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c: -t ^iw-i..TWHv * ^.. ,?: v^r-~r,ar-=sr
C nt T*mr, ... SI.30
S. c Mob.the. - . - .75
> - ' ? ? ^ n i * - J
Wednesday, M?r?h 21, - - 1909
As the candidates are beginning to
announce themselves, j,it may be of
some service to give a brief outline of
a part of the constitution of the Democratic,
party. Sav^ra! subscribers have
requested it'.
Arc. I provides for the organization
ofon8 or more Democratic elubj in
each township or ward, Tho officers
of a club are president, one or more
vice-presidents, a recording and a
corresponding secretary and a treasurer,
and the following working committees,
of not Jess than three members
each: A committee on registration,-an
executive committee and
other committees as the club may desire.
Art. II requires the clubs to meet on
the fourth Saturday in April and the
coaoty eouvention on the first Men*
day in. May..
Art. Ill authorizes the president or
fire" members to call an~oxti& Meeting
of the club.
Under the 12in Art. each club is
. entitled to elect a member of the
coanty executive committee. The
' chairman of this Committee U etected
by the county convention.
Under Art. V each c!ab i* allowed
to elect one delegate to the coanty
convention for every tweaty?five membars,
and oae delegate tor a majority
fraction thereof.
Under Art. YI all candidates, except
fer magiitrates and masters and
supervisors of registration, mast go
iato-the primary. The club rolls shall
constitute (he registry list, and no
person sis-l be allowed to vote except
his name be enrolled on the particular
club list at which he offers to vote at
least five uays before the first election.
Each olab- mast have a separate polling
place. Candidates should note
the following: "That no vote shall be
counted for aiy candidate who does
not file with the chairman of the State
executive committes, or with the respective
chairman of the county executive
committee! a pledge in writiig
tint he will abide the result of such
p Lmary and support the nominees
th ireof, and thai, he is not nor will became
the candidate of any faction,
either privately or pablicly suggested."
Tii3 latter as to being a factional candidate
we think is an amendment
made in 1898, .and we merely call attention
to it that it may not be omitted
a.id the rick incurred ofhavieg one's
votes ancoanted through defect in the
rkf flift nledffa.
It is sot generally kaown that a
newspaper is published at Sing Sing,
N. Y., within the prison wall. Such,
however* is a fact and as the Literary
D'ge- is says, " not all the journalistic
talent of the country is on the safe side
of the prison bars" The newspaper
is called The Stsr ofHepe, and represents
the three State prisons of Alburn,
Sing Sing:, and Clinton, All the work
in the paper, including the {editing,
type setting and printing is doBe by
the convicts.
The papers must be a great pleasure
to the convicts, and it contains a great
dsal of wit. Tbe reporter of the wo^;
man's prison at Auburn Mrs Ne 196
writes, " erery window on the front
of our ladies' boarding house was handsomely
decorated on the two Dewey
days; the balcony over the front door
was especially remarkable, being com
^ >letely. covered with Old Glory. The
ah tfiMrown hook, and
oar caged Pattis sans: in concord and
discord, oat of the Star,"Yankee Dewex,
how d' you do?" Dswey, to a 're
a dandy."
The following is a sample of the humor
io which the requirements for
admission into Auburn are compared
to a-university:
l.lCaiiidates mu?t have graduated
fro* somerecognized jail.
2. Must give satisfactory evidence of
an immoral character. ':w
S. And must pass .successful! examination
in the the foliowiag branches:
Intoxication, dissipation, piofanation,
depredation, speculation, hyper-rccreation,
and peripatetic rustication.
That department of the paper devoted
to Clinton prison is usually found
to be sciutillaticg with wit. There are
finger marks which points to the editor
hivuor Trish. He inatures bow far a
man drops whsn helfaiie asieep, and
rccords that 'One of our ex-gentleman
rc racked the other day tb*t association
with himself is spoioiiug his mortis.
unquestionably many prisons
no .'-:e life too hard, bat the serioas
q itionwili yet b3 made; How far
sh?ald the reform go?
