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1SSWS A-*?-? Hi" ".!
m ?v8 A.N? IER4 LI Cv i*
TBUJIS, IX ADT'ft'*' ~
On? Tear, ... 81.50
Six >Ioath?, - .75
Wedneslay, Marffb 7r - - 1900
Toe Fiick-Carnegie co .(est has
brought out that "tbe infsnt industries"
have ptsssd the stage when they
should b? nrotec el by a lariff In j
hie biil in <q>ii'y, Mr. If rick tar?:'
"The bu*ine s frjni 1892 to 1900 was
enormous* profitable, growing by J
leaps anil jumps from year to yrar i
until, in 1899, the firm ac-'nallT made
on low-priced eontracis net profit*,
alter paving expenses of all kind#,
$21,000,000 in stovenaocr, io??,
C'lrnegie^estiDaated the wet profit* for
1900 at $40,000,000, }and Frick then
estimated the03 at $*2,000,000." Mr.
Curnegie, we believe, ha* been fairly
generous wirh his money, but when it
is related that, from the StandarJ Oil
Company, tho Carnegie Company, the
sngar trast aoS a few other enterprises,
he receives an aonnal income
of $64,000,000^ he can afford to tos?
over a few hnrdred thousand dollars
to a library now and then.
Of course, no right thinking man
will deny Mr. Carnegie'? right to make
all the money he can, bat all justice
loving men will demand that he should
be pot on equal footi-g with all ?ther
men as far as the law is concerned.
Something mast be wroiig when these
enormous profit# can be made The
rsc.soa for them U to be found, to a
great extent, in our tariff laws. These
$40,000,COO.profits estimated for 1900
w>ll he drawn from the pockets of i
the consumers of the products turned
out by Mr. Carnegie, and the tariff is
the means by which Mr. Carnegie is
en&fe'ed to lery the tribn e upon the
The Chicago Tribune wants to know
where these large profits a-e to end,
and says:
The Carnssie Company nude $21,
000,000 last year and yet Mr. Carnegie
is cot satisfied. He wishes to get
pssse-sion of Mr. Frick's interest for
less than its value.
Ttie Standard Oil Company has jwt
declared a quarterly dividend of $20,009.000,
or ai the rate of $30,000,000
for trie year, and yet its directors are
not satisfied. Tbev wish Congress to
pav subsidies to the ocean-going vessels
ia who:o earnings they have a
If there are any other American
corporations whose profics were $20,000,000
last year or promise tu be $80,000,000
this year, it may be taken for
granted that the men at the head of
them are no more satisfied than the
Carnegies and the Rockfellers, and
are no mere scrupulons as to tne
methods of adoing to their posses61009.
Th-re seesas to be no limit to the
rapacity of corporations which hate
been built up at the expense of the
public by excessive tariff protection,
by illegal railroad discriminations, or
or official favoritism. The men who
rnle those corporation* may not lwant
the earth,' but ther certainly want the
United States and the abundance
They and their allies on laad and
saa are working at the entire subjugation
of rhs Government, so that
they may add more millions to their^
present, annual revenues of-$20,_000,000
in the case of tfce Carnegir'Oompany
and $30,000,000 in^e case of
the "Standard Oil. try to put
their creatures J^ ll official place*
which touea^fueir interests at any
TiytfC^iemand subsidies for their
v?^*^They insist that fas loneyof the
Government be deposited in banks in
which they are heavily interested, so
they may be able to control the stock
markets and to lend to the taxpayers
the money which the latter have contributed.
to defray governmental expenses.
Their demands are usually
complied with
There are ibree things that are never
satisfied; yea, foar things say not '*It
is enough."
That may have been the case in the
old Hebrew days.
**' ' "* ' ' * ~ ? i > (ka f Vflw
vv neu win tue#e u usis iuat <.umj
have enough and turn the government
again over to the people.
Me. R. H. Jennings will be a candidate
for State Treasurer. It is not
necessary for ns to say anything to the
people of Fairfield a? t# *rho Mr. Jennings
is. He has been th?* Clerk of
Court for this county fo: several terms
and his fidelity and sfficiency in the
discharge of his dutj-is appertaining to
,1 that offise aro well known by every
body', in the county. As a man he is
pore, most thoroughly honest and conscientious,
courteous an<l affable in
manner?, arid these he carries into his
to then? cx-!
VJUi yi'il VM??MV?V f - - - .
actness and efficiency. A? a Co -.ederati
so'dier none were more loyal
and braver. He lost an arm in the
dofence of ih? rights of his State
who>e interest* he has always been
rea-.H- a:;d wiling to serve
It is nnoecossary t > cay rhit Fairfield
will support bim with en'hasiasia
by a practical'1 y unanimous vote, and j
it i< L'opert that Fairfield's evidence < f
her confidence in Mr. Jennings will be
accepted by other counties as proof
that ;hey will make no mistake in
reposing like confidence in him.
