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Tlii f
Ma iY'S and herald company.
Oue Year, 51.50
Sis MuuUK.
Wednes Jay, December 20. 1899
The co.ton crop has been about mar- J
keted, and it is a good time for our j
subscriber* t<> pay ur-ir ?u*o- up<iW,.,
Look at your label a?;d pa> what yoa
A few weeks ago G. H. M. nrged
farmer? to plant broom c">rn Iu thi*
connection the lol!owia-< from ihe
2faws and Coarier of the 8th of December
will be of special interest:
In the course of three weeks in Oc- j
tober, it is reported, $1,400,000 in ca^h
was paid out in the little town of
Arcjla, Illinois, a placs of 2 500 inhabitants,
to the farmers of the t;e:ghborhood
for their crops of broom corn.
The buyers were the a<jeat^ or the
e?Tha rkr:f?f? i,f
oroom HtMiiuisv^iuic*a. r..?
the prodnct at the besiuning of the
season was $60 a ton. Later it ro-e to
$100 and even higher. Tne average
cost of raising the crop 011 land rentiD?r
at $5 an acre, it is stated, is about
$33 a ton.
We note these tever*! reported facis [
for the sake of whatever intere-t ihey
may have for larraers in these parts, j
For several years pa<-t we hare advised
farmers in South Carolina to r-xperiment
with the crop i i question, and
we repeated the adv:ce las.t \car, in I
time to allow it to be applied to this
year's crop operations. Any ot ourj
agricultural friends who so applied it I
doubtless have gocd reason to eon- j
gratulate themselves on haviDg done
so. We renew tbe suggestion now in
good time for its application next season,
which is several months off.
A crop which will bring $1,400,000,
or the half of that sum, into a neighborhood
or county or district every
year, is a crop worth cultivating. And
broom corn is a crop that cau be grown j
in nearly all parts of South Carolina.
We have been tola oy a iarmur wuu
waa familiar with the crop as grown in
New York, that the finest specimens of
it he had ever seen were grown in the
low conutry, iD this State. It is not
hard to cultivate. Th3 general requirements,
we believe, are about the
same as those lor corn or sorghum
csne. Some of our progressive farmer*
frhonld give it a fair trial. Tbo exp
riment will r.ot cost much, and it
may lead to comfortable deveopmeets.
It is by adopting now crops that oar
farms shall prove profitable ia the
fa?are. Broom corn seems a good
crop to look after.
The second battle at Moddle River
r3?uItioj in a terrible British defeat
will more than ever convince the
British that they will have no walk
over in South Africa. It is interesting
to note what outside newspapers including
the British press have had to
say about the war even before this
jast cusasier.
The London Saturday Review ba%
begun to discredit reports. It says:
"Rumors (bat the Orange Free State
B^ers are returning to their farms
must be received with extreme caution,"
bat it thinks that "the Boers
probably begin to realize now that
thty cannot win in the end." Since
this wa3 written the Boers have had
much to enconrage tiiem.
Many of the European papers are
new asking tbe question, Can England
win? Charles Loarent, in the Paris
Matin says: "Punishment reaches
England at the time of her greatest
arrogance. The United Kingdom is
safe, but there will be an end to
"Greater Britain." The c >ij quest of
the Transvaal will never be oompleted,
and other enslaved nations will also
rise, for courage as well as cowardice
in catchinsr. Deeoite their ownership
of the cable* the En?lisb will not be
alia to preveut the world from knowing
the truth The?r will mast bend
before a patiiotism which to fay
the least, as great as their own."
In Germany the Literary Dige-t
states that toe pre>R is harirg much
fan quoting Bismarck's saying that
"John Bull may .turn out to be an
asinmauc prize ua imuci iuau ? .
The German paper Fiankforter
Zeitung says:
"It ia all rery well to talk of mobilizing
another army corps; but tbe
thing is not easily done. Great Britain
ha? ft ?rr?at number of battalions which
? ? o
need only men to make them as mag
niQcest as tfcey appear on pape .
Their war (.trengtlr Is supposed to t e
1,000 men. In ti*e of peace tnev
cumber hardly 400. An army corp*
has three diyiaions of 12.000 men;
with the fifth division, which is >.t
present being 'organized, there wouM
be 48.000 men. At present, Gre?=t
Britain ha.? only 41 battalions ot infantrv
left, with very little cavilrv
and leas arti lerv. Deducting the un
fit and th >se who nre already s'nt or
designed to be sent to fiil the ??p-> in
Africa, only 12,300 regulars of the infantry
remain. Tbe reserves will
yield, at the highest, 30,000 men. If
ih'ioe 13,000 men are sent to Africi,
Ti>.eland remains UflDrotected. If she
listens to her most prudent adviser,
Msjor Grifficb, who warns her that
unforeseen trouble may arise, especially
in Ireland, she will not i-end
more thau the fifth division,"
For Over Fifty Tears.
