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Wednesday, March 7, - - 1900
?For sale or rent, iteaa aaveriiecment.
?Cotton i? bringing 9 cants on tisi*
?Hereafter the batit hoars will be
from 9 a. m. to 2 p. in.
?ilr. & B. Crawford and family
' mored into Ihe jail Isst w??k.
?We are sorry to state that Mr.
C. S. Brice is etill critically ill at bis
home near Woodward.
To sesure tbe original witcb hazel
salve, a?k for Da Witt's Witcb Hazei
Salre, well known as a certain cure for
piles &fld skin diseases. Beware of
worthless counterfeits. They are
dangerens. McHaater Co.
?Mr. J;*. W. Bolick announces
himself this morning as a candidate
for sheriff icr Fairfield county. Wbo
JiOAl *
?Mr. Jno A DeaPortes left Ih'.s
week tor Richtcoud, Vs., to enter a
hospitii. Mr. DesPortes has been in
'bad health for several months aad it
Js hoped be w.tl be benefited.
Lewi# Ack-rmac, Goshen, Ind.,
aay$. tDfWi:t^ Li;tie EarK Risers
aiway? bring cortain relief, care my
headache a:>d n*ver gripe." They
gentlj cieaiiift aad invigorates the
bowels and iiver. McM :ster Co.
?Mr. S. E. McFaddeu and family,
who bave been visiting in ibis vicinity,
hare returned to their home iu Fa>rfield
county. b'rons there tfeey will
soon depart for U'ab, where they will
make their fnture bonae. W> hope
their home will be a satiaf aetory one
to them-?Rock fli!l Herald
C' ^ &>-t'OB-IA.
."Iwrstac y? 134 'k'M Yfc n!W AjWjS g?gat
Unclaimed letters.
The following is a list of letter? remaining:
unclaimed in the postoffice at
"Winnsboro, February 26, 1900:
Miss Annie Uoppedge, Miss Liler
Kingcage, Mr. Charley Davis, Mils
Bosy Edwards, Miss Cora Johnson,
Mr. George Williams.
Persons calling for the above letters
will please say they are advertised.
Preston Rion, P. M.
i !
M. B. f?itb, Batteraut,Mich., say?,
"Delfitt'a Little Early Risers are the
very ?est pills I ever used for co?tiveneu,
lirer and bowel troubles."
McMaster C?.
Sup*rTisors of Kegels trati**.
The new board of supervisors of
re?iatratioo, T. W. Sligh, Jno. H.
Keiiaud W. If. Crosby, met on the
5th inst. and organ;zed by electing1
T. W. Sligh chairman and W. W.
Crosby tlerk. The books of ihis ollce
will be open for the registration of
? voters on the fiwfc Monday, Tnesday
^ and Wednesday of each moath.
Sleeted Se?retary *ad Treasurer.
Mr. John W. Catkcart, who for
several years has bean bookkeeper for
J F. McMaater, has been elected secretary
and tretturer of the Fairfield
Cotion Mills to fill the position vacated
by Mr. J. M. Beaty. We understand
that Mr. Jno. F. Davis will supercede
Mr. Catbcart ss boekkeepsr at Mr.
McMaster's. If this be true, Mr.
w Davis will jtill belong to onr "social
^ 69t"?WiDUkboro'a gain and Erskine's
Over S45.000 Paid Out for Cotton in One
, Mr. W. F(. Flenniken, better krown
among sot1 on hdcd as "Old Harve,"
k boagbt on Tue?>diy orer 1J00 bales of
cotton at 9 cents a pound. Though
regarded "light weight"?only 124
pounds in bis shirt-sleeves, having
gained one pound in 'he last monthhe
stay* ii? the ring. He know* ev^rv
man who baa cotton and the approximate
number of bale*. So brisg in
the cotton he knows you Isave it.
The One Day Cold Cure.
For colds aad sore throat ase Kermott's Chocolate*
I^ucatiT? Quiniae. 2S*sily taken as candy
ad quietly core.
alcohol. as a bemoveb.
An cxch&ng? eays that alcohol will
' remove grease > n.ii?a from inmmor
clothes, and the Danville Breeze, Tery
breezily and truthfully adds: "The
exchange is right. It wUl also reaove
^umme. clothes and also the spring
'and autumn aud winter cioth??, not
'only froaa bim who drinks it, bat al?o
Irons his wife and familj ; it will like
wise remove the household furniinrs
from the house, the eatables from the
pastry, the smiles fr?m ?he face of his
wife, and the happiness irom the Lome.!
As a remover of things alcchol has
few eqaals."
JSeicberry Obsciver.
Last Tae?day Mr. L. W. Fioyd, j
r representing himself and a few others, j
made one of ths largest transactions (
in cotton ever made in this city, and:
realized 9 cents all round, for the 700 '
bales in the transaction, the buyers
being Spruut & Son?, l^rge importers
of Wilmingtou, N C. Their representative,
Mr. Fienoiken, of Wions-,
? boro, was here last week acd hejfan '
negotiations for the lot, which wa? j
cloned at a good price.
It was jost a mouth ago that eijiht j
cents was paid for a big lot of cot ton j
in Newb?rrjr. * * I
We have siuce learned that Mr.
^ Fleunikee ha? a cured a still larger lot
H ? $90 bales?in Laurent, tor which he
Thft r.Hrc of Fiiosdau & Co. v*. W. R
Doty reonited iu a verd.ct for d(fead^M
mi was concluded on Tua*day
?i^bt J E McDonald for plaintiff
aud Rasjsiale Sc R?g*da e for ccfendant.
