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&-JTKXS. I3f AlTATf^^
9a? Tear, ... SLM j
8U XoMth*. . - .75
? Miiim in i . ? ? - WINNSBOR.C,
S. C.
??MgaaaCBMCZJtir'' l~?^=jB-T>.-w.-i>Trrai 7T '
ViiitnMlitfr. Avril 11. - - 19$0 !
Grii*o, ra.Jafew years ago, it is said,
was a dead town. Merchants complained
of no trade, and many of them
contemplated leaving the pl&ce. The
yo*ng men wore leaving the town because
they could Sad nothing to do.
Stagnation was in eridenee on all
sides. Finally a progressive man iasisted
that a cotton faetory mast be
bailt. It was bailt, and succeeded.
Now Gril&n has six or seven mills.
The population of the place insreased.
The tow* grew li?ely in a business
sense, and bow people consider Grif-1
Ik us great deal more than a mere
spot on tat asp.
* ?
i- ~ Some
facts related at to Griffs
soand very descriptive of TTinaaboro.
few years>jjo, we aastt siy is all
honesty, this town was about at dead
aa they are made. It has improved,
hat there is room fer improvement?a
plenty ef room. One eottea mill eannot
Jmake a place; it will sot make
Winashoro. Boys jrow np ia Winnshoro,
bat as yoan; men thev live elsewhere,
?and as a general rale they do
well wherever they go, which goes to
' show we d# not lack in the right kind
of material to make asefal citicens,
hat we lack the inducements to keep
them at home.
More trade willaet eome antil we
have more cotton mills. Hoases will
remaia anrepaired, nnpaiated and dilapidated
antil mere cottoa mills are
* * *
We want more railroads. We need
one more badlv. Railroads
seek places ef commercial importance.
Cotton mills, it it useless to argte now,
(ire eommsreial importance mi
wealth to Soatharn towns as nothing
else has done. Therefore, more cotton
Mills would put U3 in a position to
demand tbe consideration of projected
railroads, whieh do not pto a plaee
merely because there is enough ground
te support their tracks.
? ? ?
.... * ' -.'
Should the building of another mill
be delayed? They are paying now is
-the testimony from all sides. The time
te enter & business venture is when
tbe prospects of success are bright.
Will the South overdo the thing? Xot
until more nulls are bmlt than are
necessary to manufacture all the eotton
railed in the South. The per cent
ot prefit is cotton mills will probably
be greater in the Best ten years than
is the next twenty-fire or thirty.
Then it is better to build as toon as
possiblt than to wait.
* * *
As far as the interest of the town is
concerned, it is always desirable to
have as many independent mills as
possible. It takes no argument to
show this, for it rests apoa the self*
evident principle that two small mills
are better for the community than one
larc-e mill. Beaidas. tka iadanandaTit
mills, beeause they Jare independent,
w ill not be dependent upon the earaiajs
of the others to increase their capacity.
* ? *
The present mill should be an eneoarageaaen
t to our eommaniiy. It is
one of the be3t eonstrueted mills in
the State. It is beautifully located,
(ted then there are numerous sites
just as attractive). It is pay in; under
the manaf ement ?f our own business I
men. It is an illustration of what can j
be done.
Fairfield cotton is said te make a
Jipenor class ?r jpoas. Ail : our j
eettoa shoold be **nafaetar?d here.
A bo at five aailliea doliari hare beea
pat into eottoa mills in ihe State sisee
the first day of Jaauary. This shows
that capital is seeking the eottea Bill
as aa inrostmeat. apital will eoae
to Wiaasbero for the saae parpose ii
ur own ptople will show their faith
by puttie* their ova moaey into eottea
Wise aaea profit by the expsrieace
of others. Others tell as what eottea
mills hare done for their towas. Hare
we not seen it with oar owe eyes?
Will we not then believe?
Qck recollection is that the admisittratio*
denied the report thtt a demonstration
vromld be wade in Jhiaese
waters, bat it appear* that ships bare
been sent there, lererthehrs, and
Asaerican, British, German, aid
Trench ministers hare sent a joist
note to the Chinese toreiga effiee deHandiagi!se
suppression of the "Boxers'*.
Mich apeculatioa is btinf Mads
as to the ultimate eatsoms M&ir
sensible articles hare been written to
the effect that we are ipoa.the rerre
of a world-wide war.
