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I'M^M^: ::. " r. ' " " ?
Wedmes?ay? April 25, - -1900
1*CAX..XATT?2S7 j
-?See notiee to creiitcrs.
?See notice to road OTerteeri.
?Bead tataled bids for reat of market,
&c., elsewhere.
?JUad Mr. John A. Stewart's card
for Cottity Supervisor.
afr ?Mr. A. L. Porter is confined at
* borne on account of sickness.
?Mr. J. Martin Tongue announces
himself this morning for Coroner.
?Miss Ellen Catheart is very ill at |
her home on North Congress street.)
Lewi* Ackerman, Goshen, lnd.,
says, "DeWitt's Little Early Bisers
always bring certain relief, cure myj
headache and stiver gripe.'7 They;
gently cleanse aid invigorates the J
. J ?: UVMW.r rv>. I
OUWtJiB aau iiTCi.
?Mr. James L. Richmond waatB to
be re-ele?t?d County Auditor. Read
his card.
?Mr. eo. W. Crawford announcss
himself a candidate for Sheriff in this
morning's issue.
?BARGAIN?Gents' collars, good
shapes; 6 for 25c.
The Caldwell Dry Goods Co. |
?Mr. J. M. Stewart has been recently
appointed census enumerator
for this township.
?The' family of Mr. J. M. Beaty
left Friday morning for their future
home in Ckariotte.
?Mr. W. R. Garrison's many
friends will be pained to know he is
critically ill at his home.
To seaure the original witch hazel
salve, ask for Da Witt's Witch Hazel
Salve, well knows as a certain core for
piles and skin diseases. Beware of
worthless ? counterfeits. They are
dangerous. McMaster Ce.
?Mr. D. L. Stevenson announces
himself for re election to the office of
County Superintendent of JEducation.
?We take order# for wall paper.
Samples on band to seleet from. Prices
low. The Caldwell Dry Goods Co.
?Miss Ida Gilbert has been qnite
siek for the past three weeks. She
was reported some better Wednesday.
?Dr. R. B. Han&ban has been elected
third rice-president at the State
Medical Association which convened
in Charleston*this week. .
Wm. Orr, 2few?rk, O., says, "We
never feel safe without Oie Miiate
Cough Cire in the hoase. It saved
my little boy's life when he had the
pneumonia. We think it is the best
medicine made." It cures coughs and
all lung diseases. Pleasant to take,
harmless and gives immediate results
McMaster Co.
-Jt W* Doty & Co. eall your attention
to-day to their cheap prices for
flooring, ceiling, shingles, etc. Also a
line of buggies at cot prices.
?Services will be held at tie Epiicopal
Church at 11 o'clock Thursday
morning bj Bey. Cantj Johnston of
Book Hill with holy coi&zn&nioa.
?Several Wrought Iron Cempany
men art at the Winnsboro hotel. They
arrived here Monday with six wagons
and will thoroughly canvass the
^ Itch on huaan eared in SO minutes
by Woolford't Sanitary Lotion. This
RaM h* w. "R. Aiken.
ilVTOl JkMlWI mrj mm ? /
druggist, Wiansbero, S. C.
?Bead J. D.|McCarley's advertisement
this morning and see the nice
things he has to eat. Sorely houte%
keepers can't complain after seeing
his line. '
?Since the strike of the O. K, T.
the trains have all arrived on schedule
time. This is quite an improvement
on last month. "It's an ill wind that
blows no one any good."
?Mrs. W. R. Doty received a telegram
Friday announcing the sad
death of her brother, Mr. Joe Barkley,
which occurred at Nicholsonviile, Ky,
Mr. Barkley died Thursday evening at
7.S0 o'clock of apoplexy. *
M. B. Smith, Butternut,Mich., says,
"De Witt's Little Early Risers are the
very best pills I ever used lor cestiveness,
liver and bowel u*oables."
MeMaster Co.
?Jasper Gibson and Bob Crosby,
colored, were tried before Magistrate
Cathcart Friday morning for stealing
money from another negro. They
x were disznisaed ai there was not sufficient
proof to convict them. ?Thursday
was the busiest day
Winnsboro has had since the long distance
telephone was put gin. Two
people were kept busy the entire time
receiving aid lending messages over
that lma. Oar little eitv is nrosrress
?The firemen's tournament next
month ia Greenville will no doubt attract
a crowd. The- rate of one firstclass
fare and return will be from all
points in the State of Sonth Carolina.
The tickets will be on sale May 14th
with final return limit May 18th.
Mrs. Calria Zimmerman, Mileifcirg j
Fa., says, "As a speedy cure forj
coughs, colds, eroup and sere throat i
One Minute Co?gk Cure is unequaled. j
It is pleasant for ekildren to take. I
keartly recommend it to mothers." It
is the emly harmless remedy that produces
immediate results. It cures
bronchitis, pneumonia, grippe and
throat and lu?g disases. It will prevent
consumption. MeMaster Co.
?Mr. C. D. Ekerkardt died at his
home in Columbia after a Ion; illness
Monday morning akout 9 o'clock. Mr.
Eberhardt was about 75 years old.
While his death was aot t.nexpected
it was a sad shock to his frieids and
relatives. He was a brother-in-law te
Mrs. Mary 8. Gerig of this city.
?A telegram was received by policeman
Gilbert on Friday telling him
to arr?3t a negro named Tim Jones
who had stolen a bicycle in Colombia.
Mr. Gilbert promptly arrested the man
and put hiat in the lockup bat hat1
heard netbiag from Colambia since
the arrest. If nothing more is heard
he will be fit at liberty.
