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* :"r;" > ** T'?. ^
NEWS AND HI#./* : * .
: - itJfi w 5 AND SERAIS OOiiPiJ^Y.
resau. in jarr*3*"-it
Ono Toar, - 01.0?
ill Month*. - .75
Wednesday, February 28. IS>00
Tbe newspapers hsve spok-n favorably
of the last legislature, and we
think jasilf *o. We do not remember
to bare seen anything in the debates
oven m<*ntiotiing fuciionil line*, and
all tbe proceedings seem to hare been
conducted in the b?st of feeding and
tebaper. t It is certainly very gratifying
to note ibatlhe day has come again
when legislation can be calmly discassad
and considered, and not con
damned or approved merely o?caa?tj
it may be opposed or approved by
certain men. With this feeing, thereion*,
it ia not surprising that the work
of the General Assemblv*ja?t ended
is not radical and on the whole is
?v - l
very good. Even tbe dispensary did
not arouse bitter partisan anger and '
excitement, and this fact should encoarage
those who desire tbe best interests
of tbe State promoted that tbe
people are now ready and willing to
listen to reason. ? .
* *
One of tbe most noticeable things
reflected in the (proceedings of tbe
legislature is that, whether real or net;
there is a general feeling that the State
is more prosperous now than for a
long time.
if ? *
m <
Catching up the spirit of progress is
the industrial world, the legislature
showed an appreciation of the importance
of advancing, correspondingly
in education. Tne State colleges received
nearly all (bat tbey asked for,
and tbe Hou-e, perhaps quicker than
the conservative Senate to respond to
public sentiment, voted to appropriate
$100,000 to the public schools of the
State. The $100,000 appropriation to
the conaaou public schools wa3 lejected
by tbe Senate, but it should be
'?--- * i
. , stated tnai strong cousin uuuuai
grounds were urged in that bod?
agaiust makiDg the appropriation, and
nothing appears to show tbat that
J|' body wai at all u-ifriendly to the appropriation
for any other reason.
3?^^ * * * ;
The wisdom of the inhibition of the
constitution against local and special
laws appears in ;tbe work of the
i7} , General Assembly ja-.t &.?i?hed. It
used to be that "Swamp Hollow"
4L-- * wanted and got a particular law, and
"Rabbit Hollow" or buzzard's Hole"
or some other little community wanted
, and got another^' .
frr - ^^^he^cTrf^niig the registration
of births, marriages and deaths, if
properly enforced, will prove valuable.
> ; Ifitiswhat we conceive it to be, it
-& , will assist wonderfully in the ezamination
and tracing of titles." As it it
now, these f*ct* ofteu have to be obtained
on?side of records and sometimes
c*n not be obtained at all. It
witl maze it pessiDie 10 ascertain me
heirs at law of a deceased person trom
' publiq, and official record?. This is |
oniv one of the values of the law.
. . .
* - '
Among the acts amending the'
statote law of tbe State is the law requiring
clerks of court to satisfy in
the record a mortgage which has been
foreclosed. As we nnderstand it this
menjly facilitates the work of search
zs; tor liens?on property.
* * *
? The General Assembly did ail the
Confederate veterans a?ked of it. The
dovt Pension Act is really the work
of a committee of veterans The appropriation
for a m >ounnent at Cbickamau?a
was made as petitioned by the
p-p Confederate veterans
? f?". ' '
The separate car bill went through
, It provide? au eqnal fare of three
cetits per mile and ali>ws no 6econdcls&s
car. A.notb?r railroad bill which
ha* become law is Mr. E. B. Rags1da'e'??
bill rrqniring two railroads
passing through any town or city to
make connections, and transfer cars at
one dollar per car.
"When we read the debate* in Con
fress on the Paerto Ricac Tariff, we
IV feel the truth of the assertion of the
London Spectator that this government
as now constituted is completely
iu the hands of the great financier and
/ trust companies. And we further feei
that when the confederacy went down
the constitution went down with it.
Tha: instrument bag simply been made
Ian elastic instrument to ttretch and
eoitr&ct to suit the poctets of the
millionaire. Equality of law i? not
? recosnizad when equality does not
tnit the interests of the great financiers
and trust companies. Local self?/nrorni?iPnt
ifl rtftniert. and one n*rfc of
I the territory of tbe United States can
noi have the same Jaw as another part
r if ibeir interest! are conflicting. Haf:?5i
i? owned by a fe* millionaires,
and her products are admitted into
the uaarktt* of he United States free
of duty. Puerto Rico is owned to a
Jirge extent by email farmer*, and
%* their products must pay a duty. A
6^ clear discrimiaation this is be.ween
tbe : wo ciaises.
