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^ -
Wednesday," January 17, - 1900
?See Supervisor'* report.
?Hugh Obear was taken sick last
week with pneumonia.
?Lilla B., the youngest child of
Mr. and Mrs. T. H.\Ketchin, is eick
with pneumonia.
"\fin 7 tlr a T'VAJKoi KPATI
-Xilt %f V&c i/CUUU) TTUU UM? 1
^ merchandising at Edgefield for several
years past, has moved to Wiansboro.
?Edgefield Monitor.
?Prof. Carl Stanley Matthews, of
Winn6boro? spent Sunday in Aiken.
He has accepted charge of a school at
Parksvjile, S. C.?Aiken cor. to the
"I was nearly dead with dyspepsia,
tried doctors, visited mineral springs
and grew worse. I nsed Kodol Dyspepsia
Care. That cured me." It
digests what you eat. Cures mdigestion,
soar stomach, heartburn and all
forms of dyspepsia. McMaster Co.
?Hoionel Marshall has r>reoared a
bill which prohibits the employment
of children under 12 years old
from working in factories and mines,
and providing f?>r an inspector to see
that the law 11 carried out.
?Sue Beatv, littJe daughter of Mr.
and Airs. J. M. B- aty, has been sick
for some time with typhoid pneuuioiia.
At ore time she was qui.e sick and
__ - some a 'Yiety was felt about her. It
ishopej that >ic wiil soon be well
Mr*. R. Churchill, Ber;i<j, Yt., 6a>t:
"Our t>*by v. as covereu with .?unning
^re- DeWiu's Witch Hazel
Colwa Kup " A cr?p/?iri<* fnr nilA-4
Kjm V VU1VU JJV.4 AA W|/vv?-?v .V.
and ski-i diseases. iie.vare of wor.bleua
counterfeits McM aster Co.
?Ths standard cotton warebonse
built by the Fairfield Cotton Mills, and
situated near the mill, is completed,
and tbe work of putting in a system
of fire extinguishers is now in progress.
Two experts are in charge of
this work.
S ?A large number of uew cottages
are now in course of construction at
Via aa? frtTi m? 11 Tho.-o orirliJinna' I
' tu^ wuvu luttlf awvov wmv?*hvmw?
houses will be needed when the capacity
of tbe mill is doubled, and the
number of operatives will necessarily
be greatly increased.
Miss Annie E. Gunning, Tyre, Micb.,
says: "I suffered a long time from
dyspepsia; lost flesh and became very
weak. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure completely
cared me." It digests what
^ you eat and cures all forms of stomach
trouble. It never fails to give immediate
relief in the worst cases. McMaster
?Mr. S. C. Till has left Rockton
and is now spending a few days with
relatives and friends in Orangeburg.
From Orangeburg Mr. Till will go to
Ti>anfAn 12 t1 trKflfo Kn roil! /tnnKnnn
AlVUlVU j KJ? \S? y TVUWV/ UV TT ill WMV?U%*V
in the merchandising business. His
0 friends regret lhathe has decided to
leave Rockton.
?The correspondent to The State
from Clemson College stales that the
Y. M. C. A. of the college is doing
t good work under Cadet E. M. Matthews,
who Is tho leader. Mr. Matthews'
frsends will be gratified to
learn of bis success in carryidg on the
work ot the association.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers purify
the blood, clean the li/er, invigorate
the system. Famous little pills for
\ constipation and liver troubles. Mc
jaa^c^i vv/t
?The Caldwell Dry Goodi Co. are
offering to ca6h buyers a lot of bar.
gains which it would be well t&ke
' advantage of. Cotton gcods, in spite
of the rise in price elsewhere, they are
offering at iow prices, and winter
goods also are being closed oat at cost
Gc and see these goods before tbey
are al; sold.
?Sunday and Monday were as fair
and balmy as spring days and made
it hard to rcaiize Ibat it is mid winter.
A few days m;>re of this weather
wouid be delightful but would cause
the trets aod piaotsto put out shoots,
which wuula mhan a late spring, as
more c-.?id weather is sure to come
?A bill was introduced in the House
on Friday providing for ten judicial
circuit" iL9tead of light which is the
nnmbsr at present. The counties of
T OMAaef/M* XT A * _
X' ail ucib) wucsici, uauvao<A;i 7 JL-.Vk sbaw
aud York are to constitute the
sixth circuit. It is proposed that circuit
judges be elec'el during the
preseoi session or the general assembly
for th i ninth and tenth judicial circuit*
?On tbe 8th of February the State
conversion of 'he Y. M. C. A. will be
hel! in Greenwood and a cumber of
* member* of this association will be
nrooont Thp Prp?hrfppiana of {-Jrppn
r* v-? - ?
wood, we learn from tha Index, have
offered their handsome new chnrch for
the a<e of the convention. Greenwood
will open her doers and give the young
men a hearty welcome.
