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* 1 "III. I II J1^, 1^,.,. I -
Wednesday, Fabroary 28, 1900
?Dr. R. B. H&mb&n ha* purchased
the McMa?ter dwelling on tbe corner
of Washington and Ziion 8tre?i?.
?Tbia is tbo time to look atter ;?onr
garden. J. H. McMaster & Co can
supply yoQ with Baist's seed. Read
tkeir advertisement.
?Q D. Williford has a beautiful
line of spring and summer neck wear,
negligee shirte, hats and a great many
new things. Call at ?nee before ther
are aoid.
Lewi* Ackerman, Goshen, Ind.,
says, ''DeWitt's Little JCarly Risers
always bring certain relief, cure my
head&vhb and never gripe." They
gen-.ly clean?e and invigorates the
boweis and liver. McMister Co.
?Fnoiation supplies, shoes, grocera*
*r W. R. K*bb & Co.'s. They
kave a large stock and will sell a:
raatonable prices. &:re them a call
You will find them located in the
graaice bnk'diog.
?O.U Hsu-ve weighs one pound
more ted it ttiil buying cottoa. If be
it running in the municipal rsce in
Columbia enl v half *s well as be it in
tbe r:*ce for cotton we predict he wili
urely "git tbar."
To sesure tbe original witcb hazei
salve, ??k tor DeVVht't Witch Hazel
Salvo, well known as a certain care for
pile? sud skin di^asea. Beware of
worthiest coun.orfeitt. They are
dangerous. Mrii*?ter Co.
?Tb? morning service at the A. K.
P. CLurcn last Sunday was interrupted
by a *m*il fire caused from a defective
JLue. It was discovered in time to
be exii?gui8bed before damage of any
conseqaQBca was doae.
?One of the young operatives at the
in. - ?/>?
lactory ffu piaying wun ? tuoivi . wv?
day morning when it accident?y discharged,
the ball striking on# of hit
fingers. A physician was called and
the injured Soger was attended to.
Mes. Harriet Evans, Hinsdale, 111.,
write*, "I never f*il to relieve my
children from croup at once by using
One Minste Cough Care. I ttohIcJ
uot fe?l safe without it" Quickly
cures coughs, colds, grippe ar.d all
throat acd iuDg diseases. McMaste Co.
?A little secial life is good for one.
As tiiae goe? on,; and the old friends
have gone to their promotion, it ie
well to keep uponc'fe interest in .the
work: of avday by cultiTating friendly
relations with those about us.?Ladiea*
Home Journal.
?Mr. John Davis the efficient aitd
pl0&8&&( clerc 01 OUT. O. r . aiu.3a.aoioi,
expects to leave the Boro the first of
March for Erskine College. He was
quite an acquisition to the "social *et"
so it is ncped that hi* train (like all
tiers these days) wiil he many bour*
behind time.
Ker. Vf. E. Sitzer, W. Caton,N. Y.,
writes, *1 had dyspepsia over twenty
years, and tried doctors aad medicines
without benefit. I wag persuaued to
use Kodol Dyspepsia -Cure aad it
belpeJ iue from the start. I believe it
to be a panacea lor all forms of indigestion."
It digests what you est.
^ McMaster Co.
?Mr. D. A. Elliott, a former resident
of Winnsbero, but sow ot Jackson,
Miaa., is still so in love with the
"old red hills" of Fairfild. that he has
porchiteu the Yiason place within a
A. few miles oi VTiunsboro. W? would
- ^p1, begitd to welcome Mr. Elliott and
* famih her* io live. *. "V
?Mr. J. M Beatr ha* resigned hi?
positive as secretary and treasurer, ot
the Fairfield Cotton Mills atid has accepted
s position in tiie D. A. Tompkins
vffiee at Charlotte. Mr. Bsaty
?r*lt m?vra Jr? (lilftHoite &3 iOOn SS hU
place :tore is filled. We regret to give
up Mr. Beaty and hit family.
Itch on human cared ia, SO minutes
by Woot ford's Sanitary Lotion. Tuis
never fail*. Sold by W. E. Aiken,
drug^ut, Wiunsbaro, S. 0. . ..
?Lo?ii8 Bsgger & Co'., Pateat Attorneys,
Washington, D. C., report
that on last Tuesday Mr. James P.
Caldwell, a resident of this place, obtained
? valuable patent for improvement*
in cotton seed planters, and to
ether residents of this State two
;ate&is were issued on the same date.
?Two of our young ladies, Misses
AdaUaieton and Elizabeth 6. Dtright,
who are apeading * portion of the
Winter in Washington, y>ere among
the iaTited guests at the recent army
and navy reception at the white houte.
They were chaperoned by Meidames
C. A. Douglass aad H. A. Gailiard.
?Last week a delinquent subscriber
said be would pay up if he lived. He
died. Another said: "I will see yon
<e-morrow." He's blind. Stiii another
gaid: 'Til p*y you this week or go to
the detil." Hc'i gone There are
hundi-eds who ought to take warning
of thes? pioeraatinators and pay up
?Qniie a nice little sum wag taken
in bv the young ladies of :he A. R.
