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1 ? i.L.1THE
news; and herald.
OueJIYear, ... 81.50
Six Slonth*. ? - .73
Wednesday, December 13, 1899
Mr. McKinley's message to Congress
has nothing particularly interesting in
it. Hi* strongest p ?i*.t is in the rerv
first part of t'ao mes-a^e. He alludes
to the "condition of unusual prosperity,"
and bis administration i* fortunate
that this is the true condition
of the country. Individuals may not
feel that there is a oy unusual pros- I
perity, 'oat taking tbe country as a
whole it is .true that we have struck a
tidal wave of prosperity. Bat tbe
President does not even undertake to I
show that the Republican party has
had anything to do with the present
The receipts of the Government
from all source* for the fiscal year
ending Jane 30, 1S99, iuclndlng $11,
798,314.14, part payment of the Central
Pacific railroad indebtedness,
amounted to $610,982,004.35, ami the
expenditures to $700,093,56 i.Q2 This
is really noi a bad showing when tbe
?ora iol-on in I
Yi Ckl CAJ/C1JOVO HIV luav ? ,
bat it must not be forgotteu that the
people are sii'l paying war taxes, and
it is pretty certain that they will have
to pay for revenuo stamps for a good
while longer, and besides pensions on
account of the Spanish war and the
war in the Philippines will begin at a
lively rate in a shert while.
The treasury has pleuty of gold,
but the President thinks this a good j
time, when "the conditions ot confi- j
deace which prevail throughout the
haTro Viprmuht crnlr? infn more I
Wuuu; v.
general use and customs are now almost
entirely paid in tbat coin," to
giro "the secretary of the treasury ad- j
ditional power to sell United States
bonds" for the purpose of maintaining
tbe gold standard.
g|^_l Tne President admits thai the national
banking act i3 inadequate to supply
needful additions to the circulation.
but he really suggests no remedy.
He ?throw3 it all on Congress. We
hope that Congress will conclude that
a repeal of the tar oa State banks of
issue will aff>rd a relief. Mr. McKinley
had a goad chance to say so,
bat ho didn't.
Like a'l Republicans, the President
favors boantie*, aad Ra/gjsts that
Congress adopt the policy of aid to
our merchant marine.
He touches on trusts in a general
way. Trusts "to control the conditions
of trade among oar oitjzenSj^to
w*-*--? and determine tVe prices of products
used an 3 onsumed by the people, are
justly provoking puouc discussion,
and should early claim the attention
of Congress." All of which is very
I? true, bat the people may expect noth|
. ing from a Republican Congress to
coirect this evil. JL large part of the
Republican campaign fand is furnished i
by the' trusts. It is not surprising,
? therefore, that th9 President is very
general in what he says about trusts.
The President states that our rcia* I
t.ion? with foreign governments ere '
satisfactory, though in this very message
it appear* that we have over 60,900
troopsj engaged in a foreign war.
4tTbi? nation has assumed before tbe
world a grave responsibility for the
jSnrf future good of the government of
Cuba" and tbe President recognizes
that the United States must in honor
give these people self-government.
II Tbe President takes it as settled that
the Philippine* are our9.
? a T?f>r r iiAVorr
Consul Charles E. Macrum, United
States consn! at Pretoria, has disgraced
K? . his country. Mr. McKtnley is especially
responsible for his appoint?
meet to this post of duty. The consul
is a glass manufacturer from Ei6t
Liverpoel, Ohio, tfhich we believe is
in ths Presidents old congressional
district, and tha appointment was
rna.le upon the recommendation of
Senators Hauna and Foraker and
B Representative Taylor.
During the Spanish war, the inte
e - !? _< (Jiofoo
I rests oi cuizeus ui iuc uui^u
in Cuha>nd Manilla were entrusted
to British consuls, and this country
sounded the praise* of the British for
their care and this evidence of good
faith and kindly feeling. When Great
Bri'ain becama engaged in war in
South Africa, it was natural that the
Ucited States would seek to reciprocate
tbe kind office* of Gre*t Britain.
