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WINNS30R0, S. .
Wedmea&Jkj, Mar?k 38, -- 1909
The American G-ianer and Cetton
Beptrtinf Agea?j te?s great dinner
to the formers in the 'establishment of
warehouses for the storage ?f cotton.
It S88BK3 underneath the system a
secret scheme to control the cotton
aarket and oppress the farmer. It
admits that this is not the avowed purpose
of the "Napaleons in the domain
of business," ptblicly expressed, bat
that i 'the iavasioB has gbeen undertaken"
and "is insidious in its approaches.
This is abeut the way the scheme
will be worked accordiag to the
?inner: "The cotton will be taken to
th* wapfl^nn&A hv fhn fareftrs when
the pries of cotton Is cot satisfactory,
and the farmer will want a little
money on hit cotton. He will take
his warehouse receipt and negotiate a
loan approximating the value of the
eotton at ths time of delivery. The
warehoate concern will probablr advance
the money itself. When the
cotton declines a margin will be demanded,
but the farmer has spent the
money he borrowed and cannot pet it
up. He loess his cotton, and the
warehouse concern has his cetton."
This, of eourse, may set apply to
, local warehouses ownei by home
people, but the trusts have a way of
crushing oat loeal competition. They
have swallowed so nearly all the cotton
seed oil mill;, and they mav get
central ef the warehouse.
The farmer has within himself,
4 however, the pewer to be independent
of the trusts. If he will raise his own
supplies and cotton as a surplusage,
. he can hold his eotton himself when
nUatu ?rif) mre\r\'t Vi*jrm tr\ hni'PltW
- ??w
money on it. The trouble with the
farmer is that his methods of doing
business make him an easy prey for
the trusts to devour.
In reund numbers $S,000,000 have
been invested in cotton mills in this
State since the first day ol January.
We regret that not one cent of this
amount has been > .vested in Wiuns*
The future of Winnsbore, as is the
case with nearly every little town in
tbe South, depends upon cotton manufacture.
The following from the
if r a .) t> j ... .
rv?tura xe? pvi uugut.
Not only do cotton mills bring profits
to stockholders, they bringjprofita to
*11 in a commanity by building up the
towns in which they are located. They
are emphatically the town builders of
this sectien. They &T6 filling the Carolina*
and Georgia with prosperous
towns. Columbia, which was sleepy
*\ and unpromising, bas sprang.; from a
v- population of 10,035 in 1890 to 20,000.
It is now wide-awake and fall of
promise. Griffin, in Georgia, & town
midway of Atlanta and Macon, sapped
by both, was in a state ot decay, out
cotton mills bare placed it in a prosperous
and substantial condition.
Greenville, in South Carolina, had
3,607 people in 1890; it will show in
the new census orer 15,000. Spartanburg,
which had 5,500 in 1890, will
show 12,000 this year. Gafiney, which
consisted a few years ago of a railroad
station and a lime kiln, has been
* turned by mills into a ^prosperous litV
Ue city of 3,000 people. Pelaer, which
was a spot on the map, now contains
- N < 3,000 people. North Carolina is lull
of similar examples of growth from
and through cotton mills.
WVion rtna ianctitMni Krinai ir>
deads and general prosperity, it is no
wonder that towns from the Rio
Grande all around to the Potomac are
gathering capital and building many
mills, and large mills, too, in some
cases. The cotson mill movement in
the South is the wonder and glory of
these times in the Cotton States. It
cannot be carried too far. Baild mills
in big towns and in little towns, and
even at roa,d crossings, for every welinan&ged
mill is a gold nine alike to
stockholders and to the public.
We need more of these "town builders."
One mill has done a great deal
lor us. We ought to have a half
dozen in less than fire years.
Thx Japanese are closer to the Philippines
than we are, and probably
know more about them. A Japanese
yiawowamav* VkACT rtOOffKf kmnAr Af t
ucnauapci vu^uu iuv umuvt v*
the frequent report# that the war there
is over. It says: "Manila papers continue
to report the annihilation of the
rebels, the complete desertion of
A^uinaldo and other excitements. * *
. - It wiii aaionnt to this, that when
Agaiaaldo is taken?if he 8ver is?and
when the Philippine army is smashed
people will not believe it. Most people
will wink ths other eye and say
the Americans maet be getting badly
corncred again."
By the way, what has oecome ox
Agein&ldo? Has tbat chase after him
ever ended?
The Spectator (Londos) thinks that
afler about three years the United
States can give the Philippines "as
much profitable business as is good
for the morality of any Asiatic people."
