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Wednesday, January 3, - -1900
?Read notice of meefciDg of $tockfcoleers
of The Winn9boro Bank. ?The
colored people celebrated
"eniF.ncipation" ia ths u?nal style,fritb
a brass band and speecbe*.
?The books of reg'e'ratiou for'^he
- * - i ?Mi -T?nr?orc
"5^.. municipal ejection win u^ru <ten**.*.-* ,
^ ^1, 1900. See advertisement. .c
?Dealers wanted in anoqcupied tar-}
ritory for tbe Household sewin? ma-1
chine. Kead advertisement elsewhere.
?A crowd of little folks were invited
by Mrs. H. B. Refo to an entertainment
ij the armory on Friday
nigbt. It wae a jolly crowd that assembled
tnere and all bad a ?ood. time.
Mr. J. Sn^er, Seda'sa, Mo., "eared
his chili's life Oy One Minute i&ngb
Cure. Doctors hid given her ap to
die wiib coup It's an infallible cure
for congee, grippe, p?jeum?aia.
broEchiti* s??(1 throat and lansr troa
bles. Relieves a- race. McMasferCo.
?W. R. Raob oaa movsd hia st >?-sfrom
R"?:i'ou to thegrraute u- ck in
WiaD?bo; ;?. He fill probata? 5.^r
aometbiLH i\> i.'> his '-'id ca<t'?u?errf
as we*i 'i? new ct;o:- i?> a few davs.
?A n^u'v-r oi'cMldrfcO a
Christmas tr<*e *>M \>i?da>- nigbt a he
home f Mr. aod Mr?. *iaro . T'-.e
tree was] . euiJy <ic;orited a-^d contained
nice presta'd for the li t e
?Mt R- K Matfiw*"*. lefcru
from t;> T"xit e Kxcei>i -r. ha* receu'*?
* .. .7 t.v rvirriar in tiift
ly uveii ;-iinuvi- \i \ > v...... ?
McAufe'i Mil). McAdenaviile, N. C.
Mr. Si* thews been at tiiid tv >;fc
for so Hi ^ iiiue.
"I w iteii 'v fiead, with dyapfp^ia.
tried d.ctors, rdinerai springs
and gre-.'~ *>nr*e- ' I o?edK'doi Dyspepsia
;'nie- Tuat eared me." It
digests that yoa eat. Cares ^di^cs;tiori,
sc ic ?'ooaacQ, hearrbara and *11
forms of o^spepsia. McMasrer Co.
-T*"- runt r?.?toffice. teleooone
JL UC ^ t %
exchange and most of th? stoves took
holiday on Christmas aod th? streets
were deserted for most of the day?
and everybody was glad to spend the
day by their own firesides.
?Bill Hngbes was arrested on
Saturday for stealing a box of tobacco
from W. B. Rabb & Co. A lively
chaso wa* made for Bill, btu be was
tripped by a gentleman At the jdl
and feii. Deputy Sherifi E?
liott, who was in the cba?e, &oon had
bimiij tow.
?The members of the A. M. E:
Church held a service on Sunday night
beginning at ten o'clock and lasting
until after the new year came in. It
has for years been their custom to hold
a waich uight service to see the last of.
the old year and to welcome the.* beginning
of the new year.
Mrs. ft. Churchill, Beriij, Vt., sa*-?:'
"Our baby was covered /vi-h unin2
sore?. DeWitl'e >*itch Hazol
Salve eared her."" A specific tor pile3
and ski a diseases. Beware of worth
less counterfeits. McMaster Co; ?i '
?Mr. .Tas. E. Kion has been appointed
to the position of operator and
assistant ticket agent of the Southern .
Railway in the office of Col D. Cardwell,
general freight and ticket agent* .
? II- T>5w? J*
Main street, <Jommoia. air. xuuu
promotion is all ihe more gratifying to.
his friend* having been iron by iiim
?. by efficiency in previous positions.
?On Friday evening Mr. and Mrr>
Walter Tili gave a delightful reception
to fome oi their friends in honor^of
their bro< her and sister, Mr. aud Miis
^ J >
Till, who have been visiting th^m for?'
* --->.-1--*: :1s
several weeKS. a numuer ui nu-am
were preseiu, also kcreraJ people from
Winnsl <?j o The tecepiion whs given
at Mr. and Mrs Tilt's pretty hom? at
Kocktot-. Duinty refreshment Were
wrved sm1 the ev*:i?iL'<f was great iv
9Djoyed by ail p^eseot.
?Tbf TTti'i r Ti^es prirt? the "farewell
len-T of Rev EI. V. Smith, the
former p\storof'he A. >A S Church,
to Jila con^vwa'iou ia Umca. In thi
ietier he ?h'at us ha? been aewgiea
by Bi?h p Glisito.. tv> t5?<s cbarca
WinnstX'itf. S C. Tae colore? people
will o doubt give .heir-re* pastor
& wai-oa .veicouie hat give uf the:;former
paVior with relacux?ce, c# h^had
the g-<oi will of bis whole congregation
Ksnrv L. Elliott nod bis
charming t-iuly will move Chester
early hi Jauaary and will rnak-: tbeii
home these, where .Mr. Ei-iott will
engage iu t!ie brokerage busies*.
