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Wednesday, Januaiy 24, - 1900
?R?a3 executors* noticeeisuarhere.
?$1.50 buys the Weekly News axd
Hikald and the Semi-Weekiy Atlanta
Journal /or one year.
W. ?11 -.1 . - ?' '
? ttc can special aueauoc 10 xv.
Brandt'? advorti*ement; he always
hag special atteution.
' ?J. D McCarley & Co. caii epsciai
af.t ATlti r.r> fft cP?r) mtelftiii f?npv trrft
ceriw, etc. Read their ad.
?Yon can get the Semi-Weekly Atlanta
Journal and the Weekly News
and Hekald for $1.50.
J. B. Clark, Peoria, 111., says:
"Surgeons wanted to operate on me
for piles, bat I cored them with DeWitt's
Wi'Cb Hazel Salve." It is infallible
for piles and skin diseases. Beware
of counterfeits. McMaster Co.
?Toe official report of the weather
bureau show* that December w?? a
very coin month and that on 28 davg
of the month the temperature wa9 below
the freezing point.
?Frid^.9 was the anniversary of the
birth of Gen. R. E. Lee, and was observed
as a holiday in many place#
throughout the South. The day wa?
not observed in any way here.
?As gardeners are beginning to
think of preparing for planting their
gardens it will be well for them ie
know tbai at McMaster Co.'s thay can
get L&udreth's garden seed and uuion
Mr. J. Sheer, Sedalia, Mo., saved
dis cor.a'8 uie oy vu<e .tuo?:e ^uuju
Car?. Dj-tors had given her up to
die wi<n croup. Ir's an infaliibie cure
for coughs, coid?, rrrippe, pneumonia,
bronchia? and throit and lunii troubles.
Rifujves at occe. McMasterCo.
?We bespeak for Mr. J. W Seigler
a continuance of the patronsge of
those in town and county who are in
need of t<ardware of any kind. In his
advertiser* ent to-day he gives a partial
iist of his stock, and he wants his
friends to call on bim.
?The 10wn council is having some
much needed work done on the streets
and the appearance of the streets is
greatly improved and the filiing- op of
waahed aad rongh places in the sidewalks
hi? added to the comfort of
bicyclists and pedestrians.
- Both tbe Semi-Weekly Atlanta
Journal aud the Weekly Nsws ajtd
Hzxald wi'l be tent for the price of
one paper to those who pay iu advance.
Miss Annie E. Gunning, Tyre, Mich.,
says: "I suffered a long time from
dyspepsia; lost flesh and became very
weak. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure completely
cared me." It digests what
you eat and cures all forms of stomach
trouble. It never fail* to give immediate
relief in the worst cases. "Mc
Master C>.
I ?As a result of the Christmas examinations
jst Davidson College Mr.
L D. W. Kichardeon, of Nelson, Fairfield
County, stands first in tte scphmore
class. Tiie fine record that ibis
youEg man is making in his college
coarse is a source cf great gratification
to his friends, and he is to b9 congratulated
upon his success. ?
^ ?we nave ascaoiarsmp iu me v,u*rlotte
Business College which we wish
to sell. The college is an excellent
ohe, and by taking oar scholarship,
soma young lady or young man would
have an unusual opportunity of getting
a thoiDugh}busines3 training. We
call attention to their advertisement,
10 which appears 1,0-day.
"I was nearly dead with dyspepsia,
tried doctors, visited mineral springs,
k and grew worse. I used Kodol Dyspepsia
Care. That cured me." It
digests what 70a eat. Cares indigestion,
soar stomach, heartburn and all
forms of dyspepsia. McMaster Co.
?John H. McM&^er & Co. wish to
remind their customers tbat tbey ba7e
in stcck everything that they could
need in the way of drugs, perfumery,
patent medicicss atd sach things as
are haDd'.ed in drug storee. Prescrip4-irtWO
my-a filler? u 1! hnilPS a.Tld ihfiV
UVUO Wi V ?*4 J.W? W ?... MWW. ? /
are ready to supply their friends with
anything they need in the drag line.
?A special to The Scate on Friday
contained the news of the eudder.
death at Oil, Laurens coucty, of Sir.
William Bryson. He dropped dead
while wa'kittg in the yard on Wed"
' ?T1U_ .1 -*r,na
nesaay artcrncun. iue ucwsosu
ft relatire of Messrs. Thoa. Bryion and
Jas. L. Brv son of (his place. He had
z' reached hi9 76th year, and leaves
several children.
?The fnneral of Mrs. D. Wyait
Aikea, *rho di-d in Atlanta cu Tae?I
dav moriii*ig, took place in Greenwood
on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs.
> Aiken wa* a sister-in-law of Dr. W.
"R Aikp.n and was a woman whose
character was strong and beautiful.
