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? 1
tJne T??r. ... SLSO
llsXoBtlii, - .75
Wednesday, February 7. - 1900
While J he Republican Senator! in
Washington ate calling ijenators traitors
because the accused Senators do
not agree with the administration
? ?)>n.r ib? Phillininp* ftt the
yviivj V4 >MV
moot ho? cannoo^Republicans in Kentucky
are engaged in a conspiracy to
rale and terrorize that State by the
use of the rifle.
Ttie shooting of Goebel, the Democratic
Governor, for the pnrpose of
disponing of his title to the office, has
shocked tbe whole nation. The circa
instances at this distance teem to
lead irresistibly to tbe conclcuiou that
tbe attempted assassination was deliberately
planned, and i? the re6nit of
a well laid and planned conspiracy by
the Republicans. The conspirators
likely ioclade many of the prominent
Republican leaders of ihe State, and
fro<& bis condnct we ma?t couclode
that Governor Taylor, himself, the
Repnb'isan contestant for t be office of
Governor, either participated in ihe
conspiracy or was folJy cognizant of
it. The shooting of Mr. Goebel would
bare been deplorable hid it *lmpljr
been (be act of some hot headed fool,
but when it appears to have been the
plot of those high in the Republican
councils of the State, it is worse, and
makes U3 doubt whether the people of
that State are fit to gorern themselves.
The eviileuee is strong against Taylor
and hi* lieutenants. Mr. Goebel was
ou bis why to the State capitol in
Frankfort, sad a n amber of shots were
Sred from different directions, as the
woandrd man lay on the ground, and
the evidence siows that some of tbe
shots, very likely tbe fatal thot, came
from the buildirg where tbe leading
Republicans were quartered. The
faet that smokeless pewder was ased
fchowg planning. Tne accurate aim
shews that a crack shot had been carefully
selected for the awful work.
Ctrefal plans had been made to prevent
the discovery and arrest of tb?
jg- assassin. When it became know* *V i
the shot, which strock Mr. ( ieoe!
^? came from o?e of the building' netr
the capitoi, the bn;ldiug w surrounded
witb a view of saptnrxL * the
villain, but "groups 01 asoautam, :r?,
who stood in tbe doorways holding
Winchester rifles is their bands and
presenting an aspect so uninviting
that mo attempt wu mide to search
tbe building for several- miuntes after
the shooting had been done, and tbe
assassin bad ample time to escape."
Why were these mountaineers at this
building with Winchesters? How did
it happen thai the assassin was so securely
guarded? And we believe it
was stated teat brov, rayior mmseix
was in this building. We firmly be*
lieve'.hat tbe shooting ofGoebel tra?
a well calculated and conceived plan
of tbe Republican* to prevent bis being
made Governor, and we farther believe
that tbe Republican leaders had
a band in tbe conspiracy. Governor
Taylor seizUg the opportnnity immediately
ordered oat the m&litia
under the pretext of desiring to maintain
O! der, but bis subsequent conduct
shows that the militia were to be n-ed
to carry oat the rest of the Republican
program. He adjourned the legisla<
tare. Who ever heard of a Governor
of a State orderiug the legialatnre to
adjoara," a power enpyed only by
kings? Bat this was the plan Governor
Taj !orTa militia when ordered oat
fitaply followed ibe Democratic legh;
lators around and prevented them
from lawfully assembling a< a legslatire
body--doubtless the rea> obj-ct
of calling oat the militia He then
orders the legislature to meet Id Lo;?d>n,
a small town among the mountaineers
and strong Republicau eoantv.
I>Onbtle*s'the mountaineers who furroandsd
Goebel's assts^in lire there,
and worse deeds may be plana d i n
the Republican program.
IjOYjeknok i.AYi?rJK acieu wieeiy iu
releasing Stenographer' Walker. He
avoided for the present a cla*b between
the militia and the State courts. The
Republicans lost the sympathy of a 1
conservative citizens io the country
? by thair defiance of all law aud *rd? r.
? When the coarts become powerless u
< euforce its judgments tben Republican
institmton* are at an end, and that is
about what bas happened iu Kentucky.
We tbought that he was scaled,
Canoa Farmer on his return to Loudon
from Pretoria savs: "Mr. Macrum
>tm ona of the last men I saw before
leaviag. I told him he was taking tbe
xrrovg side and did not understand
i he American feeling. Hia chief care
seemed to be for his personal safety,
and I think was chiefly o j that account
that he left in the midst of the crisis."
The Fairfield Cotton Mills have dec]ared?a
dividend of three and onehalf
per ceit. This is a very good
t>howingr,| and the stockholders are
very Jmuch gratified. It is a great
pleasure to note tbe success of this
enterprise, for upon it depend* *he
fdture of Winusboro. If ih,3 mill ?ac
cefd?, anoihor mill will go up H a.
I." i-hort time. ;
? Jobu Dir.-, PosejrYjile, Ind., $ay?:
''I ceTer u*td anything as tood a?
One Minute Cough Care. ' Ve jre
never without it." Quickly breaks op
coughs and colds. Cures all threat'
and Innt? troubles. Its use will pre
rent consamption. Pleasant to take. |
McJf aster Co. ?
