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~~ ti
-BY- d
The News and Herald Co. c
* , if
Ok? T*sr, ... 81.50 f,
tlx Saatk0, - ".75 p
Wednesday, May 9r - - -19?? J
The 10th. of May, the day observed &
i? the South for decorating the graves
of Confederate soldiers, will soon
come, and we feel that a few plain g
words as t$, the obiervanca of the day
are not oat of place. A lack of int8* ^
rest, not to sav indifference, has been t
noted daring the last two or three *
year* in the observance of memorial
day is the South. We do not believe j
that onr louthern people hare forgotten
their honored heroes, but tts |
do believe that they need to be re- (
? - J - .i ii-i ? i j . -u.i
UllBUttU idai ulbiuoiiai u*t is uut nnai ,
yr i
itoughttobe- The world appreciates j
the Southern soldier now a* it never
has before, and it would seem very
strange just at this time if the South
itself should show even the semblance j;
of a lack of appreciation of thi< wonderful
s ldier. He belong* to u% and
it is our duty not to forget him. We
ueed not have annual orations fo tell *
of his valor, but a simple ce; eraouy
on the 10th of May is enough. It is g
certaioly very little trouble for oar v
people to assemble iu the court house r
on this one occasion of the year. A ?
few flowers are not hard to collect, n
and we know that the ladies have r
only to hear the suggestion to arouse a
their interest. j1
Thete memorial days are impressive. a
They have an influence on children e
that we ca* caraiy appreciate. i113 u
grave of the Sonihern soldier is oae ?
spot aroacd which all of oar people of p
all classes and conditions can meet, f
He belongs to every home in the eom- e
wunity, and his valor, virtaes and sufferiBgs
are bonds of the sweetest sym- ^
nafhr between m. f
We hope that a new interest will be
awakened in aaemorial day this year, t
Tiie ranks ot the Confederate soldiers ?
is WinBtboro and Fairfield Connty q
arc growing very this; they will soon c
disappear altogether. It mnst be some
Iratifloation to those living to feel that
the people have not forgotten their 1
dead comrades. Ifc wonld be very *
painfnl to them to feel that after a few 1
brief year* cot even a flower would t
be laid on their graves. ^
The Beers are as snccessfal in erad- *
is* traps as they are in laying traps. 1
The escape of the Boers from around
Wipener is considered br some critics ?
as "a miracle of war." The escape of
the Boers is the more remarkable
- . , t
w&en it is rememoerea mac aooat
four thousand lioers march into the c
enemy'* coontrj, stay there for several 8
weeks doing all the damage they can, c
. daring which a net i? set tor thezn by D
about half of Lord Robert's army..
Sat the Boer3( in spite, of the well
laid plans of the British escape. The ?
London Standard says: "It it dis- ^
heartening to find that these elaborate '
maneuvers have had so small a result," 1
and the London Daily Ubromcie says f
that "we are reluctant to criticise *
Lord Roberts, but it is impossible to '
shut oar eye* to the fact that dariDg *
the last ten days, we have gained very
little from our enormous display of j3
The fight is to come between Kroon- *
stand and Pretoria. The New York
Tribune, speaking of the Boar retreat
"It is not always eaej to e&tch your
nrow ?nr aron o ft op vah ?
pi Wj y iiwns/TVi j MVI vi vu j w l* 0
hare got him into yoar trap. Between
the spring of the trap and its complete
closere there i? sometimes a
chance for the intended victim, if he
be sufficiently alert and agile, to saake
his escape; or there may be cracks
and crevices; in the walls of the trap
through which he can force his way.
In the present case something of the S
sort appears! to have happened. The p
Boers are aa expert in getting out of
traps as they are insetting tr\ps for
self-confident foes. After snapping at
the bait and doing incalculable damage, f
they have slipped onl of the trap be- li
tween the sDrin?ia?r and the fall, and
are now ia fall flight toward the ^
northern hills, and the trappers hare
had to abandon the trap and give
chase?a stern chase, which is pro- a
verbially a long one. The British ti
may yet overhaul the Boers, as they
did i> the race from Kimberley t?
Paardeberg. If not, the trap-3etti?g
will h*VG been in rain, and the final v
settlement matt cost ia the bills be- r
tween Kroonstand aid Pretoria." ^
Sowe time ago we read a very inte- ?
resting article criticising the British ^
irmT Th? writer was him- _
self aa Englishman. He argued that
- the officers bad degenerated in brain?,
because they were always taken from
the aristocracy, who had spent all their p
time for several 2ener&ti?ns i" lbe a
cultivation of their physical strength ^
at the expense of intellectual culture. -n
The result, aecording to this writer, a
is tfcat, with few exceptions, the
British army officers are physical
gianis &aa lntsuectuai awaris. a
?? ?- f(
Othie places are apprehensive that g
memorial da7 will pais oat of mini. ^
The Charlotte Observer says: e
It is to be hoped that public interest
in Charlotte will not become 20 absorbed
in [other matters that what is t,
due to the memory of the Confederate
dead will be forgotten. The other e
events are in the hands of the men; &
iht due celebration of the 10th of c<
May is by custom sdc! common consent
confided to the women. They
ar? not likely to forget their self-assumed
duty to the Confederate dead, .
and we trust they will paruou us for
-y a reminder which is perhaps unneces- .
