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W?da?dayf March 21, - - 1900
?Read ssmmorr. elsewhere
? Mrs. Robt. Crawford is qoitesick
at h?r home on Zion street.
?We had aM kind* of weather Friday?rain,
snow, ?leei, sinsbine and
>?v # T iAU.
^ ?Mr. A. D. Hood announces himy
self this morning for coHuty supervisor.
Levis Acker man, Goskea, lad.,
- ears, "D* Witt's Little ?arlv Kisers
always briaj certaia relief, cmre my
aeadache and Merer jripe." They
jjeatly cleam-e a?d iGTijarat?? the
boweU and liver. McMaster Co.
?A great deal of sickness is reported
avo?g the colored population
of this conrty.
?Qaite a crowd were af the train
Meaday lit see Admiral Dewey as he
passed through ia bis special car at 12
U. 5. Smith, Butternut, Mich., gays,
"De^rt's Little JEarlv Ri??rs are the
very tost pills I ?vor iiii for costivsaeu,
liver *>4 be if el treaties."
KeVlu *r Co.
?Mr. McBrida Smith's many friends
wH be paised to know his coaditiea
on W ednesday b*d not changed for
the bet;er.
?Mr T. K. Elliott reetived from
Brevrr-% X. C., Moaday a beautiful
English uia*'if pop, of which he is
very proud.
?ItJr J. F. Williams is in Town for
the ? } po?c of organizing aKoights of
Pythli-* Lodge. We wish aim much
succe** io this s^iendid organization.
To -esure the original witch hazel
salve, for DeV?iit's Witch Hazel
Salve, veli known as a certain core for
piles ad skin diseases. Beware of
worthies* eeenterfeits. They are
daagewis. McMaster Co.
?If yoa want cheap np-te-date visitiag.
cards, wtdding iavitatiois or
anyuuag IB IttO 41AV) A vnw |
E. Brandt's advertisement in to-day's
issue. He always guarantees ?*tiefaction.
?The cooking club, which was
maintained in a loarishLig condition
dftriif the winter, has turned its attention
to tennis for the summer. They
are now preparing a court on Yanderhorst
"I *se?i ?odel Dyspepsia Care is
my family with wonderful results. It
gir^ immediate relief, is pleasant te
_____ u? ?ad is truly the dyspeptic's best
f- id," says I^Harfserink. Overisel,
V^h. Digests what yem eat. Can- ?
net fail to care. HcMaster Co.
?The sympathy of the community
goes oat to our friend Mr. Geo. B. ,
McMaster in the bereavement he hss
sastaiaed recently in the death of
Moms Smart, belter known as "Peg
Leg." "Pax vebiscam."
?Mr. tteoH.]Mc Master received a
telegram Thursday saying the telegraph
office woald lie moved op town
as svon as the oiSee could be pat in
readiness. Tbey will oecapv the office
vacated by Caldwell & Bealy, next te
Dr.D. Aikea's effise, en Washington 1
street. This will be a great convenience
to oar basiaess bqob.
The On* Bay Cold Cura.
X*imotV? Chocolate* Laxative Qeliiae f?
Mid in tM head ud sere throat. cCldrem toks
tkcas like caadj.
-rToa will not find a more attrac*
tive store anywhere than Mrs. F. M. (
Habeaicbt's. She has all kinds of
Ft ffood 1hiag? to tempt honseketpers.
Bead her advertisement in to-day's (
issae ard see what she says about
Heicz's 5ood?. These goods need no
infrnf)ri?h'nn Kdm for nn trr>f?d
Itiuvwuxnvu * O
keeper is ever without them. She also
has evaporated fruits, sach as prates,
appier, peaches and apricots.
?Rev. H. W. Smiih. colored, pastor
of ZioH A. M. E. Churcb, on Sunday
night, bitched his horse behind the
ehmrcL dnring the sermeu* When the
time came te go home he found his
hor?e and bB?;:v miffing. Conseque??'**
Hay. Smith was compelled to
"foot it " Monday momiaj some oa?
found ike borec uitcbed ia the same
pJace ?aera Rtv. Smith ?<;ft it befere
hlsseiMon. The qmest.ou? is, "Who
took d&f h--???"
Th? One Day Cold Cure.
For cold* ud sore throat mac Xenaott's OfcoeolatttXr&xadre
Quiaiac. Saaiir takea ft* osiy
Mtdqakkly cure.
?*&u4uiug a mnck" is qaite a
commc occurrence in th* Orient, bit
it id seldom that ire in Wihi^boro are
treated to such a delectabie sport. @n
Monday, however, Gf-erge Goins
(colored) "made thing* howl" for
awhile- Too maeh dispensary destroyed
hit equilibrium tud Goins
found himself a gaest at the "Hotel
Gilbert" He paid his fine of five
dollar* aad went his w*y .rejoicing?
a wiser if not a hotter man.
?The following was taken frem
lire. Mary Scrivea's page 5* Suo^
\ day'a State and will fee read with
interest by Mrs. HaaaaRion Williams'
friends: "I have reeeivea front that
accomplished ?compoaer and pianist,
Mr?. Hanna Kion Williams, a cepy of
ker latest composition, 'Aadacioss
Arabella,' a cake-walk aareh. It is
fall of lively melody, nerve and zest |
and is said by the*? competent to j
jadge to be eqnal to the capturing!
marches of Son**.'
