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Wednesday, November 1, - 189:
?Riv. Mr. Tamipseed preache-i ic
Greenbriar Charcb Wednesday nigbr
? Received, new line ofGoif Hatf
and Tarn O'shantas.
Mrs. McCarley.
w ?We are glad to see Mr. W. S
^ Doty oat again after an attack ol
Bk fever, which confined hisi to his home
WBBr for a week or two.
' - The presbytery of the Associate
Heforroed Presbyterian Church convened
at Lancaster on Monday. Kev.
C. E. McDonald is present at the
Joseph Stockfora, Hodgdon, Me.,
healed a sore running for eeven years
3 X-.i? ?^ lAnM o(n?i^nfl
axiu ?;urtu u;s pnes iuug oiauuiug
by using DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
It cru-es all skin diseases. McMaster
?Mr. Miles Refo has opened a clothing
establishment in Charleston. Mr,
Refo is a brother of our townsman.
Mr. H - B. Relo, and has for several
years been in ba^ioeas in Charleston.
?Ice cream will be served at Mr,
T. W. RqS's, in Greenbriar, on nexl
Jb'rida;. nig&t, JNovemoer ara, Dy xne
Ladies' Aid Society of Greenbriat
Church. Public invited to attend wilt
full purees.
?Just received! A handsome line
of open and top baggies at
J. O. Boag's.
?The grand and petit jurors tor the
next term ot the Federal court have
r?T?* ?Kn lAwincr mon
UCCU UiATVU auu IUU ivuvn^ug WVM
from Fairfield County were among
those drawn: Grand jaror?James
Allen, Sharp's; petit jurors?John K.
Ragsdale, Jenkinsville; W. H. Euffj
Ridges ay.
?Sbredded whole wheat biscuit.
tapioca and maple syrup are a few oi
the delicious and tempting things
offered in her ad. by Mrs. Habenicht
this morning. All sorts of dainties of
the season can be ionnd at this store,
and housekeepers preparing for their
Thanksgiving diuner can find what
they need here.
President King, Farmer's Bank,
Rr&oklvn. Mich., has used DeWitt's
Little Early Risers in his family for
years. Says they are the best. These
famous little pills cure constipation,
billiousness and all liver and bowel
troubles. McMaster Co.
?It wa3 announced some time ago
through these columns that Bishop
Capers wonld visit St. John's Church,
Winnsboro, on November 8tb, but
since Shea he has changed his plans
aud has postponed his visit until December.
The date of Ills visit has
not yet been set.
?Mr. JohuG. Mobiey and Mr. J.
B. Tamer, who always have a fine
exhibit of cattle at the State fair, will
.both be on hand as u3ual this year
with cattle that will no donot bring
home a large share of bine ribbons.
Mr. Turner is alr?ady on the fair
grounds with his cattle, having carried
them to Columbia last week.
?On Monday night atfthe factory,
Mr. John Cook was married to Mrs.
Coke?\ Rqv. C. E. McDonald performing
the ceremony. Tbe groom is a
farmer who lives near Ridgeway aad
the couple will make their home there.
This is the fourth time that the bride
has . been married, and some of her
children live here at the factory.
^ "It did me more good than anything
I' ever used. My dyspepsia wa<? of
months' standing;" after eating it was
terrible. Now I am well," writes S
B. Keener, HolsiDgton. Kas , of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you
eat. McMaster Co.
?Sunday was a red letter day in
the history of Aimwell Presbyterian
Church, at Ridgeway, for on that day
the centennial of the establishment of
the church was celebrated. The celebration
began oa Saturday and was
M A/^ Avt C ? v? rt r? Q n >*A MA 1
WiiUi'UCU VU OUUUA). OCYCiai 11111119"
ters from neighboring towns were in
attendance, and Rev. Mr. McLauch]in,
of Cbester, preached tbe centennial
?Postmaster Rion asks ns to announce
that he has newspaper and
periodical stamps for ?ale, and whoever
desires to buy these stamps for
souvenirs or curios may obtain them at
the postoffice. These stamps, which
are really works of art, have never
been for sale before. The stamps are
of large denomination and the engraving
on them is beautiful.
* ?Joe Raines, colored, diedjat his
home in this county a few days ago.
He waa a Democrat during his whole
life. In 1876 he joined the Democratic
party when it look courage for a colored
man to do so. Thi3 act of his
von for him the respect of many
white people. Such negroes as this
are a los^ to the county, for bis example
to the other members of his
race is most valuable.
"When our boys were almost dead
from whooping cough, our doctor
gave One Minute Cough Cure. They
recovered rapidly," writes P. B.
Belles, Argyle, Pa. It cures coughs,
colds, grippe and all tbroat and lun?
troubles. McMaster Co.
