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Wednesday, November 29, 189i>|
?Mouev to loan, be-.- :?dvtr:?e-j
ment elsewhere. j
?G" i--F. E. " f.?r iieeker. I
oatm^ai % lOccr: a package.- >dv.
?He.id ofEa' 10 new subscriber an<l
? old ones who pay one year in advance.
?Jnst received! A handsome line
of ope n and top baggi?s at
?A yountr 9on, five or six years 01
gge, of Mr. Aloset B. Clarke, died on
~ - - ~ *
S.DBUKy 01 croop aru. was uui?u uu
Dr H. H. Haden, Summit. Ala.,
says,: "I think Kodol Dyspepsia Cnre
is a spiendid medicine. I prescribe it,
and my confidence in it grow? with
continued nee." It digests what you
eat as:d quickly cures dyspepsia and
indige-'ion. McMaster Co.
?Mr<* 1'. P. Br}son is now convalescent
alter havi:g b.en quite ?ick lor
severs, weeks with typhoid fevr.
During her iliuess she has bepn with
her mother
?Mr Richard Br'c; has moved his
i family to town a< d their friejds are
& pleased to weicoir^e th^m. Mr. Brice
m is in the employ of Mr. J. O. Bosg
and he is occupying one of the cotW
tages recently bnilt by Mr. Boag.
* ? ?Tne Weekly News and Herald
and iht Atlanta Semi-weekly Journal
for $1.50
Ge . iwla-'d, Rockla.- ci, O, savs:
"My wife had piies foriy years D Wit<.'.>
Witch Hazel Salve cared her.
It is <be best salve in America." It
heals everything and cares all skin
Vf j?Af ocfo* PA
?Mr. Jchn A. DesPortes is now
confined to the hoase by a severely
sprained ankle, which was caused by
a fall which he bad about a week ago.
The iDjary is very painfal and will
probably confine him to home for
some weeks longer.
Received? an enlira new lin3 of
millinery, golf hate, all colors; also
Tam o' Shantas.
Mrs. J. D.McCarley.
?The predicted storm and cold wave
arrived, and after the balmy day3 preceding
it was anything but a pleasant
change. The storm was not severe
but a brisk northeast wind and a
driving rain were a combination
> which kept most people in doors on
Saturday and Sanday.
.. ' "I wouldn't be without DeWitt's
tZ7:*^U ontr AAnoiHflTQ.
IT XIUU LJ.CLZ,ci iVl vwiiOiv*vA M
tion," wrkes Thos. B. Rhodes, Center*
field, 0. Infallible for piles, cats,
bnrns and skin diseases. Beware of
counterfeits. McMaster O.
?The Chester Reportt-r announces
the death of Mr. H. F. McLane which
occurred on last Tharsd ,y night, after
a short iliness. ilr. McLaoe was a
brother of the late J. Hendrix McLane
wbo was a candidate for Governor on
the Greenback ticket in 1882 against
Hngh S. Thompson.
?The colored peeple are looking
forward with pleasant anticipaiion to
the annual conference of the A. M. E.
r'hnroh TshVh ?a in meet in frrpftnville
on December 6tb. Bistop Andrews,
of New York, is to preside, and a
numocrof the most prominent divines
of the A. M. E. Church will be present.
Delegates from here will attend
fcr the conference.
r Yon never know what form of blood
poison will follow constipation. Keep
Y the iiver clean by using DeWitt's Little
Early .Risers and you will avoid
trouble. Tbey are famous little pills
for constipation anci liver ana Dowei
troubles. Mcifuster Co.
?A fall fetock of all kinds of furniture,
sewing machines, organs, cook
stoves and heattra at
J. O. Boag's.
?The Baptist State convention convenes
in Gsfiney this week and the
town will be filled to overflowing
with ministers and lay delegates. A
large numbei is expected to be present
at the convention and the committees
have beeu basy for weeks making the
necessary arrangements. Rev. MrI
Freeman will attend and several mema?
Da AAnr??^r*A*! An
I Uwii ui IUQ uapuob wu^icgauvii*
?On Wednesday, ;November 22nd,
Mr. Furman Brodie, of Rock Hill,
was married to Miss Johnston, of
York Coanty. Mr. Brodie is a
nephaw of Dr. B. J. Qaattlebanm asd
J for several years was a pupil at Mt
Zion Institute. His old schoolmates
and many friends congratulate him,
and he his tbeir best withes, ivlr.
t Brodie is building a home in Rock
* Hill where he is in business,
?Both the "Weekly News and
Hebald and the Semi-weekly Atlanta
Journal tor only $1.50. This appltes
'- ~-A
LU Utrw ftuuctuucis \jtiiy auu viu QUKJscriberswho
pay one veai In advance.
. LaGrippe, with its after effects, anf'
Dually destroys thousands of people.
It may be quickly cured by One Minute
Cotgh Care, the only remedy that
r produces immediate results in conghs.
colds, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia
find throat and lung troubles. Ir. wili
prevent consumption. McMaster Co.
