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r& wS AND HERi L > vviUV'Y.
TER*S, IX ADT ' .V j;
One Tear, ... SI.50
Six 'loaths. - .10
WfNi N"3BORG. C.
Wednes lay, January 31 - ^800
The Diimcrat* ?houM make a moft
vigorous figh' against the bil! to subsidize
Americtn *hip<. It is likely
that Uie D:Ji mil pa*e oecause n is in |
the hands of H ;nna in the Senate and
Pogae, of Near York, in the House,
and the Republicans hare tbe power
to pass it. Again it i< in tbe line ot
aH^Kepttb!;can legislature. Th9 policy
that party u*s been paierua), and
to rob one class ~~aTThe tipenseof
/ another. This bill, when it becoiurs a
lavr, will cost the people of she United
States several hundred millions of
UUU&re? CVCi V J Oa;. ao ps/iuivu vu?
by the Memphis Commercial-App-V,
it is worse tbau ihe tariff, because the
hip bnilciers and owners will put
their hands directly into the treasury
and pall out the money. The Commercial-Appeal
says* 'The time has
coim when this measHre should be
characterized as it deserves. It is
nothing less than an infamous s'eal.
The larceoy in a protective tariff is
more or less concealed. i< is mere dj
indirection." Bat a* it very truly
adds: "The ship subsidy bill openly
robs the treasury of the United Ststes
in order to-hire certain persons lo em "
bark in a particular business." The
question then naturally occurs wby
not pay th8 mechanic, the farmer and
others far engaging in their particular
The ship sub?idy bill will help the
very class of people who least reqaire I
help. Tt;eNe* York Journal gives j
an iiei of who win oe oeneniea oy
the following:
There are tweoty-eighi, tank steamers
now in the service of the Standard
Oil Company or its subsidiary oil
corporations which under this provision
would be entitled to receive
$555,030 64 a year, or $11,100,612.80
in the twenty years the contract
would ha7e to run. Iu addition, the
fleet of the International Navigation
Companv, which is controlled by
Siaudtrd Oil and the Pennsylvania
railroad, would be subsidized to the
? ' extent of $2,53^691.08 a year, or $50,
595,32I.t>U for tae twenty years, aiow- i
ing nothing for new vessels. These i
vessels average over eighteen yean!
' old, and tbe oldest of them count* I
\ (hirty-two yeira j
The people will n">t derive one cent
of benefit. Freight will not be any
less. The protective tariff has not reduced
the price of a tingle article, and
there is no reason to believe a subsidy
?^? on ships will make freight less. The
chances are that it will increase freight.
mrongn tne ixews ana courier, wo
loam that Mr. William E. Curtis, th8
Washington correspondent of the
Chicago Record, writes his paper that
"there are * )>m' of fine looking yoang
men on :1 e l-emocratic side of the
Senate, particularly from the South,"
and that utbe old generation, wbe
fongbt io the Confederacy, are gradually
disappearing" and that ''it is a,
singular fact that, although these
yonrg- men have been ejected as Democrats
and confess the creed of that
party, their private views often differ
materially from its principles.'' Mr.
Cnrtis repeats that in answer to the
question Irom him why he did not
vot* the Republican ticket, this particularly
"fine looking young man"
^ ' "If you knew mv kin it would net
*" be tecessary for "you to ssk that question.
I come from a section of the
coaniry where the Republican party,
wltis & tew nonoraoie exceptions, is
made ap ot dnreputf.ble white people
sad ignorant, roisguid??l negroes, and
it wonld be fafal to my social and political
ambition as well as to my peace
of mind if I shonld vote the same
ticket tbat they do. If [ lived in New
York I woa!d be a Republican. If
my Republican friends in New York
lived where I do they would be Democrats.
It is simply a matter of environment."
Commenting on thi3. the News and
Courier say?. "We wish it were
t-v /?rtmnpl Mr. (Turns to ffive
the name of the Senator with whom
he talked." So do we.
r-i.V It is safe to say th&t, if each onfee'
sIods hare been raada by the "fine
'( looking yoanjf men" from the South,
who are masquerading as Democrats
when they are Republican* at heart,
and tho confessions were prove.i, very
few, if any of thea., would get back
to the Senate. Such "fine looking
youug men" have no manhood, and
the fact that the type of manhood of
the (Jonfederstcv ia gradually passing
away is made sadder. Oae of the
greatest beauties in tbe character of
the Confederate soldier is bie deror
tion to principles. The South will
suffer irreparable loss it her public
men have no care for principle.
We publish to-day Mr. Jennings'
ery interesting account of the battle
of Chickamauga. By the way, Mr.
JenniDg3 would maks a good member
of the commission to locate the Soath
Carolina monument, and we now sugj
geat his name. He was a brave soldier,
participated 5n this particular battle,
and is especially fitted to fill the place. J
The Semi-Weeklr Atlanta Journal
led the Weekly News yxd Hebald
for one doHar and a half i* the libers'
offer nude to snb*ciiber?.
- Miss Annie E. Gunning, T\ le, Mich ,
av*: "I fnllVred ? long time from
dyspepsia: lost flesh and became very
weak. Sotlol Dyspepsia Cure completely
cared me." It disre^U w&at
you eat and cures all forms of stomach
trouble. I: never fails to give imme>.
diate relief in the worst cises. Mc-,
g. Master Co.