?Quite a lively runaway occarrel
here Tuesday night. A horse and
wagon belonging to a colored country
preacher wa? standing io front of the
whpn the horse became
frighteneiLand rau down Main >tree?,
creating: quite a sensation; however
it Fas stopped before much damage
was done.
?Accordiog to a saying, whose origi?s
is lost in themusty ags* of the past,
fmit is bow safe having survived the
coid fall moon of April. The outlook
now indicates an abondant crop of
fruit. We are li?ii? on the expect
, I
ancy of a fall blackberry crop tarjll
the aching yoid which generally corm
during the dali summer months wj3&
provisions are higi and mo?rJg jt
icarce. ;
?Dr. Sara Lindsay had qjite a
tkrilliDff adventure Wednesdaylaftwraoon.
Ou attempting to cross ajireek j
about four miles from town won i&e I
flood gates, as it were, were opt i, his,
horse stopped in the middle c tbe
creek and no amount of coaxiDg :ouId
persuade hira to move. The reek
was badly swollen aod Dr. Li dsay
was compelled 10 jamp and swi . for
his life. In some way tbe < iver
managed to cut the horse frori the
buggy thus preventing what flight
have been a most serious accident
Bet? the Kind Yog Haw Afwafgggte '
Sgaita? J
Matting! Malting! j ]
Only 17 rolls left in stock Call <
early and get some of > tbes< good *
values before they are all sone. 3
Q. D. Willi rd. t
Mr. Creight's ox is deaJ The s
Winnsboro people mourn the Jath of E
this old landmark. The poorjfellow ?
was evidently tired living andfcuietly d
committed suicide by placicaimseil in
front of the fast morning itibule
j last week. I
| Club Meeting. n
[ The Horeb Democratic CI a No. 2, a
. TT
will Meet at Hawes' old f>re on
j Saturday, 28th inst., at S ran. for ci
the purpose of reorganizing, 1I elect- u
icg delegates to the county onyention.
J. W. Cfrk,
| Pr&ent. ?
... ?... T- Y\
Bed Hot from the Gaij &r
Was the ball that G. B. Sadman,
| of Newark, Mich., in the Cil War. ?
: It caused horrible Ulcers thatp'treatment
helped for 20 years. TfeBuckJen's
Arnica Salve cured hir| Cures C
Cuts, Bruises, Burns, BoilsFelons,
Corns, Skin Eruptions, fit Pile
cure on earth. 25 cts. a bj Cure
guaranteed. Sold by McM?r Co. ea
druggists. . I G
?T.TTR *<VTTOk]I it
J I 83
Hereb Democratic Club 1 1 will in
meet atHoreb ebnrck onjtorday, or
128th inst., under the coniti joi, for '
| the p*rpo?e of reorganizing Id elect- se
iag .delegates to the conr.fcoavBn- bo
tian. A fill turnout it iteited.
Take d?e notice and gotf jonrselTec
accordingly. 1 ne
T. B. McEjj:ry, Cc
The Moiiy Dale Demoi ic Club ]
will meet on the 28th tfls month
| (April) at S o'elock in thjjfternofrn ]
| for the gparpo?e of reorgfcing and q0
electing delegate! to the jatjr cti- ]
mention. All member* ajeqnested ^
to attend. | ]
* jiident. ]
T. C. Camackj Secretarl wj
! OASTOm. 1
Btantha .^TMisdYoa itwsys Bcsgfrt
Signatm Z. T J
The following aamea <? hereby 1
propoted for trastee3 o aool Dig- ton
trictNo. 14: 3
T H Ketchin, sea
J C Bach an as, 2
K Y Turner. fro;
Ms Jitizens. i
! _ , ? .
? spe
Mr. Editor: The gent a named ^
below having served oi board of to-i
trustees in this towns for some Mr.
time vary acceptably t re hereby
nominated for townsl rnsteas at Bla
; tha election to be held she 7tb of
Tfcos H?i, )ic
JFMcMa wh(
JMStewi the
iTeter. ??rs
. ? . . COE
I A Testimonial from : gland. giv<
"I consider Cfaambfi's Cough *ie9
i Remedy the best in thetl for Bron- ~r
' chitis," says Mr. WiljSavory, of ?
| *?arrinston, England| has saved
my wile's liie, *ne naTfeen a mur- r,
tyr to bronchitis tort sir years, -7?
i beiDg most of the fimeiiaed to her rr
i bed. She is now qnfell." Sold r?
j by McMaster Co., drnj7 ^
Unclaimed. Ijt
The following is a If letters remaining
unclaimed irJ)ostoffice at y,
"Winnsboro, April JSl: Arc
Mr Alexander Brocliss Mamie gcru
Cra*- ferd, Eev I) I rardi, Miss oar
Joiepine Glenn, Mr ? \Tirm, Miss ?pe;
Docia Peak, Mrs E well, Miss ^
Anna Stewart-, and
Persons ?*llin? for bove letters P&t>
I o-l V
will pl?st?e tay they avertised. friei
Preston, P. If. n?ty
1111- _ j 1 J?a maE
HAJ Ws,'
and I am afra have in- W13a (
herited it. I not feel bed
well; I have ; gh; my ^
lungs are sor m losing dece
flesh. What I do? ?
Your doctor si ke care of
yourself and tak i cod-liver aj
oil, but you can j it. Only
the strong, healperson can
take it, and th&'t take it As a
long. It is so ri upsets the Ma
stomach. But to. take
5?0fS aiS
It is very pal and easily caus
digested. If yoifeake plenty the <
of fresh air, ?ercise, and priv;
SCOTT'S EM'M steadily, bor>;
there is vt^Moabt about thet
your recovery!^ . ,
There are hy fchites in it;
they giv? stren J tone up the
nervous system ghe cod-liver *D0V
oil feeds and no J 1 mn
50c. and ZS11,
SCOTT & BOW>'^pf}ew York, A bave
Kidney Trouble Ma&es You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the newspapers
is sure to know of the wonderful
p i: mt\. cures made by Dr.
