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wrwa^ jn? nmaxj .
re wai hi giiii& osigaW.
Ose Tear, ... 9LG0
Six Moaths. - .75
Wedcudsy, April <? - - 1900
wwgwwiwtwac i.i-jii ha ii i 11 iiiiiiwi i
We hire receired the Jiauary numbs?
of Tho South Carolina Historical
and Genealogical Magazine, published
fcy (be S?utb Carolina Historical Society.
It contains rnncb interesting
matter, and deserves success. Tie
magazine will be issned quarterly.
The letter f rona Thon.as Jefferson to
Jadge William Johnston is qnite in
> teresting in view of tv*c pretent course
of the Republican p*rty Judge John ton
was t Jndge oi the Court of
Common Pleas of South Carolina and
was a Justice of the United States
Supreme Court.
The imperialism of the Republican
party and its centralizing policy art
nothing new to that party. In this!
? letter written in 182$ Thomas Jefferson
says: "Our opponents are far ahead of
us in preparations for placing their!
cause favorably before posterity. * * *
* The fact is that, at the formation of
our government, many had formed
their political opinions on European
writings and practices, believing the
experience of old countries, and eape*
eially of England, abusive as it was,
to be a safer guide than mere theory.
In the Con* nation which
formed our government, they endeavored
to draw the cords of power as
tight as they could obtain them, to lessen
the dependence of the general
fanctionaires on their constituents, to
subject to them those of the States, to
weaken their means of maintaining
~ - ? iLA
fiie steady equinorinni wmcu
majority of tbe conv#ntion had deemed
salutory for both branches, general
and load. * * * The cherishment
of people then was oar principle,
the fear and distrust of them that of
the other parCy."
This has been the history of the
Bepnblican party. Mr. Jefferson eon*
eludes that t&e original objects of the
federalists (now Republicans) were
(1) <4to warp our gorernineut more to
the form and principles of monarchy,
and (S) to weaken the barriers of the
State governments as co-ordinate
These two things have been accom?
plished to a great extent, and the
effort to further f ulfil the mission and
object of the party is madiiested in
the policy of the party with reference
to our new possessions. The destruction
of "the barriers of i&e State governments
as co-ordinate powers" was
well nigh accomplished by brute lorce
from 1860-1865. Eacon raged at erery
tarn, the Republican aattr has been
.. sore and more follow?!^ European
Jeas. It is well row and then to
tara to the old patriots for eonnsel
and ivdvice in present emergencies,
aad ic is rare that we find that they
have not predicted present troubles
aid pointed bat their eauiea.
The following letter has boee re*
ceired by Prof. Witherow :
Ifinthrop College,
Bock Bill, 8. C.,
March 1900.
My dear Profeisor Witherow: We
have jost made arrangements to have
a lecture on the i%San and the coming
eclipse" on Trftsy eyeniag, May 25th.
rroiessor rrenus?, ear uter, i?
Profeasar of Astronomy in Butter's
Collet;* and it a fine astronomer and a
foot lectarer. He was for a long
lime a computer in the Nautical almanac
oflce at Washington, and sine# be
has been teaching has been doing a
food deal of lecturing in Now York
and New Jersey. His lectares are illustrated
by tke stereoptieon, and bis
large eolleelion of: slides insures an
interesting collection of illustrations of
bis subject.
Professor Prentiss .is coming here to
observe tke eclipse and will either
bare his station at Lancaster or near
Winnsbero. I write to ask you if you
would like him to deliver a lecture in
your sekool on the evening of the 26th
(Saturday). I think it wi!h be a good
opportunity for your school and town
*- t 1 S? X V.J. *VIo ....
CO fl?T<5 B lllisni JU1 imo vet j
interesting phenoaeaon.
Siaee Professor Prentiss iscoaiag
south for the eelipss, I thick b? would
- be williag to deliver bis lectors oa
try Moderate terse.
Please let ae knew if yon care to
bare hi*, and if so, the ratea that
woild be agreeable to yen. I wonld
suggest that, if yon wish to have hia,
yea coald offer kin, say tbe first 930
and half the profits ever this aaount
Tea weald insur no risks is sack as j
Hoping to bear frem yoa soon, Iaa,
Years rerr truly,
W. E. Br.tgziale,
-*r ,
Profeseer of Mathoaaties, Physics
and Astroneay.
We refer tbe aatter to tbe coaaittee
appointed by Mount Zioa Society.