As will be seen from editorial from
the Colombia State Prof. K. Meaas
Davis, e! the South Carolina CellejG,
is ir*ed to write a historr of 75. We
know of no period of the State's history
that is 3C intercxtivr and of ese
who it more competent to write il thaa
Prof. Dayir. He wat Secretary ef tee
State Democratic Executive Comwitiee
at the time, and has in hit possesion
a freat awsestnt of data, and besidee
he hat a good memory for facts, and
caa relate them graphical]/.
Lewis Acktrm&u, Goshen, lad.,
says, "DeWitt't Little ?arly Sisert
always bring csrtaia relief, care aay
headache and aeyer gripe." They
gently cleanse aad iayigoratet the
bowslfi liter. UcM&iter Co.
Tor heaven's lake will the draia on
tke treasary for the war for Sottken
Independeaee aavtr stop I It woald
mib tkat the North ought to bo satisfed
with the tributes already laid,
kit a sew scheme has bean inanenrated.
Pennsylvania has cone in en
a new line. ren. Stewart made a few
dashing raid* throigh Pennsylvania
and titan. L?e tarried-hie trmf inte
tks Slate, aad the Pennsylranians
were so badly scared tkat they are new
patting' in big elaimti against the United
States. The claims are b&ied npon
Section 4 ef Article IT of the federal
ceastitatioe, which is as follows:
,cTke United States shall gcarantee
erery State ia the Uaiot? a repablican
form of government. aad shall pretect
eaeh]of thea agaiast inraiien; and .on
application of ike logiulature, or ol
the execative (when tke legislators
cannot be convened) against domestic
Tt i? armed fram this thai
tk* United States made & contract 01
compact with tack State to protect
each of them from invasion, and thai
the compact was violated when the
Confederate forces invaded Pennsylvania.
The caae of the Pacific Railread
. the United States is relied on
This case decidea that the Confederate
forces foiBjon the soil of Pennsylvania
r Maryland was an invasion, but as
pointed ont in the debate in Congreei
the same ease holds that the Government
is net liable for the destruction
of property. The Court stye "United
States are not responsible for injury
or destraction of private property
caused by military operations daring
the late civil war. The war whether con
sidered with reference to ins numoei
of troops in the field, the extent oi
military operations, end the numbei
and character of the engagements, attained
proportions unequaled in th<
hiatory of the present century. M.ori
than a million of men were in the
armies on oaeh side. The injury and
destruction which followed necessarily
from these eanses io compensation
eould he claimed from ths Government.
By the well-settled doetrines of pahlii
law it was lot responsible for them.'1
A special print is made by Mahes
wh# has charge of the matter for
Pennsylvania that as fast as the State
could raise regiments to defend herself
President Lincoln would become uneasy
ahoat the capital and withdraw
the troops to Washington to pretec!
that city.
The bill did >ot seem to take favorably
with Congress, aad it ought not
The opponents made the observation
that if Pennsylvania was paid, then
Ohio, Kentucky and other Statei
would be entitled to pay, and tbat two
thousand million dollars would b<
necessary to satisfy all inch claims.
It is not surprising that the nnmber oJ
pensioners in the Spanish-Americas
war is so mueh greater in the Northern
States than in the Southern. The
spirit is eultivatsd then that a man is
eatitled to be paid for like exerciie o1
his patristic duty, aid jmt sash things
as this Pennsylvania affair is what hai
edneated the Nsrihernlpecpls to beliere
thai the Government owes thsm aome<
thing whenever they do thsir patriotic
dnty. 8omth Carolina is mors entitled
to compensation for General Sherstau's
wholesale destrnetion of proper
ty, In violation of the rales of eivi?
lized warfare, than Pennsylvania is tc
the skim she is now making.
The Literary Dige?t fives an inte*
resting snsmary of the position el
many of the leading newspapers ii
the eenntry on tire Pnerto Rica tarJf,
In !5ew England the Boston Trans*
eripi (Rep.), the Boston Advertise!
(Sep.), the Boston Herald (led), tha
Providenee Journal (Isd), the Man?
ehester, (N S) Mirror (Rep), thi
Birlinjten, |(Yt) JFre-* Preu (Rap),
the Sprinjfald Be^nbM -na (lad), tki
Hartford CereaQt (Rjp), and the
Worcester Spy (Rep) are all oepoaed
to the law. The opposition in thl
West and tforthwast is area stronger.
