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Wednesday, November 15,1899
v ?Bead Sheriff's sale
?Sie Clerk's sales elsewhere.
House for sale or rent. See advertisement.
?G > tu F. E. Propst for Hecker^
oatmeal a: 10 cents a package.?adv.
?If you want a lot of good things
P read Mrs. Habeoicht's advertisement.
m ?Born in Oaklaad, Cal., October
Wy 81st, 1899. to tbe wife of Richard B.
Fripp, * cihoghter.
?500 bushels Texas Bed Ruet-Proof
. p-A \
U&t8 *1 ou ceuw per uubucj,
J. D. McCarley & Co?
Dr. H. H. Hadea, Summit, Ala.,
gays: "I think Kodol Dyspepsia Cnre
is a sp'emiid medicine. I prescribe it,
and lay confidence in it grows with
continued -a^e." : I' digests what you
eat an J quickly cures dyspepsia acd
"indigestion. Monaster Co".
?Mr. T. T. Lampkiti ba? sold hi*
house and iot to ?*. W. Lauderdale,
and is prepsrit-g to move back to his
place in tue count rv
?Mr W. L. Holley, of JenkinsTille,
ha? moved to town a"d will
clerk lor Mr. Q. D. WilliJord, where
he wlii be phased to see his many
Mrs. Silii" Giaddsn and family have
moved from Rocky Mf. where tbev
have bbt>.t living for th? past year and
are occupying their house in the
northern ? art of town.
Yon never know what form of blood
poison wil; follow cocstipation. Keep
the liver clean by using De Witt's Little
Early Rie?rs and you will avoid
trouble* TBey are famous little pills
- for constipation and liver and bowel
t roubles. McMaster Co.
?Received? an -entira new lina of
millinery, golf hats, all colors; also
Tarn o'Shantas.
Mrs. J. D.McCarley.
?Miss Klein, who has been engaged
to give a recital for the benefit of the
1 * ^ www * 11 Vwa Uama 5X7 a/1 n ft e_
buuuui uui&iy, win uc ucio m muvo.
day, December 13;b. Miss Klein has
recently recited at several places in the
State and the ne~ spapers speak most
highly of her work, Her coming will
be a rare treat to onr towo.
?Mr. R. H. Jenniogs was present
at the meeting held in Columbia to
suggest ehanges and amendment* in
the pension laws of this Stato. Mr.
Jenninga wa3 appointed at the veterans
meeting in Chester last summer to act
on the committee. He retained home
on Friday.
* "I wouldn't be without DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve for any consideration,"
writes Thos. B. Rhodes, Center
field, O. Infallible foi piles, cuts,
bnras and skin dise&aes." Beware of
counterfeits. McMaster Co.
?Mrs. Refo'a dancing class will
give an entertainment to their friends
on Thanksgiving; night, and are preparing
to give som6 pretty dances.
This party will doubtless be as pleasant
if not "more so than the one given
on All Hallowe'en, and the children
are anticipating it-with much.pleesure.
?There was service in onlv two
churches on Sunday, the Methodist
* * >?__! , r* r*
ana me rresoyienan. xvey. u. a.
-McDonald, -of tfce?-A'. ft. Pv Church
' was absent attendiag Synod" in Char.
.... lotte, Rev. Mr. Allston, of St. John's
Charcb, wa3 .not well, and Rer. Mr.
' .: Freemau, of the Baptist 'Church, was
? -s; in Ridgeway.
- Dr. W. Wixon, Italy Hill, N. Y.,
says: "I heartily recommend One Minute
Cough Cure. It gave my wife immediate
relief in suffocating asthma."
Pleasant to take. Never fails to
quickly cure all coughs, colds, throat
and lung troubles. McMaster Co
?Superintendent of Education D.
L. Stevenson was present at the meeting
of conntv school superintendent*
which was held at Superintendent
McMahan's office in Columbia on
Wednesday afternoon. It wa* au
interesting meeting at which mu ;b ol
importance was discussed and a number
of county superintendents were
?Mr. Henry Sbrincr,of Charleston,
died ia that city a short time ago. Mr.
Shriner was a brother of Mrs. KJinck,
of this place. He had been ill for a
long ;time and his death was not anexyected.
Mr. Shriner served through
the war and was highly respected and
esteemed by all who knew him. The
interment took place in Charleston.
Geo. Noland, Rockland, G., save:
"My wife bad piles forty years. DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve cared her.
It is the best salve in America." It
heals everything and cares all'skin
diseases. McMaster Co.
, ?Those who attended the fair on
rpnnrt f.hft nrftsfmne of &
auuioux; * T" ? ?
larger crowd than has bean seen at a
fair for years. The exhibit is said to
hare been only ordinary, but this fair
may be counted as one of the most
successful ever held. The changing
of the data was a most fortunate thing
as it brought instead of rain the most
beautiful weather thit could have
been desire-J.