She was taken sick while visiting her
sister, lire. JBonie, in Atlanta, aud ber
death was su-iden and unexpected.
?The pUnding committees appoint
ed recently to ba in charge ol tne ntxt
State fair hare been published in The
State, and two Fairfield men are
among those appointed to act cn these
committee?. Mr. J. G. Mobley lias
been appointed on the lsgialatire committee,
ai.d on the premium lift committee
Mr. J. G. Wolling's name appears.
All of the committees wi;l
hold a meeting in tJolnrabia on February
?A meeting of Ml. Zion Society j
w&j held io the court hons-t Wedt.esSt
day morning at 10 o'clock. This
meeting wa? called for th<> special pu?
pose of hsvh-g-H biil introduced in the
Legislature providing for ant-lection
of trustee* for ;bis tchoal district.
&e*ar?. J Q. D<iris, J. C. Caldwell
BOIL and G. H McMssier were appointed
as a committee to see that the bill is
?From the Attorney General's re
port :Le YorkrilJe Er.qairer bas ga L-1
ered * . we ttatistics of crime in (he
six'h jadicial circuit. The following:
is the record cf FsitfieUi county for
the past year, s* pnbli.*hed in the Enquirer;
It; Fai<fif<2 eouuty tfceie were
IS ''co biil*," il discontinuitice?. 1
* * *+'! 1 O />/-! II > ? I
mistrial, M cormcuoi: 9UU i av^uit- i
L tals. FtirSeld had 8 dispensary case?.
In 5 the grand jury retorted "no bil!,"
2 were discontinued, and 1 resn'icd in
ilL conviction.
?r ?Mr. J. P. Jone?, cf Longiows,
sent to The News and Herald a bngr
to'rip weighing 7 Its. 1 oz It is a]
Mothers, when your children are at|
tacked by the dreadful crcup, you
i need not'despair; Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup will relieve and cure fcaem at
once. You can always depend on this
marvelous remedy; it always cures.
Will cure Croup without fail.
Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors
recor- mend. it. Price 25 cts. At all drugjists.
splendid firm iuruip ami is a curiosity.
Judging from this specimen of his
1 : >_ 1 ,1 ?
gAiuciiiug, mi. tiuiics nuuiu oiauu a
good chance of carrying off the special
prize to be given at the next Slate Fair
for the best garden produces. This in
the second mammoth turnpthat ha*
been sent to this office this winter. The
Irst was hent by Mr. R. H. Jennirga.
Mrs. R Churchill, Berlin, Vt., 6ays:
"Our baby was covered with runr>iDif
sore*. DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve cured her." A specific tor piles
and skin diseases. Behave of worthless
counterfeits. McMaster Co.
?Tbe Winnsboro hotel, of which
Mr. W. A. Beaty has for two yiara
beec' proprietor, will in a short tiune
p*ss ilto new har.df, and Mr. Wheeler.
01 Prosperity, will take charge. Mr.
Beaty has ran the hotel most Buccesafuliy
bnt finds it necessary, oji acc-.-ntit
of his health, to give it up. It is expected
thai the new proprietor wii: arrive
this week to take chaise of the
hotel Mr. Beaty and his famiiv will
retnru to their house on Ma;p btreei,
wten th-3 new proprietor arrives.
?A rccent issue of the A R. Pre%byteriau
contains a letter from Re7. J.
A. Smith, who for ax years was pastor
or tO'.< A. K. P. Church at White
Oak, and who recently acesp'.ed a
cal- io the church at Wrens, Ga. Mr.
omitb?8 friends in this csun.y will be
glad to learn that he is much pleased
with his new home and that he aBd
his family were given a very warm
welcome by the people of his new
charge. In his letter he 6ays that the
years of hi* pastorate in White Oak
trcr? iTip harmipcf' anrl r>]<>4S?inlPat nf
*. ww ~ r
his life.
DeWitt'e Little Early Risers purify
the blood, clean the lifer, invigorate
the kysteua. Famous little pills for
constipation and liver troubles. McMaster
?The alumni association of the
South Carolina College is to prepare a
record of the alumni of this old institution
and The State on Monday contained
an account of the preliminary
steps that have been taken towards
this undertaking. An editorial staff
has been appointed and Professor R.
Means Davis has been made cditor-iiichief,
and several able men will be his
aaaiRts.uf? in this ardnons task. A
circular letter has been sent to lbs
alumni and the work will ud doubt
receive ike hearty co-operatioa of all.
Among tbo alamni who have bsen appointed
aa a special advisory committee,
appear the names of two Fairfield
men, Capt. Thomas 21. Lyles, of the
class.of 1831, and Mr. G. H. McMaster,
of tho class of 1850.
Jtlach Craater Than 189S.