The young lady who married the
? .v.a t^vat"
DOgU? vjai c\ vi *. am
New Orleans deserve? litie sympathy.
She married Mm upon a conrtship of
two day*, and tbis shows that she msrried
him merely because sue thought
r that he was the real Capt. Clark of the
Tex*?. I* shows how silly Bom-1 peopie
in" the United Slates are over
c""~ he rose.
" Y\ e iiote that :he Colombia State is
c>rrp!aiu5ng that the catton market in
Columbia lias le3? f>rao hired. Our
farmers should compare price* paid in
Colnmfcia with th'jse p ud in Wiuusboro.
A local cotton buyer inform!
us that the ruling prices for cotton
i dariDg this season have been higher in
"Winnsboro than in Colombia.
The W. ifbrop ?tudet.t< vc??r.- much
iDterestcr. n this year's 6uie legMature.
Pi evident Johasoa was in Co
Inmbia ae oral days daring it* session
He was ti re as the representative of
the college to tell of the great r.eeJ of
more douit?ry ro<.-ni at VVimhrop,
aad to rec.ind the State thai the owes
nearly as ranch to her dabbler*- as to
her sons. There being- accomodations
lor eight hnndred and fifty young men
in the tbrte State institutions, aini accomodations
for ocly two hundred &n-i
sixty yon:-g women in the ote S-ate
institution tor women i? South Carolina,
sure;r the State *nul-J consider
the matte,?and she did!
The ne 9 8 of the State's geuerons
apprcpri: *ion for this new riomitorv
was rect ved with giatimd* at the
college; s.:d when onr orei-ident (first
explairac.* the signifijavce of the three
"readings& "bi'i" ma*; -:;ave to pas?
in the legislature) 5 i nrrctd ua tha-'
the bill f' r Wiuthrop'a u- \v donjitorv
had had jT* third arm ia-t reading in
the houst, :here *as >? wtrm clapping
Wo hmu. ;a - ,,n! r>f lii>
9J J U1UUC' ? ? V I UM W v, . VA . ?.V
many sppiicaut* for j.dmiin-fion to
the college, the greater isisj uity of
them may be accomodated by u- xt
fall. For -pare moments there i* no
p'ace tog re frcqasuled i>y ihc ttirls
than the reading r?oui. It is pietsa if
to waicb the faces of the girls a? t)?ev
eagerly pose ove.* their ropprctivcounty
pspsr*. fho S ate is ei.j >3 ed
by all, an i it was wuh interest that
we read 0. Bryan'* visit to *':?!utnb*?
Thisgiea :n*n passed ih'-oujjh Ro?.k
Hill, and <vuld there Jiave bfcen any
certainty ruat his train would stop
here and g ve the anxious people '.h*
opportun:.y of heurng a few words
froai the ips of "t'ue silver tongned
orator/' y u may be sure Wintbivp
girte wou:1 have bee:> on h ind But
the train oid not stop and ihecr.>wd
assembled u the station had 'o content
itself wit! -4 flatter ot h?inukerchief$.
However, he ^irls haa fhohosor of
getting a direct rne^aie from ins
great Dan '>cratic leader a:;d it wa$ to
thi? eflect, "Tell the Winihrop girl?i
T mxner.r. 0 ea! thinsr? of th^ni." Rsv.
Dr. Thor well of For.- Mi'l was the
bearer of -hid message, aud he ?Jehveied
ir lo a pleasing arid graceful
mahuer. ?Vfcen the girl, ivcsircd it
each oae evinced as grsrifica:ic:?
as if the r essage had cooia to he> individually
Words of encouragement
are alwa} helpful and wheu they
come froL; snch a siring a?<d noble
man as W i'iiains Jerning* Bryan thoy
are parirularlv inspiring. Beyaa's
words hau- carried uo doubt a special
message to many of the gins' heart*,
and they ^ ill reason thus-, ''If Wii
liams Jen ;ing8 Bryan expects great
things of n.o ihonldii'- I expeol great
things of tnyaelf?"
Things hnve been moving on qu;ei:\
at the college for the p?a; f*w week-?
The piay ''Facie Bob" by toe members
of Cu y Society v?as %*ncce8* in
every sense of the word.
On the evening of Friday, the 16.b.
Mr. Jordan, impsreonaisr ai:d humor
1st, entert- iaed the giri? in a pleasing
and anasi ss: monologueVflefa
' Kfii it or v h tvqq
X U5 LV i Uk ' ^ l/Vi ? ^ Ji v*b?j f ii ?*w
universal!- enjoyed A tive o'clock
yesterday j'ternoon the }. anting of
''the cla?ts :te" bv tne ?'a>* of 1900
took place. The following was ihc
order of ex?rcisos:
A short address by President Johnson.