Ia Chicago The Iutar Oeeaa, a loyal
Repnbliean paper, calls it an on trig#,
Tha Times-Herald (Rap) aaya: "When
we basfin ?o ereat tariffs against territories
belonging te the United State*
we naay as well prepare to pall down
the lag ?for we can sot sqaare tha
condition with Aaerieaa prineiplei
and American history- The tariff lina
marks the boundary where Republicaniana
becomes imperialism, for which
the Republican party will not stand."
Tbe Ironing Poo; (Rep), and the
Record (Ind), the Journal (Ind), all
oppose the law very atrongly. The
Clereland Leader (Rep) opposes it,
tad adds. "Bepablieaa lexers oaght
to kaow the history of their party too
wtll to triile with its ssoral same."
Tit Iadiaaapolis Journal (Bap)) is
stroagly in irrer of free trade, aad the
Iadiaaapalis News (lad) thinks the
law Is "a breaeh ?f faith," and "the
assertioa of a rifht to maintain a despotism
anywhere aa the faoa of the
earth aider the American flagaad
the ftt. Lottie jPost-Diapstch (Iod) remarks
that the "eomaaereial paliti
ciaas" will "sorely be short-lired" The
Minneapelis Jouraal (R#p), ar^ai the
[Republican party "to abandon tae
mistake," while the St Paal Pioneer
Press (Sep) declarss that "the eonntry
I 111 A. UU..U a. ZA+m aVinaUtf
Win XiVl IU1CMH MO iUfiI Wi fiauatufe
f Mrto Rico for the supposed benefit
of highly protested indEitries."
We lMd not yroloDf the list. The
unanimity i? only broken Mere aid
there. It can sot be deubted that tie
Republican blunder will lie a de&d
load on eleetion dart and tke loyal 2Upeblieans
hive added to the harden.
W+r 9r?r Fifty Ie*n.
has hees used for orer tfty years by
inilliom of Mothers for tk.ir ?k'_.iren
while teethiey, with perfect sacceu.
It soothes tke child, softens the gams,
allays all pain, cares wind colic, and
is the heat remedy for diarrhoea. It
Will rousre c?? po?r muv lueror
iaaaedUtelr. Sold br dragfiats is
rery pxrt of th? world. Tweity-Ir*
?emts & bottle. Jt$ smro aid uk far
"Mri. Wlitl?w's SootbiBjf SyrMi"
tftkt it tttar kiasL M-17
Thb bratal ?port of prize?fghtiajj
will riciin a ekeck by tke repeal tf
what it kne*aa?the Hortoa lair is
New York, ITnier tbli law prize
ftgfctisg wai virtually legalized. It
permitted kexiag M&tches by aay elnk
that could ohteia a license. We haps
tkat tka d&r ! act far iistaat wkea
tkc harbaroas prize-fights will be
impossible ia aaj spot ia tke world.
Tjxi camber of letters that wa hare
paklisked and other informatien received
shows that the scieatifit world
is very aaach iaterested ia the eclipse
01 the 25tk 01 May. J com 1MB leuer
from tke University ofVirgiaia to
Paitautir Rioi, it appears that oar
1 kills tight to be of great advaatage,
i Tkt committee is hard at vrork, aad
the tatlook it oaeoiraging.
f Poo* Dewty. Hi? kead hai beea
> tinted. Executing orders as a naval
>' oftctr is quite diferentgfrom filing
I tkt ofice of President, aod Admiral
' Dewey would soon lad oat kis mis
take. Tke tnth is tkat few great
military or naval keroes have beta
> successes as statesmen. The edncatioa
of a soldier or sailor does not fit
- kim for statesmanship.
, Judce Bbjtet makes it hard oa bik
ejele thieves. He sealeneed a negro
, to ftve years oa the chaingang of Itiek(
laad eonaty for stealing two bieycles.
It skould deter others.
1 6iniul Joubebt's death has ksea
' followed ky aansaal activity on the
part *f tke Boors. It seems that
this race of soldiers is also a race of
' military geniuses.
WunrsBOKO's chances for the estab'
lishment of a statioa bore for observ
ing tke oelipio are eneoiragiag.
> Wa would prefer Dewey to McKiai
l?j. The former at least has a mind
i efhiaetra.