P. Church who served oyster?, etc , in
^ Beaty ouiiaing Tue^dny. gacces? was
*- realized otherwise ihan ioabcialk iu I
thai one ;?f the youo^ ladies preaeut
received a proposal ?no, we eau't tell
names. The otber young ladies are
eagerl) awaiting another ent?riainment.
The County Pension Board will
meet cn tbe first Meaday of March.
AH a;>pli?ation? should be handed in
4??-? before ;hen. G. H. McMa^ter,
V Chairman
^ Tbe"*1 will be a ii:erarr eniwitain~
?- -? - - * L ?#\ /> ^ VT Tr Krt P i
\Bjcni ai me snucutc vi mi. ?.
Bo vet ? r; Fridi} evening, March 2H&,
conntu-nc^g ai 7 30 o'clock. Refreshmens
will be *< rv*d. 1 he pro-.e-d#
win t>c us?'1 ft?r thf iirprnremfnt of
?, - Bethel (Jhnrch. An intfrosiiug ?r??
?ra.m lt38 arniu^ed a'.d >oq wiii
be well en'?Ttaiti*?I.
On last Tue#dav, two c->!- red rhil
dreu were bnrned to death on the
Gladden place, in the Rocky M^ant
neighborhood. Tbo mother of the
children left hoase to go to a ne'ghbor's
bon*e not far a"rr?y, and when
she .ef.trried found th* hoase in aihes
anil the children burned io dea'h The
oldest child was about seven ai>d ibe
yoa^eat about five rears ol age.
Mothers, when your children are attacked
by the dreadful croup, yon
need not despair; Dr. Ball's Cough
Syrup will relieve and cure them at
once. You can always depend on this
marvelous remedy; it always cures.
Wili cure Croup without fail.
Do#ea are ssp.11 and pleasant to take. Doctors
reconrraend it. Price 25 cts. At all druggist?.
Unclaimed L?tt?r?.
The following is a lilt of letters remaining:
unclaimed in the postoffice at
Wiuitsboro, February 19, 1900:
Mr. Edward Brown.
Mr. John Copeland.
Miss Mary Gladden.
Mr. J. W. Vincent.
Persons ciUiog for the above letter*
will p'easo say they are advertised.
Prestou Rion, P. M.
Wm Orr, New?rk, O., says, "We
never feel ?af? without One Mionte
Congh Cure in the house. It saved
my little boy's life when hehadiba
pneamonia. We think it is the be-t
medicine made." It corea cough* and
all Ian? diseases. Pleasant to take,
harmless and gives immediate results.
idcMasier Co.
A. message over tbe long distance
uupbone on Saturday evening announced
the death of Mrs. Wm. Timmons,
of Salem, N. C. She was a
native for Fairfield County, being a
daighter of Mr and Mrs. John S.
Doegiaas, of Albion, and a niece of
Mi. A. S. Douglass, *f this place.
Her illness, typhoid fever, was ef
ieag duration, her death, not unexpected.
was very sad She ieavet a
hcsbard and nix small children tc
sjuourn her loits. Mrs. Timmons had
ttsny friends her* whose sympstbies
are with the fimily ia their bereave
ment. Tne interment took place at
Salem Sunday afternoon.
The One D*y Ooid Cure.
For cold in the head and sore throat use Kerm?tt'a
Chocolates laxative Quinine, the " One
| Day C?2d Cure."
i An Apple Farty.
The home of Mr. R. H. Jennir.g*
was thrown open to the young peop.e
of the town Friday evening. When
oue reflects on the strife and discord
tbe "fated apple" has brought to as,
a:i he could hardly believe it was the
source of so much geniine pleasure as
t'iat furnished Friday evening. Miss
Jessie, unlike "Discordia", threw an
apple cf harmony in the crowd and
ttithker usual hospitality made tbe
evening &b exceptional one. The appie
party could not have been improved
upon nor could the apple pie
wbich was given as a prizo. to the
ltu- ?* ? ai A?t<) 7) TV*a vAnno
UVl?9 UVTTUi / vuuh
ladies ana gefltlemen were in Martha
Washington period costumes, powdered
hair, etc.
Bun tu The K?d Yn Han Hwn Iwgti
, >n
I>r and Mrs. B. J. Qoattlebaum
celebrated theirj silver anniversary
Wecnesday eveiing. Tbe bouse w?w
beautifully decorated for the occasion.
Abqohj: tke most suggestive of the
d>?cor&tiens were the' dates 1875 ami
1900 which greeted tbe eye upon entering
the room. A most beautiful and
delightfol repast was served to the
guests, among whom were Mrs. CnlInm
of Ridge Spring, Dr. and Mrs. J.
M. QnatUebanm and dangbter, Miss
Lusy, of ; Columbia, Mr. aod Mrs. T.
IP C ItA?IKAiikK? .. Williaf r\m HIr
E. U. TV 9W J ) VI TV AU1VWMI M??>
Merritt, of Edjjeleld, Dr. and Mrs. R
B. Hanahan, Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Buchanan,
Rev. and9 Mrs. Freeman, Mr.
and Mrs. J. "W. Seigler, Jndge AIdricb,
Mr. W. R. Rabb and Mr. R. H.
|? hi in mi urn ;s mi nn i?i j
iThat cough]
! Hangs On i
= You have used ail |
I sorts of cough reme-1
i dies but it does not I
(yield; it is too deepi |
[seated. It may wear}
| itself out in time, but |
fit is more liable tojj
| produce la grippe, il
I pneumonia or a seri-1
i ous throat affection. |
!"{You need something!
