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Wednesday. Febraa^y 7, - 1900
LOCAL BKi&rji.
?Moner to loan. See advertisement.
?Read W H Flen&ik-irs "etrnyed"
% ivertiwaaeat ciaewryry.
it. ?See notice of annual meeting, of J
the Farmer*' Mutual F; re Insurance
A Company. j
?a flne lot of-males for tale bj
' M. Yf Doty * Co. Read their ad erti>?nsc-1.
?Mr. Ii. FJ?aoik6n of oar town
gare a chock tor $10,000 for a lot of
" cotton a few days past.
?Hunters of partridges and other
fame are referred to the trespass noties
published elsewhere. j
r DeWHt'a Witch Hazel Salve it wn- j
equalled for pile*, isjoriea and akin
diseases. It is the original Witch
Hazel Salve. Beware of all coanler1\
feits. McMuter Co.
if ?Ho land was sold on Monday.
Some personal property wsis sold
K under chattel mortgage*, &c.
E ?The name ot the postofflce which
I* baa been established at Gladden'*
f Grove is Am? and Mr. W. T. Mef
Crorey is postmaster,
t ^ ?Mr. George Laadtrdale, who parehased
the cottage formerly occupied
r by Mr. T. T. Lumpkin, iihavisgit
fCIUWQIVU auu Jiaiwwu.
W. 3. Philpot, Albany,Ga, tsyt:
"DeWitt's Little Early Rieera did me
m- store %ooi than my piilf I ever took."
The faaoss little pills for constipation,
' bilioniaess and liver sad bowel troables.
McM aster Co.
?0a accoant of the irregularity of
the regclar trains load trains are
t being ran by the Southern Baily way.
The locals carry paueng ers and bag:
gage bat bo nail or express.
?News reached Winnsboro on mcs- i
day that Mr. C. S: Brlce, Sr., of
Y* Albion, w&? exceedingly ill. Hie
friend* throughout the eouaty will
deeply regret to bear this, and will
" , . bope to hear better news of hia in a
few dayg.
r- " Th? One Dey Cold Cure.
For colds asd sore throat ut Kenoott's Choc?.
Sates ?ax*ti re Qcisi**. JStsily ttken ? eatfy
aadqoicUy rare,
?Tne stockholder* of the Fairfield
~~ *- *
Cotton Si lilt were maae nappy *nu?7
by receiriag a letter in which wasenclosed
a check for their first dividend
* of Si per cent on tbeir stock. The
stockholders expect great things from
the mill in the future.
t The two-year sentence of Wm.
- Lylei, of Fairfield, convicted of man,
' al&agbter in Febrniry. 1809, wm comanied
to one year Judge Gary stated,
ttz.t the provocation was great ?and
that he had imposed the minimum
sentence; he recommended the com*
?*T had dnocoiiia for rears. No
r medicine was so effective u Kodol
Dyspepsia Core. It jwe immediate
- relief. Two bottles produced marvel .
- one results," writes. L. H? Warren,
Albaoy, Wis. It digests what yen eat
and cannot fail to core. McM&ater Co.
?The bicyclists in town are cc jplainieg
of the great amount of broken
W ; glass on the streets. This endangers
the tires of the wheels and as bicycles;
- - are taxed the owners haTe a right to
k .: be protected by law. It is suggested
that the cooneil pass an ordinance to
x iv. ? ?
sect me cjuc.
p, - - Mr. D. M. Mobley, of Blaek&tock,
will leave that place this week to ac^
^ cept a position with Messrs. Aiken &
afc Dnnlap, oi Chester, to sell heavy groW".
ceries on the road. Mr. Mobley has
|| been with Messrs. A. Maedonald b
SI ;' ' Co., of Blackstock, lor seven years,
sjzt. and leaves them new becaase they eontemplate
some change in their business.
Mr. Mobley's friends wifch htm
w I = every tnccess in bis new position.
II. Cur9 Cold In Head.
IS ? Sermott's Chocolates Laxativeeasy
to Uke and quick to co?e coxa ur aeaa ua aoxc
I f i t&TOQt.
?A Dili has been introduced by
.v Congressman Stokes t-> giro free mai)
?' , ; delivery to all towns, having as many
as three thousand inhabitants or whose
p gross receipts amount to $5000. Ualortanately
Winnsbore cannot be ineluded
in the list ot towns that are to
I' . thus favored, bat Mote of oar seicfc*
i boriDg towns, Chester, Beck Hill and
I Yorkr'sUe, are included. A boat eighteen
towns can meet tbe requirements.
. ?From a letter received from Mr.
[ J. G. Wolliu* be informs tie tbat tbe
^ Coietnan lodge buiidinj %t Crosbyrille
was destroyed by fire on the 26th.
