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XMk> *** 1 ?
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Wednesday, January 31, - 1900
:.'?OAt, J=RIKF>.
? i .r c a: V \> -H>s*rd flili
meet o.i \ex< JJonoat, 5^b ? Febm*ry
?A new three-ruO'a .ottijre for
rent. We.i go d wa'>-r convenUm.
J (J 8 aji.
?M-. \Y. A Beatyaudf milyan ived
zir- into th^r boa-son Main < r*et Thurs^
^ ?Ch??iie Je-jBi?5*s j? ?cl>back on
? tfc? FrctbmenV f?,ot b*)i a; rite
Sc utu Uirolina College.
?A complete sr-.ck cf d;es* "itOAR
asd iau.ev shoes ar'Q. O. VVxi.'ifoid's.
Reaa hi-sdreriisunent.
Mr. J. Sr^er, Sedaii*, Mo., e&rtti
his chad's Jile Dy up- ?;am<s >.v?|u
_ Cure. Doctor* h*.d j:"0:* her u*.> 10
die wii1! croup. Ii'? un <-ar<i
fOs.* c-oopht, coid*, grippe. yiienni-.'Dia,
br>nchuis aud throat and !ausj troabl":g.
Relieves at once M~M*sierCv.
?Dr J C Buchanan in-;avtag >0)pr-retina:*
made oq the \7iife house
whicj he now o^u* and "ecupie8.
?Mr M. H. Mob'e> b*s recently J
parcha^cKbe (x;oe?coel ho-ue which
he has beerr-^wu^iug for eererai
yein k*id ie uow h*vmg itUr?rPTement?
made abosr .-he premises.
^ ?The following yuoug men went
rfrom here to attend the Harris-Catb?
cart wedding on Wednesday: Dr.
?' Bamnei Lindsay, Messrs. G. B. McMtster,
C. K. Donglass and John W.
Ca:hca. t.
"I wa? nearly dead with dyspepsia,
tried doctors, visited mineral spring*,
and grew worse. I o?ed K >doi Dyspepsia
Core. That cured me.1' It
digests what ;.oa eat. Cures ;.nditfes|k
tion, soar stomach, heartburn and all
forms of dyspepsia. McMatter Co.
?The reception in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. John H. Ja1. heart wss held
Cy/ at Mr. and Mrs. Samcal Cutbcari'* o*
|.J- Friday night trvm 8 to 11 o'clock, *na
? ' was thoroughly enjoyed by the gaest*
| who wer? present,
f ?We hear that Mr. Alex Macdonaid,
of Blackstock, wiil aore to Cbe?W?
* ter and take charge of the ttore to be
opened at the Eureka mills. Tui*
I will be a valuable addition te Chester'i
citizenscip.?Chester Lantern.
E Mrs. R. Churchill, Berlin, Vt., says:
"Our baby was covered wun running
gore?. DeWitt's Wiich Hazel
Salve cared her." A specific for piles
Sf and skio diseases. Beware of worthJ|
^ leas counterJeits. McMa?ter (Jo.
|| ?The Fairneld Oil and Fertiliser
F-?"" Company paid $107.50 privilege tax
last year. The money paid b? the different
f-rrtiilz?r companies 5n the 8tai?
Pp. 1* amouDt* to a verj large sum whtch
H? is used for the benefit or Clemion ColBr
?T. A. Sbipp, ex-tnperie-endant of
the Fakfieid Uotion Mill, Winntboro,
S. C., is now located in Augusta. Ga.,
"~J "' Vi?? i?V?n c h* I f
vjysf. auu xv in x ivu ajiw w ??*
i| interest in the firm of R. E Elliott &
f Co.5# farn'uare and undertaking establishment.?Textile
"One Minnte Cough Care is the best
remedy lerer used for roaghs and
cola*. It is aneqaailed tor whooping
congh. Children all iike it," writes
f v "y H. N. Williams, GeatiTTille,* Iud.
Nerer fails. It Is the only harmless
remedy .hat gives immediate reaahs.
g Cure3 coaghs, colds, hoa"renes8,eroap,
pnenwonia, bronchitis and all throat
" i and lung troab'es. Its early use i>rs?
lafc ^ Ten:s coDSUinption. McMaster Co.
tail* Tae bill proviaiog for an election of
? ttngtecs for this school district has
^ been introdaced bj Senator Ragsdale.
*>- A bill to prevent the adulteration of
?- cotton *eed meal and other feed meals
1^. was al*o introduced by Senator Rags*
||V dale. These bills were introdaced on
r Tnesday.
?A fi^ht occurred on Saturday be^
tween two u??ro men, Jot Lse and
Prima* Williams, and resulted in
> ... - Wiliiam* being s#Tereiy injured. Jot
- Lee threw a rock at Williams which
s struck him oj the htad and catting a
itmH which had to bs sewed up by a
y*s ?* "- (
|| physicia >.
f Jf . ?The member* of the Zion A. M. !
^ E. Chnrch, who have recently built a j
% new charcb at tbe rear of the Epitco-:
r~ p pal cemetery, are bow adding to the
% charcbly appearance of the building
r *? - by having a bell tower erected. When
F % this is fiaished the Zion congregation j
1 will nave a very neat little house ol
[ worship.
1 Itch on human cared in SO minutes
2 * by Woolford'i Sanitary Lotion. Tbi? j
i never f*il?. Sold by W. E. Aiken,
^ druggist, Winnsboro, S. C.