_ . ' ?The A. R Presbyterian co&i&ins
f an interesting letter from Miss M?;rie
y Stevenson, the missionary to Mcxico,
from this countv. The letter srives an
account of -a recout visit (o the city of
Mexico ?.ad of the missionary work
thn i> being: done in that city by the
*- A. R Pre bytcrlnna ar.d other da
uorniuatio^s. M.:sa Stevenson lives i'i
Tauipico where she carries on bsr
?Grieuvi.le is the chosen ground
for a woibal! game bet-vcen C!em?ou
College anil Georgia School of TechBfejt
nnlojv. ahifih will take nlace or:
Ww Thanksgiving da}'. As this is a uaiionai
holiday, and most people vrili be
free for the day, the game will in all
proiriS-lity be wiroessed by a tremendous
crotfd. Cieai-on has bten
quite successful on the Qe!d tbis s?a
1 L ? J . ...J . U ~
s'vHi ?.un his ji guou bmu ujc
Georgians :-.r^ aUo said to be strong:,
so that an exiting game i-< iocked fur.
Dr. W. Wixon, Italy Hi:', X Y ,
says: "1 heartily recommend One Mmu
e '.'cash Cnre. It gave my wife i>niDediate
rei.e? in suffocating astnnvt."
Pleasant to take. Never fai 5 ? <?
quickly cure all coughs, colds, thrust
anc lanir troubles. McMasterU)
?The y?"u:r.g people are now endeavoring
to get up something with
wjr'ch to euliven the Uhr't>tmis holidays,
which usually f by in rather
a quiet way here. One or two meet
ITfTfl'l IB T3?W1 Mr M n BaateMBBl?B?WW
! ikuv enueio
[ Why cough and risk consumption, j
! when the celebrated Dr. John W. !
Bull's Cough Syrup will cure yon at ;
once? It never fails to cure throat and j
lung troubles. For bronchitis, sore !
throat and hoarseness it is invaluable. !
Will cure a Hacking Cough.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all druggists.
have b.eu held audit seems now
that with hard work on the part of
those who are interested and are tc
take part that a very pretty entertainment
can le" arranged. It cannot yet
be staled with certainty l.bac the public
are to have the privilege of att'ndiogan
entertainment as all of the arrangeme'its
h ive not yet been made,
but thcro is every reioon to think that
a very pretty entertainment will bi
A !1 niv AY;??
? 1 V1V4 eui/:v*iwv?w * %~j V'?V
rear in France 'or the Weekly News
axd Heuald will receive owr weekly
and th-* Semi-weekly Atlsn-a Journal
for i be price of the Weekly News avb
Herald alone, $1 50.
"I had dyspepsia fifty-seven years
and never fonnd permanent relief till
I a>ed Kodol Dyspepsia Care. Ndw I
am well and feel like a new man,"
wriies S. J. Fleming, Murray, Neb.
It is the best di^esiant known. Cures
ali forms of indigestion. Physicians
everywhere prescribe it. McMasierC'o.
?Mr. J, S. Stone, of Feasterviiie,
was in town Saturday. Mr. Stone is
one of the many prosperous and progressive
farmeis of that section. He
has made to 15 plows this year, 150
bales of cotton, besides an abundance
of corn, other grain, and forage crops.
Mr. Stone sold 95 bhles Of hl3 crop a
few da* s ago, on which he realized
about one thousand dollars more than
he did on a like number of bales sold
about a year ago. This is the best rennrt
fhaf we have heard this rear, and
yet Mr. Stone's cotton crop is seventeen
per cent short of bis last year's one.
?Thereis tlili a considerable amount
of the wood from the Cornwallis oak
remsiuiDg, and any one who desires a
piece may get it by applying to Mr.
J. C. Caldwell. A number of the
alumni of Mt. Zion havicg some sentiment
about the old oakghave bought
pieces of the wood from which they
have had wa!king canes, paperweights
and other souvenirs made. Mr. McBride
Smith will make any of these
articles that One wishes to havs, and
these who have not already secured
some of the wood bad-better do so befoie
ail of the best is disposed of. I
There ate graduates of old Mt. Zion
atTover the State, and most of them,
if they knew of tbe opportunity of
getting a souvenir and at the same
time contributing a little to the library,
tf-ou!d gladly pay the small sum.
I Bears the /) ^ Kind You Have Always Boaght
Thanksgiving service will be held at
tne jcresoytenan unurcn on rnursaay
at 11 a. m. A collection will be taken
up for the orphans at Thornwell Orphanage.
Married in Gaffney, on the eveniDg
of the 2l9t inst,, by the Rev. W. H.
Hodges, Prof. Jame3 R. Dye, of the
Gaffoey graded schools, and Miss
Kathleen M., eldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. S. Hall, of Fairfield
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
was the result 01 ms spiencua n eaun
Indomitable will and tremendou?
energy are not found where Stomach,
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of
order. If yon want these qualities
and the success they bring, use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Tfaey develop
every power of brain and body. Only
25c. at McMas'.er Co.'s drug store.
Death of Mr*. Nancy Jarkson.
Mrs. Nancy Jackson died on Wednesday,
November 22nd, at the home
of her eon, Mr. J. O. Jackson. Mrs.