?The theatre?goit!g people will be
delighted to know "Faost" will be
> - - * t- 'I - TM * , )| 1
piiyeu oore ? too xurapivii uta vt
<he Labadie Company Apt il 5ih. The
X>tbadie Faust Company is probably
the only company of its kind on the
Toad this ^eaion that carries two teta !
-of scenery. They hare a large and :
H?? ?tnall it so they ctn 2ire a censplete |
Y?rformaij?e ou ?-?y ?iz? stage Tkey i
*sq carry, all the electrical effects,
switch board, lamp*, wires, etc., n*>ces-j
eary tor ibis grand electrical spec'nlar 1
?JFb'riUan R. Rutland, Jr., aoetj
witk quite a paiafal accident on SatHr-'
day Isst. As well as ise bave been 1
able to ??ceruia, hie iajaries though j
pairfai are cot serious. He was j
trykig t?# drire a wagon loaded wi?h !
wood iad i? turning th9 wagon he fell |
off. The W4j u weal orer body j
*nd u> wheel struck his bead, inflict-:
in? a verv severe cat on the face, j
Wbei* l**t beard from he ttm doing i
-quite Ma*:er S>crid:-n is a ion i
of ear esteemed fel - * coauty mau |
- . fS. K. BaUaRd.
s^sa Sore
Sore throat and constant coughing indicate
an affection of the bronchial
tubes which may develop into pleurisy
or inflammation of the lungs. Do not
wait: but use Dr. John W. Bull's I
Cougn Syrup at once and be cured.
Cures Hoarseness and Sore Throat.
Doses are small and pleasant to tike. Doctors
recommend it Price 25 cts. At'all druggists.
?Policeman GI bert received a
telegram Tuesday from tse chief ef
police of Chester asking him to be on
the lookout for ose Joe Williama
Tait was about 2 o'clock in the dar;
at 4 o'clock Id tke afternoon J4r. ia-nbcrt
h*d hit bird caged. It seems
that Joe Williams bad taken a faicy
to some on* else's clothes and had to
leave home on that account. Jee's
lore of dress is so exessiive that whea
he was taken he had on tiro suit* of
dothing?the produce of his late industry.
Blsauurck's Trom X*rr?
Wa* the result of his splendid health
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are not found where Stomach,
Lirer, Kidneys and Bowels are out of
order. If you want these qualities
and the success they bring, ose Dr.
KiDg'* New Life Pills. They develop
every power of brain and body. Only
24c. at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
Cnelalaied Lett?ri.
The fallowing.is a list of letters remaining
unclaimed in the postoffiee at
Winnsboro, March 19, 1900:
Miss Caroline Ash ford.
Mr E. B. Bell.
Mr La re ace Bolar.
Mrs E. R. Diek.
Mr Swnej Ford.
Mr Frank Waie.
Persons calling for the abore letters
will please say they are advertised.
PrestOL Rion, P. M.
? - . m ?
A New *nt?rprlM.
Among the enterprises mentioned
in Friday's State, we notice the following:
A commission was gramted
to T. H. Ketehin, J. E. Matthews,
S. C. Cathc&rt, F. A. Neil, all of
Winnsboro, at corporators of Winnsboro
Creamery Co. The capital stock
is to be $1,000. We predict Much
success for this new enterprise. The
Columbia merchants say Jiirfield butter
is always in demand. For semetime
800 jaeunds have been shipped
weekly from Fairfisld fars crr.
Rev, W. E. Sitzer, W. Caton,N. T.,
writes, *'I had dyspepsia OTer twenty
years, and tried doctors aid medicines
without benefit. I was persuaded to
use Kedol Dyspepsia Cmre and it
helped see from the" start. I believe it
to be a panacea for all forms of indigestion.
^" It digests what you eat.
McMaster Co.
Tht G. O. P. awoke i n Saturday
fro a its firm sleep aid the familiar
faces of eld political backs of other
d&vg were seen on tke streets in numbers?
not, however, so jmbulant as iu
the seventies. The purpese of the
convention was to elect delegates to
the State and ongreisioaal conventions
to be held in Colmmbiv The
followiag are the delegates:
State Convention ? Preston Rion,
Israel Byrd, Ben Ruff.
Congressional Convention?B. W.
