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Wednesday, November 22, 1899
, ?Read "Wanted" elsewhere.
?Sc*e toticj to road <>ver?ieip elsewhere.
?B^: :ey, Rye, etc, at McMaster
Co's. Kead their advertisement.
?Go to F. E. Propst for Hecker's
igk / oatmeal al 10 cents a package.?aa\r.
88?|r ?-Jasn received! A handsome line
HE8p? of f-d top baggies at
?M- Sbipp and familv are occupying
ibf cottage adjoining W. C. Beaty's
stor-i. 1
Dr. a. H. H&den, Summit, Ala.,
say?: "I think Kodot Dyspepsia Core
is a splendid medicine. J. presence m
and my confidence in ifc grows with
*S continn I use." It digests what you
' eat quickly cures dyspepsia aiid
indigestion. McMaster Co. 1
?Friday was the day appointed by
the Lesi >Ia;nre ?0 be Arbor Day, but i;
passed "'ituont beiog observed by our
?If you want a nice aod cheap
" Xmas ^r-iseut fur friends get Hennies
*~ "??! nnn c?.ma aI K?a nn.fft.r)atA
iu iua&r ;vu cuiug VJ JUA<? W
photos He i6 now in Winnsboro.? (
L adv.
I ?Wyde McKinslry, son of Dr. .
|T T. B. McKioslry, died on Sunday ai
R his home in the Alo&sv Dale section of j
typhoid ?'evcr. lie was about eleven
years old. ^
Geo. Xoland, Rockland, O., says: (
"My wite had piles forty years. De"Witl's
Witch Hazel Salve cared her. ]
^ It is the best salve in America." It 1
heals everything and cares all sKin ;
diseases McMaster Co.
?The county board of commission- ,
ers recently elected Mr. Joe Richard- ,
son eupe-intendent of the chaiogang. J
Mr. Richardson will succeed Mr A. ,
D. Hooa on the first day of January.
?CouociPo attention is called to the (
need of a lamp at the corner ol Con- i
gress and tfce street runuing from the '
passenger depot. A lamp on the J(
Dunn corner would be of great ser- s
vice to person8 going and coming
from the depot at night. j
Received? an entire new line of ,
millinery, golf hat?, all colors; also (
Tarn o' Shantas. ,
Mrs. J. D.McCarley.
"I wouldn't be without DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve for any consideration,"
wites Thos. B. Rhodes, Ctnterfieia,
0. Infallible for piles, cats, '
bnrns and skin diseases. Beware of {
counterfeits. McMaster Ce.
?Mr. Dunn and family will move
into their new home this week.. The
house is not entirely completed bat
only a few finishing toncheo have to
be put. This is a very pretty and
convenient house and is qoite an ornament
to that part of town.
g ?At a recent meeting of stenographers
held ia Columbia a stenographers'
association was formed and
Mr. Harry McCaw, of Yorkville, the
well known court stenographer, was
elected president. Stenographers from
all part? of the State belong to this as- I
^ _ sociation. i
J. D. Bridges, editor Democrat, Lan- (
caster, N. H., says: "One Minute
Congh Cure 13 the best remedy ior 1
croup I ever used." Immediately re- j
lijves and cures coughs, colds, croup, ,
asthma, pnaumonia, bronchitis, grippe
and ull throat and lnng troubles. It
prevents consumption. McMaster Co. ]
?What has become of our corres- s
4? pondents? Have they gone to the 1
^ war in Sjuth Arrica? It is a rare 1
thing now tor a communication to <
come from any of the places where we '
have correspondents, and ims ougnc i
cot to be. Let them begin anew and
not let such a long time elapse be- .
tween their letters
?At J. D. McCarley & Co.'s store
>- are many nice things which they are (
constantly getting in fresh. Breakfast
strips and hams, canned goods and
syrups, buckwheat and various other
things which are necessary for housel
keepers at this season. Examine their ,
r advertisement for a complete list
fw Yon neyor know what form of blood
? - ? ?? iTaam :
f poison win loiiow consupauuu. accm
the liver c.ean by using De Witt's Littie
Early Risers and you will avoid
trouble. They are famoat little pills :
for constipation and liver and bowel
troubles. McMaster Co.
?On Wednesday Dr. J. C. Bay
chanan and family moved iuto the i
r Wolfe house which he has recently
purchased ana Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
DesPortes who ,have been occapying <
the house have moved into Dr. Buchanan's
house in the southern part
of town, and which Dr. Buchanan 1
> has just vacated.
?Miss Shell, sister of Mrs. S. B.
Crawford, is critically ill at her home
in .Laurens uounty, ana airs. ^rawford
left Friday in answer to a telegram
saccmobins: here to her sistei's
V* bedside. Miss Shell is well known
there, haying visited Mrs. Crawford,
and all who knew her will regret very
much to hear of her illness.