The receipts of the Winnsboro postoffice,
from the sale of stamps and
*f sinned enveloDes. are as follows:
^ 1898 $2,964 46
1899 S,187 91
It will be seen that the receipts for
the year 1899 are much greater tbau
for the preceding year.
The Carolina Teachers' Journal.
At the meeting of the school superintendents,
held in Colcmbia on Monday,
the following resolution was
adopted, among others:
Whereas a State educational journal
is of very great value to the educational
interests of a State,
Resolved, That we heartily approve
the efioris of Mr. J. Frank Fooshe, of
Vf innsboro, S. C., in the estabJisoin-rnt
of the Carolina Teachers' Jocrnil, and
recommend the same lo our teachers
ae an educafional journal for ibem to
subscribe io.
iBo yo? take cold with $
every change 2d the ;f
I? weather? Does you? throat J?
A feel ray/? And do sharp %
0 pains dart through your a
q chest ? 1$
? Don't you know these are si
? danger signals which point a
g to pneumonia, bronchitis, or @
? consumption itself ? ^
X if yen are ailing and have ^
% lost flesh lately, they are x
A certainly danger signals. The g
g question for you to decide is, &
A <?Have I the vitality to throw
? of? these diseases ?" &
? Don't wait to try SCOTT'S ?
M CMHI CW1M ?t ?a o en. ^
V u tub IV- \r
^ sort." There is no remedy g
? sc'jr,: to it for fortifying t-:e j|
5 system. Prevention is easy. ?
I Scott's I
I Emulsion i
a prevents consumption and A
5 hosts of other diseases which a
a attack the weak and those $
@ with poor blood. 0
W1 I O Ci'lUUJIV:1! W
the one standard remedy for ^
inflamed throats and lungs, j|
for colds, bronchitis and con- 1
sumption. It is a food medicine
of remarkable power. A g
food, because it nourishes the g
body; and a medicine, be* ?
cause it corrects diseased ?
conditions. ^
5oc. and $1.00, *11 druggists.
X SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York J
ilr. James S. Elder arrived here or
Sunday from Illinois.
3fr. Editor: Please give me a -little
epace in your paper to express my
thanks to the many ^ood people of
i) for tbeir kind attention
c!-.;;>ug my fro weeks of sickness.
Thrir kindues? in greatly appreciated
and will ee deepiy cherished.
'r. S?mviel Simnson.
Mr. M. M. Hnor, wbo has been in
feeble health lor some time, died in
Charlotte on the 16th inat. in the 79th
V ear of his age. Mr.*Huey lived for a
uamber years in this county, and
had the respect of all his neighborsHe
wa- h good citizen, and many will
regret to know of bis death. He
ieaves a wife and several children.
I was'- to let the peopl? who suffer
from r\eomatis? and sciatica know
tha; Clr-mberlaia's Pain Balm relieved
XD8 a:i*r a numDvr 01 outer meaiciuoB
tir?d a di cior bad failed. It is the btst
li' .raeii: i have ever known of.?J. A.
Dod^en, Alpbaretcs, Gs. Thousands
fc*va bp?u cured of rbeamatism by this
remedv. One application relieves the
paii.. F?. r sale by McMnster Co.
Mrp ! ? ' FlaDuas^a.j, of Columbia, is
visaing ir* T P Youoginer.
Mr George E "Walker, a prominent
attorney < t Charlottesville, Va, made
a frb rt vi i. to the home of Mr TP
Y jecenfly.
i'r J In, vV Y<?nn??uer, of Columoa,
ffai ac tbs ho?c3 of bis brother,
Mr T I' Yoa?ginrr, on a short viiit
Mr J A Fo-ter. of Gr?envill?, spent
several rt. y.j -iutius: tb* holidays at Mr
T P YouDgiuer'.v
Jj'*r Over Fifty Tear*.
ha- b^-? used for over fifty years by
mi;i < * mothers for their children
k?1j( -hing, with perfect success.
lr sixm - ? the child, softens the gams.
jt'juy* ik uuico TYIUU vsi/uv; auu
is rce oe-t remedy for diarrhoea. It
will telieva the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggists in
every p*ri of the world. Twenty-five
cert- a M-.-rtle. Be sure and ask for
"Mr* V'iaalow'fi Soothing Syrup,"
ii<d 'ske r.;; other kind* 1-1-17
Miss Lva Egl6fcton is vititwig Mrs.
U. G. D^Portes.
Proi. K E. Lse, of C'emton College,
spe:it Vvuoay in town.
Jud<e f.). W. Buchanan arrived here
on Sunday for a short stay.
Seua-ur G. W. Ragp.dale and Hon.