This was a two story building, the
- - - -. _ ..
r second stotj being sua s>y in mvobi
?sd t! e first itory for the sckool. The
?cbooi h-s been undsr the chaise of
liiu Jennie Betty, of Wmnaboro.
The building w&i iatore^JBg^S^]
hnndrcd dollars* n !
? ^? the morning.
L ^ ~ 4. II. Un.i.?
i off sppoimoieot u? mi. &uuot
3^*:' MeMftster, of Columbia, to & censis
clerkship is noted in Wednesday's
Sfcata. Mr. Mclfasier stood the civil
I j service examination ic A*ianta shortly
before Christmas and the result is his
appointment to a clerkab;p, which is
wLf io take .effect on February 1st. Mr.
UcMister is a sob of ?be la<* Col.
F. W. McMaster aad i* wait knewn
' . v here. His friends will be glad to learn
of hit appointment.
?Tue Lancaster papers report that
cotiou was selling there a day or two
W ago for 8 cents. The price has sot
^ risen as high as ihi? here as yet, bat
f r-?% Kr?r?incr Cap ?n^
w it 19 W il*-. *4J?4JJ *? IVi ?uv?
are holding their cotton until it dce?
bring 8 c*uts. Some eveu venture to
hope tor 9 and 10 ceuts bat the maJr
jority of people wno have cotton to
v sell would be satisfied with getting 8
cents, and woald consider themselves
fortunate to get that.
?Th? Diocese, tbe organ of the
y Episcopal Church in Sooth Carolina,
Y ' ends tbe year of i;? renewed existence
with the February number and celebrate?
that pTem by changing its form
for the better, bv enlarging i s b<;rders,
End, wt> trust, streDgthej i?g i a
r stakes. An increase of one-third in
size with no increase in price is a good
it*p forward. May its prcgn-ss erer
be onward and ita patronage upward.
?The Torkrille people art wondert
irg who it to be tbtir next poitmaater.
There are two applicants for the plate,
1 - one a lady wboii supported by Demo1
?... crats and tbe other a Mr. A. S
2. . J????MWM?
Sore lungs, pain in the cheefc and painftQ
breathing, the fore-runners of
pneumonia, are quickly relieved and
cared by the old reliable 3>r. John W.
Boll's Cough Syrup. It breaks cp a
cold in one night Try it at once.
Witt fluiftltfv heal Sops Lunas.
*" " "?- J ? - ?
SosetarefOMl! fcad pleasant to take. Doctors
rccotaaaesd it rrfccascts. At all diaggist?.
Withers, * Republican. The lady at
one time held the office aad gave entire
satisfaction, the ?>iqoirer status,
and she standi some chance of beixg
appointed. The Bepnbi?ci;n candidate
wilt probably be the successful one
however, as he i> backed by strong
i&epaoncaa mucesce.
Geo. Barbe, Hendota, Va., saya.
"Nothing did me so nmcb good as
Kodol Dyspepsia Care. Due doie relieved
me, a few bottles cored me."
It digests what you eat and always
cares dyspepsia. McMaster Co.
?The north-bo'ind morning trsio ?3
two or three boars behind sehedaie
tine every day, and people are begin- j
ninjj to wonder why the schedule is |
| sot changed, as it seems rather useless
| to bare the train scheduled to arrive
. here at 7.30 a. m. and to have it reach
; here at half past nine or ten o'clock.j
I The reason assigued for the delay is ;
I that about SO miles have been added to
I the ron of this train aud with the in-1
I crease in miles the train can not make j
| it in the same time. *
j ?The report recently submitted by j
t the board of trnstees of Clemson Col. j
i lege s\ows the institution to be in a j
fine condition and doing splendid |
: work. As the school increases in size j
| the expenses grow heavier and a con- j
| siderable amount it needed in addition
i to what it already appropriated to the
j college. The textf& school which it
, nnder the chargc c* air. Means Bsaty j
| and which was be' \ short tine ago
established is naki&g excellent progrets
and bids fair to be one of the
most important departments of the
?The State ?ajs: It is a shock to
find that the thrse representatives in
the bono from Fairfeld county, Columbia^
near and dear neighbor,
toted against the proposed change of
i ?Ki? which srnnld enable
j this city to equip itself with first-class
[water and wwerage. sysiems. How
did it come about that three ot the ten
! votes in opposition were cast by Fair*
| field nsen? Did Messrs. Mcbley, Hags!
dale and Johnson fear that if Columbia
j kept on improving Fairfield weald be
j depopulated tee to tally?" "
Mrs. J. K. Miller, Newton Hamil:
ton. Pa., writes: "I think BeWitt'f
Witch Bazel Salve the grandest saWe
made.'7 It cures piles and laeais every
tbibgv -All fraudulent isdutioni are
worthiest. McMaater Co.