We need only remind the ladies of e'
Wiansboro. p
??? C
Tht aasiest and most effective method s<
of purifying the biood and invigorat- ti
ins the system is to take DeWitt's Lit- u
tle'larly'Eisars, the famous little pills c
for cleansing the lirer and bowelt. ?
McMwttr Co. 1
campaign rot. J jt is strange that strikers should be
A few days agrols-I mentioned that 'o common now wheo the whole conn2
some of the Republic platforms '5yad"i" ?"U6,,al ProiPeri"' in, s"
rusts were condemned, and we said ^Des" ^a:'' usual!) pro nee
hat no faith could be placed in these discontent, and discontent breeds
on!oM<in?e tlitf ?Vii? trnota wor<? tVto itfikCS<
reatures of the Republican pr rty and the State convention ought to
t was hardly likely that it would de- ameBd the institution of the Damotroy
its owb ereatnres. We were ?rati* party as to contests. It is very
ight. It;wa* tested in the Senate a much mixed as it is. The lawyers
tw days a?o, and it was shown very should look aft?r this.
ilainly that when it eomes to l?ftisla- * **
ion that the Republicans will be on "Why not ask the Southern Railway
he side ?f the tra?t?. to jive reduced rates to "Winnsboro to
T'Via f? of rrnra mm* tit> 5 n on awian^. ftr?a?rTft th? ftcllDSe? TfalS fhOQld ljS
nent to the araay reorganization bill, done at once.
t w?3 proposed that, other things ?
teingaqnal, that the quartermaster's buckheabxews.
lepartment in the purchase of articles ,T ,, . *"~7~ , . ,
j . News gathering is somewhat of a
,iid snDphes for the mnitarv service, . . ,
. ,, e , task these busy days, as everyone is
hoald give preference to producers. , . , J . . , ,
- . , . . , engaged with gardening or farm work
aanafactnrers aRd meroha-ats. "who ... , u
. . . . ?are rashmg the plow as much as
re not members of or in anv way ... x . .. , . ,
. , ... . * . ? possible to make np for time lost aarouHeeted
with any trmt orcoaibme." : ,. . t . . , ?
- ... mg the constant rains of Jan week,
.be Repabhcaa. conU not eta.d the Creek W4S hj htr then tbM it
est. The amendment was lost by a . ? . - ?
..9 . nn _/ has been in several years before,
ote of 18 yeas to 29 nay?. The Newi ? ? , 0.
. , Beaver Creek and Broad River were
ad uouner analyzes tnc votu as 101- , . . T
icr.e iu to. T> v,- also boomiDg, rendering, I suppose,
ows: "Of the 18 two were Repabh- . .. , * ..
? . .. r replanting of crops necessary on its
ans, ons a ailver Eopnbhoan, one a , .
n ~ banks.
'aiiomit, and the rest. Democrats. _ , . .
,* .n . . . . 4. Gardens are beginumg to famish
)f the 59, who voted lo save to the , . . ... , ..
, ,. .,,, the housekeeper with radishes, lettuce
rast? and ?ombmcs the valued privi- , u ? .r ? ,. .
- .. . . ? r . and shallots. English Deas, owing
egi of bidding for fat Government , , . - .' ... .
. * . .. , , to depradatiou of rabbits, will not
:ontract?, one was a Oliver' man and
J1 the rest Republieaas." The Re. m!?C rtu ' , . , .. f
... , .. r . , The flower gardea is a ,llbing of
iQDhcaa platforms on the subject of . , . , ? ..r* ..
. . .. J beauty and a joy forever," with it3
rusts is all rot, as the newspaper re- -e t \ a
, , ' rOeS, U11K8, uiauuvil*?, vcil/ouaa ;
>ort?r? would say. , * ^ . . *
yj wall flowers. Geraniums, since being
It is said that the statement of H. H. transferred from the pit, are begiuiogers,
of the .standard Oil Company, ning to boom and beautify the piazza
bat the breaking off of the negotia. Mrs A L EJriagtou has beea quite
ions for the purchase by the United , ,, rrr-n >
Itates of the Danish West India Islands, 81C*> a!s0 an(* ^rs ^ ^ Wi.ks an(*
ras due to the influsace of the corpo- tbsir little daughter, Catherine.
atioa which he represents, and his We hear that Mr J Feaster Lyle?,
laim that this corpoaatiou controls formaHv of Fairfield, is a candidate
wenh-3ix Senators has caused a . . i, . _ .
nighty convulsion in the Repnblicau f^r the beaatn from Lexington county,
ants iu Washington and especially in Hope that he will be inccessful in the
dministration circlea. The national race, as he would reflect honor upon
jgislatjon is largely dictated by the his adopted county if elected.
rusts is a matter of common belifcf, XT * .l % ..
nvhow.and it will be greatly strength- of tho dea,h of Mrs Ma,T
ned by this indiscreet boast of a mem- Cooke has reached her relatives here. |
er of the greatest of all the giant She was the last surviviug member of
aonopolies. There is little reason to ^hc family of Arromanus and Marv
[oubt that the Rogers claim has caused , , T , i , . "
iAi*fnt*kaliAn in tlto PrtnilKltAAn rants.