' \ Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
Jt I great kidney, liver
32 ffry&Tj 15 bladder remedy.
"H if Ir^Kf Jrf? It is the great medi4)
cal triumph of the ninem
\T? . J. nf I teenth century; dis{
fffll * ' covere^ after years of
.ilk t, wp. IM; scientific research by
^Q. Dr. Kilmer, the emi}]
_ ~ nent kidney and blad'
der specialist, and is
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trouMm
i ? XI .
wniui? uic worsi
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not recommended
for everything: but if you have kidney,
liver or bladder trouble it will be found
just the remedy you need. 11 has been tested
xi so many ways, in hospital work, in private
practice, among the helpless too poor to pur:hase
relief and has proved so successful in
ivery case that a special arrangement has
>een made by which all readers of this paper
vho have not already tried it, may have a
lample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
elling more about Swamp-Root and how to
ind out if y ou have kidney or bladder trouble.
Vhen writing mention reading this generous ,
iffer in this paper and
end your address to
>r. Kilmer & Co.,Bingegular
fifty cent and Homo of Swamp-Boot
ollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
Mr. John A. Weldoa died 011 Sunday }
ight. Ho was in the 84th year of his ,
ge, and had spent his whole life i? y
I 2 TT. ?
airneia county. lie was a guoa ?
ifcizen and his long life was fall of s
sefulness. Mr. Weldon was ?ne of a
le most substantial farmers in the c
mnty. His wife, who waB Mias e
[artha Wylie, daughter of John A. ,
fylie, predeceased him many years *
jo. Two daughters gar? ire, Mrs. j,
>hu A. Gibson and Mrs. Esther J
tewart. The faneral serrices were ^
ild yesterday at the Presbyterian g,
_ ?
Kelief La six Hours. ^
Distressing Kidney and Bladder Dis- ^
,se relieved in six hours by "New y
reat So*th American Kidxey Cure.7' r<
is a great surprise on accennt of its 0
:ceeding promptness in relieving pain ..
bladder, kidneys and back, in male
female. Relieves retention of water a<
most immediately. If you want
lick relief and cure this is the remedy.
Id by "W.JE. Aiken, druggist, Winnsro,
S. C. tt
?.? L
?You can find a beautiful lot of
ckwear at The Caldwell Dry Goods ?
adv. p(
? in
Wr Will "FTorr i? in f A W7?
tor. J. L. Beaty is in Charlotte on
Jlr. W. J. Roche spent Sunday in y<
Gambia. ' I?
tfr. Bishop spent Sunday with fo
Bnds here. li]
&Xr. M. H. Mobley spent Sunday cc
th his family. ha
?r. David Ellison spent Sunday Di
th his parents. ar
Emelyn Craig, of Blackstock, of
int Saturday in town. co
)r. David Aiken left for a business he
d to Augusta Monday. rai
ilrs. A. H. Hood, of Lancaster, is foi
[ting Mrs. J. M. Harden. dc
iisi Mamie Jordan will return tei
da y fro North Carolina. co
liss Amelia Lauderdale, of Tennes- to
, is visiting Mrs. J. L. Bryson. go
?r. J. Gregg McMaster returned sit:
m Columbia Saturday evening. bei
liss Lula McCrorey, of Asa, is am
nding a few days with Mrs. Mo&e on
blev. col
Ir. J. G. Gyles Trill arrive here bu
light to take Mr. Brown's place, noi
Brown, the day operator, left wc
nday to accept a similar position at lik<
ckstock. . get
? roj
^Millions Given Away.
t is certainly gratifying to the pub- tre
to know of one concern in tbe land
d are not afraid to be generous to Pe<
needy and suffering. The proprie- roa
i of Dr. King's New Discovery for wi]
isumption, Coughs and Colda, have
in away over ten million trial bot- ..
of this great medicine; and have *
satisfaction of knowing it has ab-'
itely cared thousands of hopeless
is. Asthma, Brohchitis, Hearse5
and all diseases of the Throat, T{~
st and Langs are sured by it. Call * ?j
McMaster Co , druggists, and get a py.
1 bottle free. Regular size 50c. and
Every bottle guaranteed, or price 3r
laded. 3
? ing
7 U APAQ O Ua rvTnooo/? "fJlO .^Tl?r0TY)0 flPPI
' UVlVCfeCy 1 L UUO bug uuj^i vuiv "VVI
hitect of the Universe in His in- ^oa
[table wisdom to take unto Himself j1*]
dear brother, Past Master, P. M. pie)
nee; be it resolved, For
That while bowing with humility
submission to car Omniscient mi
ler, we feel that we have goffered
rreparable loss in the death of oar 1
id and brother; that the comma- jn
has lost a staanch and upright ~
i, the State a good and honorable . c
;en, and this lodge an earnest and i?g
lfnl advocate of the cause of whi
onry. He was jast to his neigh- 8Qp
i, loyal to his friends and true to .
-'-V in?
That we extend to his Suffering &s I
ily in this the hour of their afllic- utte
our heartfelt sympathy, praying y0jT
Almighty Father to temper the .
i to the shorn lamb.
