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*WW4 Hit A: *
? ???? iw ? nr i v " v
(fat Year, . - ..... 91.50
Six Moath?, - . .73
Wednesday, Mirck i'4 - - 1800
The Puerto flican tariff bill has
brought out tbe position that the
-v. Constitution does n >t follow the Sag.
The paragraphs io the report of the'
House way* a>?'3 in^-ans committee !
whieh has canted the discussion of this
important constitutional di.vcu?sion
are the following:
"That tbe term 'United States' in
'that proiition of the Constitution
which declares that all duties imposts,
asd excites shall b? uniform
aroughout the Uuied States means
and is confiaed to the States that cont'tnte
tho Federal Union, and does
ot cover also territory belonging to
Lbe United States.
"Th*t Congress has power to gorsrn
lerto Rico and jtfce Philippines iude_
4 4 i / /?
? indent of the limitation* 01 tee ton* j
ititation n In other words tbis report
means that Congress has a free
hand in making l?wt for oar sew
vossewion*, and that these posse-sioas
are not under the peetecuon of the
Constitution. It is m&rvelons bow
he Constitution can be stretched to
ait the w-fches of the rich. The rea
soo, of course, underlying thie cont
raction of the Constitution is that
to alloTr-ualforra "duties, imposts-and
excise*7' wquld mean Cheap sugar,
tobicco and other tropical products to
t xe injury of our millionaires and their
trusts. Hence, our new islands must
not be giren constitutional guraotics.
Bat while the Constitution is not
'allowed to follow the flig ia oar aew
islands, it appears that liquor hasgote
^ haad ia bawd with Lb* flag This Is
allowed, we pfetusMi, b. cause it pro
motes'the trade of ib? Sute. Senator
Pattigrew, not si !e need by charge* of
treason made agaia^iim, u prying
intotthis snbjict. H?i hat wceeeaed
in fcecarinj the passage of a resolution
asking the President, "if sot incompatible
witb the public mterest8,"fto
inform the Senate or the'b amber of
saloons established in Manila since it
has come nader toe fag, s'wbo can-,
dacts th*m and who are their patron?,"
how many saloons were there before
oar occopxtion, what kind of liqaor it
sold, &c, and farther iaqairing
whetheror n*: it is within tb? power
of the PresiJ-nt .of the Uni ed States
as the Commander-i -Cbkf of the
military forces to prohibit the sale of
lienor in. Manila A great deal of
testimony bas been collected by a
number of .newspapers as to. the conditions
eziuiag in Manila President
Scbnrm&n, of its Puiilipine Coanmiision,
on hit relnrn to this eocoiry
S>*sfcsaid; "I regret th*l American* bave
Be*u allowed- to establish saloons in
the Pbilipints, lor the Pbilipinos aie a
temperate people and tbe tight of an
intoxicated American di?gn3ts them.
Nothing has gdoue so mnch to damage
the reputation of tbe American peop'o."
How^ can it be that these savsje
prt<>ple are "disgusted" witb snch eiTi1L
d peopJe as those of the Foiled
Slates? ' "* "
"haplaia Nells, of the 1st Tennes?
regiment, :'an administration man
c. through," says: "There were
o 'r tbree saloons in rbe city/'-which
.?i i soft driuks only, before th? ncct
ation by the United SCatea array.
explaining;- ^
Tdz administration feefs keenly tie
pcoularjsense^f injKS*icein the Puerto
Ricjtj tariff measure, and It i? kept
br ?y trvioj ;o explain. A cabinet
c'icar ha* triei to come to the a?sistat
,e of tbe President. His explana^?
tion considered in connection with the
President's message sounds a little
fc my. "There h*s been a wide inisap
>rebousion of tha Puerto Rican
tariff bili, of the auitode of the Preside
it, of the. action of Congress, an?5
of their relations to earh other," says
tb*- officer. Bat h* fails to show wher^
the misapprehension is. "The alt
sot been misunderstood except that it
bai been bard to keep ap with. Be
declared to Coogrois that it is "our
plain duty" to the Paarto Ricauc
free trade. That was hit attitude
wh???i hewrete hi* message. Congress
- related to do irs ' plain duty" and Mr.
VIcRialey didn't hav? the backbone to
do what be bad declared was a "plaiu
daty." H? charged bis "attitude" to
correspond with "the attitude" of
Congres*, and the people hav* seen it.
There is no miKappr^hcniion abont
that. The ?ame cabinet officer goes
on to say: "Th* attercpt toitpresent
that there bat been disagr eement between
the President aod CongreiB i*
wholly nufonnded." Why, of conr*e!
Wh> ever he*rd of Mr. SicKiuley'*
standing ont against !he views of his
party, eipeciaily toe element in it that
measures everything by a dollar? No,
"tb;ie has been no disagreement"; the
Prasldeat has simply backed down as
fee has been known to do on other
itobbed t&o ?rartc
A s'artling incident of which Mr;
Johx: Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
stu ject, is narrated by him as follows:
"I was in a mo3t dreadtal condition.
My *kin was almost yellow, eyes
?n:>en, tongue coated, pun continuaiiv
in back and sides, no a-petlte?
grsua*!]) growing weaker day oy day.
Tin ?j fcJjreicians bad given me np. i
Fc:*nrifftc1y, % friend advised trying!
'El' 'ric Bitters,' anC fo niv great j >y ]
and ?urpri*e, the first i>o:tle made a
deeded improvement. I coniiiitt&ct
iht' a?e tor three weeks, and *m n$tr
a vs i man. I know rh?y eavcd in;
life .ad robbed the'grave of au?tt.er.
