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Wednesiay, October 25, - 1899
?Teacher wanted. Read advertisement
?Pead advertisement of H. B LinJ
der, Peak, S. C.
?Received, new line of Golf Hats
ttuu xaui \j euauiu. >
^ Mrs. McCarley.
^ -M. W. Doty & Co. have a carload
WB of wheat for sale. Read their advertisemeot.
?Mr. Halbert Palmer, of Ridgeway,
who has been at work in Newberry,
has recently accepted a position in the
Bank of Union.
Eat plenty, Kodol Dyspepsia 'Jure
wiil digest what yon eat. It cures all
form? of dyspepsia and stomach troubles.
E. R. Gamble, Vernon, Texas,
says, "It relieved me from the start
and cared me. It is now my ererlastLiEg
friend " McMaster Co.
A-f little Vi
Donsld is still critical, and although
at all times bis recovery was looked
L for, it is feared now that there is little
N~x-?.chance of his overcoming the disease.
N.?Do not miss the opportunity to
take yonr family to tbe State Fair.
Young and old will be instructed and
entertained. Ali immoral, gambling
and questionable features are rigidly
"W>en our boys were almost dead
from whooping eougc, our doctor
gave One Minute Cough Cure. They
? J 'J m na P "R
rwovcrcu ra^uuiy, nuibo *..
Belles, Argvle, Pa. It cures coughs,
colds, grippe and all throat and lung
troubles. McMaster Co
?The last ne*s received from Mr.
Thos. Stevenson, whose serious illness
in Chester has beea mentioned, is more
encouraging and his friends hope that
the worst is over and that he will soon
he convalescent.
?Miss Hney, from this county, who
graduated from a training school for
norses in Hew York, is now in Europe
travelling with a patient. She has been
abroad for some time and is enjoying
the sights on the continent.
?Jusr received! A handsome line
of open and top baggies ai
J. O. Boag's.
The "Plow Boy Preacher," Rev. J.
' Kirkman, Beile Rive, 111 , says,
?Aftor cnffiarincr from Bronchial or
lung trouble for ten years, I was cured
by One Minute Cough Cure. It i3 all
that is claimed for it and more." It
cures coughs, colds, grippe and all
threat and lung troubles. McMaster
?Samuel Y. Crosslacd, an ex-Confederate
soldier, 66 years of age, died
on Friday morniog about*3 o'clock, at
the county poor house. He was a
member of the 12th S C Infantry,
and was a faithful soldier.
?The goods which R. Brandt oilers
arc high grade and are at low prices.
His watches and jewelry are the best
and he is absolutely reliable and sells
a large amount of goods every year in
this county. See bis ad. for notice of
the offer he is now making.
"If you scour the world you will
never find a remedy equal to One
Minute Cough Cure," says Editor
C" 1-1 .. --C .VA "EM?
XJJL 11IU iuiuauvyj j A- IM> |
"Hastier." It cared Ms family of
LaGrippe and saves thoasands from
pneumonia, brocchitis, croap and all
throat and lung troubles. Mcilaster
V ?After November 1st the banting
^ season will opeo and the sportsmen
p, ?will be rejoiced. The law does not
put a stop to all hantiug, as some indulge
in the sport in spite of it, bnt
after the first all are free to hunt whenever
they have the 'ime and the inclination.
?Spartanburg is keeping up m
every way with the larger towns of
the State and her latest enterprise is
an evening newspaper. The new
sheet is The EveniDg Telegram, and
is a neat, attractive paper, but is small.
This town is well supplied with newswonArc
Kroa -rvanar.2 holncr T\nfc
v/j vv/4>>^ j/ - ? v
lished there.
President King, Farmer's Bank,
JBrooklyn, Mich., has used DeWitt's
tattle Early Risers in his family for
"ears. Says they.are the best. These
famous little pills cure constipation,
billiousness and all liver and bowel
trouble*. Jiciuaster uo.
?The Chester Lantern oi Tuesday
says that on Sanday night tbe store of
Mr. J. J. Banks, of Blackstock, was
entered by a burglar. The entrance
was made through a window in the
rear of the store and the thief made off
witb groceries, uuder^ear and other
articles. There seems to be no clue to
the thief.
?Taesday, October 31st, wi!l be
All Halloween. From the earliest
ages this night has been celebrated by
young people with parties, at which
games of all kind are played. The
children of Mrs. Refo's dancing class
will celebrate the evening in tin armory
with their little friends, and they are
looking forward to a jolly evening.
Light refreshments will beseivedto
the little folks.