J G. Mobiey came up from Columbia
on Saturday and spert Suuday at their
ilr. W. M. Propst and famiiy moved
into their new cottage o'i King's Mountain
strest on Mouday.?Yorkville
Miss Mattie Martin left on Monday
to attend tbe Presbyterian College in
n<>inmma- where sim will take a busi
ne?6 ccurae.
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plaintield,
111., makes the statement, that she
caught cold, which settled on her
lungs: was treated for a month by
her facniiy physician, but grew worse.
He told her sbe was a hopeless victim
of consu onion and that no medicine
could cure her. Her druggist suggested
Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption; she bought a bottle and
to her delight found herself benefited
from firs? dose. She continued its ube
aud after faking six bottles, found herself
sound and well; now does her
ewn housework, and is as well as she
ever was. Free trial bottles of this
Great Discovery at McMaster uo/s
drag e-tocp. Large bottles 50 cents
and $1.CU. _ 6
As will be eeen by the following
ileni, ttkcn frcm the Charlotte Obaerrer,
a negro who has been wanted
by the ^innsooro police for some
rime has at 1j&?! been arrested and i?
now awai-'ing trial in the jail:
Pbil Johnston, culosed, of Winn<boro,
S. C.. spent last night in the
Tomb*. It came about in ttri* way:
Yes-erd'.y a telegram came to the
* * ? - -i
cnief or ponce irom tue sienii 01 r airfield
C'oan-*, S. C.t ordering the arrest
of ?<oh-.;8ton, who was working on
Mr. McD. Watkins' farm, near the
city. Constable J. A. Poiter went
out sue arrested Johnston. Last night
Depruy Sheriff D. E. McDowell, of
Fairff?Id County, came after the prisoner
He is wanted at Winn&boro for
lea.Jint in a negro row thero Christuiaa
The fa.-'tierR this fall are planting a
a great deal ot grain, and it is considprpri
ft im.>d thine. The mora grain
that is raised the better for them. Thi?
increase in the grain crop will create
far more roHer mills and everything
will profi- by it.
Our school is progressing very nicely
under ihe efficient management of
Mips Edith Lyies.
We had tbe pleasure of attending a
pound party on the 12th inst. at the
residence of Mr D. G. Rnff. A most
delightful 'im? wa3 spent.
January, 16,1900. F. M. R.
The re:v year has made a few
changes iii cur peaceful neighborhood.
Rev. II. K. ?zel! has moved tc bis
j he*? home near Rldgeway. We hated
to 3cc Bro. Ezell leave u?, he was &
good friend and neighbor. In his
place have our old friend, Mr. D.
H. HobertsoD, whom we are glad to
welcome i-ack.
Mr. Fra^k McNnlty, of Columbia,
visrii * relatives here.
Misr: Mat tie Beile Bray has returned
from B^h-'s, and is visiting- friend? at
i1i?s8 S..ra Bonlware lias retnrned
froru W'?iis?boro.
Wihbeii niihes for a prosperous
:irvr \ ear so The News and Herald
and it* e.c.?ler?,
.7 r. 13. 1900. Darid Hatnru.
I J ttJfc. tlAAinjbA 1/Ai^X.^UAK.
Oaa or the best calendars of the season
is the ''Cardui Weatber Chart and
(Calendar for 1900," publiihed by the
CL&tiftai'Oga 3Jedicin3 Company, the
m?.':ufacciirer8 of McElree'e Wine oi
Car-iui stul Theafcrd's Black-Draught.
The News and Herald office has just
rectivtd one froto tbe publishers,
which consists of twelve sheets of
paper, 13x20 inches in size, all fastered
together with a gilt tin strip and a
bms loop hanger. Each sheet contain
the calcnJa?- i'or one nnnthin
large figure* that can be read acro.^B
ad> room. Ur.lcr figures patent
weather signals indicating Prof. DsVoe's
vreather foreeasts for every day
in the vear appear. The rnoon'i
changes and legal holidays are also
shown. We understand a fevr copies
of it can be secured by sending 10
one cent postage stamps to (he Chatfanoog.t
Medicine Co., Chattanooga,
"It is a surprising fact," sey* Prof.
Houton, "that in my travels in all
~ L ? -"-'J Inef tan !
pans OI lOtJ wunu, IVl llic jaju tvu
years, I have met more people having
used Green's August Flower fhtn any
other remedy, for dyspepsia, deranged
liver and stomach, and for constipation.
I ficd for tourists and salesmen,
or for persons filling office poeitiono.
where headaches and general bsd feeling#
from inegnlar habits exist, tbat
Green's August Fiower is a grand
remedy. It riocs not injare the system
by frequent use, md is excellent for
snnr stomachs a id indigestion." Hum
pie bottles free at McMa6ter Co.'?.
! Sold by d-.ai( rs m all civilized countries.
To the Memory of Vfylle SIcKlnitry
Adopted by the Bethel Sun^.iy School.