[ ============
The grip aid the "grip-oeld," at the
. "Biff er?" eall it, hare at all here bow.
t It ia eo?gh aad aaeece, and sieezt aBd
' coafh latil we are tired aad aere.
i If the caididatea are aaiioma to eerve
- the dear people the opportaaity it here
i ia abandaaee. Setz.e wokf ethera
, wait apea the tick, and atill ethera
eoa'.d plow, eat briah, etc, and f*r
' variety they mar change placet day
: abent. I know theae people will appreciate
all icsk farors.
The farmtra are making prepare*
, tieaa fer another eiep, aad depend ei
the nataral fertility of the soil aid the
home-made fertiliaer, aa aearcely a tea
la aaed ia this aectiea.
A deg with the rabies waa killed
aear Janes Baker'a on laat Saaday.
He had bittei aoaae geese, hoga, and
[ dog*, ail or waien win ee hub* ia
L tira.
The seasoi for fish here, bit 10 fish,
i I suppose we shall hare bo More gam
i fish ii this riyer until we again hare
! a fish commissioner.
t The wild geese and dicks, which
i were lot plentiful this winter, hare
> wiigsd their way to other hants.
Frait trees hare pat forth their
t bloemi aid we vast wait to see what
t fruit they sake.
Small graii has lot Made much
. showiag for a crop yet
As every jhonse has eold and grippe
> we shall aot specify aboit health tr
The time for planting is upo* ms,
bit the weather ia very lifayorable,
too cold for seed to germiiate.
Oar loeal eomrt has lot held a ses;
sion ii some time. There is rery little
bisiness on the "criminal docket" aid
still less on the "cirii," which means
. we behare onrselres rery well aid pay
oar debts and act honestly and honor*
i ably with oir neighbors.
April ?. 1800. Mike,
Iteh #1 hvmaa cared ia SO miaates
1 by Woelferd's Sanitary Lotion. Tbis
1 never fails. Sold by IT., I. Aikca.
i draggist, Wiansbero, S. C.
, ccx8ta3lb8 immvxi.
A man ia Greenville county has been
1 indicted and bound over to oonrc for
, caning a dispensary cob stable. We
i are carioat to know what the courts
will <o with such an offence. We
believe there is a special law which
requires nader peaalty that dispeastry
t constables shall be addressed in terms
, of coartflsy aad respeet. How we do
aot believe in cnriing anybody *er in
anybody's cursing. Bat if there is a
1 man ia the county who ean never
be broken from the habit, we sboald
think tha t he eonld hardly find a more
! appropriate object on whieb to expend
his sarplas stock of irreverence and
profanity than a dispensary constable,
it is too bad for the law to allow horcec
, aad dogs, congressmen, governors and
ths president of the United States to
be carsed with impunity while a dis1
penury constable is allowed to enjoy
an immaaity. Isn't there something
oifc of joist soma where 7?H-affaey
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mlsd, diaoourates
and lessens ambition; beauty, Yijor
taad cheerfulness 100a
disappear whea th$ kidneys
are out of order
Kidaey trouble has
become so prevalent
that R is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kidneys.
If the child urinates
too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child.
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
d?oend unon it. th* eatiae of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, tad th? first
step should be toward* tic treatment of
theee important organs. This unpleas&r.:
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as veil as men are made miserable
with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the tune great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
S\rasp?R*et U soon realized. It is sold
cent and one dollar
sizes. You zsay haireaH
sample bottle by mail
free, alse pamphlet tell- s?m ?t ?wt bootleg
all abovt it, iacludiag many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers curei. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Bingham ton, N. Y., be sure and
mention tfei* paper.
I ^SBEiL |
I sMlatirigflKTaxlandB.egula- f| .
