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Wcdawrtay, April 18, 1*00
?Be* Sayerrisor'i report.
?See notice of election of school
?Two aore eolored people died in
Winsiboro Tueidsy.
a ?Mr. Robert R. JeSkree annenncei
3| iiaaelf for Cosnty Awtitor.
?Mr. Cbarlee Jenning#' friends
t--a ua him n?t Saturday.
wens ? i*u iv ?w ??
?Mr. T. L. Johnston ii announced
tbis morning for County Sap-rvisor,
To seiure the original witch baza!
salve, ask for De Witt's Witch H&zei
Salve, well knows as a certain core foi
piles aad skin diseases. Beware o:
worthless counterfeits. They arc
d&ngereas. MeMaster Ce.
?Mr. Riley Stewart's may frl .jdi
were glad to see him oat Saturday,
?BABGADC?Seats' collars, gocc
shapes; 6 for 25c.
The Caldwell Dry Goods Co.
\l ?Her. Horace Rabb will j
* serricei at. ^Tu^^fe^cnorcii next
?McMaster Co. eall your atten-j
tion to their stock of Held seeds ia I
to-day's issue.
?Two games" sports were !
ia towa Sunday.' Beavers were very!
much ia evidence..
? * a ? J
Lewis Acker?aa, liosnen, i?u.,
says, "DeWitt's Little Early Eisen
always bring cartain relief, cure ay
headache and nrrer gripe." They
gently cleanse and invigorates the
bowels sad lifer. McMaster Co.
?A negro bancl "made things howl"
on the streets Thursday. They sstde
things lively tiil a late hour that nif ht.
?J. D. McCarley k Co. hare enlarged
their store. The partition between
tbe old dispensary has been removed.
?The regnlar annnal sermon was
^reached at the A. If. 2. Chnreh
JC ? -?-? .?
Thursday erenin* to the colored freaen
of this city. .
?To those wko iced garde* tools,
neb as kees, forks, heeks, rakes, etc.,
will do well to read J. TV". ieiflcr'i
advertiii*eat is te-day's issue. He
has poultry wire feneiig saitable for
M. S. Saaitk, Batteraut, Mick., says,
' "De Witt's Little Early Risers are tke
rery hest pills I ever used for cestiTeaeM,
liver aad towel trouble?."
Mcttaster O.
?Amoae the shoppers in town Sat
arday were secogaizad Misses Fannie
Ferd, Jennie Anderson and ? Stn&rt.
Misses Ferd and Anderson will be remembered*
as sojourners among ns
during the last snmmer term of school.
? "We take orders for wall paper.
Samples on band to select from. Prices
low. The Caldwell Dry Goods Co,
?All those who attended Atwood's
phonograph exhibit Saturday afternooa
speak of it in the most. complimentary
terms. Many say it is tbe
best they're ever heard. A large
crowd greeted him Monday afternoon
and at night.
?Tbe congregation at the Methodist
nfcnpfth Snndiv was unnsaally large.
Presiding Elder Hedges eoadacted
the servicei. This chareb was beeatifolly
decorated for tie Easter services.
The Baptist Church was also prettily
decorated oa Easter. Three persoas
^ were baptised.
^6 Mrs. Harriet Eraas, Xiasdale, 111.,
t writes, "I Bever fail to relieve aay
childrea froas croup at eace by using
Oae Minute Coa#h Care. I would
net feel safe without it" Quickly
cures coughs, colds, grippe aad all
threat aad lung diseases. McMaste Co.
?Mr. J. S. Russell died in Newberry
last Saturday. Mr. Russell was
at oae time a citizen of Fairfeld
County. He was married three times.
Sis ?rst wite was a sister of Mrs. E.
H. Jenaiags, his second a sister of
Mr. Jeaaings, aad his third a sister of I
W- B. Gilbsrt. He was ahout j
$9 years of age.
?Amoig the many -'egg; haBtsy
S*tcrday afteraeea perhaps none were |
more enjoyed tkaa the one given by |
Mm. T. K. Elliott to her little "Busy
Bee" society. Alter tbe merry chase j
after eggs for several hoars Mrs. El- ,
liott Served refreshmeots to the little j
ones in ber asaal delightfal style.
There were aboat 35 little ones present j
on this happy occasion.
"I aged Kodel Dyspepsia Car* in j
my family with woaierfai resells. It
gives immediate relief, is pleasant te
take aod is truly the dyspeptic's best
/ frieni," says E. Hartgerink. Overisel,
Hick. Digests what yea eat. C&nnot
fail te care. Mc Master Co.
