grev Rabb i* the guest
of her sister, Mrs. Frank Gadsden".
Miss Blanche Raff has gone to Cctnmbia
to resnme her studies at the
Coinmbia Female College.
We are glad to Bay that Maj. Woodward
has almost entirely recovered
from rheumatism.
Miss Mayme Smith has returned
home after spending several weeks in
Mrs. S. L. Mays has returned to her
home in Atlanta after spending the '
Bummer with friends in this section.
3ha carries with her the best wishes
oi Der many menus, oen'um.
October 16, 1899.
Brave Man Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney i
troubles as well as women, and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poison ,
in the blood, backaebe, nervousness,
headache and tired, listless, run-down ;
foelin*. But there's no need to feel ,
like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner,
Idaville, lnd. He says: "Electric !
x ?-*? *? ? 4. IUa ^.M* ?
X51UCIS die JU&L liic luiug iui a iuau
when be is all run down, and don't ,
care whether he lives or dies. It did :
more to give me new strength and i
good appetite than anything I could ,
take. I can now eat anything and
have a new lease on life." Only 50
cents, at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
Every bottle guaranteed.
Attendance at Winthrop. (
The attendance at Winthrop this
year i3 the largest in4the history of the
college and from letters we have we
are assured that with more room it
would be almost as large again- The
completion of the dormitory, begun
five years ago, has now become imperative
if Winthrop <is to accomplish
her full mission.
The attendance this year is as follows
: College proper 351 at tbe beginning
of the session against 34? at
the close of the last session. In the
practice school 110, in the kindergarten
20. The total attendance at the
beginning of this session therefor ia
481 against 473 at the close of the last
session.?Rock Hill Herald.
Working Night and Day
The busiest ai;d mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King's New i
Life Pills, Every pill is a sugar-coated
globule of health, that chanfes
weakness ioto strength, listlessness
into energy, brain-fag into mental
power. They're jppnderful in bnildiDg
up the heaifh^Only 25c. per box.
Said by MeMa&w du^gists.
Our farmers and merchants arc
nuch elated over the steady advance
n price of cotton. The farmers are
jetting along nicely harvesting; if the
avorable weather continues the en>
ire crops will be gathered this month I
tt is a great deal shorter than they I
ffere ever before in this section. The |
idvance in price will not compensate I
or the loss in yield. We are deterinncd
to diversify onr crops for another
rear. The light crops of grain this
season is Dot discouraging u< at all.
IrVe are no longer all cotton, and the
leeey king will have to take down his
sign. Wheat, oat3 and corn will no
onger be experimental crops; already
arge fields of oats were sowi^last
month and have fine stands and lookng
nicely. It seems a3 if we have
iai onr darkest hour and the dawu of
prosperity has begun. Several of onr S
progressive farmers have supplied g
hemselves with improved farm imp!e- jj
waUa". rvlrvrrra C
UtJUtS?JJU'J YVCrCj 1 a^u?j uicu j/iviwj
The old scrap iron i'evcr ha? reached
>ur town. Mr W M Fatrick has !
>oagbt a large quantity of it. Shipped
;arload to-day and has a large quantity
>f it on hand yet r
The farmers hnye commenced i
aaul fertilizers again 10 pat nnder the
>rain crop.
Mrs C M Graham and Mis9 Minnie
Blair, of Blair'e, have been visiting
Mrs R W Stewart.
Mrs T W Brice, Sr, spent a few days
in Chester last week with her son, Dr
Mr J C Stewart ha6 accepted a position
with the Chester Machine Company,
of Chester.
Miss Bessie Blair, after an extended 1
pitit to her sisted, has relumed to her ;
home in Union.
MrJohnBoyce, ofYorkville, sptni ]
i few days with bis uncle. T W Brice. }
5r, returning home on last Mouday. ;
Mrs Sarah E Thompson and daugh- ;
:er, of Blackstock, are spending a ;
few days with Mr and Mrs W M '
Ptifrintr P _ i
L October 11, '99.
for Over Fifty Tears.
Mes. Wixslow's Soothixg Syrup
has been U3ed for over fifty year3 by
millions of mothers for their children
while teetning-, with perfect success,
[t soothes the child, softens the gums,
illays all pain, curgs wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold bv druggists in
svery part of theworld. Twenty-five
;ent8 a botUe. tie sur? ana asjs ior
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup," ,
ind take no other kincL 1-1-17
Mr. W. J. Elliott, of Columbia, :
Bpent Thursday with relatives in town.