Mr. Eliot t will be a great loss to
Winneborc, fc-r &he cau ill -iffoi-d to
* - L >* ??/? lin tnAac !
iUefcJ SUCU in cucigciiu juuug ->ti_?uv..
maD, aua Mrs. Elliottjwill b? greatly
missed by .her many friends. Their
leaving \? deeply regretted, bat their
^ friemls wi>o them much prosperity in
their new nome \
?Tho Mi-sionary Tea given on j
Tuesday night was in every particular]
a great success. The -aiie3 hid decorated
the armory prettily wi h
Christuias greens and the tallies contained
delicious refreshments of e\cry
descr ptiou. Tbe members of the;
^ Pre*b>terian congregation <uid a few !
invited gnesti were present aad the |
evenbg parsed very pleasantly, lu additiot
10 the money contained iiTtbe j
mite buxes a nice suoa wa? . outribai'jd j
by 'hi people present auct altogether a .
coneicUpabie auioni't wa* coilect?d I
? ?_.J !___ !
??lilObDOro was repreeeuuu oy j
Mr. Frank Fooshee a: the nueung of j
school t-cprrintendenU held tt i^-week j
in Colatntii.;. This association ot |
c,^ superintendents formed not aj
great white *g> and already it hns i
h??n nf trrvat he:ietit ?o the leacfterp. I
j r - - - l
Tbe diseasing together o? different i
plan.-* aud methods >! u aching and ex-!
cbangiug d-as will no dcubt iead to i
macb itiip:ocemeut is all of tLe'
schools a;.<i will very materially assist
the teaches in their wtk." A
large number o' .-achers were present
at tbe reoe:i; Mating. > 1
l - Tne sliovr glvyn on Tn?sdav night
by tbe S n Fr-.'iciiCJ Miustie'a ?ra>
goo i aru- in maoy respects above
the tu.n?trel * V..W*. Good masse
I by au exorstle t orchestra, soope verv
good vo solos. a?id a, .uraher '>!'
specUit os .i:?u?u? winch ^ver? *o:re
g jv?al:y w- "ilermi clnb ibrc-wers, acrobat?,
couLoriiijnisi?, t-'c , mad*. up the
pr>gram:a9 The i*A*?;ii?e soiv/s ar.d
cake wa k ?icps vrcre also -cod. Thi
| ; ,
Grippe and influenza invariably leave
'the sy^teuj with a bad cgugh. ' For.
such I>r. John W. Bull's Congh Syrup
is highly recommended. This won-'
derfol remedy gives relief at ,once,.
conquers the worst cough overnight'
-1 and soon effects a thorough cure, s
fir Ruff?
couch Syrup
Cures Grippe and Influenza.
Deces are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all dregful*.
company expert* to remru dnring the
oe :r season and they, wilt-doubtless
have even .a better." hoace than on!
Tuesday night,.. .... * -- j
Miss AnnifE, Gunning, Tyre, Mich., I
savs": ''I' suffered a long lime from
dyspepsia; iost/flesh^and became very I
weafc. nocioi. uyspgpsia ^ure completed
cared 'me."' l? 'di?eit8 what
you ear and cures all forms of' utomach
rrouiiie. Jt never fails to give imme
diare rejef in the worst cites. AleMaster
?The JTood'6 Sarsaparilla CaJeodar
for 1900. which we have received; is
tho p; ci. se$t ever sent out bv ih;?
cornea.iv *?.a is as dainty as it is l^osaible
tc ...Mke ihem The de-istn i?
two tiny irh, one in a pink *'?."* or.e
in * Mr.e esp, quaint liti-c" fyruK*,
auv*. in iro+r these little fishes the I
chIdr.i =>elt is put; The cuicndsr
rai^ e> hfcf be hung or it can ^t^r.d >
a rabie an : i? very ornament i. Tii?
drofrsifs ave these for distribution,
it 'f ?v u;:d 6 cts in stamps .to C. I
Hi od & o... Lowell, Mas?., ;?ne will
be cent f>v mail to your addre??.
It tak?-s bat a minute to overoomb
liok i;o^r ii. the throat and to stop,*
oagh by rbe nse of One Minuie Cough
w'nre. This remedy quickly cutes all
forms- of-throat and lung" troubles.'
Harmless and pleasant to take. If
prevents consumption. A famous
specific tor grippe and its after effects.'
McMsster -o.
?A few flakes of snow at:d a little
sleet tell on Christmas day atd the
weather until late in the day was vsry
gloomy and unpromising, bnt before'
the day was over the sun came oat
and a ^ glorious snnset marked-the
oassing of Christmas '99. The rain on
Saturday interfered somewhat
with the trade, but in spite of the
downpour a considerable crowd was
on the 6treet3 and the stock of holiday
goods nad diminished greatly by night
ahd all of the. merchants had disposed
of the gr^ier part of their ChrUrmas
things. .flPire home coming of ?o many
collegei,gff|9;. and boys was one of the
greatest- pleasures that the holidays
brought, for everyone was gkd to se8
the h^ppy young people at home.
Already, however, the visitors'have
begun to leave and_by the eod of the
wie^k the town will settle down again
;o its iisual-'qttiel; ari3; the students will
be 8?aw:\hard at work. ' * 1:
jraC '*' I'
TXie'Appetite of a Goat
13 envied by-all poor dyspeptics
whose Sto-nach and Liver are o.ut of
Ap{|fir?;:;-pAll snei?shj>uld know thalJDr.EXng'YlSew
Life rills, the wonderful
Stomach aud Liver Remedy, gives a
splendid'appetite, sound digestion-and
a regular bodily habit tha- insureu perfect
health and great energy. Only
25c at McMaster Co.'s drug store. '
" ^ "V ? rt ~ . -
Miss ubarlotte Allstoc and Mr. "Ji;
A. Moore were qnietly married on
Sunday afternoon at 5, ^clock the
residence of Mrs.. S. G. ;Martin The
ceremony was performed by Bishop
wipers. Jn "the* presence of a: few,
iFjendg. The- bride'-.wore a k-veiy
tir?6S' 'of -white^brocaded " crepe; de'
China.tritaijoed .witbjiber^/idfk, and
her- maid of honors.M^ss ErabpC6;Yanderhorfo
of ^i'arlesron^wore a ciwis'of
**hite jdhiifeij dvisc wbgte.'satia. j Mr.
.Wai ke'f'M'^cive, a^i^ther bflhe^i'oom,
cri< h?R* :t UVil-^ Thft 'wisfldiijflr'^was to
have " t?k?i?^|ce on , We^&sday,
January: on' account;^of ibe
iliress of ffetfidc'8 fa'her, Mr.
