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* ?^? ?~
Wednesday, May 9, - - - 1300
I ?See Siper rigor's report.
?See ^citation pmbiishei eli?w ker?.
?Mr. John P. Matthews it hariaff
t kis hoasa pointed.
?S. A. Moarsa idrertiMS tlstwh?re
for paitare land*.
^ ?R?a? D. H. Robertsons ?ard for
s Coaety SnpsrTiwr.
?f?aator G. W. Ktgidala is anaounaed
for rt-eltctioi.
?Jokn G. Mcfcley li inatactcd for
V reelection to the House. :
?Mr George W. Moore annonnee
his candidacy for Auditor.
?Do sol fail to riad the aiv?rtiie sit
?f TiarHiffi. in this paper. *
"I had stonacfctroubletwenty years
aid gave ip hopes of being cared till
I began to use Kedol Dripepiia Core.
It has done m se much good I call it
< tie aarior of my life," writes W. B.
Wilkinson, Albany, Tenn. It digests
what yes eat. MeMister Co.
TPIKart*. tnnAniMi Kiw?celf
for re-eiectie* in this normals issue.
?Mr. Mote Mobley is hariif an ad*
dition built to hi* house oa Main street.
?.Before the irst of June the Boro
people will be able to talk to Albitn
* or Douglass.
?If you irant atylish aid up-todate
millinery, go to Mrs. J. D. Mo
?Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stereason
expect to go to housekeeping soon in
^ Tiamons &ocse.
?B. S. Bagsdale aanoxaces himself
for re-election to the Home of
J. C. Kennedy, Keaxcke, Texn.,
ays, "I cannot say tco much for DoWitt's
Witch Hazel Salre. One box
of it cored what the deetors called ax
insxrable nicer ob ay jaw." Cares
piles and all akin diseases. Look ont
fer worthies* imitfttiexi. McMaster
?Rain it badly xeeded and farmers
are beginnia*; to fear a repetition of
Plast year'i deriraetire areajfet.
?-Henaiei, the photographer, of
Colaaibia, i? bow ia TTiaasfcoro. Call
at OB?e and have your photos mad#.?
? ?The following ichool trastees fer
gawnship JTo. 14 were elected oh
*enday: J. H. Stewart, J. F. Me*
Muter and T. H. Ketchin.
?Tor serge coats, paaks, silk and
dick Tests, ladies' aad gents' aeckwear,
slippers, fan, and everything
y oa seed for inmner wear, read Q. D.
rWilliford's advertiwnent in to-d*T?
Cure Cold In Hud.
Kscmott's CfeogeOm!** U???ra Quinlaa. Mxy
tot&fceudqoufcto cuo calita Mu4om
?Married at Ckeittr, o? tbe 29th
April, at the residence of the froona's
uncle, Mr. Wm. Mobley, Mr. John
Lindeey, of Croibyrille, to Miss Annie
Bighaoa, of Eichbnrjf, "W. W. Croshy,
aotary public, officiating,
Jai* litri a
kunu BM UI?U uvj *>!> ?
few day* since. After chasiBg the
dog over sear Mr. Glover Jordan'*
residence a colored nam by the name
?f^Chsrlie Henderson finally pnt ac
tad to him-much to the relief of all
oa that end of town.
?The cemmenccmcat exercise* of
^ the State Normal and. Industrial
Kehool for colored people took place
fa this week and a large class was gradnated.
In thie elase Fairfield had one
L or two representatives, and these have
k returned to their homes.
J. Q. Heod, Jgstiee of the Pea**,
Crosby, Miss., makes the following
sfatemeat* "I can certify that One
Minute Coogh Cure will do all that it
claimed for it. My wife could not set
her breath and the 1 rst dose of it relieved
her. It has also benefited my
whole family." It acts immediately
and cares coughs, wide, croup, grippe,
bronchitis, asthma and all throat and
Jung troubles. MeUaster Co.
\ ?A meeting of Mt. Zion Society
Jsras held on Monday morniog at 10
Fveiocic lor ;ne purpose 01 electing
jfcstees for Mt. Zioa Institute. The
[owing gentlemen were elected:
m*iz. T. K. Elliott, J. C. Caldweil
aad J. 2. McDoaald.
?The eookiag club met oa Friday
ereuiag aad the members of the clai?
speat a very pleasant eYenifig. This
cinb was orgaaized several months
ago aad has been the source of a great
deal of pleasure aad enjoyment to the
yonag people who constitute it.
?Head Brandt's adrertiiemeat aad
see what iadacemsats be offers to those
who will patronize hi*. Ee guarantees
his goods, aud his work and hit
l reputatioa is widespread. He has a
?& large store and a fall stock ef floe
jewelry aid fine cat gIsss and chiaa.
B "Alter suffering front severe dyspep?
W sia over twelve jear* aad asisg saaay
r remedies witboat per?aaent geod I
fisally took Xodel ?>r*ptp?i& Care. It
diet xae so mach good I reeezamead. It
trt flTftrTftna." writaa J. 15. Watkiai.
Clerk aud Recorder, (Aillieothe, M?.
It digests what yoa sat MeMaster Ce.
?Miss|Kinnie Montgomery, State
librarian, was married oh Tuesday to
Mr. Franklin Barkam, of Celoshia.
The w*ddiug toek place in the Me4hoT~
dist Chureb. Miss Montgomery has
ssreral times visited the family of
?rof. W. H. Witherow in town and
the news of hsr wedding will therefere
be of math interest to ths friends
made during her viiit hare
?On Thursday, Mar 3rd, Miss Mar
tkt J. H?nry, daajkter of Mr?. A?artbaH?ary,
of Clawatr, wu married
to Mr. Robert Craig, or Blacknock.
Tb? wedding took p!a?e ia tht
boob at Biackstock, aud lie cereatony
wm performed by Rer. U. R. Kirk> ?*
patrick. Both the bride and graom
are known bert.
