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----- - ..J. , .
J.M J. J.IJ i,
i\" J2? VV xii.1 ^
(Jue^Tear, ... 81.50
?lx Month*. - - .75
WednesJs.y, December 6. 1899
Tbc Richoioa l Dispatch ha* resurrected
a letter from Geo. U-.tv-rt E.
Lee, which has a be*ri?.g apoa a
matter th it hi* be^n much discaseed
iu the new^-iper* liteiy. In 1863,
the Richmond city eoaiicif appropriated
$60v000, ''for the pnrchA'e of a
* 3 /"* 1
a house anil lot to oe tencereu uvucru
Robert E. Lee and family, free of
rent." When General Lee heard of
the action of the city council of Richmond
be wrote the following letter:
Army Northern Virginia,
November 12,1863
To the President of the City Council,
Richmond, Va.:
Sir?My attention has t>< en directed
to a resolution reported in the newspapers
as having been jintroduc^l imo
the body over which yoa preside,
having for its object thepurch^e by
the city of Richmond of a hon e for
the use" of my family. I assure you,
sir, that no waut of < pfrecia ion ot
the honor conferred upon me b> this
resolution or insensibility to the kind
feeling which prompted it, induce!
me to ask, a* 1 most respectfuly do,
that no further proceedings be taken
with reference to the subject The
house is not necosiry for the u?e of
my family *nd my own duties will
prevent my residence in Richmond.
T ,J ka ffi
decline the generons t ffer, and trast
that whatever means the city coanci]
may have :o sp?re for this pnrpose
aaay be devoted to the relief of the
families of onr soldiers in the field,
who are more in need of as?si>tance
and more deserving of it than myself.
I have the honor to be, very respectfully,
Yonr obedient servant,
R. E. Lee, General.
Speaking A this letter the Charlotte
Observer says:
Richmond Pearson Hobson his
faiien into some disfavor oecause ne
ailowei too nuny women to kiss him
in public; aud yet it is recalled in this
conn c;ion that after his performance
at Santiago l.is neighbors at Greensboro,
Ala., sprung a project to raise
money to lift a mortgage o?i his
father's bouse, bat that the young
man said No; he would payoff that
mortgage him?e!f, which he his done,
and in addition to which he is educating
a young sister at one of the best
schools at the South.
Bat this is enongh to say, for comparisons
The atmosphere of the Souih or
something is not suitable tor the pro
dcction ot men who like houses as
W3 notice from (hi Aagusta Chronicle
ihat i bill if? now pending in the
Georgia Legislature at the instance oi
Hon. 0. B. Stevens, commissioner ol
agriculture, ''for the purpose of perfectiD;?
the system of oil inspecting in
the State of Georgia." Another instance
of what a loss the abolition of
the department of agriculture hag
been to South Carolina.
me xacc in&i georgia u? a imolguj
of oil inspection has suggested to ns
that Sonth Carolina might have such a
system with great profit and benefit to
the citizens of the State. We have
seen oil sold in this State that was
worth very little more than water foi
illuminating purpose?, and merchants
would say, upon inquiry, that tbey
weie powerless to prevent it. Some
timee it is almost impossible to buy
good kerosene. A system of inspection
would prevent such swindles, and
tbc duty of inspecting meal, flour, &cM
might also be added to the daties oi
tbe i3?pector.
Says the Augusta Chronicle in reference
to the Georgia bill:
Another important feature of tbe
bill is tbe one providing for a StHte
A ?4- ~ ~ ~ UmiIwaoo if will ha
inspector, wuuae uumhwo k. .?? ?
