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Wednesday, May 2, - - - 1900
?See notice of sale of properly.
?Head trespass notice elsewhere.
?Read announcement of J. W.
Clark fer Sheriff.
?Mr Hugh S. "Wylie is ?ut for
County Treasurer.
?Read Mr D. M> McDowell's anEr
nouncement for Shot IT.
?Mr George W. Moore announces
his candidacy for Alditor.
?Mr B. G. Tennant announces himself
this mornirg for Sheriff.
?J. McKinney Elliott announces
himself for Sheriff this morning.
?Mr John J. Neil announces bimself
for Clerk of Court in this issue.
?Mr John W. Lyles announces
? himself for Cl?rk of Court this morning.
To sesure the original witch hazel
calve, ask for DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, well known as a certain cure for
-piles asd skin diseases. Beware-of
worthless counterfeits. They are
dangerous. McMaster Co.
?Mr. Skinner's many friends will
be glad to know he will soon be out
?Miss Amelia Lauderdale has been
quits sick and went to Chester Sunday
for treatment.
?Mr John G. Wolling is a candidate
for the Hoose of Representatives.
Read his card.
?If you want stylish and up-todate
millinery, go to Mrs. J. D. McCarley's.?adv.
"I used .Kodol Dyspepsia Cure in
my family with wonderful results. It
gives immediate relief, is pleasant to
take and is truly the dyspeptic's best
friend," says E? Hartgerink. Overisel,
Mich. Digests what you eat. Cannot
fail to cure. McMaster Co.
?Bishop Capers held services in the
Episcopal Church both morning and
evening Sunday.
?BARGAIN?Gents' collars, good
shapes; 6 for 25c
The Caldwell Dry Goods Co.
?Mr, A. L. Porter, who has been
quite sick for the past iew weeks, was
reported much better Monday,
?Read the card of Thos. F. McDow,
of Yorkville, who is a candidate for
Solicitor of the sixth judicial circuit.
Lewis Ackerman, Goshen, lnd.,
wys, "De Witt's Little Early Risers!
always bring certai* relief, cure nay
headache and never gripe." They
gently cleanse and invigorates the
?-bowels and liver. jdcMaster Co.
?We are authorized-to withdraw!
the ticket for school trustees of District i
14, signed "Many Citiz?ns," in issue j
of April 24th. j
?Q. D. Wiliiford has only seven- j
, teen rolls of his matting left. He ir.rites
you to call and see them before
they are all gODe.
?Miss Fannie Creight's many friends
were delighted to see her oat again.
- This is her first time out sines her return
from North Carolina.
Wm. Orr, Ifewprk, O., says, "We
never feel safe without Oae Minate
Cough Cure in the house. It saved
my little boy's life when he had the
pneumonia. We think it is the best
medicine made." It cores conghs and
all lurfe diseases. Ple&sant to take,
harmless and gives immediate results
McMaster Co. *
.?Read McMasler Co,'? advertisemec
t. They are agents for wall paper;
gBk also have ia stock a beautiful line of
visiting cards, paper, &c.
t ?Potato bags are a pest?Paris
green kills them out. J. H. McMaster
& Co. hare it in any amount. Cane
seed. Don't forget them when yoa
want it
Mrs. Harriet Evans, Hinsdale, 111.,
writes, "I never fail to relieve my
children from croups at once by using
One Minute Coogh Cure. I would
uot feel safe without it" Quickly
cures cough3, colds, grippe and all
throat and lung diseases. McMaste Co.
?The German in the armory Tuesday
night was quite an enjoyable affair.
About twelve couples were out.
.The German was gracefully led by
Mr. John McKeown.
?Magistrates tbronghcut the county
are requested to call at the office of the
clerk of court and get a copy of the
acts and joint resolutions of the last
General Assembly, which he has for
Rev. W. E Sitzer, W. C'aton,N. Y.t
~ t T 1 -%
writes, "Ji iisu dyspepsia u?a tncui/
years, and tried doctors and medicines
without benefit. I was persuaded to
use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and it
helped me from the etart. I believe it
to be a panacea for all forai3 of indigestion."
It digests what^you eat.
McMaster Co.
?Henaies, of Columbia, will be at
Thespian Hall to make photographs
for one week only from May 3rd. All
sizes and styles of photos made. Call
at once. Sir good photos for 3qc by
-^The Caldwell Dry Goods Co. call
your atteution to their "hot weather
goods," millinery and shoe3. They
are anxious for your patronage and
will use their best efforts to please
*r/\r? In <inJ m-tdos
The One Day Cold Cure.
Cold in head aad sore throat cared by KerSott's
Chocolates Laxative Quinine. As easy to
tabs as candy. ** Children cry for them."
?I have mo red my. beef market
from the old stand rear Law RaDge
and will be in the old Habenicbt build-*
ing during the summer, where I will
sell ice in connection with my beef
market. William Rosborough.
?Misses Isabel aud Lucile Gladden
eutertained about twenty four of their
little friends at a birthday party last
, week. Miss Maggie Gladden served
refreshments to the little ones and in
other ways helped them to "make
- merry" t^e afternoon.