Xverybody is interestedjtu ihe coming
eclipse and it wonld seen that twenty
dollars oagkt to be easily raise ).
People are anzions to know something
of the pkenoainon. Knowledge
kafrkM the will h* mnrft satis*
I factory thai that acquired afterward*.
fw ?rer Fifty Tears.
Mas. vIctslow's Sootmik? Sxaur
has beea used for over fifty ye*rs by
*iilia?s of mothers for their childrei
white feethiaj, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the (ass,
allays ail pais, cares wisd colic, aid
in the heat reaaedy for diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer
iwnediaiely. Sold by druggists i>
trery part of the world. Treaty-five
(easts a bottle. Be sere asd ask fer
"Mrs. Wiaslow's Soothing Syrap,"
ltd take ao elfctr load. l?M7
Wines a Uaitei State* Senator pays
orer $500,900 for his seat, it is uat
gurf rising that the Senate it o?raed by
the millionaires. No poor man can
afford to pay so mueb.
The death of Gaa. Joabert it as
- '?- a* tvto /?aefh
|fni > I9IS [O tUS uuai* M IHV uv?t?
of QfoB. Jackson mi to the Confederacy.
Mr. Editor: I feel the interest of my
country so deeply that I am foreed to
contribute my mite in bebalf of ber
fntire welfare. So, Jellow-citizens, I
hope yoa will pause for awhile and
apply your brain to a few ideas tbat
are continually passing threagh the
mind of your humble secant. Let
me implore yon, while H.00. W. J.
Bryan, McLanriii, 5. R. Tillman and
others are ?o nobly battling for freedom's
car.se and a general reformation
in ecr nation's financial history. |
Let me ask yon, my countrymen, will
you not shoulder the saoall arms and !
MK mnntrf'l mpre:!?S? fOflB. V!2..
XOVV WMk J - ? , m
the countless capitalists, who tor rears
hare preyed oa the laboring people iike
valtnre# until there is naught left bat
the skeleton ot poverty. My country|
men, we read of the rapid strides of
! progress throughout the South, bat
i how much of that progress do we, as
the producers, realize? Does common
seise no* teaeh as that we are yearly
producing millions and there is scarcely
enough left in the producer*' hand*
to pay taxes on lhe land it was made
on? Who is he that does net rejoice
at the progress A our Sunny Southlaid?
But, ah, how macb more genuine
wor id be the rejoicing if the
honest piowman could grasp and hold
whet he feels in hi# heart is honestly
his own; then, fellowci'izens, with
these fee tings, why, I ask, do you not
shonlde'- arms in gelf-defeuce? King
Cotton, one of the green-syed m? us
ters which &D8oro men-a *om?, x w</*m
the cap.t:aiiRt?, and on th? otbar hand
deprive the honest toiler* and their
families of the neeo?s:ties of life.
Mcthinfcs I hear some fleecy staple
gentleaa a a?!t, why. ?Tell, sir, I
shall brefly give you some original
eommo* aense ideas. I will in the
first p.'ac3 say there is too raueh |eotton
Made. 4s yoa knoir. frit ads, the
money kings of LiT?r?jo?l aid New
Yerk ar aetnnlly employing dishonest
men to miarepreseet our crops for
self-iat'; est and gresd, which controls
the price. Why even a biiad
man c&r read the canning scheme of
the capitalist. The larger the crop t he
less the producer reai-ze* for it, while
they are emassiag their millions at the
expense of the laboring man. 2ud.
We are searing onr lire a ?ay at the
laborious task ef raining cottou, be
sides lmparenKiuog ?ur icimc i^uua,
encouraging &ad ereatieg millionaire*,
devoting oar time, talents and inbor to
the guano companies, ail tending to
enslave as to the trusts sad merci!<?ss
money worshipers. My friends, Trill
not rational minded men profit by
past experience? Why, what i* cotton
bringing to-day??10 casts, while
last fall the average farmer onlr realized
5 cents. Do yon not see that the
money sharks had things all neatly
arranged to defraud the producer?
Do we not owe the Atlanta Constitution
a vote of thanks for exposing Mr.
2fe*l, who did all he conlJ to defraud
and Misrepresent the cr<?p, thus throwing
the burden on the poor farmers?
selling bis soul by lying for hire. I
am not a iarge producer. out I would
willingly furnish cotton to make the
rope to suspend him between two
worlds where he wouldn't be iikely to
interfere with either. Now in the
third and last place, I will ?ar, God
speed toe day whea oar Southern
States wili manufacture ev*ry pound
of cottoi* raised within her. borders;
then will the agricuiturvi class jynjey
the fruits other iabor. I was discussing
onr sanation recently with one of
our shrewd business men and his ideas
run parallel with my own. I will
give seme flgnres which I hope will
cause so cue of oat *?*# coitr a wroaers
to stop and count co?vi, a->a if saything
xbj pen coaid say woald ca< oar
crop dow*> I wonld feel repaid.