?Tbe State on Sunday said that Mr. j
M A. 6 D Eglass hai been telegraphed
for to Winaton-Saiem to *ee hi? ?i*ter,
* " m ;it
fj&ro. iia;iuuu*t nuu u Mimuau; ill*
r It i? feared from tbis that a chaoje for
| the worse has uken pisse. It is hoped
that the next report will announce an
improTeraent in her condition.
?Tie State on Friday published a
-^r atatement of ihe loans made to countiei
by the State sinking fand cominish
lion sine* the act making such ioans
-3^. was pa-sed. The loan to Fairfield
^ with tho additiou of 5 per cent inte.
\ rest from Marcb 1st, 1899, amounts to
Ill $7,097 00 The total amount lent by
the com?)s?iou is $113,034 S3,
tag/ ?The nre exiingo.ishers Lave been
put in th? standard warebesse at the
cotton mill, and Mr. Woodside and
Mr. Mitchell wbo were putting in the
system hare returned to their home*.
The warehouse i* a large one and is
2Z- ms Kn'lt o/?/?rtr^inor frt tSo rprmirninentl of
the insurance companies. I' is situated
^ K near the factory.
pr" -r ?Mr. R R. Rothon-n^b, who rent
sides in Fail field connty, on the new
line of thtf Soaboard Air Line, was in
' the city jesterdsy Mr. Re?boroagh
gay* be i* preparing to pnt np two
larg* saw mi.Is. This i? au evidence
B Sr^ of y> hat it;e nev- ro*d wiil do for toe
country between (Columbia aud Cam|||
II _ den.?Tlu Statp.
Br ^ ?Wr. Job.* G. Moblev has beer; a>HL
poin ed on a committee to revise the
- * - ? . t y? A
preimuul il-ltu ine oiaie r?ir aw
jtt ci-iiion. s>tc-e ?rv H ?!lowav was i:?
ColuuabU a few tla e ago ana in an
flgf art;c!e regarding bis ri?t in The Mate
BLggL- it was sai.i that the list of premiums
HL i at the f*ir i? to be increased. The
|l a$3l ^ spring meeting of the associs'ion Is to
89 f be held on Wednesday the 7th.
^HRpi ??? ?The cooking elcb beid a meetiug
on Friday r.iaht at Mr. aiid Mrs. W.
g|?*" H. Fieuniken's, Muses Kttherine and
lai z: Margaret Fienniken being the hos
3 /
? Why cough and risk consumption,
when the celebrated Dr. John W. |
Bui :"s Cough 8yrup will cnre you at
onco? It never Mis to cure throat and
Inn?- troubles. For bronchitis, sore ,
throat and hoarseness it is invaluable. !
Will cure a Hacking Cough.
DoMi ar? small and pleasant to take. Doctor*
: recommend it. Price 25 cts. At all druggists. '
! at ! mi immi . 1 m
. The twenty r ur rounjr pccipl
--bov: and girli?had * love'-y
ind delightful refreshment!,
made o> the jirls of the clab, wer*
erred. These girl* are becoming
in the art of makis g: dainty
will ?oon be ai.illed cook*
D* Wt^i Little Early Ri? t* purify
the b;ovd4 clean the li rtr, i?>vi?oratf;he
-vrtem. Famous little pills for
con-ti pa'ion and li?8r troubles M.v
Master Uo.
?Mr. Wheeler, the new proprietor
of'be Winneboro hotel, arrived here
Wednes ay evening accoEip'vaied by
hit family and they are no>r fettled in
tb6ir rtevr home. These miw arrivals
I :i Winnsboro are heartily welcomed
and everyone wishfi them *Hcc*sin
th* work ibey hare undertaken. Mr.
Wheeler and family came bere from
?Th? Atlanta Journal aav? that the
records sbow that open Jamnaryi are
followed by rough Febrntrys. Thi?
it a prediction that many people have
been making and certainly was the
case last February. The 14th of February,
1899, i* a day which will be ;
long remembered as the coldeit dav
ever known in the Sooth and we do (
not want a repetition of thin crnel 1
weather this jear.
?Tfc.j Greenville Daily Times, * '
newsy Utile ereaing paper which ha* :
! been runciug for about six mon-hs,
I has suspecded publication, and it if
thought that th s is permanent. The
Greenville News states that an afternoon
edition will bs issued by that
paper and it will ha begun at once.
j JLUV V JiltUl <Ji VUV TT kwm m
bas long been bis "intention to bare an 1
afternoon paper. 1
I want to let tbe people wbo snfi&r '
lrom rteamatisa and sciatica know 1
that ChamberJaia's Pain Bairn relieved i
me alter a tomb?r of other medicines j
and a doctor bad failed. It is the best ,
liniment I bare erer known of.?J. A. '
Dodgen, Alpharetta, 6s. Thousands 1
bare been cured of rheumatism b> this ]
remedv. One application relieves tbe
pain. For sale by McMaeter Co.
?Tbe ne^ro Dan Gibson who was i
kilied last week in Colmmbia while
trying to steal a ride on a p.r*,in was a '
Fairfield darkey. He had only, one 1
arm, harisg lost tbe other in an accident
in an oil mill, fie attempted to i
eaten noia or tee train ana id iouis
w*v lost his bold and falling under
the wheels 0/ the train wai killed.
Hie life was lost through his own
?A woman peddler with a small
stock of trinkets, etc., got off the 1
train Tuesday evening and came up
the railroad. She was met by a negro
who walked np to ber and demanded
her purse. She shouted for the police,
and Mr. Gi'bert who was on Main
street heard ber and ran to the spc:,
bat before he reached her the negro
had gone and could not be caught.