Mrs. v. ixslow's Soothing j>trup i
has beea used for over fifty years by
mi'.'ions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success
It Koothes the child, softens the sums.
alKys a'l pain, cures wind colic, a:>d
is ije best remedy for diarrhoea Ivri:l
relieve the poor little snffer<r
irn*aydiatclv. Sold bv drncrei*ts r>
ev**rv part of the world. Twenty fiva
huttlA "Re sni%> and a^k f<?r
"Mrs. Window's Southing- Syrup."
a-;.' fake :?o other kii.d. 1-1-17
?Sabsc:ibe for Th--: News and
? Herald.
J. B. Clark, Peoria, II1., f-ay :
"Surgeous wanted to operate on uae
for pile-, but I cured tbem with DeWif.'s
Witcb Hsizel Salve." I: is infal^ble
for piles nud skin diseases. Beware
of counterfeits. McMaster Co.
Ou.last Thursday eveiiir^, ihe 14th,
Bethesda church presented to the eye
a lovely picture, fdr "merrily rang the
bells," jjyous wedding bells. The
church was beautlfullv decorated jin
cedar, holly and flowers of all kinds,
i Iu front of the pulpit was an arch
made of cedar, over which bung a.
graceful drapery of f>iDk silk. Ja?t
back of this was a festoon of cedar
and each isle was closed by gates of
| cedar ai;d holly- decorakd with
| flowers and white ribbon.
At the sound of the wedding march i
played by Mis9 Marshall, tne ushers, j
! handsomely attired in full dress suits
I and tan gloves, entered the charch in j
I couples a3 follows: Messrs T. D. j
j Wallace and M. E. Dye, Will A. |
I Gladden ar.J Harvey Fvrd, HiJliard j
Gladden and Will Jordan, crossing i
over and taking their piaces opposite I
each other on either side of tbe arch.
Then followed Mr. A. N Keistler in j
fnll dress suit and Miss Sae Gladden j
wearing a Landsome gown of gray !
i k, tak:r:g i heir plsces under a belli
of inUilc-e and eve.-grcen, where lh3 j
dream which tbey had for so !org,
cbeerishe<) was !o becnn a grand J
reality. At ths erasing of ili? last j
notes of the organ Re1*. Mr Mikr;
carae forward and in a few w oil chosen j
sentences united their lives i-ito one. I
From the chnrch tbe bridni pany j
drove to Mr. and Mrs. J. "VV. Kei-tier's,'
the home of the groom'.* pa-c-i!?, I
where they were tendered a delightful 1
reception. In to pleasant a place avd ;
the society which we met there ir-^kcs
the eveniug one long to be rememberi d 1
by all win weru so foi tuua'e as to be j
presen', cl it was not unui n e iun- .
ing of ins miduiaht bell that w*r"-;
Inctautiy d-parted.
Tb" gro -en i? h young mm of sta!- j
xait ch>t-seer and 0212 of Mi fwd'V j
most ^uc<*(;Sfeful business men.
The bride, the eldest daughter of j
Mr. J. P?. Gladden, is an rxceKc.it !
young woman, distinguished lor tfcu j
benediction she has been to her mother- i
less home which has been maoe pure j
and blestod by the holy influence of!
her love aid tender care.?.
We cor^ratulate Mr. ITeistler upou
wiuning oue who has such wealth o?
love to bf itow which will tonti. ualiy
flow into nie heart and life. We trust
that trne-t happiness will ever be
theirs, not lessening but growing with j
the fl;ght of vears, broadening and |
deepening to the perfect, day.
Many were the beautiful presents
given. F. L. F.
Mitford, S. 0., Dec. 16. ?99
DeWitt's Litt'e Early Risers purify
the blooii. clean the !i fer, invigorate j
the system. Famous little pills for !
constipation and liver troughs Mo!
Master Co.
""*** J
What shall I write about? None of
us have been to South Afiica, >o caunot
teil when Ladywjni'h \vi;l be taken;
nor to the Ph:lippii;e; in search of
Aguinsldo. We have had no wed* |
dings, qnirrels, entertainments or
fight*, anc! not much going to and fro
in the e^rth; yet I must write something
if i; doe? not prove of interest.
I might write you of ray trip to Gsffney
to attend the Baptist Convention,
but think it best to reserve that for a
separate article, provided I find time
in the midst of Christmas preparations
to write it.
Of course, th3 small crop of cotton
has been ga'hered, only a few leeks
~--I \ce roKt/*h
JJCIC auu tUGl V icuiaiui.ig) ? uivu *ww?
hoary indeed amid the desolation of
the fields.
Oats and wheat in considerable
quantities have been sown, with hera
and there a patch of barley and rye.
The farmers are not so blue this fail
as we expected thorn to b*.
Dr. Scott and family, o? Mitford,
have recently moved to Alouticello,
occupying the house lately owned by
G- T. Sims, deceased. We are gla f
to have this cultured faojiiy ?-o near us.
Miss Lioa James, of t ic iiuckhead
section, Iatrl/ visited her relatives in
this section.
