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V :i?
WEBSSS. gggggggg^:
WedKMiay, April 4, - - 190C
?Bead "notiee" elsewhere.
?G? xod see Faust at the Thespian
Hall Thursday night.
?Bead aanouacenisnt of Mr. Jas. A.
' Brice for Clerk of Court.
?Mr. J. B. Barley annonacss him?
Hkk aelf for Cosaty Superriior.
HBB ?Mr. Bobt. 7. Clowsey announces
W himself this morning1 for county super
?1"Hang oat the banner ok tke outward
wall, the cry is still they come"?
sad always a candidate.
Lewis -A.ck?raiaB, Gosbea, led.,
ays, ^DeWitt's Littla JEarlr Ksera
lway* bring certain relief, core my
keadacke and never grine." They
gently cleanse aid invigorates the
koTfsls and liver. McMaster Co.
?The many friends of Mr. Jso. A.
DasPertes will be glad to know he is
teadily improving at the hospital in.
?Be*d J. J. ?bear** ad. in which
special at-ention is called to Heath &
Million's paints and to Obear's
dyspepsia tablets.
?Mr. Bar to will hare charge of the j
railroad oAce ts night daring Mr. j
Skinaer's ./Iliaess. Mr. Brown, 01
Jffirtfy-CxroHat, >; doiug the day work.,
. To se?ore tkc origiaal witch aaze 1 j
~^'N~ salve, ask for Dc Witt's Witch Hazel I
Salve, well known as a certain care for j
- piles &??l skin diseases. Ksware of
worthier aeterfei'S. Tie* arc I
daage:**us. MeM^ier Co. ~ !
?31 r. Joe Obear is aow gettias
his soda fouuu:* "it trim" to larnisb I
our peooie witu covl drink.* This
will lie de;igh;;ui ^cw? to our thirsij
wheel nder*.
?Mi*& Carr.e EiHott aas recently
been elected editor in-chief of the
Converse Concept for the coming year.
Thiu it & great ecapliaaent tor one as
young a* Miss Elliott.
?Mis* Thomas, the new i*dy operator,
h&? arrived and be& ^ ker duties
at the aew telegraph efice on Saturday.
Mils Thomas will board with
Dr. and Mrs. Quattiebsum.
"I used ?odol Dyspepsia Care ia
mj fsmiiy with wonderful results. It
gives immediate relief, is plesuaat to
take aad is trsly_the dyspeptic's best
friSBd," uji JE. Jdartgermt uyenm, i
Mieh. Digests what yon eat. Caneei
fall to euro. McMaster Co.
?Or* of the promoter* of the Wiansboro
Creamer/ has just purchased
from the Biltmore farm of Yanderbilt
a very fine yearliag. Hisgranddame,
Managold, took the ffrst prize
at the Worlds Fair.
?Mr. Fraik JFennell and Miss Liz*
zio Hood were married at Blythaw.ood
on March 25th. They are spending a
few days at the groom's 'mother in
Chester and from there they go to
v Bailment, N. C., where Mr. Fenaell
is employed as telegraph operator.
?Some time ago we reported a cap.
tore here of two men with a wagon
load of goods who ga?e their names
a* Lamond. They will bo tried in Colombia
this week and Messra. W. B.
Gilbert, J. M.Elliott and J. B. Steven on
wont to Colombia to appear as
Mrs. Harriet Evans, KLnsdala, 111.,
writes, "I never f*il to relieve my
children from cronp at once, b> nsiag
One Minite Coagh Care. I womld
v not feel safe without it" Quickly
A cares cougha, colds, grippe and ail
J " And linr diaa&ies. MeMaate Co.
?La grippe has the grip en the town
and coanty. Not for yetra h&B there
been Bach an epidemic of the diaeait
in this soction. The doctors are kept
going night and day. Althongh very
prevalent, the epidemic appears te be
of a somewhat mild type, at no deaths
hare so far resulted.
?The Caldwell Dry Goods Company'!
millinery in trnly a "thieg of
beauty." Oar people will indeed be
hard to pleas* if they cannot fl&d I
something there to soil the taste. His*
CuIIbia's beautiful taste shows itself
ia every hat. iB ber department. Pas'
telle i? the leaning shade and the
tascar straws ar* tee latest
Mr* i ilria Zlanurmaa, :>iile*barg
Pa., says, "A* a tpecdj cure for
ceughr. coid*, eroup Mid t>nr* throat
Oh iii.Ra'e Oagh > are is iK^qaaled.
It is pieasaat for ehlldrea to take. I
heart! r rtaosamead it to mothers." It
is the enly harmless reanedy that produces
immediate results. It cares
bronchitis, paeuaaoaia, grippe aud
throat *ad :acg disases. It will preyeat
consumption. Mc Master Co.
=r-Pon't /ail to read "The Hastier"
advertisement of Q. D. Willi ford.
Jle has black and colored dres3 goods,
percals, ducks, piquet, dimi ties, dotted
swisses, cordiroys, orgaadie?; mulls,
lawns, clothing of all kinds, hats,
shoes, slippers, gems' faraisbiog
goods, etc. la fact you ean fad anything
to sait the Most -fastidiots taste
la his line of goods.
?Without a doubt, Faust is the most
famous play ever staged. It has been
produced in all the large cities in the
United States, Canada and Europe.