; f that will give you f
(strength and build}
fup the body.
i scoTrs !
f will do this when everything f
i else fails. There is no doubt ]
i ? about it. It nourishes, ?
1 strengthens, builds up and |
j makes the body strong and j
r hea'thy, not only to throw ?
8 ~c: iu:. j 4^ I
; Oil l!il5 llctitr tuu^ii; uui i\j |
= fortify the system against j
? further attacks. If you are |
f run down or emaciated you j
1 should certainly take this 1
j nourishing food medicine.
; Soc. $1.00, *11 druggists. s
J SCOTT & I50WNE, Chemise New York. |
L-lll . mm**f ,m-III -II ? III
Dr. Stmael Lindsay spent Snrdav
in Chester with hit parents.
The new road from Longtown to
Winr sboro has been used by the people
( fining to court, thereby lessening
Mie ancc to be travelled about six
mile- Whiie tbe road bed is soft io
coan quince of having been bnilt up,
.r di"g has greatly improved the
new r ,ud over the old. The chaingang
vpm .^Dgaged iu finishing this work
lor !l? neyt sit waek? and when COm
pie;-d his section of road will stand
as ti; o&ject lesson in road working.
Tb?- future of this job is that a practi,
ca1 ior^eyor was employed to go over
1 ib'* r *vi before work was started and
! ?r'-.e:p it w&* found advantageous to
; d?^ ??/ entirely view road bed was
1 laid on?. In ?-ome places miles of the
j old was thrown out. When sufj
ficier t travel has passed over the road
to pick the ioo6e dirt this will be the
! best section of road in the county.
j The greatest- danger from colds and
U grippe is iheir vaulting in pneu*
' mo Li.- If re asonable care is used,
i however, and Chamberlain's Congh
|Ke?>A;'v taken, all danger will be
avoided. I? w.ii care a cold or
I 8*> atuek of la grippe in less time than
sat c-her treatment. It it pleasant
and 'afr to take. For sale by McMaster
Mr. J. Q Davis spent Thursday in
M-- D. A. Elliett left for Mississippi
*A ' . i _ A ~ ?
n c?Tff u*y.
A2r. *f. W. Brice, of Chester, vu
i* town Friday.
Mr. 8am 3rice, of Woodward, wu
i i?? 'owe Tuesday.
J Mr T. X. Elliot returned from Bock
! Hj:i T^mrsday sight.
Mr. John J. McJIahan, State Superi;t!?xiJeat
of Education, was in town
Mr md Mrs. J. L. Bryion bars 1
| retur-sei from a two ^eeks visit to
Lsure s. 1
Mr. *nd Mrs. Blake Boyd bare re- 1
tamed <o Ridge way after spending a
few da- 8 in town.
Mr. a W. Brown left Monday after- :
o>' the northsrti markets to purca>
spring goods for Q D. Williiotd.
He Fooled lite Surg-eons.
Au ft ctors told Renick Hamilton, '
We-; Jefferson, O., after suffering
118 m< i.ths from Kecial Fistula, he
i W'.>nld die unless a costly operation :
j ^rwrmed; but be cured himself .
\r-;s/. fi'7A boYfti; of Bnckien'a Arnica !
S*?ve >ue surest File care on Earth,
him best Salve in the World. 25
c^'t ahox. Sold by McMaster Co., 1
CKBK. : !
j Thv Wateree ileweuger has the fol- '
lowjj g to lay about on* of tha moat .
popiv*' men in Fairfield County: i
*Ok> of tb? most important office* to I
befil.'rd on the State ticket is that of 1
Siut<> Treasurer. For this place, The
^er heartly endersea JR. H
Jenni 't's, Esq., of Fairfield, for State
Trt-H>u'er. Mr. Jennings has been
the Clerk of Court for Fairfield County
for a cumber of years, and is a thor- 1
oughlr good business man, and oie of
the purest men in the State. No man 1
[ *-and* better in bis home county.
"A friend speaking of him, once reiwittrbsd
tn n?? "Bob Jennings loves 1
! everybody. He is a man without
guile. He i? a noble hearted Chriatian
gtjutUraan, auU a tolendid basinets
| man " And this 5? the eatlmate ot all
| v>bo kaow him
; ''As a Confederate soldier be did bit
wboie duty unflinchingly. For the
I "lot t came" he gave one ?f bit arma.
His comrades in arma love him, aid
will b? delighted to cast their vote for
I him for State Treasurer.
; "H e want Kershaw County to give a
( f;]id vote in the approaching primary
I .or ft. H. Jennings for State Treit|
I u Tba f.iwi Yw Haw Ahrap Bugf.!
i ...?... i
? ? f
Mr. Editor: I think I may ?ay, with- 1
uat any violation of propriety or
mode?i>, that I bare a high appreciation
or the ki/iU words ?aid of me in
j thb editorial clipping from tbe Wate11*
e Me^enger, in yoar iwae of la*t
I SsinrdATj 24th iast., and alio of the
I kindly mention of my name from time
jtoiiicfrby your own paper. As rei
gar<!? he editorial mentioned abore
aii-.iW me to say, I do the mote part'cu!trlv
appreciate it, as voicing tbe
sentl'iv at of goad and trne people of
j the cocuty and the grand old towa, ^
I tt.a tioaie of tnv eld comrades, Gen.