Before taking his departure he secured
the woman's purse containing about
three dollars.
?Mr. W. J. Johnson of Fairfield
i has introduced a bill to authorize the
establishment of a fertilizer factory at
I the state penitentiary. His dual object
i* :.to afford employment to con icte
in producing acid fertilizer, (
which is a staple article, and in such
a way as to afford protection from the
trust which is in control of a majority
I of the plants in the State. It cannot
{be said that such a measure will pass,
as it mar entail a considerable expe"ditare.?The
?Mr. Sam Boylston, a grandson of
Mrc. Suaan Boylsten, of this place, is
now in South Africa and has joined
? Do yoa take cold with
5 every change 2a the ?
? weather? Does your throat ?
^ feel raw ? And do sharp ?
0 pains assx turougn yuur
& chest ? &
| 0 Don't yoa know these are @
i ? danger signals which point 9
$ to pneumonia, bronchitis, or 0
5 consumption itself ? $
? If yoa are ailing and have ^
? lost flesh lately, they are ?
^ certainly danger signals. The X
0 question for you to decide is, 1}
I a "liarv x uiv riuuuj iv iua vvr ?
| 9 off these diseases?"
j ? Don't wait to try SCOTTS f
; | EMULSION "as a last re- |
v sort.'* There is no remedy jg
j T equal to it for fortifying the J
! ? system. Prevention is easy. ?
II Scott's I
! 1 Emulsion I
! S prevents consamptlon and ?
! % hosts of other diseases which g
@ attack the weak and those a
I ? with poor blood. w
| # the one standard remedy for 9
; t inflamed throats and lumgs, W
for colds, bronchitis and con- '
j % somption. It is a food medi- 5 j
m cine of remarkable power. ^ 3
, S food, because it nourishes the
; ? body; and a medicine, be* ii
$t> cause it corrects diseased a)
i conditions. ^
50c.?!? $J.oo, all ingests.
' SCOTT & BOWNE, Oi?ajist?, Xtw York T
the Boer army. Mr. Boylston btij
b^en in Johannesburg for About a year
aud bis sympathy ha* been for the
er? ?.rer sin^e the trouble began,
fi -a- r?. .fc in the Boer
i i Mtly received
hi-..- ':r tha.v be has been
?r?.unrieo ond j? now a prisoner, bat
oc to b' ' longed. He is
... g f'f.p. Wi.UIldB.
. iv.n th? r?com? i
~ ~ ' 1 ? j
oisnda'tion of ll*girtrn.te Smith and (
County Supervisor O *ens granted a (
pftrdo-j in th<? ? -e <,f Alex Johnfoo, j
i .;ttro bo*. ?ent to the chain- j
g*>>g for tfcii'y i'.i. . n this county for ^
rfifi'&rcy It pf?c-m? that the boy is ^
haf-v.i -d; ke ra" away from hit j
huiae in Faufltie; ct>m-:y and came j
here, being 'odd uabbed by the offi- j
ceis for 'osfinK abont without doioj {
-ny kind of wurk. Hit relatives came
in search of birn to find him on the
cbaing^Dgr'a* a vairrant ?Tbe State.
The One Day Cold Cure.
Cold in head and sore throat cured by Kertnott's
Chocolates laxative Quinine. As easy to
take as candy. " Children cry for them."
?A % our* iv gi o Dov web broaght
before Mi?giMr*t* Cathcart on Wedte^dsy
charged with having burned a y
cat io dcafh. The charge was brought 1
againa; him bv ^lr. sa^uel Simpson, 1
upon whose premise* the terrible act 1
of cro?ltv was committed. It it ?aid 1
that the bov in a ?pint of malicious c
- ' ^ it? a
mw.D:ei i>* *J Hume iooaer or uiucr mflUm
tumble staff to the cat ana set it on ^
Are. Tue boy wa? fapnd goilty and c
was sent t<? tbe rhsiiigang. Tbii pan
isba;ent will p*rt*p? be a lesson to *
tbe negro r.nd wMi perbapa prevent ^
him Irom giving fanhpr evidence of F
tbe fiendi*u spirit wr ich be evidently r
ponesxe* 11
Cur? Cold in Head. c
Kemott's Chocolates laxative Quinine, easy y
to take and quick to cure cold in head and sore
throat. 1
?A light covering of snow lay on t
sverything Sunday mrrniog, having J
fallen ou Saierdar fight. The fall o
began in the afternoon and continued l
for aeveral hoars that 'jifkt. By tea
>'cloek Sunday morning tbe clooda
began to break and the inn coming
put soon melted the snow. To ;fae
1 A _ #^1| f.
surprise ot an, enow oegan 10 iau i.
igain on Monday morain^, and from ^
the appearance ot the clonds all ex- ?
pected a heavy fail of snow bat it j
lasted only a short time and again the r
inn came eat, and to the disappoint* *
siext of the children the snow disap- *
peared. This is about the fonrth 8
anow storm of tho winter, eaeh of p
them, however, beiug very light and C
lastiug bat a short time. The
One Day Cold Cure.
For colds and sore throat use Keraott's Cboco*
- * - - ^as
laies J->axaiive ynininc. mouj u
tad quickly core.
?It was thought bv some people !
that tfce negro whose body wai found I
last week n the trick rvar Woodward I
was fir at killed and his body laid on t
the track 10 hide the crime. Thtf y
negro was seen a short time before in r
company with another Ttegrowhohaa ?
not beon teen since the finding of the t
body. The dead negro was named ]
Porter Gather, alias Hampton, and it t
was thought by some that he was j
drank *nd went to sleep on tne tract 1
and was killed by the north-boo nd ]
train on Tuesday evening. An in- l
quest was held aod the verdict of the t
jury was that "the deceased came to i
his death by his own negligence in s
being draDk and asleep on the track of i
the ?ontbern Railway." i
F?r Orer Fifty Tears.
