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/ r v. i "
W?030*4AJ. April'11, . - 1900
| *
?Milt u, X. Aiken has beea slued
Snm the central oflee or aecoant ef
?Tkow "dyisf far f?m" thoal?
-X md MeMaster Ce.'s advertisement
jfe this morning.
jf ?Easter opening April lttk, ?ontiimittf
threigh the week, at
Mrs. A. It. MaCarley'e.
?Jobwerk solieited hy Tnr Krrri
amd Hxsixd. 1 are freight by baring
year werk done at boat.
To iciar* the eriginai witch kaztl
salre, ask far De Witt's Witck Hazel
Balre, vail known ai a certain eare for
piles and skin diseases. Beware of
worthless cennterfeits. Tker are
dangereas. MeMaster C?.
?The Atlanta SeasMTeckly Joaraal
tad the Weekly >zws axd Hxjuld
ae year far $ 1.10 in advance.
?Weddiag bells will riog here no
the 36th iist. This iaterestir. ereat
Will tiks place ia the Prf-'kf^rian
II. B. faith, Satieraat, Mioh., says,
"DeWitt'c Lit tit Early Risers are the
try beat pills I r aaed fer ?ttireaess,
lirer aad hewtl treahles."
MeMaster Ce.
?Q. D. Wllliford calls spteial at^
tea ties to ibeee this aeraia g, aad in- i
Tites aa iaipeetion of his steek htfore
yoa parehate elsewhere.
?The Jaaily ef Mr. J. M. Beaty j
leave aext week fer tbeir fatare boae
ia Charlotte. Their leaving is Wiaashero's
less aad Charlottes jaia.
"I ased ?odol Dyspepsia Care ia
ay faaiily with woadarfal rein Its. It
fives iaaediate relief, is pleasaat to J
take aad is traly the dyspeptic's hest
friead," says 2. Bartseriak. Orerisel, j
? - ??--* ??f f!,?.
JUM. VljeBU wn> ; ? v>.
aetfail to eire. MsMaster Co.
?A large crowd greeted the Labadie
company is Taut at the Thespian
Bal] Thursday night. The show was
Airly geed, hat migat have been bet*
?Candidates are coming oat falter
is other coaaties than in Fairfield. In |
looking over our exehasges weaoticel
that the number of cards deable the
nambsr sow raaniag in Tss Hiws j
?er. W. fiitrer, W. Caton, 27. T.,!
writes, UI had dyspepsia orer twenty
years, and tried dottois * J1 medicines
withoat banef t. I was persaaded to
ase Kedel Dyspepoia Care tad it
helped ate from the start. I believe it j
to be a panacea for all feraas ef Sadi-j
gsstjoa." It digests what yen eat. I
? SfcMaster Co.
. ?There ia scarcely a hoasehold ia |
Vines tor* bnt that some member of 1
tie fiuBiiy bas im tas grippe, kju
latarday Ire deatks occarrsd froa it
aaftoif the colored popalatioa. Tkis
looki Tory isrioas.
?Wbat pity YJinisbor? hua't?
opsra hotee. This is, porbaps, the
oaly placc of its si? withoat one.
Tko Wiamsboro people appreciate S9od
shows u mack u uj oai; so why
cu't some stops be takem toward
nxkinfa ball ft to ask good coapaaies
to como here?
. , . . . . Mrs. Harriet Era**, Hasdals, III.,
writes,"^ a?fsr fsil to relieve mj
chilirotfroM oromp at eice bj ninp
Oao liiaate Cosjfk Cars. I woala
, sot fool safe wiikeat it" Qaiokly
. cars* coigJM, colds, jrippe aad all
^ ??j l??r /Ii'miim. Vftlftlta Co.
< J ?Dr. Theo. A. QnattlebaaM, of
Wlnntboro, kit located here for tk*
prattite of mulleins sad argery. He
if a graduate ofTariaan andYtnderfeilt,
ud it well eqnipped for hit choten
profewioa. He it? gxandten of tba
lite Gen. Paul Qn&ttiebtnm, who reprelented
Lexington county in the State
senate in the ante>bsllan days.?
Jatetbar* oor. The State.
?Hon. W. S. Hall, a prominent
eitizea and piaster of Mitferd, TairfeldCennty,
ease to the city Friday
en a Tint to hit toe, Prof. 17. S. Sail,
Jr., and hit daughter, Xrt. J. X. Dye,
on Raoe street. I?r. Hall it a ealtnred
gentleman of the old te'aool He raited
ear tcboolt und Limestone college,
aad omr bij indnetrial plant* aad expresses
hiatelf in n??t tattering terms
f Gaffueyaud herprespeets.?fchLtaey
" Fa. Orr, 3few?rk, 0.? ?j?, "We
never feel safe without Ot% Miaate
Ccttjb Car# in the he?<sd. It saved
my Jittle boy's life when he fetal the
paeaatonia. We tbiai it is the best
medicine SBade." It ceres ceagh* sad
all lea? diseases. Pleasaat to take,
termless aad fires iamcdiate resaits
McMaster Ce.