F =>
Yisitoe- who have noi seen '^imta- j
boro in it eral yean comment opon
ils growth If we had a bui di * and
loan auoc tioo, ic? growth would be
more appt eat tad rapid.
The Bo-.rs have managed their campaign
eo v -11 that ihe suspicion s^rows
that aome -f Britain'* iil wish rs hare
fttrniihed -lome of the seldiers?Grrmuny
for nutance.
? 1 i
Sjccbeta3y Gage iifce Algeria on
the defect 7e?a very dangerous portion
for he politician.
AnEloquer c Plea for tiie Placing of This
St re's BattI# Jl osument.
The State
I see fr? a yonr p3pt r that Gov. McSieeeney
i ? bis mes^sga to i!i genera! !
assembly . ^commends the appropiia- j
tion of tb $10,000 auked f??r by ?he j
United Co .federate Veteranreunion j
of- PKoatf.- Iftftf. sniiimcr. AI'OW an
old Confe erate veUran wrowa* in!
the fijjbt CbickftDiaugi - ts tr?e 20th i
of ;8empt' liber, }S65, and w i'o voted I
heartily ft the rcsol>ni%?--? hi jh.t ?#>- !
uuion, a word a in yo?r *uieiy '
circulated *nd valuable {.'sper; ami
first I wot ?i ?ay the yov*-nsor_Ua^dOi.'e'j
agracefo: act in ree.'-mtoet'cliug it to !
favorable e;>?-iderativ.\. a id I ftelT
assured ' e general asfp'.-'b y will ;
honor itse bv passing t: e bin. i
liut, hir. my chief pnrpoie in writing ;
v *- - t? - ? I
ID18 letter r?? can mr s'itiiuuh .?x
tbe coram! >:on who m ?y i?e anp inu:d ;
to !oca e t 3 monument coru mplati d j
in the b^ll o ihe c'aim* of ^nuiigias#!
bill as the put. Now. sir, H i* a f.-c> i
hat wlul- there were thr*e Sooth j
Carolina b ^aden en^ajftd in <hat great i
battle, to wit: GUI'*, JJaingaBh'* |
and Ker?:-w'ef, brsides other S< ulh I
Carolina i:\ ops not brigand as snch ;
and all di nobly yet it wss o& and
I around Sd dgrasshill where the Ferie- j
ral Gen. T orcas msde fcU la*t deep?- [
rate stand and froo which he was!
not driven 'tail about D'?btf*il, ard 1
Gen. J. B Kershaw's brigade was in i
the awful ocdy charge ib&t helped i
to di?lodg? him I krow tvbe?er<l 11
speak whe I aay few troop* on either ,
aide ever f. ugh? more nobJ v or lost j
more hear y in any battle ot ibe Con
federate w* r. Co. G, of the Third, or j
James' bat ilion of South fCarolioa ir?-1
j fantry, wl oh I had the honor to com-1
mand, los in killed, tjjbur*uon of!
limbs aod hn wound*, I recoUect
it, fully 01 -third i?f tb* >?arubsr ec- j
gaged. T- b<-i?rade ***? c .roposec :f .
the Seconc Th rd, Srven. ard F;f-!
teenth reg; his is, ant', as b> 'ore #*id, ]
the Third or Jamsn' t^Ual'i;^, cf I
seven com: . iie?, tud <; . -?:xf?r<id fe^r-1
falloss. / QOBir 'h? fieN* filers ?vb > j
weretilier outpgut j re ;&.i met.*.-;
iar>tCoK I *:'?? of Eci^fi'va ro -tit/,
in commsr ; of 'bo Sever.;o"d Ca;a.
Town?eud ? vokeshnr., :n comicand ;
of thebaic v?n. I r#mc-jnne?
ly teeing t; enim/ bri-.:^ up batfrr-. j
on the bil jnst north or Sn<dgra-s, I
| orer wbic ?e hit: charged. :*nd n-j
tered a r&v :e between 'wo hii:1". I
11 said to oi mer>3 ?The> *r?- ?-.:in^ u> {
! open a ban y on us," v-hiob use*, diet |
| in ahjrt or t, and the fir-t vf?. ?v tb?-> J
! fired into is -.vith g
they tore v vay one-hv? of 'us ?.e;-.d. j
I don't si' ?po$3 fcere?:z-d rhac Me ?
was struck I rion't ui-.k t.e moved I
j from the ti:s:a he ^ as ?-nv,fc x^ep to j
i fall b8ckr- -rds. Tbi= i:; cUu' oc- :_
[ cnrred as v .> wt-re adva .? :* * ap ihv ;
bill, befbr <ve reached i :e ?7otdst. !
where the ceaay v,'-re. ?* > tve-^e'
then nnder ? fi -p of tuta 0.>r j
| battalion v ? the bvt>x]-.;>: ,.r direr,-j
j ?ion and ^ entire :>r ??->; h*o to j
, keep iUe)t iw ey o?- Our!
| color bear*- *<? Wsq 3>d not |
understand ^ ja-t th-r m \-ni> to aa-1
ranee so a- .j strike ihv l'.?;e j
o-rmo*ftitr A fl.at* TTr^vc r. ! ..-lit/ .Tl^. I
j ? v?w ?i .n. ?. ?. ?- M'j ..v|
cealed by t! woodf? at ?._ r.; ot'?Lr.
bill, Gen. I -ipha'* wallet u > i? hijr
and took lb .'.olors and ou>. in
front of the ?a'talion, ivre.c cou-rt |
be seen by entire line *^.d - *$ ni- j
rancing wi t ;he fla^,wr.?. h\ * lo!- ?
lowing clo - iy at hi> toe?*, u d <io i
doubt feeiii > mortified ?t -*h?i h?? *unposed
Gen Kershaw c^ns.rafd ass
want ei:bfc of coura^f- o-: proper
understand i? of bi-? dut-v, eaid:
"General, : ease give me ihit
ana just tei me waere iu g-v wnn u,;
and Fil tak( t there."
