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Wednesday, January 10, - 1900
JjOCAL bkists.
?See Snpenrisor's report.
?See notice of final discharge.
?Road Anditor'a notice elsewhere.
Plantation for rent. See advertisement.
?Heunief, the phot^jrrapher, will
,v ~ s be here this week only. Come at once.
?At a recent meeting of the stockp
holders of The Winnsboro Bank the
> sanaj offset were re-elec?ed.
?Townihip pension boards should
meet on the third Monday in January
4- #a?
, W ' ?CCl?C J.V1
Mi*. Joe Richard?on and family h&re
moved t? toirn and are occnpying tbe
B-saty c?tt?2e in tbe northern end of
?A f-*rty of hor*e trader? paased
through tovn Friday going wmth.
Wi'h they had a large drove Of
J. B Ulark, Peoria, HI., aaye:
"Stirge wavitd to operas on me
for piU , *ut 1 cured U em witb DeWitt's
* "?:f; H. z<il Salve." It isin-;
fallibl- ;<i: pilt*s d *k:u difcpasea. Be- i
ware ?.f >H)um rreit-. McMa*fe<* Co. |
?M) ?*muti Sitnpwri, *o<> haaj
bten \ci) sick v-th lypcoid fever, w
iajprcr" -j. g nnoV.y He lias been
sick i. i "von*I -A.-ek?
?D*vi.J Walxt-i. -on of Mr
Mrs. l> V Walker, b-s keen c^afi-jed
to hi' 'cue f" w-i.k-wiih typboid
ferer. tie is no* coi'Vaiesc#nt.
Tht . (><..? ^taneni* are returned
to coi' he fohowint b>mu? been
at borne for (he holidays: Mts#ra. Ja?.
Beatv, E^gar MaUhew?, 3ierntt
Qaati.eoaam, Thomas McMaster, Tom
?T' * board of county commissioners
m*. here ou Tuesday and elected
Dr Jvi' D. Palmer physician for the
poor bonre, Dr. B. B. Hanahaa connty
jail physician and .Messrs. R&gsdale &
Bagsdac attorneys.
* "I nearly dead with dyspepsia,
nnnitxwa oioiioil minora! fcr?Pinff9.
IfJ-XUU UVVbVld) V.AV*?VrV* ? B ,
and grew worse. I used Kodol Dyspepsia
Care. That cured me." It
digest# what you eat. Cares ^digestion,
8( :r stomach, beartbnrn and all
forms of dyspepsia. McMaster Co.
Mr. L. D. Booertson and family
hare moved to Bidgeway where they
wili make their home. Mr. Robertson
has a position on the railroad aod
Rid?eway is more convenient to bis
work than this pi tee.
?Mr. Jiio. B, Stevenson cand family
- - .1
bare moved ioto the boute recently
vacated by Mr. L. D. Kobei tson. Mr.
Stevenson, since his house was destroyed
by fire, has been occapyiog
the Kirk McDonald cottage
Mrs. R. Churchill, Berlia, Vt., says:
"Our baby was covered with running
sores. DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve cured her." A specific for piles
and ski a diseases. Beware of worthless
counterfeits. McMasier Co.
?Wc welcome W. R. Rabb & Co.
in nnr H?t of advertisers. These mer*
charts have jast opened a store here
and have a fall stock of general r*erebandise,
and are ready to receive
their friends. We wish ranch success
for tbem in Winnsboro and their
friends should call on them. See their
?A long haired, wizard-like man
wa? on the streets Monday afternoon
_ hypnot.xing negroes for the amusement
tr? of the crowd on the streets. The
hypno.ist b*d evidently been to the
<3i8pen??ry, and jerked out a pistol on
a colored man, and tbe last seen of Ihe
long man. he was "burning the
wind" :hrongh the pines jast beyond
Alien's Oraucb.
It ukes but a minute to overcomb
ticklinc- in t.be throat and to stop a
congb >>' the use of On? Minute Cough
Cure Thi-" remedy quick!v cnies all
fovms o' tbroa' *nd Jung troubles.
Ha; ui.e;$ and peasant to take. Ic
prevents consumption. A famous
specif ,?r grippe and its atter effects.
lf.ir t A
?Ui<e c'ay ]a?t week a freight train
pi88?.d through here carrying a quantity
(*bout 60 kags) of wbie clay
from Georgia. This clay was being
8hipi?U Norrh to be used in tbe adnlteiatiou
of foods, probably flour and
su^a. The clay is found in Georgia
and is expensively used, as has been
prove-* by the retalt o{ investigations
which have recently been published.