?The weather changed on Sunday
irom summer neat to regular .November
weather, and a cold northeast
wind which blew ail day made the
day most uupleasant. The wind increased
in force and blew a gale all of
Sunday night and brought raia with
it which fell all day Monday. The
rain was most welcome as ihe dust bad
become almost unbearable, and coming
at this time may insure good
weather for ihe fair.
?Rev*. Mr. Isenhower, who for
several vears has had chaige of a
Bapt/st Church i:i thi3 county, h*:
i gone to Louisvile, Ky., to take a
coursc ia the Theological Seminary in
that ci:.y. Mr. Isenhower was educited
atFai inaa University bat wished
to complete h'n study of theo'og)-.
He is* you->g man, highly estea.ned
by all and m-icn beloved by the congregation
that hi has been inchirge
Mil'iou? of dollars, k the value
placed by Mrs. Mary Bird, Hsrrisburg,
Pa., oj! tne life of her child, which
ishe ^aved from croup by the use of
One Minute Cough Cure. It cares all
congb?, colds and throat and l^pg
troubles. Mc Master Co.
? Miss Agnes CSialmers, daughter
| of Rev. John Chalmers, ?f Charlotte,
Mothers, when your children are at
tacked by the dreadful croup, yoi
need not despair; Dr. Bull's Cong]
Syrup will relieve and cure them a'
once. You can always depend on thi
marvelous remedy; it always cures
Will care Croup without fail.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctor
recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all druggists
C-, i? very ill at her home in tha
city. The Charlotte Observer c
' Saturday stated that there had been n
change in her condition, and that Mi
Chalmers would probably be prevent*
| from attending the meeting of presby
; tery in Lancaster this week. Th(
> news of the illness of his daughle
wili be much regretted by Mr. Chal
mers' nnnr.eioua friends here, and i
is hoped that more encouraging new
will soon be received.
I "If you scour tie world you wi]
never find a remedy equal '<? On
Minute Congh Cure," savs Edito
Fackler, of the Micanopy, Fin
? ft C LI n 1am 5 J Tfr ki trim? )r? <\
. JULUM1CI 1A UUICU Ui5 lauili; \J
> L&Grippe and saves thousands frou
, pneumonia, bronchitis, croup and al
throat and lung troubles. McMa9te
' Co.
?As a means of arousing the whol
town, so that everybody may have
look al (he meteoric 6hower, some o
the young men propose to ring the fir
1 bell. Thi3 is a good suggestion, as th
1 shower is expected to begin at a iat
1 hour, and will save everybody froi
; keeping watch, and the fire alarm wi
' be the surest way of arousing th
' town. As the falling meteors will b
1 a grand sight (the weather permitting
and one which occurs at such grea
I intervals, it would seem a pity fo
' any one to miss it.
?The PreRidanf: has ?Rsned hi
' Thanksgiving proclamation and th
day has been fixed for Novembe
! 30th. In tbis proclamation Presiden
McKinley points out the many reason
that the people as a nation have.fo
giving thanks to God, and record
mends, "ibat on this day so far as ma;
be foand practical, labor shall ceasi
from its accastomed toil, and charitj
abound toward the sick, the needj
and the poor." As it is a national
holiday the bank, postoffice and thi
schools will be closed and the variou
churches will be open for services
(idlafw Datt PnflflftKoK " PflTT T
A Lie I iuw xj\j y x ifew i v
Eirkmau, Belle Rive, III., says
"After goffering from Bronchial 01
long trouble for ten years, I was curec
by One Minute Cough Care. It is al
that is claimed for it and more." Ii
cure3 coughs, colds, grippe and ali
throat and lung troubles. McMastei
?The State savs that the Columbis
police were after two negroes on
Wednesday who had stolen a trnnk
Tl is trnnk that is being hunted by the
police is probably the property of ?
young lady from Winnsboro who lost
her trunk a few days ago in Colombia.
fA wKftm fKa tzroa
( UC tv nuvui kUtf vuvva HHg uv
livered failing to pat in an appearance
with the trunk. The account in the
State says that the negroe3 first tried
to check the trunk to Charlotte then
they made an effort to sell it, oflering
it for six dollars, then when the police
heard of it the men made off wit!
tue truaK ana carriea it witn mem ic
?The State ball promises to be i
more brilliant affair this year than
erer, and as it will be held in th(
state house the surroundings wili be
in keeping with the grand scale upor
woicQ toe preparations are aging
made. Circulars have been sent on!
by the committee to the differenl
counties asking for the names of those
who will probably attend the ball, it
order ^that they may receive invita
lions, ttenerauy, vyinnsooro is wej
represented at this ball, but it is no:
probable that more than one or two
people will go down to it Fairfielc
will be represented, however, bj
everal young people now resident*:
A^ pAlnmlvia
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders
are just wbat a horse needs when it
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifiei
and vermifuge. They are not fooc
but medicine and the best in use t<
put a horse in prime condition. Pric<
25 cents per package. For sale b]
McMaster Co.