Gen Kers aw banded it b*rk Lo hicn
and said: You t>ee that !*ii*e grsetj
"Yes, sir '
"Go dire? y to that." And ne wen*.
Tbat san * pioc is standing ?hsie
lo-dar, or ^aa in Ja!v, 1?98 It hi*
been my go * tonuue to Tivt Cbicka-1
raauga bs; -tfioia t^ice -'r-co thi? {
eventful da first, in 1897 ??d at- |
in 1898?as I csnuo<
describe a - f*?s?'iigs, v .
bared Lead ! *-<ilfce: :;= ??<jgras? |
bill and loc A ba k t r 35 ir<t:
vening yea* iho* : .vt
when so ra?- c ? *r<? in .* v . d ?v?; '
uoble iQCo. ?h-? d;"- o:
they belie> > be r.?i, a.-L > itook
to <u< J 'Vbe jf- ; *-u T <
look# very i noh hke i: dv. >le<U, t
the fight. ''if: government -a* p"
chased the i'e fL'd in^r-de *
acres aDd h t:<m t : , *. <_>.
to be elearc I fonh ? h-3 vei.
"pot ana ic* ufi wner*- 'w: r>T;seed
fell, d tov oro'.:i<? v-i?f? t
J. W. Ash <*\ was vht?. : .* e .
and he an. I both ? f .t ^v=?killed,
but l is a:ive if.', wb*r?
I received a ^vpiv fl,-'sn 'o-.?rsJ in too
leg, and po< Dare G ^Ore', a member
of my c :ii>af>r. biro? f w *aii iac5T *
let roe lean <u hi3 sboi-tVr ~"d *ai, !
back to the '"^la it'tirain: - I? I <ve:rich
I wonk- visit Utk ? . & . a -re,}
jear of my ; jus- ;o t= e
memory vi i u i;;r;?::n^
But I mi f c'o*?. in-, i : * i-^L-:
ting too lot Most or r;.- <M v.o - i
pany are g^ e; ii. fa. i ' >?? > .?-frpara-;
tiveiy of ?i t baUa:i>?! or >.ir*Ue r??-.
main. I w<. d bs ?o 2l"d ir j
terapia'ed n: sln>n d ? .-* >,ut on J
Sucdtfrags 1!. I thin* n <;;orc ftp-j
proprute i?j --t. cun be f.?un<?. It ii a?
coraaiandinj po-i'ion, and a ?ha?t j
apon its bro or naaiirit c u'd b* I
for a consid i abl? d etst c?% *?id ihenj
no more ga m soldier t,?. Sereraij
Joseph Br*%_rd Kershart iiffcyf ?wei<i *
in defense of fbs Loit C&nse, and it |
VT98 th- seen', of the last filing of
that memorable big bloody battle.
R H. Jennings
Winnsboro, if. U., January 17, 1900.
[In a eabseqasnt communication to
Tne Srate, Mr. Jennings callsatU-uiion
to t^e orn5i(?i'>n of the 8th S. C Regim
til.?Ed News and Hebald]
things theatrical.
On iba evening of ?Le 24tb inr.t the |
New Hope Theatrical Club Micce??-j
fuiy presented, to a large audience, a j
compd'- iu tcnr acts, entitled, ".'Str ike." i
Th:* was the second atietnyi to pre- !
*ent the play, tie first being rasde an ;
FiidiiT ;be 19th bot owing i
'o b?*Y- raioe during :he ai'ernoon;
a; d evening few trere permitted to i
c jthe -bow. The company, by
t: i* iiiie, is vtrjr wcl! kr.owo, .*.e (her j
h ve he retofore presented quite- a good j
? J J I
ids *> [nays in ?tuj siuuuu x_ivyn. j
is one of those plays that J
biinjrr well to light the charter of a !
Ifuiauufrcturer, who at the:
g?une 'ime held the judicial ermine.
\:r J E. 5:evt.aso)i taking ihe leadi
g p:\ri, ihe Jadje, certainly did jas
kh tr- i>', and to say the least of it, it
wa; i-xlremety well acted.
Mia* Mabel Brice, as a maid in the
1 ou.>? i>f the Ju^ge, is to be very, very
h-pbly cottims.idcd ?o the manner in !
which ?be acted the part. This is only j
her second appearance on the stage,!
but judaic# from the way in which J
'be managed h*r part, the wonld sever
be ; ik*!tj foi ar- amateur, but might be
numbered amoo# the professional?.
Mil's Roberta Rosborongh, aa the
beautiful and *t!r*c:ive ward of the
Jud/e, atlinc-ed much attention during
-ho performance.