The case K. B. RajjsdaJe a?iu Gr. W
Rag =dane tp. Southern Railway Company
aod others reaulted in * verdict
for plaintiffs for $150 *111 irija::cti ?n
h as aske-i in the comolaiut
Free vs Soati-o-n RaU^ay was wied
on F> -day Rag?da!e & R?^sda!e lor
plainfiff, D R. Doncan for defendant
Verdict for ?he 'lefend-^-l.
In Keller v* Pag^n 4 consent verdict
for plaintiff for $22 50 w? made.
Why cough and risk consumption,
when the celebrated Dr. John W.
Bull'? Cough Syrup -will cure yon at
onoe ? It never fails to cure throat and
lung troubles. For bronchitis, sore 1
throat and hoarseness it is invaluable. I
j Will oure a Haek'mg Cough.
Ooki are an *11 and pleasant to take. I>octors j
recoamend it. Pricc 25 ?ts. At all druggists. ;
Ragsdale A Kag?d.tl<s for plaintiff,
J. E. McDonald for defendant.
Court adjournad sine die on Salurd*7
evemn?. Judge Aldrich thestleft
for Gaffaey where he opened court on
Rev. W. E. Sitzer, W. Caton,N. Y.,
writes, *'1 had dyspepsia over twenty
years, and tried doctors and medicines
without benefit. I was persuaded to
use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and it
help*a mo from the start. I believe it
to be a panacea for all forms of indigestion."
It digests what you eat.
McMaster C?.
Mr. M. H Mobley spent Sunday
with hi* family tere.
Maj. r. W. Brice, of Woodward,
spent the week in town.
Miiis Ada Cnreton returned to
Wiunsboro Monday morning.
- Dr. R. B. Hanahan and Miss R3
becea speut Friday at Killiai;s.
Mrs. *J;?o. A. DeePortes left Friday
for Riuge A-ay to spend several weeks.
Mien Ethel Rabb, of Ridgeway,
spen Tuesday with Miss Mamie Jordan.
Mrs. Blnmenthal; who has been
viiiting: alr?. J. D. McCarley, returned
to Chenter Friday.
Mra? J. "W. Seigler and daughter,
Miss Mary, left for Ridge Spring
Thursday for a visit.
Miss Lou Egleston left Saturday for
Ridgiway to spend a fow day* before
returnine to Barnwell.
Miss Addii Carter returned to her
home in Lancaster Friday after a visit
to relatives ia this county.
Miu Bertha Robinson returned oa
Monday from Edgemore where she
has been spending several weeks.
Mise Marie Lee left Tnesday for
Columbia to Bpend a few days before
returning to her home in Sumter.
Mr. Gee. Moore, Sr., returned to
Ridgeway Friday after spending several
days with his daughter, Mrs. S. R.
The greatest danger from colds and
la grippe is their resulting in pneu- ;
monia- If reasonable care is used, 1
however, and Chamberlain's Cough
Reiaeriv taken, all danger will be
avoided. It will cure a cold or
an attsek of la grippe in less time 'ban .
aav other treatment. It is pleasant
and safe to take. For sale by McMas |
ter Co.
The Designer for April is in Easter
array from cover to cover. The fa?h?
ions it contains for adults and juveniles
are appropriately springlike, and esptcially
for Confirmation and Commencement
ceremonies some exquisite
toilettes are pictured. Tbe millinery
pages, too, are filled with illustrations
of dainty headgear designed especially
for the Easter season. Aside from the ;
fashion department, "Floriculture"
deal* with Easter Decorations and I
Easter Gifts," "A Twofold Resurrection"
is an Easter-tide siory, aud I
"Fancy work" pictures charming
Easter trifles which can be aaade at
home. There is a droll first of April
comedy, "Fool* Step In?" an inetal
ment of ,;For Health and Beauty" on
{"Spriug Fever," "Book Notes,"
I h.iaaerous pretty patterns for knitting
! and crocheting, suggestions for "An :
j Apron Fair," a continued story, "Tbe i
j Evolution of a Contented Woman,"
an interesting paper on "Tbe Kindergarten
ia tfce Home," short editorials
embodied in "Among Ourselves,"
some ingenious hints on "Closet Contrivances,"
a short story for children,
i uHow P*tsey Saved the Silver," an
1 Heard j
? Yeu may have heard f i
| % about SCOTT'S PULSION | ;
! k and have a vague notion 1
2 that it is cod-liver oil with | :
| its bad taste and smell and g
1 ail its other repulsive fea-1
| tures. It is cod-liver oil, the |
I | purest and the best in the ?
3 .world, but made so palata-1
I bie that almost everybody |
? can take it. Nearly all 2 !
$ children like it and ask for | j
i | more. f
! | SCOTT'S |
i looks like cream; it nour- f
| ishes the wasted body of? j
i I the baby, child or adult 1 i
! J better than cream or any | 1
i f other food in existence. It 5 j
| ^ bears about the same rela- 2 j
! ? tion to other emulsions that g |
II cream does to milk. If you | {
i ^ have had any experience I ;
; ? with other so-callcd "just as | |
j | good.'' preparations, you ^ |
1 | will find that this is a fact, d j
j % The hypophosphites that arc ?