The Administration it has observed it
imbued with European ideas. The
Puerto Rican tariff bill, in its opinion,
will give the people of that island "as
much profitable business as is good for
their morality."
Sjfer~* ' r or Over jrtzvj x ears.
JJes. ^ctslo-vt's SooTHixe Stkpp
hay beea used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for t&eir children
while teethiag, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softena the sunos,
allays sU pain, cares wind colic, and
is the best reaedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
immediatel?. Sold by druggists ia
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Wiaslow's Soothing Syrup,"
And take no ether kind* 1-1-17
fJ: gfcr'4",
... -'-,.
It if tearly time for another cotton
mill. Iq some placet merchants hare
bniit cotton mills for tie increased ]
trade tnej briny. What ia the ?x- ,
perience of the merchants of Widbs- j
boro with the mill here? Winnaboro t
ought to have * half dozen mills in
three or fonr years.
Wl wast Fairfield to quit killin* 1
negroes and sending them up to Chea- 3
ter for ieqaest .?Chester Lantern. ,
Ife rrant Chester to qait sending ,
negro tiiieves, and sometimes white ,
ones, to Fairfield tor oar .oflcers to |
arrest. 5
Mr. Macruh, ex-consul to Pretoria, (
will hav> a ehance to prote his charge ,
that the British opeaed his mail. In- ,
cidenta'ty he may answer the charge J
that he left . South Africa because he (
was afraid. The Euglish ha?ve said so. {
Some people may doabi the wonder- 1
fnl surgical operation psrfermed in
Baltimore and reported in The Jirws |1
axd Hizbald. The iaformation comes 1
stralgh' and trom a sonrce that can
leave n-- doabt as to j's truthfulness
The President didn't have the back- ,
bane to insist on the "pl&iu <iut>" of <
Congress, and the result is that his
party have got into a tangle. In the j
?eamti:ae the country id indicant. |
A bad woman is worse than a bad (
man. Ir is not surprising, therefore,
that Mrs- Hashes is always ia
the hands of the law. ^
Chaelsst#n ua?>:i no; u?gi?e up
the proposed exposition. We feel
sure that the whole State will support
The licit that Dr. Heover of Ridgeway
h*s established no of&ee at Mr. 1
P. C. Mellichamp's store aid will attend
tbere every Tuesday will tend
greatly to relieve the minds of oor
geod people here and oar friends in
the adjoining neighborhood. Dr.
Heover is a young physician and Bur{MD
of raro ability and bids fair to
attain ^rest eminence in his profession.
Since Dr. Province left ua here
alene not a few of ns hare felt uneasy 1
by bein^- thus situated withoat any established
physician- So the coming
ol Dr. Poorer will do much to relieve
oar fee.'isgs in more than one rsspect.
Tbere is seise sickness ia oar neighborhood,
though not mack at present 1
except son; cues suffering frem
chronic troubles. We hare a few !
brocic cempiainers out nop? iam
they will soon be aet right. 1
Mr. Will Baker is quite sick now
with some troubles of several years 1
standing. Dr. Hoorer is very hope- ;
folofbim however, and we hope he 1
will soon be well and strong again.
Mr. John Dyet of Blackstock, is
preparing to put up a sawmill across
the Waierea Creek from here. He
has a lot of logs cut over there how
and would be glad to take other
orders for lanbtr.
Mr. B. F. Cassels, one of oar farmermerchii'ts,
took a little vacation last
week, spending several days with
relative* i* Chester.
The i-opular Mr. Howard Culp, of
Chester, passed through our tow* a
short white ago. Mr. Culp is a joJlr
fellow, carrying snashine and naerriment
with him wherever he goes, and
it was Tery exhilarating to have bias
pnt in his appearance in our duil little
town tilling of what a fine oppor
tunity he had down in Lonjtown te
display his ever graceful galantry.
Just imagine him holding a pair of .
runaway horses with one hand and !
keeping a yoong lady frem falling ont
the baggy with the other. "Jnst to
keep fr^ca falling, his area aroaad her
stole," ?tc. Let as see you ofteoer,
Mr. Cu p. We never tire ef nearing
your various experiences and anansing
adventures. M C P.
Marc a 23,1900.
________________ i
. "It i? a surprising fact," -evsProf
Houtor . "that in my travel* in all
parts of tbe world, for the last ten
years, 1 have met more people Dazing
used Grsen'a August Flower than any
other rt medy, for dyspepsia, deranged
liver ar d stomach, aud for constipation.
i Sad for tourists and salesmen,
or lor persons cuing oecc? poa-.uvno,
where headaches and general bad feelings
from irregular habits exist, that
Green's Aagnst Slower is a grand
remedy It does not injare the system
by freqa^ct &se, and is excellent for
sonr stc-aachs aid indigestion." Sample
bot iM free at Uottaster (Jo.'s.