^ - If CoDgre*s can govern Puerto Rico
j ] by pome special law? toial'v differeu'
from the laws applicable to ih^TToiled
States, then tbe goverticreu ct Puerto
? Rico become* nitject infr<ly to the
wbims of Congres*. But after all,
we ought not to be surprised that
au;>y Republicans are tryiog to lew
> tribnte on Fuerto Rico for the benefit
of another sec:ion. The South hfcff'
been fatoiliar with th:? yatenj of legs.- j
robb?ry. It know? how it hns beeu i
taxed, until the harden h?? een se
beary that it became almos. unbearable,
merely that the millionaires of tbn |
?:-vi 1 _ ? 1 1
uunu UJlfcUt Utwum l.'bUCk ?uu uwsi .
OI&ss and sectional legislation bas beer ;
the history of the Republican party j
We are pained to chronicle tbe re
cent de 'L of Mrs. S*rah Gladden,
which occurred on t.hp 20th inst. Sh
bad be*n seriously ill for three ?
four wet-k< with la grippe. She was 5
the sixty-Mx'h year of her a^e. Sb
was a consistent tn*-?.pU^r of Beaver
Creek'Baptiet chnrch. ever followirt,
in the footsteps of onr blessed Saviour
Her quiet, unassuminga.d afF ctiona<
disposition endearea tu-r o <*.1! oi h-'
relative* and acqnm'iartcea.. As 1
leoked tor the las' tims upon toa
connten.sr>c9 from wfo>~ the firs
time in *o many } ?*, .<> glance c
kindly recognition nor w^rdof wei|
come camp-, memories lie put cam*.
I trooping through nay uti'd ot ibe first
school I attended at Beav. r f'reek
cbercb, ..ear her iv^iJence. Th<
writer ^oulO hurry f^>m i=chnol t?>
Aunt S*r:*h'u to rcceiv** a kindly gieetin*.
T! 088 days wiii aver oeindelib!
; atsociatc-d in tny miLc! Who w<ial<i
not be willing to 1 ve )i:o aver again :
aud enjoj mch pleasures? ifixty year.
ago our .eved one was a little ro* placing
around thi* the hon-e in which snc ;
wai rai*e>l jast as my Utile wfccefi ofte.i
do." I of-a look at thetu -tud meditat* j
what a w ?ucierlal change fifty or Mxtvj
years wi:; bring about. Mr. Editor. }
In that time you and I and many other* j
who are now fast approaching the mil ; ,
pojt that marks ha!f way on life*- |
journey will hare passei away nnd ;
others will take our placet. The re- !
mains of our deceased r^larivs were
brought back to her father's old bom?'!
where th? funeral services were very j
appropriately condncted by the Uev. i
P. B. In^raham, after which her re !
mains ??re interred io tbe family |
burial g.ouud, in the de'd over which ;
ibe Had orten ramD.oa u> CMiur.ooo. ;
If each cnt> for wbom she did some ;
kind act or spoke soioe word# of kind- i
ness were to deposit a flower upon ber ;
grare *he would sleep tonight beneatn 1
| a bed of flower*. She bx? gone from >
among u? and we ihall miss her very !
much. The Wholy Wrir holds out a j
blessed assurance of a glorions im-!
mortality and .fature recoguition be- j
yond the grave. She ha? crossed over :
the river avd received the reward of a
faithful s rvant.
R?v F B Ingraham j* visiting his
member* .sud friends io this com-'
munity.' ;
Mr W J ">Veir<of Olowne} w&b iu
this comci'i^itv last week.
G V? Faaeetle, wtj.? wa? quite
sick ?eoa> '.im? ago/v>si''d Ms daughter,
Mrs 3 S Coleman, ft fa.v darn ago.
Many frieze are s'ad to >ea nim np
again. Ttie Major is our aid?*t citizen
and is remarkably au;ire for a mat<
oi his age.