Has it ever occurred to yoHr laiods
that a kind Providence is interceding
in oar i<*hall. Neariy tnr la*t of
March aad not a *?t"k'--.
don*. I will pat it ob rtcoiU, *?:d I
trast that Ha w&o rale* aod governs
the tiaire- se will a? rc'e ?cd eaa*e oot
more thau sight miU'ob/. of oa-es cf
coftoa to ?s pr dnced tfc;* ye*r.
Now hr e nre some p-t-dicuon*: I:
we make ;-?7eIve miJlio. s of bales w*
will oolj o>aiixe fro* 4 to 5c; if eight
million, rrt will ge' fiou? 8 to lQe;
if six mil i??s, ihen you wiU *ee it ge
to IS aar; 20c. Now t*lioar-tars>ers,
do van tbiDk that vou* duty to
your famines demand t&at y?a plant
less eottc ?
We are net forgetfat that this ia
eleciien * &r, and are trying-1? gtKern
oarselves aceerdinglv. We wiii ?rr
aid hare extra muie to iest the grit
ofeaeh < j?'ra?t, even it rrc bare re
pressing -?rvjce th* M- wr?. Pa-ci.k
MPbilipit< Dchfceys" Trartii a
very wet ^cd ii thsy eb-mid ?w*nn u>
by spoBJ: rlao? prcdac i?.a may tbe
saints del - er c? aid k?e* ur e&ow
joiits frO'u b*iug j?rkeJ ou. ef aocker,
and oar -rops from beiti? tramped
down by tbe dear friends \rho j^et
ery sec:;* >1* eacb election year.
Very truiv youn,
D Milling.
White Oak, March 24.1900.
Ii. B. Smith, Bntternut, Mieb , say*,
"De Witt's Little Earh Ri?er? are tbe
ery best pills I ever used for ?o*tiveiess,
livir aed bowel troabies."
McMaster Co.
The npper school elose* to-day. Mica
Ford, the efficient aid popular teacher,
leaves, much to tbe regret ef all, having
won many friend* daring h*r
short fctay in oui* midst.
Mrs. O. C. Dnke, ;of: Myrtle, visited
tbe families of Messrs. R. B Lewis
j and S. L. Dixon.
Tbe people or our ppcuoii nave ?
ready market for but;er, e*<ri, ttc.
Mr. Miles, a mao froaa n??r B!ythewood,
coEes through ever; week &cd
i fets a load of egg?, chicken*, batter,
'etc., whii-b be takes k, Co'umbia to
| sell. He had 287 doze^ cgm whin he
pasted her; Jast week.
March 31 1900 E J3 D.
Eer. Yf E Silzer, W '- atou,N. Y.,
writes, -'I had dy?peps'a ?;rer t wenty
years, aad L;i?d io-erot* and nted'cmes
without bmofit. I was per^aadnl to
use Kodot Dyspepsia Cure. and it
helped see nvi the ?Urt. I believe itj
to beapaar^cea for all forms *>f in'ii-,
Seation." U digest* Tfi&i v >i 9at. j
foMaiter c?. \
Cocrlcti Who Escape should Sat* Xhelr [
lesUatu Increased?X fafc?stl?n to
Candidates to stay at Koaio Whllo
tho People ar? Tforldnf.
ifr. Editw: It is a hard time ?ritk |
the farmers?lots of work to io and j
but little land dry anoogk to plow, j
The ecgro eeeaas to be fairly anxious j
to wrorif, and the 6tock, with ten exeeptioni,
are in fine condition te pre- j
pare a erop.
wa that a larsre nnmbar of |
the chaingaag convicts bare fiscaped? [
a few ia December a lot ;n March.