Jackson contracted pneumonia, wbicb
caused her death. She was seventysis
years of age. and was a member of
the Methodist Ckuich. The fanerai
took p'.acs at the Methodiftt Church at
Rosaville, Chester County, and the
interment was in the cemetery at the
same place.
Another Train Held Up.
On Tuesday morning Engineer
vVitherspoon of the 6.50 passenger
train was arrested by Policeman
Gilbert for running his train through
town a*: a ra!e of fortv miles an honr.
Kb was lineJ $10, whicb be i-aid and
wa? released, and since that the trains
have been rui. :ng at the rate of six
iBiles an hour, when going through
town. Ti-i-i prompt ac'icu on the
part uf the police is to be c^mme:.dcd,
as the engineers frcqncuilv try ro go
at a higt< rate ot .'peed through to?vi;s
oni) ti:f?rphv* pniistiapr licv s
Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema.
The ir.tet>?e i:c;?iugp an.J ^ in
cid.-nt to tht-f-e diseases, is instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
E?e and Skin Oinimenr. Many yjt;.
had cases have been pe rmanently caret:
by t. Ir is equally efficient, for i c'uing
pile* and a favorite remedy for sorenipples,
cuapped hands, chilblain?,
frost Llies and chronic sore eyes.
25c?3. oer box. For sale br McMasr.sr
J. C. P. Williams, fermcrly po?imaster
at Rid^ewav, i- again in trouble.
II i is under bond for trial on
cta-jres of irregu'aritie? while pos;roaster.
Last week Depatv Unied
Stfttr-a \Iar;'ml ThP.rtitmi tpii! to
sh.tw ard arrested hiin sg;ii?i <ju a
charge of vlolaiithe pension U*vp,
is beiui charged that ha collected cer
laiu fusions and didn't turn over tJbe
cash. Other irregularities, in the same
collection are also charged, lie Trill
be tried at Ihenext term of the United
states court, which meets here December
12. Wi:liams was take>i to CamJen
and he ngoin ^ave boi.d.? Columbia
Mr. J. N. Center met with a serioas
accident on Friday, sud as the result
i- non- : i.i r.p home The accident
:u rati*. *?:? unusual and!
ftv. Mr < ier was travel-j
'? !; " : a :re.g i on the Seaboard j
A. Li; \ near r*.r!is;e, and the car in i
i;i6 sva? ridir- suddenly came !
U;j<-o??piea iiOiu int re;i 01 ice tram,
wti?cb rail backward with great force
ag>.insi an eugice sianding on the
noa;n Hue. Mr. Center, who wa3 sitting
in a chair, was thrown violently
>;<>'n bis seat and hie leg was broken.
v?To brought boire on the midnight
tiam Friday night. The accident was
unfortunate and his friends sympathize
with himiu his ill-lack. He will
aece&^anh be confired to his bed for
:i long lime before he will be able to
go on the road again.
Mr Robert Y. Lemmoa died at his
home in the Jackson Creek neighbor
hoi.ti on Mo-way a0'?uc one o ciock. t
He had oe^u sick fo some time with I
'-. ousumptioD, nni hi-- death was not
unexpected. Mr Lfiuimon was elected
b> tbo pe>pie ot' Fan-field to lepiesent
iliecjj in me House of Representatives
in 1S92, snd he was re-siecte 1 in 1891
Mr. Lfccnivn was a good citizen. He
was a in subtr of Lebaaoa Presbyterian
On ircti. He >vas a son of our
esteem <! Miow-citlzen Mr. Jno. M.
Lemmou, aod he lesves, b2sides his
parents and s^v. f-a! brothers > an J
sis'er=, a widow aud four son3.
Ti?e funeral services were held at
Milling's. Crosf-Roads, the family I
burying ground, yesterday afternoon
at 3 e'clock.
Mr. Lemmon was known throughout
the whola of Fairfield County,
e.nd bis death will be sad news in
many homes. We extend sincere sympathy
to his afflicted family.
m ?
Bearstfco ^
Miss Lou Dwight has returned to
Mr. T. K. Elliott has relumed from
a short stay iu Washington.
Mrs. E. A. Bacot has returned from
a visit to relatives in Greenville.
Miss Sarah Gantt, of Barn 9fell, is
visiting her brother Mr. Longstreet
Mr. M. B. Jennings and Mr. Chas.
Jennings returned to Columbia on
Miss Isabel Robertson returned to
Coiciubia on Saturday after a short
visit to Mrs. J. M. Stewart.
David Walker, son of Mr. and Mrs.
D. Y. Walker, bas been sick for
several weeks with malarial fever. He
is still sick but is thought to be improving.
Mr. T. C. Stevenson having recovered
from his recent sickness from
fever, came np Monday morning from
Roseviile and left Monday night for
Hamlet, N. C., where he was in basinet
when taken 6ick.?Chester Re
Chaiinberlain's Fain Balm Cares Others
Why Set You?
My wife has been U9ing Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, with good results,
for a lame shoulder that has pained
her cominu?.!i7 for nine years. We
Lave tried a.I feiuds ot medicines and
doctors without receiving any bonefit
from auy of them. One day we saw
an advertisement of this medicine and
thought of trying ii, which we did
wiih the best of satisfaction. She has
used only one bottle and her shoulder
i? ulmo-.t well.?Adolph L. Millett,
Jdancnester, in. a. j! or saie oy-mcMas;er
Mrs. Pearson's attracti/e niece from
Texas made a most favorable impression
a pen all who met her, and her
brief sojourn in oid Fairfield was
greatly lamented.