Tic n." No one should fail lo try!
the Qnly 60 cents per bottle at
l?cl ?ter Co.'t drug stor*. $ *
Repre?entatire Barkett, of is j
kraska, aisde a thought!*** ?; ate ruin
hit spteca is tae AJdrioit cout |
c&te from Alabama. He gun a liat
conte?t? p?adiag io the Hon>e,r?hc#-> j
inf the scope ofierritory from whl
thw? contests chme, which inclof:' !
districts in Alabama, Kentucky, Mi*iaiippi,
North Carolina, S nth C'ai
Una, and Yirgiiia, and Mr. Burk< '
adds: ''It is tkMama territory fr<
which comes up the waii of ru^re th.
oae-half of the peepie that li.eir lig
art beinc stamped beneath the feet c
others. It is there thai men ure r. i
permitted to exercise the rI^bt_ <
franchise which the ]**? of km'
conntrv giT9 theui. 1* i? in ibis so *
wl.e>e 'consent of 'In s^winvd'
le*? ieu*rded than 5i? pf-- oe on '
earth to day." Tbi- a **ery 1
si ailment. Surelr vBucket'
forgotten t>?e Pailiv i j Isiauds a- 1
Paerto Rico. Bat t..esa i.slaii '
*ot tend Democratic fonsjrtssmcii ..
Washington, and that's me reason M
Barkett dots not poi.?t th-ai ont :
spots "where'conse*' <y. !h* jfovertx.. is
leas regarded than any p:a?*
the earth to-day." I; will t.e uoi;
that Mr. Barfcett lir-ts away ap
Nebraska. What does ;o know hoc
South Carolina at-.\ tray? Judsr^
frop? the remarks r^ov?;eu, precious'
Rifbesbxta-titk 8kll, of Not "
Dakota, ha? had c ?r^i to say i
the llou-e that the representatives ,
the people i* the?epa?; are al?o fL
representatives <>f tbo trims *
the coau't y. Speaking is the lioa*
Iast monrh, hs qnuted (ha ckanccU*.
of the New York Usivercity La
School, while deploring the ?*eaki?f
and failure of repretsn'aiiw? tore;
resent the people, as that i:
interest of oar coantr, in he jn
rivalry between eorporatioES and ?
Government is coming. acd where tu
from acaoBg the a\M??s will spring :i
advocates of the people* rights? "li
was showing that the membership-.this
Hoase was composed p-incipalj;
of the representatives of the gmt
sordid interests and net by the American
people." It seems too that righ .
under the nose of Congress rhis crinci?m
leaea^e. Mr. Bell stales that i
a leading text-book iu general nse i one
of the colleges in Washington ;
statement is made that this is a Jim
in the history of the American Gc?r>i
BWBt without statesmamnip "
j The representatives of the trn6
bare bide* as tough as (he (rusts ti^o
selves, asd th?y are hard ?o punctnrr.
bat it is eomfortiog o know (La
somebody near them doing sow.pa
If the Republican* at = ?jrtfest-:d tr
i year, it will be because rhey iuv* p-rsisfcently
blundered. Uud-r ordinary
circumstances, that,pare* wrta!dt*>?p
the country, this'fill. The cwf.
whether re.aJ or-v iraaf in <r/ shows
signa of woederditti: pr >6peritv; It :s
the restlessness cocsfcqaiut a<>"n arcl r
times that influence the paople to mtiwe
a change, and they do ij.ot go i.hro'tsb
; a proceis of logical reasoning 10 a<c rj
taia whether or not the flminiat.aii.uj
is to blame or not. ""The pe<?r>fe of.e
| shift to*'the shoulders of thosa iu ;
i power alt the evils ths pw,.p e have to
I bear, and a change In iu .d* jaw on
Igeneral principles.. >Tn? Ke^ublicars
[ hare com teraeteiF the general ra'e _
. that the people, will bold taoae in
power so long at genera pr?nperitv
obtains under the adc-nnint -ation bj
their attitade on pnt>'-c questions
The Republican levy o* 25 psr cent wi :
?Ka Dinerlpv tariff nn rha naonle oi
! Paerto Rico aloa* U enough to
condemn tbem io tb<> r? ?s o?' ail jn>!
tice-loriuf voter*, to r:otbi?g o? .
the course partced io t.lr- Philippine*
Governor Tatloe o.?i ..at himself
; completely beyond the tooi*! support
of the be*t people of thi comitrr bv
bis action io shielding b?* p*rtisa>ia ,
fromarmion tht cb-.rjre ?<f h cooiplieesinths
a order of Gov. <? ??bl?.
The?e men showed iaib-ir
flight and especially w ;he Gunner of
it. It is hard to coace'r p ;a > ? -h* ?
lengths Taylor wil go tc iiuiutu bi.c j
usurpation of the gover^m*:^. Demo
cratle Governor Beckham, no far, ba>
tbown considerable dio ret^o-j ru.i ,
wisdom, au.l we bslisve that, a ra^ '
majority of the people of th- count:y J
are in sympathy with him.
evRTir acsap book.