?The many friends of Mr. Pressley
Jrice. of Winnshore, wb? is new a
cadet at Weat i'einr, wiii oe giaci 10
kaow that he will graduate in Jane
and will be asiigaed to the aray. Mr.
t Brice &?s take* * ki|k atxnd ia his
claw, aed will He permitted te make
tke eeJeetiem aa to what braach of the
anay he deairea to aerre in. Before
Ms assignment te duty he will he
gives two aonths firlexgh, wbieh he
parpoaes apeadieg with relatives ia
this Stats, his forner heme.?Cof
lamhia Record.
?You can find a beaiiifitl lot ot
neckwear at Th? Caldwell Dry Goods
Two nandred bushels of keme raised
P. C. iiellicharap,
. Bucklick, S. C.
^ k i1d?Ia!k?1 Letters.
Tie fallowing ii a list of letters reWr
B&isiof tujcltimed in the postoSse at
Winnsboro, April 15, 1900:
Daisy Aiblord.
Mis? Charlotte Beeson.
Mr Emit Cam moo.
Mrs Mary Lemmon.
Person* tailing for the above letters
will please s*y they are advertised.
Prestob Rion, P. M. FresM?mt
May C*m? to (IVmrPresident
MeKialay has bui invited
to be preseat at the 99th ?f Mar o*Iebratioa
of tb? Deelaratloa of Iade?
peadeaoe ia Charlette asxt moath.
If he ceases 'twill gire oar people an
opportaaitr of seeing the president
and ai&ny will ao doubt arail them,
selves of this opportaoiy.
Sore throac and constant coijghl-n^ in_
aicate an affection of the
tubes which may develop in#!!eTrrjsv
or inflammation of the lung* ~ j)0 not
i wait; but use Dr. John Vr gull's
Oincm Svrnt: at once and bflf" ,
??o ? uurou.
. Cures Hoarseness and Sojprhroat
Doaes are small and pleasant to j # Doctors
ncommead it. Price 35 cts. At
I ^?
Mr. Editor: In yocr lautL^ j ad.
. rertised for a iost umbrellaT <?jje um.
r brella was promptly fomi<| xjmferel>
las art not often retarned|and j de.
sire to commend Ths taews aEj>
1 Hbrald as a* adyertisij m8dimm.
> "?fhy don't some of oaq Merchants
1 learn that it pars to adrerLQj if done
intelligently? t A.
[ TW Alwiys ElBgtil
Married, at the resiJIncc of the
bride's uncle, Mr. J? JH McMeekin,
near Jenki*sville, Wednesday rrenicgt
the eleventh inst., pt 5 o'clock,
Mr. A, L. Scruggs to. Mi?s C. Etta
Beil, Rev. R. W. Spijjnir officiating
in a very iMpresaivel spanner. The
young couple left imnpejdiately after
the ceremony for tbeitf jfnture home
near Winnsboro attended] by the congratnlations
and best ^7ishe3 of their
| many friends. j | Z.
Biijaarob's Iron; Hforre
Was the result of Ms ^pljendid h ealth
j Indomitable will anjd tremendous'
| energy are not found whjere Stomach,
j Liver, Kidneys and Bowtels are oat of
order. If yon want tljese qualities
! and the success they hiring, use Dr.
King's New Life Pills. tCbey develop
every power of brain ancj body. Only
125c. at McMaster Co.'s drug store.
In obedience to the constitution of
tie Democratic party, the various
! Democratic clabs ?f thi i county will
assemble at their accusto: aaed places of
Meeting on the fourth Ss tarday (April
23th), revise their club litps, reorganize
their club lists and elect (delegates t? a
[ county convention to lie aeli im WinnsI
boro oa the first Monday in May?
i elect one delegate for j every twentyI
ive members and one jfor a majority
| fraction thereof. j T; S. Brice,
Aprit 16,1900. County Chairman.
j ?The Caldwell Dry Goods Go. have
| a very handsome lin^ ^f negligee
j Beaatia AlffajS B?S?t
M. D. SKGBianj
Mr. M. D. Spigener died at his home
at Alstoa #a Tuesday of typhoid fever.
He was a native of Highland, eeanty,
and had beta merchandising at Alstem
for several years. He Was postmaster
there at the time of ihii death. He
?nni4 nifi.
Y71S a DlgHiy rcsp??ieuj amm. gVVU V4W
Z6u? Mr. Spiffeuer was aheot forty
year# of age, aid leaves a wife and
several ehildren, who will hare the
sympathy of his maty friend* ia the
The faaeral was he Id at the family
b&rrtag grouad ?9ar< Colisbia on
Cure Co!<& In Head.
Zemott's Chocolate 3 X,ajativt Qvimna. eaay
to take tad qmek to cu: re ceUin bead aaa 00re
A*ethe? Gc aii?tL?aTei
Joha Whittaier, comsted at the
last tern of coart of ausaalt and hattery
ef a high sod agf-arated aatare
aid seiteneed to o ae yar 01 the chaia
gang, Hade his < tieapi 01 Tuesday
if ht. It will b? replied - that the
witfc wlhoa "Tfhittaker had
hislgkt escaped |a for weeks ago,
axd Whittaker bmi ken anxiens that
the Harritoms ak&Eld ?t recaptured.