?t is s play that pleases aU elaases ox
paople and is excellent is tone aad
^itiateat. This fameus drama will
&* preheated by the Labadie company
at tka Thaspisa Hall next Thursday
orer.ing, April 5th. Admission, 50c
and 75e. Seats on pale at HcMaster
Co.'s drnj store.
?We hare been reqnasjed to prolast
again at the takia? af fl&wers frogs
tha graveyards in town. The complaict
has beea made tkat ekildren,
both white aad colored, hare been
plaakinz flowers from graTet. The
ft ahildrea bare done this deubtleas
r thaegitlessly, and we ieel tfcnt it is
lesessary only to ssention it to pr?yent
a repetition. Ad admonition by
pareats sorely will make them realise
iUC TT Ui isirjEt^u^w.
?Bob Milling on last Tuesday, taking
umbrage at Ed. Trapp, undertook
to settle a little personal matter with
Trapp in a way that accorded with
primitive justice, but comrary to the
common law. He and Trapp ;got inio_
a difficulty as the result of Milling's*
assumption of the right to do to and
Milling wa* seriously cat. Trapp was
before ?he intf-ndaat Wednesday and
Ioe'> cw-v pilars. Milling being usable
to *tf*iid court on account of|
bis injuries will m>ke iiis excuses u* i
jbe mauicipal authorities later.
Mothers, when your children are attacked
by the dreadful croup, yoa
need not despair; Dr. Boll's Cough
Syrap will relieve and cure feem at
once. You can always depend on this
masmbmremedy; it always cores.
WiU cure Croup without fail.
doks are small and pleasant to take. Doctow
recommend it Price 25 cts. At all. drnjgists.
?Willian Dixon was up before
Ifagistrate Cathcart on Saturday for
violating the eighth tommandaent.
William took au irresistible l&ncj to
a pair of small plvers, the.propert j of
Mr. S. W. Matthews. The magistrate
found that William had exercised his j
acquisition facnlty illicitly, aid gave
hiaa an opportunity of rim toiling en
tke mors of his ways that he might
mend them. He was fned eight dol'
"" a ' l4va r?ftt
lar* 91' JWOUIJ-UTD umjo VM mv
| chfcia?*nf at hard labor.
Itch ob human sared in SO minutes
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. Tbis
never fails. Sold by W. 2. Aiken,
druggist, Winnsboro, S. C. *
?Tbe long distance telephone has
come to stay. After sever*) months'
experiment hers to see whether or not
it wcuid pay to keey.an oflise at this
point the American Telegraph and
Telephone Company have finally decided
to make this a permanent effice.
All day Wednesday workmen were
en ga^ed in putting up posts and running
wires from the outer edge of
town to?the office of the company.
Hen-after the sending of messages
will be as secret as telegrams. In
| telephone parlance the company will
pat in a booth which insures entire
Wm. Orr, Ifewsrk, O., says, "We
nerer feel safe without One Minute
Cough Cure in the ho*se. It tared
my little boy's life when he had the
pneumonia. We think it is the best
medicine made." It cures coughs and
all lung diseases. Pleasant to take,
harmless and gives immediate results
McMaster Co.
?Monday being salesday, fuite a
erowd was in town; not as large a
crowd, however, as usually attend
sales. This is due, probably, to the
faet that the farmers are very much
b?bind and were necessarily compelled
to remain at hone unless forced by j
some speeial a ted to be in town. The
sale* were smaller than they hare been
for years. The clerk ofconrt >only
sold one traet of land, nhiib was purchased
by E. T. Ranch for $501. This
land was sold by rirtne of an order in
the sail of Annie A. Williams ve^E. L.
Jreihloy. In addition to the land sold
only a solitary ox was offered for sale,
which was bonght by ? Hull for $15.
?The gentlemen intereutid in the
Winnsboro Creamery haro completed
its organization within the last few
days. In a quiet- way the project has
been on" foot for some time?no great
astoant of talk being done, bat some
good work. It will not be many days
before the company will begin the
mancfactnring ef butter on a urge
scale. Tie object of the company it
to find a way for the adjacent farmers
to readily dispose of the milk of their
farms. The company at present will
operate altogether on cream purchased,
baring no cows of its own. In this
way those who have cows can find a
ready sale for ail the milk they can
supply. The seheme is a good one.
It is the beginning of a new industry
in our county which we hope will be |
the means of suggesting to onr people
other means and ways of utilizing the
manv sources of wealth that lie almost
at onr doors which need but push and
enterprise to develop our county into
as flourishing and prosperous community
ss any in the world. The
natural advantages we possess are
numerous and the resources are almost
inexhaustible, which if all were
broegbt into play by diversifying oar J
industries would put her in the fir6t
ranks as regards material prosperity.
It is fortunate for this infant indnstry
that those who will take charge ol it
as it commences its existence are the
foremost business men of this section
?noted for their push and energy and
capacity for handling successfully
whatsoever they set their hands to
The Ono Bay Cold Cure.
Xemott's Chocslxtei laxative Ocixiae f?r
c?14 is tie had ud aerc throat. Ckudroa Ukt
Uk ?ui;.
