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-BY- I
fsxas.is ao' "?
Dae Tear, ... 9I>50
ilx Hoatlur. - - .75
? * * -r "* onn
^Wednesday, j?aairj
While A?ger wa* Secretary of War,
it i* said ?hat Secretary ot ihe Treaa
ury Ga^e precipitated and inspired
mochoftbe criticism oa the condact
of Alger'a manasrem^n: of >bc war department,
and that i,ow Alder's friend#
are deriving a great deal of fun from
the attack on Gage and his "pet
The Dublic is f*milhr with ths reso
lotions introduced |in Congress ciliing
for papers 3nd facts in reference to
the Treasurer's dealings with ccrtain
banks, especially the National City
Bank, of New York. The Indianapolis
Sentinel gives the circnmsiancee of
the sale of the old cn3tom-bou?e in
Naw York:
"This sale was made uoa>r a special
act of Congress, which provided that
the Government should continue to
ociupy it as a tenant, and pay the
purchaser a rental equal to 4 per cent
of the purchase price. The ?*'e was
for $3,265,000. 'ihe president of the
National City Baok, it is said, wmt to
"Washington with 54 o.?niSed check for
$3,225,350 011 his oit:j bxnk, which
\TtiS presented to Secrerarv Gage, and
immediately returned by him for deposit
in the National City Bank. By
tbis pavmsnt of all but $40,000 vt the
purchase-money the h ink became the
owner of thebuildiug,aud the Government
becomes its tenant at $130,000 a
vear. The bank has in fact never
paid out a cert. Al: of its money is
in its vaults for use, and has been all
tbe time. And altbo tbe sale i< actually
made tbe deeds bare not been
- passed?theoretically because of tbe
$40,000 sri!l unpaid?but evideutly for
tbe purpose of keeping the property in
the uame of the federal Goverament,
and thereby exempting it from local
tax tion. This is a most pxtraordinaiy
transaction throughout."
- Many of the Democratic papers bar?
been citing tbe law on the Secretary
upon this state of fact*. For instance,
tbe New Ysrk World calls his atteng?_.
tion to the Revised Statutes of the
United States wherein it is provided
that "all proceeds of sales of old material,
condemned stores, supplies, or
other property of auy kind shall be
gbfc- deposited and covered iato the treasnrv
as miB'ellanPdtis receiots. * * *
1 ,
ana shall cot be withdrawn or applied
except in conetqueiice of a subsequent
appropriation made by law," and
special attention :s called- to the act
|| authorizing the sale of the New York
cu*toin-hou$e by which it is stipulated
tha* "the proceeds or sale" shall be
in the Usited States Treasury,
and "at as early a date as posii"
? i-LI. ?
Die." iixny rspui&oie uewayayer#
t charge tbat Mr. Gage is really guilty
B?". " of embezzlement on accoant of bis
failure to deposit the proceeds of sale
and the law is quoted to this effect,
and the resignation of the Secretary of
the Treasury is demanded,
p Perhaps the most going comment is
U- made by the Springfield Republican.
It seema that the Republican has been
senrching the Congressional Recoad,
jp&. and has ruo across some of President
v?v McKinley's speeches while a member
B of Congress. It appears that wbi'e
Wiiidom wss Secretary of the Treasury
unc^er Cleveland, he increased the deposits
in banks from ?20,000,000 to
nearly $62,000,000, and in this connection
what iir. McKinley as then a
member of Congte?8 had to say is es
I pec ally interesting, for Secretary
Gage is reported to h?.ve said that nis
action i* endorsed by the President
and the cabine?. The Republican re
pro.luces from the Congressional
Record of February 29, 1899, the following
froin Mr. iicKinley's speech:
"When we adjourned we left him
(Secretary Fairchild) full power to
pav it (the surplus) out, and I wish
anrrn friend of the Administration
would explain why be did not do it in
tbe only {straightforward, logical, bu*iI
aess-like way-that is, by paying the
debts of the Government and saving
1- the interest charge, which resia so
| heiviijr on the people. Instead of
doing tha\ the Administration prefers
another way. Ib prefers to nsethc:
banks as a means of potting it in cirsalation.