? Mr. J. Frank Lyle?, of the Groesbriar
tection, wonnded a night bare*
lait week. Tbs bird was captured
aud Mr. Lyles broajht ic to Wink*
boro whore it was exhibited *0 the
8tr??t? ob Saturday. It it supposed to
have been blown up from the seacoast
by &ke high wind* as it i? a straogar
to this part of the country. It was
viewed with much iaterest ij a sua- (
i e ? _s _ I
?er ui ptopic s?a wmsquije a cariosity. i
?A cepy ef the Davidson College j
Magazine coatainio* an article cb \
Tbemas Weodward, the Kegalator,
bat been received at this office. Tbe
article is extremely veil written and is
most interesting and r.fleets much
credit upon the author, Mr. D. W.
' * -
. - . ^ J KILLED BY I
[\ + 1AJ IfO V* ^\TC 0 | A telepbono m?88
Vw 11 v \^s y J e j in Winnsboro oh Th
1 / i saying tkat ex-8hei
H TP* Jtiw n??* rtiiMfV! TE7?ffi PKaafa^i koon
n v MVV -- - - I VI VU??bUl J ??*
tferee I suffered almost unbearable pains from | uoom by lightaiD f f
J2 to J4 hours, and Lii ij be placed under ^acij fl0HI tbe fi?
tar foffrrnc* of chloroform. I used thru gc^ ^Q korae and
bottles of Mother's Friend before our last billed. He had
cHd came, which. Chester eoa?ty for t}
fcartroBe, hi tzi j )8,6_and waJ a ,aI
hesdibv bov. coin? * is?
, s A ~ y : primary,
my housework up V^Vr
iowithia two hours MRS. H. o. W!
?? suf- R^\ \ ?
fersd but afew hard <Vi $9Kffl F <~l Mrs. Margaret I.
pin* This lini-/ P'j ^ Hilli&rd G. Wylie,
meat a tfce"grand-/ // A, Iff about three miles fr<
est rcnitay ever jjf last Sanibf aftsrnoo
m*dt.n m an invalid for about
sr >1 9 Efo Mrs. Wylie wa3 a da
jfiotner s w xm d- s?^ weir ?<*
? \ ^ 1 lQ3f ani was aborit S9 y
FflfillU ll\ *eaTes ker husband a
* who will have the s
w2I do for every woman wfiat it did for tfce of the community.
? iirfif l W*(?A ??l A ^fkAVIil / _ T 11
WiJ-iucovui auvluc.4 wuy W1IC ftQQ IPO I FiPTj
to. Not to use it during pregnancy h a womail in ik8 commi
irttsfaire to he paid for in pain and suffering* <pfae funeral s?rv:
Batter's Friend tquips the patient wSH a (he prMiytonu ci
Dtoog bcfr tti ciau- midfeet, vblch in ,ftern0011 at i ,,oIoci
turn are imparted to the child. It tehxet
4he muscles and allows them to expand. It MONTHLY s
relieves morning sicW/vs and nervousness*
It puts all tie organs concerned in perfect The following is
condition for the final hour, so that the acital weather at this static
labor is short and practically painless. Dan? tpmpiiu
get of rising of hard breasts is iltogethef Mean maximuM, 6
avoided, and recovery is merely a matter o! Meau uauimam. 5(
a few days. Mean, 59.4 degree
DfngglstsSCOMotlMr't Frlradtor SI Ma:rilrenl 79 Se_
Hie BraMeld Rcpilator Co., Atlanta, Ga. MinimHm 2S Segr
Sand for our free Illustrated book.
Kichardsoa, of Simpson's, now a 8tu- Total, 6.95 incident
at Daridson College, i. sketch greatest in 2 koui
of the life of the.braye old reYoliticm- an~
ary soldier is uiren aad a number of Number of days
interesting facts about his life. The M^e PreeiPlt4tl0n
gray? of the regulator in the Wood- Number of elear c
ward burying ground, star town, is cloudy da
familiar to mest Fairield people, and cI?ndy days, 5. ^ ^ <
his grands*, Major T. W. Woodward, ? om
has Marked the grave by a handsome
KOIUMCBt. F?r Orer Flf
W. 8. Muster, Millheim, Pa., saved v Mrs. WncsLOW's
the life of his little girl by giving her has been used for ov
One Minnie Cough Cure whon she was *iHiens ef mothers f
dying from croup. It is the only harm- vbile teething, with
lees remedy that give* immediate re- It soothes the child, i
emits. It ^uiekly cures ceughs, eolds, allays all pan, cures
bronchitis, grippe, asthma and all lf.^e remedy 1
tluroat and lug troubles. McMaster y*1" relieve the po
(;0, iismediately. Sold
?Th?r.(i?3r it the 10th ef Hay, the
day that has always been observed as ?Mrs. Winslow's S
Memorial Day by our people. Last and take bo ether kii
year this day passed without being
obierred in a*y way, and this should eemxa ax
not be the ease this year. It is of ,
coarse too late for any "memorial aer- . r# * _?* ' 0
ices, but the ladies should at least in . .
decorate the graves of the soldiers rs' ' *
with lowers. This wo*ld take but a 0
.hort tice ?? tb. H.obcr. of Ik. . ^.s Chrutme P.al
. , ... .. . ,. . is visiting relatives ii
memorial association ought to see that _ ?
-? ^ mL j . . , , Dr. Theedore Qaa
it is done. TJbe day is religiously ob- , , . .4. .
, . ,. , - .v on a short visit to hi
served in every other tow* la the
a ax. * . ., . . . Mr. J. I. Coan ai
South and it is a pity not to observe it t , .
. returnid froa s vu
here in so ne way. _ . .
? SnartaBfcurz.