?Admiral George Dewey passed
tbroagh Wineifeoro Friday morning
on the nerthbomnd passenger {en route
to Washington from St. Augustine,
Florida Hit private car was attached
to No. S6 The Admiral was accompanied
by Mrs. Dewey and Lieat.
should always be kept in
the house for the following
FIRST- Because, if any member
of the family has a hard cold, it
* will cure it.
SECOND- Because, if the chil
- - ? ? t _ fx ~.M1
; dren are delicate ana siciciy, u wui
i make them strong and well.
| YHIlftD?Because, if the father or
mother is losing flesh and becoming
thin and emaciated, it will buiid
them up and give them flesh and
fourth- Because it is the
standard remedy in, aii throat and
iur.g affections.
No household should be without it.
It can be taken in summer as well
as in winter.
50c. and $1.00, all druggists.
SCOTT Sc BOWKE, Chemists, New York.
?Sn bierib? to The Krrrt axu H?rALD.
Ianpror?m?Bt?. <
! Mr. G. A. White will soon hare his
store-room between his present store
and Landecker's completed. This
will iill an ugiy yap in that street and
add a great d?al to the appearance of '
(hat part of town. i
Mrs. U. G. DefPortes haviBg pmrchased
the Habenicht bnilding, which
' w?*s badly damaged by ire some tinoe
i ago, ie repairing the isuildinr for a
I sfore-rooB.
Xiat Thr?febl*jr B*a4*?kc
Would quickly leave you, if yo*
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thou- I
sands of sufferer* have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blooa
and strong nerres and build np your
health. Eas\ to take. Try them. <
Only 25 cents. Money back if not 1
cared. Sold by Mc Master Co., iny- I
gilts. <
. <
New? reached here on Monday I
afternoon that Mr. Patrick M. Sponce,
of Kidgeway, had died at bis home {j
there on the same afternoon. Mr.
Spence had beex tiek tor about ten <
I days of typhoid-pwecmonia. j
| Mr. Spence wa? or.n of the best citi- <
; zen# in the county. fie was a man ef j
the highest cnaracter, aid everybody j
! had tke utmost confidence in him. ]
The funeral ?eiTices were held at 2
Ridgeway yesterday afternoon. He :
was 68 j* ;rs of age.
6r ne to Colombia..
I 1
Mr. 5. L. Elliott left on Tuesday
for Columbia to late ckarge of the t
warehouses ot U.r. E<t. Robertson. Oar
-1- iV.i _
whole cemmumtv ragreis urn uqi i
young and geni*! townsman should
leave us to make Lis hotae for (he a
future elsewhere. Mr. Elliott is one
of oui' most popular and promising f
yOnng men. For a number of years
he has been engaged as one ef the as* p
listen ts in the bank at this place and
has won for himeelf an enviable repu- i
tation as a business man. His popu- C
iarity as a business, man is only
equaled, if not ezcelied, by hit per- 1
eonal popularity; v
T?stimoalal from Old Inglaad. j
"I consider Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy the best in the world for Bronchitis,"
says Mr. William S?Yory, of
Warrington, England. "It has saved
my wife's life, she baviDg been a mar- 3
tyr to branchiti* for over six years, I
being most of the time confined te> her
bed. She is now fuite well." Sold
by McMaster Co., druggists.
em?iauD?a juvnaro.
Tie following it a list of letters re- t'
mailing unclaimed in the poitoMee at e
Winnsboro, April t, 1900: <:
His* Mamie L. Gladden. *
Mi?i Netie Jackson. t<
MistJChery McDill. ?
Hits Bessie Faton. t1
Hits Alice Singleton. *
Fertont calling for the above letters l
will please s*y they are adrertited. P
Preston Bion, F. M. <*
In the fold north of the Episcopal
cemetery it biried Capt. Jas. Mitchell.
He was an artillery oficer in the
American Bevolntien, aid lived-and
died in Winnsboro. Major Hoary
Moere, who was bit comrade, states in *
his memoirs that he had the tombstone r
tbat now staads at Capt. Mitchell's
grave erected. This grave hae bees c
there over ene hundred years, aid the
inscription is almost ineligible. The r:
town council shonld see to the preterv- b
ation of this o!d soldier's resting place.
Tbis is doe not or>Iy to tit msmerr 01 ~
tke soldier bim?elf, bat to the perpeti- 0
atioo of tke act of patriotism and
kindness tf Major Moore ia erecting at '
bit own expeaee the preseat tomb- t]
tone. tt
night *t T?rr*r.