Whereas, oar Heavenly Fstbrr !>a?
removed from our cnids! ami frorii cur
Sunday School W>Jie McKiu>try ; and,
whereas he was one of our brigbtept
and to-- scholars in :he juvenile ti?
partmetit, and T?as always rcauy to
render any service be was able t.-> give
to make the school a success; * he re for f
be it resolved:
1 Tba? we cherish hi? memory and
feel that his life, though short, was
not in va<n, and th^t wbii? we bow in
obmisBion to o<\v God's w.li, we
know thit the Great jadge of all the
earth is too wiEe to err, too good to be
3. That a copy of these resolutions
Ka Kondad trt Wulia'a r>nr*nfa who Arft
UV uauuvu kv ii j**w ? ^M4vu*wf ? ?
so sorely bereaved, and that they be
recorded ia oar Sarday School record
D. G. Ruff,
Chairman Committee.
Dec. 31st, 1899.
Having a Great Ban on Chamberlain's
Cough Eemedy.
Manager Martin, of the Pierson
drng store, informs U3 that he is having
a greiit run on Chamberlain's
Cough Iietnedy. Fie seils five battles
of that medicine to one of any other
kind, aiid it gives great satisfaction.
In these days of 'a grippe there is
nothing like Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to stop th? cough, heal up the
sore ihroat and lung? and give r?lief
witbi.'i a very short time. The sales
are growing, and all who try it are
pleased with it? prompt aciiou.?Sootb
Chicago Daily Calumet. For gale by
McMastor Jo.
A Former Citizen of 'Wiensboro Dies in
Mr. C. M. Chandler received a telegram
late Friday evening announcing
the death of his brother, Mr. John W.
Chandler, which occurred that day at
2.30 oyclock. The new# of his death
was a great shock to his relatives and
frieuds here, as he was ill but a short
time. He was taken sick on Tuesday
with grip, In* was not considered to
Hp c?>r?nn?! n. (hp flav hflfnrft his
death vw.m pneumonia developed and
caused his death. Mr. Chandler left
"Winn?boro several years ago and
located in Savannah. For some years
he was employed as a clerk in the
Central railway, but for the past two
year* l* been chief clerk of the Florida
' ritt.*! and Peninsula railwav.
He v. i.i !?!-i 54th year of bis age,
having bsf 11 born in 1846, and leaves
a wife und reven i' Hdren to mourn his
fie enlifeted in tb?i Confederate army
at the ge of 16 sud fought gallantly
dnriDg tbe entire war in Co. G, Sixth
S. C Regiment.
Mr. Chandler was a member of the
Presbyterian Church and was a high
toned gectleirian and a man wbo commanded
the reaped and esteem of ali
who came in contact with hira. High
tributes were paid to him by the
Savannah press. Io their sorrow the
family htve the syinpathy of tkis
community where the deceased was eo
well known. Mr. Chandler leaves
two brothers and one sister, Mr. Wra.
N. Chandler, of Aujasta, and Mr.
Cha3. M. Chandler and Mrs. Mary
Phinnev, of this place. Miss Nannie
Phinney went to Savannah Saturday
10 auena me mnerai 01 ner uncie, uiu
reached there too late for the services.
The following account of the fanoral
we take from one of the Savannah
The funeral of Mr. John W. Chandler
took place yesterday afternoon at
4 o'clock from the First Presbyterian
Church. The services were conducted
by Rev. A. J. S:nith and Rev. A. D.
Mr. Chandler had been a deacon of
ihe Frist Presbyter.au Church and
Mr. Smith paid a-< eloquent tribute to
his life as a Christian, a father, and a
husbsnd Besides a large number of
friends, ibe funeral eras attended b^
Lafayet'e McLaws' Camp of Confederate
Veterans. The pall-bearc-rs w?re
Messrs. Walter Coney, Elliot Wav,
Samuol Quarterm*n, J.E. Mays, G. T.
Nichols and C. E liroaghton.
The buriil was made in Lanrd
Grove Cemetery, and the grave was
covered with flower*.
Story of a Slave.
To be bound Land ard foot for years
by tbc chains of disease is tha worst
form of slavery. George D. Williams,
of Manchester, Mich., tells how pnch a
slave was made free, nesnys: "My
wife has been so h:-Jpless for five years
that she could not turn over in bed
alone After using two bottles of Electric
Bittc?, she i* wonderfully improved
aud able to do her own work."
This supreme remedy for letiule diseases
quickly cures nervousness sleep-1
les^ness. melancholy, headache, back-j
acne, fainting and dizzy spells. This ;
miracle working medicine is a t?cd>end
to weak, f-ickly, rundown people.