A number of comyiairts have come
to from subscribers io the county
that th?y do not receive their pfpers
as 300n_ as .they should. The Backher.d
package a few dars ago did not
reach its destination at all. We have
heard that papers sometimes take two
or three days to reach Nelson'*. Nelion's
is only six miles from Wians?
boro right on - the railroad, and there
is no excuse for this. We can only
say to oar,,subscribers that.-ihe faalt
is not^ih this ofSce, and other
^ aexrSpapers are reporting tfe??#auie
trouble. We hope that all complaints
*-;_j ? !* L. ? < v v. r n
OC 1016 KlUli YVIU UC icpuiwu W u> ?v
toat we aaay have some record of it
sod point it oat specifically to the
poptoffics authorities.. .
ilrs. Harriet Evans, Hinsdale, HI.,
writes, "I never . f-til to relieve my
children frO? croup at once b> Hiing
One .ItiBtt* Cousfc Care. 1 would
uot' fe*l safi witkout if" Qaickly
cures coughs, colds, grippe and all
threat and lung diseases. McMaste Co.
election of Mr. Bird to the Seu-!
ate from California ndd* auatinr not!-j
lionaire to th*t body. He app*a> b io :
be a mere millionaire. Tae Chicago {
Publisher speaking of Bard'? election :
?ay?? "This partlcu'ar millionaire? i
his same is Thomas K Bird? wn,>rn
the legislature of California hi* ?ent '
to Washington, appear to be whoilj
undistinguished except as .a miiik'n-;
aire. There is no indication tbat be j
earns a dollar of his iucoms. Ereu !
Roekfellee does better nan ivit. N-tr j
does Bard appear to iuv? anv opii>i.^r!3!
on pablic questions. /v%k-,d ,'ji. vi ;-vi> ;
o? expansion, he said u was too i U a
question to answer ff-r>aad, but h? i
was satisfied the Rsp'iolicwi pa:?y
wonld work it oat sa-i^ictcriIt. A? j
to the Philippines he not car jtoj
discus* that question, mil !or tha pre*- ;
ent he preferred!? sa? Jioning on the j
subject of trusts. And, while he!
favored 'tho lowest possible freight,
rates and passenger faros' to aud tros.i
California, yet he was unwilling to i
express himself as m the. Boer wa^. !
He said: l?j opinion^ u?j that que*- j
tion are purely persona! nnd pri- '
vate.'" The Chicago pap if ad Is: j
'Doubtless Senator B*r j knows i
enongh to go io when it ruins. If he j
didu's, he wouldn't btf a lUh-'iona.re; j
ana ll lie were nut s luuuv/iianv, uc ;
wouldn't be a Sea&tor."
And yet United States Senator* are j
indignant whsn it i? claimed that
statesmanship in tbe Senate has de- (
clined and that tbe Senate contains no j
really distiaguiibed men. Mr. Bard !
11 a Republican, h it z.ny wonder,
thattbat party has b!m: lored so much i
on tbegrcai new queetiuys oi1 tlin "a ?
K rnrnm i
T*z course of som? indignant R- - j
pnblicau Senators sny ???rve to src^ott j
orer the blunder of ihe Republican ;
in the Houna iu the irutfe: o< th+ F -nc .
Rican tariff bill. Some of the R*pub- *
licana iu the Senate are rerotrugagainst
ihe administration. One of
the leaders is Seaator Divi?, of M!n- i
7 j
nesota, chairman of the commuseu n I
fereiga affairs, and qu.j? * T>arcbf.- o: '
others will refuse to bo whipped in'o
Hue. SeB&tor Foraker, of O&io, ha*
shewn considerable tamper, and hi*
Republican celleagav* rhud s 3 use con- j
siderable effort to hoid biro iff trace?. '
Tbe truth b tnat the Republicans in j
the Senate haye seen and are feeling I
the iaiigqant researaent by the nao- i
pla ajahwfc 1' miserable admiui^r*- j
tion policy towards Porto K;cu, aod j
tkey tee that a contirinatioa of it will j
reialtiartun to the party. It is reported
that pressure has been brough.. j
to bear on McKialsy,?and he c-oi't j
?tand pressure?to refract his sseos.!
Mr. McKialey is Ja eoy1 fio-?p9r, fujc- '
another flop nay oo.-n^ a* any time.
Thi adulteration ot food products,
it is now hoped, will receive the a tention
of the. United States Sen^e, j
though we hare little lope ul aoy-i
thing very geed comi'.'tr out of 'hat j
body as how constitnteci. btu i he d a j
coition will at leas: euiigh'en ue j
-people. The commit'ee, appoint*..' to ;
investigate the extent to which JooJ J
'products are adulter d, 3ads :h>r..i
adulteration is pract^c w a very j
alarming extent, rthe i><gr*dieots nnei) !
often bbiag very injurious to the!
i health of the cou^a.-n^rs. Almost.!
I every artiole* of food contains sonn.'j
adulteration Black pepper sold bv ,
one dealer, accerdingto hwcotifeMiou,
i contained about 60 per ceJt oI ground
i cocoannt shell. That adulterant* are
| used in sugar, flour, sad meal i?
rally knew*. Realiy we do not know
I what we are eating when vre buy al!