?Cards are ont annoanciag the marriege
of Miss Aerie Benhaas Aldrieb !
to Dr. William Egleitoa on Wedneiday,
April 18th, at the Church of the
Holy Apostles, Barnwell, 8. C. Miss
Aldrieh is a daughter of Senator and
Mn. Bobt. Aldrieh, of Barnwell. Dr.
Eglaeten is a sob of the late Mr. DaBate
Ijleston, asd is well known ia
Winnibero, hie old hoxae. He is nowj
a promineit yeang physician of Barn-1
?-?n t* u .uJiui t* ?* b* wi] '
WWUt Xl> M *??WU1WIO W ? ..
Iuti the best wishes if his naaeroas j
frieads ia Wicasbero.
?The witter ef the escape of eoaTitle
from theeoaaty chaingang wu
ap before the eoaaty board of eoaaissioaers
on Moiday. The beard
iaed Saperinteadeot Joe Richardson
910 and Mr. Ton Trye, the gnerd,
wu also iaed $10 aad discharged.
This actiea of the board wu iodaced
hy the etsape leme two weeks tinee ef |
ire convict* from the gaix at the sane
time. It it to he hoped that the rales!
aad regnlatioas foraal&tid by the J
m beard for the coatrol of tae chain jaug
j will be observed more strietly ia i
fatare, aid thas iaaure the reteatioi
ef prisoners aatil the expiration of
their seatence.
Tmvsa irmri ST DIiD
Mr. Joseph Stewart iiod *t feia bom?
in Long town ob l*?t Wsdoesday. Ht
wu one of the oldest citizens ia the
eeaaty, hBTi?g rsachad the age of 91
years. He was ai unusaaliy active
and vigoroas naa up to only a f?w
aaoaths ago. It is said that ke could
stoma* a horse and gallop off with the
spirit and erectsesa of a yeueg aaa. i
A kighly respeettd citixea is lest te
the eosBty. I
Sore longH, pain in the chest and p*infcl
breathing, the fore-runners of
paecmonia, are quickly relieved sad
i Mt-Mor) St th* rtif? rflliabla Dr. John W.
| BfcH'a Coa^ Syrap^^fe biseis np a
Will quickly heai Sore Lungs.
Dote* a?e?all and plwuaat to take. Doctors
re?o?m?d it. Price as cts. At all druggists.
Tvro biadred bnsbcU ?f home raisad
or a.
P. C. Mallicbanp,
?s?klick, 3. C.
Cure Celd In Heed.
Xcmott's Chocolates laxative QpjaSaa. aaay
totakeaadqmefcto care cold it beadoad kr
Cam 0*t Plonly ?t Then.
Mr. Prnton Xioi has reaeirei the
following latter:
v? Annl 1900.
UUOIiVUOtliU*) > ?I .....
Uj Dear Sir: I tm hoping to observe
the eclipse of the sun May 28 th,
and am tbinkiag of selecting a aite for
obsarring either near Winnsboro or
Newberry, S. C. I expB'ct to use a
40 feot camera and would be flad to
find a hill where I can obtain a ilepe
of thirty degreei mere or leu. If ill
roa be kind enoigh to write me in regard
to the topography around Winniboro.
Any other information that
yen think May be of raise will also be
gratefally rewired.
Tery tmly yonrs,
Orxaoad Stone.
Testimonial trmm OldXaglAxd.
"I consider Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy the best in the world for Bronchitis,"
says Mr. William Strory, of
Warrington, England. "It hassarcd
my wife's lile, she baring been a martyr
to bronchitis lor orer six years,
being most of the time confined to her
bed. She is now quite well." Sold
by McMaster Co., druggets.
Tht fnatr&l urriiti of Mrs. Joe
Laaderdale were k?ld ia the A. K. P.
Ckmrtk as Taesday afttraoom at
4 o'clock, of which ckarth tk? da*
oeasei wu aa active sad zealous
Member. It was oae of the largest
faaerals erer saaa ia Wiaasboro. The
deceased wu oaa of tka laadmarke of
tka tows, haviij keen sescessfelly
cagftftd ia tba ercaatile batiasst
kara for akoat half a century, xad tka
and ker faisiJy wara closely idtatiiad
with thebaninew interests of tke ?ohmanity.
Ia honor of kar Memory, all
tke atorea ia tows ware closed dariag
tke fastral hoars. %.
Tke following geatlemea acted as
Attire?T. H. Kttchin.T. K. Illictt,
J. X. MtDoaald, IT. G. DesPortes,
J. J. Neil, R. C. Gooding.
Tfoaararv?J&i. A. Brice aad A. 8.
| oaglass.
itftatiM l'n?l Ym Haw tinje Btfgtt
I rrti&ftfiit*
Ob Tuesday, April 3rd, At Ai*well
cematery the rsmaiot of Patrick 34.