? We again must complain that our
Weekly doe# not rfach Rabb's postoffice.
We are told that it has been
about three weeks fince a paper has
reached there We see norxcusefor
this, atid the anihorities will be a?ke*l
to find ont the troub'e,
Red Hot from the Gun
Was the ball that G. B. St'-adman,
of Newark, Mich-, in the Civil War.
It caused horrible Ulcers that nc treatment
helped for 20 years. Thpn'Bncklen'a
Aruica Salve cured him. Cures
Cu's, Bruises, Barns, B9i!s, Felons,
Corns, Skin Ernnticns. Best Pile
cure on earth 25 cts. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by McMaster Co.
[no use!
f I can't take plain cod-liver f1
oil. Doctor says, try it. He S
0 might as well tell me to meltS
f lard or butter and try to take J
2 them. It is tco rich and 2
1 <>mII imfo^ cfntnarh Rnf a
VT fill UpJVl uib jiwumviM v?.>w I
f you can take milk or cream, f
f so you can take S
I Scoffs Emulsion;
| It is like cream; but willo
f feed and nourish when cream f
twill not Babies and chil-f
Sdren will thrive and grow#
f fat on it when their ordinary f
? food does not nourish them. S
6 Persons have been Known to gain 6
0 a pound a day when taking an 9
v ounce of Scotfs Emulsion. It gets J
5 the digestive machinery in working j|
t order so that the ordinary food isjf |
? properly digested and assimilated. 2
coc. and Sr.co, *11 dnisrrists.
? SCOTT&BOWNE, Chemists,NewYork.
Jttilllmery: Millln?rji
Are you williDg to be conduced that
we can sell you choice up-to-date millinery
goods at ;he lowest prices? If
yon are, kindly call on ns before purchasing.
J. O. Bosg.
Council Sleeting.
At a meeting of council on Thursday
night the market was rented to
Mr. W. G. EocLe. The same policemen
were re-elected?Messrs. "W. B.
Gilbert and W. W. Ketchin. The
contract for lighting the streets wag
awarded to Mr. J. J. Obear.
Bears the ^
ta rAirv mr% WTWSRHRn
ilr.J. M. Stewart has received a
letter from the astronomical corp of
the University of Virginia stating they
would come here to observe the
eclipse on the 28th of May." It was
reported In the newspapers sometime
ago that the University of Virginia
had selected some place in North
Carolina, but this letteronght to settle
the fact that the Virginians will come
to Winnsboro.
The One Day Cold Cure.
Karmott's Chocolates laxative Quinine foe
cold ia the head and sore throat. Children tahe
ibea life* c&adj.
The following are the census enumerator
for Fairleld county:
Township No 1, RobtK JefFares; No
2, Jno B Morrison, Walter A Btein;
No 3, D M Dixon; No 4, W F Scott;
No 5, N A Peay, Jr; No 6, Thomas H
Jones; No7, Joe Coleman; No 8, fm
GHinnant; No 9, Jas TYouDg; No
10, A L Scruggs; No 11, Wm B Yarb?ro?gh;
No 12, Tho3 M Jordan; No
13, W Boy kin Lyles; No 14, James M
If ii-oubled with rheumatism, giVc
Chamberlain's Pain Balm a trial. It
will not cost you a cent if it docs no
good. One application will relieve the
pain. It also cures sprains and bruises
in one-third the time requirad by any
other treatment. Cuts, burns, frostbites,
quinsey, pains in the side and
chest, glandular and other swelliw*
are quickly cared by applying it.
Every bottle warranted. Price, 25
and 50 cts. For sale by McMaster Co.
For public convenience the postoffice
department is furnishing the 2-ce?t
denomination of postage stamps in
small bound books of 12, *24 -and 48
stamps each, and of postage value 24,
48 and 96 cents, respectively. They
are sold at an advance of one cent on
the stamp valae of each book, to cover
the cost of manufacture. The pages
are o( six stamps eaeb, interleaved
with paraffined paper to prevent premature
adhesion, making a book of
convenient size to carry ia the pocket
or pocketbook. These books are now
on sale at tbe Winu3boro postofficc.
Working Xight and Day
The busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar-coated
globule of health,- that changes
weakness into strength, listlessness
into energy, brain-fag into mental
power. They're woiderful in building
up the health. Only 25c per bo?.
Sold by McMaster Co., druggists.