Miss Alice McMaster is leaching the
Rock Creek school, and all give her a
kindly greeting with best wishes for
ber success.
Rev Mr Chapmau will preach his latt
sermon tha first Sunday in December.
We do not know whether or not Rock
Creek Charch is to have a pastor next
year. Mr Long has certainly behaved
most faithfully over the Sunday school,
bnt it has been discontinued.
Despite the President's urgent request
fci tlir general observance of Thanksgiving,
there will be no service in any
of the churches in our immediate section.
Despite the unprecedented
arou^nt tee gecerau'y 01 our peopie
have much to be thankful for.
The advance in the price of cotton
fully compensated foribe short crop.
The chimes of ''wedding b9ll8" is
most distant, and you will be apprised
of two weddings before the expiration
of ma-'T weeks. C. A. S.
November 25. J99.
Over=Work Weakens
Ynur kidnevs. I
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
fThe kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they filter
out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, aches and rheumatism
come from excess
of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel si though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-worKing in pumping tnick, kidneypcisoned
blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary I
troubies were to be traced to the kidneys, |
but now modern science proves that nearly '
all constitutional diseases have their begin- !
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake !
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild j
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's i
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is I
scon realized. It stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases j
and is sold on its merits (F^r"- [
v.. Mil in I i L Pi II Ml if ' I
cent and one-dollar siz- j?gj^ |SHj| |||||p 1
sarr.pie bottle by mail "Home of swami>r>?>r. j
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find !
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble. |
Mention this paper "/hen writing Dr. Kilmer '
& Co., Binghamto'*> N. Y.'
To All.
; ?- i Read the f
a~ / .//. xi-~*A
[Yours of recent date to hand requ<
kidneys. My physicians said that I co
ii gallons drawn Irom ecrotunx several
fluid. Was unable to get any rest or e
able to attend to my business. I can
glad to give it, ob Bome poor suHerer m
The trade supplied by
News was received in Winusboro
on Monday of the death of Col. J. B.
Davis at Killians on Sunday night
A few days ago mention was made in
The News and Hebald that bis health
was failing and his frienda were expecting
the end.
Col. Davis was decended from two
of Fairfield's oldest families. His
father was Rev. Jonathan Davis, aj
Baptist minister and iarge planter,,
and his mother was a Kincaid. Col. I
Davis attended "West Point severs) I
years, and studied medicine, practiced
his profession and farmed at Mo?ticello
in this county. His wife wa?
Miss Fuller, of Beaufort. He entered
the Confederate army a9 captain of a
("ftmnarnT noar hie rtlrt }n">TWA
and tie was made colonel of the I5th
Regiment for conspicuous gallantry.
His war record is a glorious heritage
to his descendants. He was one of the
bravest, and had not only the respect
of his men, bat their love. In 1879 he
was appointed sheriff of Fairfield
Col. Davis was a trne gentleman,
and many instances of hia display of
genuine lnaverv will be recalled by
his Coi>iV<!rn? e comrades when thev
hear of Li> ueath. He was about 73
years of age, and leaves surviving
him two children, Mr. T. F. Davis
and Miss Annie F. Davis, of Killians.
The fnneral services were held yeste
d*; m-?rniog at St. John'sEpiscoa
pal < h<i ch at 8 30 o'clock.
For Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. v: inslow's Soothing Syrup
has been nsed for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
wbik* tecthiDg, with perfoct success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, enres wind colic, and
is the be6t remedy for diarrhoea It 1
will relieve the poor littie i-nfferer
immediately. Sold bv druggists in
every part ui tuc wuuu, x .TQiMj uiv
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for |
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
Wc are having the prettiest weather i
I ever saw for November. *
Mr. Easrene Lever was called to bis (j
brother's death-bed last Wednesday, j
which was very sad.
A number of people from this com- \
mnnity attended the State lair. "Ibey,
report tbe exhibits gooa. aoa me ai-r
tendance larger than ever known.
There is sickness at the qaarry. j
Thft families of Messrs. Glover, Jami-:
son find Brooks ptfll have fever, though!
t&ey are cow Improving.
Oar school will give a masic and!
calisthenio entertainment just befoie
Mr T C Leitner i3 pu'tinz op a very i
nice home on Mr Broom's place.
Mr David Cork spent a few daysj
with Mr S R Rutland last week.
Mr Leslie Lyles, who has im J
Florida for the pan month, b*s re-1
turned home. S BB.
Nov 21, ?99. i
Story of a Slave.
To be bonod hand and foot forbear*,
by the chains of disease is th* word*!
form of slavery. George D. Williams,
of Manchester, "Mich., t*-lis how i-wcba.
slave was made free. He say*: "My
wife has been sohdpleps for fivf? >ear?i
that she coidd act turn over m bed!
alone. Alter lining two boitlesof Eeetrie
Bilterp, sbe i* wonderfa-ll'y raiproved
and able to ?io her own work.'"