Sold ty dealers in all ciraizsd coEntries.
skate or ok. exorgjt sweeny
Rev. Geo. L- 8weei?y% D. D., for
several >?ars rector ol th? Chnreh of
Onr Sfe.'ioar, died suddenly ia the
sity of New Yerk on tbe 10th instant,
of the eSicts of la grippe. Dr. Sweear
came to Heck Hill about 1891 and had
his hero? bere until about ??e rears
ago, wt ?a he removed to W&shiagton
He was a native of Scotland and wa* 1
a man of brilliant literary attainment*
as well fs :i distinguished theologiaa.
Dr. Sweeney's life had been very
sad fcetanse ef the f*ct that he ha<1
baei called open > bary bis wile an?i
sevea children and the later years
his life r?e had as his oaiy comforts
his jo*ag soa, Arthur, wb? at to .j
time ot ?i? father's daath wa* ab*e-1 j
from hi- bedside. 1
Dr. weeny had many friend* iu
this city. He was aS2<i -legree Mason
and an t cthuaiastic K?ig:-t of JPyt&iae
Fer sev ral years be w*?- a mere be
of the Grand Lodge ot" tne Jatter o:-[
ganizat on :1b this State,.;w here he
very p volar, and a?- t!ie laborionehairm
n of the c??o>itteo on for?*ijj*
corre^p^'idijnce b# w*e known anr ,
esteemed in every grand iiomai?; i?-|!
this cou :*rv. H:? wi- *?*i wis'?r?r : j
his rept-?> to the G";:d I-iO^b f i
Stat? Sir ?e !a?ia a citu.-t.si ref/Kuttiut , <
?Rock ?Ii'l H?ra?d.
T\? s o>4.a ftf si .trv?,.'w i '
JLSi * k." rvu f rw aa u vi i# ? v-s*j-j
Winnst ro, aad St. Stephen's. K:d;cmy,
fo>- awhile, and * as wtl! know- ,
Ad V -^uest Medleiae for ca Grippe.
tteorj. W ?Yaif.\ t?f ^uaib Garri - !
cer, Me . says: f4I L:*v bad iht* wont ^
cocgb, < -!d, ebi!ls and ?rii> and ha ,
taken !c <of tra*h uf u<- nccocar >5i*>: J
profit t< 'h^ venocr. ?' bamWeriai '? <
Coag'a Nemeriy is U?e op'; tuh. ?j
has doc any good hotter. " I ' j
osed on*, bottle of it acd the < &>!!?, 1
cold znc. grip bave ail ;eft me. I ccn- <
jratula! - the mapn'actarers of *. 1
hOBes: ? -idicine " For **1? by J?c.M*e *
ter Co. j
Rais, rain, and still it continues to
:ain. Notwithstanding the excessive
rain?, considerable farm work has
>een done. The farmers availing
ihemselves of the few fair day? of the
past two weeks, worked-with a Tim,
md succeeded in getting some corn
planted. If we have favorable weather
aext week we will in all probability
yet our usual acreage of Marcb corn
planted. We don't tbink the cotton
icreaee will be increased in oar seclion.
Farmers will devote the usual
icreage te corn, etc.
Gardening is bow the order of the
day. Nearly every one greets yea
ivith the question, "Have you planted
four garden?" Most of them coald
wbwer in the affirmative now. Some
of oar gardeners hare cabbage, peas,
Lnrnipt, lettuce, etc., up, and looking
The recent cold wave occasioned1
ornch uneasiness concerning the fruit
crop. Some seemed to think it was
kilied or injured Eeverely. However,
it bas not been killed. We d? not
ibink that it has been injured to anv
great extent. Peach aad plum trees
are blooming out nicely
Small grain is looking well, especially
oats, Mr. Ed. Mellichampe bag
'Va <rr**ir> wa't* SPAT).
Mi?i Ross Harrison, of Texarkaua,
Texas, who has bsea viiitins relatives
bere, was called home on account of
sickness, her znotber, sister and
brother being ill with pneumouia. i
Dr. Eii H. Eariuon accompanied her!
a' Jar at Atlanta, Ga. Upon arrival J
the found that her sister, Mies Panliae
Harrison, had been dead two days,
while terions donbt was entertamaa
of the recovery of her mother an^
brethor. Sho has ihentmost sympathy
of her many friends whom she
wo* while here.