Miss Maria Simor.ton, as a melancholy
grass-widow, seemingly, vrent
tbroagh thediffioulc part with perfect
LiM* Mi? Manha Simouton attract
qu^e a g.vod d;a' of fctteniion \
in thn pUjr ir- tbs parf of a sick child !
at ;h? do?e of the fiecoud set.
Aro'-ng the cvTOerlians special m^i-1
tior. tnigh' be rasele of Mr. C. J.
Stew<8on, -rbo took tbe part of a
"coon." His very appearance on the
r??e alrays "brought doirn ihe
bouft" 1
Other character!, loo numerous to
ueut.on, frere introduced durinjr the
pprforaarce. The actors reflected
mncb credit npon tbeuuelres. Re- ;
pea^:: app'au** given by the audience
iv trffi'UMr. evidence to show that the
^ * nnrKltr ortintrA/)
Houe S O., January 27 1900
J B OUrk. Peoria, III., says:
wt? t?ul to operate on me
' >( p?!e*. to it F enr^d t^em w'uh DeWi-r's
*Vi?c;; H iZftl Salve." It i* info
pHrc ?:-,<2 disease?. Be??.<] -
f roftii-prieit.". .VcVisiter Co. i
? i
Mt Fr?.ns saber m?d hi* Mi** j
C-.i!T>e. .?f 8 air' 8. vipited th^ir \i?:er, j
%?*;?. J de", U%- S?nd:?v. |
Mr. f'otamau CjIvIh, af>r spending
gwhi!- *t hwioe, tinned toA-iiantaj
t'-we i5uor asT'-, wbere be i* ftkiog *
t-^Drst > a tecl:nvloi.'-cfl? school.
bt In ber.n a good dtiM of work j
d. ' ^ : Vrfamtcrv for rhr n<?xt c~op.
Tlic;-; * some complaint of t? e oat<
^avi--- b*eo ravaged some by the
co.J v-.: tjjor raring Cbr'stmafi week
b'.i< t, ! ug > to hurt the s?and<tu
a- v ??x-c'mI . (
w-- a. --> ;;nin? > to chronicle ihe recent
d t- si.. J rrowder, vrhich
c-f u-.-itd ^st Monday morning, the
22 . t i>. i.. a bis residence ?u tbe
ri?-kli ? ^ <,ei#i/>orhi>od. He Was sick ;
. . i
v>'*!; * *?-- He vrai taken *itbaj
b. ~v re??;!N-d :a apop)exv He j
tr. ??? ii:s 67'i year. Mr. Crowder I
j.-s s,<? childr: n living and twu dead,
f. i-iy ;;>*adcbi d ' tn Jiving and teven
cuad. O ir dt?ra*ed friend waa an
h straigh'k rward, 'rntbfnJ, npr:gl
t cnizeii. coiifc'eutions in ibedie ;n?rw?
;? ever? outy, thereby winning
and vf>.iainer jfce respect and confiorir
of h:t aof^ciates. Hj wa* an
ex-i.<v.<e<l*raie fcc-ldier and rendt.red
? * * ?- * ?- ? ??-?? J-. fitodw #av? Cat* f I
}(; ;ism *or*:ur iu iug nai jvi u -uiu- i (
? i; u-; ^oii'iPiicc. Ue hrlonged to the!
17 k S. C. Kcyimeii', and I am told b? i,
orae c-f bis ciate? in that vrreitj,
*fng5:e that his qaiet, unassuming!
and nnoif^nuiiorj manner fetid ?in?i(
cj-.ritv of pnr;.o*e mado Ihsir IwprenB
upon bis comrade*. ,
Or'*:' thosa *hr? pa<*rici paled in that
co.flli; of modern timet I
think the Confederate *oidier who enJi*ted
i* a private and fought the batrjta
ot h'? con?:,-y, returned to bU '
corned fi d it in ruin*, his farm de
v*staicd, his etock killed, bis bams
Hup'y, trade destroyed, bis money
his social <*teuQ fsudal in
" We haye three children. Berore the
birth of the last one my wife used four bottles
of MOTHER'S FRIEND. If you had tha
pictures of our children, you coold see At ,
a fiance that the last one
Is healthiest, prettiest and
finest-looking of theai all. 1 j1
Ky wife thinks Mother's
Friend Is the greatest -
and grandest
remedy in the {J '
world for expect- ff' '1
Written fcy a Ken- 1
tncliy Attorney-at ^Jfgp|j I,
1*11 *F MO prevents nine-tenths of t!M j
llll suffering incident to child- i
' birth. iScorning mother's fdi^os.'ti^ti
and temper remain unruffled ; <
throu^i-.-ut the or tisal, because tils nslax- \'
ing-, pccetratfng liniment relieves the i1
usual distress. A ^coti-natured mother j
is rrctty s^re to t are a good-natured child* i
The pi!ient is kept in a -strteg, fcealthj j
condition, which tat child also inherits. .
Motet's ?rtead taies a wife through thfl j
crisis quickly almost painlessly. U j
assists !n her rspid recovery, and vardl j1
off the dangers uut so often follow
?> jIU by dru7y;>ti for $1 a fertile.