Mrs. Jno. M. Lymraon died at her
home in the county last Saftirday, and
the funeral services were held on
Sanday. The burial took place at
Milling's Cross-Roads. Mrs. Lemmon
was a daughter of Robt. Young, au
honorable Fairfield family. She was
married when 17 year? of age. A
Christian woman, she was a devoted
I ? J ?~ iL C"?? A
Wlie *nu mutuer. cny w? a
eistmt member of tbe Presbyterias
Church, and was instrumental in
having the chape! at Milling's CrossBonds
She is survived by her husband,
Mr. John M. Lernmon, and children:
Messrs. William Lsmmon, Law Leramoa,
Mrs. Mary Milling, Mrs. James
Calhcart, and Mis?ss Jania an-.l Belle
"It is with a good dea' of pleasure
and satisfaction that I recuocmeud |
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and j
Diarrheal Remedy." says Druggist
A W. Sawtelle, of Hartford, Conn, i
"A lady customer, seeing the remedy j
exposed for sale on mv show casp, j
said to mr; 'I really believo that medicine
saved mv life tbe oast summer
, while at the shore.' and she became
I so enthusiastic over its merits that I at
innrc trad* up mind to recommend it
jiu ' c future. Recently a gentleman
I came into my 6tore so overcome with
! colic pains that he sank at once to the ;
'floor. I gave him a dos8 of this remedy
which helped him. I repeated the
dose and in fifteen minutes he left my
store smilingly informing me that he
felt as well as ever." Sold b* MoMaster
Co., druggists.
Mr. J. F. L. Habenicht spent Snndiy
in town.
i Mr. Joe Cummings spent Sunday in
(io* n with relatives.
; Mrs. James Brysoa is spending
several dajs in Chester.
j Mrs. Mclver Greg? .is expected today
to visit Mrs. G. II. McMaster.
i Miss Bessie Timmoas is visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Douglass, of this county,
j Mr. Ed Porter came up from Columbia
Sunday and returned Monday.
Mrs. W. D. Douglass leaves to-day for
the musical festival in Spartanburg,
j Miss Elizabeth G. Dwigbt is expected
home from Washington to-day.
Miss Bes?ie McMaster has returned
after spending several days in Ridgeway.
Mr. II. L. Elliott spant Sunday
with his family and returned to Columbia
Monday morning.
Mrs. Walker returns to Ridgeway
this morning after spending some time
with her daughter. Mrs, A. L. Porter.
Master Tallie Douglass, of WasEf
ington, arrived here Friday night and
ia visitiDg his grandparents in this
Rev. J.T. Chalmers, ef Charlotte,
spent Thursday here. Mr. Chalmers
was formally of this place and has
many friends who are always glad to
welcome I 'm.
brave Man Fall
Victim* to stomach, liver and kidney
troubles as weil as women, and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poison
in the blood, backache, nervousness,
headache and tired, listless, run-down
foeling. Bat there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner,
Idaville, lnd. He says: "Electric
Bitters are jast the thing for a man
when he *.<$ all run down, and don't
care whether be lives or dies. It did
more to give me new strength and!
good appetite than anything I conld
take. I can now eat anything and
have a new lease on life." Only 50
cents, at McMaster Co.'s dreg store.
JUiVery Doiue guarau..ccu.
Pursuant to the call of tho county
chairman the Democratic Clubs in the
county [met on last Saturday. The
following is a partial list'
President?T L Johnston.
Vice-President?Robert Moore.
Executive Committeeman- Jno G
Delegates?John G Mobley and Jno
M Gayden.
President?T H Ketchin.
Vice-Presidents ?W C Beaty and
W G Jordan.
Executive Committeeman ? T K
Delegates?T H Xetchin, J M Stewart,
W C Beaty, E B Ragsdale, J E
McDonald, J M Elliott and TKEIliott.
President?S R Johaston.
Vice-President?H S Wylie.
Executive Committeeman?Robt Y
Delegates?R H Jennings, R Y
Turner and U G DeePortes.
$Jno8 ***
- A Very Pretty Wedding.
At 8.30 o'clock "Wednesday night in
the Presbyterian Church Mies Nannie
Johnston and Mr. James Weathersby
were united in matrimony. Since the
date of this marriage has been known
interest, eager and keen, has been
manifested in this and other cities
where the affianced are known. Elegant
presents have .been arriving for
the past week from friends far and
near which attested the popularity of
this young couple.
Promptly at 8 SO o'clock the bridal
party entered the chcrch, the organ in
charge of Miss Maggie Gladden prating
forth the familiar MendelssoLn
march. The usher?, as usual, announced
the bridal party. Messrs.Cephu3
Bolick, and Will Peay, of
Chester, marched up each aisle, crossed
and took their stand on opposite sides
of the chancel. Then came the groom
with his best man, Mr. L. E. Owens,
and the bride with her maid of honor,
Miss Lizzie Johnston. They met at
the altar whwe Dr. Jordan in a beautiful
and impressive manner made
them man and wife.
The chancel was beautifully decorated
with hot house plants of every
description, and, perhaps, this quaint
old church never looked more picturesque
than it did on Wednesday eTcning.
Thebiide is the third, dangh'er
of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Johnston She
has many beantiCul traits of character,
and she i:ever appeared more attract
tive than on Wednesday .evening in
her bridal gown of white organdie,
court train, high ' flut bodiee richly
trimmed with white satin. Her bouquet
was of white lilies and maiden
hair ferns. The brid il veil 'was held
in place by, a beautiful brooch.
The groom is a most exceileut young
man and has the esteem and confidence
nF oil TT>Virt Viinw hi.ti Flp bas a knack
of making friends and beeping them.