I Woodward Lyles, and granddaughter |
i M liAV MIU^UVlAVVw w?.nv;
or, whether it is true or false, a large of Arromanus Lyles, Sr, and of Rev
lement of the public will accept it. William Woodward, the uoted Baptist
.he Republican party is in hard lack rninister and con?:re3bmau. There
his year and nothing but Democratic . ... . , .
alloy caa prevent lis overthrow.- were seven children in this branch of
Jharlotfe Observer. tbe family, viz, Jamas, who was a
Why should it cause eonvulsion iu planter in Mississippi before the war;
he Republican ranks? Do not the William died young, Thomas, a meriepoblicaos
always vote f,r the trusts? cklnt 5,1 Mississippi; Henry J, who
?hat's string evidence the Standard was a successful planter In Bsckhead
)il Company's claim is well founded. 84ction, also a true patriot, serving a3
? ? private in Buckhead Gaards, Co H,
The Georgia newspapers are urging 6th g c V) uatil his death from meage]s
he importance of a full an t repre- at Germaatown, Ya, in 1861. His
entative meeting at Macon to discuss e;ge8t 801J) "Woodward, also, at
be cotton situation. If all of the cot- age 0f 19^ wag a martyr to his
oa Slates should determine to cox- country's cause, for he was mortally
rol tho production of cotton, the bounded at Fort Harrison in 1864.
armers could fix the price of cotton j jp Lyjgg^ of Lexington, and Hon
0 surt themselves. We have little ^ (j Lyles, of Union, are his surviving
aith in conventions. The facts, children. There were also three
houjjh, should be stioved before the daughters, viz, Elizabeth, who mararmers
every now and iheu, and rje^ Alexander Robinson, of Mississaayba
after a time they wilt see the jppj. Xancy married M E Traylor
oily of planting go much ?olto>. and lived in Alabama until his death,
Jotton i? the largeit item of export when she returned to South Carolina
hot ik;c rv,.ft,w0o At cw witk her little children. One of her
bat th? country prodnce.Al.ax i0nB) Hon T W Traylor, U one ofonr
ents it brings about $300,900,000; at successful plantere. May, the youngeven
cents $350,000,000; at eight est child, married Wofford and liyed
ents $i00,000,000. Farmers could awhile in Arkansas, after his death
oak. it bring $500,000,000. removing to Picken. oonnty, Alabama,
" ' ' where she married Moses Cook, whom
" " she survived, rfyiog recently at the
Prof. Stone and Instructor Lyo?, age of 78.
f the University of Virginia, are I hope among the candidates there
lOtb in town, and will remain during .b?:onie'? champion the canse of
. r.u xu mi. u prohibition?the hope of our homeshe
rest of the monib. They have se- ior tjje ]jqaor traffic is certainly the
stted a kill on Mr. W. H. Flenniken's cause of the majority of ills that afilace
for their apparatus, and kave flict our land. Surely Christians will
- - - ?Af ^ono fA lnrnAro fhia Dtril ?n nnr
tartedtowork getting everything in r'wu j ~*V" ~~~
, rx.i.it . , midst, whatever its advocates may
laee. It will take soma time to get ciaim the dispensary does for the
very thing thoroughly adjusted. Both towns, drunkenness is certainly en the
'rofessor Stone and Mr. Lyon are very increase in the country. I wish all
ilea*ant gentlemen, and we hope JTOt?rs could read Rev J R
* . .. . . . ?r. f Aiken's masterly argument against
hat their stay in Winnsboro will be the dispensary, its perusal would be
tale pleasant. Mr. Lyon is a mem- obliged to convince some that it was
nr of the S. A. E. Fraternity, of their duty to try prohibition.
?kieh organization there are several The Broad River school closed a
u w fortnight ago. I believe the school at
Minb.renWi.Mbor*. Rock Ureek is yet ia session.
T' ? . 7 ? .t Rev E A McDowell, x>a3tor at Rock
S? about reduced r?..- for be Ureeki hae been Tery' s-jck with ml.
c.ipse at once, and have it :li<>ronghly jarial fever, consequently there has
idvertised. If this is done, Winns- been no service there for several
)oro will have the largest crowd it weeks now.
