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Wednesday, November 8, - 1899
?Head trespass notice elfewhere
?/Rpad rown nrrf?n?4.i;^e ill this
monnnir'H issue
?to F..E. l>rop?t for oaluar&i al
10 cant* a package.?adv.
? Received, new line of Golf Hats
v and Tarn O'shantas.
nfe Mr8. McCarley.
tff - On ai d after Monday, November (
6, the mail will be collected at 9 30
a. m. instead of at 9.45 a. m..
"I wouldn't be without De Witt's
Witob Hazel Salve for any consideration,"
writes Tbos. B. Rhodes, Centerfield,
I). Infallible for piles, outi,
bnrns and skin diseases. Beware of
counterfeits. McMaster O.
?A voang child of one of th2 factory
operatives died at its home at
the factory on Thursday and was
buriei <>n Fridav.
?Mr. Jobn G. Mobley left here on
Saturday with a lot of bis fine cattle
to exhibit at the State fair, inat iar.
Mobley will carry off several of the
prize6 i* what everyone expects.
?Nc^iia'Iy's candies, which have a
wide reputation, may be bought of
John H. McMaster & Co. All
kinds of candies are in these packages
and all are the best. See their ad.
(q /, r LaGrippe, with if s after effects, anr
L nually destroys thousands of people.
It may be quickly cured by One Min'
<~f r/ ute Co gh Cure, the only remedy that
produces immediate results in coughs,
colds, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia
and throat and lung troubles. It will
' prevent consumption. McMaiter Co.
?A fnll stock of all kiods of furni
' tare, ?ewing machines, organ?, cook
stoves and heaters at
J. 0. Boag's.
?Mr. Thos. Stevenson, who has
been so ill at the hospital in Chester,
has recovered sufficiently to come to
Tfinnsboro. The news of his recovery
will be most welcome to Mr.
Stevenson's friends.
?Rev. W. R. Briscoe has changed
' his appointment at Rock City and
Fairfield, and will preach the first and
third Sundays at Fairfield and second
?ni1 fnnrfh SnndftVft at the QUarrV,
beginning with November.
Geo. Noland, Rockland, O., says:
1 'My wife bad piles forty years. DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve cared her.
It is the best salve in America." It
*Cf heals everything and cures all skin
diseases. McMaster Co.
-. - ?Since the 1st ot November has
' k* ' s ...
passed the sportsmen are enjoying the
hunting. The beautiful weather of
this sea?on is conducive to long ramWlpa
whirh thft hnriera have to take
before finding much game.
?Wedoeaday being th* first day of
November, brought a number of people
to town who were busy ' setting
their affairs in order as is usual on
this day. The bright weather al60
induced people to come out alter being
kept in by the rain.
Yon never know what form of blood
poison will follow constipation. Keep
the liver clean by using DeWitt'-; Little
Early Risers and you will avoid
trouble. They are famous little pills
for constipation and liver and bowel
troupes. McMaster Co.
?If your clocks or watc&es need
repairing, R. Brandt, the jeweler, in
Chester, will do it and will guarantee
his work. His prices are low and his
jjoods all np-io-date, and yon are sure
m^Srr^~ to be suited. He is a skilled workman
and can repair the finest watches.
?Carpenters were in great demand
on Tuesday *nd Wednesday, as almost
everybody in town had fences or
gates b!o7*n down in the storm. One
or two chimneys to negro bouses fell
as a result of wind and rain, and repairing
is now the order of the day.
UI had dyspepsia fifty-seven years
' and never tound permanent relief till
I used Kodo! Dyspepsia Cure. Naw I
am wei' and feel like a new man,"
writes S. J. Fleming, Murray, Neb.
It is the be6t digestant known." Cures
all forms cf indigestion. Physicians
everywhere prescribe it. McMasterCo.
- Ths first service was held in the
Baptist Chapel on Sunday afternoon.
B8v. Mr. Freeman conducted the serosa
I> woo an nmiuiftn ftt vreat
pleasure and gratification to the Baptist
congregation and a number of
them were present at the opening
?Washington Alston Thomas,
youngest son of Col. John Thomas,
died at his home in Columbia last
week. He was a boy of much proeise
and his death is a severe blow to his
w family. Col. Thomas who is so well
known throughout the cDuncy and
"Winrsboro has ;the sympathy of many
friends iu his trouble.
T\? WT Tfoir. mil "V V
JL/li ff TF iAVU) jlw?i; UAii) a*. ^ .j j
says: "I heartily recommend One Minute
Coug'u Cure. It gave my wife immediate
relief in suffocating asthma."