* *
"Nearly $59,000,000, a* I uoderK
stand, of tbe surplus money that ought
to b-3 in tbe treasury to-day, tbe Secretary
having refused to pay it out to
a Government creditors, is now ou:
among tbe banks, held by them, they j
jiving to the Government bocds as j
gecnrity for tbe deposit; and tbey are j
getiing it without interest. They have j
the surplus maney of the treasury in j
their own hand#, and they collect ih i
accruing interest oa the Government j
bonds which tbey have deposited as |
aecnrity, wheo, if the Administration '
had used the $59,000,000 and bought a j
I corresponding amount of bonds with j
" that ?nm, those bonds would have been j
canceled, and the ioterest on that *um j
would have been stopped. And I ;
charge here to-day thdt the President i
?8^ of tho United S.'ates and hi3 Admiais-'
tratLn are solely responsible for what-1
B ever congested condition we have in j
the treasury, and whatever alarm pre- j
I rails about the fluancea 01 tne conn-;
try. E7ery dollar of it would have
paid a dollar of the Government debts ;
if the Secretary had wisely exercised |
th8 discretion given him by law. What j
does a man do Tvho h&s got a surplus j
balance in toe banka and has outsiar.d- j
ing debts bearing interest? He calls in j
the evidences of those debts and j
pays them off with his surplus deposit j
la trliof o Knsin?j? man wrtnId !
tl JAl nuau ? vuv??v ?
have done; and we would have had
$50,000,000 les? of ir>tere3t-b~ rin?
bonds in circulation today jf the
President bad followed the way blnz d j
for r-iin by the Republican party."
"When the Republican n?;iouaI cnu- j
veution assembled, soon afterward," j
8ay? The Republican, "Mr. SIcKisl^y,
as ch&irmm of the c>iym;me ?n res ile
Iution3, >aw to it tb*t a special d^nunciati>;?
was written into ihep&tform
of 4tne Democratic policy of loaning
the Govern men t'? money, without interest,
to pet banks/" The Republican
farther comments:
"It i3 a cnrioai tarn which tiae ha?
brought, that the Adrair;j-!rvi.>n of
William McKiaJey himself sh mid be
pawning this 'Democratic policy,' instead
of 'the way blazed t?.j him by
the Republican party,' and 10 a ieDgtb
which the Cleveland ^Administration
never ventured to go. * * * The
President plainly owes an apology to
Cleveland and Fairchild."
A great many people get i Mto trouble
by talkingtoo much, and Mr. McKialey
is one of these unfortunate people.
The establi?ement of a coarty high
school with an industrial department,
txr: miTMnnnHpnt r>?OOrtfl
oar if iuiiei/wiv -_r
fu diseased at the meeting of tbo
chool troitees of Fairfield Cou ?tj last
Saturdey, and was beanily endorsed,
though no definite actios wis uken.
"A? Wincsboro," be adds, the
first town in the State outside of
Charlettoa to establish t ^ graded
school ?jstem, it is to be hoped that
Fairfield County will take the le id as
to the county bifb scbon!."
Itita^ood movement and deSnite
and effective action should follo?r close
on the hearty etii-mment of it.
"Coun:y high pcboois" *r?i plainly
needed to complet* ttie educational
- -.1 .1.. A
eqaipment 01 ?n mo a
member of the Leg^U'tue :e-.tiSei on
the floor of :he Hoa-?? last week ;r.dt
"it i* uez? to irapossib'e for a bo> or a
girl raised in the country r way irmj
the graded schools,'' to g-t a hetufici&ry
scholarship in one of the Stare
colleges because snch soh ??-?r-hii)s are
awarded us the resak < ! competitive
examinations, and the pupiis of \h*
graded schools in toe towns c*rry off
the prizes. Codnty h>gh sciioo!? will
give many of the conntry boys and
girl* tho cidvontsgs o? ibe graded
sch-jols, and are to be heartily approved
for thai sulEcre;u jea.*o:t. Tht:e
is also a sronjr oppo?ri?.'i in *< me
~ * - 4 5 . rt A r\f vrd. |
quaners i?> tue uitiuicua.n.& f/.%,
paratory >r sub-fre^hman classe?, i<?
the State schools?the or?i> depend
ence, at present, of many boys and
girls raised iu the country for ihe degree
of instruction they nqa'ue to enable
them o enter the coii^es The
connty hign jchools will take tbe place
of these a&s<es. and are desirable for
that reason also. The schools are
plainly needed, in short, ana Fiirfield
Will deserve no littie cred<r. if it lakes
the lead in establishing them and ex*
hibiting th^ir helpful work.