Bern the Ttie Kind Yojl Hav8 Always Bought '
' Mrs. Ann Thomas and her daughter,
Miss Jennie Thomas, of Ridgeway, i
were in town Wednesday.
"I wish to express my thnnksto the <
manufacturers of Chamberlain's Colic, 1
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, for ho*nnor
nnt nn the market snch a won
derful medicine," says W. W Maseinjili,
of BeaurnonL Texas. There are
many thousands of mothers whose
children have beeu saved from attacks
of dysentery and cholera infantum
who must also feel thankful. It is for
sale by McMaster Co.
Mrs. Henry Heise, [oi Colombia, is
risking Mrs. F. E. Propsf, who has
been very sick.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought;
? Bears tie st? SAfTZZT
Signature of \&La>r~/y. J-cUcJu^
President Siu?, Farmer's Bank,
Brooklyn, Mich., has nsed DcWitt's ,
Little Early Risers in his family for
years. Savs they are the be?t. The
famous little pil!s cure constipation,
billiousness and all liver and bowel
troubles. McMaster 'Jo.
Mr9. E. A. Uacot ,and Miss Eunice
Bacot left on Monday, tbe forme:
goes to visit Mrs Ad. Stall, and the
latter returns to Darlington to resnme
rhftrcrfl of her school.
Dr. Cadt's Condition Powders.
are just what a horse needs wtien in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifnge. They are not food
bat medicine ana the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
\fr\faaf#>r lift.
Totter, Salt-Bhcum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very
bad cases have been permanently cured
by t. It is equally efficient tor itching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped hands, chilblain?,
froBt bites and chronic sore eyes.
25ct8. per box For sale by McMaster
?f For terms, address ??
| Columbia, S. C. 4
f^^^Amftri^fl/snlendid Hvunotizer at
once. Address M.^ Y. Young* 363 Henry
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
T A fiV wanted to travel
LilWJ X and appoint agent. ?00
per month salary and all expenses.
ZEIGLER CO., 240 "Locust St., Phila.
niyl bcaut'fic* U* hair.
Pn.mo'?j * hantrifH gwrth.
TXvtct Kul? ?ra Bertorc Gray
Hair to :ta YoutHTnl Color.
>c&ip b. heir ktillEg.
"" ?* ?
Eitract of Beef.
Cook Booke**
telling how to prepare m anydell
cate and delicious dishes.
Address, Liebig Co., P 0 Box, 2718
New York.
I There is none at any p
Chainless Bicycle. You <
tion. This fact, discovered
what h ?9 thrown us behind
Columbia Chainless.
The Columbia Chainle
But th:se advantages are al
1 ~ vao v inrl
Iirc&u, lldliUW icai 1UIAO aiJVJ
new fiush joints which are s
struction, and bearings brc
finn in rlpsicrned 3
Hartfords, with their
chain wheels except Columl
Vedettes are the best
Corniiy Snjervisor
Ulaims Approved and Disapproved
at ths last meeting of the
Board of County Comuiss
ioners Held Oct. 2, 1899.
The following claims wcie examined
ind approved on State Case Fund of
N'o. Amount,
r25 IS E Eilsoa, sheriff, $ 32 80
726 Jas G IJyllis, 2 00
i'27 8 R Jobniton, 150 00
72S John D Blair, 12 50
729 Jne C Buchanan, 5 00
730 Jno C Bachaoan, 5 00
731 T M Cathcart, 37 50
732 Jno L Ratteree, 12 50
733 Jas G Hollis, 12 50
734 John Hollis, 12 50
735 A E Davis, 2 00
736 Jas L Richmond, 100 00 <
737 R R Jefiares, 3 801
?/ ?< > n 7 CO 'A
<<5o x> vjr jLennaui,
739 WG Smith, 12 50
740 John Hollis, 8 50
741 Jno E Cornwell, sheriff, 4 30
742 J K Stevenson, 12 50
743 D L Glenn, 8 50
744 Jas B Stevenson, 12 50
745 Dr T G Donglase, claim
$10.00, allowed, 5 00
746 WF Aiken, 12 50
The following claims were examined
and approved on Road and Bridge
Fund of 1899:
No. Amount.