? Tko raojnn whc n 1H
F called "sb#*" 19 because tbev wear a
jacket, apron, shoes, hcse and drag a
train behind vhem; ihey have a lap,
w 7 need guides, ride wheels, wiil not turn
out for pedestrians and sometimes- refuse
to work; they aitrac* men, are
?ometioaes contrary, and it always
takes a man to manage them.
. . 0 ?This Ws.ek brings the festivities in
Charleston snd the old city is all ready
for her many guests. Various aud
numerous are the attractions offered,
?VJaU .-v TpIa /*vf Police ic nAf Kt*
UV Ui xoig vt jl .? ?.v? vj
any mean? tbe least. Gala Week in
i Charleston always attended by some
t Fairfield people, bat coming a3 it does
so scon aftrr tLe State Fair, not as
jr many, possibly, will attend as wonl
otherwise lir.Ye gone,
a ?Mi?s Xveiu, the ekcationis', will
| come toMinrsboio on tbe 13th of
December a.-.d will girc arici'alfor
the benefit oi" :he college library. She
I ^ has received trait.ing ii Northern
schools of -xpression ai.d is an umsn
Q fino c.lr\r?n u\nkt frwfi ulppn
[recitals recently in her native State j
and the press notices of h*r are bigbly j
compliment y.
?Two negroes were taken on Mou-1
day to swe'l the number on the chain j
-gang me negro is apparently ut>
void of all sense of sha'oe or mortificaI
tion and seem not to feel *t all the disgrace
of bei; g a membe.* cf the chaingang.
They seemed when the pian
Grippe and influenza is variably leave
the systenj with a fcad cough. For
such Dr. John W. Bull's Cough Syrup
is highly recommended. This wonderful
remedy gives relief at once.
conquers the worst cough overnight '
and soon effects a thorough cure.
Cures Grippe and Influenza.
Xfeecs <re small and pleasant to tlkt DocUrt
recommend it. Pricc 25 cts. At all droggijU.
was first adopted t^> mind the publicity
but that feeling was not very deep,
evidently, for none seem to have it
now to any great extent.
LaGrippe, with its after effects, annually
destroys thou.ands of people.
It may be quickly cared by Ooe Min*
ate Co ?gh Cure, the only remedy that
produces immediate results in coughs,
colds, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia
and ibro>-t and lung troubles. It will
prevent consumption. McMa&ter Co.
?One of the mill operatives by the
name of (reorge Johns jn wa* arvosted
here on Thursday for slen.-ing a lap
robe in Darlington, and on Friday was
taken down by Deputy Sheriff Clai
ton, of that county. There are several
charges against the man and he h*B
been taken to Darlington where he
will hare to answer !or hie ioiq?i?ies.
En Ftoreuce County, also, he is wanted
on a ctarg3 of grand larceny.
?So far November has almost
broken the record as far as weather is
concerned, and is carrying out her
part in a record breaking year. The
weather has been as mild and beautiful
as fpring and vegetation is green
ind fresh. Vegetables are beariog
ind the gardens are bright with roses
icd chrysanthemums whicL usually at
tbis season have been killed by heavy
frosts. '
Dr. W. Wixo-j, Italy Hill, N. Y.,
says: "I heart vy recommend One Mina
e Cough Cure. It gave my wife immediate
reHei * euffocating asthma."
Pleasant to take. Never fails to .
quickly cure all coughs, colds, throat ;
?nd long troubles. McMaster Co
?Mr. Lewis, the Virginia gentleman,
who bas been in Winnsboro for
ibout ten days, relumed to his home ;
dd Saturday. He is a genealogist and 1
was here tracing np seTeral families. !
He is deeply interested in his work ;
and has made a study of it, and is
employed by those who wish a family
chart made. While here he was the 1
juest ot Mr. G. H. McMaster and he
mace many acquaintances. i
?The farmers are each, jear taming i
their attention more and more to the j
planting of grain, haying learned that
cotton planting is not the way to succeed.
The farmers in Fairfield this
fall are planting ajgreat deal of grain
and it is considered a good t-ign. The
more grain that is raised the better for
the farmers. This increase in the
grain crop will cre?te a demand for
more roller milb and everything will
profit by it.
Itch on human cared in^SO minutes ,
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. This
never fails. Sold by W.] E. Aiken,
druggist, Winnsboro, S. C.
?The Manila Times and the American,
two papers published in Manila,
have been kindly banded as to look at.
rhey were ssnt home by Licnt. R. H. i
McMaster, U. S. A., bow in the Philippines.
