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i nil? iiiii iiiai
Wednesday, December 20, 1899
Oa account of the holidays, there
Ml I _ 1_1 ? - -
fwm oe no weesiy paper issusu
this cSee 021 "Wednesday, December
?See executor's sale.
?Read County Supervisor's anntial
?Read the county auditor's notice
?Ya iuible real e3tate for sale. See
-J :
?Inspect. McMaster & Co.'s Christmas
goods before going elsewhere.
Read 'heir ad.
?Fresh Raisins, Carrant9 and Citron
for makiag fruit cake, at F. E.
Mrs. R.Churchill, Berlio, Vt.$ says:
"Our baby was covered with running
sores. DeWiu's Witch Hazel
Salve cared h*r." A specific lor pi-e?
and skij diseases. Bervare of worth
lea3 conn^rleits. mc Master uo.
?On account of the 1st of January
being a legal holiday all sales, &c.,
will be postponed until Tnesday.
?J. D. McCarley & Co. gives your
a cordial invitation this morning to
visit their store. They are sore to
please yon in price and quality.
?Rs. Kev. Ellison Caper-, Bishop
of Soath Carolina, wiil visit St John'*
Episcopal Cborcb on Sunday, Deceoiber
3ist. He was to Imve visited
WinLsboro in November bat was
obliged to change his plans aud postpone
bis visit. Notice of services
will be^ivsn later.
?All miiliDery goods will be sold at
greatly reduced prices for the next
hi-hr flors Tf ttan rranf. hftisrains CO
VUJ.4 * T A* J ~ V. 0 to
Mrs. McCarley's.
"I was uearly dead with dyspepsia,
tried doctors, visited, mineral springs,
and |prew worse. I used Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. That cured me." It
digests what you eat. Cures indigestion,
sour stomach, heartburn and all
forms of dyspepsia. McMaster Co.
?The case of J. C. P. Williams,
former ocstmaster at Ridseway, which
was to have come np before the United
States District Court, cow in session
in Columbia, was continued until the
next term of court. Williams is
charged with opening letter and taking
money therefrom, and with pension
?A few rather quiet social gatherings
will take place at Christmas time,
and notice of them will be given later
when the plans ?for them have bean
AAmnlA*A/^ T? Io AnofAmorp horft fnr
each denomination to give some little
entertainment either for the Sunday
School children or the whole congregation
and this will probably be the
v case this year.
2tli?s Annie E. Gunning. Tyre, Mich.,
says: 4'I suffered a long time from
dyspepsia; lost flesh &;i<3 became very
weak. Kodol Dyspepsia Care completely
cared me." It digests what
you eat and cure3 all forms of stomach
trouble. It never fails to give immediate
relief in the worst cisesu McMaster
?The State on Saturday published
the notice of the marriage of a former
resident of Winnsboro, Mrs. Hanna
^ Rion, to Mr. Leroy At wood Williams.
The wedding took place on Wednesday,
December 13;h, at Newark, N. J.,
and the cjremony was performed by
Rev. H R. Rose, of the Universalist
church. The bride has been in New
York for about a year perfecting herself
in music.
It takes but a minute to overcomh
it. tVu fVirnof or?r? tA ntr?n ft
8k cough by the use o fOne M;nute Cough
IHE Cure. This remedy quicu.?v cuies all
forms of throat and Jung troMbles.
^Harmless and pieasant to take. Jw
CTtprevenrs "rui" am w im 1 T1
7piHa*^pec!fSifflf>iiob. A famous |
??specific ior grippe and its after effects. LP
JJcMaster ; o T
?The Wii:usboro hotel, which ha3 *
for more than a par be^n managed by w
Mr. ar d Mrs. W. A.B^aty, wiil pas"
into other hands at ibe beginning of the w
year. Under th- ir efficient management
tne hotel his been run in a most P1
satisfd'-v ry manner, but Mr. Beaty ^
does uot wish to continae in charge *
and the hotel wnl in 1900 have another proprietor,
it is not known who will ^
take charge.
?A Mr. Fitz-immon?, agent for tbe
Clifton Manufacturing; Co., paid Hon, 1
T. W. Tra>ior, in 1896, for a lot of
cotton worth over $4,000 with a
"time" check on the mill. The mill
refused to pay the check when due
and Mr. Traylor put the claim in the !
? <V
hands of his attorneys, juun
Mauro, ot Union, S. C , and the whole
amount with interest in full to date '
has beeu received.
?John H. McMaster & Co. are
faliy prepared to meet the demands of
Christmas shoppers, and have an extensive
and complete stock of holiday
goods. Candies, vases, fireworks,
pretty China; and mauy useful aud
ornamental articles which will be just
what von wish for Christmas presents.
See :heir advertisement for prices, &c.s
and give them a cail and see for yourself.
?Some unknown person, we learn
r Observer. fired
^ ilUUi litv VUMi 1VVIV s
into loe northbound evening train just
ihe traio iett the station at Rock
Kill. The tali entered a window and
two men narrowly escaped iijary,
and possibly death. Thty fortunately
were lyi:;? dowu when the shot was
r fired :i! d thus escaped unhurt. Coward!}
a- d malicious mischief prompts
such vxfs~ 15 thi? and it is unfortunate
that i ften ii is impopeible to discern
t: e uii'o can', who po richly de
- - ?i, ichmont
servo mtcic j'uoiowuuw....