?No definite arrangements havi
yet been msu.e about moving the tele
graph office from its present locatio:
in the passenger depo*, but it is:
settled fact that it is to be moved
The new office will probably be in th
old postoffice or somG room in tba
part of town which will be central
There is some talk ot having the es
areas office moved farther tid tow
also but it is not yet knawn whetbe
there is any foundation for it. I
will be a iiew' thiDg for Wiunsboro t
have the telegraph office elsewher
j than in tbe ticket office of the pas3ori
ger depot, these offices having alway
been together and Mr. J. H. Skinne
has been day operator for many years
?This evening will be All Ha
ioween and will be celebrated b
young people in almost tvery lane
All Hallows is tbe samu ns All Sduj
or A.11 Saints, and is a day which ba
been set apart for sges in commemon
tlon of those who have departed thi
life. November 1st is tbe day appoint
ed a9 All Sonls and U observed i
the Roman Catholic and Episccp:
churches, seivices being leldonthf
day. In New Orleans the cemeteris
on All Souls' <iay are filled with pec
pie who carry flowers to put spon tb
I cpk^pr nf (hp?r dftar?. Tr. is *n o)
D v*
custom to celebrate the eve of A
Hallows with games and merry-mak
2Dg. There are many queer superst1
tions connected with All Halloweer
Used bj British Soldiers la Aerica.
Capt. C. G. Denmson is well kr.owi
all over Africa as commander of th
forces thae captured tbe famou? rebe
i (jr&lieliB- Under date of .Nov. 4,189<
!rom Vrjbnrg, Becbuanaiand, h
writes: ''Before starting ou the las
campaigu 1 booght a quantity of Chan
berlain'a Colic, Cholera and Diarrbce
Remedy, which I nsed myself whe
troubled with bowel complaint, an
had given 'to my men. and in ever
case it proyed most beneficial." Fc
i sale by McMaster Co.
j Mr. Jam?* Johnston died at b
[ home, Rockj Mount, on Tbursd
. ! rn .minor. \f> _ ,Tnhnaton was abo
i ! eighty years of age at the time of t
& i -loath. F-">r about thirty years he b
been a sufferer from cancar. He is
brother of Jud^e of Probate 8. ]
I Johnston, and his family has be<
w ' j(l?;r:titie(l with Fairfield County f
i j ?nan^ generations. He married Mi
j Clara Barkley, who with two eoc
Messrs. Barkley Johnston and Jot
! [ G .Toht.ston, survives him. Mr. Job
; >ton, while quite an old man durii
tt the war, enlisted as a Confedera
soldier. He was a good citizen ai
O rr>mnriAn<1*?f? th? esteem of his frien
snd neighbors. The fanera' serric
3 were held at Wateree Church <
- Friday. i
r 0^S"270
Boar? tb? sO The Kind You Have Always Bou|
'1 j Mrs. M. AT. Watson died ye9terd
e ? morning at the home of her gran
^ j sons. the Messrs. Nicholson, at Woe
f | ward. She was the mother of M
a NicboJtou and Mrs. Eouiware, ot tl
? city. S'^ would have been 94 yea
old to-d x, and was remarkable f
inte 'ect, ber familiarity with A
Bib!i. a I her strong faith. She i
^ tained !? ... powers of mind to the la
Rev. H. C. Buchho.% Mrs. Nicholso
Mrs. Bouiware, and ."iliss Minnie Bo
O *
. ware went down to Woodward yeste
a day morning. Funeral services we
U conducted by Mr. Bachbolz, assist
by Rev. J. H. Yarborough, in Conco
cemetery, where the remains we
x buried yesterday afternoon.?Chest
t Lantern, O-t 28.
r He Pooled lie Surgeons.
All doctors told Renick Hamilto
of West Jefierson, O., after sufferii
18 months from Rectal Fistula, !
3 wouiu die unless a costly operati<
r i was performed; but he cured" himsi
I with' five boxes of Bucklen's Ami
Salve, the surest Pile care on Eart
and l:he best Salve in the World.
r cents a box. Sold by McMaster C<
7 'ibe month of November will I
r noted for storms over the Atlanl
Ocean and seamen should be prepar
8 for them. 1st to 5th, cold wave ai
3 ' iU. TTT?<s4. n.
ueavy swims uvci cue hcoi
' States, and snow over the Mississip
Taller and westward; 6th to 8tb, plei
* ant-^ 9;h to 10th, severe storms oy
j j the Middle Atlantic and West Gt
! States, with dangerous gales and sno
t on the Great Lakes; Hth to 13t
I '
hewy rains oyer tbe lower Mississip
Valley, with cold wave in the nort
14th to 18th, fair, followed by a stor
and high winds on the Great Lake
f Iflfrl* rA OOAfAwmo ATTAr* A
i-W VU CV y OIV1UI9 VTV1 VUv a^mvv ^
iantic States, and dangeaous gales f
boating; 23rd,pleasant; 24th to 26?