; 2 combined with the cod-liver oil i :
. a g\'Z additional value to it because a j
a they tone up the nervous system $ .
j 1 and impart strength to the whole a j
5 50c. and$i.oo. all druggists. 0 !
a SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York, a j
[ ilicistrated chapter on "The Makin|
1 of Net Dresses," being an instalmen
of "Points on Dressmaking," varicu!
; h- usehold hints in "All Aroaad the
Il-tuie," and two pagefuls of "Savorj
Vegetable Receipts." Everyone whose
ubjcription to The Designer begini
with the April number will receive 5(
cents' worth of Standard Patterns free,
He Fooled ih? Surgeons.
All doctors told Renick Hamilton,
of West Jefferson, u., alter sunenng
18 months from Rectal Fistula, hf
would die unless a costly operation
was performed; but he cured himseli
.with five boxes of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the surest Pile cure en Earth,
and the best Sa've in the World. 2!
cents a. b?x. Sold by McMaster Co.;
will open with an advanced
cold wave, underrating about the 2nd
or 3rd. 0? the 3rd, local storms; 4ti
to 7th, fair arc'. t>*autifnl?springlike,
About tbe 7th s:>d 8:h it will turn
much warmer, fallowed by cloudinesi
and raib. A change will take place
about tbe 10th <r 11th to clearing
f-ki? s, coJdti, wiuay "and frosty; 12th
and 13:b, fair und ?)'?.uant; about the
14:b, .'o^al i -?iuH; 15-h, fair and cooler;
16ih, panly doud. and warmer; 17th
to 20;h, sutnaspriike, cloudiness, some
rain witi? local storm i, ;tbunder and
lightning f"liowtd b* cooler weather;
21st to 2." d, f*ir a*?i more pleasant;
- *? --i. il. aziu
241J3, tan at a warm; ai.oni iuo ~o\.u ui
26?h, cold rain, followed by clearing
skies, windy aud colder; 27th to 2Sth,
fair, windy, frosty aad cold; about
the SO ia it will tarn much warmer;
on the Slit a heavy storm will be in
progress, and it will reach the Atlantic
coast about April 1st or 2nd. In the
north sleet and snow storms neod not
be a surprise from March SOth to
April 2nd..
UpoD the whole, March promises to
be very propitious for all agricultural
work. I said iu February forecast
that "February will be rather unfavorable
for pushing agrieultural work."
Has it not been verified up to the present?
Now we will Fee for March.
My forecasts of the weather are not
"prophecies" or "guesses," but are
calculations made on scientific princi
pies from what I have discovered from
fifteen years daily observations. The
rainy days or cold waves may be of
shorter or longer daration than is
laid down ic the forecast an^ proba
bly they may reach further south?that
is the cold ware.
J. Martin Grant.
Convincing Answer.
"I hobbled into Mr. Blackmon's
drugstore one evening," says Wesley
Nelson, of Hamilton, Ga , "and he
asked me to try Chamberlain's Pain
Balm for rteumatism with which I
had suffered for a long ticae. I told
him I had no faith in any medicine as
they all failed. Hs said: 'Well if
Chamberlain's Pain Balm does not
help you, you need not pay for it.' I
took a bottle of it home and used it
according to the direction# and ib one
week I was cured, and have not ?i?ce
been troubled with rheumatism."
Sold by McMaster Co.
"r" ? Vf* CAn'offf
TV 6 Sg&III Urge Upuu me* jljlwu
especially and upon the community at
large to take some steps toward! showing
attention t? astronomers who may
come here to observe the eclipse.
Postmaster ftion has received the following
letter from Mr. Lindsay:
Canadian In >titute Building,
. Toronto. March 1, 1900.
Pie8ton Riou, E?q . Winnsboro, S. C.:
i;e*r Sir?I wa* ?.'or *lad to receive
your noie ana al-o a letter from Mr.
Bisharu, of Cbes er, to whom 1 think
von innsf b?ve give>i my name. I
have vrriMen ;o "dr. Bi^ham and have
pointed oat tbat yonr situation is more
avorable 'hati Chester. you are nearer
io the centre t-f the patn.
I tbonght at one lime tbat we mijht
be able to organize quite an expedition
from Toronto, bat a?w it does to:
seem tbat there will be more than a
baif dozen or s<> Bat if all goes well
I will be one, if alote, and expect to
have the pleasure of meetirg yon aiH
your prople.
My plans, as I outlined it to Mr.
a r-a (koco* t will co tfl s&lls
XJJg UAIU 7 kUVaw ? A M &
bury so as to be near Mr. John Lindsay,
of South River, upon whom I
const call. Then I will make enquiries
as to whether it will be best to continue
the rail to Winusbore or to go
back and then ea*t to Raleigh. It will
depend of course all upoa the weather.
Let ns hope tbat the probabilities will
be all right for nome s-tation near you.
I have cot been in the Sonth ior
many years. I u*ed to go to sea at
one time and wound up with a jear on
the Mississippi, running from New
Orleans d?wn tht river My recollectiens
of the South are jubt so pleasant
that I am delighted to thiak I will
have an opportunity to go down again.
So far tkere does not seem to be any
indications of "excursion rates," but I
have been saving a? in an old stocking
fcr a iong time aud it will he only
a whole (rain of a>for*een circumstances
that will prevent my standing
in the shadow on the moruing of May
If yon hear of any parties who intend
to observe in your locality?I
mean from a distance- yon will oblige
by telling me. I did hear that a party
was being made up to go to Lincas er.