747 T H Fry, $ 13 08
748 S H Morgan, 13 08
740 A D Hood, 27 16
750 S C Broom, 1 63
751 John W Backhe.id, 9 50
752 Scipio Brisbaii, 4 35
753 Jno B Patrick, 4 35
754 Johnson Cameron, 2 17
755 Jos ? Taylor, 6 2<)
7F\R -Tnhn S Stnne. 5 65
757 John C Dooglass, 7 06
758 G B Cro^JV, 7 06
759 JasEdge, 4 88
760 W L Kirk pal rick, 22 82
761 A J Hinnaut, 130
762 T E Clark, 7 60
763 John G Wollin*, 10 40
764 McMa?ter Co, 175
765 R T Crowder, 16 30
766 Charles McClinto k, 16 30
767 BY Tamer, 3 04
768 C K Tamer, 7 60
769 T W Shedd, 2 17
770 M S Hemm, 90 43
771 D S Broom, 2 70
772 WM Gladden, 30 65
773 R S Spence, 4 60
774 J H Stewart, 1 95
775 W B Hosrau, 3 15
776 Jehu Wishart, 5 89
777 John T Wylie,' 2 97
too T?ctV> 9 17
<00 ivcuucu xtvoiyvivugu) ^ a*
779 G W Jenkins, 3 26
780 RY Clowney, 217
781 Joe A Stewart, 4 88
7S2 E W. Parker & Son, 141 SO
785 George 2t ,ore, 2 45
784 W J Clownev, 11 95
785 T H Fry, 14 24
786 S II Morgan, 13 58
787 A. D Hood, 28 42
788 R W Hcrron, 4 35
889 Mack Means, 6 00
790 S C Broom, 7 45
791 W A Trapp, 1 40
792 L Landecker, 13 75
793 E W Parker & Sin, 14 96
The following claims were examined
uud approved on Poor House lund of
o. Amount.
794 J H Broom, $ 4 78
795 H F Hoover, 60 50
796 J P Isenhower, 5 49
797 T J McMeekiu, 10 92
798 T G Cameron, 16 30
799 A J Hinnant, 1 52
SDH Vf?VfftQfpr Pi-*. 4 15
SOI P C Broom, 4 40
802 Saliie Ketchin, 4 53
803 Mansel McClintock, 7 45
S04 Jno C Buchanan, 2 45
805 C D Chappall, 7 00
The following claims were examined
and approved on Public Building fund
of 1899.
No. Amount.
706 William Mack, $ 4 08
707 W E AikeD, 5 42
708 McMaster Co; 2 95
709 R H Jennings, 81 52
710 S II Johnston, 3 00
711 Tom Goode, 2 22
I do certify thai the above statement
is a correct copy of claims approved
and disapproved at the last meeting
of the County Board held on the 2od
dav of October, 1899.
10 17 County Sspevisor F. C.
By S. R. JOENSTON, Esq., Judge Prolate.
WHEREAS, R. H. Jennings Cierk
of Court, hath made enit to
me to grant him letters of administration,
with Will annexed, of the
estate and eflects of Annie Durham,
These are theief re to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of ibt. >a ' ^"u-q Durham,
deceased, that the; be and appear
before me, in the Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfie.'i Court
House, South Carolina, on the 16th
day of November next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration chould
not be granted.
Given under my hand this f? 'i day
of October, Anno Domini
S i: JOHNS luN,
10-7-Gt Ju.'iie of Probjie.
OF:.'.' ~T
Solicits a ' s5.? pabHc pati aa-e.
9-26 ly
te of Ene>
oint in the ceank revolution of <
:^n cover any given distance witt
[ last year by riders of 1898 Colui
nnr orders and established a "v
ss has other points of superiority
so possessed by Columbia chain
t hubs; improved internal head
tronger than the body of any tul
)ught to the highest degree of p<
nd built for our exclusive use.
many radical improvements, ar
)ias, no matter what price is aske<
bicycles for those to whom price i
;es $73 to $S
FG. CO., Hartford,
& DAVIS, Agents, Winnst
| Millinery, Shoes and Clothing,
; can do best for yourself. We be
i you in quality and price. We bi
cheap and we sell cheap. "The
Money" is our motto.
VrkTir aftpntmn is
Dress Goods. We have all thi
also in Silks for Waists and Trii
We have the most varie
Flannels, Underwear, Hosiery, C
Our millinery room is parti<
We have a large s;ock of all ne
will please you.
-T- T ^
One of our greatest depart
shoe stock in the county. It wi
shoes of any kind to give us a ca
We have a great attraction
ter. Gvods that sell at one cent
cents and up. Many things her
It will pay you to trade with us*
The Caldwell Dry
Consisting in nice Dress (
Trimmings, Notions, Hats, Caps
Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Lap R
The jLow-Price Banner wa^
! my store.