Mr .'torn why with bis rimlly bare
been occupying the Buchanau home
near \ vwn has purchased a piece of
land Wond R- Y. Tamer'* home and
will boiid a boose. This .>art of town
it building up quite rapidlv eince the
factor was built and we hope that
thn balding will not only increase in
this p? c of town but that the rest o 1
the town will follow its example. New
buildings are sadly needed.
?!i)d unester Jjamern cuiitiiuo Bu
account of a srna.11 fire which occurred
iD that city last Tuesday nighr in Mr.
R E. Price's grocery store. Tbe fire
was discovered at tbe back of tbe
store, rear tbe itove, wlfere it had
crept up tbe wall and burnt through
the ceiling. The fire waa soon extinguished,
but some damage was done
to tbe stock by water. The insurance,
sa<s tbe Lantern, covered the ioes.
?Anyone in need of nice horses or
mnles ihoald call on Mr. A. Williford
at hie stables, as he has recently received
a new lot. He also ofler? to
bu.v cattle, whether poor or in good
orc.er, and will give the best prices for
them. For the presets year Mr.
Artbnr Owen* will be in the employ
ol Vr. Williford and he wishe* his
fr:??nas to give tim a call. See Mr.
i Williford's advertisement.
-T'n* time i^ which count7 and
Snte Taxes u>av be p*id has been extended
bv the governor and comptrol'e;
general nn'il the 1st of February
The State in giving notice of
tbi? tx-ea-ion *ay? (hat it wat to
p erc ;t complications and confusion,
and it i* tbcaght that bv extending the
time tr.-at ;h?i ctuipiroiier te^eral will
be spared th* trouble wbic^ he *!>*sy?
hw in ^rraijjhtsninj oat the :*??gle? in
ii> office
?D-. Rved. of the Colombia Seminan.
?cho coudacted ?ervice? at the
Pre.-l.vieri&n Church on Sflfiday, re'Ui-r.ed
to Columbia on Monday. Ue
prei*cl?-d hetv bo*h inoruiDg and craning
his Sermons made a deep impretki
a upo hi- he?i era. T!-.i* was
bis first visit to Winuiboro and a>
Mothers, when your children are attacked
by the dreadful croup, yon
need not deepair; Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup will relieve and cure them at
once. You can always dei>end on this
marvelous remedy; it always ccres. j
! Dr.Bnll's
WHI cure Croup without Jaii.
Doses are sm*U and pleasant to take. Doctors
recoaunead it. Price 25 cts. At all dmggist*.
both services large coii?reg&;ions were
oat to hear hia and were much pleated
with him.
Miss Annie E.Ganning, Tyre, Mich.,
?av*: "I inffered a lODg time from
dyspepsia; !o$f flesh and became very
weak. Kcdo! Dyspepsia Care completely
cared me." It digests what
you eat and cure* all forms of stomach
trouble. It Dever tails to give imme
dia'e relief in the worst cases. Mciiasrer
Tho dispensary was moved on
Thnr.day to the room under tLe Thespian
Hali. where the passenger d--p<>t
*ks so ler.g located. The moving w*s
quite ar undertaking and occupied
?me time. For a loDg time compiaintv
have been made by people in the
neighborhood, as it was extremeiy an
| ple?anr to bave it so near. In its
I present location it will be well ont of
the w*v, and will therefore noi be du?1?
a ioarcc of aunovauce as it has been
bt-reiofoi e
? The telephone exchange wbicb
baa recently beeD opened in oar
! Heighboring town, Ridgeway, will
prote a great convenience to everybody,
and will also be a convenience
to m*i.y_ Winnsboro people, particularly
tbote who have relatives and
friends in that town, and to basinets
men as well. Ridgeway will soon
iiuu lit:* IVtC^UUAiCa iuui0^.0wn?viv euu
tbe subscribers wiH wond er how they
managed betore they bad phones.
Ridgeway is an enterprising place and
keepi abreast of tbe times in many respects.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers purify
the blood, clean tbe li ?er, invigorate
the system. Famous little piils for
constipation and liver troubles. McMaster
?Tee discussion as to when.the new
century begins still goes on, and it
?1n?Act fn CftnTinfiB
everybody that it did not begin on the
lit of January, 1900. The Emperor
of Germany is takin as authority by
those who think that the new century
hat begun, as he issued to his people a
proclamation announcing its beginning,
and the event was duly celebrated
with merry-makinsr. The New
York Sun has given the most lucid
explanation that we h? je seen, and it
is bard to understand why all who have
read this aud other explanations are
so naru to cucviuce.
?A matter in which many of onr
people will doubtless take a deep interest
is the raising of mtney to erect a
monument to the late Dr. William M.