Pleasant to take. Never fails to
quickly cure all coughs, colds, throat
and lung troubles. McMaster Co
?Saturday was the first real cold
< day thit we have had. The frost on
that morning was very heavy and
looked almost like snow. The tenderest
and most succulent plants and
/ foliage suffered badiy from the frost
^ and cotton was a little ir jured. The
temperature on Saturday was about
forty degrees and the air was old and
decidedly wintry.
?The State oa Wednesday pubiiihed
a statement of all of the couuty
school superintendents as t*> tbe
amount needed by each county from
the di'penpary profits to make up the
required three dollars per capita. Nine
- of the counties Deed nothing and Fairfield
h one of the nine. Some of the
mUBap counties ri quire a large amount.
J. D. Briiigee, editor Democrat, Lancaster,
N. H., ears: "One Minute
Cough Cure is tne best remedy for
croup I erer u*ed.?' immediately relieves
ar:d cures coughs, cold?, croop,
asthta-. pneumonia, bronchitis, grippe
and alt throat and lung troubles. It
prevents consumption. McMaster Co.
?Tec factory school opened on
J - ?' *?- /I A ?*AA.l i.nmKai* A f nilfsilfi
*uu <* j;wu uuiuuci ui
was enrolled. Xli*s Mattie Sitgreave*
was the successful applicant for the
^ ichool, and uuder her good mauage
mea; ba school fc-lll no doubt flmri'h.
She las had exporience in ie*chif;g,
^ having had charge of several schools
in ihe county daring (he past faw
?A collision occurred between two
freight trains at the freight depot on
Mothers, when your children are attacked
by the dre&dfbl croup, yon
need not despair; Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup Trill relieve and cure them at
once. You can always depend 01 this
marvelous remedy; it al ways cures.
Will cure Croup without fail.
Doses are small a?d pleasant to take. Doctors
recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all druggists.
Monday morning I. train going
south weut into the side track, but
iid not entirely clear the switch, and
a north bound train on the main jtr&ck
ran into the soutnbound train, knocking
a car off the tiack and injuring it
considerably. The running engine
was badly damaged.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
are just wbat a horse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
- .. mt l A J
ana verraiiage. mey are not auuu
bat medicine ana the best in nse to
pat a horse in prime condition. Pike
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Co.
?Tbe cold wave calls the attention
| of everybody to the necessity of ma?ling
the homes comforts.ble for tbe
winter. Mr. J. W. Seigler has airtight
heaters, which are being widely
used -jow. They save fuel and give
ftnt mnoti Wa*f ITfi Q1 OA hoQ t?PCTA
VUl AA4UVU UVUVt Aav MIUV b%<v ?' * ? gv
line of general hardware, including
coal scuttles, "shovels and tougs. Ses
hie ad.
?The Lancaster Review sajs that
: on Monday night some one entered
: the store of Mr. J. B Mackorell of
that place and took possession of some
cakes, sugar.and coffee. The burglar
entered by breaking a large plate
glass window in the,front of the store.
Fr*m the articles taken the thief must
bare been a hungry negro in search
of something to eat.
Itch on human cured in SO minutes
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. Tbis
never fails. Sold by W. E. Aiken,
druggist, Winnsboro, S. 0.
?A large crop of wheat ought to be
planted this year. Mr. W. S. Hall, of
Mitford, advertises a very fine variety.
A New? and Herald reporter saw
tills variety growing last summer, ana
it was said to be the prettiest wheat in
the county. We afterwards learned
that the yield was much larger than
that of other varieties, although the
season was not favorable.
?The drought and various causes
have injured the potato crop and the
yield this year will be short. The
vines are unnsually luxuriant, bnt
bare made very few potatoes. Tbe
failure of tbis crop is & serious loss to
the farmers who depend largely upon
potatoes, not only as a valuable winter
vegetable bat they use them extensively
as a food for stock, for which it is 6aid
to be excellent.
?Ihe Columbia Chapter, D. A. R.,
has recently i?sued a year book, which
is in a very attractive form. This
book contains a list of some of the
incidents of the Revolution which were
celebrated by the D. A. R. during the
year, and tbe names or the hostesses
and of those who read papers at these
celebrations. The book bears the
motto of the Chapter and the pages
are tied with red, white and blue rib
? We have received a copy of the
ClemsoQ College Chronicle, which
contains an article by Mr. Edgar
M. Matthews, who is one of the editors
of the magazine. The article is
entitled, "Manual Traing and Nature
Study," and shows an amount of
thought and study ^on the part of the
writer. He points out the value of
noonrtal roinirjor or>/J nofnrp ctnHv And
urges the importance of their being a
a part of every school course.