OASVOSlSAi Mi?s Beisie Lyles
XiuBtk Kind Yw Hiw Altittetf Eidgeway after a fi
Ifyntfeii y^y _ y/g^Li, r Winnsboro with frie
* Mr. J. W. Poorer
ited his son, Dr. G.
i?b: ice: week.?Lancaster Le
With.eew at oar plat. , Me?re. ArthurOw
of bneiieae it the DatPortee block, Jo1hJ1 ""
we will be reedy to rerre the public ii 'a * 3 0*" Ti?'_
afewdey.. F. 11. Habeoioht. ??T: C] ? "c?0n
, . Ketchin left for Gas
Miiiim?ry: Millinery: Monday, bat miBBe<
Are you willing to be convinced that Chester and returnc
we can stll yon choice up-to-date mil- were going to Ga
* * "> T.C k t? T>
iinery goo? at :ne jo west prices r ix a. xv. jl miffiv; woi j
yoa are, kindly call on as before pur- city.
chasing. J. O. Boag. "
H? Fo?led iha gmxeoBS. Beantlu ^Th8 t'lB
All doctors told Renick Hamilton, BgatXtn
of West Jefferson, O., after Buffering ?f
18 months from Rectal Fistula, he M1
would die unless a costly operation
was performed; but be cured himself special
with fire boxes of Buckleys Arnica _ . _ .. , '
8alre, the surest Pile cure on Earth, Spriag Festival at
and the best SaWe in the World. 26 15. Tickets c
centsab#x. Sold by Mcidaster Co., aad 15th; final limit
Ura*S1BW- trip $7.6U.
Louisville, Ivy., Maj
The instraments, etc., belonging lo Tickets bn sale Ma
the Leander MeCoranick Observatory 291b; final limit J
of the University of Virginia, arrived trip $11.90.
by freight on "Wednesday. Profetsor General Assemb
Ormond Steae and assistant is on Church, St Louis,
haad to place everything in proper 21st. Tickets on sal
sbapt to observe the eclipse. *nd 17th; final limit
trip $2195.
Capt H C Bavia Appelated Professor at Annual Session Ifl
F?rt Monroe,Ta Mystic Shrine, Wasl
Captain H. C. Davis, who has been 24th; *icket8 c
serving on a detail as assistant profes- ?, a ^2cd;fiaa
sor ef physics at the West Point Mili- Ko*nd {nP
tary Aesdemvt has been appointed General Assemt
f!hnr?fc. Aflflol*. G,
profeator of .lMtricitj, mechanic -~' ?
?d.t6.m e?pM. e at tie artillery gDa, ^ t
ekool at Fortress Mour?e, Ya. , . i1A 0_
* trip$10.3o.
68ni!ral A"eal
f. $ Presbyteritu CharcL
t W * May 17ill to 2ila.
I 1? ? May 15lb' 16th 17t
_t: g ffl i I ^ limit*May 2Gth. R
| 'e^E. ^ HE DENIEg TH
? need not lose flesh in summer $ Mr. ^Yor. P;ea"6e
jjc if you use the proper medns $ tpa?e in your ptper 1
3 to prevent it You think ? that is afloat is th
^ i-Lr ~ crnTT'C 5' TTnrph. Th? rnmo
1 yuu can i tarvc jvvi ? ^ ?
? EMULSION in hot weather, J "ot on the !
| but you can lake it and di- f. ?'r .beiot Su?aar'
5. i 'i ^ it > huutitijET, but have nc
f tfest it as well in summer as ? f<> *' <, , ,
i p . . i j'L XL. 5 huat 0,1 Sunda;
? in winter. It is not like the ? be?u .acght ^ bu!
plain cod-liver oil, which is ^ Sundav "Was nangh
? difficult to take at any time. ? *f tie ?in. There
? If you are losing flesh, ? mine ?pent the day \
1 you are losing ground and 5 aboye >ne?tiooed, j
2 you need | hnm.d ?d killed ?
? * ? thdke who claim tha
| Scott's Emulsion f
? 3* (Ml?8 nift Jroin but;
-* mitei ? in Loan nr?
p aifiu uiuji iiuyv ?v iv nvvp ^
5 your flesh and strength. If $ M*> 7, 1900
9 you have been taking it and ? Try Allen'ii
prospering on it, don't fail to ? A ponder to be shai
2 continue until yo.i are ther- $ }'?uc h'et f?rl
? it . . I ' hot, uud get tired e:
9 oughiy strong and V/cil. ] siii:irting feet or tigb
J toe. ar.d$:.oo, 2 ' FuOfr-EMe. It COOlS_
SCOTT & BOWSE, Chemists, Ncv. ". rk. ? waiting _ eftSy. _CU]
Mr. Join Da,i? .peat Snaa?y at T$fro
Roektoa. druggists, and sh
Mrs. J. L. "Ricbnaond returned home Trial package FKE!
Saturday. ^ Olmsted, Le Koj
mi i ii i mm mi?in-mini i i
age wai received Doctors Say;
nrsday aiteraooa Bilious and Intermittent Fev
:iff W. H. Hood, ... ...
kilted that after. whlch Prevai1 \n miasmatic (
rhiie ridiaffhorie tricts are invariably accomp
id to ki9 ho*i?. je(j derangements of
Mr. Hood were n . T . _
been Sheriff of Stomach Liver and Bow
???M 1 8JLL I Thp ^prrpf nf Healt
*""" M I1V ti^Wl Wfc V? aw^_.
idiiato is the n#it The liver is the great "driv
wheel" in the mechanism
[xie dead. man ancj w?nen js ouj. 0forc
Yyiie, wife of Mr. t}ie wh0]e system becomes
died at her ho*e, . , ,. . .
im Wio.sboro, on ged and dlsease 13 the res
... . ^^ i n:i
n. one naa *?eu | UIL b LJYCr I'll
eighteen months. ,, ,s T . ? ' L,
aghter of the iat? Cure all Liver Trouble!
i Mrs. Jane Weir, __________
ears of age. She club meetings.
nd eight children,
* . .. fia1tirville.
merest sympathy Tha D,moer>tic ,
She ?. bn.e on
aad an estimable , , , "
.. proceeded to reorganize by ele<
ices were held in 'he foUowi.g o.E?r.:
-- - President?J G TYollm?.
lurch oa Moiday ~ ? J.
Yi?e-Pre&ident?H A StereiiOE
^ Secretary and Treasurer?R R
cmmaky. fares.
Executive Committeeaaan?The
the record cf the Owiigs.
>? for April: Delegatea-J Q Wolliug, T E !
^turk. c W Faucette, Jr. T M Traylor,
8.2 decrees. Jeffare#, C A Dye. Alternate*?
).c degrees. Wright, F H C Coleaan, T D Owi
' Committee on Registration-.