Grier, of Erskine College. The money
is to be raised by pnblic subscription
and as Dr. Grier was so highly esteemed
by the whole State many will
contribute liberally. The monument
will be erected on the campus ofErskioe
College. The members of the
A. K. P. Church here will bo doubt
send a handsome contribution, as an
evidence of their admiration and affection
for th6 late president of Erekine
?So successful was the meeting of
county superintendents, held in Colombia
daring [fair week, that it has
been decided to hold another, and the
State superintendent in a circular letter
to the county superintendents
urges them to&be present. The 15th
of January, next Monday, is the day
epfjumicu iu; cuc imyut muv
matters are to be discussed and Mr.
McMahan is very anxious for each
county to be represented by its superintendent.
At the last meeting Mr.
D L. Stevenson was appointed to
bring the important of this meeting
to the notice of the superintendents
and bis work will no doubt result in a
fail attendance.
| rwu B vvn |
, Ask your physician this ques- I
: tion, "What is the one great f
. ;| remedy for consumption?" 1
He will answer, "Cod-liver j
oil." Nine out of ten will s
I answer the same way.
I Yet when persons have |
| consumption tney loathe all I
J fatty foods, yet rat is neces- f
I sary for their recovery and |
j they cannot take plain cod- j
i liver oil. The plain oil dis- 5
{ turbs the stomach and takes j
? away the appetite. The dis- f
I agreeable fishy odor and J
| taste make it almost unen- f
s durable. What is to be done? |
This question was ans- ]
I wered when we first made 2
I - - - - I
| of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo- |
j phosphites. Although that f
I was nearly twenty-five years I
J ago, yet it stands alone to- j
x day the one great remedy s
I for all affections of the throat |
| and lun|s. |
The baa taste and odor have been I
f taXcn away, thecal itself has been f
< I [Mruy (UN UK litun mi- ;
| r siiive stomach objects to it rarely. 5
I | Mot one in ten can take and digest |
= the plain oil Nine out of ten can 3
j take SCOTTS EMULSION and di- |
5 ?est it That*J why it cures so 5
| many cases of early consumption. ]
? Even in advanced cases it brings z
j comfort and greatly prolongs life. J
I 50c. and $x.oo, ?11 druggists. 1
SCOTT & BOWNE, Qiemists, New Ycrk.^ ?
?From The Stat# we lerru that Mr.
Albert G. Douglass has been placed in
charge of J. L. Mianangh's stores,
w ith the exception of the clothing and
kboe stores, which are id charge oi
another yoang man. Mr. Donglass
will hare entire control of these stores
and is fnlly competent to conduct the
business. For years Mr. Doajlass
has been with Mr. Mimntngb and has
won the esteem and conftdence of hit
employer and has made himself indisI
pensifcle to Miaanangh. Mr. Donglass
at one time lired in Winnsboro, aBd
ills lriends will bo pleated to learn ox
bis promotion and with bim much sueceu.
Mr. J. Sheer, Sedalia, Mo., saved
bis child's life by One Minute Cough
Cure. Doctors had given her up to
die with croup It's an infallible cure
for conghs, colde, erippe, pneumonia,
bronchitis and throat and Inn? troubles.
Relieves at once. McMaster Co.
?On Tuesday morning, January
2nd. Rev. H. K Ezell moved from
Flint Hill to Ridgeway where he will
oeennv the Caldwell Robertson honse.
As the weather was extremely cold
tha' day, the negroes who were as?
si >it.gin fbp moving had built afire
iu i be yard. Oue of the wagons
loaded with Mr. Ezell's household
g>;ods w48 st&udin^ near tbt fire and
It is suppo?ed that in turning it was
diiveu too near the fire for the canvas
cov'rin? ? the wagf:n c-ugbt fire and
wa? #00n in flames. Before it could
be enii'guiiibpd a number things
were burnt aud the lo?i amounts to
A?AA a _ 1 i J ^
aoont fiuu. Among' im arucie* uc*
stroved were a great many of Mr. and
Mrs. Ezell'i clothti, bedding and other
"One Minnte Congh Cure ii the best
remedy I ever U6ed for conghs and
colds. It is unequalled for whooping
cough. Children all like it," writes
H, N. Williams, Gentryrille, Iod.
Never fails. It Is the only harmless
remedy that gives immediate results.
Cures conghs, colds, hoarsene8s,croup,
pneumonia, bronchitis and all throat
and lung troubles. Its early use prevents
consumption. McMaster Co.