Ssr;! for our free I'luttr-ted book vrriUe* ! ]
gxprefeiy mutters. ' i'
|| ^ . ^ | .afjj ^
il I _ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
i'j /VegetablePreparatioufbr As- ]l||
lj sibilating tkToodandRegula- T| i?j
I Ipj
| Pronwte3Digestion,Cheerful- |S*
f 'ness^adl&st.CiJntams neither Hi
| OpiuirCMorpfcine norHDexaL g
f, ItoTNarcotic. : ?
K ptaxphr. Su2>~ ' 2H
* > Jbz.Xen/10 * J
I! JiaArfb Svfc - rggi
(j siavcSeeoC *
CI jhamitusEt 53&AcEa*?&*
K fKftnSud-.
| J |1
|j AperfscfHcmedy forCoristipa- jfj I
fi don. SourStoiaach.Diarrhoea, pS I
I Worms .Convulsions .Feverish-! JM
H tv?;c ptnn Loss OF SLEEP. |r$|
1 facsimile Signature of <?|
.* il ,
! p I
mxiiki&tiwtmmamt 'jjjiu gwimjimmwi
I I ? ?
J?? inHtrificeiicp, his people without
i** or le*<?! sratns; a*id vrtth limited
i>r.j>ortarie lio*? tbe*e men rrent to
v?i rk and hy diligent application to
bmire*# :"nev brougn-t otter out of
nrrl lfyi.'irpfi thf> "Ne^ South tO
th. brradwitining aenvitv of tbe Old
Onr deceafipd fiiend was one of the
tx?ft farmers of thi-* S2ciiou cf the
count \ fie was a coiujistant member
of Salem Pr< F>bvierian Chnrrb, and a
highly rcap^c^d citizen, wt-inD wa3
mAdtene 1 bv the large concourse of
people that followed hi* remiins to
their final re-fir?1 place. The funpnl
services were co:?dnc*ed by Rev. P. B
Irigranam. who preached a.veir able
discourse, after which the r*m iiu?
weve interred in Salem churchyard.
We 'endcr our sympathies '0 the be
re&ved family, Rob'. R. Jeflares. ;
T<>* toon
"It iii a MirprUing fact'," Prof.
Houion, 4,1 hat in my trayel* in al!
pari* of t:,e world, for ihe last len
years, I h^ve wet more people ba?in<r
usfd Greek's An'>u6t Flower Jhanany
:-t??or r* rr? 'ii7, for dyspepai*,- deranged
liver and ciociacb, and ion consiioa
tioii. I fi?-} tor toarl-te aj>d ?ale*inen,.
oir for pej'oj'g fillirjr office position.,.!
vrb^ro be-idHsnes and getvefal bad le-jiincsfroui
irregular babitfc-eiwt, that
GNun's Augus: Flower . ;ig -a. grand
ifciredy, [ Wo, s not i,njare.jUie s^tcm
bv ;Vequ^;<'. ess, "#nd Is MCcelleBt for ,
sour *!unwh?-a-.d intfrsFsiTon." Sairip.e
botilea free at iicMaater LW
oi ld by d'-aler? m all civi'frz^d cou'sIrie*.
m i'?; - k_
W# hare been saddened at thenewo
or ''ie death or' oar restive, Mr
JNi f*ola<? 1' JLy !<*,.'w.nicn occnrrtu ou
W*d<s.dxy. January 10. *t"hl? hoce iu
Lisden, A'a,: He was tte third son of
Crpr. and ^rs T. il/Iiyles, was a
guilaiK eolcifr, *er?iog'as a ueeqiber
of ibc old BncLhead Gnards, Siiih
8. C. V., hroajjjcut the wiir, surviving
uix brother*, Capt. IV. Boykin
and Aa?tin P L7Je$,'who 1>oth fell in
Virginia?the firit Ifading hia company
into battle; jit Seven Fine* ax:d
the latter in iho.feiege of Petersburg.
uO? fame'a eternal camping-ground
Their siifcut tents sre spT^ad,*- '
AnrfoiL>r\ gtiirda vsitli r.olemn sound
Tbe biyi-oac ui ibc dead^Sjot.
ifier the mr, Mr.'L\le? married
iiiss Lonise PuliniJz, of MareDgo
county, A!a., wbithfr he . removed,
and speui hi* ;i:e, discbareiDs his
ij?;ies a* a cirzen faiihmlly ar.dhon
i>raoly, serving atone time as sheriff
i>f ^3ieu{:o. Hits wife and three cLil
d.eo anrrive bitn. .
*Ji*a Ai.-jie Ljle? has been n ry
sick, but is row convalescent;
>'i?d Estrlic Lyleu'La^ retained to
her *ch-H>! i?i Aik-;n ccnn^y, ... .
Mr. Job.i Fee;an<T family hart* je- "
mc^ed from Biiena Vias to Wolling,
where he has engaged in baiibess wi h ]
Hon. J. G. Wolling." *
On the 3rd of January Hits Maggie
Aiken, daughter of Mr. Dgvid Aiken,
wa* married to Mr. ? Booty by Rev.
Mr. iDgrahani. -
Rer. E. A. McDowell has bera
called 10 ihe pastorate of Rock Creek '
Church, and we hope he will accept '
Mr, ?1. J. Coleman, of Prinrf.oii, I
Ark., has been visiting relatives i*i this i
t* inmnnity. - 1
Ths friends of Miss Josephine Ladd
ffere g!?f* to greet her once more.