[eur feod products. The oaly
j way at present is to rais? supplies at
i home.
i Natk>KS are ve:y much like big
bullies, and they are relying a great
j deal on bullying to carry out their inj
tentions. Large n&rie* are maintained
to bully asd overawe. It'It retried
I from WR?hingtou that the fcxvrman
| ambassador had a conference wits Actjing
Secretary Hill ia whicb'J-e lu.er
[ wm iniormea sow a ucuj <.k'.r.-w i-1
I would bo made in (Jhi>a f?y Ra-.su, *?d j
the naTj department ?ri!i ^r.d b? O ?
joo, Baltimore, the lojrt,< r Pnn*d?'
phi*, Marblebe&d. and h?- r?o?u-'*j
to China to show Reus' * !>ist -rve r&r.
' b?llj too. And It i-i p e*nra?<i ; r? w j
Germany will do a little lu. ,
or a^ it i? cilled offKa'.ry a
' Krugsk i? certain y fooi. xl ?
made a remarkably <Li?wd dJp! .txnilc
re whevhe obtaiae ? t- >m h: ?v./li?h
premier a tangible st-terns*! ?ho * ing
that Eagiand't re-n }ki9-.i:.o=? j? to
annihilate the indepencie*. ce of ><.<?
South Africa* Repubih-s 'i'b<s Bo r*
are bonnd to fijht new, ,-."d toe nnmber
of their sympathizer'* ?vill ui<P5a-??
?b??owwb? vi i.t.
Kidney Trimble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the newspapers
is sure to know of the wonderful
iy l; | euros made by Dr.
~trii Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
I the great kidney, liver
L?Jar?T/ and bladder remedy.
U ! r\V/ Ls **'s *"e ?>reat mecif^>v
^ !?j; cal triumph of the r.ir.e- j
Hj Bjjriteenth century; dis-j
SJj covered after years of J
'jPT"$< "Lf, Ml ..scientific research ty i
-tgaVfDr. Kilmer, the emiv
y^-, " nent kidney and blad'
der specialist, and is
wonderfully successful in.prompt]^ curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid troubles
and Bright'* Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.'
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not recommended
for everything but if you have kidney,
liver or bladder trouble it will be found
Just the remedy you need. 11 has been tested
In so many ways, in hospital wcrk, ir. private
practice, among the helpless too poor "to purchase
relief and has proved so successful in
very ca?e that a special arrangement has
been made by which All readers of this paper
who have not already tried :t, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail, a'.so a book
telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper and __
send your address to
Dr. Kilmer &.
regular fifty cent-and Home oi swwnp-Booc
dollar sizes are.sold by all good druggists.
Mr. H. T. Williams of ^Yaxhaw,
N. C., was in town Friday. ^ ~
IS v- * -
jenkixsyille >ews.
If news c 'i d manufaciared fro.i;
Match raiu, slash and p'-.p
there won d be aoutid**t materia5
ha-idjas" uo v The few balmy, spri '?ikcdivs
to wr.ch March treated us m
the hrgioviig of bis mad career led ut?
expect rtfirJ h;>pe for better tbing.? ?r
b s hruici-. bui '-'Iiichard is hico*~ f
a.aiV aid is giving as ihe (<roa= lueut."
Wim longing, irapatieut ?ye? gard?>iei*s
view the b >g^y soil where th^*
h"p->! to a-iv* the *-eeds germiuaii-g
wj?i-h >* - * (o snpply their t*ol?";
?-io > aarl. vjgto-ablea, bat from pri?
ey.r pro^.iec ? eow-psas aud turtle j
salad ffil: hold undispated sway (w '
sonv? time to come.
A few potatoes have besu planted,
and a few farrows ran in the fields.
No spric5 iowu. Waeat looks
Love hr^fis at rain a- well a? a", ;
locksmiths. It is my ivile^c to
meurion t?.- marriage of ^iisa Lizzie
Kabb, of Long Ran, to Mr. David
ifamiter, oi Monticello, which took
place at the home of her brother, Mr.
Angnsios Rabb ou th? evening of the
28ta *f February. The rain poured io
tarrema, winds wailed and howled. ?
but "Hyiaeu Tf%3 sot cheated of his
love deiighred h:>ur." Rev. E. A.
McDowell officiated
Mrs. M D.. Spigner has returned
trem Columbia >rh?r? 9he hai been j
Ck,ir>r>a^A in VoanTror hfl*l dsr3 tiOT SOIX13 I
"* ?a i
month* pa?t 1
Mis* Lu'.v McMeekio, who haa been j
clerking- j:i Newberry sicca last fail, u;
low at m-iiJH. She will return when ;
the rpriD? trade op B*.
Mr?. Carrie Elkin, of Alaton, recant!
v m<vr-d to Columbia. Her boeb
are engra^-i ia. battcasa the. e.