He richly deserves the pr!*e Le has
Aiter the ceremony the bridal part}'
and a number of guests repaired to
tbehoine of the bride where a delightful
reception was held for several
hours. Mr. and Mrs. Weatbcrsby
will be with Mr. and Mra. Johnston
for a month before goi'g to house
Relief in six Hours.
Di.-tressing Kidney and Bladder Disease
relieved in six hmis by "New
CJre-it Scu:h American Kidney Cure."
It is a great surprise un aiwma i *
exceeding promptness in relieving pnin
in bidder, kidneys and back. i:i male
or female. Relieves retention ot wafer
almost immediately. If you want
quick relief and cure tills is the remedy,
sold by TV. E Aiken, druggist, Winnsboro,
S. C.
?Ycu can find a beautiful lot of
nc\k xear a' The Caldwell Dry Goods
The One Day Cold Cure.
For cold in the head a*d sore throat use Kermott's
Chocolates laxative Quinine, the " One
Bay Cold Care."
Save Your Money.
OneboxofTutt's Pills willsav?
many dollars in doctors' bills
They wiEsurely cure all diseases
of the stomach, liver or bowels
No Reckless Assertion
For sick headache, dyspepsia
malaria, constipation and biliousness,
ainillion people endorse
Miss Ella Sterling entertained quit*
a select number of young people a
home Friday evening. The evening
being, to an extent, a disagreeable
one, the number was only half a?
large a? was expected. The evening
however, was most deligrhtfally spent
Mrs Mary More, ofRoekHill, has
been visiting ber sister, Mrs Samue!
G Brice of Avon, but was celled home
last evening 10 bnry her son who die<3
in Columbia. She Las much sympathy
from (he friends she made daring hei
stay in oar midst.
Hon Thos P Mitcheft-has been quite
ill for the last month. He has been
in Charlotte for treatment but returned
home a few days since. We
are glad to report that he is rapidly
improving. ' '
Mrs William Mitchell, of Shelby,
N C, is visiting her parents, Hon and
Mrs Thos S Brice, at Avon.
Dr John W Douglass, a. recent
graduate of the medical department
of the South Carolina College at
Charleston, came home last week. He
is expected to practice his profession
at Douglass.
In spite of the rain the sporting element
of New Hope enjoyed a straw
I ride to !3road Rirer Friday. All
I schools closed for the day.
April 20, 1900. Raymond.
Millions Given Away.
It is certainly gratifying1 to the public
to know of one concern in the land
who are not afraid to be generous to
the needy and suffering. The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, have
given away over ten million trial bottles
of this great medicine; and have
the satisfaction of knowing it has ab-;
solutely cured thousands of hopeless
cases. Asthma, Brohchitis, Hoarseness
and all diseases of the Throat,
Chest and Lungs are sured by it. Call
on McMaster Co , druggists, and get a
trial bottle free. Regular size 50c. and
$1. Every bottle guaranteed, or price
refusded. S
Mr. Editor: This simple rhyme tells
of an Easter entertainment at Bethel
Methodist Church on Saturday evening
given by the Juvenile Missionary
Tho silwru'runnii hiis risen hl<*h
Above the tree-tops green,*
And twinkling stars now dot the sky?
One fair, unbroken scene.
'Tis Easter-eve, and over all
Is shed a blessing rare,
As one by one, with reverent step
Christians fill the house of prayer.
Old Bethel's lights are brightlv trimmed,
Sweet flowers bloom all around
And in the depths of lilie3 white
A fragrance pure is found.
At last the hour has arrived,
The eager -ndience bends,
To catch * e rew opening notes
the ecene such beauty
A march s-j iuiple, sweet and clear,
Unto the children's heart so dear.
Now one by one, up the long aisle,
Young men and maidens sweet,
Slowly and solemnly they march,
Followed by the soft pit-pat of little
children's feet.
T e si?.ge is reached, and every one
!' * c;aiffl 'hat sacred leve?
"Fid se God from whom all blessings
Piaift him, \e ?aints above."
Little v- ices tell the story
In a !jirguage pure and sweet,
Of onr tispn Lord and Saviour, .
How we worship at his feet.
Bab) . ngues, do lisp the praises _
Of t f One they love so well,
\Y1.11" i tie whole mission band declares
in song,
The tale of love all can tell.
ommug peniues, ueciy ^iveu,
Go to tell the Saviour's lo?er
We will send then? they will help
In the cause of God above,
Now oar mission band is strengthened,
And we ask the prayers of all;
So whi'e working for our Master,
We'll not by the wa/side fall.
And we hope to meet on the other side
The friends who spent with us this
glorious Eastertide.
A Member.
Ilch on human cared in 3Q minutes
by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. Tl^s
never fails..Sold by W. E. Aiken,
drnggist, Winnsboro, S. C.
We are having fine spring weather
now. The farmers have started their
plows after one week they lost, owing
to the constant rain that fell nearly
every day. It was very heavy at times
and did much damage to the land, and
the seed that was p'asted. The land
that was prepared for planting was
worte flooded and torn up than it has
boen since the j^ay flood of'97.