This fupreme remedy f->r female disooooo
nnioblr iurvAnQm>(Ui
v?CV5 v^uivaij vu< w uvt v vuwvxv r
Jessness, inelr achOiy, headaebe,. backache,
fainting and dizzy spells This*
miracle working medicine is ago (teen m
to weak, sickly, ruudov*n people.
Every brittle guaranteed. fchily oO
cents. Sold by McMastvr ($> .,. drp?gists.
m _ L: - ^
*iof T>nt it the lour days' w- ik ou ib?
pubiic rouJ? >?ij>ce lis Hrft of Jannwv.
are required tw do bo at one?, aa
law reqairfM that lr>nr days'' vrerk
must bn pui on eagh road during sb*s
ll-lS-4t Conify CoaaiMiwwrsk
dreadful disease and it v
bllowlng letter from R. J. B<
\ 3
5stlng statement Of my case which I gladly give. I 1
uld not last but a short time. I was unable to 11? do
I times. I was completely filled at the time X b<
leep except while tinder the influence or an opiate. :
now ride my horse, a thing I had been unable to d<
Ay be benefitted thereby.]
The wedding of Mr. E. D. Eon, of
Florida, to Miss Esther Jennings took
place on Wednesday evening at 7.30
and was one of the prettiest home
weddings that has ever taken place
here. The room in which the ceremony
was performed wa9 tastefully
decorated in green and white cedar
and palms and was lighted by white
wax candles, which shed a soft light.
An arch of green and white was
across one eicle of tie room aBd from
this was suspended a horseshoe of
white chrysanthemums, and beneath
- ? L? 1 Axvsvy) ) ? <V?/\ 'X'AlltHY
1II19 bVIXiUUI Ui ^UUU lU^fk tjui; (yvuu^,
coople plighted their troth. The organ
was banked in palms and upon it were
placed can dies. Miss Maggie Gladden
played the march as the bridal party
entered and took their places. The
bridesmaids, Misses Bertha Robinson
and Kate JenniDgs, entered the room
through different doors and crossing
over took their places near the nrgan.
Miss Bertha Robinson wore a lovely
dress of white organdie trimmed in
white satin and chiffon, and carried
yellow chrysanthemums tied with
white ribbons; Miss Hate Jennings i
wore white organdie over blue and j
carried white chrysauthemnm9 lied?
with bine ribbons. Following these j
bridesmaids came the four little flower !
girls in pairs, and entering by different I
doo?-s crossed over and took their j
places. These liUJe maids were Maude- |
jEiobiupon with Agu*s Curlee and- j
JRuth Jennings with Irene Curlee- :
The little girls looked love'v in wlii'e j
organdie dresses and white ribbons, j
The first two carried chrysanthemums. \
one white and the other yellow, ana !
xhe other two carried lighted caudles. |
Then the brido en'ered by a door on \
the right, on tbe arn: of her maid-vf- ;
ihono, Miss Jessie Jennings, who wore j
? beautiful dress of white orsanciic k
over pink and carried % bouquet Jf
pink chrysanthemnms Toe bride '
3ooked stately and very sweet in her j
bridal robe of wnite org&ndie r<vei S
white satin, and a long veii caugbr up j
with pure white flowers Her bon- j
quet was compoe-:dof han^oine white; >
chrysanthemums. The sroora ^ith'
his best man, Mr. M.S. Jennings. \
entered from the left acd met hi*'t
ibride, aed the ceremony wa? per- i
formed in an impressive manner by?
IRev. J. D. Croat. j
The reception room was decorated ?
"with a mass of cut flowers, and tbe j
dining room was beautiful with ever- j
greens, autumn leaves, and cut flow- t
ers. The sapper was bountiful and.
j every delicacy of the season was
- a mi? 1?--3- ?< ua au 1 1
! served, jLne uriue wm iuu ,
j of many beautiful and handsome: j
After the reception Mr. and Mrs.
Ron left on the midnight train for (
Florida. The bride's travelling dress- i
I was a handsome blue tailor-made auiL- !
I with bat to mitch.
j I
i R ffl ^ a ^
Month f
$ there are thousands of wo;
d men who nearly suffer death fj
4 from irregular menses. Some- Aj
\ times the " period " comes too V
I v often ? sometimes not often w
] d enough?sometimes the flow is
:| 4 too scant, and again it is too A<
j J profuse. Each symptom shows
| f that Nature needs help, and f
. $ that there is trouble in the or- ^
| i gans concerned. Be careful A
l \ when in any of the above con- v
| ditionS. Don't take any and v
6 every nostrum advertised to
! i cure female troubles. 4\
0 mniv I t n ivroiTT ? TATy 9
! i t-fiJUALt KtliULAlUK k
0 is the one safe and sure
a medicine for irregular or pain- a,
\ fal menstruation. It cures all \
r the ailments that are caused by f'
A irregularity, such as leucor- 4'
A rhcea, failing of the womb, 1.