?(> : ; of the seven s' wind and rain
sior?:i-('f 'he >c&r occurred on .Monday
Mgh?, disiurbirg she re*t of
nmMi* j e< p!e, but i.ot doing much
damage. 'The r-on p- ured in torrents
? and Li-L viiid from :he southeast
made tre Ki^ii'. i: n com for* ably stormy,
but ih^ ?'(> in was what most people
expecea tfter ihe warm weather on
vr..irisv a s'jorht f.-til in tempera
tare followed tbe *torm. During ibe
V storm one or two trees in to?n wore
v uprooted, aiid ibe telephone wins
? were c-ossed in some p^ces.
?It wil! be seen by a list of minis^
terlal appointments glvsr. elsewhere
in tbesj columns thit Rev. J. D.
Why cough and risk consumption,
when the celebrated Dr. John W.
Bull's Cough Syrup will cure you at
once? It never fails to cure throat and
lung troubles. For bronchitis, sore
throat and hoarseness it is invaluable.
? m m u 0 OOK
Will cure a Hacking Cough,
Doses are small and pleasaai to taSre. Doctors
recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all drnggists,
Crout has been returned fo the
Winnsboro and Greenbrier churches
and these congregations are to be
congratulated. Mr. Crout is a zsalous,
energetic worker and his people were
very nneasy /or fear he would be
sent to another field. Mr. Crcut and
bis family would have beeu a Joss to
Wiunsboro bad they moved a^vay,
and it is hoped that he will be allowed
to remain until ihe four years limit is
out and thereby be enabled tc carry
on (be Wvrk here.
?On 6atarday evening; a total
eclipse of the moon occurred. The
night was almost perfectly c:ear and
the beaotifal sight was uuobscured by
elouds. The eclipse began ar. about
6.30 and lasted for two Iiours. The
dark shadow across the face of the
moon gave it a strange appearance
and as tne shadow grrew and gradually
covered the moon the light wa% weird
and peculiar in the extreme. M about
8 o'clock me moon was in total ccaipse
and it was several hours before she
shone forth in all of her brilliancy.
The eclipse had been predicted and
there were few who did not witness
"One Mincte Cough Cure is the best
irpmpfJv T pvpp riRfiri for r.nnwha and
colds. It is unequalled for whooping
cough. Children all like it," writes
H. N. Williams, Gentryville, Ind.
Never fails. It Is the only harmless
remedy that gives immediate results.
Cures coughs, colds, hoarseness,cronp,
pneumonia, bronchitis and all throat
and lung troubles. Its early use prevents
consumption. McMaster Co.
?A negro man stole a package out
of the Caldwell Dry Goods Co.'s store
on Thursday. The package was missed
after the negro left the store and had
returned to bis home near White Oak.
Some one was sent to the negro's
home to fiad oat whether he had taken
the package, his conduct while in the
store haviDg aroused the suspicion of i
the clerks, but he denied having taken
it. On Friday however he was in
town and in the store again where he
was cornered and was given the 1
choice of paying the value of the pack
age or being arrested. He paid the
mo ,ey and was released.
?This is the last week of work for
the school children and teachers before :
the Christmas holidays, and in antici
pation of the fnn in store for them and
the excitement of Christmas shopping
the children can scarcely concentrate
their minds on books. The week after
Christmas will be given them for holi*
- -* -1 ? 1
aay,- ana omy one wees ausicau ui
two as has always been the custom.
The college boys and girls will begin (
coming home this week, and the town will
soon fill up with young faces. 1
The Converse girls and the Presbyte- i
rian College girls will come in the end 1
cf the week and every train on Friday ^
and Saturday will !>riug absent ones ,
home for the" pleasant Christmas family
Itch on human ccred in 30 minutes {
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. Tbis
never fails. Sold by W. E. Aiken, i
droggist, Winnsboro, S. C. <
coming a:sd going. !
Mr. Wm. MeltOD, ofCoIumbi? ?-|D
in town. p
Tfaotrp^p^. of Columbia, is in tj
Twn on business. a
Mrs. Priagle is vi3itiDg her brother, ^
lev. Benj. Allston. ^
Mr. T. R. Moorman, of Columbia,
kas in to\7n on Sunday.
jJ*^Edwin Carlisle, of Newberry,
as in ou Snnday aud Monday, tt
Mr xVT^Ia>^^',ra'^r^orc^* bae a' ^
Jaition as telegraph operator at
humla, Texas, is hereon a two weeks'
isit to his parent. p;
M cam 8
Did you ever try to dodge the ?
rain-drops? Did not succeed ;
very well, did you? It's just j,
as useless to try to escape from j
the germs of consumption, xou i
can't do it. They are about us
on every band and we are con- i
stantly taking them into our
Then why don't we all hav3 '
this disease? Simply because 1
these germs cannot gain a foot- i
hold in a strong throat and
iungs. It's when these are
weak that the germs master.