Seeing is free; it w*n't cost
1 my immense stock and see how r
You will not be urged t?
: you what to do.
j I have some matchless bar- A
gains this season in nice
The very people wlw have t
the ones these opportunities me
Goods shown with pleasure,
refunded. Polite attention to al
~ Q._
Third Quarterly Report of ^
daif ad Dinrroiv
MM UI MMliHill,
At close of business September 30,1S99 &
Loans... $31,732 89 5
Interest accrued 575 00
Bondi>, town of Ridgewiv, is
7 per cent I. 2,800 00 a
Furniture and fixtures 240 84 c<
Ca>h in vault and other ^
banks 10,044 66 i
Bank and lodge building.... 2,258 66
Total $47,652 05 si
liabilities ?
Cr.pital $25,000 00
Undivided profits, net 1,492 39
Individual deposits 9,990 76 Bills
payable 11,168 90 ^
Total $47,652 05
State of South Carolina, )
County of Fairfield, s
Personally appeirs before me N. W. ^
Palmer, Cashier of (he Bank of Ridge- 1
way, and makes oath that tbe above
statement is troe to the bett of his ^
knowledge and belief. t?
N. W. PALMER, Cashier.
Sworn to and sobseribed before me is
this 10th October, 1899. c:
[l. s.] J. B. Boyd, Notary Public. j?
A.UC31 corrccr: h
\V. H. Rcff, J
I. C. Thomas, p
Chas. P. Wrat, f<
10-17 Directors. *
To Rent. ?
by ilr. A. L. Porter. Possession given ?
first of Jaunary. Apply 10
9-30 MARY C. RION. i
. .>
??i ?,
rgW- |
i the minimum of exer- |
ubia Chainless wheels, is ?
waiting list" for the 1899 |
besides the driving gear.
* wheels, such as narrow
and seat post expanders * j
3e adapted to cycle con- I
irfection through genera- I
e superior to any other |
s a paramount considera- - |
as. i
, Conn. |
irtwi. fi r!
'V/JL V7 W* M
you want to buy where you
:lieve we can do the best for
ly in large quantities; we buy
i Best Goods for the Least
called *to our fine stock of
e new novelties in Patterns;
d stock of Domestic Goods,
UAVAC r'nrsAts. pfr.
cularly attractive this season
w styles, and fine work that
ments is the most complete
11 pay you when in need of
,11. v ;
this season in a cheap coun,
two cents, three cents, four
e that are wonderfully cheap. ---ss
xiyiu ^ ^
Goods Company, 1
r i?EADY 1
- A
. ?&&
loods, especially in blacks,
>, Shoes, Clothing, Blankets,
obes, Trunks and Valises.
res over every department in
you a penny to look through
rmch you can get for so little
buy, your judgment will tell
' ."i
L full line of Domesties at the
- f
very lowest possiDie
he least money to spend are
an the most to.
Goods exchanged or money
otters of Administration*
ty S. B. JOHNSTON,Esq., JudgeProlate.
njTHEREAS, R. H. Jeanidgs, Cleric of %
tt Court, hath made suit to me to
rant him letters of administration of
ie estate and effects of John H. Clamp,
These are, therefore, to cite and admonhall
and singular the kindred and
reditors of the said John H. Clamp, de?
iased, that they be and appear before
ie, in the Court of Probate, to be held at
airfield Court House, S. C., on the 23th
ay of November next, after publication
ereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
low cause, if any they have, why the
lid administration snouia not oe grauu:u.
Given tinder my hand, this 16th dav of y
ctober, A. D. 1899.
10-17-6 Judge of Probate.
___________ *
-etfcers of Administration.
? " r% Tf\TTITOTtrk \r
llj is. Mi. <J UJJ-LYOl. (WTOiii[T7HEREAS,R.
H. Jennings Clerk of
V ? Court, liath made suit to me to
rant him letters of administration, with
rill annexed, of the estate and effects of
ansom Durham, deceased:
These.are, therefore, to cite andaUmon?h
all and singular the kindred and
reditors of the said Ransem Durham, debased,
that they be a?d appear bejre
me, in the Court of Probate, to
e held at Fairfield Court House, S. 0.,
o the 16th day of November next, al ter
ubligation hereof, at 11 o'clock in the
jrenoon, to sbow cause, if any they have,
rhy the said administration should not
Given under my hand, this 6th daj ol
ict'ber, Anno Domini 1899.
10-7-6t Judge of Probate
\ FRICANA will cote Constipation and
* if ? wonderful Liter Try ft

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