* n A?R?KOtrt ?RKCKI)BXT, I
Tbe exclmion of Rob ert* f>oin the 1
Eottt of SeprOMDUiires^e^ubliebcs a
rerr dangeroni precede af, which may
return some day to plage e those Demo- ,
craU wko Toted- in faror of the ma? 1
- ? ? - m - rr.. t_ n <
jerity report to excinae cna uian ivsjj
resentati?e. The qualifications pre- j
scribed by the constitution are as fol- t
lows: s
"No person shall be a Reprecen;a' ive 1
who shall not bare attained to the age |
of twenty-five yeire and been seven
year* a citizen of the lXm:ed State?, (
and who ehall not, when elected, be an >
inhabitant oi that State i? which he '
hall be chosen? (Constitution, Article ]
1, section 2). j
Mr. Roberts bad been duly elected. 1
Va nnacliftn ar?a m?/i p ?ih.m! thftt-. 06 ! ^
JkTW VUwauvw ??
r f
poisessed the only qualification* pre- j,
scribed by tho constitution, ag<?, citi-j]
zenship, abd i&babitancv, and that tie J1
did have all of these qualifications was j j
admitted on all side*. U", therefore, \,
shonid hav,* been uste-.i. There in a {,
wide di3?ren<w beiwren 'cxclniion"
and "expulsion." The ifcti-e had the}
right to *xpel him, bnt it cerait-ly '1
iolaied 'he coaatitaticu in excluding} j
him from 3 seat in tre Hon-c. |:
The dangers of thi< precedent are 11
obvious. If the correctness of tins;,
J?- ?? :" ^<3?? K?- n i 9Y>r?cfr Ka I
uecisiuu 13 dULUiLVCU, >UIU lb Muni uv
admitted that tb8 House of Reprise ? |
tat ires hare ibe power and right ?o j
add fo the constitutional qualification* j
of any o::e elected * member of t>;at j
body. Under euch a prop*ui!i*>i?, no ;
man can erer tell whether wilt t?e j1
seated, whm elected. The House can : 1
* i1
?ay to him. that he is obuex.oas to thu j (
body, and, therefore, can not come in. j
This will amount to defeating the-'
voice ot ibe pcop.'e. The wan who is 1
eeated to day may be exclude! *to-1.
morrow, uuder such a strange propo- j
aition, ai;d every n?w House may pre- {
icribe iiS own (pecnli&r and rpscial j
qualifications. For inatance, a Ke-j
publican Hotse may say that South j
Carolina has disfranchised a large c'a?a |
of her ciiizcns, and no ^pFwenfatsve I
from this State should be neated. If a;
Republican mprity is needed very!
badly, the Republican? would not I:
hesitate to take aach & position. Ini1
other irorga, the Roberts decision I
makes the House of R3pre-?eo*atires )
superior to the contfitmion itself, j;
That instrument is no ionger a guide ;
of the rights of the people In the et^c- 1
tiers of their represeufci'ive*.- Ir the
House has the right to add that ho
polyjamist shall be a Representative,
then it can add.anything i: please* to
the constitution a# to lue qualification |
of members. The pei^p'e should 8>jder-1
st*nf) ihftf. the Honse'> action is eub- !
rereire of 'heir rights electors.
Itwonld be a re.y hard tastier* t?>.j
estimate what Soma Car>iim h*a |
actually lost by not h*vio? some tie
part sent through which io*e*te;s j
abroad and at home could obtain j
proper, reliable and iofor- [
aatios as to tbc reeonrcesof the State/j
We learn that those in authority hare j
at last realized tbe iuoorrsuce ef tbe j
establishment of such a Oepartment, |
and we fesl sure that k wii; meet with;
the strong support of the people of the j
State. Governor McSweener, we J
understand, will recommend the ?< |
?aki;*ka>*nf Kf ? RtfttA RtnlnBrinil !
Induitrial Sirrey, and we triut tbat
the Genaral Assembly will lose no '
time in carrying oat hia recommendation.
It is humiliating ?o te!J inquirers, ;
who seek to know soraeibiujj ofoir
resoarcep, that oar Siafe t a? tio department
tbat can give the information.
Tue object of :be cepartuieot
would be, through tb?rungbly compe-1
teot persons, to ;iDtest:?ate oar niw-1 <
ral reeourcM, kaolin, trr*riite, foreurr, j
Ssheiiea, water powers. &c?, *r?d b- | j
prepared to fornfrn in<? Mia ceropatent
information. Reports wo aid od
made and circulated no that Jnct only
oar owe people would k >>r more or'
the Slate's patera? advances, bat i
people abroad would become acquaint- i
ed with them. The plac will provide
for co operation with the Utitei States '
Geologic*' Sarre? and other scientific
bareaaa in Washington, and i* i? fx- ?
pected that the general poTernmeut
will tpend a* much in South Carolina '
si the State, if not* more.
If tae Stete.bad made pro7i?iou fir <
enoH /??>ncri?n?nf lan vparn nw. A:?d
maintained it antil co?r, it is very j'
probable that maov of onr waited!,
water potrert wouid now be pnt to j
me a?e sad the indmtr'ei d-.ve.-op- j
ment of the State greyer. Ncr;h |'
Carolina has iud a bare of thi* k<nd j
and the fallowing tvom Pro: J. A.!,
Holmes' *ddresi to the legislator*, as
published in The State, on the 27th :
nit., ?bow? what tbe depirt?uei-; '-a* i
annlro .-?f th? srr,<*r? ix-h:r;h fiiP hn.
reau of geological ?urT?v was affccti?:*;.
in c%ua:ug diversity ot firming in.
North Oarolioa, and mid ??m the!
farmers were not comi].lining ot t:ir '
cost of this barean, f >: r hn.i broa^r:- ;
$10,000,000 of foreign .;*<:**! in'-, h
State anO had heipei iu*s .'armor: ' * ,
practice economy. T.'iere is t>o us*, I
be s*id, for Sonth Carol'na to try to.
got appropriation* frMn eo-igrcr* t ,
beip in 3ucb *ro:k ars;*-*0 tue r*t*r*
doe* something it>eif. Our ,G}>re
anUtivA. in /?r?norrPC< ore criir.t
temalisao ran mad,'' nnd the w<s. n.
and wittern ra<?n ara saviug.. "<?17* o?
appropriation* for uor wa-e place*
and we will do eamerbioz ourselves " j
TTe bepe thafciheie .wiii te no delay !
In etublishin; the bureau. Tbe need i
of it h felt trery day. - ! <
??_ ' i
A Sight of Terror.