-Ihe^ wtd were obliged to be oat
of doors, on Wednesday bad a hard
of it, as a bleak, strong wind
blew air day, and walking wa* diffiI
wind came witb great force
"frem ite northwest and clond? of seed
ind dost .and scraps of paper bletc
about blinding and chokief the unfortunate*
who ventured out. A!tL.__L
tl>? timtuuafnM W*a eKflnt
I'BVUgU UiC ICUipC-aktut. no wvut
twelve degrees higher than on Toesday
morning the weather was far
more disagreeable, calm, cold weather
being vastly preferable to the windy
days we hare to often in winter.
| ?On Monday night tbo warehouse
of Mr. R. T. Fewel), of Rock Bill,
was burned. The warehouse contained
about 850 bales of cotton, all ef
; which is supposed to hare been insured.
In this warehouse were about
80 bales of cotton belonging to Messrs.
t tx vtuni? on.i j T, Rnhinson.
These biles were, of coprs^, consumed
with the rest of the contents of the
i builcing, fcut the loss wis fully cot*
| ered fey ksarance. The entire less on
the contents of the warehouse is estimated
at between $10,000 and $12,000.
Rock Hill had two cotton fires the
same day, only one of them, however,
amounting to anything serious.
* - ! ? rftali. 3)
? . I run, pate, anecmtc 511? ^
| need a fatty food to enrich |
I their blood, give color to ?
| their cheeks and restore their |
| health and strength. It is |
a safe to say that they nearly $
| all reject fat with their food. |
mttffrpofmspmes of limes soda
* is exactly what they require; |
J it not only gives them the im-1
$ portant element (cod-liver oil) |
! | in a palatable and easily di* ?
igested form, but also the hypo-1
phosphites which are so valua-1
ble in nervous disorders that i
usually accompany anaemia. 1
f fattv food that b more easily f
| digested than any a^her form j
!of fat. A certain amount ofI
flesh is necessary for health. ]
You can get it in this way. j
We have known per-!
a sons to gain & pound a \
g day while taking it j
? 50c. ?nd$r.oo, *11 druggists. {
* SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, NortorJC <
Hot 8*pp?r.
Tbt ladies of Bathel Church and
commmaity will serre a hot aapptr at
ih- residence - t Mr. J L Cantf-en on .
Febra*f v Sio :??r the --f B? 'iai ,
? hurch. The public i? cordiawy iu-,
O ^ ~ i. i: J*. A
Parllooa Climb.
The rope to the nigh weather pale 1
became unfastened at the top, and the i
pui.ey woulda'r work. Willie Diek- j
ont a colored boy, pnt oa spars and I
' *,i ?L ~ - * J <? ?ft/1 tk? WAVNA
ciiwucu luc |KJin auu tuou iub ,
Tbe pola is very fina l at the top, and
it was i dangerous climb.
About h&lf-p&at four o'clock on Saturday
morning, the old Methodist parsonage,
now occupied by Mr. W. K.
McOarley, was found on fire by Policeman
Gilbert. The west end of the
kitchen was charred near tbe chimaey.
The fire was extinguished beiore the
i ? v-j iv.
lire ftv'nipaoy resciicu toe piaco* tuu
the loss wu imigniiieant. The place
is new owned by B. J. Emerson.
That Tkrobblsg HewUoh*
Would quickly leave you, if yo*
need Dr. King's New Life Pill*. Thousands
of r-ufferers bare proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Eead&chtA. They make pare blood
and strong nerves and build up your
health. East to take. Try them.
Only 35 cents. Money back if not
cured. Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
Postmaster Rion has handed u* the
following for publication:
? . AA < AAA
MiaaiCDurg, ra., uaa. zo, xtuv*
Dear Sir-Would you be kind enough
to make inquiry about a man by tbe
came of James Williams. Should any
of bis friends live near there tell tbem
to write to me; it may be to their in*
terest. James Williams is a man of
about 50 ytars of age, and was a soldier
in tbe war of 18SI-W. Address,
Mrs. Ro*ie ?. Spacht,
Middlebarg, Snyder Co., Pa.
Mrs. Jane Herron died at the home
of Mr. W. J. Elliott, near, Columbia,
oa Friday night. She bad tbe grip,
which developed into pneumonia.
Mrs. Herren w&> tbe widow of the
late Robert Herron and was 74 years
of age at tbe time of her deatb. Funeral
services were held at Mr. EHiott's
on Saturday night by Hers. Knox and
John O. Wilson, and tbe body brought
to Adger's on Sunday and buried in
" ?- u .1? miAa /vf
fiOCK V/narca cemeicrj uj mo ?u* ?>
her husband. She leave# one ton, Mr.
W. J. Herroa, and two grandchildren.
The greatest dasher from coldi and
la grippe is their resulting in pnsnmooia.