There has been a good deal ut fivti- j
ii2grB3utrd-iiirtbe next crop. : r
Feb 25th, '190&X JtPv ^ Fmt
Qr?r Fifty Tears.
kas bees d tor orf fc *: v v-ear* by
*illioD? of C!v?tbem for v.-,r ctii)dven '
whila ts* rriih p>?:?t s-iocesi.;
Itaoothet :h* ch id, ?ofi :* guar ;
allay?a;l ps* a* m^es *v:- r.?;ie, and!
is the besr .emedy foi * &. n -ca If i
will relic- the poo^ :vVe -"offerer1
immediat- fv. Sold o: -Iri^ists in j
rery par: f the worlf. 7>e-.tr five (
cent* a b<- !?. B* vur<? ;.:d for'
"Mrs. W!'.?low'? -S'"--' *:*.? Srrop," .
aid taka r ? o.th^r kicfl 11-17 j
The farmers ol thi* *.cc<i*>n are quite j
1 ? . /? At ~ :
Dine on *cc ?uiii 01 ine weataer, a*,
tomoof tl':!n hare spring ->iits to plow j
in. Tbe fsi! oars and wh".ir are lock- j
ing fine.
Mr N A Peay, of OrWi* ->*3, is i
isitinsr friend* at-jBuck L ck.
Mrs W <J Peay i? vis:ur.? rtiafcivas I
in Chester.
Mrs P U Mellicbawpe Nas returned |
home after several werts* ?tay at her j
old homrf, where she runenfed the <
death of her mother, Mrs Graves.
The latter visited this place last sum*
iner and ?tose who met licr will al!
ways remember her. 8r,e vr*< a kind,
[ loving and cbeerful Obristiat* woman.
| Though a great sufferer sbe was sl!
vrtyi ehe. rfn!. The friends of Mrs
Mellichamn will 8vmDa?hiz* wilh her
in her eore bereavement.
Mr II L Htllford, wbo has been i
quite ill, i* improving.
The WaV'-ee Rivereha* been oat of
its bank? -areral times since Christmas.
The flat tbat came aovru on the
11th did a srreat deal of damage, as it
broke the bridge re.-:* Camden.
The ferryman at Pcay's F'rry caagbt
it, bnt havi r.g no help a :d the water
being d*ep and ?wift conld not manage
it, so to *ar^ himself he let it go.
The health of the c'>te(nnnity ii j
success 'o "'he jnews a>*d hkeald. !
Feb 23, : 900. P*o?y. }
M. B. Spi'i'i, Butterbur Mich , says, j
"DeWltt's Li'te JEarlv Ri-er? ?ire the i
very best pill? I ever u?*fl for cos- j
tiveness, ,'v^r sud botvci .->l?%j
Me Waster
Six weeks ago we predict-*.*! that the
South Carolina legislature would do
nothing in ar.^ua! aeseioji. As far as
we eta gather, that was precisely wba? j
W38 aon?, l U*i HIUS- H*:i IB" I
nit of its d??!iboratiot?c to provide
diipenpary jobs for '!? ; th-eeof
its own rue-?! r*.
Tbe bonrr. . r contiol <t
by a^t of tfc =g:fi&:art-. '! "(m h uevt
board \?av < > .a.f<3 !' t- >? ibe
places ar*> y?. upi'.d b? -Mbfr* of
the legift!a!:i- ; We do n v.i*b to
foe unkind, >?' ih'g perf<?' ':;sit.c ba?
wtoe pecu;;H> a'pect;'.
ltoiief in six Honrs.
DL?ttvss.in* Kidney ii' idor Disea??
reiiev --'. iu ms li ? *? oy "New
<??eit S<?irv A?c?r'oitj K^out-? '.are.''
it is a g?t*.v .'i'.?;prisp a:-. sovs'ut ol i:s
exceeding r.vr-:jip;i.e?5 in rvi f-ii-g piio
J in bltdder, k'i<li>cys wd fc-aoi, in trials
or female. Heiievei re'eufion of water
almost im. .r;di&teiy. it >oa want
quick relieJ * deare ibis ir ih<? remedy.
x>W by W. L Aiken,drwggut, W:?d$bsro,
S. C. :l
Farraors have foen nnable to make
but very itllc preparation? towards |
anotb'er crop a> yet, owing to the in- j
cessant rains. Verv little ploughing
bas b'jen done, and in some placed
none at all
Tbegraifi crop has been tried very !
severely by ihe cold, freezing leather |
of ihe past lmntn or to. Some tbink \
that the grcnud fret zing and thawing j
so constantly has been the piiacipil {
c?use of the hart the grain' hits re- !
There will be abqnt the sam:- acreage |
of cotton planted this je^r as last. !