Nance. W. G. Emerson, E. H. Coy
r.ad Andy Stewart.
t&s - /9^ Yw Kara-Atajs tagft
-Mrs. W. E. Kelson was in town
Mt. M. H. Mobley cam? np from
Colombia Satnrday and spent Sunday
witb his fanaiiyw ^ *
| Babies and children need| j
| proper food, rarely evermedi-1
I cine. If they do not thrive f j
ion their food something fes I
| wrong. They need a little | 1
j help to get their digestive |
| machinery working properly. | j
' 1
I 3 :
i will generally correct this 1 j
] difficulty. | j
if you will put from one-1 :
j fourth to half a teaspoonful | j
1 in baby's bottle three or four i j
] times frday you will soon ?ee | '
| a marked improvement. For j j
| larger children, from half to | j
| a teaspoonful, according to s j
| age, dissolved in their milk, |
j if you so desire, will very \
| soon show its great nourish-1 j
| ing power. & th& moth?r.'s |y
i milk does not nourish the |
1 ' ' J- J
| D2Dy, sne Iietus UlC unur H
| sion. It will show an cffcct |
j at oncc both upon mother |
I and child. I
50c. and $r.oo, all druggists. j
S SCOTT & BOWSE., Chemists.^ New Y-r!{- j
Mr. Coogler is undoubtedly one oi
tbe influential and powerful spirits o
tiie age. He himself feels this jreai
iiifltience of bis as is shown in hit
pcem entitled "Keep Silent, Hand!'
which we will quote:
Weak hand of mine, keep silent ever
If this bosom beats apart
From ail that is good and trae;
Pen cot a line that would lead to vice
Fur what is written on that scroll
Eternity ean not undo.
iieep silent, hand I for :he girt 10 leu
The thoughts that linger ia the heart
Was not by mankind given;
And I suit ?s?er in tke end
For every word I hereon tract
That would keep a soul frost heareo.
If troubled with rheumatism, gir?
Chamberlain's Pain Balm a trial. Ii
wil! not eoit you a cent if it dors no
good. One application will relieve the
pain. It alio cores sprains aod bruisei
in one-third the time required by any
other treatment. Cuts, barns, frostbites,
quinsey, pains in the side and
chest, gland alar and other swtllinrs
are quickly cured by applying it.
Irery botUs warranted. Priee, 21
and 60 eta. For sale by McMaster Co.
Mr. A. S. Douglass is in Florida.
Mr. Clarence MoWey spent Monday
in town.
Mrs. TV. I. Aiken left Friday fex
Charleston. Mrs.
Jjjn S. Cathcart has returned
from Spari&nbirg.
Mr. C. S. Steele, of Union, was ii
Winisboro Monday.
Mr. Preston Rioa west to Colombia
Monday on busiiess.
Miss Alice McMaster epent Saturday
and 6a a day at heme.
Un! T "K" ?MKnU is anendi qf seT<
r*l dajt-ia Charleston.
Mr. Chas. Jennings if spending sev nil
days with his pareati.
Mr. Jno. A. De??<wrtes, of Ridgeway,
speit Monday in town.
Mica Mamie Jordan has gone ti
Charlotte to spend some time.
Mr. W. F. Harper, the railroad
agent at Blackstock, spent Sunday is
liiss Lida Neil is at home ajtei
closing a most successful term of teaching
at Long Km.
F?r #T?r Fifty Tears.
Miis. Wdtslow's Soothin# St an?
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect saccesB.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and
is the test remedy for diarrhoea.' II
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediately. Sold by driggists ia
every part of the world. TweatyttV
cents a bottle. Be aire aid ask f#r
"Mrs. Wi?sl?w's Soothhag Syrap,,:
and take bo other kind. 1-1-17
kidceway kippijcs.
The merchants have keen unumally
baiy for weeks past, so busy, is fact,
that often dinner is an unknown
The carpenters are fRdiag plenty
to do alse. Mr. Boozer is building a
pretty six-room cottage on the upper
end of bis let to be occapied by Mr.
Simws and family- Mr. T. M. Kernbert
is addiag to his residence.
The Ban has ?been playing hide-andseek
with the clouds to tueb an exteot
lately little or no gardening has been
Miss Daisy Wilson was "at home"
to her young friends last Friday. The
-P?.TT-*h wm monrv AVAfllTlf
;vuuj AViJkO Jh/??Q^V4 %m r m
guewiMf " TTho'g who.,r
Mr. Rhetfc Tarnipsmd/ assistant
pastor of the Methodist Cbnrch, was
married last Thursday to Mlas Emms
Major Green, of Greenwood. Mr.
Tnrnipseed is the *on of the Jat8 Mr.
Rhett Tnrnipseed, who resided in oa:
town for some years, leaving here to
acceptjthe plaee as principal of Mt
Zion College. His father's old frieadc
will join in giriag yomng Mr. Tnrnip
< -13 I
seed a warm welcome to jojs om suae.
MisgLou Igleston, who is risitiaj
Mrs. De*Portes, bat been quite tick
with grip.
Mr. Halbert Palmar paid us a iyiEj
visit from Union last week.
Mrs. Fowler, oi Sp.artanbsrg, if
visiting Mrs. W. B. Joh'ison.
Mrs. Olliver has rttaraed fron
Mrs. Eliza Kennedy lias moved intc
the country. Her house here will be
occupied by Dr. Ott.
Miss ;Mary Spence has bean quit*
sick with yiip
Miss Ella Thomas is coarvaleseing
Miss lugeni* Ho?borongh has jon
to Albion to visit relatives. ;
j . We are glad te see Mr. John Craig'
! name among the list of candidate* fo:
j clefk of eourt. He will be the ri*h
man in the right place. Mi* old hoo>e
Ridgsway, should support him.