?The card of Mr. John S. Reynold?,
attorney-at-law, appears in our
coiamns to-day. Mr. Reynolds has
for a number of years been in tbe
newspaper business and during that
time has not practiced his profession,
but has now decided to resume it and
will practice in Columbia, Mr. Reynolds
was for years a resident of
WiBnsboro where be practiced law
and is known to be a lawyer of unnsnal
ability, and bis friends are confident
that he will succeed in building
np a large practice.
? We are indebted to Mr. R. Y.
Gantt for some very fine honey. It is
the most beautiful honey that we have
ever sten. Mi. Gantt has some arrangement
jbv which he prevents the
drones from passing over the honey,
aod he says it is the drones that discolor
the honey. His honey is as clear
as crystal and the comb i* as white as
can be. Any one'who can manage
bees as well as Mr. Gantt should go
1 - A ~ _ 1 TT~
reguiany iaiu me uubiucbb. ne ucdesires
to procure some stands. Anyone
having them may communicate
with him at ths cotton mill.
?The Halselville correspondent of
the Chester Lantern gives an account
of a wouderful pnmpkin vine grown
by Mr. T. C. Dye, of Woiling, in this
county. The writer says that the
vine will cover about 400 square feet,
and has fifty pumpkins on it now,
and ne nas already gathered six ripe
ones. The pumpkins vary in >ize,
h? says, from a water bucket to a
gallon can. Sach a successful grower
of pumpkins should be near a New
England market where his fine pumpkins
would be 2r8&tly appreciated by
the people, especially near Thanksgiving
Doctors Say;
Bilious and Intermittent Fevers
which prevail in miasmatic districts
are invariably accompanied
by derangements of the
Stomach Liver and Bowels.
The Secret of Health.
The liver is the great " driving
i - " . i !
wneei m uie meciiaiiisiii ux
and when it is out of order,
v.-hole system becomes deingcd
and disease is'the result.
Putt's Liver Pills
Cars all Liver Troubles.
j ?A circular has been issued by
. Superintendent of Education McMahan
?o 'ha county superintendent* of edu
. e* nn c-iinng attrnnoa to tne tact tnai
i Arinr Day will be on November 18th
a -rf urging Ic-3 observance. Arbor
: Da* b&d for years been ob-erved
; 'h-oughjut ;.l'C nor'b and west and
h-*s pov^d to be of iireat benefit to
ivwo? a?ia c.ries. The planiing of
ties Tvould be a great improvement
j .0 this iown as there at ? a number of
[ /.tresis almost bare of trees. The day
has never been observed by the &choo!
j bsre, but it is hoped that the teachers
I ivill arrange a program and observe
j Arbor Day, as it should be observed.
The value of shade trees should be
forcibly impressed upon the minds of
the young.
?Just received I A haudsome line
of open and fop buggies at
J. O. Boag's.
?The approach of the time when
the meteoric shower takes place i#
f?.anfiin<r some jmnrphension amonsr
some of the colored people?the class
of negroes who are not sufficiently
educated to look .it it from a scientific
i-taiulpoiut? and thev are rather
j dreading it. Many years ago when
! one o.' these showers occurred the
| negroes, who were then slaves, were
terrified beyond measure (we were
told bv oe who witoessed it) and
were o-.-nv ueed that the day of judgment
had come, aud their masters
could frcsr- ely convince them that no
I harm would come ot it. Not j&ll of
the white people know the meaniBg
of it, as this was before the days when
newspapers were so numerous and
i before railroads and telegraph conj
nected all parts of the country.
! Bears t^o /) KM ^ Hare Always Bought
; Si*7re
The little folks' Hallowe'en party
j carne off in the armory on Tuesday
| night and was a great success. Varij
ous Hallowe'en games were played,
! among them being "bobbing" for
| apples iu a bucket of water. The hall
; rmoc, n-sHilv /1a/?Arofor1 firoa orlHpr? fn
the comfort and brightnes?, and the
children spent an evening so pleasant
that it will long be remembered by
thein. Daccicg was part of the program
of the evening, and the sight of
these little children going through the
different dances was very pretty. Little
Inez Eagsdale, Isabelle Clarke and
Gertrude Harby, three of the youngest
children, were particularly gracei
ful dtncers, and thay were the admiration
of all present.
-K. , ?*>
Tor Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. r? inslow's Soothing Syrup
has beeu used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
i while teething, with perfect success.
| It soothes the child, softens the gums,
j allays a'I pain, cures wind colic, and
I is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
! immediately. Sold by druggists in
! every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow'6 Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind* 1-1-17
A commission has been issued by
the Secretary of Stale to the Blackstock
Telephone Company. Messrs.