?If among the good resolutions
made for the new year some of the
property ewners should resolve to repair,
paint and have a general fixing
up of their houses and premises, the
appearance of the town would be
vastly improved. While of course
there are a number of well kept houses
in town there are many that sadly
nned improvement. Strangeri Renerally
think ours a pretty town but
tbev cannot fail to be struck with the
number of places that are oat of repair
and needing paint. How very
asneh more attractive the town would
be if more attention was paid to the
condition of streets, fences, &c. Wtll
kept places give a look of prosperity
to a town and in the long ran benefit
it No one can fail to see the need of
improvement in this line in Winnsboro.
H5H BOA m ?!i
^ Clcrk'f S?I?.
DeiPorte* Eiori. r*. Hagood, 232
teres, to G. Y. Langford for $361.
F. M. Habtnicht ?. F. L. Eabenicht
et a), two town lot*, to F. M. !
Habenicht for $542.
Baam vi. Stewart, 107 acres, to J. ?.
McDonald, attorney, for $400.
British Am. Mortg. Co. Raff,
kko tA.T H MoDnnalfl. lttoraJT.
W# ?Vi WW| %W v? * ? w? ] ? - ? ^ ,
for $1,800.
Dk. Cadt's Condition Powders,
are jast what a horse needs when in
bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier
and vermifuge. They are not food
bat medicine ana the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Uo.
wixnsbobo still ahead.
We noticed a short time since that
the Columbia State spoke with much
satisfaction of a large check that oue
- " ?
or fier cotion onyers gave iur wnuu.
Mr. W. il. Flenniken, of our town,
gave a cbcck a few day6 past, for
nearly $21,000 for a lot of cotton. Mr.
Flenniken represents the well known
cotton firm, Messrs. Alexander Sprnnt
& Son, Wilmington, N. C.
They are large exporters. Let her
?0, Gallagher!
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Bank of Ridge way was
aelr* on Jannary l*t, and the following
board of directors was elected: W. Hs
Ruff, I. U. Thomas, C. P. Wray, C. L.
Wrav. D. W. Raff. W. D. Douglass
and N. W. Palmer.
The following officers of the bank
were elected: W. H. Raff, president;
I. C Thomas, vice-president; N. "W.
Palmer, cashier; W. D. Docglase,
attorney. A teller will be elected bjr
the board in a few days.
The annual report of this bank will
be found in another column.
?h? Mortality at the Poor House Darlag
tb* Tear 1899.
Below are the names of those who
died at the county poor Louse during
the past year:
January 22. Margaret Anslin.
JqIj 8. Joel Cincerue.
October 20. Samuel CroMl&nd.
December 27. Neely Sim?.
February 20. Lncy Brown.
February 28. Turner Goodiny.
Jnly 5. Jin Ginyxrd.
September 9. Jack Joioer.
September 18. Jack MeD&niel.
Sentftmber 24. Will Clark.
October 25. George Taylor.
Mi?s Bessie Milling and Miss Etta
Siitt, from Jackson Creek, epent the
Christra?\holidays nith Mr. and Mrs.
M. Y; Milling, their reletiref, who
lire near Lake.
Mr. Henry Woliing and Mr. Preston
Robert* are Tiiitinj in our neighborhood.
Wa bare h?d two or threa rery fint
school concerts and ball entertain'
aaeafs without end.
? - -* -t -a - -.1J
yft feare naa oar ?n?rc ui con.
*re*tber to far.
Merry new year to *11 and to Thi
J. W. M.
1 The eclipse of the sun, which we
are told is to take place on the 28th of
, next May, will be visible only from
certain points in North America, and
Winusboro happens to be in the belt
marked out by astronomers as bsiDg
the nart of tha conntrv from which
| the edipee will be visible. Ai oar
town is j^raost in tbe centre of tbe
State, it i* said that it will be a par*
ticuUrly favorable point of obierratioB,
and report baa it tbat a number
of people will come here for that occasion.
It is highly probable, therefore,
that in May there wiH be a gathering
bere ot icientific men, itadenti
and others who are anxiono to witness
tbe eclipie. It will be a total ec!ipse
and is loi ked forward to with the
<rrAftta^t intftrp?f hv Afitrnnnmer?. We
? ?
hope tritt this will prove to be a
fact and not limply an idle rumor, for
such an assembly would b? extremely
Mr John R. Craig, of BltckMock, '
j wu town Monday.
Dr. T E Dvwling has gone t.? bi?,
i home at S^ausea on a vi?it.
j Mr. 8nd Mrs. J.J. Creijjh: movtdi
j into the fiion houne Tne?d*y
I ? o XT II . TN 1,1 ? v, !
| Jir, o. jcv nasi" u .
I Monday ou hi* waj 10 (,'oiuinbia.