Every bottle guaranteed. Only 50
cents, fiutu oy aicjft&sicr uo , urn^- i
?Service was held in ^r. John's
Epicc^pal Charcb'-u Wednfsduy night
at 7 30 o'clock by Bishop Capers and
Rev W. E. Evans, D. D., of Trimly
Cnurcb, Columbia. A service vras also
held in the afternoon. j
To All,
Read the f<
' 4
/ -? ?>. Ji
? fi^^+isZ*
[Yours of recent date to hand reque
kidneys, Sly physicians said that I coi
J? gallons drawn from scrotum several
fluid. Was unable to get any rest or b!<
able to attend to my business. I can ]
gfed to give it, as some poor suEerer mi
The trade supplied by 1
john broom.
"Leayes ha?e their time to fall,
And flowers to wither at the North
wind's breath,
And atari to set, bat all,?
Thou haat all seasons for j bine owd,
O, death "
Ou the 5.h of January, John Broom,
of Cedar Creek, croascd tho river, and
on the 6th, at old Baffa;-?, in a epot
selected by himself, and in tho first
grave ever dug ihcre, was deposittd all
that was mortal of him. Mr. broom
wa6 cf an old and most respectable
Revolutionary familv, and was the J
last of bis generation. Ha a j
member of (be Baptist (Jburch for 40 i
years and was deacon of B~ff?:o for
many years. He wi? 69 years of age
&Hd had b?en in tVi'icg htalu lor
about five years. He leaves a wiftf !
and seven children who wih hoars of
friends mourn his loss. He was a
gallant Confederate soldier, a good aid
uselnl citizen, and a true and faithful
friend. He was bor^e to his grave by
old Confederate veterans and comradei
who had served with him. Peace
(o bis ashes. A Life-Long Friend.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid h ealth
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are not fonnd where Stomach,
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of
order. If yon want these qualities
and the success they bring, use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Tbey develop
every power of brain and body. Only
25c. at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
Rot, Benj. Allaton, Ractor of Et. John's ;
f>? *-? ? /*>i nn Mftndav
\*m ,
Evening About 7 o'clock. (
Mr. Alleton was born in Cuaric^o;!, [
S. (J., at the residence of Jaojca L. j
Petigrn,,E*q., the Jaoioua lnwvcr, on ,
I the 26th day ef February, 183S- Lie ,
waB the cldesi son of Governor R. F. j
W. Ailstcn and Arttlc lUter |
| of James L. Petigru, E>q. /le e:?.ered !
i We?t Point at the ag*> of ?ixtpcn, ifcc i
| youngest member of his c:?<5t?f auii :
was graduated io June, 1853 Among |
! his classmates were Generate Sc'tofieid J
and Craighill, U. A. Afer gr&d'ia-1
tiou tic was assigned >o ihe cuvairv !
* !
corps, and &ent on a Tr&ns-Missisrippi i
expedition -a isranch^or wincn service j
he commanded as a lieutenant. The !
| object r. f this expedition was to pacify
some troublesome Indians. After a
J few years of aciive service, during
which he transversed nearly all the
j Western States, hs resigned from the
| U. S. Army in April, 1858. He then
engaged in rice planting until the be-1
ginning of the war for Southern Independence
when he raised, aud assisted
j greatly in equipping, a company of j
rova)M7 which Ve desired to ?0 to !
Virginia, b"t m-jai of she men were i
nnwilling iu leave ti:c State at ?bat.!
lime, as it wi 1 be rememboied t?y '
tho-ke familiar wi.h the history of the ,
times ihat an id?a obtained that a .
citizon should only tsfee up arms 'o j
defend Lis owa State from invasion. j
True, however, to hi* conviction of j
th/? n?]j tn dnir. whatever rcrsht be :
j the opinion of other?, he resigned as!
Captain and reported in per?on ar j
Richmond. After a few weeks drill- j
ir?g artillery, he wsa commissioned j
Major of the 19th Mies. Infuutrj,!
uuuer Col. Motto and Lieut. Lamar, !
which command served under Gen. j
Kirby Smith ?t Mai-as^as Junction. j
After thi* Mr. Allsf'-n served as co!o- :
nel of ths 4th Alabama In fan in , while
Col. Law was recovering from a severe ;
wound inflicted ai Mauaesas. After j
serving *ome time around Norforik be !
was made Lieutenant-Colonel and j
petit to Ea^t Tennessee to report to j
better than cure. Tutt's Liver
Pills will not only cure, but if
taken in time will prevent j
Sick Headache,
: dyspepsia,biliousness, malaria, j
i . i !
constipation, jaunaice, torpia j
liver and kindred diseases.