L ' ... ? 4 i
A.IH- ffU'il LL1 Uii. VJTiyat Ul u?iu ini?a
of our consular system now? Macrum,
the consul at Pretoria, at the very
Ep time when bit services are most needed,
has actoaiiy deserted hie post, and it
is said that ho deserted because he
H was scared his charge was entrusted
the interests of citizens of the
United States and those ol British
residents, and he has deserted He
Imade several applications for leave of
absence, at least two, since the war
begau,&nd bis applications were flatly
refused. Taking matters in bis own
bauds, bo skipped, leaving his office in
the hands of a minor. Uow unlike
Fizhugh Lee in Cuba when he was
there as she represen'ative of thi*
eounrry standing bravely at iii-. [ost
when danger seemed real iy at band:
A young graduate or Yaie, ?0:1 of
Sectary of State Hay, Ins been appointed
to 20 to Preieri* and i* n -w
H| oa his *rv.. but a?- t.v>e Cb.rlott? Observer
say.-: '*No donbt be will hive
8? the reqai3lte oerre for tbi< trying position,
bat it is discouraging, i:i reaieH|
dying cowardice, to have to resort jo
nepotism." .;
tm The LouiMrflle*Courier Joarnal sag
I I LI.".
. 1
jests that the "White Squadron escort
Macrum home. He ooght to be given
?everal good dackines on Lis way -c
home to tone up his nerves. j
This disgrace to our Government i3
doubtless due to our .miserable system t(
of political rewards for services. No Cj
doubt the President or some of his
friends owed this glass man a politi- ^
cal debt, and he sought to pay it by
sending him to Soath Africa to fill a a
place ordinarily involving no greit
ability to discharge its denies and re- j $
eponsibilitv, but the war in South j
Africa comes along acd a man is j
- onnnArfpi*. and I u
-vrantea, not a ou^w^., ? y
the man is not there. Sach is the (
logical result of the ioiquitou3 practice
of tho policy, "to the victor be- tl
Iong the spoils." j.MOKE
mt- - in his ' '
ine rivsxucui ? ?
message "aid to our merchant marine" u
and a {-hip subsidy bil! has been
prc-!"Ot]y introdaced in Congress, r
Not fcatisf 1 with having enriched a z
few manufacturer? by levying h?avy j
tribute on the people, Senaf r Hanna J
has prepared a bil! which has been j i
introduced into the llou^e f Re pro- {
sentatives <o aid the ship builders and r
owners O'^hips. A bounty will be: r
paid tbe owners of American tbips,
and it is provided toat tne ooauucs
shall not exceed $9,000,000, that is, an {
amount eqaal to about $1 pr r bale for : 1
tbe average cotton crop, and the peo- j ,
p'.e of course, will bavr- :he bounty t-:s ! <
pay. Afire g'ft, miscalled in the 1 i
bill "a compensation," of one ar.d a 1
half cent* oer grofs ton per 100 miles ! ?
covered by vessels going a: (1 oming j
up to 1,500 miles each way will be j <
allowed, and one percent per jiross;
ton for t sch ICO additional mi!e=. j
Extra bonaly will be given faf-t ships,! \
regulaitd according to speed. Why j
should tbi? bill pass? What right has i 1
Congress to tax the people of this j j
country bv tsking their mor.ey from 11
the Dublic treasury and givir-g it to j1
the owners of ships? Why should i'
Congress not, with jusr as muchaa-jj
thority, give a bounty to farmers for I!
every mule they raise, or erory hog, i
or every iSpound of tobacco, or every .
bale of cotton? In the case of the
farmer, it would be wirh more justice, j:
for he ha?' been taxed many weary {
years "to protect and foster the infant j
industries" ol the North until the j
manufactn-er has grown rich ar^tbe '
farmer's ard all consumer's cipense. :
The bill will very probably p^s and j
become a iaw, and the question i^ will I
the people allow it to stand. We say
the bill will pa^s, because both houses
of Congress ar9 Republican aid a Republican
President is in the White
House, who has been the great apostle
of doctrinc of taxing one c'uss at the
expense of 3notbr.r, The bill does not
differ in principle from ihe tariff iawe,
and if the people shall allow tbis bill
to stand, it will be a repetition of the j
unjust tariflVlaws over again?heavier j
aiid heavier tribute eaen year 10 aia i
our merchant marine.
Miss Lottie! have been vi>i'ing Mrs
A M Black at Columbia
Miss Lois CIink6cale3' spent last:
Saturday and Sunday with Mrs B P j
Mrs Wm Brown is very indisposed.
Mr A L Dunn was in town last
Mies Mamie Perry, of Myrtle, was
the guest at Mrs H L Bax-er's last j
Mr F Wer; hereby spot.: ?h-i Sunday j
with re!ati\ at thi* p!sc?.