J ?'l" w.llf TT /-I /t.l t) p t?ff
ces , uaic, oia. HfUillHg, n U V/ViOllSU, it u vtu
cee; date, l?t. r r Jtffare?, Seeretai
ITION. 3iXI3f.
The Salem Democratic Clab mi
3, 2.10; date, 17th Saturday, the 28th ult., and elt
the followinsr ofieera:
ob which .01 or President?J Martin Y?n|;ue.
11, 7. "Vice-President?J H Jemkins.
layi, 19; number Secretary and Treasurer?ft Y C
>j9, 6; number of ney.
t vv paam;hmwin f
ntary Observer. Jamei.
. Delejjatei?R Y Clowaejr, A
ty Tears. Milling. Alt?rnate??0 B Jen)
Sootkiiw Syrup Charles Doa?las?.
er fifty years by Co?mittee on Registratio*?J
["perfect s.cce" Yo?""' "J" ""' * T
iaftena the gum, S Y Clowmey, Seeretar
wind colic, and cotton mill club.
"or diarrhoea. It Xhc cottoi Mill Damocratic <
"by met ?? Saturday, Ike 28'i all.,
-l* ?va proceeded to orzailze by electib>
Liu* xnw?bj '*?v t - - - - _
rare and ask for following oJIcari:
oothiag Syrap," pre?ident-R T Gaatt,
Viee-Pre?ident?W fl Porler.
Secretary aad Treasurer ? I
D Gorxe. m.
fRidgeway, was Executive C?m mi It email ? M
at returned from Delegates?Jas Woolen, J W Fl
r. E J Bradley. Alternates?W M I
F, of Ro?k Hill, pier, O S Dann.
1 tOWl. * A TV rigBi, ?ecrciai
.ttlebauBt is homo lox^tovtx.
s parents. Pursuant to the call oi the coi
:d daughter have ehainaan, the Lonjtown Demeci
lit to relatives in eltb Met on Saturday, the 28tb, t<
organise and elect deletes to
has returned to connty convention. The followii
5w day* spent in a list of oflcert and dels?-r'.:
nds. President?S MeCormi^.
, of Fairfield, vis- Vice-president
W. Poovey, this Secretary- E H Dixon.
Executive eo?mitteeman?T J J
'ens, L. JE. Owens, inion.
1 John McKeown Regiitratioa committee?J D
Cheeter Smiday. rison, R C 1?ee?es,Kt Lewis, J
aid and Mr. T. H. Matthew., T vf Hajnei.
tenia, N. CM on ? N A Peay, Jr, <
1 connoetios in Stewart, f M tiayaes, A W Mathi
>d home. They TJRobinsou.
.stonia to attend ? H Dixon,
?n ooBiinn in fhil, Beeretar
B'* the wood Democratic elnb b<
?niA. iri? iiii?OM the 5th inat. and pa
l1"' ,"^0W'D? resolution: That
cah.lidatc? be r?qaested not to fir
ahr wniikey :?t Bly the wood di
the campaign aud electitn day.
BATE8? The cl*b alio nominated W
Charleston^. U., Jobi-sou as a Member to the 1?
is sale May 14th bcu-e or rvprtienUtifM.
- - 'Pliu <.'tiW will ?a?cf tha firtf.
Ma7 19th. Kouoci ?
da v in June at 4 o'elock p. m.
Jerate Veteran#, ^ fcrder of M- Langford, Presi
r SOtk to Jane 3rd. W. J. Hajood, Secretai
y 27th, 28th and ?
Yes, August Flower still has
ly Presbyterian l*rge?t sale of any medicine in
*r \t 17.1. *n civilized world. Your mothers
sio., May l/1* to grandmothers nererthought of a
May loth, 16th anythfng else for Indigestion or
Jioe 3rd. JXOOHCt lOUiDess. uumuia ?bh omii,c,
they seldom heard of Appendii
Af Nervous Prostration ?r Heart Faii
iperial Council of 8tc^ uge^ August pjowei
rington, ilay 21od clean out the system and Hop fen
?n sale May 20tb, tation of undigested food, regal
i limit Hay 27th. tbe action of the lir?r, siimnlah
nervous and organic action 01 the
tern, and that is all they look x
>Iy Presbyterian feeling dull and bad with heads
a., May 17 to 26th. aid other ashes. Yon only nei
ty 15kb, 16ih aid dose3 ?* Green's August Wo
,ar m. Kou,,. {-???
with you. For sale by ilcMaster
bly Cumberland druggists.
i( at Chattanooga, ' ??
, Tickets on sale THE designer fob joke.
" "f The De.i,?.r i7r~J.n., 1900,
ohd ' ' liibcd by tba Standard Fasbioo <
~ panjr, preienti f?r the benefit (
.b changes. retderi numeroas s{jliah
allow we a. small ?nique satamir garments for la
to ?orrtct a minor miasee, little girl*, boy* and tiny
e HQlghborhood of "For the Summer Girl" it the tit
r raas that I was a bfaatifally-illustra'ed article *
29th of April, taid deacribes the rariouu cosjamoi
I am ? lover of quired by & joung lady for a leu
>t loved it: ?o m*cb *tay at a mmnoer report, and '
f, as I have always Health aid Beauty" tells her he
itiug or fishing o* look her best while wearing t
ty, to say aotbiag liiiB moaiit K mxiaiucBi ui -tum
was a friend of Dressmaking" gires full instruct
yith me o? Ike day assisted by pictares, for the m$
md bad a guu and of the fashionable handkeiebisf *
i bird. I will ask and the latest in bats and toqaei
t I was hanting to exhibited on tLe millinery psges.
aim cultare ?f "The Rose? Qaees
m tr to me and ex- Summer F.owers" is ike sabjsi
tii.jr on the Lord's the florienltare article, while ii
(t. W. Brooks. lai cr work departments all kin
sofa sushioa designs, erostet as
ting patterns are jivea. Aa attn
Joot-Kmc. paptr ob picture postals is kandsc
veil hit" the shoes, iiimtrated wi<h half-tones, ant
illen. inrvousand . , - , ,
isily. ii'yuu have ftyle of art work 6*PPhe
it shoes, try Allen's pictmrei for a ''Commencement
the feet and makes Pantomime: Voices of ibe W<
"HweWes it. B.iuboo" will b.
tieves* m and predated by those wbo *re farni
i and gives rest and sumaaer ?9ttig?8, and '*Tke Etic
-DAT. Sold by all 0f Weddings" gives opportune a
oe stores for 2oc. , T \ ., itfrlr ,
E. Address, Allen t0 the JuD? *r,de- The Kinderg
r, N, Y. in the Hoaie" and "Nar??ry ]
1? m,, t ^
are jusi what the mothers need, while ?
tke yoB?? folks will enjoy the story
"How Tam "Went Shimming." "Dea- Q)
?on?' Daughters and Ministers' Sons" Dewey j
lis- is the quaint title of a humorous ?tory in Chicago
an. for adults, ?d "Book Notes," ?
