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? im iiujji,
news; AND m7*' ' .
r?RS8, i>~ adt / y L
Ore Ye*r, - $L50
Six Months, - - .75
- ? < A f OArt
Wtdnesaay, January iw. PjRESEBVE
Th? Sooth has been gailty of a
gr2?t neglect in not preserving ita history,
aud the litne will c tine when the
people of tbe Sontti will bj reproicbid
for ll? shainefu' indifference to a
glorious past. Tnat we nave a wonderful
factory is admitted by tbe
wcrid, bui much of iti detail is beiDg
lost merely because no systematic effort
is made to preserve it.
Tbe appointment of HeudersoB and
bis etaff by Lord Roberts, commanderin-chief
of tbe British fo cj* in South
Africa, jast because tbe form< r had
written the life of/'Stonewall" Jackson
serves to illustrate that the glory
of the South has been recognized by
tbe wcr'd, but there is much more that
ought to be told of onr glory which
can not bo done if we allow the data
to perish. la this connection we have
just read ihe Life of Genera! Nathan
Bedford Forrest by Dr. Wyetb, a
most ratable contiioution. It should
^ V.?? Ka?T A O VIAPU1
Wolsey, of the Britith army, cays,
Forrest's life is like & romanc-N aud
the sirne officer psys a magnifictnt
tribute to tbis wonderful military
genius of the South, vet there are
thousands and thousands of Southern
boj? who bav* scarcely heard of "the
wizzird of the saddle." All in all fce
wm the greatest product of the war
p en either side.
Bat what we especially desi ed to
mention is the report of Col. Thomas
to the Governor. Col. Thomas, al
though no provis'.oa was made by the
General Assembly for the prosecution
of his work further than the complc
tion of the rolU, has kept his office
open >nd continued the work on bis
own respon?ibility. Toe psople of
j^-" " the State are greatly indebted to him
tor h;.? labor of love, and we hope that
ome proTi?ou 'will be made to hare
th* work cootiuafjd ani preserved.
Col. Thomas compiaina that many of
hi* rnqnirie* to those who oaght to
ha.*e oeen iatereatel were never
au#ereJ. H>wever he gives us much
r; aable information a? to the part
So ith Carolina toot in the war for
8?itbem [ndeDendence. The official
v _
rec >rds show that contributed to the
Co .federate aruile?, ennting infantry,
ca"*iry and artiller7, 61,608, enrolled,
53 ^60 tflretire, although the voting
at .ngth ot the State in 1860 was only
$0,0d0, and besides there were 4.94 i
offers and men cffactive for State
?ei 7ice Ik is hardly likely that any
Southern State can surpass tLis record.
Anno Domini 1899 has gone. While
it has left its wrinkle on each brow
and its shadow on esch heart, its impress
has been placed opon our government.
The largest coinage of both
gotd and t>i rer was done during the
year. We have passe 1 away from a
donble standard to thit of gold; we
hare bad the greatest iufinx of gold of
|r oar existerce; we hare left the simple
U repnb'ic and now reach ont for colonial
possessions; from a small army
j . and Eavy wo now have a considerable
f armv and it is activelv encrasred in
ru " '" .ww
war, and will toon have as fine and
? effective navy as float upon the seas.
We comison people may well ask,
why it this thnp?
In the beginning of the last year of
the 19?h centarv we And the farmer*
-? in m*kii.<r ftrrnnfpmarits with {,free
nizgtiV' to make more cheap cotton.
Negroes ate moving aboat something
more than mual tlii? winter.
A bltck of citizens from !he vicinity
of Fort Lawn has settled cn the cieek
for another \ear.
A citizen aboat here clam* that it is
vortb $10 a mouth to loaf, and it pa\s
better even than working for th* r*i!road.
Be has certain! y found pa*i:?jr
. . .
cirt in me lomdf.
Fliui Hill school has not opened < n
|fx accoant of tbw intense cold, coupled
with sickness among the pupils
Mr. H. F. ilollis firei a ccal kiln a
few racrniag* since. The great smoke
brought some of bis neighbors tohita
i in a bnrry. Their disappointment
w-is great.*
Mr. James G. Hullis has been confined
with an acute at'ack rheumatism.
but is improving 'ome.
Mr. Qiay ilollis and his sister,
f~ Bev;>a. spent souse of the holidays
wi? i us. "
x - bt. L. Ua!:fordau^ brother, Gary,
ha. gone ;o thtK hom* in TiiuihOJ.fvih
?> iss Mari^ji Meliichamp^ h .s re<ur
ed homester an extended vi?it in
Wi nsboro, and brought \fi<hher Miss
car -i Mellich^mpe, a cousin.
X rs. P. C. Mellicuampe speaks of
ma iog a risit 10 ber mother in
Tie holidays paste;! < ff much as
oir. J; uot'oiujr to report o? tt^at line.
January 5, 1908. Mike.
constitution undermined by extravagance
in eating, by disregarding
the laws of nature, o*
o o
physical capital all gone, if so
Tutt's Liver Pills will cure yc:.
For sick headache, dyspepsia
scur stomach, malaria, torpic
liver, constipation, biliousness ,
?3 -.u i,:?!
<l:IU <Ui Aijivaicvi
Tutt's Liver Plils
an absolute cure.