With many thank", yonra very sincerely,
Thos. Lindsay.
The Mr. Bighsiu m^ntion^d is doubtlets
the editor of the Chester Lnntern.
and he d; nbtle-s got his information
from The News and Herald. It will
be no.ed that Chester has b'-en after
hi ai.
The Colombia S'ate speaking of the
death of Mi>. McPheeters, of Yorkville,
it c dental v mentions some interesting
incident* in the history of
Buckhead. Suva the Sta'e:
Ainonjr the sainte i women of a
fotme- generation?and it might be
said of a former civilization? that
hive recently j?ass<d away is Mr?.
Anne C- Mci'ucCters, of YorkrHe.
who. having f. u^ht a ^ood light, has
just tluibhtd her crar-.ea short while
Oef'He reaching ;h* age of fourfcre
Mrs. MoPhf-eter* was !he e:de-t and
only surviving chi.d of Chim-el or
William Ha. i.er Her mother, (Jatheiiae,
wa? oue oi I he five beautiful
J ? ,,f TIotti,-? PAalf/il* w'nn
uatt?JLi< ta r \jx i'?? ww*?v. ?
mamed iMp^ctivi'.iy Chancellor Har
per, Wi.i'*tn IT. P?-? 3rwn, Dr. David H.
Mean*, G>v H?unir.?n Gamble, of
Missouri, jjij-s A'r<i*>.r?y General Bates,
of Liucola's e*bii'&:. Mrs. McPhee:?rs
miriied Dr Jumea McPheeters, of
Na'cb6z, Min-issipp;, and was the
sut-.tber of five tbiMren. In early
life *1 btcitne h tvijow, and one by
one saw her children and grandchil
r dren fsken away, until but one dansrit
ter aud two grandchildren are left,
j Old < v.iaMbians will remember the
bean'*- < ; face and the loveliness ol
1 her . Lkia-cter. Ip her the poor, the
r torrf * v-g, the suffering^always found
? and succor. For years sne
' iiveo her father's residence in Fairfield.
wl-ich most appropriately bore
' the of Happy Valley. After the
. war, t;-.e neighborhood became deserter*
:.tl Mrs. McPheeters removed
to Y rjfeville. Nowhere are more
strik'Dgiv portrayed the vicissitudes of
\ life ihat! in the so-called Backhead
J neighborhood of Fa'irfield, in the
, vici'if. of Sulsm church. There the
f Harp* - Means and Lyies dispensed a
, refin.v ind generotn hospitality.
Th'^!?* ( >, nullification and secession
grew i:" !t.rtile soil. Chancellor Harper
ftuf Dr. Means were members of
1 the nullification convention and the
former drew the naUification ordia*nc?i
Gov. Me;ns and the Hon.
Wil-UT) s. Lyles were among the
1 mon c.- uspicnous advocates of States'
[ right* and secession, both in 1852,
( when Gov. Means wa8 president of
the i'.-.:- convention, and in 1860 when
both w^e lead-*?j. in the secession
i conv-nuon. The torch of the invader
i desii?-??d scm?t fto*n?sieaJi, accidental
( confi- jrMtioris *wept awuy otitis of
thb'i owners some fell in b-ttie and
' oth.- nave removed to o-her 'ocali*
i ties. ib??^e i.-rge p!a:iiaioi;? aie
i now *': to teg rocs.
Me ?'cr v'o t:u&rai?'c'e ?verv bottle
oi Chamberlain'** C'f?u^h R:*meclv
and i ? rufnnd the tf.one to Anyone
who i not patirfied atter asw-.^othird*
of toe cjn-eu's. This is the
best ra/icdy in the wond fur la grsppt,
, congr:?, coids, croup and whooping
cough . d is pless -nt aao sate to take.
It pit ? '* N any temieno) of t cold -o
result pwuoion.a.
A n:>*cular entitled "Educational
Bouu iXe" wos banc- d to our reporter
on ftonday. The circular comes from
the J '(8on Publishing Company, of
Richmond, V&. The circular in itself
is vm interesting rending, bat ap&ri
from . b;< it is of more interest to those
who s-e concerned in the education
of ih ''itare. The object of the publishe:
? is to csll tb? attention of the
public to ihe disparity that exist fcetwe?-n
?-? publication of Southern and
Northrrr* v>oks, an<? to shoY/ how little
ini.Hs?^t, so to speak, tbe Sonth
take* to perpetuate the. lams ot her
best 'vriJ?'-8. It is, alas, but too true,
that NMiUi-*n authors have not received
tbe ei c u'-ag^ment they h*ve deserved
from r - readers of tb? Sontb. Their
work- jjve be?ti admired but not
bous'; .; ^nd inusi of them have been
releg-v.-.l fiest e<iifron? simply becanfi
:ii<i reomneration received bv
auiho: ..>:<] publisher was too snsiil to
warn-.*. a contiuuance of the work on
the i".;v k Among the othjr objects
of th: fir/ii is to (urniah the npporlutunit!
r'o Southern authors to publish
their ?;k?, and also to place always
at the r. mmand of Southern teachers
the ckm productions of Southern
authov- t, Seused in the schools.