, "Among Ourselves" and charging
little poem f nraiih additional reading q
els. matter. Last bat not least are''Hints Mr. T.
I. for the Household" and r6eipes for farming ai
. * "Salads," tbe latter being especially write3
?'CUt W&V 1
Mg opportune fer warm weather. aud
of Winkle b>
, Th? Appetit* of a G**t and newrj
*er> Is envied by all poor dyspeptics ted to inn
Je_ whose Stomach and Liver are out of in workii-j
order. All such should know that Dr. warning &
lilt. King's New Life Pills, the wonderful Larry is v
I Stomach and Liver Remedy, gives a ingra'.itad
IS 8Plen(^d appetite, sound d<ge?>tion and will never
a regular bodily habit tba. insures per- ;
5? feet health and great energy. Only ci
25c at McMaster Co.'s drug store. Tlie Spr
the names
GATDHX ITEMS. fort?j rece
Cotton planting has been all tho go
Olub jB this section lor tLe past week, side in tbe
' *nd Planting before the reins report good the list. 1
iticg stands. Up to date there has been but day hi
r be fiitio?
little oorn planted, and from pros- golajers
pects the nesro and the male will be siuccrely s
' kiig, with no com. Small grain is fully for a
Jef- l#oking fine. American
Mr Z T G.rien, of Mitlord, p?M "p???t?r
>s B this saction a risit last week. try. \lon
Messrs Robt Moore and M B Rains find it coi
Dye, have each a fine field of wheat. For paper, wh
* R poor laid Mr John Issuhower bas ?
w * j "as e*CCI 8
w * eqially as good. American?
'ngs? We have had no candidatas so far, Stars and
^ G aid don't want any unless ibey can by Kej
ares, brine alone a plow stock and mule.
, ? * * V/UIJJ.CUUI a
Y' We will meet 'em ia Augast forts and I
May 7, 1900. Tiller. spread, an
it on <t, next anno
scted if troubled with rheumatism, give ... ~
Chamberlain's Pain Balm a trial. It , MlS8
will not cost you a cent if it dors no D?en a ?r
good. One application will relieve the
pain. It also cnres sprains and bruisas J 1?-*
low- in one-third the time required by any fler re, ^
otber treatment. Cuts, barns, frost- reepectea.
j jj bite?, quinBoy, pains in the side and ,
chest, glandular and otber swelling r2T. 1 ?
are quickly cured by applying it.
I * Brery bottle warranted. Price, 2o MCMasrer
sins, I and 50 cts. For sale by McMaster Co.
i ?Mrs. I
da?g * ? [
ling. -QtUe aD!
y >" Tbo County Democratic Cearention expect to j
wai called to order by Coualy Ckair
?jaj^ man Thos. 8. Brice. Mr. T.K.Illiett
and was Ma<*e Pr?'ident of tbe conreation, A
: the 5* H. Ketcbia 1st Yice-pre?ident, r.nd
W. S. Hali 2ad rice-presideit, and ^or
Jai; R. Cnrlee, leeretary. [jjg
Hoa. Thei. S. Brice was elected
? ^ ehairaaan of the connty execntive com- Bears i
nittee and T. H. Ketchia member of SB?aataar<
If the State execitive committee
The following delegates were elected _The i
aid., , v Winnebon
Hm. T- W- Voodwud, w- Jobwon, Ul!iver(it,
T. W. Tray lor, J.I. McDonald, E. H. Citadel bc
Jennings, E. B. Ragsdal^, Jbo. G. , ,
J* Mobley and J. W. Lylea. '
Alternates?J. G. WolJing, W. M. *
Cmrlee, J. B. Tamer, W. C. Beaty and The
Tan n norr'o Forcoldsj
Ore- Ja DaVlS* kUsLaxativ
thc Mr. J. E. McDonald fared the f?I- ?***?*
jg lowing resolutions, which were unani- ?Henni
*ously adoptai: Thespian
Resolved, That it is the sense of the for 0Be W(
Democratic party of Fairiald County, ,
that the provisions ot the State Con- 8,ze' &nd 1
titution of the Democratic party, at once. :
Bob- providing for a State canvass and Kennies.?
meetings in each county, should not
be changed, modified or abrogated, as Itch on
" " *!?
IQI? CQDVOUUUH L/CUOYCB LutiL gibijf uj ii vvhv
l W candidate who solicits the suffrages of never fail
the people should meet them face to druggist, 1
j j face; and the delegates to tae Stat*
convention from this county ire here- iiias I
"0B* hy requested to oppose any change ia
such provision of the constitution of Ieav? wavi
the party. Mexico to
_ Whereas, onr esteemed fellow citi- Cummings
Jm zen, Robert?. Jennings, the present time in the
faitfciul, accomodating and efficient .
ild a elerk of the eircnit court for Fairfield i?probabl<
jsed Ccunty, has aanounced himself as a Miss Cam
ajj candidate for the offiee of State Treas- boro on a1
. " urer, in the ensuing State primary
m#* election, therefore, be it resolved l?y TKe
ring the Democratic party of Fairfield cold in h
County, in aonvention assembled: ScMMad
j 1. That it heartily indorses th# _
eaadidaey of Mr. Jennings for the of,T,r
l?e of State Tr asarar and hereby n;ctrpac:
pledges to bim its actire and cordial 5 _
tflr. support in the ensming campaigu. ? t g
2. That it hereby presents to the ]t
Democratic voters of the State, for eTrpP(w
deet the office of State Treasarer, tue name hi-a-iir
y. of Kobert H. Jennings, who for n'uriy
twelve ysars has most faithfully and aimACf
acseptably filled the office of clerk of nni(>t rp,-ft
the circuit conrt for thia county, a W
the Christian gentleman, a brave Con- t ^
the federate soldier, a patriotic citizen and
ani an efflcient and incorrnptible official?
niBg a man eminently fitted, both by nature .