All Sorts of Odds snd Ends of Soo<l End
Naw York March 2.?Tbere is a man ,
hare?J. P. ThoajM, Jr.,?wi:0 sayi
he has eaten nothing for glx y?ar? but
nncooked vegetables. and argues that
nature intended all of n? to do so
They ar? more whole-, orne, more
healthful, more nourishing and c< a '
trihnta more to the nr^cyr't and vi*
of the human system r;*n c^o*?.;
vegetables or auimal food \ii en ly^
Mr. Thomss as*?rt8, c^v-n* f dm tne
?nn. Piants absorb h; < iu?hi.ie
hold :Le euergy in the: fiSur*. li?.
coal, timber and mineral-. * I
anima;* desiv? their eier#; fruM : u
food oecsu^e they cann-'r 5a; i -e?o
coal. Cookin* causes tfe
compoaition, daprive* e!*bies oi *
part of fbe energy whtc " ev ha*t
inherited from the ?a . = h
they are le?9 bsneficia I' nun'tvi
than whe? eaten raw, Th^ui*
bia wife and his ctiii'i, 1 r?:* ->l ;
iab?i-t almost exhale ? ?
wheat and o?her cereal?, n??:z or-,
cabbage, turnip? and a I ther *-r ties
of vegetables and t.-u ;. ?
consequence they are n^ei iih the
are nnt susceptible to cojU, the. w.j.?r
their sarments without nr sWclotbiog.
overcoats or wraps the year rouud.
air. Thoma? claims to have sfe^-h
of foor men, and can lift 1,450 p'?Krtos.
Wm. E Curtis in tne New York
Record. .
"It i< a 6urpri?iug fact," ?< ->% Pi\??
Houton, ''that in my favei* iu ar
A ^ ^ 4am J* In jf Ia
p*n? U1 IUV >KVliU? 1V1 'UC I?.
years, I have met more p??opie having
used Gree?v? Anrust Flowt?r 'ban any j
other reined v, for dvspftpvi . d^iauxed i
livpr and stomach, *Dd i >r cons'i a-,
tion. I fi-id tor toari-?tt vjJ -a^enaon, [
or for pernor's filling offic* <>it lions. \
irb* rr he*daCjUe8 and gei-v.al fcr.d fe.'l-1
irie^nlar h'ibif?
-:Gjee?.rs August Flower - * gnu? !
rewedy. fc uo*# not * s <jxMeq>
by freqttsw use, *od -s . xclientforj
ao&r stomachs a?d indigo" S*ra?^
pl$ botffes l=t*e at JlciJa.-T Cv.'*.*
Sold br deakw in all civ- iz ;d caan-j
triei. '
A meetlxg of Mt. Zion-Society wm
held on T>ar?da> morning to discasi
n'd. > fr-r iarKi.-- r aad eatertaiciog :\itfonoiaers
who uuy come here in Ma} !
to ot>3?MYrf i.^e eclipse of th* van. TVo
C'tamiiieos v???l be appointed. O-.e
coaircittet- wiil investigate'to fiad om
who fled bo-.r 'ianrwi:l like?y come
and secure h. rinfdrmition ?h*t need
not b<i pav?!i-b,'d ja9t-,now. Another
eornnitt^e wil: c nfer wiib citizens
ana arrange tor ihe eTr*rUi?m*Rt ?-f
th.* gae^ta. It is anu ccssary to n>-g?
u?->? rhe ne.-p].i <>f Wi*J!.3toro a d.s
play of hospitality.
Aurjuxta Chronicle.
!? cifv co.iofij no. ? loDg a^o wo <1
"daj3ar <Ta? n<ed. by 8 ro?n ;o vrh?:u
rof'is'it i? a ira'g?jr ocarceh known
It iMce fi-'in niui a^wri-tinij'y, a.1
r-.n? ra~>i. txpr^aaive exclaoiari-^,
og-Jusi ac-'iOit ."oai to bt t\ke:i tha*
I .>M <' h V- ?';C-<r' trivr:'. Hi? o5*".-.'
ill rroru w*s a ?urprise to COUI.C:';ut
' hi', iift ased i/. a.-p-sremly un*?i 7>TcL*trai
d^is opinion auj
his feeling more tfcorou^ily, probably,
tuau had he apoken lor tea hours. He
was ii ?arrest. He ivan exempli'/
sitiat a, - Christ&in and - a model maiL
Ha fc't strooffly ?n the matter under
diwaoio*. I' the proposition
* " >AV A .X. '
t<> e."W0M5fit a ">001 vwp ip ahjbub?
ihtt is a'tnrt excuiwge wfere bet.>\
i : ;"i in de on horses rjmci jg races
ot* tracks in the ? it and elsewhere.
Tbe bets take the shape of pool selling.
T'- races are repot- eu oy wire. Bits
tu t pltce j and paid, when won, i:? ^he
When the proposition was pandiog
to license this exehange, which h*
holds 1i a gambling piac*, pare and
aimpl#, the eenucilman, in his indignant
exposition *o the exchange ex-,
claimed: "It wenld be a damned out
rage to establish this affair in Augusta."
? --:" . ' I
? T!;er;i is nothing sinfol in "damn." '
Bat tb* word is not coaiidertd a nice
one and it U snggeitire of profanity
Bnt it did sot grate as it was altered ?
at th- <i(nc stated, It case as a blast* *
but firm expression of ouirsged feel* 1
ing? i c
Fending his canvass for the govern- *
orship aod whtn the labor riot broke 8
out and the Honorable Peter Stirling c
was ncder arms at the head of hi* a
regiment, it wiil be recalled, Mr.
Stirling used "damn."
Coming from him, the ate ?f the
word created a sensation. A commitof
?iit" had called on the col- .
ouel to remonstrate with him about '
3*cortinf with his regiment ?o-called ?
**cabs" to work and to the placet of -b
striker* Orders had been give, j c
regiment to d'j this duty. Peter
Stirling Terj plainly told the commR. e
*ee h? wai going to carry oat ordsra. p
The comumtse told the colonel if he t
*e?.t on with hKxegiment it would 1
h'> voiea.. 'r^jo T?a know how "
nauch I-cars for votes?" he tailed, as
lis nQv'i r t ared in.J he. t>r.