Mrs. M. A. Moure it expected to!
arrive bere fr >ia Uniou tbix afternoon. j
Mr. Gordon Qu. tUebaun retnrm-d
Friday to :he S C- (J. Institute at
Miss Chilian Pillar, whohni been
spending the Christmas holidays at
her home at Ferzning ton, re tamed on
Thursday to King's Mountain.
Miss Etfce! It*bb, who has bean
isiting Miss Lida Neil, is now the
> guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Till.
| Miss fiabb is on her way hone from
Charlotte where she has been vieitiDg.
Mrs. C. E. McDonald and children
left last week for Pinerille, N. C.,
where they will visit at Mrs. McDonald's
old hoaae. They will bt
absent nn'il the,, latter part of the
Mrs. Steele and children and Mr. E.
Caldwell went to Winntbero last
Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Steele will
remain down with her sister, Mrs.
Bryson, a while.?Alliance cor Ches
ter Lantern.
For ?Ter Fifty Tears.
Mrs. A inslow's Soothix* Srsur
has been nsed for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect sncces*.
It sooihss the child, softens the gams,
allays a'l pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little snfierer
immediately. Sold by drnggietn in
every part of the world. Twenty fire
cents a bottle. Be sore and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's 8oothiny Symp,"
it?1 mi hnd. 1-1-17
Died at her borne, near Union
Church, in Fairfield Cointy, EHw.beth
Harrison, nee Graddick, on December
13th, 1899, in her 53rd year, froia the
effect of heart tronble. She wm kind
and goctle in all he^jnorks and ways,
and leares a hatband and three sons,
aged SO, 23 and 25. Three things she
has been to me?a wife, a mother and
a friend tvrhty-six years and wren
Lonr Lav? past and gone since
first we met in youth's sweet prime
and romped tbe lire long day. We
knew no hidden thorns to pierce eur
pilgrim feet through life'? journey.
Bow ofc hare we walked arm in arm
ano talked of tbe fnmre. Bat time
ar?^ yrief hare had their way. The
sa .;e* day I trer knew was the day
1>on in yonrcofcn laid. Then
, and > here I finished my tow with a
bles-ing I becrowed dpon thee, and
with trembling voice I committed iky
soul to God who loaned you tome;
with feeble voicc I gave consent for
your body to be removed from rour
queenly home. This ii all that mortal
man conld do.
'Tis hard to part with one we lore,
Although we rart for bat awfclJe; i
Aroand the tendril of the heart
Close clings the aching chords of I
Tbongb sighs nay come and tears may
When one we lore is called to go.
But yet 'tis harder still to bid adien
To one whose life we know is o'er,
To take a last and liageriof view,
And feel on earth that we'll meet no
Yet to us we have a promise given.
If we bat rightly keep our heart,
To meet those dear ones at last in
Jan. 3, 1900. J. F. Harrison.
Discovered by a Woman.
Another great discovery has been
made, and ibat too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its clutches
upon her and for seren years sbe
withstood its severest tests, but her
vital organs ware undermined and
destb seeraeJ imminent. For three
months #he congbed incessantly, and
could not sleep Sbe fiually discovered
a way to recovery, by purchasing of
j us a bottle of Dr. King's New DisI
coverv for Consnmotion, and was so
much relieved on taking flrst doie, that
?he slept all night; aud with two bottle?,
has been absolutely cored. Eer
name is Mrs. Luther Lutz. "Thus
writes W. C. Ilammick & Co., of
Shelby, N. '/. Trial bottles free at
McMaster Co.'a drug store. Regular
size 50c aud $1.00. Every bottle
guaranteed. 4
Spiing com?8 early in the fashion
world, aud although ?no?flake? art
jet 3}i?g, (be dainty garments in The
Designer for February hojiu to hint of
Easter *ud warm weather. Sorely a
more ftyii*b array for adaits aud juvenile*
was never more attractively set
forth in cotora and in black-and-white.
Prominent among the fashion illustrations
it one of a fair lady in Colonial
contume. The details of the costume
, may be copied with advantage by those
who intend to take part in a Wasbinji
ton ' Evening at Home," dencubed
, oUewhcr? in tbr magazine. Among
oth? r interesting features of thi? nnm.
beroi The Designer mar be partico.