Millions of dollars, is the value
\ placed by Mrs. Mary Bird, Harnsburg,
V i'o r?i tho lift.* r>-F h?r f-hitrt. whir.h
she saved from croup by the use of
Ooe Minute Cough Cure. It cures all
ccughs, colds aud tbroat and Ivi'g
trouble*. McM aster Co.
?Tbere is some talk of having tbe
telegraph office moved from tbe pas
senger aepot wnere h as? always ueeu
located to some point farther up town.
Ever since the new depot was bniit
there Lave been complaints raade about
the incouvenicnce of having the telegraph
cflSce so far from tbe business
part of town, and it is understood
m tha? a movement is now on f ?ot to
W- chauge it. k
?The Florence Times speaks in a
hlgh'v complimentary way of Miss
I Margaret K:ei:>, tbe elocutionist who
^ is to recite in Winnsboro for the bene^
fit of Mt Zon library. From the
pre^s notices of her recitations Miss
Klein will b-j well worth hewing and
the result of her \ islt to town should
be a nice *um for the library. An
elocutionist of such ability sh >i>!d have
a crotul to hear fcer.
"I* did me mors good than anything
I evor used. My dyspepsia wa- of
months' standing; after eating it was
terrible. Now I am well," writes S
B. Keener, OoJsington. Kas , of Kodol
Dyspepsia Care. It digests whaMou
eat. VicMaster Co.
? vlr K. Brandt cf Che>ier was in
;own on Tuesday wi:h samples^of his
Mothers, vrhen your children are attacked
by the dreadful croup, you
ry^atT nnf. "Dr. Boll's Cou2rh
UV.VV* "vv 7 ? ? - - w
Syrup Trill relieve and cure them at
once. You can always depend ostitis
marvelous remedy; it always cures.
Will cure Croup Without fail.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all druggist*.
beautiful st >ck from Li* store iu
tjnesier. t/eweiry, waiuues, euveiwan
and fancy articles of all kinds were
on exhibition. Xambers of people
visited his room on Tuesday and hs
had a good day. He will visit Winnsboro
again dnriDg the first week ii
December to take orders for Christ
mas. From here he went to Eidge
Joseph Stockford, ,Hodgdon, Me.,
healed a ?ore running for seven year;
and cured his piles of long standing
by using DeWitt's Witch Ikzei Salve
It cores all skin diseases. McMaster
?For the first time in several years
a premium has been offered for the
best county exhibit at the State fail
in iNovemDer ana 11 sumsieni sixurt is
made on the part of the'farmeis Fairfield
can carrry it off. This has been
a b3d year for the farmers <>ut in
pplte of (he odds against which the>
have had to contend an exhibit could
be collected that would undoubtedly
be as fine and probably finer than any
other on exhibition. This would be a
great chance to show the possibilities
of Fairfield County.
?Miss Home, an experienced ap-to
date milliner, has tajfcen charge or jars.
Boag's millinery department this season
and will be pleased to serve you in
that line. Satisfaction guaranteed.
J. O. Boag.
Ilea on human cared in 30 minutes
by TVoolford's Sanitary Lotion. Tbi>
never fails. Sold by W. E. Aiken,
druggist, Winnsboro, S. C.
?A crazy negro woman who came
from near Fiint Hill was taken tc
Columbia to the hospital for the insane
on Tuesday. The poor creature (hon^b
apparently not violent was perfectly
insane and was creatiu* some excitement
among the colored people whe
with marked curiosity flocked to the
fn nt hpr. She was STOttCE
on the train without any difficulty'and
without making any resistance.
- ?Mr. J. Frank Fooshe has secured
from a well known slocntionist a
promise to give readings and recitations
for thejjpupils of Mt Ziou some
time soon. The artist is Miss Klein, a
South Carolinian, who has quite a
reputation and is an e'ocationist of
great ability. Mr. Fooshe does "not
yet know what day she will corae.
This will be a treat to the pu[41s of
Mt Zicn and will be instructive a?
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
arejast what ahorse needs when ic
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
Tvnf q hnpto in nrime MrtdTfinn. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Co.
?Some citizens of Greenwood, according
to the Greenwood Journal
were as badly taken in by the sharpers
connected with the Wallace Shows as
were some of our people. One man
was relieved of $620, bc.1 upon reaiiz
ing his loss employed a lawyer to ?s
sist him in recovering the money
'I tie snow people anameir pruprnv
were arrested and held until ;h"
money was returned to its owner
Numbers of people lost money berc it
the same way, but $65 was the largesl
amount that any one person lost and
no one took steps to recover it.