Wf c the following:
It not lee supposed that because
prior '-j :r.e war the Southern States
had ii?- ^sterns of public schools for
univ*r??-i ceucatioB, (hey were negligee;
*,f tia duty of supplying a large
nun <>f the white population with
insttt.' iU'n of ihe highest order. It
may n.t-rise of ihe audience to
lean- by the census of I860, when
the .N'ntn bad a population of 39,000,090
-u the South had 8,000,300, the
Ner'l? "d 205 colleges, 1,407 professors.
29,044 stadenti; rue ^ont^
had 262 . . 'il-a 6, 1 488 professor*, and
27,055 *?i: vi-cn; il.e Norih expended
for o? i i?*-, i>ft- anram, $1,514,688,
and i.-j a u.i *> $4,663,749, white I
the ! ? >-iu cxpeifded lor cull*".'- $i,
662 419 tnri for a^anenaie- $4 828.127
Besi- -? hese. in n-arly ?\*r> 6 a'e
wen ool;c^c>, a-fi I
mak?. >)id 'o cay tiiit ih education
furnit-n- \ according to rhelhe:' exi?tiDg
' ii e-1 o s'urtv, vz* ia a I > rt?pr
:t- -q.is' iha: ivirmst.ed e!?e
wht v.
Wr- "f ^ a t i-i see iintwrne eflor
is at !; : beh.g uiau:> ?o insure the use
of booK- written uy ^ouibernera in oar
pubiii; cttools. Fw sos&e weeks Mr,
S.i.R. .'<?bnstOD has been diligently
obrai. .'if signatures to a p?;itioa ;o
the S "aperiutendeijt of Eiucatioi
aski. - -ha uor.e but Soaihern boks
be u?ed n ibe free iciiools. We hire
been a l--ng time coming t i*, sat it's
hotfo:- thaw never.
Discovered by a Woman.
A?, ;>.r great discovery has been
mads ;*"C that too, by a lady i?i this
countr- "Dis-a^e fastened its clutches
npi-:> ' r anti for seven >ears s<e
who- '.;rt its severest test3, bat her
vita1 - .vans were urdirm5::ed and
dcaf * -imminent. Fur three
moni<>- che couched incessantly, ?.nd
could:)-' -l'Cp She finally discovered
a Ki' r--/ recovery, by purc!ia>iu^ of
us a t.'- of Dr. King's New Discove
^ fur Consumption" and was so
much :v V'.-i 0*1 taking first d-.>se, that
^he s: p; h 1 night; at d with two bottles,
- u *e;: absolutely cured Her
name .? vl's. Luther Lntz "Thus
wri ( " ** <'. Hammick & oo., of
Shelb , N Trial bo'ttes free at
McM-.- i v.o.\t drug store. Regular
size i'.1 snii 8? 00 Every bottle
gua" 4
ilr ;Y". R. Rabb went >o Columbia
D: -nd Mrs. H. De>Por:ea, of Richmond,
Vu , paid a short visit fo relatives
h-re this week
The On? Day Coid Cure.
For cold in the head and sore throat use Kermott's
chocolates laxative Quinine, the " One
Day Cold Cure."
& Mr. T. L. Johnston, of Rock Hill,
spent, Tiieitiay in town.
Mr. A C. Leisman was in town ibis
Glorious Jfewo
Coupes from Dr. D. L>. Cargile, of
Wa hira, I. T. He writes: "Four
bottle- of Electric Biittpr- has cured
Mr&. Brewer of scroJulc, which bad
caup -> ' Cr great sofferii-g f??i _\ea's.
Ter:i ?.i- ?ore* would break on! on ber
heaii j'nd I act*, ami ibe Iv-st doctors
ccu!"': srive uo he'p; but her cure is
coai;.; t- and her 5-^altb is exed'ent."
Tb:? r-iuws what thousand* have
provf? tJiat Electric Bitters is The
be?t h -jod purifiei kr:?wi?. h'< the
snpivroo remedy fcr eczema, tet er. j
salt r. eum, ulcer*. boi^ ana iui>nii <
sore.-. It i>t5mnlat? ? liver, kidneys and
'' bow's expels po'SCMP, h^Ipy ijiirestioi',
j bnili'v no (Ik- t-trergih. Onl} oOcfNts.l
j Sold ?.v McMs8'? r Co, ilrugBi's-s.1
l Gu ?? :i. eed.
J Mr. ii II. Gray, lue c-?miy ?:;an.
1 was li". t'.vrri Tuesday.
Deri on human cured in 30 minute*
by V/ ?!ford'p Sanitary Lotion Tl ie
never fails. SoM by W. E. Aiken,
drngg-rt, Winnsboro, S. U.
i O i
Read the i
V /
Z7 ^
// ,fif, /ftf /
r LLC*-, /ftL^Jc^zsC A^i-.#
%.^?Afl* f/"V V?01>/1 MClMA
I iUUiO Vi IOV'-U? wuv kV HWUV4 J.V.VJV4V
kidneys. My j:hys'clai.-< said t:iat I coi
H gallons drawn" frum scrotum several
fluM. Wn.? unnb'.a to pre : any rest or b1
able to attpn'i to my business. I can
glad to give i:, as some poor suCerer m
The trade supplied by
Although the weather was most un- j
propitious for'a gathering of yonDg,
people, Wednesday evening witnessed j
??ric of the most deligbtfo: entertain-1
meats our reporter has ever been for;unate
enough to attend. ?Twas some-1
^ ing [unique in character as well as |
txtremely interesting from many]
points of view. Mi*s Annie Aiken,!
the hostess, to well arranged ail de- j
tails of the programme that nothing [
additional could .have enhanced the
enjoyment of the occasion.