"Awful ar?s>tv -raa felt for the *'
widow of the urare General Burahaai,
of Mschiaa, Me., when the doctors
said she comld not lire till morning,"
writes Mrs. S. H. Linceln, wbo attended
.ier that fearful uight. "All thoaght 9
she mast soon die from Pneumonia, m
bn^she begged for Dr. Sing's New
Discovery, saying it had more than
once sared her Iifs, and had cored her
of Consumption. After three small
doses she slept easily all night, aad its
farther nse completely eared her." ir
This marreleas medicine is guaranteed ?j
to cart all Throat, Chest and Lang
Diseases. Only 50c. and $ 1.99. Trial
bottles free at MeMaster Oo.'s drag ]
mtmrm j y
Mrs. Jane Lauderdale di?d on Mon- q
dar afternoon at ball-past tw? o-elock. tJ
She hid been sick several days with j
the gri*. She was a Rissell, ani was
twice married, first to Montgomery
Lemmon, of which marriage two children
snrTire her, Mrs. J. O. Boag and
Mrs. J. Tf. Bolick, of this plaet, then
to the lata D. Lauderdale, of which
marriige the following children sur- n
irs her: T. W. Lauderdale, tG. R. 1<
Landordale and Mrs. J. L. Bryson, of C
Yfinntboro, and Mrs. W. T. Blakeley,
of Laurens. s<
Mrs. Landerdale was in the 71th tl
year of her age. She was a woman
of wondarful energy and considerable
business sagacity. The fnneral services
wer8 held yesterday at the A. f
X. P. Church at 4 o'clock p. m. o
m y
' I
Mr. J. M. Beat? has accepted a posi- c
ties with the D. A. Tompkins Co., of p
-- - - \
Charlotte, JSC. C. He leit on Moaoay forth
aew boae. Mr. Beaty bts for
quite a naiaber of years bee* ideatified [
with the bosisesi interests of the town 1
and was one of tbe leading dry goods f
mercr.aats of TFinaslDoro. He gare j
ftp the mercantile hftnisess to go iato r
the milling business a few rears *go 8
He has been in chief coatrol of tbe 0
Fairfield Cotton Mill eiaee it has been 1
ia operation here, bat resigned to accept
a position with the D. A. Tojap <]
kins Co., which afforda a wider field f
for hit taleat and pasb. For the pres
ent ihc family of Mr. Beaky will remaia
in Wiansboro. Mr. Eeaty's aaany
friends wlsk hits abandttt siccus in
this n?nv?>, ittI nans iris* ldm aaor#
The Oris Bay Cold Curo.
For colds and sate , aroat ate Eeraott'i 6fcoo?>
Istes Z*xati\c Qt liuc. Jguily tiilfi M OMtif
satl quickly cure.
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
rta I>li?Tcrcr of Swaa?-2t?t at Wark ia
Six Labcratcrx.
There is a disease prevailing in this
:ountiy moct dangerous because so deceptive.
Many sudden deaths are caused by
it?heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
jr apoplexy are often the result of kidney
iisease. K kidney trouble is allowed to advance
the kidney-poisoned blood will attack
ihe vifd organs, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by celL
rhen the richness of the blood?the albumen
?Itaks out and the sufferer has Bright'*
Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
Dr Kilmer's Swamp-Root the new dis:over-j
r. the true specific for kidney, bladder
md ui innry troubles, it has cured thousands
jf apparently hopeless coses, after all other
Bfforts have filled. At druggists In fifty-cent
ud cS- Is *ires. A sample bottle sent free
by mi:!, nlso a book telling about SwampRoot
anc i'-s wonderful cures. Address
Dr. Kilmer Sc Co., Bingkamton, N. Y. and
mention this paper.
?9*a? AXB
Cap'. T. "W". Sligb spent Mond&t
n town
Ho~ Hurry B Laws padgeU t&roasli
be eitv .wday.
Dr. J. l'}. Palmer, of Ridgeway, .w??
i t?w? Monday.
Mr. J. H ggixs, of Morjantowi, i
pen' *?> ?cay ia town. i
M:\ ft .* Mackorell, of Blackatock,
pent Sn iday aad Menday ii town.
Mr? *i6M7 Mnldrow i? riiiting her
>arenth Mr. and Mrs. Tf. B. Creifht. !
Mr. Will Creight spent Saturday
eith hi? r>*f9nt?, Mr. aad Mr*. W. B. '
Mr, J m Rion same np from <; imbir
Saturday and spent Saoiay
rith iti* i-arentf. s i
Major T W. Woodward spent 1
?onoa> in town. Hit many friends j
??ro oiv.i tncAi* bian oe f a^ain, 1i
Bonth* '
Mr Editor: I h^ird a towasman say *
b?t kt kid received a letter from a <
itixen of Greenville in which be said, <
'I hart r? t.ke stock iit,fire new mills <
Bioug a#. It will keep .me hard ap j
3 pay tbs sssesimaEU and we won't \
et au ^.Tiaendt in the new mills lor j
w?y?a; -oi- more. The railroads jet ]
gOv<> rr jug out of it." What is the j
oalitr r.un Winasboro? There ii (
lenty el capital here to denble the i
apaeity of the present mill. Other |
mt* Ar? doing this. I repeat, vh$i <
p the matter with Winnsboro? c
Powertai. \
Hr Editor: I note with pleaaare i
ae ea- y oi r. R. H. Jennings, ex- i
ress / ? . willingness to eater the i
aee i-?r i :?* Treasarer. He has &lled ]
36 r ffi i Clerk of Court for this \
mid ., ;< ?o?riv twelre years, anal t
o not >5 ke has ever hadasape- i
Lorin '.4 capacity. I know him to ?
e ar- *v ft, conscientious and eapa- 1
leo& z-.s consistent Christian {en- 1
e?< *. *jo woald do honor to the C
? <. ' ioh be upircs. <j
1 *=:.!: 1 tou e tbe aeatinient o' the c
Democracy whea I say a
tat i t- i receive every vote ea*t a? c
lis b 'X. *>-d hope ttat he may receive I
i*t ni: -d couip ijieai at efcry pre- i
iaetl? Fairfield e-.i?trty. $
Y< -r? very rruiy, }
J. G. WolJiag
The Day Cold Cure.