. ^ ^ iL.C?AmnAkr flivltWiTolc AP" nil
1 j| ,
! BnanotesTH^tsKon,Cheerful- %
: H2ss^dfetCofl{ffinsR?ite w
CtomtMorpbine florKtreml. ||
T?.r*. rtz*w+cMJ7rTJ>rmmji
^5-^y3^? J .Jf
Ap^ectltemedy forConstipa- j || |
Son, Sour stonjam.uiaixnuea, jga s
Worms ^Convulsions Jevrrish- 8 i
ocs^ and Loss of Sleep. 1
TacSiiak St^neturcof $$
exAST-copror WRARPEB. s|
* ^^--^l[l| i,_LLL i ^ ^
" I ]
Prof. X. M-haub BstIi, who was Secretary
f the State Executive Committee Is f
Urged to Write a Hlstary of These j
Etlrri*c Times. 2
Th* StaU. <
The Greenville Moaataineer calls at- 1
ttniion to a matter that it deserving <
of eoa?id?ratien. It says: <
"There it a needful work to be dose 1
wkieh ihenld sot be neglected any 1
lender, at every year will render it <
ore diffeait tad arduous. The his- <
tory of the great political campaign ef 1
1176 hae aerer beea writtei, and the 1
chief aetora in that interesting arama 1
art rapidly pasting away. Oar great
ebitftain in that contest in already beyoad
th# allotted age of Man, and hit
recollections of the story will shortly
Im inaccessible, at will those of others
who wart eloiely associated with him.
Prof. R. Means Davis, of th# South
Carolina Collsge, womld bt an excellent
man to write the history, as be
was tha sstrttary tf tht State oxeca*
tive oommittat. His ditles May be
too tnerois jast aow to undertake tha
task, hat the trustees eould sot da a
mere patriotic dead than ta lighten his
labors far tkis laudable purpose.
Tbis is an excellent suggestion and
Tbe 6tata heartily seeonds it.
The seed for such a history is most
apparent. The campaign of 1S76 in
South Carolina possesses more thai
Mere political significance. It was a
social and political rerolntien, an example
of the ioherent superiority of
the white race aad tbe inability of that
race to submit to domination by aay
other. Bat not only was the campaign
important in that respect. The
Banner in Tehien it was conaacio* *
fre* start to finish was a historical *
wonder. The determination; the pa- (
triotism; the deads ef collective and (
individual bravery and daring; tke ?
coolness and eearage of Hampton and
these who followed him, are deserr- j
ing of immortal fame. A history of
the Hampton movement is indeed a
necessity. Its cauies, its events and
its results should be written by a
eapablo narrator, one who was a par*
ticipant o?d a partaker in the affairs
of that day.
No one is better qualified for this
?rork than Prof Davis. A student of
history, an entertaining and graphic
writer, and an actor in those seenes,
he is the naan to whom the task should
be assigned. He has at hand the files
of the leading newspapes of that peri<rd,
which would be an invaluable aidWithout
consultation with Prof.
Davis and without his knowledge, simply
on the spar of the moment, we ean
endorse the suggestion of his name,
for the history shonld not be carelessly
or imperfeotly written. It should be
an accurate and faithful accoint, sack
as no ameteur conld give.
There is growing ap a generation
which knows not the story ot '76, and
it is not a trills to be left to tradition.
It is as mach a part sf South Carolina's
history at the settlements at Port ftoyal
and Charleston: as maeh a part; as the
glorious deeds of M&rion, Senator, aai
Pickens; as much az the Nullification
-- ?--Wi oc .iMiim Tbd iiKi
crflf M JBWVIl ai W /VV-AVai*
spirit which prompted all these was
responsible lor the state's from the
nie of serfs and aliens.
If it is accessary?and doabtlesa it is
seme legislative provisioa should be
made for this w?*k. If, however,
Prof. Davis will undertake it at
onee, we are sare th? legisiatare will
assist him. That body at the last sessioa
willingly gave aid to these authors
who have already undertaken to
tell the story of other portiois ef
Sonth Carolina's history, aad the precedent
is a good on# which weitfd
doubtless be followed in this ease.
Bat a work of this kind would 2nd a
ready and a prof table sale, beeaase il
coald be made as interesting as the
most fascinating noyel withont once "
deviating from the trath.
Let the aewspapeis and the people
show that there is a real demand for
this history, aad it will be writtex. i
It is dee Wade Hampton and his lieu- 1
tsnants from the most active campaign- ^
er down to the most obicare rsd shirter,
that ths history be written. It is
doe South Ctrolina, past, present aid
fata re.
Urs. Calvii Zlmmermai, liileibarg 3
Fa., uji, "A? a fcpewijr cmr? for
coagb?, coids, ani ?or? tbroat
0>? llinuta Cough UHr? if nu?fi[ia!td.
It ii p]?*?a?! f*r children to Ukt. I
haartly re<o??t?il it to uutb?r> " It *
i? tb# **1t bamila?? rc?edy thai pr?- j
dac?s im??diaU resihi. It car?s
br*ichiti?, paeanoaia, sripp? and
throat and lnag disaiea. It iri!l prevoRt
o??8?mptio?. McUa?t?r C?.