?The city of Charleston is preparing
for a grand Gala Week to begiu on
November 20th. Fioral parades, flowS
cr shows, fireworks and other things
will be among the attractions, and the
managers are expecting a big crowd.
Cheap rates will induce many to visit
the old citv. and those who have ex
perienct-d the hospitality of Charleston
people are always ready for ao
opportunity of going there.
LaGrippe, with its after effects, annually
destroys thousands of people.
It may b* qnickly cured by One Minute
Co gh Cure, the oniy remedy that
produce? immediate results in coughs,
colds, cioup, bronchitis, pneumonia
inH Inntr f-.rnnh!es. It will
' T WjjjW CVUVC lUi vav MUM - -
^ir prevent consumption. MciiasterCo.
?Friday i> Arbor Dav and we Lope
that the day will not bj allowed to
pass ?i bout being observed by oar
public scuool. Toe wanton desttaction
of f->rts-8 anr* va'uabV-tree? baa
teen brough: forcibly be'ore us aud
this ob-erv.w.c of Arbor Day bv the
plantirg of tcjs and shrubs wi!J ?etve
to impose upon tfce minds of children
u nothin? eiso can the /alae of preserving
J; 1). editor Democrat, Lancuter,
N. II, saye: "Oae iiioute
Cnneh Cnre is the best remedy for
"w ? ~o - cronp
I ever used." Immediately reJi.vesand
cureR con^hs. colds, cronp,
asthma,, pneumonia, bronchitis, grippe
and all ihicat and iang iroablss. It
prevents consumption. McMaster Co.
Sore longs, palp in the chest and painfal
breathings the fore-runners of
pneumonia, are quickly re^eved and
cured by the oRl refiableDr? Joh&-W;^
Bull's Cough SyTup. It Ijjeaks np a
cold ill one night. Try it at once.
Will quickly heal Sore Lungs.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
' recommend it;' Price 25 cts. At all drngjists.
?A reprei-enta'iTe of The News
1 akd Herald was in Chester a few
days ago, and called at the jewelry
store of R; Brandt, who believes in
advertising and especially in the kind
i of ink thai is used in The News and
Hebald Mr. Brandt has a beautiful 1
store well filled with a largo 8'ock of j
goods. It is one of the ficear jtw-i irjr '
*estal>n8h?cuts in the State.
?A ba d of gypBies were Micaraped i
for \ day or two in Fortune ^pri >^ j
woods, and 011 Wednesday to'k to
the road again and resumed their
travels. There were several people,
including women, in the parly, and
they travelled in covered vehicles and
had a namberof males along with
them. Th8 party seemed very poor
and destitute judging by the appearance
of ;Leir stock.
v Itcbon human "cured in*30 minutes
CAMUowtt T 'PfllQ |
uy II t'uuuiu o uaunai j uvuvu.
never fails. Sold by W. E. Aiken,
druggist, Winnsboro, S. C.
?North Carolina apples have been
a very plentifal crop tbia year, judging
from the Dumber of wagons loaded
with the fruit that have com* to town.
The apple* are not only plentilal bnt
arp unusually good, bat the wagoner*
complain of the difficulty they have in
disposing of the dried frnit. The
evaporated frait which is much better,
and more tempting in appearance,
rains Che sale tor their frnit.
?Tfce Clemson Cadets seem to have
made a fine showing in Colombia and
their visit there will in all probability
b? of great benefit to the school. The
csdela were in fine trim and on Thnrs*
day afternoon the football team
covered themielves. with glory by a
tremendous victory over th? South
Carolina College boys. The Clemson
exhibit was highly praised by thoie
wfoo'saw it a?d was a great credit to
the college.
Be. Cady's (Condition Powders,
are jost what a horse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and (vermifuge. They are not food
bat medicine ana the best in use to
pat a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Co.
?A dancine bear, an attraction that
has not been seen on our streets for
many years5 drew a crc?wd on Monday.
The queer foreign tinging of the mas;
ter and the awkward and comical
movements of the bear were interests
in:g. The bear was an unusually large,
fine fellow and was apparently well
cared for. The trainer attracted the
attention of people by blowing a bugle
before beginning the performance.
?The physicians in attendance upon
?- * -1? ?"?it. ::?? _
.air. iy. J. -aaacA-vieu iuc uott wuvincedThat
his wound is not dangerous
and think that he will eooa recover.
'His condition has been qnite serious,
but be is now steadily improving and
no farther trouble is anticipated from
his wound. Mr. J.* D. McCarley
went to Lancaster to pay Mr. Mack-,
orell a visit last week! The news of
his improvement is welcome nows to
Mr-i -Mackorell's friends here.