'Awfnl anxiety *a ? fslt for the J
t??/V?dd' n-f Ihn hi*nv<> flptivral Riifnh*m. !
of Mncbias, Me., wbe? the doctors 5
said t-he c u'd not tive till mornm,?," . 1
writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoiri, who attend- i
ed ner tbat fearful eight. "All ;hongr-.r; ]
she mo-i soon die fivna Pneumonia, i
bnt she beyged for Dr Xing% N'^w } \
Di*c v-rrT a^5 ?og it b. d roore !Man ; ,
once stvfd her tif , and bad cu e i ber i,
ot Consumption. Af<<r three 8;nailji
do<? g s!u> >itjr art night, a?d it? 'i
farter u?e concpfctwlr cure-i her."{!
Tbw marvelous media .- \* gaanui'.eed i
to care afi Throat, Che-t wid L=>Kjjj {
Diseases. Only 50c. tu il $ 1 00. T^u'r^
bottles free at McVaa^r i)o.'< dma 1 j
store. ('
?Sobfcribe for The Xeyfs as**'
H*bal?. * ]
3are. Devil Career of J. Y. F. Blake. Who ;
Is Fighting With th* Bo?n. ' j
Giand Rapids, Mich., Dispatch.
Jbhu Y: Fillmore Blake, who h*s i
ecenfly *on fame by successfully j
endiiuT Oom Paal's. Irish brigade)
lflroi.i.f fhrflr hftrp^ifurr f lftfl. the '
v ?- ' * .
British, has ha 1 a romantic c?reer not j
he katt svef.tiol period of -which was i
hif in thic eitv. Barn of an old Mi?-!
lonri famiir 49 years ago, he wa* j
jeaded lor West Point at an early age. *
En ronU for the military academy
was n?arlr fcilied by eacapiug gas.
His Irienda aiway* isaiiied he "blew _
>nt the ga?," and he let it go at that,
lerer explaining nor indeed seeming j
o care yery much how the thing hap:>eu?.d.
This gives the key to his char- j
icter; careless, reeklest aod fearless,;
3i8 dare-devil escapades nearly caused !
lis expulsion more than once at Wee: j
Point. Among other things, it ia
m.id, he was ringleader in "the sen?a-1
ional hazing <vhich ended iu the clip-!
it hiflntAr'i i
Jill? VI UiQ V/'7iViCU UAUUH II V. - .
ears. Tbis, like many other thing's j
iiBpected, coold ne?er be definitely [
laid at his door, and fan-loriu?, fearies",
"GUvi'is-a-Damo" . Blake, was I
successfully graduated in the class of
1880, f
A mngmficeet speeiraen of physical
manhood, six feet high without ao
on nee of sapeiflaoa* flesh, he proved
himself a marvelous borsc-maD, and
fo: this reason was assigned to the
cavalry brauch of the service, and
went with bis regiment to see bard
Bating against the hostile redskin in
Ic ;his wrvice be kept the camp happy
with bib merriment and good nalured
pranks, and his reckless bravery
in feats of horsemanship confirmed his
class mites' sobriquet ef "Give-aDainn"
Blabs, tba test horseman that
2ver uat in \ government saddle. It is
i.t!d t>je cowers of that country still
swear by his horsemanship and still
snr\- his expertness in profanity.
In Octobcr, 1897, he was promoted
to the rank t,t first lieutenant tor brave
?nd m?pUrtr?rine ?prpirpi. Si>uie veaTB
orttvloQB t? this be bad met one of the
wealthiest -md haudaomest young
w>mon of Grand Bapids, then on4, a
visit to friends at Fort Leavenworth,
Tne brave, gallant* poliahed gentleU3^t>
soon won the heart of the Grand
Rapids giri. and on October 14, 1885,
iiioy wer* married in this city. It wan
? grand weddicf, Kt. Be?. George D.
Gilieepie. biahip of western Michigan,i>ffici*ting
born af.erwards Lieut. Blake resigned
hie commission, and went into
basinets here with money tarniib'ed
b/ hi* brfde. Two sons were born to
them. and for a time ail went well.
Bnt the at'f-mpt to make a soldier or**r
in'o a "?bop weeper failed in tbi* a* in
many other notable instance*. The
60-dter wa- re?;kte?s with money'".*9
<*ifh other tbing#, and bis business j
fo th^ i\i\erp. " I
Di-*en<ioii crepr iute ihe family,:
h!?diu 1894 ol. Blake left foi South j
A? ;ca, it oei?g und?rstuod be would
never .etar:-. ,K '
Af-er a proper time bw wife, wbo
-ti:' Jim here with her children. Bt-.
i:ur?;ti 6 oi^orce on ilie ground of de3
1 lien. .T"
ii'-?ve wl polished, vtt a man popu- '
lar s-.cially with &U classes, and able
to ?ive hd'^ tnke and laugh at a joke
( f. himself as well as another. Biake (
's w k^eat leader lor a rrgimeht of |
Ir?r<. ' J
ifli? tiietdv- m this city beard from j
M tr- qnenfy op to the time of the j
In -Sr^ak of ttie Transvaal war, but i
-jnee 'hen co letter or news has
L>e*.i receiv* d from him except a? tie
has boer)?in<jctioued in the ciiippatche?.
? - For Orer Fifty. Y*ar?. . .; Jf..
Mrs. $ixslow's Soothing Stkup
ba- been us- d for orer ftft> yeari by
mi^li >08 of uioibers for their children
while teething, with perfect sncceaa.
I? soothes th - child, softens the gums,
aiJayh all pain, cures wind colic, and
i? fKe beet l-pmcdy for diarrhoea ' It
wi!i i-elievt ibe Door little sufferer
immediately. Sold by druggiits in
ev.-ry ;?an of f bo world. Twenty-ire
centra bottle. Ba sore and ask for
"Mn Soothing Syrpp,"
aatl take ?<> other kind. " 1-1-17 :
Incubator Baby to Inherit #23,000,000.
Chicjgo Dispatch to Philadelphia, North
An incub't.'r baby will inherit $25,000,600
woa'thof ?he Armours. Lit?le
Aii*s Armour owes her life to science.