"I wish to express my thnnksto the
manufacturers of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Rfcm?d</, fot
bavins: put on the market such a wonderful
medicioe," says W. W. Massingill,
of Beaumont. Texas. There arc
many thousands of mothers whos(
children have beeu saved from attack*
/->? anfl /r'nnlera infftnfnrr
who must also feel thankful. It i3 foi
sale by McMaster Co.
?At Mt. Zion Institute every Frida]
members of the different classes ar<
called npon to recite before the assem
bled school poetry, which is selectee
for them by the teachtrsand whicl
tbey are given several weeks to pre
pare, in order to mane time tor taesi
recitations, tome of the classes ar<
dispensed with for (he day. The dif
ferent classes take turn about on Fri
days, and last Friday the junior aiu
senior classcs recited. This practice
is thought by the teachers to be ver]
; improving to the pupils, and it ha
been customary for years past at Mt
i l;uu,
? One of the principal attractions a
the State Fair will be the crowd: o:
sclnol girls and boys who will b<
a-lowed a day in Columbia. Winlbroj
and Cicmson will in all probability b<
there, the students of tbc Co-Educa
tioiial In-tltnte at EdgeGebi ar;d v?.r;
ons other colleges cf the Scate. Thurs
day :he day generally chosen by th?
teachers to carry their pipils and thi;
in itself, apart from the attraction s o
the fair, will carry a Lumber of pcopli
to Columbia. Ii serves tooasagooc
advertisement fbr the schools, tin
pupils attending eu masse and appealing
at their best.
On the 10 h of December, 1S97, Rev
S. A. Donaboe, pastor M. E. Church
Soutb, Pc. Pleasant, W. Ya., con
traded a severe cold which was at
tended from the beginning by violen
coughing. He says: "After reaortin<
to a number of so-called *'eDccifics,
usually kept iu the house, to no pur
pose, I purchased a bottle of Cham
berlairrs Cough Remfdy, which actec
like a charm. I most cheerfully recom
mead it to the public." For sale b;
McMaster Co.
?A grand spectacle which will b<
visible from nearly ail parts of th<
glut e v- ill be the meleo/ie shovrei
which astronomers predict v.-i = 1 ovca:
on the i:ight of November I4h. T!:v;
j say ili ;t t;vo thousand million miles <.j
i meteors will fall and thst the sigh
wil? be grand in (he extreme. Thesi
, meteoric ^bowers ocjur onc3 in ever;
i thirty-three years but are, of course
J no' visible unless the weai.har is
favorable. The astronomers 2: e r.ot abli
to predict the exact hour at -.vhkn tin
shower will occur, but it is cxpecte(
'that they will begin to fall early on
the nigh', of the 14lh and will reach a
masimnta by 1 a. m. on the morning
I of November 15th, and will coutinnc
! Lr several days.
j ^esrst be ^^^^ThB^dY53 HaY8 Always Bdllgtlt
fleeting of Mt. Zion Society.
'mere win De a mceung or aai. aioii
Societv on Thursday morning, 26*h, at
10 o'clock in town hall.
1 G. H. McMasfer, Secretary.
Anoiher Patent,
Mr. J. P. Caldwell, who several
months ago got oat a patent on v.
stand for displaying goods, has re
cenMy patented a cotton planter, which
i he has invented. The display stand
which he invented is now in use all
over the country and is recogDized by
merchants everywhere as being not
i only a handsome piece of furniture,
bul the most convenient stand for
displaying gcods to the best advantage
tb if has been invented. Mr. Caldwell
i bas act yet realized much money from
j this fii-fi invention but some has come
' in nufi L o nopes to maxea consmera'
ble aino':.t out of it a? it is so widely
> ured. 1 e cotton planter will no
doii't b * greater success than his
i firs-i i:? lion. Mr. Caldwell has a
dccidcd ;u: chanical and inveutive
' genius, .-ihd it he continues to succced
1 wiih hi? inventions will rank among
' the f. rcaiOot inventors or me oitr.e.
JFor Over Fifty Tears.
i Mrs. A'inslow's Soothing Syrup
ha? becui used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
' while -ec thing, with perfect success.
. It soothes the child, softens the gums,
. allays a<i pain, cures wind colic, and
t is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty five
; cents a ootlle. Be sure and ask for
; "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
, and take no other kind* 1-1-17
Miss Margaret Thompson has returned
to New York.
Mr. S:!as W. RufF, who now lives in
Richland County, was in town Friday.
Miss Kennedy and Mrs. Ellison
Jonei, of Longtown, were in town on
, Miss Lilla Beaty has returned from
a visit to her sister, Mrs. McLia, in
Miss Lily Hoffman returned Monday
to BIytbewocd afler visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Preston Rion.