Mrs. Kocbe anijMiis Mary retnraed t
to ColmmbiaJ 8aturday after viaiiicf \
th? family of Mr. an* Mrs. W. * ^
castor 1 a i*
J?r Iiiaata and CkiUrta.
Tie Ked Yds htem ; *
2te?rs too srf
flfcnatare of
_ ' t
' j \
js^ mim *
x or Infants and Children. \
Tie Kind You Have i
Alwavs Rnn?hf 1
ril S V V (WMQItt
Bears the / % \
d Jr
J? For Over
Thirty Years
la nearly til matters wkere impor:aat
interests are involved, special
raining and skill are demanded. This
s trae in tie treatment of disease!,
iven the ailments of brutes. Bat
when it comes te the trial of cases in
Mart, where the most important interisti
are involved, a family's living, it
nay be, a man's liberty, or perhaps
sis life; or where all soeiety is eon*
?raed in the preservation of food
irdcr, properly, and life, then aay one
who can vote is regarded competent
ro sit on the case. In this onr jury
lystem is very, verv weak. Quite
ntelligent men, who have no training
n sich matters, no matter how honest,
<* >??* V>?rtr?M?ror? in <tf
BLV 1/4WU wnilUVAVM AM www -v? - .
teetimoiy and confusion ef evidence,
tud the 7erdi?t is little more than a
ftase of chance. Indeed we hare
teard intelligent men say, in regard to
mportant euei, that they weald hare
?eea williag to draw straws tor a reriict.
What cenfidence then can we hare
that a true verdict frill be reached
prhen tbe jury is eompesed partly, it
say be chiefly, of men of ordinary
ntelligenee and little or no edaeation?
A great deal of seatiment is indulged
in about trial by a jury of one's
aeers, bnt there is a great deal of iisappointment
and disgnat at the results
if its praetioal workings.
If we. wi^bed to secure justiee, we
ibonld far rather submit a ease to a
rribmoal of judges, learned in law and
iraiBed in sifting evidence; with a
epatation for learning, discriminaieu,
and uprightness to maintain;
ttlcoted for their position by some
'ational system, and amenable to sosiety
for the manner in which they
iischarge their datiei.-^Cbeiier Lan;ern.
r ? iti:
m 1 M'
The Time !
to every elderly vroman -when au im-1
port&nt functional change take.: place.
T'nij is called "The Change ox Life.*' ,
Theentixe8jrsteru undergoes a chaagc.
Dreadful diseases such as cancer and
oonauraption are often contracted at I
thla timie. ;
MnEU>m?8 !
WStw of Qs-rtkii !
trengthens ard 3^: the ctire
fyatem. and bring/, uic suifc-rtr safely
over these pitfalls. Its c:";fct8 havci
been wonderful. It is jj^od for all}
menstrual troublac, but is especially j
recotqmeaded at this time! Ask! '
ycrar for the famous Wine of 8
Cardni. lfr.?o x bottle.
Joe adrieo ia c^aca reqv. r in? special |
direction*, address the "Lames'Ad-8
tiftorf Department," The Chatta-|
aooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, a
Tean, . 1
HTI )daiv I
rttaoa^r*A*a. ami doctor t ccilc u<< I
Mint hrrr. WVm fi Ctxdul r cm red 9
k?r> *md fcJao Wzad nr mother thro:vl? LU $
Cittopa of Liic."
mJH- I 11 " 1 1
STeeiL Stationery any kind? i
We have what you I
n fine Statioiery #f all grades, ]
tnd when you start out <
tatienery of any kiid come
md see ours before buyinj.
\nd when you start to write '
o distant frieads or relatives t
re can show something that j
rou need in Peni, Ink, Pen- *
:ils, etc.
Don't ferret us when you ,
,re in need
J. H. McMaster
& Co., '
k Xegro to StT?al Hlsu?Lf Writ?? t? Judge
Ths St?U, April 5.
Ia tie criminal wourt yesterday Judge
Seoet struck aboatthe worst specimen
>f a criminal that ha has found in hii
sxperience. He was a negro earned
rim Dearer and was charged with
ireakiig into a railroad car aad larceny.
Before be was arraigacd he
tent to the jadge the following remarkable
City of Columbia, State of Sooth i
Carolina, Eichland eoaaty.