The proposed "indasirial department,"
it need not be anded, is an
especially admirable feature of the
new schocl. It it were properiy developed
and supported, it would alone
?*>? ? nnnntzr ?pnaf At fhft
ic Vmj WW
school many times over. Ah institution
which will not only give the country
boys and girls, o: Fairfield, the
advantage of a high schoyl. bet will,
at the same time, train theai for useful
aad profitable work in varied fields of
employment, will be a notable one indeed.
It cannot be establ:s?vd and pnt
in operation too soon. Such iu3!iiu?
tiona, of a public character, .ir? plentiful
in th- N ?rth and in Europe. The
first one, we believe, is yei to ba enablished
io S^u'h Ciiolint. A troop
will follow it it once. W.ieihir Fairfield
is to leal in tbe g>od can?e remains
to b-t s*~en.
Fairfield County his slwa.-s been
progreisive ia education, ami we hope
that it wili .rid in the esihbk-?hmeat of
a County I idu^trUl and Hi^h School.
The News and Courier ha* pointed out
the advantages of suca a school and
? ' ? ? ? ?J Ka iiiaf -r\ > f?
nutuxug UCCJ uo auucujaa. u /?* ?
The rep v^en tat ires iu (he legislature
from Fairfield County, it is reposed,
hawe been instructed by cho
ichool authorities of the county "to
have the ?aiary of the County Superintendent
of Education raised to a
sum in kteoing with the great reiporisibility
of hit office and it* demands."
This action aecords with
the recommendation of Superintendent
McMahaa on the subject, it will be
noted, and ir should be farther noteo
that it was taken before the Superintendent's
report was made public.
Evidently Fairfield is inclined to be
progressive ia themVitarof education.
?News and Courier.
It is not unusual 'o Fi.ii field to
-3 - '1 .n.fmys
icau IU cuui/tuuuai
Oar com.uunity 18 very much maddened
by the sadden death or Mr. J.
R. Kennedy, which lock pl*ce aboat
midnight on Wednesday r>i^ht. 17lb
iost., at Washington, G?. Hi', remain*
were brought ap on Thursday ereniog's
passerger, and was interred in
tbe Kennedy and Kuff $ areyard
Fiiday nsornine. 34r Kem-JT left
hftrA on October last for "Wasiiiusfon,
Ga., where he 5h?!d a posi.ion of salesman
np to the time of his death. He
was a iittle indisposed for a few days,
hat only confined to bis b^d one day.
He was about 52 years of age, this
being bis ho;De. He leaves a widowed
mother, two sister*, relatires and a
great numb r of friend* to mon: n his
Misses May and Lula Lee Hini>ant
spent last Saturday and Sunday at
home in Ri?igeway.
Misi Eiien Eookhart returned to Columbia
list, il^ndav to a?ain take up
her work after several days' illness.
Mrs W T Dorknx and f.nnily left
several days ago for their nuw home
In Ricbm?n^, Ya.
Misi Frasr-k Wooten U visiting her
sister, Mrs R B McGrady, at Gilbert,
S C.
Dr T W Bock hart has returned to
Asbeville, N
Mr A Have*, of Rock-on, beea
visiting bis ai$ter, Mrs S W.v.f?n.
Best for The News akd
Herald. Chrys3utru-mura.
Jan 20, 1900.
CJ -Sv, xTj 'i' i-S. .
Be*rs tia X H?9 i'FKiii 5WgH
Thi G**c inbri^r Graced School hn
open-d wit'i an increa?ed e.-irollm-nt
and all tbe popiU arc at work once
Mi?s Msnie Stork, of A*bvitle,
Florida, en'c.red tbe 8ch">o! with the
opeuiag of tii - new year.
r??r n : ? ?: c n u ,
rrui i cuiiiwi ?uu nuo h?v luvicu.
Tbev are iivin^ at Mr Arthur
Hayes' oil h mi.