?Improvements have been made on
the exterior of the Granite Block as
well as the interior. The lower storv
has been painted grey and the door
acd window facings white, and the
whole building looks new. The two
vacant rooms in this building are
being nicely painted and fitted up, and
w it will probably be but a short time
before they are occupied, being very
desirable rooms.
?Among several bills which were
sent back to the committee on Thursday
was one exempting a number of
counties from the necessity of publishing
treasurers' reports. The following
are the counties as published
in The Saie: Fail field, Chesterfield,
Clarendon, Williamsburg, Abbeville,
i. Ecgefidd, Sumter, Colleton, Cbeeter,
0;acg*>bnrg, Grecnyi le, Darlington,
\ York, Ficken?, Aiken and F orence
?L;ane?:on8 College, Gaflnev, bas
issued a ;amphlet containing esfays
by Capt. Harris >n P. Griffith, profes- j
sor ot English in thecoLege. These
AtJftrt vrp wrv intpip tinir. heir-tr a
study ot Tim re (I and hi* poems. This
study is dirid?d jr-to tbree sre ion?,
viz: The Library and Social Condi
tions in which Timrod lived, Timr.-tff'
Life acd Timrod's Poetrr. These
e-sajp will be specially intere>tiig,
no;v t'iat the new edition of the \ ot t's
work? are out, and evert one is takii.g
" an int^re^t in wna'cyer concerns
?The no'.ise the warriaee of Mi^s
Gertrude Isabei Bracki tt to Mr. Aibe.t
Brack tt Fitzgerald, i-f Princess Ann,
Maryland, appears in he Nerre ac.d
Grippe an4inflaenza invariably leave j
the system with a bad conga. For
such Dr. John W. Bull's Congh Syrup
is highly recommended. This wonderful
remedy gives relief at opee,
conquers the worst congh overnight
and soon effects a thorough core.
Cures Grippe and fnfluenzaDoses
are small aud pleasant to tele. Doctors
recoiaaend it Price 25 cts. At all drvzgtzth.
n * ' ? ' j J. .. mu- J J:
I courier 01 weuuttuay. jlub wcuuiug
I took place in the Second Presbyterian
j Chnrch, in Charleston, on Wednesday,
January 3rd. Eev. G. R. Bracket!,
D. D.. performed the ceremony. Tbis
marriage will interest many of onr
readers, who will remember very
pleasantly the time when the Bracketts
made their home in Winntboro, R9V.
Dr. Brackett having been for several
years pastor of the Presbyter iau Church
Mr. J. Sbeer, Sedalia, Mo., saved
bis child's life by One jJiunte Ooagh
^^ iv*v*an m rv r\
VUiC* ISUUL'U la ii.au. girtu uoi 1.4^ iv
die witb croup. It's an infallible cure
for congha, colds, grippe, pneumonia,
bronchit!* and throat and lunar troubles.
Kt ieves at once. McMasterCo.
. -It wili be remembered thitCapt.
Sbell had. at tha time of bis death, ja?t
erlered upon his. duties as census
sapervisor, and there seems ;o be some
complica ion about the compensation
due Capr. Shell. The Washington
corre&ooi dent of the News and < ourier
?av8 that Senator Tillman will delay
the cot;fi- tnation of the appointment of
Kev. A. J. 5. Tfcomas, who is to succeed
Capt. Shell, until Mrs. Shell receives
the compensation due her late
husband. At the time of Capt. Shell's
death an effort was made to have Mrs.
Shell appointed in the place of her
husband but it was not successful.
Itch on human cured in 30 minutes
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion This
never faile. Sold by W. E. Aiken,
drnggist, Winnsboro, S. C.
?On Wednesday, January 24th, at
the home of the bride, a few miles
from Pincville, N. C., the wedding of
Miss Mattie J. Harris to Mr. John
Cathcart, of Adger's, will take place.
The bride-to-be is a charming woman
and during the time that she has spent
in Winnsboio bas made many warm
friends who will give her a warm
welcome to her new home Mr. Uathcart
is a prominent and enterprising
young farmer and is the son of Mr.
aDd Mrs. Samuel Cathcart of Adger's.
The vouug couple will make their
home with the parents of the groom
at their delightful residence at Adger's.
Rev. C. E. McDonald will perform
the ceremony.