Oar old friend and neighbor, Mr.
Joe Stewart, has been qaite ill for
?9me time. He is now in-fcis ainetyfirst
year. Few people reach this remarkable
old age. We, along with
his other friends, wish him a speedy
Mr. and Mrs. Gettys, of Rabon's
Cross-Roads, spent a day or two at
Mr. T. W. Melliehamp's recently.
Mr. Robert Stewart, of Winnsboro,
was in Loogtown last week.
91. 190ft R. H. D. I
If troubled with rhenmatism, fire
Chamberlain's Pain Balm a trial. It
will not eoit you a cent if it dors do
?ood. One application will relieve the
paio. It also cures sprains and bruises
in one-third the time required by any
other treatment. Out*, barns, frostbites,
quinsey, pains in the side and
che&t, glandular and other swellinrs
are quickly cured by applying it.
Every bottle warranted. Price, 2i
and 50 eta. For sale by MeMaster Co.
About one-half of the time, since
March lit, has bees very busily spent
by the "plow-boys" preparing for another
cr >p The remaining half has
been raining and too wet te plough.
If the rains continue land? will let be
a< thoroughly prepared as ihey should
be; still the iitntion of all farmers
are to plant a large eotton crep. Se*e
were in hopes that the cold weather,
would destrey the grain and enable '
them to plant more cotton. Such is
the blindness of many farmers.
Very little garden work has been
done, outside of sowing early seeds;!
consequently we are forced to subsist |
oi "tureip sprouts and bread" for
some time yet.
There is very strong talk of building
a telephone line from Ridgeway to
tai? place. #It would be a huge addi
- - -3 t M A ?
tien to oar section, aaa oewenui?i lv
Ridge way ae well.
Mrs, E. A. Davis, who hat been
very ill for several week*, is convalescing.
Miss Lillie Hood, ef BJythewood,
spent Monday at Myrtle.
Mi*g Fannie McLean, of Blythewood,
is spending some time with
Miss Belle Davie.
B<rst wishes to Thx News
Qebjlld. Dixie.
M..rcb 24,190
? !
A Fri?&tf*I Blmn*er
Will often cause a horrible Born,
Scald, Cot or Bruise. Bncklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will
kill the pain and promptly heal it.
Cave* #ld Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers,
Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions.
Best Pile cure on earth. Only
25 ets. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by MeM aster Co., druggists.
Miss Marie Moere, of Sidgeway,
arrived in Ifinnsboro Tuesday and is
wiLh her sister, Mrs. S. ?. McDowell.
A druggist in Macon, Ga., says: **l'
have sold a large quantity of Mo tiler's :
Friend. and have never known an in
stance where it has failed to produce the
good results claimed for it. All women
agree that it makes labor shorter and less
Mother's Friend!
Is not a chance remedy. Its good effects i
sre readily experienced by all expectant;
mothers who use it. Years ago it passed ;
the experimental stage. While it always :
shortens labor and lessens the pains of!
ielivery. it is also of the greatest benefit;
luring toe earlier months of prognancy. 1
Morning sickness and nervousness are j
readily overcome, and the liniment relaxes j
the strained muscles, permitting them to '
fcxpand without causing distress, mother's
Fnend gives great recuperative power to j
the mother, and ber recover/ is sure ana j
rapid. Danger from rising and swelled
breasts is done away with completely.
Sold by drujjlsts for $i a bottle.
9tsd tor nr Ms ffiafittus b??k to aspMat xntlm.
AVegetablePreparationforAs- if!
similating tteTood andReg ula- id .
finfl the S tornado 2nd Bqwp is pf I?