Sterna that a very iargc amount o!
fertilizers will b9 used again tbU year,
despite the rise in price, from the
way it is bein* hauled out from iha
ailroad. We believe fertilizing i* j
Viiy helpful to all crops, but mare |
could be made at home; as well as a j
great many other things we :do'|
cm make the: e that ire shoo Id* Farm- i
: r-s, or most of them, have lots of [
hard lessons to learn about their own j
farms, but the most essential is econ-1
orar. .
A small crowd of young folk* en- !
joyed a very pleasant occasion at Mr/j
VI. L. Cooper's on the night of the 20th}
'.ost. The evening was very pleasant- j
iy spent by all and many were Ihe.j
pleasant thoughts implanted in each i
toind as a reminder of another pleasa
ft social event.
Several suppers have been given for
the benefit of Zion M. E. Church; ia
e-ich was realized a handsome sain, j
The church Las been recently pi as- j
tered and remodeled inside very substantially.
Messrs. M. L. Cooper and ? A.
Davis ar? oft on a hunting trip in j
Williaawburg county.
Mrs. Virginia Hogan is spending
s-:?rac time with her relatives in Greel-jjvlle,
S C*.
Miss Ka;e Brown returned to Sumter
several weeks ago.
Miss Mittie Allen is visiting relatives
in Sumter.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Allen, of Salisbury,
N. C., spent several days at
their parents' home not long since.
Miss Minnie Wessinger, an accomplish
ed young lady of Newberrv,- is
visiting at Mr. J. F. Brown's.
Mr. Thomas Allen is home again.
' Feb. 24, 1900 Dixie.
t%It i? a surprising fact," seys Prof.
"Joutnn. "that in my travels in all
narU of 'be world, for the last ten
years, I bsye met more people ba7ing
used Green's Awu?t Flower than any
tbcr remedy, i'or dyspepsia, deranged
iv- r and stomach, and for constina
>ou. I find for tourists and salesmen,
tor peaojua- filling office position.
?h?;re headaches aud geueral bid feeli
.as from irregular habits exi9t, that
Green's August Flower is a grand
.-jriedy. I( does not injure tbe system
-requent use, and is excellent for
-rr sromacfcs and indigestion." bamo
bottles free at JicMaster Co.'e.
Sold by dealers in all cirt.'ized coun
Tbis section was visited by a cold
sve on last Saturday, aecompanied
il? yroan3r
:::cb then we have had rain with
.under and eome. hail on yesterday.
Contractor J. L. Cantben ia erecting
?, iifv residence for Mr. Pope Brooke,
sribe quarry.
The grain crop has been contideray
irjuied in fome localities.
The Mossy Dale *chuol hon?e is now
copied It i? a neat and conamo-|
ou". building and reflects credit upon
,<i judgment of the trustees. They
va still s.v&iting tfce arrival of tb?
Yoar correspondent, in company:
*;tb Mr. J. L. Cautben, paid a visit
tbs eapiial to bear the distinguished
>;>*aker, W. J. Bryan. It was a great
raat to listen at him and to look into
e honesty of his face. His speech
. u* a masterly production and riveted
the atteenon of bis audience, and
r- nbtleis did much good in strengtben;
tbe canfce of Democracy. To ap?
pj 'date bin speech properly is to hear
vm. I do not regret my trip.
The farmers are moving along by
Oi preparation for their crops.
'.Che bot supper at Mr. J. L. Canteen's
was quite a eucccess.
3y the w;iy, what h*s gotten wrong
viihour mills? For awhile we got
tue Herald on Tuesday, oftea oa Wed
nesday, dow it it often on Thursday.
Get after th 2 agents or whoever is rei:>ori8ihle.
T B M'K."
Feb 22. 3980.
- Sweet Bells Jangled i
Out of Tune and riars&.'51
Sha!;c*pvare'3 des^riptioa rts tho-a- [
' i "s oC WOT.C2. Tht-y aro jj
t, sickly, nervous?a Hurde?s L'.j
? as?\ves and their families. Their |
rtt* dispositions are gone, and they, like?