Address 10 senior c;*s* by ?ev. Mr
Planting of tree bv senior clas*.
Presentation of spaae by prexident
i&Lseiiior chsi 10 president of janior
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Rogers.
The exercises were exceedingly interesting.
Lasf year a resolution
made by the secicr ciaa? to the tffic
that the aiTflbers ot the cia*# of "99
establish lie custom of planting &
c!a?3 tree. Tae 22nd of Fec/roary was
set aside for the exercises and so ihe
second tre- has been planted on the
campns. It 'a a pret?y ca?tom and io
after yea: s aen Winthrop's gradi>*teretum
to t ;eir Aima Mau-r. tne reminiscences
o "happy *chooi ti ?" vril
be doubly feasant wfr-ti ted
them under tie branches otti^.r ci-.s*
JL<*8t nigisr betweeu eine ftna citreu
"The Col German Clno" kms
entertained ma deligrutat d-tnce. Ir
was given ../ soma of tbe c.*:.-ge girls
who bad be so oftcu e?tenu;ned by
the clab, a i thinking, vilurj aboir i*
fair play,' thev exened tncrcvelvtlast
night t mate the ^v^iiiiif a s;ic
cess, which :t undoubted)- n*s. A'
the "Colon i Ball" las?, evening (for
*s such the ntertainineat was k^ownj
the girls lo k?d their fce->t *nd wir^
powdered : ir and co?tam-r?; o!'Martha
YVasbin ion's Dar they icade c>ue
a!mc?t beii- "*: thai "Coloajh- Dames"'
were rea!l\ trijrpiug &ro>md to ihe
music of e old ta-h-on'jd d*?iC?:
Pre9ideu; Ivhnsoi! and a miaib^r or
the teachor rere prescy. 'I ne "isvors"
which ?vere unique and pre-t?
were givsn the teachers Examinations?di
ided th?r.j??! ? ai> at hand
once more, ,d memories ;>f ja?t evening's
pleam v* must be stored mvav for
c a: : - . XT..I
future aicui ; X^MC.
Rocd Hilj Fe'o. 2i, 1900.
Women as Well as Men
Are M ide Miserable by
Kic ney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, discourages
and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
tand cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kidneys
are out cf order
Kidney trouble ni's
~* become so prevalent
"TJ that it is net uncommon
jj for a child to be born
y afflicted with v/eak kidneys.
If the child urin
^ . at*s too often, if the
urine scalds -.e flesh or if, when the child
reaches an a- 2 when it should be able to
control the p -sage, it is yet afflicted with
bed .vetting, epend upon it. the cause of
tkfc jJifftetlitV ' * fir-ot
step should be towages the treatment of
these imports, t organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due *o a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and rot to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made miserable
with kidney and oladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild ana the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon .realized. It is sold
c?nt and' one " dollar
sizes. You may have a
free, also pamphlet tell- Home or s^-atcp-Boot.
ing all abou: it, including many of tae
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers rured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co.. Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this p*?er.
trateree ripplks.
Since year ^one<-pondf.nt, oar good
fiietd, bub '.a:! ch^r^e of tit? counly
treasimr's oifijc. I uom'c remember of
seeing any news froin this section of
theconitv, so with your permission
will ij'Vs v?.?n a fevr items.
j The grain crop ic not very promising
at piwer;?, a;:bough a large acreage
bai been pUn'-th
Xo plowing has b:.*eu done np to
rbis ume. It look? as it Piovidence is
| iuterreniug to prevent ihe lar?e crop
t of cotton oeing planted, that every ore
is predicting will be dene
The vytfftree Prize (Mob has reorsraeiztd
for the present year, and will
try and revive the energy and pluck
that existed ia the club a few years
We wouH like to tee the county institute
revived again. I think ii not
<?iilv stimulates the different members
;o Jr>r to excel othere in having ?ha
be-' ?xbibi:s, but the social feature
cocn.cted ^vitnitia worth a great deal.
What sty ?thera?