If reasonable care is n?ed,
however, and ChamberlainV Cosgh
Be?edy taken, ail danger will be
avoided. It will cnre a cold or
an attaek of la grippe in less tiaie than
aay other treatment: It is pleasant
and safe (10 take. For sale by McUas
The following is a list of letters remaining
unclaimed in the .^ostoffica at I
"Winnsboro, February 5, I960:
Rer. Elder E. H. Earit.
Mi?? Emma Howell,
Mr. Williitfl Jones.
Mr. Charley Scott. j
Miss Bekay Thorn***
Tbo?. Walker.
Persons calling for the above letteff I
will pleas* say tbey are advertised. j
Prestos Bion, P. If- i
"After doctors failed tp cnre mo j
pnenaaouia I a?ed One Minute iiough i
Cnre and three bottle* of it cared me |
It is also the best remedy ou eairtb for
wheoping coagh. It eared my ]jrand*kili)i>tii
of lk? yarnrat i>aa?i writAI I
Jno. Berry, Loganton, Pa. It is the j
only harmless remedy that give* immediate
result#. Cares coaght, colds,
croap and throat and long troubles. It
prevents consumption. Children always
like it Mother* endorse it. MeHatter
The following ia a list of the grand
and netit im-ora far the Fabrnar? term
of canrt, *bicb jseeti on the third
John F. Baris, J. B. Boyd, JV F.
Brawn, J. M. Caldwell, W. H. MacJcorall,
John Crawford, K. L. McNatsi,
W. E. Martin, Walter Allen, T. P.
Y<?angiuer, F. A. Neil, "W. J. Bnrlery.
J. L'yles, Thos. A. Moore, XI. C.
Sterling, Tho? W. Brice. Jr., A. A.
Young, A. J. Boalware, Sr., W. E.
-? t> a A w*;i T?
OiCQlCf rl ?W* k74IOUU| 1? At ?'
W. J. Kennedy, D. P. Hammiter,
Matt. S. Herron, T. G. Yarboroujb,
A. A Ab?l), A. *7. Mcbiey, John W.
Bankhead, W. B. Wright, J. II.
Hamilton, J. W. Durham, J. A.
Carmaa, ,W. L. Kirkpatrick, G. il.
Steadmav. H. M. Owene, K- Wade
Brice, T. H. Ketehin, A. J. Browiii
W. R. A#hford, J. G. Martin, G. B.
Belm, W. K. Doty, W. J. Tomer,
5am Dixom B. A. Boulwara, R. A.
Pavrick, T. F. Smith, J. R. Smith.
The following letter from the Comptroller
General to County AndLter
Richmond ha* been banded as fee
publication. Those making return?
will tare ibemaeivet trouble* by following
the instructions given is tbi
Columbia, S. C., Jan. 27,19G0
Mr. J. L. Richmond, County Auditor:
Dear Sir?In writing up your dopftcate
for 1900? plea?e observe the fe?
ltr. Require a tax return in d?
foim fn>m al l^t^p>T?rs. Do ikX
\ ] accept a return mat says "same u j??
[year, or no ck&nfe in property."
^fWheT? thfc party deiiresto send.reinn
t| bj mall, let him make return uztfta
i f oath before a magiffeatf or netarj
[.? public and tranaait by BaSI.
H 2nd. B iore entering a nszse on you
>* duplicate, check the return* by th
| duplicate of 1S95 and see wio har
^ failed 10 wake return, or if ibey ar
in another school district or toualkif
Be carefal in this work and do not
enter property twice on your dupllcite.
Never charge a piece ef land to
%(?r n e nTJtii yoo OGHirCe "
> { > e. ? bC > '
CO1.' u* *. nr ?.Un l(.'r - i - U? j
the v tr - the' r?rhiej o^frer, ith
? e tax .loiihcat* 8a n?ii ,
<0 ;F-. * -sniptxifid tyf a*-?i?Wirs liit
/ail an i axpa;e:r wj^-> ?r-.e o>r;
your-i u -*>:e in 18ft and who do ?ol
ma&e ve< a rn for 1900. - v;;;;^
i> >!hk? ranee of tb?M'ln?trBC!ioot
will y ?Vint mauy' - error* fjid- tirf
netes-i; 'or tiu? deptrtaeQ* to oaa*
sid"r p? i.ion- looking td cfie-ct rnwtiois
?f euon which "Ib'efifd <h?vto
Dev-r bctij a*d?.
P ease *cknoirIedge " receipt of this
letter. Yonrstraly, ~ '
3. F. Derluuuj
Comptroller Geuera!.
Thd One Day Cold Cure.
For eoM in the bead and soretfcrooi uae Kermott'a
Chocolates X#a*ativc Quiaiac, ti? " One
Say Cold Cure."
coMixe axd oorsre. .
Rer. J. K. Hall spent Monday iu
Mr. M. H. Mobley spent Snnday
with bis family.
Miss Bertha Robinson is rialting
friends at Edgeiaeor.