That a page in our minute book wrc
edieated to his memory. my
That a copy of these resolutions ]|o-h
gnt to tire bereaved family of our JV
ased brother. wri
T J. SpanH Edmonds, cou
iigned <? H. O. Duke, has
(J.B.Boyd, Dev
pril, 1900. Committee. t^at
i Friend and Neighbor?An Upright ,
n He Won the Friendship ot all "Who
Knew Him b&V<
r. Editor: Your brief notice of the pass
h of onr esteemed friend and to Si
hbor, Mr. .Joseph btewart, more ing
rallr known a3 "U^cle Joe." go t
forth some pleasant memories of T1
>13 gentleman. It has- been mv plac
itege to be Ms "next door neigh- the
' for nearly 27 years, and, perhaps, tnra
est test of what a man really is, old
ant he is at home, in his family, like
lg his neighbors, and haying all t
ni "Uncle Joe" so long and;well, not i
st testify to his worth' as a citi- ders
a neighbor, and friend. Never to 1c
I known him to speak an nnkind prop
word abont anyone, land as to an inkind
act his very natnre was above it;
and that kindness in him was rewarded,
f*r<never hare I known hia
spoken of unkindly by any one, an?
having .visited him in his sickne3B, it
was nleasant to note the kindness and
tenderness shown him; by his three :
daughters and their children, who
were untiring in their attention. One
remarked to me once, "We were al- '
ways tanght obedience, and never 1
knew what it was to disobey father." 1
"What a reward for children, and what i
a lesson to the young. Truly the \
sphere in which he moved was made ^
better for his having lived in it.
Melville Mellichaap. s
April lvt 1900. 1
F?r Over Fifty Yean.
Mrs. Winslow's Sootbix? Stctp 1
has been used for over fifty years by s
millions of mothers for their children I
while teething, witli perfect success, f
It soothes the child, softens the gums, t
allays alt pain, cures wind colic, and 1
is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It c
will relieve the poor little sufferer a
immediately. Sold by druggists in g
every part of the world. Twenty-five a
cents a battle. Be sure and ask for
"Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. 1-1-17
Parties wishiisr to enter the printing t
office at this season should be governed j.
37 the following rule: Advance to the ^
nner door and give three distinct f
:apa, or kick the door down. The 1?
'devil" will attend the alarm. You ^
will give him your name, postoffice R
iddress and the number of years you e:
ire owing for the paper, fie will n
idmit you. You will advance to the
entro of the room and address the ^
iditor with the following countersign: c<
'Extend tie right hand about two feet E
rom the body, wtth the thumb and
adex finger clasping your anbscripion,
which drop into the extended
and of the editor, at the same time T(
aying 'were yau looking for me?' The to
ditor will grasp your band aid the m
rheel, and pressing it will lay, 'you p,
et!' After giving him the *ews of 0j
our locality* you will be permitted to ^
stire, with a receipt for an honest
bligation properly discharged, aad j,
le editor will pleasingly say, 'call be
?ain!'" fa,
Working and Day'
The busiest and mightiest little thing
lat ever was made is Dr. King's New 181
ife Pills. Every pill is a sngar-ceat- ba
1 A-f "hoolfh tViof ^anrroB U
eakness into strength, listlessness W(
ito energy, brain-fag into mental
Dwer. They're wonderful in build- *
g up the health. Only 25c per box, Sh
3ld by McMaater Co., druggists. tei
; ~. E
M.r. Editor: Please allow a space in ^
)ur paper for this as it will not lie ^
ng before you will not have [space ^
r anything but candidates. I would
ie to know what has become of oar V
>unty commissioner? Is he dead or b
is he gone to Washington to see qj
ewev? Our roads in some places ^
e n?t passable. At B&cklick post- ^
See a wagon turned over on an old ^
lored woman and came near killing ^
r; if it had been some of the white .fc
ce they would have sued the county
r a great sum. If Mr. Tennant ^
>es not see f er such places and at- ;*
ad to hi? 5 n.-ine^s what need do the ^ ^
unty wan n>r lach an office? Just ^Qr
pay him a >alary to sit up in his
od health? Why, that is an impo- ^
ion on the county. This road has ^
3n in a bad condition for some tine, .
7 fnr
3 the people have been trespassing
Mr Janes'land, but there has been ^
pi- ptni.ted in the field and a fence
Lit, -> it is ihe county road now or
ae. Men say so many things they ?\
mid do if they only had the office ^
e Absalom of old, but when they ^
; into it they soon forget. Thi? ^
id haa been reported to the grand ^
y, so I am told, and they too have or t
ated it with silence. What do ^
>plv pay lazes for and can not get a ye^
,d? Get good men and then we jQh.
[1 have good roads, and let these
saloms alone. . Pansy. ,
Juckliek, April 15, 1900.
' r neai
Caught a Dreadful Cold. . ^
tarion Kboke. manager for T. M. _j_
:>np8on, a large importer of fine
linery at 1658 Milwaukee Avenue, llve<
icago, sayg: "DuriBg the late severs and
aither I eaught a dreadful cold his c
ich kept* me awake at night and theii
ae me unfit to attend my work dnr- nn?i
the day. One of my milliners was graci
ing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy mot
a severe cold at that time, which sum
tnsd to relisve her so quickly that I fillj
ight some for myself. It acted like joys
pic and I began to improve at once. liev<
c now entirely well and feel very Ivii
ised to acknowledge its merits." E. li
sale by MeMaster Co., druggists. insi>
tr. Editor: I read a communication
, , . ? Jeavi
your issue of the 19th jnst. fro*
alr Ci T?on JJ iiAmttlain. ?*
,rwiv/* j JIJLCU x an* j , wLUfioni- wui.
of bad roads in that section and in R?v.