Ll i nuiN i KtrTiw nascure<
dreadful disease and it v
oilowing letter from R. J. Be
i*zrtZS?Uu<c? 6/upX
4s s-aL^ s
sting statement of my caae which I gladly ?lve. I h
ilil not last but a short time. I was una'olo to lie do*
times. I was completely filled at the time I be
eep except while under the influence o: an opiate. I
20w rldo my horw, a thing I ijaa ceen uaaoxe to ao
17 be benefitted thereby.]
Gen. Kerby Smith al KnoxviHe wben? j
be wag woucded in tbe tide. In i i
January, 1863, he was transferred to ;!
the Trans-Ml-sissippi department as !,
Inspector General for Ger,. Xirby i i
amiih. and continued ic this capacity <
as well ss Chi^f of the Secrer Se; V'ce,)
Rati; tha surrender. j<
On 25th of Febrnary, 1864, be was j
ic?r.ried to Mis? Ellen Stanley Hcbin*; j
80i>. of Texas, who died in 2875 Two j'
children of thj3 ttarr?*gc "arrive, ] \
Mis. M. A. Mooro, now of U-;:on, j (
C.,andR. F. W. Alston, of Trvor-,!'
N. (J. After the war, Sir. Alston en -; *
{ifigc-d in rice plamiog, m d t .r same |
yea '3 was lay-reader in the -.hapel at J
Piarterriile. S. C.; and whii* inter-'!
* 4
cs?c<1 inthv, the lute Uisbop Ho*e re-!
qutsud iha<. he like the ordor cfaj4
I \
dc^ou so tbat ha mtehr. bv? 3Vf:i'able at i
G i J
fuueral8 and weddtag*. This led him I
into theological studies, and he be-1
came so mash interested ar.d im-!
pressed that fce resolved to make the js
sacred work that of hi* life. Aboat. *
i J
this tim* he married Mis? Loniee j
GibertNorth, and was cal'ed fo the!*
rectorship of Prince Frederick'#, Pee
Dee (Georgetown Co.) where be did i
great deal of missionary work among \
? * la 3 ? _ i y
tne poor. 1 ncncc ne was caueu iom
Prhice Georg:?, Winyah, Georgetown, jc
S C.; subsequently to the church atj
Union, S. C., and then to Winnsboro. |
Mr. Alliton impressed his elisrac'er j (
on this community. He loved th* i?
truth in all of its simplicity. He ab-j?
honed auythi';? ostentatious, .snd tras c
true and sincere in all things. This! a
WA' well iliustrati-d even in u>.<* fAcej*
of death, wh^;- be directed U.e utmost i J
-itr.plicity in the manner of hi; bun at ! *
K* vfa? moit thoroughly hone&t wi;h {
hiis-elf. Once examining aod fiiidhig; r
ih*i way of du-v, as i* sppe-.rea to i<
hhu, he pnr'ucni his coiKre vvith sbsc.- c.
iatt faith iJi iu i igtiifai;?es=j b*v&Q?eij
'fvssshoouly coarse marked out by j j
duly. Suc:i a wan cou-.j"? m .h b:- a o'u- ] ^
cHtiula'or, and. therefore, trasku^s.i*
> t
r.?;d candor sad o{:c-i aiain^s '?f|^
ppeech were logically cv.arae*? ristic of j
) im. To thorough aud ?tiOiig> convic- j
lions he add- d bravery and ?>i;l to |
execale. Tb; -c oltinenii nude a I *
Bttoi.g character, bat he had n\>.o many j ]
of the attribute* that lie on i?-c t eider i i
side of life. He was full of tyjopathy j f
and generous, aud softened the s^ern 1
cbspacter of tbe trained fioi'il?ir with !
the sweet and tender grace? of the <
Christian. (
The funeral services were held in
St. John's Episcopal Church on Wednesday,
conducted by Bishop Cspera,
as.-isted by Dr. W. E. Eva-ia, of
UoluuDbia, and iisv. J. W. u. Jcocsoa,
of R>ck Bill.
The honorary pall-bearer- were: [
fir D E. Jordan, Rev. C. i? Mc- '
Donald, W. H. Witherovr and G. H.
Active?J. Q. D*vif>, L. Gantt, H.
Rioc, W. D. Doaglas*, H. A Gailla*d
and U. G. DesPortes. "
Catnp Raine*, U. C. Y , a;tf:nded the
i'ustral services in a body. J
-* r ^
Volcanic Eruptions .
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob !
iifc of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Saive
cares tbem; also Old, Running and
Fever Sores, Ulcer?, Boii<?, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Barns,
Scalds, Chapped Uands4 Chilblains, .
Best File cure; on enrth. Drives on''
Faios and Acb^s Onir 25 ct?. a bos..