. be'is, ?cm sadly out of tunc. But j
' jie i3 a remedy. They can use - j
:> y
. - r<9 C /T? ? r
v VS VJ3?3^:
; "t brirgs b?alth to the- ~f- v.an!y
u?id health then? mraas*
: ?edT<erves. calmness, h. p i
r: .orei ;vo;t?aniy vigor and power, f :
S :. touts up the nerves which suffer-^
- v.? and disease have shattered, it is?
r a m st pcrfrct remedy ever deri: cd'
0 :o restore weak women to pcrfect}
|." >a.lth, and to ma!:c them attractive t
Mr ::d happy. fT.cc> at all dm agists. I
3 Per advice in ci~c = recrrinn^ s*- o- {
k\-* directions, address, s'^i^gsy.ft
" an.-, "The-Ladies' Advisory De-?
t rtiacnt,'* The -Chattanooga Medi-y
f "* e Co., Chittacooga, Teca. P
* J:JEV. J. W. ?3rrrK. Cam:>n, S. C., *
? "t:?"My wive used Wine of Cartrsi at home jjj
j|r r fallinj oI the iremb and it entirely curcd |
-hs# Nannie Jordan is visiting in
^^r:rrTTrTinu?7r^^ nnimr; i |!
: ^ j^v| |
1; ^Vege table Preparatioafor As - fe
slmilaiing tteirood andRegula - Jp
[| Promotes Digestion,CheeTful- jjj
: j (less and RestContems ncitncr t|g
j Opmrn JMorplune iu>r lifineraL Is
of Old IjrSiMUZZl'JTEBSR la
Psa/Jan Se$Z' XH
/?uW' ]
fiocfuZU SJtf Anut
SerJ * I
Jmermot - /
jBi CarifnaHStZtr * ( W
ApafectKeraedy forConstipa- B J
rion, SourSfbmach.Diarrboea. SB I
Worms,Convulsions .Feverish- 1|<
ness and Loss OF Sleep, nj
Tac Simile Signature of W -
; NEW-YORK. ' ilgl
: W
. Mr. Editor: Once in awhile 1 am
difposed to offer some'hKnjr to- your !
column?, and just now I hare been
"ruaiinatii g," a* Bill :Aip" to'aptly
pots it. Yes, think of your pa pi r and
its i-tflff of corresponded," they rrmi
d on^ <>f whit our tcLool histories
oecd ro teM ti- < f ancieut ::a iona tb*t
"rose, fl ,nris?-ed and d i appeal edj
Verily, s.>ine of ?hem do rise, fl xirish (
and difHj.pear, bnt it i^ nct.of.lbem i
that I propose to speak at present At |
some other time I may di-cnss your j
quaodew qnill-driver?.
Ttie day wasdrearv, lot that thesuu j
did not Phinfj or thit nature had not j
doDeitedutv to dissipated the gi'oom,
hot I wa*- nenoua and despondent,
nursing a f? ot that had got the stroke
of my axe thai' was intended for the
wood that I was jsplittiug. So I was
.relieved io get y.onr valued paper,
hoping to find something to divert my
thoughts from self and sufierin^r. ^Bot
scanning it-: columns -with its legislative
proceeding?, its dispensarjr fionb!e?,
the .-cnsatfonai and its casualties,
the kilii^g of the Baers snd the ??bjugation
of the Filipinos, Jroitt-atfcol
which v? learn too well ^the uiisecifjj. ,
of man." Alas, we learn "too ^V.ejfl fL>.(f
too constantly thaT " *'r
- c inhfirn-iuity io man v .
M * k e?' c< un?Jos * t ho n san 4?. tgroan ,$*
Why has the average reader such a
taste; je-, ? pascion to..Ifiar^v-ef 4he
th?i t-vio'. nf.i'/ift dattec side of
iife? Why <not try to show mojeecf;
the beiter fiie of mail's nature? .
Turning ih?^ pages I find that article
by Rev. H. K. Ezeli, containing. the
private le Ur lro:n Mr. Jenn ug8,. all
lull of kindt.ecs?the genuine gratitude
and appreciative? of unexpected
kindness?this was pleasant to read,
and chiering. We can, as neighbors,
always show kiud-ness, and would it
not be well to bring out oftener tbese
trings showing the better ude* of
nature. That '
''A miii mty take a neighbor's part,
Though poverty hourly 3tare him;
A man may.lake a neighbor's part,
Yei have no cash. to spare biin." :
It is no* well sometimes" lo-spftst of
tbe virtue# "and kindnesses" of others
and thow that they are appreciated,
and not wait to proclaim their virtues
after they are gone and cannot hear.
Mr. Jennings was my dear, lamented
father's friend, and we bave a kind
re-ard for liim. He has served the
people of tha comity -long and faithfully,
and kindly."" Well do we remember,
nearly thirty j ears ago, when
he taught raubic ..iu many places
through the caontr.y, tuning the voices
of the \oun-g to song and-praioe, cultivating
tbe faculty of vocal pong now
so neglected. How he endeared himself
to the youDg. as a gentleman,
Christian and a friend, andlias long
served bis couuty faithfully and honorably,
in an office of trnst a d importance,
and hjis been as ever kind
ict all.