A. McDonald, Wm. McKmnell and
John Bell are named as corporators.
Mr. Bell was in the city Wednesday,
looking after right of way and connection
with the Chester exchange.
The last obstacles in the way of the
work were removed, and now the
work will be pnshed to completion
Part of the poles have been hauled
and the holes have been dug up to the
seven-mile post, Whiie we have beard
no mention of it, we suppose the poles
now in use from tho Chester exchange
to Old Paiity will be U6ed, leaving a
i gap of les3 than five milos.?Chester
j Lantern.
i After weeks of suffering little Marion,
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McDonald,
entered into life eternal at J2 o'clock
Saturday night. The little fellow wai
taken sick abont six weeks ago and
ha* been desperately ill from the first,
although at ons time he rallied and it
was thought that ha might recover.
He was six years of age and was a
i sweet, lovable child. To the bereaved
parents we extend oar sincere sympathy.
The funeral took place on Sunday
afternoon at 4 o'clock at the A. R. F.
Church, Rev. C. E. McDonald con
! dacting the rervicos. The pall-bearer?
were: E. P. Matthews, L.E.Owens,
C. K. Douglass, A. W. Brown, T. H.
Ketch! n.
i mm i
A telephone message from Blackstock
to Mr. Jno. D. McUariey 6tated
that Mr. R J. Mackorell, in the com!
mission business in Lancaster, went
J into a uto're owned by a Mr. Blackman,
j presumably to collect a bill from
I Biackman. It h supposed that they
j got into a dispute, and Blackman is
j said to have made after Mackorell
! with an axe handle, and they got into
j '-holds'' and Mackorell seemed to be
getting the best of it, when Blackman's
I Ki-,-vi>iar tfonnoil nn ?nrl ohnt "Vf flrVnrfcl I
-r ?
I fi?e tim38. Mackoreli is serionsly
[ wonndM. Mr. Mackoreli lired in
Blacks'ock a long time, and at one
time stayed in Winnsboro, where he
is well known. He hat a wife and
three or four children. The Blackmans
were arrested
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident of which Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
| subject, is narrated by him a1? follows:
j "I was in a most dreadful condition.
1 ^ alrv?Ae? r?a1 IAHT nroo
\ 1*1 y CHili v* as aiuiuci yviivrf)
| sunken, tongue coated, pain eon tinj
ually in back and sides, no appetite?
; gradn&lly growing weaker day Dy day.
i Three physicians had giyen me np.
Fortunately, a friend advised trying
'Electric Bitters,' aDd to my great joy
and snrpriser the iirst bottle made a
decided" improvement. I continued
their use for three weeks, and am now
a well cisn. I know they saved my
life and robbed the grave of another
| victim." No one should fail to try
J tbem. Oniy 50 cents per bottle at
' McMaster (jo.'s drug store. 6rib**
Tn All '
,Read the f<
jCkUs ?
[Yours of recent date to hand requae
kidneys. My physicians said that I cou
*4 gallons drawn from scrotum several I
fluid. Was unable to get any rest or ele
able to attend to my business. I can n
glad to give it, as some poor sufferer ma
TTip tnr\e> cnnn1if?rl hv
~ ~j
Mean maximum, #. 69.S
Mean minimum - 53.4
Mean 61.4
Maximum,on 19th 81.
Minimum, on Sad 38.
Total.. 7.88
Greatest in 24 hours, 5th..- 3.05
Number of days on which .01 or
more precipitation fell.... 3
Number of clear dars S3
Number partly cloudy days 2
Number cloudy days 6
The above \ras furnished us by Mr.
J. "W". Seigler, the manager of the
local station.
A Frightful Blonder
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
r% i i x r? 1_1 v a M
fccaia, um or JBrmse. xsacjcieu s arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will
kill the pain and promptly heal it.
Cares Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcere,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all Sk5n Eruptions.
Best Pile cure on earth. Only
25 cts. a box. Cnre guaranteed. Sold
by McMaster Co., druggists.
A rerrlbie atcarm of wind and rain
occurred on Mcnday night The wind
which ^<ad be^n blowing all day Mon?<
day gradu*l > increased in force until j
by two o'clock Tuesday morning it]
was blowi g at, a terrific rate, and io>
addition to it a heary rain was felling.