lurized ' T&e Latest in Window DraDeries,"
''Mourning Costumes," "Mil
[ liner;' New Patterns iu Kuit Lace,"
"Book Notes," "Fancrwork," "Seac
eonable Xovelties in Crochet Work,"
"The Kindergarten at Home," and
"Cakes of all Kinds." Then there
To All:
Read the f<
/7ft v
[Yours of recent date to hand roqne<
kidneys. My physicians said tnat I con
\ gallons drawn from scrotum several
fluid. Was unable to get any rest or elf
able to attend to my buslnt-ss. I can r
glad to elre It, as some poor sufferer me
The trade supplied by 1
are: an excellent continued atory,
"The Evolution of a Contented Woman,"
a Yalentfne's Day short story,
"The Revolt of Mr. Hodge," a child's
itory, "Ethel's Silly Secret," "Healih
and Beauty" Notes, Household Advice,
Floriculture Hints, "Points on
Dressmaking," "Cmpid's Dilemma," a
short comedy, a brief resume of the
topics of the day in "Among Onr elves,"
"A Valentine Dove Supper,"
and iome musical hits of veree. The
Designer is well worth its price of
$1.00 ft year, bat in addition ill publishers
for a limited period present
each yearly subscriber with a pattern
couptn good for ?0 cents in Standard
Patterns. Looking at the matter irom
all standpoints The Designer certain-7
offers more..than any other fashion
publication, and has become so well
and fftrorftbly known as to be a poiitire
household necessity.
It is a surprising fact," aeys Prof.
Houton, "that in my travels in ali 1
parlt of the world, for the last^teo!
Tears, I have met more people having v
used Green's Au<rust Flower than any
other remedy, for dyspepsia, deranged
liver and stomach, and for constipation.
I And for tonritts and salesmen,
or for perions filling office positions;,
where headaches and general bad feelings
from irregular" habit6 exiat, tb&t
Green's August Flower is a errand
remedy. It does not injure the system
by frequent use, and is excellent for
sour stomachs and iudigeslion." oam
pie bottles free at McMaater (Jo.'s. i
Sold by dealers in all civilized coun- j
I will repeat what I said in Ocober
forecast: "Prepare for a rou<;h
wintry January, for it will be the
coldt?t month daring the wiutcr " i
Jannary wili enter with *'*jet and snow
itorma in tba north, culminating
about the 2nd to 4th. The Ponth may
look for, at first, ^rain, turning to sleet
and aome snow, from 1st to 4;h, followed
by a cold ware over the whole
country; 4th and 6tb, fair and very
cold; 6lh and 7tb, fair and warmer;
8th, partly cloudy ;fc9th to 11! b, cloudy
with some rain, probably thunder and
lightning, followed by a cold wave;
12th to 14th fair, cold and frosty; 14th,
nearly cloudy and threatening; 15ib
and 16tb, look for heavy snow fall in
the Northern, Central Atlantic and
5outh?rn States, followed by a cold
ware over nearly the whole country;
17th to 19th, fair and cold; 20th to
23rd, cloudy and damp, with heavy
storms, accompanied by thunder and
lightning on the Gnif and Atlantic I
States, followed by a cold ware; 24th I
and 25th, lair and colder; 26th and
27th, cloudineu, followed by rain or
now; 28th and 29th, fair and cold;
S8tb and SHt, look for a heavy fall of
now ? very nearly the wholo
countr), lollowed bv a very co'd wave,
which will rtach in*o FioriiK Feed
well and ?helter ^onr itock during the
month. Prepare yoonelf with a good
opply of fuel; if yon don't van will
be left. Tack this np at roar eve dar
and fits how nearly it i< verified.
J. Martin Graut.
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
Wa bit*, I. T. He writes: "Four
bottle" of Electric Bittter* has cared
Mrs. Brewer of scrotals, which had
earned her great coffering for years.
Terrible sores would break out on ber
bead and face, and the best doctors
could give no help; but her enre is
Mmnlcte and her health is excellent."
This shows what thousands b?ve
proved,?that Electric Bitters is the
best blood purifier known.' It's the
Bnpreme remedy f<T eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcere, boils and running
aorep. It stimalates liver, kidneys and
bowels, expfl* poison", hoips disrettion,
bnUds up the strength. Only 50 cents.
Snl.1 hr McMastPr Co.. (3ru2?isis. j
?Subscribe for The News and
.Herald . i
? ^
The Appetite of a Goat
I? envied by all poor dyspeptics
whose Stomach and Liver are out of
order. All puch should know .hat TV.
King's New Life Pills the wonderfni
Stomach and Liver Remedy, gives a
uplendid appetite, bound digestion ana
a regular bodily babit tba in?nre? perfect
health and great ensrgv. Only
i 25c at McMaster (Jo.'s drag store.
^ . r.
dreadful disease and it ^
ollowing letter from R. J. B
sJk f.