?? ever k.own on ,be S8,h lost. "" re"rned
/That's the use of having an oppor- j Edrington is quite sick
unitj if the most is not made of it. with grippe.
!t is *ot every place in the United April 80, 1900. N'importe.
States that can be in the contre of the *
iath. Many places enry our la?k. Glorious Newa
m mi Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
We are authorized to announce that Wa-bita, I. T. He writes: VFonr
rof. Benj. Sio... of the S?lk Caroina
College, will be invited to deliver caused her great suffering for years,
lecture on astronomy especially as Terrible sore* would break out on her
5 eclipses. Few people know any- head and face, and the best doctors
hio? of this woaderfnl phenomenon,
od jnst now we feel ?ore that the lee- This shows what thousands have
nro -arill nnviann.1 in(#roBt. thnf. "Rif.tprn i?
i (?. best blood purifier known. It's the
Me. Joseph W. Barnwell baa sopreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
, . . , gait rbenm, ulcers, boils and running
nthdrawn from the congressional gore8< It stimulates liver, kidneys and
ace in the First Distri?t, leaving the bowels, expels poisons, helps digestion,
eld to Col. Elliott. Mr. Barnwell builds up the strength. Only 50 cents,
rould make an able congressman ani Sold McMaster Co., druggists.
lis fri?*ds throughout the State will uaran e?^ _
egret to hear efhis determination. hof items.
Wi haven't heard from anyone on The wet weather has retarded farmhe
new tattoo mill. Whit have the ^2 considerably. Some of th9 farm
>?ople to say about it? If we get era are well Bp with their work, while
Dothcr mill, Winnsboro will hare to others are very much behind.
iaild it. A community must iirit The small grain crop is doing well,
elp itself before outsiders will do the warns rai?s being an advantage to
nything. it*
? Fruit will be plentifol in this secProf.
R. Means Davis has written tion. I think it will be appreciated
very able as well as eloquent article this year, as it was almost a famine in
Dr the Columbia State on the war of the fruit line last year.
outh Africa. It is a strong defense The Hop Echool has closed after a
f the Boer6 and along the line of the very successful term under the efficient
yolution of history. management of Miss Allie Kerr, of
' . , Greenwood. We hope to have her
Charleston show* grit m under- .4t_
... . . _ . , agaiii W1LU US LQC UUl 6UUUU1 IKiUi.
akmg ter exposition. It involves the 0 _ . ,
,.t r. . , . . Mr. S. T. Clowney has moved back
xpenditare of a great deal of money, . .. , , .. , .... .. .
j,. . " _t v u to his plantation and will try the farm
nd the rest of the State should en- . .. _ t> t* 4 j r.
.. .. . .. ,, again. Mr. W. B. Estes and family
oarage the "city by the sea." r3 . , , _ , ,. rT
hare returned from Columbia. Hop
Beware of a Coa^h. seemed lost without these two famiA
cough is not a disease but a symp- ^?s> as they hare returned Hop
>m. Consumption arid bronchitis, is itself again.
rhich are the most dangerous ^ and are trying to raise plenty of
atal diseasee, have for their first indi- chicken* and vegetables in expectation
ition a persistent cough, ana if prop- ... * ,f.
r - nf fhp ATimnciii.
riy treated as soon a# tnis cotisn ap- ?
ears are easily cured. Chamberlain's April 30, 1900.
!oagh Remedy has pr?ven wonderfully
nccessfal, aBd gained its widereputa- ''After suffering from piles for flfion
and extensile sale by its success teen years I was cnred by usingr twe
i curing the diseases which cause boxes of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
onghing. If it is not beneficial it Salve," writes W. J. Baxter, North
rill not cost you a cent. For sale by Brook, N. C. It heals everything.
icMaster Co., draggi?ti. Beware of counterfeit"*. McMasterCo.
miuitiiniiiKHiiiHiiiii'iiwiiiHimt'- -r-.Tr^vS^Sj ?*f?| f? |? <jg Kj B| gi| a Sy3
ii&ilsiis^ i !.jy i
| ' 3 - or Infants ?.nd Children.
I | Always Bough!'
AVegetablePrcparationforAs- || ^
sinulatirigtheTood and Reg ula- M j&
" * ' 1 aT W I/An virt r n A iy ^
^ illu ^ %
Promote sDi^csHon.Cheerful- jj ^
fiessandlfest.Contamsneither ? nf / f If
| OpmirTMorptrineiiorHinsral M vi /fi il/
Not Narcotic. i Ji U.p
XtapeQfOldnr&JfUELEITCHER 8 s
jPumpJcut Sui" si a W o
/tb?.5cnna * . ; J S a
fiochtUe ScLlf ? I vC ^nS . I
/IniitSccfL * .! B A
Hppcrmizit -, ) SB V & 4 jl I Mil
?i Carbonate Soda * | |? I 1 | J 8
t Clarified Sugar. ] ?j JffiW. B |
Xtv&snxr* flaw. ) |p 8^ II Q P
I a ??^/.fp?>moH\r "frtr r/>n<;Hn.a- ?l I e L?
jj nycutvi r tion.
Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea, 1 | ?A/
Worms .Convulsions,Feverish- 1% ggf f Au 13 if At*
gess and LOSS OF SLEEP. fj \J* f Q | |J V U I
facsimile Signature of '||| g
L^algLJl Thirty Years
links to the kditok opxhe news "What should his wife be named?"
and herald. on each on?, there of coarse being a
* blank to fill out. Here, for example,
The last liuce that I wrote you are two of the questions: Name of
Was a year ago Ibis spring; lawyer, "Sue"; name of gambler.
Our memory i-Toften treacherous "Bet," asd so on Misses Lucy Reed
And time doth changes bring. and Era Rollins being particularly apt
j . at "catching on" to the problems were
Since then we've tasted sorrow, awarded thejpriio, whilst Misses Belys
| A# well a? JU> o j;aiuic, _ UniSJStt HUU -Ci?H, rciuiu, iu aivji^iug
And in the days of springtime t0 j^ngh over the first lew they bad
"Our thoughts doth turn" to yore. solved, found themselves at the end of
Oar little lows is quiet,' '?? fme io P0!;s6?Ei0n of the bo<>by
And where it always stood, a?'0 u,uQ
Oar citizens would sot change it reasonable hour the 0uests
vni a_a? .+ " were ushered into the dining room
1,01 eyen lf ,be-Y coold\ where the beaulifnlly set tabils were
On the banks of old Broad River laden with everything mest tempting
The fisherman plods his way, to the palate. After the banquet all
The skeeteri are quite friendly retired to the parlors where the rest of
And invito you to the play. tbe evening passed quickly and pleasantly
until the hands of the clock
We've had some deaths and u?oviug, neared the hour of twelve when "good
As well as weddings too, night^ were reluctantly taken
A fine crop of babies The next thing to be locked forward
And sleepless nights, net few. to is the annual outing. President
Johnson had made arrangements to
We hope to raise some eptton, take us to Charleston, but as only one
And melons not a few. hnnrfred And cinetoen girls registered I
And when the eights g*et warmer their names for the trip, and it wai
We'll try the catfish stew. necessary to get two buHdred and
fort7 before the earconld be chartered,
hardens are very backward, ,, ; . ,aA .n K. __ ,l '
?<% ottt-p.ii i,avri the trip had to be given np. lo those
Bat pl.ntv of milt and butter 1'i
16 enough for a conn!ry,bard. Wintferep one alwayPha. to bear in
The farmers are all complying the words, "Majority Rales";
Of beiDg in arrears, and as the majority of the Wiotbrop
No cottontcarcely planted girls prefer a shorter and lew expeuAnd
?cuffr" putting en airs sive trip, President Johnson and the
' 'minority"-in this caae those who
" * " * * ' ^ 4
J3at then wltn. i($ nsaung power, preierreu. goiug IKJ V/JJ*1199tUU AlO |
Will bring all things aright; trying to forget their disappointment,
Smiles instead of eaduess, , ana next week they will ba ready to
We8v**ess o'er by night. " join the "majority" no matter where
? T1I1. ' ; they may go ard enjov the picnic to
Once more I'llbeg your pardon the fullest extent. * Nelle.
For sending such a rnyme,
Bat don't forgut to toast us * *
At campaign picaic time. "DeWi ' Little Early Risers are
Smith, the fiues. pi.js I ever used."?D. J.
M#ore, Millbrook, Ala. They quickly
Discovered fcy a Woman. CQre a1^ ^ver ane* bowel troubles. McAnother
great discovery has been ^a,ter
made, and that too, by a lady in this ? ? ?
n "i. ?iCf DEATH OF BET. E. O. PRICE.
upon ner and for sereu years she
withstood its severest test?, but her RockHiU Herald
vital organs were undermined and ^ ^p,:? ftf
death seemeol imminent. For three A*'^r* * jsouth Gaiomonths
she coughed incessantly, and ff ABVnHhSl?A?b' RHMMrXSJ
fAniri nrtf Sh? finally discovered Pastor of the North^Eock^ H^L^Circuit
a way to recovery, by purchasing of a?a t?iei A P*01V1 UA luc f;"11 """
us a bottle of Dr Kill's Nsw Di?- cbnrch- A telegram from Cberaw to
us a Douie or ur. juug s jsew uis- the State auD0UBCe8 his death at his
co very for Consumption, and wan so r/Jvw
much relieved on taking first dose, that ? ?0i ?! - n 7 fh2 oh nt!5? i rSi*
she slept all uigbt; and with two bot- 5eJ""H 7 .???
ties, has been absolutely eared. Her and The te" ram stv.