heavy storms of cold winds, rain ai
snow, followed by remarkably co
[ weather until the 30th. j
L In ihe November Ladies' Hoi
t Journal the Rev. Charles M. Sheld
; emphasizes the teachings of his famo
- book, "In His Steps," asking and a
i | s^ering the question, "Is Christiani
> I Practical in "Worldly Affairs?" S
] Henry Irving writes on "The Study
i j Shakespeare in Small Commnoitie*
Toin Vontoron fvn HThO TWtllinPPP ill t
? Church," aDdFranklinPvles on "H(
t a Play is'Written." "The Anecdo'
i j Side of Robert E Lee" and "How t
: J Next Census 'will be Taken" are inti
t j esting features. "Those Sialely Hon
; of Old Virginia" and "The Nt
' * r<:-!_?? V^llan^ c
7 i AmRri';au ^tvi w *
i the interesting pictorial teatures. Eve
- phase of heme life *nd home work a
L considered in the November Joarn
j By the Cnrtis Publishing Compan
Philadeipia. One dollar per year; 1
' cents per copy.
r' j Tetter, Salt-K&cum ana jc-czema.
, > Tbe intense itching and smarting i
cident to these dieeases, is instant
, allayed by applying Qhamberlaii
, 1 Eye and Skin Ointment. Many ve
l j bad cases have been perrcuinimtly cur
r by t. It is equally efficient lor itchi:
3 piles and a favorite remedy for se
> nipples, chapped hands, chilblaii
e frost bites and chronic sore eyi
f 2octe. per box For sale by McMasI
A Good SaRReation.
2 The Yorkville Enquirer has pn
ei lisbed several articles recently up
i.!' the subject of the King's Mounts
e battlefield and is urging the people
1 get possession of the title to the batt
!. field. In the last article upon thear
ject a plan is suggested to convert t
n battlefield into a national park, and
r is proposed'that the Daughters of t
!t Ajmericaii Revolution, quite a pow<
- 4.-1 A.n. IML-O an amnlirati
V [ lUu Vlgb^CIUVUi U>uo.v V... ?.rr..*
e j to Congress for an appropriation,
i- { no such steps are taken the hieto:
g | ground trill in all probability pi
r into the possession of people w
j would have no sentiment about I
!- place., instead of being set apart as 1
* - -
7 J piace waere a very ituyuiiaui. w?i
i.! of tbe Revolution vvas fought. T
Is |D. A. R. in all parts of ihe coonl
;p ! hare done a great dial towards pi
i-; tccting historic places from those w
|g ! have no sentiment al*ont such thin
I. and it thev take this matter in ha
o ! will probably succeed lot carrying (
il! one of the plans.
Bear3 the /p Tte Kiirf Yoa HaY8 Afwsjrs Bn
d rn
}1 i ?We have received from Mr. Ed?
! Matthews an invitation to tbe celeb
i-1 tion of the seventh annual annivcrs?
i. i of 'be Calhoun Literary Society
! Clemson College. Tbe exercises v
j take place in the memorial hall
r i Friday evening, [November 3rd,
i 8 o'clock. The programme consists
r music, declamations, orations, and
z | debate, which will be the ftatnre
it J the eveniDg on thS subject, Resolv
> That manofactaringand notagricnll
* |] will ?oon be the principal induelry
? ?the South. Affirmative, Edgar
rf Maltbews, negative L. O. Maulc
| Mr. Simon H. Lumpkin is one of
marsh&is for the evening/
a{ Its Coming is Looked Forward ft
)}0 With Both Joy and Pear and its
as Safe Arrival is Hailed With
a Pride and Delight by AIL
or 4 Th?^ arrival^ of^the first baby in thi
s nousenoia is me nappiest auu uuab tin
portant event of married life. Theyouni
13> wife who.is to become a mother delight
m to think of the happiness in store forne:
n. when the little one shall nestle upon he
breast and latterly she shall hear it lis]
tfie sweet and holy name, "mother.
,te Bat her happy anticipation quickly, van
3(j ishes when she realises the terrible paii
, and suffering through which she mus
as pass while bringing the Httfe one int<
es the world. An indescribable fear o? thi
3n danger attendant upon the ordeal booj
dissipates her joyfalne?8.
Thousands of women have leame*
by experience that there is absolute!]
no necessity for the sufferings which at
P tend child-birth; they know that b;
the use of "Motherte Friend"?a gcien
tific liniment?for a few weeks befon
the trying hour, expectant mothers caj
so prepare themselves for the- flna
hour that the pain and suffefing of th<
ay dreaded event are entirely obviated am
r). it is safely passed through with com
~ paratively little cuscomiort.