Mrs. \1rIHSLOW"S ^oothins Strup
has been osed for over fifty years by r
millions of mothers for their children t
while teething, with perfect success, x
It soothes the child, softens the gams, f
allays a>I pain, cures wind colie, and
is the beat remedy for diarrhoea It c
will relieve the poor little sufferer ^
immediately. Sold bv druggists in every
part of the world. Twenty-fire
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Wieslow's Soothing Syrnp."
and take do other kind. 1-1-17 e
? (
Mr. W. J. Crowder, after only a [
few day* illnesp, died ou last Monday c
at bis home near Bnckhead, and was 8
buried at Salem Church on Tuesday. cMr.
Crowder vras about 62 years of j
age, and leares a large family. He
was a good citizen, and bis death will
be greatly regretted by his numerous
? (
Slamming as a fad is dangerous and
unprofitable, decides Mm. BalliDgton
Boofh after a long experience in bat*
tliug with poverty aud vice in the
iilams of the great cities, which it
*amma.-iz?ri in au interesting article in
ttie feoruary Irenes' aome juuroai.
lu the *aase magasine Ad American (
Mother writes on "Have Women
Robbed Men of Their Religion?" and
Ian Maclaren on "The Pevr and the
Man in It." Franklin Fyle*' article
is on "The First Night of a Play,"
Mr*. Barton Kin^slaud's on "The
Corrfct Wedding ef To-day," and
Herbert Putnam, Librarian of Con- |
jrrcse, describes "Whit it Means to be
a Librarian." "Ths Person'* Batterfly,"
a serial by a new novelist, is began
in the February Journal, an I
"Edith and I in Pari?," "The Auto- ?
biography of a Giri" and ''Her Boston
Experiences" are contn atd. 'Frank
Stockion's New Home i=? West Virginia''
is described tnd pictnred, and :
a ctote persona: view i* given uf "The
Idoi of the Girls"?HJI?\ Chacninadf, ;
composer and pia?i?t "Mr. Doo- i
ley'*" author transform!) Molly Doua- !
hae into a voter, bat she does not get ;
her vote coanted. There are lively
scene* on Arcbey Road at election
time. Tne dom?hiic feataree of the
Febraarj Joarml are nnnoerouj,varied
*nd helpful, aid ihe pictorial feature!
4^0 excepuDnnllv iineresting. By
The Curti9 PabJi*liing Conopinr, Phi'ad?lphia.
Oue d?.>l!a<- a J ear; ten
cents a copy.
?Mi*? Margaret Klein, the tifteJ
young bieaauouut wno gave a rccitai <
he-re recently, it firing a series of
readings at the Presbyterian Colloge
for Women in Columbia, and is making
a most pleasant impression.
Rev. S. L. Morris, D. D., spent
Wednesday night with A. G. Brice,
Esq., returning from a visit in Fairfield
to his borne iu Macon, Ga?Chester
MJH I !? I?g?g?PMWB??BM
* uirif.T. Tttl.< f
A small cotton fire occurred at the
freipo* dppot on Taeiday morning at
lb- r. n ?>ck Jnst a few moment?
if- t'^-aonnd p*>seng-r :ain
i?? * ;e freigtt depot. wb*re a
jua - v 1 cotton i? on the platform,
lorn bale* were diicovered to
je . 'In* bnrniujj bales were
juu Gfl <he platform and the
Ire xtiDgniah^d before it bad
? J A i, KttUo tOAT*A
lLTl p **BLU dWUl Ulb naiw nv>v|
ico. <.nt uot baaiy tsamaged. The
ire or- - ?*pp** & few times bat no
reps '. iti Tii v^aa jfiven and ouly a
>? ' - sff (bat there bad bten a
ire. V - dr# wa? caased by a spark
rcw p monger train, and had it
ior .'.covered icj scon it might
ia\f ej in a considerable coDflarrat;-.?.
B&.; _ ^ 11 Ka?9 Always Boogbt
Itri -.^n ia^rsfc$ied thai all tho?e
vbo ' i - ) jai-hfull? and tenderly
mrt. ii : . <i cured for, in their early
nfa. by Mrs. Libby Jrmith, nbonld
iniif i rebating a neat and ?ubtann
.--onument tor her grave, in
:omii:- . v'ation of bcr rr.ac> vi?:uei,
,Ld ?.* i !- ving tribute to her rreoiory.
Inch i- s^estiou t-houid rueet svicb
omi.v . :M?p:Oral *nd a prompt reDor-"'
* .*fQ all friends interested in
hi* ' j I.j ord^-r, therefore, that
lefini.'i* .1 mav be taken to iccrm?li*h
>* in view, aud toinauiiuate
in* r '-;i*ewor.h;: undertaking, it
g he"?V. < ^/ested chat the member*
if ah t.ira.iiea in which she w?? &o
re:c< or', a mend, while living, forearm
v c contribution, a> oach &f
hem <r. ?v (Ufcire to make, to Mr?.
'ohr? r1 '-t t u ew?, Winnaboro, S. C.,
m o. *: ? < be 15tli ciaj- of February,
laving a Or?*?t Ron ?b Chamberlain's
Cough K?mctiy. .