Fo?>t >eats Sit" 'belittle one *a9 bti?n,r
&Hd 11 wak. r:;j? u rougu au luvuvaiwi i
roat ?te -* u ab!e fo grow into tbe ^
'urdvyouugater that she now is.
P. D. Armonr, Jr., was expected to
inherit the bulk of bis fether'a wealth,
?r d be dieo on Satnrday, so that hia
brother, J. Ogden Armour, in the
event of Uii immioeat dea'u of his
finder, will bare to assume the burden ;
of tbe enormous business. . ..
The fatbei, for a year in iU health,
i? prostrated iu California by the death
?f his firstborn, and his recoreryis
anlikel?. ilu death' will mi&e tbe incubsfor
bib> the heir-apparent to tbe
minions iha> be bas accumulated.
The little girl, tthaie advent into
this mundane sphere wu so ill-omened,
ba3 thrived ana become alirelr. pretty*
cfaitdl. For rix months her life was in
the balance, oad the vital spark hardly
eonid be dl:tvanished. Spe looks
do^t iik? an j normally-born b*b?-; j
vm. ?he fact ?n*t she viil become one j
'?? a series's gr heire *e*doe'*';
n* b-rh-: appeut" in tbe lev*- S
<tver. './t k;? it yet.
i^> WftWAti anfF?ru
troubles and ,
^SjjgL weakness, and
ll|||re^ ^fl|or painful men* ; ^ doctors
/jBm^k Pusy wna vmst .
diseases that.
:l|&^v ^ do not un- ;
J/i I Igrc derttand ; folly ;
' " ments and the j
ielicate organism cf woman. What ;
the sufferer ought to do is to give j
a fair trial to
Female Regulator'
by Nature for all female troubles. -It 3.
Es the formula of a physician of the j
highest standing, who devoted his],
cvfrole life to the study of the #is- .
tinct ailments peculiar to our msth-^
srs. wives and daughters. It is made
d? soothing, healing, strengthening ;
herbs and vegetables, which htfve
tvrmri/lprl Kv n Vinr^lv TJfltnrA to '
rare irregularity in the mensem Leu
corrbcea, Falling of the Womb? Nerv- j
Dusness, Headache and Backache, j
Ei' fairness to herself and to 8r*d? ;
Field's Female Regulator, every
5Ui?CIUl? wuuuui UUgill AV ??*:*
trial. A large $i bottle will do a
pronderful amount of good. SoW by ; (
3rnggists. %
Sro4 for a alce'y 11 Intuited .'r? \>tyolt ca ihe
Hi Brafifitld fccptfator Co., Atl%?M* fft
The Kind You Have Always-?
in use for over SO years, Ja
ry/f and lia
All Counterfeits, Imitations c
periments that trili? "vritfi a
Infants and Children?Expei
What is C
Castoria is a substitute for Ca
" and Soothing Syrups. It is ]
contains meitlicr Opium, Ma
substance* Its age is its gtu
and allays Feveriskaess. J.%
Colic. It relieves Teething-1
and Flatulency. It aasimila
Stomach and Bowels," giving
The Children's Panacea?Th
^ v.;
Bears S
Tie Kind You M
in Use For Oi
. -' * 'C * I t;?
- .o ? * . ,.;.
I - r'j i ' I \{- 1?fr-r
t :5f* T^ifi
Atlanta Journal. tTbe
openiDg np of Africa to civil:-'
zatiou during (be [>*?t ten years is one
of the wonder* of-. tDe.world's Vi t?>ry ^
a woc.t r^rrirnrv wTTTr-hmtafcal -ase-vr
6oarcea of ine-tlcaUblf -value ha? beau
p'acrd wrllji'i.c&sy- (>f,,c>pital (
and ei;?er(>nsi*, arid' tbaVe ia Mira ttflre'
a phwv)!iieDaI .developinen* in' Afr.&i"
in ?he fat 1? fatnre. .
There it no- JonyrrvV-Stfarfc. cop%
neui;" ihe ligbt of; ?i vitfz^poi] hAl
penetrated even tL..'atfi *
in Africa mid grow*; brighter everts
&*?, v
Sfeamboats ply .all tJ?ar grea^jrijw^;
of Uuat great oonti -nut, tod r^j!/?a<Ja'
cow carrv pa>^jgep^.tbyco.iig^^"Wnitr"
were onk n l*?w. jvaj$' ago, ailik>*f fcn
known ittscn^nd.u^piQiecfcjttngftSt'
There nre already fl?au&:8,0<H) mile3
ot railway cQiQple?ed,?q4;io opiraiion
in Africa saad 4;500 -{Wo^^ed"
raiiwsv will aoonr be .#ou*'frfccitd-?
Cecil lliiode* tas &mpi ejj#"-o trees ?*
cany oa* bw^Mud^cb^^of tbei&y-&
to Cairo raUroaii,, wijjcb wilM*?*er*e
tiie.eurire -IVftvaotr
trange tttat-Aiyca frfltSl!;i?g>:
t tyr
ftv*lu? *p4-^nt0fpfi*tngyoang.<.me
m 4fer.ft.f zexft'tiety.
CITJUZ*'U cuumxjr, aun.',ef(i cwu -ua^i; 1
are -ia.vesiif)g;; r'i'i&jDen^e^Hiias'of;
money in schemes for ..&yretep$Bg"t^e-antondaed
.',jCTQprce8 Jit-M *Pgicift<5a
which oat are hds'storcd^iiit^MiUfrs
trea^ur*.. _> . , ..-t.......
Afr?e*1$ by"-'f?Hlio- MchefcijBarT ?Tf
the globe ia goftf* - p^?0D8 stopefc.
woodland man? useful rfcetals. Vfxv-C
this undeveloped laod will contribute
TtBily ;o-ti?s weiku Of- tie vorld-i??
the early future is ue^lj^^e rtonbfel.?