These paper* bear the dates
October 1st and 4th. They are 1
most ioteresting, coming as they do
Prnm a tn far distant and so differ
snt Irom what we are accustomed to.
They contain accounts of the war and
also have much local news.
?The Atlanta Constitution gives
an account of a reception given in
that city by Miss Russell to her visiting
coasin, Miss Ella Raesell Wright,
of Augusta. The honse was most
beautifully decorated and a host of
- " * mi? ? .
irienas were present, ine xuiiuwiug
is what is 6aid of the fair visitor: !
"Miss Wright, of Augusta, the guest
of honor, is one of the handsomest
young women in Georgia. She has a .
lovely face and queenly figure and ]
Dr. Cadt?s Condition Powders, ,
are just what a horse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine ana the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. ."For sale by
McMaster Co.
?At a ^banquet given by the Sons
of Confederate "Veterans in Charles- ;
too last week Mr. F. H. McMaster responded
to the toa*t ''The Day We 1
Celebrate." The Evening Post pub- !
lishis in full the speech raede by Mr. i
McMaster. Mr. McMaster is a mem*
ber of Camp Moallrie Sons of Confederate
Veterans, and his eloquent, graceful
and patriotic epeech shows that ,
the camp could not have eelecied a
better speaker for the occasion. Hie
speech caused a most favorable comment
and bis many friends who are
well aware of his ability ia this line,
are gratified at his scoring one more
should always be kept in
the house for theJfoteT4
lowing reason^"
FIRST- Because, if a^^ember
of the family has a nara?0010,^11
will cure It.
SECOND? Because,. if ithe^c'nildren
are delicate and sickly. it will
make them strong and well.*
THSRD?Because, if the father or
,'c lncincf flp^h anr? hp.COTTl
' * ? ?
ing thin and emaciated, it will build
them up and give them flesh and
FOURTH- Because it is the
standard remedy in ail throat and
lung affections.
No household should be.without it.
It can be taken in summer'as well
as in winter. *4
50c. and $t.oo, ill druggists.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, N?w York.
?Thursday, the 30:h, will b?
* VN_ J ?Ml 1 -L
i naQKPgivm^ i^ay ana win ue uusfrved
a? a national holiday. This .
dav over 'he Uni'ed States is ob- '
served first in a religions way by
wMTiws in the chnrche3 where special J
yitjv jg .unde io God for Lis (
Uficifca and blessi:;*:*. ;> d then as far
a<* pc-ofcible it is a day for family reunions.
Especially is this latter car- 1
ri dout in the New England States, j
? ? j 2. f AM nl *n/w A a* rt?\nn*_ I t
MiU 11 IS a u?} Ui icaouug auu mciir
ment. The turkey is the principal
pirt of the feast.
?For the last time before Christmas R.
Brandr, the feweler and optician, '
vi;l vi->it Witmsboro on Tuesday, ^
JNovern&ei tie win oring wicn
him a beautiful line of samples of his
handsome stock and it will be a grand
opportunity to select Christmas presents.
I. is a great thing to be able to ^
select for yourself and bis prices suit
all as he is selling at rcdnced prices on
account of ibe hard times. Don't 1
forge' th* date and thereby iosejuur !
chance of feeing his g<>od*. Read his 1
It wiil nyr :?o a surprise to any who
ar?? hi a.! familiar wit*. ?hc good qualities
of Chamberioiri's' ough Remedy, *t
to know'bat people r?erywhere tak- t
pleasure ti teiating th>*ir experience in
the use of mat sp'.end d medicine and
in telling of the benefit they have re- {
ceived fr- i:? it, ot bud colde it has y
cored, rf'b?>?tcned attacks of pneumonia
it h * arerted and of the chil- j
dreii it aved from attacks of cronp
aid wbonp ng couph. It is a grand,
g<;. d medicine. For sale by McMas- t
? Tnc State published on Wcdnes- t
* * ? * ?? #av 4 Ka n<sTrornAi* frftm O 1
a '^ in iv iuo MviwA?ivt i?vw o i
Nt-v- Jorsey man calling attention to \
tiie fac*. that the one hundredth anni 1
vw..vy of the death of Genera! Wai-h- c
iriift.?n ^'11 be on December 14th. The
w;itei ih'nks that the day should be s
ob^ei v ({ in some way, and proposes ^
th?i th?, s-.hool children observe it in l
ordei to develop a greater degree of I
patriotism in them. The day is not to ,
be a public holiday. It is more than
likely that something will be done to ?
honor the memory of the great Wash- *
ington. t
?The faith of many people in the 1
predictions of astronomers will here- i
after be less implicit than formerly.