Mar.ns^-r Martin, of the Fierson
[rng ?* >?., intorrai as that be is haT g
s srr.-t ran on Chtmberlain's
Jongr. *n~dy. He sells five bruits
if tbM m- f?:cine to one of any other
:ind, **??.< it gives great satisfaction,
n ti'e?n v?iys of Ja grippe there it
iothi?rg i ice Chamber Jaie's Cough
lent*- :y t? top the cough, heft! up the
ore*?id lung* andgire rel;ef
rithi ^ v/.rv short time. The sales
re g g and all who try it are
ileas?i'\ tii it? prompt action.?South
)bicx? i- nlv Calamet. For sals by
IcMU'.r O.
Mr. H. W. Harri*, Dr ard
dr*. Strong, Mr. aud Mr' R. L.
Srwir, >>i * Margaret C*MwelJ, M;i?
Crnim fl-* a >d John Mil'er, retarded
o (Jha? i- vetterday from Pistil:*,
*here r:ad b^en to attend the
Qarri>i^- >; Mis? Mauie Harn?, uau;hter
- and M:-f. Robert Harris,
oMr. .7 .? H (Vhcart, of A.dger,
teirfi-! t -unly, b. C. The carriage
ook jj.'w!- vt fbohomc ef lie bride*'*
>areat> .< a.- Pin??Yil!e at 7 o'clock
ffedbr evening. Rev. C. 2 Mc)on?
!t. vVinusboro, S. C., as?i*ted
>y Rt\ .1 >. Pattercen, jerforiaed
he ce:2in .7. Mrs. Dr. L. L. -Axd ey,
of #u gw, Pender Count?, %
i?ter jt .he bride, played the wedding
narr.h v.i** Ikl'e Harris, another
itter, r* *id of honor, and Mr E
3. Ca cnr-, or Olambia, a coaniu of
he gr- so. man. After the mariage
h. yv?!i*.g conple left for Adger
rhere :'?? ? room's father gave a grand
eeeptio-r. The bride ii well and
trorab.' <?irn iiere. She It a amer
>fMr?* U Harris The groom i? a
rftll-f f(!*nter of Fairfle d, S.
- Cba; J u> Observer.
toolief Lq six Hotn. v
Dieti' ^tLjf Kidne;. and Bladder Dha*e
re T>vrd in ?ir h mri by "New
iieat - n " American Kidney Cure."
t is a g ? ?? surprise ou account of i>s
!Xceedi;<H Ttronr>mne>.s in relieving pais
blad' i , ku.-ey* and back>ia male
>r female Relieves retention of wafer
Iotac* ir^...a^U(alv If Vrttl Wftllt
MUiVOi ?u???n/u*w?v?j t ** j
[uick i' iw ii,d care this i? tie remedy,
old b\ Aiken, druggist, Winns>oro,
To tK??-c?loredciti*ei!3 of the County
)f Fairfi?M:
We, ho nndferiigntd acting commit*>a
h* of ?be nroiectors on a
jail of t?ie ccjorfd farmer? of the Stat?
>f Soavh ' arolint, to meet in conrentiou
at 'x>)utnb!ft, S. C., on ?aturlay,
tl?c 17hday of February, 1900,
for the purpose of devisiDg plan* for
the bei.cr ''iganization of the colored
ace, in ''r-.'^r to improve and develop
:heir mme, :al re*onrcee in etery par
ticalar. Therefore in obedience to
laid c? !. w? hereby respectfally rejae?t
ac. tv-jre npon the best farmers
of this- c. ir ty to hold meeting# in
their ?"sportive localitie? thronKhoul '
the com; * :^nd select delegate# for ihe ;
>urpo?r t ^trending the said conren:ion.
Robert Thompson,
Tbomai Sail,
James Wbiteuer,
SJenry Daris.
111<U1?? (.ivix
dyspepsia | j
biliousness i|
and the hundred and one simi-j
Iar ills caused by Impure blood I
or inactive liver, quickly yield ;
to the purifying and cleansing
| properties contained in :
It cures permanently by acting '
naturally on ail organs of the|
w~'" A flesh- [
L/ivvw w.* w. ,
i builder, and health-restorer, it:
has co equal. Put us in Quart ;
Bottles, and sold at Si each.
; ???"? ' -W? W*???WW
: ^ Ttka Lirerttt* let Lire? Ilk. ?je. g
Miss Pa;'j Elliottha-s returned honstf
from Couvery* College.
To All l
T nuui ii 1
Read the fi
[Toots of recent date to hand reqne?
kidneys. My physicians said tuat I cnu
.V caUocn rirawa from scrowim s?Toral
fluid. W.->n uuat>I<< to ge; cny rest or sit
able to atus?d to my business. I can z
elad to elTc it, as seme poor ouCcrer ma
The trade supplied by 1
Miss Nannie Pbinncv ihas returned
from Savannah, Ga.
M!fi Maggie Aiken has returned
from a Tiiit to Philadelphia and Washington,
Mr. John Boag, of Washington, D.
O., is on a visit to his brother, Mr. J.
0. Boag.
Rer. and Mrs. C. E. McDonald and 1
rnnaren returned on jmaay irrna
Piceville, N C.