?At the fnneral of Mr. William R.
Thomas, which took place at Ridgeway
last week, the display of floral offering
is said to have been extremely beautiful.
The handsomest pieces came
from New York and were 6ent by the
members of the firm in whose employ
Mr. Thomas had been for years.
Orchids, roses, carnations and other
exquisite flowers composed the pieces
thatVere sent* and the abundance of
flowers testified to the loveandesteem
of many people for the deceased.
. ? On Monday night Rev. Joe Menday
lectured to the public, the lecture
is the first time for many years that
Mr. Monday has visited Winnsboro.
Although, 011 his last visit here the
impression that he made was not very
pleasant, he had a fair audience to
hear his lecture Monday night. He
has beeu on a lecturing tour for some
time and the proceeds of these lectures
he has devoted to rebuilding his home
in Texas, which was bQrned a few
months sgo.
?Jait received! A handsome line
of open and top baggies at ....
J. O. Botg's.
No woman can be too careful of
her condition during the period before
her little ones are born. Neglect
or improper treatment then endangers
her life and that of the child. It
lies with her whether she shall suffer
unnecessarily, or whether the ordeal
shall be made. comparatively easy. I
, She had better do nothing than do j
something wrong.
is the one and the only preparation
that is safe to use. It is a liniment
that penetrates from the outside.
External applications are eternally
right Internal medicines are radically
wrong. They are more than
humbugs?they endanger life.
Mother's Friend helps the^.muscles,
to relax and expand naturally?relieves
morning sickness?removes i
the cause of nervousness and head- |
ache ? prevents hard and 'rising j
breasts?shortens labor and lesseus I
the t>ains?and helps the patient to
rapia recovery. . \
From a letter by a.Shn:veport I*?
woman: "I have been using your
wonderful remedy,".Mother's Friend*
for the last two months, ana find it
just as recommended. " . >
Druggists sell it ftt )t per bottle.THE
Stad for our free illustrated book,
r,B#f$re Baty is Bora/j
T ? iL. L A!1J .f U-- ? J
j Juuyj iae jouugebu cunu ui air. auu
' Mrs. R. (J. Gooding, aged three year*,
j died on Saturday 'eight at midnight.
1 h little one was-taken tick on Fri-.
fELy ^'iilTdiphthtiia and oii Saturday
morning her symptom* became aiarmi
ing a.d "bo grew ?ipi-.-Jy worse until
<' -1*!. i'*'^ased her from ji?r sufferings..
: T .i- di-ease was of. the mo6t tnali?;
ri8nt type and although everything was
| dene, medical skill was powerles*
j 2gf?it>si the awful disease.
; Th- crjild was buried on Sunday in
[ lie A R. P cemetery. In this great
I >v> / <. Urt knntif a r\? r*inni? !
j ? JULL vf'i* LUV ucniio wi lucii ujauy
; fru? .8 oat ia deep sympathy to the
? ?
Wjnnsboro at the State Ball.
| Tiif ''f i jwing ar? ^ innabbro'i repreUvnta
? at the ball on Thurs|
?&> '"r'Ui.g and -c costuuiep are
J deeCi ib- ? i;. Tr>* S -; at,
! dr-^t cf >] !*- ag 'Jt rippling orer
jwith'h'l* L '.ne lace v ,red frills; garuetnre
cf b!o?- ?ati.. ri!>bon; bouquet,
I L. ?A -r ' .
pu? r ui jucoiaiu ivocc,
Mies Charlotte Alston, a pretij
toilet 01 white d'E'sprit oyer white
SAiin, fr'I'ed with nWhonsof the same
ha? &i>d toxtaie Mina Allsten wore
diamonds and carriid plnmy white
cbrj'antl. tnuoif. * ' +
??e Dcsrortes, black moire
skirt, bl'ie velvet evening waist with
finish oi btautiful lace.
That Throbbing Headache
WouJd quickly leave jtm,' if you
used Dr. King's NewLife^Pillsr Thousands
of sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Njrvoas
Headaches. Tney mate pare oicod
and strong nerves aDd .build np your
health. Eas\ to take?" Try them.
Only 25 cents. Money back if not
core.l. Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
. .
Mr. Lev?is, of Virginia, is in town.
Mr. T. W. Lauderdale has returned
from Columbia.
Miss Jessie Jennings has returned
home after spending a week in Colombia.
Miss Mattie Harris has relumed
from a short visit to Charlotte and
Pineyille, N. C. .. .
Messrs. James Beaty and Edgar Matthews,
of Clemson College, spent a
few days with their parents last week.
air. George <jrawiora was present
at the unveiling of the Winnie Davit
monument in Richmond this week.
for Orer Fifty Tears.