"One Minnte Con^h Cure is th2 best
remedy I ever used for coaghs and
colds." It is unequalled for whooping
cough. Children all iike it," writes
H. N. Williams, Gentryville, Ind.
Never fails. It Is the only harmless
remedy chat gives immediate results.
Cures coaghs, colds, hoarseness,croup,
pneumonia, bronchitis and all throat
and lung troubles. Its early use prevents
consumption. McMaster Co.
?In bh annual report, President
Johnson, of Winthrop College, ?ay?
that out of 550 applicants for admission
to the college last summer only
262 could be accommodated. The
board has determined to ask for an
appropriation of $35,000 for the building
of new dot mitories. The lack of
room has been a drawback to the college
for years, aad the need becomes
more and more apparent each year.
For the good of the achool. all who
are interested hope that the amount
asked for will be granted the board of
trustees, and that the work cf the
school will not be hampered another
year by lack of accommodation.
?T':e state on Wednesday contained
a noiice of an extra premium to be
offered by the State Fair Association.
ifn.i mi tit ?) ratia
V^UJ. XllUlLtiUi T7 . jnuiiuyyav, raja
The State, "has written that W. A.
Burpee & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.., offers
a cash prize of $20 for the best collection
of vegetables at the State Fair,
November 5 9, 1900, grown from Burpee's
seeds." This will be a fine opportunity
for those interested io garsi
I Babies and children need 1
J proper food, rarely ever medi- j
| cine. If they do not thrive |
I on their food something is j
( wrong. They need a \Mz j
| help to get their digestive j
| machinery working properly. |
| >
co^LJ\IER o^L
I I 1
I will genera,iy correct this I
] difficulty.
If you will put from one- J
I fourth to half a teaspoonful f
x in baby's bottle three or four I
! a rfav vou will soon see I
j ? v"""~ ~ J J s I
| a marked improvement For j
j larger children, from half to |
| a teaspoonfui, according to ?
I age, dissolved in their milk, ]
| if you so desire, will very |
| soon show its great nourish-1
| ing power. If the mother's |
i milk does not nourish the |
I baby, she needs the emu!- ]
j sion. It will show an effect j j
| at oncc both upon mother | j
1 and child. 1
50c. and $:.oo, all druggists. j
S SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists. New York.
LmH?HM " M1 ? <! " llJ
denicg to try iheir best to win this
prize. There are a great many successful
gardeners in the county, and
in town as well, and by paying special
aitention some one in Fairfield ought
i? carry off tiie prize. Col. Holloway
tbiiiks the prize a liberal one, and
wishes it brought to the notice of all
the gardeners in the State, in order
that no one will miss tbe opportunity
C/l lljxug 1\JL IV*
?A recent issue of ibe Baptist Courier
contains a letter from Rev. J. L.
Freeman, of the Winnsboro and Ridgewaj
churches. He expressed himself
as being greatly pleased with bis work
in these two places and is very grateful
for the kindness that has be en shown
him and his family. His work, Mr.
Freeman writes, is going on nicely and
he feels much encouraged about it. To
both of his congregations a number of
additions hare beeu made since he
took charge. On Christmas he was
the recipient of many nice presents
from his people and be is most appreciative
of their generosity. Mr. Freeman's
congregation will be much
gratified to know h >w much pleased
he is with his chur.;ha>iil will valne his
kind wt.rd? about them.
For Over Fifty Tear*.
Mrs. x in slows -oothing Strup
ha- beet* used tor over tifty years by
miiii ?nfc < ; mothers f<?? -?)eir children
wbiie te?-ihiug. witn perfect success.
It soo'he* cht;d, softens the gums,
allays a I ptin, cures wind colic, and
is tbe beat, remedy to diarrhoea. It
?ili relieve :be poor little anfferer
immediately. So'd bv druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be Piire and ask for
"Mrs. Wieslow's ^ootbing Syrnp,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
Miss Kate Iebell to Rev. R. E.
Turnipseed, of Port Royal, 8. C., at
the residence of Dr. Team, at Ridgeway,
by Rev. Dr. John O. "Wilson, at
ten o'clock on Wednesday. Mr, und
Mrs. Turnipseed left on the southbound
train for their home.
The following taken from Ihe proceedings
of the legislature published
in Thursday's otate will be of interest
Mr. Johnson's house bill to consolidate
township No. 7 and school district
No. 10 into school district No. 7
EVS A AAtimfn woe omon/lflfl Kr
ill raiiuuiu wuuij tt ao auivuuvu wj
striking oat section 1 and all reference
to Fairfield county, and the amended
bill was then referred to the committee
on education. .