The grand meteoric display predicted
by these men was anxiously loooked
for from Tuesday until Friday and *
failed to appear. Some few who were 6
very anxious to see the Leonids sat
up until a iate hour watching and
when the heavens remained absolutely
clear and placid and no meteors pre- 1
sented themselves, went to bed in dis- c
gust. Some part of the earth may i
have witaessed the shower, bat we j
are condemned to wait for thirty-three ]
years for another.
?Houses are now in great demand ?
in Winssboro and everybody who has
a house for rent is beseiged by people
who are anxions for it. Even the g
smallest cottages are clamored for. j
We have heard of several families ]
who wish to come to town to live bnt \
can hear of no place forwent and this j
scarcity of houses will probably keep 5
them from moving here. It seems as ,
though some one would tase aavan-1 {
tage of this increased demand for ,
houses (o bnild. It is certainly a t
great disadvantage to (he place to have (
so few available houses and it ongbt s
to pay some one to do it. There are s
so many vacant lots in town which J
would be increased in value by the |
building of hoase3 upon them.
Sear? ti* ^ The Kind YouHaveAIwa/s Bought c
Binnant-Hindmau. j
Mr. Watt K. Hinnant and Jliss J
Eliza Hindnaao, of Bascomville, Ches- c,
ter County, were married at f be bride's | (
hcma on Thursday morning. Mr.
Binnant is a son of Capt. and Mrs.
J A- Hinnant, of thi3 place, and be 1
ba? li?^d here for many years of his ]
life, but h?s for some time past made \
hit home in Bwcomville. The bride {
and groom are now on a /isit to Mr.
Hinnant'.- parents.
Remarkable Kescae. (
Mrs. Michael Curta'n, Plainiield, 1
111., makes the statement, tbat she <
caught cold, which settled on her 1
lungs: 6be was treated for a month by 1
her familv physician, but grew worse. 1
He toid her she was a hopelese victim 1
- L ? nA mr\ nA 1
in CUJldUllit VJU a LIU Luav JJV BibUlWltb
could cire her. Her druggist sag- <
jested Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption; she bonght a bottle and
to her delight fonnd herself benefited i
from first dose. She continued its use r
and after taking six bottles, found herself
sound and well; now does her
ewn housework, and is as well as she }
ever was. Free trial bottles of this ;
Great Disc-very at McMaster Co.'s
drug store. Large bottles 50 cents \
and $1.00. 6 i
Rev. J. X. Chalmer* Declines. !
Rev. John T. Cbalmers, who was
elected president of Ert-kine College, J
bas declined the honor and Dr. F. Y. j
Presley has been e.'ec'ed in his place. [
Dr. Chalmers, who is will known to
be a man of rematkable exicutive
ability and very capable in every r- *pect,
would no doubt have been well
?j _ n :j ~e i?-,i-;nn
nueu iur iue pii'biuruoy ui mrAiuv,
and would have done much for the
guod of the college, bat after dae consideration
of the matter he decided
that it w?a? best for him to decline.
His fricudij appncata the honor conferred
upon him by Svnod in selecting
him for the position.
Oa Friday night the fire company
enjoyed a s-p'endid banquet at the
Hotii Duval, cone good wo.'c has
hp*-n rfniift hv the ora-tiiiization w:thin
the last few month*, and the members I
were, entitltd to some pleasure as an
organization. The banquet was an
emire sacceso. Two long tables loaded
with good things and decorated
with the flowers of the season met the
eye in eutenng the room, and the firemen
ne?er did more thorough work to
' * t?SO! *1 JJ/I in
any DurniDg uunuiug lutui iuoj um w
those tables?of coarse .we mean the
things on the tables. After the banquet
"a ftricil- business" meeting was
heid in '.be t>>wn hall, aud considerable
"banoens" was disposed of. '
Mr. J. J. Gerig left Saturday for
New York.
Rev. Benj. Allslon is in Colombo
for a stay of some :ime.
Mr rrvmsc, of Greenwood, spent
Sardiv and vondav in town.
Mrs. G. H McMaster returned Satlrday
from a vi3it to Man Bloff.
Miss Lucy Edwards ia visiting her |
>randmotber, Mrs. Mary C. Rioo.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bosiic have gone
:o Charleston for a stay of two weeks.
Miss Lila Thorn left Satnrday for
tfew York where she ha# accepted a
position. She nas been in Winnsooro
"or nearly two years and her friends
egret to give her op.
Ma&fcr E. F. B\nom left last week
for Columbia to vieii h's paientp.