One of i?e* sfcfew&Sti'and wo*t successful
ba?ihcss mee c^f '-tbc .Cai ejJ
Stales *a>d-a vfc&r ^cosltidered
Airiest he - m^V&HftVnsr tfefd'
in jha sror!d"*fai: a wPbpawj?
and pinck. .* ^ . : : .)fm
As soun a-tliv warrd the rra*i*ya*L
isomer ?Leie \fiUbe'-*^a^ toUiar
region fr&in the oMer.ahd^moTe Croffd^
ed countries.-' ThewODderfaliy
tires of gold sad-e^h^'pr^'oas,^;^
ami 01 diamonds are of^i^^Tcatabl#.
v^lao; its 'a^d* are -fertile ktiit ft*
climate deiightim.- ?. ';?>"'*? '
With a ?OYermuei;F:b*lfc smWe aud
liberil su<-.b u counipy ^ni^?jf$$,ajj,
aicajcnt? io men- thtf*WrTd ' over
which catHio! fail to-dfiw.rmlli.n< of
Ibem.' 'V *'r ' '"**
- The probable Aitufe??? Africa ia>a
mo8t fa8dBatia^itadyi?;'';*
' .f - :>' '*. 1 . * ?
rnt"' r? V? "?rt"r? os 5
X U CUUJB Vi UlUCJ wu^ui imw?jv*a*w
to be aa': good "at Xti&m&erlaSnV- are:
ffeehiaity. set ai/reit^n^ife following
teatiaohiardf Mr, C:B.~$lawvan eiir
plOyeof B*rtfett &r Xfeomi Co^, Gardiner,
Me. He .iayrr^f^^ lcept rd<5?
in? to a coldancl c^u'fb ift
oT 1S97, [fying ey^^q^bjdMdiotaet
I beard 'otvritfotff jpertnanent help,
aoiii one day I wa* fir tfte drug,* tore;
of Mr; Iioaieban and be ad riled me totrv
Chamberlain'* Confh Ren&dyaotf;
offered to pay back- my" inonev it 4;
wm not cured. My lung* and.hrenciml
;abei were very tore af tins't ime,
hut T wsi r.nmtrtfetollr"cnred*W this
remedy; aii-J hate face ajiat'>
it *?heorI gCK'a'c5!^ir'(iS.l 8 on flud
*-?lief. J Hio r&c&aiE&eitd .it, to vng^<
tn?ndf vtii iiu 2?*(* 10***7 .it, i* the."
bfts; of i!i coBih ^edicinBd/-' For laJe*
by McMaiier'COi- " " 1 *"*
From the Youth's Companion.- . Vbeiv
C-oicne) <-artw?)l was militar?
g^reipor <-f N'orfolte'r^naieFiJbe Coji>
t>deracv in 1862 he ordered tl.e Britisn.
Cwii^n! to report for duty on tfte tiom? I
wtwr-I To ifen the Eu?lrefimaii-'db;fccf.-d
on I he groawclrOjTrJjdng ouuttul j
H Norfolk. ,:V "A- ' T ;<
."To what gOYerj??etf aMcjcdJ/oI,]
Cartweih !% * t-i'.iii '
t ."To the URKed Stated go verb meHtrwas
the reply..c; .?> :*
. :D.,I n..n ..KO .ill ika
U Ul .J"ll M/.- SUM Vvwrwwv* ;
mard vqu jixuat. -sfeGW papora accrediting
)oa to t be Confederate States*
o? Amtirjca," ?^jd tbecolonel."
** But roy gorermnrttt_4ot8'not reccrgnizs
jou ae> a government," paid tbt
coii-ul. ...
'Very well^tbeo, my ^ererafhent"
does Hot recogrnze yon as comrul,"
brisk I y retorted Colonel.. Caftwell.
'Shoulder your ,um$ket?aud j no your
coBipar?y;"-;:^ '
At this the peacefully disposed -coubtiI
threatened to bare/a gnrfbo'aft cortle
and bombard tbe . psUjkc.e "Before he
would . i ' v
"That.'* jast wh^C I a like 1* *fe,'r
return'?.( ne c jIoihI xbeerU*, "for
ihea the Cuited $Utp3f^jli:fi?bt you;
a? she ci*i m3^ tt juNjtfoJfc is rttil p^rt
of the anion, and 'befweCR England
S'nd 'he United ifi^btij'g we
Khali go tree " .
At last'the con-ul appealed to itr
Benjamin, the Confederate secretin-'
n'i war, who or<5ere<OlW VxHnpiioii.'
irc-aa military daty,V$ud ihe ' thieecornered
war" so deilred bv Colonel
Cart,?ell'iiever c uce p^: ' ' ' *
T'cS on l.uitm-i cared in 30 minutes
W ?o!fo d's Solitary L?>ti? u Tf i?
: ev? r. f*il? Suld by-W. E'Aiken,
druggist, Wiansboro, S.?U.
m . g ??
tought, and which lias been
,as. Jfeorne the signature of
s been made under his perapejrvision
since its infancy,
to one to deceive you in this,
tnd Substitutes are but Ex
ad endanger the neaitn or
riencQ against Experiment.
istor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
Harmless and Pleasant. It
rphine nor other Narcotic
irantee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
rrotfblSs, cures Constipation
tes the Food, regulates the
liealtfiy ana naturu; aieep.
0 Mother's Friend.
? Always Bought
ter 30 Years.
?K&t .STXCrr, NEW 1 MX CITY.