DrThomis Bookhan has rccenMy
visited his parents, Dr and Mrs i> W ;
Bookbart. * .
Mrs M O Ward is very ill.
| Mr and ^rs C W Wooten, of Co- j
j lumbia, a few days ago, visited Mrs j.
I Sarah Woot-m who is very indisposed.
Mi?s Elien Bookhart spc?' a bhort
while with hor pareuu u * day?
since. * i
Mrs W II Woolen, of Whi.i-b. :<"?, <
r* A/\ttji. o fnfir /Tort ao*A ?n x?i< f. '
j k/UUiV W TT i' V* IV (f ?'^V * ? ? V |
h-jr si-ter, Mrs F E Hood, who is j
again seriously ill. (
Mrs L Deal left Monday for i
VVion^boro, where she will spend
several da; s vti:h her sister, Mrs (
Preston Ilio
Mr Janie^ i'tioe, ofSftlVs, i-? vis't- ]
ill? Mrs J vV Blain ?
The Lndie^' Missionary Society, of '
oaudy L> veJ Bapti&t church, will give J
a hot suppc?" in Blvthssvood on ti?-x? j
Thtusctay e.v.:ning, December 14 "!1h '
public is c -r liaMv into a.ictul. J
Mr A ?I?i.es i* visiting Mrs Sira'i 1
Woo'eu. 1
A handsome buildinjr ha* been ]
erected o?i ;lie saherbs of town
MrL^^if' Sessions, of Mvi'.ie, paid 1
us a flyi?*jr vi-it I^st Su:;ddv. 1
V/I1I ?WillUCi!]UlU. I
Dec 9.'99. " 1
and I am afraid I have in- J
herited it. I do not feel
well; I have a cough; my
lungs are sore; am losing .
flesh. What shall I do ? a
Your doctor says take car^'of
yourself and take plain cod-liver
oil, but you can't take it. Only s
the strong, healthy person can
take it, and they can't take it
long. It is so rich it upsets the \
stomach. But you eaa take
It is very palatable and easily J
digested. If you will take plenty j
of fresh air, and exercise, and j v
SCOTT'S EMULSION steadily, , there
is very little doubt about i
your recovery. j j,
There are hypophosphites in it; !
they give strength and tone up the ! v
nervous system while the cod-liver *
oil feeds and nourishes. b
50c. and Sr.00, *11 drtyr gists.
SCOTT & BOWNE, ChemSs^ew York.
?Subsciibc for The News and
Hksald. I ii
Hon T W Tray lor, of White Oak,
; visiting his son, Thomas Traylor,
Mr I> L. Stevenson, county superiu;ndt-n:
<,f education, was in this
jction thn week.
Mr arui " *;s '."ilium Davis have i
een visiting relatives in Union.
Mrs M D (J ''olvi'i is spending
while in Georgia.
Miss Hattie Simpson reiurne.i a few j
ays ago from Chester where .-he bii I
teen visiting relatives.
Mrs S T Clowney, of Chester, has j
een visiting her sister, Mn II D J
'oleman. j
Iit;v Dr Cbinn, a Univeisali-t minis,- j
er of Boston, Mass, preached las; j
latarday and Sunday at Liberty!
hurch. He also preached a very j
nteresting sermon last Saturday night
it the residence of Mr Edward Co!ei
Mr Henry Crowder and family have j
ecently moved into the house for- j
aerly occupied by Mr J W GibeoD
tnd family.
Mr Samuel Carlisle ha3 moved to
he Jackson Creek community.
Mr Jamess W Crowder is building a
ieat dwelling on his store lot on the
uain public road leading from Shelton
o Woodward.
The Chester Reporter is mistaken
ibout Mr H F McLane, who died
ecently in Chester, being a brother
>f the late J Hendrix McLane, who
ivas once a candidate for Governor of
South Carolina. H F McLane was a
irst cousin of J Hendrix McLane.
J Hendrix McLane was, perhaps the
list man in South Carolina, and prob hiv
one of the first in the Southern
States, to advocate the free coinage of
:-olh gold and silver and the issue of a
:reen back currcncy redeemable in
both coins. I think subsequent events
ind present conditions justifies the
>->urss persued by Mr McLane.