Judge to- Honor: I Make my Lire- I
ing by stealing, i was on the gang 6 ;
timet, Judge i will have Kevenge on |
this Citv if hare to Slip a Ronnd in
the aight and Barn one house Down. ;
L Will do it Judge if i get under 7 j
years. Judge i waa Befoure you in i
Charleston, S. C. i am a ceorgia Bo> ;
From Savannah, ga. i Will pit the >
City to a lot of trouble, i will Steal i
aid Burn just aa long as i lire if i *<t j
under 7 years. Judge this it the whole
trnth a Bont my self.
Jim Deviver.
Shortly afterwards he sent the fol- |
lowing to Judge Benet:
i as mot guilty of the Charge you !
hare againit me Judge, i will Steal
and Burn Jutt so Long as i live, i
Know you Cai't Send me to the State
prison foi i am not guilty, i hare
conamitt a crime of Burning in this
City But thear never could Catch me.
Jadge i am 24 years old. I will Committ
Maraer on Some of the officers of j
this City in the Dead Honrs of the j
night to have my Spite. Judge yoi |
cant not Send me to the State priaoa. 1
Jndge i Will left thia City in a Daae- j
late State if i Lose my life.
Jim Denver !
Whea Deavtr wag arraigned he et* j
tered a plea of not guilty and pre* \
ceeded to defend bimaelf. This lie >
did in a moat intelligent and indeed i
xdroit manner. He was, however, 1
eoavicted. "When the comrt ordered him
to stand op to receive bis sen*
tence, Jadge Benet read the remarkable
letters above. Jndge Benet asked
bim if be bad written them. He said
he had. He was asked what be hoped
to gain by smeh letters. He said be
merely wished to show the j adge bis
character. He then said that be bad
aet fire to Ike Allen Unireriity building
in 1S95 and bad destroyed it. There
was not the slightest indication of
insanity in tbe follow; he fiiufly appeared
to be a ease-hardened criminal.
Jndge Benet then sentenced him to 10
years in the State penitentiary. These
who were sittiig near as tbe negro
left the deck say be said that one of his
flrst victims when he get free woild
be thejndge.
A Strong Fortification.
Fortify the body against disease
by Tutt's Liver Pills, an absolute-cure
for sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria,
- J?__ t:i!
constipation, jaunuice, umuusness
and all kindred troubles.
"The Fly-Wheel of Life"
Dr.Tutt; Your Live? Pills ..c
the fly-wheel of life. I shall ev .
be grateful for the accident - .isbrought
them to my notice. Ir
as if I had a new lease of
J. Fairleigh,. Platte Canrion, Co1
Tutt's Liver Pi!if
courrr of yxneeiKLD.
Sank ?f Riifsway, of Kidjeway,
S. C., Plaiatilt,
J. If. Ray, DefeadaBt.
Summons. For Relief.
To the Defendant above-named:
YOU are hereby gammoned and re*
quired to answer the complaint
in this action, which was filed ia tke
ofl?c of the Clerk of the Conrt of
Common Fleas, for the ?aid County,
ob 15th March, 1100, and to serve a
copy of yonr answer to the said complaint
on the subscribers at their offices,
Nog. ? and 6 Law Range, Winnsboro,
South Carolina, within twenty days
after the eerrice hereof, erolnsite of
tne day ot sucn service; ana, u yoa
fail to answer the complaint within the
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this
action will apply to the court for the
relief demanded iu the oomplaint.
Dated 16th March, A. D. 1900. \
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To the defendant, J. Tf. Bay:
Take notice that the eomplaint together
with the summons, of which
the foregoing is a copy, together with,
the eompl&int, was filed in the office
>f the Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas, at Winnsboro, Cointy tf FairHeld,
is the State aforesaid, on litfc
Harsh, 1900.
S-17-^t Plaintiff's Attorneys.
B. M. Grier, Plaintiff,
PL W_ -T^?ninci s.. Administrator ef
the estate of John H. Clamp, deceased,
M. R. Clamp, W. Fletckear
Clamp, Lillie Read, Jessie Clamps
John Clamp, Eliza J. Scruggs, aad
Th? Bank of Ridge way, Defendants.
C*py Summons for IMuf.