Miss Mary Matthews left for Columbia
Thursday for a few weeks' stay.
Mrs. B. J. Quatilebaua went) to
Columbia Thursday to spend a few
days. . ,%
Mr. T. W. Lauderdale is north Fa
the interest of the Fairfttfil' Cottou.
Mrs. D. A. Presaley, of Colaabia, l?
ob & riiit to her mothtr, -Jfef. M. L.
Connor. ...
Miaa Lida Dixon, of Blackttock, je
rutting Mitt Mary Mobley.?Chester
Laitern. ' -"ri. >;/
Idri. Addio Gailiard came ip Irom
Columbia Monday night to-tiiitrelatives
here. . - Miss
Ethel Rabb, of Rldgeway, is
ieitiDg her grandmother, lira.. N. K.
?** fAorn
IMIVUi ucai wn u? s . t"-.
. Miis Alice McMwter spent Saturday
and Sunday with her parent*, Mr.
and Mn. R. N. McMaateri \y~
Mi? Kate Wheeler, daughter of Mr.
J. T. Wheeler, of the W>nnsboro
Hotel, arrived Wednesday.
llifk E. G. Dwight left Friday morn--1
ing for Washington where sbewBi "
pend several weeks with Mre. D. D. :
Gaillard. <
Miss Addie .Carter, of Lancaster,
After 8peBdingr> few days wrta mt?.
M. H. Mobley, left Holiday tor.Mf?
W. T. McCrorey's, at Gladden VGroye,
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. B. P. Oliria, of Barcelona, :
Spain, ppends hi* winters at Aiken,
S. C Weak nervei had caused ic.ysre
pains in tne back ot hi* bead. On
nsins Electric Bitters. America'szgceatpRf
Blo/.d and Nerve Kemedy, all,pain
soon iest him. He eayr this grand
mediciue i* what his country seeds.
All America knows that it cures liver
; and kidner trouble, purifies tb&bkwU .
' tones np ?be stomach, strebgibefH.tko:
I nerve*, pats vim,, vigor.and newjifa
I into every mascle, nerve and organ.^f
the body. If weak,' tired or ailing rjyju
need it. Every bottle goarafct&d,
only 10 cents. Sold by McMaster Co.,
| druggists- : If-1
wmiBoso'8 rsoGBtey, '
The Fairfield Coast? Seat KcepLaf - 5Jp
Xl ilh the Proc?M!?n. k JO:: i
The State, Jan. S9.
In rep!> o at* iuqniry if Wlunsboro
was in line with the progress of other
towns in (he State, Representative
Jn?. G. Moblev vest?rdt?y said:
"Winnsboro is improving in bnsintf-u
?t>d growing in population. A
we!!-; qufpptd cotton mill under eflU
cicnt uif.DRgi tutut ha* been eitabiisht
d Mid o,j? rites 5,000 ?pindfe?
210 ioots~, mannf'Cture* 2,500 baits of
cott<;D atd has a rapital stock of $102,
000 It i* ejected that thtf capital
mentioned will toe doubled Izr the near
future. i' . 1
"Many worthy white farmers hare
taken positions in the mill, aid casual
glance at the men employed there will
convince anyone wha has teen cotton
mill operatives that they, compart
favorably with those of any other mill
in the South V* ?
"Tee busine&a men of Win nsboro |
are substantial and energetic. The'
bar bas always been noted >ftj^leg.al
ability and iutegrity, and bblid that
reputation with pride.. "The
Fairfield Oil and Fertilizer
Company does a large b*aine?s and.
bas in connection with the oil milla
first-dans ginnery and roller mill
?rhjrh hat added mtcb to the con
enie ice of the lai mer? and stimulated
the planting of wheat. .
"The educational advantage* are ex;
cellent. The Mount Zion Institute,
| under the able management of Prof,
i W. H. Witherow, is doing a good
woik. It has a most enviable reputation
ai-.d hxs tutored tome of the ablest
men who have ever figured ia it J hiatory
of our State. They often refer to
the fcchooi row as the 'light on the
hill.7 The Mt Ziou Society ia prubably
the oldest chartered organization
row in exigence in our Stete outtide
| the city of Charleston. It was or(ganized
oyer one hundred years ago.
"The society is of ineatimable bene*
fit to Wincsbere and to F.irfi*ld
fnnntv. Ttg members are ever j?aloua
' and proud of its exiatenee, and whenJ/svei'they
think that (be society it on
tie wane hate a general revival of in*
tei est and reuew it? life,
i "Winnaboro is healthy, the natural
drainage excellent and the water
.] pure." <
(A CoBTlndof Answer.