Speuea wai laid to lost. lir. Speiee
bad sot qaite lived tho three eoore and
tea, allotted to &an, being IS years
old at the tine of bis death.
Ib the death of this good and true
m*n Ridgeway loses one of her beit
itiaeBs and the county at large a noblo
max, whoie place will BOt ?oob be
ftlled. He was in everf was? a just
aad true aian, ever seeking to do his
defy, to bii neighbor, himielf and to
Cod. 2fo eanse could make him awerre
from tie itraight path of kit daty as a
tan and citizen. Be was born in
Cointy Antrim, Irelaad, in l$J7-~
coming irom that aturdy old Pnritan
: atock that has made itself fanions for
virtae wherever it fenai a home; and
Patrick II. Speoce inherited a fall
chart of their rirteea.
; Ha waa iaterred with Masonic hoaora.
There were present delegations from
neighboring lodges lo pay tribatea of
reapect to the mamory of thia upright
man and Masoo.
Bm tk? ^^Tha lint Yon Ha* Ainjt|q0t
-Ur Dispones lost a fine mile *
Hm days ago. aegro was pleiriij
kia 01 tke place and without the
If httst pr0T0c*tk>? the mule fell over
deai. It ia sapposed the male bad heart
How To
Gain Flesh
Persons have been known to
gain a pound a day by taking
an ounce of SCOTT'S EMULSION.
It is strange, but it often
Somehow the ounce produces
the pound; it seems to start the
digestive machinery going properly,
so that the patient is able
anH ahv?rh hfc ordinarv
food, which he could not do before,
and that is the way the gain
is made.
A certain amount of flesh is
necessary for health; if you have
not got it you can get it by
Scoffs fggjg
You wHi find it just as useful in summer
as in winter, and if you are thriving upon
Vt don't stop because the weather is warm.
50c. aad $1.00, all druggists.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.
IIrs. T. ?. Brya* returned to CoIambi*
Friday after speiding terera]
days with herpireati, Rer. and Mrs.
D. E. Jordan.
Tit ?&ay frieads aad acqaaiataaee*
of Mr. Joseph Stewart will be pained
to bear of bit death, whieh oecnrred at
his hove Wedaesday at 11 o'cleek
a. ?*. He had heea in a deeliaief
state of keallh for soae time prier to
hit death. His death was not wholly
nexpeeted, yet was a severe shoek to
all. - He was ia all probability the
oldest person ia the eoaaty, beiag 10
years and five raeitks of age at the
time of his death. His Teaaias were
interred at the Pre?hyteriaa Ckareh oa
, Tbnrsiay at S o'cleck p. ia tke
presence ef a large eeneoarie of
relatives and frieads. Bar. J. fcr.
Herndon condacted tka f aaeral serris?t
ia a Moit solemn and touching
manner. We extend oar eympatkies
to the beroaredjones ia this tkeir great
affliction, and point them to Him wko
it akle to wife away ail tears frpm
tkeir eyes and to aanetify to tkem erea
their deepest distress. Wken & few
years shall hare eome then we too
hall go the way iron whenee we
1 shall not retarn. E H D.
Bryant, So C., April 7, 1900.
Biiwsrtk's Irom lUrr#
Was the result of his splendid h ealth
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are not found where Stomach,
Lirer, Kidney# and Bowels are out of
order, if you want these qualities
and the success they bring, us* Dr.
King's New Lifo Pitta. They develop
every po * er of brain and body. Only
31c. at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
The farmers ef this section are badly
behind with their creps, (that is the
most of them). Yery few are threujh
seming fertilizer. Although Mr A B
Powell is plantiag cetton, lam afraid
he will lose his seed.
Mr D A Broom and Mr C J5 Bith*
ardsen went to Mr P M Speace's
burial, at Ridgeway, last Tuesday.
Miss Mary Cathcart, cf Wimsbare,
who has been tsachiag enr tchoel, has
been called home on account of her
mother's illness. It is not knewn
when she will return to take eharge
of her school.
Miss Edna Hatheock, d&nghter of
Mr and Mrs 0 C Haihccck. asd Mr
Job* Perry, of Wiansboro, were m ar?
ricd 5 tad ay ereiisg.
Mrs Hatk?ock asd ton paid Black*
stoak a flying visit Sunday.
Ifeare clad to know that Mr J If
Wilson is reoovering from his reseat
attack ' lagrippe. T.
April 7, 1900.
Bell?f teftix K?<r?.
Distressiag Xidaey aad Bladder Disease
relieved in sir koars by"2ffew
Great Soath Axaerieau Sidaay Care."