It is tbo worst storm that has occurred::
here for years. Many people appre-}
heniive of a cyclone slept rery little ?
that n'ghfc. The wind did no damagw "
bey- ucl Mowing down a great many 1
feLccs *iud tree limbs and driving the- *
rain u der doors and windows. It ap- f
pears from reports from the coast that;
the storm was violent and deitroyed a..considerable
amount of property; no- f
lives being lo*t however. The storm f
was evidently a part of the storm that j
the weather bnreaa had been watching
for several days iu the West Indies. j
That Throbbing: Headache j
Would quickly leave you, if yoruj,
used Dr. King's New life Pills. Thou- s
rtf onffaroM K?tp iviVWAll thflir"8
matchless merit for Siek and Nervons^
Headaches. They make pure blQod i
and strong nerves- and build np your |
health. Eas> take. Try them-1
Only 25 cents. "Money back if not?
cured. Sold by IMcMaster Co., drug- ]
A Daily3T?Tv.ffpaper at Gaffney.
On accocob or the State Baptist Cos
trominn xo>i?b mpfils at. the enlertffJSS- ?
ing city of Gaffiotey on tbe 29th inst..
Manages Ed- H. DeCamp has determined
to iasue a daily edition of Th&
Ledger eharing the convention. Thes* j
daily editions will contain a complete"'
stenographies resume of tbe preced- \
ing days doings in the convention, <
sketches of prominent workers in the* |
Baptist Church of South Carolina, pen-,
drawings and pen pictures of Baptist
church buildings, and Baptist institutions,
as well as a complete resume of
missionary ana eancauua&i wur& ucmp.
done by the Baptists of this State, t(f
say nothing of the local and State and!
national news that will be publishedManager
DetJamp has had considerable
experience in the daily newspaper
field and is as well qualified to get out;
a daily as be 5s a weekly, and those*
who will take *he daily edition of Tbet
| Ledger for ihis one week may re8^
assured that they will get foil values
for their iuouey. The price for the-week
will be only 15c and every Baplist
in the State sfcculd have bis or her
name enrolled fop the week's outputSend
silver or tw& cent stamps to The
Ledger, Gaffney, S. C.
I mh^riftin's Pala Balm Cores Other*
Why Not Yon?
My wife bas been using Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, with good results,
I for a lame shoulder thai has pained
J her continually for nine years. We
j have tried a,H kinds or medicines aj>d
doctors irithout receivuig any bonefl'
from any of them. One dav vm saw
ac advertisement of this medicine a?d
thoaght of trying it, vhicb we did
With the fcef>t of fatiafoctjon. She ha*
' ' - -J ? * U AM 1 A
nteti on if one noicie %uu urr nuuuiu?
is almost "well.?Aj>oj j-h I>. Millett,
.Manchester, N. H. JTor sale by McMaster
J Mrp. (lullum, of Fjdgefield, is isitI
ing her ai&er, Mrs. B ?J. Quattlebaam#
dreadful disease and it w
Mowing letter from R. J. Be
'>wT*' "~y;
s> -y. .
> y /US**l ?*->*T*lZ?ZJl;
ting1 statement of my case which I gladly give. I hi
Ixl ~A? !_*.? Vim* ? fl^Aw* T WO ?2 llTlnhl^ tft lift df>W
LU A1UW *OOb MUV O DUV/ik MMIV? A nw -v ---
Imea, I was completely filled at the tlrae I bcj
ep except while under the Influence ol an opiate. I
ow ride my horse, a thing I bod been uoaDlo to do
y be benefitted thereby.]
For s
line Honey.
Mr. R. Y. Gkntt bvonght to this
->fflne Thnrsdav the most beautiful
sample of honey that we have ever
seen. Mr. Gantt has for years been
greatly interested in bee ^culture and
bas proved himself unusually successful.
He has never gone very largely
into the business but has had a few
patent hives all of which have yielded
Ibis beautiful houey. Jt is clear and
of a pale yellow color, and the comb
is almost perfectly white. Those who i
have seen Mr. Gantt at work among I
nis bees say that it is wotderfa! bow 1
he can go among them with absolute
safety, and can haucUe them -without
their harming him. He is aniious to
go into tht culture of bees on a large
scale and wishes some one to go- in
with him. Such honey as he makew
would find a ready sale in any market
* 5 T*r/-vn 1r? r?n
It S ^OOU piltc ftiiu ju^ nvuiu
doubt find it a profitable enterprise.