from time to time, to visit the varioupoints
in the State where thero are oil
Inspectors, and to see that their work
is conducted in accordance with the
provisions of the it.w. In all departments
of business and in other branches
of the Siate government it has been
deemed proper to have these supervising
officers whose business it is to
inspect the work of local agents and
keep it up to the standard. It is believed
by the commissioner that the
office of S:afe oil inspector will not
only pzy for itself, but arid a consider
able sum to toe revenues ieueivcu uj
the State from tne Inspection of lilominatin^
oiiR. This measure will come
before tbe senate for action i?the next
dny or two, and it is believed wi 1
pas3 (he upper house as it did ia ihe
Ir will be noted thai the balief is
expressed "that the office of State oil
insDcctor witl not oo!y pa* for itself,
but add a comiderably enm to the
revenues received by (be State." We
suggest that some member of the South
Carolina General Assembly eeod for a
copy of this bill. It is certain'? worth
while to inquire into the operation of
the law iu Georgia. We need a State
oil inspector
Ge:-7. Wood is not ouly a splendid
soldier, bat he has plenty of good
hard common 6ense. He has been a
succsss in Cuba, and we are glad to
see that he is elated to succeed Gen^
Sternberg as surgeon-general of the
army wh?n the latter retires next
Dewey lacks good taste, and it
seems that he can u#t he'p it. lie and
FresideM aictuiuey nave aiueu
Gridley'd son, and poor Dewey kno.vs
no better than to speak publicly < f i
arid Lave it paraded ali over the country.
Mrs. BChurchill, Berlin, Vt., says:
"Onr hahv was covered with ?un
ning sores. DeWitt's Wi ch Hazel
Salve cured her." A specific for piles
and skio diseases. Beware of worthless
counterfeits. McMaster Co.
The whole Sontb sbonld help in the
or) ?as!fl t/i lest iho coiistitu-ion
- ?
ality of the 10 per cent tax on State
banks. With this tax out of the way,
panics could rage in New 1'ork as
long as the money power choee without
affecting every little community in
ths South. With the resources of the
South as security the currency of our
State banks "will command confidence
at home, and a temporary stringency
can be relieved without applying to
iNRW iorK. xlic wuouiu'ivi? ?
the tax has been before the Supreme
Court, bat that was just after the Tar,
and all of thejadges who took part in
the decision are dead. Justice Davis'
dissenting opinion ia that ca?e is jast
unanswerable. It woaid not su-'priso
as if the court as at present constituted
and under present conditions
would fo:!ow the line of Judge Davis'
J [, live the rest or' your correspon-j
deiits1, hive been very relax in my
dutv, and it may be from the ficr that |
new3 has !>ee:i very s-caroy ai she'
i county and wc hive nothing ^.- cou-'ag- j
I ing to report.
I Tin ^rv,n is all voiie with tb? i
v. - ?? ^
exception of a iittle late cotton to open j
and pick, and it will take s? vc-r^l
farms to make up a baie. So i;>? r? j
ml] not ie enough in it to get any {
Xmi? I
There h<is been a considerable at ea ;
> sowi i:i small grain, both wheat &nd 1
' oatp, wh:cb are looking good. Somo
report fle-si.tn fly 0:1 grain. I sup- j
pose o^vii.g warm wca'her. j
I bave beeti trying 10 keep u,.? with :t
toe "war ana ai^pentarv :cv?s, uu i-.c .
more I ren>i the 9, vra: J aui coulustd ;
aod some-ims* c>me t) the c^nclu.ii"n j
that both sha Boer* and P?,?i!ipp:.-es j
have jcsr. causs for res! ;? r, S
were we hi their plac?3 we would s-ay !
we are defending onr c'i>?;?uU< i>?.\ j
, rights. I am ot>poM <; :n th? s\s;,ai:
of expansion for the purpose 0. > o-l
1 litical purposes, but Icupp^e it ".?> j
pends altogether upon whoose ox i
1 As regard8 the dispensary ^rar, as |
long *3 thoy were using piper bu'ie s j
it was food for thought ?.nj no hann
was bei&g done but obtaining free {
j advertising, bnt unfortunately it j
i from paper to lead anrt make* t ne j
matter more serlcas wiih-he p*r;ies!
concerned. I hope fchi-; affair vrili pr .?dace
some serious reflection upon the
minds of our salons so tnat toey may
prepare back protectors if nny
hoald have we^b Wick-, vH be rcadv
tor soms.changc which will he m-re
satisfactory to the people generally.