Messrs au'chiu&on and Su!> r, of
Newberry, made a flying visit t> the!
faiail* or "?lr. Jos. MoJeekirt i.-a: ionjj j
With M'-s V;vian Glenn at Je^ki'i^- j
vilie. Mi/? Stella Ruff nt Wallsceville, i
Vliss Eun-a Rati at MeCcnutll's, an<1 I
Miss Lida N"eil at Long Ran thir town-!
f.h;p is wt'i! PuppiieJ with te^ehors.
Mi?>8 Ff-rbie McMyekin i teaching
in the Biyt icWwOd ?ectioc
Messrs. Jatoes Carry, '? ?id
Jodie McMeekin are nik.. i> mployed
in Colombia.
Mr.-. M. D. Speigoer, of tiii* .Unity,
has < pened a boarding r.ense in
CoinT#bi-i. and we he-:r that others are
thirjkitiiT <'f moving to thi capial
Miss Nsiif'io Cnappeii lus u miliinery
and m twna-uiakins: establishment
at Jenkin-.viile, and finis it quite relunser
We hear tha' *ome <>i ?>ar i'riuiitfs
are engaged in shipping hoily and
other eve: ygrei rn to the Noiih U>r
Xmas .leccraiioji*.
Trie remains of Miss Marv E kin, of
Columbia, *cre inierrei m the cine
tery L >ns Kun Church on Sat unlay
after 11 ioji the 2<id inst. She was oniv
17 wa<*? ' ! ?ge. Y.
J)ece??b r 12, 1899.
ff<?x?c?J?>:3??a?i ? w?wwww?i08iaii8?l08?j
i is only a symptom?not a |
I disease. So are Backache, |
x Nervousness, Dizziness and the 3
I Blues. They all come from aa-|
| unhealthy state of the man- |
| strual organs. If you ?eSer |
i | from any of these Symptoms? I
| if you feel tired and tetfguid in I
| i the morning and wis^ou could |
i lie in bed anothe^fiour or two |
i ?if there is a b?jf taste in the |
i: mouth, and jfo appetite?if |
i there is pain-fn the side, back Z
I or abdomec?BRADFIELD'S I
; bring abotfc a sure cure. The |
doctor ms?' mil vru-.r trouble *
: s o m e Ijjgh-sounding Latin |
I name.bgt never mind the name. ?
The^gnble is in the menstrual ?
i org?&s, and Brad field's Female |
; Regulator will restore you to |
; health and regulate the menses I
i; ^?ke clockwork.
! Sold by druggiits for $i a bottle. A free illtttrated $
j| book will be scat to aay wocjaaii're^ucstbec^iitdto {
1 iiiimiiumwMinniMimi mmtmmmmm
i, m?nrmr??
Corporal Herron, a Fairtield Boy, Tells of
That Distant Possession of Uncle Sa*i.
Honolulu Hawaiian Islands, Dec. j
4tb, I-S9D. ? As I am a FairfMd boy
and bavti enlisted in the United S:a:es I
army for ;he Philippines and have !
got:eu lira far on civ trip, I will try J
and writ-j ><-u a picc.- for y.- ur paper, j
and if yon inve ru m to print it and ;
cousidcr ii good 2i.ough you can dj j
so. Well, now, to begin with, I en- j
listed iu Chester, S. 0., on September ;
51st, where I remained for ten iJajsi
and was then sent on to B\>rt liiie-,j
Kansas, at which point the regiment j
was recruited. After the regiment j
was fully recruited we were moved i
from Fort Riley on October 30 h to
tan Francisco, reaching San F; ancisco
on the afternoon of November 4'fo,
w^ere wc waited in camp a the
Pre?ido for assignment to the transport
for carriage to Manila. My
regiment, which is the 40th, U. S. V.,
and compauy M, was aligned to
transports Ohio and Indiana, which
.ailed from San Francisco on .November
23rd. I am on the Ohio, which
lauded here Saturday morning, eight
days from San Francisco, with Col.
Goiwin and staff, band and six companies
of the 40th Infantry and 211
recruits, making a total of 850 men.
'Teddy'6 Terrors" are again going to
the front in the Fortieth. A great
majority of the officers were formerly
members of the Rough Rideis and
participated in the assault of San Juan
wnt wViir-h ?ivp. thft regiment audits
gallant colonel a national renown and
an enviable place in the nation's history.
The regiment is proud of the
d.stinction of possessing so many officers
of tiied aDd valiant courage, but
tf eir natural modesty bas thus far
witdheld the soubriquet of tbe "Figbtii.g
Fortieth" from being applied to it.
There will undoubtedly be plenty of
opportunity tor adding this iitle after
it reaches the Philippines.
T?* -nf (Via Oi-iMpn
oust SilCI Wt JWl uuu VI luv, v.v.?v.
Gate ibe wea!! er was eviremely rough
for four days, and most of the officers
and men were sca>.;ek, bat no damage
recalled to the ship from the storm.