Mr. Thompson, of Charlotte, who
put in the machinery in the cotton,
mil', fpent Saturday here on bnsises?. i
Mr?. J.T. B&rron, of Colnmbia, re-!
turned to- ber home on Friday arter'
yiiiting Mr and Mm. Preaton Rion. |
M-. Henry Lytton and Mr. Hartwig;
Wolfs hare refcuraed to Chicago after a j
i*c? Mm TT. ti. Dfl*. j
Mr. Lawrence Porter, who has been j
working in the machine shops in Taon-;
ton Maui., for abont two years, i? in i
towi. on a risit to his parents. 1
Mr?. SDiott Ketchin, Miss Majjiie'
Elder and Miss Janie Ketchin attended
tke Harrii-Cathcart wedding at Fine iile,
N. C., on Wednesday night.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, discourages
and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
tana cneenumess soon
disappear when the kidneys
are out of order
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
lor a child to be born
afflicted with weak kidneys.
If the child urinates
too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these Important organfe. This unpleasant
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people su>.rose.
Women as well as men are made miserable
with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the Immediate effect of
Swsmp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fiftycent
and one dollar
sizes. You may have
sample bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet tell- Home of swamp-Boot,
ing all about it, including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
There has been * considerable chaisge
in the we?<*-'- . The beautiful tpringlike
weatlfcr we have been hiving Jor
the past week or two ha# givsrn place
to winter's chilly grasp.
Very little farm work ha? been done
yet Repairing garden fecces, etc.,
seems to be the order of the day.
The crowtie business is getting to
be & great industry in our seclioc.
Indeed it has assumed a raatnitnde
which, to our knowledge, is without
precedent. Nercr before have we
seen so many crositiea carried to market
an there ba< been during tbe past
winter aid fall.
La*t week's warm weather made ns
feal iike planting gardens. The H h J
te an r?M rnl^ utm^ ? i
Vi A.* C7UJ. wai f 1? ?ii VJU A litv ww? ?
good one.
There was qaite an enj 7*ble ?oei?ble
at Mr Nicholas A Pi sy'n en Wednesday
evening. A very large crowd
was in altendacce, ill of whom seemed
to enj.?y tbenieelve* rery tcne'i
The CJppt-r Longtown ichool, under
tbe efficient management of Mis* Fannie
Ford, of Mitford, is in a floariifcing
condition. Ab' at So rchoiir? are enrolled.
Mi?s Stllic Reeves, of To'c-jla, N C, i
who l%% been viei i g- her cousin, Miss
Cordis Reeve*, returned hoire Thursday.
M si Matti? Bell Bra? and Messrs
Will Bray and Lex Durham, of Oiklacd,
attended the party at Mr Peay's.
! Mist larline Williams, the efficient
and mush beloved teacher of the!
Lower t?hool, left on Monday for ber
I ITHfiMTDIDTrr. hacnifP
dreadful disease and it i
allowing letter from R. J. B
**/ d?~^ 4* P*?C"4L
'"*?> * /7^.* {
ittng etatement ol my case which I giadlv jjim I '
Id not, last but a short time. I was unable v> lte <3<
tlmfe. I was completely filled at tho time I t>
>ep except while under the influent ot on oplaio.
10-7 rli!? my horse, a thing I had bcoa ana Die to d
iy be benefitted thereby.]
II II 111 I llll ? IIIMM ! I
home, much to the regret of ber ;no.')y
The Lower 8choo! ia dow under the
management of Miss Maynard.
Mr JRobt R Jfffares, of Feaaiervill^,
3pent ssreral days in Longtoxru recently.
Mr William Mobl?y? Sr. ana Mr Ed
Dixos, of Chester, were in Lcn^owc
on Wednesday. j
Mies Beckie Peay is vi^itfof relatives i
at Greenwood. i
Professor W S Darh ho, of Oakland,:
>pent Wednesday uigbf. at Mr M Melli-1
enamp'g si> n u. i
Jan 27, 1900. .. j
That Tkrobbins Hcadach*
Would quickh leave you, if you;
n^ed Dr. King's Now Life Pill*. Thou- '
sands of sufferers have proved their j
matchless merit for Sick atd Nervous j
Headaches. They make pare blood j
and stronp nerves aud build np your
health. Ees\ <o take. Trv tbem. I
Only 25 rer.rs. Money back if siot;
cured. Sola by McXJaster Co., druar-1
?A number of tramps wera in town
on Thursday, and *b<ty will prdoablv
;nniioue to come, as ibis is about ?hc
time that most of them pass through'
here on their way sourh. It was I
rumen d that burglars had been at
1- -1 ? l-l tk... !
worjt auuiu iuvtji, uut uicocir^i t,
could not be verified. As long as
tramps and vagrant# ore about, bow-<
evf>r, it is sbfest to be on the lookout,
as tbey are often bent on mischief A
gang" of burglars seems to be at work
in the State and numeioue bargiaries
have been reported from different
towns, and ic would be well for all to
be on tbeir guard.
A Frightful Blander
Will often cause a horrible Born,
Koald f?nt nr Rrnige, Bnckien'fc Ar
nica. Salve, the best in tbe world, will
kill the paiu and promptly bed] it.
Cures Old Sores, ^ever Sorea, Ulcere,
BoiJe, Felons, Cornn, a!) Skin Ernp
tione. Be*t Pile cure on earth. Only
25 cts. * box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by McMaiter Co., druggiits.
?Rock Hill has a case of smalljox,
but an <he authorities have Uken every
precaution it it not probable that the
diseate will spread. The man who
ha* ;he ?ii#ease live* about two mile?
frem the town, fays the Herald, and
tt'e people of Rock Hill are not at all
uoeapy. They have perfect cisfid^nce j
in tee 5tafe Doara 01 aeaiiu, ?^irun]..