TiiO Mt. Olivet High School, the pet
and pride of the community, aoder tbe
management of J$is? Kittle
Patrick, a post-graduate of Due West
Female Coilega, is doing fine work
Tno pupil* of oor school have been
exerci&iog and developing their srgu
j mentative faculties bv entering upon
I somewhat extended discussions on
qaa*tions of mata&l interest. Among
the subjects debated wa3 one bearing
on ih<5qaa ifications of generalship as
possessed by two of onr bravest and
noblest hanes. The qiery was stated
lha*: "Resolved, Toat Lse wa< a
better general than Jackson." This
tnbject wa* Abated with nnnsual zest
and earnestness; aid was indeed ?n
able <iiscu*sion. Each debater, while
pointing om tba noble qualities and
virtm>s of that General whom they
we;e to de?en:l in the debate, did not
epe*k ur.kir.uiy of she other. This
* ?(<?? < idu'-.m to the erjeywent of the
<i??ba f ? fcv?jry tree American heart
wil: fsffer its noble soas to be evii
*pok> a of. The debaters were encoari^e.d
and inspired bv the presence
of a number of visitors, who w#wt
aw.iy Icadly prai?i?ig the debate. As
soon h3 all trie papers were read, ail
anxkasly waite-1 for the decision to
be r.-H'iered by Mr. F. A. Xell. He
so*u -rare "ud, a-ter a f?w weli-cbosen
word*, ajdre?9ed to tbe debaters, he
subiritied His decision, which was in
favor of the negative. 'Twas a splendid
victory and a noble defeat.
Another tubject discussed was one
qui e different, but vet one of never
faiiiitsf jn-.orest?"Bo>s aRd Girls."
Th-j qu^ry was: "Resoived, That boy*
have more trials than girte." Each
p.\pfr presented s-ome good thought?,
weii flavored wuh p'easiDg humor,
Thn e'Mimwa'ion, and perhaps Imigbi
adrK fU* exaggeration of trials as presented
by o^a woold call lorth out
sympasBi^s cur aui?e poor boy whoic
iife is ah shadow; bat presentlj
another crotild melt our heart into pity,
lor ?r.at tind, overworked girl, whose
trials seemed mora than her weak
thouidera could bear. The contest
\7?a indeed a clote one, but, after the
*rguments v-ere carefully weighsd
, aad balanced, the decision was mads
tnaf girls havs more trials. The younger
pupils iiMVd also had a debate,
wijicu was greatly eDjoyed. Every
paper showed careful study and
tboazut, and upon the whole was a
iem*rkablv good one for their first
attempt. We appreciate th'. earnest
?* - ? ? * ~ ? i U U ? o*l nnnilts
riiUTLb pui iUi (U uy ckii
and we eay tbis not to gratify ihd
vanity of any, but to encourage all.
We feei proud of what they have
done, and ch?ri?h for thsm many
he&t'.y good wishes, for all possible
<ncce?* in thf-ir mtnre efforts. T.
March 3, 1900.
The Appetite of a. Goat
Is envied by all poor dvspeptics
whose Stomnch and Liver, are out ol
order. All bach should know that Dr.
King';. New Life Pills, the wonderful
etoQ.;;ch and Liver Remedy, gives a
plead id appr-Jte, >>ouad digestion and
a regniar bt*:ily habit tha:. insarea perf-ct
health &nd great energy. Only
25c at sicMaororCo.Udrng store.
Wei?, we have escaped another
ffivere Winter, with a few ?iigbt snows
of brief *?*ys; still the wet weather ii
retard)ug farming operations, a good
seal as 10 land preparation, etc.,
which, I believe, will eventuauv prove
a blessing-i?i fcoifle senses of -the word,
nam.'*, farmers not spt so prep*i'
ell all cotton i*ad* and pat in a
plenty of cors aLd o-h >: ea.aVxs?
j eces-sanes.
Grai-r cro;:? on sandy t-oil? good flea!
damaged 0;* fretzes, while on stifl
innJf* f}-.ing fairly we;l.
Not a* m.'cb f'-r.ilizer? nsed as heretoloie,
a"''bough :h?re wa9 a quantity
biuled from town. Some farmers
will u.-e -is maca, others If-Fs ;han last
-ear. whiie u-tbers <ig*;u none.
No - g*tdenu?g worth mentioning
done yes. I? fart, the old rule oi
planting garoeus on the Htb February
is now a thing oi the past, it seems.
We no:iced an article in your vain*
oie p-?i er, from ?he Wateree Messenger
about Mr Je?n-D?p. We unite
ia;iv vfj!h 1/ ia prai*e of this noblf,
k'M.d, Ci.i i^tiun te?'t!oaian (forindeei
?? if) *uii d?? hop" if be is nominated
4* Su;e Treasurer be will accept and
poll * fol! vote. Fairfield to tbs front,
?hen ou! foiward! the rest will no
doabi follow, and we are sur? it will
be State Treasurer Jenniogs. His
liters io The New* iXD Berald are
splendid, and h*1 njtiht*'drive bi? quill"
k?-iiii and pgaiu; also i?i? fellowtownsman,
Mr. George MeMaster.
Tr ey jue.sl! up-to-date, and very interesting
and ?rorth preserving
March 8.1900 Veiite.
for Ov?r F'fty Years.