\ nervousness; pains in the head, *
* back, breasts, shoulders, sides, r'
# hips and limbs. By regulating '
, \ the menses so that they occur a.
f ~ ? AijvllfTl all T
L \ cvciy *** x
f r those aches disappear together. W
t S Just before yot: time comes, 4'
!; \ get a bottle and see how much 1.
| \ good it will do you. Druggists \
j! f sell it at $?. F
'J a Send (or o-ar free book. ** Perfect 8
Health for Women." \
'ilium. GA. - ?'
From DR
d thousands of desperate ca
yill positively cure you.
itsill, Maj. 18th Reg. S.C. V
frvTstC&^^Lj^ aJfczv*
yO // \~/^t^T->C? i
/i^[$2$?t//? Q?zp
28.V& been suffering for three years from dropsy, gt
vm except shortly alter being ta pped, every tissue
igan. VAUGHN'S LITHONTKIPTIC. perfectly helpl
I have used eight bottles ol VAUGHN'S LITHON
3 tor nearly two years. You any f>ublbh such oI l
sale by JOSIAH J. OBEAR,
, Columbia, S. C.
Mr. Editor: It is hard to realize f Iiat
two mouths have elapsed since the
opening of the college. Time passes
very rapidly at Wintbvof-, which can
be accounted for by th steady, diligent
work done by the student body.
During the course of thejpast few
weeks we have enjoyed some interesting
lectures. The one by Robert J.
Burdeite, on October 27th, was highly
appreciated and largely attended.
Among the visitors to the college
during the p*st month v;as Dr. Dabney,
president of the University of
Tonnoccep whfi craVP T1S a llice talk OU
"The Good of Education." Dr. Dabney
eeemed impressed wi'h the work
that is being carried on at Winthrop,
and thinks that this coliegd will do
much for the woaien of the State.
His views on ' woman's rights" are
pretty correct ones. He i3 glad that
the time lias come when educational
advantages are held out to women as
well as men; be believes that woman's
brain is equal to man's, and is glad
also that the time ha3 come when she
is allowed to take her position in the
professional field. But Dr. Dabney
draws the line when the "voting question"
comes up. He thinks that women
who keep up with the time? can do as
ranch good in advising their husbands
acd brothers to vote wise j as they
would do in going to the polls themselves.
We appreciated the compliments
paid to onr college snd to onr
president, and it gratifies us Co learn
that in the library of tbe University
of Tennossee among the photographs
?f prominent edaciuonal man 'be one
of President D. B. Job'isou has been
placed. I>r. Dabney said that he
v.'ould lake pleasure in tei-iug iho^e
connec:ed vri.ii th? uciveisuy of what
be termed "this magnificent institattOii."
On November 16th, Dr Russell
(.'.CiiweJi, Philadelphia, delivered in
tLo c-jUeg *u-.iitorlnm one of the most
~ * - ? - lU.t
powerful SiriKing lectures luav
a Winthro.D ?c Rock iiii'i audience ever
'isieucd to. Be- Conweli's powers as
an orator h&verfeeen compare J to those
of.TsJmage, ane deservedly so. Hi"
distinct enuaciatie*j,his pleasing voice,
' his strong and beautiful language, toi
gether with his c&arin and ease o!
1 manner, could bardiy fail to exercise
ia magnetic influence apon any audii
ence. Tbis influence was felt last
j Thursday night when JD'\ Conwell
i delivered hi* discourse -on ^Acrcs of
i Diamonds, or Where to 4.*et Rich and
Bcc^rae Great." Dr. Ooswel! is tha
. well known pastor at the Baptist Ternj
pie, Philadelphia, whirh boasts of the
| largest church congregs:ion Amer
ica He is also president of "Thr
; Temple College." \VintL*rop<is sa.ky
to have S( cured hi?n for ows-of ?ii<
members in the setie* of e'itoctaict
menta heid bere througnour rae-y^r..
On last ijaiurday evening at the Rcoi
Hi!! Athletic Park the L'ieru*on foot
hail team played another game of b.<H
this time with the team of the Nortt
i: Carolina Agricultural and Mecbanica
College. Of course, as usual, Clem
..son won One of the bo\s on tht
North Caroliua team was rigbt badb
hurt and medical assistance was needed
. Theie was some very appropriate re
auiks on the subject or foot-ball play
, ing in last week's issne of the Rock
! Iliil Hersld. Mr. Hull, the editor
has some good, sound views on th(
f bubject of the game. And it doei
satin ;hat other and m;?der forms o
j] athletic sports could be indulged it
ij with less serious results?.
|] There was a public meeting of tb<
!! Purrv Li:erarv Societv oi? Saturda1
rj / , - .
; evening, wbich was qare. a sacces1
The d- ba'e was as follows:
j! Qnery |!
"Tip belter (o ha\e foo? )t< and lost
:i TiitM never to have fuugut at all.'1
[i Affirmative?Misses Eva Rollins am
L? Ro.^ Melton.
: Negative?Misses Mary Aimir ant
rj Carrie Reeves.
I Both sides of the question were pa
u fo? th very forcibly. The jcdgf-? apo:
'< tLe dpbafe were Rev. Canter J hus'Oi
ard Profs. Kinard and Abbej Tfc
av?ni?g altogether afforded ? >t-?rar
C '*
l "ro_? j */v ^ ?lu/ro ruill o?i
aeit rriu?Y cue uv>i:cs? ????*
' jp? a maaical it?at of which mure au<>r
:1 Pa ck Hill, No?. 20, '99. Nelle.