C^SlS7I'OI?.IA. i
Bears tie ^ '
Capi. W. G. Jordan has had remarkable
success in (he culture of
strawberries. For a year, he has
fonnd strawberries in bis bed every
moiUh. A few days ago, he found a
large, well developed berry that had
matured in spite of the severe weather.
We observe that Coogler has written
his masterpiece in "The Ice-Clad Violet."
He ought to visit Wincsboro,
and find poetic inspiration from Capt.
-Jordan's ice-clad strawberries.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave jou, if you
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thounar\P.m
nf enffororo h<iVA r.rftVP(1 thfllT
oauuo VI uvai V ^v._ .
matchless merit for Sick ai.d Nerroas
Headaches. They make pare blood
and strong nerve3 and baild np your
health. Eas*, to take. Try them.
Only 25 cents. Mouey back if not
cured. Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mr^. M. A. Moore arri?ed on Wednesday
evening from Uf.ion.
M. W. J Elliott, of Columbia, was
in to./n Monday on business.
Mies Julia Fripp has returned from
a visit to friends in R./ck Hill.
Dr. T. C. Dowling has retained
after a lev days' visit at his home,
Swansea, S. C.
Mrs. M. M. Blumenthal, of Corpus
Christie, Texas, is visiting at Mrs^
J. D. McCarley's.
Mr. Joe Douglass, of Washington,
D. C., is at home on a visit to hie
parens at Albion.
Mr. and Mrs. W . R. Elliott have returned
from a visit to Mrs. Elliott's
parents in Union county.
Mr. J. B. Markorell paid a visit to
Blackstock, bis old home, the past
wetk.?Lancaster Review.
Mis? Franr.es Vanderhorst leaves to
day for Charleston after spending
several weeks with relatives here.
Mr. Robert Miller and children, of
Shelby, N. C., arrived here on Salnrday
and are the gnests of Mr. and Mrs.
A. S. Donglass.
Mr Samnul T.rmor find hifl Mi fit
Ida, of this place, have relurued Irom
a pleasant visit to relatives and friends
in the Fork and Fairfield Couotv.?
Lexington Dispatch.
A short time ago Mr. and Mrs. J. ai.
Williford, of Edge^noore, celebrated
tbeir golden wedding. The anniversary
was to have been celebrated with
mach festivity but t^is was dispensed
with on account of illness in the family.
The Lantern contains an accoust of
their celebration with a list of their
children and grand-children. Mrs.
Williford was a Mies Williaais, and
was married to Mr. J. M. Williford on
r\A.??AkAtii \ 1 O A Q of o a K11 r /> K viAf
L/CUClLiUCi l JLI jUUTv/ , <* VUU1VU U v V
more than a mile from Iheir home
where all of their married iife has
been spent. Nine children were born
to tbeui and all are now living, near
the old home, excepting onp. This
couple are the grand parents of Mrs.
Q. D. Wiliiford, of this place. Tbe
following interesting statements abont
the family of Mr. and Mr?. J. M.
Wiliitord we cup ircm tbe unener
It is not au uncommon sight at Mt
jHolley Methodic church to fee 011 one
seat four geoerations of this remarka1
ble family and when Mr. and Mrs.
jJobnPoag lost their little one, there
i were thres great grandmothers, two
; grwt graijdfathsrfc, tvru grandfathers,
; and one grand opother mourniDg orer
I the *osa of ibis little one.
Jnst a 8horf wh\l< before this Mr
and Mrs. Jim Drennan lost a baby
br>y. and siauoingr orer ice graye or1
ibis little one vrfc'e two great grand-1
there, three #reat grandmotb er
two Lrrandfather?, and two grandmother*.
We woild like to know if
therr. is another child iu the State who
possesses eight or more grand-parents.
Both of the b*bies mentioned above
were gr it-grand-chiidren of Mr. and
Mrs. Jim uhauocey Jfoajr, now resident*
of Rock Hill.
Any adalc suffering from a cold
settled the breast, bronchitis, throat
orloag trouble* of any nature, who
will call at McMasterjC?. will be presented
with a sample bottle of
? - t
.DORcriee'r uerm&n oyrup, uc? wx
charge. Only one bottle given to one
person, ana none to children without
oraev (rom parents.
No thr. ht or lung remedy ever had
such a e i* as Boichee'a German Syrup
in all par:8 of the civilized world.
Twen v years ago millions of bottles
wereurivu away, and yonr druggists
will -'il )i,a its success was marvelous.