Mrs. "'v ixsloyt's Soothin* Strur
has been used for over fifty years bv
millions of mothers for fbeir children
while teethifig, with perfect ^access.
Ft soot hes the chi!d> softens the arums,
allays all pain, cares wind colic, and
i* the best revacdy *br diarrhoea li
wi)I relieve the poor little ^offerer
immediately-. Sold bv dreg-gists io
ver> part of ice world. Twenty-five
oects a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"' trs ^i-ulcwV Sootfciuf Svrup,"
and lake bo other kind. 1-1-17
i The Kind You Have Alvrays B
in use for over 30 years, h;
and has
! si
All Counterfeits, Imitations a:
periments that trifle with ai
Infants and Children?Exper
What is Ci
Castoria is a substitute for Ca
and Soothing- Syrups. It is I
contains neither Opium, Mo;
substance. Its age is its gua
and allays Feverishness. It <
Colic. It relieves Teething-1
and Flatulency. It assimilat
Stomach aud Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?Th?
ffrVk BS35X
yj Bears the S
. y/
\ He Kind Yon Hai
In Use For Ov
1 ?^
TLe weather Las been so unfavoraI
ble iece?>tly that Terr little farm work
has teen accomplished. No ploughing
of n?y cocseqnence ha8 been done
vet, and if present weather condition?
continue to eiiil much longer farm
i work vtfiii be great'y retarded. Tbe
! favTuciH, h:>wevei, have not been idle,
j b.ir lave een bn?iU engaged gre'iiug!
tbeir lands in readiness for the plow,
! reoairiug ft*'!C 6 and many other thirgi
I ladder fa: to firm lite.
Quite a targe amoont of fertilizer
' h-ii, freau Hauled from Ridgeway re- |
jointly. We do o^t tbiuk, however, I
' thar. there will be as much nsed this )
' | yea- as u?nal.
, | We hope the rtcent ri?e in the price
I of cotton vrofl't induce the farmers to
j plant a lars;e crop this y:;ar. Let us
'! prolit by our paft experiences Strive
'! t > iidse j -arowj supplies at home.
' 1 Th?n and not nntil then will our con'
j d:t.on be m*t?rially bettered.
: Vary lifle has been . one towards
j j2a--He?-ingr yer. Ae soon a? the ground
1 ger-j safibieutiy dry tbey will in all
probability be planted.
1 Miss Ross Qarrison, of Texarkani,
1 Texts, is visiting relativaa in Lot><:tOWM.
Mis< Faunie Ford,- the popular a'd
1 efficient teacher of-the Upper Leng1
town school, and Miss Jennie Gladden
1 left here yesterday for the home of the
former, at Miiford. Tuey will return
-- u n n
1 on iioncay. a. a. xj.
March 8,1900.
"I us*d Kodo! Dyspepsia Cure in
my family wirh wooderfnl rcsnlts. It
gives immediate relief, i? pleasant to
take and i; truly the dyspeptic's best
j friend," says E. Hartgerink. Overisel,
i Mich. Digests what yon eat. (Jan,
;iO fail to cure. McMaster Co.
1 I would respactfully cill the a"ention
of the officer of our county,
who*e duty it is to keep {he roads in
good condition, to the fact that the
road at the banks of Beaver Crtek
> fordt at the f>ltl bridge place, a mile
north ol Dr. F. M. E. Fant's reaidcnce,
is in a dangerous condition, also on
' thr- 8ame road, near Mr. W. S.
"Wright's, is a very deep gully partly
unprotected by post and railing. There
is alpo a large log near and north of
this creek which enght to be removed.
I bad the pleasure of vi-iting your
' city on the 23rd ult. by a pressing
1 request of Hon. Joh:i J. McMahan.
1 While there I was introduced to Judge
1 -James Aidricb, who was holding
court there at the time. I also viei'cd
1 the first cotton factory erar set to
' -vork in old Fairfield.
Tse public road from Capt. T. M.
> Lv;<>v t;> Hook Creek i6 almost im !
p^saftle, which neses^tntes the peopie
i go".g around by Vlr._ J. M. Ederi.ig!
', The rain* have beeu almost inces
fte.'t, <sn.i v :rv lic it farm work has
b.'.^n d >is3.
I rh;iik ;iie iucome tax law, b-.th
1 fc/H'ti auii United States, shoali be
cM-?rcud. J c Fca-tcr.
i^r^u 3, 1900.
'I iJj' Harriet Evani, Hicsdal-*, 111 ,
"1 r.evfci f-.il to relieve my
c^iiareu frouj croup at once by u*ing
0?" Minste Lougb <'nre. I would
u.)t tceJ snf-' wiihout it" Quickly
ur'>> ".oBeh'-, culda, giippn and a<i
. ihv.ata d u?>g di-cxtes McMa?te Co.