A phantom party, is something diffienh
of deae-iiption by reason of its
very nature, as it was paniomimic entirely
which characteristic feature of
all such entertainments mnst be rigidly
observed in orde^ .to emphasizs their
mysticism, which i-1 the sole factor in
making them uniqne, novel and interesting.
A Iamm Alk#tn(- O Q A f f
tVJUU^ auuut O UJ U U1V/V/& VI IUB
evening of Febreary ?8th ore c.ight
fcavt obi-^rved ghostly whito figures,
shadows, apparitions, or designate
them by whatever name you may
choose, flitting along 'he highways is
the intense darkness c; ; >? vght. and
each one making its way to i;.; satuft |
central point. As ',1 am not versed in j
<fho*tly love, I f*-ved g -h i I
op.me of ihftir jaciv* pu;?it, pi - {
su.aabJy tooagu '' v?*3 to jr- i
rocpr," thtre t< . 'd Uiyh n-ivv. j
It sttjoi-. ihat uJOi g i htiO b^6ui;<ii j
Di-ir.ij*! ih'-re ej.ist- nn fcthirnJ or r?;cK:
o?ie I' d is> displayed s fo irni r-j
qa?!ft? iriert:ca tvifh of u-o;i.'i-i
nary u* >-&)*, ;or upon ?hea?-v?.i 'f|
p&fti <spook it ws-, mot av ie j
phantom who, uf:.? r ex c-no; g greyi- j
in^s to its vjritor, ushered it uao thr presence
of his ;<Satari; Majesty"!
* ated npon l is throu?. be receiving j
u with cordial, yet cautft hospital)!
and directed it to its proper sphe-j z<:- i
cording to iis degroe. Arter ?ransa-.u- j,
i.-g some routine business ih?y all ie-|
paired to the central chamber of the j
temple in bogie land daikly lights !
with ghastly fla'.uco ?f <rreen, giving
*a alrnoat tangible wei.uness to the
scan?, and bedecked with hideous
tropfciea and ghastly emb'euu of departed
^spirits where they held their i
jr?iiinight revels until hon-3, the ar- ,
rival ot which uaade dmgerous their <
longer stay.
To my surprise * banquet wa* included
in this rfcYdl iog, where was
5?etveii in almost wa*tc.a!lness the
oiioicent of substantial foods and delectable
Now if one can imagine a goblin
partaking of tuch ihinge, then let me
**??ue him that ai this time thfydid
i dividaally f <1 tollectively enter
isear-ily i? t ,.c spirit of the occasion.
M}steriui.s us were the guests at this
table, tiioie rr.v.-leiiou-ly disappeared
the contents of the pacts, nMil a last |
wearied of the fray, t'Ley with one
accord re-entered the central chamber
of the temple in bojjie land and renewed
the revelry. This time however,
not in phantom form, bnt, with
a sudden transmutation as U characteristic
with this kind, these self->ame
spirits at once became a sinlit for
mojtal eyef, for behold! beautiful
women and brave men. Tbey hid
uumasked while at ihe festal board or
r&iher hid removed ihsir gpiritil
haM iuaen's ai>d rcv*aled io each other
ear;hly forms and face?
If one mav jad^re from appearr.i.cr?,
ther- thair red eye* and flu*hed faces
Arv adnlt sutferi'."g iro-'-i a ?o ? ,
set; led ? ? the breast, br*. nchi.i>. ihr>?<?.
...li. .... !
Or i'.mg iruuuie- u. aui uiiii.iv.
will cnll at McMasterf *j w.l! b p?':' j
I *ent(-d wi:h ? *ampl. w \- of i
I Boscbce's Germ->.j? t?jrnii, fr> t' ? f;
! charge. 0?ly one i>ct!'<; give:> ? > o -y j
; tr?o:i, and n>ne'o cailurc;? wiiK-nt i
cr-ior fi out psreu'*
No thr? at or lui?i> n :nedt- ?=vf r
KiiCtl a 8 lie Ho Ii05cbt-s'? (iwrui V & 'up
ir. ali pni'i8 of the civi"z.ed *
Twt ii'y x enis *go rni'io-P <>t tv > ' > !
i e ijiveii afrnj, am' > <>nr - ?
will tell yon i'S gurce** wji* is*- vt- : 3 |
It is really the ???iy throaf a d lui.; i
remedy generally ei-d^rked by phvMcians.
One 75 cent bottle will cure
or yVOYe it* value. Sold by dealers in
all civilized oantries.
xi . ?mammm^mm&
S offerers
dreadful disease and it
allowing letter from R. J. E
c(s. /
&&?'?* ?' Jt?s^"-t.
s?~id (idL-*-^
Z/.JI / ?
st?~2/C, s^-z^lP~J^2*t- <^^^-#*2^-"~-?-?
6ting statement ot my case which I gladly p-'vo. I
j!d not last but a short time. I was ur"'nM ;-. * > ..:
times. I was completely fflled at t:.e lit- '
e<*j) except while under the Influence et an opine,
now rMa my horse, a thing I liad Uoeu 'enable to ci
ay be benefitted thereby.]
For Infants and Children.
Tha Kind Yea Hare Always BesgM
Sgaatore of '
branded them, not good spirits, but j
evil ones, who^ne'er would soar *loft j
and who, in their tropical abode, carry
over with tbem emblazoned on i
tfceir shields the motto, "Leave hopej
behind, ye who enter here."