I could say i-ore but desi&t. Tbi?,
at least, i* due.. The pleam?g article
helped to brighten a dull day, and I
nuy be allowed su\ <-xprecsioi?.
: - N ' " Melville Meilicbaiiir.
Bryant, S. GV
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of Chamberlain** Cough Reoaedy
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who i3 not satisfied1 after using: twothirds
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best remedy in the world for la grippe
cvjgbs, colds, croup and wbooping
consfh and >s pleasant ana safe to lake.
It. preveatx asiy tendency, of a cod 10
result ic puvurnonia., ... . -
?Snbeciibe for l The . STews ajt?
her*ld. -" * ' *
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food andaJJs
Nature is strengthening aid rse??
strueting the exhausted difesttT? arfans.
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r,.~ j susd teaic. No oth^r ^Byaratt?
saa approach it in effi?35F,?. 5'. i?stestly
rslieres and pdRsaneatfy euros
2>yrpepsia, Indigestion, Hearfcfcura,
Ftatuleacs, Sour Stamaeh, Xauess^
ak other results of imperfect dtewtiea
Prtpcrtd by E. C. DoWltt AC* , Chicago.
Winnsbor?, *. G.
r\. 7 v -*. v
If" -:M
& r . ' u:l|s
sb' & 'te '%*/ *- ' ' vT dil'-'i
Fc?Ti-.fan [* ?.. .-I Ch.:V.ron.
r?A#^ f;' : ;'i r"? *% > (.
-Ibl mnu
Always ioygiif
Bears the / *
Signature /%$?
^ ]h - Jfmd
j | w 1% I iz vs
U" You Have
Always Bought j
) MWM?b?????eessna?
The following daia, for the month
of Marcb, covering a period of 29
years, have been compiled from (be
weather barean records at Charleston:
Meau or normal temperature, 57.
The warintat month was Thar
1871, with an average of 64.
The coldest month was that of 1872,
with an average of 52.
The highest temperature was Sfcon
VUrch 2l-i. 1897
The lowest tempe atai<: was *24 on
March 5th, 1873.
Average date on which first killing"
frost occurred iu autnmn, N ?vem:?:r
Average date on which lasr "killing"
frost occurred in spring, March 2 .rl
precipitation (rain and inched show.)
Average for the mouth, 3.79 inche.4.
Average number of days with 01
of au inch or more, 10.
The greaten monthly precipitation
was 9.78 inches in 1873.
The least monthly precipitation was
0.50 inches in 1887.
The greatest amount of piecipNation
recorded in any 24 consecutive
hours was 2,4 inches on March 13ji.
and 14th, 1889%CLOUDS
Avtiage number of clear da?s, 11;
partij eloudy days, 12; cloudy day?, 8.
W-;; WIND.
.vThe prevailing winds have been
frqjxi thejsouthwest, 25 per ceut.
The highest velocity of the wind
was 45 wiiea from the northeist on
Marcb 3rd, 1898.
L N. Jesunofsky,
Lecil Forecast Official
Hid^ii Seautv
In Egypt the custom is for Princesses
to hide their beauty by covering
the lower part of the face with a veilIn
America the beauty of many of
our women is hidden because of tha
weakness and
completion, "from the eyes of the
world with the veil of the Orient '
Female Regulator
brings out a woman's true beauty.
It makes her strong and well in those
n?Mnc ursnn ro'hir'h 'h<*.r whole cf-.ntirai
health depends. It corrects all men-:
strual disorders. It stops the drains
of Leucorrhcea. It restores the v.-cmu
to its proper place. It removes the*'
causes of headache, backache and
nervousness. It takes the poor, debilitated,
weak, haggard, fading
woman and puts her on ..her feet
again, making her face beautiful by
making her body well.
Druggists sell It for $1 a bottle.
Send for our free illustrated boolc for women.
The Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Gn.
f " ! .
Mitt Cifif.j
Columbia, S. C., February 17, 1900.
Pursuant to a call for a State convention
oi u-v w.u.vi! farmers of Sooth
Carolina by the projectors, William
Butler, John William? and A. E.
Hampton, to convene in the city of
Columbia on Saturday, tbe 17ih day
of February, for the purpose of taking
under advisement the better condition
of (he colored race in ibis State, the
convention was held in the eid Cooper and
Taylor hall, and was composed of
delegates from several counties. Tl;e
meeting opened at 12 m. and after
reading the call and Hating iht object
Rev. J. W. Reeves, from Lpx:ngton,
then nominated A. E Hampton for
chaiiman of the convention.