Rev. N. Tillinghast, rector of St,
Stephen's Church, will hold evening
service on Wednesday and Frida
daring Lent.
Mr. John M. Edmunds, of Detroit
Mich., is visiting Mr. W. Herber
Ruff. Occasional.
March 13, 1900.
The farmers are very backward frit
; tbelr work owing te the cold, ire
spring, very little ploughing bavin
-been d#ne. wing to the ri?e in col
toi there will be a Urge cropplante
this jear. A great deal of goano ha
been bought this spring.
There hat been more aroall grai
j town in this ?ection lhaii ever befon
i It is lookiDg fairly well.
A large corn and otbcr provisio
crops will be planted ittihis eeciio
this year.
The health of r>nr coinmnnily ji jif
very good. There i? a great tteal <
colds, grippe. &c., threngbonc tb
; uei^uu^i uuuu.
I Mrs. D M. billing haa be*n Ter
I uHweil'for some time, bat to hes
[ ?b? is much better.
| Ker. J. A. Whii? preacked for i
last Sunday. He is a weleome Tiiitc
ir oar towa 20 matter ?d what aii
*ion he comes. For lerera! yean h
was pastor of thfc church kert.
iiisi Jerasba Mitchell caste horr
from Lancaster several days afowhei
the has been teach in* school. She h:
ucceptcd a school at Wilkesbprg, i
smd J9An s??nx
*s9s53sip srtoijtq j[E pus uop
r -"edusuoo pidio; 'bubjbui
' uoi^saxnpui
: ams ajnjosqB uv
3*q; d33^[ Xsqi 'sjqisuadsjpui 3JB
Sflirf s^njL spujsip [EUBJBUI ui
SuiAij asoqi ox
-1 1 ass
Chester county, and left for that place
Oar railread agent, Mr. Clarke, and
his famiiy left a few days ago for
Lewiedale to take charge of the officei
1 a; tkat place. Mr. J. M. Neece, froifl
' Aiken, has charge of the office We,
i assisted by our young friend and
; neighbor, Mr. Clarence Mobley.
Mr. R. A.Patrick made a biiiiness
tiip several days ago to Rock HilL
, He reports seeing several of onr Fsir,
field friends in that flourishing eity
' and all doing well.
Master Heyward Smith is the gaeac
of Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Patrick.
Messrs. Brace and Matthew Patrick
has a pair of fine Pbilipino donkeys,
"Joe Wheeler" and "Bill Sbafter."
They are asefnl and beautifal.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. W. Bankhe&d, of
Morgaatown, spent teveral days last
I week in this neighborhood visiting
relatives and friends. Sentinel.
i M&rcb 15, I960Story
of a 31are.
1 To be bound band and foot for yean
by the chains of di&ease is tha worst
r form of slavery. George D. Williams,of
Manchester, Mich., tells how such a
, slave was made free. J3e says; r"Mywife
his been so helpless for five years
that she could not turn over in bed
alone. After using two bottles of Electric
Bitter?, she is wonderfully improved
and able to do her own work."
This supreme remedy for female disr
eases quickly cures nervousness, sleep1
lesaness, melancholy, headache, backache,
fainting and dizzy spells. This
[ miracle working medicine is a godsend
to weak, sickly, rnndown people..
Every bottle guaranteed. Only 50
cents. Sold by McMaster Co., Urug'
gists. i
A* Inteiestlng Letter from Corp. Herron
About the lalands.
| Manila, Poiuppine Islandi, Feb-. 10.
, ?The transport* Ohio and Indiana,
, carrying the 40th U S. Vol. Regiment,
i reached Manila Bay on the afternoon
[ of Ddaember 26lh, where we laid in
! quarantine until the morning of the
i 28th, when we wqpt ashore and was
> marched out three miles east of the
[ city of Manila,, where the companies
were separated at a distance of onehalf
mile apart to do outpost duty,
beiug ihe nearest outpost to the city.
We remained there for a few days
when we relieved by the 42nd rejji1
meat and marched four miles east, at
' the edge of the mountains, at which
place we also did oatpoit duty and!
sent oat scooting parties ap nntil Jan'
nary 28th, when we were relieved by
the 41st regimeut this time, :aad:.
' marchtd into Manila and pitched caanp:
in onr aneller tents on the Lnnetlj'
which is a very pretty plaee; it is the
faroTi'e promensde aid driveway on
the water Jfrrr.t
Oar re?;im?M,i is having a r?ry easy
time at p-ceM ?no drills or gnard
duty, go ana ?;ohjc as we choose. We
1 will go on the transport in a few days
IU UC LI ouipvi ivu IU I,iiv
Mindanao, at which place we are to
1 do garrison doty. From the look* of
things, * person would think that the
' war w<- hbont over, but one can't te!l?
I du ibink that we will gee any
active .ervice. The health of the
regiment at prcfcei t is very good, but
' at one time there were two-thirds of
' tbem in the hospital with chills and
' fever, mumps and several cases of
typhoid We have had only two men
in. the : eminent to die so far, aad she
? of th; *- er? fr?m- South Carolina,
' and diea of typhoid fever.