It is the oniy throat and lung
remc;- ktuerallv endorsed by physician
O.-je 75 cent bottle will care
or i rove us value. Sold by dealers in
all ci?: '2 d countries.
Qei*. a ^ii^ation*! arrest was made
hert ? . dt:i?dav. one whicb car.ncd
a gr?-a d il of eaccveicen' ia ?-ar quiet
Mr F. II. livatt, of Toiaaibia, ^eie
pii;>? i*. in AVeor.esiiav mnirin^ to
(Jhie? t ^oii.e Giibtrt << inoL oui tor
a ihiel w-u. had e'olfji: a sa.'^le -nd 10
oj-rP5- im C-iilhert. atf?T re
ceivi l h- message. w*9 ou the iookout
f<? * > *?*.* Pti^pioious cnar*aer ai.d
aboat a.v c^ciocK. fti* rigiUuce was reward
i It was standing on a corner
on M? ->ueet wbeii he spied a covered
wagon jroinsr along one ot the back
slret t*. Thinking it rather peculiar
that it tmould be pawing tbrongh town
on anv t>nf Mhia street he proceeded
to ipv?-;jgate. When the two occupants
of ihe wagon saw the policeman
making u?rards them they whipped
nptheir wretched horse and mads off
as last as poisioie, eviaenuy irymg 10
reach the road leading past Miss
Beaty'* bonae and hoping to escape
from town by tbat way. A negro
headed cff tbe wagon for Mr. Gilbert,
who was in hot pursuit, and stopped
it. O ?e of the men in the wagon
jampr ? ont and made off np the railroad
;r?ck. The other one, however,
was arretted and ihe contents ol the
wagot, ssiLixfcd.
It was tonud that the wagon was
piled to tbe top with saddles, bridles,
barnes.-., laorobes, lanterns, cowoells
and sleigh bells, a*d they also Had a :
quantity of keys of every shape and
size, Uii d probably in opening stables.
The thieves seemed to confine themselves
eunrely to stealing such articles.
The boy who was arrested wa* the
yonnger of the two and gave their
natae^ ** J.tmes and Arthur Lamoad,
of Rjxle:^h, N. C- He denied haying
bad anv connection with his brother's
robberies aud cl ims that he has tried
to induce bis brother to give up steal
in?, t>iir not ranch confidence is pat in
bis statement. Mr. Gilbert put the
boy ir th? ^uard house and t hen telepbon
d o Mr. Hyatt, vr ho came up
on the evt :;ing train. Mr. Gilbert has
telephonc-d to Blackstock and other
stati i)1* to be on the lookout for the
fugitive thief and it is not probable
that h?j will escape with so many on
his track. '
< ? a- 1 . ?A lit. V a
? ~UW'll % U'art auu an* jc u.*
Hyatt c? . qj < n Weducsday evening
for the rr.t.. ?r: wted here. Mr. Hyatt
ident ified mmy of the things focnd as
his. Tb* man who was reported as
missus *as caught Wednesday night
at Dare BhU's hoase, about a mito and
a ha'f < a st of town.
Tv f liowinji from the Suite in regaid
i i Jbe burglars captured iu town
last v c k will be of interest. By d^
grte< 'be quantity of stolen property
found in their possession ie beii.g
She: iff Cathcart Yesterday received
a letter from Sheriff Baford of Newberry
saying that the owner of the
sleigbbelis found is the wagon of the
Gypsy -.nieves recently captured belonged
i o a citizen ot Newberry. It
lee fins that the precious pair came here
via Ne? berry and the Broad ftiver
bridge road, and no doubt other claim>v\nAk
s\f eUlon T7
auiff *i/i uiuuu v/i uig ocv/t^u v?j
recovered will b8 heard from ahortly.
Tbe pi- >perty came Jn yesterdav from
Wion?boro packed in two big- dry
good? -iox<:8. The team i< a verv good
one, and the burglars' tools and collection
wi keys the men had conld not
be improved upon.
Belief in six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder Disease
relieved iu six houis by 4<New
Great *M>uth Americau Kidney Core."
It is a givat surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
in bit dd< r, k'dneys and back, in male
nr fpir.Klft. Relieves retention of water
almost imorifdiately. If yoa want
quick Tv.jief and care this is the remedy,
sold by VV.E. Aiken, druggist, Winnsboro,
S. (J.
Mis* Lou Eglesion will arrive this
week auu will visit Mrs. U. G. Des"Portes.