! 1 y
J. B. Kershaw and Gen. Jno. D. .
! Kennedy, both now cold in death, for (
wj/'ve memories I cherish the highest ,
regard Sincerely, ^
i R. JH. Jennings.
1 ?
J i Beaiy, secretary and treasurer j
I ot" tut Airfield Cotton Milit, has rei
?i?if<?. and has sccepted a position at ,
1 sec;r*ry ?f Th? D. A. Tompkins Co., j
{ E&t.ir.ertrs and Contractors, Charlotte, ,
i C as already annoanced. This (
cba??ge does not lake Mr. Beaty out of
1 uo-p with manufacturing, which he j
j fea. sdtspted as bis future > jrk. He
| will *ivo be secretary of The Atherton
: ??o::oa Mil? and The High School* ;
J Co ti'i: M.lis and will sell the cioih
' hlci y?;n? made br said mills. lie bat
i bet-u *;th !he Fairfield Cotton Mills ,
mi . ..i.'ii I
! t>om fctir organization. j.ne ju?i*u
! ??e M frock of thi- mill baa ail bstn
I p?i<i in In!!, sn<j ti e mill is now iu Sue
sbipe for )>ro?peritr. Mr. Braty
. ni'?r:d to W iuueboro, S (J , October |
lltb; 1871, r.: d fe*s been bere evtr
gin re a# tntrcbaa: and manufacturer
! He beep ve~v x-tct and cauiiout
[in J+yirg OU" (f)?* fcioands at ihs Fairj
fioia Oottofi illiii', ;iaa has beautified
: fh? grounds by eettiiij ibade trres on
I the sa-t-ots, has built 43 comfortable j
:co:taj:63 for the operatire?, one dwell i
| ing lor ibe superintendent and a cotton
: tUrage building equipped with the
! latest improreJ sprinkler lys'ena |
; *rhicn now tnll of hieh *rade cotton
! 'o be manufactured into the hifh grade
; Ci -'b ?nrt yam aia-ie by the Faiifield
Mills. Mr. Beaty'*. experience teaches
him ifcat Fairfield cotton is snperioi
for spinning parposei to. Uis arerag<
apland eetton, and be believes the
future of Fairfield, as a manufacturing
coanty, depends solely apon thi
energy exerted. We regret exceed
iogly to lose men of his stamp.
The Appetite of a Goat
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics
who*e Stomach and Liver are out oi
order. All such should know that Dr,
King's New L?fe Pijls, tbe wonderful
Stomach anci Lirer Remedy, gives a
splendid appetite, ocund dxge?tion and
a regular bodily habit tha- insures perfect
health and great energy. Only
25c- at McMaster (Jo.'s drag 'store.
Unpublished anecdotes of Henrv
ard Beecher are rare?and the two
pages of the March Ladies* Home
Journal devotsd to them are worthily
filled. "College GirJs' Larks and
Pranks," too, are sparkling with fan,
rcvea:iup the American girl's iov? ul
a practice! joke. Edward Bote's editorial
will cooiir aad widespread attention.
It aho^g by accurate statistics
tb*t women have been tried tnd found
Wkuting in bas'nes*. and are fa?t being
barred from competing with men in
commerci*i pursuits. Mollr Donahue
is presented by the' author of "Mr.
Dooley" as a literarr light, and "The
Autobiography of aGiri" and "The
Thea?r? and It? People" are continued;
"Her Bost.?? Xxpeiiences"and "Kdith
an.l I in Pari;" * re concluded. Eisiar
if anticipated by a solo andr.u anthem.
The latest 9tyleg are shown io hats,
gowns and women's attire generally.
Howard Chandler Christy's drawing,
"The American Girl at Ckurchr" and
A. B. Frost's picture, "Tfce Country
Score &% a Social Centre,'^are notable
art features. Scaresly less interesting
ure ihe pictares of "Itr Calitornia
Gardens," admirably reproduced. The
practical, helpful features of the March
Journal are nucaerous and possessed
of exceptional interest? every one of
its forty-eight pages offeriBgJsomefhing
worth while. By The Cnrtis Publishing
Company, Phi'adelpbia. One dollar
a year; ten cem* a copy.
The claim of other cough medicine
to be as good as Chamberlain's are
effectually set at rest in the following
testimonial of Mr. C. D. Glas*, an employe
of JBartlett & Dennis Co., Gardiu?r,
Me. He 8?ye: "I bad kept *d<1 icg
to a cold and c?ugh ia the winter
t>f 1897, trying erery caugh medicine
[ heard of without permanent help,
natil one day I was in the drug store
w Mr. Houlehan and be advised me to
try Cbamberlain's Cough Remedy and
3 tic re a to pay oacic my money n 1
was not cared. My lungs and bronchial
iu!.e* were very sore at this time,
but I was completely .cared by this
remedy, and hare since always turned
to :t ?7hen I got a cold, and ar>on find
relief. I also recommend it to my
friends and am glad to say it is the
best of all comh medicines." For sale
by McMasler Co. r
The oniy -oise completed on Tu??day
iD the Court of GeaVral Seisions was
the State' vs. .Robert 'feoore... Mr.