Eromotes"Di|esUon;Ckerful- i|
\ nessatvdBesLContains neimer |Ej
OprariTMorphine nor "Mineral- jgj
NOT NARC otic. m
Suiptc/OIdl^SXKEELSH^BER <?|
PumJeat Sad-'
. MfSmm* ] Wg
fiMltSJn- I 83
J&iubrd.:* I ?ra
/hatTJW2^ ^ 7^2. 3B
Mntficd- I m
ttqnntd'?tg&r+ I H
Iti&rjz wu FkDNK J ,5Sj A
Aperfect fiemetiy lor Constipa- ? I
tion.SourStomajEh.Diarrhoea, ;gj |
Wonns?orrvulsions.Feverish- |i \
| oessandLossoFSUEEP. S *
TflcSinuk Signature cf
xew Vgrk. i
am??? * ^i'W
1 Here it the latest story of the man
who is too stingy to take his home
paper: "A man wbo was too economical
to take this paper sent his <
little boy to borrow the copy takes by 1
his neighbor. In bit baste the boy '
ran orer a $4 stand of bees and in ten ,
minutes looked like warty summer
aqnash. His cries reached bis father,
who ran to his assistance, and failing ,
to notice a barbed wire fence, ran iBto ;
: thai, breaking it down, cutting a hanafal
of fleth from bis anatomy, and
ruining a $4 pair of pants. The old j
eow took advantage of the gap in the
; fence, and got into th6 cornfield, and
killed herself eating green corn. Hearing
the racket, the wife ran out, upset
a 4-gallon ehnrn Fall of rich cream
j into a basket of kittens, drowning the ;
> whole flock. In the hnrry, the dropped '
j a $7 set of false teeth. The baby, left
| alone, crawled through the spilled milk
! and into the parlor, raining a brand
new $20 carpet. Daring the excitement
tbe oldest daughter ran away
with tbe hired man; tbe dog broke up
eleven setting hens, and the calves got
out and chewed the tails off four fine
shirts."?Kansas City Journal.
3 & WtSiStS.n
? Knaws I :
I -what suffering from fa31iE? of the K !
g -worab, whites, "paiafnl or irrejfalar g
| inecses, or any diseusooftbe distinctly g
Ireiainine organs is. A mar. msy syrn.m- ^
thize or pity but be can cot know the g
agonies she goes through?the terrible \
suffering:, so patiently borne, which
robs her of beauty, hope and happi- a
ness. 7 c t this suffering really is a
needless. ^
Wise M CM
will banish it., This medicine
cures all "femalediseases''quickly
and permanently. It does away !
with humiliating physical esanii- !
nations. The treatment may be
token at home. There is not continual
expense and trouble. The
sufferer is cured and stays curcd. j
Wine of Carduiis becoming the J <
leading remedy for all troubles of \
this class. It costs but $i from any ;
I druggist ;
For advice in cases requiring I
special directions, address, the |
I "Ladies Advisory Department,'' | i
1 The Chattanooga Medicine Co., ?
9 Chattanooga, Tenn. ; . 8
I " MRS.C.J. WEST, Naahville,Term.. fa I
B writes:?''This wonderful medicine oa~ht B '
9 to be in every house where there are girls g
H and women." |
Dish Pads. Ketchin Pact, Dairy
P*dk, Podding Pane, Jelly Pans,
Wash Pani, ColKmbia, ScoJIopid
and Plain Pit Platas Tea, Bowl |
and Gravy Strainer*, Gntera, Po
o+rt U??h*ra f^nrrl Mnilldi.
Whips, Toasters, Stove Kettle*,
Dish Kettles, Tea, Table and Basting
Spoons, Colanders, C o fl e
Stands, Biscuit Cmtters, ?fc-: (
' i
tvit* a fali sto?k cf O&skois, iaem
Cft'^PS *7>d Coffiaa, ?<#Qstarit'y 01 ha&4>
aad uw ef hearse wbea restarted.
Tfeaalefai f?r p?c?cage aac tea*tation
far a sfcar? ia fcha ?*$*re, i* tke '
id stand
.'aV0 *U?r.dc4 r? af *>?
mS ELLI&7T <*??! 3B**P,
J. Ik, B&JEiS&PV & ??.
. i
^ ^*3^ il m ^j'41.
$s >& & N & wl ? 1 ?
^ fig ? v4 ? y g & r| h gg
-JSB & W V^W ?? ? > ?g
ti? Si 2? ^ W_-_ sn ca
For Infast-g rnd Child :sn.
n r?' JJ ift/ Piv*^
* ? ty*?* V r?r*? ?. /-*? ?**
isffi RSS1U IGil ft Git ^
Bears the / ^
Signature /j\jjt
\f ?s8
y For Over
^ Thirty Years
I hereby announce ray self a candi
3ats for the office of Sheriff for Fair
ield County, and will abide by thi
iction of the Democratic primaries.
I hereby announce myself as acandi
late for Clerk of Court, subject to thi
action of the Democratic primaries.
I hereby anuounce myself a candidal
for the office of Clerk of Court for Fair
Beld County, subject to the action of tli
Democratic primaries.
I hereby announce myself a candidat
for the office of County Supervisor fo
Fairfield County, subject to the action o
the Demoeratic primaries.
Comity Supervisor.
Claims Appeoted at ths last Meet
dcs of th5 BoAXD OF COUSTT
CojonssioxEns Hxlo Mas.
9, 1900.
The following claims weieexaminei
and approved on State Case Fand o
No. Amoun!