II is a great sarprise on acoeaot of its
exceeding promapsess ia relieving pain
ia bladder, kidaiys and back, in male
or female. Believes retention of water
almost immediately. If yon want
quick relief and care this is the remedy,
sold by W.]B. Aiken, drnggist, Winnsboroj
S. C.
The death ol lir. P. M. Spenee was
qnite a shock to the community at
large, as very few knew that he was
siok. Mr. Spenca was a trae maa and
asrood citizen?tine to his friends aad
kit ooQrietioai whatever they might
be. His lost will sot only- be felt by
his family, bat by tke town and community.
The farmer* of this vicinity have
been patting in good time, and frem
all indications the nsnai erop of cotton
will be planted.
The oat erop is not very promising.
The farmers complain that they are
"off in color"?look red and net a
healthy green.
Coanty Supervisor Tennant was in
town to-day.
Qnite a party went to Winngb?ro
last night to attend "Fanst"?Kisses
Isabel Raff asd Daisy Wilson, and Mr.
John Wilson, Dr. (James Team aid
Mr. W. C. Boyd. L.
April 6,1909.
VelMkfti* XrapUsmi
Are grand, bat Skin Eruptions r?b
life of joy. Backlen's Arnica Salve
cares them; also Old, Banning and
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Braises, Bares,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Cbilblaiis,
Best Pile care on earth. Drives oat
Pains and Aches. Only 15 cts. a box.
Care guaranteed. Sold by McMaster
Co., draggists.
We have as floe graded saaool as
there is perhaps is the State. We hare
about seveity-fira papils in the differest
departments and ander tbe efftoieat
miagement of Prof. M. W.
Petrifoy, bis accomplished wife and
Miss Lottie Blair, a graduate of Wi?throp
Collsgs, aid a aest competent
teacher. Oar school is ferging to the
froat and the "yoang ideas" of Grots*
brier are being taaght with an *pward
tendtaey In the matter efedi*
Misses Sadie Aycock aad BslJe
Peurifoy are risitiag at Pref. Peari*
Mr. T. rf. Ruff has beea qaite ill
with la grippe, bat is bow convalescing.
Mr. Pope Brooks has recently 4aished
a aiee dwelling sad hat moved
into tbe same.
Air. J. L. Bobiaioo h&s ia the last
few days had his floe hoase repainted,
which add* greatly ta its appearause.
The Stewart Stone Ceapany i: operating
a large steBe qaarry h?re aid
are workiig qaite a namber of hands.
Faming has b?en greatly retarded
oa aeceunt of too mash rain.
5m; wishe< it Thi Jtaws and
Hbbaxd. Isabells.
April 7,1900.
MIm JUttie Sit?re*v?s hat returned
from the Northern markets, where she
has been for the pa?t tea day? purchasing
spring millinery for Mr*.
. L. McCarley.
If troubled with rieumatisw, fire
Chamberlain's Fain Balm a trial. It
will not cost tob * ?ent if it docs no
good. On? applieatku* will relieve the
ptio. It also cures iprains and bruises
in one-third the time required by any
other treatment. Cuts, barns, frost.
bites, qninsey, paioe in the side and
chest, glandular and other swellinca
are quickly cured by applying it.
Irery bottle warranted. Price, 2*
end 60 ate. For sale by Melf aster Co,
WJI mi?ca????????
F 1
is only a symptom?not a j
11 disease. So are Backache, ;
; Nervousness, Dizziness and the jj
: Blues. They all come from an
: i unhealthy state of the men- j >
stroal organs. If you suffer jj
i from any of these symptoms? j
jj if you feel tired and languid in j
! the morning and wish you could j>
lie in bed another hour or two j'
?if there ia a bad taste in the :
; month, and no appetite?if :
; there is pain in the side, back j |
or abdomen?BRADFIELD'S :
| bring abont a snre cnre. The ;
J | doctor may call your trouble
: some high-sounding Latin ;
;; name, but never mind the name.
The trouble is in the menstrual i
organs, and Bradfield's Female
| Regulator will restore you to
: health and regulate the menses j
I i like clockwork.
Sold by dngglsts for Ji i bottle. A fret flUHilHd
booSc will b? seat to iny *oau if request be xuiitrf to
6W8IHID9? iDmwuniiniiiiMiimmmwhiimmI
Mr. J. fl. Skiaaer ii slowly luprovMissis
Isafcelle Sof aad Daily Wilion,
who' mo np te let Fimit, re*
taraai to Riifeway Satiriay.
Mri. Le?ait?r, .of RIdfftway, ii
viiitinf Min Benie McMaiter.
I Mr. D. A. Crawford went to Rich
noad Saaday eveaicg oa hasiaeu.
Mrs. J. 9. Cathcart retaraed home
Satarday after spending saveral days
with her parents at Pinarille.
Miss Coleitaa, of Ridgeway, who
bat bees tiiitiag Mr. A. L? Porter,
retaraed home Saturday.
Mrs. Mnldrow, who has beea visiti?t
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Oreifbt, returned to her home ia
Stateehnrr, S. C.
Miaees Mattli Belle Bollck and
Mamie Rabb, of Ridge way, spent
Satarday ia town.