Celd in head aad sore threat ccrcd by ZjK' c
w&t's Chocolates Laxetivc Quinine. 1
2m as eza&j. " Child wtacy??r tke?u"
J. ?. Co.ie. Nominated f?r Int?*d*nt. 1
Tiae \l unicipal Democratic Ulab a?et
i the conrt home on Thursday night. 3
he following officers were elected: 8
Pre?iO0'.?t?G. H. McMaiter.
yie?-Pi??denf8?W. C. Beaty and '
? i _J.? t
f c* u wi u?n.
Sec;ewry?U. K. Douglass. 5
Quuc a number of sew names were 1
idect to the roll. Messrs. D. A. ^
raw ford and J. Z. Coin announced r
ieaaieires candidates for iutendaafc,
'be vo:e was as follows:
CoflU 60
Crawford 28 '
S:?akfc 3
Total 91 j
The following wardens were nomi- t
ated :i> aeeUnaation: J. D. McCar- J
jy, ?>. ft. Elliott, A. W. Brown, J. J.
Mr. S. D. Dune was nominated as a
cbool ' ' ' ? nnder the recent Act of
tieG?K^?. . ssembly. 1
^ {
A .*ni3j angering from a cold
et?'td <m- t> c r'reasr. bronchitis, throat r
r lorti. uvuulee of any natare, who i
rill .-*11 <>t ^cadaster Co. will bs pre- ]
ent?o *ith a sample bottle of ,
toc-mee'. Gerntn Syrap, free of
bniut; ?>?uy one bottle giren to one 1
ers<. j, ? ' none to children without c
rde {<r parents. 3
N- or lang remedy ever had
net. a * Boichee's German Syrup
n ai- p- of the civilized world, j
"wcxtv i-ii's ago millions of bottles
rerc g \ r? away, and yonr dm^giet"
rii! v. ' ? success was marvelons. t
t i* tbe ?nly throat and lunjr t
err,'' ?oerally endorsed by phy- t
ici :" O ie 75 cent bottle will cure
" > walno ?4r?M hr in I
* * ? ??'* # ?" ?? j
,11 &>? countries. . I<
M*? R. McDowell and little
ant r iJar'ha, w?nt to Rldgeway .
'riij {
Iv Iiiuitfi iBt CtiiiretL j (
lit tM Y? Mm Ahrsfs ]\
' j
mi. Zion Society m?r Tnand^.y at 10
*. ?. for the purpose ot arranging for
the entertainment ot the dietirjgrnished
at-. > onomers who it is hopeu will make
W aashore a point of observation of
the ceming eclip?e which takes place
abcat 8 o'clock on the morning of May
28th next. At a predion? meeting of
ihe society a committee of two, consisting
of Mes?rs. J. M. Stervart and
J. Q. Davis, had been appointed, who
were instructed to cemmnnicate with
the different observatories throughout
the conntry aud ascertain if tbey
wovid hare observations at this point,
and to extend to them a cordial invitation,
which was done. This committee
has net yet made its report to the
society. While it appears /to be conceded
on every hand that Winn*boro
is in the line of totality of toe eclipse,
there is no actnal knowledge that sach
it tba fart nftiatRsed hv anv 0?e. In
view of this fact and to settle the
question beyond persaveatttre tbe
society instructed Mr. J. W. Haaahan
lo communicate with the w ?al observatory
at Washington, D. C., aDd i
certain if inch eras the fact, ard alio .
to '-xtend ?o the gentlemen ciV'jpu-M'g:
the party of observation Jrom the nara
observatory an invitation to make o&r
town the government <tuioM, or ^t
le-*t one ei them, :or S a*.- r"a-.oiiaa.
if more than one $uch station to \uin
this Sta'e. Invita'ion6 wili a'^o 5 >
exceeded to the- c- io ftV/r^>
fro?n Ihe oihtr . .rg^ ofy-a v? i-;?:--!
thr ?ughout he cob i; c ; y.
Thn ?oc?e:y fhe?i ? ;$j<,u??je-.. *o mw-.
at nn eariv day for 'lie pnrpcac of j
arranging for the entertain an: oi th-:
dit-^'egttished scientists who may y =Bibl>
be with u? on that cee&6i0L>.
3fMi*'? Gre?t?Bt >t?4.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona.
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken,
S. ?Weak nerves bad caused severe
pains in the back ot his head. Oo
Qpinj? Electric Bitters, America's greater
Blood and Nerve Remedy, xll pain
ioon left him. He says this jrraud
03! ;UCine 18 Trim aia conoiry *?eu?.