Mrs. Martha Elki* haa been visiting
Mrs. J. D. Murphy.
Toe school at Long: Eon, taajht by
Mie-. Liiln y-il, closed on Friday last.
Vis*. Ud* won the love of ail by h6?
z*d\ a*d patience.
Ir i* che-riag to htTe 'h-j jolly fac? j
a->d fii'tire of Dr. Scoit.ajnosg m oo* j
cac^uaii.r although hia presence ia sag- j
g:-srive of tfco maay "iJi? to wh:ci:
flnsih !* bt'1"Y
March. 17, 1900
Wa. t.)rr, N?w>rk, 0 . *are, "We
nvvfr f??? w,tis..a;. On? Miici* j
O)**!-. Cur* ;n the bous' It ?&?ed I
m? ii*t> b.-y'? li ft wfceii he had tbv j
puenmcn>8. We thins it ie tbe b*-i
iiii-dioi.ie ma-ie " 1' cares cou-ihH &ud
aM a?isr dfeeasrs. Pheasant to taks, J
h-rrol<#.'*? H'ict '^ive3 imm<;el'aT? re*u;rs j
iioMas er * '?>.
' Sprint, w;tL tuat nameless pa'hoi ir>
the nil*
Which dwe-iK with *11 thiugs lair,
Spring. 'v?i?fi h~r groiden suns ami
fii?'?;- "ir~s
Is with us e ajiaio.
T the ut-?p heart of tvery forest in-a
The h o^'i * V--.il a^lee,
Atsa a look about the leafiest
a s ii tbsT iaroed of lowers."
The aboT $ quotation from the immortal
Timrad typifiea this lorely
corning with its foretastes of ipriof!
How dreary ha* been the winter
with iLc cold windsan? rains, and how
\?el< ojoe i& tay herald of spring I
Owing to the almost incessant rains
bat littl* farm work or gardening hai
been done. Here, as well as elsewhere,
the oat crop will be almost a fail ore
Al- - 1 J -M
od account 01 icq o*r? ireeza.
If only the weather womld continue
i favorable for a while the familiar
I '-"to ?ud liiTT5-' will re*onud through
th?? land, for the farmers are getting
ambus to prepare for the planing; r
The J5?<jk<i<?ad pestoHoe hat keen
! removed from Kayfield's store te th?
re?idenc? of Mr. J. C. Feaiter, witb
Miss Acgu<ta 3il;?r a* postmaster.
pro vein easts at Bnena Vista, '
r*#id*r.c* ef Miss F. G. Feaster, |
orojress sceacij'y, and, when eem-j
*>iet?d, wil' s.ske ff'one.of the most!
j desirable tinues in the coon?ry.
! TV. Rock >_.rr".ofcflTdiratioa art i
I to b-re [<ev. E. A. HcDowali
p<?.or tgaun. Days of ?tmc? &r?
d: i %cd ir.rd Sandzrg, at S p. a. f
Wu uaderataijd tfcar tho oirnert of \
tr.- q^nn ie' a?. Blair'? are hoping to
v- rk 'hfin this ?uram?r. So mote it
b<-1 tk*tdireloo? old Fair*
ui cap of rejoicing to bar j
! ?i> z .j-i. ' i
I tjvpf t'-e cou*S7 commi*?ioBer>;
?1:1 Nve <uc road laadia# t? Ashford'* i
FAyj or (. apt. T. M. Lylea* place i
worked a? it;-. alaest isipa***ble. j
M"; : 10. -1500. yimporle
* l?*llc.T iu*ix Hoars^i'-trrsaiisy
Iv--oh- *wd R! tuder Di???>.;
-? '-..x h.*T-a bv 4tKew
?* p it, -v,w. a K;duey Care "
Vi -I rBrprin^ Of. . 'CCOBut Of if?
>?. p;>-e ?in r* '?^i*jf pw:
it b d<.*?. k 'itiv ? o.nd oaok, in ia*l'- (
Ot 'ti*i [it- i;-T ? r^euuoaot raft ,
i^f. ?f?> - If y^n vw 1
qu ;.k iti i.dc.i'p ci? i? ti*e r^mecy !
-o < by v> ?> A'kty. f<r8^i?t,
o:-r s :> 1 \ !
Trie little iiaafetof Blackstocfe wn#!
eta" ?ai> <*! > . n ' tailed Thursday ftv?- j
: ;*? M -?n 13, ?. th3 ;alented Rev H.'