This maj hart hgjad amethisg to do
with bis determinatea to depart.
Ifhittaker had 8??ea mad* a trasty
and did the cookipnj ?c the ffaa%. A
few days age, helwev*, so it is said,
another eorrict ?wa# jren the jeb of
eookiag aid Whxttake; had to work
like the rest. It Bis sajiosed that this
also had something t< do with his
flight. Up to mhe tiie of going to
press nothing h Ad B?a heard of him
5 is a food IgStine for the
? baby that wSIn and not #
^ well nourigKjand for the 2
Tg mother vtflgg milk does v
S not nouxisHB baby. ^
% It is eqigHKood for the $
? boy or is thin and ^
? paie and qjflllll nourished yf
g by their MM also for the g
? anemic (fiBljnsumptive ?
V adult thaHRosing fiesh g
" .an.. S
9 in ragjraagn conamons ?
? of wastin^^Bis the food ?
medicine jHWttvvii! nourish ?
J and buiid^Ke body and ?
give nevi^^g and energy V
? when al! KBSimeans fail. ^
^ Should summer as
^ 50c. dmggisU. H
2. SCOTT & BtflHSftcxists, Xew York. ^
Miss Janie and Miss Mattie
Martin reifiEgBo Coluauiia Hoc*
day after ipHSglEaster in Winnsboro.
The OrmBpaBcoId Cure.
lermott's OnEHRS laxative Qviaine for
cold in the headaWMBBathroat. Childre* t&ks
then like cAad/HB^^E
Mr. Iditor: F?r wme weeks the
*ovrspapers hare been briifiig is reports
of terrible suffering fro* famine
ia b|U. For two years ihe crops
have ;failed in that inbappy eoialry
I ted the people, who ia their moit
prosperois times are poor with a
peverty whieh we lever uw, are
starring to death. Tive milliois ef
them are aeeding food and are almost
at the poiit of death, and the umber
is iacreasiag. It it seme ?o*tbs before
another harvest ean ripen for
their reaping.
If is proposed that oar peeple jive
somethiiy to their relief. We call oir alwoo
nnnr hilt w* }l5lTfc brftftd
N?if va ^VVA MWU II w ? ?. I ? -w _ ?
enough and to spare, and it seems that
we onjht to spare something to meet
this appalliag distress. Others are
moving and thousands of little sums
united will save many lives.
. D. E. Jordan.
[Coatrihitions can he left at the
Winnsboro Bank. Capt. Jordan has
kindly consented to receive the money.
His Life Was Sar?d.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderfnl
deliverance from a frightful
death. Id telling of it he says: "I
was taken with Typhod Fever, that
ran into Pneumonia. My lungs became
bai iened. I was so weak I
conldn't eren sit up in bed. Nothing
helped inr I expected to soon die of
Consumption, when I heard of Dr.
King'3 New Discovery. One bottle
gave great relief. I continued to use
it, and now am well and strong, I
can't say too much in its praise." This
marvelloas mediciae is the surest and
quickest cure in the world for all
Throat and Lanar Trenble. Regular
sizeB 50 cents and $1.00. Trial bottles
free at McMaster Co.'s drugstore;
every bottle guaranteed.
Mr W. R. Garrisoa, we are glad to
state, contiaaes to improve, bat is
still confined to the house. Mrs. Garrison
is still quite sick.
Mrs. W. E. Aiken was able to be np
Tridiy after a spell of grip.
Miss Mary Ellen Aiken is still son*
fined to bed with grip. Her maay
friends mits her familiar fate at
Mrs. Naaoy Walker, we are glad to
report, ii improving.
11 r. J. H: Skianer's friends hope te
see liia ont very sooa; he is still improving.
Hiss Francis Creight is still coiined
to bed, but is convalescing. Mrs.
Creight is also stil! conlned to ike
Mr. Tom Cathcart's frieads are
glad te see him again at bis dmties at
The Caldwell Dry Goods Ce.'i sfere
after a spell of grippe.
We hope bovt that Good Friday baa
passed the cold weather is a thiag ef
the past and oar many grip patieils
will soon be all O. R. ag&in.
Relief 1b six Mow*.
bistressiag Xidaey aad Bladder Disease
relieved in six hoars by "Jtfew
Great Soath American Sidney Care."