Th-* transport Indiana, which left
San Francisco when the. Ohio did, did
not reach Honolulu until early yesterday
morning, aud owing to the Jack
of wharfage was compelled to anchor
onlEide the channel umii noon ycs*ffday,
when the Hancock and C'ty of
Peuba depai-ied?both U. S iranv
p';rcs. As the Penbla wa- steaming
out the Indiana came into the harbori
Mud both ves-:;is had to perforin on-'
sidfr. 'ole maneuvering to prevent a
c>ilMon, the Indian* i!rr;>ning anchor
to s'caiiy herself. T&e Kinaw came
in f ?>!fi Mini at this juncture and it
w u-almosi noou b?-foie :he tran?poit{
dookvd General FittiS'on i- a pas- j
sengc-r on the Iwdi-tna, returning to
tiii*. s-cene of his former exploits. lie
is accompanied by hi* aide, Lieu^.
Mitchell, ot the 20th Kansas The
tmriepuiis (Ohio and Indiina) c-irivinjj
i;e 40 h regiment, will leave aboui
Tj.n-sd-iy rexr f ?r Manila, as it will j
be impossible fur them to coal befoie |
tii.-it ;iu:e. Tii<i 5' PjiiI and Duke of
Fife are a!?<> here c<>a:in? and on I heir
wav i<> Mai:i!.-i with the SS'.h Regiment
U. S Vol.
As r<>r Honolulu it is a very beautitni
city of about 30,000 population,
wish, I suppose, one-third Americans
and the balance equally divided between
Chinamen and Japanees and
:he natives. They have fruit ot every
kind ttat grows; 'he climate splendid,
not too cold or warm, about like the
month of May in South Carolina. The
people are all wealthy. A laborer can
get from SI 50 to $3 per day for work.
I attended services last night at the
Centra! Union Church and heard a
*plendid straion preached by the Rev.
Kincaiil on purity, taking for his text,
"Keep ihyseif pure," 1 Tun., 5:22.
The singing was gruiid, the choir c^n>i>t;n2
of organ, violin and hass violin,
with 25 singers.
We are expecting to reach Manila
noout January lit, 1900, and if yon
wunid like I will write you some more
for ) our paper from that place. And
if yen think tliis worth printing plea?e
K-i:d me a copvof your paper that you
pur i!ils in as I would like very much
to see and to read an old Heraid.
With best wishes lo yourself and
paper, I am yours truly,
Corporal R. A. Ilerron,
./ >-. rr .. ir T> V!
iUIU U. O. V. rifg'., uuujpau jr m,
Mat i'8, Philippine Islands.
Tettor, Salt-Khcum and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, is instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very
bad cases have been permanently cared
bv t. It is equally efficient tor itching
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
/.k?/\Vt*A OA??a ATTfiO
HUM UilC9 auu ^/UIUUIU O VIW o.
25cis. per box. For sale by McMaster
On la-.t Friday evening there was a
mo't rieligbtfnl dance given at the
iceidojice of Mre. J. R. Picke't, cornp'.iineiitary
to Mis? Mary Hollis.
Tbeie were present: Mdse Mamie
iouiware, W J Durham, J JR Pickett,
Misses Berta Durham, Lutie Durham,
Maggie McMaster, Maggie Hollie,
o TIaI I; ft T?fti.fKo UaIKo Qoro
?JU.ui * u^ikua vwiw
Boalw&re, Messrs;J W Durham, Lex
Durham, Kobt Hal.'ford, Quay Hollis,
Frank B 'U!^are, and Ril6? Boulware.
Dancicg was enjoyed nutil iaie in the
night. It is a source of rnuca regret,
to the dancing \oung people of this
community, that ihi3 innocent amusement
is not iuduigecl in oftener; so
the dance to be had at Mrs. Pickett's
during Xma* week i? looked torwaru
to vrith much pj^ncure.
V re Tf\Kr?\1 o f onrl lif tlo iAn
aid M- Jas Cason, alter a visit to
friends htre, have returned to their
heme in Sumter county.
Miss Maprsiic 2vlcMaster has returoed
to Winnsboro alter a pleasant visit to
hsi sister, Mrs Bool ware.
KV Bray, J , n**. leinmed af:er
emending a few wee tie in Greenwood
wi'h his uncle, Mr N A Pea\.
For lie benefit ot iLuoe who do not
kLOw where Oakland is (;ho jjaideu
?put of Fairfield couutj) we "Will say
h;? it is situated in '.he v&stern part
of :2-.e county, near the Waieree Rivtr,
an?{ is >omei:mes kdowd as " jjurnam e
CfOs#-Roadsf" or lh-3 Fiiot Hill neighborhood,
Fiict Hill being the post?lEce.
David Haroin.
Dec 15, '99.
Mr. J. Sheer, Sedalia, Mo-., saved
bis child's life by One jdinute Coogh
Cure. Doctors had given her up to
die with croup. It's an infallible care
for cooghs, colds, grippe, pDeamonia,
br< nchi.i-r and throat and Inns: trouDitS.
Relieves at once. McMaster Co.
fTliA TTIT>/1 "VAn %-Z.>rr^k AIttovs *3
?."V V**- f V ,.aj,??ujw ?
in use for over 30 years, I
- and ha
Ls sonal s
"> /-U^SUM Allow i
All Counterfeits, Imitations J
periments that trifle with <
Infants and Cliildren?Expe
What is C
Castoria is a substitute for C
and Soothing- Syrups. It is
contains neither Opium, M<
substance. Its age is its gu
and allays Feverishness. It
Colic. It relieves Teething
and Flatulency. It assimila
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?Th
Bears the ?