! iv rtf ; > FEBRUARY,
Eeferuary will eiHer ?vi:h a cold
wave ovef vary " nearly) the whpie
wltfc snow, followed by clearin?"skiesandStiri
fair and.cold;
,6to, part'y clond) and warmer; 7th to
'.^tb^ciondy; foggy, "ra Hi, wind, ILnnd*r"
and IjgbtriiDg, probably some
sji6fr,v followed by cold'; 10.h toll b,
ne-ir'y fan". Moon in' opposition to
( tiie ? uy on ilie'14tb/atid fri ?{ < gee on
the lo h; both so near irgeiht-r, tb< refore,
we may look' for a period of
'1- -- -tf .1.- lOkln
rongn weamer, say irrui iuo i* u iu
tV<f*i6:1j. Iu the liesili there wiil.fce
8l?'et "ftnd'fciiow stomas danger of sit>w
^locAscfes". T: e south will bave hea>j
rafosy haii, vnnd, tbcnder and ligbiDw-gj-foUowed
by eold 17:h, fa:r and
'ttrofe^pleasairt; 18tb to 20.J),_pirtiy
cIoqov "and* warm, with local.r?iiis;
-.9tat; 1a 25iid. fair and cold:', 23rd,
threatebing: 24tb to 27ib,
l5oV'fiirtnow* <i;oriB8 and bl'zzuds in
?8^or^. .In the south it will be very
,B*3>ri&y,. .witfj. rain, probabiy, some
nrwr at-d-tbe blizzird will reach ther
sdtrli i>y-:ihe crying- day of EVbruaiy:
lli? opening days of March. * 28th,
tfair^tW;iD4>.*44 Ct Id. * ?
XJpou-jhe whole,February *iy oe,
raiber unfavorable for pa bin?* aII
ajriccfcoral work. Aiake use of errry
ZO$d rfkyr "J. Martin Gravt.
.- .tv--j ~*T "
J?BEK.OF CHARGE.. ... ... j
v .fey ad al t suffering fiorn a co d
Witftc'd* f*ve breasf, [ r< nchiti?, throat
of Jftjuv nf, jury nature, who
;3fill caU;*ri M.c-Uin'ter^.o will be preisnl^d...4?iih
a feamote botile of
fpjbee'i German Syrnp, frte ?>Jf
kcWrge "0'ily one bott'e given to one
^erfloru-anil none k) c ildren witbont
border ;roro parents.
c$0 tbr^at or Inug rtuiedy ??Tf r bat!
tncii a s tie as Bc6chee'e Gfrni&n Swop
ir; all pVrts'of the civi'ized wurUl.
"Ttfr ii*y'\e-ii% ag'o millions of b -iil.*
psw<wjr?v?*ii Sr^ny, anil your dru*?i?rit
jyi?l tell yottlfe 8ncce-8 vyas mansions
rea!|y ibe only 'hroa,t '.and lurjtr
' rerntdy "eeflenilly''ei.d>riied b7 physicians.
Ode 75 cent boftie will cuie
for-pxofe itsyalue. -Sold by dealers in
I'r -?
[ E6V. EliiVqrn' Jones, of Loogtown,
"has a*cceprtfd'a c'ali'fr6m: idt. Zion B*pJist
church and will preach there on
the &fi'rlb Sufi day in cach month.
|"'i)r. Jf A.'Scott, of MonticeJJo, wai
['wilful 'a few': days lait week. We
were all-'ffl&J to see hiiri, a? his prcs
eoce'is alWayr cfaeciirg. In fact, I
i"haven't haef a good hearty laugh sii.ce
! he left. '
|, The graiu crop ib 'looking pretty
well and t)*g not beeo injured 10 any;
j;reat rifei.t'by col J.
"" Molro'atfivlty in boii'.ess af Mitford
thau "for \ etfr*.
P to. f' T.'Lnmpkiu b&s painted hi?
bnitting-' and hnprov d his place geae
rally.' " '' "
There Las' been a pootoffice es'a'>r
lished at old" G!addsn\? Grove. Mr.
W. STcCrorey has been appointed
' pOdtmasUr". U. S. F.
-r-Jnh m/vi
Juuuary -J, ;JUU.
Perfect Health.
.Keep tHe system in perfect orj^er.-by.
the occasional use of
^Taitt's-. Liver Pills. They; rcgalatellie"
bowels and prcducc
. A ^ieorous Body.
'^opSicicneaaacne,rnaiana, uulotisness,
constipation and kindred
diseases, an absolute curt j
TUTT'S Liver FILL? !
fijfspepsia Core
Digests what yoo eat.
Hi artificially digests the food and aids
Nature Jn strengthening and recoih
3ta$cting the exhausted digestive or*
gaps. It is the latest discovered digest*
c.:rt!1*nd tonic. No other Reparation
nn. -approach it in em*5w?H\ r; instantly
relieves and permanently cures
-Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn
Flatulence, Sour,, S torn acbt- Nausea.
SlckHeadache,Gastralgia, Cramps, sag
alipther results of imperfect dfeesttea.
rreparvQ oy c.. v?. ueniu avy..
Winasboro, S. C.
Tei Division or Forestry will con-1
?Wa r.-*Too<ioraf-iV>** nf T-icifin coast 1
UUUV (U? il (
timber began )a-t summer, and several
parties ?. i I ?'3? * -Tuce or earlier f?>r
the Redwood belt ci California and be
Red Fir fore6t of Wa3hiDgton. fhe
object is to compare th3 reproduce iou
witb rhe present depletion sin to ic-j
yesiigale the possibility' of refoi* ?'ir.? \
logged-off lands. Tbere will be r:'m ;
fifteen to tweuty-five men in e>.ct !
Sta'e. Most of the woik wiil be i!ou?
by jouDg college men under the oirec
tion of Government forest experts I
The research wiil be carried ou in r
pursuance of a syste.n which uiider- I
takes by ascertaining the rate of g- owtl> '
and general life history or an i
forest to foretell ths behavio- f a:
fature one growing under like < >. di- |
tions. Mtaurements will be macis an.'
the age found of several thousand
.trees in the logging districts, an i ^arjfe
tracts will be crnised and surveyed to
find the stand of timber in va: ring!
situations. By raeasnting andcunt-j
mg me annual rings oi ? ir?.? ?= scleral
sectiOBS, an pxpt-rt can determine
not only its age but at what stage ir
grew fastest, when it reached maturity,
and the exact amount of wood added
during any period. By obtaining
these fignres for large areas it wiil be
pogfible to compute the time necessary
to raise successive, crops in the Pacific
timber regions.