Mrs. ixslow's Soothing Stru?
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It 8oothe3'the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
J _ * ^ i i * J3 *-i
lnun^uiStei). ouiu uy tuug^ista iii
every part of the world.- TtreDty-five
cents a bottle. Be* sure and aek for
""Mrs. Wioslow's Soothiug" Syrup,"
and take no other kind? ' 1-1-17
'Pawnee Bill" Wounded.
George Baxter and "Pawnee Bill "
'1 - l 3 1- . 5 -3T
doid. coiorea, iisa a xneiiuiy- iu?me uu
Tuesday afternoon at John Wllliami?
barber shop. They finally got mad,
and George Baxter pulled his knife,
aad "Pawnee" told George that he
(George) was too big a toward to
cut. George then stepped , into the
shop and got a pistol, and mapped at
"Pawnee" three times, and the fourth
time George's pistol went off, the ball
striking ' -Pawnee" in the shoulder,
inflicting a very alight wound. Baxter
was arrested and placed in the 'jyuard
honse. Wednesday morning he was
* !l
given a ccar:eg oeiore council, auu
was fined $10 or SO days. He paid up.
First X said to hare caused the
Tfte December number of The Designer
is a credit to everyone concerned
in its production. Tbe many fashioni
and millinery designs illustrated in it
are styluh, reined, and jas-t what are
T~ J M J U- an/?
uectrcM ivr IUO uuiuuiu^ vi MUI? ?UU
juveniles. Evening waista* in particular
are most attractively set forth, also
party costumes for the boys and girls.
Whoever has the pleasant task of
dressing a doll for Christmas should
certainly purchase this number, for in
it the whole doll family is represented,
from papa to. the baby. Window gardeners
will-, appreciate the floriculture
article on this subject; the bouae farwiah
or will -find ROTHft delichtf111 fit!?
gestions for cozy corners in "Home
Decorationthe amateur photographer
will rejoice in the help which
"Half Hours wilh the Camera" brings
him, while the cre^smaker is remembered
in a new installment of "Points
on Patterns." As for fancy work,
knitting, crocheting and tatting?there
are designs galore, all accompanied by
explicit directions. "Ail Around the
Houfe," Cookery Receipts" and 4,Tbe
Kindergarten at Home" will please
and interest the bou-e mother, and
"Book Note?," "Among Oarselres,"
short t'ud continued stories, a little
comedy, "The Minister's Christmas
Giftp," and poems will be er?j>ycd by
all around Hhe evening lamp. The
Designer i* jast the kind of iragazine
to please the whole family, and its
publisher? hare every reasou to be
proad of it in general, and of this issue
in particular.'
Robbed the Grave.
A starring incident of which Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him as follows:
"I was in a most dreadfnl condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes
sunken, tongue coated, pain continually
in back and sides, no ajrpetlte?
grada-ily growing weaktr day dv day.
Three ph>eicians had given me up.
Fortunately, a friend ndvised trying
'EFectric Bitters,' and to my great joy
and purnrise, the first bottle made a
decided improvement. I continued
their use for three weeks, and am new
a well'myiI-know they, saved my
life and robbed the grave of another
victim." No one should fail to try
them. On'y 50-cents per bottle at
Monaster Oo.'s drug store. 6
| t Cfcl^rell was one of the
visitors at the fair.
Mrs. :W..E. Doty and children were
in Columbia for the fair.
i * : '? "X>
-.? a r a ^
To All
..." . 4. .Readthe
j : .. ^
[Yoors of recent date to hand reqt
V-f ^ n nnn tf? nYtwAMflfia a A 4/4 Vilif T f.
fuuiicj o* yuj Qiutmo >XMU UAO* A V
% gallons drawn from scrotum seven
Cui<lr<Wa3'UnaWtbget ally rest orl
able to attend to my business. I can
glad to give tt, as some poor euffewr i
The trade supplied by
The Thornwcll Orphanage, under
the presidency of its 4ounder, Kev.
Dr. Jacobs, is an institution for the
education and technical training of
orphan boys and girls. It is located
in Clinton, South Carolina. Nine
handsome stone cottages house the
children. In addition there are school
buildiDgs, genera] dlning-hall, Xndnstrial
and Technical schools, library
aDd shops. A farm of an hundred
acres gives the boys opportunity for
learning that bnsiness.
These orphans represent fifteen different
States,?(every Southern State)
and thf ir parentage was of eleven
different denominations of Christians.
They are received at the tender age of
six,, and after being taught to take care
o: tnemseives, go one 10 lucrative
The cost of support is comparatively
small. Five dollars will board^. clothe
and school a boy or girl for ia month.