Il is rather a remarkable thin?r that as j
yet riot a case of smallpox baa ap-'
i-oarod in thia county. Negroes are <o
constantly moving aboat trom one
place to another that I he dice*?* might
v^ry ea?i!v be brought here. It seem#
to bare taken a firm b>ld in the etate
and si; i* to be hoped ihat Fairfield will
rnnf inn* to be free of it.
$ pi
ft\U fv^'j If P^fji/ \
i^i 1
I" The Time G&mes |
to even* elderly woaia %rhca r.r. iai- j
perl antfusetiozal change take; plare. *
T*Qi3 i~ called "The Clz::r^s cf L:;e. ' S
T' is entire systoiu v.uucrjoes n cbti-^e. ?
Dr^jdful diseases ir.^h as cancer zn&'i
. ?
!a consumption art atg :
tliis time. I
MagljggFS |
(strengthens and purife* the entire"
system, and brines the sufferer safc!_
over these pitfalls. Its effects hav been
wonderful. It is food fnr ai; <
Knf ia iw*rv?iMr! }*.? a
recoramcsded at tliis time. Ask j
your druggist for the famous "Wine of ?
Cardul. Iji.oo a bottle.
For advice is cases requiring social" j
directions, address the "Lacut.--' Ad- I
rlscry Department," T' c CLa:u
nooga Medicine Co., an<*rr*
THOMAS -7. COOPEr ~c>*o, ML. .
cayo:?"My d:tcr ?utfcr?ti ; irrugTilar :t::c,
paufs! f ;;at:oa a:. ' ' could notg
| relieve lie ./ir.o of Car entirely cured | J
2 her, and a"so Kc.'pea my mouier WM 1
PfAtn HI?i
& JL ^AILA 1/1\
d thousands of desperate ca
will positively cure you.
etsill, Maj. 18th Reg. S.C. V(
6^yu 0r?*s^Lt. . J? s^CctM
s$*yVnAJLSZ 6-fiT rf^[c^gs?}
&2&j? o*rk-~*i~ yT^dbt-'T ?*
/ZsWjrf/ &&T4. &Z
^ O^l.
/I ^
have ">een suffering tot thrw years troa dropsy, gei
)vx> c:;cept shortly after bale* tapped, erery cttau? c
?gaT v'A.CGHH'iS LlTHoirrPlPTlC, jyrfe<jtly fceiple<
I tvre i:sod dgi: bottles of TAtJGHK'8 L1TBOUT
o tor uvarly two years. You may pubUab sucii at to;
jj For sale by JOSIAH J. OBJ
Columbia. S. C.
Although f tbe t&Jk about !
?n vi g -.'oa Me* *i*h and express
? fii up iottj; rr> have died out,
it - u ideraf x>J tb*? tbe d^terminatioa
ot rf vb# fbv-t- the cbang^ is as
.*? s? ever, *i 'i ney are worxiog
qr- y Uj that eti i. These 0?^C8 are
p. - coutid^r-b'e distance from
Ui . ..?> ??? pail c>? town, and aome
o? - nerch&nig, principally those in
tN "rthsru part of town, at well a*
?oi - other buaines* men, are the ones
v>h -re eo *nxiou& to have uptown 1
ofiK-. The} eay ih&i having the exprr
- and tc^eprs-uh offices at sochaj
dji' troxa tte centre 01 tne :own
is i ource of great ioconveuience to
thf.'. i-id they haw act been satisfied
in a- new depot was bailt.
A y I#h.t of Terror.
* a* fai ansiet;-' *a? felt for the
wi<; v* of the hravf* General Barnham,
of ftiiis, Me., whea the doctors
saic lac-mUl not U?c till morning," *,
wn e Mrs. jS d. Irncoln, who at tended
rtha; fcf.rfu; "All thought
she 'in-t 9oon die tvoua Pneumonia.
Itil ' he b^ged for Dr. King's New i
D;>c vary, sarins ?* bad more than
onc-i saved her iif-., had cured ber
of ' :,?;uDiptioc. vfrer thre8 smull
<2o-. s -he slept es^iiv all night, and its
fn; nse compWtj'.y cared hsr."
Tf:i- ?:;arvelocs merficiac iaguariMieed
to c*:?i ail Th^oa?. Chest and Long
r>j: \ -"8. 0(i!v50~ Tid Sl.OO. Trial
bo tree at toeMister Co.'& drag
T*-i 0" n>ted Sta^s *x>*rd of snrrey
ino ge oftfae proposed ?bip canal '
fro?^ he Great Labs* to the Atlanta i
ocee*! avor? a cana! 30 feet deep, 340 i
feei ide. arpnud Niagara failt, leafiug
J. >*e Onla io at 0*??go, through
the Otvregn 'ivcr tojOnetda lake,
the?'-- trough tbr Mohawk vajiey to
the I-idfOD viver. A siDjjIe lock
wou. ' be 1,000 tf.- c long, with walla '
SO it. hijfh. Tba gre*f problem hu
bee.r io fina 6'orage for water to feed
thi? .,reat caual cu its various IeTeI?
inlPfforintr *ri' h m annfeM nr.
ing rcjaii emenU along the line. Tie
survey ooard reconemeod* the creation
of a'a're covering SO -qnare mile* of 1
lau'.i on the BHck ri -er in Jefferson
connfr to serw: -3 * feeder. Thil feecer
would connect with the canal
by a -mailer wal 90 miles long, as
wido as the Erie carta!, and strike it
jast vrest of Home. The commission
alio ^-commend* the coastrnc??on of a
aJoii'.ir canal to c nvec.- the St Law- 1
r^ccs . iver*t the hem! .>f the Cooctaur
Rao'f'i ?o L-ike Chatsplain.?Tex'ile
, /} Kis V;j Havs Al*a;s Bwgfet (
E?>.. the Weather Make# People Sick.