Tie Kind You HaIn
Use For 0
Susan L. DosPor'cs and Wi licm L. DesPortes
as Executors of R. S. Desforte>,
deceased, vs. \V. J. Ilagood, Sallie I\
Ilagood a ad W. J. Keenan.
"j X p r nance of an oider of lhc Court of
i 0'iiumon Pleas ma e in the above
stated case, 1 will offer for sale before the
C urt House door in Wiunsboro, S. C., on
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to tie highest bidder, the
i"o:lowieg describ d property, to wit:
A >1 Aflvtoin nowol at* tr<>fif
n.11 WW""
land lying, being and situate in the
Countj' of Fairfield and S ate aforesaid,
m. re..r less. and b unded on tLe north
b- Jnnua i tin; estate of Mrs .Sarah Center,
n the east by lands of Gracia
Ilagood, on the south by lands of Hix
Hasood, and on the we;t by lands of J. W.
One liali' cash, the balance on a credit of
o-e year with interest from day of sale,
secured by bond of purchaser and mortgage
of the premises, with insurance by
the purchaser of the house on the said lot
with the privilege to the purchaser of paying
ail ca h.
r? n .TTTVVT\"aS.
Dec S, 1899. cVc. p! fI'c.
The British and American Mortgage Company,
Limited, vs. Silas W. Ruff, Thomas
D. Kuff and Walter C. Ruff.
IN pursuance of an order of the Court of
Common Pleas, made in the above
stated case, I will offer for sale, before the
Court House door in Winnsboro, S. C., on
next, within the legal Hours or sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder, the
following described property, to wit:
All that certain piece, parcel or tract of
land lying, being and situate in the County
of Fairfield and State of South Carolina,
(552) ACRES,
more or less, in Township No. 10. and
being composed of two tracts, to wit:
First. Four hundred and seventy-seven
(477) acres conveyed to the said Silas "W.
Ruff by Elizabeth K Anderson, by deed
dated December 16th, 1878, and recorded
in the office of the Register of Mesne Conveyance
for Fairfield County, in Eook "A.
page ^fco, ei sen; anu. seuuuu., scvcnojfive
(75) acres, conveyed to the said Silas
W. Ruff by James B. McCants by deed
dated January 1st, 1878, and recorded in
the office !of the Register of Mesne Conveyance
for the County and State aforesaid,
in Book "A. F-," page 460, et seq.
All of said land being bounded, on the
north and east by the public road leading
from Kincaid's Bridge to Columbia; on the
south by lands of Henry Steele and Mrs.
Frank bteele; and on the West by lands of
Thomas Anderson and by Broad River.
One-third of the purchase money to be
paid in cash ou the day of sale, a deposit
of fifty dollars to be made by the purchaser
at *he close of th? bidding as an earnest of
his bid, and the balance upon a credit of
one r.na two years from the day of sale,
with interest thereon from the day of sale
at eight per cent per annum, payable
annually, to be secured by the bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the premises
sold. And in case the purchaser should
fail or refuse tn comply with his bid on
tlio nfco'ro tlion thi caid f]]erk sliall
resell the .-.aid premises at the risk of the
former purchaser immediately, or on some
subsequent convenient sales day, upon
the same terms without the further nrder
of The court. The purchaser to pay for all
necessary papers.
Dec. 8th, 18tt9. (J. C. C. P. F. C,
Mmms Brtuui, a* Survivor of Baum
Broi, vp. Joseph A Srewart, JNanliie
J. Srewart and others.
IN pnrenanoe of an order of the
L Court of Common Pleas, made in
the above stated ciso, I wil! offer for
**?! >, ''store ihe C"urt Liou?e door id
Wi-.nsb^ro. S. C-, on ?.he
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to 'he highest bidder,
ihe fullowiDg de-cjibed property, to
All iha? certain piece, parcel or
plantation of land, with the bnildinfir^
rhercon, situate, lying anr* beii-g io
the Conn y of Fairfield and State of
S< u!b (.'aro!in?, containing
Acr.f, iji^rt. or less, aud buunded on
the uortb by lands now or formerly
owned bv E. W. Haynee; on the east
bv ihe public road leading from Longtown
to Camden; on the sontb by
lands formerly owned by It. 15. Smith;
and on ihe wesl by lands of James
O.ie-'Mrd of the purchase money to
be paid in cash on the day of *ale (the
purchaser to d^po&it with said Clerk
at ihr < io-c <-f 'h<* bidding th<> snm of
fiftr dollar* an t arr est ol Ilia bid)
aii'1. ti.e Uaiai.ce in two i qui! annual
iutulmenis from ihe taid dav of sale,
BBCK-. .-ma
lli ^ ^ if*
L?JJ I im M
? - _,. - > x-:-T. 1^^ -
SOTIgill/. U.1S.U. >.- ccn
i?>.s borne the signature cf
is been made uader his pcrrapervision
since its infancy.