Bil- and trainiBjj, to adorn with honor to
and himself and the State, the offlcc to
Jitii, whieh he aspires; and this conveulore,
tion hereby commends his candidacy
r to to the favorable consideration of the
aen- Democratic voters of the Stale.
Mr. Raesdale offered the following
i the ,
uy8_ resolution:
paen Be it reselved by the Democracy of
All pers
Cbes me fuuuiy ui iwumu u wwt?i<<.avu
?d a assembled, that it it the sease of this to trespass
^er, body that tke delegates to be elected dersigced.
sited by the State Convention to the Demoatter
cratie Natioaal Convention should be * " "4t
Co plidged unal'erably to the support of XT
the Hon. Win J. Bryan for President.
Mr. f. if. Traylor offered a r?solu- All pers
tiou, which vraB nuanimotaly adopted, }fr8'h ^aD
P?^" that all officers, including these notr jJ^deloTh
'??* appointed, should be nominated by holding (
the people. mast pros
The convention wa^ excesdiuglv nndpr?
- .. . * I
u,c*? orderly and barmoniou*. U-?e ot tno
tol$' pleaiaat fea'arei of the day was a 2
ie of motion by Bun T. S. Brio: that she 4-l9-4w
rbich pfiTii#gei of lk? 4 >or be tx;etided t?
1 re" MajurT. W. Woodward. Both Mr.
'Slhy Brice ia makiHg ibe motion tad
"For j?,jor Weodwar* in aceptin? the TO ALL <
w 10 cemplimiat made clever aad happy Rq
^8Da* speeches.
ts on
i0B?, ?It ig with a 2ood dea' of pleaiure J0" *?
ikiB? End iatisfaction that I recomwend yoar
raiat, Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and ti?8: t*
. ira Diarrhoea Remedy." says Drnggut jr not u
i are ^ w m i_n~ urv??n ivuu, as u
mi A ii . oawlvilo, ul iiauiviu, U'.MIU, .
* "A lady customer, seein? the remedy and most
1 ?* exposed for sale on my show case, bave Paid
it of said to me: 'I really believe that med- v
Q the i?iDe "ave(i ^7 life the past summer worked, i
At af "^ile at *be *bore.' and she became Supervise
so entbnsiastic over its merits that X at ~,OD0
d tat* once made np mind to recommend it of Comaai
ictive ia the future. Recently a gentleman April, A.
?mely catae into my store so overcome with
a " colic pains that he sank at once to the
floor. I gave him a dose of this rem8
th# edy wbich helped him. I repeated the *24-6
Day doss and in fltteen minutes he left nay ????
)ois" *tore smilingly informing me that he PRES
. felt as well as ever." Sold by Mc*
*n- - ~ - ' ?mnna
" "r Master Uo., droggistg. rA&'nu
king .....
______ I "
Politics and War. _
- - - * < i 9
larteston ticcning fost. ot |f \ is
being nicely entertaiued ll vIIIIDvvil
) bat we venture to say he QUAF
h better time in Manila bay UUAr
ago to-day "danger is the earth
Banning: sl Saw Mill.
reenviUe Mountaineer. T f Venerable ?
T r, ., . ?,,?j - In a leading hotel, m a great <
Larry Gantt is engaged in Listening to his wise anc
2d running a saw mill, but dressed men, evidently lawyers, I
regnlarly in his own puu- My firm belief, is " that medi
to the Free L*uce, aDd every eases without exception are cause
theu he imitates Rip Van isms. Here is the germ of that te
swearing off from politics of typhoid fever; and here is the s
)apers. lie has beea solici- causes that most destructive of i
f..r r-flficp but hia rre-risnce common and supposed incurable
il l , , ,". "I wish, Doctor," said the t
i ioi othsr politicians is a i have had it for years,
gaiusi breaming a candidate. The Doctor answered/ ?Ca
r y in a c i i i i fg u s te u w i ui i n e fever, and a host of other disease;
e of politicians and says he and attacking specially the mucoi
work for th m a^am disease is especially prevalent in
i Decided Defieieiiey. who is not, or has not been trout
'carles ton Etenirg Post. 8he obliged to remain at home fro
~ of many intellectual treats, from
.n,,field Repubhcan. notin^ tarrhal affections. In its worst p
Oi the new battenes and himself and his friends.
ntly announced by the War "Ibelieve," continued this g
nt, says: 'No name of an tarrh is to medicate the bloock 1
io served on ihe Southern which act as blood purifiers.']
civil war if to be found in Betsy A. Marett, of Manistee
rhii is a real deficiency. Dear SirsFor ten years I w
is come when batteries can catarrh* My face was pale as dei
ly named after the -real hardly walk, I was so dizzy and
: .1,0 South, ?bo fought so
, , , * i**i m the morning, my head swam sc
ind so bravely and so ski: awful pains in the small of my i
iojt ca ne. Try wt-ro ^il My muscular power was almost
>" Wh:ch i? a true raying steps without stopping to rest, ar
(bat should be impie-sed a pain in my side. It seemed as t
- -'1' ? ?u:~ ?-?? coM m-TT Vil/vvl Vsiu-l all f.nmw1
y C>l>2''H U1 IUI? gil'll ?'/un- Wij JU1V1 uj
eover it is a satisfaction 10 tingwelL I tried the best physic
nir.v from u Ma^achu-c'.ts My husband got me a bottle of J
:ch h s for long tanght the ]30tl$lt pother. Y^en these,1
f iho ioutli's rebellion and health. Icontinueditsnse ana
t?Ube names of thos* great ?2&j3&L\f
, ? e . . . " icept on taking it, ana sow consic
>i who fought under the all the time, and am happy. Iar
Bar-. The regret expressed The sick headaches I have had s
)ublican at the War Depart- tarrh ha* almost entirely left me.
lission to bsstow itaraei of Sarsaparilla has done for me. I
tc Heroes ?ipou the new aches to use your Sarsaparilla.