This could not be done, were-it not
that the youDg people are a bjisy set
and practice eelf-help. The imoney
.that caret for them is that wbi& each
beDerolent individual gives, as moved
by his own brarf, or the Eather-of iH;
There no a < ?ie in (he Unioh that
does no. c.'i>?s ihtTte. No one compels.
No one is xe?pou#ible for tbtir support.
Often, there is bat a day's supply
ahead; bat never, in the 25' ye&rs
of its existence, has there been want.
He that says: "I am the Father ot
the fati.? > less," seems to hare a band
in tii:e. And what of yon?
Be?m the T!iq Kind Vw Haw AlWJS BflCg&t
of /-ZUcJUAC
The Baptist Union was held here th?
28th and 29th of October. The attendance
wa3 good and the meeting was'
instruct|re and interesting. May w>i
have many more meetings at oid Popular
Spring Baptist Church.
Mr. N. A. Peay, of Greenwood, i.-?
visiting his 6ieter, Mrs. R. V. Bray.
Misses JUaiey wniingnam ana neiu-?
Ezell spent hit Saturday and Sanda.y
at borne.
Miss Mattie Belle Bray has returnsel
from Longtown where she has becra
spending the past few weeks.
Mr. W. S. Durham is improving
and we hope will hoon be well agaio.
Our old friend, Capt. Dick Matched,
is oat again.
The yoang people of tbi-i neighborhood
will meet at the residence ot Mr.
^ "* ** ii - - i. - Jt xv - tiiU
K. v. uray on me mgnt 01 ix* x-*ui
to witness the meteoric shower.
Norember 11, 1899, - E>. H.
A Thousand Tongna?
Could not express the rapture f
Annie E. Springs, of 112o Howard su,
Philadelphia, Pa., when she fonnd that
Dr. King':* New Discovery tor Conpumption
had completely cured her of
a hacking cough that for many yeaca
KAS? mo/lft o hnr/^mv All OlVlPf
UQU uiauc inv <? i/uiuwu? v > ~
remedies and doctors could give bear
no help, but she says of this Royal
Cure?"it soon removed the pain in
my chest and I can now sleep eoundly.
eomethin? I can scarcely remember
doiug before. 1 feel like sounding itn
praises throughout the Universe." Se
will every one who tries Dr. King's
New Discovery for any trouble of tbe
Throat, Cheat or Lungs. Price 50c.
and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Mc.Mftswr
Oo.'g drnsr store: every bottle
?A fall stock of all kinds of furniture,
sewing machines, organ?, cook
stoves and heatf rs at
J. 0. Boag's.
rlicpaop. hv th^ *; e!v "J -r- of
Tutts Liver Po. . n o!< id
favorite remedy . ici\ ng
popularity. Aiwa : es
sour stomach, malaria, indiges
tion, torpid liver, constipation
an<L all bilious diseases.
5 L1TH0NTRIPTIC has cure
dreadful disease and it i
following letter from R. J. B
<*UU&#4bO&i. tyl&j/Z ^
^VC-iii-*2^ jLi^ y
'smi'^-fA "\ //-,
y (2*->nrtjLfcZ<b s
testing statement ot my case which I gladly give. I
ould not last but a short time. I was unable to lie d<
tl times... I was completely filled at the time I b
sleep except while underthe influence ol an opiate,
now ride my bone, a thing I bad been una Wo to d
fifty be benefitted ftereby.J
uybtxe pjekcilingm*
The farmers of this community are
very busy hauling in corn and preparing
to sow grain. Some are row
bosily engaged in sowing at tbia time.
The "lunch party" that was spoken
of hir trnnr rftrpftanondftnt "Dixie."
was "prilled ofi " quite successfully on
the evening of the 3rd inst. In addition
to lota of fun and merry-making,
a nice little sum was realized.
, Mr. Yt. F. Hogan, a former Fairfield
boy, but now of Greeleyville, S. C.,
is up on a visit to relatives.
Miss Clyde Smith, of Ellabell, Ga.,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mars L.
Mi?t Marv Harrison has returned to
Ridgewsy after haying visited her water.
Mrs. O. C. Duke.
Mr. R. B. Allen, of Salisbury, N. C.,
spent last week at home with his
parent*, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Allen.
From there he -went on to Columbia,
where he was married on last Sunday
afternoon to Miss Daisy Ozment. of
that city. The happy pair left od the
evening train for Salisbury, their
fntnre home.
The hospitable home of Mrs. V. E.
Hogan was the scene of qaite .1 p;eswant
social affair on Friday eve?jing
Jjut. Her daughter, Miss Lizzie, assisted
by Mi?s Kate Brown, one of
Sumter'* sweetest yobag ladie.s entertained
the yonug people in a highly
delightful and charmiog manner. The
night was an ideal one for thy occasion,
and those who were favored with
an invitation will lou<f and pleasantly
remember tbe jolly "good time it afforded
W. H. H.
November 13,1899.