The old year lie3 in state After a !
few days there mil be nothing iett of
his remains save memories. Memories J
that are crowded i.no numerous be- j
yond mention, yefc stored away in j
each mind and heart, tbey reua;ntoi
brighten coming years, to warn of j
future mistakti or weigh with heaTy
sadness upon hearts stirred by thought j
of past misdeeds. Tiie now jear
atands before us. lu 1899, we see our I
past, in 1900 our injure. Philips I
Brooks said, "The only thin* to do |
with the past is to ftet a future oat ol j
ax! fh*t. w? a!i ioi<?ht sea this j
*v' * ***"" "" ?= I
new ye*r passed away before ns as
free from ignoble deed* a* it now
stands innocent in its imager.
The year lay dying, a-> i yet tbe
world wa1* filled with merri nent. At
least it was so out here at Monticello.
The Christmas spirit breathed into tha
air and brought forM: ncmerons dining?,
sociables, Xiim* trees and the
greeting <-f long'pv/rf d friend*. Old
and young, middle aged and tots ^
joined in the celebra i^n or the ?w?etj
feast of the nativity and ihe sj>i?it of;
"good will and pea'e" rrign<d unm-i
Delightful dinings were given at
Me?srs. Iioberis', Unrley's, Norri*',
Dr. Scott'*, Frank Lupu'u, W'i.lie
Davis' and Dr. Arreti's.
Dr and MrsSc?tt were "at hoine'
to their young fi ic-nds Wedn->dav
evening during Xm^e * e^k. The time
was pleasantly whil- d away wi h
music, reci' a; ion* aid e&oie?. A
sociable uf like s atin e wa-? alsr tj!*en
at Mr. Itoberfe' the following Wednesday,
aud the joun^ people report
a delightful time.
Mr un J Mr? Bell, of Tcxas, t?:e
visiting ai Mr Calvin Ilab:)V
Miw Maggie Daw'iins, ofTexas, accompanied
Mr Lawjvnc* ilartiu on a
visit to hi* father, Mr Kober- Maitfo,
during Xtnw week.
Mr Tom Davis, of Louisa as, i? visiting
his ' parents, Mr aud Mrs A E
Mr Thvm&g P]&u!k; of Nnr:i? Cftoiina,
had la-portaot uuviuess it
Ran during the bohdvs.
Mr Wiilia F Scott, of F? in*n University,
spent Xraa> with hi? parent -..
Mi Henry Walling, or and
MrPrestou Robert*, or Rabb'e, sjnvt
a few day a in MouticeHo
MI?*es Hair, of Pro-r.-eri'y, are voting
the Vii-??t3 Burler
Misaes STeal, Bertba Wer *. F-Aion
and brother, of Newbtn.v, viaiie-J at |
Mr Morris during the -oll-ia}#.
Mim Mutiiic McMeeki.- Cnirnj h->!.>? I
from WiniuropCollege fu- aftw day?.
Prof Clifford Banks spei<t X ,..?< -i
his home in 2?ewberrv.
Mi?s Be^ie Wallsc\ of Wa:lac>yille,
it speeding awhile a? I) Arnelt*?.
Mits Susie Arnett ;s eu^grd i:J
bu?ine*8 near T*mpa, Fla. Her rrienc's
would havi been glad to hare had uer
home dorio^ tbe~fettivi?itts.
Rev FO S Curtis, .. ? Niiely-kix,
speut Thursday nigbt v.iih Jfcv E a
McDowcll, en route lo Lauriubur^
N C, where he has accc^ied a pastorate.
A band of BraziiUns struck camp i;?
(be $nberb8 just previous *< Xma?
were quite interesting to tiie yonog
folas with their "me ten > er goof ?f<rtune",
ladies. Mr ?ub-r, of P<;?K.,
had had stolen the preM-m tught
from his srore $1000, aud a party of
men came up to&ai-cb the Gyp'siv.
The stolen amount was t>Oi found, but
the Gypsies wert found to i ? qai't independent
as to m^iii . Thsy left
these pans early Sniid-y morning.
The womeu make a jjo-m! support, no
doubt, for their families by iheir forI
tune-telling and begging.
Jan 5, 19C0. SHEW...
m ...
He Fooled ihe surgeons.
All doctors told RenicK Hamilton,
of West Jeffersw, O., nicer *ufl'erti:g
1ft mnnfha frntn Rerva! Fisrnla. he
would die unless a co-t!y operation
! was performed; but he cart a himsulf
} with five boxe* of Bankien'b Arnica
j Salve, the surest Tile curs on Earth,
land the be?t SaWe in the Wror!d. 25
cents a b?x. Sold by iJcMaster Co.,
The CbrUtinss hcjid*y* p<ia*ed ofi
quietly in our town, witu the excup!
tion of a row among the col?>rtd pr.?
pie on Chi is'.mas day. It v ** brouu
ou by "blind tiger" a.,; j?jsieu*v
There wer? between twenrr 5 ?d t?v?
tr-five in th? little ba'tle. S;ickb *it<l
rocks were prtccip&l wct-puus. witb
?Le exception of onf v^.na--. wb<? o,a
a pistol and tired ones' aT??.l *h -t
Wiley, who was lookup ?-.j 11^ <*
seriously wounded, be. .g ^hc-t i?*ur
the right JuDg. Several iert Tvim sorr
On last Saturday uigiii, Ne-1 rftvveu8on,
a colored laborer of Mr. \V\ rt.