S"/''- father Lntz. "Thus ofu, liugerShelby,
N. C. Trial bottles free at j.''g'""^wa^nofweU kno^n^o'min8
McMaster Co.'s drug store. Regular Jjf *11 dI"!? ^e" '? "32
isize SOc and ?1.00? Erery bottle
<rnnranf#<??l / ba(i Iearoed to love hllB> aaQ a11 ad"
!fe mired his fortitude in his suffering.
? He was a native of BranchvilJe, aud
oitr wixthbop lettek. has been a member of the conference
.. < ' ^ since December, 1876. He leaves a
Rock Hill, May 3.?As a u?ual thing, wife and four children to mourn bis
the college coneert alwavs given in loss. His funeral services will be
April, is considered the'best of the heMtcmorroWf afternoon at i o'clock
Qir ' in the church of which ne was pastor.
Star Course. This yew Prof. Strong ft is thought that Dr. Dargan, presiddrilled
the Cecelia Chorus in the opera, ing elder, Rev. Mr. Nolen ami other
"Piaafoie," for the occasion. On ministers of his church, will be present,
i?i. TT?;.ta? n;,rht ?nAitn- Hisremains will _beburied in itie Che
?oi, i'llu"-' """ ww**w~ cemetery. Mis larniiy nas me
rium held a large and expectunt audi sympathy of the entire community.
ence. From the time that the curtain Rev< E> pr-Ce was atone time
first rose until tte end of the opera pagt0r ofthe Methodist Church here,
the chorus girls, rew "sailor-boys," ?_
wearing the conventional blouse and ,
bine "Tarn O'Sbanter" caps, held the -j
attention of the audience. 3 f', {\^\ -' ' Jll
The principals acted iheir parts K Svc'V/ *\;$j
well; they were as follows: wk.'' f ^^ $1
Miss Lila Neal, as Sir Joseph Porter,
Miss Ella McDs.niel.as Captain Cor- -*j
Miss Lula Jone3, at Ra'ph Rtcfc- ^^18
sh a w. ?P^/V
Mrs. Kuria Strong, as Jesephine.
Miss Aueta Hal3, at Hebe';
Miss Leora Douthit, as Buttercup. Mawy
were the compliments skowered
npon th?w, arid they were not J
given undeservedly. The Iredell Or- jc"3weet Bella Jangled j.
chestra assisted in tome of the cho- j Out of Tune and j
ruses. All expressed themielves I description fits j
, |Eu::.'i ..J :. They are cross, .1
pleased with the opera and some even |po?:^:.. . . ..-, nervous-a burden
j say they wish Prof. Stroag would give I
if nvfr (the bells, seem sadly out o? tunc. 1 ]
1 I there is a remedy. They can use ' J
^-- ?,1?t, f .il>a Ttrn*111*o oii". I
Uii oa'uiuoj uijjui luw UHUW4- vi. _
tertained the "Cks3 -of 1900" at a fVf CELREfl'S a
charming reception. The college parlor?,
which are handsome witbia W?fTlOt -tfVjF I
themselves, were this evening unusu- "il*^ Oil v^/ 2a
ally m?pleBdcnt; special nooks and It hr-r^s n?alta to the--wo:::inly I
"cozy scruers," palms and potted or:?inism, and health there unguis
plants, cut flowers and evergreens wellpoisednerves, calmness, streng^.j. j
y ' , , fc , It restores Tvomaul v vigor and pov.. r. i
added beauty and bright?es3 to the jt tones np the r.erves whic!: ru:>r- j
scene. It was here that President iag and di<??-.r-?h-T?? sbr.tt-rel. h is .
Johnson escorted the preside?t of the : r^'-~ '? eVcl* CL'V1.C<J|
r, to rc;.o:veak -woiiicu ; j o-.-rrcctg
Junior Class; it was here that each health - i.l ij ? ' -i I ag
Janior brought her Senior partner; land hapv-. ?i.oau&!*.
and it wa? here th8 faculty ?ame to j . a r-4r:n;;o 6Pec_
while away a delightful evening. Intci-1 jj1 -p:"' ' 'rl?^
esting games were introduced, amor,* partaeat,?" Tl^
thflm beins the one called " What ?ae Co.. CbaUaooga. Tean.
should thp Wivvc of professional men key. o. %v. ami, c*mdc-n. s. cJ
be named?' On claim V little cards sayar-^My WiaeofCardui at home
were wriiten the names'of thirty-two U ^ WKEb '''^ U caUrcl>^
professional men with tbe questioa,
c . llfflT WEAT1
I hereby sik:? rr-.r* myself as a candi- 1J,U X if JLlH JL J
date for Solicitor ol the Sixth Judicial
Circuit, subject to the result of the Democratic
primary. THOS. F. ITcDOW. ??