The-grain crop is tbe finest at this
date -than it has been frince the year
The health of the commnnity is a
little better now than it has teen for
several weeks. Nearly all the sick are
convalescent, Tuere was hardly a
family iu this sectiou that escapcd tLe
grippe, and nearly every one down at
the same time.
Our community rcas shocked to hear
of the death of our old neighbor and
fiiend, Mr. J. A. Weldon. He bad
been nuwell fnr several months, bat
; his death was unexpected up till a few
hours before be died. An old, honest,
npiight and good citizen ha3 pas?ed
away. lie died at his sm-in-law's,
Mr J A Gibson, where he had been
living for several >ears.
The White Oak High School will
c'oee iis session in a few days
Mr Clateuce Mobley ha? been appointed
agiiit and operator at White
Oak in place of Mr J M Neare.
What ha? bscome of the FairfielJ
Memorial Association? Up to twe
years ago this a?sociaio>. was in i
flourishing condition. The 10th o
May, decoration day, was aiwayi
looked forward to with great interest
and on that day we always bad a fim
address from eomeold ex-Confederate,
a fine program carried out arid tbe
i graves of our noble Confederate dead
. lovingly decorated with bcaatifnl
5 flowers. Have our gallant dead been
; forgotten? God forbid! And what
haB been done with our Confederate
. monument that our true and loving
b.dies worked so hard for many years
I I to erect to the memory of our noble
} dead? Can't dear old Fairfield with
' the twelve hundred dollars already on
hand raise a snpplement sufficient to
k erect at least a plain shaft of old Fair'
field granite in old FairGeld's capitol
) tD the everlasting memory of old Fairfield's
nobis Confederate dead? I
think so.
Many hearty congratulations go
down from this community to Mr and
3 Mrs J W "Weathersby, the former
t home of Miss Nannie. She wa^ alr
ways admired and was a favorite of
' everyone when she lived among us.
5 May joy, peace and prosperity be wiih
? theia all tbeir days.
, April 28, 1900.* Sentinel
The One Day Cold Cure.
For colds and sore throat use Kermott's Cboco[
Lai*2 Laxative Quinine. Easily taken as candy
and quickly cure.
) ' . w -
Couxcil Chamber,
Winnsboro, S. J.
The following statement by the clerk
1 of council of the receipts and expenditures
of the town of Wiur.sbcro, f- r
the municipal jear commencing April
' 12, 1899, and ending April 17, 1900,
was presented the conncil on the 26 h
inst. and ordered to be spread upon
' the minutes and published in the
Winnsboro News and Herald
John J. Neil, Clerk of Council, in account
with the town of Winnsboro
April 12?To cash balance on
hand, $ 47 98
To amt rec'd taxes
1896, 8 00
To anot rec'd taxes
1897, 36 49
To amt rec'd taxes
1898, 1,241 45
To amt rec'd taxes
1899, 1,688 08
To amt rec'd from
licenses,- 31S 75
To amt rec'd from
fines, 182 75
To amt rec'd from
profits dispens'y, 1,182 75
To amt rec'd from
mis. sources, 164 23
[ Total, $4,860 48
; Cr<
By amt paid regularpolice,
$ 8iQ 00
By amt paid work
on streets, 438 28
By amt pd appro!
priation Mt Zion
college, 600 00
By amt pd int on
bonds to April 1,
1900, 490 00
By amt pd fire dept
"supplies, " 86 65
By amt pd expense
; street Jimps, , 182 49
By amt pd clerk's
salary, 13 mcs, 162 50
By amt pd intendant'ssalarv,
1898, * 35 00
By aiat pd inlen;
dant's salary, part
1899, 35 00
By amtpd engineer
steamer Alert, 13
monthst 162 50
By amt pd counsel's
salary, 30 00
By amt pd extra
police, 13 00
By amtpd printing
bill (contract), 45 0Q
By amt pd keeper
of town clock, 50 00
13y amt pd managers
of election
and registration, 3100
<-? ? x _ J l
x>7 ami pa lamplighter
(1 yr and
part 1 mo), 111 90
By amt pd street
i worker, 108 00
By amt pd telephone?market,
12 00
By amt pd miscellaneous,
53 72
April 17?By cash faal ia bank 1,373 44
ToW, $4,860 48
Beware ot a Coagh.
A cough is not a disease but a symptom.
Consumption and bronchitis,
which are the most dangerous and
fatal dissasee, have for tbeir first indication
a persistent cough, and if properly
treated as soon as this coueh appears
are easily cured. Chamberlain's
Cough Renaedy has preven wonderfully
successful, aBd gained its wide reputation
and extensile sale by its success
in curing tbe diseases - which cause
congbing. If it is not beneficial it
will not cost you a cent. For sale by
McMaster Co., druggists
The most interesting of all society
events is th2 marriage of a popular
young conple with a large circle of
friends. When there is ad?ed to'
social popularity rare personal charms
and high character it is an cecasion
that elicits not only lively interest,
but the most cordial approval. Such
was the bean'iful wedding of JJiss
Ella Rn<c 1. Wright and Mr. Howard
Yau Wilcox, at the Fiiv: Presbyterian
chnrch last evening at 7 SO
The chnrch was brilliantly, lighted
and beautifully decorated for the occasion,
the entire rostrum and altar
being transformed into a linge bank of
palms and white ibwe'rs richly ilhimi
nated with a myriad of blazing wax
The following gentlemen hc;ed as
, ushers and were the lirtt to march
down the centre ai6le and take tfcr.ir
places for the ceremony: Mr. T. I.