St is a great sarprise on aecennt of its
exceeding promptness!*relieving pain
in bladder, kidneys aad baek, in male
or female. Believes retention of water
almost immediately. If yoa want
fuick relief and care this is the remedy,
sold by W.jl. Aiken, draggist, WinnsberOj
S. C.
Mrs. ITancy K. Rabb died at her
home in the country on Wednesday
morning in the 78th year of bsr age.
She had bees confined to the home for
about fiye years, hut was net thonght
cerieusly sick until abent ten dayi
ago. She was a daughter of John
"Watt and Nancy Kincaid, ef thii
eonnty, a tad the widow of ths late
J. Glazier Rabb. After, her hit band's
death, Mrs. Rabb took charge of the
far*, and has managed it sines with
considerable success, displaying tact
and administrative ability of a snpe
rier order. She was a most estimable
lady whose life was a useful one Not
only iB her private business did Mrs.
Rabb exhibit her powers of intelligent
labor, but she employed them in the
churab. She was a devoted member
of the A. B. P. Church.
The funeral services were held at
her home at 5 o'clock Thursday, and
the interment at the Brick Chnrch
at 1 o'oloct.
She is survived by the fellow ing
children: James Rabb, Clareice Rabb,
Rev. Horace Rabb, Charles K. Rabb,
I/-? ~W P Pooflnc 1ira W_ TT.
j JUlk)? IT * i. ? v?on???j If I
Millen. ^
The One Day Cold Cure.
For colda and sore throat nse Kermott's Choeolalac
Laxative Quinine. Easily takoa ae caaOy
sod quickly cure.
Tke Sag;ciUeB that Prof. ?avjs "Writ# It
is Indorsed.
Td Editor of Tke News and Herald:
The Stated editorial oa "A Hiatery
of '76," like most of its editorial*, ia
timely and important. That a history
of that iBtsrestisg period ia needed,
that it shosld be written iow before
all the actors io that great dram* hare
paaaed away, and that JProfeiser Davia
is the naan to writs it, are troths which
have forcibly protested thsmielves to
the tailed! of maay citizens. We have
good rcsson to balieve that Prof.
Davis himself is by ne mean indifferent
te tbi? clain ef pablit service?
we ssay alvost aay of duty?npon
kiHieif: but his exactiag profesaioaal
labors have thus far left bi&i bo leiaurs
for any outside duty however important.
It is therefore a special pleaiari
to know that at their last Meeting thi
board of trustees of the eiouth Carolina
College iastructed the ezteetivs
eosoMitt.i* to provide lor the appoint'
! r?oTt in .T?*? nf ?n ia Prftf.
I ? J
Darii' overcrowded aiid overworked
department. When this it done, it 1*1
hoped ke mxj be able to devet? a portieD
of bit time to writing: the biitery
of '76, as vrell a* 10 other pabflc ser
Tiee of jreat imtereet to the college
and te tie State, sneh as the prepay
tion of the Centennial Catalogue
which the Society of Aluani hatalready
invited hin to undertake. H(
ether man is so well fitted fer eithei
work. X.
The One Day Cold Cure.
Cold ia head ud sore throat cored by Kflr
joott's Chocolates Laxotirt Qninine. As Asy U
tofco as ce-Biy. ** Childiea ery for then."
R Word
to Doctors
We have the hirhest recrard for the
medical profession? Our preparations
are not sold for the purpose of antagoa|
ising them, but ratiser as an aid. We
lay it down as an established truth that
internal remedies are positively injurious
to expectant mothers. The distreea
and discomforts experienced during the
months preceding childbirth can b? ai*
leviated only by external treatment?by
applying a liniment that softens and re*
lares the over-strained muscles. We
make and sell suoh a liniment, com*
billing the ingredients in a maaa?f
hitherto unknown, and caH it Mothers
We know that in thousands ct cadea
it has proved more than a blessing to
expectant mothers.. It overcomes morning
sickness. It relieves the sens? of
tightness. Headaches cease, and dan*
fer from Swollen, Hard and Rising
reasts is avoided. Labor itself it
shortened and shorn of mogt of the pain.
We know that many doctors recom
of women go to the drug stores and bay
it because they are sure their physician*
have no objections. We ask atrial?
just a fair test. There is no poeaibltf
chance of injury being the result, because
Mother's Friend is scientific*
ally compounded. It is sold at fx a bottle,
and should be used during most of
the period of gestation, although great
relief i<= experienced if used only ajhort
time before childbirth. Send for our illustrated
book about Mother's Friend.
Hou. John G. Mobley wan in town
Mr. H. L. Eiliott spent Sunday with
his family.
"?? - ll.T) 1_ (9 :?u w
J4LX'. ia.C?>rjUC eianu tpvut onauaj I
in Chester.
Miss Marie Moore returned to Ridgeway
Saturday. ^
Miss May Davidson returned to
Chester Saturday,
Mr: It. Watkins, of Rtckaoad, spent
Saturday in town.