Many of our people believed at that
lime ihat the principles advocated by
bim would prove detrimental to the
best interest of our people. Many of
those who thongbt the principles ad
rotated by Mr McLane were too
risionary and impractical to he-made
" L " L--:- -n.ii f-i r>al nr.
biiU UilfciS KJJl ci pui Uiauguv W^anization,
arc now the most strenuous
advocates of the practical application
Df those principles. The truth about
the tauiter was, that we had men in
high official positions to whom we
?ave credit for bei-ig leaders of public
opinion that did not merit the
bOLOr. Hendrin McLaue was misunderstood
by the people. At the
time? he commenced the agitation tor
financial reform the people of our j
Sra'e aud many other States were not
ready for a chaoge. It is sometimes !
very difficult lor anyone to make a;? j
event. It more oftou happens tiat
the event make? the man. Ben Till- i
mm cwuld not have been elected in
188S a:d lit k:ievv if. bat ibe event
wan more opportune i;? 1890
'Jould J lienc-rix McLine have lived
until 1896 and witnessed that mos:
lemmkable canvas made bv W J
Br\?n it would !;ave been some consolation
to him to have realized that
the issues :hat he JieJped 10 agitate had
be,j!J crvitalized in a platform with a
Cindida'e running thereon that received
*>5: millions ot votes. That
was ttie mo.-t remir^aoie cwyass hi
the his:ory of American politics, and
tiie :?;an pat forth as the exponent of
the i rifie'ples embodied iu that platform
will ever shine as a star of the
first magnitude in that brilliant galaxy
great speech in^l893 on the money
question I read it and remarked that
it was but a rei'Ci ation of ibe principles
advocated by Weaver, of Iowa,
j Hendrix McLane, of South Carolina,
and other leaders of the greenback
movement. I also remarked that that
speech and others that Bryan might
make would pave i ij. way to the presidency
of the United State*. Whilst I
d-> not m^an to be egotistical I hazard
little in saying that I believe my
prophecy will yet be verified. But it
will take the combined efforts of the
o 1:~? ? - :t t>?.s,,k': ? n/4
i. iicv; &uvsi nc^uun^nr auu i
the Democrats to elect a Democratic '
President. In rav opinion it is the
only plan to be adopted by which we
can succeed in the approaching contest.
Bat I am a Democrat and I always
write the word witb a capital
letter for I believe in its principles
and would rather be a Democrat in
defeat than to be a Republican in
ci<-tory. I will go farther than some
\A our strong free silver advocates. I (
will vote for any Democrat who will
u-e the |inflnence of the President's ;
office to impede the progress of the
r?t,?r?rr? msrph Af (Viio imnorisvliHm. /
uDilltaryism, republicanism, and last {
and worst of all, Hannaism, with all
jf its monopolistic tendencies. I ;
think there are too many isms in the 1
Republican party for any good Demo- ;
;rat. Genuine democracy is pure and ]
unadulterated and there is no isms in
it. The Catholics poll about twelve j
md a half per cent of the vote of the
United States and it will be polled i
argely for Bryan on account of his
opposition to imperialism. The in- <
labitaats of the Phillipine Islaads I
mostly belong to the Catholic church
ind it is not reasonable to s*ppose tbat
rtany of that denomination ia America
;vould vote for a party that is engaged
n a relentless war with the members
)t its church in any locality however
emt^e from our country. ,
Witb best wishes for all aDd success
for democracy, I am yours truly,
Dec 8,'99. Robt K Jefl*are3.
^ ]
Soon the glad ^hout of the merry
ichool children will be heard welcomng
the oyous Christmas tide. All are
ooking forward with pleasant antici- ^
nation to '.he Christmas holidays, and 1
ve su-pect 'Old Sauty" i3 already
>usilv engaged collecting present!? for
lip .'itile o; es. Our voting people
tuve net yet planned any entertain- ;
n-uts, though it 13 moored that we .
in- to have a Chr's'mas tree.
xh? farmers h?.ve finished sowing '
i'ial! ziAin, though lesi wheat is being i
ov^n iu thi< section this fall than last. (
Typhoid tever is prevalent iu ibis
leigbborbood, though most of the
ia:ieuts are now co ivalescent.
vii.-s EeaUh C >nut;, yf Union, is
irimg iciauveo in ins community. 4
-VIiss L'da James hus returned from
visit to Jeukioiville. ?
Miss Joe Ladd Las returned JVom <
ncster where she has been spet.diu^ *
ume time with relatives.