' Sj>?';?k m *ud!:' rome one called.'*.
' W-6 a l V tii io l eir " "
- ' Vo ea be damned!" hu crie and,
inr.iug on h;a hee? h-wVked away.
! vvss tue t. tlf time in .:fe he h*'*iT-ed
'f<e -oid. He had e*t>i*in?a
.Uer>vird* th* word was tbe
xp.<;->iTe ot tea thOJKasd beni???-.l
have aid Tl.at he usud damn
- h iiia>. >r> gnri and trne -wa3 a itsij. {
-itii-i, H-tiii g b*friends. ]
Peter sti;ii:'g -vishtd (o be em ,
;>::siiic, a? ttic coai!cilnian.- Bit- '
f th m, liowe^'-r, migb have gottf- 1
loj:? 7?i:.'jonr d<tnii." Speop * '
7 ul i b/.ve pr. f-m<u ' darn," oi )
d.dbi:3l" <T >g "yQfid " SojBe ]
u'ily: ^hv? ijief rr-d "blarstod" and -1
'iwf.i!.-' 'Oi.lHd" ii-n't *
.}iiit?.. u>Ai'j, v.*:?e ? t go^s alone, ba *
. i-in'* a i!iff wf-rd for your cbildfen'" ;
?;uiTvors" cv.crtc?!iveu. . '
Reliof La ?ix Hoars.
Distro5?iutf Kidne. aiid Bladder Distal
reaerr-cf fn six h-UfS by "New
- re*t Soaiu American K<dney Cora."
t is a girat surprise on account of ii*
. x. wT?np promptreiS in relieving pain
bkdieT, kidneys sua back, in male
,-i female. Relieves retention of water
i?o?t imcrediat,"*. If you want
<jiiick e:ioi ai*d erne this ii tie remedy.
o:d by W.-E Aiken, drngfist, Winns^oro.
S C.
' DATES.'"'
volouei Jones, who Hie solicited our
ote in bis race for congress, called
Qd plowed six hours for us j??terday.
o-morrow the condidate for iherifl
as af reed to grub stomp* for us.
>7e vetarp thanks to a candidate for
>e legislature lor digging ft forty-foot
ell for as Wednesday.
Two prospective candidates for coro~
TA? ytm ?b)HU rltve fliit
It C|I'U lAiJV IVf U? U14VV i
The candidate for mayor obliged ?
y calling and building a barn for hi
't week.
We are indebted to the tax col lector.-be
for three days' tolid work thi? ;
We express oar gratitude to the caadaie
lor tax receirer for breaking-in
venag inote Wednesday.?Constitu
i?. B. Smith, Butteraat, Mich., ?ays,
' JeWitt'i Little iarlT Risers are the
ry ecat pills I -ver msed for eos euess,
liver and bowel troubles."
chaster Co.
Yon musilet the baby have one
iv;8 milk to drink every day," said
.0 doctor. "Very well, if you say
; . doctor," said the perplexed young
>ther; "but I rrally don't see how
! it goi:.g lo hold ii all."
Over?Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
lihealthy Kidneys Mate Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
-ur kidneys once every three minutes.
^ The kidneys axe your -
blood purifiers, they fil- 1
tcr out waste or 1
*^5?^eSi?ir *n the blood. 1
.43Ma?Kf If they ire sick or out
'7W^^?aQ \k of order, they fail to do 1
; "vr^\ their work.
' I Pains, aches and rheuj
dp. Vo*g*^ matism come from ex- ^
?w3^ cess of uric acid in the
blood, due to neglected ^
J: Iney trouble. 1
; licney trouble causes quick or unsteady 1
h: -rt beats, and makes cne feel as though 1
:i y had heart trouble, because the heart is ]
c- r-workir.g in pumping thick, kidney- 1
r.. :onca blood through veins a.- i arteries. j
used ;o be considered that only urinary ]
ables were to be traced to the kidneys, j
"c now modern science proves that nearly
c " constitutional diseases have their beginr
j in kidney trouble.
t you are sick you can make 30 mistake c
'irst doctoring your kidneys. The mild ]
i J the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's ]
!-. . amp-xiOQt, the great kidney remedy is ]
3 n realized. It stands the highest for its ]
ierful curcs of the most distressing cases ]
" S?l-1\ ^C:^1
pie bottle by mail "xiorje of ?w?naj>-r.o?t. ?
f also pamphlet telllr.~ you how ta find J
c if you h-ve kidney or bladder tros*b!e.
I. .ti?n this paper when writing Dr.-KSmer: -
&, Jo., Bicjhimton," N. Y. , . 'j&T< i
' .fr" > J ^
fi r"|r!
> f .:
II ANegelablePrcparc-bjiforArs- !
|i| simileting JiicTobd/.rdRcgc'A: -]'
rjI sicg ihc Siamafts six! Bsv ~': ?$'- \.
|j Promotes Pi^tiraChecTft'l";
Jj! aessardBcstcc-fltainsiisftic? '.j.s '
fjj Opiwn"t"Morptiinc nor ifaif f-\L i\fi
I KOT "Narcotic.
|| Xs^aTOl&JirSMGClinWkt* jjj^
j\nr~^m Ssd~
fi ^tSi??Sit raS
I AperfxtBajnedyfofCoftstipsE
fton,Sour^a^,Diarrtsoea> ^fe|
flj Worms .Cciivuisfon^Feyvrish-: ?
fit mess andXosS OF &VEEP. jjgj
jl racSimfe Signature erf ;^
H ;ri
g| yaWTOBK. ip
i ) i
" There it a, trriaii wlnie pasfor reently
asked after her health.' litr
eply w??: '*1 feel very well, but I
ilwa\ 8 ft el bid w^en. I feel well, beause
I knuvf I amjoing^ro feel wor?e
iftervr?rd." -.-r v
An Honest MedUlae for L* Grip po.