Tbe Wi?D8bf;ro graded school gave
l few d holiday daring i'air w?:rk
an. JJi*.- Sasie Mc"iore- p?nnttue
:irae wi h ht-r par* :?. vh an;; Ml* ;
W. T \!c*.'row, o moH-.ie i bv he |
i#tlw? -W. M >? ! v,<<:-r
Miss Lama fMc?'ro:e* r LiTiS-v- |
er visit ng friend-; a-d ?7'.M probably
eina;n ihere du:i g .h-' winter.
Mis? 3es>ie l!a!l It ft several weeks
igo f r Williimsion F< m*le College,
ivi'h which %he i> very 'nivrb pleated.
Mi?p vlaggie Giadden it vis.t::g
Iriends in Rock Bill.
Miss Ete'yn Hall has rcinreed
i vi*it with relatives iu CheHer.
Mr. T. T. Lumpkin and family
noved from Witiasboro to Miiford
ast week. We are glad to have them
vitli us again. They have lived in
tVinntboro since their home here was
lestroyed by fire laot >e<r.
Mr. J. A. McOrorey and family left
loine lime ago for Cedar Spring
vbere thev will m?ke ih ir f'iruie
lome. Fairfield has lofet do of in r
) ?t cit:zens, Mitford oneof its most
>!eaeao( families aud Hebron Cbarch
;ome of its most aiefal Cbristirn
nembers. We would not complain,
iowevert since the star that no longer
ends na its brilliancy g?es to brighten.
;ome #tber horizon. C. S. F.
Vnwomhef 1.9 1M9.
?A fall stock of all kinds of furniare,
sewing machines, organ*, cook
toves and heaters at
J. 0. Boag's.
Volcanic Eruptions
Are grand, bat Skin Eruptions rob
ife of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
;ures them; also Old, Running and
?ever Sorss, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
3orns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Jest Pile cure on earth. Drives out
?ains and Aches, Only 25 cts. a box.
,'ure guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
X, druggists.
?uompj&ims are ueiug maue iu
;everal towns of the number of tramps
>as?iDg through this year. This is a
auisance to which the people of our
;own have long been subjected, and
tor which there seems to be no remedy.
Strong, able-bodied men they are In
ilmost every instance, aud yet without
my hesitation and not offering to
ifork they a6k for food. Although
hey often camp near or in town, and
jome in gangs of fire or six, it is very
,eldom that they annoy any one and
ire usually qu?rt' and well behaved.
Hmntt *v?rv a uihern town that is
>n a railr-1-^ in- t ? pat up with ifae
ramp nuiean v ivcr> tall and winter.
Tetter, Salt-Khcum and Eczema.
The inteuse itching and smarting in
:ident to these diseases, is instantly
illayed by applying Chamberlain's
Sye anJ S i 1 Ointment. Many yer>
>ad ca-"- i> vebeen permanently cured
>v t. J'equally efficient for itching
riles au i *, favorite remedy for sore
ripples, chapped hands, chilblains,
rro^t bites and chronic sore eyes,
loot8. per box. For *ale by McMaster
?Sm ill-pox has appeared in Greenrille
County, and the State board of
iPAlih has been notified in order that
fee proper precautions may be taken
0 prevent tbc spread of the disease.
Belief In ate Hoars.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder Disiase
relieved in sir boars by "New
Sreat South American Kidney Cure."
-t k a great surprise on account of its
:xeeeding promptness in relieving pain
1 bladder, kidneys and back, in male
r female. Relieves retention of water
most immediately. If you want
lick relietand cure this is the remedy.
)Id by W.E. Aiken, druggist, ffinni>ro,
S. U.
? Oar mercbauts ehoald adrertiie
nore liberally. Tho absence of their
lames from the advertising colnmni
>f their county paper doe? not apeak
well for the progress of the lown.f
A i -
\jui in ixansas
lives a happy wife. She writes: " I
have used Mother's Friend before
two confinements. The last time I had
twins, and was in labor only a few minutes.
Suffered very little." Tho reason
Mother's Friend
does expectant mothers so much
good is because it is an external liniment,
to be applied upon the outside, where
much of the strain comes. It helps because
the pores of the skin readily absorb
it, and it comes into direct contact with
- J
and is absorbed by tbe parts invoivea.
Morning sickness is quicily banished,
and nervousness is kept completely away.
The sense of dread and foreboding is not
experienced, even during labor itself.
Confinement is short and almost without
pain. Recovery is quick and sure. Best
of all, Mother's Friend benefits the
unborn Just as much as the expectant
mother, and when the little one comes it
will be strong, lusty and healthy.
Dniggirts sell Mother's Friend for $1 bottle.
" ~ " * 1
Sena tor our ireo o?o? uu ^
finely fllastr&ted.