The body must be weH supplied
with fat. The danger comes j
when the blood is poor and the
body is thin. If your cough does
not yield, and your throat and j
* vo;i 3
lungs leei raw aim ^v. w, ^
should Hot delay another day. j
Scott's |
j Emulsion!
} of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypophos- j
?lit f,?ol fhp.
phites at once, it wm ?. ,
inflamed membranes and greatly j
strengthen them as well. The
digestion becomes stronger, the !
appetite better and the weight
increases. The whole body becomes
well fortified and the
i germs of consumption cannot
I gain a foothold.
! It's this nourishing, sustain
j ins and strengthening power
I has made it of such value in
ail wasting and exhausting
50c. and $1.00, <*il druggists.
SCOTT St BOWNE, Chemists, *rtw York.
> aU
Married at Crosbyville, S. G., on the
10th iost., by W. W. Crosby, notary
public, Mr. Tbos Smith and MiS3
Kate Yarnadore; both of Fairfield
Ovunty. .
The foUo wing telegram was received
frum New York ca Monday morning
by The News and Herald:
New York, December 18.
! V'uiisiueriug uewa ui .oruieu rererscB
| it* the T^nsvaal and the financial sitaaiion
in New York, the cotton market
has acted extremely well, and with
iho slightest imprevement in conditions
named will advance sharply.
Receipt below smallest estimates and
ciop 1 -,ok3 shorter than ever.
Price, McCormick & Co.
The Southern Railway beg to announce
rates of one and one-third
fares tor the round trip from all of its
stations in the southeastern Passenger
Association. Ticko'.s <?j;. sale December
22ud, 23rd, 24th, 25th and SOtb,
31st and Jauuar. 1-t, ii mited to return
January 4tf., 1900
To students of ecgodIs and colleges,
upon p-esentation of certificates signed
bv the ?i.ipf-rinteiiden'.s, principals or
president!-, tickets will be sold December
lot!: '<> 21 *t inc us re, with final
limit 4/t. 1900
For full information and Pullman
reservations, call on an.> agent of this
company, or R. W.Hunt, T. P. A.,
Augu^a. Gra.
Fed Hot from the Gun
Was the ball that G. B. Steadman,
of Newark, Mich., in the Civil War.
Ii caused horrible Ulcers that no treatment
belied for 20 years. Then Buckleo's
Arnica Salve cared him. Cures
Cn.3, Bruises, Barns, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Skin Ernpticns. Best Pile
cure od e^rth. 25 cts. a box. Care
guaranteed. Sold by McMaster Co.
A Missionary Tea.
()a Tuesday evening, December
26ib, the ladies of the Presbyterian
Church will give a Missionary Tea to
the members of the Presbyterian congregation
in the armory. No admit
tance will be charged but each guest is
expected to contribute a little money.
Refreshments will be served to tbe
guests and a delightful evening may
be cxpecteo. The special feature of
he evening will be the opening of the
mite boxes wliich sometime ago were
distributed among tbe ladies of the
Missionary Society, and a nice sum
is expected from tbe boxes. Last
Xma* thise ladies gave a tea and it
wa9 a gieat success and was a delightful
social gathering.
B?ars the /0 KM You Have Always Bought
Capt. George W. Shell died suddenly
at his home near Laurens on
Friday afternoon in the 69th year of
his age. He was a devoted Confederate
soldier and served in Kershaw's
brigade. For several years he was
very aclive in politics and was for
two terms in congress, *tbut daring the
last few years of his life he lived
juietly at his farm in Laurens county.
Be was slightly sick^ou Wednesday
aightbut uo one considered him at all
seriously ill and his death was an
iwful shock to his family and friends-?
A. widow and eight crflftiren survive I t
no. airs. * ST B. Crawford of this v
lac?, a daughter of Oapt. Shell, has c
ic deep sympathy of all the com- ?
mnitv ir? tbi^ 6ndden blow. She has
rithin the last few months lo.-t a h
rother and sister. Cl
1 E
?^ I
"Working Night and Day
T.he busiest aud mightiest little thing
lar f rer was made is Dr. King's New
ife Pills Every pill is a sugar-coatr-f
caksess inio strength, listlossness ni
ito energy, brain-fag into mental n,
,wei\ they're wonderful in build- c?
g tip tho health. Only 25c. per box. '
>id bv McMaster Co., druggists. "
? u
Mif6 Margaret Kleiu, the elocutionist ^
ho gave a recital in the court house p(
i Wednesday evening., is tbe best gJ
ho ha? ever appeared before.; a je
riuu>boro audience, and ber recita- j 0]
las wore thoroughly enjoyed. By [C
*<ue.M sbe gave several negro dialect fc
e^lions and no one but a South
/'aroipian and one : reared in tbe a'
ower pArt of th* Stale could have K
mitaie tbe dialect so perfectly. ta
^Baopg ler selections were both hu- i hi
botous &v.d patneiic, nud each number I h<
1711 en lmsiisiically applauded. The ^
?ontof ihe Chatiahooobee, by Sidney 3,
Lanif^ jest pure fjhiistmas, by Field, gj
intt 'Selection from Macbeth, were j ?
amor^ij]g recitations. Iler voice is
wonde^uy SVree? aod flexible and
her mi!er ;g graceful and winning.