Htnaban lor the defense. Yefrdict?
Guilty. iM" * dt-i
The cases of the State vs. Thomas S.
Whiiaker, John Whitaker, Jason Wbititer
and V.' i, iara Wt>itak?y charged
witk aec<iu . jukI batfery with intent
to kill, ?t ?i Sta.^ v*. H*t?rv Harrisoi-,
Wiiliaai H irri^en, Ed?ar<i Hard/
ion audDaniel Euni*on, cbargr.d with
latne offense. vnr> fried togc-taar. Mr.
McDonald repreeented the Whitakers
Mr. Hsuahan 'the Harrisons.
WlUv." WVivtalrpr was senuittad
IY<>">?* Whi ak' r convicted, and John
md J won Whitaker guilty of assault
ind l?attery of h ligh aud aggravated
aature. William Harrison conricUid
Df assault and ba'terv of a high and
iggrsvated nature and carrviug con
;ealed weapon. Henry, Edward and
Dai?i<il Harrison were convicted of a?tanlt
d t ittery of high and aggrarated
State y*. Jobs Woodward, indicted
for morder, w&i concluded on Thuri3ay,
and resalted in a rsrdict of not
Staters. Hilliard Rabb.indicted for
irson, wa? represented by Mr. Haaa*
aau siid acquitted.
Jatoes Fnrman was tried for larceny
jf live stock, and defended himself.
Be was convicted and sentenced to
;wo yean on ?ke ckaingao? or ii the
penitentiary for a like period.
Sia(e r?. William Bon I ware, indicted
for bouse breaking and larceny, represented
by Mr. McDonald, was eoaricfed
and sentenced to two jears.
State ts, John L Harrison, Heroert
3arrison ami Chris. Harrison, iaiicted
for assanlt and battery with
ntent to kill. At the time of going
:o prec# }he jury had not agreed,
rhe defendants represented by W. D.
The case of the State r? Jahn L.
Harrison, Herbert Harriseo and Chi is.
Harrison resal'ed in a mistrial Friday
S:ate vs. Alex Coleuian, indicted f?''
murder, resulted in a verdiet of not
jnilty. The defendant was reprckented
by Messrs. J. W. Hariaban and
J. E- McDonald.
On Saturday afteraoon, the case of
Sta!e vs. Robert Eiliion, Elizi Elison,
Margaret Kellcy, Ike Kelley and Marv
Kelly, indicted fur murder. W. D.
Douglass represented th* firtt two and
J. W. Hin-ihan the la?t three. Robert
Baking Powder
Made from pare
cream of tartar*
Safeguards the food I
against alum* .
Abm baking powders are the greatest
menacm to health of the present day.
| To All.
[ Read the
! ^
^U?^ /^j/yC^^C <Z*?
[Yours of recent date to hand reqn
kidneys. My physicians s&ld lhat I rc
J? jraUoRS <!rarrn from scro'um aevera
fluid. Van nimbi* to cot any rest or a
&bla to attend u> my buslnoss. I can
glad to give it, 09 soma poor suCsrer o
The trade supplied by
EUi*on and Eliz^ EIli*or. were couTicted
of manslaughter.
The following senteneea bare been
Robert ElUsoa, manslaughter, f'oa.
yeara on chaining or iu pcnneriti*.r/?
and EHz* Ellison, *8tue off-nse. t??3
j<?ar; ic^penitantiarv,
James"Farman, larccny,iwo years
Wiiliam Bonlware, l?rcenv, two
William Harrison, Henry Harrison
and Edward Harrison, assault and
battery, six months or pa* $125
'Phnmtc VMIUItap nne rcwi* ?.1? 5!9fMi
and Jason Whittaker, Join WhitUkin-.
and William Whittaker. six mozih? or
pav a fine of $125.
Frank Holme?, Jareeny, eighteen
Glorious Nerri
Cornea from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
Wa bita, L T- He writes: "Four
bottle9 of Elect ric Bitttera bas cured
Mri. Brewer of scrolulc, whicb hsd
caused her great suffering for years.
Terrible sores would break out on ber
bead and face, and the beet doctors
could gi?e nor help; but her cure is
eomplete and her health is excellent."
This shows what thousands have
proved,?that Electric Bitters is the
beet blood purifier kni>wu It's tbe
supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rbeuffl, uleors, boils and running
#ore8. it stimulates iirer, Kicaeys ana
bowels, exyel* puisona, helps dijref-fmn,
bui'ds ud the strenjfth. Only 50 cents.
Sold by McMaetor Co., drGggisu.