10 one to deceive you in tlii.:.
md Substitutes are but Exmd
endanger the health of
rience against Experiment.
astor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
Harmless and Pleasant. It 1
>rphine nor other Narcotic
arantee. It destroys Worms 1j
cures Diarrhoea and Wind i
Troubles, cures Constipation
tes the Food, regulates the
: healthy and natural sleep,
e Mother's Friend.
fe Always Bought
ver 30 Years.
wiih m*erest ihereon from the day of
sale, to be secnred by the bond of ibe
pu cbas t and a mortgage of the premise*.
In case the pnrchafer fails to
AAmi.K? A?* ?yiolro coi^ An.
VWUIJJJ) V* 11 LJ IIJO UiU) \Jl tuuav> vmu w
posit, ih-j Clerk thall immediately resell
eaid premises on the same day, or
0:1 some sabsrquent sale day, on the
sauoo terms, at the risk of the former
purchaser; the purchaser to pay for
ail necessary papers and for recording
them and for all necessary revenuo
Dec 8, 1899. C. C. C. P. F. C.
12 9td
Florence M. Habenicht, a? Administratrix
of the estate of F. W. Habejiichf,
deceased, and individually, vs.
Frederick L. Habenicht, LeRoy H.
flabenicbt and Frank G. HabeDicht.
| N pursuance of an _ordtr of the i
i. Court of Common JPieas, made in
the abovo stated case, I wi.l ofier for
sale before the Court House door iu.
^Vinusboro, S. C., on the
next, within the legal hours of sale, *t
pnb ic cuic.-v, to the highest biddpr,
tue following described property, *-?
(1) All that lot of land, witb the t
building thereon, filuate in thi towrin !
of Wi -nsboro, in the County of Fair- j
field and State of South Carolina, and >
on the south side of Washington street jj
of said town, said lot extends fo?r feet
beyond tbe building thereon, en tbr
east side thereof, and ten feet ?nd nines
inches Leyond said building on tbe
sooth t>He thereof; and h bounded oib
the norm i>. - id Washin ton ttreet; \
on ihe west by tbej-iil lot; a*d on tbe!
easi and south by lot of G W. Craw-f
ford. |
(2) Also those two ceriain parcel* i
or lots of laud situate in the town on*j
Winnsboro, in the County and Stare <
aforesaid, adjoining each other, ancfc>
lylnor on the eastern side and adjoin- \
ing tne unanoice, toiamoia aim ^.u- i
gnsta Railroad, being the eastern end- {
of the two lots known in the plan of j
said town as lots No. 67 and No. 68r
and bounded as follows: On the northi j
bv lot No. 69; on tho east by lots No \
77 and No. 78; on the sonth by Wash-}
in^ton street; and ou lho west by the j
bed of the aforesaid railroad.
One-third of the parchase money fo|
be paid in cash ou the day of sale, and (
the balance on a credit of one and t\ro?l
years from the day of safe, in eqn.st 5
annual instalment?, with interest front
said day ot sale, to be secured by t'.-.c ?
bODd of the purchaser and a mortgage j
of the premises sold; the purchaser or- jj
purchasers to pay for all necesscr>-j
papers, the recording of the same and'
all necessary revenue stamps. \
Dec. 8,1999. C. C. C. P. F. G.
rpHE People Bank will offer for sale I
I. to-the highest bidder on the. first 4
Tuesday in Januarv next before the j
court bouse door in vyjnnsboro. all j
those two several ,'ots or parcels of \
land lying, beiug and situate in fhe j
town of VVinnsboro, in the county and j
otate aforesaid, being designated oir j
the plan of said town a6 lots number j
148 and 149. bounded on the north b? ?
lot of R. S. DesPoites;on the east by 3
Congress Street; on the south bv lor. |
of W. C. Beaty, and on the west by 5
C^WAnf IfWAHTrt OQ f Kft l|
V aiJUCl Ul/191 giicci, AU*sv*rr iu*> y
"MnCarlev Jots."
One-third cash, the balance in t*o
equal anuuil installments, with interest
from the day of *a'e at eight per ?
cent per aunnrn, piyabie annuallr, to |
t-e secaiei by bond of purchaser and
mortgage of prtmises soid or fot ,a!l [
cash at the option of the porehaeer. ?
Pnrcharer to pay far all paper.?.
President. |
12 16-d " Cashier, t
Dyspepsia Cure
Diaesfs what voa eat. I
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digest*
zzj and tonic. No othefffireparatfon
san approach it in efffi^v. Ii instantly
relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia,Cramps,ana
all other results of imperfect digestion. \
Prepared by E. C. DeWltt & Co., C^Icaflo. j
ilcMASTER (J9. I
Winnsboro. S. (J s
This announcement is adc
sundries. If you are in this
afford a satisfactory profit.