Now as to tke physical geography of
? this country, the clinate is very
healthy, there being no epidemic dis*
i eases as in other countries of ihe same
latitude. Dysentery, smallpox, fever
, and certain contageous diseases as
leprosy are the most common, in
places on the sea coast like Manila tbe
) thermometer ?eldom rises abore 97
i degrees Fahr. and reaches a minimum
of 60(Agrees; the mean annua! height
of tbe barometer rednced to the freea6
lug point of water is 29 87 inehe*, the'
maximum 30 14 inches and the mini.
mum during storms 29 inched and
3 sometimes lets.
There ate three reasons. The cool
season commences in November with
8 the moarjon from the northeast. The
r dry seaton sets in with March and
t continues through April, May and
June, the hottest months of the year.
' Tk? raisy season lasts until October.
The prevailing wiads are from the
. southwest and northeast and are called
r monsoons. The southwest monsoon
* begins in June and ends in September
* or October. R*in is abundant in the
the interior ef the islands and on the
west coast during the southwest moat
soon, and on the east coast it is most
plentiful when the wind blows from
the north, that is Irom -Movemoer to
February. Sometimes tbe rains are
sccompaoit'd by windstorm* and last
a Dumber of days. These are called
l collas and are really distinel tornadoes.
The comnaeu name of typhoons is
baginos, which fortunately announce
g themselves is a rapid tall of the bart.
?meter. Seldom a' year paises bnt in
^ some par: of the Archipelago serious
damage i9 dene by these storms vrhieh
l* are nsaal.'y accompanied by mnch r*in
daring tie storm The winds have a
a velocity of from 55 to 85 miles per
, hour aud sre followed by winds from
tbe s<?uth.
Trie inhabitant* nnuiber about nine
n millions Mid thereare tipwaid of thirty
n languages ur dialect?, aria tbe prevail
ing religion U the-Roman Catholic.
Besides th? Malays there are many
Chiness hail-breeds a d a lesser num>f
ber of Spanish balf-breeds. The porla
ie that have considerable commercial im
.portawce are Manila, Ilwlo and Ceba.
Mountains, volcanoes, lakes, rivers
" I aud springs are plen!itul. The prmci*
ir { p&i animus are the water bufUso, u?ed
'as a draught anion.I when ?foice*tilg
cated, end found i.i a 1 the islands,
Horses are small and wiry.; cat:]* tie
>rialeo found. are abuifdanf and
' forui the principal ir.oat diet of the
iO natives. There me aJ^u a few ah.ep
and goats. There are monkeys ol
rarioui specie#, wild cits and civeis
w The largest bird is the tipsol, a species
*0 of crane, five feet high Among the
is insect*, tbere are ants found every[Q
where in undesirable numbers, and
(heio?Q8t which plays havoc with the
crop*. Vegetation i? extraordinarily
rich and abundant in the Philippines.
It would require quite an amount of
writiig t# give an adequate idea of
plants found here. Timber for building:
purposes is furnished by the man
cono, the naolave. the ipil, the yacai,
the banaba, the guijo, and others; for
cabinet work there is the narra, white
and red, and several others. Among
the fruits are the mango, the ate, the
laLzon, the sapote, the orange and the
banana, which latter is the bread of the {
natives. Coffee, cocoa, cotton and
pepper can be grown to a great profit; J
also tobacco, indigo, rice, sugar cans,
pineapple, abaca, a bibre that consti- 1
tutes oBe of the chief seurces of *
wealth in the island; the uito from ,
which are made hats of excellent ,
qnallty. Grasses aad reeds are represented
in the Philippines by numerous *
speeies. The minerals are coal, cop? t
per, lead, sulphnr, mercury, marble i
and jasper exists in the mountains of
San Matoes, Mariocles and :in" the
province of Pangaainao
Well as this piece is a little long I ,j
will close it, and write you more after ,
reaching the island of Mindanao. If "
[ you think that it will interost your
[readers and have the fpace yon mayprint
it. I received a few copies The
News Hiuald a few days ago j
aud was very glad to jiet them a? w |
bad seemsd iike years siuce I last
one. - t
I With best wishes to yourto-.t and \
paper, I am yours truly,
Corp. ft. A. Heiroa,
Co. M, 40th C. S. V Infai.tr -,i
r 1. D T
. Any., adalt suffering f:om a cold
settled on the breast, bronchitis, throat ?
or lang troubles of any natnre, who ,
will call at McMaster Co. will b? pre .
*$nted with' a sample bottle of i
Bwchiee's ..German Syrup, free-of.]
6&arge. Only one bottle given to o- e
person, and none to children without
order from parents. 2
i No throat or- lung remedy ever bad ?
*no& a salens Boicheei German Syrup
in all parts of the civilized worith
Twenty rears ago millions of bottle#
were gmn away, and your druggists
will tell yon its success was marvelous,
litis really the only throat and lung
j remedy generally endorsed *by physicians..
One 75 cent bottle will care
or prove its value. Sold by dealers in ]
all civilized countries.