Datterle; is doabt'eis wide- suzckig-astx>ri7G c
d it is to be hoped thit the John H. McMaster & Co.; Ws'nnsb
an?8men( will relieve it. TV !f. Patrick "Woodward, S. C.; T.
orence Newman, who haj NOTICE
eat sufferer from muscular
bq, says Chamberlain's Pain
18 only remedy that affords PERSONS OWNING TRACT
- ' - ? J
Miss Newman is a amen ouv acres ana spw&ru, tunau
resident of tbe village of stock raising and pasturage, and
Y., and makes this statement ing to sell or lease the same apo:
benefit cf others iimilarly actable terms, will find it to
This liniment is 1!or sale by advantage to cemmunieate wit
Co., drugarieta. undersigned. Unimproved places
rua with Means or Bermuda
?efo began her dancing night specially wanted. All commi
ho armory T.c.day night ti??? WBaWered
imber of our young people Look Box 49, Bid** w*v, S
oia this interesting cla??. 5-7-4t
{ST OR S A state 0f south caeoli
A 7^,, .,? eocNTT of f^irfeeld.
Infants ana Cailorea.
1/ ii B By 8. R JOHNSTON, Es^JudgtF
You toe AlWSjfS BflOgfct TT7HEREAS, d. p. Edwaris
j? . YV made sait to me to granl
be '/p v/fT? * letters ef administration of the
9 of and efieets of Jaeob G. S. Ed?
Tfenca ftr? therefiire tft cit* an
:iemson boys we coming to monishJl and singularthekindre
- .. ,. w.., ,, creditors of the said Jaeob G.J
5 for the eclipse. With the wards, deceased, that they be an
of Virginia boys and the pear before me, in the Court of
>ys YVi?nsboro will have a bate, to be held at Fairfield <
it there is always room for Honse, feoutlv Carolina, on the
day of May next, after publii
hereof, at 11 *>'elock in the
One Day Cold Cure. *1??^? 8h?-T *- *n7 th8y
md sore throat ux Kermctt's Choco- the said Administration S
e Quinine. Easily token as candy 30t be granted.
Given under my hand thi* 4tfc
"TVTr u- i ^aTi Anno Domini 1900.
es, of Colombia, will De at g JOHNSTON
Hall to make photographs 5.5.2 Judge of Prob:
:ek only from May 3rd. All t> T^"ppvT3m OT^
itylej of photos mads. Call Jrt t\. J.
- ~ w CoiiDiy Sierra
human cored in 30 minutes ? . ,
rd's Sanitary Lotion. This Approved at th? last ]
s. Sold by W. E. Aiken, 0F tbce of Cou:
iVinnsboro, S. C. Oamaamaai Hblb Afrii
21y 1900 ..
Commits expeeU Co Tho followiD? daims were eI1,
r York in a few days for an(^ approved od State Ca?e Ft
visit ter sister, Mist Ray 1800:
i, who is spending so?e 2fo. An
i mountains of Mexico. It 267 R H Jennings, $.
> that on her way to Mexico ** ?"? B"k'
mings will stop i* Winns- 270 S S Curry,
risit to r?latires. . 271 J I Wheeler,
? 272 E E Ellison,
One Day Cold Cure. 27S C A Crosby,
cad and sore throat cured by Ktr- 274 W M Meador,
ilates Laxative Quinine. As easy to '
j. * children ciy for them." The following claims were exai
and approved on Road and J
Relief in six Hours. Fand of 19qq:
ing Kidney and Bladder Dis- jfo. An
fed in six hours br "New 275 .7 ECo&n. $!
:b American Kidney Cure." 276 J W Richardson.
it surprise on acconnt of its 277 H B Refo
promptness in relieving pain 278 C M Timms,
, kidneys and back, in male 279 W J Lemmon,
Relieves retention of water 980 H B Refo
mediately. If yon want 281 ? B Carter,
f aud cure this is the remedy. tjjC followingcJaims were exai
. E Aiken, druggist, Winns- an(j approved on Poor House Ft
? 282 J L Hawis & Bio,
uj? la4& The following cluims were cxai
a,id approved on Fnblio Building
r--.'.v3 rr.;? V. Vontkfcl CCiOT. fif 1 QflO ?
Stv Cure* M-a'*' & h&ir trlfVnjfr I w" """"""
>3 tf<^yioiat Ihvg&n 1 y0>
28S Qneeu City Printing and
Paper Co, I
IN OI1C6- I certify thai Hjp above *tat<
is a connect copr of claims app
, . .. , at the last meeting of ?ho C
ons are hereby notified not Board of Commission* ra held c
; upon t&9 land< of tbe nn- <jlst (jay of April 1900.
Tbe law will be enforced. * g q. TENNAN1
MRS. K. M. H.DYE. 57 County Supevisor F
"c"? . KrnndFief! Hut M
ons indebted lo the estate of UlUUUliUU lilULl 1IJL
cy K. Rabb, deceased, are
;ified that payment must be
le undersigned, and persons
;laim? against said estate gL, .
ent them daly attested to Af V\
Notice. |jj|j || ><
COUNTY. '^^2^
8 required by law to work
on ot the public roade, put- Quickly frOIXl StOFC
in gr^d condition at once,
tcr i:i 1' '* 10th of Miy, 4-^ XJm
is road? a e .u bad condition
be worked. Overseers who \re the mi!
of; or for any other cause we deal 5n< We have a fnI1
r?u . er said roads ^eafv aud fancy Groceries, ne
nil piea?e notifj Ue Canity fresbf always on hand. Fre?h i
rat once. C?red Haws and Pork ausaje
f order of the i Gmty Xotrd k Breaktast Bacou Cbe'?
n#iSn the,1'tday ot Macaroni, Snjar, Teas and C
ttttcwavt a nice line of Canned Goods
15. 9. TUNJi A XI, ki?ds. Xevr Orleans and Port
^T^A^TTTKv'' Molasses; *Uv? far<cy Tabl#- Syi
J. id. AlJfcJEJN, ^Bg jn faet fv<jrvlhinj: k'pt
Commissioners. FIRST-CLASS GROCERY S'l
^yg bare ju?t enl.ir^ii our
TON RION, /?e?t room and arc prepared v> dc
business Will be glad to ha
FIHE INSU5ATTCI? fUMfi iY call and five Hfi a trial.
ip um* |HT J. D McCARLETi &
'si.ar* . f -he pnbi.i ; .iron- The Qne Day Cold Curc
la ' Kermott'* Chocolates Laxative Qui
cold is the head and sore throat. Child
them like ?aodj.