T-i - are busy, ?>o Ur as (be
p:e<**rier will permit. A? th? Selma
J?n iia! says: 4'The voice of the rnul?
i* heard in the land. He gird* bimetIf
up wi>h u fresh mortgage, and
g e? lorth cinque? ing, and to be conquered."
Farmers aie buying largely of fertil'zers.
wbich means a big cotton crop,
and everybody knows thai mains a
low pice of c-?uon; perhaps four
cents, c r -iiily tot ov s fire Wuy,
then, will everybody plant for a biff
crop? If a farmer has the cash to pay
for bis euano and proyieiou supplies
to :uu him he might venture to take
the rkk, but tbe man baying fertilizers
ou -rfd't and his corn, meat, meal,
lard and syrnp on :ime will most
a?snred;y Sr.d 1 iinsolf coming out a
loser when selling a big coiton crop at
four or ev?n flrv re: t*. No man can
come fiev tium fiuai cisl eintarriss
uieij{ >>v big co'ton crops and
bu\ingcon>, meal and floor. It ja*t
; ' ' - >- " - u :"
or.ght# and wliicr. ':~7 ,:::n i
as borne tlic signature of
> been made under his pertper
vision since its infancy.
o one to deceive you in thi s,
ad Substitutes are but Exad
endanger the health of
ience against Experiment.
istor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
larmless and Pleasant. It
rphine nor other Narcotic
.rantee. It destroys Worms
3ures Diarrhoea and Wind
'roubles, cures Constipation
es the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep.
5 Mother's Friend.
iignatnre of
fe Always Bought
<et 30 Years.
can't be done. Wby, then, try it
Are all (he boys busy with the mule,
whose "voice is beard in the laud,"
that we do not hare any more news in
our county paper? Some waeks we
Bcmcely hear from any of the neighborhoods.
Wake up, boys, and giri
n* some news; take time, if you have
to write while yen arc waiting for
your dinner.
Capt. Dick Matcbett has been quite
ill for 8ora^ time bat is now improving.
We h-'.pe that Le will be spared
to us manv vears. There are few like
our noble Captain, and we would hale
to spare him from oar midst.
Mr Mercar Robertson is attending
the W. H.Newberiy Business College,
Mr. N. A. Peay has returned to
Greenwood after visiting friends and
relatives here. We hope that be nay
coma again ?oon.
Mr. Woodward Durham was on the
jary last week.
Allow 09 to sar right here for tbe
benefit of those candidates who are
thiuking of making a prospec'ive toar
through herelthis summer, that they
rci.i uot get stay fried chicken for a'l
the (ggs basted during the rec-nt
frecz1, and we s;e no prospccts fur
any mora. Onr neighborhood can
boast of one candidate, bnt we bear
runioH of others.
David Harum
Feb. 26, 1900.
The claim of other cough medicine
to be as g* ' n? Chamberlain's are
effectually 6ci ui n_eiin the fo lowin^
testimonial of Mr. C. D. Gla$6, an employe
of Bartlett & Dennis Co , Gardiner,
Me. lie says: "I bad kept adoing
to a cold and cou*h in tha winter
of 1S97. 'rying every c*ugh medicine
I beard of without permanent hflp,
until one dav I wat in the drug ?tore
of Mr. Houlehan and he advised me to
trv Chamberlain's Congh Remedy and
offered to pay back my money if I
was n.,t p.fired. Mv lun^H and bron
chin] mbes were very sore it this time,
bat I wa* completely cared by thf"s
remedy, and bare since always inrned
to it whin I s;oi a coM, and svon find
relief., t al.-so jecommend it to m~
fiieiuls atid am nlad to say it i* the
best of all coiuh medicines." For sale
by McMasler Co.
Wettber has beeu fi>e for the pait
few dayi and seems to have instilled
new life in the farmers. I noticcd on
my trip here the lines bfing \ ulled on
teaxs drawing the plows. Land eems
to be rather cn the heavy order.
Grain crop considerably i< jared
where town laie.
No gardening beiog do?r- as jet.
Mr. J. A. McKinstry met with %
severe sccideut at & saw mill operated
i .. ~\tm TP..;,.V "? fho lftwar Mflrf oflhis
U T JTI 1 JL' J iwiv AM 1 UU IV 17 V*
county. While bearing of a piece of
timber from the carriage, space boiDg
very ranch crowded about the saw, tb?
end of the timber struck against the
saw, throwing him over against if,
from which be received several severe
cut? on the hip removing the rkin and
a part of (hi muscle for some distance,
leayin* ar, open wound. Dr. J. D. F.