Mr. Jao. R. Craig, of Blackstoek,
speat Satarday in town.
Mist Jeanie Beatj resumed her
?<?n Uaw^AW
mvmwwi >U??o V .
Mr. JE. L. Elliott speat Sandav witb
bis iaaulyhere.
Rer. C. X. McDonald has beta at
Clover, York Conaty, since Friday,
eonseqaently his palpit oa Saaiay
was vacant.
Mr. Haat, assistant traveling pas eager
ageat of tbe Soatbera, epeafc
part of Moaday in town.
Mrs. D. X. Jordaa left Moaday for
a riiit to Mri. T. L. Bryaa in Colinbia.
Mill jtfettie Sitgr?ave? spent Saaday
at Blaekitook and rataraed Monday
Ills Life Wu Sarti.
Mr. J ? Li'ly, a prominent citizen
of Hanuibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful
deliverance from a frightful
death. In telling of it he say?: "I
was taken with irpbod Fever, that
ran into Paenmoni*. My lungs became
hardened. I was no weak 1
couldn't even sit np in bed. Nothing
hplp- u me. I expected to soon die of
ii.nmption. when I heard of Dr.
New Discovery. One bottle
T unnfinnM^ tn na?
it, and new ana well and strong, I
can't say too mucti in its praise." This
marvellous medicine is the surest and
quickest care in the world for all
Throat and Lunr Trouble. Regular
sizes SO cents and $100. Trial bottles
five ni McUaster Co.'s drugstore;
every bottle guaranteed.
Some Farther Details 1st Her life.
The passing;away of Mrs. Jane Lauderdale
removes from our midst one
of the most ;promineit citizens of
Wiunsboro. For more than fifty years
the has been promineutly identified
with the social, business, and religious
iaterests of our towu. The death of
this woman deserves more than a
passinr notice irom our hands. Her
long, active, aad usefal life was spent
here amosg us, and her death means,
not only a leas to her. immediate family,
but to the eommuaity at large, ii
which she was held iu highest esteem.
Mrs. Lauderdale was Miss Jane
Russell, and was born ia County
Down, Ireland, May 14th, 1821, and
1 O /"? A mmI t
| ai: \ in ttiuqidui u, a. \s.f a^ui ?u?,
1900, lacking only a few weeka of
being aevanty-eigbt years of age. On
If arch 8tb, 184S, she was married ia
Ireland to Mr. Montgomery Letamon,
and in November of the aaae year the
young eouple emigrated to America,
and arrived in Tf inniboro in Janaary,
1 $44. Mr. Lemmoa died Aagnst 2Srd,
1849. The trait of bis union was three
children, two of whom, Mri. J. O.
Boag and Mra. J. W. Bolick, anrvive,
the other, James Moatcomery Lemmoa,
having died November 19.h,
On Jane 8th, 1852, the w&a married
to Dr. David Lauderdale. The fruit
of this nuiOB was aiz children, four of
whom aarvire. The first bora, an ia*
f&ut son, died wbea a aavntb old. and
Janie M., tbe wife of Mr. Thos. P.
Bryaon, died in 1894. Tbo&e who survive
are, Thos. W. and George R.
LsuderUalb aud Mra. J. L. Bryaon, of
this plaee, and Mrs. W. T. Blakeley, of
Ora, S. C. This ia a brief outline of
her 15 fa.
Mrs. Laaderdtle was a woman of
great energy. For nearly fifty yeara
ahe was actively engaged in the mer
tactile business, ana w*s eainemiy
successful. At tke eloss of the war
she and her bnsbaud had aecnanlated
a considerable fortune, which was tatirely
destroyed by fir?, wheB Sheraan
made his Memorable March te the
sea. They began anew, after the war,
and by hard work they repaired their
broken fortune, and continued to be
successful. While actively engaged
iu busineii, Mrs. &a?der4ai* did aet
neglect the iLflkirs of the kome. She
trained her children in the fear of the
Lord, and made the heme attractive
for them.
Another striking thing abost Mrs. j
Lauderdale was har religions character
whieh was of the highest typs. She
waa one of the oldest mashers of the
Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Chireb, and her seat in tbe sanctaary
was rarely vacant She levert her)
chnrch, and did mack lor it, and lived
har religion, in her home, and everywhere.
These who have been with
har mnoh in the last few years could
see that she was ripening for heaven.
She came t* the grave 4'in a full age,
like as a sheck of eorn cometta in hie
Mrs. Lauderdale was a woman of
strong eharaetar. Of the striatest in*
tegrity, kiad-heartsd, picas and energetic.
She lived a noble life, and
died with the lore and esteem of all
among whom [she lived ber long and
usefal life. In her death, the cobminity
leses a good woman, the
chureh a staunch sapperter, aed her
children a devoted and loving Mother.
They have tbe sympathy of all tbe
community in their bereavement.
A Friend.
"It is a surprising fact," seys Prof.