I hereby announce myielf a candi- PFSOQ.!-? lOF
Sat# for the office of Bberiff for Fairfield
County, and will abide by the \A/^i<
action of the Damocratic Drimaries. YV t/ls
Pledging myself to abide the result of
the ensuing primary election, I announce
myself a candidate" for nomination to the
office of Sheriff of Fairfield County. The \TT E Can please VOU 1
cordial support of roy fellow-citizens is re- \j\ r.,' ).fl
spectfuiiy solicited. Stripes, rSatiste,
geo. w. crawfof.d. 0f colorings. Prices fro
Ihereby announce myself a candidate Whit-p nf pvf
for Sheriff of Fairfield County, subject to vv nuc UL cvc
the action of the Democratic primaries dies from ^C to SOC the \
J.W.CLARK. n-rr^ , ? I u'
Effects for waists. We
I hereby announce myself a candiaate , ,
or sheriff, subject to the action of the have ever shown in grea
Democratic ELLI0TT. last year We can plea;
.... Plaids: also beautiful hi
I hereby announce myself a candiaate . , .
for the office of Sheriff of Fairfield Coun- waists and trimmings,
ty, subject to the action of the Democratic
primaries. B. G. TENNANT. 1\A T T
T Vior&'hTr !>nr)Annr>A mvciAlf fnr Sheriff of I V I 1 ' '
Fairfield"County, and will abide the result
of the Democratic primaries. We are Constantly :
d. e. Mcdowell , . /
?# _ . can please you in style ;
I hereby announce myself a candidate . 1 .t
for re-election to the office of Sheriff of prices. I he best that tr
Fairfield County, subject to the action of
the Democratic primarv. ?~"\
for clerk We are still showin
I herebv announce myself a candi- of Shoes in the COlintV
date for Clerk of Court, subject to the ca Jai. a i Hio-h-Cnf c
action of the Democratic primaries. oanuais duo. nign *.
o. r. CRAitt. ancj tan. You cannotg
I hereby announce myself a candidate caII vnti
for the office of Clerk of Court for Fair- \ field
County, subject to the action of the We are anxiOUS tor
Democratic primaries. g y efforts to pfcase yQU ;n }
I hereby announce myself as a [candidate
for Clerk of Conrt for" Fairfield County, /T I I I?
subject to the action of the Democrati# ' *Ua I^AlHiirAI
primary. JAS. A. BRICE. ] (]g VjBIQWdII
I hereby announce myself a candidate
r -w ^ ^ a /n i_ / >,?, ...a- T7rt;,. --
iur me uiuue 01 viers. ui vuuu JLVX x-au- ?
field County, subject to the action of the C T YHiT HX
Democratic primaries.^. ^ ^ OUMJlVCl
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of Clerk of 'Court, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary. mmrmrnmmmmm
, ,, . O-C/Iir my-im<
I hereby announce myself a candidate e J j
for the office of County Supervisor for iOr men and yO
Fairfield County, subject [to the action of
the Democratic primaries.
A.D.HOOD. ..
SEE my lm<
I hereby announce myself a canaiaaia
for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield
Countv, subject to the action of the Democratic
primaries. SEE mv lini
ROBT. Y. ULOW>"ET. .. ^
1 hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of Supervisor of Fairfield
County, subject to the action of the Democratic
primaries. J. B. BURLEY. SEE IflV lin<
Friends of T. L. Johnston recognizing
his fitness for the nosition hereby nomi
natehimfor County Supervisor, "subject .
to the Democratic primaries. oilil my ll]
I hereby announce myself - a candidate Neckwear,
for County Supervisor, subject to tbe action
of tbe Democratic primaries.
john a. stewart.
I hereby announce myself a candidate SEE my li
for the office of County Supervisor of Fair- ' r^iMrftn'c QUn
field, subject to tbe rules and regulations v^niiurcn s oup
of the Democratic primary.
i). h. robertson.
county auditor. SEE myJim
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for flnnnfcv Auditor, subiect to the action :
of the Democratic primaries. , I SEE my- 1
KOBi.# R? wEFFAHEb. ^ y
I hereby announce myself a candidate " * ^ ^
for re-election to the office of County Auditor,
subject to the action of the Democratic
primary. J. L. RICHMOND. SEE ID-vBi?
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for Auditor for Fairfield County, subject want anytiling
to the rules governing the Democratic pri- ^
i hereby announce myself a candidate " * ?
for the office of Coroner for Fairfield 1 ?