L^ver being near was called in to attend
to his wound. I saw him on
Saturday last and found him resting
comfortably. It wiil be *ome time before
he will be able *ro get about. He
ii ar the residence of Mr. Barnes Beckham
and receiving every attention acd
good nursing.
There was a diu-e reading at Mr
J. R. Boyd's on :a?t Thursday night
for the benefit of the church. It was
well attended and a nice sum realized
fcr all of which the lid:cs leturn
Mr. J. L. Cauthea was quite aoweli
l*?t week, wbick interfered wi'b his
work ou the reiidenca of Mr. Pope
Brook* Glad to sav he is at his post
to-day. T C M IC.
March 5, 1900
Save Your Money.
One box of Tutt's Pills will save
many dollars in doctor:' L'l1"
They willsurelycureall J!.;;s
ofthe stomach, liver cr
No Reckless Asserl^n
For sickheadache, d2.
malaria, constipation an iKIicusness,ainiIlion
people endorse
Atier aloi)gand painlu! iiNc?*, Mr. j
Ebenezer Stauton, the oldest :nan in !
this coiQiUiu.il i: til d on Frioar, the j
23rd inst., and wr; buried ar LUtle ;
River Church on the following da;/, j
He had passed his 85tn birihday. His |
wife and three children survive him. j
Waller Hujbes, the infant son of Mr. j
and AIr?. Walter Holler, died of p::ca- j
monia a few weeks siace, sad was j
buried at Little Kiver Uharcn.
Dr. Scott, of Monticello, practices j
medicine in this vicinity.
Dr. Douglass, of Peak, Las ie-T.ri.ed I
to Union county.
Mrs. John McMeekiu, Sr.. h:is been i
suflerinjf witk acute rheuma'.i-:n fi?r !
some time, and at this writing Lev i
condition is not much improve:
Mr?. Allie McMeekwi hx* j>:sr re- |
turned from (JJumbia where has j
been under the treatment of Dr. Ken- !
dall tor some days.
An eruption,?cal!c i "eiepuan- uch,"j
has been prevalent in this section, anu j
I hear of it in other localities, lij
makes iome quite sick, while the:a '
suffer very little inconvenience fr^m it. j
Miss Flossie McMeekiu spei;l la*: j
S&.urday and Sunday at home, rvtnrn- j
ing to take chaige of her schoo'. i
Blythewood. on Monday.
Mr. L. E. Owens, of V\iun9Uo;o !
cimeout on important busines* a l?w |
dayd kince. :
Mr. Hop James, of Buckhoad, !
in this community a few days a?iO
making arrangements for the culiiva- j
tion of bi< farm hepe.
A valentine party was give at Mr.
Joe Clark's near Little Kiver, and
tho*e who attended from here report
quite an enjoyable time.
Miss Mayde Chappell, who i? teacbintr
npfli- Lever's. S. (1. cuiie home on
*" ?? ?" ? -? <
Friday evening last, accomparded by
Mrs. Tom Maybin, of Columbia.
Rev. E. A. McDowell attended the
ministers' meeting in Newberry kst
week and read a paper on ihe institutional
'Mid falling rain and lo Bering clouds
the delegates assembled to hold the
first quarterly conference of the Fairield
circuit her# at Shiloh Church.
Rev. E. P. Hodges presided and
preached an excellent sermon on Sunday.
e1/ ttro of the four churches
were represented, the weather preventing
the delegates from Monticallo
and Cedar Creek from putting in an
Rev. Mr. Spigncr, the new pas'or
here, is much beloved in this com
Marriages are Lolof common occurrence
hereabouts as not to be v.oriby
of mention.
I have seen no report of the marriage
of Miss Earline Williams to Mr.
Samuel McAfie, of Chester county,
which took pk.ee at she residence or
Mr. Thos. Anderson on the 31st of
January, at 9.30 a. m. Rev. Mr.
Kirkpatrick, of B ackstcck, vra* :hs
officiating minister. The bride was
quite a popular teacher, and I darrsay
her experience in ibat capacit/ will
hpiter fit her for discharging her duties
as qceen of a household.
The weather prophets have kept as I
sh'neriDg all winter with thii- predictions,
even when the weather was fit.e. j
We expected Jannarr to be a tolid,
frozen month, a perfect iceberg, frozen
from end to end BreatbiDg fresly
wheu this prophecy was n}t verified,
we were made to gasp and shiver
again with another wr-ather forecast
for Fcbruarv, which has not proved so
bad as we were led to expect 'lis
true that we htve had a few very cold
days and considerable rain, bnt it
mis{ht have been mnch worso. T.
February 26, 1900.
wvw wm& ^isfi
No woman can be too careful of
her condition during the period before
her little ones are born. Neglect
or improper treatment then endangers
her life and that of the child. It
lies with her whether she shall suffer
unnecessarily, or whether the ordeal
shall be made comparatively easy.