On motion ?f Rev J. C. Cl-rk, that
all nominations cloire, it wa> carried,
and Prof. A. E. Hampson was elected
chairman of the meeiing and Rev. J.
C. Ciaik was elected secretary
SovTpft 1 ahr>51 wprfl made .
iii support of the plan of organization j
of the colored race in this State ba?ed '
upon higher principle-1.
The convention elected on advisory
board as follows: Wiiliam Butler,
Lexington; S. Rabb, Fairfield; Ben
j Thomson, Newberry; J. F. McRae,
Sumter; Rev. J. W. Reeves, Lexington
; Rev. J. (J. Clark and A. E. Hampton,
of Richland.
The resolutions were proposed and
adopted by the convention as folio we:
Whereas the delegates wbo have
assemb'ed here in response to a call
of the projectors for a State convention
for i he avowed purpose of tafeiBg
the question of bettering the condition
of the colored farmers and laborers of
the State under advisement in reference
to ibe moral, industrial and educational
improvement; and whereas it is
the sense of this convention that it is
to act in the capacity of an advisory
body to propose plans and methods
by wbich the race may be brougnt into
a closer and harmonious consolidi- .
tion promotive of the common good
of the colored race and the State.
Resolved, that the advisory board
hereby appointed by this convention,
be authorized to draft the constitution,
by-laws, rules and regulations together
with the plan of the organization
of the colored racf in this State;
and that the same be repor'td to the
conventioii for coi^ideration and
adoption, wbich will be called to meet
at Columbia on Saturday, April 14th.
Re;olved, that a' copy of the proceedings
and resolutions of this convention
be sent to the pre*s of the
S;ate for publication.
A. Hartely,
J. C. Clark?, Secy.,
B. Thompson.
A Convincing: Answer.
"I hobbled into Mr. Blackmon's
drug store one evening," says Wesley
Nelson, ofHamiiton, Ga , "and he
asked.-are- to try Chamberlain's Pain
"Balm for rheumatism with which I
bad suffered for a lonjr time I told
him I had no faith in any medicine as
they all failed. He said: 'Well if
Chamberlain's Pain Balm does not
help you, you need not pay for it.'' I
took a bottle of it home and used it
according to the directions and ia one^
week I was cured, and have not since
been troubled with rheumatism."-;
Sold by McMaster Co. v
Founded 1842.
"Sing their own praise."
.t- ?-it--- :?
ii you rtjCKUU iix*; enuiceojuj a^ui
permanent value you will get one*>f
those celebrated STiEFF PIANOS.
Tbey are made withal! t but skill which
only years of constant and carelal attention
to every detail of their ?instrnction
can command.
Mill's Profit M.
Therefore we won't burden you
with' an unoecessatilv BIG PRICE.
Convenient terms. FINE TUNING
Chas. M. Stieff,
pijlno ;mahcfactukek,
Fact>ry Branch Ware-Room, No.218
Forth Tryon St., Charlotte, N.,C.
C. H. WILMOTH, Manager, {
llie Easy Running
Seiiii Maciine.
' The most modern Sewing
Machine of the age, embrac
ing all the latest improve
ments. Unequaled for Dura
bility, Range of Work and
Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Corresponi
aence SUllUUCU. nuuicaa,
v General Agent,
Richmond, Virginia.
Solicit? a pi,are of the p rile patroDa
9-26 ly
Johnston's f
Bllfht Sftla Sraptioai are* Warning
The Only 8tf? Way la to Heed, the 1
I* the Hoit Powerful B]
Nature, in her efforts to correct mis1
careless living", or it may be from ancesl
other imperfections on the skin, as a waz
haps tumors, cancers, erysipelas or nulmi
yon neglect to heed the warning ana con
Many a lingering, painful disease an<
simply because these notes of warning
pure by a right use of JOHNSTON'S SA
Miss Abbie J. Bande, of Marshall, M
" I was cured of a bad humor after
doctors and my friends said it was salt rl
- ? _ a
and ears, and then onmy wnoie oocjy. .
suffered during those 'five years, is no us<
I did. I tried every medicine that -was
enough to buy a house. I heard J01
praised. I tried a bottle of it. I began t
finished the third bottle I waa completely
since. I never got any thing to do me tb
SABSAPASILLA. I would heartily adv
or skin disease of any kind to try it at on
trouble, and was run down and miserable
made me all right."