?Charlotte, it seem?, is kept in a
constant state of excitement over.the
smallpox scare. Thursday's Evening r
News speaks of Mother ca?o. This disease
seems to be confined entirely
to tke Mlortdpopilatio*. Evtry pre- i
caution shoild bo take* to keep this c~
dreaded disease oat of oar little city. *
So far we.hare bee* more fortunate c
than Mighboring towns; hewever, i
we can't be teo carefnl.
. ??. / ?
Kemarkabl* Kcscu?. S
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfield, ^
111., make3 the statement, that she t
caught cold, which settled on her ?
lungs: she was treated for a month by z
her family physician, but grew worse.
He told her she was a hopeless victim
of consumtion and that no medicine
could cure her. Her druggist sug- ,
gestedDr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption; she bought a bottle and
to her delight found herself benefited J
from first dose. She continued its use t
and after taking six bottles, found her- t
-seir sound ana wen; now uoes uci ?
ewn housework, and is as well as she 1
ever . wis. Free trial' bottles of this i
.Great. Discovery at MeMaster* Co.'s ]
.drug store. Large bottler ?0 cents
'"and $1.00. _ ?r,. .
Mr. J. W. Butler, of Atlanta, was in
Winnskoro Monday.
Mr. A. C. Leisman, of Columbia,
was in towa Monday.
T?lc*nlo Eruption?
Are grand, but Skin Eruption* veb
life of joy. Bnckleu's Arnica S.v*e
cures them; *l*o Old, Ennnlv? a-"i
Fever Sores, TJlcer?, Boil?. Fe'.o ,
Corns, Wart?> Ints, Bruises, Bnrr-is
Scaids, Chapped HancK ?JbiJ^
Best Pile cure on earth. Drive* ?-n,
Painn and Aches.^ Only 24 cts. a box
< ure guaranteed' Sold by . >; ?
C?., druggists.
Mils Jennie Gladfle?i.;of
ipentTiieiday with tbo. faaiiiy of Mr.
J. A. Stewart. % 1
Mr. Ed Porter arrived ,ho>n3 Trie-day !
from Warren, Rhode Iiland, to ?p?nd 5
esveral weekt with parent. ]
Shake in Y?mr Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It ,
eures painfal, smarting, nervous feet .
and ingrowing . nails, and- instantly !
takes tne'stirig out of corns and bun- 1
ions. It'i the "greatest comfort dis- ,
coveryof the age. Alienor. Foot-Ease
makes tight or new shoes, feel easy. It
is a certain cure for sweating, callous
and kot, tired, aching feet. Try it
to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe
stores. By mail^for 25c: in stamps.
Trial, package FJREK Adaress, Alien
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. 3-14
Miss Ray Cummihgs left Tuesday
for Mexico. Her father, Mr. J. H.
Caramings, will accompany hsr.
A <SMd C?ugh H*?U?in? ter Children.
"I hare no hesitancy in recommending
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,"
says F. P. Moran, a well known and
peDular baker, Petersburg. Ya.
4We have it to oar cbikiren
whentrf>n;-' ! ,vith bad coughs, also
whoopi>? < uugh, and it has always
given perfect satisfaction. It wa?
recommended to tr.e by a druggist as
tbe best congh medicine foi children
as it contained no opium or other
harmful drug." Sold by McMaster
Miis Kate Wheeler went to Greeawood
Friday where she has accepted a
Mrs. Sease ha9 returned frem Trenton
and is with her daughter, Mrs.
Frank Clarke.
Mrs. Calvin Zimmerman, Mileibur?
Pa , ssys, "A? a kpevdy cmro for
COUgDJ, COias, croup ant: sure iui"ai
. One iiinute Conjh Lure is Bn*^aa;?d.
It U pleasant for children to take I
heartljr rccomaieBd it to aethers " It
is the only bamless rsroedj that prodaces
immediate recall*. It cares
bronchitis, pneumonia, grippe and
throat and larnr disasc*. It wiil pre~
veot coaiHttption. McWast?r Co. '
i Mi?? Lida Yarborongh, our imere*ting
correspcadent from Jenkix?vi:If,
ia visiting Mrs D. E. M?;D^wel!.
Ifch oa bamaN cared in SO mirtHf*
by Woolford's Sasitary Lotion l'ri?
ncv?r f4>Ii. Sold bv W. E AifceH,
1 droggiat, WiuRgiioro, S. U.
Mia* Faonie Crrigiu n rxprc*'d
1 home 'be first of next *
two months' visit to friairdj in Korta
i The One Day Cold Cure.
.Cold ia he*d a*d tore threat on rod by X*T
I 90ui CBOCOiAlca juaxaure yuiaiat. AS mwxy i?
11 t*ko &* wtty. * Cfc&ljca cry for them/'
Ttr Iifants aad Ckilfeto.
Tk KM Ym Han Aliif* SagM
?There should be a large crowd at
ftc Thespian Hall *n the night of
ipril dtb to witness tut iamous uriv*
'Fault," at presented by the'Labadie
Company. A'l special scenery au<i
>lectrical effects are carried by thi*
ixeellent company of dramatic artiste.
Darijig (he action of the drama seteo
iions from I be grand eperaof Fans?
ire rtndered by Prof. Ciaade E. MacLrthnr.
The One Day Cold Cure.