Mr. Ben Beulware cam* np from
Colombia Saturday.
Mrs. A. T. Raff arrived here Mobday
te viiit relativss.
Mr. W. C. Boyd, of Ridgeway,
spent Sauday in tewn.
Miss Martha Mobley returned to
Blackstock Saturday eveniBg.
Dr. B. W. Taylor, of Columbia,
spent a few hour? in town Friday.
Mr. Jas. Crymes, of Greeawood,
apeBt Sunday and Monday in town.
Miss Lula McCrorev spent Friday
and Satnrdaywi th Mra. M. H. Mobley.
Miss Clara Beaty spent Easter with
her parents and returned to Columbia
? t -r? r<
it visiting the family of Mr. W. R.
Mr. Nat Peak, of Union, has retamed
to Ms home after spending
several days in town.
Miss Kate Wheeler returned Friday
from a stay of several weeks at her
old home, Prosperity.
&Mr. F. H. McMaster, manager of the j
Charleston Evening Post, is spending i
a day *r two in o*r city.
Mi?s Isabel Douglass has returned
to Columbia to leaume her studies at
the Pteabvterian College.
Mrs. Vim. Kobinson, of Aignsta,j
o ofow t?> f flia Uw I
Miauu a uiiui aw?f TYiku v?uo J WA ;
Mr. R. H. Jennings last week.
Rev. W. E. Sitzer, W. Catei, It. T.,
write* 'I had dyipepsia orertweity
ye .!?, a-d tried loctort and Medicine* j
win? *t bcmfit. I wa* persmaded to
use fcLddol Dyspepsia Cure aii it,
helped Me from the start. I believe it
to I o ,paaacea tor all ferai of indigestion."
It digeati what yes eat.
MeMaster Ce.
for the Beimi Trip.
The railroadi have graited a oie
fare rata tor the romnd trip which im?
sares a large crowd from the leighbering
cities eoMing te the sprit g *?*
tiral to be held at Colambia, April
26th aid 37th. There will he twe
night concerts and one matinee. All
orders {for ieat? will hare prompt attention
hr tending to Brjai'i hoek
store. The sibseriber's tickets will he
five dollars, admitting: two persons to
all three concerts.
The artists have all bees engaged
aaa are sift Dm uncoil* oe gainerea
together. Tat sopraao, Md*e. Elealor
Meredith, aid the eoatralto, Miu
Clary, are both iaid t? poiieii tie
Inest veieea ever broight soith. The
temor, ilr. Erail Rioger, and tho baritona-baia
of Mr. Henrieh Meyn caiBot
be equalled. The pianist, Mias
olia Schiller, aud the harpist, Mr.
John Cheshire, will ipheld the iiitrnneiial
part ef the entertaiiveit.
The chorns, inder the dircctloi of
, Prof. H. J. T. Mayser, ii lew holding
i rehearsals and the (elections are proMi
ised to be a treat of the occaiiea. A
sized chorus of forty reices will siag
, Win. S. Beanett'a "May Qieen", aid
i the "icane aid Spilling Choris"
frou Wagner's "FJyiig Dntehmaa"
. will be siBg by a* cherus ef sixty
, ladies.
, Tho art featare ef the eatertaiuaaest
will be free le all holding tickets to
, tho concerts It will be in charge ef
. the art Itagie of this city, aad seme
( of the exhibits will hoof the rarest
, ever skow*.
Tha Cimeiaiiftti aeademv of art will
, famish m>rka of studaats and teachers.
Mr. Christy's collection of pastels
from the Scribaer eolleciiea of New
I York.
, Collection of water colors fro*
. Louiarilie, Ky.
Tiro photogTaphie exhibits from
. Wasbiajton, D. out a repreiaa.
(ion of m*ral. deeuraUoaa ia the con.
gressional library, and tba other an
f exhibit of artiatic photography.
, An axbibit of miaatarea.
> Kemember, tba d&tss art April 26th
and 57th, and that tie fare on all railroads
is only oaa far* for the raaad
trip. Send orders to Bryan's book
- store, and the beat seats trill be reserved.
farmi?g operations seem to be
mtj well mp considering the unfavorable
?Mr. 1). W. Raff spent Wednesday
Ib Columbia.
Capfc. IF. J. Johnson went to Columbia
da Friday.
Messrs. Olin Sawyer and J R. DesPortes
came home from Charleston oa
Monday where they have bees attending
the medical college.
Dr. W. T. Edmunds, of lutawville,
spent a few days in tiwn with his
| iattuiy.
Dr. Team is remodeling bis ofSca on
Palmer street.
Capt. G. T. Radcliif, the veteran
drummer, wag in town to-day.
Mr. Joe Coleman, who is in the mail
ernoe, is expeated.'lto return home
ia a few days.