W It a (*,.< vj. E Church, wh"- <
r. .- ? r- e ivexhauvable subj-.-c' ..'
ar r; j.* '
rV -ing that copion .
f ? .':u fluency of word* < ?>
^tia?ic eriat-v oi le*raed Men, treated !1
. be fcubj'et i1 a aisBt icholarly and to- \
ertaiDiag gtyie. Ilia remarks were in- ,
ier*persed with aparkling wit and lu- ,
uicruab rvcuiaisccacHi ux xua vnu |
v-omiifal boginaipj witt his do-;
r?at icto socitt! circle.
Fe coDsid? -?courtship mo?t: sacred,
ihe blerc ->g of two IItks, yrhicb
vhmld 00 b>s?d on true ^ability of
character, i:-xt in importance to the
soil* awakening, the jrsateit ersat of
Toe diicoarse was cloaed in a aaoat ]
paretic and iaaerc^siTe manaer.
Eov F. B. la graham is to be con-H
?rraislated upon ?ecarinj thf- serricts j,
of so gifted a Uc;H.rer as Dr Ba*?. j
haudso^Q iism was collected, i;
which vra* approprUtai to chtrcb j;
oarposes. A - Epine. J
?. i
Cure Cold In Heed.
Kennoti's CtocoUte# X^xatirt QuinlM. ?*?y
loUtc and ta cmr? ot'Aia b*t& wt
The Kind You Have Ahrays ]
infuse for over SO years, ]
? and li;
All Counterfeits, Imitations
periinents that trifie -with i
Infants and Children?Exp*
What is C
Castoria is a substitute for (
' and Soothing- Syrups. It is
contains neither Opium, M
substance. Its age is its gv
and allays Feverishness. It
Colic. It relieves Teething
and Flatulency. It assimii:
.Stomach and Bowels, givinj
'i<ha rin'UlpAn'a Ponftppa?T1
Bears the
Tie m Wife
in vis ?jr 0
T*?. %OM}^NV, T7 M<
5mi plaotedin your gardei?"
is tbe leading question of the day.
Tl--' ladies of the comrr.uuily areas enthusiastic
od the subject of gardening
as tho a;en are on farming. Owinf to
' ? - --C iU.. ?L/-JU
tae in~ emcJicv i>x i,uw ncmuci jtvi-m
bare been retarded cossiderably.
Wi- bftve a-(?li >cbool pgtir. DsrM:g
J lie* h'ri ?< a'.her ut-ut ??f t:ic.:cbolus
wrr- su.ai'' to v*niure oat.
Mr Pope ISi-i-oks J'as bought a home3'ei.ci
in on; ra;dsi, a< d i-s now having
baii* a y.t"\ iinie ci.?tage on 11 under
h effit-nt tnHii;gc;nen; ct' Mr John L.
Mits B ajich" u'''ff,"a stu'ei t or ibe
Co'iV) bt* F m h C llefc, i-j >it howie
>' a f- v? <!.-* * o=! ii'-rount of sick'eas*
Mr ' a <1 e)l a-.fi sm, of Chcs'.er
Uomwv, paid lb* community a fl;.ing
Inst tv,'i-k
Lutlti o eii<ian Ru. .and happened to
a v??rv pain'a'l and rui<?ht hnve been,
tenons i.cc.tt' rit ia- ?a:mdav by fa;l-:
?2iv.\L Lin^r, ;rbo b en very
tick, iS :owiv recovering.
Mr* fcV.zier oi Blairs, ia visiting her
brotfcer, MrThos. Blair. ... >:
Miss Editb Ljles, of Horeb, speut
from Friday until Snnday in the neigh-*
boraood. M. (x.,C.
March 17, 1900.
J Every {
. Month f
r there are thousands of wo- v
b men who nearly suffer death ?
\ from irregular menses. Some- J
\ times the period " comes too v
t" often ? sometimes not often v
6 enough?sometimes the flow is
A too scant, and again it is too A
\ profuse. Each symptom shows a
f that Nature needs help, and f
4 that there is trouble in the or- *. 9
a gans concerned. Be careful A
\ when in any of the above con- \
f ditions. Don't take any and 7
f every nostrum . advertised ' to 9
A cure female troubles. J
8 is the one safe and sure 6
A medicine for irregular or pain- I
\ ful menstruation- It cures all- \
f the ailments that are caused by f
6 irregularity, such as leucor- i
> rhcea, falling: of the womb, i
\ nervousness; pains in the head, J
P back, breasts, shoulders, sides, f
A hips and limbs. By regulating i
\ the menses so that they Occur I
\ every ^twenty-eighth day, all \
7 those aches disappear together, f
A Just before your time comes, i
a get a bottle and see how much 1
T onnfl :.t wrtll r!o v-nn \
f sell it at Si. f
^ Send f^r otir fres book, ' Perfect m
f ATL.-1I<TA, GA. ^
Pi Mir i''1 ? !U tbtorv 11 at the
n.r nrr t)siv? rle ax. ti e Evening'
?; i. :' N ?- 3r?Movd, Mai? ,
sk-: A . i '? i- Th? . ,'orrig'ier whe??