,r .1?? .*$*
Ail-too,' folate, waa; chajogod; Tbe
bride &art|||gom Jeft on tbf.&orthbodud
train'and will b? away
tor several iiSy.s.-^ ThV young-* couple
will m^ke iheir ;hpme;iitUnio'r:, anu
wili'carrv with Jbem the best'wisboa
^ " ?*."VcO-heir.
friends. - *
Heart j
i ac ?<i !
| VIIII - i
f You may have heard f
e and have a vague notion 5
f that it is cod-liver oil with *
S its bad taste and smell and 5
2 ail its other repulsive fea-|
| tures. It is cod-liver oil, the f
f purest and the best in the ?
5 world, but made so palata- 5
f ble that almost everybody f
5 can take it. Nearly all 5
1 children like it and ask for 5
| tr.ore. 2
f looks like cream; it riour- f
2 ishes the wasted. body of ?
| the baby, child or adult #
I better than cream or any f
? other food in existence. It S
? bears about the same rela- *
I tion to other emulsions that f
? cream does to milk, if you 5
, | have had any experience |
j f with other so-called "just as f
; 2 good" preparations, you ?
1? will find that this is a fact. |
| ? The hypophosphitcs thai arc f
I & L: r. JiL 1L. !
! A comoincu wiui uhs buu'iivu uii a
! A give add^losul value to it because- S
' g they for.? up the nervQus%stem 2
, ? and import strength to the whole ^
; & 50c. and $i.oc. all druggists. ?
; 0 SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York, a
A Homicide.
A't a festival on the Hill place, near
?heltoa i on Tuesday night," December
19ih,' Andy Coleman shot and
kilfed Sam' Strother. Both men are
colored.j It: seems that a game of
craps had been going,on and a quarrel
ensued: which led to the death of
Strother. An inquest was held.' Colecn>m
has been arrested and i3 now in
j ll! :
Itchon human cured in SO minutes
by Woolford's Saniiary Lotion. This
never fails. Sold by ^V. E. Aiken,
druggist, Winnsbojo, S.^C.
Newspaper# cannot live on air, and
we wa n our suosToers mat mey
must settle. Many of them have been
iunaiged for years.' and unless settlei*
made by the 10ih of January
ill of these- uelinquects will be dropped
off the list. Don't wait for a bill te
be sent yon. Look st ; onr label, and
yoa can easily tji now much you owe.
Ths- foli'i fi <? s vere initalled
?v*?'rg. December
27*h. ? yf vv-tci.t- i> Lodge No.
11 h.F vi., tnc h: j* ruing Maionic
11 li I' IC'lraP *V* .?.
JW. * .V.
D .v.d A s?-n. ,f. W
C. H. *"? -*?.d.n\ ^cwiary.
G- A hire, Tr-aWrer
D Hi. JTcDo^pII. J P.
,"VV A Jtiood, J J O-?r, St?*ard?.
Fi iiip Lai.dccker, Til-.-r ;
I want to let tht people who suffer
lrutii jt icuuia^jf tuu kiauvxi alvit
that CbssmtcrlaiH's P*ti; Balm reliefed
ms "alter a iamber of other medicines
and a doctor bad fai'ed. It is the best
liniment I have ever known of.?J. A.
Dodgen, Aipharetta,' 6p." Thousands
b ;re been cared of rheumatism by this
remedy. One application relieves the
pain. For sale by McMaster Co.
Mr. Cheeley G..BDulware, Jr., one
of the'^Corner's" best and most progressive
young farmer?, was married
on; the 27th December, by W. W.
Crosby, Ni P., at Santuc, Union counts,
S*. C., to Miss Annie Willard. After
partaking of a bountiful dinner the
parties from the "Corner" returned
home. Mr. arid Mrs Boulware iemained
and visited some of the bride's i
relative? and friends, an* njtnrned to
the home cf the groom's father on the
29th, where a h je; of friends and a
mmptuous diui-er were awaiting them, j
j C.
Mrs. Elizabeth Harrison, necGraddick,
died at her heme io Fairfield
County on the 13th of- December in
the 53rd year of her age and was
[buried on the 15th at the cemetery
near Morris Creek, where old Bethel
' ? rt?" _
(Jfcurcn stood in jcrooer years, one
was a member of iLe Methodist
Church. She left a husband and three
children surviving her, who together
! with other friends and relatives mourn
I ber loss, bat entert&iu the good hope
I that iheirloBs is her eternal gain. * - j
.c: Affsiend*.
i ? ?? 4>
He Fooled iheMirs:?ons. r .<?;
lr All doctors told Renick* Hamilton,
of ^West Jelierson, O., after suffering
18 months from Rectal Fistula, he
would die uhiess? a costly operation"
was performed; but h? cured himself
with) five boxe^ of Backlen'g Arnica
^^Ye^the'^ax^st Tile cure on Earth,
! an^tBjevbest Salve. in the World. 25
; cents* a hex. bo'a by Monaster uo.,
j druggists..- 7
Mr. Jime3 A W 'if, -rf Hopewell,
and Miss Lula McGai i'y, of Wellridge,
^ere Lappi'v n^r-.ied on ihe
eremng of tbc 20 h of December at
J he bome .of ihe brii!s;'s. brother, Mr.