Mr T E Oeileo-iY, ot bis community,
i? row work :.$f io Columbia. lie is
?t ?Le E.).Tortn Orpha-snge ind is very
much pl(.M?ed w-th hi< pl<t?*e
Mi.'* Dawkins, of IVxa*, has
be vn r<?IaJive? i:? ?hi?. ueiglib.
r j ;? d
Thene* i t ol patent dtsks lately
pa' into our -cboo* aid much t* the
appearance of the Rcboo'roooi? and to
the comfort and conveaieuce cf the
We are sorry to be&r of the Iom by
fire of the Mossy Dale Academy. The 1
patrons will rebuild at once.
Jau 23, 1900. J L.
Mr. Editor: Being an old nun, and
hsYing gained rotne experience from
long observation aid contact with the
"rough fcid-' of life," I mav bz pardoned
for (;fife: i':g some crMcbms
upon your correspondent?. I claim
{bis, being & constant reader of y>-ur
columns. i
When I wa3 a echool boy, a;ui auy
one of the fellows said anything very
foolish, or green, we wouid >av,
"Mind the cows off, green is ^atce in
the winter." So I will have to say to
jour correspondent of Buck Lick.
In your last issue, we can easily
read between the lines," and we ihink
ti;at the article by severai of oar
colored friends was prepared by some :
o; e else, and only then* signature- se-:
cared. We, the white and coloivd I
people ot the South, are a separate !
people, and while I fully appreciate J
tbeir virtues and do not envy them
their success, we area separate peo-!
hv mntual consent:!
t"'- 5 uvf" ? ~J
?parate in religion aud politics, in
caurcb, and State, separate socially,
and any attempt to bring us together
in any way socially sbonld meet with
ih?j disapproval of all prudent, thiuking
Wnat we bare read rather call* to
iniad in tbe old regime the counting of
the colored vote. Fie I does Mr. j
M^l.ichampe propose to run for office
.'hU fall on the Republican ticket?
Mar tbe good Lord deliver as.
Old Seventy-Six.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
arc just what a borse needs when in
o?d condition. Tonic, blood purifier
vermifuge. They are not food
but medicine and the best in use to
put a horse in prime condition. Price
25 cents per package. For sale by
McMaster Co.
I am in hopee that the people will
be kr prohibition., and that ihe Legislature
will act accordingly. Only
think that the Tquor traffic ha3 been
costing the TJnr.ed States over one
thousand two hundred milliou dollars
annually, and it is stated that there has
mors deaths from the stronsr
drink thai; from the wars. "Appetite,
>?>ai:h and Icflaence" are the three
gr^at <actor3 in kseping up the reijfj
*ff ?hs liquor power and strong drink.
from tbe Governor's message
*' \i a v?6t mm is speut of the poopic
s fax money, paid in (or ought to
t.) fr-r h good government. Why do
tut. law-makers hesitate, since 1692, j
abrut if, xthen the people was given
ifte i:g&t to vote, ana aia vote, 101
prohibition, near 12,000 majority,
then? G;n. Roberts, who has lately |
b en pat in command of the Briti?h
army, gives brief statistics sliowiug j
the firue of prohibition. I clon't say
th-it that I hope he vrill overcome the
B^e.s, or I think the British have as
inuci of the countries of oar earth as
tLey ought to ha7e. I note this only
to show that that eminent officer favors j
prohibition7!} cause. The Attorney j
General's report for 1S97 sa\s: ''There
bas oacn a gradual increase of homicide
case3 disposed of in the State
e-.cii year 3iace 185S. The year 1888
beg:vi with 107 cases and the year 1897
eocM with 225 cases," and the greater
par' ot the homicide# were committed
dnri'ig the fiv<: years the dispensary
was operated. Knowing the
e'toiaiiias crimes tfcat come directly
fronc the traffic in liquor, one that adv:se.?
tho sa!?r is liable for the results
I--. ?;Krr?.rial law, "one that ha* advised
tut - u >:t/ii?fioa of the crime which is :
t::e "UOj^ct of prosecution is properiy j
bfid h?bie iu equal degree with the j
principal ior the act which he hasj
committed and all its natural couse-!
que sees" So thattbe pre&clier wJao j
31'8 in his itudy, or the iavrver who
aits iu bid office, and advises she sale I
of lUioxicatitix liquors for beverage
purposes, knowing that the "natural
consequence*" aaust be crime, perbaps
murder, i3 as guilty as tbe poor drunkard
who plunges bis knife into his
mfe'i bosom.