At this rata Judge Aldrieh oonld not
apply the chaingaag. ThsKarrisoi3
aro ?!y coeaa. They probably pracj
tieed hypnotism. Seme [one ieem> to
be blaMfd. A little more legislation
! on this list wonld do good. The
eoanty saperriser shonld be held responsible
to a large extent for the safe
keeping if ibe prisoner! turned orer
to his charge. Tfhei it comes to a
gnard who is easy to be hypnotized or
i? apMially fond of short naps in the
dav tine some one ought to be held
responsible. It is very costly to bold
courts aid eonviet wrong doers to be
let loese at will. II will eest the State
and coanty hundreds of dollars te recapture
these shrewd nsgroes; they
are not like "Sig Head Jin." They
i know better bow to evade Mr. Gilbert
or a*r oScer. Let ns have a little
| araeadment to tkii lair governing con:
victa. When a coart convicts a crimi!
nal ard Eent3nee*i him, ha is then
! nadsr a eoatraot with the St*te to pay
I so muc^mocey or aerve at. bard labor
: for a time on the ?haingaag, and when
i he break* loose- or runs off, if eaaght
without any cost to the county, then
1 bi* i?rm of ?~nrieR should be doubled.
S I! it eo*ts thf? county any money to
capture bias, iheu charge him op ta
the amount of c08t?, *nd the coustr
ehonid no Id him as lougts it eeoetiar?
to par back ail expenses ard trouble;
the *am? to b? werked oat ob the
chaiogang at fire dollars per month.
This wonid de more good thsa bioodhenria
er doubling: the guard.
. U7. ? -4- -*.k with O or.fi w?
Tl C *1BV n?ik ffJkU a nut, n <*
woald like to targest to the candidates
tb*i ?hey stay at home and work, or
let other people work until the erepa
ere laid ley. Tbey don't come with e
rmh. Tfcie cooBty curua bisiaesi
is & hardship on the people. 1 heard
a candidate ta* that he comi4 afford to
par papers Irs dollart, if he did sot
wi-.for he wea<d fet more thaa that
ia tf=? w*y of board.
m m
i b?4t* tl? ?Thfl Kind Yog Hre itftnp BwgK
sipatu? /IX'srSTZZZ.
Spring has really come again. Here,
th? trees are commencing to put forth
leave*, the grass has once more taken
on its "carpet of green/ and the merry
songs of the birus ar? re-echoed in
the hearts ot the Winthrop girls. For
are sot the "second term" .examinations
oyer? Is net our annual picnic
before as, and best of all, u not com,
mtneement in sight? No wender,
then, that these bright prospects and
the comiag of the brightest season of
the year hare gladdened the hearts of
th? girls.
Enrlv every morning, actually before
seven o'clock, the campus can be seen
inn or gin*; s>raw are oat. jmi xwr
physical exercise, whilst the more is*
dastrioui, with books ia their hands,
ar? seen making a good combination
; of b-*ih physical and mental exercise.
Ho one at Winthrop wonld dare snggest
a walk before breakfast, for
"sharpening the apetite"; why, her
iriends would langh at her.
Pitnt; of recreation in the form of
enfertaiamenta has been provided for
us since examinations. The Iredell
orchestra, under the direction of Prof.
Strong, entertained ns on the evening
of tb* 16th. This entertainment was
larger y attended and quite a geod little
?m realized; a pari of it wa* given to
: thn rwo literarv *oclstief The gene- 1
rona iift is M ty he members
of ooth ??-eicuei. "i'he Oxford
Musical Clnb" which appeared on
Friday night, Haroh 23rd, was a sah>
sii'u-ii ior a lec-ure which was to have
Ikkb K'VfeTi by Hamilton W. Mafcie,
who oq account ef ill health bad to
cancel his engagements this season.
Thd .'.Twh /kTp innifi rarv cood mnsic.
thvu^h it we* sot of tke highest classical
order, it wu not "too light" for
the xirla who art always inspirited by
"'Georgia Ca?p Meetiag" or a well j
roroerbd "Cake Walk."
La t Fr day uUht Ibe pupils of the
GorabM ?nd French classes give two
ihvr- pifcji. Asoiig ihosa who took
part was Mamie MeMeekia, rf
Fa?vfir;d, who acted ber part welOf
Q"nrit ih^rc were comparatively
few who eonla Jollow the thread of
the play, hat mucn of it could b*
TU('er?:oAd from .he acting. Thos? i?:
thn auir.euoe who wer* e?pab:e of
eritieifiisf JYo*ch and Gereian prencnf'ation
complimented Misa Cole,
whose pupils reflected erf dit apon her
La*t work, taroojrh the thoughtfcl?P8?