This work will be especially valuable
to owners of timber lands who aie
in aonoc as iu me prum, ui
taxes on their property after it ha?
been lodged.
Over=Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
I ."236 a The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they fiiter
out'* the waste or
^P^ties ? the blood.
^ they are sick or out
teniK ?* ord?r? they fail to do 1
WfT.IjTtFY their work.
Pains, aches and rheu
I jLiT \ matism come from ex- j
^Nj ?\if , cess oi unc acia in ine ,
?v) blood, due to neglected |
kidney trouble. & J
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady ]
heart beats, and makes one feel as'though
they had heart trouble, because the heart , is
over-working * in pumping' thick, kidneypoisoned
blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that yearly
all constitutional diseases have 'their beginning
in kidney trouble.
If you are 'sick you can make no mistake.
by first doctoring your'kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
awamp-Kooi, ;nc great Kianey remeay is
soon realized.' It stands the highest for its :
wonderful cures'Of the most distressing cases
:and is sold'on its merits __
by all druggists in fiftycent
and one-dollar siz- :
es. You may have' a !
sample bottle by mail Home of Smmip-noot. j
free, also pamphlet telling you how* to find ;
out if you have kidney o'r bladder trouble. *
Mention this* paper when writing Dr.. Kilmer
St Co., Bingharhton> N. Y. ..
fTlK>iL3Ct< as* t?oallfkl file. bote'
fcJfPrarnMfca ~n*JicA'X gwwi. '
IMraH&S *'>1; to Hwtarc 0twf i
T mvphSM Cole?.~ f- ,
l-^-~ ^f-vJiit '
the grandeat and faateat-eriling book ?tc? pmbJiihed
Pulpit Echoes!
Containing Mr. MOODY'S best Sermon*. with r>C9 |
Trillin* Storiea, Inddeat*,I'er?onalExperi?net?'.etc.,aatoId ,
By D. L. Moody
htmttlf. With a eompIcW hifiory of hialift by Kcr. CH AS.T. J
COS8, Factor of Mr. Moody's Chicago C^urth lor tm y?*i*. 1
and no Introduction by Rev. LYJhAX ABBOTT. I).D. Brand
nrr, *00 pp.,btavtifuXly{Qnaxaed. C^I,<0**ote I
A SECTS WASTED ?Men and Women. ..Cy.Sate*
snamie ?a harrect time for Asents. Send for tenna t? .
I A. D. WORTHINttTO:* Si CO., Hartford, Com. j
- |
Founded 1842.' "' \
5X5fo! F
"Sing their own praise,"
[f joq reckon- tin ,endlesa jcy and
permanent va'ne yen will *ei one of
- *? ??--? crtp-pp r>T 1 vna
iqosq peieorai?u oui>rr
They are made withal! inst skill which
only years of constant , aiui care!a', attention
to every detail of their construction
can comnardj
. : ffiicmai's Prt mr
Therefore we won't bmrdea you
with an onnecewaiily BIG PRF'E.
Convenient terms. ; FINE TUNING
Chas. IVI.j&tieTt,
piano ;mancfactukks,
baltimore, md.
Factory Branch W*re-Rooa, ft' 21* :
Forth Trjon St., Charlotte, N 0
G. H. WILMOTH. Manarer
In the Outset.
_ . .. j
both country and tGWn for
their liberal patronage for
tbe past ve^r and will do
my best to merit a contin- }
nance of the same.
I now call jonr attention
to a complete
line of
Plow, 'R>?d Sb rela,
Spade. Foik?, Manure
Fork*, Grubbing
Hoep, Mat'ock?, Axe#,'
Broad Axe?,Ha4cheU,
Hand-Siws, (JrOM-Cut
Sawi, Griinl-S one*,
Grind-Stone F xture?,
Strap and Bait Hing*", J !
?r~ tr .
Ut/'v.j IV ' ,
wi'h a fuli stock ?>? Ca k<'l8, Bnrimi
Cac'>p ?i:d O-ffinp. rroufautly en band,
? 1 ? - . C kn . rQ.i tTTn??
21UU U9 t'l oc *y US.U A
Tbnukfnl.for past patronage tad soliw?ahn
fnr 'a abare in the futare, in tkt
old s'antf ":<
a!'* attended to a. all boon.
tjtut bi i'iAT'l'rri.
. . v.#
; 4-17-ly, * ; ' \
,/v ^
Johnston's i
quart e
jpsfr stasi
Slight Skip Eruption* art a Wanxla*
The Only Safe Way to to Hwi Ow '
A,- lc the lKoct Powerfal fl
Nature, in her efforts to correct mis
careless living, or it may be from an'ces
other imperfections on the skin, as a wa
haps tumors,' cancers, erysipelas or pnlna
you neglect to heed the warning and cor
Many a lingering, psuniui disease an
simply because these notes of warning
pure oy a'right use of JOHNSTON'S Si
Miss Abbie J. Bande, of Marshall,
" I was cured of a bad humor after
doctors and my friends said it was salt r!
and ears; and then on my whole body,
suffered during those fire years, is no us
I did. I tried every medicine that was
enough to buy a house. I heard JO
praised. I tried a bottle of it. I began i
finished the third bottle I was complete!
since. I never eot any thing to do me tl
SARSAPARILIjA. I "would heartily adi
or skin disease of any kind to try it at or
trouble, and was run down and miserabl
made me all right.*'
The blood is your life and if you keep
Eist disease or face contagion fearlessly,
fails. It is for sale by all'dmagists, in ft
John H. McMaster & Co.; Winnsl>ero,S. C
W. M. Patrick Woodward, ?. C.; T. G. Pati
Me are-not buntin*
for those wbo 1
to bupwttb we v
that are as Jov
can be bought i
Every one who" is up ?,
been a great"advance in Cotto
kinds. We have many goods <
We offer a.-Baigain .in a few pa
Dres^CJdeds at cost to!
ter Dr&|?. Goods at cu
lot of Ladies' Fine St
$2.50 and-$3.00; price r
" >-..v
We have many goods pri<
price. These are bargains foi
C-'- Come tc
The Caldwell Dry
' ' (P f|| ' *Jh>
of styk and we wHl satisfy yout <
(littlestexpenac. CaH,fc2d,U?dc
p&tcat "Jeather?-take year c&ofc
Jn mmd that you get the fceoe&l
shoe expoience in, buying 06 ta a
am Tay fn y Ottf 0$4$H to fell Y<
profits aU yourHfe tfcaoatfo pea
-tai s'-.^er . r y-r.. ; >*$*
... L&DLES'fl
? ?V*. *. P.