Houton, "that in my travels in all
parti of tbe world, for the last ten
years, I have met more people bavins:
used Green's August Flower than any
other remedy, for dyspepaia, deranged
liver and stomach, and for constipa*
tion. I find for tourists and salesmen,
or for persons filling office positions.,
where headaches and general bad feeli
inzs from irregnlar habits exist, that
Green's August Flower is a grand
remedy. It does not injure the system
by frequent use, and is excellent for
| sour stomachs and indigestion." SamI
fnoA at C.n.'a. I
pio UVIUG9 11 Ob ?W ?
Sold by dealers in all civilized conntries.
?There came near beinf a serious
aeeideit on the Southern Thursday
monlng >ear Yemassee, S. C. As
the fast nail train, No. S5, ran into the
weodyard at that place it was discovered
that the wood was on fire and
the cress-ties burned. The engine
passed over safely, also the mail.cars,
! bat two passenger coaohes were
! burned. The Pullman cars were saved
' and all mail and express. Fortunately
I no one was hurt.
1C? Bight to UgllotM.
The woman who is lovely in face,
! form and temper will always have
j friends, but one who would be attracI
tive mri8t keep her health. If she is
: weak, sickly and all run down, she
will be nervous and irritable. If she
bad constipation or kidney trouble,
* ?' ?J ?tn ?
1 ner lmpura uiouu wiu tnu?c
blotchea, skin eruptions and & wretchi
ed complexion. Electric Bitters is the
I beat medicine in the world to regulate
stomach, lifer and kidneys and to
purify the blood. It gives strong
! nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety
skin, rich complexion. It will make a
good-looking, charming woman of a
run-down invalid. Only 50 cents at
McMaster Co.'s drug store.
| Mr. Jamas Wilsoa Hanaban is spend*
ing several days is Riekaond and
I other points north.
Mr. John Wilson, of Ridge way, attended
Faust here Thursday night and
retained on the aiiiight trail.
The Beat K*medy f or Sheomatiim.
11 nho ii4 Chamberlain's Fain
Balm for rheumatism are delighted
with the quick relief from pain which
it affords. When speaking of this 4fr.
D. U. Sinks, of Troy, "Ohio, says:
"Some time ago I had a ??rere attack
of rheumatism is my arm and shoulder.
I tried numerou remedies hat
foi no relief until I was recommended
by Messrs. Geo. F. Parsons & Co.,
druggists of this place, to try Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. They recommended
it so highly tbat I bought a
bottle. J was soon relieved of *11 pain.
I hate sinee recommended this liniment
to many of my friends, who
agree with me that it is the best remedy
for muscular rheumatism in tbe
market." For sale by MeMaster Co.,
| driggists.
Dr. J. W. Team came up from
Ridgeway ^Thursday afternoon to attend
Mr. Gregg MeMsitsr returned from
the medical college in Charleston
icnnaav cybuiuj.
Mr. J. H. Cuamiags returned to
Columbia Monday Ho reports Lit
i Mexican trip enjoyable.
Camght % Dreadful Cold.
Marion Kooke, manager for T. M.
Thompson, a large importer ol In?
millinery at 1658 Milwaukee A venae,
Chicago, says: "During the iate severe
weather I caught a dreadful cold
which kept me awake at night and
maaejme unfit to attend my work daring
the day. One of my milliners wai
taking Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
for a levere cold at that time, which
teemed to reli?ve her 10 quickly thai I
bought acme lor myself. It aeted like
magnr ? u 1 began to improve at onca.
I am <>ow entirely well and feel very
pleased to acknowledge its merits."
For sale by McU&ster Co., druggists.
Mr. Hsary Pressly, from Tampico,
Mexico, arrived in town Tneiday.
Rev. Neill I. Pressly and Mrs. Pressly
will arrive ic two weeks.
The ?no Day Gold Cure.
Cold la bead ud tore threat cured by IffVMtt'X
Chooolatai Laxatire Qttiaine. As oasy to
tike as ccuidjr. "ChildMacrjrforthcn."
?A timid person is frightened before
a danger, a coward daring the time,
r.nd a courageous person afterwards.
Shake la Yo*r Sh*?c
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. ^ It
oures painm, smarting, nervous leeu
and ingrowing naili, and instantly
takes the sting out of corns and bunions.
It's the greatest comfort discovery
of the age. Jfcen's Feot-Ease
makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It
is a certain cure for sweating, callous
and hot, tired, aching feet. Try it
to-day. Sold br all druggists and aho?
stores. By mail for 26c. in stamps.
Trial package FREE. Address, Alloa
8. Olmsted, Le Roy, 2T. Y. S-H
ifri. B.J. Quattlsbsum and Mill
U. E. Quattlebaum went to Idjeield
Th? On? Day Cold Car#*
For cold ia tit head aoi Mr* threat est Kar*
aett's Ckocolitea I^azitirt Qulsiat, "??
| ?Frost "Wednesday sad Thursday
| moruing, but do harm to fruit has
beta reported.