I kuow all of Co. H, 6:h Regiment, {
S- C. V., will be sorrowful to know of =
the de&th. recentlv. of Lieut. N. P. I
Lyled at, bis home in Alabama. It in
impossible to describe the love that
soniiers have for one another, especially
of those that they do love, and
Nick T?as one of those that wa? lovable.
I think the feelisg is much like
described as existed between Jonathan
Ri'a David in the Holy Scriptures. In
thinking about a monument for him
bits beautiful monument and spirit is
witn God, for I don't think anything
in that line of an earthly nature could
ao mm jastice. wmie ?peecnie38 do
is said to have pointed upward before
be died. Goodness was a constant
attendant of his. It is impossible to
describe all about him, bat itiaenoagh
to know that he has gone safely to oar
Li evenly Father's Heaven with oar
Swi< nr and th? Holy Spirit.
Th-i ford at Beaver Creak and the
hili on the soutb side o- it and the
road to cne northward of Shelton are
greatly in need of rapai-.
Jaunary 20, 1900. J. C. F.
\TL 7 U7^11 If
vvumen as wen ctb men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, discourages
and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness scon
*** 4a} disappear when the kidiTTT^f^S^
neys are out of order
-DltiPiXk or diseased.
"lUtjSPLvSSCI- Kidney trouble has
: become so prevalent
U t^iat ^ *s not uncommon
^7\vS^ynl J for a child to be born
i't yJL>8?*SiK3ii? afflicted with weak kidv
ntys- ^ child urin?ates
too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when- it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
steo should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant j
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made miserable
with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effcct of
Swcrnp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
cert and' one dollar
fres, also pamphlet tell? Home of STr*ar>Root.
ir.g all about it. including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
Kf ^
The Kirif? You Have Always B
in use for over 30 years, h;
All Counterfeits, Imitations sxi
periments that trifle with a:
Infants and Children--2sper:
What Is Ci
Castoria is a substitute for Ca
and Soothing- Syrups. It is ?
contains neither Opium, Moi
i substance. Its ago is its gua
and allays Feverish;ness. It c
Colic. It relieves Teething- T
and Flatulency. It assimilat
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?The
^ Bears the S
He Kind You Ha?
In Use For Ov
MB^arogmBg in "jwrim tstaag? i
" " * ->-<* !.,[? !
MT O A \J 1U.?C> iiiu laujui u?*?v> I
moved to town.
Mrs II ;i LucsS, o> JJoweil, Ga,
pent sev^ia's days in ilic ?;eigiiborho:"?d
among r?-!a'ives s.nci friends.
Messrs T W Kawls a;-.;i D F I-en- j
hotrer, j:;' N Ga, ?p?.nt several
days ->t h env doling X-i a= but bad to
re urn ;.i s'?or! as their work was
awaiting tbena
Miss Maggie M ?o:e vbiting her
?i?ter, M:" EL Wiliingoani, in Wiu;sboro.
Mr \V L Dickev, of Wiuntboro,
! paid & flying vi-it t? tfce neighborhood
this wctk.
Miss Miry Meore is visiting in
Mr W J Iscnhower, after spending
several *lv: s at Lome, h&3 retnrned
to Nicho'ie, G*, al?o Mr US Moore
and his browser, Mr W J Moore.
With beat ? to The Nevts and
Herald Violet.
mmmxaammBuaarasaascap^afci <mm
& $ a r*
" We have four ch-ld-vn, With, the fircl
three I suffered almost unbearable pains from
12 to J4 hours, and L.t 1 to be placed under
the influence of chloroform. I used thr?
bottles of Mother's Friend before our las)
child came, which -csggoi
is a strong, fat and
healthy boy, doing '^pr
my housework up \^"JT
to within two hours pt ~
of birth, and suf- $\
fered but a few hard {v/ V"
patai. pl1^/ dm r wj
mentis inz gr&na-i fl\sr? // B//
^r47 Mm J
Mother's J 'Tli
Friend ' n\
will do for every v/oraan what it did for tic ,
Minnesota, mother who v/riics the above letter.