,d" All women are interested, and es
rs pecially expectant mothers who for thi
jjg first time have to undergo this trial, fc
such a remedy; for they faodw the pan
rs and suffering, to say nothing of the dan
or ger, which is in store for them. "Moth
be er's Friend" is woman's'greatest bles
sing, for it takes her safely through th
e' severest ordeal of her life. Every womaj
Bt. should be glad to read the little boo]
,n "Before iSaDy is isorn," wnicn contain
' information of great value to all. I
U1 will be sent free to any one who send
ir- their address to The Brad2eld Regu
re lator Co., Atlanta, Ga.
rd ?Information was received here 01
re Tuesday of a burglary which tool
* 5 -3
er piac8 at yy ooawaru on .cauimajr iugui
The burglars entered the store o
Major T. W. Brice, blew open tin
safe and took the contents whicl
0<J amounted to about $100. Fortunatel:
he Major Brice had paid out a largi
on amount of money on Monday for cot
ton, or the thieves might have secure*
more. The police here were notifiet
25 of the robbery and were told to kee]
a lookout for any auspicious charar'cre
Two white men were arrested 011 lues
day and kept in the guard house unti
Wednesday morning, but aa nothing
be could be proved against them the]
lie were released and sent out of town
ed They were apparently tramps on Ihei:
od way south for the winter,
llf ?
er For Infants and Children.
ilf Tt t/._j \t? ii?
w tne Km ion nave aiwbjs ouugut
hl Bears the S*#
Signature of C?&^fflT<CUc&/t/.
.t- Mr. A. S. Douglass retarned Satar
or day from Newberry.
b, Mrs. E. P. Wolfe is vUiting her tia
id ter, Mrs. Cbas. Gooding, in Macon,Ga
Id Miss Bessie Rnseell, of New York,
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ja9. Bryson.
Mrs George Ligon, of Jhester, i
x. visiting her sister, Mrs. T. F. Curlee
of Horeb.
Qe Dr. David Aiken has returned froo
on a visit to Washington, D. C., am
118 Philadelphia.
Mr. Cha? Gooding, who has beei
visiting ifiaiiv. 8 in town, hasreturnei
. to his home iu Macon, Ga.
?? Mr. Ch&s. A. Douglass, of Wash
'* ington, D. C., spent Thursday in town
n8 He returned on the afternoon to hi
S homeT?
B.Tarnipseed, accompaniei
by <1r- iv.lward Andrews, of Lsver
Rit; i i"U Ouni\, spent several dav
I6S "
in ti e viree -b-iar neighborhood risii
'w iog iei itives and friends.
Mr. R P. Lmtii.kin, of Florida, i
rvi. L._ t?lt?
* uerf on a vi^.i u> nis uromer, ini
ire <? Lnmpk Mr. Lumpkin wa
al. for years a resident of "Winusboiv* an<
i?, has many friends in his old home,
cn ' - ? ? .
"I < Ln o cnrrvriQQ f A ?r>\? trlv
! J.V *>H I UV/l UW ? CUipiOV W M?*J MM
aro at. all familiar with the good quali
tics of Chamberloin'i Cough Remedy
n- to know that people everywhere tak
-Iy pleasure in relating their experience i
i's the use of that splendid medicine an
ry in telling of the benefit they have re
ed ceived from it, of bad colds it ha
ng enred, of threatened attacks of pner
>re monia it has averted and of the chii
is, dren it has saved from attacks of cron
38. aDd whooping couph. It is a grand
;er good medicine. For sale by McMai
ter Co.
myrtle paragkaphs.
b- Farm work is progressing nicely a
on we hare had excellent weather fo
an gathering, some nave gamerc u
to corn, and mor all the cotton ci\?p i
le- gathered. The cotton crop i3 a grea
ib- deal better lh<'.n was expected, ver;
he much to our gratification; for tha
it w*h the advance in the price ha
he enabled many a straggling farmer t
ir- come clearer of debt than they woa!<
on >?ar? if. hpf.n otherwise.
If The protracted meeting so efiicicntl;
ric conducted by oar pastsr, Rev. A. E
168 Phillips, at Ziou closed "Wednesda
ho night last. The meeting was ver
;he much eDjoyed and very benefiting t
he our church, as the weather was ver
tie favorable; although small crowd
'he were in attendance, evidently ther
:ry was good done. Though it was not ap
r0. parently a revival, However it vra
, much Deeded.