Mr. I. S. Ragsdala hu rttarasd
from Columbia.
Mr. Will Boyd, of Uidfeway, wm
is tow a Thursday.
Mr. Ed Boyd paid bis Bor# friends
a flying riait Thuraday.
The One Day Cold Oure.
For colds ud sore tKro"t tue Keraott's Shoe*
i*Ua X^siilve fiidaiit E*?ly takfn as caa<ty
odqickly CUK.
Mr. W. H. riaaaiken baa rctaraad
[ home after lateral weeks' abieaee.
Mr. S. C. MeDowdl west to Eiigeway
Tussday to atteacl ths fuaeral.
The One Day Cold Cure.
Xeraiott's Chocolates I^ixttire Qaiainc fee
?*ld ia the head tad aorc throat Childrea taka
then like caady.
fa Ma | I
?too?oe?a a -loaarieat
2f?rer Tails to Aactovv tap
Hmxe te Its ToaCsAti OfiT
0s? Moip frta? * bokrMA ?
ros SHERI27
I hereby announce mv?e!f a eaadidate
for the office of Sheriff for Fair,
field Coasty, and will abide by the
action of the Democratic primaries.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for Clerk of Court, subjeet to the
action ef the Democratic primaries.
I hereby' anuounce myself a candidate
for the eace of Clerk of Court for Fairield
County, subject to the action of the
Democratic primaries.
Jt. T. BRAY.
I hereby announce myself as> a candidate
for Clsrk of Court for Fairfield County,
subject to the action of the Democratic
primary. JAS. A. BRICE.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office *f County Snperrisor for
Fairfield County, subject ;to the action of
the Demeeratic primaries.
A.. D. HOOD.
I hereby announce mysslf a candidate
for the office of Snperrisor of Faiifiold
County, subject to the action of the Democratic
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of Snperrisor of Fairfield
County, subject to the action of the Democratic
primaries. J. 6. HURLEY.
Mb Of ippiicatisi for Bailroad
Notice is hereby ffivsa that, in par*
snance of the provi?iois of an Act of
the General Assembly providing for
tbe formation of Railroad Companies,
approved 28lh Febraary, 1898, Acts of
1898, pagas 64-70, the nndersigoed
will file their Declaration and make
application to tbe Hon. M. B. Cooper,
Secretary of State, at bis' office, Golunabia,
S. C., on the 7th day of May,
1900, for a charter for a railroad to be
constrncted from Wiansboro, S. C., to
Camden, S. C.. to be knovtn by tbe
corporate name and style of THE
Winnsboro and Camden Railroad
Company; and also that, if tbe said
charter is granted, the said corporation
shall bave tbe right to condemn
lands for rights of war and ether railroad
pnrposes, in tbe counties of Fairfeld
and Kersbaw.
t. k. elliott.
t. h. eetchin.
j. i. Mcdonald.
w. r. elliott.
Winnsboro, S C., April, 1900.
w, A7W~ "
The registered stallion W. A. If.
will be at Mr. Henry Refo's etablein
Winnsboro on Saturday ot sack vtek.
Ob Mondays at the fares; balance of
time at hie former stande in the eemntry.
He is seren years old, bay, with
black points. Height, 16; has food
bene and muscle; no blemish or de*
feet. He is strong, irietionless ia
motion, kind in disposition, and a per*
feet roaditer. His sire is the celebrated
Bed Wilkes, His dam, Betsey Baker,
was the mother of trotters. 8be was
sired by Dictator, who was the sire of
Jay-JSje*See, 2.10, of Direelor, J.07,
of the invincibln Directum, 3.04, the
grandeire of JTaney Hanks, tbe qaeea
of trotters, and the sire ef many others
of extreme speed.
Although a noted trotter with perfect.
knee action, W. A. W. possesses
also saddle gaits ot uperior ^aality.
Terms, 15 00 to insnre celt. Tor
extended pedigree and certified reeord i
4-10-3? Winnsboro, S. C.
2y 8. S. JOHNSTOX, Itq., Jvig* rr*i*U.
WHEREAS*, R. H. Jenaiafs, CI irk
of Coart, hath made tnit to at
to graat kim letter! ef adminisaratloi
of the estate aad efeets of B. F. BoaN
ware, deceased:
These are therefore to aite aid admonish
all aad singular the fciadred aad
creditors of (he said B. F. Boalware,
deceased, that they be and appear ;
before me, in the Coirt ef Probate,
to be held at Fairleld Ceart 1
Hense, South Caroliaa, om the 4th
day of May neat, after pablicatioi
hereof, at 11 o'eloek ia the ferenooa,
to show eaate, if any they hare,
why the said A?auaisiratiea should
aot be granted.
Girem aader my hamd this 4th day 1
ef April, Anno Doauai 1100.
4-*-6 Jadjje ef Probate.