TVe curry the largest and best
experience and greatly increased
ing to yon. We invite correspc
you with a full line of'samples
? ?1_ ?
pages, proraseiy illustrateu, is u
will place your name upon our 3
Comprise a list of attractive spa
tive line and possesses merit wb
will insure a satisfactory and sa
will be pleased to submit you ti
Cycle Sundries make most ac<
without a full stock on hand. 1
Ily. We can fill orders on aim
Place your order with us at one
Brand Sundries on hand, and y
" f
"pURSUANT to a power of sale contained
in a deed of trust executed
to us by J. M. Beaty on the 27tn day
of April, 1897, and recorded in the
- C it. f? Z-A. C
uia.cc ui tuw iH^mcr ui mosuc vuuveyances
for Fairfield County id Deed
Book UA2," page 261, we will offer
for sale, to the highest bidder, on the
first Tuesday ia January next, before
the Court House door id Winn&boro.
the premises situate in said town of
Winnsboro, on the corner of Congress
and Washington streets, known a? the
"Beaty lot," containing one-eighth of
an acre, more or less, and being folly
described in said deed.
One-third cash, the balance in two
equal annual instalments from the day
of sale, with interest from the day of
sale at ei^ht per cent per annum, paya
ble annually, secured by the bond of
the purchaser and a mortgage of the
premises sold, or for all cash at the
option of the purchaser. Purchaser to
pay for papers.
"M. W. DOTY,
12-16td Trustees
Ssls of
Si^vte of South Carolina, ?
County of Fairfield. $
Bank of Colombia, ri. C., I
will eell at public eatery to the highest
bidder, on salesday in Janoarv,
1900, being Tuesday, tbe second day
of. the month, before the Court House
door of Fairfield County, in Winns|
boro, between the hours of 11 A. M.
i and 4 l'. M., an me n^m, uue ?uu
I interest of the Commercial Bank of
{< olutnbia, S. C., in and to alt that
| tract or parcel of lami eituate in aaid
i County and State, containing Two
I Hnndre t and Thirty Acres, more or
j leip, and bounded by laudi now or
I formerly of Charles Free, Susan N.'
I McMahtn and others, and by Bread
| Rirer, being the tract of land con:
veyed to Mary ,T. Dawkins by R. H.
Jennings, C. C. O. P. and G. S. for
Fairfield County by deed dated No
' ?j t iL* Ajklil V(anti
vemoer 1005#, ai>u uy me emu iiiai;
J. Dawkins conveyed to the Commercial
Bank of Columbia, S. C-, bj deed
dated September 15, 1892.
Attorney for Commercial Bank.
Columbia, S. C., Dec. 11, '99.
All Persons
are requested
to come and
inspect our
line of j
Exmas Goods.
Mitt CiijayJ
car of FINE SEED
WHEAT, which we
will sell d>eap for
cash or oil liberal
terms. Ail ifarmers
should sow rsome
' ?:i l.inpi x>v <\ F i ms *ecu/ev uF slrst
in C-a^es. Iflte.T^r 8 j ?r O nt. Xn
-urn not ic * i imii $500, 3 to S years.
N* ij ?h*friAs:ons. Uorrow^r ^nys actaa1
a. S--& W.?? DOUGLASS
Wi?n?bor- , (.'
r ? CM> J/2V
or . i*. t'i\ u *1
J11,. 25 Columbia, b. C/
A v
Iressed to all merchants reading
category you want goods tha
assorted stock of cycle sou dries in
I facilities enable us to quote prices
mdence and a request will bring .ot
and net prices. Our handsome S
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fe margin of profit. We are const
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osfc anything in the sundry line '
e, and then advertise that you ha-<
on will get your share of the Christ
n of American Bicycle Com |
Hartford, Conn.
&c DAVIS, Agents, Winnsl
pabliahed", <^ntal^^fu
ft wit
^W JK arr
There will be lots of "gla<
this town after you've looke
qIihpc On#* orood look at tl
and the prices, means that ;
buy a pair.
- - - THIS]
/~v ttttt
Founded 1842. 1
"Sins- their own praise."
or sister been longing for aPfANO? 1
Wh n >t -jjive h^r one for Cbri?tin i???
?*?ue of those celebrattd, r? liable, !
snrrt-toiied STIEFF PIANOS I
Wt-'ii not burden your pu s>; with a
BIG PRICE, and we'.l give von CON- i
YEN1ENT TERMS in which t ? do i
l the paying.
j Catalogue ai;d boo'* of angges'.io;iJ> j
cheerfullv piven.
loir ?dP ODCa VC
t Auauu vuuaiiw
CM M. STUFF, r:i_
Baltimore, Md
Fact-rv B:ai:ch Ware-Room, Nu 213
Forth I n on St., CharlMte N. C.
C. H. W1LMOTH, Manager.
UiiX JIMirnuw 1U! VAVV
A Complete .Line of
Gsr*o^(! Extraci fur lifctxtke: ]
Irou: 5ejnp to $3
] r>: I j 11 >. b < ih \ ]
>U\ Rockv-tf, 2 .bs. e&c'i.
J.ip-.n 9ft Bombs.
Fire Cracker-, sill ki ds
Cup? a id Ssu-P'fi
P nq"C? *>n>i >ieiiilion>. fnrXika-.