The sapper given at Mr. Allen's fc
the benefit of the church on the nigt
nd of the 20 inst. wa? a grand success, a
j0t aside from the enjoyment aud pleasur
that all had, ihere wa3 realized a nic
sum ot clear profit amounting t
about $15.30. The -evening was fai
and pleasant with the silvery bean
P of fair Luna to add to the iovlines
of the night. Messrs. RhettTurnipsae
and Ed Andrews furnished some ver
delightfal and charming music o;
Tart their guitars. After all had partake
' of the good thiogs from the cook's di
" partment a number of young folks ri
ir^ paired to onr near neighbor's, Mr. JE
of. A. Davis', and theFC enjoyed some e2
nil ceilent music furnished by Miss Alic
oa McEacbern, of Ridgeway, wbo is b
no me=.ns an inefficient performer o
the orsrari; also some funny and eute
iot , taining pieces on the organ were fa
a uisbea by Mr Turuip^eed. Thong
- fiomp ol' the ladie=> were vorv tired ar
great J v iuigued ?vith their task, tl
e"? occasion closed with all feeling atnp
ore repaid for their trouble. Tho9e ih
of toiled had this consolation, that th<
were toiling in behali of a good cau
* and felt that thsy were not making
"u* vain attempt to raise funds for tl
the completion of our church
Our enterprising committee
workers are not satisfied with the sue-;
j cess of the entertainment ju?t m?r> j
' 'ion?d (and it is gradfjing and com
mendable to kiovr that they are not),
but ha?e announced another entertainment
known as a "box party" for
the purpose of raising more lunds for
the chnrcb. to be eiven at the resi-1
dence of Mr. Samuel Sims oa the
night of Friday, November 3rd. Girls
are expected to come and bring a box
J for "two and boys aro expected to
? I come and pay for tbem.
| i Best wishes to The News asd
g Herald and its readers.
p October 28, '99. Dixie.
j Relief in six Hours.
' 1 Distressing Kidney and Bladder Dis
case relieved in six hours by "New
J (Jreat South American Kidney Cure."
6 It is a great surprise oa account of its
J exceeding promptness in relieving pain
* in bladder, kidneys and back, in male
1 or female. Relieves retention of water
> almost immediately. If you want
J quick relief acd cure this is the remedy.
\ SoJd by W. U. Aiken, druggist, >v innsf
boro, S. C.
m c ?
1 Mr. Editor: I have eecn two or three
J communications in your pape.' advoj
eating the erection of a monument to
Col. John H. Means to coaimjir.oraie
the valor and heroism of that gallant |
* * ? ?> L!.L r t. . !
J j soitlisr. l De rpgiuienr 10 woicu j. w- i
a longed was under Col. Means' com
macd. Those under his CJinmaud reposed
implicit confidence in the parity |
a oi bis motives and his high mora' j
1 courage which wss fxemp'iGed on j
* many a field of battle. His r.obie!
j i
j traiti of character commanded the re-;
l spect and adinifation of his associates!
and subordinates in the great conflict ]
between the states.
! It is a duty incnmbered upon the j
1 citizens of our county and State to j
w erect a suitable monument over the [
* grave of this noble man, who was 0i<? i
' chief executive of our State, and sub-1
b sequently a distinguished Confederate
2 soldier.
Some of jjour correspondents have
1 suggested the advisability of erecting
B the monument in Salem churchyard.
- I do not agree with them. I think it
1 should be erected over his grave in
j the oldgfamily burying-ground, in the
Buckhe&d community. The family
? burial-ground, as many of your readers
? ? ? A
are aware, xs uu LUC mam vmuuiuia I
- road. If the monument should be I
j placed in Salem churchyard some of
the soldiers from other counties might
? pass there, and seeing the monument,
f they would perhaps take it for granted
. that there reposet the remains of their j
r once beloved commander. I think it,
should be placed over his grave so that
there would not be any mistake about
the place of his burial. I trust that
j this agitation will not cease until there
is a beautiful granite shaft erected to
commemorate the nobility of that good I
man, whom to know was io love.
South Carolina has produced mauy |
noble men, whose names and fame
are the pii-.ie -of cnr people, bat the
valor, courage and nobility of none of
tLem deserve more consideration and
reverence than does that of Col. John
H. Means. I believe that all the old
soldiers who were under bis command
would willingly and gladly contribute
something toward perpetuating
th* farrip of this ?ood man. I sav this
- good man, which sounds like he is yet
living. Yea he still lives in the hearts
of his countrymen and he will con'
tinue to bo live as long as mankind
cherishes those characteristics which
s constitute nobility. Hoping to soon
hear from some one else on this duty
' that now devolves upon us I am,
1 Thomas A Crowder.
3 Fea?teryille, Oct 27, '99.
Discovered by a AvomaD.
* Another great discovery has been
" made, and that too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its clutches
. upon her and for seeen years she
withstood its severest teetF, but her
* vital organs were undermine! and
8 death seemed imminent For three
months she coagbed incessantly, and
j could not sleep. She finally discovered
, a way to recovery, by purchasing of
' us a bottle of Dr. King's New Dis6
covery for Consumption^ and was so
t ranch relieved on taking first dose, that
vhe slept all night; aDd with two bottles,
has been absolutely cured. Her
name is Mrs. Luther Lutz. "Thus
' writes W. C. Ilaramick & Co., of
? Shelby, N. Trial botti-'s five ar.
* McMaster Co.'s drug store. Regular
size 50c and $1.00. Every bottle
guaranteed. 4
o ?
n *** ^ w <er)r rree. iuu
" can be made a splendid Uyprotizer at
u once. Addidss M. Y. Young, 363 H^cry
!- St., L>ro?kiy'!, X. Y.