The evening closed with t. l;aL trim- j
mi-jg contes'; a sudden bat suitable j
transformation from the sublime to |
the ridiculous. If is impo^iole to r'e!
scrlba this laiiyhable sight. T: ;:.
gentleiren alone were allowed to in- j
dalge in this luxury, sad ilia dcft?e*s j
with which some of them manipulated i
uo needle and thrc d was, to say the I
least, well, not specially nc'iceable.!
Bat the hats were trimmed all the
same Ye*, trimmed, trimmed,
trimmed, and some of these artis'ic
productions were marvels of the milli- :
ner's s< t. I
Two at least djgeivefpecia! niem'.-..n J
but I am nnab.e <o describe th^m?!
ft Sc-jit to say, they wore p:iz sic- .'
?j; -s dad a;:rih p'* v-'liogr freaks i,
Ji? .-* wo hat- ruiii-d ny 3?4?s?'t?
J. Ob^Ar and O K D
lay. h*pp? iirtie spse :. M.. T J? I
Elliott presented them liv p?iz?s a~ri
i^ly afuareri 'ben of :he:"-c:-?u>- 1
ii. es^ ?-d igno:&i ce oft'-ft ar' H*.?
r^imrk* ?trons v pt?!nt'!-'! -h?? moral. ,
g'tM.d '0 your d?n aflViv ; u-t "Oifcan* |!
has:<>epp alone. So ewled hi-: r>!ra--|;
aMesr of evenirg*. ' '<
Ths quests, af?er r*pa;?<M a?*?; ar.ces
$f having uad a cb*' j.
pr?oar. d -o ipeve. So o-c< ag-.^'<
with pantomimic gesture and fartRitic!
dance ;bev bads a''ieu, an<? wi-g'd!.
ibeir silent fl:ght to home and drtam- j j
Cure Cold in Ho#.d. i'
Kermott's Chocolates Laxative Quiniua. oa?y
to taie and qaick to cure coid in bead and core j,
threat. I'
Mrs. Olviu Zimmerman, Mile?bnr?r
Pa.,- ssy?, "A? a speedy cure for :
coughs, coidf, croup arid sore (brc*t i
O-ie Minute Conjh Cure is u*equaled
It ii pleasant for ?liildren to take. I|
heartly rccomm?nd it to mothers " It |
m the only barual?s? remedy that pro- j
daces immediate results. It cure?
bronchitis, pneumonia, grippe and!
throat and lung disases. I? wi!! pre-(
vent consumption. McMaster To
Mr. W. H. Flenuiken went to New-j
berry Friday to buy 700 baks of coiten.
Bea?3 the 'hl ';^nd Yoh Haw Always BlWgM |
? Subscribe for The Notts a*? j
ffm. Orr, Kew?rk, O., says, "Wej
never feel aafe without One iliante:
Cough Cur-; in the bo?;se. It savedj
my little boy's life when be had the j
pneumonia. We-thialc it is the be?t j
medicioe made." It cores cough* *nd j
all lunsr disessts. Pleasant to take, i
harmless and gives immediate mulis. |
McMasier Co. j
The On? Day Cold Cure.
Kermott's Chocolates laxative Quiaine for
cold in the head and sore throat. Children take ,
them like candy.
Relief Ingiix Hour*.
Oistresaing' Kidney and Bladder Di?oa-t!
relieved ii: u'x hours by "New !
Krfiit S'->u:h Am or-can Kidnr- Ours"!
It i? a o-pat surpn?* on account rf mu f
t-xcredmir prompted?ni*?1.;e!
;: b' d<!(-r, kidnay? and back, iu roal." !
0' rcimie. xvt;iot';? ,
almost immediateiy. If y<>a want!
qu. k ?e!iet-icd care thin is the j. I
bv W. E Aikeo, dru<rg'8t, u. .ma-1
b-ji 'i, S 0.
The One Day Cold Cure.
Cold ia head and sore throat cr.red by Ker-1
siott's Chocolates X,axativc Quir.ine. As eav to
take as caady. " Children cry for ihcn:."
From DR
id thousands of desperate a
will positively cure you.
teisill, A'iaj. *8th Reg. S.C. ^
'/. ^2- ,
OS^IJL. 4r
-^?-"7-""> .? /?<C^^d ^
dJ^j^y/ ? a>. i.
/i<l<?gLz{ Otp
; ave beer. Goffering for th.r*e years from dropsy, #
' v n rrcpt sbr.-iy aftar being t&pped. cverv tissue
X;M: VATCXHN'3 I.ITHONTTUPTIC. r*'rf?*ly help!,
- Juivo Vied eicht botu?? of YAUftHX'S LITHOy
- : ir neu-ly tffo years. You may publish such oC n
For sale by JOSIAH J. OB]
? Columbia, S. C.
? ... ?
-IkeretJ^u^Tiice myself a candi- j
e for th-5 office of SV.riff for Fair
3 County, a~d vill sbi&e^by the
s- ion of '.be Dean cratic prinasriw.
r or Sale or Rent
' M. Bearv on Bremen street, berth
Mi. Z'.oq Co'.Uni'i Appi? to
8-1-2v ' J. M. BE ATT.
Cotton Planters
..'no are i.st^res'ed in high prices for
t-'Uon nexv fas; e*n bear of something
i'.i i heir advwa e by sending a postal
?? d at oce<- ' *
b%ri?<*ti?tt, S. U.