Siaioutou, came near n-i iuux Ms ilea- h
by falling from a fr? iafL?? ?ra:n It
seems thai ! e was steal> -x ? ri':e .'rora j
Charlotte. When the tram reic':?'ri!
this point it was rnnnrrs; ?h** ra. >f t
ten miles au hours; Lej^mp- d nnd fe'-;
in between th<? main i ? rud 3i
track oil hi< head. Hi? .'ace vr-.? o ?
matilated Jicii no od? copi.s r#c.?guiz<5
Mr. Jas. Brice, who \? ate losrapfcer
in Sn^riniei deot Wei:t?' office, of
the ijoutheru Rail* a-/. iu Columbia,
spent Xoias with hi- ?v?rtij*, M.jorj
and 11*8. T. \V. Brice.
Mies Rntii Brice spent' hii* ma in i
P-ir?lr Hill iii:h friano*
Ml 9. J. F. Coleman reiT :
from a visit to Chester.
January 6, 1900. Uor;e?p:,.-. n3T
.-.v, .
Bsars the 1 ^ 5 *3g ?\
8 ij mtsre
We ar? pained to leu* > - f ill? dt.-.
of Mr?. J. BtUidr, *'f A^icr-M-.
S. C It oar pri*-i 'c/t io >hi.K
the huspitai:'v <>i thi? -vin* n~t kug j
ago. Mr*. tia'ief w?>s. ; mus--. -,tiant-'
bie Cbrisiiaii i.dv. Sh -ei on l*v '
Sabbath uijiht week aft**- h ..? ?" pa'm- 1
fnl and p.*>iraetud ill:*' s H-? de- J
TOted hctsbbiid and *>?is ?vj>.c* - j
rell, g-?ve h?r cwiot1 ar?.o?i'.?- |
The fck:;} of pbyjociat; * -*, ?; s
avail. Mre. Butier tome-K Mi**
Sallie Hijrkir.*, of Cb*ev S Mr.
a?id Mr? Buii- r were married b* lieJ.
A. White, of BJaok#tocfc, S. C? i-k ;
1RSQ S.tiw i?x?i it m??nih? r li !* <? A. Il_
P. ? haach at Abbeville'. lirv. J. F.
McKitinon conduced t.b" ftinera;
The body IhkI ror?-s? in ?J*lrc-8?' i
cetoeterv. A ia??;e nuijibr: '?f fn*tidH 1
tteuding ibc funemJ ?A. it Pr?.?l>y- t
Itch oa human cared iu 30 na;?ttfe*
by W?^o!forci'? Sanitary Loyon. 1vm I
never fails. Sold by vv. E. Aik? i:?
draggist, Winnaboro, S. C.
__ . i cr 1
Ciaus'inas p&i:eil OH very yieiiwarii,;.;
a* Winthrop. At first ihe girls were )
much dirfepp'/inu d at not beiog al- j
lowed to ?0 home But alter the.
beard of tiu?tee& aiade the decision!
tba? the college, would have as hereto-!
fore, only mjv diy's holiday, the girls !
accepted tie dccihion as cheerfully as :
might be expcc<cd under the circum- j
stances, and they made up their minds |
siuce ihr-y must necessarily be de- j
privet of (he pleasure of spending i
;hri?tmas at tjonp.e thev would enjoy
Ihemselves here.
Fronj Friday nfternoon antil Tuesday
morning care was thrown away :
and fccbool books put up for a iittle
rc*t, and all entered into the joyona
spirit of the season.
Saturday icorning the streets of
K< ck Hill were thronged wiih college
giris, ah intent on "Christmas shopping
" The ififrchantf who had laid
in (ha largest supply of 6re crackire,
roman candles, and horai, congratulated
theunselvis rpon it iODg before
the girls had finished shopping. The
horns, the girii made immediate ato
of, using tt'em to "serenade" the peo?
p!e i f main s'reet, whilst tlie lire
crackers and Roman candles were
carried to the college where they
served as an endless amoai-i of aamsetnem
;hat Light. Early Monday morn
ing thb qniet of ti?e Mora tory wa? disturbed
by a merry party of "horn
blowers," whose intention, it wonld
Feem, was to set a good example of
early ri>ing.
Chtistmas ?iay was enjoyed by all;
th? girls were allowed every reasonable
privilege aid cach wore a light
v,Qai.r ?nii ?<iiiinor 'Thare was an
excellent dinner it the college to I
which all did :.mp!e jaatice.
>;briflia)t8 the firls went to
if-e xudiiorinm where a beaatifal
CrrifctupAt tree had been prepared.
Bef". e - he cortaio concealing the tree
w** r -jr'^d iu .utereating programme
o! r?-:.u ions and mur'c oiadfe up by
vacijet n eigoyed, after which
roe. r?r yr&s in^:*)ed aud the present*
diHtniwtci. K(jp;ie8 the presents
give?j her My her friend* ip college,
e^c.Ti g?n t-oeitfcd a daiutv box of
F : ! tb -.at ay *.* a gift from Preiident
Jvrofu'. '?h&* night the girl? were
perin't'ed ?o fc-ep "late houra," and
mi"y <:<j t.'W -.0 bed before liroife
lac. -a. car:.?And b*?a^ra! Th<"-*<h j
we ?isre r-q i- citu gu 10 ;be 1
f t.if ,."-.vy coiisiiier'iiE, &nd '
ti.?e ikO'-t making c.?cidid 'batto be*
ib '.u ibft S^**oc8 which ba-:5 !
b?-e-; t'ltm it'ai flay.the- giri? j
vr n >; D*it*r *>.o iy ib*m (?) agam
f>efrri- giving .b?>ni :.ue first trial of ft j
rr-ii^ri'.n i
.T-,e retv v a:- \>v* Pawned upon ua ;
\Jjj~ i- or;iw ei biigat. sue to th* i
Gerald 'iiid ;L-. ivdde>-a ia tbe tiQcert j
wn-b ut Xelle. !