Hickman and Mr. Edward S. Johnson.
Mr. Thomas Peeples. of Atlaato, and
Mr. Porter Fleming. Mr. W. B.
White and Mr. Davega Cohen.
A novel and effective feature wa?
the entrance of the bridesmaids in
couples, frcm the front of the church,
on eiiher tide of the altar, whence
marching up the side aisles they
crossed to the centre at the back of the
church and marcbcd down the centre
aiaie to their places. They were Miss
Allie Eve, Miss Annie U. Ru'sell, of
Atlanta; Miss lima Wilcox, Miss
i C'ara Doughly, Miss Lsola Garrelt
and Miss Catheriae Wilcox.
The groomsmen were Messrs.
I En.est M. North, Marion llidgth',
Pinckney St-iiner, Brvson M. Craue,
Thomas White and John P. Manlv.
- Ph? best man wa3 Mr. George A.
i Wiicox. who entered with his brother
from the front.
The maid of honor was Miss Annie
1 T. Wright, who marched down, the
> centre aisle alone, preceding the loraly
l bii-ie, who en'ered with her brotherf
in-law, Mr. J. L. Irvine.
The bride's gown was a lovely crea'
tiou of white liberty satin, elaborately
? .trimmed with chiffon. The skirt was
? tiikde with train, and groups of nar
> '" i
*Qrrix%rm a ^ m)Ttn .
A "Wise and Venerable Doctor
In a leading hotel, in a great city, a
frig-. Listening to his wise and sent<
dressed men, evidently lawyers, busines
My firm belief, is " that medical sci
eases without exception are caused by
isms. Here is the germ of that terrible
oi typnoia iever; ana nere is me stui in<
causes that most destructive of all dis
common and supposed incurable diseas<
"I wish, Doctor," said the travelii
catarrh. I have had it for years, and I;
The Doctor answered. "Catarrh,
fever, and a host of other diseases, is th
and attacking specially the mucous mei
disease is especially prevalent in the 13
who is not, or has not been troubled m
she obliged to remain at home from plea
of many intellectual treats, from fear oi
tarrhal affections. In its worst phase, 1
himself and his friends.
"I believe," continued this great pi
tarrh is to medicate the blood. This ca;
which act as blood purifiers."
Betsy A. Marett, of Manistee, Mani
Dear Sirs:?For ten years I was a su
catarrh. My face was pale as death. I
hardly walk, I was so dizzy and had a
hands and feet were always cold. My a
in the morning, my head swam so I was
awful pains in the small of my back.
My muscular power was almost entire
steps without stopping to rest, and oftei
a pain in my side. It seemed as though
tors said my blood had all turned to wat
ting well. I tried the best physicians ii
My husband got me a bottle of Johnstc
bought another. When these had be'
health. I continued its use, and felt I \
freshing, and it seemed as if I could feel
kept on taking_it, and now consider my:
all the time, and am bappy. I am posit:
The sick headaches I have had since ct
tarrh has almost entirely left me. I can
Sarsaparilla has done for me. I reconj
aches to use your Sarsaparilla,
_ ancHi<y.ajg prugt com
John n. JIcMaster & Co.; Winnsboro.S. (
ft M. Patrick "Woodward, i*. C.; T. G. Pat
row tacks ran lengthwise the skirt.
On either side of the front was ac- i
cordion plaited chiffon let in from the i
waist. The bodice wa6 draped with
a fichu of chiffon edged with narrow
rnching of the eame material. She
carried a hugh bouquet of bride roses
and asparagus fern, tied with satin
ribbon, and in all the years of this
venerable church a fairer bride never
marched down the aisle to plight her
troth to the man of her choice.?Au- j
gusta Chronicle. t '
Miss Wright is well known In
castor: a
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Bays Always BoogW
Signature of
Miss Engenia Doaglass returned
from Washington Friday after spending
some time with Messrs. Charlie
and Scott Douglass.
Bears the The Kind You Hare Always Basgft
I Signature
- We take orders for wall paper.
Samples on hand to select from. Prices
low. The Caldwell Dry Goods Co. .
Mfs. Calvin Zimmerman, Milesburg
jPa., gays, "As a speedy cure for
coughs, colds, cronp and sore throat
j One Minute Cough Cure is anequaled.
lit is pleasant for children to take. I
' heartly recommend it to mothers." It
is the enly harmless lemedy that pro;
daces immediate results. It cares
bronchitis, pseamonia, grippe and
I throat and lnng disases. It will prevent
consumption. McMaster Co.
Mr.' T. W. Lauderdale, Mils Amelia
Lauderdale, of Tennessee, and Mn.
James Bryson spent Wednesday in
Cure Cold !n Head.