Gu.-ran teed.
pbvsektxeh't of 1hj? gka>"1?jurt'
To his Honor Jnd^e Al^rich, aaw presiding
at Wiun*b"rc, 6. C.:
Wf, the member? off the grand jary
for Fairfield Ccnufy; beg te?ve to
make the following report to yoar
We hare passed on *11 bills banded |
n< Jor this term of the court. We
have, by a committee selected from our J
camber, examined all of tne county j
tfficea, the county jail and the Win-isbore
dispensary and find all of them
io good condition. A committee of
our i ody visited the chaiasre-'g ar?.J j
fonnd everything in guod order. W? j
wish to recommend that an c<:d nfib j
used bv the troarda be replaced by a j
doable-barreled shot gun. We also
recommend that i*ar of the six mnies
oscd on the chaingang be tent to the
poor house until thoy are needed by
the cbaii/fang. We reeommenu that aj
uitab'e tent be bought to shelter tho:
mules, a3 they are almost totally expo?ed
in bad weather. We recommend
that they eo'mplete '.be work on
the road to Winnsboro before working
any other road.
0*r committee who visited the poor |
Leuse find the inmate* ia goodcomi-i
tion and well cared for. The folio wi
in? is a list of crops &c., on hand:
A bal?sof cotton.
750 lbs. meat.
25 galton* molatsst.
100 bashals corn.
' 25 head of fio?8
7 head of caitle.
2 mutes.
1 wa=on.
5.000 bn?:' * fodder.
15 b'??J?c.3 peas.
20 acre* ol oats sown.
7 acres of wheat sown.
From reports made to n* ^ve lear
that the public road froru Mr. N. A.
Peay'# resident* ?o Lobgit^r: i* in ?
ery bad condition. We~ are also iiv-.
formed that a petition from the ciii-!
j zena along this road ha* been sunt to
i the county commissioners, bat no ati
teutioa baa been given to it.
| We wish to present Bob Cro*bv for
assault and battery with intent to kiii
'on the person of one P?-ter Lumpkin
j Witnesses-George Baxter, Jim Toatiey,
W. B. Gilbert.
We wUb to present Ja?n?rs Barret!
for bigamy. Witnesses?Rev. ENi*on
Jones, Wm Marthas, Tom Marthas,
Wua. Jeffries, Juo. Marthas, Man |
Ha\es, Bed .Rabun. Mrn. War* Mc-i
i Graw, A. W. Rabun. . I
ReupiC'fullv submitted,
L E O^euK, F'jetnan. j
Discovered by a Woman.
Another great discover? ha l?e>i
?ttiu <*at 'oo, by ? farty is ihis
c-'i!?>tr\ "D-^a-p fast?jt'd itsciircix s
her awd for S'-rei; \Car- :*ho
rirhstood i?8 severest u? tlut her,
vita! organs were nnd?*ini!? e i ;n d
1Ct?tb secra:^ imniirent For ihr-e
ninths * he couched iHcet>8aist-r, and;
ot-uld not f-lt-ep She finally discovered
a t\a> to rrcovcv, by pui ci>ar>ii)g oil
us * bt.ttic of Dr. Kiiig'8 New Dis-j
urery for On-n motion, and was so,
. {luch relieved om taking dose, that i
h?. sirpt a:i n'gV; at>d with .two Jaeuj
Iihs been absolutely cured Heiv
nsine i8 Mis.- Luther Lutz- "Thus:
writes W. <J. Ilacomick & Co., ofj
Shelby, N. 'I. Trial bostUs free at
McMaster Co.'b drug 8t-.?re. Regular
*ize 60c and $100. Every bottle
guaranteed. 4
/*? ?3j<9
Sf tiTTAf^A**^
Qr5L A A %*' JL *??* jSL +t^
dreadful disease and it i
following letter from R. J. B
~*-is&/ JULcd. ^fcP^K ^
-+^/ s?~l? 4^
. Ss*~>~*^r^e & jLL-A_^
\stf~2/L' s^s^zP-lr^i.
esting statement <tf my case which I tfully give I i
>uM not last but a short time. I was ;:ra>.l*t 1 r. <Io
1 times. I ir.ti compktt?*lj* filjex: .-.; tin t;:*:< t >./.
iff!/ escept while under the Ictluen.->c ot an op::t:<s.
now rMo my hor*?j, a thing I had fcwa vuaiolc co'i<
lay be oeoefineu uiersby.J
ETair-Balslajf Ferforaaanca Hlph In Air on
? >ew York Eons*
N'.w Y rL. Fe':>. 17,- On w?*
tjn.sd, i/rr5i<?pf -V;]iv, iu's r.inf p?r? j
n-^.t bad vHvrcr7 e-iCAp- -. f;-o*j
fire-storv ^artro-'iti hi>a."}
M"!* tbie mi; ;;;>:? <*' FtfJi; a.-s ,
Tftat? -tfijr^b street. W. !?.
f&inoerip *u:trv;*:a2 5ivb??et*t of
pVmurj,''iVieg on iIh fr trih
|fcp*ared &r one ot the Traders iu$
aude resdv to jnrap. ;
^Don'l jawp." called Lieu*,
if;t Es^ine 21: Tii coin* ?r- yda." i'bs.
i jjer,tenaut ran np'he nai** ot 2J\x 4J8
j to ?he loyr^'i flaor frout rhen rs. g >-. -J
i oat of fhk- window, ami, bridging i-s
distance w^h his right ru?>f, worVvd
h;raitlf from the window ei.U of N-*.!