"I hobbled into Mr. Biarkmon'i
i? drag vtore one evening," tavt Wealey
ZNelsou, of Hamilton, Ga, "and be
asked ?e to try t)hainberlain'c Pain
JJalm f??- rfeeamatiwn with which I
?.~A rl t'.ir a louir time. I told
1 liAU ?n ?
i-f ihira I bad do faith Jin.auy medicine u
(l*hev all failed. ?T.e said:' 'Well if
. t Cbufrberiain's Fnin Balnr does not
, i toe!p yon, you naeil not pay for it.' J
took a bottle ?f it home aud used il
> xcoordijjg :o the directions 'and in one
f c week I ?a? enred, and have ??>t since
' beeo trmbled with rheumatism."
| bold by AlcMasterCo,
r j ilr. W. M. Tostick spent a few daji
B in lull n
e ' m '
The'One Day Cold Cure.
Kemail's Chocolates Xax&tive Quinine,fo)
i cold is the head and sore throat Children taJa
them like candy.
To All i
"V. ...' ..
Read the fo
j- [Tonrs of recant data to hand reqnea
^?..<.- kldooy*,,, My physicians said that I cou
X gallonsdrawn from scrotum several 1
fluid. Was unable to set any rest or ale
Able to attend to my business. I can n
. v. gUd to fjvo it. m some poor sullcre* ms
? ? ? 111
The traae suppnea oy j
. __ 3.T.8
They 6* Up'5 F?r C?nt in Ten Days. .
-.v, . CktrlotU Olmtier.
Lut evening snil men io this city
?p*ke in most hopefnl terms of the
cotton iittuftioD, and ??pecei*lly of th?
advaace in the priet of cotton yarns,
mum tn h*v* baan rerr sren
truly emphasized yesterday.
One prominent mill man said: "The
&i?eoT?ry seems to have been made
suddenly that the cotton crop it nnusually
short and the consumption unasuaJly
large, and now the price of cotton
wilt probably be higher. This silua-,
tlon has bees more or less apparent'ln
the South lor some time. The indica-^
tions to-day are that this, conviction* has
been forced upon the buyer? of
cbtton and cotton products.
- "The mills in this eity and in its
vicinity repert much inquiry for goods
*" Thio wnnM indl.
lVTlUtUfCU?U(?i;> x>uo nvuiu ?.?.
cat* that b*yer? w&nt to bar foods for
ioirte time to ;ome and at present
puc???chowiag that they apprehend
Tn- the Ia*t ten d*y? there has been
anad ranee of 6 per cent on cction
yarn. The chance* are that it will
fcd bigfcef" > ;
Another wall knewn mill man, after
^cgtneral diicnuion of the milling:
itaatfon,, *aid: .
"Itkas certainly been pronounecd
to-day that ootton yarn*, of all kinds
are advancing in price..
~ Thi* i* the immediate result of the
(BCl UMl m^UU! u VC||JUUIU(. IV
realize the shortness of the cotioa
crop, , and by no.means baring her
quota, she wxidt, of nectsity pay considerable
of an advance.
< Yarns bare advanced iron 1 to 2.
cents on the pound, not as the resnlt'
of any boom, bat owing: to % legitimate
increase in priees. ' ,
.. 1 hi? flattering condition applies sot
only to cotton and cotton manufaclur
leg, bat a. casual ooaeiver must note
that the demands far all manufactured
Drodncts in wood or iron are making
en Advance. All kinds of manufac- |
torod goods are short on the hands of
thejobbere. .
- The time it cooai&f when the United
State* will dictate prices to Liverpool.
Taking, everything into consideration,
thi? country never bad a better ontlook
than at the present time.7'
McMa?terCo. arnarautee every bottle
of 'Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
ABU Wlii reiQDQ ,IUC iflUUCY iu aiiyjuo j
who is not satisfied. after nain?two-i
thirds. of tfce., contents. Tbii is the!
best rmmedyiDthe world for la grippe, j
?i5bfbs, colds," croup.-' abd whooping
coufk aa(f i? plcsss'Dt-and safe to take.
U prersbU any. tendency of aco'.dto
r?nblt in potomonia.
.. Me. H. L. Elliott spent Thursday in
Colninbia. ;
; ~ Belief In six Honrs.
Distressing Kidnev and PUdder DlsrftlfftVMf
ir iir 'tvew
Great South American Kidney Care." j
It i# * great surprise on acconnt of its ,
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
i? bladder, kidneys and back, in male
or female. Relieves retention of water
almost immediately. If yon want
quick relief??d cure this is the remedy,
told by W. K Aiken, druggist, WinnsT
boro, S. C.
Mr. A. C. Leisman was in town
Fricbtfal Blander
Will often cause a horrible Barn,
Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will,
kill the pain and promptlv heal it.
Cores Old Sores, ^ever Sore*, Ulcer?,
Boils, Felons, Corn?, all Skin Ernp
tiona. Bast Pile cure on earth. Only
15 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by- McMaster Co., druggists.