' T A T\V OR MAN wanted to travel
I- JL/flxJ I and appoint agent. ?60
p per month salary and all expenses.
I, ZEIGLERCO., 240 Locust St., Phila.
i* ??????????
Cle>B*ca LvJ biaaiiHts the hafr.
Rjffiwlgsreag tSol Promote! ? luxuriant growth.
r^flfBJVirrrr Pails to Hactoro Gray
r~7f)f%i 'ircKlfll Hair to its YouHlTuI Color.
fc housekeepers?
j Mact of Beef.
, Cook Book***
? telling how to prepare many dell
Y eate and delicious dishes.
^ Address, Liebig Co., P 0 Box, 2718
0 New York.
y ______
? | F<?R SALE. |
^ For terrr.p, address p
;? ^ Columbia, S. C. j|
13 " '
Q "
a Office of County Supervisor. ?
b. Wiousboro, S. C., Ocy. 3, 1899. ?
!. a meetiDg of the Board of Control for
c-' the County of Fairfield will be held jn
it the office of tbe County Supervisor for
>y the sa;d County on tbe firs I -Jav of
n November next, a! wbich rne<\ingapr
plications for /he position of County
r? jL?i^pen6er ar, Rid^eway will be confb
id All applications for the? position rand
le he on tiie wkh the B ?ar<l ?t !ea?t tt-u
lv da\ s before paid <iat<?.
ly S. H.TERRE3.
se W. M. CURLEE.
a 10-5-4t Board of Control F. C.
A FRICANA wili cure Constipation ana
**-i??woaderfaI Liver Me*liciae. Try ft,
raESTON RION, Agent"
Solicits a suare of the public patron- .
age. j
9-26 ly
Nnti pp.
A 1 W W I V/ W I
that he makes Wagons and Baggies,
aud docs all kind ?v repairing, i
Also keeps '< hand at ail times a loll J
assortment of Coffins, all sizes and c
prices, and solicits the patr^oage of all. .
10 25 w3 Peak, S. C. C
?A? ^ or Goods f FOR
$4.00 V ts thstt -{ J
j WATCH J Am0Tlnt- 25 CTS. s
. ]
Tliisiis/a GKND1SS OFFER.
Do Tit.t compare cheap s
yo >d> at high prices
-wMi- t
Gigh grade gorda at *
cheap prices. J
R. Brandt's goods are high grade in
quality and cheap in price.
Watches and Jewelry ia what yon
want, and you should go to
I BRANDT, Chester, S. C.,
....FOXlIT ...
Founded 1842.
"Sing their own praise" {
BUY; it has NO EQUAL as vou save
will last a lifetime; but we hive several
BARGAINS in other makes. ,
We hare taken in EXCHANGE FOR 1
PIANOS, one? the finest style that firm
A j j, ff
manuiactures auu n is amiv-.c u\,n. ?
you want this make here are bargains. ]
; cm esupf,i
Baltimore, Md.
Factory Branch Ware-Room, No 213
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
C. H. WILMOTH, Manager.
Letters of Administration*
By S. E. JOHNSTON,Esq., Judge Probate. I
\XTHEREAS, R. H Jenning?, Clerk of
V i Court, hath made suit to me to
grant him letters of administration of m
the estate and effects of JohnH. Clamr, .
1 xUa- .^.A 4-* A?*A o ?-!/} o/3mnn I
xcese are, uiereiinc, iu vjic ?liu.
isli all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said John H. Clamp, deceased,
that they be and appear before
me, in the Court of- Probate, to be held at "
Fail-Held Court House, S. C., on the 25th
day 'of November next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
show cause, if any they have, why the
said administration should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this 16th day of
October, A. D. 1899.
! 10-17-6 Judge of Probate.
' ? ? 1 ~ J
j Letters 01 iiusyuiii^txauuiii
I By P. R. JOHNSTON, Esq.,Probai-jid/jc.
I ^XrHEREAS, R. Tl. Jennings Cleric of
V? Court, hath made suit 10 me to
?raut him letters of administration, with (
Will annexed, of the estate and ejects of
Ransom Durham, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
'Panc.'tm Tlnrliam. de
VJIt^UILUIO Ui VUK> oaiU a?uxm/vm? ?... ?,
ceased, that they be and appear bpfore
me, in the Court of Probate, to
be held at Fairfield Court House, S. C.,
od tbe 16th day of November next, after
publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, to stow cause, if any they have,
why the'said administration should not
be granted.
Given under my hand, this 6th day of
October, Anno Domini 1899.
10-7-Gt Judge of Probate
By S. R. JOHNSTON, Esq., Judge Prolate.