A.11 America knows that it cares lirer
im kidney trouble, purifies the blood,
tobes ap the stomach, strengthens the
ae;ves, puts rim, vigor and new life
into every mascle, nerve aud organ of
the body. If weak, tired or ailing yon
neeu it. Every bottle guaranteed,
jniv iO cents. Sold by Mcilaster Co.,
The spring festival of mn?ic and art
to be held at Columbia A?;ril 36th and
J7tt> is an assured saccess, and will be
>ne of the greatest gatherings ever
evened in the South. Excursion
i!ek?ts will be sold o> all railroads and
argtf crowds from neighboring cities
pviJl attend. The art leagce nnder the
inspices of the ladies of Colombia, will
aave on exhibit such specimens of work
:rom New York, Philadelphia and
3hiesgo that has never been brought
touth of the Uaaon and Dixon line
)?fore. The concert will surpass any
ivent ever known, and never since the
3 it. ?A. ?
lays VI lliC nuaucuui x am ui luv
enowned Jenny Lind will iftch &
roice be heard aa that poaaeaaed by
Kme Eleanor Meridith, whose wonder'cl
snprano contains all the richneaa
iad culture of her former rivala and
latiafiea even the moat critical; aa Emil
?aar, the great leader, remarked, "her
irork combines a high order of mnai*1
intolligeaee and great dramatic
ntenaity." There will be twelve farlign
netablea aiiatsd by ? cherna of
orty voioes under the direction of
,'rof. Mayser. of the Preabyf*riaa
>?ir.sre for Women,- The harpii., ^ir
To^n Cbekure, n known the vrcrld
tver ag "The Apostle of the Harp," <
tad bat appeared before al* 'be
mwnad bea^i of Europe, whers be
tag been landed with s?i\i
rreatba of honor, ?nd wa* ord?" -*d
riv# a tpecia) per^V vv.v.f*: bef<?:? ; p '
>rss??:t Qfi*eu of F,E?laii*l, f iio :ck''from
tbe first tcncb of iha filler,
rire* she lost all faL'Scioa? *:* t* thf
>nt$ide world."' Mr. Wili^m H.
litter, tbe tenor, has & voicc of nie.'ow
qusJit? wfai*h is seldoa heard,
100 bil nezno voice ii of tnperb loreinani,
Thepriees will ?e in reach of * >;
15 will be the adnaisn'on for two per- ?
oss to all three performances, two
lights and a matinee; single tiskcia
ril! he $1.55 each. Any order tent
o Bryan's book store will have promot
ittootion, and the best of seats will be
eserved for all strangers attending,
ffaich this paper for-later news in
egard to excnrtioa rates.
A FrifMtf*! XIuIk
Will aften canse a horrible Barn,
Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklen'* ArsicA
Salve, the best in the world, will
:il] th* pail aid promptly neai u.
}ure? #Id Sore*, *>ver Sores, Ulcers,
5oiU, Felon?. Corn?, all Skin Erupion?.
F ' i'li# cure oh earth Only
(5 cts. ? I'oi. Cart gnarstuieed. Sold
>y A?cMa*t?r Co., druggists.
favors kailkoabs
Jfr. Editor: Please pablish the fol
owing letter received front a lady of
he ?ouity. It is one of many pleasng
evidences ihat oar people now
iImost realize bow important it ia for a
apjed and gullied .cosatyjlike Fairleld
to have more railroads and how
Kch the coanty hat been depopalated
ind relatively impoverished by failing
0 get them. If this lady's enthusiasm
:ould be imparted to the Men a railroad
would be built.' G. H. McM.
March JOth, 1800.
tir. McMaster:
Dear Sir?I read your remarks with
he clipping from noothtr paper ia
his week's Niw's axd Hi*ald aboai
1 rallroai that might ge &t Wina*?"?A
wrill tha H*n nl' fh*5 tnw:*
?Ui Wi \J T? II III *? > V a ?v ....
lo nothing to induce (be company to
mild through this const? and by
ffinnfcbwo? I do hope, d??ir s:r,th?t
roairiil take it np with ronr forBr??r
merest and do ronr best to ar^ th*''
aJ. 'Tit alaioit ai Uircct a roitfcj
rona Knoiviile tla Greenville to 1
JVinmhoro and on to Southp^rt at ri'- ;
jbetter, and if auy ip^uc?naent i.-m I
,Ltf people will hri.'s; i; .urc. <jik?hir ^
:onnty, do let'? haze ic Wn:. 4
ndacB (beta? Woiid it iikalr cr itrjjonifb
this pt.-: I >o cua>> ? v. *
inrely need-a road u> Wmiufcoro. Tte
bridjt that oroiset Broad BiT?r ,at
L?ed?' eoaid )? ssed by this routs and
briog the rc&d chraujb coentry tfeat
otherwise ?n sever bare a road.
Saraly this i? Fairfeld'* and Win*?.
boro'e chanoa aid may be the last
chance for a road ip through h?rt. I
am s woman and can't dc what I waar
to, but barely the men will do wbat
11?? L * - - J ? ? * *Uir. Wa rtar
mej r*ja, ana wuio iuau. ?? v ;
give tb?m the rifbt of way through
the couuty anrely, if that |wi!l iadaee
the coaoiog Can't yoa do aometbiDg,
Mr. McMaater? I hope yon trill half
ill Tb* jfawi axd H*lal?3 every
week wiih railroad talk and ace if that
will help. Piease i-xcasa tbe liberty
taken ia writing yoa ihig; bmt I know
that yoa are pufelic-apirited and interested
in a railroad goiag: tbroagk !
Winnabero, and I ana ao raich iot*r- !
ecte'd in getting it tbrengb Ibis part of
the county. So treating to yonrjjood
nature I ventured te write.