Give us local optiou, as it is the be.it
solution of the dispensary law that inv j
minrl cnnoeiwAJ Ap_ anil it will t&ka it '
out of politics. Do not leave it an j
issue for the u?xt campaign. The |
legislature i* all well prepared to act '
, uow as they will ever be ?nd will shut. J
off any claim the candidate* for State !
offices may have in the uext general
The aiigel of death ha* visited onr
houuebo'd and snatched frota ns our
*on W. Wvlic McKinstry, wh\> was
an exceedingly bright b >y and dutifu
' son. He wa3 ten years of age. Wei
bo?r in submission to God's wil', j
knowing that he d ;etn all things well j
and that oar loss is his eternal gain, i
i Miss Gertrude Camhen ard Mr.
Wattie Man were married at the resi!
I deuce of the bride's ia her, Mr. J. L. i
i Cauthen, on Wednesday ni^h: last,
Rev. M L. Banks, Jr., officiating,
i There wa* a lecep'ion g v--:: at Mr*-.
Carrie Mann's the next <Uy.
Mr. G "VV Smith anil fa*:;i:v are
'.expecting to move to Columbia in a
> short time. I aoi so:ry to hear <>t'-o
f many of o ?r Fairfiehl friends leivi:^
' for tbe citv as it does K<>t -peak highly
' for the general prosperity of t'ie
county. T. B. M.
Dec 4, ?99
Tetter, Salt-Khcum a~d 1 ??.
Tbe iijtense itchinsr n.1 -ii: in ;* in
, cident to these diseases, in i.^.uiitly
f allayed by applying ^taunbti Kin's
Eye and Ssin Oinlmem. Manv vtrr>
bad cases hnve been jvrraitnenu.v cured
by t. I 8 eqnally cfficiriit for i chlng
piles and h favorite re.r.edy f"i* f-oie
nipples, chopped ha:i?1s, chiibla:i;?,
fro-t bites and chronic = >re r-. *?s.
25c:8. oei box. For ^):'e by Mc Vizier
New Orleans Tima-D.'uocrut.
"I witue se*i a rea'K' astou'Miing
exhibition o? coolne?? and pre=eu?;c oi
mind this altc-noon." s.od a N-jw Orleans
itisur&nce man. "Some work- i
men <cem removing an overread wire
on upper Prytania Mrret, when one
end or it broke loose a?;d dr^p^.-d j
, down to the pa?ecneut. ic doubled
into h sort of loop as it foil, and, b -i
t>ingnl?:r chance, it completely em-irr?!nrl
a\n!it;fr man vc'uo was rv;<a:.!i?.
wirr:ouf, however, loncbi?:r him anywhere.
Some people were s'ai.dir).^ 'n
a liearby doorwav, satid immediately
yelled, 'Livre wire!'
"Nine men out of sen wonld have
lost their heads u:ider such circumstance*,
l>u> tbis v<?nng chap as
calm as a summer morning. Tee
wire was wriggling all a;ound him,
like an immense soak?, and threatened
every moment to strkehim ou the le.-js.
morlft y*r\ f) )
UU< UC ujau^ u / VM/t i> v w w .
the c?ntrary, in stood psriV.ctJy s<i I,
puffing away at a ci^ar he had been
ilinking as hi carne aioog, and presently
when he saw an opportunity, he
saunteied qnietly oa? of the opei. i*nd
of ib*? loop, as unconcerned, to ail
appearance?, as a man wilkiiig out of
a drawing room. I was on the opposite
side of '.he street at the time the
thing occurred, and I mint cenfess it
made mv hair bristle on my he.ul. I
ran across and couldn't he'p remarking
to the j oang man thai I admired
i hi-* D nek. He Uughei. 'Oh! that's |
all ou ihe -urfdce!' he sai l, 'I'm chipping
with sweat and am really tci'ivd
to deatii.'
"I wvuKi like to round off this -?tor>
by sayhrg that the wire ?.as cair\j:ig
enough carrent to kill an elephant," but
the trutb is that ii was noi connected
at ?r.e litnc. and was a< lutnil-?-, a* a
p uce cfcio h's; iine. S:il , th t **>.$
some ??ing nobody kn *v f.?r ; r 'm
ho=i;\ aii'l I 'n^i?*! 'hat i:. his no -'?eurit
t;iteil K.crisi of tta case."
j Mr. J. 5n? er, fecialMo., saved
i hi* rlnw.'s iife t?v On? Minnie Coogb
me. l)..ct. r? hid given !:er up ;<?
tfio wi.b c;OUp It's at) ;tilal:ii;ie cure
for congi.s-, o ?id?, grippe, p.;eu?u >cia.
bronchitis and throat a-J-i lauy iroa
bles. Relieves at once, iioilabier Co. I
kJKJXO X AiV->* A?vv?*v ?