WrHEREAS, R. H. Jennings Clerk (
of Conrt, hath made suit to
me to grant him letters of administration,
with Will annexed, of the
estate and eflects of AuDie Dnrhatn, |
These are thetef re to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of ihe said Annie Durham,
deceased, that they be and appear
before me, iu the Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court
House, South Carolina, on the 16th
day of November next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cau6e, if any they have,
why the said Administration should
not be granted.
Given under ray hand this 6th day
I of October, Anno Domini 1899.
10-7-6t nf Probate.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you czt
i Itartificlallydigeststbefoodandaids
Nature In strengthening and recon*
stractingthe exhausted digestive or:
gans?.Itls the latest discoT.j^ddir1""4* ;
' *nt and tonic. No otb?r\i.. .1 <
<ai approach it i *? r (
stantirjrelievesar. ,^nn: ,.-v]v" * j
Dyspepsia, Indip : r>. i.o. , j
! jpiatiUteiice, ouui i \
i SickHeadacbe,C ,Crarayj>,^J
all other results oi... ;^iiect digestion.
Prepared by E- C. DeWitt &Co.> CfclcflSO.
Winssboro, S. C.
Millinery, Shoes and Clothing, y
:an do best for yourself. Webeli
rou in quality and price. We buy
:heap and we sell cheap. ''The
Vloney" is our motto.
Your special attention is <
Dress Goods. We have all the
lIso in Silks tor Waists and Trim
We have the most varied
Flannels, Underwear, Hosiery, Gl<
Our millinery room is partici
We have a large s;ock of all new
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One of our greatest departm
shoe stock in the county. It will
;hoes of any kind to give us a call
We have a great attraction ti
:er. Gvods that sell at one cent,
:ents and up. Many things here
[t will pay you to trade with us.
The Caldwell Dry (
i m now
Consisting in nice Dress Gi
~ . tt i _
i'rimmings, iNotions, nais,
Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Lap Rol
The Low-Price Banaer wave
ny store.
Seeing is free; it w?n't cost 3
ny immense stock and see how tn
You will not be urged t# b
fou what to do.
[ have some matchless bar- A:
gains this season in nice
The very people who have th
:he ones these opportunittes meai
nrnirir A VJ?, (
Wl?XJU XA.il ^ ^
Goods shown with pleasure. '
efunded. Polite attention to all*
Q, I
Wheat H
A delicious biscuit made of
shredded wheat to
. we
Cream of Wheat; Pearl Bar- an
lev, Saero, and Tapioca.
_ ~ be
Pure Vermont Maple Syrup,
in pint bottles and gallon
? ? I
Williamt' Pure Fruit Jams. *T
Also a fresh supply of Raisins,
Currants, Citron,
etc., for fruit cake, at
ntiutJinuiM. o. sun
& <
car of FINE SEED or
WHEAT, which we q
will sell cheap for
cash or on liberal g0!
terms. All farmers
should sow some j ?
ft ff. DOW k CO.:
a full sto k ?.?f Caskets, 3uriall
Caccs *nd Offius. oouatauily on hand,!
and us" of b^rse when requested.
Thankfal for pa?t putrouage and >oiic5tation
for a sharp jn the future, iu tbt
?Id stand
Cal'3 aitptded to stall hears. P*
J. M, ELLIOTT *? . ' (
u \y -A. j~ v/ j~ i
ou want to buy where you
eve we can do the best for
in large quantities; we buy
Best Goods for the Least
:alled to our fine stock of
new novelties in Patterns;
stock of Domestic Goods,
i _
Dves, corsets, etc.
llarly attractive this season
styles, and fine work that
ents is the most complete
pay you when in need of
lis season in a cheap couiitwo
cents, three cents, four
that are wonderfully cheap*
Try it
Ms Company.
A\ AU4 A4/ A
lltr ih Msrtrs.
JUU3) *U w.wv?x,
Shoes, Clothing, Blankets*
bes? Trunks and Valises.
s over every department in
rou a penny to look through
uch you can get for so little
uy, your judgment will tell
full line of Domesfcies at the
very lowest possible
' prices.
e least money to spend are
ithe most to.
Goods exchanged or money
smsietm aid Hptinc
our already complete stocky
: are prepared to turnisn
ything in this line you may
ed, and cheap, but the very
Call and examine our stock
fore making a purchase.
ust Arrived
-For Sale.?
1 Moles. A few combination Sad- ,
and Harness Horses. I will sell
m cheap for cas>h cr exchange them
males or plsg horses.
;o ws.
will pay the highest cash price for
ad Milch Cowe; also for Fat Beef
[ have a fe v Second-Hand Baggie*
- sale; also one Second- Hand Two>rse
Winrsbor^, is C.
On farming l&i dd. Easy payments.
> eomnrisMOiis 'larked. Borrowei
ys actnal c^<f of perfecting Joan.
torest 8 per cent.
Columbia, S. C.,
or A. S. k W. D. DOUGLASS,
1M WinBsboro, S. C.
'v -k k

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