,4 _ ^
'i Dii. Cady's Condition* ??.-wps- :
.] jn-t what alt ? ,>r-er!? v -.i
h3fVc<*i^ition. 'J- * W-?ou tr j
j! si ' --nnifage. '* * are uov f<
" u .inJnfl a-i'y i ' ... HAst. i r? tice t
JJ UU'i IUIUO uii" vuv v
, pnt a horse in prime c-njdition. Pri'
25 cPiits ner package Fv" saV fr
JucMa&ier Co.
ises of this
61s., i860. j,
f. /^5H? a^^A/cL.
?* >*"
# ^ MS ,
,"_* _t. ^ ft
sneral anasarca, caused from liver and
com pletel j- filled, saturated irtth fluid;
ees, legs terribly Infinmcd and exuding
TEIFITC and am no'y-comfortable and
ay statement a3 you may desire. Ian?
Winnsboro, ?. C.
Remarkable Rescue.
i Mrs. Michael Curta:n, Plainlield,
II1L, makes the statement, that she
I caught cold, which settled on her
; lungs: she was treated for a month by
j her familv physician, but grew worse.
; He told her she was a hopeless victim
i of consumtion and that no medicine
' 13 n?K unc
i coma emu ut/i iici uiug^?v?
! gested Dr. King's New Discovery for
1 Consumption; she bought a bottle and
! to her delight found herself benefited
from first dose. She continued its use
and after taking six bottles, found herself
sound and well; now does her
ewa bonsework, and is as well as she
ever was. Free trial bottles of this
Great Discovery at McMaster Co.'s
drng store. Large bottles 50 cents
and $1.00. ' 6
Mrs. H. A. Gaillard returned on
Monday from Charleston.
Used by British Soldiers 1a Aerie*.
Capt. C. G. Dennison is well known
all over Africa as commander of the
forces that captured the famous rebel
Galieh*. Under date of Nov. 4,1897,
from Yryburg, Bechuanaland, lie
!1" - efaWintf All th#>
WrilUS . ' ijctuic oiaiuug vu ?
campaign I bought a quantity of Cbam!
berlain's Coiic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, whicli I used myself when
troubled with bowel complaint, and
had given to ay men. and in every
case it proved most beneficial." For
sale by McMaster Co.
Gbeenville, Colombia,* Spartanburg
and other places bavo adopted
tbe anti-spi'.ting ordinance. As long
as it is the fashion, we suggest the
la^ to our town council.
Belief la six Hoars.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder Disease
relieved in six hours by "New
Great South American Kidney Cure."
It >s a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
in b'-.dder, kidney* and back, in male
or female. Relieves retention of water
almost iramediately, if you want
qniejj roJiet acd care this is the remedy,
sold by W.E. Aiken, druggist, Winnsboro,
S. C.
Mrs. vy. D. Douglass retercs to-day
from St. LoaJe, Mo.
It vrill nor be a Jmrprise to -&oy who
are at all fftmiJiar with the itood qualities
of Chamberloin's Cough Beaedj,
to kaov7 that peopie everywhere take
, pleasure in relating their experience in
the use of that splendid medicine and
in telKnsr of the benefit they have received
from if, of bad colds it has
cared, of threatened attacks ofpnea-|
; raonia it has averted and of the chilif
hn? saved from attacks of cronp
1 acd whooping couph. It is a grand,
good medicine. For sale by jMcMasr
ter Co.
' ?The sonth-bouad train wac*5everal
. hours late o.'i Sunday, reacbin/ here
: in the afternoon.
i ?
j Save Your Money.
; One box of Tutt's Pills wi. s
many dollars in doctors' I ills
!j They wiEsurely cure; 'Ic'Jse es
>. ;ofthe stomach,live r< 'i".m
?' Reckless Ass^'doi:
j For sick headachc, dy: n ?2:2.<
malaria, constipation m biSoi
usness,ainillionpeo. \ ti. hrsz
TUTT'S Liver i 11 LS
WANTED, for cash, Hickory, Dogwood,
Persimmon, Walnut Logs.
! Southern Hardwood Co., P. O. Box,
j 529, Charleston,- S. C. 11-22-lm
. <fUik? Bottt lurfrfA,1 flhaet, an<i flth*F SfftPfflS.'
^ i comb Riley Aa MB
j sme of orifeu. 1 I
j facetious pan.- S
. > rraphs ana oc> (.QBnk^MK B
i loqnice^A book . jgjHMWMMgH
d ! enters a new JglPpB
' ' enjoyed amoar
' your friends. Coitzi?* "The Bow-legged Ghost,1
"When Ezra. Sang Jiirst Baas, "The JIan Wh
Couldn't Laugh/" *' Possible Titles of Futui
Books," "Selling of Pair," "No Woman, N
I Fad," "Societr Accesses," etc., etc. Thia flu
n | edition bound in cloth, printed on extra fin
u r paper, and absolutely tiie best humorous book pul
l i listed. "Worth $2.SO, dialled postpaid for il.<x
3 : Order al once. Send for our new special llltu
| trated catalogue mailed free. Gives you the Ion
; est prices on all good books. Address all order* t
?V : ffufeUihirt ami Kioni*ctur?r?. AkTOS,OhlC
(The Vi'eraer Cooap.%njr is tbstocghly reliable.]?Editor.