418 lo the window where ;
tandiag, n*xt to if, in $?c. 420. He,
then toek Aiken by Iba ??*nda a^d"
lowered h'"m to the copnj*^ above rh**
I third-story "indow of 2fc. *<20.
Aiken clcjg there nntii-rir^e swur.sr i
bimwlf di vc -i_alon*?ide ?iv> frightened'
a*r, and then, bridgias: t,*?- diafesoa j
I between ?ke third-story window of j
'* No 440 an i No. 418 with li'-i fea,_Qo_
j managed iv work Aiken otar "to the. ;
'copieg of IsO. 418, wbile she crov?d,
below watched ih? two cxcecMcg j
isrery ?imte they wo*Id horh lore} i
: f'xir hold* aad be da?hf? 'J*a*!; * I j
! the icr pavement. Aike?i vr?-gbs i'ji'y '
jJOOponiHi. . !
| Mr. Aiken is a son of the ;*;e J. D. j'
i Aikeh, af Oh&r!^pfo?>, ais3 x Mepb:**j;
'e'T?r. W. E A:<e* thk p'ac* fi-i * ;
[ T^a? born in Wiunsboro fcn-. '.eff wnea I
' a'boy.
_ '/ \ i(
Mrs. Calvin Zimmerman. N'iJe*bnr-.r j,
Pa., 38y8, "As a bpt^U;' c.ure f?.-r
coughs, cold*. cronp and rc ihrtisrj'
One Minn'e Congh Cure is (t?eqa*'ed. j
li i# pleatar-- for children to take I?
heartly .recommend ii to HK.;h*-r# " It j
ip the only harmless reaao'-y ibat pre- {
dntfls imwtdiate results It ?nr?j,
br/)?:cbi;if. pbsnnonia, vrinpe anri j'
ibroKt acd )U!i? disaaes. i- will'pre-. <
v*ni consumption. McMa-'ffCo j.
?Camdidntes will soon to an-j;
! ioaoce tbeaaaelve? and ?he 'dear pe?i
?;?'' will iindergo aaoihtr ?'-a-^n of.
ubowdr do," bandcaak;?g &ud feitcft ?
' m. ' ~j i
Cure Cold !ri Heed.
Kennott's Chocolates laxative Quinine, easy
to take tad quick to cure cold in head and sore i
throat. . '
I ,
mmm I 1
?Onr merchants will sooi beyi>; "j j
receive tbeir spring goo<i?. Tt>ei.' J *
*hoo!d uor nejflect to ?er 'he pv(?H',j<
know what they have, but ^ht?n!d pm |1
as adTertiaemeat early in The News J
j kd Herald.
The One Day ColcJ Cure. . 1 For
colds and sore throat vseKcrwott'sChoco -1
lates Laxative Quinine. Easily tcL.eu as candy j
and quickly cure.
Mi?9 Kate Mobier, oi' Wjor^oi-o,
ba." b**!i risUJpg Mrs. J. iiiukfc.vj.
Scott.?Tie Slate. [
nit^icywii trm m o njuwwoiiiirw nrr,mimuiwi?.
The Eminent Kidney
and Bfadder Specialist.
Tie Wworcrer -Jt S^-sr^-Booif tt Work ia j
Sis Lii-orciory.
I There is a disease prevailing in this j
country most dangerous btc?e-e so decep- '
tive. Many sudden deaths arc caused by !
it?heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure J,
cr apoplexy are often the result of kidney |
disease. I* kidney trouble is allowed to ad- !,
vanes the kidney-poisoned b'.cod will attack I (
the vital organs, or the . kidneys themselve3 !
break down and waste away cell b/ cell. 1
Then the richness of the Wood?the a'humea
?leaks out and the sufferer has Lright's ?'
Disease, the worst form cf kidney trouble, j
j Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root the nev di*? j
covery is the true specific for k'dney, bladder |
and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands!
of apparently hope!ess cases, r<*.er all other i
j efforts have failed. At druggist in fifty-.. .t'
(""and dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent f .0 1;
by mail, also a book telling about Swn- o-1
I Root and its wonderful cures. Ac!'' csaj
! Or. Kilmer & Co., Bir jhamton, N. Y. *nd i
j mention this paper. j
4 F^yCAUiA cue iietrnattoc
' * Scrotal* tt Siaj Curia.
> *
From Dk
id thousands of desperate cs
jvili positively cure you,
etsill, Maj. 18th Reg. S.C. V
6>sz~ J?
* ?~rfi n ft 4 0
/) // (ff A*t^***'<3 t
i?ve lioen suirering for three years from <Jropey, ga
\?s escep: shortly ?,ltee being tapped, ev.^ry tissue <
igsn VACO-H3T3 UTBONTEIPTlO. irf>rfftctty Jirtple
I lia* t> ui*d ejgist botiles ot YAUaEVti LITHOX1
> tor noirlj two yea^s. I'oa "nay pufciiafc. such of as
For sale by JOSIAH J. OBI
[Columbia, S. C. *
*;&? Km ' usftiuiiigt it* set in i
ftwdave tcr Bs'eabarg to stay until
sprii-? > *
'?'-<?*. rDtsptpfte'CBM la
ttij faw I* r> <^iderfat rw ?r?. It
jfivei i? pie*?ant te
'ak? : d i-- cm?y 'r.h dyapep'fc's bett
rr*.>1." ivrs E tt&>i?erink Overiwl,
Mici O g.'st" f yon eat. Cani-9i
i>,ii u- core.. VeMaster Co.