Cotton has about all disappeared
from oir crowded yard. X.
April 12, 1900.
Xo Sight to Ugliness.
The woman who is lovely in face,
form and temper will always have
friends, bat one who would be attractive
must keep her health. If abe is
weak, sickly and all ran down, she i
will be nervoas and irritable. If she <
had constipation or kidney trouble,
ker impure blood will cause pimples, ;
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretched
complexion. Electric Bitters is the 1
best medicine in the world to regulate 1
stomach, liver and kidneys and to <
purify the blood. It jives strong
nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety '
skin, ricii complexion, it win muie a >
good-looking, charming: woman of a
rnn-down invalid. Only SO cents at '
McMaster Codrng store.
air. T. K. Klllctt Iatorviewed a* to tke J
Proposed Ko*d-?H? Spaaki Terr ^
Bneomraslnjly of It.
A aotice has been pablished in The
-Naws ud Hiiald by Mr. T. K. i
Elliott and others, whish is the pre- lininary
stop towarii lecuriag a chartar
for a railroad betweea Wiaasboro
and Camdea. The aotice attracted
toasiderable attentioa here, aid a ,
respreaeatative called open Mr. T. K. <
Elliott for some iafermation. He
granted an iiterview, and the qaestieas
and aaiwers will deabtless be
iaterestiag to oar readers.
"When seen Mr.Elliott was asked:
I notice yoa are aad ethers are ap- plyiaf
for a charter for a railroad
& at this poiat t# Camden, what have yoa
t? say as to the ehaaees of its constractioa?
"Ur "ttiiirtfe "Tbfl sroba- 1
bilitiea of its beisg built meant almost
to aa assured fact. Sabaeriptioas
te tks enterprise te tkc extant of
abomt $3,000 per mils can be easily
ssoared, assaming tbat right? of way
will be given."
How do yoa propose te raiae the
\l bare not sifted the eeaatitntion
and the law as ie the power of manieipalities
to vote boada ia aid ef railroads,
bat oar attorney ia of the
opiaion that it woald be legal. Presuming
then it woald be legal, the
town of Winnsboro weald be asked
te vote, say, $40,000 tbirty-year 6 per
cent fold bonds to be placed in the
hands of a trnatee aot to be delivered
to tbe railroad aatil the read ia eompleted
and the I rat train bas paaaed
over it."
Aisaaiif that the town eeald
legally if tue ineh bonds and woald do
se, are yoa morally eertaia the read
woald be bnilt, aid witbia what time?
"I weald be willing, if neceaaary, :
te go iato a reaaonable bond tbat the .
read woald be completed witbia ifteen
months barring a mooey panic or
lene inch cataatrophy."
W by have yen seK*ited Camden iasiead
ef Colombia for instance?
"A. road te Colambia woald neecasarily
parallel the 1 oathera, while a road
to Camden wenld paaa throagh a fertile
aad mndeveloped ceaatry, wboae
? *?!? a.oTion?rfor railroad facili- i
r-*r? ? a
tioi aid would probably aibaeribe
aore liberally to obtaii tke?, and at
Caadea we woald reatk two of tbe '
larger systeaa, outside of the Soatk- ,
era, bow operating the ieutb, aaaely,
the Seaboard aid the Atlantic Ceaat 1
8o*e other qaeatieaa war# aaked
Mr. Elliott, bat ki waa set ready to
aaswer thea jaat now. Thenjh aof
iaformed by Mr. .Elliott, we caa saj
that the partial at the back of tke
icbeae are aot dreaaera or nere
apeeal&tera. They are in earnest, aad
if they are aapported by tbe people
aed eaeoarafed, tke road will be
built. It ia an oppertunity tkatWinaaboro
caa not afford to let alip.
V oleaxie Ernpt l?*?
Are srrand, but Skia Eruption* reb
life of joy. Bucklea'a Arnica Salve
curea them; also Old, Runnin? and
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Wart*, i nta, Bruisea, Burns, '
Scalds, C*1 iip^ed Hands, Chilblains,
Beit Psi. curt on earth. Drives out
Pain# and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cnre guaranteed. Sold by McMaster '
Co., dmgfi?ta. !
Urn. SUiner, of Chicago, who has
been spending the winter at Dr. Pix- J
ley's, at Farmiojton, spefit Saturday I
and 8anday in town.
lie Ii&itfl aad Children,
Tte Kbd Yea law Always leapt
Beers tfc* /if y/f*. JT~
Fortunalety thervriae
If doctors knew at little about tnedi
cine as the gceeral ran ot smokers
know about cigars, what a picnic
grare-diggers would have.