Sue is a'auu-iually fino elocutionist ^
and b:r ivTpret<>tioti of the di.Terent ]
selections .iei perfect ai>d she ren- I
dneu fhcm^arin-lBgjv jt?j3 seldom j
thut such a ?al j.as, been given the
people wf y'Ssborn- On Thursday j
morning \?i=s .?j,3 vj6itetl Mt Zion N
Institute and a Felec.ti?>n3 for | \
the pupi!?j *w o ,re (jejjorijjgfj ^jg [
sscolc f ppor.uli Qj- ^iearj,tg. jler> j
By this flntertaionK aDjce 1Qm wag |
sa-ieu 10 the fund fo-t Z!#n Li0rary. 1
: T]
Tt ft ft-stive pennon i , ,
ue ' ... ->pene?l up
! once rno:^ in onr ininat, t rinne
! ancrry, p'esant ,i?< ??0f^|?
[M Therein te ?n enU . a
Sairen ,t th? lower Longtot | ?
Uousr bv the "I/rngtown . di
I : icsl Company" on TL ' j v;
evening, December at t .ou o i ?.
wwier the efficient c?;re and mai^ I ~
areat of Misa Ear'inc Williams,"\ .
ever ieudy and popular teacher of it ^
>*^ove ?choul. An admission of only
10 cents will be charged for the bene;
fit <>f the school. Come, friends, bring
[ your irlends, and the general public
Jare cordially invited, and a pleos^
I lime i- and will be assured yojK^^
j December 16, 1399.
The appointment of the ministers
by conference were made on Monday
and have been published. On Monday
also it was proposed to hold the next
meeting of conference at Chester, and
by a unanimous vote it fvas decided
upon as the place of meeting nest
time. The appointments for the Columbia
District are as follows:
I E T Hodges, presiding elder. Bates
burg, A (J Walter; uoiumoia, at
Washington street, W R Richardson;
Main street, S H Zimmerman; Green
street acd Granby, J E Mahaffey;
Brooklond and Hebron, C DMann;
Edgewood, R S Trnesdale; Hyatt's
Park, to be supplied; Edgefield, G W
Davie*-; Fairfield, R W Speigner; Fort
Motte, to be supplied; Graniteville,
E P Hnlson; Johnston, S P H Elwell;
Laogley, B C Boior; Leesville, JF
Anderson; Lewiedale, J MLawson;
Lexington, J N Wright Lexington
T A tioi-orvmlii# TiifiCftWaV.
X'VJXtj V k/ avvavv?UV?W7 *""-O ?
W8 Grodvrin; Upper St. Matthew5,
J W Ariai;; W:u ?sbr*r\ J Dt.'roo';
Soutbu!; Cmi*ran Advocate, J O
Wi'SOu; Columbia Female Co.'iejf':,
WW Dani-1; Ep*or:h Orpauusge,
G II Wdddell; Paine Iu-'tirut-, Gpo
W Walker; Warren fill*, K E woore.
Kev P B Ingram ha? been appointed
minister of the Biackstcck chnrch.
A? a en re for rheumatism Chamber- i
Iain's Pairi Balm is gaining a wide |
reputation D. B -Johnston. 01 JRicU- |
mond, I d , has t.-een troubled with ,
that ailment sin<-e 1862- In sptak-ng j
of it he says: "I neverfound anything j
" " -- - ? T 2
tbat would re/ieve me nnui x u>>ou
Chamberlain's Fain Balm. It acta like
magic with me. My foot was swollen
and paining me very much, but one
application of Chamberlain's Pam
Balm relieved me." For sale by McMasler
Tbe White Oak Academy, under the
efficient management of Prof. Spencer,
will give a free entertainment on
Friday nigbt, December 22nd Prof.
W. IT. Hand, of the Chester graded
school, will deliver a lecture both
amusing and instructive, to wbich the
public are coraiuiiy 'vueu. xuui cui-1
respondent kiioweth not what might
transpire at toe c'ose of the entertainment.
The academy has a large hall
overhead, and "White Oak's watchman"
Is off in Georgia, so it may be
while "ihe cat U away the rats may
Christmas is fast approaching. The
old >ear ;99, fall to the brim of thrilling
events, has grown tired, an I is
drawiDg ia her eable mantles for a
long, sweet sleep. Oh! may her parting
gifts cheer the hearts of both old
and young in every land and clime,
and may she hold out to her approaching
sister a ?centre so bright, so replete
with blestiogsas will wipe out all sorrows
of the past.
The small boy is beginning to look
up and down the road for Saila Clans;
-- ??. wj'. :i ? ?r\ tt nan nf
HO, ill. -CiUHUl, ii JUU uim, oujr ?uj vj
sending him word, please tell him not
to visit onr (own with le83 than a fourhorse
load for fear some of the dear
little ones might be slighted.
A merry Christmas and happy New
Year for you is the wish of D. M.