f I 'p Q 1
ich I am very harshiy criticised as ^
ervisor. I had thought about treat- j
tbis article with silent contempt both
1 believe it was written by a person 311
srly ignorant of the duties de- *
red upon a sapervisor. But as it ywr
ht possibly lead others into a the
>ng channel of thinking, I deem it prin<
duty to make a brief reply aad en- ^
ten the writer a little. First, the comi
ter asks, "What has become ot our Chui
ty commissioner? Is be dead, or and
he gone to Washington ;to sec ?1
rey?'' I bog to inform the writer ^
I am still alive, and am happy to
in my usual rok*st health, and
I did rot go te Washington to see ,,v
much-talked-sbout Dewey. I could
?seen him a few weeks ago as he
ed-through Wiinsboro on his war |
avannah, bat I was too busy lookafter
the affairs of the county to I
. ii /A. ? /.i: . ... ?e u: I vN
v luu uvjjui io: a guiuunu ui mm. . /
be writer pays "our road* in soi?? ^"'?8
are impassable," and mentioned TuL
fact that at Backlick a wagon
ed over and came near killiug an
colored woman. Now I would
to know if I am to be blamed for .
he bad roadr in the county. Does
the fault often rest upon tfee shoalof
the orerseers whose duty it is
>ok after the roads aHd keep them 'TV
>erly'worked, The supervisor, aa
e^erv intelligent person knows, has
other duties to perform than that of
riding orer the county looking after
the roads. His office duties require a
considerable portion of his time, asj
every one is aware, and it is utterly
impossible for him to look after all the
roads of the county and attend to his
ffice work too, especially at this season
of the year. Everybody knows
that during the winter months, when
there is so much rain and freezing
weather, that the roads cannot be kept
in good order, and possibly some of
them do eet in very bad condition.
But, as I hare already said, il is the
3uty of the overseers to look after the
roads over which they have charge,
wd if they find them impassable to
?ut them in order and not wait on the
mpervisor to order them to have them
Now, Mr. Editor, I have written a
ittle more than I intended at the outlet,
aB I believed that it wonld require
ml a few plain words to convince any
Sir-minded person that I am not to bo
>lam?d for the bad roads about Backick.
I have always tried to do my
luty as supervisor as conscientiously
is Iconld, and I believe the public
generally will bear me oat in thin
.ssertion. B. G. Tenoait,
County Supervisor.
April 20,1900.
Brave Man Fall
"Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
roubles as well as womeu, and all feel
he results in loss of appetite, poison
i the blood, backache, nervousness,
eadache and tired, listless, run-dowa
oeling. But there's no need to feel
:ke that. Listen to J. W. Gardner,
daville, lnd. . He says: "Electric <
litters are jast the thing for a ma u (
rhen he is all run down, and don't
are wbelher he lives or dies. It did
loro to srive me new strength an j
ood appetite than anything Icouli
ike. I can now eat anything and 1
ave a new lease on life." Only 50 I
jnts, at McMaster Co.'s drag store. 1
very bottle guaranteed. t
,,, c
mbs. n. k. kabb. |
- V
Mr, Editor: Tou are and have b?en 0
sry thonghtful and kind from time J.
> time since you haye had the manage- q
eat of The News and Hexald in r
ibiiflhing editorial notice of the death b
f our people. Upon the deceased ?f ^
e subject of this sketch yon said all
at was neeessary for an editor to say fa
think, and yet I think more onght to
i said by some one familiar with the
cti of her life. Perhaps ho one now T
ring, outside of her immediate con.cTion,
knew her better than the wrir.
I knew her and her ancestry ^
ck to the third generation, and I say ?
advisedly, she was no ordinary si
)m*??whether considered from a ^
cial, patriotic or business standpoint. ^
e came of goed stock. On her m? os
nal ?ide she was descended from the
ncaids of revoletionary fame. On ^
r paternal side from the good old Totch-Irish
stock Her grandfather, S.
illiam Watt, who came to this counr
in early life, was married to Jennie
lompson, who was an auit of my
indfather, Robert Robinson; hence
? hlftnd tlmhin erisMer no. ? >
i always recognized on both sides. ^
i Uncle Billy Watt, as we always ?
led ber grandfather, used -to tell i
it when he and Jennie were mard
he had only a silver dollar as bis g
mcial stock in trade; with half of gj
he bought a wool hat for himself ?
1 a pair of cotton cards for Jennie.
>m this email beginning, by indnsand
economy, they sncceeded in M:
Iding up a nice little competency, be
their own comfort in old age, and
te able from time to time as their mi
[dren married off to start them oat th<
h something ahead. I was at the
teral of Aunt Jennie, and have
er witnessed on any occasion signs ,
more genuine grief than Uncle _
itt manifested. Bat whither is my
i wandering? I am thinking of my
hood days.
ties Nancy K. Watt was the eldest TC
ghter of John Watt and Nancy
neaid) Watt, who must hare marl
abont the close of the eighteenth ,
he beginning of the nineteenth "
Lury, for she was born 20th No- tj?
iber, 1821. She was married to or
n Wr. Eabb, known aa Glazier 19G
b, Marsh 12, 1840. They lived
pily together in this county for eaE
rly thirty-two years, when in Jan- wo
r, 1872, they moved to Dae West, Sn]
teville county, for the purpose of J:
sating their children. Mr. Rabb
1 but a shert time after the move
died 26th February, 1S72. After
ieath, she carried oat successfully
r prearranged plan?, remaining- 4
I the children, except one, were ?