J? 2 1900
Having a Great Bun on Chamberlains J
Mh: sgfer Martin, of the Pienon
dr?-g *t"r?, i?i:,,na3 as that be is having
a g'eat run on Chimber'ain'?
'Vngh Remrdy. He ?e!la five brttlei
of tbse medicine to one cf any otber
kind, nnd it sjives great aatiaf action.
!n tte-e dux of >a grippe there i?
nothing tik^ < .hsuiberlain'a Congh
Ufin-oy to rtop the cough, heal up the
?.oiv hroat an i ung* and give relief
wi.bii.- a very short lime. The tales
ta jrr.jwiDfir. aacl all who try it are
pi- lied procapt action.?^oath
(Jh cago Daily Oalamet. For sale by
McM?ster Jo.
Mr. Simon Lumpkin is at home.
Mr. and M<*s. J. R. Dye, of Caffuey,
and Mr E. II. Uall, of Woffbrd Colleg::,
a^ent >h-.< Lolidays with their
ptt'-ei.is, Mr. and Mrs. \Y. 8. Hall.
Miso Leila Potti, of Sylva, N. C.,
sp^nt ? few aay% with her friend, Miss
Ethe' Jackson.
Cattat JStrorber Ford, of Clemien
Goue^p, and Miss Lunia V. Ford, ol
Winthrop, were M home darinjXaia*.
Miss Magki'* Gl^ddeo, of Winnsboro,
hi* been visiting at Mitford
Miese* McCvorey andNamiie
Lte "5Jt#blfy "jpaDt J&?t- week at Mr
W. T McCrorty'a.
.;r B?J)y Mublrv. of Chester, hot
;.p> < n*iiog it fh*j iieifhhorhood.
'M.?i Sasie i ampkiti has returned
:iO:a Oolleu?o.
&* Jimuii* ^cCrorey will ?o?n
.s*vr. :or S >5> i*obarjf to httend the
:.-i i&j' t itge
A-tfr.s. Frank Stewart &&d Jebn
iie-i* o nate a^vec? toCheiter canity.
"VV<; are . ^r. v to have them leare na.
s.ro g od ?nat Mr. and Mrs. Jim*:na
Jr , wili occupy Mr.
Hea?o-.'s ;?;?!
' T an/) #.mtlv kt*?
*) V U.I*U' &*! ?uu xnui Ihj M??V
moved to fheir ?on'a borne, Mr. Will
)r -iiAr-i? Hoo^Ims of WinDeboro,
was * hj3 tvtjr-c%* horn'4 a dv. *
a5 jr Xnns. ?>. F.
J: sji.cr-v 6, 1900.
The Approach of Jlotherhood is ihfl
Occasion of M'cch Anxiety to AIL
Every woman dreads the ordeal
through which she must pass in becoming.
a mother. The pain and suffering
which is in storo for her is a source 01
constant anxiety, fear and dread, to
say nothing of the danger which the
coming incident entails. The joyous
anticipations with which she looks forward
to baby's coming gives way to an
indescribable dread of the ordeal when
she fully realizes the critical and trying
eveub vvmen wiu own tsppruzrcu ouu
have to be endured.
Women should hail with delight a
remedy which inatir^s to them iXQ<
munity from the pain, suffering and
danger incidental to child-bearing.
Such a remedy is now offered, and
women need not fear longer the hour of
childbirth. "Mothers: Friend"?la a
scientific liniment?and if-ased before
confinement, gently and surely prepare!
the body for the great requirement
and changes it is undergoing, insure!
safety to both mother and child, and
takes her through the event with 00&*
parative ease and comfort. This won*
derful remedy is praised by every
woman who has used it.
What woman is not interested in
"Mother's Friend?" Thia wonderful
remedy has been tested aid its price*
less value proven by the experience ol
fVArr?ori^0 r\$ \\avs*\r? tsvllfl
have used it during the most critic*]
period of woman'a life?4te approach
and culmination of tartherhooa.
Is has won Their everlasting praise,
for it gave them help and 0050 in
their most trying hour and when
most needed. Every woman may some
day need "Mother's Friend." The
little book, "Before Baby is Born/'
telling all about it. end when it should
be used, will prov* of great intereai^r<1
benefit to all expectant mother*, and
will bo sent free u> acMrea* upon,
application ts thc? fcradneid
inn. ! n? -
TIip "RTi-n/l Yciti TT.iva Aiwn.tr B
in use for over 30 years, h
Allow xi
All Counterfeits, Imitations a
periments that trifle "with a
Infants and Children?Expei
What is C
Castoria is a substitute for d
and Soothing Syrups. It is ]
contains neither Opium, Mo
substance. Its age is its gm
and allays Feverishness. It <
Colic. It relieves Teething 1
and Flatulency* It assimilal
; Stomach and Bowels, giving:
The Children's Panacea?Th<
si Bears the ?