180 W H TimmertRan, State
Treasurer, $74,67 7
181 R E Ellison, 300 0'
The claims were examine<
and appivvca ou Eoad and Bridg
Fund of 1899:
No. Amount
182 T J Donglass, $1 3
183 W A Trapp, / 16!
184 W B Wrigbt, 1 6
The following claims were examiue*
aari approyed on State Case Fund o
No. Amouni
185 News and Herald, $30 2',
186 H F Bueschel, 8 5<
187 John M Harden, 5 2.
188 TM Cathcart, *5'
189 D L Glenn, N 12 5
190 E A Glenn, 12
191 J E Corn well, 14 5.
The following siaims were examine*
and approved on Road and Bridgi
Fond of 1900:
ffo. Amonni
192 T E lark, $ 4 41
1S3 T D Wix, 10 51
194 J C Ruisell, 6 5!
195 Lazaras Johnson, b 2
196 W C Boyd & Co, 19 8
197 W J Johnson, 25 5
198 SH Morgan, 13 5
199 Edaands k Rnff, 12 7
200 C P Wray, 17 5
201 Joha M Smith, 1 7
202 W J Lemmon, 15 2
20S W R Rakb, 18 9
The following claims were examine*
and approved on Poor Hoose Fnnd ?
So. Amount
204 Manse! McClintock, $9 1
The following claims were examine*
and approved on Publi? Building fun<
No. Amount
W5 Walker, E & Cogswell, $ 8 ft
206 Walker, E & Cogswell, 10 51
207 James L Richmond, 5 11
208 B G Tennant, 5 41
209 R H JenniBgs, 1 9!
I do certify that the above statemea
is a correct copy of claims approve*
it the last meeting of the Count]
Board of Commissioners held on thi
):h dav of March, 1900.
3 27 County Snpevisor F. C.
Farmers, ***
*** Attention!
:?ries is new complete.
We cater specially I'or Lbe farmers
,r*rt.'. We know whnt they need, anc
ir? j i*. pared toseive ilidin a. bot;om
We also carry a nice line of she!:
SHOE-, H aT>-',
;>ii\ GOO'?Js,
,ii<{ v- * rii-'i r?m??.Jv 'oanrf ii> :
rpt> : t !?
< U- d- Mvert -i .r-? ?>nt ? '?> fr^:1e,
<>r. ej i! -?" l)t.
- ?? ?*. n /<? /I
W. R. RAiSK & UJ
A jonng man [.aboat 2S years oI age
came into Jofcr* Hopkins Hoapital a
-few daj8 "awful pains in
nis stomacn." jtie ioiu me uucivis |
that he had swallowed a numbsr of |
nails, chains, knives, etc., etc.,?thatj
he was a elight-of-hand aaan?and that j
some medical stsdents in town had J
gotten hold of him while playing his |
tricks and tried io prove he was a fake, j
and in order to get rid of his things he j
swallowed them, and having i:some ;
considerable pain" be c?me is to the j
hospitai. The surgeons did not be- I
lirre all of hi3 stary bat took hi <u to!
the X-ray reom and saw by the X-rftv i
lights a number of foreign objects in J
his stomach. So they took him to t'oe j
operating room?made two abdominal:
incisious and this is what was brought |
20 pieces small chain.
1 piece large chain.
4 watch chains.
1 brass chain.
2 pieces small watch chain.
"IA V*nvaocVir\n n?ailq
34 wire sails.
55 ordinary nails.
8 screws,
2 screw eyes.
7 knife blades.
1 knife handle.
50 tacks.
12 pins.
' 1 piece of tin
74: grms. broken glass.
The walls of the stomach w8re ao
macerated that it took hoars to get
everything out. l"his- was four days
ago and he is still doing well. All
the tbiajs were put in a pile and photographed.
This list is from Dr. C.
who assisted Dr. H. in the peratioa.
There isn't another case like it on
record, so it has been much talked
a'eout. One of the doctors said they
found all of the show except the dog.
Operations are of such frequent occurrences
here that they make little
impression, but when they make
such finds as above * sensatioa is
I created. fcr.-H. M?M.
Kellef La six Sours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder Disease
relieved in six hours by <fKew
Great Sonth American Kidney Cure."
' It is a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
in bladder, kidneys and back, in male
or female. Relieves retention of water
I almost immediately. If yoa want
g quick relief and cure ihis is the remedy,
sold by W.?E Aiken, druggist, Winnsboro,
S. C.
e'j SUMMONS. !
Bank of Ridgeway, of Ridgeway,i
8. C., Piaiatift, . . j
J. W. Ray, Defendant.
Summons. For Relief.