W?. Orr, Nevrerk, 0 , says, "We
aerer feel safe without One Miunte
Co*?h C*re in the koose. It saved
?y littlo boy's life when be had the
pneumonia. We thinic it is tfce be?t
medicine made." It cares coaghi and
all ln?e diseases. Pleasant to take,
harmless and jrives immediata resilts
MoMaster Ca.
Mr. Jam** Wilson QasahaB returned
from a visit to Rickaond aid Waihi?Xton
The One Day Cold Cure.
T?i cold i* the head and tore throat uae Zarmf.'t
ChocolatM Iraxatire Qtuaiac, the " Quo
9*T Ccn."
Tried Friends Best.
Forthirty yearsTutt's Pills have
proven ablessingtothe invalid.
Are truly the sick man's friend.
A >? C/i/rt
/\ ivnuwii rawi
For bilious headache, dyspepsia
sour stomach, malaria,constipation
and all kindred diseases.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamas Q Daris bate
returned from q*itc an extended trip
to Florida and othtr points South.
Mias May Thomas, of Riigeway,
aid Miss Smith, of Cleans SpriDjs,
arrived Friday to spend Baster with
lAiss Janie Flennikea.
Mr. McBride Smith is at home from
Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore. He :
much improved in health. His many
friends will be glad to hear this food
Any adnlt suffering from a cold
settled on the breasr, bronchitis, throat
or Jung troubles of any nature, who
will call at McMaster C?. will be prelentea
with a sample bottle of
Boichee'j German Syrup, free of
charge. Only one bottle given to one
person, and none to ehildren without j
order from parents.
No throat or lung remedy ever had
jneb a sale as Boschee'a German Syrnp
in all parts of the civilized world,
rwenty years ago millions of bottles
jrere given away, and yonr druggists
will tell you its success was Marvelous,
[t is really the ?sly throat and lung
remedy generally endorsed by phyJicians.
One 75 cent bottle will care
>r prove its valne. Sold by dealers in
"V11 Y? f TM Jfe C
*11 ?iTlUX.O?VVUMUiw?.
Mr. Q. D. Wiliifori and hit little
ion L*ntie relurued icon Edfiaore
Wed nwday.
Itch on haman cared in SO minutes
?y Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. This
a?ver fails. Sold by W. X. Aiken,
3rnggi?t, Winnsboro, S. C.
CV'-CC.-jj aul
pjduiutca a i?aaxia*l ?ovtrr
if?T?r Pail* ^^fyeggy
zr&lr *? i?e Tl^fcnxl Oakw.
Ccsw tocip iM<wi 1 io*r teSjEj.
Eiiilf -MiTnistess.
Legislature, dated 17th day of .February,
1900, an election for three (8)
[Trustees for School District No. li
will be held in the Court House in
Winnsboro, S. C., on MONDAY,
The following persons are hereby appointed
managers of ?aid election,
viz: J. A. Hinnant, W. E. Xlliott and
D. E. McDowell. The managers will
open the polls at $ o'clock A. M. and
close them at 4 o'clock P. M., asd on
- - -1- - - - t1? .1 -V- 11 !,?
CIUbIB? llitf LLIC V B12 All tUUUl bJJQ
yotes and certify the result to the Clerk
of Court.
At this electiou no one shall be entitled
to vote who i9 not duly qualified
Lo vote at the general election lor State
md County officers, and to ascertain
who shall be entitled to vote, D. C.
McDowell is hereby appointed to reg- i
istei the voters of School District Iffo.
L4. He shall open the books Of regis-1
tration at the Court Mouse on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday preceding
the day of election, and no #ne will be
illowed to vote for School Trustees J
whose name does not appear on said
books of registration.
Clfrk of Court x ;
Winnsboro, S. C., April 16, 1900.
4-17 td
nonce ui apjimm ior m
roaii C6arter.
Notice is hereby given that, in pursuance
of the provisions of an Aet of
the General Assembly providing for
the formation of Railroad Companies,
approved 28th Febraary, 18S8, Acts of
1898, pages 64-70, tie nndersigaed
will file their Declaratioa and make
application to the Hoi. V. B. Cooper,
Secretary of State, at his office, Columbia,
S. C., on the 7th day of Jiav,
1900, for a charter for a railroad to he
constructed from Winnsbor?, S. C., to
Uaraiei, S. C,. to be known by the
corporate name a*d style of THE
Winnsboro and Camden Railread
Company; and also that, if the said
charter is granted; the said corporation
shall nave tke right to condemn
lands for rights of way and other railroad
purposes, in the countiss of Fairfield
aud Kershaw.
m rr -mr t rnnvn
t. h. ketchin.
j. i. Mcdonald.
VV. R. elliott.
Wiunsboro, S C., April, 1900.
-? w .1 ... I. ' i i
By i. R JOHNSTON, JBtq., Judgt Prolate.