George W Waitt, ^of Sonth C*ard>
tttr, Me , ?ay>: "I hwe had the wer?t
ough, cold, ehiil* and grip *?d hare
aken lot* of trash of uo account bnt
>rofk to the vender. Chamberlain's
7-0ugh Remedy i? the Only thing that
ias done any good whatever. I ha?e
lied ooe bottle of it and the chills, j
soli and grip fcave allJeft me. I coi> j
;ratnlate the manufacturers of an j
irtTiABt wipdi^ine " Forsale bv McMas- i
r Co. rv ? '" " |
KG, OF 1 >?? ' B6 A*D ' OF vOUXTT
RL'ART 17; 19u0'-r
< hi f-ti;o\v ?ft-et.eexamined.
i,;.'f ;pjjr?.ved ou &)aq?.->Case Fond of
.399! C?**,,V y '
.07 Q D Wv.i f.irtf," ' $2 00
.'<8 .i R EUjM/n-.'t-'-. "300 00
.09 ;c >y* 300%
110 It K&*.** ir?***- ** ' - SUO "00
ii) Dr i; 4 00;.
ib tiiii&. t?T^iflis 'wlfe'exafnr;'6-"t:
?ou a.tr<r^?;'l jOnj.JSoadpfcfiO'-iiridot*:
"a-'d'of lj*99)t ). rv*v v-s
>? ' c-~' . . ..w,. ? " ^."^ AiOtjnaV?
112 J F ^ ': $2-3>?0113
A A ; rSJ.0
1U :noi"WW Bricn, .;* 1390115
J F ifcSiasrer, . ^...' # <.> 4 45
TK-i fr>il/-.T?T.T?i(r V?l<iimA OTATA fiTdwinp.fi
2.44V iViU' " "** y v"* T
iud approved .onTapr 3onse- fnml of
imr- >
>o. - Amount.
L16 L-.uI, Sharp, -- * ? *< $12 00
L17 LcnU-Siiarp;;" : v 12 00
LIS TtymaarW ;B*iC8, - ' ' 49 75
Th* ;oUo wiag^ctalms aacapained
isa epproved on'-Siaje ?a?e Eiiud of
1900:;/;* ' : ^''W ' .
Sfr. " ' " *., -Amrimfc.
LIS R E filliion. ' ',j '. $49 60
120'Jas H Aiken, ^ . 8 00
121 J^hn W Baukhead, 1 2,00
122 James Macfie, ... 5 24
128 Theo' A Qiiattlebauiri, 5 00
124 D E McDowcl!, 2 00
[25 D E McDowell, ? 18 75
126 RE'EllUon, 14 33
127 RE Ellison, 7 93
The folio wins: sla> no a were examined
itid approved on Road and Bridge
tend of. 1900; . : v
1 : Amnait. I
[28 W J Havrmi, #27,17 i
[29. Au?tin Henderton^ '" 2 45
i30 W T Newonn, < 2188
[81 8 H Morgan, IS 58
L32 CW Broom* *' -=' 5 87
.33 M B Mar!in, "" 11
134 T H Fry 13 58
[35 RIchsrd Wood ward, ' 3 31 j
36 T W Sligu, * ' 2 45 i
l37 J E Gladden, ' 8 69")
[38 fcr Y Lwgford, 4 80,
.89 V/ H Ruff, 1 - 2 70
.40 JJF Ljles, II 80 I
41 C W Broom. 2 i71
42 Jca W Richardson, 2717 -j
43 ETuOcant, > 125.
l44 Lazarus Johnson, 4 72
Ao Wm j5 Ste^naoB, 120
.46 H B Kelo, . 7 95
A7 W J L Weir, 8 37
.48 J C Chat>pellf 3 87
.49 Athens Jtig Co, 19 SO
.50 Finiay Martm, 11 68
.51 Jai ?iki5 42
,62 ''olambii Mills ?;??, ' ^ 15 14
:.3 .'.Olkal^ire, 2717.'
,5-i v? !3 K nnedj, i 59 08
.* II h. J. hf. . i;"v* .14 75
.56 t "* '0,; duty, 195
.57 N f* Roberlt, 2 70
68 ' LJoh * or., 20 25
59 ii* k irvvi- , . 3 36
t>" l J f :'/ ?V 'J6V-, " 11 95
6i K > on ' & Pierce. -. .. H92
MET- . 2 23 I
63 U vf-i ii 2 70 j
64 ti ?;. . - 13 04
oo \\ ii ?? i. ' 9 78 I
.*0 ;< H ? -t 8 70 i
' {.s* t'oi.ux c*iiuii? ?er? ' xa?r>i
# } . live-! i... p-K>r li ;?te Fu:i-: '-r
. Amour,)? j
.07 H B It ' $10 20
6c V, r N- -v at:, 17 58 '
G9 A J H.? na:? , 5 75 j
.70 I'n er 15 . _>;, 3 25 j
>- ~ O -7 A I
<1 -> i'^e: >i<? liitccic, oivj
.<2 J 'I '?** ' il*; 9 56
,7."5 li l> K'-iy, 10 90
.74 C !> pell, . . 4 50
Tue lollovi i< 0' claims wet? examined
iud approved on Public Building fund.
ft 1900:
STo. Amount.
.75 Torn Good, . : $ 6 93
.76 S B Johnston, 3 27
.77 J*8 \ Brice, 8 25
.78 WalKor, E & Cogswell, 11 53
79 ? >'BatIand, 2*17
I do certify thv. ihe above stf.temeut
s a cerreci cepr of claim* approved |
it tue !f.?t raceting* of the Uonily !