For cold in th? head and sore throat use Keraott's
Chocolates laxative Quiaixe, the " Oae
Day C?ld Cart,"
* " J _
M/ui ttil? hftfStj |
.rjoxsi* ? icx-jt-tnt frcrtrSu
5h* ?Tai'.r, to '?jk}>ojpO Ql*jr
t-- m Yc-uCvfni Colo*.
G-aiCaw? <-?: ? a J?*ir fttflrng.
Salem fantefl gT'
Will straigh'en early aad
kink\ hair without i?jar*
to'tbe scalp or bair.
Price 50 Cents pcr'Box
ANTI-KIN KSn^orsed
by the TJniled State* H?;ib
> ITm iHTT 0 mnn V.m V?r,V
JAJtMin & mun new mi, t
15xl2fl2 5, 7, 9 and 11 Broadwav.
3*uk of Ridgeway, of Ridgeway,
8. C , Plaistift,
J. W. Ray, 1/efendant.
Summons. For Relief.
ro the Defendant above-named:
Y^OU are hereby summoned and reX
qaired to answer the complaint
_ iu? ?a?;ah TnV>;nVi fiUH in thft
Li iujl? a*uvsu, nuiuu ?...
jffice of the Clerk of the Conrt of
Common Pleas, for the laid County,
>n 15th March, 1900, and to serve a
:opy of your answer to the said com>laint
on the subscribers at their offices,
>fo3. 5 and 6 Law Range, Winnsboro,
South Carolina, within twenty days
ifter the service hereof, exclusive of
he day of such service; and, if you
ail to answer the complaint within the
ime aforesaid, the plaintiff in this
iction will apply to the court for the
elief demanded iu the complaint.
Dated llth March, A. D. 1900.
Plaintiff's Attorneys
ro the defendant, J. W. Ray:
Take notice that' the complaint together
with the summons, of which
he foregoing is a copy, together w>?b
he complaint, was filed in the office
>f the Clerk of the Court of Common i
Siooa ?t Winnihrtrn. (lOHJltVOf Fair
leld/in tie State afore?aid, on ll<b
Mareb, 1900.
' A. S.'& W. D. DOUGLASS,
- 3-17-6t< ' ' Plaintiff's Attorneys.
B. M. Grier, Plain; iff,
R. S. Jennings, as Administrator of j
" the estate of John H. Clamp, de-!
ceased, M. R. CLunp, W. Fletcher
Clamp Lillie Read. Jessie i lamp.
i John Clamp, Eliza J. Icruggs, ana
jThe Bank of Ridge way, D?fendants.
Copy Sumrrtons for Relief.
to tli'e Defendants above named:
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint in
;his ..action, which is filed in the office
Df the Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas' for the said County, and to serve
i copy of your answer to tne sam Qomplainton
the subscribers at ibeir offices
above The Winnsboro Bank, Winnsboro,
S. C., within twenty days after
the service hereof, exclusive of the
day of such service; and if vou fail to
answer Ihe complaint with in the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
will armly to the Court , for the relief
dematiaed in the complaint.
December 23rd, A D 1899.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To the Defendant Eliza J. Seruggs:
Take notice, that the complaint
in this action (together with the summons
of which the foregoing is a copy)
was filed ia the officejof the Clerk o 1
the Court of Common Ple<is, atv Winnsboro,
in the County of Fairfield, in
the State of South -Carolina, on the
4th day of January, 1900.
Mareh 16th, 1900. *
3-17-6c Plaintiffs Attorneys.
' f
Dilb Pane, Ketcbiit Fan, Dairy
Pant, Paddiug Pant, Jtlly Pani,
Wash Pant, Columbia, Scolloped
and Plain Pie Platoi, Tea, Bfirl
aud Grary Straineri, Grateri, Po-,
into Mathers, Cord Moild?. I*Z
Whips, Toasters, .Si^ve Settle*,
; Dish Kettles, le?, 'I . t Basting
Spooss, ColantLr*, uoff*
Standi, Bitcoit C*tt?rs, Jfcc..
Notice to Voters
T".* Book*- of Registration f ? th*
nsxr Municipal Election, to be h> la ??n
April 2rh next for Intcn l*nr and lour
Tfaroeus for the town of VTinnsboro,
R C., vril! be open for the registering *f
raters at tb.'- st?r# of Jo^.n V
SnJi f-0'? Jaouarv 1. 1900. and eio**.
April 1, 1*00 All vnfp'-p jM thi? ?lp.
ik>? are required t?> register *i-h
this time. -. ?
J :: to A K,
Sap?nri?or ! RsjUirltiyi.
JACK his season at iin*boro.
He is tif e^n hands Lijjb. black
with white points; w?ifh* aine h*ndred
poands Be took th? firit prisf
at the last State F?ir. insurance Tin
Dollars. J.I.WHEELER.
3-13-1 (a
We are sole agents in Winnsboro
for Heinz's goods.
When you need Pieties,
. ask for Heinz's, they
are the best,
Heinz's Dill Pickles are
Heinz's Sweet ?and Sour
Heinz's Cucumbers in bulk.
Heinz's India Radish.
^Heinz's Celery Sauce.
Heinz's Tomato Catsup.