K 5-cent package of Salter *Ztj
Dyes will prodnee an nnlialted aaoaat
of pleasure. There ia a Itrfe variety
of deiifni and colors in eaeb.
All >ew this se&sen ana rerj ptWw
We alse tarry a fall line of Dilated
end other Djei.
The assortment of Perfumer. *oaps
and Toilet Articles it partleaU: r in.
tereiting. Wide by thp
quality ot the g< cih aid ?wvJ?rate
McMatter Co. I
; -v-- '. ... ' " /.......V ,1.
"* * ' "'-*'"-^1 ' - . .. - IL: 'A*''*?''
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and reconstructing
the exhausted digestive or*
gans. It is the latest discovered digestant
and tonic. Ho other preparation
can approacn i& m eiuwcuujr. aw up
itantly relieves and permanently cores
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Kausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia, Cramps and
all other results of imperfset digestion.
Price 50c. and C. Large size contains m timea
ioi*11 size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed tree
Prepared by HE. C. DeWITT & CO.. Chicago*
flwai, 5. ?. .
We are sole agents in Winsboro
for Heinz's go?ds.
When yott need Pickle?,
ask for Heinz's, they
are the b?ct,
n;n P,VV1*H
Heinz's Sweet Jand Sour
Heinz's Cucumbers in bulk.
Heisz's Iidia Radish.
Heinz's Celery Sauce.
Heinz's Tomato Catsup.
Heinz's Preserves in bulk,
Heinz's Apple Butter and
Heinz's Mince Meat in bulk
and glass.
This is the season for evaporated
fruits. We kave then
in Prunes, Apples, Peaches
and Apricots.
T1 Iff TT-L_: JLi
I issi I
I PAlttT
n by
I? SM nr?&>?
iSsrcsifc t
m V.yStA.
I MivpnTfiAwtftF
iri imn; fwi u?.vi I
jro* SALS BT
MULES, a f?w jood Marts,a in
Combination H?rie. and* ftw
Ting Horses. My m*1m
arc fner tbaa l kart
Ttr bandied.
r tn ft xi _t
l will Nil iu? loorv ?iuvk tur ,
tub, *r oo tin# for food ba*kablo
I will pay tbo bif boat ?aab prioo for all
olastog of eattlo, fat or poor.
I baro a few nico BVGGIS9 that 1
will toll cboap for eaib.
I baro ployed Mr. Artbar Owoos
for tbo prosoit y oar. Qo will bo glut
to bayo bii frioidi a ill oa bin aid do
iomo buiuu.
A. Witliford,
Wiaaator*. 8. C.
Frilciiid tit M
by the customers
The people who ere the wisest jadf e
of qualities and raises. Oar
offering of
aid all other liies of Staple a*4 Faicjr
Groceries can he accepted as the hast
prodiced. We searched the Markets
for tho choicest (not the eheapeet)
goois, aid the resalt of oar saceessfal
hayiif is her* for oar easterners.
We hare jut received a iaelotof
larly Bose aad Goodrich Seed Potatoes
; also Oaion Sets.
' - '"Sk
-, - . *
Visiting Cards.
Invitations, Etc.
A full assortment of styles
tr? cpWf- from
Prices to compete with any
Never Higher;
Oftem Lower.
Cards printed from plate,
$1.99 per 100.
New plates from
50c to $1.00.
Send all such orders to
W atekmak*? 4c J w#l?r.
, - *
' ~ . - .''is
: '*?M
'' --S
' ' . ''0Dyspepsia.
The Easy Running"
The most modern Sewing
Machine of the age, tnbrac
ing all the latest improve
ments. Unequaled for Dura
bility, Range of Work and v -: M
Dealers wanted in unoccupied
territory. Correspon
deate solicited. Address,
General Agtnt,
Richicqk*, Viaeixu.
Farmers, ***
- s "
*** Attention ! ill
?u* stock or oaty grocorit*
it Mir corapl ata.
Wa aatcr cpteiallv lor th? fkmara'
trad*. Wekww what thay aaad, aid ;
art praparad to terra them and a: bat(o'm
nni>M - .^s
We elto tarry & lice list ef tbelf
good*? v --^.3
f H#X8, HATS,
tad ererythiaf eually feud is a
geaeral store.
OTGoods deliT?red to o?r ?itj trade*
Come &ad ate u
IttED JACK this mimi at Wi*aa- J
koro. He ikffi?e? knda hick, klwk
-.? ? ?-? !-L. 1
wiia wau? points; w*i^a? mum
drsd poiads. He took the first prize
at the last State Fair. i?saraaoe. Tea
Dollar*. J. I. WXI1LIR.
with a fall stock of C&skcts, Bar til
Cuts end Coffins, constantly en hand, y'-fg
aad to of hearse when r#fne?ted.
Tkaikfal for past patronage and solioi*
tatiae for a share in the fotnre, Sa the
Id stand
tfalls attended to at all hoars.
IBS SLUOfT ftttf SH#%

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