Joe. McGajrity, ibe'Rer.'Mr. Brown
officiating! On ; the following day
there was a very plcarant reception
civeu'fit the horae of the *room. There
tn?v met 'and received :be hearty central
nlationa of their maoy friendi and
relations of their own county, and
Fdirfiold, his natirecoontyVThe
presents were beaatifnl and
n?<iiul. ' J. H. X.
Doc 25,'99. ,,,
Miss Marie Dwight ha3 returned to
-'Mr. Charlie Neil has retcrned to the
Sooth C*r -iina College.
Mr. Spencer Rice, or Union, is visiting
Mr. and MrB. J. F. McMaster.
Mi"8 Agues Rice has returned from
Union where she spentltbe holidays.
Miss Mamie Brice left iw Saiurday
ro re3uuie her st tidier at Dae Weft
FeaT.Ie College. .
Mi-s ?u>ic Lumpkin fca* retorned
frotn ai* extended ?i?it to friends in
Uolletfii couuty.
* * ~ ~ A t C n Wrtrn nfiTC 1 off
t\ . IV. 5U.' JL- k. V/1 iv?
Motid&v f >r Ke. j-haw fo ?f end a lew
days wi h thfir brother, Kev. T. \V.
Our Student* at the S. C. College.
The foilov-irig are the names of the
Fairtie'd Undents whose names appear
on the hoc'or roll of J be South
(c oliua Ollege and vtblch hare api
|<ear?d i ? the S?ste:
M. B Jennings, proficient in moral
science and Erg'isb.
A. B. Conner, distinguished in hi?tory
and pedagogics.
I T. I? fraii* r?rnfi/M.?nfr in Knciinh.
* y? * % r ? j-)
U. F. Davis, dieting -i^ed in English,
mathematics and French, proflcieut
in bislory and biol&gy.
E P. Davis, distinguished in French
*nd biology, proficient in history and
W. H. RufF, profir.i*;it in history
and mathematics.
C U.Neil, hi^'ily liistiagaished in
Entrii?>h. Latio, mathtmaiica and bi
\ oiogj; difctiugaishe i in history.
barn sub>?d.
J Tre barn of M:. W. W Tamer, a
c 7
. few mi!oe Xi oiji io?cn, <vr.s destroyed
by fire t?arly od MmmV. The
fire was seen froni r/.'wi? hut conld not
be located, a< tire? are a-ways hard to
Joca.p \t night. M* Tuiner bad -ja?t
'eft ibe baru a short time before it
was dlscorered jto be on fire. The
stock was saved but some of the extents
.'ii)d the barn {were entirely destroyed.
Tht- fire is mpposed to bare
originated ftvm a match dropped
amon;< t >e inflammable contents of
the b*rn, as it can be accounted for io
no othor way.
Tetter, Salt-Rhcnm and Eczema.
The :>t ouse itching and smarting in-j
cident to these diseases, ' is instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eyeau-1 S-k ir> Ointment.; Many very
bad ca^'P b ive been permanently cored
by t. U is equally efficient for inching
piles sad .. favorite remedy for-sore
nipples, cuntoed hands, chilblains,
frost -iiPh and chrcmic sore eyes.
25cts. p ? b< For sale by McMaster
I _ I
Tlii* i d'* wood correspondant of |
The S./<t- ?>ve* tbe following account; j
of tbe v t J ti- ar of Mr. O. F. McE^ch-1
em, P.i-.is way, *o Mieg ??ftiei
Wai'e o E'gewood The groom is J
[ know;: -ifr* and fhnr? *re many w^jo1
I will it ; '} fci- &' lidg<- jf.h i: f
Mii- >. * W-.it** i?p?< '-:;i O ? * m ':
. ? t?. .. .
110 v V* ; v
bapr'tV .ri fil Iii ...r. rfti; ^4 30
o'clock rina. i r^r . -jf ?r><resid
t;. n jiir- jh-. . ??? 4 .;?1.
and *>. / t} V it?-, u-v .* ?i.
Pbiliii.. r ?va 'ffi-.-h
bride, : v ? d acc*"??; ;!- _?
yourg ' . ,<%' the ot m*iiy?
barKih'-j* ;nvei.ti> i
Ttft i d on'Mt- np.l pr?>?pj5? !
rous ? c si.ikcc..iiip'*i.ied b> "is t
brid", u.n ".ve ->r.? trxtn 'i?- tr:e ?-. j
llODQf ! i .' { . y'fVi.v. wi'me- mei'i ?uu
I a bos- - ; : : i? idn wi 1 a*--*.!? 'h-ao,
''' m '1" -r
I . . . Kellef in alx Hours.
Dist:"'"s>i:iar K- >ney rndi*Udder D'*1
ease ; m .d in six h^W-s by 'Nesr
[Great iv i." America:! Kidney Jars."
It is a p.-*' ^urprieo on scconnt of its j
exceed i-y r.^mpcness in relieviog pain j
in bLdn > . kdn.ye :.nd back, in u\ale I
or ferc J* tie-feves retention of water |
almoF1. u ???dia.tely. It you want
I quick i ir.t . -.d cur^ ihib is the remedy,
i sold b . E. Aiken, druggist, Winus|
boro, fc V. ;
S. C., Dec. 15,. 1899.
Mr. Editor: We,Lave just re?d Mfj.