She was visiting her niece, Mr*. R. L.
Wiiks, but has returned to Chester to
tbc h jnJo o; Rttterree.
January 24 1900. Nimporte.
! '>us been demonstrated repeatedly
?rerv ataic iu the Union and iu
ta my f.irvign countr"e* that Chauibpr:a"-v
^Tongrr: Ili'iutfJy is a certain prerenuttiv
ai:d care fur croup. It has
oe.u.oa i'<c :<:irersjil retie^r for that
M V. Fisher, of Libei ty,
W v'a.. o:.!v iepe&ts what has been
fj.id cro-jpd the ^obe wnan be writes:
tfcl Nave (jharabenain's Cjogh
fain jay family for several years
ano a'wa;.s ^ith perfect success. We
?>et;.ave !har it is Dot only the best
r<>i?A.tv. lint that it i^'asute
err. iV-r or-up. ' It hi? *aved the Jive*
of ?. nr cri'dren a number of time?."
Tn - re'n-^v U for sale by McMaster
Everybody here will remember Mr.
J ft. Ken-sedy, who clerked i-evaral
years fy/ Fi zpatrick & Br&., and all
Trbo knew him, will be sorry to letrn
of hi* death, which occurred last
Wednesday, after onlv a few days ill- <
oeifl, at Washington, Ga. :Ile wa? a
clever, -ccomofiaiirg. generous hearted
man., true to bit friends and faitbfnl '
f?"?iic Anml.ivora II?; remains were!)
interred af Cii.'heAood, S 0., his old I
b -un*, ^tierci Lis wo; her a?d everai
unlets reside. ?Lancaster Ledger.
m m ffe $ v** r ; %
Cft'5. ^ 1 ; 43 <
t-ipr4?; ir J fc* . ' ' =-k&4
kiSf.:v & -?*' % >. .i-3 E |
rcr lqfau?.:- sjjj. C'Mic:. eru
\m Kind Yoa Have
Always Bosght
Bears tue / ^ ?
Signature /Mw
ft lF The
'If Kind
i)r Ymi Have
m w vb a a is w
Rlways Bought,
utf ^rMTti.g MMB4MV. Nrw VflaK ClTY.
Professor Spencer of the White Oak
school is.again at his post. The familiar
tone of hia bi? bell is again
heird eveiv morning and coon.
We are fclad to bear that Mre T G
Patrick is mncb better. She ha? been
verv ill for several da) 8.
One of Jhe tuost social events of the
holidays was had at the home of Mr
and Mrs J W Bankhead 011 the nijrht
ot the 12 h. I: wa* given ;n honor <>f
the Mioses McDotftJl and McDjuald,
of Wa'erc^, aud M!*s J.*r>ki'>p, of
Mr Uoberi Wy.i t, wi h >ev.>ral uiher
> i?vi- g Fairfieid boj left re-Jc^dny for
Soaih Georgia. Tnev expect u> ?.n
gage in tte :umber attd rxilroa<l buaiiio??.
We wiih them success.
Solicitor J K Henry and Mrs DeWhite,
(Ches?er, spent several days
last week with iheir *i$ter, Mr? TG
R. II. G'>Z4 ia borne again on
bis own section Fie has De-n in
Chesrer ?eve*al week? in charge of a
la<ge force of band-; buildi-ng a new
side irack throcub the city.
j?r J il Neil speni 337 > it
week with friends and relatives in
Chester nnd Blacketock.
it.,. 7 .k? OAK'I.^ah At; i Ko 1ttih
>J ? B. ft'iuu UVUIIfUII IVLt vil lilt/ Jkv < |
for her home in Texas. Mr. Charlie
Robinson, ot Longtown, and her
brother, Mr. Wi 1 Lathan, accompanied
The farmers in ihis section hive
ab?ur all reorganized lor the new tear
and settled ^wn lo woric, hoping to
make a go? .1 cp, .et 1 good price,
pay a!l their d 'bts aud begin the twentieth
century a free and happy people.
January 23, 1900. Sentinel.
Dr. Cady's Condition Powders,
^ -> naflHa nrh/i.. in
arr ju*i wuat a uuioc ut&M? ? m w. <
bad condi ion. Tonic, bl?od. purifier
and vermifuge. They are noi food
but me-iicine and the bett in use to
put a Uorse in prime condition Piice
25 ceMs per package. For tale by
Mc'SJaMer Co
The State.
Alter some di?cn?tion ths hoiue
L- ^ D Da/vcr^n ) n' a Kill t i\ nrft.
KiilfU iUl XJ? U* JiiagouMiv 9 uiii iv ^/?vride
tbat policiea. of life insurance,
which are tnade payable to the executor*
or administrators ot the insured
or in which the beneficiaries arc not
named, or are imperfcc'lv described,
F.h*ll insure 10 the benefit et the wife
and children, or heirs-at-l&w of the
Mr. E. B. Ragsdale explained that
su it now *unds the law provide; that
where the beneficiaries of a policy are
Imperfectly deacribtd, ibe creditois <>f
the deceased get the benefits rather
than the wile and children of the insurer.
A Jot of men insure their lives
upon tbe representatious 01 me m
snrance agents. They intend the
policy for the benefit of wife and
cb Idren. The creditois ought not to
have preference ever the family, but
tbe policy can bo made payable to the
adnaioisirator for the benefit of the
creditor*. The bill dc#s not prevent
an assignable policy.