The Kind You Hai
In Use For Ov
111 <??????e?? a
Mr. Editor: Will >ou kitdlv allow
us apace in yonr valuable paper to tell
our friends about our very pleasant
The most *.f u* paid out this year
and bad turngh left to have ote.of
(he be?i Christua?t8 *? rifer folks
bav* la .-ly cxperierccd The jvbite
tnlx* liav'r been v r, anil' cot;
:er??e ?-f *.>o. Mr MeUicbaaipe
rvi 'd u? ?t! ?o a irec- Jitiuer at hi#
a? jr+- t;n Snor?j;tY b: fore Xitia?. There
?ruiud.?N *ho pork, .ic(\ bread, ard
CaJt'-c f eeerj knd that *e could eat.
1 r? t. X--iuk i\?v mx had a lut of J
u? v r to ! '> Store to a b'g rjhOO'itg
toai- b. ai<d i; the !;.?< pan ot the afternow
Mr }Tei'i?:hai:jpe iuviied all our
ctnidren to V>s store and threw them
aL the brow it-u he ua.l taken in this
l>eat. *h:ch B3c.ii. ed to somewbeie
; abuu' $5. I ?trii you it was fufi 'to 3 e
I thoce felons scramble to^ctbrr
[ for the moiie* 1
Ti en on Tae-dav niiht we had a
I h:v troe at the Rock Hill Bap- I
j tut It wa* one of tbd pret- I
j t:.e<t tint was e?cr see:? ou tbe |
j inside or ?n> colored peoples' church
i trnd it w.n loaded down u :Hl the
limbs wire breaking with presents J
Yery^conepicuous among the e were
two vtry handsome lo.>ks entitled
"Treasure* of the Bible" for oar beleved
pastor,Re? Joseph Jackson, aud
onresieemed teacher, Rev Wetlev W
flail. Also foar other very.usefal
aud appropria'e preseuts for each of
oar deacon?, all of which were preitnted
by one of our white lriends,
MrP C MeJlichampe.
Just here we, as a committee, wish
to extend onr ih-inks t> Mr Melliehampe
tor bis kir d reraemberance of
us in contributing to onr Xrnas pleasures.
We are so unacca?tom to fiuch
fr/\m Ann KrhitA naijhhAI*?
| nucmiuuD nuu* wui nirnv mv.jmw|
and 60 surprised at receiving tbcm
I that we are doubly (backfill and bope
' be wofl't forget to repeit the dose next
Xtnas. /
Wi&bi rg you a prosperous new year
we are very respectfully,
Roan Thomas,
Pompy Thomai,
Charles Stat k.
Jan S, 1900.
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist*
j The- Discoverer of Swamp-Soot it Work la
His laboratory.
There is a disease prevailing in thU
I country most dangerous because so decep
tlve. Many sudden deaths are caused by
It?heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
or apoplexy are often the result of kidney
disease. I* kidney trouble is allowed to adi
vance the kidney-poisoned blood will attack
j the vital organs, or the kidneys themselves
! break down and waste away cell by cell.
Then the richness of the blood?the albumen
?leaks out and the sufferer has Bright's
j Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
! Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root the new discovery
' *he true specific for kidney, bladder
and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands
of apparently hopeless cases, after all other
efforts have failed. At druggists in fifty-cent
and dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free
by mail, also a book telling about swampRoot
and its wonderful cures. Address
Dr. Kilmer &. Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
mention this paper.
, "iiie aow-ieggea &aosi ebq mow awnw.
With an intro- C2^3ES33?SEEE|K3iliB
daction by
America's jgggWHMI? ?rTTWaffl
greatess poet, Ba?H3rethmfflUw^nnM
James Whit- M
comb Riley. An
illu?tratod toI- | jg^HHWI
nine of original
sketches, rerae, M
facetious ton- HE
graph* and col- fit
loqnies. A book ??^9B M
that will cot aBBMBBe JwBwSL
disappoint the g||n| jP^B
reader, u it
enters & noir ftiHT BESXB&S
and heretofore MRBbKS 8H
unexplored hHIH Bfl
field of humor. nHBH * ' M
A book to be KfBOB ^gSrS 8
tead aloud and Baii^5?paL..i.-.........M
njeyed azaonff
your friends. Contains "The Bow-lejted Ghat,"
"When Exra Sang First Beat, "The Mas Who
Couldn't Lanfh, "Potable Title# of Tut?re
Books,'' "Selling Locks of Hair," "No Woman, No
Tbd," "Society Actrfcaet," etc., etc. This firsS
edition bound in doth, printed on extxa fine
paper, and abeolntely the hek huEoroci book published.
TTarth $2JO, mailed postpaid for fl.OO.
Order at once. Send for our new spemal ills*trated
catalorue mailed free. Glyee you the lowest
pricesall g?od books. Address ?U orders to
' ftfeHafcro ftcd SJju?i>ctvy*- AJCTOH, QfilQ.
[Th? W?r?cr CoBtpwf yaiiorovehty rriiib'.e.J?Ei.tsr,
ought, r.nd w i:cb hi 3 lb~en s
as borae tbe stature of
3 been iijade unaor his perapervision
since its infancy.
o one to deceive you in this,
nd Substitutes are but 3Sxnd
endanger the health of
lence against Experiment.
ji^fcnr Oil. Parecroric. Drops
Harmless and Pleasant. It
rphine nor other STarcotic
irantee. It destroys "Worms
cures Diarrhoea and Wind
"roubles, cures Constipation
5es the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep. t
i Mother's Friend.
oria always i
re Always Bought
ter 30 Years.