We bear of the chime? of the wed- j
din^ cc!!s. B*i'. ziil to our sorrow!
wf fire 'eii r.itJ.oat a "bid."
Mis<j;Lotiie Gray Rabb is visiting!
ber sMe.% Mr>\ Gadsden.
Mi-s M-^Ue Ti l, of Elloree, is the J
guest -if T-li.
We th-i transportation of J
immense quanthijs of yranire. They
are shipping more now (h lh ttiey have :
been for years.
The Winnsboro Granite Company,
will comrneuce work again i:i a few j
da vs. j
The "country kids" enjojed :x
"pound party" at Mr. Lyles' !a-t !
Friday night.
Oar agent, Mr. Whitlock, has de-j
cided to leave Rocktoa. He is going '
to Florida where he says he will ge t!
a better job.
We are glad to know that the sick I
pe p!e at the quarry are rapidlv improving.
Tho merchints at our little city re-!
pon a rushing business for the past )
few week?; also gooa coneuuuiia.
The ginnery owned and operated by
Major Woodward iias been turning j
ont a bountiful supply of cotton during
the past week, all of which is raised
on his pi*ntatiou.
Oaf Hull* ?tati^?n h almost covered
with bales of cotton.
The large store of Messrs Woodnr-or.-j
Sr Hr, hau hppri ronainted. which i
is * great improvement.
We had the pleasure of accomodating
a camp of Gj'ppies last week.
Buily for Roekton. Nearly all of
onf people attended the State fair, and
judei-'g from what wc can hear they '
all s-iw '-'George." We tmstsomeof!
the f.>jk?< frocu our sisfer city saw him
Hi o.
Mujor Woodward claims he is getting
'.i the 'hsnmatism. It mu3t
. I
Otj 'ru?. an ac has been fox hunting
-vV-r>i urne cnring ioe past ieu uayo. i
'.ir SwiareH vvc-t to Coir Libia la- ;
F . a ?)r. j ?;(; ;.m: cba*fc "
j{?v of l'Oi". al)ia, |
pru> cL?-d .ii' extent m% s^rm^n a. |
Giver.I>?ics" CLurtb Jas: Sunday.
The ' lori^-bairtd" Nor'h Carolimai< j
gave a showtbe old fctiool hon?f\ |
neu.- Ocerb'i *r, Monday Jadg- ,
in r f. "Hi (},:* uissgrreabio weather wr.l
th;:ik ne ?iad a tinail crowd.
Nuv 2S, ?99 Kid.
A? a cure i'it iut'uu<an-m Ohamberhir?'.
Pain Ga'-n is eai: a wide
refutation. D B. Jobn&t >n. of Richu
Ii;d , h?.s been troubled with
tli?T ailreen: ?;iice 1362 In speaking
of it he Siv?.: 4,i never found inythiug
tl-a* would re:ir-VM me ntnil I used
Chamberlain'* IJain j{*lm. It act* like
tna^ic -.virh toe. My fjoc was swollen
aiid p?i"i!j? mi v.ry much, but one
an-ji'c* I iii in ' .hainberlrin's Pain
Bi!;:i jeiieve i inc." For sale by McM^sior
Tin- tarm.-ra ar?; nearly through
giH.'.-crin^ thi< \ oar's crop and the soil
is l>t'ii:^ tnrmd in pro*r< ss of another.
! :> T1 VI P.':,vpr\p.& ic n?->5fp n.;i r-YOPrt
lit fishing, rcia!!/ for red horse.
ilrRL flail ford spent a few days
in OUitnbia week on business,
j Mr W S Durh?m was the go-st of
| Mr mi ? Mrs T E Srnit.i for a few days
[ hiid devoted of his tini'j to fishing,
which he e j >\ed v< ry much.
Mr TE Smith ha* st-ven fine hogs
t<> kiil ?;ii h= fays he will h^ve plenty
of hog and hominy noxt jea^.