Mrs. Quattlebaum returned home
Monday after visiting her son, Dr.
B. J. Qaattlebaum.
Miss CharloftG Allston left Monday
for a visit to Dr. and Mrs. Wiiliam
Weston, in Columbia.
Miss Mary Jordan, of Winnsboro,
S. C., is the guest of Mrs. Stough.?
Pineyille cor. Charlotte Observer.
[ Miss Dannie Brice, of Woodward,
has been spending a few days in the
city witn Miss Alma Kind.?Chester
| Lantern.
Mrs. JdS. A. Brice and Grier Brice,
who have been spending' some time in
Asheviiie, N. C, returned home on
, Tuesday.
i Mr. W. C. Bel', of Blackstock, has
i gone to Chattanooga where his new
reversible patent plo!* will be mann
Tor Infants and Children.
' The Kind You Have Always Bought
| Bears the
Signafczre of
Tte Greenbrier Graded School is
s getting aloDg nicely ar.der the contra,!
J uud is snageaient of its new teachers.
The children all seem to take quite an
Interest in their studies.
There is a series of meetings going
1 on at 'he qcarry. It is being con2
ducted by Rev. Mr. Brifcoe, assisted
- by Rev. Mr. McDowell. The people
i seem* o be taking quite an interest in
i the meeting and we trust some perma
nent good may come out of it.
s Mrs. Penrifoy's music clas3 now
5 uutiib-jr- sixteen. She has &?so a
- cali*.h*nics class of twenty. Tbz
- pupils enjoy ibe marches very much.
1 Mr. J. L. Robinson has sold to tbe
5 Stewnrt Company a granite ledge iD
7 the very hsart of the Greenbrier secs
Hon. Mr. N. Tinman is the manager
. for the Stewart Company. They are
working a considerable number oi
i hands and it seems as if Greenbrier is
f] steadily progressing in all business
i projects
> Mr. S. R. Rutland is selling water3
melons as late as the season is. The
- like has not been known around here
- in our recollection. I F R.
Oct. 21, '99.
i 111 m ...
S Working Night and Day
f The busiest and mightiest little thing
J that ever was made is Dr. King's New
\ L;fe PiUs. Every pill is a sugar-coated
globule of health, (hat changes
_ weakness iuto strength, listlessness
into energy, brain-fag into mental
pow^r. They're wonderful in build
itg up the health. Only 25c. per box.
> Sold by UcMaster Co., druggists
t" ?TL-e rise in cotton mades the farm
r er feel better. It is time things came
' his way.
j j ?i'bc only way you can oeai an.!
other man's game jg to keep yonr
r | moroy in yonr pocket.
; Tried Friends Best.
r! ForthirtyyearsTutt's Pills have
[ j proven a blessing to the invalid.
t! Are truly the sick man's friend.
1 A Known Fact
For bilious headache, dyspepsia
, sour stomach, malaria,constipa;
tion and all kindred diseases,
KJJL J*. M. K-/ ?
" Before my *?
wife began using \
Mother's Friend
she could hardly X*
get around. I do
not think she
it now. She has | H
used it for two
*v*rvr*+1-?c dT\^ if1 1C B. \ m
a cfreat help to
her. She does \\\ If
her housework \ \ i
without trouble." \ ?
Mothers Friend
is an external liniment for expectant
mothers to use. It gives then:
strength to attend to their household
duties almost to the hour of confineI
men:. It is the one and only prepara!
firm that overcomes morning: sickness
and nervousness. It is the onlj
remedy that relaxes and relieves the
strain. It is the only remedy thai
makes labor short and delivery easy,
It is the only remedy that puts the
breasts in condition so that swelling
or rising: is impossible. Don't take
medicines internally. They endangei
the lives of both mother and child
Mother's Friend is sold by druggists for $1.
Send for oar free Illustrated book.
Tac Bradfleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga?
On last Saturday the infant babe ol
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Black died and
was interred at the Sandy Level
graveyard on Sunday morning, the
funeral services being cenducted by
the pastor, Key. Mr. Carroll, of Columbia.
We extend our sympathy tc
the bereaved pr.reots.
Mra. Wm. Brown has returned from
Sumter, after several weeks' visit tc
her daughter, Mrs. Eugene Hogan,
who ha3 been very ill.
Mrs. S. C. Hood left a few days age
for Gilbert, S. C., after visiting nsi
mother, Mrs. Sarah Wooten.
Mrs. F. E. Hood returned home a
few dayg ago.
Mr. W. F. Fennell is again in Blythewood,
Mr. J C. Hoffman paid U3 a flying
visit several days since.