?A new three-room cotUgt for
rent. Well of go^d water convenient..
J. O- Boag.
B?ar? ti? j? ^ ^ Yg Hw Atoft Bffigtt
Hobs E. B. and G. W. Kag>d*?e
came op Saturday to spend the holidays
apd returned Monday.
| "I had broochiti* every winter fcr
i years and no medicine gave me per*
; maneut relief till I be*ran to take One
Minute Cough Care. I know it is tbe
be?t cough medicine made." says J.
> Koontz, Corry, Pa. It quickly cures
; conghs, colds, croup, asthma, grippe
and throat and lung troubles. It i<
the children's greatest'remedy. Curei
quickly. UcMaater Co.
' Mra. Samuel Ward is on a visit tc
Ciaxton, Ga.
The One Day ?old Cure.
' Cold in bead and sore throat* cured by Ker
' toott's ChocolatesXaiative Quinine. .'As easy tc
tafceas candy. * ChiHtteircry for them."
__ .. Mi .
dreadful disease and it v
lloiwing letter from R. J. Be
' j /? /] s
^ ^2- c '*v .>.
y y ^
S)s~ S2/&
tlog statement of my casa which I gladlr give. I I
14 not last but a short tiuie. I was untbie to 11? do1
Irnes. I was complete.';/ filled at tiiVtimo.I be
ep ereceptrwhilA under thu lnfluehfe'o ol an opiate-' i
io*.n ride my horse, a thing I had boenimaUo to dc
y be benefitted thereby.!
, A
Mr. W. J. Elliott, of Colombia, is
in. town
Mr. Felin.0 Fee, the veil known
traveling man, spent Mcnday'in town.
V/HO i vnin
, ??r Infeats and Children.
Tie Kind Yao Han Always Ewfit
?? / '. ?? * ^ '
WANTED, for cash, Hiekory, Dog
wood,Persimmon, Walnut' Logs
Southern Hardwood Co., P. O. Box
?29, Clnarleeton, S. C. 11-22-la ,
n?nmn. pttip TttomJiWr PMfPiYY I
fAll'Iife rUHe inOUXULnuu uvjjuom
-> ' OF mwi
/l. ";* Solicits
a sua re of the public palroaA
9-26 ly . . *
uj " * m 1 J
Twenty thousand dollars
to lead on s at ipfactor y paper.
** james q.davis,
2-7x3 Treasurer..
Friday, January 36, on? Mon??Colored
Greyhound, answers to tjbe
name of DeJi. ^f takcu "ap ordeiiVered
a saleable reward will be paid.
Trespass Notice
?TL against booting* or otb-.
erwise tre8p*B?iojf on aiiyof oqr I*nda.
The i&w will be gtrictlr enforced.
CHAS. TIM MS - - i
2-1-1 JESSE R. BRYCE.,., "
Final Discharge.
'' . : - ' I
- "TTTB *Tnmrnlr TIT.* T i
i HiiiKiSiKI UlVli j>UHV?i lua; i
on the 9th day #f February, -1900, I
will apply ; the Jndgo of Probate for
Fairfield Conntr, .at his office inthf
U?nrt Home at Wfiuisboro, ^C./forj
i.tral discharge as Administratrix of:
be estate of J. ? *5n^ei\ deceased.
1 B-iw Admiaisftratric. j
Executors' Notice. j
NOTICE U hereby gi?en that all
person* baring claim* again?t |
the estate of Benjamin . Allstcn, |
deceased, will present the same duly |
attested, and those indebted make payment
to the undersigned.
11. W. CONNER, JR., .
Qualified Execattr*,
5 Law Range, TTinnsboro, 8. C.
1-20-3 w
ru w-tiuivi
. it may
in position to fnraitb yo? in anything
you mav seed that is kept io a
Well Regulated
drug stokt.
if jo^?a prca;l vl can'do it.
,f yooaeedCoogh^jra^., THK|f
If routed.Tooth Br?hivEiT
If 50a E?sd Perfamery.
- If you need anything in the * ?y el
Drug* and Patent Medicines,
r - If Ton need Paint for 70 a r boiue.
1 . D05T F?KGET Uo1
J a Hi IVi /IflUvJ wv i
& Co.,
' Druggiits,
From DR;
" * . >\
i thousands of desperate ca
ill positively cure you.
itsill, Maj. 18th Reg. S. C. V<
Ay* t^JU^Cy
^ -?got*~
?7 &Ji!!L*6#.
iave been suffering for three years from d ropey," ga
<ra rxcept shortly after being tapped, every tissue c
Von Vi.UGaX'8 L1THOMTEIPTIC. perfectly ixelple
I have used eighf bottles ci YAUGHKS i-JTHONT
?for nearly two years. You may pubiUsii aacfc of m
* C k. /
i" ' 1 ' rrvni "a'IT T ADI
^or saje.Dy juamn j.-ww
Columbia, S, C. TV J ""
* F. IVI. L.; I. C. ... V
r . the Farmrra1 Mntual Fire I nsnr"
W - I? t,.M llva
rTiCC UOHJpUJJ Wj>i -vie uoiu iu uiv
To ?rn Hall; in Winnnboro, at 12 <,'clock
M', on thev|hird Monday (19fh3'February,
19C0... .. . ' - ' "
Special \\u8lne?s'. Report of-? Secretary
ancf Tfeai?iter sU to transition*
for* the year 1899, and an flection of
officers for the tntoin- year.