Inated from the college, then it-j
od back to old Fairfield in the JjUl
mer of 1877, She passed peacer
from the sorrows of earth to the
of btaven, as we hope and bci,
April 11, 1900. She leaves s*rag
her two listers, Mrs. Rebecca $
tobinson, widow of Jno. W. Rob- sua
n, deceased, and Mrs. Mary F. tbe
, widow of Capt A. P. Irby, the
y deceased, and -two brothers, &pp
cander "C. ifalt, of Bonita, La., 1891
oaa* C >*att, of this coanty. She will
as al8> ive children, James R. &PP
b, in Texan, W. C. Rabb, of this Sec
tty, Mrs. Je??ie M. Millen, wife of lum
. H. W. iklillen, of Rosemark, 190(
i., Rev. Horace Rabb, of Okete, com
Mrs, Nina P. Castle3, wife of Can
?. Castles, nnd Charles K. Rabb, con
of this county. Wii
rs. Rabb was for a number of years Con
' * i r> 1 j.? /-it L
jaiDor ei iwi jrresoyierian ^uuruu ???**
oreb, bat for the last twenty-seven ti013.
t of her life she was a member of ^nc
A. ii P. Church. I think the r(>ac
:ip&l, if not the only reaion for field
ikansre in chsrcb relationship was
:onveniene<!. She died in the
nnnioa of ibe Winnsboro A. R. P.
ch, of which she was a consistent
active member the last twenty- ^
cret of Beauty m
ialtii. The secret ofhecJi:: f|P
power to digest an<1 tz:
; a proper quanity of K.-. - yl
^ can never be ctoncv i.' *
liver does not act it*:: Ita
T TCi t t i V- 7 "r>* ' N&tl
/ > i-l iO *V u: -I - Btnw
\ : i :* " gans
t o ?- .1-1 i - .. i ~ ? O- an^j
r: :re for sick Leadac^e, ays:sour
stomach, malaria, gya]
,upation, torpid liver, piles,
;J:ce, bilious fever, bilious;
and kindred diseases.
_ P?f
ifir's Liver Piiss
three years or her life. One of the 1
peculiar characteristics of the Watt
family was and is kindness and consideration
toward the poor, and toward
servant*, and this trait of char*
acter was well exemplified in our
friend of whom we write. In her, as
in her dear mother of precions memory,
was fulfilled the saying of the
Master, "I wa3 hungry and ye gave
me meat, I was thirsty and ye gave me
! drink, naked and ye clothed me, sick
and in prison lad ye came unto me."
Mrs. JRabb's remains were interred
in the Ebenezer or Brick-Cnnrch cem- j
etery, where rest the bodies of her J.
father, mother and numeraus other ij
relatives, a* ?'?-> those of the ancestors j
of thcwri:er. Her eldest son,John, j1
was killed in Virginia at the battle of I
Frazier's Farm, X tb'nk, while plant- (
ing the colors of the 6;h S. C. Infantry J
Yolnnteers on the Fsderal breast- ;<
works. R. H. Jennings, j
. j,
The On? Day Cold Cure. {,
For cold in tha head and sore throat use Ker? j
raott's Chocolates I<a.Tative Qainiae, the " One j
Day Cold Cure."
1M m 11 J
?The Caldwell Dry Goods Co. have (
a very handsome line of negligee
8hirt3.?adv. ;
. . p
For Iafents and Children. ^
The Kind Yoa Have Always BaogM ,l
Wgoatoe of j?
I -
Rev. C. E. McDonald left Wednes- '<
Jay for New York to attend the ! y
icumenical missionary conference. jb
? j?
"It i? a surprising fact," ?eys Prof. "W
louton, "that in my travels in all ?
>arts of the world, for the last ten
rear*, I have met more people having
ised Green's Aueust Flower than any
ither remedy, for dyspepsia, deranged
iver and stomach, and for constipaion.
I find for tourists and salesmen, ds
r f?r persons filling office positions, Me
rhere headaches and general bad feel- ac
gs from irregular habits exist, that
rreen's August Flower is a grand -j
emedy. It does not injare the system th<
y freqnent ase, and is excellent for
onr stomachs and indigestion." Sam- offi
ie bottles free at UcMaster Co.'s. coi
Sold by dealers in all civilized coan- sp<
- m tm? , . /
Mr. James Tf. Eaaahan returned
'hursday from Columbia. I
v Try Allen's Foot-Ease, 3C*
. powder to be shaken into the shoes, j
'our feet feel swollen, nervous and for
ot, and get tired easily. If you have- fiel
narting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Dei
oot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes
alking easy. Cures swollen, sweat- T
tg feet, ingrowing nails, blisters and
illous spots. Believes corns and
anions of all pain and gives rest and
>mfort. Try it to-day. Sold by all
ruggists, and shoe stores for 25c.
rial package FREE. Address, Allen
Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. . I
?Miss Jennie Thompson is quite Fai
ck with grippe.
The One Day Cold Cure. I
Cold in head aad acre throat cured by Ker- for
ott's Chocolates lAiative Quiaise. As oasgr to rvvv
h?a*caady. * Child** e*y for thee."
BHAiiri'iZALSAM f0r
CMcansti aad bcustiCca the fcsbk- n
Promo'.fc; a lereriani growth. VOU
N*ver 5"a)ls to Hetton Ckrwy ocra
Hair to it* Youthful Color. "r"
Cores tcs^ i; hair Igiilng.
f- JDmggfeta ^^
Notice to Creditors. ?a?
All persons indebted to the estate of .1 ]
rs. Nancy K. Rabb, deceased, are ?L'
reby notified that payment must be
ide to the undersigned, and persons _
Iding claims against said estate
ist present them duly attested to j.
j undersigned. fn_j
L-19-4W Executrix. f0r 3
X" ditoi
* * it crat.