3sard of .CoHmnftiioner* held on ibe
i7?h d*v of February, 1900.
.*-3 8 Coonty Supevisor F. C. i
? M -' *, - ..
- ?' t"": i J \/. ^ v % *' ?
m #?:: If i T
^ * - .- -! ,':j; . ti
* -* r.r. .,. .r- - g|
J?2 : * 7 t
t Tip "Ui r:'- j " 11
t i'i\; :: i i.-- -i. ' V-J i Jv>.. Jj
&%3V? irrfc *
y' V
T: ... .# I1
f- i -' '> i-'. jj - A-i
./? ? 1 ^
Av ' t
T- i
ur - . - < ' 5 o
,* , / H- b
hf Kind!
\> You Hra;
" o c
? ' .. " ' ?: 8
Mi^s Allie Walton Eve entertained
with an elegant dinner lust eve. :rg it
her home on Monte Sauo?. T.uc. no
ca?i<>n being the annoan^meiu -r' .Le
engsgeo.ent of Miss Ella K-t- eil
1 Wright to Mr. Howard Van Epps
Wilcox, the marriage to ocey Aj ril
19th. .
The.table decorations were exlmn-Ir
artistic, ihe colors nseil v*?r w- low
and green, In tbe c<.i>r;e f.' e
large round 'able was p.ate:1. a.;l
silver eper^ne filled w?M* yellov >i f*
j fodils and .trailing sprays of a?'?aragas
fern; benea'b this *3' a
ccn;re pit-ce of Mexican dravcii ?vo': k,
| orer green salin. At in*.ervi;s over
ihe table- were p'ased cutgl vas-s
filled with a profusion of dsfl'ii is
and silver candelabra held ?ciivv?
The place cards at e*ch goes:'? -Ive
were beantifal; they were haad ix.it.;!
ed and farmed of two heart's tied n-'ih
; jell w' satin rib^ou, on or.- *;)'< j
! painted a delicate spray of 'li.-ii < *- j
| the-vailey, and tbe date of tlio -:ij
nonnceme.jf, and on the otner ?i ar
j riagejb:*il and the data of the waMiiii . ]
..An elaborate dinner of ten co-ir-.*
! was served and toe entire affnir ? (
j perfect in every de<ail, making it c-m: j
! of tbe handsomest dinner > evfrirtvcn ,
in Augusta.?\ngui;a Chronic ?.
? . ]
| I jvs Yii h2ci
I'rr 7 !
F .* mmm
k -Ii wa* a Spritiwfielii sruail In- ^vi;
j place*! (his inscription, o.n ihe osttri-.-'c
jw,t,i>h bor? bi? fifcter awav fro:.- ; < ;
f o ?n w dd'nsr; tnarrie^; b tii'i
lor paradi>e."
Py i!
> ' I / >'
LocHz Sss YoSJa' fftifi(Do
yon 3eo epar!.. ag 0733, c, '.. i
tinted skin, a sweet c.rx-scsicnV ~ !. '
ful form ? Thcso attractions ars t"
of good health. If they pro afc.-.c;;;. 1. .rs.
Is nearly always con: > tii; >r< cr of '.* "
Sttactly feminine orgrir :
Smenstmal organs znc?n Uixitl'. and tt-: " v
evcrywlxere. ' f
f j&oM.;
jj msrs<*? vjcw j~..J t.
E makes worsen bcaatL*.J ; -v* " -"
| It strikes ?t' the root of ? j
I trouble. Tuere is no r..cui\r .. > \
? order, ache or pain which ii v i : . ;
?cure.' It h for the buckling r'. : |
l busy w *e an I ilw matron apprc- . '
[the change of life. At ever}*.
jj crisis'; in. a woman's life v .1: .. jj
"health- strength and hr.pp:i:e -.
y costs gi.oo of medicine dealeri.
| For advica in ease:; rec|uirinftt ^ . 1
I directions, address, fjivi: jc sv:r *
| "The Ladies' Advisory Uepb rt:". ^
5 The Chattanooga Medicine Co., C.
1 gtailooga, l ean. !
! g' ines. FOZSNA tF WIS, o? Ocn:-. :: 5 !
saysj-'-l wr.- trwub'cU zt
-2Intervals wiiii . -rriblo pains in iry : rri . ,
I b iack, but hsve been enwely relieve! cy .
1 ' 1
MULES, a fe?v v.-od Mure--, ?. H |
com i'.ation tf orae f-d ? ^
P U< H- leCH. V -B3u!??
siv fiior I bxro
t.rer r.*r.dle
I trill -cl; f?"* ah- v* *i<ck c?K"lj ' i
c-fth, or or. tune fur g 't>n bn-Ks :
' f*r i!
... Cows.
I'wiJl pay the high?C5?:' ;.:1 ' i
of Cii'le, lat '?r poor. .
I toar# * few nice BUGGIES ics ij*
wjt? sell cheap for ca?h.
I hare emplo-Mr Arlhur () :. : '
for lbs prV t*:i par. ffc vri l he 'j\ jJ^rto
r.TT oil on iiim a? ?i .! ?
artiop i,?
A. Williford,,
' " ' i
Wiunsboro, S. C.
AfcRlCANA r*Jl coreB_heumausin zri
** Scroti1* to StMj Cored.
> /
jtton manufacture in the carolinas
and georgia.
JVties and Courier.