ATUAFfrt, 04i '*
To All:
(Read the f<
I {Tours of recent data to hand reque
kidneys. Hy physicians said that I coi
X gallons drawn from scrotum several
fluid. Was unable to get any rest or e]
able to attend to my business. I can
gwi W glY? 1W BWUV i>W4 0UUW94 M*
The trade supplied by '
Mr. N. A. Peay has been "with us
lor some time, bnt will return soon to
his new hone and bit of precious calico
in Greenwood. "We were all glad to
have Mr. Peay with os again, out bis
visit wonld, no doubt, have been
doubly enjoyed if it had been so that
Mrs. Peay could have accompanied
I him.
Mrs. P. C. Melli?hampe has had the
pleasure of a visit from ber mether
and sister, Mrs. Groves and Missj
Anaie, Laurie, who spent several
weeks with her, They returned recently
to their home near Blackvillo
much improved by their up-couatry
Mils Marion Mellichampe is now on
a visit to her aant, Mrs. Haltie McMaster,
in WinnsboroTTAJA
l/ollirtKomno >a An f
iUiOS xxaig iUQinuuauijjg io vu ? Ti?*v
to ber grandmother near Ridgeway.
Mils Maggie Hollis is at home now
on a visit, bat expects to retarn to
town about the last of this month.
Iler sitter, Miss Mary, alio ?.xpects to
goto town. It seem3 that ourcoaittry
girls are all struck on town notwithstanding
tbe nice entertainment*
our good people so frequently jjive ib?
young people.
Mri. T. E. Smith ^av^j Mr. H alitor J. [
?. .1 l-*-. x J i
Dsr oepDew, qaue a kw?;u u rmuv party
on the 2nd of this mon'h, :h?j
occasion being !n-s twenty-fiiv. ii?j
appeared wi'h a emal' miiitac' e and. |
we note that it is still growiog.
Mr?. John Pickett gave a liult? dm:c? j
Tband.iy evening at hor residues for ;
her young fiiends. They were a!fi
there and eDjoyed the occa-ion to the ;
fnllest Lfeht refreshments were?:
served io abaudance. j
Mr. Johnnie Gibson is >l?e prc.tl j
falh?r of & young sen ubout twr> j
months old, and a bright boy hsi-.j
He has been crying from ?ne asy on ;
his birth because his iaiher wculd ?'< ;{
permit him to joio a pari? or older
boys that he saw pasting on their wav j
to the Camden Railroad.
Mr. John Hollie, oar district magi#-I
trate, west to Colnmbi& a short whi!?(|
ago on a basin ess trip.
A tenement hoase on-Mr. Featner-j;
stone's place, which is under the super- ij
vision of Mr. John Baker wa? burued S
down about the middle of the day last |
Tuesday while its occupants, Richard \
Harris and his wife, were away in the j
field at work. Rich*rd lost every-!
thing he bad, together with two bale* I
of seed cotton and about twenty-five {
bushels of corn that wss in the house i
The farmeri are getting along nicelr [
iM>incr <h?ir crai'n and what is i
TT1LU OUfTiM| 1MV1* ?? - ? -- .
up it looking fine. T^eir principal
diet is tarnipi and potatoes once *.!
weak owing t? the scarcity of them j
this fail.
The merchants haven't needed any i
new clerks this fall in their stores so j
far, and their coHp^ions are poor.'
However, they f*?-l uitre of their pay j
some time,bn* oir debtors are *low. {
very >low. Tbey think 1 jast any old ;
time'' will do to pay their debts.
Nov. 19,1499. M. C. P. j
TJi9KindYaoHaveAJwaysBccgf>t |
T* j
?Lumber is being hanled for thej
commencement of work on the res!- j
dcnce of Mr. Fnrman E. Brodie in |
Oakland.- Rock Hill Herald. [
Twenty Years Proof. ;
Tutt's Liver Pills keep the bow - j
els in natural motion and cleanse j
the system of all impurities An j
absolute cure for sick headache, j
dyspepsia, sour stomach, ccr. j
stipationand kindred diseases.;
"-f?u. j- ?i. ?r, i
"wan i uu wiiuuui men*
R. P. Smith, Chilesburor Va.
writes I don't know how I could
do without them. I have had
t |
j Liver disease for over twenty J
| years. Am now entirely cured, i
Tutt's Liver Pii!s
WANTED, for cash, Hickory, Dogwood,
Persimmon. Walnut Logs.