/ q-e-n ^ r * ??, th? Unif*<i
ate a ?i? P i > R'c >?*'
An Hoc???t K?dl?ine !or La Grippe.
iJ'vjrfi"* v vVnii - f Sr,a''/ Gard>
^ : '*i '.V bad 'h* wnp:
[ i' . ' n !- Au-i iud have
i., ' r -.vh w? h i sficouar but
: <?T V- V- 'or 'i.in'8
, . - n.-.-.y 'h?!*?r thaf
r.t.. o -tv-.ayer I bave
> M.-i' I- !t c t f it *Dd the
n i. ; 'id *yio U&Y8 all left me. I cot;
grstciats the msnufactarerg of *n
noBest medicine." For ?*]a by
ter C o.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digest* the food and a&s
ffatore in strengthening and reewfc
jtractiEj the exhausted digestive er?
*ans. It is the lateet diseased difert*
and teoic. Ne ether^Bparatiea
5&12. approach it in eu?6!r.v. It ioiteBtly
relieves and permanently cures
Dvgyepeia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Elatuleaee, Sour Sumach, Nausea,
?iok Headache,"Gastralgia, Cramps, and
all ether resultaof imperfect digestteBi
Prepared by E. C. DeWitt ACo , ?i>kcago.
McMASCXR 60. '
Winnsboro, A C>
xVC^-??? s
Ws^'V- < V VH? <
| /f? Vj ^ > '- |g|j |
Iwj.uy a?^^ I
BcxigrLt, and T?~hiel?. ?ccn
has bcr;;e tlio nature oi* ,
is been made under Iiis persupervision
since its infancy.
no one to deceive yoo in this,
and Substitutes are but Exand
endanger the health of
srience against Experiment.
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
Harmless and Pleasant. It
orphine nor other Narcotic
larantee. It destroys Worms
cures Biarrhcea and "Wind
Troubles, cures Constipation
ites the Food, regulates the
* healthy and natural sleep,
le Mother's Friend.
FOR IA always
Signature of
ve Always Bought
ver 30 Years.
I hereby annonr.ce myself a candi
dafco for the office of Sheriff for Fairfi?M
Coonty, and will ^bide by the
action of the Democratic primaries.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for "Clerk of Court, subject to the
action of the Democratic primaries.
I hereby anuounce myself a<andidate
for the office of Clerk or' Court rcr Fairfield
County, subject to the action of tbe
Democratic' primaries.
ft. V. BRA.Y.
| ?
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for..the office rf.Couny Supervisor for
Fairfield County, subject to the action of
me jL/eiiicerauc pumvuiea.
A. D. HOOD. .
Need Stationery af any kind?
We have what .you
: :,^UKE
in fftie.Stationery ?f allgrades^
,.and .when, you start out
stationery of any kind come
and see ours before buying..
And when you start to write
:to distant friends or relatives
we can show something thatyou
.need in Pens, Ink, Pencils,
Don't lorget us when you
are in need
J. H* McMaster
Farmers, ?*
- Attention !
is new complete.
We cater specially for the farmers'
trad*. We know what ffcey need, and
are prepared toseive them and ai bottom
We also carry a nh-.e line of shelf
shoes, hats,
DRl G00?>S,
and ?ve-jibing usually foand ir. a
gen?r>?? ?ture.
SrGi-od-i delivered to our city trade,
i ,'ome and see os..
A- . - ?
? *
''Sing their ov/ri praise-"
If you reckon th* endless joy and
permanent value yx>a wili get one of
'hose celebrated STiEFF PIANOS.
Tbey are ma-Je with all i hut skill which
onl? j eaisol constant and caretal at
I :eui. <? (o ? ver? drtti:i of their cmfttructiva
cau corn ma:.tl.
Ileus's Prsflt Savefl.
Tber f re ?n wnn'i i.tmi n , on
with au ii.'i ?il> ttiG PifU'E.
Convert in t-v-< FINE I LINING
A2J1? ir?l'AlUi> G
j Chas. M. Stieff,
Fa-t-r* Ranch Ware-Room, N??. 213
Forth f*n on St., Charlotte, N. C. 1
C. H. WILMOTH, .Mauager.
Baltimore Sun.