' ,a^4
s Sarsaparilla 1
Tallra oKnnl AHrsntlul M)f#t
city, a famous and aged physician was convers*
L sententious discourse, were a, group of well
msiness men and commercial travelers.
cal science is certain yet to show that all disd
by invisible germs which are living organrrible
disease diphtheria. Here is the bacillus
till more dreadful bacillus of tubercle which
ill diseases, consumption* This of that very
disease, catarrh." f;
raveling man, " that you would tell us about
and I am thoroughly discouraged."
tarrh, like diphtheria, consumption, typhoid
5, is the result of a microbe invading the blood
us membrane. This foul and most disgusting
the United States and it is rare to meet one
led more or less with it. How often is lie or %
unpleasant entertainments, deprive themselves
fear of the disagreeable odor arising from cahase,
the patient becomes loathsome both to
reat physician, "that the true way to heal ca?
."his can be done only by powerful alteratives
, Manistee Co., Mich., writes:
as a sufferer from general debility and chronic
ith. I was weak and short of breath. I could
had a ringing in my head all the time. My
My appetite was very poor. On getting up
> I was often obliged to lie down again. I had
' -11. 1 .i.4 -i
>acK. 1 naa a continual xeemig- ojl bircuucaa.
entirely gone, and I couldnt go half a dozen ,
id often that much exercise caused me to have
;hough the blood had left my veins. The docto
water. I had given up all hopeof ever get-,;ians
in the state, but failed to get any relief*
"ohnston's Sarsaparilla. I took it, and then I
sad been used, I was somewhat improved in
felt I was growing stronger; my sleep was reid
feel new blood moving through my veins. I
ler myself a well and rugged woman. I work
a positive that the Sarsaparilla saved my life.
ince childhood, have disappeared, and my caI
cannot be too thankful for what Johnston's
recommend all women who have sick headiOMPAWY,
oro,S. C.; T. W. Woodward & Co., Rockton,S.C.j
^ C.n? TFVUa Ac V C
VST. rSKlC& OS.W., M van, v. v.
lo for - ,
a0r"ea- Of continuous ;
their business have given our goods
hJ|* wide and general distribution.
1 over* *yra?t
They have been subjected to
,B C4* the severeit usage and their
it wearing qualities have been
'c. fully tested.
, We Guarantee
If %t
every chain, button, every ar- v
tide we sell, to give satisfaerotate
tion> You being the judge.
hath Any article failing to do this
Lute c^eer^u^y exchanged.
We Deliver
d addand
3. Ed- no work, we sell no goods not
dJ*" under our guarantee, which
Court has never been questioned
}*th throughout our entire busijation
fore. ?ei* life.
have, R.
jj,. The Jeweler and Optician,
in Me Of Application for Bail- - ^
d?T. road Ciarter.
Notice ii hereby given that, in pursuance
of the provisions of an Act of
the General Assembly providing for
rained tbe formation of Railroad Companies
md of aPPr0^ed 28th February, 189$, Ac s of
1898, pages 64-70, tbe nnderiigaed
, will file their Declaration and make
iXlwii application to tbe Hon. !?. JS. Cooper,
*i Secretary of State, at his office, o'!?
7rj: lumbia, S. C., on the 7th day of May,
j w 1900, for a charter for a railroad to be
* constructed from Winnsbore, S. C.t to
otvci Camden, S. C,. to be known by the
snn corporal? name and style of THE
*? Winnsboro and Camden Railroad
0 00 Company; and also that, if the taid
rained charter is granted, the said corpora(ridge
tien shall nave the right to coodemu
lands for rights of way and other rail
i r<var) nnrnriBAO in Ihf* rfinnlio'l of Pair
i jam. * j??r?-?j ? ?
LIS 92 and Keribaw.
20 65 t.k.elliott..
U 33 t. h. ketchin.
400 j. i Mcdonald.
15 65 w. jb. elliott.
18 00 Witinsboro, S. C., April, 1900.
73 90
mined M B
$8so smw%l vl
mined ^
:,,jud Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
>12 00 It artificially digests the food and aids .
emeut Nature in strengthening and recocrov?d
structing the exhausted digestive oroauty
Kans- It is the latest discovered digest>o
the ant and tonic. Ho other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in?
P stantly relieves and permanently cores
?'c IDvspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
? Sick Headache, Gastralgia, Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digestion. lllin
Price 50c. and $1. Large size contains## timet
II If H small size. Book all about dyspepsia mailed tr99
U T U Prepared by E. C. DeWITT A CO.. Chicago.
MoMAIfR 00. WrHTlSOOro,
S. C.
^ HEINZ. '
-3 . . Y4
We are sole agents in Winnsfe
b?r? for Heinz's goods.
1 laL When you need Pickles,
MB? ask for Heinz's, they
r are the best,
^ Heinz's Dill Pickles aer
Heinz's Sweet Jand S?ur
rr ?. r* 1 r_
neinzs i-ucuniucrs 111 uuik.
Heinz's India Radish.
nne of Heinz's Celery Sauce.
yr and Heinz's Tomato Catsup,
^verv Heifl/s "Preserves in bulk,
e and Hefnz's Apple Butter and
of all
o Eico Heinz's Mince Meat in bulk
tips in and glass.
roRE* This is the season for evap*tore
orated fruits. We have them
yJtoq *n Prunes' APPles> Peaches
and Apricots.
? F. M. flatten
-. y. .y

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