The marriage of Mri. T. S. Jeffer?*
t-.j Rer. Samuel A.Weber, D. D.,in
Trinity church, Ja?t W?dne<d?y evening.
w{i> the social event of t'&e season
iu Yorkville. There were no es
peeiaily invited gneats; but it was
understood that the public wsi welcome,
and the church was filled a? It
had never' been before. The ceremony
throughout was simple asd in
th6 be?t of taste. The only attendant*
were M^asea Mary Claarson, Ashe and
Bofrte Gilbert, who acted as flow?r
h?s.rara. and Dr. J L. Uaiahan, who
acted ii u?ber Dr. Weber and Mrs.
Jettery* c^rae into the cbarch, in atep
wfth Me-idd*?->bn'? marcK, rendered
by Mrs T- W Sivck, ami were mot
a? ihe pulpit b* R?v. J. Q Wil*??nt
wh \ aptivted by R?r, J. Mv Stead?>an,
rasde th*rn ha?oand and wife. Fr^ra
the chbrch Dr and Mr*. Weber wont
to the dspot where tbev toqk the sou;ftb;?Qiid
s Carolina aud Northwestern
train for Florida Tfcey rxpcc* tj be
jrone for about 10 day#, and upon iheir
return they will take ap (heir re?idene*
ili Yorkrille where both b&ve
as many frieuds to the square yard
of territory ar an) two people in t'.e
world.?Yurkrilie Enquirer.
I ? Relief In six Hours.
fDi*tressing Kidney and Bladder Disekw
re'ievea in six hmrs by uNew
Grent South- "American Sidney Cure."
Jt ia a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
Id bladder, kidneys and back, io male
or female. Believes retention of water
almost = immediately. If you want
quick relief and eare this i?,the remedy,
gold by W. J3. Aiken, druggist, Wiuns?
boro, S; C.'
?8tglaaBKIWpMiKi ua ik* itSe.
IfljKjWgy- & ;* ;.? Proci kjMriut jrcnr^L
isvrsr rvu *s inner* onr
gME&Eg^yf' SDc.ia4r~P"? i \
tb? graafert and book ?tb pnhiithtd,
Pulpit Echoes
C<iatainLaz' Mr. MOODY'S bett Setttona, with
Xtmflinxatoriea, Ineldente, Penottl Expcritacci.ctc., a* told
, By D. L. Moody
UimUf. With a complete hlatofy of hi* life by Her. CHAS. T.
6OS8, Putor of Mr"Moody'l Chicago Church for fir* 7JW.
u<3 an Introduction bjBrr. LYJiAX ABMTT, I)- EL
Brand pew. W) pa^>ww?t4MV jOmtrwttd. Q71 > ??
ACI.NT8 WANTEB-K? and Wo?M?. G?fal?l
Iramaxae ?a harreat tisaa for Apnti. Sacd for temi to
The-Easy Running
Sewing Maciifle.
The most modern Sewing
Machine of the aee, embrac*
* ^
iing all the latest improve*
I ments. Unequaled for Durability,'
Range df Work and
| Simplicity.
j Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory/ Correspondence
solicited. Address,
General Agent,
ri \r .
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature, in strengthening and reoos*
structing the exhausted digest!to or*
gans. It Is the latest discovereddiatsfr
k?.$ and tonic. No otha F^aratio?
ran approach it in efflSw-v. It i?*
stantly relieves and perti3anet*lyearti
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Hearttam,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea*
all other results of imperfect digestion
Prtportd by E. C. DcWitt a Co., .
Winnsboro, ?. C.
Coiiy Siperar.
Jumca Ar?xom> jlt ?s last SUet- .]
nr? or tss Boabd or Covxrr
Coxxisnoszss Hsl? Dsc.
following claims wets examined
md approved oa State OesfeFaadof
So. Aaouar.
112 E ? Ellison, ihcriff, $ 2 SO '
113 News and Herald, 22 101
114 Jm H Aiken, 14 00?*
>15 T J Douglass, 12 SO h
>16 C H Dooilass, 12 ?0 '
117 W 1 AlKtD, * * w | ,
IIS X H Heina, 12 50
>19 JwffflollU, 12 60
>20 John Hollia, 22 601
>21 A P Irby, 12 50 j
>22 C H Doaflaw, 7 76 j j
>23 R B Baauan, 1? 00 ]
>24 Bill Wiliruas, 6 56 j
525 Jono D Blair, 8 50 <
>26 W T AiMa, 2 00 j
>27 Jao C Bacbauaa, 5 00.