December 23, 1899.
1 rave Man Fall
VicDn- to ttoni&ch, liver and kidney
troubles a well .s women, and all feel
the results iu loss of appetite, poison
in the blood, backache, nervousness,
headache acd tired, iisst.es?, run-down
foeliDg. But there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J^_W
5$v?f&*; Icrjr He"*says: "Electric J
Jiire s .?^e jafet the thing for a mau
7i-I. n* i?; all run down, and don't 3
ai *'.eiher be lives or dies. It did
aor< co give ms new strength and *
'ooi! apn.-iite than anythiog I could
ake. I cati no -v eat anything and i
ave a new lea*n on life." Only 50 <
enu, u? McMa^er ('o.'s drag store.
Ivery bottle guaranteed. rj
?_ rj
Tbe difference between my hogs and
lurderers is, the latter are tried add ^
anged, tbc fCTL^ei- were uting aad ?r? ^
ow being tried. Yes, we try sauiges
for breakfast, backbones for (
inner and souce for 8npper, and be>re
retiring we try some fatty ash- 11
ike and milk just to make oar slnmers
peaceful oud dreams pleasant. ^
?q told you incur la*t we expected j
ork and turnips soon, but we will
tve that scuffle the candidates. "We r
am thai they will be more numsr- ^
is next \ear lhau ever, aad we desire <
> tickle their palates with something "
r the compliment* we expect and the
isses bestowed npou our urchins with I
irty faces and unkempt hair. "The
tan with the hoe" will leel his impor- ^
ires when the candidate comes with
is beautiful speech about "the horny- \
inded sons of toil." And the fact is,
e rather like if. So, Mr. Candidate, t(
:>n't forget us. If pork and turnips
;ve out before that time we shall cer- A
Phe Eminent Kidney E
and Bladder Specialist. T
lie Discoverer of Swamp-Root at Work ia
Eis Laboratory.
There is a disease prevailing in this T
auntry most dangerous because so decepve.
Many sudden deaths are caused by
?heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
r apoplexy are often the result of kicney h
:sease. If kidney trouble is allowed to ad- tl
ance the kidney-poisoned blood will attaik sj
ie vital organs, cr the kidneys themselves p
reak down and waste away cell by cell, jj
hen the richness of the blood?' he albumen p
-leaks out and the sufferer has Bright's j
" ^se, the worst form of kidney trouble.
c0ve?":lmer's Swamp-Root the new dis- ^:
Knd true specific tor kidney, bladder
' ess cases, after all other n
; Lj^Tail, s>? a bob,\ druggists in fifty-cent ^
v^oot and V5 Voncfer^le bottle sent free si
i Dr. Kilmer Co.. Binges about Swamp- ti
i mention this oer. ?^-'res. Address si
N. Y. and si
v .
i <
To All,
Read the i
/ -//
&L J?U>?1J &*L
[Yours of recent dato to hand reque:
kidneys. My physicians said that I cot.
& gallons drawn Irom scrotum several
fluid. Was unablo to pet any rest or el<
able to attend to my business. I can 1
glad to give It, as some poor BUlferer mi
TL. i- ? 1,\J 1,.. 1
J. nc iiauc suppixcu uy 1
tainly have some dried beef, dried ojfoot.
Work on the railroad and other (
kinds of labor have carried off souk;
of the good husbands and left some
"grass widows" pro tern, about. It is ;
supposed they are willing; and onr
friend, T. E. Smith, has been left a (
"grass widower" by his good wife
leaving bim to make a visit to her (
relatives. He says if her trip is very i
extended he will be on the matrimonial ]
market again Some of his b&cbelor ,
Inenas spena a uigm wiin mm occa-|,
sionally. He makes it exceedingly j1
pleasant for (hem. ? 1
We hear somethiog of Filipinos, [
South Africans, Boers, Ladysmith and |
various other places and peoples. :
What can the matter be with evory-,
body and everything anyhow? j
Since we have killed hogs and are j
doing so well we scarcely ever think |
of the man in town that fed ns all |
through the summer; and we did not
quite "pay out," but we will think of >
him later on, and will probably try the ]
same tbiDg again. j
Miss Maggie Hollis has gone to
Winssboro on an extended visit.
Before this was sent, Mrs. Smith 1
has returned home and reports quite a
pleasent time, and Mr. Smith is in a ,
calm again. Mike.
December 16', 1899.
Bears tie Have Always Bought j ^
^n^^^slars^in^tho' iky were"*4'all | ?l
aglow, ' b;
?in>l 6bepherds were watching their j t;
drowsy sheep, in
keeping ttiem all safe and warm while i fc
they sleep. i r.;
Yhen Jo! a gloriou*- I.'gnt did appear, |
^nd an angc! of God - as stau-iiuir ;
near; ~ L;
?hen all tho?.bepherd<? were sore afriid,1 Cl
fili tfce ai gel of God >o gvnt] i. |-,
[Fear not, pood iicir?j>3 of gr.%M joy I! *
bring, ;
tor noto vou this Jay i? b-.r . a Ki. g, j;
)f David's house a:<c! <>: Da\.d". line. ; : '
ind to yoQ, 0, ehcp!ie.-'I>-, I -ive (his!