S<> much hi? v"en said about ihe
Bar approach vt tue time when toe
arolina9 and Georgia will manufacire
all the cotton they grow, that the
radesman ha? been induced to comile
some statistic iiowing the situa011
as nearly as if cur. be pree??Bted
: this time.
The product of he three Slate? in i
197 was: Norih C r?>lio>i. 400,000
ales; South Carolina, 776.000; Georia,
1,300,000. Total, 2,476 000 bales
be largest consntnpno.t by .he loiiic
f the ?ame States i:> nny eolN-u \esr
ras in the year eririiv.jj September l,
399, and was di.- 'i^uud as fo
Tortb Carolina, 3S0 C00 La'ep; S >nth j
!ar?'lina, 435,080: G-^t .'a, 2S0 UOO.
'otal, 1,098,000 ? vrlnch
,878,000 short oi v c-e.?;t ?e?j
f the local ":crop. a?i?J v?as 369 000
a!es short of haU'th? <-rop
Lntbeseason of 1S9S 99 he
bo three States was: N?;ith Cwu-iiiia,
83,000 bales; S??n.h '-arofina, 1 042,0');
Georgia, 1.536,000 'I\jta!, 3,131,00
bales. The total fslc:-i??j8 by mi!'.*
a the United State- iu 'ne sain* \ ear
ra?: Northern mi.ls. 2,247,092;
loathern mills, 1 400,026. Tola:.
11Q KoUo Thfl tnfol A/ttKnuiit.
ion was 3,721,026 bales, or oniy at out
60,000 bales mo:e thai: were grown
nd marketed by the t- ree Sutes
tamed. "All of Jwuicb," th-Tradesqin
remarks, ''sho^b tbat the South
Ltlantic States' id> 11 ? win be a! it
ome year# more before tbey oveitake
hose States' ?o?ton producers.''
Tbe mills are "at it," Lowtver, iu
lead earnest, arid their cumber and
onsi qu? nt prodr.cr.ion is Increi^iiig af
l' rate, which, if miiotaiued, will
:nab*e them to ove-.take ih? local snp)ly
in a very few >ears at tbe furthest,
jocal consumption is increKsiog very
ouch faster than the average crop.
!n such conditions it is only a question
>f time when consumption . will tqual
md exceed production.
The Tradesman'* figures, it may be
laid finally are more encouraging than
)therwise. They prove that, even
ifter the marvellous multiplication uf
ipindles in the three States in tbe past
iecade, there is still room for twice as
nany more to work up the local crop
ilone. No other mills can handle that
srop 60 economically and profitably as
he local mills. That is ose of the
:hief elements of the strength and suei
lr\*\ flviefinry rntTlj T t will in.
WJ tAicu?^ XV H
sure the same strength and success to
;he new mills yet to come." Tnere is
oom in each of the three States for
nore mills antil t'aey have enough to
nanufaoture all the cotton they severely
grow. Ia this" view of the sitaaion,
it is especially interesting and
incoura?ing to the people of South
Jarolina to note tnat all the mills, old
ind new, they bad at work last seaioa
consumed less than half the local
;rop that was available for their use,
ind that can be grown every year.
A.nd Northern mills are still manufac.nriDg
nearly twiee as much Southern
;otton as is manufactured by the
Southern mills. It; is a piain case that
the opportunity for .expanded and
profitable cotton manufacture jn .Out
State has not yet nearly reached ita'j
limit - "1
Remarkable Cores of KheumatUm.
Fi orri the Vindicator, Rvihe^fordton,'ir. C.
The Editor of the Vindicator hi! h*d
scca&ioc to test ths flinacr c.f ^Chaniiberlain'a
Pain Balm twic* with the
most remarkaWe re-ulis in eich ca?e
First, with rheumatism :n ihe *houidor
from which ho suffered excruciating
pain for ten days, wfcich wh< relieved
with two applicators ?.t Paiu Bulio,
rabbing the parts >ffl .'e.i and rsaiiz-in?
instant benefit an. cn ire relief in
a very sho t time. S:V:>nd, iu rht-uutfatism
is tbi?h j int, aiur.ost proi
trating him with ^vc;~ t,ain, whicE^
was relieved by two applications,;
rubbing with the lit>ijaeut on retiring'
at night, and getting up free from
pain. Fur sale by McMa-'.er Co.
Miss Msry iiiiia umncart nas ntarced
to Charleitou after a viVit to
relatives in (own.
Twenty Years Proof.
Tutt's Liver Pills keep the bowels
in natural motion and .cleansethe
system of all impurities An
absolute cure for sick headache,
dyspepsia, sour stomach, constipation
and kindred diseases.
"Can't do without them"
R. P. Smith, Chilesburg, Va.
writes I don't know how I could
do' without them. I have hac
Liver disease for over twenty
years. Am now entirely cured.
Tutt's Liver Pills
The Easy Running
The most modern Sewing
Machine of the age, embrac
ing all the latest improve
ments. Unequalea for Dura
' - c T_ 3
Dility, Kange 01 vv utk *iiu
Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Correspondence
solicited. Address,
General Agent,
Richmond, Virginia.