Tetter, Salt-Rhcum and Eczema.
ine inc^ii?e ncmag auu Miiaiimg incident
to these diseases, isinstantlv
allayed by aDplying Chamberlain's
Eye an,i Skin Ointment. Many very
bad ca>:;9 b?.ve been permanently cured
by t. It Is equally efficient tor itching
pile? and a favorite remedy for sore
nipples, chapped bands, chilblains,
frost biles and chronic sore eyes.
25cfs. per box. For sale by McMaster
I? has l-cen demonstrated repeatedly
in cv-tv state in 'be Union and in
many f'^eigr countries tbst Chamber
lairs's Cougii lioinedy i* a certain preventative
and cnre lor croup. It ha?
bccoo.e tbe ur<ivers*l reuedv for that
dise* ^ M. V. Fi-her. ?>f Libeity,
W. a., onlv repuats what b-s been
paid aro;;nd Hie globe when be writes:
"I ban u?ed Chamberlain's C >ugh
Retwe-*-. iit my family for several je^ri
and a) < tvs with perfect ?ucce*e. We
beliew ibat it is not only th?i best
coti?n remedy, but that it i-^a sn e
cuiv f->r croup. It b*8 saved tbe lives
of our coildren a number of time"."
Thii re-flcdv ia for inla bv McM??'er
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the /rf
Signature of C-frs&rTy. / &4C&4&C
To All.
Read the f
l/^4~<>-+~T^<^isy^. fl-.
" - - " /
1 /V^ ^ "*r?^V
[Tours ot recent date to hand reque
kidneys. My physicians said tuat I coi
?4 gallons drawn from scrotum several
fluid. Was unable to get any rest or el
able to attend to my business. I can
glad to give it, as some poor sufferer m
The trade supplied by '
Freight and Material Train Smash Together?Conductor
Chester, Jan. 10.?This evening
about 6 o'clock a northbound freight
on the Southern railway collided with
a shifting material train just below
the bend, coming into the railroad
yard, about one mile from the station.
A large force of hands was on the
material train, and it is a wonder that
all escaped injury.
Several flat cars weie torn into fragments
and the engine ot the freight
tram was badly torn np. The wreck
lie* folly 100 yards along the track,
and the northbound passenger will;
hardly get by before early morning. \
It is impossible at this time to placc j
the blame. The material train was j
backing at a swift pace and the con*
ductor was perched on the brakes of J
the flat car beading towards the in-;
coming engine. He was thrown several
feet into the air above the smoke-;
stack, and when be bit the ground he
was under the engine. He came out
of the wreck with only a leg broken.
Injuries :to three members of the
two crews were only slight brnises,
but a terrible looking pile of broken
debris is now lying along the track
?i <1
vrutjre me uuiiioiuu u^uucu.
. i
Haying a Great Bud on Chamberlain's
Conch Remedy.
Manager Martin, of the Pierson
drrg store, informs us that he is hating
a great rnn on Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. He sells five brttles
of that medicine to one of any other
kind, and it gives great satisfaction.
In these days of la grippe tbt-<*e is j
nothing like Chamberlain's Cough i
Remedy to *-top th* c_>ugh, hesl up tut
sore throat and Jungs and give relief
winbin a very nhort time Tito aa.e*
are growing, anO ail who tiv it arpleased
with its prompt action. - Soutii
Chicago Daily Calumet. For ?a-e by ;
McMaster _'o.
Mr. J. E. C. Pcdder, of Charleston,
was in town on Tuesday.
Bears lie K-iW i'lY.^VS BflUgi't 1
Miss Mamie Taylor returned on
Wednesday from a visit to her aunt,
Mm. F._ Wrnjd. in Cniiinibia
I want to let the people who suffer
from rheumatism aod sciatica kuow
that ChamberlaiB's Pain Batm relieved
mo alter a nnmb.'r of other medicines
aod a doctor bad failed. It is the best
liniment I hare ever known of ? J. A.
Dodgen, Alpharetta, Gs. Thoasands
have been cured of rheumatism by this
remedy. One application relieves the
pain. For sale by McMa?ter Co.
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A Strong Fortification.
Fortify the body against disec s?
hv Tntt's Liver Pills. an ab:.:
lute-cnrf fjr sick headache, o
pepsia, sour stomach, maiar:..
constipation, jaundice, trlicusness
and all kindred trcu7_!..
"The FIy=Wheel of !i?
Dr.Tutt; Your Liver ~i I .
the fly-wheel of life. I shr.'I -
be grateful for the -icciccr; )
brought them to my not!: c.. :.
as if I had a new c .* .. .