Southern Hardwood Co., P. O. Box,
52fj Charleston, 8. C. "11-22-1 m
dreadful disease and it \
? ~ fonm D ? Ri
IHlUYYiilg iciui uvui i\. u? ix
'X^r //
Jy/ V j/
sting statement ol my case which I gladly jive. I '
ild not last but a short time. I was unable to lie d<
times. I was completely filled at the time T b
eep except while under the influence ot an opiate,
now ride my hone, a thing 2 bad froea Ufidj?le to d
ft y fte Jwnefltwa tfaere&y.j
?In the foot-bali eame piay?d ja
Colnmbia on Wednesday, Cbaa. Jennings,
from Winnsboro, was rjght
tackle in the college team. The game
was played between the Sonth Carolina
College and Bingham, and resnlted
in a victory for the South Caro
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for years
by the chains of disease is tha worst
form of slavery. George D. Williams,
of Manchester, Mich., tells how sncb a
slave was made free. He says: "My
wife has been so helpless for five years
that she could not tarn over in bed
alone. After nsing two bottles of Electric
Bilters, she 13 wonderfully improved
and able to do her owh work."
This supreme remedy for female diseases
quickly cures nervousness, sleeplessness,
melancholy, headache, backache,
fainting and dizzy spells. This
* *? ? ? ? - ? ? " ? ?AM/5 I
miracle wording meuiciuc j? ?
to weak, sickly, randown people.
Every bottle guaranteed. Only 50
cents. Sold by McMaster Co., draggists.
?Mr. T. P. Lnmpkin end family
have moved vO Mitford. A boat a year
sco their home a' Mitford wa* r;c- i
?t.royed by fire ami they cam* to j
Wintifiboro, <=there thtv hnvr* beec I
?ccnpjingthe Gibson co'ia-.'e. The?' j
friend? r^aret (hit the have ]r'i town
| Used by British Soldiers In Acrica.
< aj-t- C G. Dennison is vr<1 k;.ow.-5
?li ov-!' Africa ** crunasidrr of the '
fnr-r-n^ t fin *?ur.f lirflrt Ihp leDel '
Gali^hft. Under d*te >-f Nf-v. 4, 1897. j
Irom Yrybnrg, Bechnanalanri, he j
\rr;*.et: "Befoio startup nji the list
campa^u I bought a qnant.ty of rham-!
ber'ain'-j I'oiic, Cholera arid Diairboeal
Renirdy. which I usad mvMi'f when J
troni> ?(i with bovrel complaint, ar.d j
had to jjv uoen. and in tvery
ca^e i proved ui jst beticficial." Fori
sa'C- b; McVaster Ca.
.N5r I. K who vras a *!eicn-i?
'he A ii P. in < liur
; lotto, i- at home ft^ain.
i * *
Hisuiarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid h e*Uh
Indomitable will and tremendous j
energy are not fouDd where Sfoui^ch, |
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of |
order. If you want these qnalih'es |
and the success they bring, nse Dr. 1
King's New Life Pills. They develop j
every power of brain and body. Ocly
25c. at McMaster Co.'s drng sfor?.
Dr. J. C. Buchanan went to Columbia
Sunday on professional business.
Chaimberlain's Fain Jialm Cares Others !
Why Not You?
My vrif? has beea using Chamberlain's
Pain Ba!mt with sjood results,
for a lame shoulder ihat has pained
her continually for nine years. We
have tried all kinds or medicines and I
doctors without receiving any bonefit
from auy of them. One dav we saw J
an advertisement of Ibis medieiue and !
thought of trying it, *hich we did J
with the best of patisfection. She ha<'
nscd only one bottle and her shoulder
| is almost well.?Adoj.ph L. Millett,
Manchester, N. H. Forsile bv Mc;
Master Co.
I Hecker's Buckwheat and
Maple Syrup.
Rxtra New Orleans and
Georgia Cane Syrup.
Grape Nuts the new
| English Fruit Cake, i, 2
| and 5-lb. pacaages.
| Shredded Whole Wheat
Biscuit and Cream of
Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, etc.
[ Ritter's Condensed Soup?.
i ?
From DR
d thousands of desperate ca
vill positively cure you.
etsill, Maj. 18th Reg. S.C. V
/0-V _y . AJL. /)'
?S24S?? (
<^>7 *Z>ff..
/I Jy ^7^<vi-<? 4
/lU$j&t?# (kp
have been suffering for three years from dropsy, gi
)wn except shortly after being tapped, every tissue
egan VAUGHN'S LITHONTEIPTIC, perfectly faelpl
I have used eight bottles of VAUGHN'S LITHON'
o lor nearly two years. You may putolbb such ot a
sale by JOSIAH J. OBEAR, 1
, Columbia, S. C
For Sale or Rent!
by Lee Eobinson, in the town of
Winnaboro, known as the Todd place.!
For terms applr to
or JAS. Q. DAYI8.
11-14 2w
Notice; |
Dot put in the lour days' work on the
public roads 3ince the first of January,
are required to do so at once, as the
law required that four days' work
mast be pat on each road daring the
ll-18-4t County Commissioners.