Woodpaper on <4Sou:h Caro.
r ' ]
lioa Giawe Q-iarries." It is oor putpose
bo>o to cfJlect- material from tbe
wbo'.e va<e that each county shall
have u space for the. fxhii.itlop
. ot its mineral resonrees. We
should br> pirated to Lave the RCthovitiea
of h differ-it quarries in Fairfield.to
:.!;) uk a small cobe of granite
with wb'i r. >o crec-. a femall block
monument i.j our mmeum. If one
lace be ^o-klwd io n;cch the better.
We sb?>oid be ?lad to have specimens
A-f anv fi?h, r minerals?all of which
may be - pped to Gaffney at our expense.
Very truly yourt, ;
W. S. nail, Jr.
for Over Fifty Years. - j,i
Mrs inslow's Soothing Syrup
has bfi^i v -cd for over fifty years by*'
million'' or irorners for their children
while : * ? with perfect success.
It soon, *iv: child, soften* the srniusV'
allays a. p*;p, cures wind colicj .and.
48 the b'int remedy tor diarrhoea It*
will rti-:;vV the poor little wfterBfioaeaed-v
el v. Sold by "drnggUts in;
every ; i the world. ' Twenty five:
,cents a iu>ttfc. Be sure and aek for
"$lrs. v/a;.5jfvwJq Soothing Syi-up,"
and tak? : < " r kind. 1-1-17.;':
'Chrihtrua* has been spent Tory]
quieth awl p:ea-ant)T aroa/'d ;^hr
town a'd ^yorybody is .nw reatyirtf |
begin <vjtit heir "new year's" tv^rfc.j
Mi-f UaMie MiMer, of {?itnp-'on, iaj
risili Vs r- II L BiXier.
I Mi 1 i'<nn Boney, who hi* been fn i
' At'anU ?-evoral inon?h?, ir vi-iting
| relative 3. d frkn's Dear aiw'i at this
| place.
' Mi^s Mi^vie Kee ib the gueat of.
j Mrs J ^ 8J#iri.
I Miss E v < i^.ekbart spent Xraae at
I home
Mr J R li fftnan ipent a few days
| ai horn ? tiws? veekl
: Mr J W Craiu Has beea very iodic-',
posed b-r I-< onvalesceijt.
Dr T H ->icuart anrf vr:fe are vi .it-'*
fhg the tan -y of Dr S <Y Bookhart.;
Mifs L zz-e Latiuoii b&e been visiting
her co.i i?i, Mrc Baxter.
Mr? ? ? ffmau ?.Bd children cpent*
Christr.* . *uh ehtir^in W'linscoic.
Mr <'j ' >?.: Fiice, of North. vi?j;ed j
Mr* B!h^s vraek. J
Mr6 L:-iin Wooten ii vi-iitioj? rela;i
tires at I'ar.j'g'fick. .j
Mr TI L Siixf t Uaa been yisltinff
relative?, in Colombia.
Mips ;V!:?nie JtVrry and Mr Lewis
Seeeicx..-, o. tb -f Myrtle, wea* married
at tj-.'-hri.'.e'v parents December
S&I& , . j
pPfe.V ' f*4
A IT?gss^a |
$#*>/ Knows
what ?.>OciT:r from falling of tli? j
wr.nii.. vhi*'painful or Yrrearuiar
Imtr.v. < .-i-.n * disease c? the <iisti?.;tly I
fen- ? * s :rs L. A rr.an nay sync-*- 1
this* t, - - t/ l ;it he can not know the E
agor"os through?tbe terrible 8
8u.'t'- * . 3>.;ticnt!y tome, which I
iroi>5 ..."<:r .^siuiy, aope ana oiippi- m
Tsess. Vet ;L;:, suffering really i*
need'. ?.
lie oi (M
will baitisb it. This medicine C
cures ..11 " female diseases *! quick- I
ly ar.'Z j^r^arentlv. It does away a
with, huiniiiaung physical exami- I
natio;:% The treatment may be 8
! taken at home. There is not con- c
tinna; c.:-pease and trcubic. The $
sufferer *" i cured end stays citrtd. jjj
IV?'u- i f Carduiis becoming the B
lead 1 i-f i.-jcdy for all troubles of ?
this c! 1;costs bu: $i from aay 8
a:r: coses requiring!
special Lirec'.io::*, aucre*3. f.;e 3
"La-.Ilrs Advisory Pc^ar.m; :it," *
Tile Cc-. taaocga ruodicine Co., |
Chair 'i: :ooga, Tenn. ~ |j,
SIR'- C. J. ViiX, NiilivUlc, Tcr.n., L'
write.. - ?''This nurul*rfnlnvc'.:cinoui^;!it 3
to-be vory houi? wiiert th^ie are ?irl? fl
ftod WtIK?ai. '
To All:
v nwui in <7
Read the f<
<Zi^ sT&J^ s?~<<.
/k???*->v? fZ-^t^
[Yours of recent <!?.te to hand requekidneys.
My j hysiciaxa said tnat I'cou
J? xaiions drawn froni scrotun several
fluid. Was unable to gri any reHt or sl<
able to attend M my businosa. I ran i
Z\sA to give is, aa some poor sufferer mx
The trade supplied by 1
20tb, the bride's graid-faljer, old j
Mr Perry, performing the ceremony, j
Be*t wiehe? for their fatare happiness.;
Mr A LDann spent a few days at j
fiomr :**i we?c.
Mise Kate McLean returned homo
Thursday after spending Xma* very
pleasantly with relatives in Columbia.
Mrs Jennie Hovard bas been visitI
ing h'jr mother, MrsTrapp.
M?* Willie Reed, of North, spent last
Sand y w:>b friends at thia p'nce.
* Mr William Brown ip visiting relaUMK
hfi^A {
Uf to ilVf>* UVM *
: Be>t wishes for onr county paper I
ud a htppy ne^v year for all its {
reader*. Chrjsantbeuaam. |
' Dec SO,'99.