Mrs. T. L. McMeekin returned last
rt-ek from a vi*it to her parents at *
)i-to^er. t
Mi ses Geneva Fee and Carrie Lyles
a lew weeks ago to attend school
a Winnsboro. "
DeWa's forecast for December in- J
- jauiy uiases me smver. \jus coia
r i.ve Las already reached us. Ice has
cen seen several morniugs. It.
December 9,1S99.
Mr. J. E. McDonald spenl Tuesday
1 Charlotte.
i 7 '] %
- \:4H n
fi tamm***-- >M ^
yj i
. % . ? . I .I -.III11 o.'f'M?.-i 'I ;ii?ii?i"i. .?,. ' ?Zi :
i|| AVege table Prep aradonfer As - .?
! siim!aUriglheToodandB.e?ula- ? .
ting the S tomachs andBowels of l||j
I PromotesDilesUo^Cheerful- sg
| ness andBest.Gontalns oeit^ 9
Opium^Morpliine cor Hiflpjai 9|
I &apc cfoidnrSfftuzLBTCHm ||j
jGjtSemo + | I 2JH
lioAaO* Salts "I | j?jc|
AnUi Sad, * I I *85
t fippermmt - > ig|
[ 1& QsfiaTta&Saix' * I
f'r'ifTr. Seed - |
Gmfitd Sutwrr - I ley
V&fiprmnaFtr. J
t ApcrfecfKemedy for Constipa- 1 I
[ lion. Sdur.StonicXb,Diarrhoea, M ?
; Worms jConvulsions .Feverish- | I
nesssndL0S9 OF SLEEP, M 1
Pac Simile Sigpatare of
i . g j
: firaiaireSjaHaBtanHHS j| i
jgajgggBftrTiii i mi i M m |
I EXACT copy Of WHAPFKB, ? ^
m _ , r-.~ofrmsw
pcflaMBMansMBMBannwBKdBHi E
The farmers of this section Lave
availed them?e!ve^ of the beautiful
weather nct-i.tly by sowing grain.
The land lm been bcthr prepared for
grain am1 u-ore sr>wr. tbr.n I have ever
Mr. J. Grant, the Chester
vre v;her prophet, \rho h made quite
a repurdiion by I'ls piedictious, was in
town ihi? week, lie predicts a rough
January ami devises ?fockmen to protec?
ihewselves; also a more seasonable
spring than iast year; and seasons
will contiuae autil July. The latier
pa:fc of July and August will be dry
and hot.
Miss Loui?e R&tchford, of Yorkviile,
is visiting friends ar.d relatives at this
Misses Lila Mid Laura Woodward,
of White Oak, are spending a few
da\s with Mr. A. It. Nicholson and
Hon. L (.J. Caldwell, ex-railroad
commissioner, of Statesviile. N. C.,
mad? a flying trip to this place last
nr?. jAa.
Miss Bessie Blair, of Union, is visiting
her Mrs. R W. Stewart.
Mrs. J. F. Coleinau has been very
ill with fever Her many friends will
be g'aJ lo know she U convalescing.
Df-ceniber 10, 1399.
A Frightful Blander
- ..?u?^v*wir-WW!?a?nvrilOiv irui n,
Scaid, Cut or Braise. Bucklen'h Arnica
Saive, the best in the world, will
kill the pain and promptly heal it.
Cures Oid 8.>res, ^ever Sores, Ulcer?,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin Erup
tiODn. Best JfiJe curc on eartn Uniy
25 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by McMaster Co., druggists.
Our community was saddened on
Monday last by the unexpected dealh
of Mr. N. E. Hood, wbo had only been
confined to bis bed a few days with
that fearfull disease, consumptien.
Mr. Hood was about 53 year3 old when
he died. He served throughout trie
civil war with distinction, &nd participated
in a great many of the most
notable battles that were fought during
the rebellion. He received a terrible
wound at thc^ battle of the Wilderness
from the effects of which he
never fully recovered. Mr. Hood
leaves five children and a large circle
of friends to mourn his untimely
death. His remains were interred at
Blooming Church on Wednesday with i
beautiful military ceremonies by the
Ridgeway Rifles, of which company
he was an active member. ]
Coiton in this section is about all ]
gathered and most of it sold. I
A great deal of small grain is being sown
throughout tbis section.
"We regret to learn that several of 1
Dur best citizens contemplate leaving
the State at au early day. X. Y. Z.
December 9, 1899.