The Greenville ( C) *s prints
in inleres:ir.r .otioii .f a ?upper
jiren liat Satnr'-a/ evening *.* the
Dver?eer?, second i:xu-}i aa?i ;< ction
aandt of the Pi3d?om (5 C ) cotton
mills, one of the jjon ?accrs?ft:l ir.3ustrial
enterprises ir. ihft boaib. Two j
anndred and fifty unr.st# were present j
wd "the tables ?r-ai'-.d un4er ;
the teuiplinfr edibi*a prepared lor the |
occasion." TwO'.i\-23v? )Oa?j^r lirtino :
lerved the gnss'.s m a rno*? obli&bgj
and delightful mat^c;'. A nc:Rii.>vr of j
speeches were that of Co!, j
jame? ju. ura, iuc |>iw;ii?i4i va-- .
arer of the Piedmont Manuia-: nr'rg :
company, bQinar the lead!. / oi-o. I
Colonel Orr told of the begi'ii-.i.g ?m i
the enterprise, the obstacle* it i n j
countered, its ^ro^ent silic: - .<1 ;
prosperity and the thorotuii * <>
feeling; which exited berw?*?f? ;>;e
company and tn? employee*. i5- *-> j
of enooaragemem Colonel Orr rp .d a :
list of twenty-nine graduates <>? -h
Piedmont mills who are now fi.iing j
positions as superintendents in va ^u- j
Southern mills, besides nreat numbers !
who hare gone l'rom Piedui >?; j
are filling positions of truat as over-!
seers all over the South. Ho urge-' ,
upon the young meii present th^ f&c. i
that as the snperinieudents and crer- j
seers of to-day were Allium 'he pUce*;
of thou who are dead, so wiM th*y
hare to fiil the positions ot iho-u *ho |
are now living. Cc-1 Orr impressed j
upon them that orfiv tLree -.Vvrd*? j
energy, character and intelligence- j
were needed to describe whai is neeoi-!
sary for them to fii? these positions'!
with credit to themselves and their j
country. The description of the *o- j
cial event concludes: "In what other {
flrttiAn nf ?V?*a crrtet cniinlc* :'rv mil .
WtWLlVH Vi lUiO , vfind
the president cf a great corporation
and bis sweeper bay fritting at the
same table enjoTisg tach Other's society
and exchanging ideas c'f wiiat h
best for the advancement of themselves
and the interest of their employers?''
Remarkable Cures of Rheumatism.
Ftorn the Vindicator, Rutherfordton, N. C.
The Editor of the Vindicator lias had
occasion to test tho- efficacy of Ooamberlain's
Pain Balm twice with the
most remarkable results in eaca case.
First, with rheumatism in the shoulder
from which ho suffered excruciating
paiu for ten days, which was lelieved
with two applications of Fain Bilm,
rnbbiDg the parts afflicted and realizing
instant benefit and en;ire relief in
a very sho t time. Second, ia rheumatism
in thigh joint, almost prostrating
him with severs pain, which
was relieved by tw? ap|lies'-ion?,
rubbing with the liniment on retiring
at night, and getting.up free from
pain. For sale by McMaster Uo.
Annie L. Williams vs. Elias L. Froshley.
IN pursuance of an order of the Court of
Common Pleas, nnde in the above
stated case, I will offer for saie, before tlie
Court House door in "Winnsboro, S. C., on
next, within the legal hours of sale, at
public outcry, to the highest bidder, the
following described property, to wit:
All that plantation or parcel of land in
Fairfield County, coutainin *
more or less, know . an the Horn;- place?
this being the portion of said Elias L.
Freshley of the real estate of J. C. Freshley,
deceased; bounded as follows: On
the north by the public road leading from
Columbia to Monticello," on the fast by
lands of E. L. Freshley; on the south by
lands of Mrs. A. M. Kestler, and on th*e.
west by land?bf Mrs: A'.. M. Kester, sitn-'
atedon waters" of Broad River, in Town
ship 11, and being the same premises conveyed
to saidElias L. Freshley, N. 72. Fol:
n.er and A. M. Kestler by d*ed dat?d Feb:
rua;yl5, 1895, and" recorded in Book A. P,.
page" 319, in Clerk's office, Fairfield County,
One-half of the purchase money to be
paid in cash on the day of sale, the baiante
in twelve months* thereafter, to be
*pr>.urpd hv the hnnd of tha nurchafer and
a mortgage cf the premises. The purchaser
to pay for all necessary papers and
for recording the same, and for all necessary
revenue stamps.
... Clerk's Office, C. C. C. P. F. C,
Winnsboro, S. C., March lOtb, 1990.