Discovered by a Woman.
Another great discovery has been
made, and that too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its cliches
upon her and for seven years she
Withstood its severest test?, but her
vital organs were undermined and
iie*tb seemed imminent. For three
months she coaghed incessantly, and
could not sleep She finally discovered
away to recovery, by purchasing of
us a bottle of Dr. King's New Dis':covery
for Consumption^ anu was so
^mich'relieved0:1 taking.first dose, t'...t
bWitept all night; and with two DoiLtles^bai
been absoiuteiy cored. Her
oame is Mrs. Lather Latz. "Thus
writes W.. <C. Hammick '& Co., of
:.Sho4by, -N. 0. Trial bottT. s free
McMaster Co.'t drug stor?\ Regnlar
,.<ize'50c. and $1:00. Every bo.tie
rgnaracteed. i
i?? ' *
m ' ; *<?' -
On Thoraday afternoon, 28:>>
atjhe home of Mr: It. ?'J. 0> i?i--l.j
.were coni-ut.'imstcf' M?e nuptj -;- < f
Mr. Button K. i!as?y ar-d Mj6S M-afU.
Caldwell. We must h-re rri^nt? n
that this occasion wa-aNn i n i-c~ptnn
tendeml so Mr W >T : j
aarf hi* bride, nee Mi.-.- Fa-." i Yi-j
borough, of Giriifitij. N. U-, ? no wv.. e ,
married ea the previa.'? d?>. I> Sjil e
iho inc'eujcacy of the wraih^r a Im'e
concoa.>e of fiicnd- and rel?i:*?a aJ
setnbled to witness the n>urrih.{e ofj
ow.yot Bossvile^ f aires., and not\
riAnnlAr voune ladies. Precisel.} at 4 j
r -r o
p. m. was heard the trea/4 j
whicn announced the arpruach i thc !
'bridal proceasion. Firit came ib'-l
tail a d handsome C'r-o:n C;!t?faLt:y xt
tired in the re^nlatioj suit of b;ack
and i-auing on the arm of his be?t
mau, Mr. R. L. Caldwell. An arMstic
arch f:t d^rk grien ivy had been ar,
ran^d and underneath this the gvvom
I took bit stand to await the eon :ng of
the eventfol moment. Next cf the j
| bride, tuppoited bv bermaidof horiO<-, j
| -Mist- Evelyn Hall. The former was j
' dressed in au elegant irray broadcloth
j trimmed in white satiu and nppliqae
i laae, uiid carried in her hanu a boui
qn*t of lovely white carnations which
v.~? - -"<?? liitpr.hrirJA had hrnnsxht
UOi c- - - I
from ber own weddiuir, and wb^cb I
bfcd come originally from Philadelphia.
Tbe maid of honor, Mies Evelyn Hall,
was attired in n Ka.:d ome 6nit of
bine broiidclo'h *? <1 bore in her t and
a bonq-Ji? n' u. green foliage and red
.Tb- biidr took lier place at the side t
of th?- uroom bei'e*-h the arch an 1 thu
8Q??ro;i and impre-sive ceremony that
made the twain one was performed by !
ftev. W. H. Miller
After a bait bonr in which congr^lu- i
lat ions and best wishes were < flared [
dinner was announced, and it. this;
point cbe writer hopelessly realizes the j
narrow limitation of 01 dinary language |
j with which to describe tbe beauiifu!
i table. Tbe dining (room preset ted a ,
\ ?nn<iuTflnr>p snH to n?e the i
Etereotyped expression and say that \
the table sroaned under the sumptuous |
repasr. would by to uiideiestimate it. i
Indeed it seemed ?bat this dav had!
been passed and that 'he table bad |
been lulled into quiet submission- :
After having rendered amp:- jastice 1
to tbe delicious viand3 the crowd;
again -wambled in the parlor where :
several hours were pleasantly *oer.f in .
conversation. It was with .difficult} j
f /?An^ I Aar I hjtiidalvoo :
IJIfcV Uit 11 IVT IlUb WU u IVUI w I
away from so happy a fcene, bit i
every p'easint occseion mast have an !
end. 'ihe shadows of t-vpoing re- i
min-ted a? that the time of dey/v are \
was at mnd and the puesU diaper-*!,
some of them expressing :he wUh thut!
j similar happy events mi^ht -.ccuria
I the U'-ar future.
I Atier "Pveriil wrekj, r> wh'-^li ,!;e
'bride v?i!i vi-:* V.er ina.-v f?iu .J- '. 4
j younjr 'oupie wi:l ilnpa-t a?4 tra*?;
{their !?o:i?e ai der th" .J;sia?i* 'O-e Mar ,
i. e.n.,A
to 8iBT" tbil niKti:"t!- ; ft .fiM-Tii
prei-e.'t: w?rf? r^-iv: ^ b- t h
j ; A ?V ' *.r
O j9l. & KZ Jri X .iOi.?
| Burs tie A 'h? ^ .
/T' y
dreadful disease and it v
oliowiog letter from R. J. B<
-^*2s<l/ falL'cd' ^JVSP-/^
rf /? /I
'/Ur^ ?M^:
<=> J?. ^ <2*r7. .,-'?5f
}tin~ statement of my <*.*v=o which T gladly pivo. I t
,1U not last but a siiurt time. I vai una* o o H" <:0
times. I va? completely fillet nt thu ?'.:: ? ' o.
>ep except while under the lnllnei* lane, lata. 1
:mv ri<;o my horse, a tiling I had oeen ciable to d<17
oe fsnellttod thereby.]
For s
A pair of gold spectacles with doabie-fucm
glasses. The finder will be
rew .r^ed on returning them to
12-30-1 W. H. Witherow.