C^tLt. /U^s^
^ /p?r????^ 0^6^
stingstatement ol my case -which I gladly give. I 3
l<i cot Inst but a short time. I v.-?s una'"*!* t;> :1^ re
times. I was completely filled at Uio am:1 i b<
pp except while under the influence of an opiate.
io\v rido my hors. -., a thirds I had been tmaus tj d<
ky be benafltted tiioruoy.l
?We regret to learn of the serions
illness of ?Mr. Spencer Rice, Jr. Ho
has been sick for several days and bis
family and friends entertain doubts of
bis recovery. We hope, however,
that he will soon recover.?Udiod
Tetter, Salt-Rhcnm and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases, ia instantly
allayed by applying Chamberlain's
Eve and Skin Ointment. Many very (
bad cases have been permanently cured |
by t. it is equally emcieni ior ncning
piles and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped hands, chilblains,
*rost bites and chronic sore eyes.
25cts. per box. For sale by McMaster
?Mr. J. O. Boag is haying the old
barber shop near the railroad converted
into a cottage. On this same
etreet, and in a line, he has built five
or six neat cottages r.nrl ibis one when
finished will complete the row.
It has been demonstrated repeatedly
ororw fctufp in th* Union and in
ntany foreign countries th*t Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy i?- a certain preventative
and cnre for cronp. It bas
become the universal reuedr for tbat
disease. M. V. Fisher, of Liberty,
W. Va., only iepeats what hat been
said around the glob?, when be writes:
"I Lave used ("b-mberlain'a C^n^b:
Remedy in my family for severaj ye- rs ,
aiid always with perfect iuccew. We j
brieve that it is not onljr the he%- j
e'.'ush remedy, bat that it i*. a *a?-e :
cnre for croup. It haa saved the lives j
of onr children a number of time"." |
Tbfa renif?dv is for sat# hy McMa?*er
?For thff firet time "u maiiv year?,'
sa;? the Lancaster ledger, the Cars
<vba. R.ver was frozen daring <he
recent extremelv cold ^ea'ber. H?d
tFe river been jaBt a few miles rearer
town our young people might have
bad the opportunity of erjoT.i;g some I
skating. It is very seldom that the j
weather is severe enough to form ice!
thick enough to bear mnch weight1
aod even when it does happen, there
a"e no ponds or large stream* about
here, ana we lose tbe pleasure of the
fl ieat exercise that can he taken.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hare Always Bougfet
Bears the sfl
Signature of L&uz&fy'/<?&&&
I want to let the people who suffer
irom r teumntisra and sciatica know
that Ubamccriain's Pain Balm relieved
me alter a ianmb?r of other medicines
and a doctor bad failed. It is the best
liniment I have ever known of?J. A.
Dod^en, Alph&retta, Ga. Thousands
hare beeu cnred of rheumatism by this
remedy. One application relieves the
pain. For sale by McMaster Co.
WANTED, for cash, Hickory, DogDnwimmrtn
WolfllTt TjOff .
V I VT WUji. Punnmvm n ^ 0 - .
Southern Hardwood Ce., P. 0. Box,;
529, Charleston, S. C. 11-22-lm
the "Aiken Place," about 2? mile*
koulheast of Winnsboro, formerly occupied
by Ed. Henry.
For terms apply to
1-4 T. H.KErCHIN.
Final Discharge,
on the 9tb day ui K*i?. mry, 1900,1
wiil apply to the Jud^u ur Probate for j
Fairfield Comity, at his office in the
Conrt House at Wiunsboro, S. C., for
a final discharge as Administratrix of
t-- ?~* T 1? ttnbav
Lie trb: ai e ui v
1-9 4w Administratrix.
1 "? - -- -> :?~1 ~4 ~-l- Th?
(4J snares in r.ae capu<*i ui iuo
Fairfield 'Jetton Mills, Whn*Wo,
S. C., standing in name of A.
Pittmaa, bavr s oe?n lost, u.o is
hereby griveu i: I ?vto
I pi-..p< r aa"th<?rit;?- '?" * dupi?*. ' erj
;!Sr 'p on Decsrv ri'7ib.
kjAH persons j?io warned not to ne^o1
t'ip e for said cerificste
12-12-3 A. tfcA- P1TTMAN.
From DR
*i thousands of desperate a
ivill positively cure you.
etsill, Maj. 18th Reg. S. C. \
^fid^2- ,
?s24/&? t- //74sib?''L/~ <
^ />v#^w/i*^^Ct.,
rrf1 _ 51/.//.. ,
/i // *!/ i
(J ' "
nave been /suffering for three years from dropsy, g?
iwn cxcept shortly alt^r being tapped, eve.-/ tissue
fgan V.M:G7.N-S LITHONTBIPTIi:, perlec.tr helpl
I hare nsod ei,iht bctil'-s of VAUGHN'S \ATZOS
D for nc-i-vly wo years. lou may publish ; .ch of a
For sale by JOSIAH J. OB!
Columbia, S. C.