Mr. Rogers said that tbe bill wa*
datigeroun in iu tendency. He himself
has a paid up policy which is now
' - ? ? * - * . v _ ?_ r :? J ? %.
gilt edge collateral, om u me uni ui?urr
dif?cu<8ion bad Deeo tbe law hi* paid
op policy would not b? worth aovLl-ing
to biui as a mesna ot collateral.
Ou mnti'ju of Mr. McLaughlin the
bill was indefinitely p^atpon-d.
Secret of Beauty
' j health. The secret oflie&irh : ,
: power to digest and anr.L
Ute a proper qurnity of foot
" ran never be d~nc v:L:
*he iiver does not act it's v?~:
Doyou know th is ) j
Tutt's Liver Pills are an
u t.- cure fcr sick headachc, ci y - \
^epsia, sour stomach, malarconstipation,
torpid liver, p?lcs :
;a.?nd:cc, bilious fever, billotc.:.d
Tutt's Liver Ph!?
Final Discharge,
ow the 9fh day of Febrn*rr, 1900, I
wiil apDlr to !he Judge of Pn-bate for
Fairfield County, at Lis (fficeintho 1
Conr! !I?>u?p at Winnaboro, 8. for
a final discharge aa Admini?tratr'x of
be e?tate of J. ? briber,
1-9-4W Adaioistratrir.
The Easy Running
Semi Mil,
The most modern Sewing I
Machine of the age, embrac ,
ing all the latest improve
ments. Unequaled for Dura
bility, Range of Work and
Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Correspondence
solicited. Address,
General Agent, j
Richmond, Virginia.
book agents "wanted for
. the grandest and !>ooU ever pobiished,
-er-^ <a r> , "3?<, \1
Pulpit fceiioes i
Containing Sir. MOODVN L-?i Strfu^.s vrilh - <<? f
ThrillingMo::cs, locidwta, Personal -inc. ;?3cv< c-t;.. uioU I
By 1). L. Moody !
hvntelf. 'WiUmMrnplrt? h i ?t<KT of 111 fe! > r CK&K.F. !
OOSS, Pastor Mr. Moody's Ch!fsgo Church ?c ?*"c y?;-s. J
and ai Introduolion br Jfev. l.TStAX A RKOl'T, 1>. [
Brand new, <iOHop.,b"nitifii'JuiI.'nfira'fii. C7"I.0CO in v j
AGENTS \VANTK?->ter and Women.
mnvnue - a harvest time for Agents Send for wm.* tu >
A. 1>. WOliSWStif tfX i CO., Hartford, C?> |
:s; j;.-~t.?%.->-??' -? . ..-"J ' -?1 I
i f-- ? ?< ^ '' ? JeiH I
a&I .^uiuiifiei tha hair,
-:<V'' ^ Vi kcuriant growth.
MKSjSSP'S -Xr'i -N'--cc >ai'3 to laesioro Gray ;
Has? ti its Vocthful Color. |
- " .<!:?"? * htirftJliag.
Founded 1842.
5 m $0 aSsP M|?
"Sing their own praise."
If you reckon tlis piidlo?s joy ana !
permanent ra'ue 50a will get one of j
those celebra'ed STiU.Fi? I'iajmjs. j
They are tna.le with all thai ?kill which ,
only 5 ears of constant and careful ai-1'
teation to t-very dfinil of th?ir c>i'-j
strnction can cororcar.d^
Mill's MM
Therefore we won't bnrden }0U
with an nnr.ccetsanlv B[G PRICE.
Convenient lerros. FINE TUNING
Chas. M. Stieff,
Factory Branch Warc-Rocm, No. 213
Forth Tryou St., Charlotte, N. C.
G. H. WILMOTH, Manager.
In the Outset
For 1900
rr>/\ mri? i AT IT
both country and town lor
their liberal patronage for
the past ye-ir ?nd will do
my best to merit a c ntinuance
cf the same.
I now call your attention
(o a complete
line of
Plow-, Road ShuTels,
Spade Fork?, Manure
Forks, Grubbing
Hoe?, Matiocks, Ave?,
Broad Axes,Hatch< ts
Haud-Sawp, (Jio-e-Cut
sjarv pj VJII iu^-wtvuvr|
Grind-Stone Fixtures,
Strap and Bntt Hinge?,
by the customers |j
The prople who are the w i?-e8t jadget
of qaalitie* and values Our 1
i fieri ng of
and all other iines of S?aplc. and Fai ?.? I
Groceries can ba actej t <1 a* the bed J
produced. We searched :he market*
for the choicest (not the cheapen)
5ro?dp, and the remit of ? ur ^ucce^efai
bajiDg is here for our cu?'cmf-r-\
W have just r^cRivpd a fine lot or
Early R >pe aod Goodrich :*eed Potatoei;
also C>Dion Sets.