V*-< s ' u: hatd t;in .
Limp" 10 lisrht your ho nes b .
Stafi nc v t> write to your fri.-nd?
Riiiallrs - Candy
iii p-t< fcau- - i? ?n?t \?-n.
Te.l \our friei ds and eome a d !>? ' i
f. r )oa-ef- W> will pie-'*" you i: j
we can. Don't for/e* us
You-? for a mw X?na.?,
T IT MnMnntnn 0 On !
nillK R 63/1 wbuker n?btu
? jJ lf? cured ei home wita
H r c ft 5 tf&*a oat pals of wr
IV) 3 S %g BY a t'.cul&rasont FH3SE.
eflghksbbsa b.slwoollky.ild.
BSBmS Office 104 H. Pryor 6t
this paper who sell cycle J :?J
it will sell quickly and J J
the market. Our past wiilft 'PgM
whicJi will mean p
ir traveliag rcprcsentative^^^^^^H
undry Catalogue of ovei*
[ card mentioning this patM
3RIES | ||
iicle is a leader in its respee- |
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antlj adding to this line and
jting net prices. ,<j? M
not let Santa Claus find you
>u can get the goods prompt- J
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re a full stock of the Capitol
mas trade.
no.. ;%Jf
^ ^ -9 ~ {
sany, B.
:>oro? S. C. I
Is One DoMar, J
and send it to us with one dollar end v/o
3 $10.00 Dictionary. subject to examination. /
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book. -;iiis Dictionary contains 25,003 _
ts ai-i d'.'.riitionG than are to be found in
:"!Vu Dictionary. It is the latest Dictionary
~y 45,000 more -n-ords than "Webster's and
Ti"r;H.brl<l*?d IUcVioaaries &nd has 250 more . >
SB'f T's'fEXNATIGITAI. DICTiUKAxn. J. -- rt?r\
the reference is exact and it is absolute /
pade, ujvtn-date Dictionary on the market. -Ro _i -r
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I Just I
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>es at your favorite shoe ds
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h care. We think we know
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he shoes Se!z Shoes II ||
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KETS. \i
LINE. - - - M
| International f
| Dictionary | ?
Succe$$or-?>f the " Unabridged." ?
of the C.S.Oov't Printing O ^
C Office, the U. S. Supreme o
Ir court, nil the State Su- a
L2^^BI S premeCourts.ar.dofnear- t
P ly all the Schoolhooks. Y
I /^N It "Warmly S
? ! ,'JgPsA w| Commended x
L^HI - 8S9 r 1>T State Superintendents X
Mj^W \9rl~V H or Schools. College PTesl- X -Vn
: vi' k dent?,andother Educators J;
* h almost without number. O j
Ji Invaluable x ^
S^sSH In the household, and to a
LT" t3?i ' the teacher, scholar, pro- {
^8^ fesaional wan, and bdf- V
educator. 9
o It U easy to find tha word wonted. o
9 It 15 easy to ascertain the pronunciation. Q *^|
o It Is easyto trace the growth of a word. <?
9 It is easy to learn what a word means. O
9 The New Orleans Picayune says: V
ilt stands now a monument to patlentjndnstry, i
brilliant scholarship, and mechanical skill, and Y'
one or the most complete and useful works ever 0
published In this country. 6
Specimen pages sent on appl icat ion to 0
G. & C. MERRIAH CO., Publishers, 5
Springfield, JiZsss., U. S. A. <$
CAUTION. P?Krot- 1:0 d^Jvcd ? A
____________ :n buysriji srccj so- 9
called *' Webster's Dictionaries." All P
authenticabridjrn:cnt3cf the n-.tcniaticnal 0
in the various sizes bear or.r tn:cc-roar:: on ?
^ the front cover as chov.-a in the cuts. 5 g
/?\ /W\ %
Y / unaan i I vasttsa \ I ?TDs.r*5 i / *TE.rm i V
O i aouzmic I I kichscjjcl 1 tcx-jusoii) ;njRS?c.l Q\
g \ap?iwr/ \acra^/ \^rrowr / q
WX>0<KK><XX><><>(XK>0C-D<X>C^ OC i>
wmmm? mtnirn ? n.i !! I IIIB I it
'The Bew-legged Ghost and Oi&e? Stories.'
With an intro- ^ -cp ^ ,
Barnes Whit- v
illustrated vol
umeof o^giaa^
and heretofore
reed alcui and
enjoyed mong^ ' ,?1
your mentis, vyonttics "ine i->Eoei,"
"When Fzra. Sang First Bass, "Tna Man Wt >
Couldn't Laugh," "Possible TiiliS of Pttuo
B^kr," "Sailing 1/K.ki o: jliir," "l.'o vVor.'ica, No
Fad," "Society Actrcsxs," etc., e:c. This fc I
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Publiiheri i=4 Hanoiacl^ers. AiCOS, CfllO.
I The Werner Com piny is thorough!/ reliil-ie.;?Editor. ^
OF SEW vnst Solicits
a suaie cf tHe public patronage.

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