Th? On? Day Cold Cure.. ..
Kencott's Chocolates Laxative j^oiaiae far
coia :b toe ncaa jyicrsore uroii. vmuucu j
them like candy. CASTOR!
For Iiftnts aad Children. Tm
Koi Yas few JDwift Ss^f
N The Gr\o Day Cold Cure.
Cold ia head asd acre throat cared toTjCtfc,
o^japcoialSLl.^^itiw-gttwinf. agfrayw "
take aa cudy. "CMldreacry for-tbeat."'
Mr. W. H. Geer,, ot Tbe auve, sptnft (
nere.-i) iear; in town.ou MouW^r.
good digestion; soiund sleep; a
line appetite anaariyc uiu <tgc,
are some of the results of the:use
6f Tutt's Liver Pills. A single
dose will convince you of their
wonderful effects and virtue.
A Known Fact
An absolute cure for sick head-...
ache, dyspepsia, jhalaria, sour
stomach, dizzin?s$j constipatiur
bilious fever, piles, torpid liver
and all kindred diseased.
Tutt's Liver Fills
fesjfeg* ha
' .. v :.i ?TiV3 V>
L x. it* TmMU Owh
?VI g t
n-ii ;
L/Gucn jri?.iiicia
are )&t"-re*fed in high prices for
J'Htor next faM osu hear of something
o :aeir adv^ni^e by sending s postal
5*id at one* ?o
Chai'le&au, C.
siffl weiM ;.:r"r"
Wiil straighten curly and
kicky tiir wrhoufc iajary
to tbe scalp or hair.
Price 50 Centsrper Box.
Es'Wafd by the Unitsd States Health
Keoorts. >
2-15xl2fl2 5, 7, ^and 11 Br?>&diray.
Farmers, ?**
Attpntinn I i
# * JL JL V W m m w ? -w ? ? - ^
?L:k STOCK OF HEAVY GliOr.vrics
is rrw complete.
W? ca!: r tp cia'lv for Li.e iV.i'ntri'
'rsrt<>. We fc-, w >>ai tr^v pe;d, ?nd *
?rt- j>r? pared t-^e*\c ibt ju <yyv^ hotfom
Wc a!&o tair- * niot: lli^e of th#!f
1>K\ GO0i>$, ^
? ?id yi'jiug usually fonml in a.
ijcv-H \twre. v .
ErG i d* d*;,r#r?:(i t?? oar c:t5 trade.
o<u*ar>'i ?tf u?.
* |1
- 1
. . . * . m
Lses of this
ols., i860.
' $
y? /) *
/* ? Z7 // . :
$J^ ? oU .
tu*jl!f^^ '*Lo
r,6>/- J2?<%y
rani uuncs, caused from liver and
spmpletely filled. saturated iritii fluid;
m. lefts terribly Inflamed and exuding
'BJFTIG and am now comlbrtable and
y autrynOTtaayoa may desire. Iax?
2AR, Winnsboro, S. C
' - . , * ;-/r?
"" - * :ir;
I 1
. _ ; ass
Nothiif w? pridt: ?i ??n
tktB 4?Hr?risc
to car omtioaori.
WV*r? ?d?iltoifclyak?*i tf All <* potiiori
is tkis da?*rt*a?t; thu yo*
my Mate ab?olat? c?rUl*ty of o?Uio~ -li*t
Mcmrita tlsao wka? yomr tijM?
pitco It raptirtd by tu.
/ ^ . ... . '
of oir watch work tkti wo aiaraatoo ^
uaotofiro t'atiro satiiitctlom for it '
kOfitM, Mi prapay'axproM akargM
botk wiyi tboald tko waiek fail to4o;
irtU itariaf tkii ipacifiod ti*o.
Write-to u for f orfkar i?foma?oa_.
!* vt at?Junaic#r a&t
You. Want i
ones that an knows to rait
.. oar. climate and art tme to
nama? . ... > y
Plant poor ?ted ia worse than
planting none, at all. Baiat's
Beads are #ell known to be
thoroigkly reliable, and a?i
who Intend to
will find it to their interest to
call and examine oar ctook of
BnUt'f Seedi; alec Onion Sett,
Irith Potatoes. In fuel anything
in the way of teed yon
Yours for a good garden, '?-?
J. H. McMaster I
ii Co.,
2 2?
? i
Large Fat Mackerel.
Shredded Cod-fish.
Mirise Meat, in tins and
bulk.? - 1
Cranberry Sauce.! Extra ' r'p*.
fine,. %
Best Olive Oil, 1-2: pints.
Yacht Club Salad pressing.
Fruits, Vegetables, - ^
4 and }$eats in town.
nr it
J?? Vcipui dcCU imno ui an Jkiuu.
Fancy Cakes and Crackers,
. .. * -?and?: / Spartanburg
Steam- Bread,
always fresh, at
Habenicht's. J
'' ' - ... vi .i

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