J. D. JJc'JARLEY & (.0 -
?c 1
vv*irb h fell stork of (*??kH8, Bumi *
Cases ind Coffins, conwantty < n ban*?, =
and cs ?f burse whtu r-qae*t?<J. ^
Tbaukfui for fiw patronage and soliti- g
:a'j'?M f.<r a share in the future, in tiw ]
old s'aod t
J- 3 ?_ ?. ?11 k?... c
i ail* a iei'utru iw s> ??j I THE
roi? CASH
A <*i4A A+ Ul1 wf m
tU'C Hut s;uiuin
for rbose wbo I
tobu\>witb wev
that are as loi
can be bought
Every one who is up v*
been a great advance in Cotto
kinds. We have many goods
We offer a bargain in a few ps
Dress Goeds at cost to
r\ _ t.
rer uress ooous m ti
lot of Ladies' Fine SI
$2.50 and $3.00; price 2
We have many goods prii
price. These are bargains foi
Come tc
The Caldwell Dn
? - - J
of style and we will satisfy your i
littlest expense. Calf, Kid, Cord<
patent leather?take your chak
in mind that yoo get the Senefi
shoe experience in Buying of us t
are laying our plans to sell y<
5 Ton or vah
I profits all your life tfuc a fete pro
That means little prices aca wg
Q. I). WIT
B? trill forward you t
a You can exuaint it
lately tbe grand
m tionary Uian yon
Ba and charge! and tab
B more words, phra
H Webster's Intenu
WffWffifWl published, contains:
ran Worcester's lates
Gil! a.
Larrdreth's j
Garden Seed
-and- !
Onion Sets. !
Triumph, Early
Rose, Beauty of[
Hebron, and
oeed irisn i-'ota-j
toes. Onions for,
cable. j
Kdtafer CipsifJ
Kfldol i
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Mature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive orans.
It is the latest d iscovejed digestand
tonic. No other i^Sparation
an approach it in efm5e^v. IJ. in
tantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
flatulence, Sour Stomach, KataM*.
5ick Headache,Gastraigia,Cramps, an?
ill other results of imperfectdige?tioB.
Prepared by E. C. DeWltt A Co.. Chicago.
Wmusboio, S. O.
^_ -
q drebit trabe, but^ M
?ave the mone? % j|
vui name pi
? as tbe same f||
tn tbe State. Ji
*ith the times knows there has fl
n Goods and Domestics of all .SI
of this class at old prices.
close out; and all Winit
prices. Bargain in a
loes; small sizes worth
low at $1.50. II
:ed now lower than the factory jl
/ OV-N-/ *?I. V > I
f Goods Company, a
Dress I I
5ho6S? ]
I It's always well to have an
extra pair* If you think you
can't afford it, suppose you re- IS
fleet that it costs you no more, J|
for when the work-a-day ?*9
shoes are worn out the extras
fall Into their place and the ; 1
new pair is Kept tor or ess.
Therms plenty of room for
choice -a
own taste at SEE
* "SeIz"wt6eSole j
t of an out
in J that we ttaty<"""ly- &
DU shoes as Ca17 Cf,Aac
have little - ^ JllUeS |
fft just once, jfiiake jour feet gfauLl
satisfaction. " J|
rranTin * 1
jJul *
jJs One Mar; |
it and Mad It to. us with one dollar and we
hit 9 10.00 Dictionary, subject to exaalnmti.au. .
&t yoar nearest express office and if focnd absout
bargain ever beard of and a bettor die.
have yet seen, pay the express agent ?3.95
e the book. This Dictionary contains 15,000
isecand definitions than are to be fOim<*. In
itional Dictionary. It is the latest Dictionary
felly 46,000 more words tnan weoeier o sua
it Un&brldfed Dictionaries and has 2S0 more
eri^r, the reference is exact and it is absolt;t >y
i gra<1?. np-to-date Dictionary on the market. Renarj
is printed on Sr&t-c kiss paper made expressly
clesr typs and is l:r.n^somely bound in FULL
marbled edges, indexed for only $4.95. As a
n?iy has ABSOLUTELY ZiO EQUAL. Send yonr
rafcjd catalogue of books s.t special price#, FREE. n.
Easufa'tnrcrs. Akron, Ohio.
r Company i3 thoroughly reliable.]?Editor.
* 7
it may
f"- -4
:n pr.sitioii (Oiui tJ \OcL 1?* ali*?h"g
jc u mav nectl ?hit i* k*pt in a.
W<*!1 Regulated
0 ^
drug store:.
If 10.1 preecWE'
AN 00 IT.
if \un n? i-d *"?Svnit)*.
if \<rti 4 i? <>f? Bm>h.
WE tl \VE IT. |
If *011 e ?1 Ptrfusuerv.
If you nceel a:?y.h:r?j> i?. t^e ve#Y i-f
Dror< an-i Pa eut Metiic.isc .
If you tset-d 'or V'-m hon*?*.
J. H, Mclvlaster Co"
l) Rvjf.8'S.
_ _f " ^11
Notice to Voters
r B?> k* of 1?'?i>tratioo f?:r the
nf>X' v? i i, *' to I f hrld on
Ar?*i 2" f'\< f' r ! ( I n Mirl ?onr
W?rile"- 'or l?
** w 1<1 * ])* " !vj titt* r?-s?i-tpr!? iz
< v 'r f ht th* ?T- C "I Jo^li V.
S*T)i J ?sua?jr I :<j>d *. )se?J
i5.>i 1 1900 A'! Vifi-rfi ii. if i? ? h
ii ii j qnut-d to regi?*rr vriih'.n
J E < OAN,
[ >tf dant.
Supervisor of Registration.

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