Beers th? /) ^8 Kir.d Yea Have Always Bought
We think that the minority substi*
mie waa on tne rigut noe m iu? Bobei
ts case. Be was prima facia
entitled lo his seat. He had a certificate
of election, and filled all the conjtitutional
requirements. Having been
?ented, then the House could have
:ake:? up charges against him, and i?
found true, that body could have expelled
OUT ?ii aUP T s3B?-.*3?-MCMK?iWtt??afl???? j
good digestion; sound sleep; a
fine appetite and a ripe old a^e,
are some ofthe results of the use j
of Tutt's Liver Pills. A single ?
. *
dose will convince you of their t
J j
v/onderful effects and virtue. (
A Known Fact. !
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stomach,dizziness, constipation bilious
fever, piles, torpid liver
ind all kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pills .
Solicits a fi^are of the public patronage.
9-26 ly
'?& *V /^"*T-'-.i: ;" ""> p 33
p? */ m * - '' w * v ?V. *w* n 23
<57 'Z?i Ki W !"> *? J# ft I -^
T-i.i V* -; V- X: & > ,? ftug
V; P 2 Si!
?.*/* "f ,. -o .' - : " "'' T!
'i ?.-t * s r * :
9* o '4 >f". ft V tt - i - <5 f.
"5 t?.?i)5 V '?::2 ofjf;
V. v.' cS idlMC v
liways ioygh?
Bears the / ^
Signature /%W
ft The'
\J You Have
&lways Bought.
Manas Bium, a* Survivor of Banna
Bro-!., vs. Joseph A. Stewart, Nannie
J. Stewart and others.
IN pursuance of an _nrder of the
1 Court of Common Fleas, mace in
the above slated case, I wil' offe*- for
f-ale, before the Court Hou^e door in
Wionsboro, S. C., on the
next, within the legal hours of s*le. at
public outcry, to the highest bidder,
the following described property, to
All that certain piece, parcel or
plantation of land, with the buildings
tbereon, situate, lying anr* beh.g in
the Coantv of Fairfield and State of
South Carolina, containing
Acres, more or less, and bounded on
the north by lands now or formerly
owned by E." W. Haynes; on the east
by the public road leading from Longtown
to Camden; on the south by
lands formerly owned by R. B. Smitb;
and on ihe west by lands of James
One-tbird of the purchase money to
be paid in cash on tbe day of sale (the
purchaser to deposit with said Clerk
at the close of the bidding tho sum of
fifty dollars as an earnest of his bid)
fho /?rsv r?f
Willi lUlClCOb IUUWU 11VU1 vt?j VA.
sale, to be secured by the bond of tie
purchaser aod a mortgage of the premise*.
In C3se the purchaser fail-3 to
comply with his bid, or make said deposit,
the Clerk shall immediately resell
said premises on the same day, or
on some ?( :)?' nn^nt sale day, on the
same terms, ui tu? ri9k of the former
purchaser; the purchaser to pay for
all necessary paper3 and for recording
them and lor all necessary revenue
Dec. 8, 1899. C. C. C. P. F. C.
12 9 td
TT1 lnrpnp.A M. Hahenieh?. a? Adminis- I
tratrix of the estate of F. W. Habcnicht,
deceased, and individually, vs.
Frederick L. Habenicht, LeRoy H.
Habenicbt and Frank G. Habeuicht.
IN pursuance of an order of the
Court of Common Pleas, made in
the above stated case, I will offer for
sale before the Court House door in
Winnsboro, S. C., on the
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder,
tue following described property, to
(1) All that lot of land, with the
buildiog thereon, situate in the town
Df Wii?nsboro, in the County of Fair
field and State of South Carolina, and
Dn the 60uth side of Washington street
of eaid town, said lot extends four feet
beyond the bnilding thereon, on the
3&st side thereof, and ten feet and nine
inches beyond said building ou the
south side thereof; and is bounded on
:he north by said Washington street;
on the west by the jiil lot; ar.d on the
;as? and south by lot of G. W. Crawford.
(2) Also those two certain parcels
)r lots of land situate in the town of
Winnsboro, in the County and State
^foresaid, adjoining each other, and
ylng on the eastern side and adjoinng
the Charlotte, Columbia and Au?nsta
Railroad, being the eastern end
)f the two lots known in the plan of
- " "> ^ 1~?, XT a C-7 XT~ C.Q
said town aa iuie UI auu J.W WW,
ind bounded as follows: On the north
jy lot No. 69; on tho east by lots No.