Glorious Servu
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
Wa bita, I. T. He writes: "Four
bottles of Elcctric Biitters has cared
Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which had
caupt-d her great suffering for years,
Ter lble sores would break out oa her
head and face, and the best doctors
could give uo help; but her cure is
coP'plete aud her health is excpllent."
This shows what thousands have
proved,?that Electric Bitters in the
be-t blood purifier known. It's tc?
snprewe remedy f?r eczerha, tcfcei,
salt rhenm, alc.'.r&, boils and running
sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and ;
bowels, expels poison?., helps digestion,
bonds up the strength. Only 50 cecu.
gild by ilcMasf-r Co., cirng?i$t8.
Guaranteed. ,
?Subscribe for Thk News ant> <
Having a Great Rno on Chamberlain'* :
Cough Remedy.
Manager Martin, ot toe r;ei.on |
drug store, informs u* tbat be is haying
a great rnn on ? himber'ain'e
O-unrli Remedy, eif *e;!* live brttJ?*
r.i modicine 10 or.ts of any ctner "
kiua. ?nd it give* gr<lar satisff>cti???>. ]
tu t. e>e diys of la grippe tht-.e iv'
UVrt t^h jmhii. 's livh
H -v- jy io 'fop ihe c'-igh. ? ??*' a ,
'.or b:V4t hh:; ;uog* ? ?ug?w v 1 e f
vri'.ri.: Jive.y f>no?-- Lie*. T -. a>?;
grt wing, &'Ji: nil VP^O i r_- ? ' j
p sort with iis pio?ept th !
' j Daily Calntoe . Fa- >aebv|
Mc>I-.i?rfr ,.o. '(
-!.- co vu c.vb -en i; -n in^r-:
krt-'. .u<l it is * fiO ?uti' -e/ ? <?xr i
pabsci'H'iv to p -y -ttrif sfu?*-- ri;-1' -h.?. j
a- ?* at- label aad ya\ wna: . on
"C)? 1'i^n '.'are i-i h< b*-5i- j
jq.-ju I seer used for co.isrng and
o>ic I* ii- u:?fcqoj>i}?>. for v-t. .o;jog
>r>yi Ciiii'rt- :t J iif-iv it'' -?o??
r.. N. Wi liM'ljS, vie:. tr J J [
N-v- - t >js i1 j* the o;t >
ie:uei?y that give# iliimedi&ie rp-nlu". '
Curec cough*, cold=, hoarf
pneat?'on;a, bronchitis and u.i tl?ua.
aud liJTig troubU s Its cirly n.;e prevents
consumption. McMaster Co.
Dr Cadv's Condition Powders, j
are jn>t what ahorse need3 when in
bad condition. Tonic, bl?*od paiifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
but mMicine ana the bei=t in use to
put a boree in p me condition. Price
26 cents per package. For sale by '
VoMaster Co
8^ tILj' B ALSAM
02c^?- ti+x i- ?Jtir.a Dm fcs&
T*f?&fxp-'' L ?< I'rr.^'-/^-. c. (\urHai?t TW-tli.
-N" C~ <"-r Pailu to Hertore Gray
H.iir to ... Vcutiifal Color.
g^rVsyff^- Curei actio cuwv & h?ir initeg. ,
IXC.Z**UX)? a
Solicits a s^arc of tbe pub2ic paironage.
(4) shares in the capital stock of "Abe I
Fairfieid Cotton Winnsborc.'
S. C-, standing in name olf A. McA. '
Pi tmv.-, havir.cr be^n st, notice is I
iiereby jriven 1 -it pniy to;
proper aothoriticP f-jr a Ja.jiioatc cer-j
tificAie on December 27tb.
All persons are warned not to negotiate
f<'.r taid certificate
12-12 3 A. .McA. PITTMAN.
Notice to Voters!
. I
cf R^wlratJM? i ? !
: x in-.ivi. E'tc ior?, S- ] ? .? j
A. .? ii.c i:C?i { '< IrsttfH i*D< O'I fCH! !
V? n*r?e..- for rhe lowa of Win'|
S V . v jli be open for th;* t^ririir I
of vutfir? at th* f? "e ci v
JS; -t JiVl:a?v l 1?V"
1 1900 /"?'! V"if !
, > . r*quv?.-il to * ?!' t * i S
. txj ...
. IIIt . *.J *
.1 .. OAX.
Supervisor ul R'.tisii'uiivU.
- . . ' . Sir.'I-1
I rom DR
d thousands cx desperate a
viV positively cure you.
jts;J, Maj. iSth Reg. S.C. V
/}' Gi^^2- <
6^^L~ C- busts'
4r 42 J&*C+
/? //"* S J~~
? A-s?
?s2&*ts^SUCL& ^?,,
Sn / * //? ^
iave v, on suffering for three years from ropey, &
ivn r> -i t slu-.iy afvr t -'n-r rapped. frery tissue
y.-. :'-" "o-"s r.r. ^c::ri.i ;'"r;o. ;??rfectiv ueipi
h.-< r' itt'^ O? VaUOHVS T.t i30S'
?lor l . i:'.7 iwc years- i'ou m&y publut puch ot n
sale '.y JOSIAH J. OBEAR,"
r>.- t:_ c r
^.0:UiHDia, O. V^.
T'.? ANND \L MEETING of .he
Stoc : _ ;lders o2 Tie rFicnsbero Bf.ok
will . beld id the President's room on
Tbn --.ay, January 4, 1900.y
12 Cashier.,
Founded 1842.
. me JXi SK9B AMI
t -a m KCM us? i
h j ifcFgr
JrlA&Os *
' Sing their own praise."
si; . r been hugii^ for a PIANO?