County, and pledge myself to abide the fTl WW^S-.. T)
result of the Democratic primary. ' .'fs V
j. martin tongue. f ' i ' s i
supt. of education. > i !
i hereby announce myself a icandidate M (Tee
for re-election to the office of County 1Superintendent
of Education, subject to t?r3 WOSIS ODiY
the action of the Democratic primary. fife a n o-Ji
representatives. The Easy Runnin
I hereby announce myself a candidate (IfVAWMVitfAV ?
for the House of Representatives from |1|||XVL'ftJflf 11
Fairfield County, subjeet to the Democra- 11U UUXjUUllU
tic primary. : .
john g. wolling. ft h it 1
Iimrrimv liflnnh
1 announcemysei: a candidate ior uie % LI 111 I IIII firi'll'll
House of Representatives, subject to the yf: W I II11 IVIM1 II
action of the ftemocrato primary^ ^ JJU If lilg, - illUUil
The friends of John G-. Mobley nomi- j/r ty/g?
nate him for re-election" to the House of
representatives, subject t) the action of jg
the Democratic primary. m ftgffT
G-. W. Kagsdale is announced ior tae
Senate, subject to the Democratic primary. pssI
hereby ani ounce myself for re election >|jf ijfIL ?
to the office of County Treasurer of Fairfield
County, and will abide the result ct T
the Democratic primaries^ ^ VYLIE, * S
. Agents For .
m_ . _____ The most modern S
11 ill Ulli ments. Unequaled for
bility, Range of, Worl
also for Dealers wanted in ui
pied territory. Corn
dence solicited. Addre;
Richmond, Virginl
i 2-28-i y
A"W " W. A. W~
Ou Mondays at the farm; b?l
tim<r at hi> former Hands in tb
UMPPAVPn tfy- He i? eeran years old. ua
iiiNvjKAV?>D. black points. Height, 16; ba;
bone and muscle; no blemish
feet. He is stroDg, trietion
_ _ _ motion, kind in disposition,.aw
pfetpp Pmm
Uu fluU Ul UulUUUif' the mutber of trotters. 5
, " J sired by Dictator, who was the
Jay-iSje-See, 2.10, of Directoi
i? ? of trotters, and the sire efmstnj
On Improved Farms secn/ed by first 0f extreme speed.
mortgages. Interest 8 per c?nt. la Although, a noted (roller w
cnraa nnr less than $50<\ " ^ ??irs. trPft action. W. A. W. t>(
No o 'fionjissions. Borrow^ s &c-1 ^]co sad'I'e gaits of superior <
ual expenses. ^ Terms, 15 00 to insnre co)
< A. S. & W. I). DOUGLASS, extended pedigree and csrtified
Winnsb^o. S. C. address
11-25 Columbia, S C. 4-10-3m Winnsboro,
IS Ml. j
it by Buying Light 1
gfit Goods, ||
n Colored Lawns, Organdies, Dimity
Zephyr Ginghams, in great variety
m 5c to 25c the yard. J||
:ry description, Lawns and Organ iv/4
t ^fnnr1 and Corded
JL 11IV. i-/UVV W ?- - - ^ _
have the prettiest line of Pique we - " J
t variety ot patterns; prices as low as
;e you in Fancy Dress Goods and
ne Blaek Goods ana Fine Silks for
arMitfnns tn this stock. and
and quality of the goods, and in low . ^
le money can buy is what we offer.
g the largest and most complete stock
New styles in Ladies' Oxfords,
>hoes; Gents' Stylish Shoes in black \
et better value in shoes than we will
your patronage and will use our best
roods and prices.
- :-S
Dry Goods Company. "1
j of Serge Coats and Vests
iiiths. .3
j of Men's and Boys' Pants.
a nf MVn'c zr.A Rnvs' Necr- . j
2 of Silk and Duck Vests. j|
le of Ladies' and Gents'
.. . . i
ine of Ladies7, Misses' and v ^
pers. >
: ; .rs
of Fans. ' I
? ' . :
ine of Ladies', Misses' and ^
ze Under vests.
* -
r Summer Stock when you M
in that line.**
'ILL I FORD. * (
R, MFEIT'S g Allays Irrititkn, AMs OiSBttias,
? |a 9 53 ?a Regulates the 5owtb?
h I rl q fy /& Strengthens the ChSd,
L 1 H 1 1? f-3 Makes Teething Easy.
thing Powders) / it?irillNABAwitteBowl
? . . _' # J Troubles of Chfldren of
25 ceais at Draggists, any age.
ts toC. J. MOFFETT, M. D.t JT. LOUIS. Ma
riffirw -1
j" | 1UJL111U UUUU
Ijlp Are[a pest that robs us of our
llUi croP ?- potatoes. Paris Green
kills them outright and saves
the crop. We have it in all .
size packages to suit you, even ' . _ i
if you want a small amount
! . '%
j for forage. It is the best for
; our country should you need
| forage. Come and we will
! tell you .about it We have
both Early Amber and Early ^
ewing Oransre Cane Seed.
nbrac n ,f
prove Don t forget us. 3
Dura '
and J. H. McMaster -
10CCU- & UO., 1
[RE. ~
L. \ /ss/ ) I
IDC5T Prepared!
paiwt | 1
ance of HAJDt BY
& Acanimiittfll
<>r dc* **
tle?8 in Mfm
] a per- 1 "3*
H W am. 3
*ire ?f ir C A
^207, V. 5.A.
nite PAinx or
?'c. 1 J. J. OBEAR.
... . :~\'M
' . . ^

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