The blood is your life and if you keep
fcist disease or face<5ontagion fearlessly,
fails. It is for sale by all druggists, ;.n fa
John H. McSIaster & Co.; Winnsbcro,S. C
. If. P atrick Woodward, 0.: T. G. Patr
On Your Spri
We ape F^eady i
- Sh(oWir)g Sp
A beautiful line of Whi
Checked Muslin and Piqu
were contracted for last A
prices; you can have then
Hamburg, Nainsook and 1
We are also showing a
Spring colors in Prints, 3
Duck and Zephyr Gicg
bought cheap. The earb
vantage. We
will-show you good
Sheeting and Towels, and
White Damask in two,
yard lengths. These arf
quality, 50c and 75c.
We have many r ew; tlii:
be interested. Give us a
The Caldwell Dry
- Nw forim
. liutv UtUlill
I am now displaying thi
I can please anybody when t]
and get first choice. You
it you have not seen my big stc
They are perfect fitting anc
things out in this department, a
Come and give your eyes a feas
When you are In my s1
HATS. I have a great man;
season in the Hat line. '
. ' * **' ' J .
'Yours to please,
q;d. wii
... i " i
MULES, a few good Maris#, a fina
ComJ; i- at on Hvne. at.de fc w
Pluz Hor^i. M> mole*
tjv finer than I hare
erer handled.
I will Mil:the above stock cheap?* r j
cash, or on time for gxxi bankable j
I will pay (lie higfc^t ca?h pricc for all
c'anea ot cattle, fat or paur..
1 bar# a-few nice BUGGIES tbat lj
wilt *e 1 cbea'p for ca?h.
- : ' I
* * J
I hare employed Mr. Arfbnr Owen* ,
for tb? present >ear. Ha wi 1 be ylad [
to bare bis trieoda c*1l on bim and do
sojst' ba?inc??.
A. Williford, I
Winngboro, 8. (J. j
Oa Improved Farms secn/ed by ir?t'
mortgages. interest ? p?r c?uw u?
sums not lets than $500, 3 to 8 years ;
No commissions. * Borrower pays acmal
JL 6. & w. n. D?FGLAS8.
Wiossboro. S. C
-11-25 Colamkia, S. C.
Sarsaparilia g
of Something Jlore Seriou to C?3M
ytirnlng. Johnston's Sampurtlla .*??
lood Purifier Known.
akes, which mistakes have come frflm^ ? \
x>rs, shoots out pimples, blotches &s4 |JH
ning that more serious trochlea (p?^
onary diseases; are certain to Jillow 3 .
rect the mistakes. Jfl
1 many an early death has been srWt?e4 '
have oeen heeded and the blood
wcaoitjttji'. ,
ifch., writes: ~^I9I
suffering' with it for five years. Th# ::3M
lenm. It eame out on my head. xi?dE ?
I was perfectly raw with it. What
t telling-. Nobody would believe me if -V
advertised to cure it. I spent name* MtsM
:o improve right away, and when 1 hai
7 cured. I have never had a touch of IS '
.e least good till I tried JOHNSTON?
ise all who are suffering fr?m hunott fl
ce. I had also a good deal of stomaA ::m
it pure and strong you can poeitivelyr^
II quart bottles at only one dollar eaefc jHjj
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ick & Co., White Oak, S. C. flj
ng Shopping. 1
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te -CxOOdi in nam l^wbs, to
e. Some of these goods ij
ugust, before ..the nse in fj
i cheap. -Also new lot of
^awn Embroideries.
large and varied stock ?f Jm
Percales. Colored Pique, -1
;hams. These gpodagS^fls^^J
r> buyers will.^ttrJaa-- ^|J I
value in White Spreads, _.^j|
have a special bargain in , _ "M
two-and-a-half and three-,. 3 I
: factory ends; splendid 3 I
rigs to show and you will, , Jj|B
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1 llUIUlUUl). .
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AR ever brought to this town, "M
hey want a Tie. Gome early j|
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O. M. Chandler.
with & foil stock of Ca?k?ts, Bartn
Case# HPd Ofics, constantly <a feoa4,
aad as <-f hearse whn, r?f*MU4.
Tbankfn' f<?r pa*' a?4 *#AtImtioa
t?r a abar* is the fai?r?, ii L*?
oid stand
< ai!? att?D?k^ to a: alJ !?<?*-*.
TfflC ELLIfc ?T ?kx mm,

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