,7 and No. 78; on the south by Washngton
street; aud on the west by the
3ed of the aforeseid railroad.
One-third of the purchase money to
>e paid in cash on the day of sale, and
;he balance on a credit of one and cwo
pears from the day of sale, in equal
muual instalments, with interest from
iaid day ol sale, to be secured by the
jond of the purchaser and a mortgage
>f the premises sold; the purchaser or
jnrchaser8 to pay for all necessary
-- ? ?- ir\nr fhtt comn
japuie, iuc itw.u.U5 ^
ill necessary revenue stamps.
Dec. 8, 1999. C. C. C. P. F. C.
vith a fall stock of Caskets, Burfal
2&ses and Coffins, constantly on h&.nd,
.nd use of hearse when requested.
Chankf al for past patronage arid solid
r' - ? ^ntni'u in tVtA
&11UU iUi a ouaig AAX a.wvutt - j
>ld stand
Calls attended to at all boars.
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Snsan L. DesPo rtes and William L. DesPortes
as Executors of R. S. DesPortes,
deceased, vs. W. J. Hagood, bailie D.
Hagood aiid W. J. Keenan.:
1 N pursuance of an order of the Court of
i. Common Pleas, made in the above
stated case, I will offer for sale before the
Court House door in Wiunsboro, S. C., on
vr ?.
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder, the
foilowieg described property, to wit:
l All thaf certain piece, parcel or tract of
land lying, being and situate in the
County of Fairfield and State aforesaid,
more or less, and bounded on tfce north
by landsthe estate of Mrs. ^Sarah Center,
cn the east by lands of Gracie
Hagood, on the south by lands of Hix
Haeoed. and on the west by lands of J. W.
One half cash, the balance on a credit of
one year with interest from day of sale,
secured by bond of purchaser and mort- j
sage of the premises, with insurance by
the purchaser of the house on the said lot |
with the privilege to the purchaser of paying
all cash.
Dec- 8, 1899. C. C. P. F. C. j
12-9td I
The British and American Mortgage Com- j
pany, Limited, vs. Silas W. Ruff, Thomas
D. Ruff and Walter C. Ruff.
IN pursuance of an order of the Court '?>f
Common Pleas, made iu the abr/ve
stated case, I will offer for sale, before the
Court House door iu Winnsboro, S. C.? on
next, wimiTc?rtio v ?? ?
public outcry, to the highest bidder, the
following described property, to wit:
All that certaim piece, parcel or tract of
land lying, being and situate in the County
of Fairfield and State of South Carolina,
contain injr
(552) ACRES,
more or less, in Township No. 10, and
being composed of two tracts, to wit:
First. Feur hundred and saventy-seve*
(477) acres conveyed to the said Silas W.
Ruff by Elizabeth K Anderson, by deed
dated December 16th, 1878, and recorded
in the office of the Register of Mesne Convepance
for Fairfield County, in Book "A.
F.," page 348, et seq; and second, seventyfive
(75) acres, conveyed to the said Silai
W. Ruff by James B. McCants by cieed
dated January 1st, 1878, and recorded in
the office Tof the Register ef Mesne Conveyance
for the County and State afore|
said, in Book "A. F.," page 460, et seq.
All of said land being bounded, on tne
north and east by the public road leading
from Kincaid's Bridge to Columbia; on the
south by lands of Henry Steele and Mrs.
Frank Steele; and on the West by lands of
Thomas Anderson and by Jfroad River.
One-third of the purchase money to be
paid in cash on the day of sale, a deposit
of fifty dollars to be made by the purchaser
l at the close of the bidding as an earnest of j
his bid, and the balance unon a credit of tf
one and two years from the day of sate, f
1 ?- i- ? a M i
wim interest 6nere uu iruui wie u*jr ui c*ve |
at eight per cent per annum, payable?
annually, to be secured by the bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the premises |
sold. And in case the purchaser should t
fail or refuse to comply with his bid on |
the terms of sale, then the said Clerk shall S
resell the said premises at the risk of the P
farmer purchaser immediately, or on some c
subsequent convenient sales day, upon h
the same terms without the further nrder n
of the court. The purcliasec to pay for all i
neccssaiy papers.
Dec. 8th, 1899. C. C. C. P. F. U. >
13-9td ?
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^ ?x
-.-. dSSBI

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