?f President J->hnsos, ;h? g iris
enjoyed a deiigiuial lectern from Mi>* ;
M?ry Carrie, who for twenty year*
was rekCberof voice oalture in Wellesley
College, Massachusetts, aid who
it now living in Washington. Miss
Carrie gave at her celebrated lecture
on "Ttie American Yoice." She claims ,
tha- ck*r8ftt*r i# ofiec ihow n through |
th* voice, :aar, there is great differeacs
betv*oo the voioe? of people of tweet
and gentle ditpotiiiont, and those of
irruabie temper. Sbt> fare many practice)
sHfgeetiot;* for voice caltnre, aad
thwe ot at w^o are not gifted by
nature with "eoft and gentle tones"
&rt- z^'-g to tr? aad caltirate ther.
Friday night "The Ottnrawat
Ma (f Quartette" vrili pay the college a
rin< It is look*a forward to with
njticti pldasare. Nelle.
March 28. 1900.
K*U*rte ix'Mvmr*.
Distretiiag Kidsey aad Bladder Diitv?
r?iieted ia tix fcomrt by "Hew
& c.t -soath AKerieti Kidiey Core."
a is a great ixrprise oa acoeact of itt
exceeding proiopraftjeiflrelieTirg paia
i? bind.W^ kidaeyv aad back, in male
or Jteauie. BeUevet retratioa of water
alkott irenjediarely. If yoa want
qo'fk ie-ief and care 1 hit it the remedy.
^o;?. b-. W. ? Aiken, draggist, -Vioaaboru,
S. C\
The Kind Yon Have Always Bo
in use for over 30 years, lit
s~)$ - and lias
All Counterfeits, Imitations ai
Experiments tliat trifle with.:
Infants and Children?Experi
What is C/
Castoria is a harmless substi
^ goric, Drops and Soothing S;
contains neither Opium, Moi
substance. Its age is its guai
and allays Feverishness. It <
Colic. It relieves Teething T
and Flatulency. It assimilat
Stomach and Bowels, giving
The Children's Panacea?The
The Kind You Ha?
In Use For Qv
the ccntaiA company, tt hur
Of the Fairfield Association to C*xrr?nc
With the Crooked Ron Church Saturday
aad Sunday, April 38-29,19*0.
1? A M?Orgauization and detotiGRal
10 SO A M?How can the indiYiinal
Christian best serve his church? Speakers:
B J Qaattlebaum, W R Briscoe,
C T Wi*j and J B Carry r
11.90 A M? Some of the greatest i
a??d> of the chnrchea of this a*socisr 1
tion and how to meet them. speakers*
H K Ezeil. W R Rabb, W H Eartin :
arc B H Yarborough. f
12 3$ P M?Intermission. (
2 Pti ?Talks on iniajioni: 1. Srate, <
by ? A McDowell. 2. Home, by T J 1
Ran" 3. Fcrei^ii, by J L Freeman. ;
S f* M?'Th? c&arches' attitude to- ,
waid prohibition. Speakers: *?, A i
McDowell, CP Wray, W R Rtbb and
Dr. Scott. 1
10 A M -Rtfffaiar exercises of the
8*i?day school.
J15? A. M?Snort talk* on Sanday
school work and methods. Speakers:
i B Curry, Eilisoo Jenes and W ft
11.50 A M?Sermon by'E A iicBoweil
ox J L Fresman. !
J L Freeman,
H K Ezell,.
P Wray,
If troubled with rheumatis?, jive
Chamberlain's Fain Balm a trial. It
will not cost yon a cent if it docs no
good. Qne application will reliere the
pain. It also cnrea sprains and bruises
in one-third the time required by any
other treatment. Cuts, barns, frostbites,
qmnsey, pains in the side and
chest, glandular and other swellings
ar? quickly cured by applying it.
Every bottle warranted. Price, 25
and 50 cts. For sale by MeMaster Co.
aAXkU JUanA AM.jmjmM.m0
TTe had a very destructive fire several
nights ago. The depot anc^ waiting
room, pottoftce aid express office <
ware completely destroyed. How the
fir- originated i3 unknown. Several
parties lost a coasiderable quantity of 1
Iraigbt. .
Mr. Jas. I). Martia's many friends ;
gladly welcome him back to Strother, ]
where he is now merehandisiag |
again. Mr. Martin will certainly give i
good weight and measure. <
Mils Ella James is visiting relatives j
in Chester county. ,
Miss L K Macon is still vary feeble. <
Mrs ? D Law nee Miss Iva Clownay,
of Burke, Sumter county, visited her
parents, Capt and Mrs W J Clcwney >
sometime azo. Mrs Law's many |
friend? were delighted to see her i
wailing face once more.