. %
Pie fell Knoii Jeweler aid
Optician, 1
ivill show his handsome and extei^ive
sample line of Watches, Jewe!r\,
Spectacles ind Christmas Goods
it Winnsboro Hotel j
Tuesday, Nov. a8th.
One Day Oniy. \
4 - 535
fecial Miction in Prices on Account of
Hard Times. Cleaner than aiy&talogae.
V ' '3f;
0 ?e.< f the Finest Watch aud Jewelry
Repair Sbops m she State. All
Work Gu*rati c ,d. Prices
Reasonable. . 'K
Sheriff's Sale:
BY virtue of an execution to me directed,
I have levied upon and
will sell to the highest bidder, before
the Court House door in Winnsboro,
S. C., on the first Monday in December
next, the following real estate:
All that piece, parcel or tract of
land, with the buildings thereon, in
the town of Winnsboro, containing
four-fifths of an a:re, fronting on Zioit
street 150 feet, more or less, and running
back from said street 211 feet,
more or less, then extending south and
back 140 feet, moro or less, and to
Zion street .211 feet, more or les?, and
bounded on the north by lands of
Sarah M. Matthews and Mrs. M. A. - Duval:;
on the east by Zion street;
south by lot of Mrs. S. E. Crawford.
Also, all )hat piece, parcel or tract
of land, containing three-fifths of an
aore, more or less, being lot ? of a
nlat of resurvey dated ^November 29 th,
1894, and bounded as follows North
by lot A of said plat; east by lots C and
D of said plat; sooth by lots
formerly belonging to John Parcel l;
west by Garden street. Said lot or
parcel of land having been conveyed
to B. J. Emerson by Margaret Goings ' by
deed bearing dale 17th December, v ;f
A. D. 1894.
Also, a lot marked Q, on a survey
of J. M. Stewart, measaring 28-1 by
286 by 210 feet, being the home now
occupied by W. G. Emerson. Levied
on as the properly of B. J.
Emerson at the suit of T. F. Davit
and B. B. Jdananan.
. 11-LStd S. F. C. '?5
" ' -
I Three Papers a Week |
i-5 ... T.. - ' ? gj
1 FOR ABOUT Trie i
| This f^pcr a^d 4bc Atlanta | .
a Twke^WeefcJourgal for
| i Sl.SO! I
if Here you get the news o? \
| the world and all your local &
3 news while it is fresh, paying ?
?v, r\-*n AT">A 5T
. ^ very jii/t-Lc iiivio v^v
1 paper costs. Either paper is
a wellVorth $1.00, but by spe- sj
| cial arrangement we are en- |
j abled to put in both of thorn, *
5 giving three papers a week e
j| for this low price. You can- f
not equal this anywhere else. |
J9 and tnis combination is the $
;* fcestpremium for those w"ho |
J w;ant ;a great pr.per and a | ?
3 h'ome paper. Take these anil *
j| you will keep up with the %
J times. ?
| .Besides general news, the %
|5 ?wice-a-Week journal has |
M| much agricultural matter jr
3 and other articles of special s '
3? interest to farmers. It ha3 %
^ regular contributions by Sam g
3 Jones, Mrs. W. H. Felton, s .
J JiOfen -Temple Graves, Hon. f
g Q. 0. .Jordan and other dis- |
a tingttished.writers.
% Call at thi^ ^office and leave ycur %.
3 subscriptions {OT-coui yam.*. *w ...
% C40g<ta ?*aapfe ^ccpyof either pa- |
3 per here 011 appfceatisa/ ( g|
, * Founded 1842.
"Sing tfaeir own praised
BUY; it has NO EQUAL as veil save
will last a lifetime; but we have several
BARGAINS in other makes. ?w?
We have taken in EXCHANGE FOR
I PIANOS, one, the finest style {hat firm
- . j _ ~ Tf
snanai^ctures unu u i* ucn.
yon want this make here are bar;;*:.!*.
., Baltimore, Md.
J Factory Branch Wsre-R^om. N<> 213
i Forth 'J fvoii St., (Jhari'Mte, N C.
C. If. WILMOTH, Maoaeer.
On Improvfd Firms *ecu.v>?l b> first
mortgage* Int-nst 8 i?.?r cent'. (n
sam* no?^ !Pie t?'*n $500, 3 to 8 >e;rs
No c D?rr<ur-r p^5-? -?c:uil
Wii?i?-?b??ro. S. (J
11-25 ' ?.;? 'u ttbia, S <*.
i i OF SEW ytlSK,
6 !
h 41 - - -.-A J-C ?iuti*nn.
w ICV'IJCII* ? M^arc -"i ???r p-iwuo *v**
^ av.
5 M?l,_ ~ .
It AJJL ?up JWR?A17 py-?p?o* ?<(y
* put tmgp&&m*Q aico ijp? YNyOftJd V
' ;S

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