It will not be a surprise to any who
are at all familiar with the good qualities
of Cbamberloin'a Cough Remedy,
to know that people everywhere take
pleasure in relating their experience in
the use of that splendid medicine and,
in telling of the benefit they have received
from it, of bad colds it has
cured, of threatened attacks of pneumonia
it has averted and of the children
it has saved from attacks of croup
and whooping couph. It is*grand,
good medicine. For sale by McMastcr
Iii the case of American Freehold
J Mortgage Co. vs. Wm. H. Raff et a! ,
310 acres were sold to W. D. Dnng|
lass, attorney, for $550.
j In American Freehold Laud Mortj
gage Co. vs. Wm. E. McCorroick et al.,
! 350 acres were sold to J. E. McDonald,
j attorney, for $540. j
Fairfield Loan and Trust Co. ye. j
' A. Y. Milling et. al., 350 acres to plain- j
| tiff' for $315.~ |
Sailie M. Dooglaaa vs. L. E. MiUiofc j
| et al., 200 acres to J. W. Hanahan,
. attorney, for $605. j
Peoples Bank vs. John Wood et a'., I
57 acres for $150 to Ra^sdale & Rags- j
I DeaPortes Exors. vs. Jao. S M. j
i Robinson, 28S? acres to R. W. Shand, I
attorney, for $650.
DeePortes Exora. re. Wia. R. Mc- j
Cormick et al., 50 acre3 K> R. W.
Shand, attorney, for 1215.
Chas. P. Wray vs. John HadsoD,
vn oamo in w T>. Dnncl&ss. attorney
v awvo kv i? v wQ
for plaintiff, for $276 Tbos.
G. Patrick ys. 0. S. McMoore,
lot in Winnsboro?one-half acre?to
T. G. Patr ck for $105.
\\The Q&[email protected]&.z>&)y$
jj' brings joj or pain. It's for '.ie|
|; another to decide. With good j'XdthS
|; and a strong -womanly orgarini\|J
i?: motherhood but adds to a woman'3 |
; attaactiveness. u
flge&LRES7S' |
Wins of
takssaway all terrors by strengthening.;
the -ratal organs. It fits a mother fo $,
' baby Is coming. 3y revitalizing tl e f
? nerve centres it Las broug! r. chvbby, i
I crowing youngster? to 1ho*.sncds ofrj
I . weak 'women wno learcj. >.acy v. cio *
';fbr>rrfiE_ It purifies, htt Ir, rig-oJji?*
j land ctrangtbens, ^nd ir good sor alia
I yeomen at all ; i mes. I Jo C :
f jm-uld be xriibort it. $i oo ?
| | I'orsdncsir c-ses rr rruir*:* ;spccixE|
j I" Tic Ladies'Ac .riSt .y
] gThe Ci-attanooja Ikeclicini Co., Cha?-k
t Btauooga, Tend., ,r 3
I 3 MRS. toris.v H.1XE, ci ?T<.: 0*. ?
5*Sy^:?"When 1 f.rrt rook "\ .;i^ c; <.avZ*r<5
|?c had been njarri-.-d uhrec years. h*s: cisr-frs
J J act fcave any childrca. Kc:: c*o<.:.ir Iii/ir*
\ ]Zfex? a fioe jriil baby." 5
I 3agfcT^EMEMBg I pg? * ' ~*rr r~r - '
r*. nm
From utK}
I thousands of desperate cas
ill positively cure you.
tsill, Maj. 18th Reg. S.C. Vol
6is71s0^ jtj
A-?d /ya^K.
rt?<- ~t&?<^^i
i~Q been suffering tor three years from dropsy, gene
ii except shortly att^r b^ing ".apped, every tissue co:
:aa VAUGHN'S LITHONTRIPTIC, perfectly helpless
have used eight bottles ot VAUGHN'S LITHONTE
tor nearly two years. You may publish such ol my
Columbia, S. C.
Mrs. SaJlie Mason, wife of Wash
Ingfon N. Mason, died at her home in
Fairfield County Saturday night, the
4th inst., in her 69th year, jifter an Illness
ot several months, which she
bore with characteristic fortitude and
patience. Mrs. Mason was a woman
of a high type of character, a daughter
of Capt. Edward Andrew*, who was
considered one among the best men
of his day, ar.d an-exemplary member
of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Mason
was a devoted wife and mother, and I
it wag indeed a pathetic scene to witness
the devotion of the husband and
children and their deep sorrow at her
s*d taking away. Mr. Mason is a
great sufferer himself, having been
afflicted with that terrible disease,
cancer, for many years, and when he
wis summoned to look for the last
'" Kar rrrhrim he RO :
11 III 11 UJJUU LUC law, V/JL iiv> < ?
dearly loved, and who had for so long1
a time been hi# helpmeet aud comfort,
it seemed more than he could
bear, and his friends leared that h?
would nor be abl? to survive it, but
he rallied, and after some minutes
seemed to recover somewat from the
6hock, and hopes are entertained that
he may yet be spared for many days
to come.