By order of the President
. / JNO. J.NEIL,
2-7x2 *" Secretary and-Treascret,
OC ..TO- Zfl
' for sale; :
Bought right ^
and we wilte*
sell cheap.**. ;;
- v : V Yv* . . '
% W. DOTY & GO,
Garden Seed
- - iT Triumph,
Rose, Beauty of
Hebron, and !
Seed Irish Pota-j
toes. Onions for
and 5 ?
MULES, a few good Mare*, a fiue .
Combination Hor*e~ auda IVw
Pin? Horse*. Mv mule<
arc I have '
ew Bandied.
I will sell tbe abore rt&sfcch?ap foi
cash, or on time for gto?Tbaitkabl<
- paper.
I wili pay the higb??l cash pric-* f?;r al
clastes ot e*>t2g, fsr or pj ir
1 bare a few nice BUliGlES that ]
C will ae I cheap for cash.
I.fcave employ M Mr Arthnr Owen
for the pre?enr \ ear. He wi;Live gl*<
i ? "i? irianik /"?ll "" fanffl :tlld dl
* IV U?rv Uin r,-' - ~
SOU^H4!DC>i8. ^
. A. Williford,
Wimr'xTO, 8.C.
ArftJCABA ?**!'- 'Hit Rfcrnia?r.sm ?a
?? Sopgfcuto day (few*.
)ls., i860.; *
s a I
'*~*L 1
*Hfy- :a*?% '
oera: anasarca. eausod from liver and
ampietely filled, saturated xrfth Hold; >
u. legs' laMbly inflamed and exuding
HIPTIC and Aip now comfortable and yatawoafflitaa
you may desired tarn .. .
sAR, Winusboro, S. G - |
- fin E - J
* ' H
- . ' _ . .. ise
: " V / : :??. ... j,..
-Nothing we. prtdfipnrtelm en mora
. than delivering
to oftr?astome?/ . . _ ^Wk
! We aw ada?|tfedljr: ah?ad of jui cem? -?2
rpetitori injthiidetriment; tbni roa
mAybare absolute certainty of obtain;inf
accurate &time when yoar tia?-'
pieceris wnaircd-by mi. ^
[ ^ ^
'of oac^atch. wojr^ that we guarantee
I tame to five-, entire satisfaction for 12
1 aontha, and prepay.. erpre?? charges
! both' irayi sb'ottifl the watch fail to do
! well dnrinf-this- Specified time.
< Write to a? foe farthtr infor?atio*.
j .Th<e Watchmaker and
. -Jeweler.
:__CHESJER, 6. G. _ _
1 lie Easy Running
The most modern Sewing
Machine of the age, erabrac
ing all the -latest improve
ments. Unequaled for Dura
bility,. Range ".of Work and
Simplicity. . . ....
Dealers wanted , in unoccupied
territory,- Correspon
dence solicited. Address,
. r.
General Agent, 328
Richmond, Virginia.
' 12-28-iy
'The Bow-legged Ghost asd Other Stories."
[> With an iniroeombBllgy.
lima of origin*!
j u m o roos
ficeticr* pera- E
?a* ?w<i ML . oMmS! 1
Unt will oot jHM
disappoint the WE9fl| flggBtM
reader,** it
eotea a new Jj^WpBH JE^
?od bwetoibrc
field of humor. EhEKZi ^
. A book to be I
" md aloed and ^HvaaWS
I eojoyed among_ u_
3 y*XCt ttleiXM. (JOnULLDS MOO wwicniunuun,
"When En* Sang First Bast "The Man Wba
Coolda't Laugh," "Possible Titles of Fetus*
Book*," "8elKng Locks of Hair," "No Woman, No
Fid," "Society Actresses," etc., etc. This fix*
?dtaoD boona in doib. printed on extra fins
paper, aixl atoeolately. the. best humcroot book pub.
Idml'i Wartll $2.50, mai'ed postpaid for SI.0??
-Ckler at bnoe. Send for our sew ?pedal ills**
trateA cttalarae mailed tree. Gives yon the low*
eat ptieas on all good boots. Address all orders to
falmhtM ui HABi-'arttren. AkTOB., Cblflt
rn? W?ncr Coopcnjr U thoroughly reliable.]?Editar. f

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