-12-28-i y
r-licits a ^L.are of the pi'W'ic patrOM*
age. /
9-26 ly /'
Johnston's 5
A Grand Old Lady Git
Mrs. Thankful Orilla Hurd lives in
Livingston Co:; Mich. This venerable a:
the year 1S12, the year of the great wa
York. She came to Michigan in 1840, tl
too." All'her faculties are excellently ]
tentive memory, her mind is full of int<
life, of the early days of the State of y
markable peopje she has met, and the si
ness. But nothing in her varied and n
velous and worthy of attention than ,
disposition to s<?PDfula, that terribly des'
and is cursing the lives of thousands an
HTnc of thb rieath aneeL -Transmitted
found in neary every family, in one fo
pearance in dreadful running sores, ii
goitre, or in eruptions of varied forms,
may be known as catarrh in the head, i
- aid often is, the prime cause or consun
Speaking of her case, Mrs. Surd sa
with a bad skin disease, My arms and
6ores, discharging yellow matter. My
unsightly in appearance. My, body, wa
My eyes were also greatly Inflamed and
much. My blood was in a very bad c
at frequent intervals, and I had no app
was In a miserable condition, I had trie
. mended, and doctor after'doctor had f
the state told me I must die of scroful*
were beginning to form. I at length wa
his famous Sarsaparilla. I tried a bott
thing else, as I had no faith In It, and
began to grow better. You can be sure
many bottles. But I steadily Improved
sotss healed up, all the bad symptoms d
and I have never been troubled with s
of 83 years is not a young woman; but
eince then, and I firmly believe that JC
greatest blood purifier and the best med
scrofula and as a spring medicine." Th
not lok to be.more than sixty, and she
We was saved by JOHNSTON'S SABS
John EL McMastcr & Co.; WInnsboro,S. C
"V? %M.Patrick WoOdward, C.; T. G. Patr
On Your Sprii
We ape .if^eady 1
Stvp^t'irig Sp
J w , * :
>yc *. & < >
*;:? ? ,c. * &?*
s r*\ V' I i : - ^
. . .: . ;^A bfcautifuHine of'Whl
Cheeked MusliVindTrqu
7 were contracted for ]s& rA
pricesyouvcan.hay^ then
Hamburg, Naii&tot'and I
We are also4a
Spring'colors in.>: Prints,:" ]
Duck and Zephyr Ging
bought cheap. The earl}
vantage. . ... ?We
will show you good
Sheeting aad Towels, arid
White Damask in two, '1
;; yard lengths. These are
... quality, 50c and 75c: - r;.
We have many new tliii
be. interested.^ J&ive,-usfa
' ' ' *.%,, v-.r/ ..
.'..1. - ' if ?-*' "
" .
The CaldweH Dry
i'* . >
* *. y" i* ^ ''
*V .. - i '
I am now displaying th(
I can. please anybody whea t
aad get first choice. You
if you have not seen my big stc
They are perfect fitting anc
things out in this department,;
Come and give your eyes afeas
When you are in my s
HATS. I have a great man;
season in the Hat line.
Yours to please, ...
Q. D, W LI
I have a nice selection just
opened for inspection from which
to select jour Christmas Presents,
consisting of
s Bims,
and JBj^v'TL^OODS.
Also, sice presents in China
aiyl- Roger's' & Bros'. Celebrated
Plated Wares, as cheap and rslia%U
as theyc?n be bought anywkere.
Call soon and make your selection.
'C. M. Chandler.
>ar?aparilla %
gtFUL CURE. ^ i|i
ew Her Experience.
the beautiful village of Brifhto*
ad highly respected lady was born in
r, in Hebron, Washington; uo, ww
le year of "Tippecanoe and Tylef >
preserved, and possessing a very fe- ^
cresting reminiscences of her early
iichigan and the interesting and re?
tirring events of which she was a trlt?
lanifold recollections are more mar*
are her experiences in -the use of ^
. Hurd inherited a tendency and pretractive
blood taint which has curiMfl
d marking thousands more as vte?
from generation to generation* It f>
rm or another. It may make Its aj^
1 unsightly swellings in the neck of
Attacking the mucous membrane If or
developing in the lungs It may fce*
ys: "I was troubled for many yeas* ~*
limbs would break out In a mass of
neck began to swell and became TIIJ
s covered with scrofulous eruption*.
weakened, and they pained mo vtfl
ondition and my head ached MTinll
etite. I had sores also in my ears. I
d every remedy that had been reoomailed.
One of the best physicians la jus
consumption, as internal abcetse*
s told of Dr. Johnston, of Detroit, afi?
le, more as an experiment aay?
i greatly to my agreeable gurprllCe 9
I kept<on taking it I took a gWif
1 until I became entirely weH. AU tilt
isappeared. I gained perfect hea2tk>
crofula since. Of course an old lata
I have had remarkably good health
icine in the wide world, both fee
. T._-U7? AlA
48 xuLci^uug uiu iimj wv*
repeated'several times, "I believe OX
?Anrsr, aoEHraR.oxa', y*fTT.;
T. W. roouwttrd & Co., Roc1cton,S.C.;
ickf&tCo., White Oat, S. C.
ng Shopping, i
:o Help Vou by j
pirjcf Cioods.
?1 f :; ''/1m
? : ,'r '< ' &" ' 4" T
te Goods nr Plain Lawns,
e.. 3ome::of5 these goods
*-??niof' Vw?f)^*tA fli#? ia x
MS uoV) uyfyw "4v
i cheap. ::^Aiso new lot of
-awn Embroideries.
large and varied stock ef
* "w . ,* ..?> . m
Percales;':GoIored Pique,
hams. These goods all
jT buyers will get the ad\
value in White Spreads,
have a special bargain in
twpJajfrd'-a-hsttf and three"
factory ends; splendid
igs to show and you will
call;" ' : -M
Goods Company.
" . '~'v }:i
. - 'S
2 grandest line of SPRING
? . V.y
AR ever brought to this town,
hey. want a Tie. Come early
have- missed quite - a treat
!, well made. All the newest
md the stvles are simDlv errand
j A
tore look through my line of :
y new things to sh?w you this
-TO-- (
Bought right
and we wills*
sell cheap.s*
M. V. DOTY k GO.

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