Miss Pet McQnattersand her mother,
of Columbia, returned home last
Thursday after a visit to Mrs. H. L
Miss Lilly Hood is now assistant ii
the postoffice during the absence oJ
her sister, Miss Emma.
Mr. M. M. Clinkscales and family,
who have been living here several
years, now reside in Winniboro. We
| regretted to see them leave; they will
be missed very much, especially Misi
Lois, who is very attractive.
Mr. Tom Price, of Colombia, hai
been visiting bi3 daughter, Mrs. J. W,
Mr. Forrest G. Gyles, the nighi
operator, ha3 been sent to Lexington,
Mr. Monroe Watte moved his familj
to Columbia la?t wees.
Mr. George Moore, Jr., of Ridge
way, was in Blythewood Friday. ?
October 21, 1899. Taffy.
Mr. S. D. Craig, of Blackstock, has
gone to "W (lord College.?Chestei
rrv.4-4 arttoL.
XUtlV.t .:(iiriiuv.uiu auu JJV?V ?>?
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantlj
allayed by applying Chamberlain'*
Eye aii;l Skin Ointment. Many very
bad cases have beefi permanently curc.
by f k is equally efficient tor i-:chin|
pi:** .! a favorite remedy for son
iii ? ?> ch p;-*d hands, chilblains
ii- ; ,i;e= and chronic sore eyes
2oc>. per box For sale by McMastei
i ?In Fridav's <Jr?arlott? Observer ii
! an articie take i from the Soatheri
{ Farm Magsz'ne, giving a sketch of the
life of Mr. D. A Tompkins, of Charlotte
After a 1 education received in
the Soivh Carolina College and th<
Rcussaler Polytechnic Institute, h<
weRt to work in some steel works in
. Troy, N. Y, and from there workec
bis way up until he reached the top
of the ladder and became one of thi
, foremost among the mill men of the
crvnfli Uo ?c nf nnmproui
j 9VUVU. li V AO Jk/. VOiMV?*% v* ? ?-?
mill?, and ha6 organized and begai
various mill?, among them being cot
ton mills, cotton seed oil mills, anc
electric light works. The article gives
, Mr. Tompkins credit for the existenc*
of several of the textile schools of the
, Sontb, which are proving such an ad
t vantage to our young man. Among
the mills tin whose organizition Mr
, Tompkins has bad an interest in is tb<
Fairfield Cotton Mills of which Mr
t Tompkins was at one lime preai 'ent
Relief in six Hours.
' Distressing Kidney* and Bladder JJis
ease relieved in six hours by uNevi
Great South American Kidney Cure.'
: It is a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving paic
in bladder, kidneys and back, in male
or female. Relieves retention of watei
almost immediately. If you wan
quick relief and cure ibis is the remedy
bold by W.E. Aiken, druggist, Winns
boro, S. C.
?Toe papers recently have hac
much to say of Fa?jiu Martin, oi
Greenville, who died on Thursday a;
the age of V8 years. He was a pe
culiar character, but was a well knowi
person and seems to have been a ;nar
; of great force. He gfreqaenlly con
tribnted articles to the Greenviili
i News which were always read wit!
great interest. For years he was i
printer and worked iu the offico 01
. the Greenville News, but during the
-""r.n ri q email farrr
? j paOO iOYV jcaio uv liuu ~
i outside of GreeDvillp, but from this h<
j scarcely made a bare livin?, hi* friendi
and neighbors doing much to belf
him. Sunday's Charlotte Obaerv?i
: contai; ed a long and interesting ao
count of the life of this quear old man
... ? ...
i I Keil Hot from the Gun
l Wss the ball that G. B. Steaduian
of JJewark, Mich , in tne Civil War
, It caused horrible Ulcers that no tre^t
incnt helped for 20 years. Tlrn Buck
lee's? Arnica Salve cured him. Cure
Cuts, Cruises, Burns, Boils, Felons
Corns, Skin Eruptions. Best Pil
> cure on earth. 25 eta. a box. Cur
guarau*eed. Sold by McMa^ter Ca
I druggists.
An Atlanta Enterprise ?f Great Slerit.
11 It affords us pleasure to call especial
attention to {the advertisement of (he
"Mother's Friend," appearing io this
Bradfield Regalator Co., of Atlanta,
Ga., have at great expense issued
a most attractive and meritorious
book, which they mail free, containing
information of the greatest value
a<id importance to all ladies [expecting
to become mothers.
That the "Mother's Friend" is a
remedy wonderful in its effects, and
relieves the expectant mother of incredible
suffering and robs the final
hour of confinement of its dread, pain
and terror, is fully attested by the experience
of happy mothers a!! over
tni? continent.