It will not be a surprise to any who
are at all familiar witb 'he *rood qualities
of Chamberloin's Cough Remedy,
to know that people everywhere cake
pleasure in relating their experience in
the use of that spleDdid medicine a:d
in telling of the behefi- they have received
from it, of bad mollis j< ha?
cured, of threatened ai aoto of pneumonia
it hat averted and of thachit-;
i dren it baa saved from attacks of croap i
and whooping couph. It is a grand.]
good medicine. For sale by McMaa-J
ler uo.
1 I
; Connty Sijeiror.
. Claims Appboyed at th s last Meet- j
ins of the Boaed of County
Commissioners Held Oct.
21, 1899The
following claims weie exami^fd
jj and approved on State CaseFancCof
: 1899:
No. Amoant812
D A Broom, $10 00
81S New? and Herald, 17 50
814 J E Dongla8i?, 5 00
815 T J Rabb. 3 00
816 W A f. k, 12 50
817 Jas G AfcCan'g, 9 00
818 Jno Raoaeay, 8 60
819 E A Gienu, 2 00
820 Edward D Mobley, 2 00
The following claims were examined
and approved on lioad and Bridge
Fnnd of 1899:
No. Amount.
821 T P lounginer, S3 25
822 R W Stewart, 5 30
823 Preston Paalding,, 2 77
824 Jamee Wages, 1 84
Thft following Mfcirrra ururo &ATn2l5d
and approved on Poor House June! of
If 99:
>?o. Amount.
825 Frank Williams, claimed
$10.00, allowed, S3 25
The following claims were exarrdced
and approved on Public Building famd
of 1899.
No. . - Ainout?t.
826 "Walk#!-, E Cog8wrc:J, $ 3 72
827 J H Mc\iaster, 41 50
828 Jas A Brir.e, 25 00
829 Caldwell & Beaty. 16 5(?
OQA IV *?.- i ' >7 10
' attavrrij ijo JjVf. IT|
8S1 T'?rn Goodo. 4
I do srtify thaetke abf/trp-. ststcciniii
is a correcf. cops* of -ipprovtd
st the Ja*t nieetiug *>? Jic ?Jouflty
B-ard held on the 21>i da*- of 0;'obiir,
B. (t TENNjt\Nr,
II 9 County Sapori-tor F- C.
Solicits a sijsr.e- of the puftii <c patronage
9-26 I?
T-? rvr^i
rrom uk?
ri thousands of desperate cat
ivill positively cure you.
etsill, Maj. i8th Reg. S.C. Vo
% fid
Jjh- <"
y /u/ i
have been suffering for three years from dropsy, gen
>wn except shortly after being tapped, overy tissue co
egan VAUGHN'S LITHONTEIPTIC. perfectly helplesi
I have used eight bottles ot VAUGHN'S LITHOXTI
,o lor nearly two years* You may publish such of my
sale by JOSIAH J. OBEAR, W
, Columbia, S. C.
Mrs. M. W. Doty spent fair week , e
with relatives in Columbia. c
Messrs. J. E McDonlad, J. W. ^
Hanahan, T. M. Cathcart and W. D. j
Donglass spent Thursday in Cheiter i 3
on business. . 1
Tetter, Salt-Bhcum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting in- ,
cident to these diseases, is instantly |!
j allayed by applying Chamberlain's j j
Eye and S&in Ointment. Many very (
| Daci cases nave Deen permaneimjy umcu
by t. It is equally efficient for itching j
' piles and a favorite remedy for sore ,
nipples, chapped bands, chilblains, j
frost bites and chronic sore eyes.
2octs. per box For eale by McMaster
Co. :
News has been received of the deatb
of Mr. William R Thoanas at EI Paso,
Terae. on the fourth of November.
The following sketch of hi? life has j
been contributed by a former school- i
mate and life long friend.
William Rosborough. Thomas, the J
youngest child of Samuel Peyre j
Thomas and bis wife Jane Rosborough, 1 <
was born near Ridgsway, December'
13tb, 1818. In his veica commingled
biood of upcauntry and low conn- ,
try?English, Kaguenot, and Scotch- j
nAMinTiiorlinor thlf: has 1)10- I'
I duced an admirable strain of people, j
and has done much for the develop- (
I men' of the society and industry of 1
j Fairfield County. Bereft of bis father '
j at a fender age William was reared by
his mother whose saintly character (
| and kindly deeds are a tradition in her (
j neighborhood. For some years he at
i tended school at Ridgeway. and in j
?* v-a ttr- c odumipd I
? ihc h ll1 u ill 11 vi JLVJVX
j to the Arsenal at Co'.atnb'a, then a
I branch of the Sauth Carolina Military
!5 Academy. SberaanV* raid; in February
prematurely clcsod the academic
course and gave ihe cads's some er|
ceri^nce in the hardships of the fieid.