Not to use it durir.g pregnancy is a
mistake to be paid fcr in cain and suffering.
Mower s rnena equips me pauem wan a
strong body ?nd clear intellect, which in
turn are imparted to the child. It relaxes '
the muscles and allows them to expand. It
relieves morning sickness and nervousness, j
It puts all the organs concerned in perfect
condition for the final hour, so that the actual
labor is short and practically painless. Danger
cf rising cr hard breasts is altogethef
avoided, and recovery is merely a matter ol
a few days.
Druggists scil Mother's Friend for $1 a bottle.
The Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Send for c.r free illustrated book.
Tax Returns
ditorifi!! be open froai tbe 1st day o
January to the 20:h day of February
for tbe purpose of receiving tax refurn*.
iletnrr.s to be made or ail p- rsoaai
propertv. A penalty of 50 per
rrr ^ ] 1 wKt?n r\orf :Ofl fail f A
V/CUI/ TY J * i WO AMUVU * UWI? ^/rvi v?v" ?? ?
make returns i?i:hin ibe above m*:itioned
da^e*. All male rsons be- ;
tweeu tbe ?get. of 21 and 60 are liab'e
to poli t/ix, unk-s* otherwise exempt .
by :asv, aud are required to make return
of same.
TiiC Auditor or his deputy will be
at the following places on tbe days
gpecifi:d to receive lax returns:
Ail-ion, January 22.
Backhe&d, January 23
Willing, January 24
Crotb; vi'fp, Ja".u??ry 25. ,
Wooi-jrwd, .)a-?nary 26
VVhiJC Oak J^ntja.ry 27
Hor**> (lStore), January 29.
3i)tbt vr :cd, J^hu&rv SC.
lliii Januir* 31.
Gisddf-u's G ove, February 1.
Mout'c-i^o, February 2.
J*nkinsvii!e. Fcbrn.vy 3.
Hi :gevray, February 5.
I-'.ngiOTfn, February C.
rc-DireviJJe, February 7.
M. L. CcK'P^t-'rf, February 8.
1-4 County Auditor.
with s ft:!! ttock of Caskets, Barifcl
Cssss **d CefS*R. consiaBtly ?n iaaad,
and H3- of bczrpR whca r?qu&?tod.
Thj-fikfa- for fast pairssa^e aa?t solicitati*s
:*r a wars in tae future, in tha
old staai
Cull* attended t* at aii !???**.
TEE 3LLIGTT (5&i SB??-,
J. M, ELLI^iT & CO,
SS :'-: * ,r ',
? ? ..*:> -. mZZ
k: * ' fe, :*r.-_; .?.
fs SI ^m_If
nii.1 'vhicit lias "been
is boriic the sijriii'.turft ox
bee;; <is:;er Is..Is per- 1
ipsrvisiosi s=:=ice its "laiitisty.
; one to deceive you in
ad SulHiiiniea ?:re l?ut Ex- t
Hi C2H:^;*-g;Cr tllo Cx
Lezico n^a-iiist Esp&riitts&t. I
I 1
stcr Oil, Paregoric, Drops i
lannless and Pleasant. It
-piiine nor other Narcotic
rantee. It destroys Worms
siires Diarrhoea and Wind j
roubles, cures Constipation
es the Food, regulates th:> 1
healthy and natural sleep. 1
i Mother's Friend.
'OR IA always
^^ture ot ^
a I!w8?Q RmidM
0 nlrilljo DUUgUi
sr 80 Years.
In ttie Outset
For 1900
bolh country and town lor
ihei:- liberal patronage for
tb? pas: year and "vril! do
ray best (o merit a cuiti:!nanc?
cf the ssme.
I now call >onr attention
to a complex
line of
Pl.>w?, IUad Shore Is,
Spade Folk?, Manure
Fork*, Grabbing
tloe/, iIat'ock3, At^(
Broad Axes,llatcoets,
Hand-SiWP, Cross-Civ
Saws, Grind-Sion^,
Grind-Stone Fixtaies,
Strap and Bait Hinge?,
&c., &c., &c.
Uln Tnfnnm flin Ttnmin
in inn uii; ruuiiii
THaT'WE have moved
onr s?ockof General Mercnan*
dis'j ruid opened in
in the?
Granite Block.