Mrs. Mason leaves three children:
Mrs, Hattie Brooks, Eev. E. 54. Ma^n
ar.,j ir.hor r. Mason. The funeral was
held at the home on Sunday afternoon j
and her body laid to re&t in the
Andrews l&mily cemesery.
A Friend.
Used by British Soldiers ja Aerlea.
Capt. C. G. Dennison is well known
all over Africa as c'tnmai.der of the
I forces that captured the famon* rebel
[ Gal'.sh;;. Under date of Nov 4, 1897,
j from Vryburg, Becbu^naland, he
m-j'oa: "Before starticg on tbela6t
*? <
j campaign I bonghtsquanuiy oi ?^uaiuj
bc-rlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
! Remedy, w'oich I used myge.'f when
f troub.ed with bowel complaiut, ar;d
[had given to jay oven, and in every
[case it proved most beneficial." For
|i=*ie by McMa^ter Co.
r Mr. J. G. Mobley went to Columbia
j Monday.
! Dr. David Aiken'4has gone to Waah;
ington, D. C.
! Mr*. G. A. White left on Monday
[ for Columbia.
I Mr. A. F. Raff, of Rock Hill, was
| in town this week.
j Mrs. 8. P. Martin left on Friday
for Rock ?3ill to visit Mi?s Mattie
Miss Lu!a JJcCrorey of Fairfield is
visiting Miss Addie Carter ?Lancaster
Mre. E. P. W^fe is at home after a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Gooding,
of Macon, G%Miss
Jessie Je*?ing.s left on Monday
for Columbia to take in the fes3
iivitie8 of the week,
( Mrs. O. W. Buchauan and children
| have returned to Softer, after spendj
in# the summer here
i Miss Susie Lumpkin iawgone to the
i fair. From Colrunbia ahe will go to
* - -- ....
j Colleton on a visit 10 meuue.
j Misses Annie Belle Stewart, Lila
j Brockington and Anas Beaty have
gone to Columbia for the fair.
Mrs. Kassell and Mrs. Esese have
returned to New York, having been
called hom.j on account of illne?? iu
the family.
Mrs. Samuel "Ward and children
"leave to-day lor 3 ?/>>. tvhere thejr
will ppend a while . -1 jvom tbeie
they will go to Florida lor the winter.
Professor J. Frank Fooshe of the
Winnsboro Giadcd School spent Saturday
ic Lancaster. He cam* over 10
at!end the coixnty teacher'* association
in the internet of his moat -;cel;
ie?c periodical, the Carolina Tea- lers'
' Jonraal.?Lancasfc* I^vie**-.
Belle.-' la six Hoars.
\ Distressing K ;u." cv uu K!'-dd8r Di?
| ease relieved . x h inr> by ''Nc?
Parent South Ame; can Kk *.? C.v
} lit hi a great surpri 1 on *?. ?'. ?.? o. ?
I exceeding promn'71* ?in r?Mi./jr.$
J blndder, kidtitw 3tf na.-w, j-. 1.
i or female. Keuev= i* .u- ?
['aimosf imcaedUt* J: you v/a.
} quirk re?iet ?vd n. -.. e is the remedy
j Sold by W, j? <!i legist, Wines
' fcoro, 3/ C.
es of tills )
Is., i860* I
/Isl' - /S \
' *<\tnc, ?
*t^y ^<2z*-? ?}
- '?(,0 ; .
r i
sral anasarca, caused from liver and j
mpletely filled, saturated with fluid; |
, legs terribly inflamed and exuding >
IPTIC and am now comfortable And f
statement as you may desire. I am ,
lnnsooro, o. v^. ?
^^ ___i
Again death has er?t*-rni our com*
inanity atd called away one of our
oldest landmarks. I
Mrs. "Wateon was bom October 26th, j
1805, at' Ewtover, S. C. Ear)y in life j
she was united with the Baptist ^
Church. She was married twicefirst
to Mr. ViDson and last to Mr.
Watson. She survived both Lusbands. .
She died at the home of Messrs. Nich?
'? -" 1 onn rr-.l r,Vi/?
OiSOD Uctober 20m, xojv. asu ou?
lived one more day she would have .j
celebrated ber ninety-fouriih birthday.
She leaves three daughters aDd a host
of reia'ives aod friends to mcurn ber
loss. The fnneral services were con*
ducted by Rev. H. C. Bucbholz, of ,
Chester, assisted by Rev. J. H. Yarborongh.
The remains were interred
in Concord Cemetery.