A perusal of the book will convince
any lady, and the use of "Mother's
Friend" cause her to b3come its enthusiastic
friend, fblessing the hour
when first she heard of it and was induced
to U86iit.
Sendyonr name and address to The
Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta. Ga.,
and receive in return, tree, ttu&ex-t
cellenrbook, "To Expectant Mothers."
k coutaining information of value to a!i
t ladies.
O J2i. Si -z* <
. Bears the A T?B K!-*J Yii! K? 80#t
; 8%r
* Vo, _ i
; ' ? I,
What the Yourg Ladles There are Dolncr.' i
, Though it is with toe some syi; tbut. ;
; other college [girls bid farewell s *? v;*- j j
i cation that Winthrop juris rt-?
: their summer pleasure^. vv? believe
' that Winthrop's young women if am
at their college that "ail piay ai.d no
work" is a bad moito lo carry through
1 life; and so it is generally wii.o a spirit
of*earnestn988 that our girls resume
meirsiuaies ai me cjtpirauuu ui iuu
I summer. This year, as is generally
I known, the opening*wa3 about a week
I earlier than usual. Already the girls
! have gotten to hard work.
The system of the college is some
tiling at woicn one mignt marvei,
> how such a large number of girls can
be so quickly and accurately classified,
i fcow classes can be formed for them
> ail in so *hort a time, and how briefly
> confusion and disorder reign at the
beginning of the session is a matter of
> surprise and wonder. JBut usually io
a week after the openiDg of the col
lege?two weeks at th# most?system
> and order reign supreme. This year
the college is quite crowded; the domi.
tory has no vacancies, and numbers of
students are boarding in town.
It is not surprising that there are so
many applications for entrance to the
college, for the advantages offered here
i surpass those of any other institution
of the kind when we [compare the ex.
penses^here with those of other colleges
and schools.
? Though the girls are expected and
f required to do earnest, diligent work,
thpv arA afforded at the same time a
> certain amount of recreation aod
' amusement Snrely in teDnis, basket
s ball, ten pins, croquet and dancing,
I each girl^can find some favorite way
! of taking pleasant and healthful exercise.
' "WalkiDg clubs" are quite nume
rou8 in the college. Girls in sets of
ten or twelve go out for walks once or
t twice a week under the leadership of
what they call a "Captain," the cap'
tain usually being a dignified, ladylike
senior, whose special duty it is to
see that each girl in "the club imitates,
to a certain extent, the quiet and commendable
deportment of her "leader."
There is much pleasure gotten oot of
' these little sojourns, and to see the
girls gaily returning from such expeditions
with bright faces, bringing
back "golden rod" and autumn leaves
wiih which to decorate their roooas, or
. hickory nuta apon whicb tbev expect
r to -'least," makes one, no matter how
; sedate, leel light hearted too.
, The literary societies^promi-e to be
[ flourishing again this year, and will no
> doubt do much g ^d work. Public
5 meeting? of both focieiic%. have bcc:s
, be ! during the past two weeks and
. they were much enjoyed.
r The Cecelia Chorus has commenccd
its weekly rehearsals, and its members
expect to study some pr*-t?'; son^s
31 daring tne course or me session.
On Saturday at the Rock Mil athletic
park there was an interesting
5 game of football between the DavM
son and Clemson teams resulting in u
i score of 10 to 0 in fasor of 'Jiemsoi;
It was in compliment ?to the Winthrop
girls that the teams met at Rock Hiil.
5 and over two hundred college sfirls
i numbered among the sntbnsiastic
1 spectators. The Davidson boys took
their defeat calmly, and good naturedh
smiled at the triumphant waving of
2 orange and purple. On Saturday
) evening from eight till ten the seniors
j did the honors ot the college at a rej
ception given to the boys of both
teams. It was generally decidcd that
" the senior class would better do the
1 honors to a small crowd of about
s twenty-five young men. And in con3
sideration of the hoys' pleasure and
comiorc ior toe eveuiug, iu wuo muusm
5 best that about two hundred and
seventy-five of our girls would re;
main at home. The college patrons
^ were resplendent with lights and
flowers, and "black and red," "orange
5 and purple," mingled with equal im
portance in the decorations. The
. hours passed quickly and pleasantly
and it was with reluctance that Clstason
and Win'.' rop, Davidson and
Winthrnp ? *: good night.
'T Oc? 1C ~ Nellc.
I Millions uiven Away.