>28 E C Jettr, 5 71
>29 K B Hanafcan, 25 00
)S0 D L GUoa, 12 50
JflEAGlena, 12 50i
332 S 8 Carry, 2 0? j
333 C A Robinsoa, 12 50.
m Jat 8 Allan, 2 00 j
m W G Bankbeai, 12 50 j
936 H A Starenspa, 12 5? j
937 Jao H Cooper, rj ou
938 Robert Garter, . 13 50
The following clai*i wki e*a?inrd
and approved on Read and Brides
Fusd of 1899:
No. Ajoenat. I
939 B W Herroa, f 6 62 ;
940 Jas ? Gladden, 4 85
941 N D Rokerti, 8 55
942 Joo W Bahkhead, 18 47
843 Bill Uadiion, 3 26
944 W J Clowney, 1198:
945 E R Milliaf, 12 60
948 Sarah Benaon, 18 30 j
947 Caleb Holley, 3 25
948 B 6 Teonaat, 8 05
949 S B Morgan, IS 58 j
950 T H Pry, I 18 581
951 A D Hood, 81551
952 JL Lewis, 8 90
953 J C Willingbas, 3 58
954 W T Newman, 4 29,
955 iG|GwInD, 3 60
956 C W Broom, 4 88!
957 Alica U Harpor, 21 74 j
958 fc 8 Broom, 7 60
959 D 8 Broom, 8 l? |
960 W B Kenaedjr, 16 561
961 H B Trapp, ,
962 Calrin Douf'an. 1810
963 A D Hood, 2 09 .
964 G E Soott, ( 270
965 Ltzartw JohtMoa, 6 56 {
966 W A Mayo; 10 87
d?7 W P A aVifnril 4 35
968 J B Barley, J 17 ]
969 J?o W Baokfcocd, 7 06 {
970 M Y Millisf, * 76 ;
971 L it Blair * Co, 289!
972 W W Irby, 10 CO
973 C L Smith, - 7 04
974 Jm T Lemmon, 1 63
975 L B Fee, j S 00 ]
976 8 W Brooa, 4 S5
977 G Y L&of ford, 68 f>3
978 Jne D McDowell, 1 09
979 Lszarai Jobnftoe, 8 85
980 Jno W Baokhead, 7 60
981 T C Leitoer, 2 4F
982 F D Boalwart, 4 00
983 T H Yea], $6 00 eiaisud,
alloired, 1 00
984 1C Tho?t?, 19 55
985 A B Richard ion, 16 70'
986 W L Said, < 1 35
987 D L Si&vea?oi>, 9 05
988 Joo# WolJIng, 59 85j
985 D W Aiktfi, 5 43
990 W J Johnton, 45 <5
991 W J Jobn?*r, 82 88
992 Joba Fte, 150
993 J M Wilion, 20 15
994 C B Rftbb, 6 16
The following olahof;w?rt examined
and approTtd on Potr Hobm fand of
1 f09:
-No. Jvmeaet.
995 W J Johofcm, $ I 00
996 W J John^QD, 15 00
997 WJJohnKW, 12 00
998 J L Ha wee 'jr. 8 00
999 L U Blair 5 W
1000 HB*efo,- : 2112
1001 I C Tfcomai, 26 25
1002 G Y Laofford, 11 95
1003 S C Broom, 2.17
1004 B B Baaabac, 200
1005 B M Yarfeoroagk, 100
1V fJ T,nnn.; 5 25
1007 B:R:ch?rdcou, 4? 78
1018 WOUcSWWD, 2 70
1009 E B BoHrti,, 5 4a
1010 M&nstl McClioto?k, 3 60
1011 T 6 Cameron, 20 10
1012 A J Hianurt, 212
1013 -H 8 Bctot' 23 w
1014 'T P MitchtH, 2 5#
1015 flTJTan*h?. 190
The following elaijaa ?r?re miined
tod approved oh Public Baiidiaf faac
of 1 m.
No. A?oqjU.
1016 J L Richmond, *& 43
1017 B 0 Tuesftt, 4 15
1018 Jaa T Yoaotf, 1 44
I do certify that the above Malooest
is a* correct copy ct elaiai approved
at toe last meeting of tfct Coaaty
Board held on tfce 15th day of December.
1 4 CoHBly Sapt visor F. C.
Tax Returns
ditor will be op?a tr??a ti>? lit day o
Jin wry to tbe 20th dtj of F?bra>u-T
for the purpose of receiving Ux re
taraa. Eetarai to be * P?rtonal
property. A pea Alt y of M per
ceat will be Added when parties frl te
aafcs retnraa wltbia tbe above mea?
tieaetf date*. All male penoai
tweea tbe afee of 91 aad M are lUb.i
to pell tax, aolres atkerwiae exempt
by law, and are reqa!r?d io aak? r??
tarn of aaaie.
Tbe Aaditor or bit depaty will fa*
at tbe following p<acea ?a tbe d*j?
?peel fled to meire tax reiarn:
Albion, January 22.
(?Bnckhead, Jatmarv 29
Wotting, Jaaoaty 24
: Crosbyville, JauuAi-y 36.
Woodward, Jamian. 2S
Whit? Oak, Jant2~< > 27.
Horeb (Curlee'a glut), Jaaiary 29.
Bl>tbcirood, Jaauarr S$.
Fiiut Hill. Janturf 31.
Oladden't Grove, Febraary 1*
Monticello, Februsrv 2.
Jvnkiatyille, Febrna?y 8.
Ki-:fewayf February i.
Ld)Dglovro, February 6.
(.' utiayille, Ftbru*r> 7.
M. L. Cooper'#, Fcbroan 8.
1-4 Count; Auditor.
wiuk a fall stock ( C*?k&A, Sarto!
*ud Offins, constftatij v* huui,
ftod KSfr uf llMTM wfc?? rt<f ?t?j,
Tbaakfml tvc put pilrMUf iwl
tatLxs f?r t star* la &? nunr*, in ?<
old i ao4
i %.l* atiaadod ta> ?: > ???.
Ill <LU VT?ttt M0T4
4. ....