We hated so much to give ber op,
because she was an affectionate mother,
a dear friend, a faithful church member
and a bright Christian. She wai
beautiful in character, powerful in
mind, skillful ia good work, patient
? - * 1 _ _ ?t_
io suffering, and fearless or a^sin. i
"Perfect love castetb oat fear."
She never entered a task without
invoking God'e blessing ard protection.
The dependence ef this strange
woman upoa the Deity seems never
to be absent from her mind. After
tbe completion of ber task the same
rigid remembrance of Divine power
was observed. I never saw a more
[ beautifcd Christian Jin my life. Truly,
( pions and conscientious, she was
I prompted in every act by duty and:
principle. By close application she
: was storing ber strong and vigorous
mind WitiT knowledge, to be used in
Master's cause. Uninfluenced by
tea v* orldly or personal consideration,
au? with an eve to tbe glory of God,
the bad dedicated herself to His work
and service.
Peace lo ber ashes and bomor to her
memory, and .may God comfort and
support us fi.lh.1
"Let ber rest, dli tbat glad scuod
Wbich calls tbe .na'ions from the
Foil on ber raptured ear .is pour'd?
Come forth, ye blewed of tfce Lord."
Woodward, Nov. 4, '99.
f Tetter, Salt-Khcum and Eczema.
"A'&e intense ircaiog auu tmaiuug xucW&nt
to these diseases, i3 instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eye sad Skin Ointment. Many very
1.badges have been permanently cared!
bv i- It is equally efficient for itching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, /ebapped hands, chilblains,
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
25cts. per .box. For sale by McMaster
" f?a J
JC or JJLQiliUS y.iMSt VAH^ tcu.
The Kind You Have Always Swght
Bears the
Signature of C&afyj? /<UcJu^
John S. Reynolds,
COLUMBIA, - - - S. C.
' 11.9+1-rX
1 -I ?
Solicits a suave of tbe public patronage.
9-26 lv
1 ?^m-M
I ~ nrrn i n !i; m .1 i m
! WBEAT. Warranted sound. Pro<ioces
more wheat and straw than any
<Kber variety. . .
Call at W. C. Beaiy'a store.
' '*-* Mitford, S. C.
I * !
- s nof in iinn:. fi^h or trespass in
; nvii?.v. ... ...? , ?
*.*oy manner on the lands of (b? un.
! dersjgned. The Jaw will be strictly
?'enforced ag&nst a!! violator! of ihii
; notics.
Wallacevill?, S. C.,Nov. 6, 1899.
11-8-1 .
M? -
ne v?ry u?&l
for the money.
Please Everybody.
Everything Up-to-Date,
and PRICES, we know,
are RIGHT.
R. fcRANDT guarantees &!! of hi?
rorlc and doHvers 10 bis trade so ;ie of
r..r nno-n lr^TPUWnPlf r.r?>_
iC flilJCiOX ry A l^u I? vuik
ored in the Sia'.c.
Give him your natch to repair it
on want it to do w ell. i
The. J eyveler.
:hesteb, s. c.
? For terse?, address ^
Columbia, S. C. & *
that he makes Wagons and Baggies,
and does all kind of repairing.
Also keeps on hand at ail times a fall
issortment of Coffins, all sizes at.d
prices, and solicits the patronage of all.
102owS Peak, S.'c.
J A TW MAN wanted to travel
JL/1M.U l and appoint agent. $60
per month salary and all expenses.
ZEIGLEB CO., 240 Locust St., Phila.
eanMm'aS^T'spTendid. Hypnotizer at
once^ Address^M^ T. Yoang, 363 Henry
at., brooKiyo, xi. x.
Cleszx* Lad byctifxM th? hair.
Prwxtea a tauxkat jxnrth.
s:<wor Fsila to K?atow Any
ga'T to ito Yoct&ful Cckor,
|MHMI|M.,|.| M, 1,, w , W,a ?
"V- .3?
Mact of M
n 1. _
telling how to prepare many dell
e&te and delicious dfjshes.
Addr?sa, Liebig Co., P 0 Box, 2718
New York.
iGMize in tie Use of M ;
| General line of
DICTni c
X 1>J x vu>^,
&c, &c, &c.
J. W. Seigler.
We have just received another
lot of /
Celeirtf - My!
Chocolate Bon Bon.
Chocolate Marshmallow.
Almond Brittle.
Butter Scotch Brittle.
In packages to suit everybody
Don't forget us.
i AH|| 2 & 3 and VThlikoy HabUs
HV a |E| Ecarta u come wuaHr
111^ cutp*in. Booiof t*r
SI III Bfi tlculsnsrnt FREE.
^XBSBTSju OfflW lOi'N. FzjOt

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