[ It is certainly gratifying to the pub!
lie to know of one concern in tbe land
[ who are not afraid to be generous to
1 tbe needy and suffering. The propric
tors of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Cold?, have
jiren away over tec million trial bottTc9
of th'$ great mediciue; and have
I the satisfaction of knowing it has ab*
solutely cured thousands of hopeless
I cases. Asthma, Brohchiii*, Hoarseness
and all diseases of the Threat,
Cbest and Lungs are sured by it. Call
on McMaster Co , druggists, and get a
trial bottle free. Regular size 50c. and
$1. Every bottle guaranteed, or price
refuuded. 3
Mr. Jas. II. Craig, of Blackitock,
has gone to Cbattanooga, where he
has a position with tbe plow company.
?Chester Laotem.
During the winter of 1897 Mr. James
' ? ? -? it-- i >;
Keea, one 01 me leaumg cui^us auu
merchants of Clay, Clay Co., W Va.,
) struck bis leg against a cake of ice in
r sach a manner as to bruise i^ Bf-vere1.)'.
. Ir beosmr* very much .swollen autf
pained him 80 badly that ho could not
walk without, me aid of crntchf-3. 13 :1
was treated by phyaicians, .'ilso usc-1 j
serera! binds of liniment an ' v.ro and j
a halt gallons ol wh-skey io bitbin* |
' it, but nothing ga^o any leiitf nn'ii j
1 he be^an usins '."b:?Tnbc?*}iii?.,?5 ?a.->!
. Balm. Tbis brought slv,o>l aeon;-!
8 plete curc in a week's time *nd >>e b-*- j
lieves tbat bad he not used ib:s rcnudv
e bis leg would have had to beara;>ii-|
e tated. Paiu Ba'.rn is nneqa>.lod to:- !
(> sprains, bruises and rheumatism. For i
sale by McMaster Co.
IpThat's the way the C
edal to driving wheel
I The operation of th<
ism is fixed in its p!a<
straiuingf, wear or loss (
I action.
The rider eqpends n<
lar force exerted is utili
* Coiumbias and Hartf
contain more desirable
kind. Special cutting
of the chain; narrow tr
flush joints, which are :
struction; and bearing
a ration in machines de
_ ? ----- - .
g] their superiority, frit
Vedette Bicycles ;
j pope r
Millinery, Shoes and Clothi
can do best for yourself. W
you in quality and price. W
cheap and we sell cheap. "
Money" is our motto.
Your special attention
Dress Goods. We have al
also in Silks tor Waists and
We have the most v;
Flannels, Underwear, Hosier
Our millinery room is p
We have a large s}ock of all
will please you.
One of our greatest dej
shoe stock in the county. It
shoes of any kind to give us :
We have a great attract:
ter. Gvcds that sell at one <
rents and ud. Manv thines
It will pay you to trade with
The Caldwell Dt
I AM. m
twtt rvp and f.st
Consisting in nice Dre
Trimmings, Notions, Hats, <
Carpets, Mattings. Rugs, La
The Low-Price banner
my store.
Seeing is free; it wan't
my immense stock and see h
You itfill not be urged
you what to do.
I have some matchless ba
eains this season in nice
o _
The very people who ha
the ones these opportunittes
Goods shown with pleas
refunded. Polite attention t
can be maae a splendid Hypnotizer
once. Address M. Y. Young, 363 Hen
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
t A T\ T 7 OR MAX wanted to trav
LAJUI and appoint agent $
per month salary and all expens*
ZEIGLEft CO., 240 Locust St., Phil
KHA1 . ^balsam
Glcfci. i 1 lAwuur>?( tb? haS
Jrronxxea n lcxsjjAnt pawth.
2f cvrr Fdila to Or*
Hair to ita Yonaiml CMoc.
Csrofl t^-'o d >muh 2 h*ir
reread yi.BOz:
um OOMPAH Y'il
Eitract ?f Beef.
Cook Book?**
telling how to prepare m a vd
cate and delicious dishes.
Address, Liebi^c O-., i' <> <x 2"
pacific fes ' c, f.of
Solicits a ti.a c ' \ ? ?i;
9-20 ly
olumbia evel-Gear Chainless J
there is no interruption in the tran
^ machine is positive. Each part <
:e, all parts move together and tl
.1 1 /v ,
3f power in bringing tne ainerenr f
) strength without compensation,
zed in the propulsion of the machii
ords are the most popular chair
: features than can be found in <
of the sprockets, preventing loss oi
ead; narrow rear forks and hubs;
fJ-.-m fl-iA nf anvt" llK
3 Li luctiji cnw wvv4^ v* %~+mj _~
brought to the highest degree of p<
isigned and built for our exclusiv
:e $35 to $50.