Kermott's Chocolates laxative Quinine, ?esy
to take and quick to cure csld in bead and sore
Try Allen's Foot-Ea?e,
A powder to be shaken into the shoes,
Your feet feel swollen, nervous and
hot, and get tired easily. If you have
smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's
Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes
walking easy. Cures swollen, sweating
feet, ingrowing nails, blisters and
callous spots. Relieves coins and
bunions of all pain and gives rest and
comfort. Try it to-day. Sold by all
druggists, and shoe stores for 25c.'
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
. ~*s3vin
fTlpgnif-i ju'/i beautifies the hsib.
l':orr.v&a_a_ luxuriant gTOTflu
j U ; v cr ialio zo jscsictw uivi
fBZO^'.^S'WSes Hair to it/i Youthful Cctoj. I
Si2\^cM?5iAaJE2 Cuies FCiip Jistqxra Se hair tirUlng, J
SOc.sndSUXlat Druggfra |
All persons are hereby notified not
to trespass upon tha lands of the undersigned.
The law will be enforoed.
MRS. K. M. H% DYE.
i 23 it
Notice of Sale.
MAY next, we will offer for sale, before
the Court House door in Winnsboro,
S. C., within the legal hours of
sale, the store-house and lot in the
town of Blythewood, S. C., knows as
the J. D. Hogan store-house, which is
bounded as follows, to wit: On ths
norih, south and west by lot or land
now or formerly owned by W. J.
Johnson, and on the east by the South
? ? Pamamamm W!A?/3 1A^ Artn.
erri nauwuy ^uuipany. omu ivi wutains
one-fourth of an acre, as shown
by plat made by W. B. Elkin, Surveyor.
Terms will be annonnced on
day of sale, or may be had before tale
on applicition to J. E. McDonald, attorney
at law, Winnsboro, S. CJ.
4-28 3 Owners in Fee
By S. R. JOHNSTON, Esq., Judge Probate
WHEREAS, R. H. Jennings, Clerk
of Court, hatb made suit to me
to grant him letters of administration
of tbe estate and efiecta of B. F. Boulware,
These arc therefore to cite r.nd admonish
all and singular th? kiln! red and
creditors of the saicil B. F. F?> ilware,
deceased, that thoy be ai.d appear
^ofnro mo ?n tVio C.nnrt nf Pm
iMVj iU wuv V _
bate, to be held at Fairfield Court
Hoase, South Carolina, on the 4th
day of May next, after publ'mlion
hereof, at 11 o'clock in tin- .?i'enoon,
to show cause, if any thej !i .re,
why the -said Administration ?< ?ald
not be granted.
i Giren under w 'mud thi- i > day
of April, Anno Domini 1900.
,4-5-6 Judge of Probate.
.> v%
Xallai about Advanced Science.
famous and aged physician was conversations
discourse, were a group of well
>s nnn and commercial travelers.
ence is certain yet to show that all disinvisible
germs which are_living organdisease
diphtheria. Here is the bacillus
are dxeadful bacillus of tubercle which
eases, consumption. This of that very
?, catarrh."
lg man, "that you would tell us about
am thoroughly discouraged."
iLKe Qipntnena, consumpuon, lypnoia i
e result of a microbe invading1 the blood
nbrane. This foul and most disgusting'
Inited States and it is rare to meet one
ore or less with. it. How often is he or
sant entertainments, deprive themselves
: the disagreeable odor arising from cathe
patient becomes loathsome both to
lysician, "that the true way to heal caa
be done only by powerful alteratives
stee Co., Mich., writes:
ifferer from general debility and chronic
was weak and short of breath. I could
. ringing in my head all the time. My
appetite was very poor. On "getting up
often obliged to lie down again. I had
1 had a continual feeling of tiredness,
ly gone, and I couldn't go half a dozen
i that much exercise caused me to have
the blood had left my veins. The docer.
I had given up all hope of ever geti
the state, but failed to get any relief,
in's Sarsapariila. I took it, and then I
en used, I was somewhat improved in
vas growing stronger; my sleep was renew
blood moving through my veins. I
self a well and rugged Toman. I work
itta fliof toTr\rr lifo
VJJICfrV vllv AUj
dldbood, have disappeared, and my canot
be too thankful for what Johnston's
mend all women who have sick head?AWY,
1; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton.S.C.;
rick &Co., White Oak, S. C. ^ ' v
N otice.
Yoa are required by law to work
your section ot the pnblic roads, putting
them in good condition at once,
or Hot later than the 10th of Hay,
1900, as the roads are in bad condition
and must be worked, ?verteers who
have paid off, or for any other cause
cannot work or' have said roads
worked, will pleaie notif j tae County
Supervisor at once.
Done by order of the Cointy Board
of Commissioners this the fist day of
April, A. D. 1900.
i 24-6 Commissioners.