To the Defendant above-named:
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint
in this action, which was filed ia the
d office of the Clerk of the Cpnrt of
f Common Plea3. for the saidCounty,
on 15th Marchj 1900, and to serve a |
copy of your answer to the said com-|
plaint on the subscribers at their offices, |
g Nos. 5 and 6 Law Range, Winnsboro,
? South Carolina, "within twenty days
after the service hereof, exclusive of
3 the day of such service; and, if you
0 fail to answer the complaint within the
at r i.u~ +u;?
Li nit; aiuresiiju. uac piaiuuxi. xu oluo
i. action will apply to the court for the
5 relief demanded iu the complaint.
? Dated 15th March, A. D. 1900.
0 A. S. & W. D. DOUGLASS,
j Plaintiff's Attorneys.
/ To the defendant, J. W. Ray :
Take notice that the complaint to;.
gether with tbe snmmons, of which
1 tbe foregoing is a copy, togeth?r with!
) the complaint, was filed in the office
5 of the Clerk of the Court of Common
0 Pleas, at Winnsboro, Connty of Fair- j
0 field, in.the State aforesaid, on loth
D Mareb, 1900.
* A. S. & W.D. DOUGLASS,
1 3-17-6t Plaintiff's Attorneys.
e ?_________?mm??
8 B. M. G-rier, Plaintiff,
* "against
? R. H. Jennings, as Administrator of
* the estate of John H. Clamp, de-1
z. ceased, M. R? Clamp, W. Fletcher1
y Clamp, Lillie Read, Jessie Clamp.
3 John Clamp, Eliza J. Scruggs, ana
f The Bank of Ridgeway, Defendants.
Cvpy Summons for Relief.
if To the Defendants above named:
8 "yOU are hereby summoned and rei
I quired to answer the complaint in
3 this action, which is filed in the office
of the Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas for the said County, and to serve
? a copy of your answer to the said comi;
plaint on the subscribers at their offices
? above The Winnsboro Bank, Winnsj?
boro, S. C., within twenty days after
3 the service hereof, exclusive of the
5 day of such service; and if you fail to
t answer the complaint within the time
1 aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
7 will apply to the Court for the relief
3 demanded in the complaint.
December 23rd, A D 1899.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To the Defendant Eliza J. Seruggs :
Take notice, that the complaint
in this action (together with the summons
of which the foregoing is a copy),
was filed ia the " office.of the Clerk of
[ the Court of Common Ple^s, at Winns1
boro, in the County of Fairfield, in
the State of South Carolina, on the
4th day of January, 1900.
Mareh 16th, 1900.
3-17-6C Plaintiffs Attorneys.
' Dyspepsia Cure
r Digests what yon eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive or
? ?.
gaus. 1U ib bfiU la Wit) u u u^jow.
art and tonic. No othg? fr^parattoa
y&i approach it in effiSMShr. ft te
i stantly relieves and permaneafcly?*Wfes
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartbom,
. Flatulence, Sour Stomaeh, Hawwu
Sick Headache,Gastral?ia,Craajs,M*
all ether results of imperfect digesfciea,
l Prepared by E. C. DeWitt A Co., G^toogo.
Jf?lU*SK Q9.
vWrCB5^?J?, $. ,
' >7; . - >
Johnston's J
.a. most woyp;
A Grand Old Lad y 61
Mrs. Thankful Orilla Hnrd IiVes In
Livingston Co., Mich. This venerable ;
the year 1812, the year of the great w,
York. She came to Michigan in 1840,
too." Ail her faculties are excellently
tentive memory, her mind is full of in
life, of the early days of the State of :
markable people she has met, and the i
ness. But nothing in her varied and
velous and worthy of attention than
disposition to s<Sofula, that terribly de
and is cursing the lives of thousands a
tims of the death angeL Transmitted
found in neary every family in one f
pearance in dreadful running sores, :
goitre, or in eruptions of varied forms,
may be known as catarrh in the head,
and often is, the prime cause of consu
spe&Klng 01 ner case, airs, num a
with a bad skin disease. My arms an
sores, discharging yellow matter. My
unsightly in appearance. My body w,
My eyes were also greatly Inflamed an.