She had better do nothing than do
something wrong.
Is the one and the only preparation
that is safe to use. It is a liniment
that penetrates from the outside.
External applications are eternally
right. Internal medicines are radically
wrong. They are more than
humbugs?they endanger life.
11U.UI.UCI 3 J.' 1 iGiiVl lUC Uill^WVJ
to relax and expand naturally?relieves
morning sickness?removes
the cause of nervousness and headache?
prevents hard and rising
breasts?shortens labor and lessens
the pains?and helps the patient to
rapid recovery.
From a letter by a Shreveport, La.,
woman: "I have been using your
wonderful remedy, Mother's Friend,
for the last two months, and find it
just as recommended,"
Druggists sell It ct $1 per bottle.
Send for our free illustrated book,
k "Before Bai y i=> liora."
jjjj -TO- ji|
| Bought right
jand we wilk-s
jsell cheap.?*
'I. W, DOTY & G9.
Johnston's !
A Grand Old Lady GJ
Mrs. Thankful Orilla Hurd lives in
Livingston Co., Mich. This venerable ;
the year 1S12, the year of the great w
York. She came to Michigan in 1S40,
too." All her faculties are excellently
tentive memory, her mind is full of in
life, of the early days of the State of
markable people she has met, and the
ness. But nothing in her varied and
velous and worthy of attention than
disposition to scrofula, that terribly de
and is cursing the lives or thousands a
tims of the death angel. Transmitted
found in?neary every family in one f
pearance in dreadful running sores,
goitre, or in eruptions of varied forms,
may he known as catarrh in the head,
and often is, tLe prime cause or consu
Speaking of her case, Mrs. Hurd s
with a bad skin disease. My arms an
sores, discharging yellow matter. My
unsightly in appearance. My body w
My eyes were also greatly inflamed an
much. My blood was in a very bad
at frequent intervals, and I had no ap
was in a miserable condition, I had tri
mended, and doctor after doctor had
the state told me I must die of scrofu
were beginning to form. I at length w
his famous Sarsaparilla. I tried a bot
thing else, as I had no faith in it, an
began to grow better. You can be sur
many bottles. But I steadily Improve
sores healed up, all the bad symptoms
and I have never been troubled with
of S3 years is not a young woman, but
since then, and I firmly believe that J
greatest blood purifier and the best me
scrofula and as a spring medicine." T
not iok to be more than sixty, and she
life was saved by JOHNSTON'S SAB
John H. McMaster & Co.; Winnsboro,S. <
"W. M. Patrick Woodward, & C.; T. G. Pa1
On Your Spri
We ape Fvoady
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Checked Muslin and Piqi
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Ghost and Other Stories/
p-apns ana coi- -- m
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read aloud and ?|^jfl
enjoyed among
your friends. Contains "The Bow-legged Ghost,",
"When Ezra Sang First Bass, "The Man Who
Couida't Lau<jh," "Possible Titles of Future
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Fad," "Society Actresses," etc., etc. This first
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SarsapariHa .1
Ive# Her Experience*
the beautiful Tillage of Brighton
and highly respected lady was lx>m m
ar,* in Hebron, Washington w*>., new
the year of "Tippecanoe and Tyler
preserved, and possessing a very re- *
teresting reminiscences of her earls*
Michigan and the interesting and ry%-;t
stirring events of which Bhe was a wit* j
manifold recollections are xnore mar* ''
are her experiences in the use irf ?
s. Hurd Inherited a tendency and prestractive
blood taint which has cursed
nd marking thousands more as vi?
from generation to generation. It If i
orm or another. It may make Its ap?
in unsightly swellings in the neck or
Attacking the mucous membrane, if
or developing in the lungs ft may be, . -3
ays: "I was troubled for many yeata
d limbs would break out In a mass cf *
neck began to swell and became very
as covered with scrofulous eruptions*
d weakened, and they pained me ray.
condition and my head acted severely
petite. I had sores also In my ears, I
ed every remedy that had been recosx*
failed. One of the best phyislelaaa la
lous consumption, as interna! abcesses
as told of Dr. Johnston, of Detroit, and
tie, mere as an experiment anyd
greatly to my agreeable surprise^ Z
e I kepUon taking it I toot a great
d until I became entirely well. A3! tb?
disappeared. I gained perfect health*
scrofula since. Of course an old iadjt
: I have had remarkably good heal to
dicine in the wide world, both fCB
Iris remarkably interesting old lady dftt
? repeated several times, "I believe zaj
[?.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,S.C.; .
rickf&Cc., White Oak, S. C.
ng Shopping.
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Goods Company,
e grandest line of SPRlS^
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