Tr.tvci are few piv?pie who are peri?ct:v
,.ea;tby. Eve.y individual hc.s
bia t'.aKest spot. s\ hen a raw, chilly
dav r-''ac8 in ibe mids' of hot weather
aim -3 evcryoue, while glad of the
reli? 1' ? the depreesiug heat, ehows
mor <?r ir^s disturbance of his phyiical
sypu'-y. These di>turbancet varv fo
wid<-'v !.hat few the real reason
for iLcm to the change in the atmos- '
f-he1'.':i3d the climate. For instance,
two people of one family may be
tou3-".v!)at indUposfd ?8 a result of
clitt 'i'ic chanfre, the manifestation of
onel-fc'i'g a sore threat or hoarseness
*nd i i io'?tber ra*e a JIv^r disturbance
whjV'i takes the naioe of biliousness.
Tbe c'ima?ic disturbance shows itself
in tb? portion of the eytem which is
be indifidnal'* tvrskest spot?ihe
nlac.- w here Eicki'.css. if ii come*, will
be B"i?. 'rest, the poiwf whicb girv? out
from over-ex-ition *cd weaknfii*.
Tne r?M)l> Lpalihy oon re?i5?? thfse
?tm<">i bpric cfxDgh" ;;i:t preserves the j i
bodi:-' eq$u!ibria:jc w???k person <
needs to rake specif precaution s->
live . at i)?8 may rot be ea?Uv |
tiproc1 f>ver br iwi't condition, for
onr c'^na'e i* h<"i3f' tc change. TVre
wii! or- >b<* depre-?s'!-^:.}*v8, 33 weit as
lho/5 <lay> whkib - ? ofte:i follow a
tbnrdorstorm when i-zoue fill* th* air
and vo i&y\ "Wtef. a. good feeling
atmosr b'rre mis i'T'?American Journal
ot Health.
? ftw
^ /?v? Calf.Ph/itim o n/1 P/iTAraa
j T-f nteuse ischirt: r\.>?l smarting in-j
to theee di*? ase?, is insiantlv
? lavc^ by i?ppivi: ? Charabtrlain'a
KyeV./i Skin Ointment. Many v-r>
; id nave bee^ permanently oared
>.y t. It is equally efficient tor i'ching
!' Tie? ?.nd a favorite remedy for tore
ii-ippu--. chapped *ands, chilblains,
irost oites and - chronic sore eyes.
' . _ t . .1. 1
20C13 T.**.r oox. tor -jate oy jacja?8ier
' if
sesof this
)]&, i860.
jCMjtoU I
^ /V<6>(?> ^jg
lend anattzfea, caused fcrom liver and
ompletely died, saturated with fluid;
sn. legs t?rrlbly inflamed and exuding
RIPTIC -and am sow comfortable an<l
r statement as jou may deaira. I an
JAR, Winnsboro, S. C.
Mi?* Era HaH, of ^Mitford, is
ing at Mr. J. L. Glenu's.?Chester
Lad tern.
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. *E. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken, "~'-M
S. C. Weak nerves had caused severe
pains in the back of hi* head. On
using Electric Bitters, America's greatest
Blood and Nerve Remedy, all pain
soon left him. He says this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All America knows that it cures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood,
10008 up loe siomaca, MrcugLusua iuo
nerves, puts vim, vigor a.nd new life
into every muscle, nerve and organ of
the body. If weak, tired or ailing you
Deed it. Every bottle guaranteed,
only 60 cents. Soid by McMaster Co.,
Mrs. T..C. Bobertscn, of Columbia,
was with relitiva* here for a short
visit this week. ||
Tho One Day Cold Cure.
Seraott's Chocolates laxative Qplnine for
cold in tnenea<l and sore tnroat. tmiorcntaw
them like candy.
Clerk ofiCoart B. H. Jenniu^t went >
to Columbia on Wedne*daj'.
Por Infanta and Children.
Til KM Yn Han Always Baagjrt 1
?The nprthbound puienger train
due toere at 7.20 a. in. has for several
mornings arrived here two or three
hoar* after schedule time.
mam 1
The One Day Cold Cure.
For cold ia the head and sore throat use Ker?
mott's Chocolates I^axative Quinine. the " One
Day Cold Care."
- :wi
Nothing we prid? onrselrci on more
than deliveries
to oar customers.
We are admittedly ahead of nil competitors
in this department; thus roa
may have absolute certainty of obtaining
accurate time when your timepiece
is repaired by u?.
v ' -
if oar watch work tbat we guarantee
lame to five entire sanitation for 12
nontbi, and prepay expre.n charges
both ways should the watch fail to do
well during this specified time.
Write to as for farther information.
A 11 W A 14 11. ^ JV 41 ^
The Watchmaker and
WANTED, for cash, Hiakory, Dog
wood,Persimmon,Walnut Logs
Southern, Hardwood Co., P. 0. Box
5is, Charleston, 8. C. 11-22-1 m
Solicits ?uare of the public palrons
- age.
9-26 lv
Executors' Notice.
XTHTff*!?. u horchv uIvpm thuf til
IN person* having claims agaiaft
the estate of Berjamiu Altston,
deceased, will present the tame duly
attested, and those indebted make payment
to the nnderfifned.
Qualified Executors,
A T.flW "P?nrrA VfnrfiKr\vr\ C P
/ .,l

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