- 2-34xlm
Utm Waited ZTZZT
Wi]; sir^igh en curly iiid
1<ioky i~air wub>.>at iojary
to the ^calp or hair.
Price 50 Centslper Box. j
?a"ors-d bv the United States Health
r> _ ?
BA3MH&M Net Mj
2 15xl2fl2 5. 7, 9 ?nd 11 Broadway.
S. C, Medical Association.
Th<- Serr.j-c^-'CMiiai M?eiing ot the
Scr.ih Uui? :ii * iJ'dical Association
wr:?; i-e he:d id Ci^rleiton April IS,
1900 I-. is propose ;o make the event
;?ic o :c; *ion for a general reunion of
<b<^ r.hv^iciuo* in the State. Invif
i 5.na *?i?l therefore be sent to ever? |
J- cl ;r m tc ? . r^qnestiog him to
;.i? ear a jnbl?c reception will .
tendered to toe physician* by the I
a or and A'/.trman of the City of
JurirsroB; Excursions to Isle of
Paims and oiiier entertaioments will
? olfcred by the local profsssion. Dr.
iJ ->b*r' Amory Bar*, of Philadelphia,
i-'s . vr;r de-iver tbe Annua! Address.
B-,:> u /> !! e ci cat: be obtained at
$i * * upward at the boarding booses,
*2 upwa ds at the hotels. Re
s ic- u rates of fa.r? vili be on sal* on
ro?..?8 :eid|r? into tue city.
W. P. PORCH ?R, President.
T. P. W H A LEY, Secretary.
Founded 1842.
"Sing their own praise."
It yon - eckori ths endless joy and
.--raianeni vain-- yon will get one of
i-osfl celebrc.e.i STiEFF PIANOS.
T?>'y are Made with ail t bat skill vrbicb
< rily years of cor.s-t.mit and caretn! at:cotif
t.o every deiail oi their con-:;
acuuii can command;
Milan Fnfit Sav?3.
Therefore v-e won't bnrden ion
"*Uh aii unn^e^atilv BIG PRICE.
Convenient oerms. FINE '1UNING
Ghas. M. StiefF, j
piano .'manufacturer,
baltimore. md.
Fft' t^ry Branca Ware-Room, Nv. 213
Forth Tr\on St.. rharl?>tte4 N C
G. 13. WIL\IOTH, Manager.
Digests what you eat.
It aitificially diges ts the food and aids
Nature ia strengthening and reo?o? '
?tructiDg the exhausted digestive er?
gans. It is the latest discesjj|gddl$?tiTt'
and tonic. No cih^ ggttparattea
"in approach it in e2$5?T'v. J* jestaatly
relieve.? and perraaneotfy cures
DvcpeVsi'0- Indigestion. Heartburn,
Ffatu'f&ce, Sour Stomaeh, Nausea.
ail other results of i ia per f ect d
Prepared by E. C. DeWltt A ., Ctycog?.
McMASffisR G9.
WianA?ro, S. .
* m
. y^m
^ :!Ty?
ases of this S
- -;ols.,
yC.*** <?^fC
*j?M^.?aU ;,j
{%& < ** . r Vg
tu~& ? ^ : j
; |
jneral anasarca, caused from liver and
completely filled, saturated Trtth fluid;
jss, lefs terribly inflamed and exuding
raiFTlC and am now comfortable and 4 . ^
131 statement as you may desire. I am
' * ?%
EAR, Winnsboro, S. C.
' V'
" "
' *g?Sl
Nothing we pride atrft?lr?8 e> Baar?
than ielircriBg
'-- M
to oiroittosaerjffi
art admittedly ?kcai ef all cea*
petitersin this dc?>art*?t; tku yo?
ay kan alisolatc certaimtfyf ektai?- iig
accorate tiai wk?i ro^r ti*tpiece
is repaired by at. >
of oarwatck work tkat we faaraatee
iibi to give eatire satisiactiea for 12
oitks, and prepay expriu ckargta
both ways should tk? watca fail to 4 j
wall dmriif tkii specified tzae.
Write to m> for fartker iifermatiea.
Tk? Wattkmaker
ine Easy Running
Sen Mane.
BUM[ ir /jr
The most modern Sewing
MorVnne nt the acre, embrac
4IA?*V4*A4?V V- ~ ?7 ,
ing all the latest improve
ments. Unequaled for Dura
bility, Range of Work and
Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Correspon- j;
dence solicited. Address,
General Agent,
t r
mi -1 1 1 1 ^
- r ':
with a fall stork *f Oa;ket?,
Cast* and Ofias, c*?8Tautljr ?* haad,
and it* *f hears*. wk?a
Thuakfal far paef p*tra?a?* a??i **??
'ati?? f?r a tkart :.w $*i?re, in tb?
o'd ?taa?l - I
I'aUs *i{e?d?^ v*t aH h ? *->.
THE ?LLI*TT ** Kf?,
j. m. ftuj^ * am.
4 17-1 v
' A
' . v';
On Improv-d K*:ro? v<t bv fir*?
naon??*ve(t. Inter's* 8 & ? c?ut. 'u
ubs t'O1 'e.? lone $500, <$:?8}ea??
S" C *>?>?. Borrow>r paj? tern*!
A S. k w !> DO?*LAl$,
WiHtbtre. S. 6.
er J?HK B. PALW*ft A 8?N,
U-fi Columbia, S. C*

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