Wh* j<>tgive br.r o: e for Cbriitmus?
?cr;. ;f tho6^ oe'^hrat-'d, reliable,
.? vi t. ,'.ned STIEFK PIANOS.
W.;.; uot burdfto >oor parse wiih a
BIG iUCE, an^. vv-M g jc yon CONHSN
l -NT TEKai> ?u wbicb to do
lue_; -
tv .gQc; ar<a r>o k oz sagg^su.uu?
chef ; <iv siren.
mi mi,"111Baltinrre,
Fiut , v Branch Ware-Room, No 213
F.. .hi fryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
( . li. WILMOTH. Manager. v
T A ^?nr?TT
X iiC Cidsy AVU.Uilii.lg
fepf Mm
uU iiUulllllUi
Tf.o most modern Sewing
Machine the age, embracing
all th^ latest improvement.
Unequalea for Durability.
Ran^e of Work and
- o
Sim* 'city.
D nlers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Correspondence
solicited. Address,
t ' m -nnvottidr
J. . vijD r j. omit a ,
General -Agent,
Richmond, Virginia.
Tax Returns
v* i be opc?? :> i:.e 1st dj; of
Jj.i-rr ro 'he 20 h of February
fcr t;-- L Orp'?c t..? 'jivinjr tax le" ?t
i?..:np'ns tc? iv Of 3.1: T>T
Ci.a- , .?pvny. A. p;-.us!ty of 50 per
ctm boaodid vr.o i parties fail
D34k-. ' uvuR uu-iiii he above ru^.naoi'fe-'
:At?s. A>1 If! person*. lietwee/.
: ?' aged of 22 ; ud 60 are Ihb'e
*0 P'*-- "ix, ui-its- vih-jririne exempt
by ia ..nd oi-c rcqu;r>;d ?o mak-return
Nv" ill be aivc-n later of the
J - - ' - i ? * ?. *4'.& * <!? . vo
J2!VA ! *v J :' wc si u : u' 11 ici*c |?? vcincrs.
? the c ' > roo-ive reJm t&,
12-1 r.cv.fv Auditor.
On Lrn.'i'i V' <1 -c^H/ed bv fi!>t
? -"j :: - I;.:*! s S pr ortit. fn
it > >* < (- * $.30<), 3 (o 8
c f. I* . ruwer pays ac
*7 V &\v. l> DOUGLASS,
\\ intvboro. S. C
o. Ii. PALVE'i & SON,
..,11-20 Columbia, S. C.
:OPSY. 1
isesof this
oLs., i860. |j
<f . I
*&*?#&/? m , I
/7 4/ f
?^-*->t>*^<4 _ /V?>??
-J&rtZry _
;neral anasarca, caused from liver ard
c>rapi"ite!y filled, saturated rttb CuM:
9s3, Joes terribly Inflamed and exu-iias
rKIPTIC and am now comfortable and
is statement as you may desire. I air>
Wmnsboro, S. C.
People who have traded.elsewhere.
People who have ordered from otaer
People who have always traded with
| as, all find it ^
More Satisfactory
than ever
to trade wiibR.
The .Jetteler akd Optician,
whose establishment is now reco^ - ^
"nized as one of the largest and
- ; most reliable in tfce State.
The Watch and Jeirelry
Repair Department
baa doubled itself ie the last two years.
Oar reputation for fine and diifi.
-cult watch-work is we.'l established
in six cooniits. -
H. bHAJNU 1,
Under Tower Clock, Cbesier, S. C.
| Three Papers a Week f
I > ? i
| This paper and the Atlanta ?
;g TwIce^uWeek Journal for
] 2 $1.50; I
| Here you get the news of %
| the world ana all your local
3 news while It is fresh, paying e
J ver^ .littje more than one f
2 paper cogts. feither paper is f'
* - ^v<H-aa r
I 3 weu vonn $X.W, VU.b uj Ojjir- <r
j | oial arrangement we are en- fj
| | afc}e4 to put in both of them,
j 1 giving three paper's a week ei
J 2' for'this low price; You can- | ~
} | not equal this anywhere else, |j
| * and this combination is the gj
| | best premium for those who fi
| | want a great paper ana a g
j a hoine paper. Take these and &
i a zrr ,? -J.-U e
? you win &eep up wilu uud ^
J. times. |
| Besides general news, the ej
I Twice-a-"Week Journal has ?
| much agricultural matter ^
<3 and other articles of special e
j| interest to farmers. It has %
J regular contributions by Sam *
a Jones. Mrs. \V. H. Felton, *
% John Temple Graves, Hon. %
g C. H. Jordan and other dis- |
a tinguished writers. s
a Cell at this office and la ve your %
5 subscriptions for both papers. You t
J can get a sample copy of either pa- f
3 per here on application. gj
?-? ?
Ghost and Other Stories."
L;oysd among
ycur friends. Contains "The Eoir-!egjc\l Gho?s,
' When Ezra Sang First Buss, "The JIaa \?*fco
couwa't Laagn,' -"rosscie iH.es 01 rutuis
Books," "Selling Lnc>s ot H;ur." "No Woman, No
ltd" "Society Actresses," etc., etc. This fir*i
edition bound in clotD. printed on extra fine
pper, and absolutely the best humorous book publi.-he<i
Worth. $2.50, mailed pcstpai-J for $1.00.
Order at once. Send for oar rev.-special illrstrated
catalogue mailed free. Gi res jou the lowec:
priccs on all good books. Address all orders to
fabUsfccr* ?sd K*&sr?ctnr?r:. Akron, OhiC.
fTlve "Xemrt Company is tbctoughly reUib'.j.]?Editor.

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