^Arriving Daily.
| Ff.'s:? <*ndahy U?ms and Picnic
J Ham?. Piaiikinton's BeakfaM Bacon;
! alio Smoked Bacon ar.d Siionlders.
! Alio*ccs? fca Tel of S'li Jotjc Pjrto
j R:co Moi-s-rs; ?,!P.t<o Hico Mola?1
iht:?-ja ion. :!? * H: 25C New
Orlea' ' find 'jeur- ia RibboM Cane
*'o!a?-S". ? Ate'>'nac- :-ole sjrnps-n
qoarrt-??nd fciit-w'a'-loH ti' c.
A fn:i I'.;-; t>r c:?iM-.d good-? on !si:id
- Api'lof, Peachc*#, T<??(,affe8 i > S ;b.
cms for 25c. Pineapples sliced i.nd
2 rated.
Also Pickles of all kinds, Ualsnp*,
Mu?tards. Sauce?, e;c.
Nicholfc5 Crushed Oite and Bnckwheat.
Fre.-h Cream Chcese.and Maccaroni;
also SJ::cke:cl iu ki?s, Whiting and
TT-?in l-'h. hriftk? at
I XJU:i 1 ll'g VUUUJ..
3(b perpoaud.
A variety ci good Tobacco?, Cigars
and Cigareties.
We have on hand $1,000 wonb ot
Shoes which we are closing oat at cost
| Come in and get a pair while tbey iait
ln*t>r pv
H Ljr\i\ JU.JL-. j. *
j RYB.
I Wheat.
Mlfctff P(1
j|| MUiliUUiUl uu.
On arsni;;^ ; cl?. K -v ptjmenja,
',y calami-, ions ar.^-i Boiro^ci
j i < act'i&i c i <">f ! >': fect?n? !o ?:s
11 -vrest S per cent.
'"o.'ucjbia, 8.
j A. s. & W. LOUGLASS,
j l?J-4 V.T:??n?j>oro, 8. t
A HR*C ASIA iriU car* Rheunuitisat *nc
' Scrotal*to Stay Corvd*
lies of this _ * M
, ozr * " ^ * M
ols., i8oo?
^4# jj
jneral anasarca, caused from liver and
completely filled, saturated with fluid;
ess, legs terribly Inflamed and exuding
rRIPTIC ana tun now comrortaDie ana
17atotuae&tasyoamaydeuixe. lam
Winnsboro, S. C. v.
Tie Well Kisii Jeweler ai
will show his handsome and extensive*
sample line of Watches, Jewelry*
Spectacles and Christmas Goods
at Winnsboro Hotel,
. *??
Tuesday, Nov. 28th,
On? Day Only.
Special ^ednctioE in Prices 0s Accront 0:
Earl Times. Meaner m w Cataim
One t f ibe Finest. Watch and Jew?rjr
Repair Shops in the State. All
Work Gnaran c-d. Prices
Founded 1842.
"Sing their own praise,"
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We have taken in EXCHANGE FOR
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yon want this make here are bargain*.
Baltimore, Md.
Factory Branch Ware-Room, No 213
Forth Try on St., Charlotte, N. C.
r> ti wirxmTii if ononrar
Ghost and Oilier Stories."
disappoint the (JBRStt
reader, as it
eaten a new J$?tr E9
and heretofore IB
unexplored MnM 9
field of hmnor. ,lr S
A book to' be ' 1
read aloud and
; enjoyed among
your frienda Contains "The Eow-legged Ghost,"
"When Ezra Sang First Base, "The Man Who
Couldnt lAogh^ "Possible Titles of Future
Books," "Selling Locks of fiair," "No Woman, No
lid." "Society Actresses," etc., etc. This first
edition bound in cloth, printed on extra fine
paper, and absolutely the beet humorous-book published.
Worth $230, malfrfl postpaid for $1.00.
I Order at once. Sena for our new special ill us
| trsted cttaloro* mailed free. Give* you tne lowI
wt prices on aiil good books. Address all oilers to
! MlliUn ut lbnsf?ct?rer*. AJCTOIl, OMO.
(The Werner Compiry is thoroughly reliable.}?Editor.
! Kodol
I Dyspepsia Cure
I Digests what yon eat.
T><jrt?f?/??a'UvrH ctar K the food and aids
i Nature in strengthening and recon*
j structing the exhausted digestive or;
gans. It is the latest discovered digest*
i :,2j and tonic. No other greparaffon
' | ran approach it in elmn^v. ft to!
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea.
SickHeadache,Gastralgia, Cramps, ana
" *
auotner results oi impti Lwuuigc3unji*?
- < Prepared by E. C. De tf I tt & Co., Chicago.
Wionsboro, S. C.

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