N otice. ?
iTon are required by lfcw to work
ar section or the public roads, pntg
them in good condition at once, 11
not later than the 10th of May, for
10, as the roads are in bad condition Sup
i mast be worked. 6ver*eers who tnen
re paid off, or for any other cause
mot work or have said roads
rked, will please notify the County
pervisor at once.
)ona bv order of tba Conntr Board
Comsriesioners this the list day of
ril, A. D. 1300.
D. A. BRO?M,
J. H. AIKEN. ?J "
24-6 Commissioners.
fee Of Application for Rail- si
ictice i? hereby giveu that, in paroce
of the proviwoni of an Act of
General Assembly pjoviding for **x
formation of Railroad Companiea,
roved 28lh February, 1898, Acta of {[inn
5, pages 64-70, the undersig?ed
I file their Declaration and make
lication to thft Hon. M. R. Cooper, p^j
retarv of State, at his office, Co- y ? <
his. S. C... on fhft 7th dav of Mav. ? '
), for a charter for a railroad to be Trn^
strncted from Winnsboro, s. c., to wjjja
auen, S. C,. to- be known by the ^MI
jorate name and style of the
insboro and Camden Bailroad
jpany; and also that, if the said
:teri"s granted, tha said corporashall
have the right to condemn ^ W
Is for rights of way and other rail- ?*'
1 purposes, in the counties of Fair- ?
[ and Kershaw. clogi|
t. k. elliott. ;x.
t. h. ketchin. *7 p?
x e. Mcdonald. 01.7
W. R. elliott.
'innsboro, s. c., April, 1900. t0 vq
~ and ^
yspepsia Cure ?
Fit whogi
igests what yon eat. booti
rtificially digests the food and aids
ire in strengthening and recon- w.
jting the e:chausted digestive or- j*'
. It is the latest discovered digestand
tonic. No other preparation
approach it in efficiency. It in?
Hy relieves and permanently cures
jepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
iilence, Scan Stomach, Naasfc.-. I V\
Headache,Gastralgia, Cramps ar.J BEEJ
;her results of imperfect digests o a. boro.
60c.anatL Large?}-->rontainsS}* with
fiize.BootaT.abonta., vopslamaUea^a
18F2d by E. C? DeWiTT & CO- Chlcoflo. *r the
Ktiumt 6#? Dolls
Wwbbfre) ?. C. S-1J
Johnston's :
greatest 5FKINU MEDICINE ever disco
heaven to the " worn out," the run down, thi
feeling," those "sinkingspells," the-Iangaor a
ished nerves, from thin, vitiated blood and
spell. The weariness, lassitude and nervous
time and the heat of summer, are conquered
neurasthenia, and all ailments of the brain an
generally, it is almost a specific. It furnishes
tissues. It fends brain, nerve centers and nei
makes rich, red, honest blood. Newness of !
ful use. It makes the weak strong, and the o
It was the antiquated (but now happily ej
ireat5alt Rhetira, Scrotals, Cancer and
3LOOB TAINT with powerful alteratives, s
igents. It was expected by this-.treatment thi
*ras left to course through its channels holding
lisease. Bat in this way, every part of the 1
ng can be more terrible than a horribly destri
ently the different structures of the body, bt
ind destroyed. It often seeks out the nerves
ay and death to some vital organ, as the kidi
icientific method for the cure of blood taint. '
>f the blood must be removed through the exe
iver and skin. " First pure, then peaceable.'
ritalizer of the blood, JOHNSTON'S SARS
Laustively removes the taint, but also remove;
nd fills the veins and arteries with the ruby, j
he life." Good health means pure blood. Ti
5ARSAPARILLA, is universally regarded;
red. This fact is now established beyond qui
blood poumt errs ed bt jo:
Wlliams. Daris, Brooks & Co., Detroit:
Gentleman.?In April last I began uslagr JOHNS'
y an amputation of one of my arms. 1 had SEVEN F
ad was entirely cared. I know it is what cured me.
.KZOBZOAZr 33HT7Gr 00903
John H. McMaster & Co.; Winn?.boro,S. C.
if. Patrick Woodward, S. C.'r T. G. Patri<
hereby aaBounce myself a candi,te
for the office of Sheriff for FairId
County, and will abide by the
tion of the Democratic primaries. .
Pledging myself *o abide the result of. i
?ensuing primxr.' election, I announce "
rself a candidate for nomination .to the
ice of Sheriff of Fairfield County. The j
rdial suppor of my fellow-citizens isrejctfnlly
Iwreby announce myself as acandia
for Clerk of Court, subject to the
ion of the Democratic primaries. r
- JNO. R. CRAIG., *
hereby! announce myself a candidate
the office of Clerk of Court for Fair-y
d County, subject to the action of the P
mocratic primaries.
hereby announce myself as aTcandidate
Clerk of Court for Fairfield County,
ijectto the action of the Democratic
nary. JAS. A. BRICE.
hereby announce myself a candidate
the office of County Supervisor for v.
rfield County, subject ;to the action of IN
Democratic primaries.
hereby announce myself a candidate
the office of Supervisor of Fairfield
inty, subject to the action of the Demitic
hereby announce myself a candidate Jf
the office of Supervisor of Fairfield
inty, subject to the action of the DemLtic
primaries. J. B. BURLEY. ^
riends of T. L. Johsstojt recognizing
fitness for the position; hereby, nomi3
him for County Supervisor, subject
ie Democratic pnmanos.
hereby announce myself a candidate
County Supervisor, subject to the ac- R
of the Democratic primaries.
hereby announce myself a candidate y
County Auditor, subject to the action f
he Democratic primaries. ,
hereby announce myself a candidate ,
re-election to the office of County Aur,
subject to the action of theDemo- mc
ic primary. J* L. RICHMOND. ere
lereby announce myself a candidate Tithe
office of Coroner for Fairfield T~
oty, and pledge myself to abide the ~a
It of the Democratic primary. ?ei
tereby announce myself a fcandidate _f
re-election to the office of. County #I
srintendeit of Education, subject to
ction of the Democratic primary.