. ?, 13 , pr
Sign," ! ?
'In Kethlebem'a eub'v gy b< >4
said, i
lYe shall find the babe in a mange.-. ?>
laid;" j >o
'hen lo! on their ears encii sweet cr
music fell; ! w
?ut, who were the ungere, none could n
tell. I J'1
! hs
Jntil looking upward there ihey e.^py : ;h
l heavenly host, who so gladly cry, ! fif
'Gloy to God," they sing again ? ar
Peace, peace on earth, good will lo fi;
men." ia
t came to pass, when the angels were w
gone, cc
'hat the shepherds lefc their sheep all
alone; ?
Let us go to Bethlehem now and see
Vhat the Lord hath done for von and h
? " t<9
me." ^
And t r>: came in haste," 'tis thus wc &
lead, jP
ind found if trne a3 :he angel bad j
said, |
Eoth Joseph aud Mary and free from 2?
danger j
7as the little babe asleep in the man-1 *
?er. j -
ind then began they (o spread abroad j
'he wonderfn' things*tbey had seen ; jj
and heard i if
loncerning this little infant mild, j \
'hie "Wonderful Counsellor,'' the I \
Cbrist ChUd.
)h! how ran we who have known | |
him 60 long ?
tefraiu from singing the same swe-et |
song g,
"bat the angels sang sgain and again ? | j
Peacft, peace on earth, good will to |<
men." j |]
jerimng-e, o. ?j l. j g;
wenty-five Years' Constant Use Withont j ij
a failure. ! |"
T'ie first indication of croao
oarseness, and in a child snhj-.ct to, *-.J
iat ?'isoasfi it may be lake*; a sure ! S "
gn of roc approach of an a'fack.
'ollowintr tJ?l3 hoar'cntfs i- " riecn- ?.
?.r rough cough. If Cham'jerlaiu'> ( jj
inugh Remedy i* sriven ;i-t ?i;c a? the' -Ir
I ild ' ecoraes hoar>e, or even a'ler tne ,4x
ronpy corvi' appears, it wj1> prevent; ?c
:c sittfok fi is nscu in many thou*j r
it ds of homes j'?i this li^ad laud a?n 1 -c
ever disappoints :he anxioa? mothers i j '
l'e' hive >et to learn of a ansie in- j \r
lance in which it has nor proved efitac-! ?'
aal. No other preparation can show j?
uch a record?twemo-Sve vw' con-: t;.
iant use without a laiiure. F ;r sale j
y McMasrer Co. tz,
i LITH0NTR1PTIC has curt
dreadful disease and it
oilowing letter from R. J. E
^s<z/ fitzud, tsJtsF^, ff
/(<-'*?'*^^^^ ^ Z^"' Vj
'Z^'Z/L- y^^i^/^Z'^i^.
- /> s\ ? srA*a
sting statement ol my case: which T gladly kIvo. T
lid not last but a short time. I was unable l> lie ?'.<
times. I was completely filled at tiio t::n I b
?ep except while under th<> influecco of an opiate,
low ride my horse, a thins - had been unable to d
iy be benefited there by. J
For i
1MB???a?MMta?a?a? ? =
HPk? r?~s\r\ Kos ViAon orotVi
air. JJUltrUl . iu& vivp a
ared and sold and but little of the
roceeds are left in the hands of the
average farmer, most ot whom are
leading a miserable existence. Generally
speaking, there seems to be a
considerable amount of oats sown and
more wheat than u?aal, and this may
help some to bridge over the hard
summer coming. Those who witness
the next twelve months will have
nas:ed through a crisis bevend their!
expectation. The rite in the price of
jottoD has gone fur towaid-? paying
liens ana contract dc-bte, bat few have
auythicg left after paying these. The
next crop will be a dear one to make;
jverytbing from tha seed to tbe making
will rise in price and plows, hoes
ind so on will be almost double in
price. Lien supplies will be right and
aule38 we can make a fair crop and
?et from 8 to 10 cents for It we will be
in tbe same b^at, behind as usual.
I will give you a few illustrations o
needed industry and management.
Fir9t, every man who follows the agricultural
pursuits for a living is interssted
in the production of the lands.
Our lands are all going to pieces,
pcf-shed up and sun baked. Now what
is the remedy? It is easy. Instead of
having the labor yon employ and pay
a nnally lull value for a lull year's
?crvioe, aiid allow'ug them to lo^f three .
liODttis ot yourjime aruu:.-d i ail wry 1
a^ousrtown and >ou
lou'd have thera opening ri?ches and
i-Jiincr brush and litier, not only in
it- lot, but in the field. By ioaprov
it: vonr Iandb you wouid soou nave a
r farm and one on which you can !
ske better orops. This woutd help, | "j
only ihe landowners, bat t: e j
borers tfIio work for n pa-1 of the :
p. The iaix) r<-ii!er vcrt'd make J ?
Mild thet' <he raorclnut^ std 'j<h i
5 vou'd come in f'.-r a !??;. ;er e^ar..-. j
(p.c <s jto plsce oil a;tr>!$ whvie t;;c !?