"* * * % <?' VC
C?t this *4. o
will ftmzd-XtSLJ
toa awfxuatM it
VNM7 than yot
SHT9 imds.9brs
TrtlUr'i Iufcrii
mm tiMn .WZB8
cniiimnt ii lui
th? t???3?Ct hUi
xienfecr tsjs Dtetio
tor tide toek/^zoiu
safertsm thb Dlctki
tartar K0T7. Dlurt
T liaiu n niflo DAlaftf*An iil?f !
jl uav v a mviwrivm . j uw?
opened for inspection from, which
to select yo.ur ChristmasPraserits,
consisting of *. - SLEEYE
;* KINGS;: 7. '
- \ - . ; ? m > .. . .
Also, nice presents - in. China
and Kogers & Bros'. Celebrated
Plated Wares, as cheap and- relia^\
lilt as .they c*?n be bought any->j
where. . v . ' . - j
Call soon and make your selec?!
tion. . ; . - , . ..
<?." MTC h a iridtSri
Sarsaparilla Jjj
rnnsE. .
of SoRMtbinc More Serloa* to C?aM|
ir?niiiic? - Johutoa'i StmMTlIhi M
loo4 Purifier Known.'
takes, which 'mistakes have come frofft
tors, shoots out -pimples, blotches a&d
ruing that more serious troubles (pef*
.onary diseases) are'certain to follow if
rect the mistakes.
d many an early death has been avoidedtv fl
have been heeded and the blood kept V W
fich., writes: ' M
suffering with it lor five yean. The
teum. It came out on s&y head, neck M
I' was perfectly raw with It. What I mk
e telling. Nobody would believe me If
advertised to core it. I spent money BB
to improve right away/and whenihaa
y cured. - I have never naa a toxica %u w
ie least ?ood till I tried JOHNSTON'S .
rise all who. are sneering from humort
tee. I had also a good deal of stomach
it pure and strong von can positively
ill quart bottles at only one dollsr eadk
J.; T. W. W oodward & Co.,'Rockton,S.C.; jfl
ick &Co., White Oak, S. C.
9 Ccebit trabe, but jfl
>ave tbe monefc ;fj|
kit name-prices Jj3
v as the same , W
in ttie State. J
ith the times lcjiows there has
n Goods and Domestics of all |
of this class at old prices. * ~ |jj
.tterns* - J
dose*0ufc ^andrall Winit
prices. Bargain in a
ioes; small sizes .worth
low atr$ 1.50. : >' **? # fed
nowjowe'r than the factory- -jB
l \Q^pr : 11^ % j
C^ofe ^mpany. J
Shoes? 1
Ilfs always-wcfi to hare an eartfa-pafc*
Kyou tfcink yoa :-M
tjaw^t i^ff^po?e yott *? W
. , fbct &at itxost? you aomore, *- _ ?
for wHen^ the work-a.-day ^ j
shoes arc wprsi otrt &e exhu v9
^ fell into thtir" plaa and tfac
. acw pzh is kept "for dreM.
There's ~*j>Ict^y of room ?ot
yW&tastea* ' - SEE ^ i
"Se!z"<m^S?Ie I
rrfaHoor j^JSS I
tod that we m|
w shoes as CHaao I il
favc tStic 3WW I
Etfjustccce. ?tfa yOTT fet gki |g jj|
wtfecHodtf H
WENSt&mCKlO> ,:jj
THIS LINE ? - '"I*
UsOne Mlar. 1
uft and soad It to ns with on* dollar and wo
A1UMLA0 Dictionary, subject to erawtnatlwi
At T<ron*r^'6TT$*l6M6fifclBtUU?*4 Stat*
i Jiay? yet aeeh, S^the express
a tito boot Till*-Dlctionaay, contaVna
mi xnd delnitioaa tha.ii are to bo fooadta
i-itloaal Dictionary. It la the l&teat Dlctieoaw,
fWly 46,000 more words thaa Webster's aafe
it Pnabria#?d Dictionaries* and baa 250 aaafi
iotIoKthe teferenoe'is'exaet'ftodltlsataotalaty
i trade, up-tcndate -Dictionary -op the market. B*>
nary Is printed on arstciMB paper maaeexpMBif ?? .
c1"ar type end is-ban densely -bennd to TVS* w. '^1
marbled edge*, indexed for. only $4.05. At *
mary ha> ABSOLUTELY NO EQUAL. Send yoot /?
rated catalogue cf booka at ipeoJ&l prfca^ Mill. M
?? ? #?> *.- * * ALIa
nuvni uwn
r Ccnpany b thoroughly. Tellable.}?Editor.
Ti lifi te Pic I
that we hate moved -jtfm
onr stock of General ilerch??- J|jn3i
dUe ?nd'opened in
W i nn sboro,
-- vm
Granite Block.
We i.hatik ? ur old ea*tota<?r?
f#r their ptei fav->r? ?xid hop#
that they wilt carnitine with o?.
. a .. s.aare or irint or
Wuiut'b r??- n<i.Kfi!field Ciuu? ;2i|
ty i? s d. " .
''k fall'"" line'of G oc?<i'?, >
Drj Goodv*n'l * I Plantation v'3|
. Supplie* as c-eap. as c-n he ;
f bought ehes-. here.. -^9
W. R. RABB & CO m
A F^ECAKAnffi/ow Cvcstipstleeeei
?d"iLtfwi Lirer lfeHchf. Tnrll.

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