?Vc our o!d cu>!oinor>
fo: iheir psst favors snd bope
thalthc) will ecuiicu;? wi:h u*.
A H.kinre of the trade of
Wintisb >roand Fairfield. Ccun:y
i* 6 ^licitrd.
* A full liae of Groceii:-*,
?>. ." 1- 3 - ii ?
ur\ \rOVHS, anu ?il Lurns i; i.
Sopplie* as cbe&p as can he
h*MigLt e'sewhere.
Tne Easy Running
Seiii Macii.
The most modern Sewine
Machine of the age, embrac
ing all the latest improve
ments. Unequaled for Dura
bility, Range of Work and
Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Correspondence
solicited. Actress,
General Agent,
Richmond, Virginia.
%rp8psia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive organs.
It is the latest discovered digest.r,2j
and tonic. No othefc preparation
can approach it in em5#v. Ii instantly
relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion. Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
all other results of irnperfectdigestioo.
Pre Dared by E. C. DeWltt A Co., Chicago.
Winrsboro, S, C.
Charlotte Gomiercial Colleie, j
Charlotte, N. C., established in 1891,
flnrao flncinoM Hnllpirp
lLUlliU jjuumuuu uyuu^uj e
Home, Ga., established in 1886,
low under one management, offer*
ixceptional advantages to any one
lesiring a thoronghly practical business
education in the shortest pos>ib!e
The wide range of territory cov*r? d
3y our employment agency :-fT ?
ixceptional chances for security
;ion8 We will guarantee vou a. ;;0s?>
;;on if you take our guarantee course.
The rooms in the schools are large
and convenient and well lighted.
Young men or vouDg women may
enroll in either school any week day
during the year.
T# Mil are a RfenopraDhcr. b>OK
deeper or teacher and desire a poti- ]
tion, write the Piedmont Agency, Charlotte,
N. C. If you are not a J
itenogr&pher or book-keeper, spend a
few months in one of these schools
and sret yourself in shape for earning
Should you desire to be an expert iu
interest, stocks, trade discount, etc ,
6end 25 cents in stamp? or silver and
get our Pocket Calculator?just what
you need.
For circulars and further informa
tioa. address,
President, j
Founded 1842.
5Hgr g|j TO:
pIANost !
"Sing their own praise."
If you reckon the endlops joy and I
permanent value yon will get one of
those celebrated ST1EFF PIANOS.:
They are made with all that skill which,
^rilrr Af /?Ariofort/1 /*ot?o#n 1 flf.
iention to every detail of their construction
can comma^dj
lilera's Frit Saml.
(Therefore we won't burden you
with an nuneceisatily BIG PRICE, t
Convenient terms. FINE TUNING ;
Chas. M. Stieff,
Factory Branch Ware-Room, Nu. 218
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
C. H. WILMOTH, Manager.
MULES, a few good Mares, a line
Com'cNation Horse. and a few
Plug Horses. My mules
are finer than I have
ever handled.
I will sell the above stock cheap for
cash, or 011 tiir.e for good bankable
I will pay the highest cash pricc for all
classes of cattle, fat or poor.
I bare a few nice BUGGIES that I
will sell cheap for cash.
I h?ve employed Mr. Arthnr Owens
for the present. >ear. Hewiilbeglad
to haye his friends cii! on him and do
some business.
A. Williford,
wn* r\r\cViArn Vi. P
It iliBO Vvl V I V?
Iri digestion
Solicits a Fuare of the pabiir pafroa%gt.
9*26 iy
M r
QSle are not bunting
for tbose vvbo b;
to bu^witb we w
tbat are as low
can be bougbt 11
Every one who is up wi
seen a sfreat advance in Cotton
kinds. We have many goods o;
We offer a bargain in a few pat
Drp^c; Gneris at cost to C
ter Dress Goods at cut
lot of Ladies' Fine She
$2.50 and $3.00; price nc
We have many goods price
price. # These are bargains for
Come to
The Caldwell Dry
HM, !! Jim,1. J. w. * I .
There will be lots of ''gla<
this town after you've looke
shoes. One good look at t
; and the prices, means that ;
buy a pair.
T3T A "XT"
- - - THIS]
it may
in posiiio!i to fnrin?lj yop i t un>thirg>
you raav ?:eecl 1I1U i? kt.pt in a
Well Regulated
If nce-.l i>rtfCiipii??h8
if von r?*ed Cough Syrup*.