-orer? wori; at wiu as the*- do in 1
ut;i nr.d e-?i: 1 .> -bw : ;
cov" iif our ."Vp COUMV. 0><- f v
. another wan pn?? w ? !? do]- $ 3
r st;d C 'liiS nut i.?? >-a ;rc;rt. of
v; < of w 1 ki:.di?. and if a*.y can
w rriic?^ ?b'? d:ffw"*o "..liiit-- in :
v*rrvitrd? tf <.au g . fii' -iu*'* i??-? he \
siy- problem n< a I. T?:en> are on??. '
i-.^o thing.-, we must u;e tue iib-.-r _ f(
batter a-kantasje, makii'g more j?op?,
or a Urge pa.'f of this idle iat;>r ; <?
i:l tave to emigrate to acoru counuy
".-re brcud is more easily iu*?e :U/:u
Sonth Carolina. If we lisd only !
Llf of the labor that is uere. o.* less,!
en you wou'd see \vhc?t and OiU j
iidS;and our boys riding piow, cuowcr j ej
id reaper. Barns would be well i p:
jed, land would soon show sign? of: tl
1,movement, and people's minds uj
ould become reconciled and they
ould stop hunting- rest in barns aud ai
>tton seed piles. A Subscriber.
m i
^ H
I iiSIP^tibi
II 1
C^gf/J M f?S ?8
dr #/# ifi % \M'm m
',. fg IVir Mi
8^# 'LiJki m g
Look. t?s | p
To yoi: res ss^rlcliag' eyes, .1 hc-alihy,,4' bl
t:r.t-d shin, a -.v.oct: .:prc:sicn a::a r. rrr.ee- *. n,
[til form ? 1 ? use atr-^ctior.s.'-.r* :hc result ji J.
jf Rooilier.I'.' . It't-re abjithen; J tl
Is nearly a;\. ::ys ior.c disorder o: the d:r- H
Srctly femirhie crprans present. Healthy a
rc-tsjrual or^i.ns ;ri?.. 1 and beaatyf "
:vtry where. E
ivaesuuzg. a-a> .?| WIsm
of Gap^ssil j
' \ i
yeomen beautiful and Wealthy, i !
'c stiikes at the root of ail their? j
rouble. There is no meiislrr -<"s-? j j'
>v." t, ache or pain n-h'ch it v : : ot
It is for the bu-'i<lir.g c' *2 -2 j '0
:v.zy wife and the ma^roi: u.... -ngl ' 111
',i? change of life. At every ? ?c
iris's in a woman's life i: 3 ! co
ioalih, strength ar.d b?.y^l:u.:-s. 1 j ; in
:c ,:s ??.co of inediclne dsri c.r. * ; iL
For advice incrsesrr-- ' j tv
unctions, address, ~ii .... . ' * : to
Tae Ladies' Ad' Vr -el.'i '
"he Chattanooga . ucr: -
t"Z, T'emi. a
*T ""OZENA ? f . <Osa^ . | I /*<
l.-'-.i ; :??:? .;-U :t r.ic ... ^ I _
r.~: \ :fh * ?:.? ..i? :*i cy ar.u > .CI
a',-, Out 1-uv; -d Ly V.'iv j
? r^uL'' i; !
From DR
id thousands of desperate cz
will positively cure you.
tetsiH, Maj. 58th Reg.B.C. V
f)-?/ ?s - /9
<?^. <5^?^J^C. ^j?-fartst*
^ d<c^^- />2S&^4A^/Z*L<?c S
'^/^7i^7 %y '^^-e-#^. /*>
y) sl^
/) li
>o // Jx _ jffr? /y/7 /i
HM Vnp
have been snff^rins for three years from dropey, ge:
>wn except shortly after belns tapped, every tissue c
^an VAUGHN'S LITHONTRIPTIC, j-erfectly helpte
I havo used cisht 'oottlns of VAUGHN'S IITHONl
o for nearly tvro yeas. i'ou may publish eocii of ei
sale fay JOSIAH J. OBEAR, \
Columbia, S. C.
Millions Given Away. | 1
Tf io rtoi-fcitilrr n-n-i 11 f iri n or fn tllP nnf?
JLl JO vcttaiui; ^ ii. 7 f
lie to know of one concern ia tbe land'
who are not afraid to be generous to i,
tbe needy and snffering. The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colda, have
given away over tea million trial bottles
of Hi'3 great medicine; and have
the satisfaction of knowing it has absolutely
cured thousands of hopeless
cases. Asthma, Brohchitis, Hoarseness
and all diseases of the Throat,l*
Chest and Lungs are sared by it. Call '
on McMa9ter Co ,jdruggists, and get a
trial bottle free. Keguiar size ouc. ana
SI. Every bottle guaranteed, or price
refunded." 3
My soa has been troubled for years
with chronic diarrhoea. Some time
ago I persuaded him to take some of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. After using two
bottles of the 25-cent size be was
cured. I give t'r-is testimonial, hoping
some one similarly afflicted mav read
it snd be benefited -Thomas C. Bo wee,
Glencoe, O. For sale by McMaster
m 9 m n m 4
Relief in six Honrs.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder Dis-;
es^e relieved in six hours by "New
Great Sou'h American Kidney Cure." 1
It is a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
in bkdder, kidnev* and back, in male
*attao t*?klAnfiAn rtf trrqfor { .