The]Easy Running 1
The most modern Sewing 1
Machine of the age, tmbrac
ing all the latest improvt
ments. Unequaled for Dura
bility, Range of Work and
Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Correspondence
solicited. Address,
General Agent,
t r
25 ~To--1
1 "\y X t W l 1 M LJ a
Bought right
and we wiH$?
sell cheap.a-?ft
V. DOTY k 00,
Johnston's S
A Grand Old Lad? Girt
Mrs. Thankful Orilla Hurd lives In t
Livingston'Co., Mich. This venerable an
the year 1812, the year of the great war,
York. She came to Michigan in 1840, th<
too." All' her faculties are excellently p:
tentive memory, her mind is full of intei
life, of the early, days of the State of Mi
markable people she has met, and the stl
ness. But nothing in her varied and mi
velous and worthy of attention than a
disposition to stffcfnla, that terribly desti
and is cursing the lives of tnousands and
tims of the death angel. Transmitted fi
found in neary every family m one for]
pearance in dreadful running sores, in
goitre, or in eruptions of varied forms, j
may be known as catarrh in the head, oi
and often is, the prime cause of consumi
Speaking of her case, Mrs. Hurd say
with a bad skin disease. My arms an<j ]
sores, discharging, yellow matter. Jtfy
unsightly in appearance. My body was
My eyes were also greatly inflamed and 1
much. My blood was in a very, bad coi
at fsequent intervals, and I had no appc
was in a miserable condition, I had tried
mended, and doctor after doctor had fai
the state told me I must die of scrofuiot
were beginning to form. I at length'was
his famous Sarsaparilla. I trlefl'a bottle
thing else, as I had no faith" in it, and ;
begafi to grow better. You can be sure ]
many bottles. But I steadily improved \
sores healed up, all the bad symptoms dls
and I have never been troubled with sci
of B3 years is not a young woman, but I.
since then, and I firmly believe that JOI
greatest blood purifier and the best medic
scrofula and as a spring medicine." This
not lok to be more than sixty, and . she n
We was saved by JOHNSTON'S SABSi
John H. Mcllaater <fc Co.; Wiimsboro,S. C.;
W M. Patrick Woodward,S. C.^ T. Cr. Patric
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Yours to please,
Q. D. W1L
Licc yrcmertc
Solicits a suare of the public p-i'ron- { _
* - . joi
9'2$ lycjc; ;
>arsaparilla |
* Her Experience*
he beautiful Tillage of BrightMfc '
d highly respected lady was bom it ., ;I
, in Hebron, "Washington Go* Net*
* year of "Tippecanoe and Tylft
reserved, and possessing a very re? :
resting reminiscences of her eatix.
chigan and the interesting and_Jgr - ?
rring events of which she was a J
inifold recollections are more mar* it
re her experiences in the us* of
Hurd Inherited a'tendency and pre* ^ *
active blood taint which has culfiMflH
marking thousands 'mere
:om generation to generation, ft ll
n or another. It iaay makeits vp
unsightly swellings in the seek or ;*]
- " i J.1? mainVMA. M
a.ttacjtms mt? uuwuu>
p'"developing In the lungs It m*y >3
s: "I was troubled for many 7M9 .3
Limbs would break out in a nm
eck began to swell and became WXs %
coveredr with scrofulous eruptionsweakened,
and they pained ce T6T|
adition and my head ached setKtiS
tite. I had sores also In my ?am 1
every remedy that had been x*esA?
led. .One of the best physicians I?
is consumption, as internal abCMMi ^
told of Dr. Johnston, of Detroit, a?f
, more as'an experiment than asf*
greatly to my agreeablesurprint t
[ kept on taking It I took- a fnati
mtil I became entirely .well. AUt&i
(appeared. I gained perfect hfltWt
rofula since. Of course an old tat!
have had remarkably good-heal?
;ine' In the wide world, both ftI
> remarkably interesting old lady 0$ %
jpeated several times, "I fjeUert IBS
T. W. Woodward & Co., Eockton,S.C.;
t-& Co., m iteOak, S. C.
ig Shopping.
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iave a special bargain fn f:
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a ?
grandest line of SPRINGS'.
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re look through' my liae of )
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s One Dollar.
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$19.00. Dictionary, rotiect to-ex&ialnition.
trrmr nfiir?t rmram an4 4# firmnri ?*. ?
bargain ever beard of and a bettar 4teive
yet seen, pay the express agent W.9fe >
?book. This Dictionary contain* 26,960 '
i and definitions than are to be fcrund la '
inal Dictionary. It is 'he latest Dictteew
y 46.0C0 ncre words than Webxter't an *
fnabridsed Dictionaries and baa 366 bmm ; .
or. the reference Is exact and It if ah?olP*al|r a<lefT.ip-to-<1ate
Dictionary on the market. B*-.
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'or Sale or Rent r
? - * HOUSE
M. B?atv od Bratton street, north
Mt. Z-on College. Apply to
5-1 2w J. il.BEATT.

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