Jjr C'r.ud Cassel* ha3 letnrntd to
bi>. Si.w miil bn>itiesa after sp maing a
j <;a>s at tTie no:n?s ox nis unc r.
Sewral of our y? un* u:e?? have
! g>r>e to ill? ralboid <o work,
j Hunting m- to be the oider of
j iho day. Everybody ha-* learned to
i puii ?.':e irigger.
y.r T E Suiih, cue of Backlick'g
u crcbanf, has gotten in a fine
line <-f &oxta an ?-witn the aid of his
hustnrig cierk, Mr Hallford, he intends
doing * big basinc?3 during the
nps- month.
Farmers s:e planting plenty of grain
in fhi> section.
! Mi-s Nancy Wi'sDn died at the home
| of !) r father ou Sunday nigbt, 26tb,
i from the effects of typhoid fever. She
euil-:red a long time^but was concious
nutil death. She died very happy and
bir Ust request to her family and
I fnc-L'ds was to meet her ia heaven,
j Nov 28, ?09. HLR
I - _
I ??; fljjfcr- V'1- V-|?V> ]
11>' W W
fft' . V? / - A v* { ^"?(. A'
! &#%,: V&im
? .& J\ ?-; ..- -*; V.ava&^s^ 'iS>V
' &> /.... >--/ 4 s^" .Vs> *%,$?fc?
.y ' <" ~z> '}</ ?& \ / / * ^ sf;???>;#!
Mr.'T "r-. , """- :>\. *", j '-*
8 _ i
3 ?fcT/sct ?3: .is led Jj
Oat of Tune and Harsh.":]
8 ?haV-p:.v.r:\'; description fits tlier.- j
2 ca^cs oJ v.? .-en. They are cross, d<-.'.- ?
Hporn-tent, lervoiis?a bnrdon toil
R .- ! their jarri-iss. Thc,-rK
y sveot nlspo' itior.s arc gene, and they, l-'-o ii
?the bc'js, s.:u~. s.vily out of tune.
2 there is. a rtniedy. T hoj' can ore a
|Wine ?f Cerdulf
S It brings health to the tt-manly
jgorganising r :i health there nieruis J*
T7ell r _rre:s calv-niest", strength. r
| It restores vr^nar-Ir vigor and power. I
g It tones up the serves which suffer- (
Ting and di -M"?1 ? ? shatter.- L It fcj.
|the mojt > ?'cc:-?-7 ever devirod!
5to resto-; \ io j '-rfcctr
3 health, to make thsrm "ttrrctive (
Sand hap]'v. >r.oo.al all |
| For advice i:i csscr. rrqtiinuj; spec-1
Sial direction.?, address, giving syinp-1 ]
| tores, " 'f ho Ladies' Advisory De-| j
apartment-." The ChatUii; ZO~X lledi-1 j
Seine Co.. Chsitoac-oga, Tcnn.
a KET. J. TT. ?.:nT3, CiunUaD, ?. C., *
B says:?-"M.- v-'\i "-'ire of Cardu: at horn-- ?. i
fifor fa-linc el .' : j v-j-r.b aad il entirely cured ? ]
S -licU? a 5=L.iire of the public patronage.
n oa 1
oe?<-j u ccrrrrs- zrcr.-7?A~-ci ?7 T 2
f'ii ' '.
[;! . ;
l | <V^C2WJK v,f4 rvii -:V'j I
i faifftiliffo:t'"j
||| ^
I AVeg ? febie ?Kpiirafiorircr As - ||
i. sMating tiieTcbdandliegula- Jl
i fingtheStoaifichsandBowelsGr 'jp|
PromotesDigestion,Cheerful- 11
: uessafcdJfest.Cofltains neither jg
Opmm>Iorptne nor Mineral 23
j Jbapc cfOIdZr&XUZlKTZim
I Pwjion Sctl4Ix.Senaa
* J KgS}
I JioeAtlU'Sellf - |
| !l /bust. Steti * I hig
\ Jipperraiat . > 38
I sft CaJva.no/tSal3r * I 83
fTamSceJ- 1 SB
Gtrified &t$ar.