J.Fairleigh,PlatteCanr..'> "
Tutt's Liver FT
WANTED, for cash, Hickory, Dogwoo&.Persinimon,Walnut
Southern Hardwood Co., P. 0. Box
529, Charleston, S. C. 11-22-1 m
the "Aiken Piace," about 2? miles
vouilieaat of Winnsborn, 'ormerlv < ccuDie-1
by Ed. Henry.
For terms apply to
Final Discharge,!
?;ii;he9.h dar of Febinurv, 1900- 1
will apoly to the Jntl^e of Probate fo*
Fairfield Countv, at Li-? office in th<
C*uri Houno at Wimwboro. ^ 0., fer
a &ial discharge a* Administratrix of
he estate of J E Snfcer, d-ca^ri.
M All YE. SU3EK.
l-9?4w Adminibtratrix.
\ ITHONTPIPTIC has cure/
dreadful disease and it v
ollowing letter from R. J. B<
ttsiz/ fialjcd. ^jlsfi^ ^
??tinp statement of niv case which I ffladlr dvf\ T 1:
iil'l not last but a short time. I was unable lo lie 0<y
times. I was completely filled at the tirri^ 1 be
eep except whllo under the inUueaco ot an opiate. 1
now ride my hors*. n. thing I had been uuafcl3 to dc
ay be benefitted thereby.]
?Friday, January 19tb, will be the
anniversary of the birth of Gen. Robf.
*? t - - 1
Jj. Lite. xDis aav nas uecu oci t
as a holiday in the Southern State?,
and in many places the schools are
closed. The day has never been observed
in any way here and, although
the school children would no donbt
approve highly of observing the day
by closing: the school, ft he school exercises
will continue as usual.
1 Beautiful}
"\A/a men si
; vv v 11 a vi a si
There are few women as beau
tifol as they might be. Powder *
and paint and cosmetics don't
make good looks. Beanty is n
2 simply an impossibility without J
health. Beair;ful women are g
few because healthy women are
5 few. The way to have a fair "I
face and a well-rounded figure *.
is to take
m I
S BraffleM's i
(female RtfUaMrj,
J This is that old and time-tried jj;
? medicine that cures all female g j
o troubles and weaknesses and ? ;
g drains. It makes no .difference g
g what the doctors call the trou- g
b ble, if there is anything the h
g matter in the distinctly feminine ? '
o organs, Bradfield's Fe? ?
5 male Regulator will help e
5 and cure it. It is good for ir- S
g regular or painful menstruation; | j
a for leucorrhcea, for fallicg of the a.
? womb, for nervousness, head- ?
i ? ache, backache and dizziness. ? i
! ? Take it and get well. Then e
; J your old-time girlish features ?
| and figure will be restored, g
B Sold by druggists for $1 a bottle. B [
j 0aM*iMei?Beag3Eda?eoMM
! _____
Founded 1842.
BflBB fl EtxjBS BW SB
/plANOs *
"Sing their own praise."
If you reckon the endlefs joy and
permanent ralne yon will get one of
those celebrated ST1EFF PIANOS.
rPU A* ? a rry* * V? o 1! Kof eWll
jLUCJ QIC rnauo nnuan lum. cau* tymivu
only years of constant and careful attention
to every detail of their constrnction
can command,
Mllem's Prefit Savel
Therefore we won't burden you
with an unnecessarily BIG PRICE.
Convenient terms. FINE TUNING
Chas. M. Stieff,
Factory Branch Ware-Koom, JNu.2i3
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
C. II. WILMOTH, MaDajjer.
I liave a nice selection just J
opened for inspeo;:oji lVom which
to select your Christmas Presents,
I consisting of
Also, nice presents in China
| and Kogers <t Bros', Colebrr '-vl
Plated Wares, ns cbonpanJ ye.. i
lie as they c*n be bon?*lit l
Cnll soon and <:;*ce your seicv|
O. M. Chandler.
From DR
i thousands of desperate ca
rill positively cure you.
jtsill, Maj. 18th Reg. S.C. V
/)4-/ . fJL. /J
/?^-2- I
^fesTlsL^*^^J&tr~9 J
/I 2
/IM Onp
iave been fluttering for three years from dropsy, gt
im ercept shortly after t>e'i.g tapped, every tissue
gnn VAUGHN'S LITHONli-.IPTIC. perfectly helpl<
! hr.ve usod eight bottles of VAUGHN'S LlTHON"
> xor nearly two years. You may pubUah such ot n
For sale by JOSIAH J. OB]
Columbia, S. C.
we desire:
our stock of General Mercbaudita
&nd oDened in
Granito Block.
We thank our old customers
for their past favors and hope
that they will conlinae with as.
A share of the trade of
Winnsboro and Fairfield Ccun?r
IJ ?