Hoping this will escape the waste i
basket, with best wishes, K. i
L I 1
fine figure
Many women lose their girlish form* aflet
they become mothers. This is due to neglect.
The figure can be preserved beyond
t question if the expectant
mother will
constantly use |
1 friend
^ during the whole
period of pregnancy* '
ajwbsral The earlier its use is .
begun, the more per|^^eM
fectly *vill the shape j
jjf^llfL mother's Trtend
not only softens and
relaxes the xnusdea
during tie great strain before birth, but helps t
the skin to contract naturally afterward. It ?
keeps unsightly wrinkles away, and the
muscles underneath retain their pliability. *
Softer* Trknd is that famous I"
liniment which banishes morning sfctnrtf
and nervousness during pregnancy; shortens
labor and makes it nearly painless*; builds up
(be patient's constitutional strength, so thai '
she emerges from the ordeal without danger.
The little one, too, shows the effects of '
BlOflKr* S friend by its robustness and vigor.
Cold at drug stores for $1 a bottle.
Send for our finely illustrated book for expectant
mothers. ;
:T"z%3sr''ir:r.'r~' r: nr.y^gg
t:cwc\^ x? - ,
/' * * -
18^ is ?*% U :-Y ^
x<Sr ;V3 SS? ' ."!
,Wv^ _: ^
izighU v.nl -which I?/:*; '^??e
ts bo-rue iiic signature of
; be-:r. made under Iiis per?
ipervision since its infancy,
o C".o to deceive you in tli:~e
ad " Just-as-good" are but
and endanger the health of
enco against Experiment*
itute for Castor Oil, Pareyrups.
It is Pleasant. It
phine nor other Narcotic
rantee. It destroys Worms
cures Diarrhoea and Wind
roubles, cures Constipation
,es the Food, regulates the
healthy and natural sleep#
Mother's Friend.
V B B ?
ii^ature of ^
re Always Bought
er 30 Years.
Bant nf Ridfiffitrav. of Rldcrewav.
8. C., Plaiatift,
J. Tf. Ray, Defeadant.
Summons. For Relief.
To the Defendant above-named:
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint
in this action, which was filed ia the
office of the Clerk of the Conrt of
Common Pleas, for the said County,
on 15tb March, 1900, and to serve a
sopy of your answer to the said complaint
on the subscribers at their offices,
Nfos. 5 and 6 Law Range, Winnsboro,
South Carolina, within twenty days
ifter the service hereof, ex'ilusi^e "of
:he day of such service; and, if-you
fail to answer the comprint witbin the
time aforesaid, the plaiutiff in this
action will apply to the court fo: the
relief demanded iu the complaint.
Dated 15 h March, A. 0. 1900.
Plaintiffs Attorneys.
To the defendant, J. W. Ray:
Take notice that the complaint together
with the summons, of which
the foregoing is a copy, together with
the complaint, was filed in the office
of the Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas, at Winnsboro, County of Fairfield,
In the State aforesaid, on loth
Mareb, 1900.
3-17-6t Plaintiff's Attorneys.
B. M. Grier, Plaintiff,
R. H. Jennings, as Administrator of
the estate of John H. Clamp, deceased,
M. R. Clamp, W. Fletcher
Clamp, Lillie Read, Jessie Clamp,
John Clamp, Eliza J. Scruggs; and
The Bank of Ridgeway, Defendants.
Copy Summons for Relief.
ro the Defendants above namad:
?, , ^ __ j __
Yuu are ne^eoy summoned tuiu required
to answer the complaint in
this action, which is filed in the office
Df the Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas for the said County, and to serve
i copy of your answer to the said complaint
on the subscribers at their offices
ibove The Winnsboro Bank, Winns
boro, S. C., within twenty days after
the service hereof, exclusive of the
iay of such service; and if you fail to
inswer the complaint within the time
iforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
prill apply to the Court for the relief
lemanded in the complaint.
December 2Srd, A D 1899.
Plaintiff's Attorneys,
ro the Defendant Eliza J. Scruggs:
Take notice, that the complaint
n this action (together with the sumnons
of which the foregoing is a copy)
vas filed in the office of the Clerk of
;he Court of Common Plens, at Winnsx>ro,
in the County of Fairfield, in
;he State of South Carolina, on the
Ith day of Jp^upry, 1900.
Mareh 16th, 1900.
3-17-6 c Plaintiff's Attorneys.
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