Cure guaranteed, L>.. j'cMaster '
Pa /Wmymefc
Vi5 UpQlOlC#
?The cold wave predicted for Sun* <
<}sv v?as a very moderate one ?nd the
sir was ju6t cold enough t? be bracing k
and delightful. The aun Fas bri?h' ?
aud warm and the day was more ike J
asprirg day than a midwinter -Uv. 11
The beautiful weather broaghi ory- *
body out and most of the churches
were well attended. Alter th? rain oi *
laet week a considerable fall in teuipe-j ,
r&fore was expected and the an Jtim " *
Bach an extremely moderate cold wh- j}
was a pleasant eurp " *. j
" ' ? " "" ' * ??- -
s?-*: ?'" - -wi? "" ' * ' ' i'5'* A'"*ays Bccjjii !
S'T (Z^rM^ I
From DR
i thousands of desperate c
rill nnciflvpJv rnw? vnn
, ill j^V^AVlV V1J VMl V J
itsill, Maj. 18th Reg, S.C.1
/IM On*
ave been suffering for three years from dropsy,
ra excwt shortly alter bolng tapped, every tlssu
gan VAUGHN'S LITHONTBIPTIC. perfectly helj
havo u3Cti eight bottles ot VAUGHN'S LITHOi
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Columbia, S. C.
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in every state in the Union and ic
many fr-reign countries that Chamberlain's
Cough K^raedy 11 a certain pre>
ran'arivt; aud c?re for cronp. It hai
x-f.ome :he nritrem! reued? for thai
Ji-ea-^. M. V FMier, of Libertyj
W Ya., only epeats what has been
t?id around l!:<=- globe when he writes:
1 ba^e use.i Chamberlain's Cougi
:\'awej? in nay f*a?ily for several yean
met always with perfect success. We
?-Mieve -hat it is not only the best
jyugh remedy, but that it is'a sure
*.nr~ for crcnp. it cas eayca me urn
)f onr children a number of
rhi* remedy is for sale by McMac,ter
?At; event id ^rhich many of uui
eariers will take the deepest interest
tlift moimiiiM ftf Wr -TaV>T1 H Pifh.
.1 LLiVs LUA11 l?gV VI iU4i wwu
:art to Miss Mattie Harri?, of Pine.' He,
N. C. Tbe wedding, m h&i
kiready been atated, will take piac?
".-day. ar.?d after the ceremony
be bride a?jd groom wiiJ go to Adger'f,
vheio ihey will livt.. The young peo?
lie Triil receive tbe congratulation!
it^d beit wishes of a bo*t of lih'nda
lp-'ii i hei> arrival here. Rev. C. E.
McDonald will perform the ceremony.
Lch ou human cored in 30 minutes
>y W('0"ford's S&nir.arv Lotion. This
levrr fails. Solrl by W. E. Aiken,
Iru^gist, WinDsborO, S. C.
Belief in six- Honrs.
Di*treseii)g; Kiiiney aDd Bladder Disease
relieved in s:x hours by uNew
ire :t South American Kidney Cure."
t i9 a great surprise or acconnt of lis
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
?: bladder, kidneys and back, in male
ir frmsle. Relieves retention of water
ilmost immediately. If yon -want
lalck r- iet ?rd ia-.e this is the remedy,
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S. i'.
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emfsd> I ever used for conghs *Dd
o!d- It )-? UfeqoaUed for whooping
:oagh Ct ildrft*' *!1 iike it," writes
J jN wi.uaiB*. ijenryvwe, iqu.
tfiv.*r fails It Is the only hariclesi
eine:lv 'hat given iaitiiediate result*
Dm*?# coughe, colds, hoarseness,croup,
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w to these diseases, is instantly
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>y t. It ;3 eqnaily efficient for itchiDg
tiles and a favorite remedy for sore
jipr^es, chapped hands, chilblains,
rost bites and chrouio sore eyes,
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bmik-i h*rr??t time for Agent*. 8?od for termi te
A. ?>. "STOKTttLNGTON & CO., lUrt&rt, Cor*.
Executors' Notice.
VTOTICE i? hereby civen ;h".t all
LM persom h.iv;n<r cairns againtt
;be e*rate r. f Beujamiu AHsron,
laceaaed, wil! pr?i<ei;t the same duly
ittested, arid those indebted make payment
to the nnderfiirned.
Qnaiified Executors,
5 Law Ran^e, Winnsboru. S. C
" i2
i 'i
ases of this
^oLs., i860.
Ar7J? /.//! 1
*? &?**& &*^*c*C
^ ^tC
/7 /
general anasarca, caused from liver and
e completely filed, saturated vrith fluid;
jless. legs terribly Inflamed and exuding ;
STEIPTIC and am now comfortable and
my statement as you may desire. I am
JEAR, Winnsboro, S. C.
i gffl
' ^
" s ~~
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thin delivering
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toes. Onions for
? ? . ?. ^
MCMisier aw.'

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