Heinz's Preserves in bulk.
Heinz's Apple Butter and
. Heinz's Mince Meat in bulk
and glass.
This is the season for evap-.
onited fruits. We k'ave them
in ^Prunes, - Apples, Peaches
and Aprico.ts. ^ 7
Tlttfllnnimnrl tlifl Bnnt
rriiutiidu iuc ABM
by the customersl
Th? p?opl? whoare'tht wiwst j^dyt
of qualities and r*la?. Oat
ufiling of
?t rvTT? o 4 nnir
rijUUA- SAVyVil)
Aid til othtr line* of Staplea?d F**ay
ijroctrita can be accepted aa the btat
prodtctd. We tearcbtd the aarkata
for tit choicttt (not tie ehraptlt)lo?d?,
and tfet rtprlt of ??r *mce??ifll
fctjiif it here ft r our coatojMra. :
W ha?a jut rrcairtd a- Im lot of
If ly Rose aa<l Goodrich Sttd Potatet?;
alao Onicn ^?ta.
Mp.Msstep hmm
1U U ill B.IMU1 uvmpitflj
MULES, a few good Mares, a &<\%
0> nfcination Horse. at>da few
l'.ug Home. My Male*
are finer than I hare
erer handled.
I will sell the xboye stock eheap for
ca?h, or on time for good bankable
I will pay the highest cash price for all
classes of cat lie, fat or poor.
1 hare a few Dice BUGGIES that 1
wili so 1 cheap for casfc.
I haveemployed Mr. Artbar Op-ess
f->r >he present year, lie wi:i b? ylad!
'o bare his friend* call on bins and do
%owe basincs*.
A. Williford,
\Vius:sboro, 8. .
vrith.a fall Ca*k*ta, 5?rfl
Ca??? Offim, wns'antljr en.ka*4,
av sf hexrs> wku rtqvMted.
Ttaaairfai f#r ps-t pt?r?aajr? a*4 *oW<
i tu?n ter a afeare la tfee fwfcarm, in m
*44 ??a<l
CslHs at(Mdw5 to ai aJJ h??.
nmBLL&jr w mm&
J. M, WLHW ? * .
4-&* ~ly
Engraved . ~
Visiting Cards.
I nvitations, Eta. . v?|
A full assortment of styles
to select from.
Prices to compete with any
Often Lower. :|g
Cards printed from .plate,"
$1.00 j>?r 100.
New plates from r - ~ ??
SOc to 31.00.
' Send all such orders to
Wat?kmak*? &
~"Yf~ |
TnRT^w mr tm
I:q digestion
Dyspepsia |
, .1- " " fvj
' ' , . TE>ysp?psi?
gkarlitte Ctiierciil GtUsp, - |1
Charlotte, 2f..C., established^ 1S91
. ?<* - > ; - M
B?e Bisiicss
Rome, Ga., established i* 1$S ,
now under om msaagensent, offers exceptional
advantages to any >?
desiring a thoroughly practical betiness
education is the shortest posiibis
ti?o. - ' .;1jg
The wide range of territory cor?r?4 _ '%
by oar employment agencr tfori*
exceptional chances for secorisjf po?ilions
will fuaraotee ioai po?ton
if yoa take oar guarantee court*.
Tbe rooms in the acbools^are large
and convenient and well lighted.
Tgodk men or veurg women may
enroll in either school any week day
during the year.
If ye? are a stenographer, bookkeeper
or teacher_and desire a po?i- ;
tion, writs tbe riedmoet Agency,
Ckarlotte, N. C. If yon art net a
stenographer, er book-keeper, apend a ?
few jnontha in os? ef tbeae sckeels
and cet TO?r?elf in shape for e?r?i?f
Shonld yon deaire to be an expert in
interest, atocka, trade aliaeonut, ate,
send 21 cents in atanipa or silver and
fet onr Pocket Calculator?iot wkat
yoa need.
For circulars and farther inform
don, address,
D, M. President.
"111 I#f*I?tfed &est tsd Otker Steriw," . 4
With u la&o- nnnMHBL
ivfttsff SB:;
Esrsfsfc mtUA
. eoemxuey.Aa '
oMorodciMi Irl
AtlA JH CH^K' " -^
siHaAjg B II ? I
iMztUnd ^BlvRI
leMeT^em*. *?
! ^SSrVuto-I.. Eo.^Gh*- , J
, *Wto? Mliif Plat Baa, "TIicjUb Wha gS
' OnMkt LaacV7 "FosrfMa Ittka of Fafcna
ImV "??Ut*c LoeJa oT Hair,1' "X* W?u, No
- M"V HM At<i?i." ?c..atc. TMs tat
, afiaa toaad la doth, plead on axtm fiaa
' if ladianlntiTjttiirwfiTTWirmtlTinlrrTiTT
Sad. Wsrtfc ?JQ, aiM pocKaM te {1.00.
, Marat aaaa. Sead Cor car rnt spaatol aiaa- *v"V' <$
trafeatsaManciMHadtrss. OwjMttde** -'^
at prists wall coed books. Addas ail azdaata -^j??
m* +<*? c???r w MUW.wRittor.

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