Sealed Bids, t]
Council Chamber,
Winnsboro, S. C., April 17.19C0.
:a.lxd bids for the rsnt
ie Market House (with telephone
hed) for the year commencing
1st pro*., a&d for the fuaniihinjr i?
treet lamps, globes, pots, wicks
lozen, matches per dozsH boxes), \\
written applications for positions V
ie police fore* of the town, -wi!l $!
n/l* IwrtW Krt fliM P/\nnAil n rv ? .. lO
ck M. ou 26th day of April, 1900.
order of Council. V
til if id Trustees..
ilatnre, dated 17th day of Feb\
1900, an election for three (8)
Qui for School District No. 14 we
be held in the Court 'House in hea'
isboro, S. C., on MONDAY, frea
following persons are hereby ap- wee
ed managers of said election, uac
J. A. Hinnant, W. R. Elliott and ^ D
. McDowell. The managers will
the polls at 8 o'clock A. M. and ^|0];
them at 4 o'clock P. M., asd on t;Qg'
ig the polls, thev shall count the pxg
and certify the result to the Clerk yj
mrt. r00I
this election no one shall be ento
vote who is not duly qualified <..11
le at the general election tor State
County officers, and to ascertain ...
shall be entitled to vote, D. ?
owcil is hereby appointed to reg?
the voters of School District No.
He shall open the books of Tegison
at the Court House ob ThursFriday
and Sainrday preceding
ay of election, and no one will be
ed to vote for School Tru?tees
e name does not appear on said
i of regisrratioa.
Clerk of C-nrt.
nnsboro, S. C., April 16, 1900.
. ^
JACK tkis season at Wiou*?
fT- Jt? t!-.L L1..L
ne it u asituk vigu, DISC*.
vrbite points; weigh* nice hau>
pounds. He took the first prize
(last State Fair, insurance. Ten
rs. J. I. WHEELER.
" I1I9
; v
* "
r " '>5^-5
Sarsaparilla ,
a Blood Food and Nerve Energizer, is the
vered. It comes as a rich blessing from
t overworked and debilitated. "That " tired
ad despondency which arise from badly nouran
underfed body, vanish as if by a magic
prostration which accompany the spring.
and banished at once. For every form of
d nerve, Insomnia, hysteria and nervousness
; the very element* to rebirlld worn-out nerve
ves, calming and equalizing their action; it
life, new hope, new strength follow its faithId
young again.
rplodsd) method In the good old times, to
other troublesome disorders arising from
uch as mercury, arsenic and other mineral
it the poison could be killed while the blood
% in its circulation the specific germs of the
body became more or less diseased. Nothuctive
blood taint. It not only attacks vimit
many times the bones are honey-combed and
spinal cord, and again it will bring deieys,
liver or stomach. There is only one
That is, PURIFICATION! Every particle
cretory channels, the long*, kidneys, bowels,
' The great restorative, reconstructive and
IAPARILLA, not only- radically and ex*
s all mercury, calomel and other minerals, '
flowing current of vitality. 'The blood Is
le old and reliable remedy, JOHNSTON'S
as the greatest Blood Purifier erit discov?tion
or cavil. -V
WHIM Mlll?iHT.TJByron,
Miciu October 31, 1894.
rON'S SARSAPARILLA for Blood Potaon, caaed
RUNNING SORES oq my legs. I used two botttea
Yours truly. G. W. LUTHER. 1
>Asnr, Z3JVSROZT, xrcK.
; T. W. Woodward & o., Bockton.S.C.J
cky<fe;CoM White Oak, S. C. . . .
Vi?iti ng Cards.
Stationary, yVeddirig
invitations, Etc.
i full assortment of styles
to select from.
'rices to compete with any
Slever E3igher;
Often Lower.
. " '
T- ' '* v 'V. 'a
ards printed from plate.
$1.#0 per 100.
few plates from
50c to $1.09*
Scad all such orders to
. .
. :~o-.
T at ekmako* Sc J
OfiSSTER, ?, 0.
r ?. J2. JOHHSTOlf, Eif., Jvdgs FroUie
E7&EBEAS, E. H. Jennings, Cierk
t of Court, hath made suit to me
grant him letters of administratlou
the estate ana elects of B. F. Boulire,
deceased: ' . - / " '-10m
Chese are therefor? to cite aad ad- - ^ ^3
inish all aad singular the kindred and
liters of the said B. 7. Boulware,
leased, that they be and appear
fore me, in the Court of- Pro- .
:e, to be held at Fairfield Court
>uset South Carolina, on the 4th *
r of Hay next, after publication
reof, at 11 o'clock in the fore?nf
to show cause, if any they hare,
ty the said Administration should
; be granted.
Siren under my hand this 4th day
April, Anno Domini 1900.
6 Judge of Probate.
run til Mim
lickly from Store
' Are the only kind
de&l in. We hare a fall line of
ty and fancy Groceries, new and
:h? always on band. Fresh Sugared
Hams and Fork ' ausage every
k; Breakfast Bacon, Cheese and
aroni, Sugar, Teas and Coffees,
ice line of Canned Goods of all
is. New Orleans and Porto Rico
asses; also fancy Table Syrnps in
. Id fact everything kept in a
have jost enlarged oar storeq
and are prepared te do more
nesa. Will be glad to nave yon
and give us a trial.
" *
' ,:.vIndigestion
. ". . . M

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