much. My blood was in s. very bad <
at frequent intervals, and I had no ap
was in a miserable condition, I had tri
mended, and doctor after doctor had
the state told me I must die of scrofu
were beginning to form. I at length w
his famous Sarsaparllla. I tried a bot
thine else, as I had no faith in it, an
began to grow better. You can be sur
many bottles. But I steadily improve
sores healed up, all the bad symptoms <
and I hare never been troubled with\
of 83 years Is not a young woman, but
since then, and I firmly believe that J
greatest blood jpurlfler and tha best me
scrofula and as a spring medicine." T
not lok to be more than sixty, and she
life was saved by JOHNSTON'S SAB
accHiG-Air x>rttj& ooaac
John BtTMcMagter & Co.; Winnsboro.S. <
Yf M. Patrick Woodward, 8. C.j T. G. fat
On Your Spri
We ape Ffeaclg
j Slr^oWirig Sj
A beautiful line of Whi
Checked Muslin and Piqt
were contracted for last A
prices; you can have ther
Hamburg, Nainsook and 3
We are also showing a
Spring colors in Prints,
Dttck and Zephyr Ginj
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We will show you good
Sheeting and Towels, and
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We have many new thi
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The Caldwell Drj
Nil Siriij
k *. ;
I am now~ displaying th
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if you have not seen my big st<
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things out in this department,.
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season in the Hat line.
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sell cheap.**
i. v. DOTY It GO.
Yes Her Experience*
the beautiful village Of Bflffl
and highly respected lady wis fcofl
ar, in Hebron, Washington Go?
tiie year or "Tippecanoe uu
preserved, and possessing^* vezfl^^^H
teres ting reminiscencea^rt^wrjM^^^H
manifold recoUections aremorel H
aFQ her experiences in the os^HH
b. Hurd inherited a tendency and^HS
s tractive blood taint whidh?S&CS^M9
nd warking thousands more u Tfe?S
from generation to generation^
orm or another. It may make ita t|K
In unsightly swellings in the cedE^ic fl
Attacking the mucous membraa* if
or developing in the lungs It
ays: "I was troubled for many
d limbs would break out in a ma*tl?^^H
neck began to swell and became
as covered with scrofulous eruptionI* ^
d weakened, and they pained ma VjMfcfl
condition a*d cy head ached Feranpf*
petite. I had sores also In my mxb?
ed every remedy that had beenncaflfe^M
failed. One of the best physician* It
Ions consumption, as internal abcetMfrjfl
as told of Dr. Johnston, of DetrodVaa#?1
tie, more as an experiment than aap*
d greatly to my agreeable eurpria^fc
e I kept on taking it I took 8 CEtttf-fl
d until I became entirely wgIL MjlM
disappeared. I gained perfS?MBffll I
scrofula since. Of course an old WM I
I have had remarkably good ImoB
dieine in the. wide wcrid, both.gmw
Us remarkably interesting old
repeated several times, "I betters Ofl
1; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,&!C#*
rick?& Co., White Oak, S. C. ';', .
ng Shopping
to Help Von by 1
>pir^g Goods. ^
ite Goods in.Plain Lawns,
le. Some of these goods
iugust, before 'the rise in
n cheap. Also new lot otM9
Lawn Embroideries. v.J|
large and varied stocks ef ;
Percales, Colored Pique,
;hams. These goods all Jjg
y -buyers will get the ad.
value in White Spreads, 1
. have a special bargain in IjjH
two-and-a-half and three- .;i|3
i factory ends; splendid.J*?m
ngs to show and you will
' Goods Company, l
e grandest line of SPRING. |j
,AR ever brought to tfris town. J
hey want a Tie. Come early'.?
have missed quite a treafa
d well made. All the newest 1
and the styles are simply granfel
tore look through -my line oT^
y new things to shew you this
"The Bw-legged feast ad Ott? 8toriw?gj^
leidocboner. H|Mr|
kwk to be 1
xmA aloud and
ttfOftA Miwiy
?wr fiends. Contains "The Bow-kss*! Ghq^*
"When Szr& Sang Flat Bess. "TtfWwl^
(Mbft iAnch," wPceaible TItlee of hM-;-;l
Jocks," "SeUiaf Locks of Hair," "Xo Wetnaa, H?JM."
"Society Actresses," eta, ete. TWs ? - ->
edition boaad in cJottL. panted en extsa flat . 1
peer, and absolutely the beet hnawreotboekpal^; ,, !
Babed. WflCti $2.50, mailed potfpald for $Ltk <
<Mer at ence. Send for our sew apodal ell1 v;
tratadcatstoroeBu&edfrec. Gireeyw* thei?w?""..s.
set prices on all food books. AcMrere ail ordeals ;':>
MNttici ItiufictcnTS* Aire*, Otto, ;
ttteWarxr Cwap?r to ttacecoty wMiMtJ SWNft f, 'J!/;

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