etfaSy/3*? Flxvsr. J
j [il Aperfecf-Remedy for Cons tips- 31
ft1 tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, 3gj
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- Sf'
mess and LOSS OF SLEEP. J|
i [ lac Simile Signature of
| jjXW VOBK. p
j ?.. -- ////imSr
~ --... ii?,,i, ill IIIIMBMInuii
Mr. Editor: A wiiter ascribes the
; gi ea~u prosperity oE the New England
i Stores to Mr.1 ere it :i;ti!titnde of small
: industries rather ihu- t-? iho great
j ircsiinfac?urT s ih-re. In addition to
; the ?ottr>n frtc'urics ibat am boomine
j iu onr Sure :ittej'U?n sh^nld be mrntd
1 A- *L - - ? - M . _ I ?! M!aj (rrKn.lt ItotTO
I IU !P0 n-r nniu^-iic u ur u u ?*v |
1 be-:>= aim. s! oblileta e<l since "war.
'i S"? ih:t P.-z.m- has a brouin titid
i mallre;- 'a'-.; orv ($5,000) and has bien
i shipping the j-rod net !o the Norths es;
tern States. Now the capitf 1 i". ini
fiieareti to S 10,000. Why can not a
; similar {actor-, be started in Winns;
b:iro? The farmers around would find
; it profi iab:e to rni<c brooia com, ai;d j
rr. fctoria e flrft at Tho i
j wniei* i a< for s<>nie j ears raised broom
I corn an.i i.?d his brooms made.
! Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
! Fill a bottle or common glass with your
j water and iet it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or settlinS
indicates an
W S^T73) unhealthy condi:
rrtfj f tion ?* kidUft
JPvUWf i i V neys; ^ {t stains
y?ur ^nen *l is
Al 2v{YZ^jf l\ evidence of kid-.
XjQAl/ W-ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
' pass It or pain in
" " ?5=-?? the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad-.
der are out of order.
Wkat to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's SwampRoot,
the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain In *."ie
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, ana to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won- '
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in50c. and$I. sizes.
You may hav? a sample bottle of this
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent^^^tfH|s^f^S5
absolutely free by mail,
address Dr. Kilmer & Home of 8wamj>-Root
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mention
reading this generous offer in this paper.
i Emm ii tie Use of M
) r* 1 i:? ^ ?r
uenerni mic ui
&c., &c., Sec.
J. W. Seigler,
nnnn nmn I ml
m WliMli
car of FINK SEED
WHEAT, which we
will sell cheap fcr
cash or on liberal
terms. All farmers
should sow some
M, W. DOTY & CO.
ft Mr;.'' a-A:!*
. - " v 7-1
kh, -'v = :} ^
; ' *% * ' * . , *
; : _ {. -& ? .. ; ;; *??
P? ' f. 'S r - '
??u >: a I,-' ; as ti
?2l - '' a*:' *; 11 biP' '^1
!T iU - * '" ~ .-? V : 7 / * 1^c '/Ti
tuts pjii'i ft*u aaV8
Aiwap Bsoght
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sears II
Sigaafeis/A| I!
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\J You lave
Always Bought.
Coanty Snpervisor.
Claims Approved at th z last Meeting
of the Board of County
Commissioners Held Nov.
r>- iftqq
The following claims wei e examined
and approved on State Ccse Fund of
No. Amonnt.
332 It E EUiEon, $ 6 60
833 Jas II Aiken, 16 00
834 J J Obcar, 16 15
885 C 11 Douglav?, 12 50
836 T J Douglas.-, 12 50
837 R C Arnett, 5 00
839 E H fleifls, 12 50
839 \V G B.tiibheH'1, 3 40
840 W J Hagood, 12 50
841 John Woolen, 12 50
842 iaml McOrmick, 12 50
843 It B H&n.'ihan, 5 00
844 D E McDowell, IS 75
8-io Thto A Quatticbaum, 5 00
846 W J Lemmon, 7 04
847 R H Jotiningp, 127 05
848 T U lJuUgiiSS, o uu
849 J E Douglass, 5 00
I The following claims were examined
and approved on Road audJJBridge
j Fnnd of 1899:
i N" Atnuuul.