I I;j October, 1866, William. Tiionaas ,
| borrowed a small euin of money frorr.
i a kind friend and entered W. Zion
Collegiate Institute. then coadacted
| by Mr. G. A. Woodward, with the |
ij R6v. W. P. DaBose and Capt. W. M, I
| Dwight S8 assistants. It gees \fitbOGt
| saying fhat the school enjoyed the
highest degree of efficiency; yet in a
short time young Thomas had made
|j up his deficiencies ;in Latin and oiher
'j studies and waa regarded as one of
? the very best among a fcet of Que
pupil*. Two other fneud? xcd himr
*=elf rented * iro-nn r.nd established a
i mecS w ith himself a* ivmsekecper, e
I delicate position wtncn ae^pue u>gu
prices and limited means he performed
as creditably as any of his
Hater undertakings. The next year
tfound him at Leesville, where he
. taught school for some time. In 1S71 .
fee procured a place in (he railway ,
-service and went to Saiut Louis where
ihis merit was speedily- recognized.
Delicate health caused him for a while :
to visit ( olorado. From Las Animas
I -J - * ' ? ' 4;nmo l r! f P- !
j tilitl Oilit?!" pi5SO^i? HC WiVio rvMJv A-..resu'dg
Jetters to The Nevts and
Herald. He was enabled *empwhat j
later to leturn f> St. Lonis, and then
in 1879 he weut to New York. There
he engaged i? badness till the time of
his death. He was the confideutial
lecretarv of thf Pinis-cb Lighting Company,
and associated with influential
men in bn?it>esH ami 60cietj\ Al-j
though declining health indaccd him
6ererai times sitlempt 10 withdraw
from bn^iuq!?s hi* refused
i !o J^se tiai sun grari; t ' uvu j
[.'saves of absence for u?rc! ia this j
joouutr. and in Europe. Last wiuterj
I wis -spe'.f. it. Switzerland and France, J
{ b'.i' i:e climate not proving beneficial j
I 24 r Thomas again returned to the dry ;
< i?f :he Southwest. He iu i
i J2i Pa* wbec, lomewhat anexpeevdf.
liy, !be iaceral anmmons came.
^ Frcyi boyhood Mr Tboma* uia^i
? ffcs\'?ci all tiiose ctiaracrerisucd mai gu i
I to make the fir.i-bed and enccessful j
f cau. He was tecaperafe, quip* j
| tho'i^i-'tfaJ, genial, nnswer\i j,
| dkeliiims and persistent. To d? -:
S i_?< *am}i6r? nf h'c flmiIV h" ** "
j pciiucill. lUtuiwu.w .
1 ? r-1 r?-'* ; taking ? <' I'-ht i?. > .
! ticiputis-s cv..ry Tin he costld.
[ sup] 1;. f.'e never forgot bi*> bo/hood!
days and no friend from his old home i
es of this
Is., i860.
* /) fir
* tv ^^?nr?^
~ - &6.s,
eral anasarca, caused from liver and
mpletely filled, saturated with fluid;
3. legs terribly Inflamed and exuding
tIPTIC and am now comiortable and
statement 03 you may desire. lam
finnsboro, S. C.
iyer visited him "Without leibg the re:ipiont
of an elegant hospitality.
In tte quiet little churchyard of St.
Stephen'*, Ridzeway, by the tombs of
.hose he loved, his body will be laid.'
Sever did tenement of clay bold *
- - L1 ? ?? ? Mnl T? M T).
UUUlC'i <Ji a putci tvui. ? .
A Frightful Blander
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Araica
Salve, the best in the world, will
feill the pain and promptly heal it.
Dures Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers,
Boils, Felons, Come, all Skin Eruptions.
Best Pile cure on earth. Only
lb cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by McMaster Co., druggists.
Sheriff R. E. Ellison was a visitor at
the fair.
Mrs. S. G. Martin was in Columbia
Be?73the ^|
Mr. R. Y. Tnroer went to Colombia
for i he fair. > :,
Mr. and Mr6. J- 3. Creight returned'
on Friday froiu Columbia.
U?cd by British Soldier* in Aerie*.
Capt. C. Gr. Deiinison is well known
ill oyer Africa as commander of the
forces that captured the famoas rebel
LraHche. Under date of Nor. 4,1897,
Irom Vryburg, Becbaanaland, he
writes: "Before starting on thekfit
o?mnaiffn T hontrht a auantit? -of Chan* I
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedv*. which t ust-d myself when
troubled with boWel complaint, and
had give=i to my men. and in every;
case it proved most benefieial." For
sale by McMaster Co.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought
Bears the y/ffja * " I
Signature of
BSffftgSjKjtf. jffl ClHtttSi tad t/CiMOeM 1W Ml
iTIrli^ IT ' ri " 1 4 lusnhut pcv*.