Very respect fally,
? *
Bttrstb Kind Yoa Hot Always Eigfr
? a a an evidence ot the zucease
thv1 production of rheat. and o' sr
g ai?i in the county aince tbe establun- i
:^o/v of tbe flour mi l ?t vV>na?boro
ru ..ii umj' tf 'a:r?a:<'' ars ik. *
in -he cozutrac:ion of a Iso^e arm*
v?sr?hou*e for the stu* *j{e o? "he c?rn- j
heat 4i?d r;>r?? crop Th-* bt?i <i?
li :w(i U fe:. i- ? t> rjj i-v
; r>roa:l.
ta* sick.
r?, Gerisf 5s cooflst'l fcer J?v*t*
Kit fXi ;!> '
Mr. JTi. noias .VcM.iut^r ha- !>< <-&
? ?. for th* psgi f!"?r 4SVS.
<ai?s Frausis Or?;gr.t bas beta
*tu siak ever sin?? her rctan tr> m
N&nh Carolina.
Mr. and l{rg. \V. B. Cr?i?rht htr?
both been tick witk grippe for the px*?
Mr. J. II. Skinaex was reported
seme better Ifeaday.
Uuke la T??r SkMi
Allen's Feot-Esse, a Dowde*. It
oures painfil, smarting, nervous feet
and ingrowing \ nails, and instantly
takes the sting out of corns and binions.
It's the greatest comfort discovery
of the age. wen's Foot-Ease
makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It
is a certain cure for sweating, callous
and hot, tired, aching feet Try it
J a.u i ii J?, Iu?
w-utty. owiu uy su luugjxa* auu su?>
stores. By mail for 96c. in stamps.
Trial packag* FREE. Address, Allen
g. Olmsted, Ls Roy, K. Y. 3-14
Mr. T. E. Elliott has rstarned from
an extended visit north.
Mies Susie Lumpkin has retimed
home after several month* absence.
The One Day Cold Cure.
For col? la tfcs hexd ani ion tkroat u*e Ic?matt'a
Ckocalatu I^xatrrt tia " Oas
Miis Lizzie Stewart, of Stevenson,
S. C., is in tbe Boro.
Cure Cetd In Head.
Karaott's Chocolates I^xativ* Qoiaiaa. easy
to iakt and qmck to ears cold ia bead aaa mro
Mr. T. L. Johnston, of Reek Hi!!,
spent Friday in town.
better than cure. Tutt's Liver
Pills will not only cure, but if
taken in time will prevent
Sick Headache,
dyspepsia, biliousness, malaria,
constipation, jaundice, torpid
liver and kindred diseases.
'* ?/?-'<. Is* i .
v. - ^ 1 ^ trJl
: >>? : ' .': :.*> ' - .- weft. J
^ ' 'Ts?af|
There i* do j>?r?o? aather:s?d to fi
t??v out ??;r?T or co]Iecl **m er t < I
-? proper'v ia fax uaace.
3-81-2 S. T DuBOSJC.
/ '
Tablets '
1 f
-cures- c
. t
lndige?tion ?
t /$5Z. J
i Best Prepared! f
I 6o?J |
]Sf GflKA&J J
1^0 V. 5. A] 8
115 TflE$MDARD| 1
hixco PAifiT or I;
% - For Sa/e 5y |
my"".*- bmde^ i
fob s?aj' . nr
J. J. OBEAR. i
^ . B
[greatest SPRING MEDICINE ever discc
'heaven to the " worn out," the run down, th
feeling," those "sinkingspells," the languor;
Ished nerves, from thin, vitiated blood and
spell. The weariness, lassitude and nervous
time and the heat of summer, are conquered
neurasthenia, and-all ailments of the brain 'ai
generally, it is almost a specific. It furnishe
tissues. It feeds brain, nerve centers and ne
makes rich, red, honest blood. Newness of
ful use. It makes the weak strong, and the <
It was the antiquated (but now happily e
treat Salt Rheum, Scrofula, Cancer an
BLOOD TAINT with powerful alteratives,
agents. It was expected by this treatment tl
was left to course through its channels holdii
disease. But in this way, every part of the
lng can be more terrible than a horribly dest
lently the different structures of the body, t
and destroyed. It often seeks out the nerves
cay and death to some vital organ, as the tie
scientific method for the cure of blood taint,
of the blood must be removed through the ex
liver and skin. ?' First pure, then peaceable,
vital izer of the blood, JOHNSTON'S SAR
haustively removes the taint, but also remov
and fills the veins and arteries with the ruby,
the life*" Good health mews pure blood. 1
SARSAPARIULA, is universally regarded
erei. This fact is now established beyond qi
Williams. Daris, Brooks & Co., Detroit:
Gentlemen:?In April last i began using JOHN:
by an amputation of one of ray arms. I had SEVEN
and was entirely cured. I know it is what cured roe
acoznaAir IJRVO COM
J-iiii. FT. Mc^stev & Co.; Winnsboro.S. (
prj M. I'ntiick Woodward, J*. C.; T. G. Pat
On Your Spri
We ape Ffeacly
S^oWiqg Sf
A btJiutiful line of Wki
Checked Muslin and Piqu
were contracted for last A
prices; you can have then
- Hamburg, Nainsook and I
We are also shewing a
Spring colors in Prints, ]
Duck and Zephyr Ging
bought cheap. The earlj
We will show you good
Sheeting and Towels, and
White Damask in two,
yard lengths. These are
quality, 50c and 75c.