Millinery, Shoes and Clothing,
:an do best for yourself. We bel
pou in quality and price. We bu
sheap and we sell cheap. "The
Money" is our motto.
Your special attention is
fizzle have all the
L/ltM WVVUOi v ?W. .
also in Silks tor Waists and Trin
We have the most variec
Flannels. Underwear, Ho>iery, G
Our millinery room is partic
We have a large sjock of all n<
will please you.
One of our greatest depart
shoe stock in the county. It wil
shoes of any kind to give us a ca
We have a great attraction
ter. Gvods that sell at one cent
cents and up. Many things her
It will pay you to traile with us.
Tie Caldvell Dry
flL whs
^HEjB mr 83X2
tfLl ^
I % *"
There wiffbe Sots of "gfabc
1 this town after yau've loolcec
ahoes. One food look at t?
and the price*, fieans that 3
buy a par.
* * OWT? ?f\7 T?fH4
ALOU ^?>?> IT1I I Vim
- - - THIS!
Q. I). WTI
m ' i
txnrt nv O
Y?J ?9 Iff til l lil
lata^r tti null
ttniif tku 7N
?ad otuis? &ad teka
m?z?varts, vkrsi
We6eUr*? Irani
w?tc?tf? l*fc
pm* tkan van
inuftBMCt is nil
tUelMMit hlik
irtir Chfc SUaat
to t? book, tern
^ P4rtlftT
?r*r*OW. Starts
mi n?
, " [TtoVwm
Mils bice
A Complete .Line of j
Garwood Extract- for l)audkercbje&,
from Sejop to $8
lit u tu l ji? t>, i t 1? K1 ^
Torgedoe*. Sky
Rocket?, 2 lb*, e c u
Japmtse Botnbt.
F:re Cracky*, all ki' dfi.
Cnpt and Saucer#.
P:?qbe8 /in4 tf edtliona for Xodas.
V48cs to *Bit bard time-.
, I/imps to light your homes by.
Stationery to a rite to your fruud* on.
' tails - Sffiiy
i? packages to suit yea.
Te:lH?ur frini-df tnd some i di?
for ) We viU pless*- yon if
we cam Don't forge' at
Your* for a ra?rr? Xtns?,
J. E McMister & Co
? > ?,? ?.?
On t^j)Tor?d Knrm ?ecn.v?f by firtt
In! r'.?t 8 |*r fa
*niA9 |600, 3 i? 8 >? ? . !
Kj c Borrower pny? ?cl&l
A 8. * W. I). DOUGLAS*
Wirouboro R t:
[j 11-2$ OSftu bi*, S <\ ;
' ?mi ns? iKsroiKB mm
a *u&re of tb? pablic patron9?2<
:ed in dey goods
you want to buy where yoi^*
lieve we can do the best
y in large quantities; we I
Best Goods for the Least ^H|
t _* a
called to our tine stocjc oi
i new novelties in Patterns; |
timings. I
I stock of Domestic Goods,
loves, Corsets, etc.
:ularly attractive this season. j
onA fin#* wnrle that
XH 9VJ1VO ?uu *>uv ?
ments is the most complete j
[1 pay you when in need of
this season in a cheap coun,
two cents, three cents, four V.1
e that are wonderfully cheap. -1
Try it
n i n
uOOQS uompany. i
Must 1
Unloaded I
whole lot of cases of new
es at your favorite shoe
e.. Eveiy pair was selected
i care. We think we know I
it you need and we Have 'H
tn^ed to get it for you so
riff cost you less money 1
you'd |. m J |
I 0014 W??JWI1 3;
I feet" in f
i at our B *??**'
? shoes | SliZSintt
JNE. -
Js One Dollar. j
t ul Mat tt to us witb one dollar aad wo
da I1I.N WetlMAry. utject to enminstioo.
it jaatDtmzttt ?pw ode* and if food abs>
??? <? CMr k?iwl ?f lid 1 MUr fiifl
Sra 79% tecs, par the express ?a?m ?M?
book. Til* Dlcuoaary eonttdw 18.00#
im aad daflnlttou than are to be fonxd la
tVHWl Dictionary. It is the latest Dictionary
illy 46,000 Biri words tbaa Vebetera and
I PaabrHUcai Dietloaariea ud ku 280 ?>?
trier, the lefmoee is exaet aa41t?sahsotatc>y
f?4e, ap-Unlate PMtooary "n the sierkct. Eo>
aiy is printed ea tat<laes paper saade expressly
elaer type aad is bandsoewly bound in FULL
nvtfhten edges. ta<toxc<1 for only (Lt8. As a
iut has JLBiOLWTX&T HO BQVAL.' 8esd your
atefl nfiifrQiit d boofci it piicw, FSX2L
mikttoin. Aknoa, Ohio.
rtmaaaw ia tWnBfklr wHtHo T?M1>BC
' '* "3
car of FINE SEED
WHEAT, which We
will sell cheap for
cash or on liberal
terms. All farmers
should sow some
' - 3?l
Eff, DOTY & iCfl.
I have & Die? selection just
opened for inspection from which
to select your Christmas Presents,
consisting of
AJ?o, pice presents in China
and Borers k Bros'. Celebrated
Plated Wares, as cheap and rtliabU
as they cph be bought any*
Call ?oon and make ycmr gelactioa.
C. M. Chandler.
| 1 ii .- ,

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