WHEREAS, R. H. Jennings, Clerk
of Court, hath made suit to me
to grant him letters of adnainistratloa
of the -state and efett* of B. F. Boalware,
These are therefore to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said B. F. Boulware,
deceased, that they be and appear
before me, in the' Court of Probate,
to be held at Fairfield Court j
Hoose, South Carolina, on the 4=th1
day of May next, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration should
not be granted.
G-iren under my hand thi* 4th day i
?f April, Anno Domini 1500.
i-S-6 Judge of Probate.
W, A. W.
Tbe registered stallion W. A. W.
will bo at Mr. Henry Refo's stable ia
Winnsboro on. Sa'tr-^T of ?ach week.
On Mondays at u? a.; balance of'
time at bis former tuuu> in the conntry.
He ia seTen years old, bay* with
black points. Heigrtat, 16; baa good
bone and muscle; no blemish or ?tofeet.
He is strong-, Irictionless ia
motion, kind in disposition, and a per*
feet roadster. His sire is the eelebrated
R?d Wilkes, His dam, Betsey B iker,
was the mother of trotters. St: s was
sired by Dictator, who was thp e of
Jay-?ye-See, 2.10, of Director, 2.07,
of the invincible Directam, 9.04, the
n-f Tffaaer RahIcb. thfl nuacri
of trotters, and the sire ?f many others
of extreme speed.
Although & noled trotier with
feet knee action, TV. A W. posa? *
also saddle gaits ot superior qna'Ttr.
Terms, 15 00 to in*?ire r ''?r
extended pedigree s . c.rtified d
4?10-3m Wiimsboroj S. C.
comrrr of f airfield.
Bank of Ridgaway, of Ridgeway,
S. C., Piaintifi,
J. W. Ray, I/efendant.
Summons. For Relief.
To the Defendant above-named:
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint
in this action, which was filed ia the
office of the Clerk of the Court of
Common Pleas, for the eaid County,
on loth March, 1900, and to serve a
copy of your answer to the said complaint
on the subscribers at their offices,
Nos. i and 6 Law Range, Winnsboro,
Sonth Carolina, within twenty days
after the service hereof, exclusive "of
the day of such service; and, if you
fail to answer the complaint within the
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this
action will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in the complaint.
TY^fpri 15rh Mftiv.h. A. TV l9GQi
Plaintiffs Attorneys.
To the defendant, J. W. Ray:
Tate notice that the complaint together
with the 6ammone, of which
the foregoing is a copy, together with
the complaint, was filed io the office
of ihe Clerk of the Court of Common
PLas, at Winnsboro, Conntv of Fairfield,
in the State aforesaid, on 15th
Maieb, 1900.
3-17-6t Plaintiff's Attorneys.
B. M. Grier, Plaintiff,
against .
R. H-. Jeaning3, a3 Administrator of '
the estate of John H. damp, deceased,
M. R. Clamp, W. Fletcher j
Clamp, Lillie Read, Jessie Clamp, '
John Clamp, Eliza J. Scruggs> and
The Bank of Ridgeway, Defendants.
Copy Summons for Belief.
To the Defendants above named:
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint in
this action, which is filed in the office
of the Clerk of the Court of Common
Pleas for the said County, and to server
a copy of your answer to the said complaint
on the subscribers at their offices
above The Winnsboro Bank, Winnsboro,
S. C., within twenty.days after
the service hereof, exclusive of the ;
day of such service; and if you fail to
answer the complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded in the complaint.
December 23rd, A D1899.
pioin'fi'fF'a A ff/M?noT7C
To the Defendant Eli2a J. Scruggs:
Take notice, that the complaint
in this action (together with the sum- :
mons of which the foregoing is a copy)
was filed in the office of the Clerk of :
the Court of Common Ple<is, at Winns- *
boro, in the County of Fairfield, in
the State of South Carolina, on the I
4th day of January, 190#.
Mareh 16th, 1900.
3-17-6c Plaintiff's Attorneys. J
. <
Mr Cnjnj.
We are sole agents in Wi?*sboro
for Heinz's gotas.
When you need Pickles,
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Dyspepsia Cure
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Simplicity. . . '
Dealer* wanted m unoccu
pied territory. Correspo*demce
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General Agent,
MULES, a f$w good Mares, a in
Combination H#r?e. and * ftir
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r handled.
I will Mil the abort stock ehaap for
task, er ob tiae for foed baakable
[ will pay the highest cask pri?? far all :
classes of cattle, fat or poor.
L kara a faw aicc BVGGIES that 1
will sell ckeap far cask.
I kara employed Mr. Artkar Or. ?qs
for tka preseat year. Ha will be gh4 . 1.
te kaye.kis Irieads eill oa kirn aa4 it
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A. Williford,
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S-iS-la ^ j

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