We have many new this
be interested. Give us a <
file Caldwell Dry
TOii HL.KlJj?
1 hereby an- ij.fce nsy>elf a ctadi!a^
v the office of Sheriff for Fairi
o ?' janty, and will abide by the ,
- ibis of the Thm cratic prim?ri??.
>, r-ll- ?I ? ????
I hereby announce my?elf as a candiat*
for Clerk of Court, subject fe> the
ction the Democratic primaries.
I hereby aruounce myself a candidate
or the wfflce of Clerk of Court for Fairield
County, subject to the action of the
)eraocratic primaries
I hereby annouaca myself as a candidate
or Clerk of Court for Fairfield County,
ubject to the action of the Democratic
irimary. JAS. A. BRICE.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
or the office of County Supervisor for
''airfield County, subject to the aetion of
hf" Demwratlc primaries.
I imebj announce myMlf a candidate
or the offlee of Supervisor ot Tairfield
Jounty, subject to the action of the Democratic
1 Hreby announce myself a candidate
cr tie office of Supervisor of Fairfield
Joar.ty, subject to the action of the Demcratie
primaries. J. R BTJBLEY.
iVe are sole agents in Wiansboro
for Heinz*! goods.
When you need Pickles,
ask for Heiaz's, they
are the btst,
Heinz's Dill Pickles are
Heinz's Sweet "and Srar
Heinz's Cucumbers in bulk.
Heiaz's India Radish.
Heinz's Celery Sauce.
Heinz's Tomato Catsup.
Heinz's Preserves in bulk.
Heinz'i Apple Butter andj
Heinz's Mince Meat in balk
.nd glass.
This is th? season for evapirated
iruits. We kave them
n Prunes, Apples, Peaches
tnd Apricots.
G M Uohonipht
i. ul uauuwtiin.
A FtUCAMA wit care C?eedp?t$s* e*i (
^b??ndeiMLiwl(eMM. Tn*L 1
' . - :
' :yT'<wm
.. I ' " " i
1Y? |
t a Blood Food and Nerve Eaergteer, b the
>vered. It ^comes as a rich blessing from
a overworked and debilitated. That " tired
wd despondency which arise from badly nour*
an underfed body, vanish as if by a magic
> prostration which accompany the springand
banished at once. For every form of
id nerve, insomnia, hysteria and nervousness
5 the very elements to rebuild worn-out nerve
trves, calming and equalizing their action; it
life, new hope, new strength follow its faithold
Voung agtin.
xploded) method in the good old times, to
d other troublesome disorders arising from
such as mercury, arsenic and other mineral
lat the poison could be killed while the blood
3g in its circulation the spedftc germs of the
body became more or less diseased. Noth*
ructive blood taint It not only attacks viru*
mt many times the bones are honey-combed
; and spinal cord, and again it will bring doIneys,
Uver or stomach. There is only cs?
That is, PURIFICATION I Every particle
ecretory channels, the lungs, kidneys, bowels.
The great restorative, reconstructive and
SAPARILLA, opt only radically and ex*
es all mercury, calomel and other minerals,
glowing current of vitality. "The blood is
"he old and reHable remedy, JOHNSTON's
I as the greatest Blood Purifier ever diacovuestion
or cavil.
DHxirora loiaFiiabL
Byron, Web.. October 31, 1894.
STOWS SARSAPARILLA for Blood PoUcn. cnttt
RUNNING SORES on ray i?t*- I ?Md two bottles.
Yoorstraly, a W. LUTHER.
PAXrr, dutrozt, VTOW.
s.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Boekton,S.C.; '?%
rick*&;Ca, White Oak, S. C.
it tt nm i nm
ng Shopping.
to Help You by
- .
>piqg Goods.
. ?: |
te Goods in Plain Lawn*,
e. Some of these goods
ufust, before the rise in
1 cheap. ' Also new lot of
-awn Embroideries.
large and varied stock of
Percales, Colored Pique,
hams. These goods all
r buyers will get the advalue
in White' Spreads,
h^ve a special bargain in
two-and-a-half and 4hree:
factory ends; splendid
lgsto show and you will .
Goods Company,
Engraved -
laiting caras.
\ 'P \. 'r-4
v ,
Invitations, Etc.
* ;V "*V3
A full assortment of styles
to select from. .
# . / ?5
Prices to compete with smy
' v-'' . .
Never (Higher;
Often Lower.
... <>
Cards printed from plafcs
$1.M par 1M.
New plates from
Saad all such ordara to
nuMAliftM PHM
Digests what y?n est.
tk? food Art die
ITftturt li rtrWftbeolnf ?md rim
itnicUir tkeoxfeanitad tr>
VMS.Iti? Ik* latest dlaeaaMi 4lfal>
titui^NLk. | Kt
itosUy rtliiTitiid pontA&eoti y ?arta
aM#lfcerpwdU#f 1m ii fiM IpHiM
?yLC wrott<Mywp> /
1MUVR ??.
*. f.
BRED JACK ?kis ?mmb at
bnro. is fiftpfn kaa4? bifk, bUek
witk wkiU points; wsifks mint kit*
drcd ponds. He took tk? first prixt.
at tbt iMt .*tat? Fair- iitirun. Tf?
Dollars. J. I. WMSSLXR.

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