A foil line of Groceries,
Dr> Goods, and all Plantation
Supplies as cneap^aa can be
bougfct elsewhere.
,,, : {F ,r)i
lr\ digestion
Dyspepsia j
~r tt TT-^ jr s?r*. j?* i?> r> i
ritLJ\ 1 |
Iconize in lis Use $M. \
' I
_ I
; General line of
&c., &c., &c.
J. W. SeiglerJ
ica? nf thffl
ols., i860.
? , /C< 1 "r^a^>
^CM^koU j
^ jTL ^ I
' 4T S
Ci&i^ y
**"?1 --??"-? ?- #my\?M Hrfif onrl
zwr&l {UUVXklUlt UUXM uvui v?
completely filled, eaturated with il-jtd;
3&3. legs terribly Inflamed and exadins
rRIPTiC and am now comfortable.and
ly s'-atement &? you may desire. Iam
EAR, Winnsboro, S. C.
I < --m
' ~i
People who have traded elsewhere.
; People who have ordered from otkf r
People who have always traded vriih
us, all find it - *|
More Satisfac
tory than ever
? to trade with *
Thr-Jeweler and Opticiak.
whose ^establishment is now ree-? Mfffi
nized as one of the largest and
moss reuaoie in ice aiaie. ^
The Watch and Jewelry
Repair Department
has doubled Itself ia the last two years.
Oar reputation for fine and difficult
watch-work is well established
in six counties. R.
Under Tower Clock, Chester, S. C.
An Ordinance 1
To Raise Supplies fob the Municipal
Year Commencing April
\ v-isb
1, 1899, and Ending
Aphil 1, 1900.
Be it enacted and ordained by the
Jntendant and Wardens of the town of
Winntboro in Council met, That for
the purpose of raising supplies for the
year commencing April 1, 1899, and
ending April 1, 1900, a tax for the
i anm<5 and in thft mannerhereinafter
mentioned eh&H be raked and pa.d \
into the treasury of said town for the
use and service thereof. That U 10
Five mills ad valorem upon every
dollar of the valae of all real and perioral
property "within the corporate
limits fit the iown of Winn*boro.
Two dollars to be paid by every
maUVkaliltont ftf (llfl ffltrn of WintlK.
?u*;v 1UU?VU?IU VI iUV bV r* u Vb ,,
boro between the ages of eighteen (18)
and fifty (?0) years iu lieu of working
on the streets of said town.
All taxes assessed and payable nnder
this Ordinance shall be paid in the
following named kinds of funds and ?
no other: Gold and silver coin, United
States currency and national bank
All taxes herein .assessed shall be
due and payable between the 15ih dsy
of November instant and the 1st day
of January, 1900, and all taxes ic'
?A? 4k* Tot /^CTT f\ f
I nary, 1900, shall be collected by distress
or otherwise now provided by
law, together with all legal costs.
Done in Conucil tbi-5 the second day
of November, Anno Domini
one thousand eight hundred
[l. s.] and ninety-nine, under the
corporate seal of the ?tid
Town Council.
Attest: imendar.t.
Jno. J. Neil, Clnk of Connsi'
!! I I | ,
"The Bow-legged Ghost and Other Stories."
With, as Intro- '.a "
rtii(?Hnn hff
ftjjjpH l!HiB
comb Eiley. An ^^^ WgnjegrettO
Ulnstntwl vol- ^^^^S39Jk=SH
rrmf of OTlgillAl
sketches, rase,
ftoettooM j*z** ^^ WRV/I
enpla ana ool- .<*
loaulea. - A book ^^^VniQ
that - will sot I
dimjmist th? nHHIH
readar, as it ^JU
enters a aew /Re'
and heretofore mH ^TJn H
A book to be I
read alood and ^dHaMnoHH *
ArtiiVTM^ *7nrtTi<r
your friends. Contains "The Bow-legged QiosJ,"
"When Sent 8ang First Baa, "The Man Who
CooHa't Laugh/" "Possible Titles of Futura
Books," "Sailing Locks of Hair," "No Woman, No
Fad," "Society Actresses," etc., etc. This fret
edition bound in cloth, printed on extra line
paper, t>od ataolutely the bat humorous book pubwad.
Warth $2.50, mailed postpaid for SI.CO.
Otder at onca. Send for our new special ills*trated
cataicrac mailed free. Gives 70a the low- est
prices on all good books. Address all orders to
u4 XuafKtirtn. AK703, Ohio.
f Th? Wtnier Coapaaj Is thoroughly relubIe.p-Editof# j
* v <m

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