ire strong and reliable. Price $25
\/IFG. GO,, Hartford
N" & DAVIS, Agents, Winrtst
a ^^^g^S?^5SSB55SBBS
you want to buy where you m
e believe we can do the best for j
_ i 1 ?i-'il
fiC* TfTO kllVI
e uuy in ictrgc i-[u<tui.iixco, tst+j
The Best Goods for the Least
is called to our fine stock of
I the new novelties in Patterns; c
Trimmings. g<
aried stock of Domestic Goods,
y, Gloves, Corsets, etc.
articularly attractive this season
new styJes, and fine work that q
Uilvb ii
partments is the most complete
: will pay you when in need -of |
a call. 1
ion this season in a cheap coun:ent,
two cents, three cents* four here
that are wonderfully cheap. (
us. Try it. \
?? A A /l/l AtVin AfllF ^
y uUUUD uuuipauj,
ss Goods, especially in blacks, I
"aps, Shoes, Clothing, Blankets, p
Robe:-, Trunks and Valises. j
waves over every department in j
? 1
cost you a penny to look through
ow much you can get for so little
to buy, your judgment will tell fl
r- A full line of Domesties at the ?
very lowest possible ?
prices. b
,ve the least money to spend are d
.1 l
mean me most iu.
ure. Goods exchanged or money
:o all.
f\ Notice. s
OU 5
that he makes Wagons and BagZies,
and d->es all bind of repairing,
gi Al*o keeps on hand at all times a fall
assortment of Coffios, all siz^s and
_' prices, and solicits the patronage of all.
10 2ow8 Peak, S. C. ^
? mm WAHTH). c
cvived op to October 27ih for teacher "
for school to be opened at FairfieH I
Cotton Mills.
10-15-2 Trn*t?es.
\i FOR SALE. | '
:1S ~ &
j 'h For If-rn-.s, address p
;lj Columbia, S. C. &
! jP| C S JR g. ? and Wh&iey Hablti
I !k; - 3 * f* S 2w3 ?t be me TTlth^
lis iw^SBSiS^SK
i ^ SS^ES^ii^a.wpLwj.HjD.
^ iauu, oat* 1M H.Pryox St
? ' ?"I
. ^
r~?I 3icycle
moves. From
smission of power. g '
of the driving mechan- g
lere is 110 back-lash, no
>arts consecutively into
Every ounce ofmuscuae.
Price $60 to $75.
1 bicycles because they
>ther machines of their
: power through sliding
dropped erank hanger;
a adanted to cvcle con- i __
erfection through gene- U
e use, are evidences of
1 |
I and 26.
, Conn. J
>oro. ss. u. k
?,?r s
?A? ] ot ???" f FOR
$4.00 ;> *? th? -<
VATCH J Am *u 1.25 CTS.
-v *r ::^2s
m i
is i hdi on.
o not compare cheap
aods at high prices
?with? >
High grade goods at
cheap prices.
7 ":|||
v Yt
B. Brandt's goods are high gradj in
aality and cheap in price.
1 Watches and Jewelry is what you
want, and yon should go to
l. Ml)!, fkfc S. L
" ; ? - }
..>.FOR IT
Ml ;
car of FINE SEED
WHEAT, which we
will sell cheap for
cash or on liberal
terms. All farmers
should sow some
I. V. DOTY & 60. I
> n ^
Office of Countt Supervisor, )
Wioniboro, S. C., Oct. 3,1899. S
meeting of the Board of Control fur
lie County of Fairfield will be held in
ie office of the County Supervisor for
ia said Countv on the firs! day of
fovember next, at wbicb meeting aplications
for the position of County
Vispenser at Ridgeway will be conidered.
All applications for the position must 'se
on file wiih the Board at least ton
ays before laid date.
J0-5-4t Board of Coutrel F. C.
^JUST IN'SeWhole
Apricots in heavy
Lemon Cling Peaches.
Bartlett Pears.
White Wax Cherries.
Red Pitted Cherries.
Extra Paeked Raspberries.
Large Anderson Plums m
leavy syrup.
Heinz's Mince Meat, 2 lb.
Ft. Sumter Roasted Coffee,
1 fine Mocha and Java blend,
it 25c.
Hecker's Oatmeal, 2-pound
Herrings in tomato -sauce.
. Kippered Herrings.
Broiled Mackerel in tomato
Fresh Deviled Crabs. ;
Extra quality Lunch Tongue
Extra quality Potted Chickcn
All these goods can be gotten
at very low prices.
A FJUC AN A will cure Constipation and
** is & wonderful Liver Medidn*. Trrlt
' illl

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