If \ .' u r.f-e.l a T? oih B-- nf?li, i
If i <u ; e ut I'. rfuinei**,
If y-1J ??;' ? hirig in the ?vaj of:
Ding1 :'-.wA ?4 f-m Me<dcirei,
If v u ct*d Jor vt-iir l;OU4*\ j
J. H, McMaster!
& Co., |
Notice to Voters?
. i
Tiie Bo^k- of Registration fi.r T:? ;
i.ex' N-u. i' i:??1 Election, to be 1) I i >,-;
^ . f __ T . I
Aprii ziu ' ex> it;r urn a:i! toa- ;
Wa-iVr.' for :nu-i of !)? : o. j
S. c., will be o.je f i the regi-teni;" ;
of voters at ti:e of Jcbn il.'
Smi h on Januai) 1, lyuO, and cl.'.vrd
April 1, 1900 All voters in this cut-l
iir.n *"> r^qiintd t<* r^ginter with.u j
;bis 1 i; r.
I-itc: dar?t. |
Supervisor of Registration.
/ m
i Crebxt trabe, but
ave tbe monep
(II name prices " Hj
1 as tbe same
1 tbe State.
th the times knows there has
Goods and Domestics of all H
f this class at old prices. H
lose out; and all Winprices.
Bargain in a ^Hl
>es; small sizes worth
)w at $1.50.
id now lower than the factory
see us. 9
Goods Company. I
I Just 1
" Unloaded | I
i whole lot of cases of new
>es at your favorite shoe
re. Every pair was selected
h care. We think we know
at you need and we have
anged to get it for you so
will cost you less money
n you d SES I
Lf'i. "tyy** I
J ah* |
he shoes selz Shoes f
you will safes jearfeet gM.
;jLiirunu ^
IJs One Dollar. 1
t and seed it to us with one dollar and w?
tis $10.00 Dictionary, subject to examination.
it your nearest express office and ii ionnd ab<nst
bargain ever beard of and a betUr diehave
yet seen, pay the exoress agent IS.SS
the book. TV-:.s Dictionary contain! 25,coo
jes and acnnitions than are to be found la
ticnai 2ictionarv. It is the latest Dictionary
sliy 42,000 raore %rcrds titan Webster's and
5 Unabridged Dictionaries and has 250 mors
,r:or. the r?ferencc is exact and it Is absolutely
jrr-:>3etii^-to-csta Dictfoni:" on tbc market R??
?:.* printed on first-cla** paper nada expressly
- -- * /vT^ (n I'll T T
?Ji w. \r-: pi'U int.' wvuum *** a v**?*
::v"rb!?-i"pf!<;-2. fn'-r^yi icr cnlv $4.95. As a
i?v7 Ao-~CL>7ZLY HO EQtfAL. Send your - Jig
it: i ca:&u>;;u2 of fccois at special prices, 7BEE.
r.r.Uiac';x^rc73. Akron, Ohio*
wtt: t-i a vpt a j
V % t-# X 1 J \ V i \ ?^
car of FINE SEED
WHEAT, which we
will sell cheap for
cash or on liberal
terms. All farmers
fls O S\ XI 7 CA1V1A
ouuuiu. o v w auiat
wheat. V&ifl
M. ff, DOTY & ICO. 1
jlnii'f Ton ffiitf I
i WZi L 1UII JL Ili.11111
It is to you interest to secure
stock tiiat has been propagated
oil Southern soil. If so, write 4jj
us for handsome catalogue of -JM
fruits, flowers and ornamental
shrubbery. Priccs reasonable.
"a? n
MI1II1?! Ii8?
Bamberg, S. C.
Final Discharge.
f 3
<>.. lu-9 :iv ?r" .F; i> *.! *, 1900, ly
- i : o -he .?iii", <-i Prr-bat* f#r \
L-Vi }jfl?l Con1.'*-, si Li: office in the M
t <> fi-.'U-sf r.' Wiiiii*boro? S. C., f?r
a &ial discharge a-i Administratrix it
haexsa'cofj E 5?ll?er, drceastd.MA11Y
l-9-4w AdniBietratrix.

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