Fo the Defendants above namad: |
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint ia
this action, which is filed In the offiee
5f the Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas for the said County, and to serv?
i copi of your answer to the said complaint
on the subscribers at their offices *
above The Winnsboro Bank, Winnsboro,
S. C., within twenty days after
the service hereof, exclusive of the
lay of such service; and if you fail to
mswer the complaint within the time ,
^foresaid. the plaintiff in this action
frill apply to the Court for the relief
iemanded in the complaint. I
December 2Srd, A D1899.
Plaintiff's Attorneys,
ro the Defendant Eliza J. Scruggs: |
Take notice, that the complaint
n this action (together with the summons
of which the foregoing is a copy)
pras filed ia the office;of the Clerk ot
:he Court of Common Pleas, at Winnsboro,
in the County of Eairfield, in
;he State of South Carolina, on the
tth day of January, 190#. -;
ilareh 18th, 1900.
Din?T^T.5" ,t W AOaTiAT.U1. ?
3-17-6C Pl&intLfTa Attorntya. J
firac mi ihiwk sarin
17 irif IIRL J
Solicits & 'ij.ar? of tb? pibli? pm\tonajt.
>8Hy I
greatest SPRING MEDICINE ever dUc
heaveotothe"wornout," the ran down# tl
leefiaf," those "sinking spells," the laiguor
iahad netvss, from thin, vitiated bleed and
speH. The weariness, lassitude and cervou
tine and the heat of summer, are conquers
nearestheaia, and all ailments of the brain s
gealewtly, it is almost a specific. It furnish
tissues. It feeds brain, nerve centers and a
make* rich, red, honest bleed. Newness ei
ful twe. It makee the weak strong,, and the
It was the antiquated (but new happily <
treat Seli Rheum, Scrofula, fencer ai
BLOOB TAINT with powerful alteratives,
agents: It was expected by this treatment t
was left to course through its channels hold
disease. But in this way, every part of th<
In* cam be more terrible than a horribly des
lentiy the different structures of the body, !
and destroyed. It often soaks out the nerra
cay and death to some vital organ, as the Id
scientific method fer the cure of blood taint,
of the blood most be removed through the c
liver and akin. *' First pure, then peaceable
vitalize* of the blood, JOHNSTON'S SAI
haustively removes the taint, but also remoand
fills the veins and arteries vith the rub}
the life." Coed health means pure blood.
5ARSAPARILLA, is universally regards
red. This fact It coir established boyond i
ltooareifv ovxivni
IrtBuas, trrij, Breaks k Co., DctrtM:
CeatiMUBr-la April lut 1 been JOM1
ojrttfBpottgCBflt oaa rfmyanm*. I fed SEVE1
mi wu ttOnix cared. I knew K is vhtt cured a
_ _igcarrai> nr z>kv? 001
John H. HcMaeter A Co.: Wi&Blboret&
W 1?. Patriok Woodward, i. C.; T. O. Pa
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SarsaparUla 1
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DTsred. It comes as & rich bleutof ffttt ; r;|
so overworked and debilitated. That " tfrnl
and despondency which arise frem badly aatr*
an underfed body, vanish as If by a mtfta
s prostration which accompany tha Mb ^
I and banished at once. For every ferf^K |
ad nerve, insomnia, hysteria and nervowaaS? ?|
u tie very alements to rebuild worn-oct nam
erves, calming and equalizing their action; R ->|
: Hfe, new hope, saw strength follow fts faitk- :?
old young again.
tiploded) method in the good old times, t*
id other troublesome disorders arising fftci
such as mercory, arsenic and other mines*!
*?? ? M K. VtlUJ wtifU A*
IULI UK? JAMJVtt WVIW iw m uuwwm w ? .
In* in its ckculatioa Uft spedfte fenns of tha
s bed/ became more ar lest dtottsed. Hotbtructive
blood faint. It not only attacks rift- ~
bat many times the bones am hoaey-cambsi
s and spina! cord, and afalnit viD Mac 4**
dneya, liver or stomach. Titers {staff tat :>|
That is, PURIFICATION! Every partfclt
neretory channels, th? lungs, kidneys, be trait.
The great restorative, reconstructive sad
(SAPARILLA, not only radically and a* >||j
res all meremy, eajomeiana raMrnuwm .
\ {lowing current of vitality. "ThojbloodJo
The old and reliable remedy, JOBKSPOIH
daetbe gr$atest Blood Puriflef rar ditto* fg
[tmtfon or cavfl. - -itMiirui'i
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