Me Gf Agicatim for Railroafl
Notice is hereby given that, in pursuance
of the provisions of an Act of
tbe General Assembly providing for
t':e formation of Railroad Companies,
s-pproved 28th February, 1S98, Acts of
1898, psges 64-70, the undersigned
will file their Declaration and make
application to tbe Hon. If. R. Cooper,
Secretary of State, at bis office, 6o~
'ambia, S. C., on the 7th day of May,
1900, for a charter for a railroad to be
constructed from Winnsboro, S. C., to
Camden, S. C}. to be known by tbe
corporate name and style of THE
Winnsboro and Camden Railroad
Company; and also that, if the said
charter is granted, tha said corpora*
am 1 1 kaw/v 4lt a ??? / t V? f 4a ? /]aim ft
L1*MI QUI* I I UftVC t UC I lit .V ti/UUVWU
lands for rights of war and other railroad
parposes, in the eonntiss of Fair*
field sod Kershaw.
j.e. Mcdonald.
' W. B. ELLIOTT. '
Winnsboro, S. C., April, 1900.
iiectioi nl II M?.
' Legislature, dated 17th day of Fob;
rnary, 1900, an election for three (3)
Trustees for School District No. 14
will be held in the Court Hoosoin
Winnsboro, S. C.t on MONDAY,
The following persons art hereby appointed
managers of *aid election,
iz: j. A. Hiunact, w. r. Elliott and
D. E. McDowell. The managers will '
open the polls at S o'clock A.. M. and
close them at 4 o'clock P. M., and on
closing the polls, thev shall count the
votes and certify the result to the Clerk
of Court. 1
At this election no one shall be entitled
to vote who is not duly qualified
to vote at the general election lor State
and County officers, and to ascertain
whft shall hp. pntit.lpr) t.a vote. T>. "E
McDowell is hereby appointed to registei
the voterB of School District No.
14. He shall open the books of registration
at the Court House on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday preceding
tbe day of election, and no one will be
allowed to vote for School Trustees
whose name does not appear on said
books of registration.
Clerk of Court
Winnsboro, S. C., April 16, 1900.
4-17td. :
Agents For
| '
Mitt Goillf.
On Improved Farms seca/eti by first
mortgages. Inti.rtsi 8 per cent, fn
earns not less than $500, 3 to 8 vears.
No commissions. Borrower pays acual
A. S. & W. I). D?tJSLAaaL
Winnsboro. S. 4J
| 11-Jt Columbia, S- C.
. Mr
? /
Visiting Cards.
0 . ;':3
Invitations, El to.
A full assortment of styles
to select from.
f a rvAfA Tuifl^ onv
i IU VflCli +.11J
Never Higher;
Often Lower.
Cards printed from plate,
$1.60 p?r 100.
New plates from - -c 5l|
50c to $1.0*.
Send all such ordtrs^ to
W at?kmak?r & J wtlfr.
Are a pest that robs us of our
crop of potatoes. Paris Green J3?1
kills them outright and saves
the crop. We have it in all
size packages to suit you, even
if you want a small amount
for forage. It is the best for ,.v
our country should you need,
forage. Come and we will
tell you about it We have
both Early Amber and Early
Orange Cane Seed.
Don't forget us. >T|
r " * *""
J. H, McMaster
& Co.,
MULES, a few good ksrei, a fine ? '
Combination Hone, and a few
Ping Horses. My
are fner tbam I hart
ever bandied.
I will Mil the abore ?toek cheap for
cash, or on time for good bankable
paper. * '^jj
I will pay the highest cash price for all
clams of cattle, fat or poor.
I hare a few nice BUGGIES that 1 ? vjM
will sell cheap for calk.
I have employed Mr. Arthur Owens
for the present year. He will b? g lad
to haye his friends call on him aud do --M
lome business.
A. Williford,
Winnsboro. 8.0. - |||1
?, A. W. v^;-Jj
The registered stallion W. A. W.
will bo at Mr. Henry Refo's stable iu
Winnsboro on Saturday of each week.
Ob Mondays at the farm; balance of
time at bis former stands in the,conntry.
He is seven years old, bay, with
black points. Height, 16; has food f'ii
bone and muscle; no blemish or de
LtCl. JQB 15 lirVD{, 11IVI1VUICM 1U
motion, kind in disposition, and a perfeet
roadster. His sire is the celebrated
Bed Wilkes, His dam, Betsey Baker,
was the mother of trotters. She was
sired by Dictator, who was the sire of
Jay-gye*See, 2 10, of Director, 2 07,
of the invincible Directam, 9 04, the
grandaire of Nancy Hanks, the qne*n <sj||
of trotters, and the sire ef many others
of extreme speed.
Although a noted trotter with per- -M
feet knee action, W. A. W. possesses
also saddle gaits ot superior qaality.
Terms, 15 00 to insnre celt. For / ^
extended pedigree and certified record t
4?10-$m Winnsboro, S. C. Ipl
Farmers, *** ll
** Attention I
. m
eeries is new complete.
We cater specially for the farmers'
trade. We know what they need, and
arc prepared toseive them and a. bottom
We also carry 4 nice line of ahe!f
and tre ything uscally found t * a
general >tore.
lyGoccU delivered to onrcity trade.
Come aad see u?. *
W. R. RABB & CO 1

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