First Annual Report
M of Kldpaj,
Ridgeway, S. C.,
At close of bns s, Decemoor30,
Loans $24 520 67
? a . nn
Bond* town of Ridge way,
at 7 per cent 2.900 00
Furniture and fix'uree.,... 250 60
Bank buildicg 1,S94 78
Overdrafts i43 00
Csteh in vanlt and other
banks 10 317 44
Total $40,146 49
ifock $25 000 00
Umiivided profits, net 916 69
Dividend No. 2 pa'ble Jan.l, 1.009 00
Individual deposits 13 229 80
Total $40 146 49
Ps'Ronalir a ppf-nr* before ine. N. W.
Pi lrocr, Cashier ot (he Bank of :Vtdgewfiy,
ar.J makeA oath that ihi above
8U'"fement is correct to the btst .f his
knowledge ar-ri belief.
Sworn to a&d subscribed btfove me,
tbia 6rt day of J^autrv, 1900.
J B. BOYD, [L s ]
Notary Public.
Attest correcl:
1-9-1 Direc or?.
a M';e lot of uoksbs and
iIUl.ES, a fe 2<>od JIares, a fine
Combination Hoi>e. and a Utr
Fluff Horses. My mule*>
are finer fhan I have
ever handled.
I will sell the ab?vre stock cb.*p for
cash, or ou time for good baukable
I will pay tbe highest cash price 'or al!
classes of cattle, fat or poor.
I b- ve a few nice BUGGIE-' that I
will sell cheap for ca?h.
I have employed Mr. Arthur Oweus
for the present year. Ue will oe glad
to haye his mends call on him and do
?oiaa busings.
A. Williford,
Winusboro, S. (J.
Hccker's Buckwheat and
* /r 1 c"^
iviapie oyrup.
I Extra New Orleans and
Georgia Cane Syrup.
Grape Nuts the new
| food.
English Fruit Cake, i, 2
and 5-Ib. pacaages.
* * t*ri ? 5TTT7 ?
j Shredded wnoie wnear
! Biscuit and Cream of
Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, etc.
Ritter's Condensed Scups.
A RICANA will core Cesttipction tad
Liver Medicine. Trrlt
4 ^ "1
isosoi this
rolsM i860.
. /? ??
tU*^f '?c,a
wieral anasarca, caused from liver pjj 4
completely filled, saturated with fluid;
ess. legs terribly inflamed and exutfcc * _
TEIPTIC and am now comfortable and
iy statement as you may desire. 2 am
EAR, Winnsboro, S. C.
. I
_ ~p>
Morn Him
People who hare traded elsewhere.
People who have ordered from other
People who have always traded with
" ?ll find if
1 "*> ??"* "
More Satisfao'
tory than ever
? to trade with
The Jeweler and Optician,
who?e [establishment is now reco&
nized as one of the largest and
most reliable in the State. 1
The Watch and Jewelry jjg
Repair Department
has doubled itself in the last two years.
Oar reputation for fine and difficult
watch-work is well established
in six comities.
? nn a \m^r
n. DKA1NU1,
' '3
Under Tower Clock, Chester, S. C.
we desire
To IiIgii tbe Pule J
onr stock of General ilercban-it
j :?
uutj ua upvueu in
Granite Block.
We thank oar old customer*
fer their past favors and hope
that they will continue with as.
A share of the trade of
Winnsboro and Fairfield Conn
ty is solicited.
A fail line of Groceries,
Drj Goods, and all Plantation
Supplies as cheap as can be
bought elsewhere. ?
Founded 1842.
msr "Sing
their own praise."
or!?i?ter been longing for a PIANO?
Why notjgive Uer csic for Christmas?
?one of those celebrated, reliable,
?w*et-toned STIEFF PIANOS
We'll not harden yoar parse with a
BIG PRICE, and weM give yoo CONVENIENT
TERMS in which to do
the payiDg.
Catalogue and bcok of suggestions
cheerfully given.
CM M.STmr:L^
iia;tira're, >:n
Factor* Branch Ware-Room, No 2iS
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
C. H. WILMOTH, Manager.
Notice to Voters
~ .i
The Bo kj of Rf gist ration for the
next Municipal E:ectici>, to le h< M ??n
April 2tli vox' for Int-??? l*ni tour
Wardens tor :hc town of Winn?b<'?of
S C-, wilt bs open fr>r the register'tijf
of voters at i!ie *i?>?e ?<t Jom< m.
Smi'hon Ja?nia>v 1. 1900, and c:->c4
April 1,1900 All voters in this ? Action
are required to register withia
fhij finiP.
W. M. CATHCART, . . - Supervisor
of Reg is> ration.
. J- ... vT'""^

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