'>1 UUUCVTO l^'.UUbiVU V* T WVt 1
almost immediately. If yoa want
quick P'.'iet acd care this is the remedy,
sold by W.E. Aiken, druggist, Winnsboro,
S C. ?
For Infants and Children.
[he Kind You Have Always Bought
?'. /*. r* ' '
>" ..t - _ - ...tc s tlo
y,.^fc?r%kfta?vwwi?'.w? *?*!?
TTAl"sTEI\ for <*a.sb, Hickory, DogK*
.wooa,Persimmon, Waluut Logs
outliern Hardwood Co., P. 0. Box,
Id, Charleston, 8. C. 11-22-lm
iCMaflKX! ii mtamm iwmvbi mm nMn imbmmkummbi
Annual Notice.
i?in?t tbf (.ouji!) 01 Fairfield will
resell' tliem to tuis office on or before
ie 2nd day ot Jaua&ry, 1900. All
an: injuncn iv pit:rt
their bocks to? he Board for ex- pr
nination on that day. in
b. 3. tennant,
12-19-4 County Supervisor. pe
i will sell to the highest is
idder, tor cash, before the Court Pa
'ouse door in WitDSboro, on Tuesday,
le 2nd day of January, 1900, tvro 12
iri s of The Fairfield Cotton Mills P?
ock. Shares fully paid np. * '
Executor of the Will of Dr. J. R.
rledge, deceased. 12 16-3 m
, Ul<
t) shir- s 1'-. ibe capital stock of The J
airfield i.'otcon Mills, Winusboro,
. C., standing in name of A. McA.
ktman, havirg been lost, notice is |
5 re by gtven th*t I will applv to
-opor authorities for a duplicnio cerficate
on December 27tb.
All persons are warned not to ne.'Cate
for said ccnificatc
12-12 3 A. McA PITTMAN
i hi. ?=? to
rax Returnscc
v>*i'! bo open from tfce 1st day of
muary lo the 20;h dav of February
t tlia" pn?-po"ro of receiving tax reirn?.
Rfturns to be made o* ail pt-r-i
:ntil properly- A penalty or ou per)
nr. i?5!i b added when psi tie-s fail to
ake return uin ihe above menaped
d;i'ii\1 ?ri?le jktsoj.s here?sji
::gc- f 21 and 60 ari> lisb'e aE
i poil tdx, u'ti- sotherwise exempt Pj
7 laT, ?.ud :ire required to maku re- bit
irn of *arce. w]
Notice will be aiven later of the
its I vii! be at the difi rent prenets
in the county io receive returns. tic
12-14 County Auditor. ^
Lsesof this I
015*9 IOOO.
/) S /? ^
^ /CtotA^^O ' ^
^&_?_oU I
^t!2^ 1
T'iysS-iZ |
?"?*? ?? MiiAA^ 4--Arvs TfvAw ot>A
?mpletely filled, saturated vrlth fluid;
ss, lejra terribly Inflamed and exuding
'EIPTIC and am now comfortable and
y statement as you may desire. I am
Vinnsboro, S. C.
lore Satisfactory I
People who have traded elsewhere. >Peopla
who have ordered from other
People who have always traded witti
us, all find it
More Satisfactory
than ever
? to trade with
The .Jeweler and Optician, ,
whose ^establishment is now recognized
as one of the largest and
most reliable in the State.
The Watch and Jewelry
Repair Department Ji
Oar rpnnfnlr^la ^e I4St two >V4J' * "^
caJt Ej&lKon *or **ne an<* diffitfktch-woik
is well estabipshed
m six^coooiies. - f.|
Co^B^r Tower Clock, Chester, S. C.
Toe Buckwhoat and Molasses, ?>r
aple Sugar, Mince Meat, Cheese ai d
acaroni are here iu plenty, and at
ices that will compel you to indulge
them. .
Of course, everything t'. at yq#ex
ct to find in a stock of / '"'4!
here too. Lots o?jt-ftfng$ you have
id a big price-^6rare here at little
fures. For instance, Hams at 10i to
sc per lb.; Floor at $3.50 to $4 50
r barrel. Meal, Bacon, Grits and
ce. Also fine Coffees, Teas and
(ices. A fall line of Canned Goods
)baccos, Cigars and Cigarettes, and
any other tbiDgs too numerous to
sntion We invite you to come and ?
3U3. We are sure we can please
>u in price and qnality.
^ oliday...
0-oods... -/k
I. have a nice selection just
>ened for inspection from which
select your Christmas Presents,
insisting of - ||1
T^yvrr- "Sli!
Also, nice presents in China
lcI Rogers & Bros'. Celebrated
#1 TTT *! 7
area wares, as Ciieapana reuia5
as they cph be bought anyCall
soon and make your selecX
M. Chandler. -3

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