850 William H Trsylor, $600 94
851 VV A Hill, couuty super, 23 75
852 J J Obear, 4 00
853 C I) ChappcJJ, 1 53
854 L Landeckcr, 4 70
855 T G Patrick & Uu, 28 07
856 Bill Ford, 1 63
857 \V B Kennedy, 1164
ore TT T -EMU..*. 4 f\f\
OOO HI JU uu ;
859 R T Matthews & Sod, 30 69
860 A D Hood, 35 i'j
861 S H VVrgau, 13 58
862 T II J , 13 58
863 E A JL>avi-, 12 77
864 Jas E Gladden, 2 76
865 A R N cbolson, 12 03
866 A W L?dd, agt, 6 19
867 D J Weir, 4 90
868 R A Urowder, 7 73
869 R Y Turner, 57 62
870 W 1) Wylie, 2 70
871 ilno L Ratieree, 2 60 j
872 R II KirKfa'rick, 9 S6 I
873 J do L Rattcreo, 5 70 ;
874 Jas S Allen, 5 15
875 T W Robert-on, 2 35
876 Robert Gaitber, 3 90
877 Joe A Stewart, 6 52
878 Willie Davis. 1 59
879 W H Roff, 10 87
880 H B R-tr, 5 70
881 W D Wylie 1 63
882 U W Broom. 27 17
883 SiUs Bivoui & Sam Woolen, 3 26
881 Wylie Davis, 2 70
885 Lazarus Johnson^ 5 20
886 R W Herrou, 61 40
887 M S HeiroD, 7 60
888 Jno P Matthews, 7 72
389 W R Rabb, 22 59
890 Wm Simpson, 113 96
ine following claims were exaininea
and approved on Poor House fond of
>o. Amount.
891 L Landecker, $ 2 06
892 H F Hoover, 41 70
893 A J Hinnant, 3 15
804 Alaueel McCIintock, 9 72
895 Juhn Woolen, 6 00
898 F E McMeekin, 3 25
997 J J Objar, 2 90
898 D H Wilson. 6 00
899 I' B Kefo, 24 00
900 T G Cainerou, 16 29
901 R E Richardson. 5 43
002 Robert A Boney, * 4 44
903 Manuel McClintock, 11 13
904 C I) Chsppell, 8 CO
905 R W Phillip-, 3G 50
906 W li Rabb, 4 00
The following claims were examined
and ftporoved on Public Building fund
of 1899.
No. Amount.
" T t >i? it. A nn
yu/ ?J ?J vjuiHi", ^ * <j\j
008 Walker, E & C g?we!l, 18 64
909 Farmers Vuinal Fire In* O, 2 17
J 910 S R Johnson, 6 68
911 K W Phillips 16 05
I do certify thut the above statement
is a correct coor uf claims approved
at the last meeting of the County
Board held on the loth day of November,
12 2 Connty Snpevieor F. C.
s a _
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It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon* i
structing the exhausted digestive or*
gans. It is the latest discovered digest*
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can approach it in etm5#6^v. It instantly
relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
c? VdllCDO I
JtMaiuieuut;, ouui uwuimyu, i.uuuv-i i
Sk:kHeadache,Gastralgia,Cramps,and j
all other results of imperfect digestion. J
Prepared by E. C. DeWitt & Co.. Chicago.
Winnsboro, & C?_ *
n-/ x v/ ju<jl a v^, ^ ? ? .
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a -f ' ? ? . b C
"O f! || .
<D 35=? 4, IS Q
> 0) ^
* ic rn o *
s- !- r??l fe 2
*" - = ?i Lrl = S >?, .
x- W f f J <"=? ^ r? ?
<? \J J j - ~ T ? * ? K^J o v :
? i. ' %*iU CQil 0 f8. ri f
S s<l??* K-- 'ss i
M O S.isfe <U v? ^
CO fx sHCi! !T =4 S .
3 1 Zs! = f y rn <
.1 . 1_ ? ^
J tins paper wny sen
at will sell quickly and
I &>
i the market. Our past wide I J
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Sundry Catalogue of orep^L
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__________ 7j
V<" 1
Dyspepsia, "Ij
rPT?~V I
X ?1 J J
A 'BOX |
OF . jj
Dy spepsia kJ
' ^2
Tablets. |

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