^"3 v> gi?tw GM
?? WflfejEfflWa H*ir to it* Yout&fal Coicr.
K?wafiSiS*0C5j=? x?:r> * &?*r uiicg.
gSggSgr^ ^dsiMat Dmata, Joim
S. Reynolds,
COLUMBIA, - - - S. C.
11 Sit 1x4
For Sale or Rent
by Lee Robinson, in the town of
Wjnnsbfcro, known as the Todd place.
For terms applv to
|j For tenr.e, address j|
g Columbia, S. C.
Ma rial
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests whatsis eat.
It artificially digests.tl&food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reeon?
structing the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discasgMfl digest*
z^j and tonic. No'othe?gflpa*a$*QB
3aa approach it .in efflGH5*v. R instantly
relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps, anq
-1 -i'1 <^ioroa#-.inr?_
<111 U t/lld i'CSUl UJL im^iigvvuigwvwAw I
Prepared by E. C. DeWltt & Co., Chicago*
Wiur.sboro, S. C.
Notice! !
that he mskes Wagons and B'ig
^iee, aud d^cs all kind of repairing.
\lso kesp3 on hand at all times a fall,
issortmeut of Coffins, all sizes aud
prices, a^d solicit? ihe patronage of all.
10 25w3 Peak, S. C.
The very best ?
for the ^oney.
Please Everybody.
Everything Up-to-Oate,
and PRICES, we know,
' are RIGHT.
R. PRANPT guarantees ali of Ui*
woik and do'.ivers t hie irvide so . e of
i he FINEST WATCH WORK procared
io ihe Sifafe.
Give Lira your watch to repair it
jon want it to do well.
The Jeweler.
/ ? >rr?n o c
U?lX?31XiQ, O. \s.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of an execution to me directed,
I have levied upon and
will^eU to the high^t bidder, before
the Court iloose door in Winnsbore,
S. C., on the firtt Monday in December
next, the following real eslate:
All that piece, parcel or tract of
land, with the buildings thereon, in
the town of Winnsboro, containing
four-fifths of an a:re, fronting on Zion
street 150 feet, more or less, and running
back from said street 211 feet,
more or less, then extending south and
1 Af\ -pAAf Tvinrrt Av loCC flnH 1A
ilv tUWIV Vk 1VW4] v.
Zioo street 211 feet, more or less, and
bounded on the north by lands of
Sarah M. Matthews and Mrs. M. A. - t
Duval; on the east by Zion street;
outh by. lot of Mrs. S. E. Crawforu.
-. '?ri
Also, all ?bat piece, parcel or tract
of land, containing three-fifths of au
acre, more or less, being lot B of a
plat of resurvey dated November 29th,
1891, and bounded as follows North
bv lot A of said plat ; east by lots
and D of said plat; south by Ion
formerly belonging John Parcellj
west by Garden street. Said lot or
parcel of land having been conveyed
to B.J. Emerson by Margaret Goiugg
by deed bearing date 17th December,
A. D. 1894.
Also, a lot marked Q, on a survev
T u fltauront mMannnO' 281 bv
VIA-U? dLi uwnHii) uv~v_..-c
286 by 210 fieet, being the house now
occupied by W. G. Emerson.
Levied on as the properly of B. J.
Emerson at the suit of T. F. Davis
and B. B. Hanahan.
IMStd 8. F. C.
HedterV Buckwheat an4 S
Maple Syrup.
. Extra New Orleans and
Georgia Cane Syrup.
firane Nuts the new
; i&M
? ?
English Fruit Cake, i, 2
and 5-lb. pacaages.
Shredded * Whole Wheat
Biscuit and Cream of
Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, etc.
Ritter's Condensed Soups.
* * l _ _ J_? _
Haoenicnt s.
Founded 1842.
5JanI F
''Sing their own praise/*
BUY; it has NO EQUAL as yen save
will last a lifetime; bat we have several
BARGAINS in other makes.
We have taken in EXCHANGE FOR
PIANOS, one, the finest style that firm
manaf?ct?res and it is almost uavr. If
you want thin make here are bargain*.
CM I. STM/r?
Baltimore, Md.
Factory Branch Ware-Room, No 213
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte. N. C.
C. H. WILMOTH, Manager.
I -* ' ^
Aftn fttm nrt in TTnn nf T?nnl
MUM 111 UlC m UI J?UD1.
General line cf
&c., &c., &c.
J. W. Seigler.

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